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Archives: October 25, 2013

I am really getting tired of Chris Matthews plugging his book.

Smart Strong Women!

Dr. Meth

Does anyone else think it is awful and weird that we are seeing the press

Glenn Greenwald Drops Name in Europe - Gets Attention

NRO Frantically Spinning As Legal Rationale For Voter Suppression Disappears

Congress Spends Several Hours Pretending to Understand Internet

Can you see a metaphor?

Cuccinelli, McAuliffe trade quips, barbs in final debate

Obamacare applications near 700,000, official says

Union made work boot SALE!!!!

What about a Wellstonian campaign effort in NC? Would the Senator have approved?

ACA is 'having problems'

"Harry Reid: 'We're Not Going To Have A Grand Bargain'"

It's way too soon,

Sad! Heads Up Alert: "Hopes Dim to Protect World's 'Last Ocean' from Human Destruction"

Prof suspended over tweet won't return in 2013

I'm a young white male but my sentiment is the same

ACLU asks Vikings, Minnesotans to avoid 'Redskins' name

Consultant: Many Detroit departments 'couldn't perform some of the most basic functions'

Paul Krugman- Greenspan: No Saving Grace

Gap Clothing Chain Founders Were Behind California 'Dark Money' Campaign

An Occupied Cinema in Rome

Petition Gov. Patrick to call on NRC to close Pilgrim

Hey, trust me, nearly all new web sites have problems!

Mouse feels no pain as it devours stinging scorpion

VA Gov Debate Live:

GOP Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants To Nuke Iran

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! There’s No Place Like Drone & a new Maru gif

Mistakes made in Catholic clergy sex abuse probes: Minnesota archbishop

EastTennesseeDem's First Year of Freezing His Balls off (ergo, advice request)

Israel says to announce more settlement building

Live blog of final Virginia governor's debate; 11 days to go until the "extreme team" loses!

How the US Government Betrayed the Constitution and Invented an Imaginary Fascist One


Allegedly Rep. Pete Sessions was the one who ‘can not stand to look’ at Obama

Alcoa jewelry store owner shoots alleged robber

Activist Tweets Former NSA Chief’s ‘Off Record’ Phone Call On Train

China trying to stop patients from killing doctors

How the Occupy Movement Began: The Full Account

Im a young white male but my feelings are the same

Giuliani to campaign for Lhota in NYC mayor's race

NRC Nuke Waste CON meeting Oct. 30 in Tarrytown: info here

Find the common denominator - I wish this were a cartoon :)

A picture or two~

Are there any similarities between today and the time of the Civil War??

"Republican Establishment Planning Attack On Tea Party In 2014"

Bernie Sanders’ PAC raising funds for progressive Southern state candidates

Women voting Republican

I will NOT yield to this monkey court!

Kitty Eyes

BIG truck!

Cute Kittens

Own the Night

I was just unable to access Netflix - which is fine, errors occur - but

How to make companies raise their wages to a living wage

Things I eat with a spoon besides soups/puddings. Forks are for piercing, spearing, lancing.

Anyone else try the "Chat" function on the Marketplace site?

Finally found a dog food

Little Big Man

Mark Driscoll makes pacifists fighting mad

Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S.

Maddow Uses Daily Show Segments to Bash GOP for Abandoning All Pretense of Outreach

Harper now says Nigel Wright told a few people about the payment

Pope Francis breathes new life into Cardinal Bernardin’s contested legacy

Lies My Alabama History Book Told Me

Chilling Cold War-Era Billboard Slogans, Drafted For Use After An Attack on the US

How to make companies raise their wages to a living wage

Congrats Maryland for having...

Gitmo guards accused of ‘document seizures’

Can't beleive a DUer just said he would have shot this kid

Is Ronan Farrow supposed to be smart?

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday Oct 25th

Germany, France demand 'no-spy' agreement with U.S.

Clinton vs. Cruz/Rubio is Bad, Clinton vs. Christie is Better, but...

Possible Lead on Greece's "Maria"/"Blonde Angel" Case

So I have a weird question for the Sci fi fans out there

NRA Calls For Teachers To Keep Loaded Gun Pointed At Class For Entire School Day

I love cooler Autumn days in NYC.

NBC To Reboot ‘Murder, She Wrote’

Why is Heritage railing so hard against the ACA?

Cardinals vs. Red Sox

Party at Carraba's Refuses to Tip Because of Server's Homosexuality

China sets a goal to launch over twenty defense satellites a year

First new gTLDs added to the root

Is this funny?

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes

Gov. McCrory says North Carolina may be forced to expand Medicaid

The new norm in Hollywood? Hypersexed

Jon Stewart Goes on Epic Smackdown Against CNBC, FBN 'F*ck All Y'all!'


#Teaparty 2053 Protest: "Keep Your Goddamn Government Hands Off My #Obamacare!"

So we had our third power outage here in the last two weeks in the south part of

deBlasio ad blasting Koch Brothers

Russell Brand's piece in the NewStatesmen

"Liberal group rolls out tax plan"

And once again, I must ask "What if this were said to George W. Bush?"

Paranoia About Cat Care

Did anyone watch "Blackfish" on CNN ? about Killer Whales ?

Need some healing thoughts

Romney Racketeering Lawsuit - Officially Docketed

The insurance regime is sabotaging the ACA.

Mason Davis, Survivor Of Sparks Middle School Shooting, Gives Heart-Wrenching Interview On Guns

I was racially profiled today ...

George Soros Backs Hillary Clinton For President In 2016

"Groups Linked To Kochs Agrees To Pay $1 Million Fine"

There is a Faux News blurb by Megyn Kelly that teabaggers are posting far and wide

Way to go, Sox.

So, the 13 year old boy was shot 7 times by one cop

Stewart Takes On @NatSecWonk: Don’t Fire Only WH Staffer Who Knows How Internet Works!

Jon Stewart: Yes, the Rest of the World Hates Us, But…

DU acting really strange for me right now. At 12:05 on Oct 25, 2013

Woman Detained For Violating Fetal Protection Law...

USGS says Oklahoma earthquakes caused by fracking.

THE F.C.C. HIDES FREQUENCIES TO PROTECT A MONSTER! Frequencies cleared by the FCC are public record

Today I learned: the last person to get smallpox died this year, campaigning for polio vaccination

Question submitted by Orrex

** Anonymous please help the Homeless in Fresno ***

I played the preview of the Marvel Lego game...

Texas Mom Ripped Off Son's Scrotum and Then Superglued It Back On

The Constitution is a floor not a ceiling.

Is DU not posting titles for anybody else? I'm scared.

Judge cited with violations in baby Messiah case

Hypocritical Texas GOP Consultant and SREC Member Has Years of Unpaid Taxes

Edward Snowden Endorses D.C. Protest Against NSA in Rare Public Statement

Iran could make enough HEU for warhead in as little as 1 month: report

Pumphandle 2012: Time history of atmospheric carbon dioxide

What’s Your Color IQ? Test

Moniz: Energy world different since '73 oil embargo, and more changes will come

San Jose halts school car washes over pollution concerns

Man confesses to Missouri mosque and clinic fires, prosecutors say


Anarchist tactics grow amid Brazil's protests

The Pepper-Spraying Cop Is Getting a Larger Settlement Than the Students He Pepper-Sprayed

How Much of JPMorgan's $13 Billion Fine Will Taxpayers Foot?

California gun-control votes trigger recall attempts

Gov. Jerry Brown's advice for Washington

Opinions differ significantly from assholes in that yours should be... (toon)

I just filled up with gas for 2.75/gallon.

Don't scare the kids...

Secret donors on ballot measures lead to record fine

The European Spy agencies are so good commenter is a state worker complaining about "reckless" BART unions

Virginia Gubernational Debate on 10/24/13 (C-Span link)

Are we going to see a race in political donations the GOP will have to

Thursday 10/25 update - what is your CURRENT experience??????

Ronin: A samurai without a master or lord

Death of man in LAPD custody probed

The Tingler--what a hoot!

Gold nanoparticles give an edge in recycling CO2

Wow: AP has fired a reporter and two editors over the McAuliffe story

NSA - 'Stop Watching Us': a must see PSA condemning the NSA for its Unconstitutional (illegal) acts

GOP Chair in North Carolina loses job after racist Daily Show Interview

Train rider tweets ex-NSA chief's 'off record' comments

"Imagine if you will, a world run by psychopaths.".. *Edit: Okay, Full Disclosure..

Video: Dems Call GOP Concerns About Obamacare 'Bull$#!%'.

"If you don't want to be compared to something.."

it's that lonely time of night


Why isn't diesel cheaper in the US?

Did they put out Strawberry Oreos in the US?

Just a quick note on the Republican take on evolution/nature...

Tea Party Galaxy: Voyage to the Center of Delusion

It's the time of night I hate most.

OK, so now I get "Indian Summer". It's 90 degrees and sunny today.

Germany and France demand talks with US over NSA spying revelations

The ReTHUGs cost America $24billion - guess what's needed to fix bridges

Pete Sessions Was Behind Obama Insult, known for racist comments.

I don't think people really want flying cars

Norway rejects US request to destroy Syria weapons

Predictions for your winter weather (scientific or not lol)

Tom Matzzie, American Hero. This is so much FUN on so many levels.....

Charles Pierce| Iraq: The Bush Gang's Excellent Adventure

India Cities Squeezing out Cyclists (more pollution)

Swiss Referendum to make CEO's pay no more than 12/1 might pass

Greenland removes ban on uranium mining

What the Democrats Can Learn From Ted Cruz

Watching Scotty Blow

Marines chief allegedly had 'unlawful influence' in Taliban urination case.

Meet the Private Companies Helping Cops Spy on Protesters

Rick Sanchez: Let's Legalize Marijuana Like The Uruguayans, For Our Children's Sake

Hahaha! Remember the "motorboating" guys?

Botching F-35 dwarfs ACA website

Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S.

British marines court-martialed for alleged murder cover-up: ‘Obviously this don’t go anywhere fella

New Snowden leak: NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders

Tenn. Guard recruiter held in superiors' shooting

5 people injured in ride mishap at NC State Fair

UK police seize parts from 3D-printed gun

The kid shot dead in CA by cops while carrying a plastic replica gun: It happened within 10 seconds

Twitter sets $17 to $20 per share range for IPO

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand and... Satanism?

Arctic Temperatures Highest in at Least 44,000 Years

Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party

My latest crossword is in today's NYT

Study: Gold star nutrition ratings appear to work

Sell-Out Alert: 9 Democrats Already Caving to GOP On Social Security Cuts

5 Shocking Revelations About Hellish Private Juvenile Prisons and the Man Who Profits From Them

POTUS expects others to do their jobs w/o him having to kiss their assess 24/7

Another Reason to Hate TPP

Friday TOON Roundup 1: The Eye of Sauron

Friday TOON Roundup 2: ACA

The JP Morgan Fine Is a Joke Wall Street Crooks Must Really Be Punished or They'll Keep Screwing Us

Alabama Man Pleaded Guilty To Hiring KKK To Hang Neighbor 'Like An Animal'

Why are they NOT talking about corporate welfare?

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

GOP reps saying this OUT LOUD: No immigration reform bc Obama beat us on debt ceiling

The (German) Federal Government Wants To Believe the NSA Lies

Under a heavy 'kill frost' this morning...

Arab News Editorial: America's eavesdropping campaign

Who is really at fault?

Merkel, Hollande want to forge new rules for sharing intelligence data with U.S.

How Sleazy Christian Con Artists Took Over the GOP

McDonald’s Wants Another Corporate Jet, Not Raises For Low Wage Workers

How ad industry's youth obsession is wrecking the TV business

Raging Meth addiction, and my dealer has cut me off. SPOILER ALERT.

Lost jacket - and $1,700 - returned

Navy's New Submarine Program Still 'Top Priority,' Even If It Means Scrapping Air And Ground Nukes

Liberal pundit fail: Rush to attack Obamacare site only aids unhinged right

Dear DU Woman--stop throwing back shots of Rum and you won't get raped....

The ACA exchange in CT is working.

European Leaders Say Latest Spying Revelations Have Destroyed Their Trust In The US Government

The Daily Show should have a White House Press Pass like faux noise

The US Navy's First Supercarrier Sells For One Cent

Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Docs, 'Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct'

Find something to be happy about today (Friday Oct 25, 2013)

Falling Faster and Further Into the Abyss

My love affair with Russell Brand suffers a heavy blow

NSA spying row leads firm to expose who's watching while you surf

US And Pakistan Locked In A "Drone Marriage"

Lawsuit Alleges Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Other Execs Conspired To Keep Engineer Wages Low

One in three has gene linked to red-meat cancer risk

Lawrence Kasdan to co-write the new Star Wars

Charlie Pierce: Mr. President? The Mail Train From Crazytown Is In

NC GOPer Resigns After Criticizing 'Lazy Black People' (VIDEO)

The GOP at it's finest. Voter supression and racism. Say bye bye

N.C. Republican activist resigns after Voter ID remarks

Anti-gay customers refuse tip to server, other patrons rally around him

The third time, it's enemy action.

War veterans face epilepsy as side effect of head trauma

Stupid NJ poll says Christy is a fighter not a bully

Cheney goes after Obama and Hillary on Benghazi

The Rude Pundit: Spying and Drones: What the Hell Is Wrong With Us?

Bill advances to post 'In God We Trust' in Pennsylvania public school districts

File under IDIOT: Maryland governor hopeful slammed for attending son's underage drinking party

Wisconsin's Trade Deficit with China has Exploded Under Walker

Alan Grayson nailed it - from Facebook

Al Gore rips Keystone: “This should be vetoed. It is an atrocity and a threat to our future”

Slow metabolism 'obesity excuse' true

Wisconsin: Fond du Lac City Council to consider transgender non-discrimination ordinance

Medicaid Sign Up Exposes The Massive Poverty In The US That Is Under Reported.

Italian coast guards rescue 700 migrants as EU leaders debate action

Fond du Lac, Wi City Council to consider transgender non-discrimination ordinance (X-post from Wis)

On Revolution: 'We No Longer Have the Luxury of Tradition' by Russell Brand

Republicans Demand Social Security And Medicare Cuts, Is It Reported?

Help, what a hassle...

In Search of Republican Grown-Ups

EU says distrust of US on spying may harm terror fight

Good News. Why we will NOT be raising Medicare age to 67

Sources: foreign help to U.S. could be exposed

Report: American Education Isn't Mediocre—It's Deeply Unequal

Climate change boosts wine production in Vermont

Why is it the "pro-gun" posters who are justifying the slaying of the 13 year old?

Paris' Traffic-Cutting Gamble Charms Pedestrians, Irks Drivers

ted cruz.... the new darling of m$nbc....

Tiptoe through the cow pies. . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Ted Cruz's dangerous, extreme behavior may be driving Hillary towards a run for WH

How Crummy, Run-Down Housing Harms the Children Who Live in It

David Sirota: The Tax Migration Myth

American Horror Story takes a hilarious jab at racists and (I think) teabaggers

You decide -Burlesque Dancer Twerks To Beethoven, Which Is As Amazing As It Sounds

Gang rape, burning of teen stir outrage in India

Movie Quotes

Let’s all laugh at Ann Coulter, right-wing performance artist

'Out of Hand': Europe Furious Over US Spying Allegations

El Monte Police Officer Accused of Raping Transgender Woman

CHARTS: The Hidden Benefits of Food Stamps

Only The Privileged Few And Top 20% Of Country Would Have Health Care Under GOP PLan

Spending Scandal: Pope Francis Banishes Bishop of Limburg

Video: The Republican Crusade For Health Care: Bulls#%t

Rafael Cruz Has Frightening Delusions of Grandeur For Christian Rule in America

Rachel Maddow - Rushed Virginia voter purge meets resistance

Would you run like the guys @ :42 ?

I think they just like the "fight". Facts aren't relevant to them...

Americans For Tax Reform Policy Director Blasts 'Defund Terrorists

The Powerful Pornography of the Gun Fetish

Sandy Hook Elementary School demolition begins

uh . . . yeah

FreedomWorks: What I Witnessed In Austin This Weekend Shook Me To My Core

US foreign policy in shambles as blunders multiply

Public Beats Private: Six reasons why privatization simply doesn't work

Krugman: Deficit scolds “literally have no idea what they’re talking about”

Nine more Democratic senators join Shaheen effort to extend health care enrollment deadline

CNN Anchor Challenges Congresswoman To Substantiate Obamacare Criticism, Hilarity Ensues

Make up my mind: Are "haunted" tours of family cemetery disrespectful or nothing?

Obamacare phone operator who talked to Sean Hannity loses her job

Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Worker Enterprises in Bolivia, New Party in Spain (audio link)

What is it with Goopers and "47 percent of the population are slackers." ????

Rachel Maddow - GOP accidentally helps improve Obamacare

Bill Moyers & Co.: An Oasis in a Food Desert

New Underwear Filters Out Flatulence

Birth of the Living Dead - Rob Kuhns Discusses His New Doc & The Politics Of Romero's Zombies

Have you ever heard of the Good News Group here at DU?

Pondering a move to Chicago.

my local gannett rag: Democrats begin to back idea to delay health law

What Happens When Hedge Funds & Private Equity Groups Build A Rental Empire

Darwin inspired Hitler: Lies they teach in Texas

Nigeria Demands Apology From Ted Cruz For 'Email Scammers' Rip

McCain Says GOPers Resent Cruz and Lee's Fundraising Against Them

Cop shoots unarmed man and lies about it it. Caught on neighboring video.

The Daily Show - Racist North Carolina Republican's interview with Aasif Mandvi

DNA test confirms mother in 'Maria' case: Bulgarian authorities

Anyone cook bear?

Greg Abbott Supporters Make Public Death Threats Against Wendy Davis

Hoyer: Gillibrand One Of The People Who Could Be President

Dear Dick Cheney: Please slither back into the ground and stay. Thanks in advance, signed Humanity

Nigeria says kills 74 Islamists in ground, air assault

32 Celebrities Who Want to Sell You on Obamacare—and 5 Who Don't

Report: Rand Paul To Place Hold On Yellen Nomination

Hate for profit?

Houston Traffic Watch: (I-10) Katy Freeway at Grand Parkway closed in all weekend

Iraq to press U.S. on drones, F-16s to fight al Qaeda

Exclusive: Germany, Brazil Turn to U.N. to Restrain American Spies

Brett Favre is now coaching high school football in Mississippi

The Handyüberwachung Disaster

Love Letters/Wedding Pictures

Okay, I get it, if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, there will be no other candidates

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Fell to 10-Month Low in October

If New York Freezes in January Blame Siberian Snow Now

Pic Of The Moment: So... Voter ID Laws Have Nothing To Do With Suppressing The Vote, Huh?

"I'm Not Homeless...."

NJ Star Ledger: Dave Herman, former New York DJ, arrested in child sex sting, faces court today.

Obama Joins Putin War as Syria Jihadists Stalk Olympics

I'm really sick of celebrities hawking high priced crap

Cruz—alleged man of the people who is attacked for his elite credentials and lack of common sense

Oil’s $5 Trillion Permian Boom Threatened by $70 Crude

'99 grand jury indicted Ramseys in JonBenet's death

8 Silliest Things People Say When I Tell Them I Don't Want Kids

Cat Writing Is Totally A Real Profession, Says this Dallas Conference

"Record number of homeless children enrolled in public schools, new data show."

Job creators are the new gods

Koch Brothers’ Arizona Allies Fined $1 Million Over Hiding California Campaign Funding

Grand jury prepared child abuse indictment against JonBenet Ramsey's parents

Getting Federal Benefits To Gay Couples: It's Complicated

Most Americans Accumulating Debt Faster Than They’re Saving For Retirement

NASA | Canyon of Fire on the Sun

Student Homelessness Hits Record High

A private beach? In California? You've got to be kidding me...

I think the NSA revelations were vital and necessary

Who is the wealthiest person at the biggest bank or Wall St firm to go to prison?

Confessions of a Drone Warrior

Israel denies EU delegation entry to Gaza

Cheney Bashes Clinton On Benghazi, Obama On Bin Laden Raid

Autopsie comfirmed: 13yr old Murdered by Cop

Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner’s response to paid advocacy editing and sockpupp

Giant George, Former World's Tallest Dog, Dies at 7

"I'm Not Homeless..."

WND doesn't like Halloween or "The Walking Dead"

More than 60,000 Arkansans have enrolled in the “private option” for Medicaid

Internet justice is served for Twitter trolls and PR puppets

NASA Captures An 'X-Class' Solar Flare, Event Causes A Temporary Radio Blackout

Russell Brand's call for revolution

OK so Kasich is willing to expand medicaid in Ohio, but

Steve Stockman plants foot firmly in mouth, again...

"...every time the Republicans criticize the website they are defending the law..."

I think I have a hankering for sausage and sauerkraut

The implosion of the GOP brand, in one chart

Philadelphia City Council Calls For Requiring Zinn's 'People's History' In High School

The right’s realization: websites can be fixed

Can we agree on one thing re: the ACA

Cracked: The 7 Least Necessary Pirated (i.e. unlicensed) Video Games

Rasmussen: Obama job approval jumps to 4-month high. 52%

Good advice

How far we've come in 60 years

WHITE HOUSE: The Obamacare Website Will 'Work Smoothly' By The End Of November

There Will Soon Be More Lego People Than Real People

Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals, 2013 WS Champs!

Man Wanted For Stealing 65 Cases Of Ultra Rare Kentucky Bourbon

Tom DeLay trying to get in front of the crazy train

Fox Guest Wonders Whether There’s a Coming ‘Kristallnacht’ Against Christianity

Human rights experts criticize U.N. report on Fukushima radiation

AP NewsBreak: 100s of ND oil spills not publicized

I don't even know what this means

Rachel Maddow - The problem with GOP outreach? Republicans

Everybody know I'm a mothaf...... MONSTER!

Snowden's revelations of the NSA's activities fallout continues. Next chapter, the UN

Christians refuse to tip waiter because ‘homosexual lifestyle is an affront to God’

So, the Republicans' new brilliant strategy is to base their political future

Russian FA vows Notting Hill Carnival boycott.

Authorities remove blond haired child from Nazareth couple.


Got it

Northern Westchester heroin ring busted

League of Women Voters' Guide to Local and PA. Candidates and Ballot Questions


Make time for Bill Maher tonight / HBO 10 pm / repeat at 11: look who's on

D.C. clergy join push to change Redskins name

Playground science.

Tests prove Roma couple are mystery girl's parents

Space Shuttle Endeavour Exclusive: A Timelapse of the Final Ride

16 - 4

Chorizo and black bean soup

Wisconsin: The ACA Insurance Exchange Rates, Scott Walker-style

Crazy Union Thugs

Charles Pierce on Scott Walker

If GD were a chicken coop.

White House official pens op-ed urging 'greater focus' in foreign surveillance

7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan near Fukushima

PZ Myers: The cat ate my telecommunications!

Lavabit 'fatally undermined' by US request for encryption keys, ACLU says

Lavabit 'fatally undermined' by US request for encryption keys, ACLU says

Why are so many fearful to question Christianity?

Holy shit!!!!

Pentagon is bidding out a $500 BILLION long-range strike bomber program

I have posted 6 hours

Officer Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Protesters Receiving Larger Settlement Than His Victims

When are you guys going to wake up.

Brownback trails in Kansas

Magic Johnson on Giving EJ 'The Talk' His son is gay!

Department of Duh: "Mystery Blonde Girl Is Roma After All"

EarlG finally pulled the trigger---Goodby DKF--- you trolled pretty God Damn good!

CNN attempts to penetrate the brain of Marsha Blackburn

G.M.O. Mini-summit livestreaming now - available for 24 hours

Alberta oil sands train headed for US in November

DNA from Roma girl 'Maria' matches that of Bulgarian couple

"This Land is Mine" by the brilliant Nina Paley. A brief history of the holy land.

"dkf, dkf, how does this person avoid his/her well deserved PPR?" ;-)

"California Passes Law Protecting Homeless Teens"

Little Greek mystery girl proven to be daughter of Bulgarian woman

North Carolina Prosecutor Takes Shots at the Laws He’s Obliged to Enforce

Shit: Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits off Fukushima. Tsunami warning issued

Lots of Teapublicans ARE racists. Put on your grownup pants and deal with the reality

I Spy, No Lie

Single Payer question

So I am, yet again, placing applications.

Leaked memos reveal GCHQ efforts to keep mass surveillance secret

Richard Dawkins, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, Maajid Nawaz and Valerie Plame on Real Time tonigh

US regulator proposes pet food safety rules amid dog deaths investigation

Who owns the US fed'l govt's debt? Well, the US gov't for one thing. Huh?

Failure to pass farm bill could damage state exports

How does a bill work?

Beware of "Obamacare" Scams

The Rude Pundit: Alan Grayson Tells Conservatives and Others to Blow Him

In Their Hearts Tea Baggers And Gun Nutters Want Secession & Revolution.

sorry, dupe

“feminization of the Marine Corps.”

Conservative Coalition Presses House Republicans to Act on Immigration.

Blog ››› Fox Ignores Marine Corps To Claim Government Will Force Marines To Dress "Girly"

"Outreach effort explains Minneapolis elections to homeless-and the complications of ranked-choice"

What country is the original Aladdin from?


Can anyone tell me what the big deal is with the ACA website?

Need help, DU re: college grads working minimum wage jobs

WHat we need is some ACA success stories

Big Business Tries to Unseat the Tea Party (GOP Civil War)

Mary Fallin is running for governor unopposed

Anti-VEGF treatment of Macular Degeneration: Science-Based Success

A graphic depiction of "the predicament"

The recently released 1921 Canadian Census is free for the next several days

Seahawks-Rams will be televised locally, even if no one locally will be watching

Thom Hartmann: How America could be the happiest country on earth

Bill would allow undocumented NY'ers to obtain drivers' licenses

The right’s realization: websites can be fixed

Daughter's (10) best friend has lice

The right is so blatantly obvious with the "there's a war on manhood" memes.

On anniversary of Sandy, Gov. Cuomo dedicates funds to make NY stronger

When a black female scientist gets called an 'urban whore'

U.S. charges man with seeking to buy missiles for Iran

Is there any state agency that oversees city government?

‘General Contractor’ Named to Fix Health Web Site

We have All the Answers ..............

Thom Hartmann: Bank of America has been found guilty of hustling...

Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman

Chairman Mao: The real inventor of “traditional Chinese medicine”

NC GOPer Don Yelton invokes White Man's Burden to "defend" himself


Tsunami threatens Fukushima after 7.3-magnitude earthquake

Tin foil hat time - ACA IT firm

A Child's Treasury Of "Thanks, Obama!"

Syrian mosque car bomb 'kills 20' in Suq Wadi Barada

After losing verdict, Toyota settles in sudden acceleration case

Another journalist murdered a month before general elections

Can Ballpark Fix Biloxi's Blues?

Texas Kroger Workers Ratify Pact

Sen. Rand Paul may put Janet Yellen Fed nomination on hold, source tells CNBC

Papantonio: Sweatshop Capitalism Comes To America

YAY! Photobucket let me reset my Amerigo Vespucci account! Food porn pics are safe and sound.

Standardized testing to be reduced in New York schools

Six Presidential-Campaign Themes HRC Is Test-Driving (Time Magazine)

Australia pensioners 'used as drug mules' to Canada

SoHo crash leaves pedestrian pinned under taxi cab

Southwest CEO Opens Door to Baggage Fees

Papantonio: Austerity Measures Are Poison For America

NSA and Health Care

Being unironic in the age of the Web (CS Monitor)

I know! Let's just keep voting for the most charismatic corporatist we can find...

The shame of secret political donors

Germany and France warn NSA spying fallout jeopardises fight against terror

Pregnant Woman Forced Into Drug-Treatment Program Despite Being Drug-Free. Only Her Fetus Got a Lawy

Guatemalan plaintiffs in HudBay lawsuit allege interference Add to ...

Roger Shuler, Alabama’s Newest Political Prisoner

Boogie, the Dog Who Received Half Marathon Medal, Dies

"Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" the battle cry of the enamored, toupee crested, republiCON on election day.

Lie Trolling DUer got kicked off site today...

What is your pet up today? The heat is on in my apartment

After near 3 years of unemployment..............

Texas hunters to auction permit to kill black rhino

North Carolina GOP makes matters worse

PRIDE smilie...

Found: Libertarians' "Lying To Liberals" Guide Book

If you care about income inequality - here's a chance to fix part of it.

Cooch's campaign descends into incoherence and theft

Texas AG Admits If Minorities Voted For Us, Republicans Wouldn’t Have to Suppress Votes

What are you snacking on tonight. I'm noshing on the rainbow

The Tea Party: a big help to Democrats, but not to America.

Republicans Set The Constitution Ablaze While Killing One Million American Jobs

URBAN SHIELD: Global Training Exercise & Weapons Tech EXPO Bankrolled by DHS/Military Contractors

Nixon: if he had stuck around, would he have been impeached and convicted ?

Alan Grayson is going to be on Martin Bashir's Show next

I just got back from Costco hell

Oct. 25th Earthquake in Japan

"...cite a reference."

Mailbox down for the 4th time in 5 years, this time third year in a row

Ammunition for latest FB stupidity: Obama’s alleged push for ‘girly hats’

Worker sues Amazon over lengthy security searches without pay

Swedish police keep a database of 4,000 Roma, including children

Wanker of the Day: Gene Sperling Tells Democrats They're Going to Have to Swallow Entitlement Cuts

Young man linked to 79 killings in Mexico

My new favorite commercial:

WABC: Police Commissioner "Not Hopeful" Of Finding Missing Queens Teen


Big Ed Schultz Taking On TPP On MSNBC Right Now!

Tune in ED right now..

Ten Even Better Places to Have Off-the-Record Conversations Than New York–Bound Acela Train

GOP Has Lost Seniors: 65% Unfavorability

Benghazi Heckler Interrupts Hillary Clinton Speech: 'You Let Them Die'

The 5 paranoia highlights of the week...

If New York Freezes in January Blame Siberian Snow Now

Brutal Conditions In Amazon's Warehouses Threaten To Ruin The Company's Image

Pres. Obama orders 2 cheesecakes to go.

Dick Cheney - What About Me?

Big Ed is huffing and puffing about old NAFTA wars. The new TPP under discussion is just reality.

At last..the REAL reason the healthcare web site is crashing is revealed

De Blasio rakes in $3.7 million

What if it had been Veterans for Peace that stormed the WWII Memorial and trashed

Pat Robertson: Mom Who Can't Heal Son's Deafness is Doing Something Wrong

Voter Suppression is Taxation without Representation

Metallica Will Be First Band To Play Concert In Antarctica

Senator Bill Nelson from Florida's position on SS...from an email

The world's best place to be a woman (hint: not the U.S.)

Ted Cruz Loves "The Princess Bride", and Other Things You Don't Need to Know

Oil companies in North Dakota fail to report almost 300 oil spills since 2012

JAPANESE news papers on LINE report the Quake... Links will be posted here:

Stephen Colbert Completely Annhiliated The Dallas Safari Club Last Night

Why are We Spying on Our Allies?

Top NYC Law Firms Sends Female Associates 163 p. long Unbelievably Sexist Memo

Why Republicans Kill Their Darlings

Please tell me, Mr President, why a US drone assassinated my mother

I've got some cameras for sale

2013 Golden Joystick Awards

New FOOTAGE of the Tsunami from 2011 showing waves hit landfall

OBAMA: “Don't tell me we can afford to shut down the government, but can't invest in our kids"

Four Christians sentenced to 80 lashes in Iran for drinking communion wine

6 Other Times Republicans Admitted Voting Restrictions Are Just About Disenfranchising Democrats

Great Deals on USA Made Fall Clothing (including college apperal)

The Tucson Botanical Gardens will have the Feast with the Dearly Departed.

Racism is engrained. I watched this program every year as a child and never noticed.

Bill Moyers: "Ignorance will kill democracy"

All cops should be required to wear small cameras that cannot be turned off.

Baptist-Hindu couple write how-to book on interfaith marriage

6 Outrageous Facts That Show How Payday Lenders Screw Consumers

Defense in 9/11 case at Guantanamo urge US president to release details CIA program.

Photos of Nagasaki taken 11 days after A-bomb by 'Mr. Tornado' newly found

New court ruling another obstacle in genocide prosecution of Guatemala’s Rios Montt

New court ruling another obstacle in genocide prosecution of Guatemala’s Rios Montt

"Fed proposes big banks hold more cash, assets"

Got into it with a teabagger at work today, regarding bagger racism.

NSA site down due to alleged DDoS attack.

About sums it up.

Construction Workers React to Wrecking Ball

The Met May Soon Start Charging A Mandatory $25 Admission Fe

Pretty In Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Detroit's abandoned Packard Plant sold for more than $6 million in county auction

Crossfire tonight's topic is Snowdon and spying

Is Omaha Steve promoting jobs in the USA proper for General Discussion?

The internet is a "US colony"


Ted Cruz will be president if Democrats listen to Elizabeth Warren, warns Republican

"Americans are very lucky people...."

I have 2,000 images in 70 folders.

Jay Paterno is considering a run for Congress in Pennsylvania

(Citgo) Lemont refinery crude unit fix may take six months: sources

URBAN SHIELD: Global Training Exercise & Weapons Tech EXPO Bankrolled by DHS/Military Contractors

Obama Administration: 700,000 Have Completed ObamaCare Application

Guantanamo lawyers want Obama to declassify CIA prison program

Thai Buddhist patriarch, 100, dies

No confirmation Iran has halted higher-grade enrichment -diplomats

Girl, 14, set to make professional debut as manga artist

NO TIP FOR YOU F*G -- but Excellent Service!

8PM Eastern 4PM Pacific CSPAN tonight. Iowa at its worst +Ted Cruz

Girl, 14, set to make professional debut as manga artist

Papantonio: Obamacare Lies Could Cost Lives

Syria says al-Qaida linked group's leader killed

Friday night show: Halloween! Share your ghost stories (will read them on air)

Syria says al-Qaida linked group's leader killed

NSA's Web site is MIA, cause unclear

Who's watching you? Track the trackers with new Web tool.......

JP Morgan settles for $5.1bn with US housing regulator

Was "Blackfish" good the other night? It is replaying on CNN.

The Black Cat

Bryan Fischer wants to sue the entire US military...

GOP Civil War: Glenn Beck Declares War on Grover Norquist

Washington exchange miscalculates subsidies for 8,000 people

Corporations Reap Billions from Mass Incarceration

I just received a friend request from a Diebold employee after I posted on their Facebook page...

Did Kanye West really have his teeth yanked out...

Mystery girl Maria's parents found in Bulgaria by DNA

Texas woman stripped and jailed over unpaid traffic ticket

Corporations Reap Billions from Mass Incarceration Pt 2

Group Linked to Kochs Admits to Campaign Finance Violations

Weekend Economists Simplify Everything! October 25-27, 2013

Drone Gamer "ANGST OVER KILLING COMES OUT" on "Democracy Now!"...Another Whistle Blower Speaks Out

Does Amtrak know these nuns hate the Pope?

Homicide suspect posts to Facebook during his high speed chase.

Nearly 205K Deportations of Parents of U.S. Citizens in Just Over Two Years

Economy woes pile up for Latin America's leftists

A silver lining in the news blitz on the ACA foul-up...

Day 10 of BLINDNESS - back into the light

“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Will Air On Halloween Night

Whatever happened to smart, progressive Sit-Coms?

Thom Hartmann mentioned something today regarding the ACA

Some things to remember about

North Dakota Catholics warned of possible hepatitis exposure from bishop during communion

Marijuana Compounds Can Kill Some Cancer Cells: Study

Caracas squatters in real Tower of David might not welcome Homeland's Nicholas Brody

#MarchAgainstCorruption November 2nd Everywhere!