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A little known, but potentially fantastic provision of the Affordable Care Act

HuffPost LIVE: The GOP's Nightmare Scenario = Losing the House

Fine, I Give Up.

Halloween Parade - Lou Reed's song about the AIDS epidemic

Man, I totally love my new pregnant cherry!

World’s anger at U.S. policies goes beyond Europe and the NSA


Marta and I helped feed the hungry today see the smile in the photos

Arrested for Battery - Hate Crime = Two Jews assaulted for speaking "Spanish" (Hebrew)

Regence/Blue Shield ACA rates

Lou Reed was doing his Tai Chi exercises within an hour of his death...

"They talk about this...."

Liberals refuse to compromise...

I think the new Quicksilver ad with Samuel L. Jackson is funny.


Do you ever notice how upset pets get when you move furniture?

Now taking nominees for the 7th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Absolutely ZERO number of fucks were given that day!

Future Obama

Israel announces names of Palestinians to be freed in next stage of prisoner release

Was Obama bugged? Ex-NSA chief talks on a train, fellow rider tweets, tweets go viral

"Bernie Sanders talks about...the possibility of a presidential run...."

Daughter's dog bit her - suggestions/advice?

No Woman, No Drive - Parody of Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving.

Obamas "impeachable" threats against syria produce

World Series is impossible to watch on FOX

Our rights?

The Tea Party Launches a Pathetically Feeble Attempt to Discredit Michelle Obama

Pa. boy dresses as vagrant for class, is suspended


The hippy hippy shakes

The New Tom Corbett (TM), Now With Less Meanness and Some Compassion

Giant mirrors bring winter sun to Norwegian village for the first time in its history

So, what are YOU doing for Hallowe'en? (NSFW)

There's no such thing as an off year election. On November 5, get out and vote!

Craving myself into VEGETABLES, have done PROTEIN too much!1 n/t

There's no such thing as an off year election. On November 5, get out and vote!

Bill Clinton blasts GOP over Obamacare

Dee Millner is a draft bust

The Story behind Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Bill Maher Takes On The Minimum Wage & The Right Wing (VIDEO)

Rainbow Mountains, China

Time for a home run

Something strange that your computer techs should look at

Halloween's coming! time for--

Attackers in Mexico blow up nine electrical plants

A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue

Carp? Where the hell is Napoli????

I wonder if this guy was a) in a costume or b) really looks like this....

NSA revelations: Spain also a victim of US espionage

Best Damn E-Mail Ever!

So far this fall I've knocked about 600 doors for a municipal election

Should Obama become a brewmaster?

Syria hands in chemical weapons destruction plan

Argentina elections: President loses in Buenos Aires province

"Montreal airport scare leads police to LaSalle apartment"

This line-up of future Presidents would make some heads explode. All over the place.

Do you want to know who to blame?

Talk about cashing in...

Feinstein plans bill to codify NSA's phone spying

as a floidian

does anyone else get sick from 3-d/IMAX movies?

What elections are you following where you live?

I really hate "god bless america" at every fucking ball game.

Conservatives & Tea Baggers Want Both. No Govt And No Minimum Wage

"Reduce working week to 30 hours, say economists"

Half of spinal fusions are performed without good reason (WP)

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday Oct 28th

Anti choice DU member Th1onein

Marty Sullivan figured out how the world’s biggest companies avoided billions in taxes. Here’s how h

Anti-Trans Radical Feminists Team Up With Conservatives to Harass Colorado Trans Teen

My take on yesterdays anti-NSA spying D.C. Rally?

'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia

What is your Star Wars Name?

Family of grandmother killed in US drone strike arrive for Congress visit

12 Years a Slave will make you cry

Sebelius To Face Tough Questioning From Republicans On Health Law

Russia Has Olympics Mountain To Climb With 'Putin’s Games'

In honor of Lou Reed...Set The Twilight Realing.

Embassy Espionage: The NSA's Secret Spy Hub in Berlin

Can Germany call on Snowden as a witness?

On 60 Minutes tonight they interviewed Mike Morell, former Deputy Director

Regarding Marilyn Manson on "Talking Dead" tonight

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Wendy Davis Taps Karin Johanson For Gubernatorial Campaign

stupid republican tricks sing a long

Halloween Foods

Stealth Attack: What You Need to Know About the New Abortion Laws

Rep Alan Grayson is sponsoring hearing on Tues, victims of drone bombing to tell their story

New poll of FL CD 2 shows Gwen Graham leading Steve Southerland, 44% to 41%

has everyone seen the new google doodle--honouring edith head's 116th birthday:

a biography of the day-edith head (fashion designer)

Afghan Stars Sing and Smile for Peace, Young Afghani's work for peace

Bacon Scented Smartphone Notifications Smell Like World's Most Perfect Food

Urban Legends: Is Halloween Candy Tampering a Myth?

Reprise - find your perch

uh ... yeah

Conservative FB 'friend' finally put into words what he believes the TP stands for

Good night

Most offensive Halloween costume EVER

Under the ACA, my premium under a Platinum plan would be about $650/mo.

Hey Angie, try complain' to your creepy massage buddy

This is a great Worlds Series no matter which team you support...

What it is like, shopping at LUSH...

Democrat Cory Booker wants to work with LIBERTARIAN Rand Paul

Perfect setlist for the Sebadoh concert

Man moves into dumpster for the homeless

Movie recommendation?

Fellatio Cookies

I'm in kind of a down mood tonight so some music to go with it

Due to the Affordable Care Act, this inexpensive health plan will no longer be offered in Hawaii

RIP Lou. Intro/Sweet Jane from Rock N Roll Animal. One of my all time favorites.

I finally figured out what NSA stands for..... No Secrets Anywhere..... Or do you have a better one?

Blind Boys of Alabama with Lou Reed on David Letterman - "Jesus"

Will I have to get these for my new grandson???

Give me your hungry, your tired your poor I'll piss on 'em, that's what the Statue of Bigotry says.

Shutdown shrinks economists' optimism

The U.S. Senate returns to D.C. today, Monday October 28th

Latino donors set sights on GOP lawmakers who oppose immigration overhaul

Wal-Mart and Apple Make a Big Push Into Solar

So I kinda need some help getting back in shape

In which Recursion tries to understand fractional reserve banking and capital requirements

FaceBook users who have right-wing heavy posting jerks

Report on Healthcare Now! (HCN) Strategy Conference 2013, Nashville, TN

I never knew who said it until I just now looked it up: "Politics makes strange bedfellows"

"Perfect Day" - Lou Reed featuring Luciano Pavarotti

NRA and Tim Donnelly Plan to Recall Latino Legislators

Juan Cole: The American Quagmire in Afghanistan By the Numbers

Cereal maker Kellogg's locks out US union to force expansion of disposable jobs

Hundreds Protest Tar Sands Pipeline as Expert Warns of 90 Percent Probability of Line 9 Rupture

"Stop Watching Us!" Ellsberg, Stone...++++

Anybody who posts anything about how a subject SHOULD be perceived BY YOU...

The Love Story That Convinced Bill Clinton To Support Marriage Equality

A funny thing happened at CVS last night.

Witnesses recount deputy fatally shooting Santa Rosa teen

Anybody have experience working with a career/life coach?

Australia's only Jewish female prison chaplain and her Israeli clientele

Psychic' Bus Driver Fired For Refusing To Pick Up School Kids

Conservative Republican Virginia Paper Rips Cuccinelli as "conservative extremist"

De Blasio in Position to Win Mayor’s Race by Historic Margin, Poll Shows

PRISM pushes Germany towards a local internet

Douchebag of the Forever award: Florida Men Dressed Up As George Zimmerman And Trayvon Martin

Cat Purring monkey and vegetarian piranha among 400 new Amazon species

Ok thats it I'm completely done with Morning Joe

Rep. Mike Rogers: France should be ‘popping champagne’ over NSA spying

Do we have any of these on DU?

The ugly way Sarah Palin turns down a cable news interview

Twelve-year-old Anonymous hacker pleads guilty to breaking into government sites

Chris Hedges: Our Invisible Revolution

***warning*** cheney the dick on mourning jo

Google suspected builder of enormous floating data center discovered in San Francisco Bay

Israel: Rocket from Gaza intercepted

SCREWED: Entitlement And Social Program Cuts Are Hurtling Towards Us.

Obama personally informed of NSA spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2010: German media

Why is broadband more expensive in the US ?

ECB Headquarters: Skyrocketing Costs for Skyscraper Project

German citizens rights are being violated by the NSA, in effect - Bill Dobson, Slate

Consensus Grows Among UN States for Greater Transparency on Drone Civilian Deaths

Cat Halloween

Our Invisible Revolution

"Twelve Years A Slave" Download the Autobiography for Free

Financiers Stanley Druckenmiller, Pete Peterson and John Arnold form a trifecta of treachery.

Our Invisible Revolution

Can Obama Ever Stand Up to the Oil Industry?

Failures and Lies of U.S. Drone Policy Exposed in New Film and Human Rights Reports [VIDEO]

Venezuela: The Dangers of a Revolution against a Woman’s Right to Abortion

5 Reasons Why Cutting Social Security Would Be Irrational

Did Lying NSA Chief Alexander Just Accuse Obama of Lying?

Who was Paul Wellstone?

"Now son, do you know what you did wrong?"

NATO Reduces Scope of Its Afghanistan Plans

Given the NSA Is Wiretapping the Personal Phones of World Leaders, They Are Certainly Spying on Us

BP’s Final Nail in the Gulf Coffin: Why the Feds Must Ban the Toxic Dispersant Corexit

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Legalizes Corporate Rights Prevailing Over Human Rights

little help here

In hindsight I want the war criminal of a dick to live long enough to

Baseball's greatest fans go full racist after Wong picked off

The Fallacy of the Republican 'Moderate'

Truthdig article about the intro and the anti-leak culture at the WH

America’s Secret 4th Branch of Government: Did the NSA Keep Even Obama in the Dark?

"And don't be pointing at no dog!" Please CAPTION Fox's Ben Carson!!!

Chris Hedges: Our Invisible Revolution

Did Lying NSA Chief Alexander Just Accuse Obama of Lying?

After troops leave, U.S. to lose access to Afghan reconstruction projects worth billions

The "New" Old Time Racism and "White Girl Bleed a Lot"

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Bashing "Isolationists" While at War in the World

My Huffpo right-wing talking point takedown: Debt Limit Follies Need to Stop Now

Anyone know much about Sen. Coburn's Patient Choices Act?

20th Century headlines, rewritten to get more clicks (XKCD)

As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media

I can think of four deaf actresses in Hollywood but no deaf actors

Arrests, pepper spray at CCNY protest over shuttered student center

NSA surveillance: Spain demands US explain 'monitoring'

Britain's high-profile phone-hacking trial to begin

Why is Vanity Fair dividing us with a poll about saving dogs, not cats, from a house fire?!1

Dick Cheney: NSA spying ‘nothing new’ and needs ‘to be preserved’

hey joe scarborough, why didn't you ask cheney about the nsa spying on our allies?

Report: US monitored 60 million calls in Spain

Scott Brown carpetbagging in NH Senate Race?

2% tax rate

Scary: Obama discovered NSA tapping of Merkel because of Snowden

Japan turned down NSA request to tap into fibre-optic data cables

Superstorm Sandy: Then and Now (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Santorum: Ted Cruz 'Did More Harm' To GOP During Shutdown

Choosing Halloween Candy for the Thursday Onslaught...

Ex-GOP senator unloads: A “total disconnect … between reality and Republican Party”

From Charity to Solidarity: Lessons from Canada’s Community Food Center

Spy scandal spirals into full-blown diplomatic crisis

Should Left Wing groups be paying people to spread Liberal Ideas on message boards?

Here’s how GOP Obamacare hypocrisy backfires

In Spain, NSA Collected 60 Million Calls in One Month Alone

Republicans’ new anti-Obamacare tactic: Class war

Get Ready For The Serial Rolling Shut Down. Cruz & The Boys Will Be At It Again.

Steller comeback

Congress Can Become Civil and Productive if Moderate Voters Demand It

Republicans’ New Anti-Obamacare Tactic: Class War

Sex Among Demented Spurs Group to Call for Policies

TOM TOMORROW: Oversexed Halloween

Hey Omaha Steve! What Kind of Candy Should We Be Buying?

California Watchdog: "Koch Brothers Network" Behind $15 Million Dark-Money Donations

vintage cars races

Hershey's, Nestle's candy and Halloween

Patriots-Dolphins Cartoon

Former South African government minister detained in New York

24 Sad Photos Of Wal-Mart Doing It Wrong

"Obamacation". "Reaganomics." "Obamacation". "Reaganomics."

Tokyo Sexwale: South Africa wants ANC off US terror list

On MTP Chuck Todd points out the Republican House "Majority" is largely due to GOP Gerrymandering

GOP event hails ‘superhero’ Ted Cruz as right-wing Jesus

I can't stand Chris Cillizza, but he finally got THE question into a headline

Gecko that looks like a leaf among new species found in Australia's 'lost world'

Buyers today want a house for the long haul: House as a nest egg, not an ATM

Republicans are Outraged

Graham Promises To Block All Senate Nominations Over Benghazi

How Rubio Went From Championing Immigration Reform To Vehemently Opposing His Own Bill

How Kentucky Built The Country's Best Obamacare Website

Why We Don't Want Men to Vote. 1915, Alice Duer Miller

Cuccinelli Brags About His ‘A’ NRA Rating At Site Of Mass Shooting Where 32 People Were Killed

Sly Sea Lion Outsmarts Fisherman, Snatches Monster Catch from His Hands

New GOP word.. Taboggle ..

A Year After Romney Loss, GOP In Even Worse Shape

and Now, Proudly introducing the newest (and cutest) member of Our Democratic Family ...

Obama kept in dark about Angela Merkel surveillance?

Dem Opponent Slams McConnell Over Shutdown In Fiery Web Ad

Gruss vom Krampus

Sarah Palin poses for pic, with her gun pointing at her own head.

Here's the new little tortie rescue kitten!

You don't want to listen to these guys? You really can't help but listen . . . it just gets worse

The Revolt of the Lower Middle Class and the Stupidity of the Elites

Space Shuttle Endeavour Exclusive: A Timelapse of the Final Ride

yell back at the tea party kooks

Have you seen this!! About Cruz's father

Filibuster wars to resume this week

Tepco can't yet be trusted to restart world's biggest nuclear plant: governor

Sarcasm about Gov. Rick Perry and some of his pre-occupations rather than governing

reply to tea party and extreme right

the answer to the tea party puppets

Last trailer for Catching Fire.

the answer to the extreme right

TPP: A pact designed to increase the wealth and power of crony capitalists

Denouncing binge drinking is not victim-blaming

If you ever get really sick of yourself...

the answer to the far right

I'm tired of the extreme right and it's paid puppets

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Expecting Baby!

Australian nuns argue fracking is a habit we can't afford

Senate readies ENDA for floor vote

This Modern World: Oversexed Halloween

Dozens dead in Iraq bombings

List your own "Best Sitcoms of All Time"

Now it's Spain: Spain summons U.S. Ambassador after revelations

dear man on the bus, that said "you are too ugly to rape"

Don't you love playing with size and illusion

dear man on the bus that said "you are too ugly to rape"

VA-Gov: Rand Paul (R. KY) Coming To Virginia To Beg Libertarians To Back Ken Cuccinelli (R)

All Ears (cartoon)

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: 'We can't afford private banks' (audio link)

"Our ass hurts from the Shutdown whoopin'! Time to bring back Benghazi!"

Psychologists Propose Horrifying Solution to PTSD in Drone Operators

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Oct 28, 2013)

Family of grandmother killed in US drone strike arrive for Congress visit

Pesticide illness triggers anti-Monsanto protest in Argentina

From the Chicago public school closings, some students emerge radicalized

Are cuts to the EITC program a new frontier on the 'War On The Poor'?

Pesticide illness triggers anti-Monsanto protest in Argentina

TPP talks bog down over intellectual property rights

UK Man Accused of Hacking US Government Computers

Dick Cheney cancels Toronto trip, says Canada is too dangerous

Cowboys' Dez Bryant defends sideline rants

How to respond to the RWNJS when they flagellate over Benghazi

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Change Their Tune On Obamacare? Or Just Rank Hypocrisy?

Should Drug Patents Be Extended

Katrina vanden Heuvel: De Blasio for Mayor—On The WFP Line!

The flaws of Obamacare are basically conservative ones. It's too complicated and it's too stingy

In spring 1951, in the UK, meat and sugar were still rationed. Cloth, paper, and string

I can smell a con/Republican post quite a bit on DU

VA race for Governor early casted votes: Democrats are KICK ASS!!!!

Physics and animation...or is this about religion. AWESOME video!

It is no longer "fracking," it is "Unconventional Gas"

Doris Lessing

As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media

BRUTAL!!!!! ad against turtle McConnell

Terrelle Pryor sets NFL quarterback and Raiders team record with 93-yard run

Democrats should be united, under our leadership, on... everything

Gov. wants death penalty reinstated for those who kill officers

Scott Brown Creates New Political Action Committee In New Hampshire

Global Wealth Inequality: Top 1% Own 41%; Top 10% Own 86%; Bottom Half Own Just 1%

Turkey fulfils Sultan's dream: World's first sea tunnel connecting two continents

If you see only one political film this year - let it be DIRTY WARS with Jeremy Scahill

New Mexico legislator expresses unease about yoga

Ted Cruz doesn’t want you to know who’s bankrolling his road to the White House

My corporate-influenced ACA experience...

Sen. McCain: No Doubt Hillary Would Make 'A Very Strong Candidate' (except on Benghazi)

Marcia Wallace

Why doesn't the gang on The Walking Dead have any tanks or armored vehicles or

Terrible Tally: 500 Children Dead From Gunshots Every Year, 7,500 hurt, Analysis Finds

Marco Rubio Backs Away From Own Immigration Bill Becoming Law

(Interesting) The REAL ‘Lone Ranger’ Was An African American Lawman

Vikings Lament

CBS News Features Distraught Woman Paying 10 Times More for Insurance Due to Obamacare

a very good friend, a life-long Republican, who voted for Bush twice is applying for Obamacare

Question: if Rupert Murdoch's News of the World was tagged for tapping every phone in England,

Monday toons

GOP event hails ‘superhero’ Ted Cruz as right-wing Jesus

Ex-US Rep. Rick Renzi gets 3-year prison term

Poland's first post-communist PM Mazowiecki dead at 86

Mind the lexical gap, and the cranberry morpheme (CS Monitor)

Papantonio: Media Failure Prolonged Shutdown

Netanyahu halts distribution of 'loyalty' poll to U.S. Jews, Israeli expats

The Greyhound That Air Canada Lost In The San Francisco Airport Is Dead

McCain Calls For Hearing Into U.S. Foreign Spying Practices

I got a job offer!

Yacht at StopWatch (Full Performance + Interview)

'Bishop Of Bling' Mansion May Become Refuge For Poor

Grayson Tells It Like It Is!

Sam Houston (D) Declares for Attorney General

"60 Minutes" blows it again, their Benghazi "witness" wanted money.

Filibuster Wars To Flare Up As Reid Moves On Top Judges

Lindsey Graham vows to block every single Obama nomination in the Senate because.......BENGHAZI!!!

N.D. town OKs building ban to deter Aryan enclave

Ex-hand surgeon Michael Brown in Miami Hospital

Paul Warns of Logan's Run Type Future in VA

Who Buys the Spies? The Hidden Corporate Cash Behind America’s Out-of-Control National Surveillance

Pending Sales of Existing Homes Slump by Most in Three Years

Obamacare Websites Limited by Verizon Data Hub Failure

McCain Kisses Up To Hillary Clinton

Bomb-making material confirmed in luggage at Montreal airport

Yellen Poised to Rival Obama With Financial Power

FDA proposes rules to make animal food safer

You Just Cannot Talk To These White Male Racists Bastards.

South Africa G4S prison staff accused of abuse.

Kentucky’s ‘Creation Museum’ in Financial Trouble Due to Declining Attendance

Time for my annual effort to communicate with the dogs:

Break out the tissues: NY college student says order to remove Confederate flag from dorm window

I had a personally staggering, explosive weekend - in a good way. Wanted to share. Adoptees note.

SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY Movie (1996) Shunji Iwai (starring singer Chara)

A nice mountain bike video.....unbelievable

N.J. police union that once backed Christie endorses Buono

If Obama Didn't Know About Merkel Spying, What Was It For? Juan Cole

Republicans, other ACA bashers shoot themselves in the foot AGAIN re: the ACA. Ha ha ha!

Minder Binders - any Tempe old timers around?

Reagan Revolution Misses Tax Fiefdoms Flourishing in U.S.

Where is Krugman?

Factory Output Slowdown Shows U.S. Has Little Traction: Economy

Movies that are having sequels planned for them?

The Hidden Benefits of Food Stamps = Food stamps lifted a record 4 million people out of poverty

Poll: Bad press is increasing interest in Obamacare

food stamps, milk prices on table in farm talks

Chile's Bachelet pitches $15 billion plan, vows to back labor unions

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Peter Schweizer - Large Corps & Large Gov are Dangerous

The ACA website has some problems so what is the big deal about?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Peter Schweizer & Thom Debate Solutions

Is it ok to start a thread with a link and no content?

I had a great Saturday!

Corn Drops to Three-Year Low on Beneficial U.S. Weather

Never-before-seen Star Wars footage and outtakes

Check this out!

Deputy who shot Santa Rosa boy identified

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid lost me at Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head

Bachelet wants to give government more power over water rights

Katrina vanden Heuvel: De Blasio for Mayor—On The WFP Line!

Richard Wolff: "We can't afford private banks....They should become public institutions."

The Rude Pundit: Dead Rock Artist

The Need To Protect Not Just Journalists But All Acts Of Journalism - Josh Stearns Discusses

Josh Marshall: Ok, Please, Enough (foreign spying)

President Obama to discuss Affordable Care Act at Faneuil Hall in Boston Wednesday

'Bishop Of Bling' Mansion May Become Refuge For Poor

I want Chrystal Gayle to change the song to

Ohio says it will switch to new drugs for executions

Tea Party Galaxy: Voyage to the Center of Delusion

Senate to vote on gay rights bill by Thanksgiving

Marco Rubio: The next John McCain

About a Girl: Coy Mathis' Fight to Change Gender

Is yoga religious? An Indian court mulls mandatory school exercises

US kills two top leaders of terror group that attacked Kenya mall

Teabaggers screaming about "traitors"

For those on Facebook, some handy tips for teabaggers

U.K. Storm Brings Power Cuts, Snarls Transport in South

Iran Says Time Right for New Approach With IAEA Nuclear Monitors

I had cheap health insurance years ago that would not be allowed under Obamacare in 2014

Business, GOP Establishment: Tea Party Is Over

Did you know the DU AdBot still roams the halls of DU2

School Board votes 4-1 to allow teachers with CCWs to carry concealed in classes.

Thanksgiving is a month away and our help is needed

Real risk of a Maunder minimum 'Little Ice Age' says leading scientist

Man walks by 5 schools with loaded guns & cops do nothing; child with toy gun gets shot 7 times?

Atheists can’t be Republicans

Ted Talks--the Wizard of Oz

White House official sees need for 'constraints' on NSA spying

NYC firm helps De Blasio from obscurity to City Hall

NYC firm helps De Blasio from obscurity to City Hall

The Rise of Pop Culture in Religious Studies

I have a question for anyone who has signed up for the new Health Care program

What happens to the money paid to SSA that people then die and never collect?

Britney Spears Songs Are Being Used to Scare Away Somali Pirates (AAAARRRRGH!)

How Kentucky Built the Country's Best Obamacare Website

Fed Judge: Texas Abortion Limits Unconstitutional

Catholic school for priests expanding in Boynton Beach to meet growing demand

Los Angeles college offers first yoga masters degree in the US

New Study Finds 7,500 Kids a Year Admitted to US Hospitals with Gunshot Wounds

McDonald's squeezes out Heinz over new CEO pick

How about the 23andMe site???

Try this for fun: Google user name+ keyword - then click images

Reagan Losing 241 at Beirut in 1983 Didn't Happen No More

Matt Pommer: Federal judge casts a dark cloud over voter ID rationale

2013 forest fire season almost over

One Fox News chart that will mislead you about welfare and jobs in three different ways

"This is no time for my country Right or Wrong - Remember what that brought."

Need another reason to loathe the Spurs?

Europe Mulls Sanctions Against US Over Spying


Justice Department Won't Prosecute Idaho Prison Guards

The Women Of The Supreme Court

My own private Gaza - Bummer Generation

Choose to be gay?

Did anyone else catch Janelle Monae on SNL this weekend?

Obama To Meet With House GOP On Immigration

Shaquille O’Neal endorses Chris Christie in new campaign video

Behind Photographs

Construction Starts On US Base In Romania

Chris Hedges: Our Invisible Revolution

THE Database

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Black and Native American Women

HARP loan. Anybody here getting one/thinking about getting one?

Full Show: Saving Democracy is Up to Citizen Activists

Is it just me, or do many of the objections to the Obama Administration

Question about this group's attitude towards solar over the years

"Stop the Traitors"

(St. Paul Mayor) Chris Coleman: "Oh, God, you didn't just say that."

Dick Cheney Defends US Spying On Foreign Leaders

Gunmen steal $55 million from Libyan central bank

They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return from America's Wars -- The Untold Story,

Who remembers the 80s S&L crisis?

mom -- i miss you still...

NSA review panel to present Obama with dossier on surveillance reforms

The Ohio State University's marching band is the most badass ever?

Reid pledges vote on bill to protect gay, transgender employment rights

Anyone visited a Halloween "Hell House" this season?

500 children dead from gunshots every year, 7,500 hurt, analysis finds

"Yeah, I'm feelin' good tonight/Finally doing me and it feels so right, oh"

Slipping Under the Radar-

Lou Reed Inspired This

Please inform yourself before wildly cheering the TX abortion law ruling.

On why the progressive blog movement failed

Wendy Davis explains the difference between herself and Ted Cruz

CBS News’ Misleading Obamacare Report: Woman’s Plan Paid $50 Per Service, Doesn’t Cover Hospital

Get Ready For The Filibuster Wars To Resume This Week In The Senate

We need single payer

The Great Medicaid Transfer From Red States to Blue States

Who remembers the 80s SNL crisis?

WOW! Someone stole someones Laptop here in the Library!

Progress report on Sandy aid reveals New York estimated to get $6.3 billion in 2014

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

We need to take back our country by wiping out all vestiges of anything right wing, be it

Let's DU it up!!!

Hepatitis C checks for baby boomers now required

Syrian Electronic Army Claims To Hack Obama's Twitter

Penn State's $60-Million Sandusky Settlement

One FOX News chart distorts in three ways

Ladies and gentlemen! I give you the Tea Party Theme Song!

One day, Obama will actually let loose and say it....

Saudi 'no woman, no drive' mockery video goes viral

Assembly introduces bill to move primary elections to June

Dead 3-year-old boy found injured with handgun nearby...


USNWR: The Party of Sore Losers (AKA the Tea Party) Is Bad for Business

QUICK advice, please.

The Cry of the True Republican

"Rule & Ruin"

Russell Brand Voting Video Goes Viral, Misses Key Point

Ben Goldacre's All Trials Registered | All Results Reported Campaign.

I hate this fucking Avatar...

Cheney's Dream Come True?

Young Men, are you upset that you'll no longer be able to get health insurance cheaper than women?

Legislative fix proposed to pay EI service providers

Tepco can't yet be trusted to restart world's biggest nuclear plant: governor

Papantonio: Tea Party Losing Immigration Fight

Cancellation of Afrobeat band Shokazoba at Hampshire College's Halloween creates controversy

A little known but potentially fantastic provision of the ACA

Steven Colbert on Law and Order - Criminal Intent ("The Saint) 2004

"The wrong problem is the deficit. The right problem is sluggish growth and persistent unemployment.

Detroiters on hook for millions used to renovate schools now empty or demolished

I had a Lou Reed avatar before it was cool!

de Blasio poised to win a lopsided victory

I need some DU good vibes and hugs!!!!

Democracy Now: Great Show Today: NSA Protests & Long Interview with Glenn Greenwald

Court Rules Abortion Restriction Unconstitutional

Houston Harris County - Strong early voting totals set new mark in fifth day

Been listening to Pandora

Teachers' union to "wait and see" about scheduling their own Common Core forums

Crazy ants and Bed bugs

Obamacare Rate Shock and Premium Joy: Now It's Real

Don't Traipse on me

Peter Lavelle Show: "DRONE CRIMES" -3 Person Panel with Medea Bejamin, Morris Davis, Pir Zubair Shah

The Hilarious Beer Commercial No Brewery Wants You To See

I wonder if those employers that say they will drop health insurance......

Air Force Academy drops ‘So help me God’ from honor oath

Methodist court sidesteps changes to gay policies

We need to talk...

this is what should be done with jp morgan chase

GOPoopers new idea to gain the youth vote!

Britney Spears songs used to thwart Somali pirates

Thanks for setting up the Progressive Media Resources Group

A big win by Bill de Blasio will give us another contender for 2016 and someone who might make

No Charges Filed In Ohio University Street Sex Case Because No One Remembers What Happened

The Future according to films (and a couple TV shows)

Rand Paul on "eugenics paranoia."

Hindu Group Stirs a Debate Over Yoga’s Soul (NYT 2010)

I'm calling my autobiography "Increasingly Poor Decisions"

Man Arrested In Beating Death Of ‘Puppy Doe’

Black Nationalism and the Peoples' Movement - Ford Pt3

Planned Parenthood, ACLU Disappointed That Court Upheld Restricted Access To Abortion Meds

GOP-Backed Texas Voter ID Law Could Help Wendy Davis

CBS News’ Misleading Obamacare Report: Woman’s Plan Paid $50/Service, Doesn’t Cover Hospitalization

Crime In The US On The Uptick For The Second Year In A Row: Survey

Pennies From Heaven-Giving no-strings-attached $ to world's poorest produces remarkably good results

Federal Judge Declares Texas Anti-Abortion Law Unconstitutional

The most RACIST Halloween Costumes ever!

Ellis Island Reopens For First Time Since Sandy

Ex-Rep. Rick Renzi Gets 3 Years In Prison For Corruption Convictions

Brazilian Judge Suspends Work On Huge Amazon Dam Project

What do you mean I'm funny?

Wells Fargo warns of looming retirement crisis

DOD Seeks To Implant Devices Capable Of Stimulating Depressed Soldiers’ Brains In Real-time

Is anyone shocked? Bradlee Dean is homophobic AND says 'racism' was a term created by the Communists

2014 is huge Year for Dems but DNC & DCCC Messaging to Muster the Troops is M.I.A.

Ex-Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ) Gets 3 Years In Prison For Corruption Convictions

Asian Carp Breed In Great Lakes, Threaten Fishing

Scott Brown forms PAC in New Hampshire

NBC NEWS: Obama Admin. Knew Millions Could Not Keep Their Health Insurance

Today while traveling home I observed some TP members on the side of the road eating.

Bag spilled, cat gone . . .

ACA website problems and unintended consequences

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance

Next Tuesday I will vote for a repug.

Congress to Convene Briefing on Amanda Knox

Canada scandal deepens as prime minister accused of cover-up

Legal Procedure: Critics Cry Foul As NFL Defends Nonprofit Status

Most compatible browser for ?

A superstorm Sandy legacy: Gas pumps that work when power is out

Smithsonian Institution Unveils Life-Size Portrait Of 4 Pioneering Female Supreme Court Justices

Desperate for Work? 10 Things to Know If You’re Thinking of Moving to the Jobs Capital of the U.S.

Could right wing hackers be fuckin with the ACA web site(s)?

What do you think when someone says they are "blessed"?

This was inevitable: Racist idiots dress as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for Halloween.

Suzanne Somers: The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme

Ron Paul's campaign manager died of pneumonia, penniless & uninsured.

Don't Cut Food Stamps, Senators Urge Farm Bill Conferees

Latest Poll has McAullife +12

Obama Admin: Half Of Young Americans Could Buy Insurance For $50 Or Less

ATTN Lindsey Graham just stop it. Graham Promises To Block All Senate Nominations Over Benghazi

Richard Wolff: "We can't afford private banks....They should become public institutions."

"There'll be no stopping you(me)!"

Former Santa Clara supe Shirakawa Jr. indicted

Quantum reality more complex than previously thought

Reaction to Blackfish (are some of these just really stupid ?)

Congrats Wendy Davis

The Boondocks - Ann Coulter

Tweety's got his lips pressed up against Chris Christie's ass....

Contest - What's the Most ignorant Anti-ACA comment You've Heard?

Mom stunned by act of kindness at Pizza Hut (finally something good out of NC!)

The US Budget

Howard Dean Gives S.E. Cupp Taste Of Fact-Based Reality

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jim Tressel, Condoleezza Rice among suggestions for new Ohio State president

Conservatives tear down others due to being torn down themselves.

Cycle of dependency...

Cousin charged with stabbing mom, 4 kids in Brooklyn

US appellate court denies Nevada's request for a rehearing in Yucca case

Remembering Lou Reed

Food Stamps, Milk Prices on Table in Farm Talks


Sochi 2014: Putin declares gay athletes welcome

Jim Tressel, Condoleezza Rice among suggestions for new Ohio State president

More on the crisis in research: Feynman on 'cargo cult science'

Ted Cruz Defends Texas Anti-Abortion Law: It's Constitutional

Obama Opposes House GOP Financial Regulation Bills

Breaking Bad Fans: Final Two Pages Of "Felina" Script Revealed (Spoilers, obviously)