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History repeats itself.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's not Democrat colleagues fucktard ReTHUG Boehner

Is it too soon to ask about the Republican / Tea Party divorce?

Milwaukee firefighters throw a tantrum, vandalizing a firehouse.


Chris Hayes is disappointing when debating with republican mouth-speakers.

"Ted Cruz blasted by angry GOP colleagues"

Sen. Al Franken Donates His Salary to Second Harvest During the GOP Shutdown

Biker injured in NYC clash with SUV hires celebrity attorney Gloria Allred

Lawmakers seek to raise Utah smoking age to 21

PM Notification

Ted Cruz blasted by angry GOP colleagues

Congressional Leaders Report No Progress On Shutdown After Meeting With Obama

Hey Kudlow! It's PRESIDENT Obama, not Mr. Obama, you dickhead!

House Republicans seek probe of D.C. monument closures

Skeptics wonder if ex-clergy should lead atheist movements

Senators Cruz, Rubio, Lee, and Rand Paul...

Will doctors and hospitals be able to distinguish between people insured on the exchange

Traveling Wilburys

Billionaire cons public workers out of pensions. Teacher Union below mentions Kentucky and Texas.

Readout of President Obama's meeting with congressional leadership

Harvest Moon

The Politics of Religious Conversions in Jharkhand

Six of One - Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act

E. Warren shuts down snub CEO...

Into The Mystic

Hahahaha! "Shutdown Clown" Ted Cruz

Green Grass and High Tides

Obamacare is delivering~

Money for nothing: Government shutdown costs $12.5 million per hour.

Edward Snowden’s E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys, Documents Show

Miss me yet? (Pretzeldent Bewsh meme)

Snuggles, who wants some snuggles?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! The Book of Bill

Oh yes, let it begin.

hobby lobby doesnt want jewish customers

Anyone else having trouble getting on the healthcare site?

Reid calls CNN's Dana Bash 'irresponsible and reckless' during interview

Anyone in the DC area feel like going downtown

House Democrats push ahead on immigration, H-1B

I'm curious how many Republicans are signing up for Obamacare?

Check out what this Republican said !!!

Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers

Kate Upton joins B.J. and Justin Upton on cover of SI’s baseball playoff preview

15 Myths The Media Should Ignore During Obamacare Implementation

What does it mean: "The President must execute the laws"??

I can tell you EXACTLY the sign that GOP is finished and the Tea Party stands alone

Reid: "We're locked in tight on Obamacare"

Oh, God! Gohmert is slobbering all over the microphone now.

That was quick. Just saw a Cory Booker ad slamming his opponent for support of the shutdown.

Maduro warns US all its diplomats could be thrown out

I keep thinking about that pipeline

Deprived of new women to hate in Toronto, A Voice for Menners resort to rape jokes, gay bashing

Have I said "Go Buccos!" lately?

Brazilian police stop Indians from storming Congress

How to Create Generations of Misery.

Possible methods of bypassing the debt ceiling

NY Post: NYPD lets pop-up bike gangs rampage

You just aren't compromising!!!

I'm afraid a kind of voluntary impeachment is more and more likely.

Today we are are all united, let's stay united and stop the assholes trying to hijack our democracy

Boehner to GOP: Grand Bargain in the Works

Why when we are standing in solidarity here on DU would people rec a shit stirring divisive bullshit

The Chaos Factor

Pretty funny. A friend posted this on FB. Can I burn your house down?

Conservatives Made It Up: Harry Reid Didn't Dismiss Funding Treatment For Children With Cancer

Compromise is over, gun control now!

The Craziest of the Crazies: The Ten Republicans Who Shut Down the Government

"Compromise" GOP-style

Just so that DU'ers know a GRAND BARGAIN= Cuts in Social Security

A little more history The top 10=

Keep telling yourself that, Weeping B.

Let me see if I understand this about the Affordable Care Act...


Gorgeous photo of starry night over false kiva

Economic Treason: The definition of "treason" and could Republicans be guilty of this crime (Part 2)

98 cents cookies - iced oatmeal - CHEAP - plus, with half-fat/NO sugar added ice cream - PERFECT!1

Republicans are such transparent hypocrites...

SQUEE! Cat, Dog, Hedgehog- Best Buddies Soooo much cute in one place

Dear Mr. President... We Here @ The Democratic Underground Have Some Advice For You:

Trial begins for official charged with murder of Jaime Garzon (political comedian)

The Crazies just passed a bill to fund the NIH.

What happened?

The GOP's planned replacement for Obamacare

What safe guards are in place in this country to protect against an attempted coup d'etat?

Australian Broadcasting Corp. covers TWA800 crash investigation controversy

2010: Keith warned us.

Toon: Leverage

FreedomWorks CEO Says Hard Right Should Stay The Course Past Debt Limit Deadline

It's the little things in life.

John Fugelsang makes fun of GOP: Republicans aren’t even the party of Quayle anymore

What game are you most addicted to at the moment?

In Brooklyn and Jerusalem, worry about Israel's future

Moving about in the DC area today was eerie

I urge everyone to report this video to Facebook (ANIMAL ABUSE)

Iranian Jews in Israel skeptical of Rouhani

Witness Recants in Review of Brooklyn Detective’s Cases

I'll be donating my time and money to a republican

Explaination of the shutdown by a teabagger

Miss Israel—aka “Titi”—takes a Los Angeles tour

When Israel is attacked, Jews must step up

Healthcare calculator - takes 2 minutes

Traffic on Vermont health insurance exchange heavy as website problems persist

Citizens United Moving Forward With New Anti-Hillary Documentary

Et tu, Grover?

Obamacare's first day glitches overshadowed by success

some birds from the beach

Thousands flock to Conn.'s exchange website

Why the Health Care Law Scares the GOP

One of the reasons why the GOP and BUsiness assholes hate the ACA is:

Idaho health exchange launches with few hiccups

Aaron Rodgers takes a stand on Congo "conflict minerals"

Southwest fires captain in LaGuardia nose gear landing

49ers safety plans to change last name to ‘Hitler’

Tesla stock tumbles after Model S catches fire

Chinese urged not to pick noses when traveling to other countries

Israel's secret weapon in 1973: Diaspora Jews

DOES anyone know if this is legit? It is a positive mind bend.

DC-Area Restaurants Charging Congress Members More for Their Meals

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

Can we please

The Republican Party has been under attack since the inception of the teaparty

Don't tread on me, indeed!

GOP Establishment Grapples With A Tea Party That Won't Budge

Columnist writes 3 page article listing Corbett's failings (it was probably cut back from 50 pages)

FAA Inspector furlough violates treaty

Singh Retracts Order After Public Rebuke by Gandhi Family Scion

GOP stands firm against funding bill, will link to debt ceiling fight

The vets at the WWII memorial were degraded and so was their service...

"20 Surprising Origins Of Popular Sayings"

Men are worse off now than in the past. Therefore male privilege isn't real.

Carnival Cruz the Shutdown Clown

What gives Republicans a woody the most?

John Boehner Could End Shutdown Today If He Wanted To

SHUTSTORM 2013! Perfect. Jon Stewart nails them again.

Meet a Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It Will Save Him $13,000

Obama Should Go On TV And Do A Nat'l Address. Put Boner's Pic Up And Say This Man Is Responsible

The view from the op-ed pages: GOP takes a beating

Ohhhhh yeah. Shutdown the GOP down in 2014! Poll shows 9 Point Democratic Lead over GOP candidates!

Is your cat...

David Sirota: "Obamacare: The Gift To Insurers That Will Keep on Giving"

National Hall of Shame

Colombia’s ambassador to Russia resigns after sexual abuse accusations

Anybody know how to do a reverse license plate search?

Does the ACA also offer dental and eye insurance or is it just health?

Was Sen Cruz parents on a separatist mission in Canada when he was born, or just on a ski vacation?

Colombia Prosecutor’s Office says protecting threatened journalist outside jurisdiction

Mike Lee Puts His Government Shutdown Foot Down: 'I'm Working. I'll Continue To Get Paid'

Should the President sit idly by and watch the Congress default on our debt??

I Blame Michael Moore for the Shutdown...

scare crows, flowers, and maybe more scare crows. Maybe not.

Massive Welfare Fraud Exposed

small greenhouse kits

Air Force-Navy will play Saturday despite shutdown

Denying Health Care To 30 Million Uninsured Makes The GOP A Death Panel

A Different Sort of Shutdown (E.J. Dione)

Coming up on Friday on my radio show


The Teabaggers And Voter In Red Districts Are Celebrating The Possible End To ACA

The letter Harry Reid sent to Boehner today...

Daily Show Skewers Barilla Chairman for Anti-Gay Remarks, Sizes Up the Gayest Pastas

Maduro probes purported US involvement in Air France drug cache

"We're not going to be disrespected-have to get something out of this-don't know what that even is"

Sen. Al Franken Donates His Salary to Second Harvest During the GOP Shutdown

The plot sickens: The motive behind the move to end the shutdown

AL Wild Card spoiler......

The Radical Right Has Declared War On Us - A Scorched Earth/Shermanizing March To RW Utopia

I know it's only Wednesday, but anybody want to stay up late and hang out?

The Brutal Truth - GOP Combining Funding battle W/Debt Ceiling Is Economic Gun To Our Head

Hey GOP!

What are you reading? I'm just about to start Malcolm Gladwell's

Stewart Lobs Every Insult in the Book at GOP - 'Self-Righteous Orwellian Zebra Queefs!'

Current GOP bargaining position, in one ridiculous quote.

The Week - "Blaming Republicans for the government shutdown: The end of false equivalence?"

Government argues that Internet companies shouldn't reveal when they turn over information

I guess the Republicans have started the war on Christmas.

Republican Speaker Boehner says Obama refused to negotiate in White House meeting

My cheeseburger is coming apart like a tissue-paper kite in a rainstorm...

Current, former Senate presidents could impeached over corruption

Scott Lively is running for governor of Massachusetts next year.

KU Prof Sends Anti-NRA Tweet, Teabagger State Legislators Become Apoplectic

How Less Than 5% Of The US Population Caused The Government To Shut Down

TONIGHTS DOUBLE HEADER MOVIE: Our Man Flint/In Like Flint (enjoy!)

Republicans wanted the shutdown all along, and Dems have already lost the negotiations

Thousands march to mark anniversary of infamous Mexico City protest

I am a federal employee

Thousands march to mark anniversary of infamous Mexico City protest

So holding the economy hostage...

Have Questions about Health Care???

Sadly I Have A Feeling The GOP Really Does Plan To Default. Anyone Feel The Same?

Brilliant idea regarding the Shutdown! Why don't/can't the Dems do this?

New Leak at Japan Nuke Plant Due to Tank Overflow

19% Of The Colo. Springs, Co. Work Force Are Fed Employees. GOP Stronghold.

Americans Think GOP's Top Priority Is Troublemaking

FINALLY the GOP has spoken, they want SOMETHING!

If this isn't apartheid, then what is it?

GOP insists shutdown a "slimdown", not so bad! So why try so hard to blame Reid for it?

Obamacare Health Exchange Websites Had More Than 10 Million Unique Visitors On Day One

Rand Paul: There’s no reason to raise the debt ceiling

$trillion coin....

GOP lawmakers predict shutdown will last for weeks

BP: We could've sealed Gulf of Mexico oil spill sooner

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Appeals court gives BP a win in settlement dispute

The Moderate Republican thing may be a Chimera

Who caused Dems to lose the House in 2010? You did.

Fish or Cut Bait by Linda Greenhouse

Catholic Church in El Salvador shuts down rights and legal office

Doctor points gun at driver recording road rage...

Assemble, DU nerds!!!!! Describe this thing to me...


Man Shoots Off Gun In Pants During Hug, Accidentally Kills Girlfriend

The New GOP Meme We Are Cutting Employees We Don't Need Anyway - Nonessential

Will Obamacare act as a stimulous?

That raggedy old rightwinger Ben Stein was just on Craig Ferguson's show...

Political Scene Feels Like A Domestic Quarrel Where The Spouse Takes Out The Family And Themselves

Any healthcare exchange news from Ilinois?

Do you think that Boehner will reman as Speaker till the 2014 elections?

California to join growing list of states giving driver licenses to immigrants here illegally

Boehner "was laughed at " after raising grand bargain with Obama

So i just got done visiting a 92 year old woman friend who can't get her GI benfits...

PA Democratic Gov. Candidate Katie McGinty Takes Questions on Fracking, Marijuana & GMO's [VIDEO]

Message From The MasterNemesis

Epic Jason Mraz Tweet on Obama "ripping congress a new a-hole"

Government Shutdown Solution

PA Democratic Gov. Candidate Katie McGinty Takes Questions on Fracking, Marijuana & GMO's [VIDEO]

Taking back the House.

As I Recall From My History Lessons Sen. Joe McCarthy Was Censure By The Senate...

Montana Democrats Get Senate Candidate.

Pride, or Addiction, or Fear?

At 243 AM EST I get this message at

This is fun! I got into the finals of the Rainbow Awards AND am up for author of the month

CIA beefs up training of moderate Syrian rebels

A dose of "Margaret and Helen" is a dose of pure sanity,

Indian outsourcers see business booming as Obamacare kicks in

As if we're not in enough trouble...

We are all in this together....

I hope President Obama does this to the Republicans:

AP Interview: Uruguay's first lady like no other

Palestinian women visit Tel Aviv to promote peace

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday Oct 3 2013)

Government shutdown's hit magnified for tribes

Just watched Yoko Ono on the Letterman show

Head of far-right party in Greece jailed

A walk at sunset and other autumn photos.

Gov't Shutdown Reflects Struggle Within Capitalist Republican Elite

This Government Shutdown Took Syria's Chem Weapons Deal And Iran's President's Nuclear Disarmament..

What Might Occupy’s Nonviolent Militia Look Like?

Arkansas Razorbacks Announce They Will Shut Down the Remainder of the Football Season

ScienceShot: Sawfish Going Extinct

Longline Fishery in Costa Rica Kills Thousands of Sea Turtles, Sharks

Threatened Honduran union leader moved to safe country

2.3 Million Americans Rot in Prison -- Meet the Corporations Exploiting Them for Profit

Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher & the Power of Civil Disobedience in Growing Movements

Why Can't We Fix Outrageous CEO Pay?

10 Past Republicans Who Would Never Make It in Today's Insane GOP

Dozens of migrants die in Italy boat sinking near Lampedusa

Extraordinary rainbows of the natural world (BBC)

Reality: The "Revolt Against Obamacare" is a Trojan Horse.

China recycling cleanup jolts global industry

What Would Our Country Look Like Without the EPA?

Federal Government Shutdown: Day 2

If GOP so worried about NIH, why does Paul Ryan's budget have 10% cut to the NIH budget in FY 2014?

4 Head Start providers to close

State of National Emergency declared by the President?????

Everybody has that ONE friend.....

Government shutdown: Why many Republicans have no reason to deal

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be overseen by monitor, judge rules

Government Shutdown Hypocrisy- Day 2

Crackdown on offshore tax cheaters is paying dividends

Jesse Ventura: Shutdown is 'despicable,' pardon Manning and Snowden

How Test Obsession is Killing Education

Sen. Ed Markey to become chair of U.S. Senate Climate Change Clearinghouse

over flowing tank causes new leak at fukushima

Golden Dawn...or Dusk? Greek far-right party faces criminal charges

Time to give up on for a couple weeks?

At the United Nations, the Vatican is church and state. That needs to change.

who knew? shutdown shatters stereo types

Hobby Lobby Stores won’t stock Jewish Holiday Merchandise..

A miniature horse foal and a boy share a special bond

10-year-old buys bulletproof vest for K9 officer

CleanSpace One: Switzerland launches "janitor" satellite to clean up junk

NSA chief denies that the agency is spying on your Facebook profile

Big solar now competing with wind energy on costs

Why the POTUS should never use IT people as political consultants:

MaaaMaaa! Part2

HK nabs 1.5 m in ivory in 3rd big bust since july

The Limits Of Intelligence Gathering: Kenyan Govt. Warned A Year Before Attack That Terrorists Were

With The Shut Down If We Had Another Wildfire No Firefghters

Five area Republicans shifting votes in shutdown (Areas surrounding Philadelphia)

Top Ten Things Ted Cruz did to the NSA and other Security Agencies that Edward Snowden Couldn’t

What If The Teabaggers Refuse To Pass Any Legislation Of Any Kind Until Their Demands Are Met

The shutdown explained in one quote:

Joe Scum wants to know why it should be all or nothing

National group affilliated with Koch brothers spending money on Coralville (Iowa) race -

The Republican Party Cannot Stand By And Let Obamacare Destroy This Country

Weekend at Boehner's Luckovich Toon.

Only the Interests of the World’s Leading Superpower America Are Served by the JSF

The Teabilly Guide To The Government Shutdown (Hint: It Affects Guns)

In the battle over whose fault it is that there are so many teathuglicans

I just wrote to The President

The Tea Party Is Driving America into Bankruptcy

Analysis: Republicans get opposite of stated goals

Sandanista loving radical dirty commie has 50 point lead over opponent

Health of oceans 'declining fast'

Dean Baker: Debt Default: The Only Way to Get to Full Employment?

How Can We Afford To Have Nothing Passed Until 2014? There Won't Be Any Nation Left.

GOP Lemmings ‘Rebrand:’ Beyond the ‘Party of Stupid’

Belgian helped to die after three sex change operations

Hey all, I finally found my way outside again

The Republican Shutdown....n/t

For all of you applauding Jerry Brown for signing the Nullification of the NDAA provisions,

From NSA Spying & VIPR Sweeps to Domestic Drones: A Round-Up of the Police State Programs NOT Affect

I know, this sounds crazy but...

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Day 3 of the hostage ordeal

Latest Polls Say 35% Blame Obama/17% Blame Both Parties/Rest Blame GOP

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- More shutdown toons

Spineless Boehner's big political fail

Greenwald: "The objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy"

Which do you prefer? Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?

Hackers blamed for New York's Obamacare site breakdown

The 15th Anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death.

Report Exposes the Right-Wing Tag Team Plotting Against Pensions

If the Big Money Republicans want to avoid a default.. All they have to do is

In this one they are grabbing the money and asking for the baby.

Harry Reid On Bill Press Right Now.

I am very upset and angry that the smart people didn't prepare for the Internet logjam


This is why Republicans must be destroyed.

Chris Matthews: "This is a kidnapping where you steal the money and demand the baby..."

Report: Cruz Blasted By Angry GOP Colleagues In Closed-Door Meeting

The demand for a global take-over at Fukushima has hit critical mass

attorney: scott walkers 'totalitarian tendencies' have 'pissed away' millions

GOP Congressman Says He Doesn't Know What Republicans Want In Shutdown Fight

Alleged online drug kingpin arrested at SF library

Ladies---a Terrific Breast Cancer video

Then Shut It Down

Radioactive Water Streaming Out of Pennsylvania Fracking Waste Site

Angry right gets mad when you accuse it of race-baiting!

Human Assault Pushes Ocean to Limit Unseen in 300 Million Years

Luckovich: Weekend at Boehner's

The delay in the small business mandate IS NOT a reason to amend Obamacare's individual mandate

Finally, (Small) Class War: D.C. Restaurants Give Furloughed Workers Freebies But Charge Congression

Does the second person plural pronoun "yall"/"y'all" require an apostrophe?

Obama Quietly Okays Military Aid to Countries That Use Child Soldiers

Astonishing Graphic Shows What You Can Learn From 6 Months Of Someone's Phone Metadata

Republican extremists WANT to trigger a financial crisis.

Anyone know of a mnemonic for this? I googled but couldn't find one.

The right’s new lie about its shutdown intentions

WI DNR was -ORDERED- by FEDs to close state park? Overreach/overplay?

Abraham Lincoln's thoughts on political extortion

GOP’s grim shutdown legacy: How the 1995 debacle turned states blue

The Government Shutdown Explained in One Candid Quote

Undulating 'Blobitecture' Is The Latest Trend In Building Design {image warning}

GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Government Shutdown

Where's the petition to deport Ted Cruz back to Canada?

Denny Hastert Disses the ‘Hastert Rule’: It ‘Never Really Existed’

Shutdown Spectacle: 'America Is Already Politically Bankrupt'

the last volume of the Thomas Covenant Chronicles is about to be released. and i don't care.

Survivor - does colton even have blood? Episode 3 Recap - No Spoilers about future episodes

Bullshit. It was *ALWAYS* about ObamaCare.

The Man Behind NOM’s New War on Transgender Students

Strange women lying in ponds...

Pope Francis’s Rough Road to Reform

Republicans are trying to make Ted Cruz the "fall guy" for their shutdown

"During the shutdown, the FDA will have to cease most of its food-safety operations ..."

Study finds some people prefer Obamacare, while others prefer affordable care act!

US expels 3 ven diplomats

In Mars We Trust

A beaming turd with a bow tie. . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's George Will!!!!

Colorful Statement? Germany's Olympic Uniform Seen as 'Pro-Gay'

Religious studies 50 years after the Schempp decision

Wisconsin - Monologues of Scott Walker: Job creation cannot be measured in "jobs"

So........what now?

Quote of the day

An Alternative Way to Be Catholic — and LGBT

Why Americans Can't Remember Afghanistan

Cat fish

NSA chief admits agency tracked US cellphone locations in secret tests

Just posted this in reply to a fb post

You can stop robocalls

Amy Goodman: Herman Wallace, Free At Last

Co. Commissioner: If we provide same sex couple insurance, we will have to insure their dogs too

Pure prayer politics

BP welcomes US court of appeal ruling on Gulf of Mexico oil spill payouts

Nicholas Kristof: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Reality check: the loss of Democratic support between 2008 and 2010 was from moderates

OH SHIT!!! a Tropical storm is moving for the northern gulf coast

OMFG-Italy boat sinking: Dozens of migrants die off Lampedusa

Mountain lion, large numbers of deer spotted in DC

Jim Hightower: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Corporate Coup in Disguise

Lawyers ask officials to lift Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's 'overly harsh' conditions

Inspired by Obamacare, Disney World gives part time workers full time status.

The GOP’s Shutdown Tab: One Billion Dollars and Counting

Government shutdown winters tend to be cold and snowy in D.C.

John Boehner’s Fear of Losing Power (again) is why the Government is Shut Down.

Henry A. Giroux | Hardened Cultures and the War on Youth

When Boehner raised his Grand Bargain idea at the WH meeting Wednesday, "everybody laughed at him."

My wife's uncle (a Republican) speaks some truth

Keiser Report: JP Morgan's Financial Herpes

When Boehner and rest of ReTHUGs did not shut up the birthers and discredit

Lavabit Founder Waged Privacy Fight as F.B.I. Pursued Snowden

I was watching 'Lincoln' again last night on Showtime

Have a cookie, Marlin. Have a cookie and go play with your toes.

UNITY! (Oh the irony)

Send the Bill For the Shutdown to the Evangelicals

DAMN!!! Joe Madison is getting in callers ASS this morning

Name some geographic location you have a strong but random personal connection with.

Star Tribune: The House GOP's clueless shutdown crusade

Los Alamos management of waste facility faulted

What do you occasionally find beside bear tracks? . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

A New Problem in Ireland: Where to Find a Non-Catholic School?

Noam Chomsky on the "War on Drugs"

#CarnivalCruz the #ShutdownClown

Dirty Harry

This Quote Says Everything About the GOP's Shutdown Stand

Today in Peace & Justice history on October 3, 1967

The Executive Branch CANNOT accept a "dirty" Continuing Resolution.

SEC witness says Cuban responded ‘Now I’m screwed’ in pivotal call

Grand bargain extortion?: Liberals fear Social Security cuts are coming

NYT: The Cost of the Shutdown

Seems like after her trip to Kansas with Capote, Harper Lee might've written

Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills outdoor drama shuts for good after 54 seasons

I am not going to let 15 people on any side of any divide

Ex-NSA chief jokes about putting Edward Snowden on kill list

Hobby Lobby Boycotts Jewish Hanukkah And Passover (Because They LOVE Jesus but not Jews)

Northside ISD to pay mother of boy its officer killed


What the Democrats should give the Republicans, to help them save face

Ring of Fire: Time for The Tea Party To Secede

Full Faith and Credit Act - here is more info on Republican plan re debt ceiling fight

Please, could someone explain this to me....

Top Republican Calls For Replacing Obamacare With Obamacare

Mother of sex change Belgian: 'I don't care about his euthanasia death'

"Who cares about the ends if the means are insane?" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold 'Unfazed' by Government Shutdown, 'Basically A Paid Vacation'

UPDATE - Romney La Jolla Mansion Plans Roiled by Tony Ciani

There is no there ..there.. overturning Obama-Care

I think the MSM will completely turn on these hostage takers..Here is Why.

Home Again: 200 Pound Tortoise Takes A 1 Mile Stroll

Syria army retakes strategic town in Aleppo Province

On Sale: GOP SHUTDOWN Special Pricing Blowout

Judge Orders Monitor in Ariz. Sheriff Profile Case

Shutdown is not a "Political Strategy," but Violation of Constitution, Duties & Oath (from DKos)

Large El Paso home-care provider to close; 850 jobs lost

New Hampshire grandmother shot to death by state troopers during traffic stop

New TV Ad Highlights Cuccinelli Plan to Campaign with Ted Cruz, Architect of Tea Party Shutdown

Maryland Still Working on Health Exchange Website

PA Democratic Gov. Candidate Katie McGinty Takes Questions on Fracking, Marijuana & GMO's [VIDEO]

Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell caught on hot mic talking shutdown strategy

The problem with slaves is that they're too damn expensive.

#UsGovt #Shartdown Ha Ha!

Defense Execs Predict Production Halts If Fed Shutdown Stretches To Mid Month

Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R) Confronts Park Ranger Over Closed WWII Memorial

House GOP members who were nurses & doctors are wearing their white coats

Bob Stoops of Oklahoma Sooners takes shot at SEC defenses

There had better not be any chained CPI either

EmoProgs? Really?

Near Fukushima, a Human Crisis Quietly Unfolds (slideshow)

The movie suggestion thread

Gambia withdraws from Commonwealth

occupy vacant schools.

Problems with CPS Oversight: "Heartbreaking" case results in arrests

Question about Boehner's role in this mess

USA Today: College students divided on God, spirituality

Did anyone see the Governor of Kentucky on C-SPAN this morning?

Can we share our questions, experience and info on the ACA here? My questions:

Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane

Both CNN & MSNBC Have Interviewed Repug Congressmen This Morning And They.....

Despite Glitches, Houstonians Are Flocking to the Obamacare Exchanges


for Boehner's House

Global warming comes with a deadly sting

Egypt's Brotherhood compares military rule to Hitler's Third Reich

The Not So Perfect Margarita: 30,000 pounds of limes roll onto San Antonio highway (US 90)

IMF head warns US debt crisis threatens world economy

Why is it impossible (or at least so difficult) to discuss population control?


Cocoa frog and lilliputian beetle among 60 new species found in Suriname

$1.4B I-35E Expansion Breaks Ground Thursday

HEADS UP: McConnell, Rand Paul Caught Talking Strategy On Hot Mic

BLOOMBERG: Republicans Are No Longer the Party of Business

Nice job Indians Fan

Can the federal goverment take a loan from the big banks to cover its interest if the debt ceiling

Restaurant contaminated her drink with bacon, Muslim woman says

Repulican Devin Nunes "We are in the valley of death"

Ted Cruz Blasted by The GOP; In All-Out War Against His Own Conservative Colleagues

Why no talk of Reagan debt limit raising?

625 wolves left in Montana, over 6000 permits to hunt them issued

PA Democratic Gov. Candidate Katie McGinty Takes Questions on Fracking, Marijuana & GMO's [VIDEO]

A DU good Samaritan PM’d by about a spelling error I’d made. That is why I like Spanish spelling

POTUS LIVE about the shutdown on msnbc! 10:50am EST

Samantha Power Says She Regrets Calling Hillary Clinton A 'Monster'

Congressman Mansplains The Shutdown To CNN Anchor: ‘You’re Beautiful But You Need To Be Honest’

TPM: Poll Confirms Americans Blame GOP For Shutdown

PBO: "We’ve got a group of folks who think that they can hold America hostage

Faded Dreams of Riches Drive Pursuit of a Celebrated Fungus

AP rules that calling ACA the 'Affordable Care Act' is 'promotional'

NSA director admits to misleading public on terror plots

The only real mystery in this shutdown: Will there be a big, medium, small or no face saving fig?

Treasury Says Mere Prospect of Default Endangers Economy

Obama sounds pissed

Jim Hightower: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Corporate Coup in Disguise

"Call the vote"

The Millions Left Out of Health Reform by John Roberts

Hey, here's a thought. If someone doesn't like ObamaCare....

Justice’s Deceit on the JPMorgan Settlement, and Why Ed DeMarco Should Get Some Apologies

What a REAL Republican would say about today's so-called "Republicans"

Progressive Radio is coming back to Portland!

"Have a cookie, Marlin. Have a cookie and go play with your toes."

Obama is on right now. I am watching it on live

LIVE Total Cost of The US Government Shutdown

Pic Of The Moment: One Quote That Sums Up The Situation On Day 3 Of The Government Shutdown

Please tweet this today: #CarnivalCruz the #ShutdownClown

Aspiring democracies look to the U.S. as a role model, but the shutdown makes us look silly

Under Obamacare, Disney World Will Promote Its Part-Time Workers To Full-Time Status

Obama should just unilaterally raise the debt ceiling

GOP Senators Furious: Cruz Sold ‘Snake Oil,’ ‘Never Had a Strategy’

For Boehner's House

Allow a vote Bonehead you stupid bawling fucking alchi! Deadbeat idiot!

The Kamikaze Party

Sexism Is Alive and Well Among ‘Generation Z’

Today I just wanna CRAWL in bed.

National Parks Shutting Down Costs Local Communities $76 Million Per Day

'Where the G.O.P.'s Suicide Caucus Lives' (And No! We Lefties Didn't Cause This)

Another Picture Summing Up The Shutdown

How do I get to my old DU2 journal entries?

Kitty lovers, have you seen this site?

A Tom Petty song for the GOP.

Government shutdown will hamper National Guard firefighting efforts

Republicans Make a Circus Out of WWII's Vets' Trip to War Memorial

"Its time for House members to overthrow their Tea Party overlords"

miscellaneous cats

Now that's slow......

CREDO:We'll send John Boehner a pacifier for every person who tells him to end the shutdown

I feel as though the basics of this epic standoff are pretty stark and simple:

House Republicans seek probe of D.C. monument closures


Rinse Penis is on the tube blathering right now

Please tweet this today: @Reince #CarnivalCruz the #ShutdownClown

Russia does their Benghazi RIGHT,triggering TeaBaggers to expat there. (Do I really need "sarcasm"?)

Please help me with a homework assignment

Furloughed EPA Workers Opt For Public Service

Please help me with email

frugal or stupid? making chili oil and

Obama to Boehner: "Take a Vote. End This Shutdown Right Now"

yard long beans

Direct Democracy in Reykjavík: The Wisdom of the Icelandic Crowd-Sourcers

Rancid Penis is getting a wee testy :)

How many of you know about healthcare co-ops?

Disney Offers Full-Time to Park Staff as Obamacare Starts

Terror Has No Religion

No you idiot, this is NOT Obama's fault.

"The shocking lack of cerebral palsy research: Moms speak out" (blog)

Three cheers for Thomas Roberts!

Radioactive Water DownStreaming Out of Pennsylvania Fracking Waste Site

Meet The Anti-Gay Pastor Fueling Fox News' Christian Persecution Complex

Reince Priebus blathers like an idiot on MSNBC; DJI plummets below 15,000 while he bloviates.

Before NY road rage incident, biker had dozens of violations

Colbert defends O’Reilly’s Jesus bio: ‘No forgiveness, motherf*cker!’


Politicos embrace falsehoods even when they know they are false

In non government shutdown news...

found this great clip of Woody Allen and William Buckley...

CBS Wonders What Happened to Global Warming

The Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) Is Going To Save Me Over $10K Per Year

protect yourself from a debt ceiling collapse

Michelle Bachman thinks they're winning the shutdown argument


Anyone else angrier RIGHT NOW then you were during 9/11?

Over and over during Dubya's years, I was told that Americans like a President who takes a stand.

Is there a list of the 80 thugs who signed the defunding letter somewhere?

LEGUM (ThinkProgress) tweets how 'Baggers negotiate/compromise

Need a laugh? Listen to this Boston radio interview Rick Pitino did...for three seconds.

Now that people are applying at, how would a GOP "delay" work?

The Shat was HALF-right.

Please excuse this gay Dad for bragging...

GOP Rep Stuzman Walks Back from 'I Don't Know What We Want ' , Comment


California GOP Officially Dead

Imagine this version of BazarroWorld - one in which the hardest workers are paid the most

Turtle face McConnell and idiot boy Rand Paul on mic discussing shut down

Advice on HDTV Antennas?

Toons: Yogi Boehner

Let's review: The GOP threatens to keep the Govt shut down unless they get their way...

Republican hostage takers don't know what their demands are

Iran's Parliament passes law legalizing paedophilia. So says lawyer Shadi Sadr, who works

Derp a Lerp a Lerpy Derpy, Lerp a Derp a Lerpy Derpy, if I only had a brain...

Who will win the AL pennant?


Watching MSNBC (this morning) and Thomas Roberts ROCKS!!!!

David Axelrod tweet

McConnell on hot mic tells Rand, "What the Pres said in private same as public, no negotiations"

Who will win the NL pennant?

PA Democratic Gov. Candidate Katie McGinty Takes Questions on Fracking, Marijuana & GMO's [VIDEO]

Thom Hartmann: I Would Rather See Obama Kick Some GOP Ass

Prez blames Boehner for 'reckless Republican shutdown'

Ala. Georgia and the Carolinas folks...heads up.

GOP sets two new records!!

OK, what are your Ouija Boards & Tarot cards saying? How's this gonna end?

Finally was able to take a look at "A Courtroom of her own".

De Blasio Has Enormous Lead Over Lhota, Poll Finds (+50 Points!)

Brian McFadden's "Shutdown Survival Tips"

Can Iran Trust the United States?

Since the government shutdown...

Warren Buffett says the repubs will reach 'stupid'

Rep. Cramer used the Bible to justify hunger. Here’s what we did about it.

Everything is bigger in Texas!

Bernie Sanders is running a poll on government shutdowns/budget negotiations: Let's DU it!

Delaney: Time to end the shutdown and get to work.

Maybe Its Time To Occupy GOP Offices Nationwide And The Capitol.

Businesses Often Opposed to Government Beg for Its Return

Frank Sinatra's widow calls Ronan Farrow story 'a bunch of junk'

Thom Hartmann: Rep. Grayson, "Boehner doesn't want to do anything - just wants to be somebody"

Damn, they are some twisted morons.

Gawker responds to LIMBOsevic's mocking them on the air yesterday

The appropriate response to these republican shenanigans

Republican Governors Clash With Washington Over Shutdown

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts vs Preibus (Mediate & full MSNBC video links)

Troops Forage for Food While Golfers Play On in Shutdown

TOON: Tea Party Rethugs Out Of Touch!

Just saw some Indian stand-up

Thomas Roberts to Priebus: "You have 1/3 of Washington DC, I don't have to give you a math lesson."

What's Pasta got to do with it?

David Stevens's video and learn about his mission to help make the world "a better and fairer place"

Small plane lands on San Jose expressway; NTSB investigation to be delayed

OK, who's selling all their stock?

When I had a 9% approval rating at my job....

Violating 'Christian Values?' What Did Jesus Say?


Federal Extortion Law - 18 USC § 872 - Extortion by officers or employees of the United States

GOP: We will take away Head Start for Poor Children unless you take their Parents Health Care away

Sinéad O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

The real reason for the government shutdown?

Just emailed my Dem rep in the House and asked if the gym in Rayburn is open.

Babies with flat heads treated in record numbers. Babies being left too long in the same position.

Question raised on Morning Joe

Democratic Leaders 'Apologize' To GOP Congressman If They Disrespected Him

we shouldnt call them terrorists

Boehner Tells Republicans He Won’t Let the Nation Default.

GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Government Shutdown

Republicans Finally Admit What The Shutdown Is About: Making The Tea Party Feel Better

A question-not knowing much abt. House rules & procedures, could the semi-sane Repugs

Former Japanese PM And Current Enviro Minister Speak Out Against Nuclear Power

Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito:

Poll: Americans not happy about shutdown; more blame GOP

The Rude Pundit: A Tyranny by the Minority, Part 1: We Are Living Through an Attempted Coup

Sean Hannity Caught Lying By His Own Fox News Alert

Boehner Tells Republicans He Won’t Let the Nation Default

Ford’s Theatre Society To Present Free Performances

Meet the Morons Who Caused the Shutdown

What's a simple explanation to counter the, 'Obamacare wipes out existing healthcare' propaganda?

I got held up at gunpoint the other day ...

Ford’s Theatre Society To Present Free Performances.

Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima

Broad Brush Cows

Another new beautiful Republican tombstone!

What is the Grand bargain

Visions of a Permanent Underclass (Important, really)

Mission Accomplished

I am a hostage #SeeYouOnTheHill

Is the GOP sexist?

Grandma arrested for cursing

Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton

Does the Republican party exist at this point?

Will New York road-rage incident turn into self-defense case?

The human chain against Social Security cuts!

The “I Shutdown the Government and All I got was this Hillary 2016 Tshirt” is the newest DC trend

Fox News Pretends There Is No Republican-Caused Shutdown

We hold these truths to be self-evident

Deadly Dog Virus Strikes In Michigan, Quickly Kills Six; Mystery Illness Blamed For Ohio Dog Deaths

The human chain against Social Security cuts!

AP NewsBreak: Prison company leaving Idaho

Boehner: Obama Stubbornly Refusing to End Crisis I Created

Stuzman is not only stupid .. but a fucking hypocrite...

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R) helps gov't shutdown, says park ranger should be ashamed

"If you're being disrespected, it's because of that attitude you've got."

In 10 yrs. >40 mil will have Obamacare. At the same time they may register to vote.

President Barack Obama FULL SPEECH at M. Luis Construction Company On Gov't Shutdown

NY court: Penile stimulation test 'invasive'

Chuck Todd makes important point to Republican Rep.

30 Greenpeace activists charged with piracy in Russia

Connecticut Middle School Wants to Ban "IT'S HUMP DAY!" Saying

Reid: Boehner Told Me Last Month He Wanted A Clean CR

GOP "piecemeal" funding of Government approach... where have I seen that before?

Please tweet this today: @Reince the #ShutdownClown

Russian Embassy in Libya evacuated after attack

If there ever was a analogy that can RESONATE with Americans . . . THIS is it:

Obama to Rep. Stutzman: no "goody bag" for you

Tweet: Republicans address jobs for the first time since 2008,

"NIST closed, all measurements invalid"

Tina Fey and Amy Pohler ask Neil Patrick Harris to "Twerk it"

French media reports the Normandy Burial Site closed down in France for dejected American Tourists

Hey Seattle-Olympia-Tacoma folks "Let them vote" rally

It's only those lying, deceitful, hateful Republicans that piss me off...

The Global Water Crisis - How much water do we really use every day?

GCHQ faces legal challenge in European court over online privacy

From the frontlines in DC, another story of how my friends are being affected

Republican idea of compromise summarized perfectly in one tweet

Now the Government Shutdown Is Causing Blood Shortages

Randy Neugebauer Confronts Park Ranger Over Closed WWII Memorial

a tiny whisp of sanity: Boehner telling colleagues he won't allow debt default

LMAFO! Lhotta goes after de Blasio for ties to communists and it moves the polls. The wrong way!

Obama Tears Into Republicans Over Shutdown: If Americans Just Stopped Working, They’d Be Fired

Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell Discussing Their Actual Government Shutdown Concerns

Hey... I'm sure last year's flu strains are close enough.

An Old Witch Tells the President What to Do

Video of Model S on fire takes down Tesla stock

Does that asshole Rep. Dave Reichart have a local office in his district

New Efforts To Combat Human Trafficking

fired up!

What's going on with NPR and the BBC?

How come Andera Mitchell never asked Bibi about his nukes

Question for ATA

Watching the President's Cup.....

Boehner reveals the GOP End-Game:

Good ol' DiFi: Feinstein vows to kill Leahy's NSA bill

Krugman: likliest resolution—Obama declares himself not bound by debt ceiling

'New' social media ACA myth cirrulating: "Government will have direct access to your bank account"

When was the last time the Democrats rocked their Not Fucking Around hats they way they are now?

We Are NOT Ashamed-But YOU Should be---Onlookers Give GOP Rep. HELL As He Tries To Shame Park Ranger

President Obama NAILS IT in one sentence

I wonder how many will arrive at "let's privatize" as the takehome message from all this?

Ha! FEMA recalls hurricane workers as Tropical Storm Karen approaches

Sarah Palin Endorses Steve Lonegan In New Jersey Senate Race

International Red Cross Committee Wants War Crimes In Video Games Punished

Hynes Renews Bid For Brooklyn DA On Republican Line

Instead Of The Cable News Shows Having The Days, Hours, Min & Sec Of The Government Shutdown They...

"Expert" Claims To Have DNA Evidence As Proof Of Bigfoot's Existence

FEMA recalling furloughed workers (just now on MSNBC)

Kerry Says Spurning Iran Would Be Diplomatic Malpractice

Director Of Waterworld To Make Jesus' Resurrection Into Mystery Thriller

Saudis See Oldest Ally on Wrong Track as U.S. Delays Syria Raids

United Technologies Sees 5,000 Jobs at Risk in Shutdown

My Nazi grandfather, Amon Goeth, would have shot me

Something for nothing

Boehner's a drunk.

Stupid T-shirt of the day:

Rough week?

All this fake outrage is driving me crazy!

Shhhhh listen.....

I've been told for years that "nothing Obama does would make me happy" but it was never true.

Statewide investment fraud initiative: "Smart Seniors, Smart Investors - Don't Get Scammed"

Government Shutdown In 3rd Day And Bigger Worry Looms Ahead For Obama, Hill Leaders

The Cruelty of Republican States in One Chart

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

C-Span viewer - what are we seeing here? (2:30 pm, 10/3)

I bet there aren't very many mirrors in a Republican home.....

Shots fired at the Capital

Senator John Mccain quote about ACA

Per MSNBC Shelter in place at the Capitol

U.S. Capitol police are on duty but are not being paid, per MSNBC just now

Well, that's real mature

Shots fired at U.S. Capitol Building

Holy Shit: The US Capitol is on lockdown

"My Posts" responses read / not read??

US Capitol Police: Capitol in Lockdown; Reports of Gunshots and Injured Capitol Police Officer

A headline on cspan: U.S. Capitol on lockdown after reports of shots fired outside.

Reports of injured Capital police...

Toddlers Protest 'House Turds'

Kaitlyn Hunt takes a plea bargain

Taking a bullet to protect Congress, while not being paid

Bucs have released QB Josh Freeman

Note to repukes from furloughed government employees

"Lemmings with suicide vests...."

Thank Tea baggers and NRA Our government is now on lockdown

The rePukes need to stop preaching that the Government is Evil

Ellen Degeneres on the government shutdown...

Capitol Police have now confirmed that in fact, shots have been fired. Per MSNBC

"Go ahead and fire at that Fort Sumter out there in the water!"

School bans popular 'Hump Day' phrase

Breaking News; Rumor control.

Guns! Don't you just love 'em.

Boehner Proposes A Tax on Obama

Taxpayers Funding $100 Million A Year For Pro Fracking Studies At Universities

Gay Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt pleads no contest as part of deal

CNBC now saying that plural police officers injured

Senate Chaplin's prayer:

LOL: Reagancare vs. Obamacare

Incident started at White House, car (w/child) chase proceeded to Capitol hill

Pete Williams Per NBC says incident started at the White House as a gate ramming

Finally got my Health Insurance. The Affordable Care Act isn't that good.

Exclusive: Iraq still using bogus bomb detectors – and thousands pay the price

And today's "Doucebag of the Day" award goes to ...

U.S. Treasury Announces Bonus Financial Quarter Worth Double The Cash

It's not much of a hobby, yet MiddleFingerMom presses on...

Yosemite's burned areas are alive

What the F*** is wrong with people? (Graphic video alert)

Detailed my ACA sign up story here

Family in SUV issues statement in New York City biker road rage incident

You Have to Be Proud

Ivanpah Solar Project Has a Bad Burned Bird Problem

Rep Grijalva Letter: Halt All Mining+Drilling+Extraction on Federal Lands Until Visitors Can Return

Breaking News Consumer Handbook

What the White House fears most about the debt limit fight

Obama: Social Security Checks Will Stop When Debt Ceiling is Reached

Revisiting Right-wing Authoritarianism: Insight into Tea Party and Congressional Gridlock

The Dark Knight of the Soul

Americans Think GOP's Top Priority Is Troublemaking

Alex Jones Is Already Calling Shots At U.S. Capitol A False Flag Attack

imagine if obama negotiated the way the republicans do:

Ex-NSA Chief Jokes About Putting Edward Snowden on Kill List...

Don't fucking disrespect me!

Not a question, but a comment: I'm getting pretty tired of seeing the pile-on

Is congress efficient, or what?

ABC News: Child found in car after Capitol incident

Will the Repubs be able to slip out quietly on this shutdown?

Certainly The Police Were Shooting To Kill

bunny roll

Democrats are apparently NOT allowed to be "Partisan"

Want to end this quickly? Only refer to Cruz as Speaker of the House Ted Cruz.

George W. Bush: He Gave Rise to the Tea Party

Shutdown-Gerrymandering-CU and the Krazies Klown Klan

Anyone interested in a discussion about this "sea of police" in DC?

Adriana, I love you. Please let me in....

There are many discussion groups on DU. Not all of those groups are popular with everyone.


Jeff Stone announces resignation from Wisconsin Assembly District 82

The Soda Machine - A Budget Shutdown Allegory

GOP Congressman Makes Park Ranger Apologize for Shutdown

Ted Cruz Warns That Shutdown Could Lead To A Terrorist Attack Against U.S.

Alex Jones isn't the only nutcase today...

Listening to Luke Russert on MSNBC reminds me...

Good News!! - MSNBC Reports House Is Going Back To Work

The Republicans taking US hostage

Memo from FEMA administrator to employees re Tropical Storm Karen/employee resources

Injured Officer 'Appears To Be Conscious and Breathing' , Conference at 4:15

Cruz's Staff's Listserv is Called “We Win, They Lose”

GOP Rep. Tweets For Dems to Stop ‘Violent Rhetoric’—During Shooting (UPDATED)

After security scare, House immediately gets back to work....

I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect

Pentagon Leaders Met with Collaborator of Preacher who Proposed Military Takeover of the Government

Has anyone had any experience with Beriberi?

A woman with a child in a car rammed an entry point at the WH?

Bucs release Josh Freeman

Republican who voted for shutdown confronts park ranger and demands apology for shutdown

I'm shopping ACA - Obamacare today.

Crap. I broke Facebook.

Soko performing "I Just Want To Make It New With You"

Why Conservatives Are Saying Obamacare Could Take Your House

WTF!!! Was this incident an Assassination attempt

Harry Reid: Ted Cruz acting as ‘joint speaker of House’

OK, well then, who was shooting the guns?

Obama: Social Security Checks Will Stop When Debt Ceiling Is Reached

Must. Fight. Urge. To. Post. In. GD

Punk Band Shoots Porn Film on Front Lawn of Westboro Baptist Church

Request for a temporary Affordable Care Act Forum that would be listed in the main index.

I propose a contest for the stupidest right wing story of the day. I win.

GOP rep deletes 'violent rhetoric' tweet after shooting

Showing close-up recorded footage of Capitol car chase on CNN, Fox etc nt

Your pitbull found me and I'm not giving her back.*UPDATE AND FB PAGE* (Nashville, TN)

Republican Genius Award

Here's how we can tell if Starbucks is sincere about what they say re guns:

ABC reports officer not shot, no gun found in suspect's car.

President Obama NAILS IT in one sentence

Whose on Stage..

World's Tiniest Puppy

NTSB won't investigate Tenn. bus crash due to shutdown

Is there any way for DU to determine if multiple IP addresses are using a single name?

Let's call this the Affordable Care Act Fearmongering 101...

Paul caught on hot mic: 'We're gonna win this, I think'

Guinea's elections: Opposition pulls out of counting

How many people have signed up on the exchanges?

Link:Wendy Davis to announce gubernatorial run. Sen Davis on NOW

Italy boat sinking: Hundreds feared dead off Lampedusa

Uribe’s family accumulated peasant lands,used government funds to develop them:Colombia congressman

New Poll Finds Americans View Death Of Close Relative More Favorably Than Congress

Ole Miss Football Players Disrupt Performance About Hate Crimes By Yelling Gay Slurs

Weekly Summary of Communications (UNION) Job Postings for October 3, 2013

Who is this?

Colombia judge annuls country’s first gay marriage

Democrats land Lt. Gov. John Walsh for Montana Senate race

How the White House sees the shutdown (and debt ceiling!) fight- Calvinball


Dismissive Statements

Contacted my Senators

Happy Birthday Stevie Ray Vaughan

Eric Cantor Dismisses Clean Bill To Reopen Government

Obama Tears Into Republicans Over Shutdown: If Americans Just Stopped Working, They’d Be Fired

Deadly Dog Virus Strikes In Michigan, Quickly Kills Six; Mystery Illness Blamed For Ohio Dog Deaths

Watch the first trailer for the Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad

Crazy Republicans are Not Anarchists

Said about Ted Cruz: He sees himself as the only truly pure Republican.

I just started a petition to impeach John Boehner

Why don't the Dems threaten to do a discharge petition? or why not do one!

The Simpsons: Which Unlucky Character Will Take a Dirt Nap in Season 25?

Blame it on Caracas

I just had 'what I think is' a great idea for the Dems in DC regarding the shutdown

I've been invited to join an international business honor society: Delta Mu Delta.


Fox's Varney On Furloughed Federal Employees: "I Want To Punish These People"

IMO now that that worm Rahm is gone we need to get back to a fifty state strategy

I know the government is shut down but apparently not the printers at Social Security

Government shutdown a corporate lockout of the people

Good Lawd! Toyota of Bend (OR) has The Ed Show on waiting room TV!

A bullshit rumor that Boehner will allow a vote to stop default. He is bought into the default with

America's most contemptible artist unveils "Stand Your Ground"

NBC reality TV show to send winner to space with Virgin Galactic

Shutdown affecting Voter id lawsuit

The Emotarian Club meets on the fourth Thursday of the month for lunch in the Lounge.

Uh,,,guys? Anyone realized what the Health Care Gov. phone line is spelling?

Republicans are going to need a bigger lifeboat

The Real Welfare Queens (Bill Maher)

Live-stream link for the Wendy Davis (D-TX) announcement

GCHQ: EU surveillance hearing is told of huge cyber-attack on Belgian firm (Guardian)

Beck says God told him Gomer should be a senator

Corrupt Assistant at Corrupt School Gives Money to Corrupt Football Player with Assinine Name

Official: Wendy Davis running for Texas Governor.

Canadian teen’s battery-free ‘hollow flashlight’ could bring light to developing world

Ben Venue Laboratories in Bedford Ohio closing resulting in 1,100 layoffs

Wendy Davis updated FB pic with caption "Wendy Davis for Governor"

The GOP's Shutdown Tab: $1 Billion Dollars and Counting

MSNBC (The Ed Show) is reporting

The next governor of the great state of texas

Any pics/ideas of best posters?

Meet the People Behind Wendy Davis' Campaign for Governor

An Emotarian, Emoprog and Firebagger walk into a bar...

Wendy Davis for Governor Bumper Sticker

House GOPer: 'I Need My Paycheck' During Shutdown

Tom Toles- Don’t stop the presses

Republican President Comments on Republican Shutdown

Google Nearly Doubles Wind Energy Portfolio

Wendy Davis launches bid for Texas governor

AP PHOTOS: Farmers market bustles on Havana's edge

STAR test dumped: Brown ignores federal threats, signs bill allowing new exams [California]

Bigfoot lives!? Existence backed by DNA, video, claim Sasquatch Genome Project researchers

The press release is out, the campaign website is live. It's official. WendyDavisTexas is running

MSNBC: One Yr. Old Child Is Doing Well

What the heck is an "Emotarian"?

An open letter to Trayvon Martin's father

Weekend At Boehner's


Bees sense of smell degraded by Diesel exhaust

Cost Of Solar Set To Plummet With New 44.7% Efficiency Record

Contest-Can you find a non-white face in this Greg Abbott ad?

Question on tax rates, and savings under the ACA

Bad News for the Rethuglicans: Review: a winner despite glitches

New Brooklyn Heat Map Shows The Borough's Greenest Places to Live

Wisconsin: Should Public Taxpayers Pay for Discrimination?

Apple and Cinnamon

Obama Administration Urges Congress Against New Iran Sanctions

Kentucky's success makes a mockery of GOP Obamacare foes

Republican Logic

Let's start our DU demands to restart the government.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 3

Why are people saying their Health Insurance is Cancelled on Jan. 1? Help me understand

Need a break from insanity? Check out vivid nightscapes of abandoned American roadside spots.

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested For Being Drunk In Public Mistook Cell Phone For $20 Bill

Healthy two-headed calf born

Bill Kristol Has Some Advice For Starving Poor Kids

Flu season may be starting, but feds on furlough can't track it

Adobe Hacked, Data for Millions of Customers Stolen

Poll for only those are trying to enroll in

Greece, The Golden Dawn, and Modern Paganism (Wild Hunt blog)

Riverside Park stabbing victim speaks out

As a fervent non-theist, I will use the bible that Republicans cherish so much...

Meanwhile, This is Happening

Tell Jennifer Lawrence to diet, she'll tell you where to go

Who else is stuck with a "Suicide Caucus" congresscritter? Vent here.

Stamford woman killed in Capitol shooting

Boehner whimper

U.S. indicts 13 suspected members of hacker group Anonymous

How the White House sees the shutdown (and debt ceiling!) fight

Honorary Cat Mayor of Alaska Town Slow to Heal

Adobe hacked, data (including credit card info) for millions of customers stolen

First Superstorm Sandy home buyout set to close in New York

Cecile Richards: Great News for Women in Texas

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau may avoid jail due to gov't shutdown

Rest in Peace Miriam Carey

FEMA workers recalled from furlough for storm prep

Why the shutdown will be so hard to end, in one perfect quote - Ezra Klein

Anybody live out here on the North Fork of Long Island and...

Stop this farce, Obama tells Congress on third day of shutdown

Russian imam says Elton John fans face 'divine retribution'

Ted Cruz will Campaign with Ken Choochie Nelly this weekend

There are no limits ...

U.S. judge blocks New York credit card surcharge law

"There are a whole lot of folks who make people stupid for a living"

JFK's-stamp of approval to our current President's standing strong. Maybe he's watching.

Reid to CNN: Boehner’s 'job is not as important as our country'

The Shock Doctrine: "Kevyn Orr talks privatization, pensions, DIA art at forum".

A Party of Paranoid Cranks

Odious Little Toad

Congressional Liberals Mobilize to Keep Social Insurance Out of Shutdown Talks

"I’m proud of you," VP called to tell the Park Ranger who was chastised by a GOP Rep today

how to negiotiate with the teahaddists

When Keeping it "Real" Goes really really wrong.

My pre-existing condition

An ACT BLUE fundraising link for Wendy Davis

Don’t Reward the Politics of Blackmail, or We’ll See More Shutdowns

mark kirk lovely statement on the shutdown and the ACA:

Ohio State University Police bring in military vehicle

What the Park Ranger should have said, but was too professional to do so.

An ACT BLUE fundraising link for Wendy Davis

Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Proposed Offset for Medical Device Tax Can’t Offset Anything — It’s a Timing Gimmick

Free Republic question

Isn't the Tea Party really the Koch Party?

The "Hostage Takers" Live in Small Pockets in our STATES...And they NEED TO BE EXAMINED!

I Think Most Republicans Are Embarrassed

Oh No!!! - Now that ObamaCare is enacted, they'll never win another presidential election.

"...hostage-taking is all they have left...."

Thomas Dolby "The Flat Earth"

Pull yourself up by your own Bootstraps!!!

Alexian Lien's family: We were 'in grave danger' (NYC SUV driver)

MSNBC Host eviscerates Reince Priebus...

Why Conservatives Are Saying Obamacare Could Take Your House (Mother Jones)

Looks like X Factor's way of dealing with sagging ratings is to up the mental cruelty factor

BATHS - Lovely Bloodflow Live

Well this says it all

Confirmation email...

iamamiwhoami - clump

The Ed Show - Lawmakers benefit from congressional pensions

Re: all the stories about the GOP being upset with Cruz

Foreign intrigue in the shutdown

Q&A: The Eleventh Hour for Climate Justice

republican trees

Cop told not to wear uniform at daughter's school, gun and uniform concerned people

Tweety and Steve Latourette (R - Loser) determine why Rmoney lost.

The Body Guard of Yosemite

Mitch McConnell Will Ask Supreme Court To Scrap Campaign Contribution Limits Entirely

Kraftwerk - (Minimum Maximum) Music non stop