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How My Daughter Became Wet Seal's First Model With Down Syndrome

It is ironic that the best spokesman for Obamacare....

Supper time for the fishes...

Scientists track cougar's wild nightlife above Hollywood

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans 'Can't Negotiate With Themselves'

I Have Faith That The Rat Trap Has Been Set

Sen. Warren on the Shutdown and Why Government Matters

Interesting article on work-life balance in Esquire

National Weather Service Places Hidden "PLEASE PAY US" Message in Forecast

Any Alabama Shakes fans here?

The Four Horsemen: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris & Christopher Hitchens. [video]

I'm drunk, ask me anything.

‘Essential’ but unpaid National Weather Service employees insert secret message into nightly bulleti

‘Essential’ but unpaid National Weather Ser employees insert secret message into nightly bulletin

This 2010 commentary on the health care law was prescient

gop hates obamacare cuz pres obama snatched ayn rand’s wig

Moby: Tea Party Republicans Are 'Batsh*t Racist Crazy'

I smell a Wall Street Journal rat

CO: New Recall Attempt Underway Against Sen. Evie Hudak (D-Arvada)

Class war - the peons win a small battle...

Man sets himself on fire on Washington's National Mall

What “Obamacare” Actually Means To Me

Anyone else hear David Brooks tear up the Repubs on ATC? Yes, that David Brooks.

Lorde's Anti-Bling Anthem Royals Tops the Charts

Oregon school district wants to require college or trade school admission for grads

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws

Pres Obama and VP Biden take a walk to Lunch today.. Pics & Vids.. Customers tell him to ..

Old horror classics tonight on TCM

Who are the members of Congress who voted to shut down the government?

A blast from the past. Government jobs aren't real job. Wonder why they want to work for gov.

Alaska National Weather Service office begs “please pay us” in secret message

Meet a Little Girl Whose Blood Will be on John Boehner's Hands

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Open Mic Night

Man sets himself on fire at National Mall 'over government shutdown'

If M. C. Escher had lived in the Southwest.

Video shows Kenyan soldiers looting besieged mall

I just have to ask, is Rand Paul growing a beaver on his head?

A good outcome from the shutdown

Loebsack forgoes pay during shutdown

Bernie Sanders Explains How The Koch Brothers Are Keeping The Government Shut Down

Condoleezza Rice expected to be named to playoff selection committee

Neb. high court nixes teen's request for abortion

Why the hell Rachel starts her show off with a rethug

Reports: Man Sets Himself On Fire On National Mall

Rachael Maddow Discusses Plan B for Dems- The Discharge Petition

US scientists boycott Nasa conference over China ban

Who here has a fear of holes?

Friday Talking Points (276) -- Shutdown Follies

Maybe the GOPers like Mike Lee do not remember what they've said is due to drinking too much?

Wendy Davis soliciting funds today -

Republicans would NEVER have problems with a website that helps the uninsured get covered...

Iowa: Tornado Causes ‘Major Damage’ in Quimby; Sirens in Cherokee

Well, I finally got to see the plans I qualify for on the federal exchange.

Dem rep throws the "unpatriotic" meme back in Republicans' faces

Say hello to a wacko in Indiana.

Legendary Vietnamese General Giap has died, age 102

Why did the media keep referring to the Kenya hostage site as "an upscale mall"?

Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell Discussing Their Actual Government Shutdown Concerns

Rachel Maddow was just showing a video of the late great Anne Richards.

And now, it's time for: Friday Feminist Funnies!

Be self aware

First time since 1936...

... but I say

Remember when Dems took the House in '06, shut down the gov't, and threatened to crash the econonomy

And woe to the wicked

Glenn Greenwald ably defends himself for assisting Snowden in interview with BBC's Newsnight

I be strokin'...

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving eastward away from Nashville along Hermitage Ave.

"A government shutdown, a social breakdown"

Hamas Hangs Gaza Man, Despite Protests

Alison MacNeil - Autism: What’s in a Name?

"John Boehner's 10 Secrets of the Debt Ceiling"

Sen. Cruz: ‘Democrats want government by crisis’

Purging Voter Rolls 1 month before and Election Damn them!

Colombia’s ambassador to Austria resigns over ‘false positives’ accusation

Alec Baldwin starts his show at 10:00PM on MSNBC question

Goin On Highatus—A Catnip Thred Fur My DU Frends

Goin On Highatus

Angola 3 member Herman Wallace died quietly in his sleep, friends say

A cool story / article about BREAKING BAD (warning: contains huge SPOILERS)

Maddowblog - "Republicans struggle to understand their own shutdown plan"

Why Did You Just Throw That Glass At Me?

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant -- Oct. 4, 2013 -- World News Trust

A cool story / article about BREAKING BAD (warning: contains huge SPOILERS)

Maddowblog - "The party making no demands" - Media Fails To Note Democrats Not Making Any Demands

Colombia’s ambassador to Austria resigns over ‘false positives’ accusation (murders)

Real time: what sort of douchebag idiocy is on Matt kibbe's face?

Hillary Clinton: Shutdown shows "scorched earth" politics

The GOP has GOT to be looking for a new heir-apparent

Alan Grayson on Maher right now

Self defense tips from my 17 year old daughter - goodies, too.

It sure would be nice if more cops were like this one....

Survey: Monsanto's Minions Awards

Just 2 pics

Above the Clouds, Beneath the Stars: Pic du Midi Observatory

Canada won't fund abortion in cases of war rape, child marriage

Angela Corey: Toss $5M lawsuit filed after George Zimmerman trial

Dem Rep Blasts GOP: 'If You're A Patriot Behind That American Flag Pin, Have The Guts To Show It'

The Republican Compromise:

Kerry surprises Hagel with a birthday cake in Tokyo

So I work with this lady who was born republican, can't help herself.

Bill MAHER Proves That New Yorkers Know Nothing About Obamacare - video link

Carl's Lock: Giants vs. Eagles 2013

5 Off-Duty Officers Among Bikers in SUV Incident



Democrats Plan to Use the GOP’s Own Bill Against Them to End Government Shutdown

Lee Terry (R-NE) says he 'cannot handle' giving up own paycheck during shutdown

I think I Might Have The Compromise !

A Round-Up of the Police State Programs NOT Affected by Govt Shutdown

Bernie Sanders Explains How the Koch Brothers Are Keeping the Government Shut Down

"Boehner Urges G.O.P. Unity in ‘Epic Battle’"

Jesse Jackson visits Cuba

Stolen from fb

Excellent discussion of why delaying the employer mandate was not, s conservatives insist, "illegal"

Favorite Teachers

Noshing on my broccoli slaw tonight. Trying to be good.

Northern WI, Lake Superior, "You stole our democracy, now you're stealing our water"

Twitter dishes tantalizing tidbits in IPO treatise

States' refusal to expand Medicaid leaves millions uninsured

Maher, Alan Grayson Divide GOP in 3: 'Corporate Shills,' 'Jesus Freaks' and 'Gun Nuts' - video link

Obama's no-show in Asia a boost for China

Abortion-rights opponents submit 315,477 signatures for petition to mandate insurance riders

Use of force in Capitol Hill shooting debated

another benefit of obamacare.

How Boehner Is Quietly Working To Defuse The Debt Limit Fight

US housing rebound likely to handle spike in rates

Let's End the Lunacy

Just finished watching all three seasons of Bob's Burgers.

"Imperialism & Fundamentalism Have Joined Hands": Malalai Joya on 12 Years of U.S.-Led Afghan War

@SarcasticRover: "It must be hard for so many in congress to stand their ground..."

20/20 segment showed cops flaunting speed laws...

'Angola 3' member Herman Wallace dies three days after being freed from 41 years of solitary

The Ed Show - GOP gets Healthcare photo op

Diane Black's facebook page...lies, lies and more lies... BUT this answer hits it out of the park!

House Republicans predict government shutdown will go on for weeks

So if the states with out medicaid expansion...

Why the Intelligence Community Seeks to Understand Online Communication Tools & Technologies

"Better the occasional faults...."

The Ed Show - McConnell and Paul caught on camera

Ann Richards' Lasting Legacy AND Wendy Davis Poised to Take Mantel of Richards - video links

What's the latest on In_The_Wind?

Prospect For Swift End To Partial Shutdown Dims As Congress Looks To Debt Limit As Next Clash

ACA questions

Long time since we had a "help me please" thread

Aquatic robots pulverise massive swarms of jellyfish in South Korea

GOP & Teabaggers Vow To Default And Take Power. Boner Is Lying

Low Income Single Childless Folks Qualify For Medicaid in All States Now Under ACA

Former President Jimmy Carter coming to Oakland, San Jose for Habitat for Humanity projects

Just a little late night gripe session... FU teabaggers!

The Debt Limit Explained

You know there is a problem

No One Tops The Great And Powerful BillOz!

any medical professionals here to confirm my recent experience?

"If a baby can cry at Walmart then I should be able to smack it."

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

went to a club tonight, my ears are ringing now...

Mad Max !!!

Submitted without comment

Rev. AL Smacks Down Florida Congress critter

To "The Reviewer"

Quick break from the crap: Johnny Carson and Betty White as Adam and Eve.

Even if the Discharge Petition fails, it will succeed

Through Others' eyes

Fracking wastewater contaminated — and likely radioactive

Special driver's licenses available for vets

It's Friday, January 3, 2014. You just woke up with a wicked bad pain in your left side...

'Breaking Bad' fans place Walter White obituary in Albuquerque newspaper

Autumn lingers on in Anchorage -- YEA!!

What about our safety?

Is it too soon to start lamenting the NSA Security State again? Or is that over now that we have

The proper response to "hostage release" is "there are some hostage takers we don't negotiate with."

And then there are people like this. No words.

Did John Bonehead Make An Ass Out of Himself A Lot During the 95 Shutdown?

Israel Wants Seat on U.N. Security Council

Hancock County prosecutor calls killing "justified homicide" (IN)

The tax penalty I pay for renting my apartment dwarfs the ACA's tax penalty

Suder backs out of job to enter private sector... Jeff Stone (R) takes job meant for Suder

Feds cagey on early Anwar Al-Awlaki ties

Found a sim-less lost phone...

Today Now! : Boy Finds Own Real-Life E.T.

I've been furloughed!!

Am I getting this right?

National Weather Service forecasters insert coded plea in forecast

Alleged founder of drug-trafficking website Silk Road shut down by FBI 'paid undercover agent $80,00

Poland's Catholic Church will not pay child sex victims.

Yahoo News is at it again....

Al-Shabab militant base 'attacked' on coast of Somalia

Alfred Leitner's Old Physics Stories

Republicans to investigate why their shutdown caused memorials to be shut down

3-2-1 Contacts! Like I've been let out of eyewear prison!

House Democrats Unveil Discharge Petition To Force End To Shutdown

How long did the government shut down of 1995-96 last? 21 days (and straight through Christmas)

Chicago Eatery Serves Burger with Communion Wafer Garnish

From bad psychiatrist to worse?...

Who ties a dawg to a park bench while she's having puppies?

Spanking not official doctrine says church..........


US scientists boycott Nasa conference over China ban

I'm confused as to whether I can apply on the exchanges...

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday Oct 5, 2013)

FFRF stops mandated Christian programs for probation condition

New Snowden leak: NSA attempted to crack online anonymity tool used by dissidents and activists

Darkness In Washington

How the ripple effects of the government shutdown might spread, day by day

A conversation with a Christian

Stay Fast My President! I stand with you!

US pushes TPP trade agenda despite shutdown; members stick to year-end target for agreement

Exactly what shade of orange is John Boehner?

the shutdown hits home mortgage closing is about to be jeopardized

Vietnam independence hero who defeated American and French armies General Giap dead at 102

Pope Francis calls on the Church to divest itself of ‘worldliness’

Iran's Khamenei says part of diplomatic push in New York 'not proper'

Facebook facepalm

The biggest banking fraud in Iran’s history.. Results

Sisters question fatal shooting in DC police chase

Médecins Sans Frontières: Don't Trade Away Health With The TPP


Abandoned Russian farmland soaks up 50 million tons of carbon every year

Walleye move in to a warming Lake Superior

Groundbreaking Report Calculates Damage Done by Fracking

Health care website gets down time for repairs

Representative DeLauro: TPP threatens U.S. Food Safety- Will vote against TPA

In Sikh Response to Hateful Beating, A Lesson for Us All

'I'm a republican'

Even amid furloughs, some Texans cheer Cruz

Isolationists Score While Hagel Scrambles To Maintain US Power; Lockheed To Furlough 3,000

It continues: Two Pennsylvania coal plants will close for good next week

Krugman predicts debt-limit disaster

File Under Fucking Liars: NSA director admits to misleading public on terror plots

Is America Teetering on the Edge of the Hunger Cliff?

We can't leave Afghanistan fast enough for Afghans. What a failure, on 'our' own stated goals

$10 LED Price War Heats Up the Lighting Market

The Long Arm (And Hidden Hand) of Jim DeMint

If you read only one article today, this should be it.

Republicans Finally Confronting Reality: They’re Trapped!

Ron Binz Steps Down as FERC Nominee, Citing ‘Blood Sport’ in Congress

The Central Issue at the Heart of America's Growing Education Gap

Analysis: US reliability questioned overseas

Government shutdown stops timber sales in forests

ESPN: No evidence against Ole Miss players

Drugs Like Krokodil Are the Result of Irresponsible 'War on Drugs' Policy

US goverment shutdown switches off radio telescopes


Portrait of a member of the "wacko bird" caucus: Ted Yoho- Revealing stuff

America the Pest

Miriam Carey Thought Obama Was Watching Her

The Ultimate Game Plan of the National Security State, Endless War

Can someone explain why Booker is slipping in the polls?

They just can't except a new world.

Army explores predicting suicides as way to prevent them

Democracy vs. 'Wealthocracy': People Rally Against 'Next Citizens United'

Catholic College Rescinds Invitation to Speaker Defending Same-Sex Marriage

US pushes trade agenda despite shutdown

Saturday Toon Roundup: What was in that tea?

Government Shutdown History

WTF? Undercover cop was on scene when bikers beat Range Rover driver: officials

When did Libya officially disappear from the planet?

"Why the Government Shutdown Is Not Anarchist Utopia"

Some parents were very worried about how their dog would react to the new baby. This happened:

Wash. Times columnist warns of liberalism and it's 'radical individualism' which will blow up Earth

Libyan gunmen kill 15 soldiers

Tea Party Lawmaker Says Debt Deal Worth Yielding on Obamacare

Using Firefox for years, growing problems, switched back to Safari, which now works like a dream.

Ted Cruz’s visit to Virginia puts Cuccinelli in a tough spot

Big Sky, Big Money

Cruz: GOP Already Compromised By Demanding To Defund, Not Repeal Obamacare

I'm all for Wendy Davis, but

Nuclear weapons are the U.S.’s instruments of peace

Iowa house members mirror GOP's national divide

Shutdown will stall home loans for thousands

I am Obamacare


So with the Federal Government shutdown, everything stops, right?

Behold The New GOP, Defender Of Social Programs

Owl recorded in Oman could be a new species

Bees' foraging for flowers 'hampered by diesel exhaust'

Stop Online Piracy Act and Radiactive Fish Coming your way via TPP

Do you realize how insane this is?

A young woman was pulled over in Louisiana...

Gotta love Casey Key...

“We’ve lost the CR battle,” according to U.S. Representative Dennis Ross, a Florida Republican.

Boehner's temper tantrum ad for Sunday's football game: to the point

Reach Out to Moderate Rep. They May Agree.

The Seinfeld Shutdown

Mitch McConnell Will Ask Supreme Court To Scrap Campaign Contribution Limits Entirely

If teabagger/republican politician hate the government so much

The Sabotage of Democracy = Bill Moyers Essay (VIDEO): Shutdown Showdown

New York City Opera Files for Bankruptcy

Woman Killed in DC Chase was Unarmed

Our Eagle Is Shedding Tears (Cover of Time Magazine Today)

We are setting a new weather record!

Where Are the Uninsured Americans Who Will Benefit From Obamacare?

Cuccinelli to Rally Tonight w/Ted Cruz & w/"gay-bashing, abortion-hating, home-school-loving group"

Ashley Banfield asks two republican congress if they should give up their salaries.

The Nation: Hillary Clinton: It’s Not Her Turn

32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown{images warning}

Dammit Mr. President when you take control, like you are RIGHT EFFING NOW

Meet Deborah Szekely, a 91-Year-Old Wellness Warrior

Rachel Maddow - Democrats sue to stop Virginia voter purge

Ted Cruz: 5 Reasons Why a Canadian Would Make an Excellent President of the United States

Hardest language to learn.

Matt Taibbi: The Truth About the Tea Party

Spain Man Crushed To Death By 5 Tons Of Grapes

Why Russia Resists a UN Resolution on Syria

Mind = blown. Just used my rangetop smoker for the first time.

Ole Miss finds no evidence football players used homophobic slurs (follow-up)

Federal Shutdown: Disaster/Vultures Capitalist at it's Best

Rachel Maddow - House GOP flounders to explain shutdown

Do You Really Want to Work There?

Rachel Maddow - Wendy Davis poised to take mantle of Richards

international terrorism

The Triumph Of The Ratfuckers - Charles P. Pierce

Please pay us: Angry US Fed weather forecasters post secret message

OMSWL---what MHP just said leading into her show!

Holy Trollers: How to argue about religion online

Any "piecemeal" temporary measure by the GOP to "fund the government" until an agreement is reached

Can I burn down your house? (twitter)

Autistic teen named homecoming king

The repubicans' unwanted end game

Reid Spox: Senate Spending Bill Was Boehner's Idea in the First Place

Why Should Stage Hands At Carnegie Hall Make $400,000?

No need for police to kill my sister, says Miriam Carey's family

The New Gnu.

List of states and Governors who refused to expand Medicaid (updated)


I dunno what scares me more--the Wackihedin House Republicans

The “Faith” aspect of Interfaith

Gene scans solve mystery diseases

"Obama presses GOP's Boehner"

In Kenya, attackers used 'less is more' strategy.

Pic Of The Moment: Shutdown Day 5: WTF?

'We Are What We Are' review: a religious nightmare

President Obama’s Defeats May Turn Out to Be More Important Than His Likely Victory Over Republicans

Does Chicago 'value' anti-Catholic gimmicks?

I moved my ex partners things out

You should never shoot at tires? Maybe?

"Imperialism & Fundamentalism Have Joined Hands": Malalai Joya on 12 Years of U.S.-Led Afghan War

US Shutdown: Good for Iranian citizens

Where's the forest?

Only You...

TIME COVER-The majority is not ruling. In so many ways.

Boner Will Pass Debt Ceiling Bill With Conditions Just Before The Deadline & Too Late To Change

Corporations are the devil.

Bloomberg: GOP Rep. Ross reveals GOP's REAL goal: gut Medicare, chained CPI, & cut taxes.

Luckovich: Repbublican Halloween - "Trick Or Treat or Else"

Mark my words, by 2016, no GOPer will say Obamacare

TWITTER: United States Trends ... Number One = #GOPshutdown

Ep 3! Lil Bub's Big Show

"I've bent over backward to avoid a shutdown!" Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!

So Rethugs shut the gov. down to save money, but are going to give workers back pay

Elizabeth Smart interview

GOP New Nullification Strategy - Use Endless Recalls To Change Elections They Lose

Time to break up the union?

President Obama to GOP:"Stop this farce. End this shutdown now"

Cruz campaigning today with Cuccinelli: Government shutdown 'affecting the campaign'

Kenyan mall looting blamed on soldiers

Court tosses $2 million award for Democrat Bell

Italy migrant boat disaster due to crackdown, says United Nations official

'I'm the original voice of Siri'

why are we laying low?

Krugman: Reform Turns Real

"...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Smiling - Obama & Biden Take A Walk

House OKs back pay for furloughed federal workers

Bill Moyers (video) Essay: Shutdown Showdown

Republican Who Scolded Park Ranger At Closed WWII Memorial Hit With Ethics Complaint

Staying clean&sober&emotionally honest no matter what.

Has there been any polling on Ted Cruz since this stuff hit the fan?

We Are Making Progress

How Democrats Got a Spine

House Passes Bill To Retroactively Pay Furloughed US Government Workers

TCM Schedule for Monday October 7 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Eric Can’tor

Headline of the Day "Obama presses GOP's Boehner"

Dumb ass thread if you're a dumb ass post here =)

President Obama slams Republicans: "I won't pay a ransom in exchange for reopening the government"

It is taking years to undo the evil perpetrated on America and the world

This week's show - All about the Shutdown with frmr House Maj Leader Dick Armey and Bob Cusack

Did Miriam Carey have health insurance?

Snowden Leaks To Reveal NSA's 'Central Role In The US Assassination Program'

NO Ransom for extortionists.

Random V - Timelapse - GTA 5

(London) LSE censors atheist cartoon T shirts because of anonymous claims of 'offence'

Chief Justice of Ark Supreme Court enroute to DC to "bypass shutdown"??

Arkansas Republican: Praises Obamacare, going to save him $13,000

So, with full back pay guaranteed (which is a good thing),

Congressman Steve King: "We don't know what kind of demands we're going to have."

refuses to sign up for the ACA but has 10 kids on medicaid

The TPP a 'Corporate Trojan Horse'

I saw a post on Facebook that the White House tried to close Mt. Vernon (due to the

Tea Party Leaders Announce Support For Deal In Exchange For Malia Obama

‘The poorest of the poor’ lose their welfare checks

Ireland: Seanad to be retained after Government loses referendum

The 14th Amendment, the Debt Ceiling and a Way Out

RussiaToday: Lavabit founder

OK, thanks to DUers I think I'm seeing a "Shock Doctrine" pattern here........

The way I'd like to see the shutdown end...

Medical Marijuana Comes to DC -

For those thinking about not buying health insurance, but who have the means to do so,

james fallows on shutdown/debt-ceiling/ACA crises

Remember in High School...

I am asking for positive and healing energy

What circus is missing it's head clown?

xpost from GD: This week's show - The Shutdown with frmr House Maj Leader Dick Armey and Bob Cusack

What are you reading the week of October 6, 2013?

3,000 Lockheed Martin Employees Impacted By Government Shutdown

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 5

What in hell is John Boehner doing? What is he angling for?

Frank Gore

Meet Boston Dynamics latest robot

"ohiosmith" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "ohiosmith".

10/4/13 Boehner Suggests Taking The Country Into Default

I think we can defeat the TPP.

Bani-Sadr: Expect a nuclear deal with Iran's Rouhani - but not normal ties with US

My translation of "ARK Supreme Court Justice to DC to bypass shutdown" :

"... So we sit here until they figure out they fuckin' lost."

Meals on Wheels will need to temporarily stop service

Was de-friended by RW family member after I pointed out her post was not truthful about

Mama Jade is getting a second chance. (Pitt bull that was used as bait)

It was HIS IDEA!

A political party that worships Jesus Christ and Ayn Rand is fundamentally schizophrenic

Insurance companies in red states snickering all the way to the bank--and blaming Obamacare

What sort of fuckwit takes hostages THEN thinks about what he wants in exchange?

“corporate shills, Jesus freaks and gun nuts.”

Cog Dis-->The Darling Smackdown (from Sen. Kathy Vinehout)

LIVE RADIO NOW: Dangers Of An Insurrectionist Neo-Confederate Party

DC police spokesman: Man who set himself on fire on the National Mall has died of his injuries

Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Using 14th Amendment To Raise The Debt Limit

GOP whip can't corral tea-party lawmakers

"Obama Presses GOP's Boehner" - Headline, Richmond Times Dispatch, October 4, 2013

Google Drive question

No, really, navigating important legislation through the House is what makes Speakers effective

Due to the Republican budget priorities our family have decided to make cuts in the same mode

The Cruelty of Republican States in One Chart

Put the 20+ Republicans on TV

I don't know if this will make anyone feel better but I am.

NYT on Boehner's Motivations (interesting)

How many Cong. RebubliCONs have given up their healthcare?

The President's strategy...

Thousands expected to march in Hollywood for immigration overhaul

Industrial hemp spoils the marijuana party

Did you notice U.S. Flag in Rep Neugeberger’s top pocket?

Voting For Back Pay A Political Ploy To Make Indefinite Or Protracted Shut Down More Acceptable.

Kamikaze Repubs Crash Ship of State

"No Way To Run A Country"

Politico rivals Yahoo for being a cesspool of wingnuts

Translation of "I would vote for a clean CR"

Colorado Democratic Party Statement on Rep. Cory Gardner Purposely Giving Misinformation on the ACA

Colorado Democratic Party Statement on Rep. Cory Gardner Purposely Giving Misinformation on the ACA

The teaparty caucus has already won.

“So we sit here until they figure out they fuckin’ lost.”

Selective shutdown

How "Jezebel" Smashes the Patriarchy, Click by Click (interview)

o. m. f. g. I can't take the madness anymore! Dems won't compromise! Dems won't compromise!!

Tell House Republicans: This Is No Way to Govern! = Add your name

5 off-duty officers among bikers in SUV incident

Now the Government Shutdown Is Stopping Blood Drives

John Nichols: How a pro-choice woman could become governor of Texas

When the facts of the matter don't matter ...

Interesting exchange with a Republican woman today.

Is Senator Ted Cruz Our New McCarthy? - New Yorker

Federal judge slaps down Darrell Issa over request for shutdown exception

To Understand the Shutdown You Have to Grasp the Mindset of the GOP Base

Federal Judge to Issa: You're no better than the other litigants delayed by your party's shutdown

The fact that anyone blames this shutdown on Obama or Reid...

Floating farmers market to revive historic trade route

Progressive Caucus worried Social Security cuts will be part of government shutdown deal

Pentagon: Most Furloughed Civilians Ordered Back

Submissions are open for October photo contest.

Another shutdown casualty Medical Research.

Is the chairperson of your local Republican Party a Tea Bagger?

Dem Rep Blasts GOP Shutdown Stalemate: 'So We Sit Here Until They Figure Out They F*ck*n' Lost'

Red Cross Helps Extend Hotel Stays For Sandy Victims you, or have you, ever ridden like an a-hole?

RFK second gunman - new evidence

President Obama - I'm tired of it."

Hey everybody, let's each dedicate a song to Republicans

You don't like it? Win an election. That's how it works.

Until airports start to close, CEOs' will stay on the sidelines and nothing

Our Founding Fathers included Islam

Toons: Obamacare

"Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy" - Excellent Essay

Family Of Woman In DC Chase Says She Did Not Deserve To Die

Renewable's Mid-Year 2013: 10% US Energy Consumption, 14% Net Electrical Generation

Anyone notice that the DU Obama doubters are out today..

I'll be 3 dogs, 7 chicken and ? fish-sitting

Medicaid not expanded in your state? Get health/dental income based cared through HRSA.GOV!

How can anyone think this man cares about the best interests of the American people?

Fund-Raising for de Blasio Soars, Aided by Big Lead in Polls

In a time when President Obama is facing down the Republicans,

This is an actual headline....

The Democrats did too compromise

How can we be better than the fundamentalists?

How New Religions Are Made

Can You Read People’s Emotions?

And he didn't even say touché.

"Government in bad, government is the problem. Shut it down."

Found on FB

The most frightening thing, is that it existed: The Titanoboa

KKK still showing up in Gettysburg today (per WHP News in Harrisburg)

Holy Crap! Finally got thru on! (turning into a play-by-play...heh)

Toon - Ask Yourself: "What Would Boehner Do?" (Then Don't Do That)

Owl do it

Perspective on the DC shooting from a sister of a schizophrenic woman......

Helpful Rage-O-Meter

UK jumps on the UAV/drone bandwagon is working a LOT better today.

The White Man’s Last Tantrum?

Pentagon to recall most furloughed workers, Hagel says

Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnamese general behind victories over French and US dies aged 102

How to set up a guest network on FIOS.

Ring of Fire: Progressives Fight Back…And Win

They're gonna put potato chips in your body

Medicare question Does anyone have Humana medicare HMO coverage?

Why must all health insurance plans include maternity coverage?

Just do it

The only thing cooler than a government shutdown

OMG! Obamacare helps the dead! (But can it help the STUPID?)

Hell, to surrender to Obama at this point would be to cut their Truck Nutz off.

If you have had insurance in past years, a question about cost

Why are Nurses at Vanderbilt Medical Center Cleaning Bathrooms?

Gov. Brown signs another bill easing conditions for immigrants

Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents

The Power of Barking

SI Soldier Killed In Afghanistan To Be Decorated With Silver Star

If Abraham Lincoln were in Barack Obama's 'shoes' today, I think he would say this AGAIN!

Reid: GOP Treats Federal Workers 'Like A Lower Class'

Selective Shutdown Over for Pentagon. The Light just got turned on the Kabuki Theater Stage

Pink Lambo

The Labyrinth at Chartres

(Sept 27) Man Douses Himself With Liquid From a Gas Can Outside Exxon Building

Federal Judge Smacks House Republican For Demanding Exemption From Republican Shutdown

Another Biker Sought For Questioning In Henry Hudson Parkway Incident

hey lets get Cruz the coverage he deserves

hey lets give the tea party and Cruz a hand to unemployment

Radical Rep Idiocy (1) "Let's hope the Mexican cartels don't find out."

expose who owns the tea party

hey lets expose who funds the tea party

hey do you know who funds the tea party

All in favor if declaring me supreme leader of the United States say aye...

Obama expresses support for Redskins name change

how many members know who funds the tea party

"Obama and the Dems had two years" to accomplish what they wanted...


Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan, GM Jon Daniels involved in heated confrontation

A RW Fantasy End Game: "No size restrictions and screw the limit"

Does anybody know if this is true?

US Foreign Economic Policy threatened?

Revocation of Independence

Only "Executive Branch" is Authorized to release classified information on Surveillance!

George Clooney Explains the Shutdown

Breaking: US says Navy SEAL Team Capture Shabab Leader in Somalia

$4M ARPA-E award to Lanzatech to improve design of bioreactors for waste-gas-to-fuels fermentation

The US Has Low Taxes — So Why Do People Feel Ripped Off?

Hope this isn't true: Without Negotiating, Obama and Boehner Eye Big Deal

These greedy GOP'ers want to lower the amount of money a person gets from the

20 points of broad scientific consensus on GE crops

Yet another ACA question

Morocco arrests teens for Facebook kiss picture

John Kerry Warns Congress: Think 'Long And Hard' About Government Shutdown's Global Message

Thomas Roberts of MSNBC gives Reince Preibus Epic Ass-Kicking

U.S. Says Navy SEALs Stage Raid on Somali Militants

Low Income, Single Adults Who Wont Qualify for Medicaid - Some Advice

Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources.

House Republican Admits To Donors: GOP Had To Shut Down The Government To Please The Tea Party

ACA/Obama-Care in away makes getting health insurance more like auto insurance now

Since I'm getting killed on the 'maternity' thread...

milk is gonna double

No freaking way.. Nope...

Alan Grayson: GOP has 'locked up stupid vote'

New Rule - Maher Blasts America’s 'Slob' Culture: 'When You Leave Your House, We Can See You!'

The real reason repukes won't budge on the shutdown: PRIDE

Papantonio: Crazy Is Good For Tea Party Circus

GOP Nutcase Yoho thinks Debt default will "Make Markets More Stable"

Wisconsin Passive House at Center of Co-Op Solar Dispute

Alzheimer's bittersweet tangle of love, loss and timing

How many here talk to your cats? I had better luck blinking both eyes at them.

How do you know when your male dog's gotten himself involved in a sex scandal?

The original angry birds:

Juggalos -- they're harder to offend than most of us.

MFM's neighbors in Germany used to drop by all the time to drink in the beauty of his flowerboxes.

MiddleFingerMom's friends STILL say "Somebody crack a window, MFM's... THINKIN'!!!"

The price was so good they doubled their planned procurement; "it was a no-brainer"

College Football Tailgate Thread

Anyone watching the President’s Cup out there?

Is John Boehner the Black Knight from Python's "Holy Grail"?

We had protest in Alamogordo, NM

Democrats' procedural vote plan faces hurdle

Catastrophic Coverage in the Marketplace for under 30 and/or low income.

march to save elephants attracts massive crowds

Grand Canyon to remain closed despite offers

This is an excellent point

Tea Party Leaders Announce Support For Deal In Exchange For Malia

WaPo - "The shutdown is a Republican civil war" - Why No Point "Negotiating" With Boehner

Dear Republicans: An Important Message About “Obamacare” that I Really Need You to Understand

40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation

i hope President Obama walks in the footprints of President Jimmy Carter...

Rolling Stones - fast version of Under My Thumb

China: We don't do shutdowns

The Compassionate Conservative at Work

Nuclear scare at Navy submarine base after 'unbelievable' failures

The Ad scheduled to run on tomorrow’s NFL game just might be a bad idea...

Obama says Iran a year or more from nuclear weapon capability

The Garrison Case...

"This is not a tragedy."

Badfinger's Baby Blue

You Make Me Want To Be A Man

If the SS checks to not go out, that will hurt business.

Who says the quality of newspaper reporting has gone downhill? Huh, who?

Does anyone here think that Boehner and his teabaggers care if there is a credit default? I don't

SEALs Capture (or kill) Leader of Militant Group Tied to Nairobi Mall Attack, also take down Qaeda

Iran nuclear talks: Congress is the elephant at the negotiating table

Oh dear, oh dear, I'm not quite sure what to say about this Cruz/Boehner photo

Try to catch Garrison Keiller today!

Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul

I can haz karaoke - Me taking a stab at Sam Cooke's Bring It On Home To Me

"And the fourth question is: Mr. President, when are you going to tell them to go to hell?"

Supporters of Greenpeace Activists Jailed in Russia Protest Worldwide.

Diary ( London Review of Books )

History: 1969 Zappa jams with Pink Floyd. Audio only

"I'm tired of it."

'US will not be able to hide the truth about Chevron’s oil disaster’

A wonderful reading of Dylan Thomas poem, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night....

Advice: If you want questions answered call the ACA numbers

Top al Qaeda Terrorist Captured

Toon - If Men Gave Birth

Pat Robertson tells elderly woman: If you tithe you won’t have medical problems anymore

The Hell of Birds

'Please Pay Us': Government weathermen going without pay during shutdown leave coded message in

Time for this song from Woody.

A preview of next weeks cover of TIME magazine

Mainstream media gives little coverage to poverty and the working class: It's a public interest

US Navy SEALs behind raid on Al-Shabab base: Report

Developing: U.S. Says Shabab Leader in Somalia May Have Been Killed

When can we start using the "T" word?

Master Chef Junior

Christian Nation

String Of Attacks In Iraq Kills At Least 66

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Iran FM: Outreach To US Opens Way For Nuclear Deal

A perfect infographic!

NYPD Probes Role of Undercover Officer in SUV-Biker Brawl

U.S. Captures Qaeda Leader Linked to 1998 Bombings working well now

Netanyahu Isolated In His Iranophobia As The World Seeks Engagement

Count down for an Obama address to the nation - Al Libi captured

Obama open to name change for Washington Redskins


Analysis: Allies Worried US Turning Inward To Handle Political Chaos At Home

I read this and

The Fall Of An Empire

The Truth About Obamacare and How It Solves the Suffering of the Insured

Watch the John Boehner Gov. Shutdown “Temper Tantrum” Ad That Will Air on Sunday Football

The Kenya Mall Attack Did Not Come Out of the Blue—Al-Shabab is Joined to Washington at the Hip

A reminder: Fox News is based on a lie:

GOP Rep Admits Reid Compromised On Shutdown Negotiations (before the shutdown)

25,000 person Immigration Rally in down town Dallas today. Thousands turn out in peaceful

Dennis Ross, GOP Rep: 'Pride' Is Why Republicans Won't Budge On Government Shutdown

What's the story, morning glory?

Sunday shows will give you an indigestion of tea party people

Where is M$NBComcast with all this breaking news

How I write like a freeper.

Peaceful Protest in Alamogordo, NM about TEA Party shutting down the Government.

Has anyone been in the Elder Scrolls Online beta?

What are the odds that the self-immolation and the woman ramming White House gates...

HaHaHa! "Lavabits" Owner Releases Code to Govt./They Can't Decode It/ Go After Him for More!!


Gazans say Egypt is now turning the screw

Need advice on my new box

What Republicans Really Think of Federal Workers

Need vibes badly....