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Archives: October 7, 2013

There is some bullshit on 60 minutes right now...

What Is Boehner Offering? A 3 Month Delay Until Next Crisis.

60 Minutes beating the Social Security fraud drum

High stakes battle over Washington State food labeling initiative

Right-Wing Media Attacks Tom Hanks For Joking About An Obama Third Term

What do we know about that bill to pay back pay to the furloughed fed employees?

Images from Lexington, Ky's World Wide Photo Walk.

9-year old boy sneaks onto plane, flies to Las Vegas

Jen's really glad Tobin can relax. She just wishes he didn't relax so totally... you know - so OFTEN

Li'l Tiny Ptah's folks hoped they had a little Horse Whisperer in the family. Alas it was not to be.

The Pelican:

Pizza -- is there ANYTHING it can't do?

MiddleFingerMom has never been what anyone would call a "math nerd".

MiddleFingerMom's love life -- even when it seems to be going well -- has pretty much sucked lately.

World-Herald editorial: Sharing the pain is only fair

Sitting back, relaxing...

Is Stupidity a Pre-Existing Condition?

Why is Hate Media so effective?

a question about stocks

What do you think is the most successful brainwashing technique Faux News uses?

Let Us Analyze The Word "Fuck"

All of a sudden I've lost video audio. Both external speaker and internal laptop audio.

Latham should take his own advice from last August

Read This Heartfelt Letter From the Daughter of Uninsurable Mother With Breast Cancer

Abused pit bull shows us the power of second chances.

I ran into Rep. John Lewis today...

Dear President Obama: don't cave to the GOP's extortion politics

Does anyone else use nutmeg or cinnamon in tomato sauce?

Vacationers In West Taking Down Barriers And Going Into Parks Anyway. Challenging Park Rangers.

jonathan Chait on the shutdown/debt-ceiling crisis

****Official thread of Rethug dictionary****

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Are we about to

Tea Time is Over: MoveOn Members #DemandAVote to End the #GOPShutdown

It's time to get out the Executive Order pen

Cuccinelli hosts campaign rally with Ted Cruz but refuses to acknowledge him or be photographed

"They shall be...Imprisoned not more than 20 years"

Some KUBRICK thing is going on on IFC - Shining, Full Metal, Eyes Wide n/t

phone numbers for Boner's boneheads - give a call!

Tennessee is No. 1 again!

GOP Using The RR Air Traffic Controller Gambit-Public/ Public Will Not Help Gov Workers They Hate

NRA Recall Rampage. On A Raging Rampage To Recall Legislators Supporting Gun Control

Shirley Sherrod seeks Breitbart's widow as substitute in defamation lawsuit

Speaking of A-holes, I give you Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX)

Treasury Secretary Lew: "The only available option is through Congress"

Tourists trapped by Gov't. shutdown and severe weather - talk about bad timing!

High Density Vertical BioReactor

New dark variety of chocolate improve heart health

I as sitting here waiting for all that my dear friend at the nursing home as passed.

Talked to a federal judge friend of mine

If it was a mistake not to boycott the 1936 Olympics in Germany...

WE may be the only ones who can end this.

Tea Party Congressman Ted Yoho says defaulting on debt would bring stability to world markets

A family member's Marine fiance didn't get his discharge payout.

AZ is Only State in Nation Withholding Welfare Checks Because of Federal Shutdown..

My response to a deleted OP: "Atheist Message Spray Painted on Church" (or something similar)

my problem w eyes wide shut aint that kidman .cruise aint suffered in r.l. but

Would this make sense?

Stuart Varney Wants To Punish Government Workers.

Taliban again threatens to kill Malala Yousafzai

Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane

According to Fox News, President Obama is financing a “museum of Muslim culture”

The Shutdown Prophet

Anyone seen "Gravity" yet? (Possible spoilers)

An alternative

Childhood Denied

Eddie Murphy is an asshole

'In this election, you will be asked for, but not required to show photo ID.'

The Debt Limit thing is real, not hype

Jerry Jones runs the gamut of emotions:

Humpback off Canada's east coast caught in ropes, companion humpback stands by, rescued

Scalia Has Friends He 'Very Much Suspects' Are Homosexual

pentagon news softens urgency (so says the headline in the local fishwrap, the gazette telegraph)

Netanyahu’s Iran Soliloquy at the U.N.

Does anybody else make Irish Soda Bread, besides me?

Free upcycle mittens and pattern.

Daily Kos Elections gubernatorial race ratings: Initial ratings for 2013-14

California tea party supporters revel in role in government shutdown (LA Times)

Chanterelle season in the Oregon Coast Range is happening now. And WOW how!

Medical marijuana petition for ballot in 2014

Does anyone know what this tattoo means?

Leaders say Mormons cannot condone same-sex marriage

Anniversary of attack on Malala Yousafzai this week. She's up for the nobel peace prize.

TPM's Josh Marshall: 'Get ready. It's going to happen.'

How would constitutional lawyer Obama have suggested this crisis be handled?

British TV fans:

Obamacare vs. the Republican Bubble

"A Political Crisis"

Isn't It Ironic? - what is an irony big or small you have experienced?

Burnt Orange Report Endorses Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas

Rude, Arrogant GOP Rep. Who Rebuked NPS Ranger Has Ethics Complaint Filed Against Him

Dennis Ross, GOP Rep: 'Pride' Is Why Republicans Won't Budge On Government Shutdown

Some people have a woefully misguided view of what the Debt Ceiling means

Boehner: I will not bring up a "clean" debt limit increase under any circumstances

Republicans-WTF Happened!?

Three Felonies A Day

Brazil police press slum 'pacification'

Mike Lee Whines About “Unfair” and “Demeaning” Attack Levied Against Him and Ted Cruz by Republicans

Ecuador lashes out at US exceptionalism

Fox hosts fall for hoax: Obama personally funding Muslim museum during shutdown

Treasuries Becalmed as Debt Ceiling Approaches With Gross Buying

Broncos favored by 28 points over Jags next week

Miami man in illegal business with Cuba faces 35 years in prison

check please

Tea Party Cheers for More Pain and Suffering

Tea Party Cheers for More Pain and Suffering

Supreme Court case could give wealthy donors more latitude in elections

Republican ACA Obstructionism: Smokescreen for BROADBASED Shock Doctrine Attacks

Why You Want to Live in a Blue State

"Tell me to get my head out of my ass."

"Vouchers don’t do much for students"

Clean up in aisle 5, stat! Okay, done~

On the Matter of Ethics

On the Matter of Ethics

Is selective government funding of programs--an impeachable offense?

Fist Bumps and Curtsies~

Is it better to save our Democracy or avoid a default? We need to choose.

Don't get me wrong; I think Annie Lennox is great. Very talented.

"When Wealth Disappears"

GOP In Grave Danger Of Losing House In 2014, PPP Polls Show

U.S., Russia to urge U.N. to set November date for Syria peace talks - Kerry

how has the shutdown affected you personally?

If The GOP Gets What It Wants / The Weak Economy Will Stall And Sink Into A Depression.

The Atlantic - "Rep. (R) Ted Yoho Thinks Not Raising the Debt Ceiling Is a Great Idea"

Watch This for 22 Seconds and You'll See Why Obama Can't Give an Inch

CHALLENGE: Fantastic vegetable soup without canned tomatoes - can it be done?

dragonfly love

A Default Will Explode The Interest Rate Run Off Lenders And All Our Income Will Go To Interest

Why aren't there hundreds of calls to end shutdown and raise the ceiling?

Who is the most infamous person you've met?

Natural Born Jobkillers

I Would Just Start Shutting Down Bases And Services In GOP Areas.

Small example of what's happened to the American worker over the past 30+ years:

America’s Security State Is Apparently Trying to Hassle Its Critics Into Silence

Portrait of a wealthy African living in Europe in the 1500s presents a puzzle

A couple of sunset pictures from tonight...

Typhoon Fitow hits eastern China after mass evacuation

The GOP Has Become Completely Parasitic

Mexico's Female Vigilante Squads

The Tea (Koch) Party vs The Taliban

And Joy Comes In The Morning...

If you were to shake Hanley's hand you'd get a third degree

From iGoogle to igHome

Canada spied on Brazil energy ministry

Put your money where your mouth is Boehner

Pinochet a ‘dictator’ not ‘military ruler’

Even in an age of “realists” and vigilantes, there is still cause for optimism

Kerry pleased with Syria chemical disarmament

Is it just me or are disposable razors Fff'n sharp?

Rural Deaths in Venezuela Politically Motivated, Linked to Paramilitaries, Rights Group Says

Abortion opponents take part in Life Chain demonstration

Rad fem links

Is there a "mole patrol" ?

Must see. Cutting the rug out from under Baby Boomers. What the Republicans really want.

24 MoveOn polls show GOP could lose House in wake of shutdown

Nominal religion is quickly becoming no religion, says church leader (Scotland)

PV Cost Down 99% since 1977 (Chart)

Cabinet was told nothing about GCHQ spying programmes, says Chris Huhne (Guardian)

Bikers who Beat up SUV Driver Attempted to Grab his Wife

What's the difference between bribery and funding for politicians?

"We're going to strangle the spending"

At last it's clear why repugs call for closed door negotiations again and again

World Order : Welcome to TOKYO

Ted Cruz and the GOP are attempting a coup d'etat

Hope is an Open Window~

So I think I need a sharp kick to the but...

The Atlantic - "32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown"

Shutdown spawns vacuum in farm market information; halts government farm payments

Normally I avoid political posts in the DUL

Cruz: Use debt ceiling debate for leverage

Per Boehner this morning, the real goal of Republicans is to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Barilla Case # 165146

Here goes nothin'

Robert Parry: The White Man's Last Tantrum

Airbus Wins First Order From Japan Air in Blow to Boeing

NPR - "A Short History Of Government Shutdowns" - Cruz Is Wrong Again

Helen Thomas--the final farewell

Not to scare the shit out of you, but the Republicans are attempting a coup

Reviewing George Ciccariello-Maher’s “We Created Chavez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolu

I was just thinking that if Obama agreed to delay the ACA for a year...

NYC fraud trial to begin for 5 ex-Madoff employees

Supreme Court term begins amid government shutdown

Some Supreme Court justices attend mass before Christian prayer case

When the *next* CR expires, the Republicans can demand the minimum wage be lowered

POTUS should tell Boehner he's now going with the DEM budget number, and if Boehner

IT experts question architecture of Obamacare website.

China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes.

XKCD: Open Letter From a Concerned Citizen

Kerry pleased with Syria chemical disarmament

NY probes rights sold to 'World Trade Center'

Why is it that the average person doesn't have the facts?

Cut that shit out!

Binyamin Netanyahu: occupation is not cause of conflict.

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Oct 7, 2013)

Sorry, Ariel...

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013.

Touché, le Monde: "Jefferson, réveille-toi, ils sont devenus fous!"

Rothman, Schekman, Südhof awarded Physiology/Medicine Nobel for vesicle traffic in cells

National Crime Agency to 'relentlessly pursue' organised crime.

Egypt attacks targets security forces.

Krugman: The upper hand is on the other foot

Prepare the brain bleach: New York Magazine's interview with Scalia

The first step toward stopping a coup attempt...

Hey ReTHUGs and other low life scumbags

Halley Berry's new son!

Five Habits to Heal the Heart of Democracy

5 Depressing Ways That 1%'s Huge Profits Have Broken the Back of America

Class in the Classroom: Why Middle-Class Students Are Being Left in the Dust

Starve the beast 2.0: the sick logic of a debt default

William Rivers Pitt: Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane

Bohner doesn't control HIS OWN party, why would Obama negotiate with him?

Why It's So Difficult to Face the Frightening Climate Change Reality

I'm gonna Pop some tags only have a 38 in my pocket....

Type I and Type II errors, the left, and the right. A perspective from engineering.

Spain’s sunshine toll: Row over proposed solar tax

Chris Hedges: The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

what fig leaf will Boehner get for walking off the precipice?

Some tea party congressmen find signs of political backlash at home

Monday Toon Roundup: Blame it on the Black Man


Elizabeth Warren surges in new Prez poll

Shutdown: The tea party’s last stand - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Terrorist attack on Cubana Flight 455 remembered as another anniversary passes

Now Even China Is Lecturing Us About The Debt Ceiling Crisis {large image}

An Important Sign that The Mainstream Media Has Shifted.


Al Sharpton, ‘PoliticsNation’ Advertisers Targeted in New Boycott

Will the teapukes default on our debt and force a boatload of hurt

Here Are Three Debt-Ceiling Lies You’ll Hear From the GOP This Week

Elephant poachers to be killed "on spot" in Tanzania

woohoo a challenger to wanker......Mary Burke

NY Times: Several Close Cooch Allies, Donors Planned Government Shutdown Months Ago

Stock futures tumble as budget stalemate sets in

The science of the movie "Gravity".

The Party of No upset that Obama is now the one saying no.

Pit Bull named the 2013 American Hero Dog

GOP 'negotiations' and the ACA: A Timeline

Decision not to charge over gender-based abortions was right, DPP says

Letter from Chip: Back from the brink{new orleans}

Why Has CNN Gone From Calling The Government Shutdown To A Partial Government Shutdown?....

The Apostate: An Interview With Diane Ravitch

Dr. Who Ethiopia find may be even bigger than thought

Poverty sucks, so does the US Media coverage

Ken Cuccinelli’s Incredibly Lackluster Campaign

Chris Hedges: The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

OFA Ad Attacks 'Irresponsible' House GOP For Shutdown

A reminder from the past - Iraqis Buried Alive : U.S. Attacked With Bulldozers During Gulf War.

Rick Scott Apologizes For 2012 Voter Purge, But Says Next One Will Be Better

An orgy of insanity . . . Please come CAPTION Antonin Scalia!!!

Occupy’s Union Bank Embraces Billionaires in Profit Hunt

Final Government reshuffle?

Concern for health of Greenpeace activists detained in Russia.

Supreme Owner Made a Billionaire Feeding U.S. War Machine

Noam Chomsky: The Obama Doctrine

GOP's fixation on extracting anything from Obama blinding them to the incoherence of their game plan

Tea Party extremism has me “worried”!: Tammy Baldwin talks to Salon

Ted Cruz: 'I Didn't Say Republicans Will Win' Shutdown Fight

More horrendous polling news for GOP: Even in deep red Utah, voters say they've gone too far

Is the US Becoming the New Rome?

"Joe talks tougher than he acts." Steny Hoyer needling Scar on Morning Joe today...

Boehner’s Berlusconi Moment. Will it take the US 20 years to rid itself of TeaParty obstructionism?

Default on government debt affects our personal credit

Tornado watch until 5pm for Central NY... in October?????

Obama Couldn't Make The Asia-Pacific Economic Summit So China Grabbed The Limelight

Putin: Obama 'Quite Justified' In Canceling Asia Trip Due To Shutdown

White House Aide Pushes Back Against Reporter's 'False Equivalence' On Debt Limit, Shutdown

Ben Sargent Toon : Suicide Hotline for the GOP

Tea Party loosens K Street's stranglehold on the GOP

Latest RWNJ Heart Attack: Down, Michelle's Still Up????

While Congress wastes time and screws the economy, Obama goes ahead and gets the job done

HEADS UP NY & DC:Tornado Watch until 5 pm

The Morning Plum: John Boehner doesn’t really want to `negotiate’ with Obama

On Playing Chicken...

New Picture of Senator Cruz emerges

What about all the Democratic

U.S. Women Are Dying Younger Than Their Mothers, and No One Knows Why

Dear Boehner, only Batman can get away with this:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs Republicans who oppose shutdown

The 5 most cartoonishly evil banks of all time (article)

Live feed from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

The F-35 Fighter Jet Program Has Precisely 719 Problems

I'm Entering This Original Into A Songwriting Contest

Today's soup is Turkey Chili!

Harry Reid: 'Speaker Boehner Has A Credibility Problem'

Right-Wing Blog Pushes Private Schools Over Scandal, but Public Schools are More Accountable [VIDEO]

Just a girl and her horse

Millennials: We Suck and We're Sorry (3:00 video)

Stressed krill first sign of damage

I wish the debt ceiling threat could be neutralized by not needing it.

GOP congressman: We stumbled into war over Obamacare

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience; Syrians & Grannies Protest War [VIDEO]

Three buttons, one image, same GOP lie on healthcare throughout the century!

The Boehner Predicament:Resignation or Resignation

Good Morning

OFA Ad Attacks 'Irresponsible' House GOP For Shutdown

A political crisis - by Tom Tomorrow - "Obama Made Us Do It"

"Where on Google Street View Can I Find This Wonderful Half Cat?"

Cost of Shutdown Clock at USA Today.....

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience; Syrians & Grannies Protest War [VIDEO]

Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy

In Conversation: Antonin Scalia

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Senate Scolding

A dialect quiz.

The Crazy World we Live In - Hedge Fund Manager Runs Anti-Gay Attack Ad Against Liz Cheney

Confused About the Shutdown? Debt Limit? Here’s Our Essential Reader

Latest Homeland episode

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, PA Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

DOJ: No, The Amber Alert System Is Not Down

Is Buddhism a religion?

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, PA Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

Justice Ginsburg Predicts A Dem President In 2016

White House With Confederate Flag Flying Over It - On Bumper Sticker

Which cartoon best epitomizes our reality?

A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman’s Fall

Impasse - Star Trek "No Win Scenario" For Real.

A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman’s Fall

What Atheism+ Could Have Been

How Breast Cancer Won the Battle for October

Hey Boehner, POTUS already negotiated - he gave up single payer

A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning

Welcome to Ted Cruz’s Thunderdome

“shitting on Obama’s carpet and calling him a poor housekeeper.”

Activists Push for Ouster of David Koch from Board of WGBH

The Promise and Peril of Pope Francis

The Flight to the Ephemeral | John Michael Greer

From AAA to AA+

Your opinion- non-handicapped people who exploit handicapped auto stickers

Keep calling! I called my teabagger representative and was surprised what I was told.

UPDATE: Hobby Lobby apologizes, agrees to carry Jewish holiday items

The American People's trust in the American People is way down

I urge you to keep the pressure on both sides. I've been emailing the WH

Cardinals dress in style

This impasse has never been about healthcare, I believe.

I hope the NSA is monitoring the hell out of the Koch Bros. right now.

Musings on the limits of growth, our economy and our deranged politics

The GOP Stance On Health Care Reminds Me Of The Movie "They Shoot Horses Don't They".

Great "Boner" Is Now Our Pilot And We Have A Drunk Literally Flying The Plane.

Photos to make you smile on Monday (Dial Up Warning)

On the subject of the subject ""script is slowing this page down"

People’s History of Gaza and Egypt: The Bond Cannot Be Broken | Ramzy Baroud

Corbett's spacey new Campaign Video has already been satirized - Its "Planet Corbett"

Ohio School District Settles With ACLU, Agrees to Remove Jesus Portrait, Pay $95,000 Fine

Republican compares shutdown to the Civil War ... and they're the Confederacy

Most points scored between two NFL teams, all-time:

New Mock The Dummy! Why Dummies Shut Down Government

Hopefully now that the cash cow may be drying up

Hit 40 yet? Your sex life is over, so says Miley Cyrus.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Influential Spiritual Leader in Israel, Dies at 93

How Democrats Got a Spine

What are some historical myths?

Domestic terrorists in AR distrupt electricity to 10,000 people Sunday

Pic Of The Moment: Question: If The Democrats Were The Ones Who Wanted The Shutdown...

ATF tries to block whistleblowing agent’s Fast and Furious book

Civilian support of the military back to work Tuesday?

Angela Corey claim "sovereign immunity"

Bully for her! Elle the pit bull is 2013 American Hero Dog

PBS' Frontline to air "League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis" Oct 8

regarding blame for the shutdown

Erin Go Bra-less!

we are in trouble

Do we need a new DU forum for the Attempted Coup d'Etat of 2013?

The NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Is Still a Sham

I agree with grantcart

Replundercan Lee Terry NE 2nd District apology for going viral

The Tea Party's Last Stand

That Rumbling Sound You Hear Is The Republican Base Fracturing Apart--My Red Neighbor Turned Purple

Airbnb Has To Hand Over User Data To New York City Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

The Cub For Growth Is Actually A Cancerous Tumor

Religious nationalist bikers: just part of Putin's PR machine

SEC Clears Apple’s Tax Strategy

Today's Republicans are not the ones I read about in school...

Does US Govt own bonds/debt of any other foreign country/entity/state?

What did you think of the NSA story line on The Good Wife last night?

All Too Often, America Leads With Its Exceptionalist Rhetoric Rather Than Example

Will Supreme Court Expand "Money As Speech" Ruse and Strike Donation Limits?

I just found out a local celeb who writes a newspaper column is a year younger

"Animal Rights" morons attack a mink farm, again.

Tea Party=PINO=Patriots In Name Only.

Borrowing authority? WTF is that

Madison Kimrey - future NC Governor?

White House: Health Care. Gov Drew Five Times As Many Visitors as Anticipated

Anyone Following National LGBT History Month ? Today's James Baldwin Day.

It's interesting how much people care

The Great Sucker Play (Someone employ Charles P. Pierce as a White House strategist!)

Sen. Franken: SIGN a message to House Republicans STOP THE MADNESS: END THE SHUTDOWN

DU Women--- Can we have a big "FUCK YOU!" for Antonin Scalia.

Big Ed: We are going to DEFAULT!!

A huge fact that Michael Tomasky wrote about this am..I did not know...

Does anyone know how to go about seeking employment as a ObamaCares Navigator? I have googled it

Why are we paying 800,000 Federal workers to sit at home?

all else aside.. Please VOTE locally !!

PETITION: No drilling or mining on public lands while visitors are locked out.

Second leg surgery this afternoon. Updated.


WND writer goes full Godwin...

"60 Minutes" piece on SSDI slammed by disability advocates...

The Point: Full Episode - Fukushima, NC Voter ID Law, Hillary Clinton Documentary, Naked Pickup Art

Lest we forget

Kansas takes vote suppression to new heights

GOP Seems To Intend To Create Hysteria And Panic As We Near The Debt Limit.

Beyond the Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array

Does the Washington Redskins' name and logo honor Native Americans or not?

Madame DeFarge is no longer knitting.

Construction crane stuck in Midtown Manhattan

Mormon Women Knock at the Door, Are Turned Away

I've been here a while but I have a question

Do tattoos protect from sun damage? In the 1980's I had a white cat. She developed cancer

Mr. Boehner, we triple-dog dare you

Tech Titans Poised for Showdown With Justice Department Over NSA

Newtown, Conn., Residents Vote to Rebuild Sandy Hook Elementary

They should be arrested for Sedition and held indefinitely.

Any Canadian DU'ers out there need a business partner (or capital for me coming)?

It should be made a federal offense and a felony

One chart destroys the debt ceiling truthers.

ACA Washington State numbers WOW so much for the rethugs say the American people don't want the ACA

Bill Moyers: On the Sabotage of Democracy

This isn't a shakedown. Republicans are attempting a coup d'etat

Ha Ha! (I'm going to be mean and brag!) I got to call my DEMOCRATIC Rep today!!!

My recent calls to House members. This works!

Supreme Court again takes no action on climate change cases

Race may be factor in fatal stabbing of JBLM soldier

Are service people getting fed?

Would MasterChef and Junior MC be better if the talent weren't prepped and coached?

Senate Dems to call GOP’s bluff on debt limit

Crooked River

GOP’s latest shutdown delusion: They missed the Obamacare negotiations!

GOP donors threaten rebellion over shutdown

"Don't worry about the country defaulting because I'm a moron"

Joint Press Availability Secretary Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Need help debunking this on FB. Thanks for any info --

Stormy weather in Aquasco,

Supreme Court won't stop execution for mental incapacity

Need help debunking this on FB. Thanks for any info --

Should our political enemies be locked up?

Tea Party's Alternate Health Care Proposal

Government Shutdown Protest by Federal Workers (interrupted by gunfire on Thursday...)

Stop pitying Boehner!: He’s not just some well-meaning victim

Republican says GOP Is An Insurrectionist Neo-Confederate Party (VIDEO)

What You Don't Know About Domestic Violence

Court Won't Hear Va. Appeal Over Sodomy Law

Ohio may be next state to ban gay conversion therapy

Thanks To The Government Shutdown, College Sexual Assault Investigations Have Been Put On Hold

So you're telling me...

Chile presidential favorite Bachelet vows tax reform in first 100 days

Breaking.Majority of House appears to support ‘clean’ continuing resolution bill

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is off his meds.

Sponges as 'unsung heroes' of coral reefs.

Crisis over debt limit is from the man who cheated on his wives because he "loves America so much"

NKorea rushes to finish lavish ski resort

Trader Joe's loses fight with Canadian "Pirate Joe's"

CBS Host To GOP: You Can't Shut Down The Gov't Every Time You Don't Get Your Way

"Tea-Swilling-Traitors-To-America" - my new nickname for a certain faction of the Republican party.

Male freshmen turn bra mishap into business opportunity - and plan to do good with it

You know, I keep hearing how reality is obsolete.

Sedition is against the law

I don't know if this means anything, but....

1967-ish Love in on Boston Common. Far out, man.

Pinay traumalized by horror trip to US

The Tea Party Plantation

Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai says Nato caused 'great suffering'

Liberal comment trolling polarizes conservatives (but not vice versa), study says

Inside the GOP's plot to shutdown the U.S. government over Obamacare

It's Time for an "Address to the Nation" by President Obama.

Billionaires should be banned in order to save capitalism

No respect for the A's / Tigers playoffs, apparently ...

Banks Stuff ATMs With Extra Cash In Fear Of Debt Ceiling Breach

Drone strike on Capitol Hill

A Teapartier's worst nightmare...


Consumer activism. There is a churlishness in the air. I blame the TeaBaggers.

It's OBAMA's fault right SMH

California's Secret Plan to Gut Public Pensions

Mayor, Candidates Warn That Gov't Shutdown May Impact City's Sandy Recovery

And your heart-warming news of the month:

Explosions across Baghdad kill at least 38 people

Is this sedition? Is it *TREASON*? Why or why not?

New DUer's AWESOME idea -- a MOCK VOTE on the CR on steps of Capitol

Social Security judge accused of disability scheme

My latest tshirt

Ohio trial to begin over $100 million U.S. Navy charity fraud

woo hoo - J.B. Van Hollen will not seek a third term.

"All Of This Was Predictable"

Prison guards accused of making inmates fight for snacks

Our new huge insurance deductable, not good.

Eartha Kitt on love and compromise

Severe Storms to arrive in NYC between 3 and 4 PM Eastern. Tornado watch still in effect.

China warns US 'clock is ticking'

XKCD gets political today

Toons: Fire? the Black Guy did it!

The silence of the lambs

Cuba once more seeks U.N. condemnation of U.S. embargo

Things to Say Instead of 'That Takes Balls': A Definitive List

Body Positivity.

MORGAN STANLEY ECONOMIST: If We Breach The Debt Ceiling, Jack Lew Must Decide Which Law To Break

Does anyone else work for Centura?

These Are Probably The 3 Best Debt Ceiling Tweets You Will Ever Read

Fined for Trying to Find Out Who's Funding Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign?

Cry Wolf Project

Tea Party Congressman Wins An Award For The Stupidest Thing Said About The Debt Ceiling

Which of these names would be *NOT* be racist for a team to call themselves?

Fox News debuts bizarre, giant tablets in its outrageous new newsroom

AG's office organizing gun buyback programs across NY

Republicans are pissing me off, but comparing them to bin Ladin is Goodwinesque.


$90 million in funding restored to OPWDD

Obama To John Boehner: Just Let Congress Vote

(updated) Student bitten in face by Rottweilers at Carver High School, campus on lockdown

President Obama at FEMA on Workers being Furloughed..VID Striking Down GOP LIES "HOLD THE VOTE"

New law prohibits companies from making policies banning CPR after Glenwood Gardens incident

After printing delay, redesigned $100 bill to debut Tuesday

‘Passion Is BS’ And Other Life Advice From Dilbert Creator Scott Adams

Shutdown = Coercion

I have much to learn: Bag of Chips

Bill Clinton weighs in on government shutdown

Not raising the debt ceiling would bring stability to the world markets.

De Blasio hopeful Cuomo will support tax proposal

Glad to see the push is starting to get those over 55 and women with children into shelter for the..

I'm eating a big old piece of homemade apple pie.Warm. A la mode. Ask me anything.


American Journal of Medicine: Higher gun ownership equals higher gun violence


Product Recall: Concentrated MOTRIN® Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor

One of my patients just registered for the ACA - Premium?: $0!

Many news talk shows are having difficulty finding guest who can lie for the


(a little OT but Zichal was JK's environmental advisor in 2004 campaign and later. .)

A new patient of mine competed in the 1976 Olympics!

Plouffe: We 'Probably' Accommodated GOP Too Much In 2011

Help logging on to Obamacare website

When I Talk To GOPPERS They Say - "We Cannot Afford To Insure Everyone".

We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore (Garrison Keillor | 2004)

Noam Chomsky: The Obama Doctrine

A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning

Million Mask March in Tucson 11/5/13

Boehner is blatantly fishing for shutdown justification.

Brazil demands explanation from Canada over spying report

Haines takes stand against 'corporate personhood'

Watch Coliseum convert from baseball to football in one day.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker borrowing more to balance Wisconsin state budget

Ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura vows to pardon Snowden, Manning as president

An open letter from xkcd

Massive New Attack Drone Under Development in Russia

Turkey builds wall on Syrian border to stem illegal migration.

Arguing with one's self causes headaches.

Treasures of the Cinque Terre

If you're not buying Obamacare, stop saying you are. OK?


Ew! Jackson thinks birth defects are caused by sin.

Wow-Mr. President..."Hammer Time"

Right wingers don't believe in democracy or the rule of law. They need to be shown to the border

The sky just turned black here.

U.S. high court declines to hear Duke lacrosse players appeal

GOP Rep Apologizes For 'Shameful' Remarks, Asks To Have Salary Withheld

What would it take for a citizen, or group of citizens to file a complaint...

The government shutdown as seen through the lens of "Office Space."

Tweet Of The Day

In case you missed it - Peyton's imitation of Craig Morton:

Transitioning the elderly into affordable housing, Republican style.

Anyone know if there was a broadcast of the Limbaugh Hatefest Hour ...

Dems Need To Put Out Ad Showing "Boner" Giving A Death Sentence To A Sick Child

Utah Is No Fan of Lee’s Obamacare-Linked Shutdown Strategy

Brain scans show that dogs are as conscious as human children

Fox anchor apologizes after Obama gaffe

John Boehner: Pathological liar, political extortionist, economic terrorist

Cops. Cash. Cocaine. How Sunrise [FL] police make millions selling drugs

Worker's comp and car insurance - do those cover your medical if

? SEC decides Apple isn't in violaiton of US Federal tax law ? Not the IRS jurisdiction?

Koch/Freedom Works = Freedom For Rich To Do Whatever They Feel like To Our Land, Water, Air & Us

Top U.S. court won't hear Argentina bond dispute appeal

Top U.S. court won't hear Argentina bond dispute appeal

Obamacare Health Exchanges: How Oregon Got It Done

“Financial Apocalypse”

GOP congressman says Cruz misled Republicans

We should have a banner that lists the DC telephone numbers

What is the matter with fans in the Bay Area? This one got tasered. >>

3rd District Political Action

In honor of Vladimir Putin being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

City Unveils Campaign to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem

Could Ruining The Economy In Fact Be The Republicans' Goal

PA. releases results of ratings of schools - but much of the data is missing

Starlight News

We already pay for national healthcare. Just not for our nation.

The "shutdown" cuts government spending by about 17%; is that enough to stave off the debt ceiling?

So Pentagon Got a Deal Before Shut Down! (Pentagon to recall 400,000 furloughed workers)

Hitler’s ally, Abbas’s hero, Netanyahu’s response

I Have Ten Dollars

Senator Dick Durbin nails it!

UPDATED 10/10 White House: Obama Will Never Negotiate On The Debt Limit Again

Reopen the government - Shut down the Republican Party

There is a god! E! may cancel "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

local DC columnist: Don’t slam D.C. for the shutdown, America: You sent these wackos here.

I am speaking to my daughters high school civic class on Thursday

Didn't The President Have A Conversation With Boehner, Reid, Pelosi And McConnell Last Week?.....

Poll: 70 Percent Disapprove Of GOP Approach To Gov't Shutdown

Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen.

Question for Tacoma area folks

A Letter From Fred{you are SO going to need a hanky}

Dear DUers - I just updated my list of TOLL FREE Capitol Hill Switchboard numbers:

Dear DUers - I just updated my list of TOLL FREE Capitol Hill Switchboard numbers:

Just found this cartoon on Facebook...

Supremes to hear McConnell vs limits on Campaign spending Tuesday

Marijuana Smokers Arrested for Civil Disobedience; Syrians & Grannies Protest War [VIDEO]

First Poll numbers in, Republicans fared slightly worse than we do.

Clayton Kershaw to pitch on 3 days rest

Muslims must be more supportive of Christian Arabs

Plausible denialbility?

Is it too late to start working on my survival bunker and hoard some food?

Saudi preacher jailed over daughter's death

CA New law prohibits law enforcement officials from detaining immigrants based on fed instructions

Richard Dawkins, soft spoken and charming British scientist, appears on forum tonight:

post good memories of high school

Guys: How many of you have experience as a stay-at-home dad?

Wendy Davis is campaigning in San Antonio today

Jay Cutler Proudly Watches Son Throw First Tantrum

Boner is such an absolute loser! eom n/t

Cards' 22 year old Michael Wacha has a no hitter through 7.

Devin Nunes accuses Ted Cruz of lying about shutdown


Democrats need to remain steadfast...

U.S. firms urge Washington not to rush landmark trade deal (TPP)

A Conversation About Turning Texas Blue with BGTX, Bill White and...

Watch: Mormon officials turn away 150 female members from all-male conference

Bill Gates as Austin Powers

Obama says he is open to negotiations over ACA and budget issues if

Senator Rob Portman’s Compromise: Obama Can Keep His Daughters, I’ll Take Everything Else

Polls: Public places more blame for shutdown on GOP

Far too many are living for scraps these days.

New Air Force Planes Go Directly to 'Boneyard'

New rule: You've got to love Neil Diamond

New $100 bills finally hit the street

Interesting: CPIs understate inflation in low-inflation situations

Nina Dobrev Poses Topless In Support Of Obamacare

New $100 bill to debut Tuesday

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 7

Move over, Russia: U.S. is now the world’s biggest oil and gas producer

Well, the Post-Gazette went behind a paywall.

Prosecutors seek warrant for Tsarnaev in officer’s murder

How Italians Tell Time

Calling all constitutional Scholars and Rights attorneys.-

KY Gov. Steve Beshear - all in for ACA

Have you met the new Miss Israel?

Tobacco Companies Rejected by High Court in Florida Case

Brentwood clerk pulls machete on armed robber

Fox News Expert: 'Women Have The Breasts' So Health Care Should Cost More Than Men

UK court quashes New Zealander's murder conviction

Right-Wing Truckers Plan To Jam DC’s Major Commuter Highway, Arrest Members Of Congress

Arizona Lawmaker Rages Against 'De Fuhrer' Obama In Angry Facebook Post

Stop letting Gilligan run cranes in downtown NYC

Are you aware of Israel's Medical Marijuana program?

Nebraska Court Rules Teen Too Immature for an Abortion, Fine to Raise a Kid

Is "musicality" as important today in pop and rock as it was in times past?

Million Mask March.

History teaches us..

Why Doesn't A Dem Just Say It We Will Not Negotiate With You For The Same Reason We Don't Negotiate.

The Power Of Fox News and teabaggers

Force Americans to have car insurance and no one bats an eye...

Rumors and lies on Facebook

Tom Coburn Doesn't Believe in the Debt Ceiling

Exposed: California's Secret Plan to Gut Public Pensions

This is what's going to get republicans in trouble if we default on the debt ceiling

What happened to "closing the tax loopholes"??

Papantonio: Mass Shooting Enablers Facing Legal Action

Boehner is really dragging down the GOP!

NC’s cost of obstinance on Obamacare

Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to 'detect' gay people

I need some assistance in reviewing/debunking this article...

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision on the distribution of religious materials in school

Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to 'detect' gay people

Steubenville Rape Case Grand Jury Issues Charges (School IT Employee)

How Long Can The Nation Survive When We Can't Fund Anything Or Borrow?

Anti-atheism billboards in Times Square and San Francisco

Estes Park takes another hit, this time from congressional Republicans

A question Every Republican should be asked...What are the Democrats asking for?

The psychology of misplaced blame and right wing propaganda.

Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab

This is who Ted Cruz reminds me of

Glenn Beck: Obama planning to "kill" millions in U.S.A., says he's may take teabags, flee to Canada

Obama offers a short term solution...which means we go through this all again in a few months

Five things we wouldn't mind the government shutting down...

Washington Post blames Richmond, CA for keeping Wall Street up at night

How about the Federal Reserve just retires a trillion in U.S. debt?

Hasbara you can dance to: New music video puts twist on anti-BDS message

Must See: Senator Sanders once again calls out Congress and the Koch Brothers

"Inside the GOP" (from democracy corps) - useful research.

White House: Obama Will Never Negotiate On The Debt Limit Again

WTF, they've yet to fix the healthcare market place web site...........

Well, Big Eddie said the T word.....

Headshop owner guilty of selling illegal synthetic drugs

The Two Words All Democrats Must Start Using Immediately

Chuck Todd: Democratic wave in 2014 "more possible than some people" think

Bachmann: 'End Times' Are Coming

I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover...

Try the Matt Schaub burger special!

The Best Cartoon Yet

This ad just makes me grin ear-to-ear...

Bill Clinton said

From Martin Bashir

I admire this man so much

South Carolina Boeing Plant Worker: “Boeing Got What It Paid For. Cheap Labor Equals Poor Product.”

60 Minutes Report Denounced For Disability Misinformation

Social Security Benefits ‘At Risk’ In Debt Fight


Two Bizarre Incidents in DC in the Past Week! Where are the Questions?

Had to share this exchange on YouTube.

42, 18, 6, 217, 2

From Hostage Takers to Buffoons, House Republican Ineptitude Heads for Default

Gold Befuddles Bernanke as Central Banks’ Losses at $545 Billion

So Ted Cruz Was The Chosen One To Run This Koch Brothers Game....

Man freed from Prison after 41 years dies in La. THE ANGOLA THREE

Robert Reich: "Where are the grownups in the Republican Party, and why aren’t they speaking out?"

U.S. Health Exchange’s Stumbles Continue for Second Week

ubi o ubi est mea sububi

GOP Sen. Kirk Open To Clean Debt Ceiling Increase

TWO BILLION DOLLARS and Counting = Current Cost of Boehner's GOP Shutdown

House Dems: Time For Moderate Republicans To Walk The Walk On Shutdown

Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travelers to 'detect' gay people and stop them

Catholic Bishops wrote letter to GOP calling for shutdown over contraceptives

My Latest Political Song Parody

Just made some great butter for my baked spud.

Consumer Credit in U.S. Rises $13.6 Billion on Car Purchases

No Welfare in Arizona as State First to Halt in Shut-Down

TSA may allow legal mj on legal-to-legal flights

Insane rightwing truckers plan to block D.C. traffic, threaten to arrest/kidnap members of Congress

A hypothetical.

Today's Short Reading from the Bible...

Democratic Underground stands behind President Obama in his fight against the Republican Shutdown

Of Course Many Americans Oppose “Obamacare” – Republicans Spent Billions Lying About it for Years

Ha! Tweety says he is sick of Ted Cruz's "aggressive whining"

Tha tantrums will continue

A Gun Study I Would Like To See Done.

Does Ted Cruz actually think he's going to get Jedi mind tricks re shutdown to work??!!!!

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Democratic ‘Wave’ in 2014 ‘More Possible Than Some People’ Think


Founding Fathers' Tavern Closed by Government Shutdown

U.S., Russia Commend Assad for Complying With Agreement

Native Women Push for Access to Emergency Contraception - So bad you have to start asking: Sabotage????

Media Push Unworkable Prioritized Payments Approach To Debt Ceiling Crisis

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"Boner's" Racist Tone Now Showing. Says, "All Obama Has To Do Is Call Me."

OFA Ad: IRRESPONSIBLE. Reckless. Destructive.

Some Senate Republicans Ready To Raise The Debt Ceiling - Huffington Post

Playing the Obamacare blame game - businesses blaming Obamacare for changes in coverage - USA Today

Remarks by the President at FEMA Headquarters

Full Extent Of Oil And Gas Spills From Colorado Floods Remains Unknown

Utah Police Ticket Abandoned Barbie Toy Jeep

Bloomberg pumps $1 million to boost Booker candidacy

Omg omg omg ... I'm not sure if you are aware...

After Lee Terry (R-NE) misstep, Festersen reconsiders run for Congress

John Fugelsang, "The GOP complain the poor are lazy: until election day,

The Union (Scene from the 1987 film Matewan)

Meanwhile in Scotland...

Ski North Korea!

The Way The Teabaggers Talk There Is No Deal They Will Accept

New finding shows climate change can happen in a geological instant

Woo hoo My Rep Dem Jim Moran!

Any estimates on how much


Senate Dems To Pressure Boehner With Vote On 'Clean' Debt Limit Bill

BOOM!!! Jay Carney smacks down ABC's Jonathan Karl: `I'm sure you'll represent' GOP talking points

I am sorry to admit this, but I'm almost hoping the Republicans take us over the cliff -

First they came for our health care...