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Great ad showing teabaggers irresponsibly happy about shutdown:

I'm torn.

I hope everyone

Aging, wrinkled, superficial Hooters servers with tattoos. Discuss...


Turkish hotel wins “hospitality innovation award”: protected protestors from tear gas and police

A rabbi and a Palestinian farmer are neighbors, partners – and friends

No No Norelco

Grijalva arrested at D.C. immigration rally

Rule 3.16

Senator Elizabeth Warren - railing against the Republican Anarchy Gang. 3 days into the shut down.

Extremely Conservative and Incredibly Out of Touch

Grijalva arrested at D.C. immigration rally

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I don't know what this has to do with the mess in Washington

We were right - they are THUGs

Slate readers sign up for new health care plans—or at least they try to sign up.

"...fractured life of our planet’s water"

The Nation: What Should Democrats Demand in the Budget Showdown?

Genes Suggest European Women at Root of Ashkenazi Family Tree.

Paintings turning black? Blame mercury

8 House Democrats Arrested At Immigration Rally

I called bullshit on a Republican at work today.

How do we overcome these two obstacles to real democracy?

I 'unfriended' a teabagger today and she writes in a message afterwards:

I'm in the Chicago Airport! Ask me anything!

In April 1987 seven-year-old Michelle Snow was killed in Riverside, California

Congressmen John Crowley and Charles Rangel arrested at protest rally in DC

I try hard not to give in to the dark side...

EF1 tornado confirmed in Bergen County

A DU Challenge...if you dare except it.

Controversy, uncertainty surrounds Neb. 2nd (Lee Terry) congressional district protest video

Wow. Not a word on the LA Times website about Obama's hour-long press conference.

My rep (Upton) sent me a message today

Paul Ryan shows up with a to end the stalemate

0KT Member From Georgia Tech Sends Rapiest Email Ever – “Let Them Grind Against Your Dick”

seems Boehner got Obama's message...

Officials: State's New Health Insurance Marketplace Has Signed Up More Than 40,000

Photo of the Day: President Obama ignoring GOP-fake-Benghazi-emails-shill

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Nobody’s Home & a new Kitteh gif

Brit Hume: "Obama Deliberately Ignored Major Networks at Presser to Avoid Tough Questions"

This message was self DUrec'd by its author

Dana Bash says Republicans in the House hope a short term

US to Halt Egypt Aid After Coup, Turmoil

Shutdown Salmonella

Samsung Loses Bid for Obama Veto of Apple-Won Import Ban

OxyELITE Pro Pulled From Shelves Nationwide After 29 Liver Failure Cases In Hawaii

I have a question about ACA

"What Moderate Republicans"

OMGosh, gotta watch this when it's on again.....

Shutdown leaves lawmakers reusing their towels at House gym

Congressional panel to review U.S. IRS progress on healthcare law

Octafish to attend JFK assassination conference. Do you think JFK still matters?

Shutdown Denies Death and Burial Benefits to Families of 4 Dead Soldiers

Warning, this product is dangerous, addictive, and should be banned.

A question of conscience:

Please help me help a friend! (not a request for money)

Is anyone going to watch the Alec Baldwin show on Friday night?

George Carlin: The Truth About Republicans Very funny

Here's The Answer Jon Stewart Should Have Gotten On Obamacare Last Night

Dutch authorities using ‘scratch and sniff’ cannabis cards to bust pot growers

White House says reports of halt to all Egypt military aid are false

I just heard on the beck (side)show ...

Unconditional Surrender Boner

5 depressing ways the 1 percent is strangling the US economy

Venezuela President Seeks Power to Rule by Decree

Ethically Challenged Tech Regent Steinmetz may challenge Neugebauer for seat in Republican primary

Ted Cruz Skewered For Backing Government-Run Health Care For Veterans

Colorado Springs mom resumes son's chemo after doctors balk at marijuana treatment

Okay, Democrats hanging tough on this ...

If you'd just do what I say then I'd stop beating the shit out of you...

Woman Says Strip Search After DUI Arrest Went Too Far

National Journal - "19 Times Democrats Tried to Negotiate With Republicans" - Another Lie Exposed

If default is "no big deal," then why is GOP using it to extort concessions from POTUS?

Wait & See

Statement from the White House Press Sec regarding immigration protest (after the arrests)

Study Suggests Fact-Checking Influences Political Behavior

WOW: Majority Of Texas Voters Want To Legalize Marijuana

Honestly . . . . do you think Boner believes what he's been saying the last 8 or 10 days?

Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad

Lawmakers shiver over supercommittee

Arctic climate's last bastion succumbing to global warming, researchers say

Sayonara no LOVE SONG

I Like this

Jonathan Chait: John Boehner Too Embarrassed to Defend His Own Extortion Demands

US releases $100 banknote with new security features

My pants are falling down. Yippee! What goals have you met

(update) Lead health care navigator in Florida provides wrong information on credit scores

White House urges House to pass immigration reform

The Most Irresponsible Officials In Washington DC Are The 'Moderate' Republicans

Anyone ever been to the Marquesas Islands?

Message from an RT host after informing them I'm not doing Russian Media as a result of

Last Hours

I think the GOP is perilously close to losing the business vote over this.

New NSA data center experiencing electrical failures

Watch Dogs PC Requirements

A really good Compromise to end the Shutdown. DE-FUND OBAMA-CARE

Some longtime Republican donors are unnerved by the GOP’s shutdown strategy

Bwahaha! Senator Mikulski calls them Tea Baggers!

Another reason why the political arm of the GOP is so afraid of

India Unrest Puts 21 Million in Dark as Outages Threaten Google

Shouldn't shutting down the govt and refusing to raise the debt ceiling be illegal?

FULL- President Obama Press Conference during Government Shutdown 10/8/2013

"There will be no unconditional surrender," says Boehner

Just curious...what are the freeps saying about the suspending of burial benefits

Republican Convention Features Sexist Anti-Hillary Buttons:

I'm thinking of making a Polish pizza. Suggestions?

I'm clueless

Like thieves in the night: Stealing Palestinian land

Under Threat of Lawsuit FDA to Withdraw Approvals of Arsenic in Animal Feed

Somebody Please Help Me!!!

Why is the WW2 memorial closed, but not the WW1 memorial?

Malala is on tonight's Daily Show

Today I witnessed something pretty amazing

Imagine if it was the flipside, a Democratic Congress threatened a Republican president with default

Another dream drive-by...please forgive.

Species of rare flower found in Aurora.........


Undercover NYPD officer arrested in motorcycle/SUV melee

So the Republicans went in this betting that they can do incredible spin...


Author, commentator announces GOP candidacy for governor

I can't say I've seen this before.

What's Janet Yellen like?

Shocking Footage Of Conversation Between Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell Has Surfaced!!

Pharmacy Owner Having Second Thoughts About Being Texas' Only Supplier of Execution Drug

U.S. Supreme Court Has Snubbed Luminant's Petition to Toss EPA Pollution Limits

Meet the Evangelical Cabal Orchestrating the Shutdown

Debra Hilstrom is running for MN Secretary of State

Archae not to attend JFK assassination conference. Do you think JFK still matters?

Some current Anti-Obamacare "Pants on Fire" lies and assorted others

So is the President

Americans Aren't Being Fooled, Know The Shutdown Is Hurting The Country: Poll

What will be the outcome of the shutdown?

Route 66 Photo Essay (I'm in Gallup, NM, tonight - BIG FILES)

More on How the Kochs and Their Friends Engineered the Shutdown

"I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic"


Anyone catch this today?

Thomas Friedman (again?!): Obama 'is leading by not giving in to this blackmail'

US Government Shutdown Strands Airline Fleet That Takes Passengers To Area 51

BOEHNER should wave the white flag of surrender!

Ed Meese, The Reagan un-dead.

Oldest Full-Time Park Ranger, Betty Reid Soskin, Furloughed

Threat of Capital Beltway shutdown is a hoax, trucker says

Got this from a friends FB page... Very Good!

The Global Economy Suffers From Hypothermia

Alan Grayson on the house floor - What do you have a higher opinion of... "Congress or Hemorrhoids"

Exclusive: Inside Canada's top-secret billion-dollar spy palace

Tea Party Backlash? Not Among Rank-And-File Republicans

I think a wonderful compromise to the Government shutdown and debt ceiling controversies is

The turning point came when POTUS used the word "extortion"

6 Sexist Things Women Say

Microsoft pays researcher $100,000 bounty for finding way around Windows 8.1 protections

Auric Goldfinger Explains That Exploding An Atomic Bomb Inside Fort Knox Won't Affect Gold Prices.

Arctic climate’s last bastion succumbing to global warming, researchers say

So KIAs families are not being paid death benefits due to the piliCON shutdown.

Watch Ed Schultz and his facial expression during this Alec Baldwin ad.

Rights Advocates Suing U.N. Over the Spread of Cholera in Haiti

Daily Show Enlists Actual Hostage Negotiator to Get Through to GOP Strategist on Shutdown - vid link

It's last call, for now, at famous Cliff House

Jon Stewart Tells GOP to Own the Shutdown: 'Don’t Fart And Point at the Dog!' - video link

Jon Stewart kisses O'Reilly's ass, but browbeats Sibelius over ACA

See The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess

Jimmy Kimmel Gives 'Gullible' Fox News a Shocking Tip About Obama


Carl Sagan talks about God, UFOs and Roswell

O goody, my kitty just had to let me know she killed a mouse.

Desk top / organizer / thing complete

EDL leader Tommy Robinson quits group [over the "dangers of far-right extremism"]

NJ State Senator Buono tells Christy to MAN UP!! in there first debate

If GOP Forces a Default, Americans' Wealth Could Be Cut in Half

Oh fuck.... What Wisconsin can teach Washington - By Scott Walker - The Washington Post

Jon Stewart Tells GOP to Own the Shutdown: ‘Don’t Fart And Point at the Dog!’

The R's in Washington created a Democrat today.

Man fucks with wrong woman (video)...

Easy way to get information on your state's health insurance plans

Kagan, now in a robe, argues again for campaign finance limits

Many remain locked out of federal health-care Web site

"Progressive Ideology was Nazi Germany!" Internet comment on Habitat for Humanity/Jimmy Carter story

Pakistani Muslims dig up Hindu grave spiking religious tensions............

News from AR or I still believe in a place called Koch

A good singer I’m still not, but

Ok, dumb question of the day.

Is there a way to get literal brackets to appear in a message?

The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments (don't tell GD!!!)

MaaaMaaa 3

So, how long until Yellen's nomination gets called "Obama caving to Wall Street's demands"?

Snowden leaks gave terrorists 'the gift to evade us and strike Britain at will,' warns MI5 chief

Bolivia arrests head of government's coca agency

What's with all the talk of wrinkles and tattoos?

Ada bondsman, Oklahoma City attorney accused of sex tourism

Has anyone here read The Crying of Lot 49?

The Goldfinger Syndrome.

CNN projects Dow Jones Industrial Average to fall 8,000 points if debt ceiling breached

Donated last night to get this party started 17 needed for 218DEM > 217R House in 2014

Of course the President appointed Yellen. He COULDN'T appoint Summers.

Ancient treasures found in Bolivian lake

Undercover NYPD detective charged for role in Manhattan biker gang beatdown

Dean Baker: Will Seniors Have to Pay for President Obama’s Victory on Budget Standoff?

Cuba most popular Caribbean destination among Britons

VA Chief: Shutdown Could Hit Millions of Vets

Newest Polls: repubs biggest losers but dems don't escape public wrath either.

Are men really all that necessary in the future?

Pogues Guitarist Philip Chevron Dies Of Cancer

VA Chief: Shutdown Could Hit Millions of Vets

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday Oct 9, 2013)

Challenging the Blockade of Cuba

Where are the poor located in America?

Shutdown means no new beer from craft brewers

Was DU down f or a little while?

Rare Amoeba Found in 1 Water System in Louisiana

Don't count on the public punishing repubs and sparing dems

Shutdown Heads South; Antarctic Stations Shuttered

I have a fear of public speaking: glossophobia.

I have a fear of public speaking: glossophobia. (cross post from the lounge)

The cardamom pilsner has finished secondary fermentation

Cool photos of famous Rock guitars.

Democratic cracks open in debt-limit fight

The Daily Show on hostage taking. Very funny

6 Ways Neoliberal Education Reform May Be Destroying a College Near You

Jon Stewart last night - stop farting and pointing at the dog

When Giant Banks Pay Fines, Where Does the Money Go? Does It Stop Crime?

POLITICO poll: Government shutdown backlash boosts Terry McAuliffe

How Private Tech Companies Are Collecting Data on You and Selling Them to the Feds for Huge Profits

Touch Me, I'm Sick - Mudhoney

My teahadist congress critter, Markwayne Mullins is a f'ing joke

Is Sean Hannity America's #1 Racist Rehabilitator?

Question for a Teabagger: Should Obama be impeached if...

The Republicans couldn't get any less popular, even if they twerked their way into the Capitol

California Obamacare Sign-Ups Exceed 28,000 in First Week

How do you negotiate with asshole like these?

Bill Maher And Congressman Give Tea Partier Lesson In Obamacare (VIDEO)

Elton John Performs "Home Again"

There’s a Major Foodborne Illness Outbreak and the Government’s Shut Down

Tiny robots merge into one big robot. (video)

Many faiths have 'nominals' who live their religion in name only

‘Head of Christ’ removed from Ohio schools

Doggie adoption in the works.

Lone Star Green: Policing Eagle Ford

This Pyramid Shows How The World's Wealth Is Distributed And The Gigantic Gap Between Rich And Poor

(NC Gov) McCrory Administration Officials Suppressed Insight Into Medicaid

Toxic water splashes 6 in Japan nuke plant mishap

This May Be The Most Unpopular Supreme Court Ever [CHARTS]

Attack on Jerusalem Graves Unnerves Christians

How to get lucky. Mark Morford

Our Government Is So Broken.

Computer chemists win Nobel prize

Why are the tea baggers trying to kill America?

He would have been 73 years old today.

Rep. Michele Bachmann declares that we are in the End Times: 'His day is at hand.'

"Carrie" prank at a NYC coffee shop

Republicans are no heroes: Column

gov't: most heating bills to rise this winter

Just pretend that it's not Steve Martin and that it's not satirical

CBC Analysis: Republicans twerking for the cameras like Miley

Give Your Best Analogy of the Republican Stance

Egyptian court sets November 4 trial date for deposed President Mursi

John Boehner, your shutdown has already cost me hundreds of dollars. Many have lost far more.

'Not giving up on my son': Father of 9-year-old stowaway speaks out

Chemical weapons watchdog says Syria cooperating with mission

Republican shutdown logic applied to baseball playoffs

If We Want a Civilized Society, Charities Can't Fill the Void Left by Government

What do you think the odds are for default?

"Quid Pro Quo" Ken Cuccinelli to Campaign with "Pay to Play" Nikki Haley

A fanatic is one who--

Help. New problem with iOS7

I love the "Republican Converted" Threads.

The National Parks, a symbol of big, socialist Government.

Yet Another Poll Shows GOP Receiving Most Blame For Shutdown (updated)

Robert Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed" (Full)

The right’s antics could cause a Depression: The terrifying default aftermath

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The end result of gerrymandering

Tea Party’s shutdown lunacy: Avenging the surrender of the South

2 former Eli Lilly scientists indicted on charges of stealing trade secrets

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Tbagging babies

Republicans Are Too Expensive – In Jobs and Dollars – For America

Anybody else having a hard time connecting to DU's server?

Billboard: Millions of Americans are living happily without religion

So someone explain to me

Rep. Michele Bachmann declares that we are in the End Times: 'His day is at hand.'

Staggering Statistic

I've got it, I think. The republicans and teabaggers hate democracy.

Republicans twerking for the cameras like Miley

Seattle mayor says he would support raising minimum wage to $15 per hour

Five Percent

WOW ACA! - I know why GOP running scared

Waterboarding Is A Big Joke At Cheney Roast

Excerpted from “You Can Tell Just By Looking” And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People"

Meet the Evangelical Cabal Orchestrating the Shutdown

The Ed Show - SCOTUS gears up for money and speech case

Well, thar she blows! Maddow says shutdown is like Capt. Ahab-style whaling. The rhetoric

President meeting with House Dems today, Republicans and Senate later this week.

Polish Archbishop Jozef Michalik: Sex abuse happens because of divorce

Was the ACA Changed nine times without Congressional approval?

Updated!......Can you identify this country?

The shut down is costing $300,000,000 per day ..... $2.4 billion so far.

The von Kármán Lecture Series

Disney Exec Says Women Are Hard to Animate Because of Emotions

Gun rights advocates plan another Colorado recall

How Long Will GOP Continue Shut Down? It Cannot Go On Until The Next Election Or Can It?

I said the Red Sox in 4 and I meant it!

Russia mulls new charges against Greenpeace activists, says it found dual-use items on ship

Koch-suckers still after Michael Mann's Data

The Ed Show - Boehner drives the country towards default

North Carolina 'Plain Clothes Officers' covertly spied on "Moral Monday" Protesters

Rachel Maddow - Military death benefits blocked by Republican shutdown

Alaska sinks as climate change thaws permafrost

"How Obamacare's Exchanges Turned Into A 'Third World Experience'

Crosspost from LBN: Toxic water splashes 6 in Japan nuke plant mishap

George Will Compares Obamacare To Fugitive Slave Act, Segregation

Andrea Mitchell ON FIRE roasts GOP congressman over denial of death benefits to US troops

Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad....'they simply don't believe it'

The GOP Caused The Shut Down Until They Can Shit Down All The Programs They Want To Shut Down

The uncompromiser in chief

Why Are We Talking About the Debt Ceiling Crisis As If It's Normal Politics?

i got my times this week. simple. i like....

Here Is A List Of The Tea Party Culprits - Those In The 113th Congress Causing All The Trouble......

Suicide pact at the Tea Party. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

GOP Rep: Obamacare A Bigger Threat Than Default

Rachel Maddow - GOP debt ceiling deniers imperil economy

Conservative Columnist: Campaign Against Obamacare Is 'Suicide Of The Right'

Reagan didn't count on tea baggers when he made this statement

NYT: Uninsured Find More Success via Health Exchanges Run by States

Nat'l Journal: Republicans Close to Violating the Constitution

Does anyone else smell a setup by House Republicans?

Credit check required for ACA insurance exchanges?

AT Some Point This Situation Is Going To Become A National Emergency And Security Threat

Just a quick little FB meme I whipped out in Photoshop...

Gohmert: Government Can't Default If It Stays Shut Down

'Shutdown worsens historic blizzard that killed tens of thousands of South Dakota cattle'

Dine and Dash Governance

Ridiculous Florida TV Station Claims Credit Scores Affect ACA Premium Prices

On letters from climate-change deniers

Yep, the full crazy is on

Was Darrell Issa kidnapped by aliens?

Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad

Applying government shutdown logic to the baseball playoffs...

New report: NC officials edited out information that proves Medicaid isn't "broken" after all

The Most Likely Debt Ceiling Outcome

An open letter to Utah Sen. Mike Lee

Why John Boehner might have no choice but ‘unconditional surrender’

Maddowblog - "Hostage takers disagree over ransom note"

What is the difference between Paulites and Libertarians?

Queen Elizabeth has revoked our independence!

What happened to the ACA insurance policies with acutarial value?

Obama turns to congressional outreach

Kuwait to 'Detect' GLBTers With Test to Keep Them Out

Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

Too Late

John Boehner Too Embarrassed to Defend His Own Extortion Demands - By Jonathan Chait

Waterboarding Is A Big Joke At Cheney Roast

Just called my rep, Joe Barton.


Navigators Not Welcome at Florida Health Dept. (more TSS credit score thread debunking)

The ultimate "Oh Shit!" moment

Founders of anti-Muslim English Defence League quit group citing ‘dangers of far-right extremism’

Evidence of a comet that rained 'a shockwave of fire' detected on Earth

Shutdown Setback: Republicans Are Bailing on ‘Clean’ CR

The Problem Is That The GOP Health Plan Is A Death Panel

La Extorsión de Marcela (Marcela's Extortion)

I need some brain bleach. I actually watched a half-hour of Hannity last night.

Will the "liberally-biased media" ever point out to those who "point out Obama's hypocrisy" (on the

Could Boehner really just be a big puppet?

Koch Company Denies Responsibility For Shutdown

Former U.S. Sen. Rod Grams dies of cancer at age 65

bad week?

A cute one from across the pond

Should we thank the tea party for this?

Update on a post from a while ago.

Greenpeace Director Kumi Naidoo Offers Himself in Exchange for Release of Arctic 30

Pakistan’s New Island Is Flammable and Temporary

Look At North Carolina To See How The GOP Gestapo Would Govern.

Happy Birthday John -

Conservative Columnist: Campaign Against Obamacare Is 'Suicide Of The Right'

Bernie Sanders Storms The Supreme Court to Stop the Koch Brothers Theft of Democracy

Comment: Politics, Policy, Deadbeats and Default (Bill McBride, Calculated Risk)

The 6 Dumbest Government Shutdown Myths

The Shutdown Is Boosting Barack Obama's Poll Numbers, and Republicans Don't Care

Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'

Republican Crazy Talk About the Debt Ceiling

What's for Dinner ~Wednesday ~ October 9th?

Moving the Goalposts until they're right back where they started.

What inappropriate word?

Tip to the Halloween Costume people

Obama and the Default Pirates - Amy Davidson / The New Yorker

Living in the slow lane: China accidentally builds flats in path of new highway... then has to cut

Koch Brothers

Why is Experian, A Credit Agency, used to Verify Identities for Obamacare???

anyone else have trouble logging in to DU?

Pic Of The Moment: Shutdown Day 9: But I Thought Ted Cruz Hated Government-Run Health Care?

'Braveheart' GOP Lawmaker Says Republicans are Prepared to Lose House

Border Patrol hit with abuse complaints

for all their bullshit lying denials: Koch brothers give $500,000 to Heritage foundation

Goats to trim invasives, reduce herbicide use

Do I need to apologize for this image? President Obama and Böhner in Conference.

Graphical depiction of the past 17 government shutdowns.

Jon Stewart: Why we need single-payer

Why the 'Atheists: You're Wrong' Billboard isn't a Christian Message

17 Seats

200 Arrested in Historic Action Demanding Immigration Reform and a Halt to Deportations

Republicans Shut Down Prefrontal Cortex - Andy Borowitz reveals

Hostage takers disagree over ransom note

22 Things You Should Never Say To A Multiracial Woman

Fans confront Matt Schaub at his home

This is supposed to be a wholesome, *family* oriented broadcast....

The God of No Compromise and the Government Shutdown

Apparently, Dick Cheney was roasted the other night!

Toon: Ellmers Fudd

The default plan is a GOP wet dream

Papantonio: Tax Dollars Spent To Perpetuate Poverty

"Tell Me More About How Much You Love Democracy"

Visualizing the cost of the shutdown in real time:

The Republican Concept of "Compromise" During Pending Negotiations

Recession Looms If Treasury Uses Tools to Prevent a Default

Housing Boom Bigger in Texas as Home Bidding Wars Erupt

Photoshop help? Anybody? The Boehner Whisperer...

EMERGENCY QUADRUPLE BYPASS - Senator Jim Inhofe alive today because of healthcare coverage

Foster Friess' "Practical" Debt Ceiling Solutions

Obama Rejects Call to Use 14th Amendment to Fix U.S. Debt Fight

The Haslam family fortunes

House Republicans’ Ransom Demands Falling

Russia Says Drugs Seized on Greenpeace Ship as New Charges Loom

The cognitive dissonance

I have frequently heard rightwingers say that Obama is the first president under whom we lost AAA

Expanded playoffs possible for 2015, Goddell says

"We've got you where we want you ... " (toon)

As Long As GOP Exists As Political A Party - Americans Will Lose Even GOP Supporters. We All Lose

Republicans has blocked 19 attempts to hold negotiations.

Facing Wendy Davis, Republican Greg Abbott says he’s the candidate of women

We Either Shut US Down Now Or Shut It Down Later. GOP Just Does Not Wants USA

Wow, the cognitive dissonance is astounding.

The Shutdown from Derf

congressional elections should be held once in 4 years .. here is why

"perils of life's temptations"

Flags at Pentagon were at half-mast this morning. Anyone know why?

Subway line from Hell.

Tea Party’s shutdown lunacy: Avenging the surrender of the South

To boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before--all glass public restrooms!

Jobs Data Integrity at Risk in Prolonged U.S. Shutdown

Lawmakers Back Military Death Benefit Halted by Shutdown

Rep. C.W. Bill Young, 82, to retire

Congress Now Less Popular Than Zombies, IRS, Hemorrhoids, And Witches

Boehner meets with Pelosi, Hoyer. Bye bye Hastert rule.

LA Times Poll: Congress Now Less Popular Than Zombies, IRS, Hemmorhoids, Witches

Deadly in-law of AUC founders captured in southwest Colombia

I Understand The President Will Be Meeting With Dems Today and Repugs At A Later Time.....

So, anybody know of any protests against the shutdown?

Paramilitary commander ‘El Aleman’ to be charged with forced displacement

Supreme Court Weighs Limits on Individual Campaign Donations

Big GOP worry Republicans signing up for Obama Care.

The US Is Sneezing Like Crazy. Will The World Catch A Cold?

In support of hte shutdown/default

The US has lost more than $250 million in tourist revenue because of the shutdown

Shutdown Cuts Off Food Aid To 50,000 Moms And Babies In North Carolina

Texas' Lt. Governor Hopefuls Need You To Know: No College for Illegal Immigrants

Why I’m Very Happy About Janet Yellen

“only acceptable way out is funding the government without funding Obamacare,”

Thom Hartmann: How Most Life on Earth Can Die

I want my empty-vee

Glenn Beck: Children Becoming Slaves Through Handwriting

Ok, so I entered a 35 character login name for

If Boehner loses, do progressives lose too?

When do furloughed workers lose their jobs?

The Rude Pundit: The Constitutional Crisis We Deserve Is the One That We Need

End the temper tantrum Boehner

Do we need more tax cuts?

Media's "50/50" Shutdown Coverage Totally Bogus

McDonalds Employee Confronts Executive: "I can't afford shoes for my kids."

Republicans Shut Down Prefrontal Cortex

Don't try to piss on my boots and tell me it's raining just because someone else pissed

Has the shutdown and looming default made the average American aware of the

Sorry, GOP: IRS official has not been ‘consorting with the devil’

Thom Hartmann: The Last Hours of Humanity - Warming the World to Extinction

Uninsured Americans by Congressional District

Facebook user? Tell "Taliban" Dan Webster (R-FL) what you think about the shutdown

Anyone here in Pa that looked at know if Highmark PPO

Russia 'finds drugs' on Greenpeace ship, new charges loom

For those who swallowed the 60 Minutes SSDI fraud story, hook line and sinker, I say:

Help me make sure I have this straight about employers dropping spouses from insurance ...

Uninsured Americans by Congressional District

This Doesn't Look Like Winning

Lines blur between cops and bikers across the country

Bill Nye Explains the Earth Fly By (Presented by NASA's Mission Juno)

Bill Nye's Solar Powered Spacecraft (Presented by NASA's MIssion Juno)

The Kochs Reap the Tea Party Whirlwind

Watch the effects of the repuglibagger shutdown in real time

Creepy Stuff at NYC Whistleblower's Dismissal Hearing

Wow, just worked beautifully

I declare that from this day forward, the chaos we are now experiencing will be known as

Robertson: Secret Demonic Objects In Your House Could Give You Headaches

Pat Robertson has dementia.

Is God’s existence beside the point?

Democrats expand majority on Wake County (Raleigh) Board of Education

OMG - Jon Stewart Gets Actual Hostage Negotiator To Deal With GOP

I called my 4 (R) house menbers - re - discharge petition

ACLU sues Ohio officials over abortion restrictions in budget

Bridge communicating east and central Venezuela collapses

Why does everybody blame us? Poor widdle Koch Brothers.

What is the difference between a group of bridezillas and a group of tea party people.

Question: is there truth to the "Park rangers going Gestapo to enforce shutdown" story?

I Am Beginning To Think We Are Already In A State Of Anarchy.

Wisconsin legislature moves one step closer to increasing speed limits

David Dewhurst Has Dinner With Owner Of Racist Blog

No, a credit check is NOT required for the exchanges

Kochs claim no role in efforts to kill health care law

Re-militarizing the Police: Turning the Clock Back in Honduras

Newscientist: An Equation Predicting Cycles Of Unrest

Well bite my tongue off, sabotage confirmed in Venezuela.

Is it time for the service workers at the Capitol to strike?

I knew Ted Cruz, in another life. He sold cars at OK Used Cars, in Lubbock. How do I know that?

Dear Tea Party: The Gov’t Shutdown is Hurting White People, Too - Verification Hell - Day Two.... (UPDATED 2)...

Nairobi airport fire: FBI blames electrical fault

Ariz. executes its oldest inmate for 1978 killing

13 College Football selectors named

I saw this on Yahoo news today "Inequality in

Question about Ignore list

The Sound of Crickets Slowed Way Down

NASA's Jupiter-Bound Juno Spacecraft Buzzes Earth Today: Watch It Live

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Hell just froze over on MSNBC.

35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe. Really and truly astounding.

What's up with panhandlers?

White House Says It Won't End Aid To Egypt Military

Anyone here a Louise Penny fan?

Dumb Criminals: Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping So He Can Go Drin

Venezuelan TV station faces possible fine for "creating anxiety"

Man claims that he needed to use the bathroom to explain 111 MPH police chase

Hagel, In Meeting With Yaalon, Pledges To Remain Firm With Iran

That's it. There is no hope for the world.

I can't take it anymore.............

Okla. pipeline blast sparks huge blaze, spurs evacuations

Has anyone ever done an open water swim event?

Border Patrol hit with abuse complaints

Everyone Would Benefit If The GOP Were Moderate Enough To Allow The Proper Role Of Government

Liberty Balls! Can you believe the CPSC is still going after these guys?!?

Iran Appointment To U.N. Disarmament Committee Slammed By Israel

Does anyone know that status of Dish TV not carrying CBS anymore? I miss watching "Big Bang" and

Russia's Putin Hails Obama For 'Averting Tragedy' in Syria

Chelsea Manning rejects 'pacifist' label in first statement since sentencing

Supreme Court at a crossroads on campaign funding limits (LA Times)

You're still legally dead, judge tells Fostoria man

Tea Party Nation Withdraws Mitch McConnell Endorsement

House Passes Bill To Restore Military Death Benefits

Blackfish, documentary on Orca that killed a trainer in 2010, airs Oct 24th on CNN

Protesters Adopt Highway To Get Close To National Security Data Center Set To Open In Utah

(Kaitlyn Hunt) Florida Teen Unaware Same-Sex Relationship With Underage Girlfriend Was Illegal

Talk me down

18 State Salmonella Outbreak from Fosters Chicken Parts--UPDATE

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug

This also doesn't look like winning: GOP approval at lowest ever (Gallup)

*NOW, POTUS nominating Janet Yellin to Fed Chair,

Fox News debuts bizarre, giant tablets in its outrageous new newsroom

Gallup: GOP favorability plunges to record low

TSA Considers Letting Passengers Fly With Marijuana

Shots fired in vicinity of Fed court House in Wheeling, WV

Al-Shabaab , Kenya Mall terrorist group, funded operations by poaching elephants & rhinos

Bachmann responds to Miley: I don't twerk

The shutdown will not end until Republicans do what they don't want to....

Meet the Evangelical Cabal Orchestrating the Shut Down

Just to let you guys know . . . .

Censoring atheists at LSE is a victory for oppression

CYC--Clear Your Cache (it worked for me!!)

Krugman: They Can’t Handle the Truth

Muslim leader says pope is model of what religious leader should be

Voter suppression - we need to get the word out -

Families of fallen U.S. troops to get death benefits amid shutdown


My ONLY gripe about the ACA is that they did not use the 3 year lead time well.

Must See on Netflix: Hellbound?

Did they ever figure out what causes shin splints?

Hezbollah, Iraqi militia capture Damascus suburb: opposition

School tries to nix Halloween for ‘religious overtones’; parents revolt

The Red Sox will win it all!

Pentagon Says Foundation to Pay Death Benefits

I Hate Republicans

My 5000th Post: Crunch Time

Right-Wing Activists Abandon Linking Obamacare Repeal To Debt Ceiling

Obama Plans to Talk to GOP Again on Shutdown, Debt


"These are the kind of people who get eaten by bears"

State Funding To Keep Interfaith Open Through Year's End

What Ever Happened To These Guys?

The fact that Congress is less popular than dog poop is now forever in the Congressional record.

NYC SUV-Biker incident:

GOP Splinters Over Hostage Strategy As Default Looms

White House: Boehner 'Preventing' Republicans From Meeting With Obama

Mother of two arrested after confronting McDonald's President about poverty wages.

PayPal question:

Things you can do with milk.

Up For Grabs? Bill Young Retiring: Florida Republican Congressman Not Seeking Reelection In 2014

Yankees sign Manager Joe Girardi to 4 year contract

Tennessee man refuses to remove blackface hanging scene from corn-maze

White House: Boehner 'Preventing' Republicans From Meeting With President Obama

Juno now at a distance of 15,000 Kilometers following its close encounter with Earth.

ACA-Not going through Exchanges

Last spring I think it was, my employer made some major changes to its operating programs -

Ohio's GOP Governor may adopt Obamacare via executive order

Papantonio: Republicans Attack "Useless Eaters"

Civil war coming to GOP: Kasich to implement Obamacare by executive order

Bronx charity director accused of draining bank account

The Tea Party attitude: Burn baby burn

President Obama nominates Yellen as first woman to lead Fed

Check out what I just got in my inbox LOL

Kafka-Esque Conditions At Guantanamo Bay - Molly Crabapple Discusses

KRUGMAN: Can they come to grips with the failure of extortion before it’s time to shoot the hostage?

GOP: We're doing everything we can to entice Obama and Dems into negotiating, but we get no response

New Yorkers will soon start eating the rich

Hispanic groups know who they want to see as NYPD commissioner after Raymond Kelly

Commando Super Suit Will Feature An Exoskeleton and 'Liquid Body Armor'

The Brennan Center for Justice-NEW REPORT: What the Government Does with Americans' Data

European Lawmakers Tighten Rules on Fracking

The EPA needs to do something about Rand Paul. That HAS to be an endangered species on his head.

'Suspicious package' sent to Rep. Blackburn's office was empty envelope, police say

Weekend 7 Train Suspensions Begin Again This Friday

Gallup: Republican Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low

Need help: how to deal with this talking point?

U.S. Department of Justice: Investigate the Koch brothers and related Tea Party groups

This makes me physically ill: Michelle Duggar 'trying' to get pregnant with 20th child

Feral cat or someone's pet??? How do I know.

Colombia authorities arrest attorney who falsely accused lawmakers of FARC-ties

From the L.A. Times.......Tea party, Koch, Bachman, Boner.....Good read

The NSA Review Panel Shut Down

Shutdown delays notice of Social Security COLA

A Tiny Positive...

I-594 - 250,000 signatures for gun safety initiative

Business Groups Urge Congress to Reopen as Shutdown Drags on

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 October 2013

Undercover Detective Arraigned In SUV Motorcycle Assault

House Republicans Silence Rep. Grayson After He Cites Poll Comparing Them To ‘Dog Poop’

Dozens confront Border Patrol agents during Tucson traffic stop

Apparently the NFL is having second thoughts about drafting a clown

Federal judge denies Erxleben bail

Tatouine, Tunisia

Federal judge denies Erxleben bail

Ohio's GOP Governor May Adopt Obamacare Via Executive Order

Republicans are asking for something they have already: a bill that can pass both houses.

Diana Nyad in midst of 48-hour swim in Herald Square

Sen. Sanders: Hey, Paul Ryan, You Lost

Heres a meme making the rounds on Facebook.... one guys premiums went up 61%

A public Holiday display we can all support.

CIA to call back thousands of furloughed employees

Tammy Duckworth Reunited With Army Medic Who Saved Her Life (pic)

Bare House Majority Inches Up for 'Clean' Government Funding (219 in House)

Manning: I’m Not a Pacifist

Wolf Blitzer says Obama should've just caved to the GOP and delayed Obamacare for a year

Which Group is hosted in 209?

Why don't they make it about abortion?

Natural homes and architecture

Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'

Michelle (batshit crazy) Bachman is talking impeachment again

cnn makes its move for faux news viewers

GOP unity frays, frustration builds

SEN. WYDEN: Beware the business-as-usual brigade's efforts to sabotage new NSA oversight

And Boehner's cave begins--needs Democratic votes for debt ceiling bill

Bertha Venation is the sweetest person ever, but when she goes out on the river --- she... changes.

TexasTowelie sucks at cards. Compare these poker faces with his at the bottom.

One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I really am so very, VERY sorry.

MiddleFingerMom has been pretty easily amused all his life.

MFM mows the lawn for exercise. With summer ending, he's worried about getting out-of-shape again.

NYPD agent arrested for biker beating spied on Occupy activists

Journalist blasts US spy program

Let's play their game----and throw in raising the minimum wage

What ever happened to the plan of getting enough Republicans

Tom Hanks reveals Type 2 diabetes diagnosis on 'Late Show'

Boycott Koch Products - Boycott Koch Brothers

HOLY COW: This Is An Ugly Chart For Republicans

On Paul Desmarais

A crack in the conservatives' united front against President Barack Obama

Polarizing wedge issues, how many are inherently left vs. right rather than arbitrary?

"Arrested for trying to get Republicons to do their Job.."

Presidential Doubtreach: 93% of Republicans Decline Obama Invitation to White House

better late than never: US withholds Egypt military aid over crackdown

A better year for the cryosphere

How do you feel about the Common Core Curriculum?

We all need to call our reps NOW!

HELP PLEASE! … … …  The Upcoming Election November 5th, and the Nine Amendments

More natural homes

Jesse Jackson just said

U.S. freezes ‘large scale’ arms aid to Egypt

NV Gov: Nevada faces catastrophe if government shutdown persists

Congress Approval Rating

Janet Yellen Nominated for FED Chair

Oh look! Romper Room is back on TV!

Ted Cruz Conducts Own Poll To Show Things Aren't So Bad For GOP

NYC motorcycle road rage incident may have ruined a large investigation

Ship Of State Now Adrift

Endgame Is Here: Republicans Are Breaking

What Democrats Want

Sharpton is saying there are "deep divisions" in the Republican Party

GOP Dropping Obamacare in Shutdown Debate? (focusing on austerity instead)

Gallup: Government dysfunction seen as nation's No. 1 problem

It is simply not possible for Obamacare to raise anyone's premium

Legal-Marijuana Trend Spreads as More States Weigh Votes

President Obama invited all 232 House GOP lawmakers to the White House - only 18 plan to attend

Is This The GOP "Nuclear Option"?

Sharks 19 year old rookie Thomas Hertl scores 4 goals, the fourth from between his legs..

Fox News Inks Dr. Ben Carson to Contributor Deal

It's Looking Like Republicans May Give In To A Short-Term Debt Ceiling Raise

Video describes GOP mindset.

Betty White Is Changing Her Name For LGBT Youth

Olympia Snowe: This is no way to run a country

ACLU: Montgomery's sending clergy to crime scenes raises 'serious First Amendment concerns'

A co worker says Obama Care sucks.

Graphic viral images of dying wolves spur debate

Dallas Observer posts excerpt from intriguing new book: Dallas 1963

Yes! Janet Yellen Will Be First Female Fed Chair. How Long til We Can Stop Talking About Her Gender?

Virginia State Police Surveilled And Recorded License Plates At Routine Political Gatherings

Exxon made an ad promoting Common Core educational standards?

Readout of President Obama's meeting with House Democratic caucus

New Calif. law expands who can perform abortions

"...the difference between stomach upset and galloping Ebola."

Ana Marie Cox: The only thing crazier than the shutdown is Fox News' coverage of it

Cynicism: this isn't important but I was just sitting here thinking

I LOL'ed

Obama's approval rating is climbing and the GOP's numbers are PLUNGING!!!


Israel Expresses Dismay at Cutback of U.S. Aid to Egypt

Obamacare: GOP Armed Services Chair 'less than 10 people TOTAL have signed up'

LePage declares state emergency regarding federal shutdown

Oakland Residents Crowdfund Their Own Private Police Force, Because They Can

Turn on the lights and Kochroaches scurry


Taliban Mock ‘Selfish And Empty-Minded American Leaders’ Over Government Shutdown

How not to design a grocery ad

Congressmen Einstein Mullin “This country isn’t ran by just one individual it’s ran by four branches

A Lament: I don't watch the news any more.

U.S. deputy nuclear commander fired over gambling probe

My idea of health insurance:

Gallup: support for Republicans plummets

Lowest Poll numbers in History

49ers claim QB Bethel-Thompson, release Skelton...

Mitt Romney Buys Multimillion Dollar 'Log Cabin'

Do we know about how many have actually signed up w/ ACA?

A Journey Into The Dark Heart Of Israel's Permit Regime

Pentagon begins review of Guantanamo detainees held without charge

Punk Rockers Record Adult Film on WESTBORO BAPTIST’S Front Lawn!

What's the deal with health insurance subsidies?

GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney Says Obama Is Acting Like His High School Girlfriend

I am confused by the latest Republican strategy...

Im told potus also joked w house dems the list of gop demands to raise debt ceiling was so long the

Power Surges Destroying Equipment At The NSA’s Massive Data Center In Utah

The Koch brothers are getting scared...

In Virginia, the Kooch is getting really desperate...

Ok, so when they first came out, the tea baggers used the url

Joe Scum just said the following on Tweety

Free download from SBL Finkelstein's "The Forgotten Kingdom"

Here the latest right wing ACA chain email to go viral

Teabag full of flaming dog crap

Something strange going on in the U.S. Senate. Yesterday and today they voted on...

Both sides suck

Aldon Smith charged with felonies (guns)

David Corn: How the GOP's Kamikaze Club Hijacked John Boehner

DU, new meme -- needs to be hit HARD when seen IMHO cuz it's so *wrong*

Miss Arizona contestant battling rare form of cancer not covered by insurance due to exclusion.

Why Do We Call Them Teabaggers?

Exposing Tea Party Conservatives for Government Shutdown

Borowitz: Republicans Shut Down the Prefrontal Cortex

A US default might lead China to buy American companies instead of American bonds, some analysts say

Have you guys seen this clip of Elizabeth Warren?

Clinton/Gore 1996 Website still up and running

WTF: Patient goes missing from SF hospital- 3 weeks later her body is found in stairwell

Oh noes! Jonas Brothers cancel tour due to 'deep rift' in the band

27 Days to Go, Cuccinelli Campaign Goes Completely Off the Rails

Dear Mr. Jon Stewart: Please don't try to be like Fox News.

Organizer of right-wing trucker's group says he will take up arms against government

boehner won’t let gop house meet pres obama because he fears baltimore massacre 2.0

Is John Boehner the Fredo Corleone of the House?

Conservative Eugenics: let the poor, the elderly, the sick, children...go off and die somewhere

Obama’s Impeachment Would Probably Benefit Obama

Obamacare fight gets too hot for Kochs: We’re not backing GOP’s shutdown tactics

Question: Are there more TP Repubs up for reelection or more Repubs in purple districts?