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Public Safety Announcement - Raccoons are dangerous

Had a nice day deer hunting in Maine today. Last day for regular season. A big Maine tradition.

Are hosts decisions to be by consensus, majority or some other standard?

Seattle man who wore clothes with holes, clipped coupons leaves $188M to institutions

Holy Shit!


HOLY SHIT!!! Looks like Ohio State and Auburn in the BCS Championship Game!!

Web site on what Roman London (Londinium) was like

AUBURN !!!! HOLY COW !!!!!


Runaway Capitalism Murders Another Artist

Holy Shit! Auburn does it again!!!!

Poor Joe Scar! His AL team just lost pretty bad! 28 to 34 against Auburn!

What a load of garbage, "Bigfoot: The New Evidence, "National Geographic Channel."

Canada's refusal to protect its polar bears

Because sometimes you just need to laugh at politicians. Nationality doesn't matter. Just guffaw.

Holy shit! Our seven year SEC national nightmare may be over!

The Walking Dead 4.8 "Too Far Gone" (Spoiler Alert - Mid Season Finale!)

Holy Shit!! Look at all of these "Holy Shit" threads in the Sports Group!!

Jesse Ventura @ NEW Howard Stern Show

What Are Congressional Democrats So Afraid Of?

The Institutions of the Left Did Little: How Occupy survived despite a lack of union support

Glasgow helicopter crash: Police name dead man

Earthquakes shake Texas town on Thanksgiving, and fracking might be to blame

I just can't watch The Traitor Bowl. Can both of them lose?

If you are going to DVR a show, event, or game for later viewing....

Anyone else watching the dog show on NBC?

The Science Group has way better breakfasts than the Lounge.

More Huffpo ACA drama

Yahoo Mail has suspended my account for "sending spam"...

Holy shit!!!!

Woman has child taken from her womb by social services

Oakland teen burned on bus ready to go to school

For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000

Microsoft's "Pawn Stars" commercial is the most disgusting running this season

Britain targets Guardian newspaper over intelligence leaks related to Edward Snowden

42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record

Unfortunately, most of them are before my time...

Huh… What?!?

An Incredible Note-Passing War Broke Out On A Thanksgiving Day Flight And Things Escalated Quickly

Hello again. I have another question about the policing of the site.


Funny, ain't it?


Grayson: Should Only Seniors Be Allowed to Drive on the Highways?

Monsanto Protesters Brutally Attacked in Malvinas, Argentina

and Auburn DID Goooooooooo!

Miami-Dade's Science Teacher of Year 2012 graded on what other teachers did. Poor review.

Most disgusting TV ad this season...

Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK

Actor Paul Walker reportedly died in a car accident

Mom, when I grow up I'm gonna be a Republican!

The Green Friday Manifesto

The Green Friday Manifesto

riddle: What's the difference between a shmuck and a hero?

If the current trend continues, one of the next 'FUTURE' presidents will have been born in 1961

Tons of Whales and Sea Lions in Monterey Bay Eating Anchovies

Mercury: A beautiful but poisonous metal (BBC)

Study: Fracking toxins linked to heart defects

Paul Walker Dead -- 'Fast and The Furious' Star Dies in Fiery Car Crash

Just admit you're selfish...

Indian probe begins journey to Mars (BBC)

The Returned marathon

I don't know if you understand.

Don'tcha love these types?

Dem Congresspeople: Read Pope's trickle-down condemnation into Congressional record

No holy shit with this one. The ND Fighting Amish lose again.

Probably shouldn't admit this;

Americans Don't Trust Each Other Anymore

Man Cited After Tossing $1,000 Into Mall of America Rotunda

In 1963 we were less than

If any "cat people" are around tonight, I desperately need your advice.**Updated-Good News**

Weaker than expected Atlantic hurricane season ends

Question about ACA...

The People vs Winter!

Mizzou. Holy **** they did it...

Police close investigation probe into soldier's claims that Diana was killed by the SAS

Are we done with porn? Can we now discuss breast feeding in public?

New York Cardinal says Catholic church is 'caricatured as being anti-gay' in 'Meet the Press' interv

I'm not sure, but I think this guy is an Auburn fan.

Iceland Reveals $1.25 Billion in Mortgage Cuts to Aid Recovery

An Annoyance from Google + I need advice on

Chernobyl Fungus Feeds On Radiation

Holy Shit!! That blue astroturf is really FUCKING annoying!

Revealed: How British Empire’s dirty secrets went up in smoke in the colonies

Boeing . . .

Televangelist Paul Crouch, founder of TBN, dies

Who silenced Paul Walker? Walker dead in fiery crash

What is Petcoke and why you should be concerned.

Family: American detained in NKorea in good health

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday Dec 1st

The Story of...Thanksgiving

do nothing for 2 minutes

States' numbers will tell's story

Well Then Take This Yahoo News!! Betcha Won't print this!

As GOP states flip, where’s the Texas answer on Medicaid?

God and guns

Today is World AIDS Day.

Report on Obamacare in a State that's Resisting It

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday Dec 1, 2013)

Leaked paper reveals UN split over war on drugs

Thailand anti-government protests show no signs of slowing

the President in Leather Today

Law enforcement claims of khat, terrorism connection questioned

The Question of the Day: Will Fred Phelps picket Paul Crouch's funeral?

X-Box One or PS4?

Oldest Javelins Predate Modern Humans, Raise Questions on Evolution

'Immune gene' discovered in Neanderthals

Inbreeding shaped the course of human evolution

Proto-agricultural activity by hunter gatherers found in rock shelter

Study: Men working more overtime is keeping gender wage gap alive

Wow! Duncan McAlpine Sennett, Oregon Teen, Delivers Bar Mitzvah Speech In Support Of Gay Marriage

¡Viva México! by Mark Bittman

Paul and Jan Crouch prove Led Zeppelin is the devil's music!

Wow! Borgen had been just great this season..

After All it is Their Fault

Look, but don't touch: US law and the protection of lunar heritage

Bay of capitalist pigs?

My very own photobucket post!

Murdered an indigenous governor of Nariño

Mexicans buying unsafe vehicles: Automakers able to drop safety features

U.S. Army software pirate: settles suit for $50 million

Leaked paper shows major policy split in UN on international drug war

Cuba suspends consular services in US, blames the embargo

Ukraine opposition calls new rally after baton-wielding police attack 1,000 protesters

Pacific island nations demand tighter controls on $70 billion a year tuna fishing industry

No, Daily Mail: Humans did not come from outer space or from monkeys f*cking pigs

The Other Police State -- The Private Intel Industry Grows

GOP Oligarchs, Christian Right Are Hiding Behind 1st Amendment to Ram Through Their Political Agenda

Dear Uncle Sam: We’re Proud of Our Exports

10 Outrages and Crazy Statements by Right-Wingers This Week: Pope Provokes Free-Market Freakout

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Great Dane Kisses Edition

Massachusetts moves toward fracking ban

That helicopter crash into the Glasgow pub

US delegation offers 'nice gesture' on NSA fallout

Kanye West, Seth Rogen & James Franco Bound 2.5 (Side by Side)


Bangladesh Garment Factory (Gap) Ablaze As Worker Anger Boils

On “Giving Tuesday” Giving’s Never Been Easier – Or Cheaper for Global Corporations

Drone Used To Drop Contraband in GA Prison.

On “Giving Tuesday” Giving’s Never Been Easier – Or Cheaper for Global Corporations (xpost)

Frailty is a Medical Condition, Not an Inevitable Result of Aging (Op-Ed)

What’s Good For Bill Gates Turns Out To Be Bad For Public Schools

Ben Cohen: from ice cream man to Pentagon budget warrior

From the air

What To Expect From The New Liberal Era Of New York City

The ACA website to dominate Sunday's talk shows


'World's Ugliest Dog' Elwood Dies In New Jersey

5 Ways To Get Good Bacteria In Your Stomach

Chomsky: America hates its poor

I have a 12hr flight..Ask me anything..

Too late to sign, but worth noting:

French court fines boycott-Israel activists for discrimination

TPP Defenders Take To The Internet To Deliver Official Talking Points;

Report on Legionnaires' disease outbreak at VA due soon

Johnstown, PA

Sorry, Folks, Rich People Actually Don't 'Create The Jobs'

Sunday Dental Thread: Leaking Composite Restorations and the Kennedy Assassination:

Attacking the Affordable Care Act? Really? Where were the Republicans when...

DHS agent cites private medical history to deny disabled Canadian woman entry to U.S.

CNN Breaking: Metro North Commuter Train Derailment in the Bronx

An Army in transition awaits West Point cadets as wars end, military budgets shrink

Remove TEPCO Before Removing Fuel

The Supreme Court confronts the line between free speech and security with protester’s case

Former Occupy Wall Street activists start ‘Rolling Jubilee’ to buy up Americans’ personal debt

Men’s Rights Redditor explains the mate choice process of the human female

Just checking in to remind you that you still haven't answered

Train derails in New York; 2 deaths reported

We've had an interesting discussion on Transgender people and God in Texas

New Jersey defendants set free on ‘installment’ payment plans without judges or prosecutors knowing

World's largest landfill to become solar array

U.S.: American fighters in Syria a security risk

BAE, GD: We Can Cut Weight From Army’s GCV

America’s Role as Consumer of Last Resort Goes Missing

If gerrymandering is ...

just flipped to cnn and prick santorum is on calling ACA a 'bill'

Rick Santorum movie flops

Administration: We Have Met Our Goals For Fixing

NYT: Life on $7.25 an Hour

SEC head Mary Jo White bows to Repubs & Wall St., drops disclosure of corporate political spending

Can you watch this video without experiencing a knee jerk reaction that all positive thinking...

Thanksgiving is done, time to start the Christmas Wars.

Santorum: Obamacare Still 'Disastrous'

NFL: Top playoff seeds could be decided this week

Watch This Indian Actress Shut Down A Reporter For Telling Her To Keep Quiet About Women’s Rights

Liz Cheney

Virginia health insurance...spouse NEVER covered?

Poll: Faithful Catholics are an endangered species

The Life of a Corporate Lobbyist

Detroit: Removal of I-375 could come as I-94 is widened

I'm trying to understand the phenomenon of Bitcoins, virtual currency.

How Corporations and Spy Agencies Use 'Security' to Defend Profiteering and Crush Activism

"Is there any possibility that this could have been terrorist-related"

have you read FATCA The birth of an American Empire?

Machiavelli Was Right

When the holiday shopping stories have run their course, turn to holiday travel back home !!!!

Why the Christian right is so excited about 2014

Good morning !

Words can be more than words

I am really sorry but, I refuse to rec the one post when the other post

Mormons split over same-sex marriage

‘Young Lakota’: Reproductive Justice and Coming of Age on the Rez

DU grammarians

World Aids Day 2013: War on the epidemic is being won, but discrimination against sufferers is .....

Went to a concert last night. (about low wage sales workers.)

December 1st is World AIDS Day

Hilarious - Annoying Airplane Passenger Thinks She's The Only One Who Celebrates Thanksgiving

Alec Baldwin blames gay activists for US show being pulled

Remember World Aids Day

Police drag, arrest and allegedly beat Bedouin child at anti-Prawer protest

I can haz English?

NSA 'collected details of online sexual activity' of Islamist radicals

Geo-Engineering ‘Could Upset Rainfall’

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Anti-Bullying as a Civil Right

Update re: NYC train derailment

Santorum: Denying women birth control coverage is a First Amendment right

detailed account of what went wrong with Healthcare web site.

Police threaten activists, bus companies as anti-Prawer protest intensifies

"Let's shut it down again!" . . . Please come CAPTION Heritage Action's CEO Michael Needham!!!

So, the whole Ukraine thing is still going on...

Good article on Texas GOP meeting being worried about keeping Texas red

William Kristol on Face the Nation. Why?

How do I get rid of the MacKeeper I installed.....can't seem to get rid of it.

O H! ...... I O!

Spain criminalizes protests- including "insulting the state":

Best. Anti-Obamacare. Satire. Ever.

700,000-Year-Old Horse Found in Yukon Permafrost Yields Oldest DNA Ever Decoded

Here's why Wall Street has a hard time being ethical

Good News! GOP declares racism has ended!

Santorum: Denying women birth control coverage is a First Amendment right

Not to worry about the GOP for 2014, IMO Korea and China will be the issue. I have stated before

Eye Surgery and the ACA

Lots of problems, but ...

Apple maps development team

Afghans describe relatives' deaths in recent U.S. drone strike

How to beat libertarians on the economy

More liberal, populist movement emerging in Democratic Party

this is probably tmi, but where else could i share it?

Talk about a family rollacoaster....

Police: Suspicious person aboard drifting Victoria Clipper

Reverse-Engineering a Genius (Has a Vermeer Mystery Been Solved?)

GOP Rep.: Democrats Are Moving Further Left On Health Care

Ohio still home to 'A Christmas Story'

Oakland teen burned on bus ready to go to school

GOP Fearmongering about Immigrants Voting is Misguided Approach to Immigration Reform

Apple retail stores go (RED) for World AIDS Day on Dec. 1

GOP rules Texas, but talking like they're on ropes

I've been working freelance for over 10 years and never got healthcare, until now.

Breathtaking images capture river of fog filling the Grand Canyon

Cardinal Dolan: Catholic Church opposes Obamacare because ‘it’s excluding the unborn’

World-record surfer a prisoner of his talent

Anti-LGBT cardinal: Catholic church isn’t anti-gay and was ‘out-marketed’ on same sex marriage

Hamas tallies attacks against Israel in TV clip

Win at all costs: The political industrial complex wrings profits from democracy

Covered California $85 per month option

North Carolina Will Be America’s National Nightmare if Republicans Control Government

Viola organista

Report: Netanyahu Orders Mossad To Find Proof Iran Violating Nuclear Accord

If the government of Mexico wanted to set and example the would melt this contraband down

Hamas marks anniversary of 2012 Israel conflict

Saturday Morning TV Memories 1965-1976

We Put A Big Hurt On The Big Banks

Iran And Russia In Talks To Build Nuclear Plant

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 12/1/13 - Ohio State #2 but no 1st place votes

Santorum: Denying women birth control coverage is a First Amendment right

A jaw-dropper trip down Memory Lane

Trillions Later - Intel Committee chairs: America ‘not safer’ today

any update on MFM?

GOP Scandal Dies as Republicans Are Reduced To Whining About the Back End of ACA Website

Walmart And Downton Abbey: Rampant Inequality And Detachment From Reality

REMINDER: The GOP wants you to have an ID to vote.

Texas boy tasered by officer after breaking up school fight, remains in a coma Sign In Problem Solution

Feinstein And Rogers Say Terrorism Threat To US Is Increasing

How Print And Broadcast Media Are Hiding Obamcare’s Success In Controlling Costs

Summary and Conclusion: Achieving a system that runs smoothly for the vast majority of consumers

Can a President Nominate Himself (or Herself) to the Supreme Court?

Pressure Builds On Boehner For NSA Vote

Found on FB

Officials: Worst Tech Bugs Over For

Americans Back Iran Deal By 2-to-1 Margin: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

John Doe recall probe could focus on free speech, Supreme Court makeup

The People’s View: The Conservative Movement’s Death Wish

Toon: The Tea Baggers picket A Christmas Carol

FBI warns about Americans joining Islamic fighters in Syria

Cannibal Cop Allegations Rock Germany

Little Boys Learn A Lot From Watching 'Star Wars,' And It Isn't All Good

Toon: Pope Francis

Toon: This week in unmitigated disasters

It all makes sense now.

For once, I hope a Republican is right.

The Pioneer Way ...

Study: Conservatives More Likely To Make Up Facts In Order to Justify Their Beliefs

A look back at Great Moments in Tea Party signage

Republican National Committee thanks civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks for ‘ending racism’

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer attacked for neglecting to investigate over 6,000 reports of child abuse

Do you prefer to take the stairs or the elevator?

A charming little ditty in response to trolls and haters

New telephones are on their way.

W.H.: Obamacare site now works for 'vast majority'

John Doe recall probe could focus on free speech, Supreme Court makeup

The final season of Treme starts tonight. OH how I miss New Orleans.

Let me see if I have this straight - ReTHUGS took gazillions

Share your success story

Republican voices concern about data security on Obamacare website

I keep getting told woo is "harmless..."

Here we go again (Simon Wren-Lewis on the vicious austerity cycle and the Netherlands downgrade)

Hotel Customer Service Staff Return Little Boy’s Toy With Epic Photo Diary

Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum.

They/we are destroying it all

A new solar system is installed every 4 minutes in the United States

First they came for the Sink

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

Hobby Lobby, just how do you think your Chinese suppliers keep low paid workers on their shifts?

Medicaid expansion's tale of two states

Historical Irony...

I Wonder How Many Ladies Are Waiting In Line To Take This Guy Up On His Offer!?

Why do so many right-wingers irritate us (rational) folks with their political opinions?

DU hiccup?

The dumbest working people in America are...

Biased ABC News Refuses to Believe That the Obamacare Website is Fixed

Cardinal Dolan on MTP

If Fox News was around on December 1, 1955

Frmr Romney adviser: Minimum wage hike denies ‘opportunity’ for ‘bottom rung of the economic ladder'

National Zoo reveals name of baby panda: BAO BAO:First Lady Michelle Obama, on Giant Panda


Auburn fan reaction tape

The ACA Website Was An Easy Target for a Media Desperate to Play Pretend Journalist

J Gordon Hylton just used the N word live on GEM$NBComcast


Bob Dylan Sued by Croats for Alleged 'Racism'

suggestions please! I want to get a retro toy for my 10 month old grandson for xmas...

and this, then, is the problem with Elan Gale "schooling" Diane

Golden Dawn supporters rally for imprisoned leader's release

A young man benefitting from Obamacare...

Suspect in theft of Victoria Clipper arrested

How would you fix the pension/401K problem?

Cuomo Press Conference on now

Howard Dean Goes Off On Republicans and the Media for Questioning Obama’s Competence

Miami Police Carried Out Daily Racial Profiling, Harassment and Humiliation—All Caught on Tape

Former Romney adviser: Minimum wage hike denies ‘opportunity’ for ‘bottom rung of the economic ladde

We ordered this- Graphic warning

Tucker Carlson defends Logan on Benghazi: ‘Sometimes the best stories have flaky sources’

My story "Men Have Names" just went online at The Adirondack Review.

Rich Tourists Now Staying in Luxury ‘Shanty Towns’ So They Can Pretend to Be Poor

"Somebody Had to Do It First": The Story of Shirley Chisholm

Just a couple of questions if you could help.

Al Gore is a vegan now — and we think we know why

How many of you don't have a TV

Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

Midland County Searches for Missing Show Dog

Wanted, please: graphic novels with progressive subtexts suggestions for 12 year old boy.

Pentagon Approves Record Sale of Advanced Arms to Countries at War

Now that I have calmed down and am not spitting nails, can I give some advice?

Set your google to "Festivus" and see what you get

How much chuck could Chuck Norris chuck if Chuck Norris could chuck wood?

WTF am I looking at?

So what's up with these 'atheist' churches?

Every Young Man's Battle: The Reefer Madness of Porn

Anyone know of any bank (or other legal) signature

This is a better perspective of my cottage, from photobucket thru FB:

Does Metro-North Have a Catastrophic Curve?

Israel's Plan To Forcibly Resettle Negev Bedouins Prompts Global Protests

Matthew Shepard would have turned 37 today.

China Launches Rocket With Its First Moon Lander And Rover

Let's SEE! Next Door,

Baikal Ice

Israel's Former Leader Slams Netanyahu over US

The Most Astounding Fact of the Universe...


Chomsky on the Arab Spring & "spreading democracy" - & why I'm at DU

Republicans are Against Equal Health Care?

Israel Is Taking Out Its Wraths On Palestinians

Ehud Olmert: Netanyahu Tried To Interfere In U.S. Elections

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 December 2013

DU: porn vs TPP

Anyone else using Hola Unblocker?

Extending Unemployment benefits

Wait? Wait for what?

Castro rebel video game is huge hit in Cuba