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Archives: December 10, 2013

Government sells remaining stake in GM

Who will win Time person of the year?

Trust Me DU When I Say You Need To See This Video.

Well, I've just come back from my annual "time travel to the future" vacation. Ask me anything.

Six Heisman finalists announced

U.S. to fly African Union troops to Central African Republic

Kanye West compares on-stage risks to 'being a police officer' or 'in war' (also to Michelangelo)

Stop the EPA from letting Big Oil win!!!

Had to share ! Cavlin & Hobbes -- ten cartoons involving hilariously morbid snowmen ...

I get the Adobe Flash Player popup every time I click on a thread at DU HEEELPPPPPPP!!!!

Exclusive: Israel, Jordan, PA to sign trilateral water swap, sales agreements

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Any personal present wishes for the holidays (if you exchange presents)?

U.S. senators prepare legislation to pressure Iran

Faux Noise: "The biggest myth of all time..."

email from Alan Grayson asking for donations

Canada set up spy posts for U.S., new Snowden document shows

Senator: Extending Unemployment Benefits Would Do ‘Disservice’ To Unemployed

Jailed Pussy Riot members could be released under Kremlin amnesty

I can't believe this: To get on Heart Transplant list, one needs to be nicotine free 6 months.

Bob Filner gets probation -- and his secrets are now public record

U.S. lawmakers hope for vote on compromise defense bill this week

Merkley: Pact with Afghanistan could keep U.S. soldiers on the ground through 2024

For the second time in his life, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has lost millions to fraud.

Driving in the 60s. The Chevy Corvair.

Huge ice sheets falling from apartment building roofs in Texas. Look out below! (video)

Ancient Mars Lake Could Have Supported Life, Curiosity Rover Shows

Lying in the 60s. The Richard Nixon.

Virginia GOP chair: Obama is ‘so close to death’ that he needs life insurance

Senate extends gun ban; rejects bid to address 3-D plastic firearms

And in other news, Tila Tequila should lay off whatever the fuck she's been smoking

Newtown families urge kindness as shooting anniversary nears

Bogota mayor Gustavo Petro sacked and banned from office

I have a family member who is a member of the Tea Party

2 documentaries

NRA: Our Elephant Gun Owned by a Guy Who Shot a Baby With an Elephant Gun Is a "Treasure"

Millions suffer from digestive issues

How a populist uprising crushed payday lending

Man commits suicide at Xuzhou, China mall when girlfriend won't stop shopping, report says

Congressmen who got farm subsidies then voted to cut food stamps

The ‘Grand Bargain’ is Dead

After getting off the phone with an MRA family member

Congress Renews Ban on Undetectable Guns

Man Sleeps On UA Flight To Houston, Wakes Up Alone In Locked Plane

TYT: Not Just Porn, NSA Targeted Academics, Private Citizens Too

Daily Caller: Sexually harassing women is a fun activity, just like skiing

Loving in the 60s. The Beatles.

pope condemns income gap, ignores gender inequality

pope condemns income gap, ignores gender inequality

Dems Call On VA GOP Chair To Resign After 'Death' Comment

talk me down here.

Select gold medals for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics will contain meteorite

Tea Party Candidate Tells 911 Campaign Operative Is 'Stalking' Him

Oh Poor Poor St Ronnie - leave him alone Lefties - Newt is upset

The USG decoupled itself from the US Constitution after 9/11

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Reach $544B Worldwide

When Catholic hospitals turn away pregnant women in distress, we need to start asking new questions

Zimmerman's Girlfriend Wants To Drop Aggravated Assault Charges

Man leaps to his death at shopping mall after his girlfriend refuses to stop shopping

Teachers Union Launching Massive Campaign Against Education Reform Movement

EPA Could Give Big Oil a Big Win!

Religious right pushes Huckabee to run in 2016

Canada Will Seek Possession of the North Pole

Pope calls hunger "global scandal," urges lifestyle changes

Denmark firms show cellulosic bio-ethanol fermentation on industrial scale with 40% higher yield

'Look Who Knew What He REALLY Wanted...For Christmas'

Emerging from that debacle were two separate feminist groups – the National Woman Suffrage Associati

Rick Scott Celebrates Festivus with the Rest of Us

How is that a bunch of folks who don't believe in conservation get called conservatives?

For anyone following White Collar

Unlikely animal friendships...

Three Ways the Super-Rich Suck Wealth Out of the Rest of Us

Netflix To Air Documentary About Mitt Romney ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Time for some more fractal art, you say?

Hamas resumes Iran ties after Syria dispute

"Cherry-Picked" Intelligence on Syrian Chemical Attack to Justify U.S. Strike /Sy Hersh Reports

Official GOP Diarrhea of the mouth awards......

Super Bowl XLVIII committee tells fans: No tailgating allowed

Pryor trails by 7

I know I'm a pest with the petitions but this one.......

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy New Year & a new Kitteh gif

Snyder-Shanahan standoff: Team could attempt to withhold remaining money due under

NSA spying on world of warcraft players?

Sea World dissed by Joan Jett.

This is going to be an awkward Christmas...

(UAW-VW) Collective bargaining gets bad rap Op-Ed

#NoKXL Largest private sector union in Canada: No Northern Gateway pipeline

So I finally watched this "Blurred Lines" video

A Death Knell for the McJob?


Video Bill Maher: America's Craziest Congressman 2013

Where's the head on this dog?

Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Lawmakers hear the benefits, dangers of medicinal marijuana

New policy allows out-of-state attorneys to do pro bono work

Windowshades up for takeoff and landing?

The most incredible singing group I've heard in a LONG time

If raising workers salaries is supposed increase inflation...

well just finished my Christmas shopping on line.

New York State Hospital Cost Data Expose Big Markups, and Odd Bargains How Twitter can kill your career

U.S. sells last shares in General Motors and ends bailout

Dan Rather: "My Story Was True"

Another Funny Bad and Ugly Retro Food Blog

'Sound of Music' actress Eleanor Parker dies at 91

Pop song remixes, pop "danthology"...

Washington hosts Denver once again and again they lose...

The ultimate male feminist? 5 things Nelson Mandela did for women

New American Airlines CEO vows to make merger work

Social Security: Regressive Tax?

Samurai Return to Fukushima

Who here is getting up at 4:00 AM to watch the coverage of Mandela's Memorial Service?

Princeton begins meningitis vaccinations under shadow of UCSB amputation

December Photo Contest Submissions and Comment thread.

20 things the poor do every day

Now accepting submissions for December Photo contest.

Washington: A world apart

Limbaugh Solves ‘Rape Culture’: Ask Women’s Breasts to ‘Stop Staring at My Eyes’

"How markets are rigged against you"

Fox News Paid Ousted Exec $8 Million In 'Hush Money': Gawker

"FBI executes search warrant, takes computers from Kent Sorenson’s home"

New York City Subpoenas Secret Tapes by Police Officer

Update on AB 635, the Overdose Treatment Act (availability of naloxone, opiate OD)

Update on CA AB 635, the Overdose Treatment Act (availability of naloxone, opiate OD)


Gratitude list

‘Is my husband gay’ Google searches higher in less LGBT friendly states

John Denver-The Wings That Fly Us Home

I take it the ban on gun threads in GD has fallen to the wayside

"Why Public School Students Outperform Their Private School Peers"

"Conservatives Are Starting To Freak Out About The Budget Deal"

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat

Minimum wage, let's do this!! :rant on:

How technology is changing our minds for the better

  This is the best example for paying attention that I have ever heard. 

As of 10 pm here in Sheboygan, it is now 2 degrees!

Another Yakety Sax Video: Emu on I-35 near Austin heads south for winter - until cops arrive

Wendell Potter: Shining a Light on ALEC’s Power to Shape Policy

More U.N. States Quietly Say No to Drug War

GOP Senate Candidate: Best Way To Connect With Women Is On 'Emotional Level'

Michelle Obama Dazzles In Green Marchesa Gown At 2013 Kennedy Center Honors (PHOTOS)

Prospects Dim For Quick Extension Of Expiring Unemployment Benefits

HIV: Why People Still Won't Get Tested for HIV

ACA enrollment at public libraries in Davidson County--volunteers are standing by!

What thinking like a winner looks like.

UN's 'Free And Equal' Campaign Video Highlights Gay Rights Around The World

Anyone ever seen a table like this? It's the coolest fucking table I've ever seen! It expands!

Uruguay to make marijuana legal in trailblazing gamble

itching! medicine advice?

How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter

Rep. Steve Stockman to challenge Sen. John Cornyn in Texas GOP primary

UN unveils ‘Free & Equal’ campaign to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender rights

Dan Rather criticizes CBS re Lara Logan/Benghazi

Very nice NYT article about Kirsten Gillibrand

Started applying for work :P

A pick-up line suggestion from Rush Limbaugh

Texas Judge Leaves GOP, Will Run For State Supreme Court As A Democrat

Official Programme for Madiba Mandela's Memorial~

Cheap 3D printer works with steel

TYT- GOP Classes: Women Are People, Too | Sensitivity Training For Candidates

Mike Ditka Day

One Million Pibble March: to educate, end discrimination and BSL

Obamacare: Get a new healthcare plan if you lose your old one

Question on the ACA Bronze Plan I read today

Before Reagan, was a "living wage" a big concern?

Chris Christie Administration In A Jam Over Charges Of Using Busiest U.S. Bridge Political Payback

One of the most beautiful things you'll see. Snoqualmie Falls in the deep cold.

Oops: Republican Obamacare Amendment Expanded Abortion Access for GOP Staffers

Edward Snowden Voted Guardian Person of the Year 2013

Has anyone tried selling art online? Where's the best non-Etsy place?

Shields and Brooks on Mandela, economic inequality

as cold as it it,it could be worse

The perfect gift for that special loved one... Diarrhea Medication...

Does the economy do better under Democrats or Republicans?

Hillary Rodham Clinton away from the microphones

Fox News vs. Pope Francis

NSA, CIA Spying On Gamers?

Preliminary Deal Reached for New Major Tar Sands Pipeline in Western Canada

Man claims to have shared a cell with George Stinney (14 year old who was executed by state)

Honduran Elections: Another Chapter of the Ongoing Coup

Assange is a kind of creepy guy with an awesome website

Catholic College Police Kills Student after Struggle, University says

FBI Hate Crimes Stats released

The Pathology of the Rich - Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself

Victim Shaming on behalf of Julian Assange

ALEC standing there ground, right into oblivion ...

Regarding the GD post about maps debunking the NRA

Irving jail staff knew diabetic inmate had no insulin before death

The Surprising Healing Qualities ... of Dirt

Protest fever spreads into red provinces (Thai)

Arctic Chill in LA

State surveillance of personal data is theft, say world's leading authors • 500 signatories include

Jon Huntsman hits Rand Paul on welfare

Anyone having cataract surgery?

State surveillance of personal data is theft, say world's leading authors

Antarctica sets new cold weather record of –93.2 C

Navy promoted officer who admitted molesting daughter in lieu of investigation

Need help with settings for converting .flv files to .mp4's

Two Cheers for E-Cigarettes

Know your Communist Enemy

It is pouring rain at the memorial for Mandela. People are singing in the stadium.

Wikileaks Reveals Failed Plans to Suppress Anti-Keystone Activists

Frank Kelso died on Sunday.

Book suggestions...

Gift suggestions?

Neural Prosthesis Restores Behavior After Brain Injury

Mandela Memorial service now live on Al Jazeera.

Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals

The Mandela memorial march just passed by my apartment on the way to the Mumbai mayor's house

I did not know that Carter's grandson Jason

Prediction: in 10 years, we will be reading op-eds on how Mandela was "actually" a conservative

Student Receives Settlement from NYPD (Occupy Wall Street Beating Suit to Cost City $82,000)

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ December 10th

Mandela Memorial Not Important Enough for Fox?

For a $5. donation you can get a GREAT bumper sticker "One Term Pat"

Any other Patrick O'Brian fans here?

Romanian minister: We spend too much money fighting AIDS

Why is Ted Cruz going to Mandela's memorial service?

Real-life spies infiltrated World of Warcraft and Second Life to gather intelligence on gamers

Bill Clinton tells Brazil: U.S. shouldn’t spy on your economic data

Cheers for Obama,

Tech giants call on U.S. to limit surveillance: ‘This undermines the freedoms we all cherish’

Authorities love the "nonviolent". They're less sanguine about the "direct action".

Look at the Stats -- America Resembles a Broken Banana Republic

Movement Rises to Kick 'Corporate Reform' Out of Public Schools

6 Most Absurd Christian Conspiracy Theories About the Nonexistent 'War on Christmas'

Western envoys go to Kiev hoping to defuse crisis

Meet the 20 Percent: Wealthy Social Liberals Standing Against Efforts to Fight Income Inequality

Surveillance Is Theft: World's Leading Authors Protest NSA

One of Nation's Key Ecosystems Being Lost at Staggering Rate

Obama just shook hands with RAUL CASTRO....

I declare a wingnut freakout:

This Stock Has Collapsed: Warm Water Cancels Shrimp Season

Jon Stewart on the benefits of NSA surveillance: If you like your spy, you can keep your spy

CIA's anti-terrorism effort called 'colossal flop'

Uruguay Offers Bolivia The Construction Of A Waterway That Would Give The Landlocked Country Access

Heineman (R-NE) knew of my campaign fines before appointing me to Legislature, businessman says

Nuclear war would 'end civilization' with famine: study

Wanted: Fed Policy Focused on Jobs for Americans Instead of Profits for Banks

Physician-assisted death could be legalized in New Mexico

The NSA is still in your WoW, watching you kill internet dragons (WOW Insider)

Breast implants: PIP's Jean-Claude Mas gets jail sentence

I feel sorry for whoever is going to speak after Obama

Prouder than usual to be an American today..

Huge news: Hawaiian mayor signs GMO ban into law

Honduras TV journalist found shot to death, international press groups demand investigation

Wisconsin: Dem. Kelly Westlund announces bid for 7th C.D. seat held by Tea Party’s Sean Duffy

4 Honduran police sentenced in students' killings

Planes Parked in Weeds in Kabul After $486 Million Spent

Joe Scum

NY Times: What Washington Gives New York [City] Added Strain on the Social Safety Net

Things you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and prescription drugs — but probably don’t

Too much information: GMA announces that there is really no security, and that

I turned on MSNBC for the first time in months and it helped me remember why I turned it off, its a

Obamas Greeted By 'Deafening Roar' At Mandela Memorial (video)

Syria sarin report blows holes in US claims

Federal exchange sends unqualified people to Medicaid

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA: Genocide and the 'national interest'

Christie and the bridge leading to his troubled waters-Dubious traffic jam shows signs of politics

US Libraries Concerned About NSA Spying

South Africa: U.S. President Barack Obama's Full Tribute at Mandela Memorial-Video

Why do none of these Western TV stations want to show other world leaders speaking

Fuck You MSM - live coverage here - Raoul Castro speaking

When Swine Rules the U.S., Russia and Ukraine

GOP bills would prohibit in-flight calls

Republicans continue to define themselves by what they are against

Believe it! A 100% organic spaceship!

New American Airlines emerges as deal closes

Republicans tout campaign to blunt Obama's executive powers

And this is what happens when the capital city votes against the government in Venezuela

The fools are at it again!: Conservatives’ inane new budget strategy

Europe's rarest orchid rediscovered in the Azores

If this flower can manage to blossom ....

Pussy Riot Prisoners Qualify for Russian Amnesty.


Dalai Lama To Miss Nelson Mandela Memorial In South Africa (VIDEO)

Who can recommend a good, basic recipe for Fruit Cake?

Putin just shut down RIA Novosti and VoR--and folded them into his OWN "RT" propaganda machine.

Heisman can johnny football even be considered??

Some legacy

Let's Get This Straight: AIG Execs Got Bailout Bonuses, but Pensioners Get Cuts

Top military leader presses Congress to act on defense bill

Have a question re: MIRT.

Neil Young to play benefit concerts for Alberta First Nation fighting oilsands

Anyone see Stephen Colbert on David Letterman last night??

The best way to start the day

Anyone here from Radnor, PA?

Please stop bringing western values and applying them to Africa....

Dan Rather: CBS Has 'A Lot To Answer' About Lara Logan Scandal

Turns out those old-fashioned ways of farming were actually pretty smart

Navy says training could kill dozens of sea mammals

The .00063%

The Ugly side of Samsung....

Smokestack city: An industrial neighborhood decides it has had enough

Downton Abbey

Sure he said that, and it might have been true then, but that was before Citizens United.

Stalled bill could hamper work on StratCom HQ, key senator says

Seymour Hersh on DemocracyNow: Obama "Cherry Picked" Intel on Syrian Chemical Attack (Part 1 of 2)

Cartel Power: Megabanks Gain Ground Despite Fines

Caption this pic of Steve Stockman and Ted Nugent

After Newtown, focus of U.S. gun control battle shifts to states


GOP’s Motor City fantasy: America for sale

Post-Lampedusa: Hopes Dashed for New EU Asylum Policy

Christie Refuses To Sign 8-State Petition To Protect Air Quality

Record Trade: German Exports Reach All-Time High

Rand Paul’s patronizing excuse for screwing the poor

When Faith Becomes Ideology

(German) Telecoms Boss: US 'Should Abide by European Privacy Rules'

Reagan's Motivation For Supporting Montreal Protocol - He Had Skin Cancer

Populations Of Once-Common English Birds - Even Starlings - Collapsing Since 1990s

2 Official Chinese News Outlets Hold Forth On Benefits Of Smog, Then Retract Bleeding Stumps

Ron Paul: Rand 'Probably Will' Run For President In 2016

Maine's LePage Also Can't Be Bothered To Sign 8-State Air Quality Petition

Republican To-Do List

Sorry to say republican Cuba-America are immature

Beleaguered Collin Democrats take Wendy Davis’ appeal as a cue to rise

China Bans Shark Fin, Bird's Nest Soups From State Dinners

Study: U.S. poverty rate decreased over past half-century thanks to safety-net programs

the only time congress works hard is when they're destroying Obama's policies

Surprise opposition derails Emanuel’s e-cigarette ban

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Feudal Party

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Always low wages

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

An Organic Greenhouse Run by Farmers With Autism

Anybody else catch "Six By Sondheim" on HBO last night?

Boy that handshake between Obama and Castro

Why Capitalists like Obama are Mourning Mandela

GOPer Limbaugh: `Will you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?`

faux news thinks robert menendez D-NJ is a republican....they fail at the most basic in politics

Lynne Stewart has cancer. Ask Eric Holder to free her from prison.

Have you ever used heated windshield wipers?

Right Whales Fail To Return To Bay Of Fundy As Both Fish And Plankton Stocks Shift North

New GHG Discovered - 7,100 Times As Powerful As Carbon Dioxide

Can't seem to keep my motivation!

US Navy/DOE Study Projects Ice-Free Summer Arctic As Early As 2016 - Guardian

Newt Gingrich just called me

Elizabeth Warren for VEEP

General Motors Names Mary Barra as Chief Executive

China's Planning Agency Admits That It's Made Zero Allowance For Climate Breakdown

'Murdoch is Evil' hidden inside Murdoch newspaper puzzle

Iowa governor candidate Jack Hatch says expanded care for poor delayed by Branstad

Nelson Mandela Memorial: President Obama Honors Legacy of South African Leader

Denver City Council passes pot rules that allow smoking on private property, even in public view

Thanks to the internet, I now know that there is an American style butt washing method.

Corbett Environment Nominee "Unaware Of Any 'Adverse Impacts'" From Climate Change

Harper Govt. Running Out Of Time To Craft Climate "Plan" Before Keystone Decision

President Obama Honors Legacy of South African Leader

Grieving dad slugs DUI suspect in courthouse bathroom, cops say

Poll: Majority Of Blacks View The Economy As Good

UK OKs Funding For Studies For Testing For Pilot Carbon Capture Plant That Might Be Built . . .

Catholic high school fires teacher who applied for gay marriage license

Such nonsense from the right about the President "bowing down" to Raul Castro. Mr. Castro is very

Domino’s Fires Employees After They Refuse to Work Below Minimum Wage

British travel ban floors Tyson

Stephanie Miller L.A. Listeners... I'm just finding out that 1150 talk radio is going

Cold dis-comfort: Antarctica set record of -135.8

The #16days concert is going well

I am so glad the GD big news exception for guns is finally over.

30/30. Submissions closed for December Photo contest.

Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at Centrist Dems on Social Security

I'm concerned about some history I DO NOT WANT REPEATED

U.S. defense bill boosts funding for missile defense to $9.5 billion

It Only Hurts When I Laugh


Ring of Fire: Can the New Pope Change the Religious Landscape?

FOX News attacks the Pope

So you ask what's wrong with the idea of a new Constitutional Convention?

President Obama Cheered by Mandela Memorial Crowd

Guess who backs $40 billion in food stamp cuts ??

Top Clinton Aide John Podesta To Return To White House As Senior Counselor To Obama

DU Bumper Stickers

What Happened On Easter Island — A New (Even Scarier) Scenario

Here is THE BOSS:


Israel, others urged to join chemical arms treaty

Nuclear war would 'end civilization' with famine: study

Pope Francis, the Bouncer

Suicide bomber kills 11 at Shi'ite funeral in Iraq

GOP outreach - Michigan Republican Committeeman: Gay Couples Want Health Care Because They Die Early

As we remember Mandela, Let's NOT forget - Apartheid's Useful Idiots

An open letter to the speakers, leaders and attendees of the 2013 URJ Biennial.

Pro-Obama Super PAC Mocks GOP: 'How To Talk To Women'

Uruguay's legal cannabis plan on verge of adoption

Congress May Not Drop People From Food Stamps After All

Stabenow’s Office Says She is Stamping Out “Food Stamp Fraud”

Mormon church traces black priesthood ban to Brigham Young

Has anyone heard from Prism? (nt)

Record Trade: German Exports Reach All-Time High

A thought for today ... December 10, 2013

Betrayal: Stabenow agrees to slash another $8 Billion from food aid for poor Americans

Every once in a while my Husband hits the nail on the head

Cancer progress threatened by budget cuts in Congress, group says

High Health Insurance Deductible Strategy Used by Some

i discovered a possum in my chicken house eating eggs last night.

How a Frustrated Blogger Made Expanding Social Security a Respectable Idea

Yep, organic milk really is better for you than regular milk

America Could Elect An Atheist President. Really!

I finally saw "Rear Window" for the first time...

Meet Steve Stockman (Tea Party darling)....

Jimmy Carter: Obama-Castro Handshake 'Was Something Significant'

Court ruling could deal blow to e-cigarette industry

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday December 10th, 2013)

Pic Of The Moment: Remembering Mandela

Republican nightmare begins: Obamacare is 'a godsend' for people getting coverage

HIV - Get Tested

Patricia Millett confirmed to DC Circuit - First confirmation after nuclear option used

Senate Confirms Obama's Top Judge After Historic Filibuster Change

When Religious Leaders Support Class War

#NoKXL Largest private sector union in Canada: No to Northern Gateway pipeline

The REAL Reason Repukes Hate ACA:

BEST Baby Jesus Christmas toon this year:

"Likes Metallica."

(Bill Record Number of Americans Can’t Afford Their Rent

There Are 3.1 Unemployed People Competing For Every Job Opening

If you can't win fair and square, cheat...

Former altar boy sues national Catholic group, alleges defamation

Why the media hides Cuba’s role in the end of apartheid

bad service jobs are replacing good skilled jobs

DC area, northeast seeing another round of snow

It's good that Mandela lived a long long life. It enabled him to see the good that he had done

This Ad Calls Out 5 Ridiculous Double Standards Women Face In Less Than 60 Seconds

Obama, Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt take a selfie

Bishop Tobin strikes again - this time, blasting Mandela's support for abortion bill

Canada has been secretly spying for the U.S. for years

Jupiter Rising Trailer

What Republicans don't want: Florida woman cries tears of joy after getting $3.19 Obamacare policy

I need a new strategy game -- liked StarCraft, Age of Empires

Jon Stewart: "If I may shout it from the hilltops: Obama-caaaaare is not apartheid."

How will ACA affect employment trends?

If Hillary Clinton were a Stormtrooper...

How's the weather where you are?

I can't take this anymore.

Despite Bridge gate Christie still remains popular

Remember who the real enemy is, Day Two: Slavery and the money behind it.

Obama's Handshake Causes Right-Wing Memory Lapse

Fort Worth statewide judge switches parties from Republican to Democrat

A Congressman Loses His Temper When Told To Not Talk About The People Suffering In The Room

Petition to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - OMG! Colbert just reviewed it!

Raoul Castro speech at

The culture of replacability is about to hit the wall

Bloomberg News: Hidden Obamacare Website Costs Show Lack of Transparency

Papantonio: Corporations Are Spying On You

We're still boycotting Cuba because...?

I choose ...

No one thinks of the elephants when the weather is bad.

IL Gov Pat Quinn on Morning Joe... Spreading the BS thick on Pensions

Suddenly. The urge to bake cookies.

NY Post Editorial Board: They "aren't really homeless at all"

Mental Health Activism Group.

Search grows for 6 missing in brutal Nevada cold

This is the tebagger running against Cornyn...

Has anyone been to Freeperville to read all of the compliments written about our President today in

Colorado 6-year-old suspended for kissing a girl

Dems are losing their patience with rethugs. This is a must see. (video)

"It took a man like Madiba to free not just the prisoner, but the jailer as well"

Rand Paul's African American Outreach Audience.

Nice to see neighbors

What is the population density of your town or city?

An aspect of the "Miracle On Ice" that I'd never thought of before:

JFK Remembered: Dan Rather and James Swanson talk at The Henry Ford

North Carolina Republican’s DWI and drug possession arrest is his fourth in office

US ban on high-risk bank trades approved

Medicare for All - It Is the Solution. Here's Why:

Need help with discussion with co-worker re: ACA (ObamaCare)

Food Policy Scorecard: Hold your legislators accountable.

"If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted."

'Sound of Music' Baroness, Eleanor Parker, dies at 91

Alan,Alan-I love you, but

Senate Invokes Cloture On Mel Watt Nomination To Lead Housing Agency

Justices Hear Arguments on Cross-State Air Pollution Rules.

FOX NEWS breaking news

New long-lived greenhouse gas discovered by University of Toronto chemistry team

Why Machiavelli Still Matters

It was so cold here...

A Christmas letter is the perfect vehicle for a right-wing rant,

Nelson Mandela Confused with Actor Morgan Freeman on NPR

Former chief of Colombia paramilitaries charged with 1500 crimes

Sarah Palin Extreme Assault on English Language

Republicans Would Rather Hide Behind Their Shame Then Admit The Truth About Their Party & Mandela

GODZILLA teaser trailer

If you want to watch the tributes to Mandela - here is the only place to watch

“Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela”

Food For Thought

Remember, we had Bush AWOL documentation in 2000.

Fox News: It’s ‘The Death Of Free Enterprise’ If Bakery Can’t Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Dismissed Bogota Mayor says removal from office is ‘coup’

Bernie Sanders introduces bill for single payer - Better Health Care for More People at Less Cost

Admitted child abuser keeps his Navy career

McCain goes full Godwin

Wow! Has A Waiting Room

William Browder: The man behind the Magnitsky List

Whoa - A Michele Obama Pic Laughing -

Jesus... at some point this club crossed the Douchebag Threshhold

andrea mitchell...raul castro raul castro raul castro.........

Ex-Rutgers basketball player Derrick Randall sues school for Mike Rice incident

Georgia National Guard to grant identity cards to same-sex spouses

Texas gets first statewide elected Democrat in 15 years after judge abandons GOP

OPCW chief urges Israel to join chemical arms treaty

Corporate media tanks on the Hersh story - Why?

US-funded Radio Free Europe again hit by hackers


Rubio enrolls family in Obamacare exchange

Reporter can keep source secret in James Holmes case

mandela looks like

Nestle cuts ties with farm over dairy cow abuse

This map should be hanging in every school...

Dangerous things in Victorian/Edwardian homes

Gay divorce approved for second time in Israel's history

In self-immolation by Olympic torch, Putin gives NGOs millions and may pardon punkers and activists

Israel Again Deals Gay Couples, Families Legislative Setback

The people who are mad about a handshake would never shake President Obama's hand anyway

Explosion, Fire Reported At Arkansas Nuclear Plant: Blaze At Arkansas Nuclear One Near Russellville

Texas Woman Admits to Sending Ricin to Obama

Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at the Saban Forum

Cats,cats, cats

Katy Perry: I Don't Believe in Heaven or Hell

Reid says Senate will not extend farm law

A Party that does not fight this....

I just had to. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Viet Rainbow, California LGBT Group, Barred From Marching In Vietnamese New Year Parade

Fresh Air: How ALEC Serves As A 'Dating Service' For Politicians And Corporations

Bipartisan negotiators try for modest budget pact

Poverty is not an accident...

Jakaranda Children's Home, South African Orphanage, Losing Funding Because Kids Are 'Too White'

could we use this to take back the House?

Fox News: It’s ‘The Death Of Free Enterprise’ If Bakery Can’t Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Is there any memorial to the three Civil Rights workers who were murdered

Its time for Good Science

Colombia Develops New Strategy Against the Left

Ian McKellen: UK Advised Me Not To Go To Russia Because Of Anti-Gay Laws

Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner, Says He'd Rather Go To Jail Than Make Gay Wedding Cake

Federal Judge Says California Attorney General Kamala Harris Wrong on Gun Control Laws

Rep. Jared Polis erupts in anger over GOP immigration obstruction

U.S., British anti-gay activists spread homophobic messages at Jamaica conference

EU commissioner to skip Olympics because of Russia’s human rights record

Mich. RNC member says gays want free healthcare because they’re dying of AIDS

Commission: ex-Brazilian president was murdered

Commission: ex-Brazilian president was murdered

18 year prison sentence for sending ricin-laced letter to President Obama

U.S. Embassy in Manila issues its first visas to same-sex couples

Spanish singer Fernando Madina arrested at Miami airport

VIDEOS: "The Daily Show" keeping tabs on all of the Obama administration's lies about the NSA

Canned Heat - Let's Work Together

Scientist Solves Mystery of Green Lightning, Says It's Surprisingly Common

Who is crazier the politician or the people they represent...

Breaking News: all six missing persons found safe in nevada!!!

this is excellent Christmas Miracle from Westjet.

Researchers present first undersea mapping of Yucatan dinosaur killer

I keep ignoring daily calls from Odessa, Florida

President Obama shakes hands with President Castro at Mandela service. Right wing has memory lapse

Colin Powell Pitches Single-Payer Health Care in US

President Obama's statement on the Volcker Rule


My tribute to vintage Nelson Mandela of South Africa

Rick Steves

Never mind that handshake....but Obama is in big trouble...

Only four shooters at Kenya mall and they may have escaped alive, says NYPD

When will their luck run out!!!!!!!!

Is "Slippery Slope" strictly a Republican/Conservatoid form of argument?

Colin Powell Endorses Single-Payer Health Care

Could diabetes drug slow Alzheimer's? (BBC)

Good things happen when we all work together

Michigan Republican leader Dave Agema: Gay people 'want free medical because they're dying'

It's my birthday today...

Saw a (Democratic) violent bumper sticker today. My first one.

cross posted from the lounge. westjet christmas

10 dangerous things in Victorian/Edwardian homes (BBC)

The Democrats’ “Third Way” Quarrel is a Fight For the Future

Obama's Complete Nelson Mandela Memorial Speech in Soweto

two undocumented women charged with voter fraud in Muscatine

Reactor down after explosion at Arkansas nuclear plant

Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA

Bipartisan fix advancing for Medicare doctors' pay

"Will the Growing Militarization of Our Police Doom Community Policing?"

This Guy's Got Skills

Time for poverty activists to go on offense - Greg Kaufmann discusses

Notable Handshakes In History

Anti-Hunger Task Force launched

Player can keep that $20K from half-court shot if he uses it as scholarship money

Government watchdog coalition calls for quick action on anti-corruption recommendations

Wal-Mart's Costs Connected To Mexican Bribery Case Reach $400M

Bravura flash mob performance at Air and Space Museum by the Air Force Band

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Arrest of Revenge Porn Website Operator

I triple dog dare you to name a baseball record that will last longer than DiMaggio's hitting streak

Harassed boyfriend jumped to his death when girlfriend insisted on going into another clothes store.

Sums must add up for Ukraine's EU deal, says Yanukovych

Just watched Kerry on CSpan3

Snow moves out, bitter cold moves in

Off-duty officer killed in Queens after crashing into storefront

DU on my new android tablet: Any advice?

Study: Taking Photos May Harm Our Ability To Make Memories

Angry Bear: Liberals must learn to take their own side in this argument

Bonnie And Clyde slammed for historical inaccuracies

The military face behind the Prawer Plan's civilian mask

If only

CREW Files Lawsuit Against Aetna for Misleading Proxy Statements = Dark Money

Futuristic Architecture

UK : Same-sex weddings to begin in March

Gas gift cards for Xmas? Can you get them at your local grocery store, WalMart, etc?

Report: Wisconsin's rejection of Medicaid money will cost the state $1.8 billion in 2022

A Plague of Tablets Spoil Something Truly Special.

Paging Nick Saban!

Why Is The Religious Right Intensifying Attacks On Women?

Daily Derp: Erik Rush Wonders If South Africa Was Better Off Under Apartheid

There Are 13 Countries Where Atheism Is Punishable by Death

What is the best way to glitter bomb a reindeer?

Morgan testing waters for AG run -- not John, his son Mike

Holiday nostalgia - foods we had around the house at this time of year when I was young...

Louie "The Lip" Gohmert strikes again!

"That Damn Website Is Working - Now What?"

I felt some rays down in Tucson Town!!!!

Record outdoor radiation level detected at Fukushima plant

Happy Holidays

Not just any Declaration...

More Happy Holidays

Rebuttal to selfie-gate

Key Military Sexual Assault Reforms Dropped From Defense Bill

This is why there will always be liberals....

Bipartisan fix advancing for Medicare doctors' pay

Colin Powell Endorses Single-Payer Health Care

Report: Little oversight at terrorism watch centers

6 missing adults, children found alive in Nevada

Slideshow photos: All the Presidential Handshakes with Murderous Dictators

BYU geologists discover 'super volcano' in Utah

5 minutes on a rural country road in Clinton County, Pennsylvania...

"Cookies for Santa"

A New Kind Of Plant

Jon Stewart Schools Tea Partiers For Racist Reactions To Nelson Mandela's Death - video link

If only this was an accurate depiction of motherhood.

The Deadly Pawns of Saudi Arabia

WOW! Couple, four children found safe after 2 nights missing in frigid Nevada mountains

What happens when you substitute Republican policy for Democratic solutions?

First Bush was Hitler now Obama is Hitler...

Bernie Sanders: To Defeat Oligarchy, I Would Run for President

2 French troops die disarming C. African rebels

H.R.1200 - American Health Security Act of 2013

"Evidence for a Japanese ‘‘Katrina’’"

CIA and Mandela: Can the Story Be Told Now?

West Texas Democrats having difficult time recruiting candidates for state offices

Thinkprogrss: Fort Worth Shows Why So Many Towns Are Banning Fracking.

Cop shoves dog into car invoking said dog to attack a surrendering suspect.

Eric Cantor Takes Steps to Give Netanyahu Power Over American Middle East Policy

Sen. Sanders Health Care for All

Vicious Police Dogs

Gold for Some, Coal for Others: Profit in Health Services

Most Popular Gifts in 1913

New Evidence of Contra-Cocaine Scandal

Um...awwwk-ward!---That's not a chicken wing you're grabbing there, dude.

You heard about that Satanic church buying space next to an Oklahoma "10 Commandments?"

Today's repuke minority outreach

Toon'-"GOP Tutors Its men on How To be More Sensitive When Running Against Women"-Actual News Item

Outrage spreads across the USA after a photo emerges showing Obama taking a "selfie" picture

Sexual Regret: Evidence for Evolved Sex Differences.

Snowmegedon does exist:

Shut the fuck up, you old fart.

Study: The War on Poverty Works

General Motors Co. Chooses Barra as First Female CEO of Global Automaker

U.S. Senate vote on confirming Yellen as Fed chief likely next week: aide

Could Tesla-style batteries be used to power trains?

Contractor: Safety Laws “Archaic” (Then a Wall Collapse Kills Somebody on Their Jobsite).

Humor Theories and the Physiological Benefits of Laughtermore by Julia Wilkins

Wait, wait...

Condemned Islamist leader wins 11th hour reprieve in Bangladesh

Breaking - Budget deal to be announced at 6.00pm n/t

Check me out, I'm fabulous.


Lawmakers to announce budget deal

Obama Chooses Ex-Clinton Official Podesta to Help Revive Agenda

Rising Job Openings Show U.S. Companies Poised to Hire

Bill Lueders: Talk is cheap in John Doe probe

Progressive Matt Damon says.....

Budget Deal Reached By Bipartisan Negotiators

This is the story I was trying to post about Occupy Tucson...

Congress: 1.3 Million Americans Are About to Have a Terrible Christmas

Extension of Farm Subsidies Rebuffed by Senate Democrats

Detroit Matters

I don't understand what the big deal is.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Please do not bring your kangaroos into the Lounge.

Make room for military budget but cut food stamps. SMDH! n/t

John McCain Reacts To Obama’s Castro Handshake: ‘Chamberlain Shook Hands With Hitler’

Suit: Marine's body sent home to Pa. without heart

Paul Ryan vs. Conservatives: GOP Budget Hero Faces Rebellion

Senate Confirms Mel Watt To Head Housing Agency

Elijah Cummings: Cruz 'Got An Earful' From Dems On Way To South Africa

Cummings: Cruz 'Got An Earful' From Dems On Way To South Africa

U.S.-Led Pacific Trade Pact (TPP) Misses 2013 Deadline For Agreement

Hey Floridians. A link to medical marijuana petition. 82% support, but many signatures needed.

Bill Maher: Republicans, who made deals with Mao, Saddam and many other murderers

Pew: Approval Of Obama, Obamacare Back To Pre-Rollout Levels

Dalai Lama denied visa to attend Mandela Memorial in SAfrica

Conservative Groups Try to Kill Emerging Budget Agreement

You're not just buying a boat, you're buying a hole in the water filled with awesome.

Ezra Klein: Here’s what’s in Paul Ryan and Patty Murray’s mini-budget deal

on TCM now, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

U.S. Senate Banking Chairman Inclined To Hold Off On Iran Sanctions

Rob Ford claims he has 'more than enough to eat at home'

Anyone who has served in the military see if you can get a state ID - good savings

John McCain is making headlines again...

Cop who used deadly force against that lady with her children

Obama Calls Budget Deal A "Good First Step," Presses For Unemployment Insurance

President Obama Calls Budget Deal A "Good First Step," Presses For Unemployment Insurance