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NSA agents are posing as Santa Claus, sings ACLU

Poll: If your only choice for Senators, Representatives & Judges were

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Reveals Clues About Saturn Moon Titan

Exclusive: Chris Hayes attends secret union meeting with unhappy NBC workers

Your greed is hurting the economy!!

The only reason for TPP, IMO, is to settle the routing and transit of newly legalized drugs.

Cat Fight

As a man let me apologize

news flash: santa claus is a woman

John Kerry congratulates newly-elected president of Honduras, pledges support

Dinosaur mummy's fleshy head crest

Harbaugh to Texas? It’s Not So Crazy

Racist New York Post Front Page On President Obama Selfie A Step Too Far (VIDEO)

DHS Interrogates NY Times Reporters At Border, Then Denies Having Any Records About Them

A Gay Comedian Steps Into The Mind Of A Homophobic Dad And Finds A Sad, Sad Truth

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 December 2013

Fake Sign Language Interpreter Not Even Close At Mandela Funeral

Trumka: Budget Should Help Unemployed, Protect Government Workers and Pensions

Me defending Senator Elizabeth Warren and Social Security on "The Independents" on FBN

How the nuclear plant no one knows about is wasting ratepayer money.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz paid $252,000 by unions in last two years

A Message From Karl Marx To The Commonwealth Of Virginia

Boeing to shift research jobs to South, Midwest

Hundreds attend vigil for Sandy Hook shooting victims at National Cathedral

I am officially done with fall semester.

Elizabeth Warren Destroys Wall Street Shill Think Tank Third Way

This is what dysfunction in Washington looks like:

A congratulatory note to Boener

"Doug Ford sorry for handing out cash, will stick to gift cards"

Third Way talks about donors w/PCCC's Adam Green

How To Talk To Your Kids About The Military Industrial Complex

Protest at Third Way for Attacks on Sen. Warren and Social Security

Obama health care promise named 'Lie of the Year'

Commission won't investigate judge for abortion ruling

Wall Street Led Third Way Defends Attacking Sen. Warren and Social Security

Virginia GOP senatorial candidate: Desegregation ‘was the beginning of the decline’ for schools

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, everyone!

I am an electrician...

I think we can all agree our Christmas is now complete.

Got a new (used) camera...

WashPost infographic on recent thefts of nuclear materials

Pete Peterson Exposed: The "Grand Bargain" Hoax


Bill Moyers: 'We Are This Close to Losing Our Democracy to the Mercenary Class'

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) - looks like a TPP supporter

How southern women talk

Stand with Jeff Merkley against Wall Street

If it fits, I sits

Was Patty Marray a good negotiator?

Diplomatic confrontation - Benghazi

I just got my Maine Potato Lady catalog

NRG CEO Crane: Power grid will soon be 'last resort'

28 Common Racist Attitudes And Behaviors

Papantonio: Republicans Fail on Guns and Budgets

Take Five (100th edition)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! White Christmas & a new Kittehs gif

Fake Mack Brown (you have to be a Van Halen fan to appreciate this)

It seems Gee Duhbya dances almost as badly as he Presidented (an animated gif I hadn't seen before)

Before going after Howard Dean, Elizabeth Warren, Dem think tanks threatened Bill Clinton.

Hindus Propose Giant Monkey God Statue On Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

Leaked Document Highlights Disconnect Between Corporations, Environmental Activists

‘They just wanted to ruin my head’: Records show Army lobotomized 2,000 WW2 vets

Video for new SF apartments is almost all-heterosexual and has one black person--behind the counter

Regarding Gender Equality in the U.S. Courts of Appeals - we've achieved equality in the DC Circuit

The Budget Deal's Crass And Craven Politics

Rich kid gets probation for drunk-driving deaths. His defense was that he's rich!

Does anyone have a great black family Christmas story

Experts Eye Oil and Gas Industry as Quakes Shake Oklahoma

John Boehner is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore

Has mincemeat disappeared?

# Get Covered~ :-)

Number One

Why do we call CUTS sequester? A fancy name.

"Update: Looking For Stronger Economic Growth For 2014"

Oh dear the ReTHUG war is better than this year's office party

I was reading up on HFCS and this was on the sidebar

UPDATE 1-U.S. Congress poised to limit contractor pay: Is $487,000 a year enough?

the best moment of my day

Budget Deal Lowers Maximum Pay For Federal Contractor Employees

You gotta hand it to them, the catholic church is really trying hard

U.S. judge orders landmark California cross taken down

Tea Party lawsuit says Brazoria County officials kicked them out of courthouse

Iowa, federal government reach agreement on health insurance expansion

the Washington Post...&...megyn kelly

Ayn Rand and Satanic Philosphy

Help poor Megyn Kelly and complete this sentence: Jesus and Santa are.........?

history repeats itself: piece by Katha Pollitt from 1996 - yes, 1996 - still relevant

Stewart Praises Budget Deal: Hallelujah! A Break From All the 'Congressional F*ckery!

Somehow, I don't think they'll understand the connection, but it's worth a try...

What are You Smoking? Introducing Marijuana Drug Safety Testing

Nature: Germany to Bet 1 Trillion Euros on "Renewable" Energy; Success Uncertain; Emissions to Rise

Sealer and glitter.

Anadarko’s Kerr-McGee Held Liable in Tronox Spinoff

Elian Gonzalez's great uncle: 'He says what they taught him'

Photo of Obama and Danish Prime Minister

Improper withdrawal notice forces mother-daughter face-off in Lubbock GOP primary

!!December Photo Contest Thread 1!!

Venezuela's ruling party wins 76 percent of mayoral seats

Has anyone posted this one yet?

!!!December Photo Contest Thread 2!!!

Kerry pledges support for new Honduran president

We owe Sarah Palin an Apology

!!!December Photo Contest Thread 3!!!

American Family Assoc. Director Bryan Fischer Hails India Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Gay Sex

December Photo Contest Prelims are up in GD

How was this thread allowed to continue as long as it was?

The name is: The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Most watched college football games in 2013 regular season.

Well there's at least $40,000 we could have saved.

Racial Microaggressions, Portraits of People Highlight Every-Day Racism

Why are there forty three different formats for user names to be

Just do it!

How the Christian Right Plays Victim While Imposing Its Ideology on America

European Parliament renews preferential tariffs for Ecuador

The Golden Rule: Those who own all the gold, make all of the rules

Feed me!

Senator Pat Toomey is on C-Span fibbin' about how many Obama judicial nominees the GOP have blocked

Sexists and misogynists and Racists; Oh my.

Three families tell why they ditched CPS

The President, First Lady and Former President Bush pose with 'Laura' at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

How long and how should oil be stored?

NASA Admits Google Execs Flew Private Jets with Cheap Government Fuel

EX-CIA DIRECTOR: Bashar Assad Win May Be Syria's 'Best Option'

SOP suggestions?

A musical prayer


KCPS to file lawsuit over school transfer ruling

Allow me to rain on the Prawer parade

A funny song/video about brain farts.

Stewart Demolishes Megyn Kelly and Fox for Freaking Out Over Santa's Race and the War on Christmas™


The head of the most powerful antiwoman group in the world was voted person of the year.

Israeli LGBT activists mobilize online after gay rights bill fails

Identity Theft Now Costs Far More Than All Other Property Crimes COMBINED

Nature is awesome.

Their Modus Operandi...

Desert rose

Astronauts Could Survive Mars Radiation for Long Stretches, Rover Study Suggests

The New Working Poor: Adjunct Professors

Thankful for this little corner of DU.

"Did someone just hack John Boehner's brain?"

Two Men Attacked in Brutal Anti-Gay Hate Crime at Oregon Hot Springs: VIDEO

How much do you spend on Christmas gifts each year?

Honeymoon over for gay couples after Australia overturns fledgling same-sex marriage law

India goes 'back to the Dark Ages' by banning gay sex — again

Gay Rights and Putin’s Olympics

US Government Pays Contractors Twice as Much as Civil Servants for the Same Work

Dog Helps Alaska Woman Survive 3 Nights In Cold

Teaching Creationism to Children is Child Abuse

Videos that make you feel younger

My grandfather's last letter

Having done enough damage on Gun Control, ALEC sets its sights on GREEN ENERGY

Comedian Pranks Cops with iPhone Cookie, Ends Up Regretting It

Baroness Warsi’s 'concern' over effect of gay marriage laws on religious groups

Gay rights: Can discrimination be legal?

Do you have this many books? (pic heavy)

RIP Loretta Fuddy-Aloha, Hawaii's health director~

Central American nations vow to end regional trade barriers

A Perry-Sharp Rivalry at Texas A&M?

Did Boehner attack the tea party because

GOP Supports Bankrupting Cities To Sell Off Public Assets To It Cronies

Canada to end home mail delivery. Does US post still?...

UN Inspectors Confirm Syria Chemical Attack

Is Donald Trump Mentally ILL and should Greta behold responsible

Of the people you care about the most who is the hardest to shop for?

I just drank two cocktails of my own recipe - Ask Me Anything!

Bill Black: Volcker Rule Approved But "Not Enforceable"

Buy American Mention of the Week, 12-12-13 When the label doesn't tell the whole story

The Great American Class War - Plutocracy Versus Democracy - Bill Moyers

The S African Interpreter for Obama

Misinformation Marred First Month Of State Health Website

Deputy forced man to kneel on hot asphalt

You don't have to like it. I predict now it will be Clinton-Castro.

PTSD Is Not New

Karzai warns against 'initimidation' on US troop deal

Kiev protesters gather, EU dangles aid promise

Welcome to HEL: U.S Army developing drone-killing laser weapon

Congress Claus

Judge, jury reject ex-federal prosecutor's age, disability bias claims

Refugees across Middle East hit hardest by freak winter storm

Palestinians see worrisome trend in 'honor' killings rise

Anti-surveillance petition gathers enough signatures for White House response

Former FBI agent missing in Iran was working for the CIA – report

Southern Poverty Law Center urges Army to re-ban anti-LGBT hate groups

The Governor of Louisiana VS the Governor of Kentucky.. the anti-Christ vs Health Care Hero

Corporate Extortion: States Are Giving Billions to Corporations That Don’t Create Jobs

Why the Christian Right Is Obsessed With the Collapse of Civilization

New Iran sanctions that threatened negotiations stall on Senate floor

What a beautiful morning to see the Tea Party with egg on their faces. Now back to reality

Why Is the US Getting in the Way of International Efforts to Make Clean Water a Basic Human Right?

This is huge: Swarthmore Hillel breaks with Israel policy

Paul Krugman- The Biggest Losers

Chinese spacecraft gets a close look at Asteroid Toutatis

US, UK suspend Aid to Syrian “Moderates” as Fundamentalists Grab Western Supplies

US Drones Kill 15 in Yemen Wedding Convoy, mistaking them for al-Qaeda

A Government of the Billionaires, for the Billionaires, by the Billionaires

NY Times - "Gun Country"

Pepe Escobar: Little Kim does Pulp Fiction

So did DUers hear Joe Scum's comments on the Lehnert Op Ed demanding closure of

What does Google auto-suggest do for you when you type in the word "I'm"

Plans for £5.4bn Argyll Array offshore wind farm near Tiree dropped.

Hey everybody! Let's party like it's 1999 BC!!!

Scientists believe genetic tweaks could significantly extend our lifespan.

'Only in the Chimney' : Anti-Semitic Carol Causes Uproar in Romania

Turkey a battleground for Asia arms exports

Happy Friday the 13th, Everybody

I know you can make an O Face, but can you make a Boeh Face?

Britain will pay the price for shafting the working class - (and not only Britain)- excellent read

China steals a march on Russian arms

Why Will the US Not Take Japan as a Sworn Friend?

EU migrants face 100 new questions to make it harder to obtain benefits.

HELP! I got that nasty Babylon malware creepy!

Honduras Democracy, Washington Style

The ReTHUG selfie of the week

Arctic 30 told they cannot leave Russia.

Canada: Our data, our laws

AFL-CIO Welcomes The Introduction Of The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act

"Everytime I open my mouth, my face disappears." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Middle East snow storm brings havoc and hardship to Holy Land.

I'm going to share a moment from MIRT

TPP state of play: America alone

Brian Fallow: Mystery surrounds trade deal talks

NYT: Chris Christie 'Suspiciously Connected' To Revenge Traffic Jam

House approves budget, 332-94

Mike Huckabee Floats Another Presidential Run

The Big Problem Is Long-Term Unemployment

House Democrats and Republicans Mostly Agree on Austerity

When will the media learn? Conservatives are not “centrists”!

U.S. considers cellphones on flights but no calls

Why do Russians pour asphalt over snowed roads instead of plowing them?

Paul Krugman is now selling houses? Joe Scar says so...

Ukraine Opposition Agrees to Parley With President

Court declares charter school law unconstitutional

Don’t celebrate yet!: Why Boehner won’t really ditch the right-wing nutjobs

Reeling In the Trawlers: EU Takes On Overfishing

Marvin Gaye's story was on ID or The Biography Channel the other night. I had no idea that...

From US code on the flag

European Parliament: Snowden Will Make Video Appearance

The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015

On Standby: Kassel's 270 Million Euro Airport to Nowhere

Guard brings Christmas to remote Alaska village

You can listen to Randi Rhodes RIGHT NOW

When NOT to double-barrel your name

'Only in the Chimney': Anti-Semitic Carol Causes Uproar in Romania

In 1900, Ladies’ Home Journal Publishes 28 Predictions for the Year 2000

My mom's birthday was this past Tuesday.

The Poster Child for Washington Dysfunction

12 Pains of Christmas

For Megyn Kelly

The Power of Empathy

Defense bill aims to address sexual assault crisis

Caribbean soft drink found to be contaminated with dangerous levels of cocaine.

Could it be that Repukes have their "game plan" in force

In the spirit of the budget deal, just want to say "charity begins in the House." Nt

Physicists Find a Link between Wormholes and Spooky Action at a Distance.

Ford plans 23 new cars, 11,000 new jobs in 2014

Sewage Treatment Removes Only Half Of Prescription Drugs, POPs From Wastewater

Discovery offers Ecuador Amazon parrot 11th hour hope

China Blocks West Coast Shellfish After Finding Arsenic, Paralytic Toxin In Geoducks

Machinists to vote on Boeing offer despite rejection, union leader says

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ December 13th

Pat Robertson: Letting lesbians in your house might turn your kids gay

Data to expose 'sleeping ice giant'

Cool photograph from Toronto

AT&T, Verizon urge caution in Mat-Su tower setbacks

BAS Begins Mapping "Sleeping Giant" Of East Antarctic Ice Sheet, Seeking Grounding Line

NY Times - "Gun Country"

Study: Mid-Atlantic Sea Level Rise .15 Inches/Year During 20th Century; Much More To Come

Megyn "may have been on to something"

Hawaii official who released Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

Classical 13th

AGU Meeting: Current SW Drought Could Well Be Megadrought Like 1200 - 1300s

You can just TASTE the Holiday diabetes and obesity...

Head of anti-corruption panel took $1 million thru loophole

Indonesian Logger Known For Violence, Kidnapping Enters Morality Carwash Of IPO

Must be a REALLY good paper...

Judge: Mt. Soledad cross must come down

Judge: Mt. Soledad cross must come down (xpost from GD)

What Republican Rebound?

Chris Hayes secret meeting with MSNBC writers group re: union organizing.

Ohio State: Ice Sheet Loss Pushing West Antarctica Sideways 0.5 Inches/Year

From 2000 - 2010, 40% More Cyclones Than Thought Moved Through Arctic - 1,900 In All

Discipline, deaths prompt inquiries into riverine unit

Wrap It...

Sen. Leahy: Mass incarceration and indefinite detention ‘tragic failures,’ like segregation

Va. Beach on defensive again over red-light cameras

RealClimate: Arctic & American Methane In Context

Guardsman accused of stealing military IDs in N.C.

Boeing demands billions in taxpayer handouts

Republicans STILL don’t give a s*** about the Newtown Massacre.

Study: Most Tight Shale Wells Will Be Strippers Soon; E.F./Bakken Peak As Soon As 2017

CIA, Caught in Colossal Lie, Lost Agent in Iran in 2007

Boehner and Ryan are Reflecting the Fear of Their Fellows.

Changes ordered for college loans for gay couples

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Shafting the Jobless

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - No wage increase, either

Newtown far from a catalyst for gun control.In a year since school shootings many states loosen laws

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Repubs

Public Health Still Threatened as Toothless FDA Antibiotic Plan Slammed

The lawyer for the accuser in the Winston case is supposed to have a press conference today at 10am.


Judges to hear arguments in Blagojevich appeal

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest (Murdoch image warning)

Judge says giant cross must be removed from San Diego mountain

Democratic Pollster: Slamming Obamacare in 2014 Is a “Trap” for GOP

The Danish are way, way ahead of the times...

The Art of Resistance, In the Selective Eye of the Beholder

If This Rich Kid Has ‘Affluenza,’ Then We’ve All Got ‘Negrobetes’

What an asshole...

NRA Board Member Invokes Holocaust To Insult Mayor Over Gun Safety Survey

Relax Boehner and Repukes...Hannity to the rescue

So what's with media dot cagle dot com graphics?

Santa Clause Is A Black Man

Papantonio: FDA Finally Gets To Work

Lurid Subprime Scams Unveiled in Long-Running Fraud Trial

Jim Hightower | Coke's Conspiracy Against Tap Water

A lesson that many don't seem to fully appreciate, courtesy of The Big Comfy Couch

How Wall Street Power Brokers Are Designing the Future of Public Education as a Money-Making Machine

Who's Excited About Another Decade in Afghanistan?

When Outsourcing Public Services to Private Companies Goes Wrong

Donald Trump and his hairpiece weigh in on "Birther/Plane Crash Conspiracy"

Apocalypse, New Jersey: A Dispatch From America's Most Desperate Town

Frosty the Snowman is not white

Why Is Saudi Arabia Buying 15,000 U.S. Anti-Tank Missiles for a War It Will Never Fight? Hint: Syria

Texas Wouldn't Let This Afghanistan Vet Vote in the Last Presidential Election


Americans pretty sick of tea party

Social Justice Groups Demand Congress Slash Military Budget, Spend Money on People, Peace, Planet

These Maps Debunk Everything the NRA Has Told Us About Guns

Breaking, Megyn Kelly traveling to North Pole to investigate first name/age of Mrs. Claus. Guesses?

Papantonio: U.S. Chamber Fights Corruption Laws

Could someone please keep the photography threads together??

Obamacare remains worthy: Our view

Rep. Forbes: Make China Bleed $$$; Budget Deal Stops ‘Hemorrhaging’

Looks like the CIA got caught with their pants down.

Woooo! The state's investigation of Jameis Winston was beyond screwed up. I listed some points:

Defense Department Announces up to $5 Billion in Jet Fuel Contracts

SEC Issues More Fines Over Magnetar Deals – and Appears to Move on

Haiyan Death Toll Surpasses 6,000

TYT: Demanding An Apology From Obama Over Selfie Controversy

New towers for the rich soar in New York

Indian Scientist Reprimanded For 2004 Report Predicting Glacial Lake Flood That Killed 5,500 In 2013

Hey, Remember the "Knock Out Game" from Two Weeks Ago?

Godwin's Law DISPROVEN

TYT: Jesus & Santa Are White - Megyn Kelly On Fox News

NASA - Ozone Hole Stabilizing, But Recovery Still Won't Happen Until Around 2070

AFP - Pneumonic Plague Outbreak In Madagascar - 39 Confirmed Dead To Date

Contingency Worker New Model For Future Employment In US.

So - Seattle Children's Hospital is upset that it is being dropped by some insurance companies -

Shifting entitlements

The Ridiculous Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case VS Birth Control - Amanda Marcotte Discusses

Pentagon budget is still untouchable = Lots of charts and graphics

Two House Democrats Lead Effort to Stab Students, Veterans in the Back

Healthcare.Gov is working a lot better

NPR: Florida Man Airs Grievances With Festivus Pole In Capitol

No Fair — How Can Darrell Issa Leak Obamacare Website Security Info If HHS Won’t Trust Him?

Good advice for all of us:

Houston school board votes to stop using Native American mascot names

Five ADFA army cadets who saw sex with female on Skype expelled (Australia)

60 Minutes 'Benghazi' Witness has Gone into Hiding

Kerry says Israeli, Palestinian deal possible by end of April

Rebecca Judd smacks down newsreader Tony Jones on live TV

David Pakman: MI Women Must Buy 'Rape Insurance' to Get Abortion

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car

David Pakman- Bryan Fischer: 1st Amendment Only Protects Christians

Megyn Kelly's White Santa Betrays the Conservative's Fear of the Other

Italian Alpine Glaciers May be Experiencing Unprecedented Warming

David Pakman- L Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson: Scientology Created to Control People

Absurdity Today: This BAD SANTA Leaves Lumps of Coal in Your Lung Instead of Your Stocking

It’s Snowing In Cairo For The First Time In 112 Years

Move Over Bigfoot, Here Comes Sheepsquatch

Pic Of The Moment: Fox News Explains The True Meaning Of A "White Christmas"

Catholic school fires gay teacher, drawing protest

ENENEWS Fukushima Update: 12-13-2013

A Message From Michigan Republicans

Rare snow blankets Middle East

Pig Boy Bashes Pope Francis

San Francisco bicycle boom follows bike-friendly upgrades

My Take on the Pledge of Allegiance.

Don’t celebrate yet!: Why Boehner won’t really ditch the right-wing nutjobs.

Don't worry El Supremo...the Donkeys willhave the #1 seed back by Sunday...nt

Grijalva...Conflicts of Interest in Preparation of Keystone XL Environmental Review

Sentence Cut in Texas for School Official Jailed in Test Scandal

As problems persist with Florida's unemployment website, Crist calls for investigation

Man who faked sign language at Mandela memorial has faced murder, other charges

Jon Stewart Interview With George Carlin From 1997

I just realized I have three dead Facebook friends

Geminid meteor shower 2013: up to 120 meteors an hour expected Saturday morning

Megyn Kelly Farts Live On Fox News

Media Matters Declares Victory: 'The War On Fox Is Over'

So I got a tour of the Coffee shop I will be working at.

Prince Harry and team arrive at South Pole

Fake Interpreter at Mandela memorial has a rap sheet, that includes murder, and rape charge..

Patrick Murphy, Iraq vet and former congressman, to get MSNBC show

Naoto Kan demands anti-nuclear LDP politicians make their views public

A remarkable food drive

Amazing #ACA news. 49,000 Californians selected plan in 1st week of December. 7,100 covered per day!

today in women's herstory-13 december

Anybody in Stow?

Ninja cat Christmas tree

Interesting read

Is there to-day, a Republican more liberal than Goldwater?

Black Santa vs White Santa...Fox News... Jon Stewart

Fatal air strike hits wedding convoy in Yemen

Siberian Ice Drummers Use Frozen Lake Baikal as a Musical Instrument

Obamacare Improvement: What Were Pre-Existing Conditions? Scary.

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Fell for Third Month in November

Toon: A little turbulance on the right-wing side...

Widespread flooding in Gaza forces thousands to flee homes

Toronto Star reporter serves Rob Ford with libel notice

U.S. House Passes $625.1 Billion Defense Policy Measure

Now w/ Alex Wagner and Nancy Pelosi...

"One of Our Greatest Coups": The CIA & the Capture of Nelson Mandela

Need further clarification regarding gun threads on GD.

Deer (female) sterilization in city of Virginia approved by City Council

what of Lincoln?...and Reagan.

Rick Santorum movie flops, representing another victory for the devil

State Attorney continues to review fatal FBI shooting of Chechen man

"One of Our Greatest Coups": The CIA & the Capture of Nelson Mandela

WA State Charter Schools ruled unconstitutional

Eight years on the lam, escaped zoo flamingo living large in Texas

To the fucking management at Seaworld...

Voter-approved $15 minimum wage law in Seattle suburb faces legal challenge

Fairfax County Electoral Board: "every ballot was accurately counted on Election Day"

Bottom 90% loses / Top one-hundredth of 1% make out like bandits!

Texas Lt. Gov. Hopefuls Voice Support For Creationism

India calls for quick action after diplomat arrested in New York

Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

Affluenza - AKA Spoiled Brat Syndrome

Attorney asks Fla. AG to investigate Winston case

Meet the CBS football broadcast crew

Raul Castro? What about George W. Bush?

NSA review to leave spying programs largely unchanged, reports say

Ted Talk on Gender

What would it take to vote 'yes?' Boeing factory workers weigh in

"Maybe you should check into applying for Obamacare?"... "Yeah, that's what the doctor said"

PA’s Abbas: ‘No, We Do Not Support the Boycott of Israel’

Maduro appoints “parallel mayors” in opposition strongholds

This is Ben. He is immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated...

My last Friday at work until 2014

ct was discussing finding du for the first time and what it meant to her. i thought back about my

Downingtown (PA) school ranks first in state performance scores


Megyn: “I am a straight news anchor, I am not one of the Opinion Hosts at Fox”

When atheist billboards and Muslim veils are both under threat, we need secularism

Rare: Holy Land blanketed in snow after intense winter storm (pic heavy)

Why can't I come up with a brilliant idea like this?

So about Mannheim Steamroller......

Issa Tries to Subpoena Sensitive ACA Website Code. Cummings PWNS Him

Meet the comedians behind “Atheist Mingle”

Gunmen kill 18 gas workers in Iraq

Religious-dress ban may force Quebecers to choose God or career

Megyn Kelly "to return to (her) show" what WILL she say?

U.S., Chinese warships narrowly avoid collision in South China Sea

Steubenville South: Tallahassee cops help cover up rape, State AG is asked to take over.

Don't go on vacation without extending unemployment benefits - Petition

The US government just murdered 15 people in Yemen. Who will be held accountable?

I was just watching a segment on MSNBC that caused me to burst into tears...

Feds say they disrupted suicide bomb plot against Wichita airport

Is it time to to find a cure for this epidemic known as affluenza?

If you try to force the state to take down a religious display

Fast-Track Trade Bill Deal Said to Be Reached by Congress

10 Things Billionaires Won't Tell You About Their Fortunes

Anglican priest ordained to Catholic priesthood in Savannah

The Rude Pundit: The Rude Pundit's Unproduced Second Amendment PSA

Secretive Group (ALEC) Calls for 'Guerrilla Warfare' on EPA

Human Rights Defenders to be Jailed While Transnational Investors Remain Above the Law

Men's Rights

GOP demands all-nighter, but doesn’t show

Levinson not a government employee when he disappeared in Iran: White House

So my daughter starts paying her student loan in January

Accused partner of Russian arms dealer convicted in United States

White House to preserve controversial policy on NSA, Cyber Command leadership


Washington Insiders Say Chris Christie 'Won' 2013: Republican Gov Vastly Outdid Top Public Figures

Iran quits nuclear talks protesting US blacklist move

Bryan Fischer: 1st Amendment Only Protects Christians

dog strollers

Obama Panel Said to Urge N.S.A. Curbs

MI Women Must Buy 'Rape Insurance' to Get Abortion

House Democrat 'Convinced' Ted Cruz Will Run for President

Center for American Progress releases donor list


Dear Rush Limbaugh-

Feds say they disrupted suicide bomb plot by worker at Wichita airport

Friday Chuggage!

Media Matters Declares Victory: 'The War On Fox Is Over'

Sandy Hook Grandparents Share Stories

Arapahoe High School Shooting Leaves At Least 2 Injured

BREAKING: Active shooter at Arapahoe High School in Colorado

Tobacco Firms’ Strategy Limits Poorer Nations’ Smoking Laws

Parking lot scuffle led to stadium stabbings after Broncos game, police say

Merry Cthulhumas!

Postcard from the Future: 122% Wind Power in Denmark

You know I'm a Yankees fan but the freak out other fans are having over Cano is ridiculous.

Pope Francis Can Finish What Occupy Wall Street Started

The NSA is Coming to Town

HSP90: habitat "stress" accelerates evolution, disrupting mutation inhibitor

GOP guide; How to talk to women

U.S. foundation buys Hopi masks at auction to return to tribe

Hello. I'm a retired Texas teacher.

The Onion Reviews 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug' .

Greg Palast: Mandela Barbie

Texas Left Me Out

Poe's law comes into play again, this is not a satire.

Wisconsin leads nation in new jobless claims (Cap Times)

Historical Revisionists Attack Megyn Kelly

Rare Snowstorm in Jeusalem

Jon Stewart blasts Megyn Kelly’s obsession with ‘keeping’ Jesus and Santa Claus white

What Happened On Easter Island — A New (Even Scarier) Scenario

New Jersey/Chris Christie- Traffic Jam Scandal

Papantonio: Bipartisan Budget Deal a Disaster

Habitat "stress" accelerates evolution by disrupting mutation inhibitor HSP90

Republicans in Tallahassee are coming for the wallets of public employees again!

Cantor Fitzgerald Agrees to Settle 9/11 Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Burn Gay People Alive In Ovens, Russian "Scrubs" Star Says

James Bond's dirty little spy secret: He's an alcoholic

Seekers and Guides: The Three Degrees of Wicca

Electric vehicle owners get charged up over poor manners at the ‘pump’

Huge snow event in Cairo and Jersualem - over 100 years since in snowed in Cairo

At Long Last Democrats Have A Real Celebrity: Bowzer From Sha Na Na

Wonkette asks whether Chris Christie is a "Petty Vengeful Monster," or is he just mean?

Now for the news that no one really needs, but...

Mega Millions jackpot surges to $425 million for tonight's drawing

Chicago's Magical Piano

Today in the snow in Saudi Arabia:

Now for something completely different: Tissue Animals. (amazing)

Boeing to lease more land in South Carolina for $1 per year

Fox News Presents: It's a Wonderful Life

The rhythm of the city / But once you get it down / Then you can own this town/You can wear the crow

I think I have to buy this hat.

How do you pronounce Humus?

A List Of All The Center For American Progress' 2013 Corporate Donors

Question for the old timers about Korea

Scott Brown Running for New Hampshire Senate?

Adios Huffington Post

VIDEO: Machetes Used on Peaceful Protesters

What if Comedy Central is behind Fox News...

Concrete proof that Santa Claus is a Socialist.....forget he's white Megyn Kelly, this ones for you

"Snowden & Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets"/Great Background from "Rolling Stone"

If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you like to be?

"One of Our Greatest Coups": The CIA & the Capture of Nelson Mandela

Megyn Kelly may want to stay away from Whole Foods in Union Square

Miami Area Police Chief Resigns Amid Racial Profiling Charges

People are eating furniture. Yes, furniture. Right here in the good old U.S. of A.

Visa-MasterCard Settle 5.7 Billion Swipe Case..

A Dedication to my good friend Greg!

Fear & Zoning At Mt. Sinai: A One Act Play

The Story of Christmas if told on facebook

“Christmas in Washington”

Is Megyn Kelly a racist or simply ignorant? Or possibly both.

World's most expensive cities for foreign workers

Mexico passes landmark oil reform: boon or bane? (+video)

FBI: Active shooting incidents triple in recent years

Nobody ever sings songs about the camels

Heads Up! The Bonner Bridge is still closed.

Hey ya'll, Rep. Sam Johnson wants you to share your ObamaCare stories!

Whenever I suck down a Black Cherry Milkshake like it's going out of style...

Today Is Toilet Ted Nugent's Birthday

Obama and GOP office report card....

Rainbow Santae

It's 5:40 PM in Sterling Heights, MI - Time for another edition of ASK MrSCORPIO

By cracking cellphone code, NSA has capacity for decoding private conversations

Bye now, I'll see you yesterday!

Typical NRA

Fuck... fuck fuck fuck...fuck. Walker makes move to harvest last old growth forrest.

Harry Reid: I Won't Campaign Against Mc Connell in 2014: Talking Points Memo

President Obama To Deliver State Of The Union Address January 28, 2014

Rachel Maddow - Private GOP civil war exposed by budget deal

Who hired the fake criminal interpreter at the Mandela funeral?

Rachel Maddow - Rape victim battles repugnant abortion law

Conservatives prove again that they've never read the Bible....

What did Cheney et al know about that missing American in Iran?

Omnibus Cats & Other Stuff Post (but mostly cats)

Cloudy where you are? Watch the Geminids Meteor Shower live online

The Biggest Public Health Threat No One Is Talking About.

I just got my first housewarming present!


U.S. to keep 1,500 troops in Jordan for time being

"Drop your panties Sir William, I cannot wait till lunchtime"

A Voice for Men doubles down

NSA deputy director John Inglis to retire at end of year

Picassos in Oslo buildings bombed by Anders Breivik may be junked

Megyn KKKelly Will Address ‘White Santa’ Controversy Tonight on Her Show

The School Shootings You Didn’t Hear About—One Every Two Weeks Since Newtown

Hilarious Scam

Your favourite Christmas songs:

The motherfucker who ruined Christmas

One year after Sandy Hook shooting, hero teacher speaks out about the tragedy

PR event but still pretty cool - WestJet Holiday flight

Youtube implements new IP feature that smacks of greed IMHO (some vids embedded)...

Bill Maher Scheduling

Megyn Kelley only sings White songs!

Great quotes on propaganda. Not surprising the GOP is all over many of these. Propaganda is who they

German study: looking at breasts is good for your heart anyone anywhere, PLEASE stop shooting in the schools.

Colombia’s Color Code

THIS is why I refuse to do winter

"The Appalling Stance of Rand Paul"

Blood for Oil? Indigenous Leader Murdered in Colombia

One family under the sun!

Bill O'Reilly's Stupid War on Xmas Attacks ESPN

The 12 Days of Congress

Finally! I can have my cats AND a tree in the same room.

2013: The Year Of Social Protest And Repression In Colombia (Pt 2)

Pro Tip: Replace the ice tray

We Need Better Atheists: The Smug Humanism of Lawrence Krauss

Is anyone going to the opening of Davis' Ft Worth Office

Affordable housing more scarce than ever in Silicon Valley

Burma Synagogue Preserved as Symbol of Multi-Religious Past

Anonymous donor thanks 'Batkid' for saving 'Gotham'