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Cost of a 1 pack a day habit, by state, at 100% of FPL

Who Will Reform the Reformers?

Merkel compared NSA to Stasi in heated encounter with Obama

Austin TX DUers...please check in!

Judge's strike at U.S. surveillance won't be last word

India political leader: arrest all gay US diplomats in India...

Senat Commerce Committee holding investigations on Christie's bridge over

Areva-Siemens to cut staff at Olkiluoto 3 site -TVO

Gunman Opens Fire in Reno Hospital

Jury "at a standstill" in ex-BP engineer's trial

Who is playing DotA2?

Homer Simpson loses his mind...

ABC asks judge to throw out 'pink slime' lawsuit

Robert Scheer: Progressives on the Take

One word Describes the Chris Christie Bridge Shut-down

Fuck You, Snow!

The Blacklisting of Noam Chomsky

Mysterious bald eagle deaths under scrutiny in Utah

Rep. Latham (R-IA) Opts Out Of Running For Another Term

Dianne Feinstein: Supreme Court Should Settle The NSA Spying Debate

looking for happy and present people in Portland

This Congressman was pranked. This is how you shame politicians on the take (VIDEO)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court Justices Should Stay If They're Able To Work

Repent now. Geographers map 7 deadly sins...

Student accused of Harvard bomb hoax

How do you all go about getting a good critical reader for a completed novel?

Syria conflict: Aleppo strikes 'overwhelm' hospitals

'It’s Time For 60 Minutes to Die'

As Judge Rules NSA Surveillance "Almost Orwellian," Obama Prepares to Leave Spying Program Intact

Russian Parliament Approves Amnesty That Could See Jailed Pussy Riot Members Released Early

The End-Game of the Republican Party will be the Democratic Party

Sean Penn with US businessman wanted in Bolivia

South Sudan clashes 'kill 400-500' after coup claim

Has anyone here read _Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End_?

9/11 Suspect Removed From Gitmo Hearing After Outburst About Secret CIA Prison

DA tries again to put drunken teen behind bars

Obama to skip Olympic games, selects gay athletes for Sochi delegation

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tanzania police raid FGM ceremony in Same district

President Viktor Yanukovych Tells Vladimir Putin Ukraine And Russia Must Advance ‘Strategic Partners

The Geopolitics of Election Approval: The US Response to Honduras and Venezuela

'Culture' question. Young men wearing stocking caps?

Flying Spaghetti Monster joins crowded holiday display at Wisconsin State Capitol

Chicago DUers, please check in........

Areva wants to raid Fr. nuke decommissioning funds to pay for UK reactors

Costa Rica DUers....digame por favor.....

Religious Right Activists Suddenly Against Biblical Definition of Marriage

Congressman Latham is not seeking re-election

New Hampshire GOP Threatens Guns & Ammo vs. Scott Brown

Homeless men invited to help Pope Francis celebrate birthday

In true Central Florida fashion, two innocent bears were killed, while the bear that mauled

In honor of Alfredo walking his lenses

South Sudan clashes 'kill 400-500' after coup claim

Judge Has Record of Wrestling With Thorny Issues, and the U.S. Government

BREAKING: Brazil will not grant Snowden asylum: report

Faux Pause 2: Warmest November On Record As New Studies Confirm Warming Trend


Lago Agrio: Ecuadorians can seek Chevron damages in Canada

so, when is the last time GOPisEvil posted in DU?

I Think Sen Elizabeth Warren is going to be on Chris Hayes's Show

Welcome to Post-Christian New Zealand

Nikki Haley May Have Violated Occupy Protesters' Free Speech Rights, Court Finds

Crows could be the key to understanding alien intelligence

and now, my yearly presentation of my favorite, heartwarming Xmas story...

How to Center

"Crane operator saved from fire in Kingston, Ont."

Costa Rica seeks Nicaragua Contra in river dispute

Senators clash with justice department lawyer over CIA intelligence memos

beer to wine, you'll be fine.......

What have you bought this Christmas? Or are planning to buy?

Colorado high school gunman had intended to attack five classrooms

Two Dogs Sentenced For Role In House Fire

Best tweet today about Chris Matthews birthday.

Worse than the Ted Cruz coloring book: Pigboy writes a historical fiction book

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Black Hawk Down, Redux & a new Kitteh gif

If a Drone Strike Hit an American Wedding, We'd Ground Our Fleet

U.S. Business Coalition for the TPP (includes eBay)

The Real Purpose of Oakland's Surveillance Center: Track Political Protesters

Elizabeth Warren measure would forbid employers from looking at job applicant’s credit history

The Legend of La Befana:

Police stun man weilding chainsaw (DV)

Anybody know anything about humidifiers?

Rep. Hartzler avoids standing near Obama photo

Anyone here a regular reader of ?

White House Now Touts Diversity of Appointees

What do Macaulay Culkin and Andy Warhol have in common?

The Skin Gun. A new treatment for burn victims. WOW!!!

Ontario Court Allows Ecuadorian Tribes to Proceed with 9.5 Billion Dollar Judgement Against Chevron!

Mega Millions jackpot rises to $636 million

I have a new grandson,

33% of the Texas population has no healthcare...

i can't see how this can be good for america.

North Carolina Home Schools to Get Public School Money

Have a new grandson,

Texas Congressman's Obama Barfbag

To wood polish, or not to wood polish.

Why haven't I been recruited?

Why Obama Is Sending Openly Gay Athletes To Russia’s Olympics

North Amityville man faces indictment in 'knockout' attacks

In Bizarre No-Fly List Trial, Even the Verdict Might Be Top Secret

Francis Dumps U.S. Cardinal Who Is Outspoken Critic Of Abortion, Gay Marriage

Keep the heat on Chevron. Expose these criminals for what they are.

Do you celebrate Christmas and how do you celebrate it?


High School Senior (honor student)suspended for hugging teacher

"On Selling Out: Progressives on the Take"--Robert Scheer

Olaf gets his wish. Next stop, Gilligan's Island.

Blind man, guide dog safe after subway track fall

Obama Jabs Putin, Picks Openly Gay Delegates For Winter Olympics In Russia

Canada Post is not on life support, it is being murdered

1960 NYC Plane Crash - a Look Back

1960 NYC Plane Crash - a Look Back

American inequality is on the rise. But global inequality is falling.

Federal Judge denies True The Vote Motion to Intervene In Lawsuit

"The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy"

CT insurance exchange enrollment up more than 50% in two weeks

Some 4,000 Virginians enrolled in health insurance plans last month

About that teen drunken driver who used the "affluenza" defense...

Exclusive: U.S. eyes military trial for Russian held in Afghanistan

April Todd-Malmlov Resigns as Minnesota’s Health Exchange Chief After Criticism

Hillary Tweet: What happens to kids in families cut from unemployment insurance & food stamps?

Inland (California) Obamacare enrollment jumps

Cat attacks woman!

The winning numbers for the $626 million Mega Millions jackpot are 8, 20, 14, 17, 39 and Mega ball 7

This kid thought his parents were about to break up...He was so wrong...

Zimmerman is planning to hand deliver the painting if it is sold in the continental U.S.A.

Did you win? Numbers announced for $636 million Mega Millions jackpot

Obamacare's Unlikely Winners

Canadian lotto winner gives away entire $40 million prize.

Mother Jones - "Surprise! Lots of People Are Saving Money Thanks to Obamacare."

"Transparency is a liberal fetish"

The 'refugee' diversion

Holy freakin' moly. Finally tucking in for the night. Whiteout out there...

“The Great Dying” Redux? Shocking Parallels Between Ancient Mass Extinction and Climate Change

Bernie Sanders "NSA Is Keeping Phone Records On EVERY Call Made In America."

How to fake a "thigh gap"

Cat Stevens ... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

DA Tries Again To Put "Affluenza" Drunken Teen Behind Bars

Obama selection of Billie Jean King for Sochi 'genius'

Same sex marriage to take place during Rose Parade

Stewart Takes on Tea Party: Is There Any GOPer Conservative Enough to Satisfy You?!

Wasn't Joe Conason a liberal, years ago?

How many reasons do you have to be admitted to an insane asylum?

Strange and Improbable Animal Friendships

Guy Attempts To Trade Live Gator For Beer

Good god! The comments on Zimmerman's ebay painting ... Retch!

FEC closes Crossroads GPS probe

Smart socks to talk to your smart phone?

Never worry about looking like an idiot talking on your cell again!

Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality

Someone in Georgia and someone in California are happy tonight...

Meet the Indian-American prosecutor who brought down Gupta and arrested Khobragade

pastrami adventure is underway

Oy... change in net worth by age group...

Pet peeve #653 - advertisements @ the theatre...

Do NOT want..

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday December 18th, 2013)

Ball Busters In The Peanut Gallery

Hey Kids, Santa is a Dead Man and Jesus Christ has Nothing to do with Christmas, Thanks Bill O'!

Minister Louis Farrakhan Defends Kanye West's 'Classic Antisemitism' Comment (VIDEO)

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs dies aged 84

2013: What Brought Us Together (Tissue Warning)

omg! ITS SO good to be back!!

Tech companies call for 'aggressive' NSA reforms at White House meeting

Obama selects gay athletes for Sochi delegation

McGovern: Unconstitutionality of NSA Phone Call Collection is Indisputable


Tech to make you sick, Mark Morford

Time to worry about Cayman Islands accounts?

Pirate Bay Moves to Guyana After Domain Suspension, 70 Domains to Go

Bad morning ?

As food labels get closer look, ingredients vanish

The Country That's Dismantling Its System of Privilege for the 1% -- Can the U.S. Be Next?

Exclusive: How DC police use citizens as spies

How Rev. Billy Graham Taught the Republican Party to Sacrifice the Poor on the Altar of Big-Business

Cat Attacks Woman Kicking Snow At It In Detroit

How America Created a Low-Wage Work Swamp

Conservatives Freak Out That Guy In Obama Tweet Isn't Manly Enough

Banksy Christmas card.

Exclusive - West signals to Syrian opposition Assad may stay

Stephen Fry - Out There

Employer groups oppose pension fees in budget deal

Public Support Is Low For A California Initiative To Cut Government Employee Pensions

Harvard student tried to dodge exam with bomb hoax, FBI says

The Sixth Mass Extinction: Why Climate Scientists’ Hair is on Fire

Cathouse on the Kings

blind man, guide dog safe after subway track fall

Saudi Internet Activists face Crackdown

Ronnie Biggs Great Train Robber, dies aged 84

The Battle Of The Bulge began this week in 1944. Here's a pic of soldiers ready to fight:

I really miss this guy. He needs to have his own TV show.

THE ROVING EYE: China vs US 'sea-to-shining-sea'

British doctor dies in Syria jail

AP survey: US income gap holding back economy

Japan, US squeeze China's ADIZ

Secret information: The currency of power

Just a few headlines from November, 2013

Russia trumps US in Ukraine poker game

"That makes me a liberal, and I'm proud of it."

Keystone contractor’s ties to energy groups draw new scrutiny

Karzai and America are Adversaries

Singer Gloria Estefan is a registered Republican.

Four Obstructive Paradigms of American Thought Toward China

is this Dancer?

Indian Diplomat’s Strip-Search Triggers Fight With U.S.

Long-idled Fort Calhoun nuclear plant gets green light to restart

Wisconsin: Kleefisch closes tax reform round table to public

Feeling besieged, tea party groups prepare for policy battles

Russia: Expect More Anti-U.S. Venom in the State Media

Russia Passes Amnesty Bill (Includes Greenpeace Crew and Pussy Riot Members)

Under Amazon’s CIA Cloud: The Washington Post

Palestinian Human Rights Defender Dies at 69

America's Child Soldiers: JROTC and the Militarizing of America

In The Philadelphia Inquirer is an 'article' called 'Obamacare: A bad deal for young people'

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Found in Water at Fracking Sites

Beyond the NSA: Other Agencies Spy on You, Too

Speaking of wages and unions... ( a song about toiling Santa elves)

Charters Get Kids Cubicle-Ready

For the fools who take libertarianism seriously ...

Mom Can’t Visit Daughter as Airlines Shun Venezuela Cash

Republican: Desegregation 'Was Beginning of Decline' for Schools

Why are antivaccinationists so at home with Libertarianism?

The Conservative Media Arms Race Coming To An Internet Near You

Protesters Win? Ukraine Leader Intends to Sign EU Deal


Colleagues Doubt Paul Ryan Will Set His Sights On White House

Mike Luckovich is gonna piss off all the NSA supporters/Snowden haters here

What’s New? I’m Glad You Asked… | Mickey Z.

Won’t you please help Liz Cheney save America from evil liberal John McCain?

Ouch! Involuntary Transparency!

POTUS, FLOTUS, VP will not attend the Olympics in Russia

You don't need to believe in...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Judging the Spies

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- White!

New Design for LED Bulb Handles Heat w/o Heavy Heat Sink

Northwest shellfish industry dismayed at China's partial ban

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

“We Are More Alive Than Ever:” Coral Herrera and the Struggle for equality (interview)

Google security guard uses public assistance to meet basic needs

Suit: Fire risk known before Carnival ship sailed

McCain To Reid: 'I'm Going To Kick The Crap Out Of You'

The Hidden Work of Abortion Providers: Laverne’s Story

Tea Party activist Larry Klayman heckles CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘You’re an ultra-leftist’

Washington state courts Airbus amid Boeing tension

LOL: Issa To Texas Health Official: 'You Need To Watch More Fox News'

How John McCain Turned His Clichés Into Meaning

Boeing exec: Selection process narrowing for 777X

Mike Luckovich --- The REAL Santa

Never Hire a Hothead (Chris Christie Edition)

60 Minutes......Ouch !!!

Luckovich: The man behind the curtain

Did the Saudis Finance 911? Is this news story getting any traction?

On the importance of electing more women in 2014 – “Two words: Rape Insurance”

Military housing allowance to increase Jan. 1

Britain's Luftwoofe: The Heroic Paradogs of World War II

Aircraft crash in Afghanistan kills 6 NATO troops

Rephrasing a favored RW bumper sticker: "Affluenza killed at least 3 more people than

Say what you will about Morning Joe, but Mika asked a great question today...

Does Purell Breed Superbugs? The dirty truth (and the good news) on hand hygiene.

Outsourcing America Exposed

Radioactivity muddles the alphabet of DNA

Is Megyn Kelly a white supremacist?

3 former special operations soldiers plead guilty to illegal profiting as Army contractors

Great piece in Slate about David Brooks's recent divorce after 27 years of marriage...

Salon's Hack List 2013: Friedman and others in their own voices

"Let me get this straight"...

JPMorgan Chase sues FDIC for more than $1B

With "special advantages" come "peculiar obligation"

Advocacy groups say fighter jets and Santa don't mix

Pope Francis blessed the 'Jesus the Homeless' sculpture:

The Selling of ADHD: Diagnoses, Prescriptions Soar After 20-Year Marketing Effort by Big Pharma

Army defections as South Sudan violence spreads

A moral compact? Or a charade masquerading as piety?

My problem with Obamacare

Navy investigator pleads guilty in bribery case

wow what a difference between TX and CT

Report: Marine shooter had suffered brain injury

Professor Richard Wolff: Capitalism and Democracy: Year-End Lessons

Pet portraits

Krugman does a no-show on the TPP - Dean Baker rebutts, NC digs deeper.

Ring of Fire: States Take Action on Gun Laws

Suggested reading for Chris Christie: Karma for A**holes

Al Franken: Maybe Santa Is Jewish?

Destin Holmes, the SPLC and a bigoted school principle

Herring's Lead now at 810 votes with less than 120 votes challenged.

Lockheed Boasts F-35 Will Cost Less Than ‘Any 4th Gen Fighter’

Virginia recount - Day 3: Herring's Lead now at 810 votes with less than 120 votes challenged.

Cuts to military retirement increases likely to become law, but critics vow to keep fighting

Merkel Speech: Chancellor Urges Reforms to Preserve Euro

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ December 18th

Brussels Summit: EU to Refocus on Stalled Defense Initiatives

Thank You, Library of Congress: 'Roger & Me' to Be Added to National Film Registry … Michael Moore

Wal-Mart Monetizes the Occupy Movement

Who'da thought he'd make it to age 70?

I'm pissed. I lost Mega Millions again! I only got 5 numbers!

India retaliates after slave-wage paying diplomat arrested in NYC

(German) Military in Flux: What's In Store for Ursula von der Leyen

Chancellor Vs. President: Sochi Boycott Stirs Up Tensions in Berlin

TSA Patdown!!11! LAX to MSP.

Will Christe put the bully back into leadership or will he be forced to resign.

From the Middle East to Lausanne: Arabic Thoughts amidst the Alps | Ramzy Baroud

Federal Judge To Hear Ohio Gay Marriage Fight

Gun control is not a cultural battle

Trailer For Netflix's 'Mitt' Shows Romney Nearly In Tears On Election Night

Pussy Riot Could Be Out Of Prison Tomorrow

Senate Asks C.I.A. to Share Its Report on Interrogations.

LA Times: Buses are their route to a brighter future

Just out of curiosity

New Obama Adviser Calls House Republicans A 'Cult Worthy Of Jonestown'

How many of you are still using your sodastream?

NY Daily News: The case for bus rapid transit

Chef Fired before Christmas, Uses Restaurant’s Twitter to Get Tasty Revenge

Supermarkets create the illusion of choice

Yoda just can't win

New Obama Adviser Calls House Republicans A 'Cult Worthy Of Jonestown

I've never seen the Gulf Coast. How's Hwy 98 E, around Eastpoint and Carrabelle?

The silver lining for Democrats on Obamacare

Forum SOP Alerts

Great Man is Dead | John Michael Greer

Christian Nightmares Too: An Interview with a Gay Former Southern Baptist Pastor

Cross post from Religion

Monsanto Supersizes Farmers’ Weed Problem

As predicted win: Dem Herring's Margin Widens in Virginia's Attorney General 'Recount'

Tourist distracted by Facebook falls off pier

Awards they couldn’t accept: The tragic irony of Greenwald, Poitras and Snowden - by Jesselyn Radack

That embarrassing moment ...

Turkish cold snap literally freezes animals where they stand. WARNING but happy ending.

Going shopping? Please consider giving just the necessities-you know what those are -graphic warning

Fun interactive wind mapping

Libertarianism is a cult of money and property.

On the art message boards I frequent, we run into this quite often.

LOL. What Would Happen If We Really Went to War Against Christmas?

So, "Who stole the people's money?"

DA seeks jail time for Ethan Couch; more details arise in teen's background

"Men's Rights" and "Revenge Porn" Sites Seethe With Anger Over Women's Autonomy

Spare the Air streak continues for record 11th day in a row

Another reason to stop watching Duck Dynasty...

That's pretty much it...

Business Insider: Facebook Is A Fundamentally Broken Product That Is Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

State media: Egypt's Morsi to stand trial for 'espionage'

"Accidental" Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion

Retirement Flurry Creates Openings For Both Parties In 2014

Meanwhile, in Michigan...

"If I was stupid, I'd know it!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

Smart girl mudflaps

For no reason at all - The Great County Adit

Megyn Kelly and Fox News’ White Santa—A Cautionary Tale

Larry Klayman's paranoia comes out full bore...

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty never saw mistreatment of blacks during pre-civil rights era.

Michael Moore's auto industry doc 'Roger and Me' among 25 U.S. films to be preserved

This Chart Blows Up the Myth of the Welfare Queen

Memories of South Africa | Joel S. Hirschhorn

Now That's Just Fasinating

can you recall your comments about making fun of conspiracy theories?

Let the annual Christmas Guilts begin!

An alternative look at Obama’s 5th year

Boehner Rents Apartment From Tanning Bed Lobbyist

Fed decision on pace of bond purchases is awaited

Roger & Me - In Its Entirety

Larry Klayman brags about "inventing" the Tea Party...

OFA can't be serious

Had a nice sunset a couple of nights ago

CBS to get their Fox "News" Reporter back in January.

Pic Of The Moment: New Obama Adviser: House Leadership Is "A Cult Worthy Of Jonestown"

A Mind-Reading Dog Translator That Just Might Work

There is nothing that causes outrage among men like female sexual autonomy.

This topic deserves more coverage in the media.

Senate Intel Committee Seeks Release of Internal CIA Report on Torture

Professor Richard Wolff: Capitalism and Democracy: Year-End Lessons

It's almost like this Pope takes Jesus's message seriously

BREAKING: Mark Obenshain to Concede Virginia AG Race Later Today!

MITT - Official Trailer - A Netflix original documentary - HD

Papantonio: Republicans Fear The Teachings Of Jesus

today in women's herstory-18 december

Republican Mark Obenshain will reportedly concede Virginia attorney general's race

!Viva el Papa!

Punking Ourselves to Death | James Howard Kunstler

Thom Hartmann: Chileans have Rejected Reaganomics - How About Us?

Pennsylvania Gov. Comes Out In Support Of Ban On Same-Sex Discrimination

''I would rather be without a state than without a voice.''

Side Effects May Include Death: The Story Of The Biggest Advance In Birth Control Since The Pill

Claims of virgin births in U.S. near 1 per cent: study

Another New Orleans charter school FAIL

'Duck Dynasty' Star Rants Against 'Homosexual Behavior,' 'Islamists' And 'Shintos' In Epic Interview

My new great niece

What would baby Jesus eat? Pope supports breast-feeding in public

Mac Users: Help for the Feeble-Minded, Please.

White House panel recommends NSA reforms

Happy Birthday, Bill Nelson!

2014 Corvette hits 200 mph on Texas tollway (with video)

Late entry for 2013 Father of the Year title : forcing 5-year-old

Venezuela fully joins trade bloc Mercosur with Paraguay vote

VA Recount: Obenshain just conceded.

The same folks ranting about Pope Francis' so-called "Marxist" views didn't say squat about the

Getting an earful on Obamacare

My daughter has good health coverage at a price she can afford. Took less than an hour.

Canadian Car Chase

Bill O'Reilly is not a Racist, Let me say again....

An Interesting Statistic

Children Rap Explicit Lyrics From Rick Ross & 2 Chainz In "Kids" Video

A Sign In Texas

Toon: The sky is falling!!!

US Versus India, the big picture.

SF Supervisors Propose Ban On Plastic Water Bottle Sales

U.S. judge halts cell phone service fee for the poor in Georgia

Paul Krugman: The Obamacare Worm Continues to Turn

Obenshain to concede Attorney General race

What If Every Voter Denied Medicaid Expansion By Republicans Voted Democratic?

How can you be a Republican and not be a racist...??

The last supper


You can't make this stuff up: Wal-Mart Monetizes the Occupy Movement

Toon: Holiday travel with the Boehners

Small Town Volunteer Fire Departments Rock!

Pussy Riot, Greenpeace activists granted amnesty

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip Searches for Any Arrest

The Geopolitics of Election Approval: The US Response to Honduras and Venezuela - marmar

TNGA Reps. M. Hill-Micah Van Huss Anti-UN Whine Bill: HB0589

Federal Reserve to scale back stimulus by $10 billion

Pussy Riot, Greenpeace activists granted amnesty as State Duma passes bill

Scientists find evidence that BP oil spill killed dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico

Go to DU Video: TNGA Reps. M. Hill-Micah Van Huss Anti-UN Whine Bill: HB0589

Tortured at Random

Atlas Riffed- A Live Riffing Of Atlas Shrugged Part One

Opposition urges Netanyahu: Recognize gay rights in Israel

Your Assumptions About Welfare Recipients Are Wrong

Poking the GD Hornet's Nest...the most incendiary Hillary post?

Stockman Offers "Obama Barf Bag" for $10 donation

Zimmerman's ebay sale dropped below 100,000

Tortured at Random

[pic] Congressman Steve Stockman offers "Obama Barf Bag" for $10 Donation

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Show That India Should Probably Shut the Fuck Up ...

US Lawmaker Wants Openness on Pacific Trade Pact.

Former MI5 officer: Easy to persuade fearful people to give up hard-won liberties

Lawsuit: Mississippi school forced ‘pathetic dyke’ to use the boys’ bathroom

HAPPENING NOW: Journalists Being Murdered in Honduras

HAPPENING NOW: Journalists Being Murdered in Honduras

Well, the paper work is done...

Number of American atheists doubled since 2007, but more still believe in witches or UFOs

The 10 commandments

"Tea Party Patriot", 46, Charged With Receiving And Distributing Child Pornography

Brought to you by Fox News

In Britain, bird-watching gone wild

Israel spurns blood of Ethiopian-born lawmaker

Areva wants to raid French decommissioning funds to pay for UK reactors

Piss on Trickle Down Economics

This Chart Blows Up the Myth of the Welfare Queen

I'm playing with fire. Dropped Medicare Part D.

Freedom march ends in tears: 150 Sudanese refugees imprisoned after fleeing 100 miles to Jerusalem

California is averaging 15,000 Obamacare enrollments each day


The 'Curing' of Australia’s First Transgender Man

Update on my 3 a.m. brother and sister (not really much of an update, though)

Toon: You're making this way to hard...

University of Md Turtle Mascot Statue Catches Fire.

Hinkley Point C nuclear subsidy plan queried by European commission

Millennial Craft-Makers Embrace Arm Knitting

U.S. teens smoke more marijuana, but back off other drugs -survey

If the GOP Had Repealed Obamacare, THIS Would Have Been the Devastating Cost to Americans (Video)

Two sides of the same coin?

Growing Up Unvaccinated (Voices for Vaccines)

Go ahead - do something stupid

Duck Dynasty guy's vile, yet unsurprising views on gays and civil rights

Fed Scales Back Stimulus Campaign.

Our criminal "justice" system

Just when I'm getting to like Christmas again...

Dying patient, 30, 'was kicked out of hospital for being "uncooperative" and forced into a taxi wher

U.S. Army considering removing portraits of Confederate Generals Lee and 'Stonewall' Jackson from sc


Shoplifting Dog Arrested After Dollar Store Heist..(Video)

Was 2013 the Year the GOP Got Sexy?

California's Obamacare Enrollment Rate Doubled In Last Two Weeks

An Effect Of Discrimination You Might Have Suspected

Ex-EPA Official Who Faked CIA Jobs Gets 32-Month Sentence

The curious case of the mayor of Bogota

Brian Schwanke, Tea Party Patriot, Charged With Child Porn Distribution

One Fumb Duck: is Phil Robertson's Dynasty Done?

Ohio Official Admits Voter ID Would Not Have Stopped Non-Citizens From Voting

Kids react to the Beatles:

Bicycle Use Booming in Latin America

Washingtonians (state, not the district) smoked a lot of fat ones......

Just wanted to post this...

UPDATE 2-Saab wins Brazil jets deal after NSA spying sours Boeing bid

Anti-coca spraying halted in Colombia after 2 U.S. pilots shot down

Is government really "too big"?

Happy Holidays From Fox News

Commenting the Presidency of Barack Obama....

Dumb Criminals: Man Steals Truck To Be On Time For Court Hearing Regarding Previous Car Jacking

Reshaping Masculinity: Jackson Katz

New Year's Eve should be Obamacare Eve this year!

Senator Leahy may change way Judiciary Panel processes nominees

Elizabeth Warren gives every Democrat the narrative they need to win. Listen up!

The thread on vaginal knitting is the reason why I don't visit DU often anymore.

I just got my Xmas cards ready to mail. Some of the cards are from sets I sent out a few years ago.

Atheist PAC Announces First Slate Of Endorsements

Why Other Countries Teach Better.

Then things got slippery.

"A Society Under Surveillance Is No Longer a Democracy"

Pope threads in GD…

Deadly Mystery Flu-like Health Scare In The Houston Area

Christmas Cookies: What are your favorites?

it's a small world

“Fear and concern” keeping MSNBC hosts quiet in union dispute, AFL-CIO suggests

Ex-BP engineer convicted on 1 obstruction charge

"I now realized why I was involved in the tragedy..."

Top 10 most valuable college football teams (according to Forbes)


Inequality in Six Panels, featuring Lucky Ducky

McCain Introduces Obamacare Repeal And Replacement Legislation

Buddhist inmate denied religious diet had rights breached by Romanian state, court rules

Wooing Wall Street, Hillary dares Warren to run in ‘16

Europe gets nuked in China moon rover promo?!

Canada Post's Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking up mail

My mental age is 18. Sounds legit.

EXPOSED - George Zimmerman Painting Ebay Fraud Fake Lying Painting Scam

Tom the Dancing Bug: Income Inequality

I just got health care for $2.93 a month

9 Catholics Who Need to Listen to the Pope

Astroflatulence: coming to a planet near you

I've got health care after ten years without....

This New Coke Ad Captures the Hell (and Joy) of Parenthood

Your making this too hard

U.S. pessimism sets in over Iran nuclear talks

Siskel & Ebert Review Roger & Me

Defense Bill Gives Obama Rare Guantanamo Victory (Many detainees may be closer to home)

Let's review Virginia for a minute, shall we?

Haiti faults orphanage run by well-off US church

Jerry Brown, urged to run for president, won't rule out 2016 bid

Violence against women—it's a men's issue

How Politics, Racism and Facebook Ended My 16 Year Friendship

Anyone else here having seafood for Christmas Eve dinner?

Sign ACLU Petition asking President Obama to Grant Snowden Immunity

At 61 She Lives in Basement While 87-Year-Old Dad Travels

Wounded Veterans Train to Combat Online Pedophiles (Dial-up warning, pic heavy.)

Cautious Tone Adopted by Opposition and Government on Political Asylum for Edward Snowden

Ex-SAC Trader Is Convicted of Insider Trading

‘Skin Writing 101

When does the fall contest close?

Charges Filed Against Man Who Shot Young Black Woman In The Face After She Was In Car Acciden

Bloomberg urges pension fix in last big address as New York mayor

Just your usual Friday afternoon at the White House.....

More awkward family portraits

Casey Anthony won't have to pay most of debts

Senate Passes Budget Bill (updated)

Walter Rhett: The Justice Crisis

A tall Texan brought victims of Argentina’s “dirty war” to international attention

OUTRAGEOUS: Texas Police Can Now Obtain Search Warrants Based On ‘Prediction Of A Future Crime’

Walter White Gets 12 years

A tall Texan brought victims of Argentina’s “dirty war” to international attention

Darrel Issa thinks Jan Brewr needs to watch more Fox

GOP Rep. Jack Kingston Proposes That Poor Students Sweep Floors In Exchange For Lunch

Ahem......My Christmas Gift to MFM!

Hero seeing eye dog Orlando saved his person's life.

Something strange going on.

Just came back here from FR...

What happens when one discovers that one isn't really a white man.

This Tea Party Patriot raved about Obama’s recent

Are You Experimented?


Billie Jean King tweet...

Funny, as I got older I feel different about winter.

‘Men’s rights activists’ conspire to cripple college rape reporting system with false reports

Do electric vehicles have demand response potential?

Bill Maher On The Pope

'Duck Dynasty' star calls homosexuality a 'sin,' groups gays with terrorists

Kerry 'regrets' treatment of Indian diplomat

Anyone ever had any doubts that ASSHOLE O'Reilly is a FUCKIN' racist?

Religion writers agree: Pope Francis is no. 1 newsmaker

Happy Holidays TZ and Bigwillq! Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis leads No. 1 UConn to another rout of Duke

Rick Warren "Obamacare is Unconstitutional, Like Forcing Jewish Delis to Sell Pork"

The legacy of Sandyhook


In The Wealthiest Area Of The Country, 7 Homeless People Have Frozen To Death This Winter

U.S. Stocks Rise to Record After Fed Plans Stimulus Cuts

By request, a repost from GD: Just another Friday afternoon at the White House

Budget Deal Easing $63 Billion in Cuts Advances in Senate

Map: The Astonishing Concentration of High-Income Earners Around Washington, D.C.

Baucus to be named U.S. ambassador to China

Conservatives See the Light on High Deductibles

Dear Mr. Mcain:

China's war on Christmas

Both Sanders and Warren just voted for the bipartisan budget compromise bill

Truman's Truth:

Obama will sign the budget bill before departing for Hawaii this weekend

Sometimes during all the hustle and bustle you just got to sit back and

Snowden speech to EU parliament could torpedo US trade talks

NSA Phone Plan May Reach Supreme Court on 1979 Precedent

Completely f'd up business practice I just found out about

States with higher black turnout are more likely to restrict voting

Cincinnati Stadiums Bury County Government in Debt

This guy might be about to break the big year record

The Advocate's Person of the Year: Pope Francis

Republican says poor children should be required to work for food

Filibuster Reform 2.0, Coming Soon to the Senate

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hires officers accused of sex abuse and other misconduct

Pennsylvania street checkpoint asks drivers for mouth swabs

Night and Day

What Would Happen If We Really Went to War Against Christmas?

Secretary Kerry Call to Indian National Security Advisor Menon

Conservatives = bad for America.

St Pete police now required to see who they shoot at

GOP Rep Suggests Kids Clean Schools In Exchange For Lunch

The Senate passed a compromise $1.01 trillion government spending plan

Is there something odd going on in Colorado?


Steve Albini's Letter To Nirvana Before He Produced In Utero -

Tax breaks expiring

Anyone else watch justified? I just got year 4 on dvd. Was it as good as the first

Duck Dynasty star' homophobic comments throwback to the Bush years

Disgusting Campbell Soup Commercial

You are reading a communique from:

The Moment Mitt Romney Realized He'd Lost the Presidency (Pic)

Dead on arrival. McCain Introduces Obamacare Repeal And Replacement Legislation

Men's Rights Jerks Submit Phony Rape Reports To Occidental College

2013 Likely To Be The Safest Year For Cops In Decades

"Why Obamacare won’t spiral into fiery, actuarial doom"

Report: Nation's Wealthy Cruelly Deprived Of True Meaning Of Christmas

"U.S. preparing civil charges against Citigroup, Merrill Lynch: sources"

Survey shows many IT professionals still use WindowsXP

Target customers' credit card info stolen over Black Friday: media

U.S. preparing civil charges against Citigroup, Merrill Lynch: sources

U.S. Housing Starts Jump to Highest Level in Five Years

Home defense, Scarface style

U.S.'s Kerry expresses regret to India over diplomat case

Astronomers Report the Brightest, Most Distant Supernovae Ever Discovered

Opposition Urges Netanyahu: Recognize Gay Rights In Israel


November 2013: Hottest Global Average Temperature Month Ever Recorded