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Archives: December 2, 2013

Yay! Bears lose! Lions solo in 1st!

Groovie Movie (1944)

G.O.P.: Too Fast Now

How will the TPP affect porn?

At this point, I think the admins should consider relegating porn discussions to a dungeon.

TEPCO Downplays Huge Risks Involved in Removing Fukushima Fuel Rods

U.S. terrorism program challenged: Former Stanford doctoral student fights 'no fly' lists in trial

China space: 'Jade Rabbit' lunar mission blasts off

Israeli court extends detention of 13 anti-Prawer protesters

Cartoon: Conservative Kids Christmas List

Interesting article re Hobby Lobby's Conscientious Objection

Cartoon: Trees

Homeless hero pays it forward (pics)

My Thanksgiving visitor...

GOP’s massive 2013 mistake: How the party ignored its terminal illness

Detroit: Removal of I-375 could come as I-94 is widened

Local gas drilling laws get a key airing in Ohio

Andy Reid's teams continue their ability to choke at the end of a critical game.

If God's not a Broncos fan...

Mike Tomlin’s sideline move reportedly could cost Steelers a fine and draft pick

Fast food strikes have become so common that even Drudge cannot ignore the

Black Friday Turns Dark as Twitter, Websites Track Injuries, Fights, Deaths

Hamid Karzai says US cutting supplies to put pressure on security pact

Dad quit drinking twice, I bumped into a couple of his old drinking buddies today had a few (updated

Inspiration is everywhere

Stay classy, Bismarck! Will Ferrell anchors local North Dakota newscast as Ron Burgundy

RW Media OMG Everyone Freak OUT!!

Found on Radfem website

I read too much dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction or something.

US High Speed Rail System

Twitter Users Wage Hilarious War on Holier-Than-Thou Hobby Lobby Bigots!

A local photographer does great work:

How come there are no Christmas carols with cats?

Another fantastic appointment by President Obama

BMW to Electrify entire model range

train derailment in NYC leaves 4 dead, 63 injured -- 11 critical

Former Romney adviser: Minimum wage hike denies ‘opportunity’ for ‘bottom rung of the economic ladde

Buy American Mention of the Week, 12-1-13

2013 Made in USA Christmas Gift Guide (by request)

Vernon Davis gets tackled by his penis...

Points of view.

Glee Star Reportedly Attempted Suicide Due To 'Financial Worries' (Charice Pempengco)

That Mitchell And Webb: If Homeopathy Beats Science

The Best Reason to Leave the Door Unlocked

Israeli police attack large anti-Prawer protests in Haifa

If it hasn't been said before, I hate this commercial more than the "typical" Kay

Metro-North derailment leaves 4 dead, dozens injured

Obamacare rollout problems could solve 'Black Box Voting' !!!!

New GOP Demand Make Disabled People On Disability Prove They Cannot Work

We need to teach our daughters to know the difference between:

Rosa Parks Was Arrested for Civil Disobedience Dec. 1, 1955

Just rewatched "and the band played on" been about 10 years

Can someone please explain Yearly Deductible and out of pocket expense?

You must get the consent of an organ donor...

Thank *ZEUS* this holiday crap is *OVER* Who's wit me?!1 n/t

Republican National Committee thanks civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks for ‘ending racism’

Record crowds over weekend, but spending declined

Auburn/Alabama Fans Reaction to Iron Bowl Kick Return (home videos & bars)

'Make it snow money': Man tosses $1,000 into crowd at Mall of America

Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it...I didn't care for Steely Dan's "Aja" at all.

Prediction: will be working ...

Big crowd marks World AIDS Day in Golden Gate Park

Amazon unveils futuristic mini-drone delivery plan

Metro-North derailment to impact Monday commute

A very strange thing

How come they are upset about the AHA roll out slowing ins to the uninsured...

‘Like sending back art Nazis looted’: Iraqi Jews who fled persecution fight to stop U.S.

UN Jewish refugees panel aims ‘to rectify history’

The 20 Worst Makeup Fails of All Time

Clashes break out between Jewish, Muslim worshipers on Temple Mount

HA HA .... kitty cat is a good retriever.

Center Field: Yes, Minister Lapid, Israel can be both Jewish and democratic

What is ethical con$umeri$m?

In Israel, Preparing for an Influx of European Jews

Charity is nice, now for returns: World's Jews betting on Israeli stocks

Former Star reporter Finn Bullers becomes face of KanCare fight

Our Present to You: Over 25 Made in USA Gift Guides And Counting!

Israel and the Hanukka miracle: Blood and oil


Aliyah of Jews from France to Israel rose 49% since beginning of 2013

Definition of the GOP

99% of Venezuelan businesses are "price-gouging"

Clearly the new Pope is better than his predecessor, and I'm not even Catholic.....

Pope Francis v. the free marketeers

Pope Francis v. the free marketeers

Amazon Working On Drones to Deliver Packages In Under 30 Minutes (w/ test video)

China launches 'Jade Rabbit' rover on its first moon-landing mission

Academe as a Drug Gang

Support for sensible gun safety laws

Israeli scientists discover substance that may fend off Alzheimer's, aging

Valencia County weighs Coyote and Prairie Dog hunting contest resolution

Happy Advent Sunday and Happy Advent!

Happy Advent Sunday and Happy Advent.

IRS targets political nonprofit groups, conservatives shriek

Effort goes global to replace Kimball, Neb., woman's car

Crews still cleaning up spill from Mississippi River towboat crash

Garry Trudeau pokes fun of politics in 'Alpha House'

Sarpy Outlook - Congressional District 1 Chair-Janet Stewart

How You'll Pick Your New California Exchange Plan

Record Crowds Over Weekend, But Spending Declined

Fundies and facial recognition: Why I don't like Google Glass

NSA Spying, Visit to Edward Snowden by Coleen Rowley 12/8 2pm at Mayday Books.

Last Contest of 2013 is all about Minnesota... And Depeche Mode!

Racial Injustice at Minneapolis's MCTC

Hacking to rig election earns college student one-year prison sentence

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Dec 2, 2013)

Thousands March in Honduras to Demand Vote Recount

Thousands March in Honduras to Demand Vote Recount

For the BOG. Popcorn gets a reprieve. What about Carmel?

Would someone please give me the latest on the ACA...

Stormy Monday, 12/2/13

In Fresno, CA: Wells Fargo foreclosed on a women who had Breast Cancer and depended on oxygen

Amateur Mycologist Makes New Mushroom-Plant Companion Discovery

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 3: Mob City

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 4: Star of the Month: Fred Astaire

Leaked paper reveals UN split over war on drugs

Leaked paper reveals UN split over war on drugs

U.S. Senators Call for an End to the N.S.A. Dragnet, Now

Disability Review Follow Up - GOP Politicians And Rich Are The Real Abusers And Takers

We should perhaps temper our enthusiasm about Pope Francis a bit. . .

Man Tosses $1,000 Into Mall Of America Crowd

Any Delbert McClinton fans in the house?

There Is An Ongoing Women Shaming Going On And It Needs To Stop

The truth about the ACA, from 2010! What media refused to show!

Thirty grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheez Whiz makes you...

A Scientist Predicts the Future

Thomas Jefferson - 1816

Very disturbing event yesterday

Amazing how lonely mental health problems are...

Scott Walker: GOP Needs An 'Optimistic Message'

We need to raise our daughters not to measure their self worth on how men

Gay weddings become reality in Hawaii with new law

Cory Booker shuns spotlight

Man dies after fight at Arrowhead Stadium parking lot

Thank goodness for men who like sex

Today's Google Doodle: Maria Callas!

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Jerry Brown followed to events, heckled by California environmentalists over fracking

UMKC student shines light on risk to gay community in Honduras

Obama Scores Highest Very Favorables Among Currently Serving Politicians

Fuck you, Neighborhood!

Wikileaks whistleblower attorney to speak in L.A. (Santa Monica) December 8

RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw (feat. Random Rab)

Some facts, when you learn them, are immediately obvious

The Time Warp Wife. Right Wing Evangelical Christian advice for women.

This is what we should be teaching BOTH genders

U.S. House Only Working 8 More Days This Year

I hope, this is satire.

Lay off Michelle Obama: Why white feminists need to lean back

Imagining post-nuclear Japan

Moment of Clarity #275 - I Found A Way To Use Corporations' Own Tricks Against Them

The gentle art of cracking passwords.

Human Erased From The Earth By Police Officer - Kelly Thomas Case Goes To Trial

Watchdog OPCW says U.S. to destroy Syria chemical weapons stockpile at sea

Japan’s yakuza mobsters becoming ‘Goldman Sachs with guns’

Afghan president suggests poll delay to avoid snow, organizers say.

Iran to reassert authority at OPEC after nuclear deal

Feinstein & Rogers justify NSA Spying with Syrian Rebels (Voted to Arm Syrian Rebels)

5 Ways Our Lives Are Being Violated by Corporate Greed

New Pakistan army chief faces hard task

Palestinians attacked in J'lem after being misidentified as Jews

6 Signs Our Culture Is Sick With Greed

Drone victims become political fodder

Oligarchy in the Holy Land — Tiny Number of Families Dominates Israel's Economy

Married Ladies: Don't Quit Your Day Job -- Ever

Do not sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade

Kids these days...

The Devastating Effect of Mass School Closures on Philadelphia

Chris Hedges: The Saboteurs

Masters of Manipulation

New US Trend: If Japan Is a Democracy, Reverse the Henoko Plan

S. Korean instructs airlines not to comply with China air zone rules

Man Homeland has been good the last couple of weeks.

BBC HARDtalk - Glenn Greenwald - Journalist (28/11/13)

‘Changing the Face of Anti-Terror’ Isolates Washington

Where The Minimum Wage Would Be If It Kept Pace With The Earnings Of The 1%

Snowy Standoff in New Brunswick as Anti-Fracking Protesters Fight for 'Next Seven Generations'

Waste not, want not

The most outrageous thing about Porn by far---- I mean by a ton---is.....

Hamas cancels Gaza anniversary rally

Five Ways We're Being Violated by Big Business

Beware Dr. Evil (R) - the Scientific Manipulator Mutant Big Ag-Big Food Propaganda Hit Man

Israel to join Europe group at UN Human Rights Council

I Tried to See Where My T-Shirt Was Made, and the Factory Sent Thugs After Me

Amazon to Deliver by Drone? Don't Believe the Hype

Montana Appeals Former Teacher's One-Month Sentence for Rape of Teen

"fire breathing feminists". feminists portrayed as nags and busybodies.

Tehran Treaty: Winners and Losers in Geneva Nuclear Deal

How Work Is Steadily Consuming More Of Our Lives, In One Graphic {large image}

Ukraine Demos: Protestors Erect Tent City in Kiev

Maine Equal Justice wants to hear from people losing MaineCare

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday Dec 2nd

"War on Christmas rings hollow for some

Caffeine energy drinks 'intensify heart contractions'

SeaTac wage vote to have longest, widest repercussion from 2013 election

Olympic diving star Tom Daley reveals relationship with man

Free of racism at last, TGAWFAL (H/T Digby)

And now for something completely different

Nathaniel Hawthorne's hair

Inserting phony numbers part of job for DOD workers

Report: 100,000 Signed Up For Obamacare As Website Was Revamped

I'm beginning HBE training today

Currituck sheriff's office gets an 18-ton armored truck

Ukrainian Protesters Control Landmark Plaza

Couple loses everthing, and yet

Defense Department tackles mobile authentication

R.I.P. Obamacare repeal movement: Crusade is officially dead

Military payroll system plagued by errors, obsolete gear

emptywheel: Information Monopoly Defines the Deep State

Douglas County to weigh extending benefits to gay couples

Black Friday Spending Declined This Year Despite A Record Number Of Shoppers Turning Out

Family holiday get together is coming up

Hope you saw yesterday's Doonesbury

Chris Hayes quote

Massachusetts scrambles to find shelter for its homeless residents

Rick Santorum's Cineplex

Bob McDonnell: Four Years of Failure (Part 1 - Energy)

Ideas like that will get you shot.

Right-wing garbage debunked: No, regulation doesn’t kill jobs

Do you think that the Admins would agree to create a "General Discussion" group?

"It takes a big man to admit he's wrong, but I'm not!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Unrepentant Nazi killer of Dutch civilians, Heinrich Boere, dies at 92

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Economy of the season

Virginia Taxation Department breaks with U.S. treatment of same-sex married couples

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Japan and US reject China's air defence zone, says Japanese minister

Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens

Fifty Shades of Takei

Slow Turn: Tracking the Molten Salt Reactor

Why climate skeptics and evolution deniers joined forces

Four out of ten recent college graduates say they are underemployed

ol chuckie todd is talking about what a terrible year it's been for the President

Paul Krugman- Better Pay Now

The 21st Century-- as seen from 1967

"Women readers use these novels in the same way men use online pornography websites".

Oh Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving weekend shoppers top 141 million, spend $57 billion

Sellafield executives to face MPs as nuclear clean-up bill rises over £70bn

It's an 'i, Robot' kinda world

Cornyn at it again stupid fucker

Here's A Mind-Blowing Picture Of The Grand Canyon That Only Happens Once Every 10 Years

Papantonio: Dysfunctional FDA in Big Pharma’s Pocket

what young gay men don't know about AIDS

This Massive Steel Structure Will Entomb Chernobyl's Reactor 4

Dawn Of The Dead Vs Black Friday

TXGOP's death rattle (and no Medicaid for them)

Anyone ever heard of this guy.

tis the season for low wage jobs

I See You.

NBC News and bad reporting on Obamacare

Wall Street freak's response to the Pope's scathing critique of capitalism:

Made the mayo-roasted turkey breast yesterday. Fantastic! + Risoles!

100s of whales in bay on California coast; a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so people should see it

Juan Williams: Dems now party of women

Voting against themselves

WI woman picks up roadkill deer near Wausau, carts it home on a bike

Sofa King-- say it fast...

Former Senator to Challenge Shaheen in New Hampshire

Tokyo court accepts withdrawal of libel suit against journalist

O.M.G. Could this cause a Lounge meltdown ?

URGENT WARNING U.S.A. to Invade Canada - AGAIN! any american abroad around the world be warned.

The Presidents number one fan on Talk radio

Hours after his wedding, Kansas City firefighter fatally shot by off-duty police officer

Thinking of buying a "No- No" ? Just say Nope Nope

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be in Albuquerque...

"No, no, no, no" from Derf

Milky Way tattoo removal

U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest in 2 1/2 Years

Delta Dental in IA this morning had an ad on the local channel pushing its plan and I was pleasantly

Venezuelan oil diplomacy curbed by economic crisis

it won't be long. republicans will be taking credit for the affordable care act.

TX GOP Death Rattle (and No Medicaid for Them)

The Obamacare website working is BAD for Obama you see

Placerville Ca shuts down "too successful" homeless camp Hangtown

Hinkley Point nuclear deal under threat from EU ruling

U.S. Justices Decline to Hear Another Obamacare Challenge (Liberty University)

C-Span Video: Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories, Mark Lane and Joan Mellen

In NJ pines, trouble on six legs.

Bad Eating Habits Start in the Womb

Jordan Valley demolitions leave 50 Palestinians homeless

The GOP must be really proud to have set a new record

Red State Rustler

Gay men push to end 30-year blood donation ban

I got a response from Hobby Lobby

December in the Two-Five-Three means: TACOMA -ELF STORAGE!

Snake charmer

Online Shopping

It's Raining Weed !!!!

Well, alrighty then ...

The GD posts about religious figures who are bigoted toward DU members make GD unpleasant.

Amazon Rejected by U.S. High Court on New York Sales Tax

Most Autos on U.S. Lots Since ’05 Has Ford Leading Cuts

Least-Productive-Ever House Only Working Eight More Days This Year

Black Friday Weekend Spending Drop Pressures U.S. Stores

It really doesn't matter one way or another what people on the left think about Pope Francis

Look at what the 1% fight to see the future we need

Need some help processing a loss.

If you are a gamer you will understand this analogy

Decembrrrr! Arctic Blast to Bring Subzero Chill to Rockies, Plains; Hard Freeze for California

Warning! USA invading Canada and other countries. be aware if you are an US person living abroad.

Cognizant to Hire 10,000 U.S. Workers

"Free Money" for people with disabilities, by Mike Ervin

America’s Role as Consumer of Last Resort Goes Missing

Obama closing Vatican embassy? More proof of Republicans' desperate and distorted parallel reality

Gay Rights Olympic Protest Targets Putin, Coca-Cola in Sochi

Replace "snow" "home" or "mistletoe" lyrics with "pick your nose"

Video evidence as to why women out live men

10 Outrages and Crazy Statements by Right-Wingers This Week: Pope Provokes Free-Market Freakout

Sign of the times: My grandson was baptized in the Episcopal church yesterday:

Again, this board for the View is more right wing than FreeRepublic. Progressives are

Imagining post-nuclear Japan

A BuzzFeed in a Box: The People Behind ViralNova (Emotionally Manipulating Feed Site)

Fat City: What can stop obesity?

Israel's Herzog calls for 'brave' steps in peace talks

Human tragedy unfolds as Gaza runs on empty

Looking for a chart of SC state employee salary increases in recent years.

Those who are chronologically gifted, do you find it helpful to rest your tired eyes

Regarding unsourced material . . . . .

NY Times Editorial Board Offers Their Very Serious People Bona Fides

Aussies, if you don't have nucular (sic) weapons, you'd better develop them.

You will receive a congratulatory note from the President on your new arrival..

I am a Herbivore man

Daily Kos censors cartoonist Ted Rall over ‘ape-like depiction’ of Obama

I guess Obama wants me to work harder :)

As Bugs Are Fixed, the ‘Obama’s Katrina’ Script Continues To Be Shredded

Drone Attack in the U.S!

REMINDER: If HealthcareDotGov works 114 days next year, it will be working more than the House GOP.

Is porn bad now? I find it a weird topic for anything called "Democratic Underground"...

'Cannibal cop' accused of killing man who wanted to be murdered, eaten

Kathleen Sebelius: Improvement dramatic over Oct. 1

I'm going to Hooters. Can I get anybody anything?

You no doubt saw the nearly 200 post thread in the F&GH group about a Lounge lock.

Does anyone have a good recipe for Japanese sytle noodles.

Is religion just an act?

Toon: Defund Obamacare or the idiot gets it...

Video: Officer fires tear gas canister at B'Tselem videographer, causing injures.

Paul Krugman: Benghazification Begins

Republican Theory meets Reality,and goes Splat. Again.

Robin Williams on Canada (LOL)

Police: Suspect in Scott High School standoff in custody

Netanyahu meets Pope Francis in the Vatican

Wealthy white suburbanites want to secede from Baton Rouge

Mice inherit olfactory memory

UN implicates Bashar al-Assad in Syria war crimes

Well Peggy, as of today you have 16 years on me! (Updated)

Why You Should Stop Taking His Porn So Personally, You Uptight, Insecure Harridan (NSFW)

I just figured out what's wrong with modern politics.

Pic Of The Moment: The 1%'s 30 Years Of Failed Trickle-Down

OH GOD!!! Suzie Madrak of Crooks and Liars is going to be on the Ed Show after 1:00PM

Are posts critical of the practice of shopping at Walmart appropriate at DU?

Has this become a religious forum?

Name Olive Garden's new menu item!

Bird Takes Camera and Recorded Journey

Got Into A Discussion Over Thanksgiving Dinner With A Young Adult Saddled With Student Loans/Debt...

Migraines link to plastic cups and bottles

Walmart is going to challenge the Amazon delivery drones:

Cuomo thinks speed was a factor in Metro-North accident

My weight on 12/1/2013 is 203.4 lbs. That's down from 234 lbs on August 1, 2013.

Potential jurors asked if they can separate Danziger Bridge case from post-Katrina killing

Thom Hartmann - "The Crash of 2016" (ok to post here?)

You have to see this to believe it.

I think Fox News is bad.

Obamacare website-maker runs failed Army Human Terrain System program

Tool use in crocodylians: crocodiles and alligators use sticks as lures to attract waterbirds

Champion to exit ABC News for The Weather Channel

Happy ending??!?!?!?


Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of LCHF

Toon: Obama created this economic mess!!

Hey Andrea Mitchell, you know what's setting the bar low

Stephen Hawking: NHS is Britain's finest public service

Poachers Are Using Scientific Papers to Guide Them to Their Next Victims

Sam Champion departing GMA

Neat paper on the economic benefits of workplace diversity

Is Pope Francis Secretly Sneaking Out Of The Vatican At Night To Give Money To The Poor?

Obama live on GEM$NBComcast on World AIDs Day

I seem to more often than not be late to the party. What's the reason for all the porn threads?

These discussions about porn are needlessly vitriolic

REMINDER: The only thing that makes conservatives angrier than Healthcaredotgov not working is...

in 1952

Hmmm, I guess it's still "porn week" on DU

Who Needs to Decorate the Christmas Tree When You Have Cats???

Research Milestone as Scientists Discover HIV's Invisibility Cloak

What's with all the threads talking about how many porn threads there are?

Got me some good news!!!

Young white dancer with her two black instructors handcuffed by Houston Police. Racism?

NYRA sees profit while raising admissions, parking costs

When did MSNBC

My god did I get a belly laugh outta this one

Nazi murderer Heinrich Boere dies at 92

First hearing for SSDI is coming up

One concerned about the effect of media would not focus primarily on sexual content

Oakland A's, Raiders, sign short-term leases to stay in Oakland

Grateful without God: A secular Thanksgiving


Good News strait from GD!!!!

U.N. rights chief condemns North Korean arrest of U.S. war veteran

Exposed: Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intelligence Firm Stratfor

The Rise Of Obamacare McCarthyism

Dozens of same-sex couples wed in Hawaii as new law takes effect

Ukraine Crisis: PM Mykola Azarov Warns Of Coup In Making

“Lactation” and “uterus” among Android’s bizarre list of banned words

The Knockout Game: New Name, Old Moral Panic

What do humanists, atheists and agnostics rely on?

I have no words for blatant racism like this-Dancer taken into custody for having black instructors

So, works 80% of the time?

Character is ...

Edward Snowden revelations prompt UN investigation into surveillance

What is the deadline for signing up for health Insurance on the exchange in California?

Revealed: Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens

Shall we have a Nanny State or an Unrestrained Corporate Empire?

Firedoglake Obtains Docs Detailing NJ Gov Chris Christie's (R) career as a registered lobbyist.

Fox News Hype

Crisis in financial and/or placement for two homeless kitties.

We need help with two kitties that we caught.

Is there any help out there for two homeless kitties that we caught?

Is there a cheap and fast way to get a patent?

OMG, the political terrorists across our nation have successfully learned to weaponize...

Drone shopping

Baby Donkey and Cuddle Toy!

Does Hillary's Silence on Iran Deal Show Neocon Influence on Her Presidential Run?

Vice President Biden Opens Weeklong Asia Trip With Tokyo Stop

Can Women Save Democrats in 2014?

Finally a list made for my experiences.

Hope in the Age of Looming Authoritarianism

The Best Atheist Books of 2013

Jeebus!!! Check out the fog in OKC this morning:

Rick Scott Get Caught In Yet Another Lie


The Lone Ranger, The Drone Ranger … is it time to change the channel?

Have you seen Time Magazines new cover? I just saw it at the checkout.

The most monied opponents to Obamacare are just ghouls---$9.7million spent in 2013 against Obamacare

Religious Coping Associated With Better Psychiatric Treatment Outcomes: Study

I missed an Amazon drone delivery.

5 year old 'boy genius' - UNBELIEVABLE!

CNN employee's own mistake crashed Obamacare Web page

Virginia to force married gay couples to file taxes as though they were single

Mexican bishop takes on cultish cartel in drug war battleground state

The Foreign Press Association statements to the IDF.

Erik Rush wants people critical of him to be thrown in jail.

Depression-era glassware

Rare Iceland armed police operation leaves man dead

Buyer Beware: Kohl’s Selling Real Fur Advertised as Faux, Humane Society, Nicole Fabiola

My opening statement about the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare for this weeks show

Here are some college football players who know what matters:

Lord of the Rings Statues

Salon: Intelligence committee chairs want you scared. You should be angry

Pats accused of cheating (again)

Why not call the last fucking 30 years what it's been...

Poaching May Wipe Out Fifth of Africa’s Elephants, Groups Say

So idiot cousin just posted this on facebook, anyone know what's behind this?...

Glenn Greenwald: On NSA Journalism and the Absurdity of Some Recent Critiques (Fascinating Read)

Canada at Crossroads in Bid to Become Energy Superpower

Right-wing garbage debunked: No, regulation doesn’t kill jobs

Private Prison Company Allegedly Put 73-Year-Old Grandmother In Solitary Confinement For 34 Days

The JP Morgan Chase Settlement Scam - David Dayen Discusses

FEC: Donors Can't Use Bitcoins for Contributions

Netanyahu Gives Pope A Book About Spanish Inquisition

Does Medicaid Breed Dependency?

Rush went there: "Pope is preaching pure Marxism"

Al Gore on climate change:

SHARE with a Republican!

Obama to sign up for health insurance through exchange

United States Capitol's Statue Of Freedom was placed atop the Dome on this day in 1863.

Israeli leftist enjoys being hit by Arab rocks

Obama reveals $100 million HIV research initiative

Here comes trouble... Obama did not lie.

Tea party activist: ‘Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven’ over pope’s criticism of capitalism'

I have really come to hate NPR

Guatemala Recovers Mayan Artifact Dating from 250-900 A.D. from U.S.

Gov. Perry, God Here.

Study shows reforestation in Lower Mississippi Valley reduces sediment

Good afternoon !

Um, where's Martin Basheer?

At least 73 abortion clinics have shut down since 2011. Here's why

I just don't get this, Please, help me!

Winter poem

Politifact is having vote-in for worst lie of the year. Go vote.

Has DU Turned The Corner On The JFK CT BS? Apparently So.

The Bronx train that derailed was going 82 mph into a 30 mph curve.

Fast Food Strikes Called in 100 Cities...

Young white dancer with her two black instructors handcuffed by Houston Police


India’s Mysterious Skeleton Lake

Corporate 'Dark Money' To Get Free Pass After SEC Drops Disclosure Proposal

The next Republican who tells you "government can't do anything," ask them to pull out

They Just Don't Care if Healthcare.Gov Works or Not

Louisiana failed to collect millions in oil and gas taxes

Honduras election authority to review disputed election tally

NTSB: Train traveling 82 mph approaching curve

How harmful is crack cocaine?

Solution to the Chinese Airspace Problem

Argentine leader names drug and crime ministers

Jon Stewart....the truth...

Republicans’ self-hatred swells: The GOP vs. its own base

SO: My blood pressure went from

Blue San Diego

Blue San Diego

Fast Food CEO Welfare Queens

UP 4014 "Big Boy" reaches the fence. (Edited for porn)

The Magistrate?

Fox Nooze uses a Mirror to make its audiences appear larger than they are

Who will FSU play in the Championship Game after Michigan States Beats OSU?

Horrific moment three gunmen open fire at a disco in Colombia killing eight people as dancers flee f

Food stamps vs corporate subsidies - cost to the average taxpayer

It's not the morphine, it's the size of the cage: Rat Park experiment upturns conventional wisdom

NATO says Karzai failure to sign pact would end Afghan mission

Ain't the Cyber-era grand, now Amazon wants to dump another million drivers .

scott walker says donate to me instead of buying chirstmas presents

Long Version of the Serenity Prayer..You may know it, but...

Scott Walker Tells Supporters To Forgo Buying Children Presents, Give Money To His Campaign Instead

What The Average American Consumer Will Spend This Christmas

U.S. court OKs ban on political ads on public TV, radio

Peru police arrest internet predator accused of blackmailing more than 500 children across the world

Microsoft Bra battles emotional overeating

The Rise Of Obamacare McCarthyism

Republican National Committee Backtracks After Cringeworthy Attempt To Honor Rosa Parks

Survey shows most S. Koreans fear safety of atomic power plants

Dear Santa, How are you? I'm good. Here is what I want for Christmas.

MSNBC is getting ridiculous anyone see this on Basher

Catholics Join The Dump Rush Movement With Petition Denouncing Limbaugh

3 teens arrested while waiting for a school bus (standing on a sidewalk while black)

Vernon Davis gets tackled in a way no man ever should

Republican Amnesia

NBC News: 'What if an Amazon delivery drone crashes into me?' and 6 other key questions

Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal

U.S. hospital worker sentenced to 39 years for spreading hepatitis

The Obamacare Fight is Not About Health Care

Seems legit.

Final update on ISON - it's a no go

Male contraceptive pill 'a step closer'

Sky News breaks news that RG III came out...

How Rick Perry Wants to Use Block Grants to Have His Cake and Eat It Too

Scientists Fear Escaping Arctic Methane Could Impact Entire Globe

Season’s Bleatings: Republicans Suck The Spirit Out Of Christmas

Why do Protestants love Pope Francis? EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo weighs in

Why do Protestants love Pope Francis? EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo weighs in

eBay sellers - a question

California Peggy tells you how to cook a turkey:

Will the Illinois Legislature Steal Public Workers’ Retirement Security?

What does the Fox say?

How do day laborers work?

Metro-North Train In Fatal Crash Going 82 mph As it Approached 30 mph Zone

How koalas make a mating call that ought to come from an elephant

Fake Conscience Objections: Profits before People

"An AIDS-free generation"

I am due beer, travel money, and many experiences...

Men And Women Have Different Sexual Regrets, Study Claims

Clearly Obama's Fault...

Catholic hospital's religious rules led to negligent care in miscarriage, ACLU says

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