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Archives: December 20, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' new season will feature suspended patriarch

How to spot an anti-gay idiot

Breaking the Silence

Youths attack UN base in South Sudan, peacekeepers go missing

78 days - Sochi

Poland, Russia Ink Unprecedented Cooperation Accord

EU Leaders Face Moment Of Reflection Over Ukraine Debacle

Gay Israeli Lawmaker Says Netanyahu Attacks Iran On Gay Rights While Doing Nothing At Home

What Workers Won In 2013

One of my TRUE FB Friends *nails* Derp Dynasty

Cultures of Violence in the Age of Casino Capitalism

Looks like John Ashcroft has some competition from Sweden

Israel Rejects American Request To Freeze Settlement Activities

Glenn Beck ‘Would Be Proud’ to Have Duck Dynasty on TheBlaze Network

Accusations fly against celeb-loving organic bread company

I am sitting here in my shorts..

Kellogg Lockout Memphis, Tenn.

Young Woman Dies After Tweeting That She Worked 30 Hours Straight

Airlines begin to shun Venezuela cash

Lockheed halts Boy Scouts donations over gay rights

The fence builders in Los Santos are incredibly efficient

Israelis Split Over Threat Posed by Boycott Calls

Fugelsang points out another absurdity

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 December 2013

Borowitz on America's feeling about military service

Chuck Hagel Rips China’s ‘Irresponsible’ Actions During Stand-Off At Sea

"The public still blames Bush. And it celebrates the Clintons."

Victory on state min wage meant we had to update our 10.10 research EPI Press Release

Congress Triples Obama’s Request On Defense Cooperation With Israel

Okla. imposes moratorium on Capitol monuments

Officials: People Returning To 'In Droves'

In Big Oil's Pocket...

"Ted Cruz makes list of top global influencers"

Winners and Losers...

Anti-Semitic attacks drive record levels of French aliyah

Scott Walker is a pile of dung

There for the taking...

Meanwhile, Back At Widgets Inc.

Merry Christmas, from Samantha Stevens...

Ontario is getting short-changed, and it’s not 'just math'

Chavez Official Trailer HD | Release date: March 28, 2014

Poll: 42% Of Republicans Think Santa Is 'Verifiably White'

Radicals in City Hall: An American Tradition


Armed robber terrorizes passengers aboard Seattle bus

Public statement of US Attorney Preet Bharara on the arrest of Indian diplomat.

Had one of those "water cooler" confrontations with right wingers at work today. Great fun.

Fear of 'catastrophic' sea-level rise as ice sheets melt faster than predicted

NH Rep Shea-Porter and Rep Kuster Introduce Continuous Coverage Fix to Affordable Care Act

Jim Hightower: NSA and DHS Bravely Defend America from Satire

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

So I have some leftover chicken and can't decide between chicken and dumplings or curry chicken

Most of us are supporting Obamacare because there are no legislative fixes likely given the House

A lovely story about student support for a gay vice principal.

Sunrise, Sunset


Cuba lifts 50-year-old car import ban

So it’s just dandy that NSA has all that personal data because after all,

welcome to DU

When a redneck get's fired a snowman gets his wings

Us seniors have to stand up for each other

Destroying The Dixie Chicks – Ten Years After

I don't remember what this is about

Researchers: US poultry beset by salmonella, 'superbug' threats

Had to Share: LTR to Sen. Menendez

Harbaugh: "Beware of unnamed sources. They speak with forked tongue"

Corbett lawyers seek sexual history information on plaintiffs in gay marriage challenge

Windsor Star series: Gun-running between Windsor and Detroit

Ted Cruz thinks Duck Dynasty star has a First Amendment right to be on reality TV

No matter what you astrophysicist types say, this service dog likes Pluto

Move over 415, San Francisco gets new area code

New BART board president will seek transit worker strike ban

Olympus Bioscapes 2013 Gallery

Bumble Bee Character on Hamas Children’s TV: ‘That a Jew Should Pray Next to Me? Never’

Ms. Betty Bowers on Sarah Palin, Duck Dynasty and Free Speech

Trey Radel not resigning from office, plans to return to Congress

If You Believe the Government, ‘You’re Stupid’

My friend made some Wendy Davis shirts for us.

The A.V. Club on Palin's remarks about Duck Dynasty's 1st Amendment rights

Three California Solar Power Plants to Cost $2.0 Billion, $1.6 Billion and $2.2 Billion...

New National and State Reports Showing the Costs of Repealing the Health Care Law

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Some Hope for Change? & a new Kitteh gif

Maryland KKK will meet in government building to plot Obama’s impeachment

Mind the Gender Gap in Politics

Any programmers in here?

Republicans demand consequences for 'willful lie' by intelligence chief

2 American universities withdraw from American Studies Association over Israel boycott

Johnny Cash's last interview

Getting organized at home

Shopping for Xmas I saw duck dynasty stuff at Kohl's

Indiana governor (R) slightly softens stance against marriage equality

Mahar- I for one am getting a little tired of helping highly profitable companies pay their workers.

The NSA review panel didn't answer the real question: was any of this legal?

UT loses fight with Ryan O’Neal over Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett

FBI to seize school hard drives in Kendrick Johnson probe, source says

Whale Hides Under Boat; Tourists Have No Idea (PHOTO)

Belgian Housewife Single-handedly Cripples Euro Internet Traffic With Kitten Pictures

Dave Eggers: US writers must take a stand on NSA surveillance

"$10.10 Minimum Wage Would Actually Create New Jobs: Study"

I'll be gone for a while.

Poor Kids Sweeping and Doomsday Weeping

Who would like this for Christmas?

ACA Question: Are Cannabis smokers considered smokers

There's going to be a network boycott by a bunch of folks that can't even spell A&E.

Fukushima - German physicist: "The probability that the rescue succeeds goes to zero"

It's over here!


Get Your Jesus Straight...

Caption This Picture:

flotus spreads some holiday cheer

Grifterella's Tale of Two Statements...

oh! The Man Who Planted Trees

Are we doomed not to get any more rain EVER?

Report: Fired nuke general misbehaved in Russia

Yay-- Covered California has gotten > 200,000 enrollees!!

"Bank robberies may not exist in 'near future,' prof says"


How stupid can Republicans get? Try this...

For Phil Robertson: The Murder Of Emmett Till - Documetary in HD

Join the Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Besieged Syrians

ok. i love this.

Judge Orders Companies to Pay $1.1 Billion for Lead Paint Removal

Dan Savage, Sarah Palin and the War on Christmas.

Not sure how to do this. Mr. Skinner, Please deleat my account. It's been a wonderful ride ...

Finally saw "Michael Clayton". What a movie!

U.S. church ousts minister who performed gay son’s marriage

Chantal Hébert said tonight on CBC's the National that Montrealers used

Robertson Family Issues Statement on Duck Dynasty’s Future

Mississauga school blocks gay-support quote from movie posters

Senate To Vote On Janet Yellen Confirmation In January

5 Reasons Being an Orthodox Rabbi Compelled Me to Support Gay Marriage

If the primaries where held today who would your top candidate/s be?

You know what's great?

Bloomberg: Pacific Trade Deal Needs More WikiLeaking

So apparently Conservatives are not being told about the duck racism.

48 family members in Medellin displaced after shooting

John Podesta

Dave Eggers: US writers must take a stand on NSA surveillance

Final Fall Foto Contest Vote Thread!

I Stand With Phil

Choking up at The Daily Show's farewell to John Oliver

Was John Oliver in tears? n/t

Clinton for President: Support / Don't Support

DOJ Denies Duplicity in Bain CoverUp

Japan and Germany are the only nations that seem committed to reducing nuclear power production

Statement by the President on Clemency

Anybody else have a yellow bar at the top of the DU page

Chiquita loses legal battle to keep documents secret

Anti-whaling nations warn against violence

Boy, 4, missing after mom found unresponsive

Striking Photos Will Change The Way You See The Average American

Anyone else remember when Bill Maher was fired from ABC in 2002 for saying this:

Duck Dynasty Is Fake! (Strong Language)

Computer cables & lead--How serious is the problem?

Japan robot chats with astronaut on space station

Chris Christie and N.J. Democrats reach agreement on DREAM Act

Remember this guy?

Scenic Photos the High Point of Panel's Report on Enbridge's Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline Proposal

I am screwn. No kidding

Another Rule in Health Law Is Scaled Back

Jack Lew: Federal debt limit must be raised no later than early March

My wife confided in me she feels uneasy about certain events.

Defense Bill That Includes Sexual Assault Crackdown Sent to Obama After Senate Approval

(from 2009) Gay ducks derail repopulation plan

New volcanic island off Japan could be permanent (w/ pics)

Feared 'Tiger' is out as top cop in Honduras

You know what's a great word?

4.6-magnitude Mexico earthquake felt in Southern California

Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA) Left California Home A Grimy Mess (PHOTOS)

Jon Stewart Torches Fox News' Defense of Phil Robertson's Right to Say 'Ignorant Sh*t'

Nevada hospital gunman targeted doctors over surgery -police

For Illinois senators, an odd public friendship

Miami sues three major banks for what it calls predatory lending in poor neighborhoods

America -- The Land of the Beautiful, Duck Dynasty and other "Beliefs"


Is Don Siegelman a political prisoner?

LAPD officers fired 22 shots at unarmed driver after Corvette chase, review says


Hey Mitch and Rand, has any of this changed in Kentucky? Have you offered them the ACA? (pics)

Gay marriage supporters see hope in deep-red Indiana

Obama deploys small military group to South Sudan

Occupy the Rose Parade 2014 - Wednesday, January 1, 2014 7:30am

"The Right's Case of Affluenza"

Wait, you attacked the Dixie Chicks for what they said but you're crying fowl over Duck Dynasty? ...

"I might fail because I have an inner ear problem." - Famous last words

Democrats rip Gov. Rick Scott over child deaths

time for SNOWGLOBE (interactive click and drag to shake it)

110 pound girlfriend, 440 pound boyfriend. Guess what happens next!

Aides allege harassment

Welcome to Senate committee musical chairs

Why a Palestinian community demanded a father murder his divorced daughter

small boy: "Fox News Says Santa Claus is supposed to be white"

"National petition to defund Obamacare" commercials running on the radio in Spokane.

Here's a Duck DyNASTY Christmas to die for! (Bawdy, nasty humor ahead)

Regulator OKs oil pipeline to Pacific Coast

JibJab 2013 Year in Review: "What A Year!"

Scientists send text message concealed in evaporated vodka

Guy Brings His White Girl To Barbershop In Harlem

A Little Girl Cried For Days Over Her Lost Stuffed Animal. How She Found It Made Me Cry.

ENENEWS Update 12-20-13

ABSOLUTE wins cute of the internets

Judge dismisses sailor radiation case

The European Union no longer enjoys the highest credit rating.

$630 Billion Dollars and the Drunk Nuclear General

The diplomat-maid thing: a quick terminology glossary

US Balks at Magnitsky List Expansion – Report

Any given RW or ReTHUG Fundie moron speaking on any given day

Events 2014

Shocker: Right-Wingers Who DON'T Want to Destroy Your Retirement? Promising New Trend in Washington

Jakarta Plans to Erect 99-Story Wind Energy Building

Under Seattle, a Big Object Blocks Bertha(biggest tunnel-boring machine). What Is It?

Ah, like clockwork: diplomat's father says maid was "like family"

Why the GOP Is So Extremist and Reactionary{long read}

Gun Nuts Find a New Target: The NFL

Economic Opportunity Is Lowest In the Republican Bible Belt, Major Study Finds

Why High Unemployment Actually Destroys the Fabric of American Life

LeParisien En Images: Noël à Paris

Bob Newhart cancels appearance at anti-LGBT Catholic event

India government asks court to review gay sex ban

Congress cuts Food Stamps, maintains Estate Tax Loophole worth $100 bn to the Rich

Reserved Parking Only

Scotland is going 100% Green by 2020; shame on Dirty America

American Public: Invasion of Afghanistan a Mistake, Speed up Withdrawal

Four Syrian Bedouin Women, c. 1890 (Photo of the Day)

Kyrgyz president fears war in the south

Holiday humor.

(Indian) Congress hatchet job on Modi fails

Salvation Army bell ringer hit for saying 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'

BOOK REVIEW: Destination Afghanistan? Write a will ...

Obama: The Betrayal of a Handshake

Dismantling of a Superpower

"FOREVER YOUNG" performed by Young@Heart, PS22 Chorus & Sci-Tech Band (made me cry)

Can we finally kill the meme about shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre?

Afghan Audit Finds U.S. Military Aid Prone To 'Waste, Fraud, Abuse'

In Syria, in Search of Options, Any Options

Dolphins in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay much sicker after BP oil spill

Mayan Word For 'Apocalypse' Actually Translates More Accurately As 'Time Of Pale Obese Gun Monsters'

A big win for small farmers (and the eaters who love them)

Ugandan MPs pass life in jail anti-homosexual law

Uganda Passes Tough New Law Against Homosexuality (Life Imprisonment)

Bankrupt fracking firm suing New York governor to end moratorium

Stealing a password from the sound your laptop makes.

13 Magical Vintage Photos Of Paris At Christmastime

Santa Claus rejects NORAD escort, may be placed on no-fly list

OUTRAGEOUS: Texas Police Can Now Obtain Search Warrants Based On ‘Prediction Of A Future Crime’

Vladimir Putin: Stalin was no worse than Oliver Cromwell

Federal investigation: George W. Bush appointee tried to 'ship out' gay employees to Detroit

(Canadian OpEd) Column: A new ambassador for a cold relationship

LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - All Cutscenes - All 4 Full Movies

The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd

Filmmaker Randy Olson: Climate Change Is an Inconvenient Bore

Dead Sea: Environmentalists Question Pipeline Rescue Plan

Cornell University Faculty Senate votes for fossil fuel divestment

Charts: Catholic Hospitals Don't Do Much for the Poor

The Long, Expensive History of Defense Rip-Offs

Overwhelming number of teachers’ unions recertify in annual election

Sen. Hansen: "In Grinch-like fashion Senate Republicans throw 83,000 of Wisconsin’s poorest

Concurrency’s Costs: An F-35 Example

A-10: Close Air Support Wonder Weapon Or Boneyard Bound?

Blast victim now engaged to nurse

The Guy Who Created “Duck Dynasty” Starred In A Movie About Gay Porn

Warm homemade cinnamon toast....

I Bumped Into A Friend That Was Interviewed For A High Level Job In The BushCo Aministration....

32 Die Of Bubonic Plague In Madagascar

US Navy Sailors Sue TEPCO Over Cluster-Fukushima Snafu

Will We Fast-Track Past The Lessons Of The NAFTA Trade Debacle?

Obamacare Enrollment In Kentucky Up 40% Since November

NPR - One Man. One Cat. Multiplied (not a video) (really neato)

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Duck Duck Louse

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Whiteout

I am glad to hear this

Gay Marriage Supporters See Hope In Deep-Red Indiana

Time Magazine's Blowhard of the Year!

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Empty Congress

3rd Quarter Growth in US Revised Up to 4.1%

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Who is Listening?

Weighing in on gun threads in GD.

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Why Baked Beans Are not For Astronauts

WaPo: In embrace of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star, 2016 hopefuls make bid for evangelicals

GOP’s new filibuster strategy: A giant temper tantrum

Robert Reich: Trickle-down economics has made America an “indecent society”

Update - News Break - Judge issues Order in "Haas v Romney" that's telltale!

Newt Gingrich compares ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson to Pope Francis

Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America

KS legislators will be drug tested but not penalized and not identified if they fail the test

Sen. Harry Reid goes to hospital as a precaution

Indian protesters attack Dominos Pizza store over diplomatic row with US

PA Supreme Ct. allows MD to challenge PA's gag rule that prevents fracking chemical disclosures

chuckie toad really doesn't like the affordable care act....

Senate eases path for sending more Guantanamo detainees home

Spain levies maximum fine over Google privacy policy

Yellen expected to win Senate test vote on Friday to head Fed

A man worth $15,000,000.00 who lives on a 20,000 acre estate is a “victim”? Really?

Beer Domesticated Man

Glenn Beck calls Chris Christie a 'fat nightmare'

Pizza outlet attacked as India, U.S. fail to cool diplomat row

Muslim children at Dearborn school welcome visit, gifts from Santa (suck an egg, Fox News)

Spanish police raid ruling party HQ in graft probe

Hey everyone!

Paul Krugman: Austerians are like the Three Stooges

Isn't that sort of an oxymoron?

So the Joe Conason piece was indeed bogus......

Exposing the education “reformers’” big lie: Here’s how progressives — and our kids — beat the corpo

2010 video surfaces of Phil Robertson calling homosexuals "ruthless" and "full of murder."

Mr. Putin Prepares Russian Athletes For The Olympics & Unveils New Mascot

Web Around the World: Whose Internet’s The Fastest?

Obama Lifts Health Mandate for Those With Canceled Plans

Libyan told he cannot pursue rendition claim in case it harms UK interests

Nelson Mandela 'fake' interpreter admitted to psychiatric hospital

What is this pooch saying?

Working at Walmart (cartoon)

SunRISE at the creek!

China probes top official in powerful ministry

"NONE of this would have happened without the revelations by Edward J. Snowden"

Pope Francis Gives Christmas Presents To 2,000 Immigrants

Ring of Fire: Halliburton Attacks Investor Protections

Canada Supreme Court Strikes Down All Current Restrictions on Prostitution

To: America.....From: 113th Congress

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief

Phil Rockstroh: Lost in an Anthropocene Wonderland

Babbling "Likely White House contender" Bobby Jindal...this Miley and Duck shit is "MESSED UP!"

Obama To Hold Press Conference At 2PM ET

Why many here will never like Andrew Sullivan.


Sun News must be available to all cable and satellite customers, CRTC says

Geek Trifecta!

Christie: "When you're governor, they close the Lincoln Tunnel for you,"

Wow, U.S. economy revved up......wake up media, this is good news!!!

Set up for online scam by Yahoo

Last minute travel arrangements

Atlanta: Pee at your own peril in MARTA elevators

Report: Putin Backs Israel's Security Needs in Middle East

There Are Two Americas, And One Is Better Than The Other

How do you like these apples?

Canada's highest court strikes down all current restrictions on prostitution

Nissan buys 17-year-old car from man after epic ad

The Forecast Calls for Gridlock: D.C. Planners Say Transit Investment a Must

Pastor Told Girls He Could 'Take Demons Out,' Raped Them for Years

Wall Street traders increasingly rely on surveillance, snooping to get an edge.

Senate reaches deal on Obama nominees

Google Glass's 'Wink' Is the Ultimate Advance in Creepshot Technology

Okay boys and girls. What say you about the design of the US Winter Olympic uniforms?

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun...

Pa. Supreme Court jolts shale industry

Pressure cooker meatballs/Bittman Video

Is singling out Israel for boycotts anti-Semitic?

Angry Men: Attack of the 50-Foot Feminist Agenda

DailyMail has another Phil Robertson rant from 2010

Putin introduces mascot for Russian Winter Olympics

This is NOT a GORN Thread.

Occidental College flooded with fake reports of sexual assault

Jim Hightower: A Ploy to Dilute the Democratic Party's Message

I never even heard of "duck dyNASTY", for reals....

I love the subtle defense posts for Old Man Duck guy popping up here at DU...

Jesus at the Food Bank

A Gift from the Gods: The History of Cannabis and Religion

Duck Dynasty should just move to the Fox News Network.

Phil Robertson Has Made Me Hate Facebook Finally

Which comes last? Chicken or egg? . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!!

SOP exceptions for GD.

Maybe Santa Will Build Me a New Stadium

Phil Robertson's America (by: TA-NEHISI COATES)

Angry India tells US 'times have changed' after diplomat spat

Maybe Santa will bring the Chargers a new stadium for Christmas

China vents anger over Dalai Lama's planned Norway visit

Maybe Santa will bring the Chargers a new stadium for Christmas

Emails reveal rush to demolish building that collapsed and killed 6 in Phila.

Try to guess who these people are

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ December 20th

One of the letters J.R.R.Tolkien's kids received from Father Christmas over 20 years:

Christmas is Kicking Ass in the War on Christmas


Eugene Robinson | Ending the 9/11 Panic Mentality at the NSA Once and For All

Japan to Fund Fukushima Decontamination With Tepco Sale

Duck Dynasty - Best take down EVER

Nun Fu?

Pic Of The Moment: Sarah Palin A Forceful Advocate For Free Speech (Unless You're Talking About Her)

Deming, now El Paso police force anal probes, observation of bm movements...


So I was talking about porn with some young women ... (WARNING! This is a HoF thread!)

NYC to lose last free non-commercial AM Progressive Talk Radio Station January 1.

Canada's Supreme Court strikes down all Prostitution laws

West Virginia Legislator Calls for Disciplinary Action Against Anti-Choice Doctor

Getting data info off an iPhone

Pussy Riot are free, but the beast lives on

Worst governor ever!! This time Scott won't even answer reporters questions about his website....

Dear Jerry...

***Fall Contest Finals are up and running

Obama Lifts Health Mandate for Those With Canceled Plans

When autocorrect goes rogue:


NSA spied on EU's Anti Trust Chief

NSA program stopped no terror attacks, says White House panel

Message in a bottle found 54 years later in Arctic (LA Times)

It's the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Release of "D.C. Cab"

Let sleeping cats lie

Whole Foods CEO: Government Shouldn't ‘Take Over Entire Health Care System'

Right wing supporting Duck Dynasty are just going to make their image worse

Why should I be forced to purchase auto insurance but not health insurance??

Palestinians And Supporters Open The Floodgates Of Bullcrap

The U.S. government lab behind Beijing’s nuclear power push

Cell Phones: Does anyone else hate Swipe to Answer?

Geraldo Rivera: ‘C*cksucking f*ggot’ is not an anti-gay slur if you grew up with it

NYC expands smoking ban to include e-cigarettes

I've got my Best of 2013 show part 2 about the start

The Ugly/Threatening Gear of our Militarized US Local Police Departments Comes in View in Durham, NC

A silent thread of thanks for all whistleblowers, everywhere. Thank you all for providing facts

A GoPro Camera strapped to an Eagle.

It's gone viral! Followup on student (now citywide) protest of gay vice principal's resignation

Lawrence O’Donnell takes Phil Robertson down for his denial of history.

US orders mortgage servicer Ocwen to help borrowers with $2 bln

Detached dads mostly a myth, survey suggests

Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013

Having a fun but hard time with the google crossword puzzle

The Six Most Misused Words in Science

Trial for Army general facing sex charges delayed after accuser finds phone

Earth Changes: No Snow in Siberia


Kids Telling Dirty Jokes: Gigi

‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film

Spain government approves restrictive abortion law despite opposition

"I Would’ve Married Her In A Heartbeat": Astronaut Sally Ride As Seen Through Her Partner’s Eyes

geez, if this group isnt just a friggin' success. i betcha skinner simply... loves us.

The Clapper, The 'Ove' Glove and Chia Pet!

Fairytale of New York--The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

Does anyone know what

More media fawning over Paul Ryan (Buzzfeed and National Journal)

I ended a life long friendship today because .....

John Koskinen Confirmed As Next IRS Commissioner By Senate

"Councilmen Say Their Wards Mass-Ticketed in Retaliation for Police Contract Vote"

New Report Shows US Not Prepared For Abrupt Climate Change

Obama orders one-year review of sexual assault problem in military

So this has been a terrible bday and the day isn't over yet

GOP Congressional Candidate: Duck Dynasty Star Is 'Rosa Parks Of Our Generation'

A Second Day with Social Insects, and Some News on the Bumble Bee Introduced to the UK

The Right Wing Funding Of The "Centrist" Group, Third Way - Lee Fang Discusses

Texas Officials Move To Close 6 Charter Schools

Governments are becoming more authoritarian, says Google

Genome of Oldest Flowering Plant Sequenced

Gathering Strength For U.S. Manufacturing: Whirlpool Moves Production Of Washers To Ohio From Mexico

This song pretty much sums up my feelings about Christmas

NSA leaks: UK and US spying targets revealed/BBC

Judge Rules NSA Bulk Collection Likely Unconstitutional - ACLU's Kade Crockford Discusses

Oh, Jesus Christ on a soda cracker: Phil Robertson compared to Rosa Parks.

93 Percent Of Hospital Executives Think Obamacare Will Make Health Care Better

This is NOT a PORN Thread.

CNN's Laughable On-Screen Graphic

Snorkels in Spaaaace

Bloomberg on poverty. "Sometimes some of us are lucky and some of us are not"

Argentina in nationalisation threat after blackouts

Find something to be happy about today (Friday December 20th, 2013)

Concluded: President Obama's press conference

Happy Holidays Toons

Mpls. Man With Permit Pulls Out Gun, Stops Robbery In Progress

So what happens to all the RW "first amendment outrage" when a low-level government employee

Who in Whitehall approved 'gloves-off' interrogation after 9/11?

Officials’ defenses of NSA phone program may be unraveling

Honduras: One of the Most Dangerous Places to Be a Woman

Does this seem fair?

NASCAR gets a clue: No more post-race height inspections!

Trying to make black candy.. like coal.

Police arrest former Berlusconi associate

Honduras: Accusations by Military Endanger Activist

EIA Renewable Energy Forecast Isn't Just Wrong, It's Wildly, Laughably Too Low

WTF? ..... Our Usurious economy on steroids.

...they both love the kitten....

I feel this lock was unnecessary

My Creation Vacation

Stealing the 2013 Honduran Election in Five Simple Steps

And this idiot sued Rachel Maddow for quoting him?

My Republican Grandfather Is At It Again!

Update: Coyote-Wolf Killing “Derby” in Idaho on Dec 28 and 29 Could not be Stopped

Meet the Texas Farmer Taking On the Keystone Pipeline

Memo to King Herod: The Bethlehem Bedroom Tax

Phil Robertson is a true genius here

Democrats never learn.

"The Moon of Wintertime" or the "Huron Carol"

Iain Duncan-Smith leaves Commons debate on food banks early

Jeebus! I'm #7 in global Twitter mentions.

More Thoughts on Woo - and How Doctors Don't Take Women Seriously

Happy Holidays!

Two guilty of Lee Rigby murder

Saudi Arabia pays $2 Million bail in Missouri kidnapping/sexual assual case

What if the Dixie Chicks had pandered to country audiences like Toby Keith did...

Would you step into this big glass box in the French Alps? (Pic heavy)

U.S. growth revised higher, economy on firmer footing

Kennington bus crash: 32 injured after double decker crashes into a tree

Yeah… Fuck you, George.

"Come on, Diana ... You already know the answer to that!" ...

Oh for fuck's sake!!!!

The Vast Majority of Raw Data From Old Scientific Studies May Now Be Missing

Merry Namaste, Everybody!

Duck Boy - I'll Be Interetsed In Seeing If the Capitalist System...

Luis Suárez signs long-term deal to stay at Liverpool until 2018

Secret CIA testimony identifies real Lockerbie mastermind.

Top GOP Senator: Don't make 2014 about Republicans

More Than Three Years Later, Oil From the Deepwater Horizon Persists in the Gulf

Parents in Kings Park furious when school changes "Silent Night" lyrics (removing Jesus from lyrics)

LGBTQ: the sea change is happening: Eastside Catholic students strike in support

Great poster from Union 411

i was once fired for something i said

Irony alert!

Glenn Greenwald "U.S. Government Uses Terrorism As It's Excuse To Do Almost EVERYTHING!"

DC Pipe Bomb alert

Demilitarizing the Economy: A Movement is Underway

Prosecutorial Misconduct: No sanctions, no lawsuits, no justice

Australian and US scientists reverse ageing in mice, humans could be next

Driving While Black: New data shows how police target African Americans on highways across America

J.K. Rowling to co-produce magical new stage play based on her best-selling books

Yes, Making the Rich Poorer Would Make Everyone Else Richer

Jon Stewart: ‘Duck Dynasty’ turns Fox News into raving ‘free speech absolutists’

A FAIR Blog Post About the So Called Liberal Media

Obama gives Pentagon one year to fix scourge of military sexual assault

Massachusetts cops intercept more than 1,000 bags of ‘Obama Care’ heroin

Thom Hartmann: Former NSA Official "No One is Watching the Watchers"

Shelter Dog Adopts 8 Abandoned Puppies

“Not Just a Family Feud” (ASA boycott)

The Meaning of Decent Society

Get Ready for the 2014 Trade Tsunami

George Osborne and the Stooges; "why austerity? - cuzz it feels so good when I stop!"

Scientists Have Made Old Mice Young Again

Vienna Philharmonic revokes honors to Nazis

Pierre Omidyar Announces "First Look Media" Press Release and Details from Jay Rosen

A big win for small farmers (and the eaters who love them)

Pictures from the dog park

In Cuba, clock ticking just a bit faster for some

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Remarks on LGBT, African-Americans Proves Free Speech Has Consequences

Why We Must Stand Together | Moral Monday Service of Redemption...NC

A Former Wall Street Trader Took These Devastating Photos Of Addicts In The Bronx

I had no Idea that Martin Bashir was fired from MSNBC.. I thought he was suspended...

Judge imposes maximum 15-year prison sentences for Alabama-hatched terrorism plot

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013 (the Nation) kudos for NC!!!

GOP wants America to be tolerant of their intolerance.

Seriously?! Fox News Guest Compares Duck Dynasty Star to Martin Luther King Jr. (Video)

GOP Candidate: Duck Dynasty Star Is ‘Rosa Parks Of Our Generation’

Mexican government suspends salaries for dissident school teachers

A Christmas carol for all the lurking Freepers

Oh, you think A&E is violating Phil Robertson's right to free speech?

Obama: 500,000 Obamacare Enrollees So Far In December

SAPD - Injured Officer Passes Away

Why Barrett Brown's Trial Matters

Obama Says It Again: No Negotiating On The Debt Ceiling

Time to make the salsa!

Tim Draper Wants To Split California Into Pieces And Turn Silicon Valley Into Its Own State

Snowden's Case Is Up To The Courts, Obama Says

Thom Hartmann: Here's the Jim Jones Kool-Aid the GOP is Serving...

Supplements: Flushing your money down the toilet in expensive urine

India, Venezuela decided to explore new areas of cooperation


Obama: Congress Shouldn't Have Left Town Without Extending Unemployment Benefits

Health department workers admit to stealing patient info

Kaitlyn Hunt, 19, released from Indian River County Jail

Federal judge grants more freedom to John Hinckley Jr., Reagan’s would-be assassin

Venezuela. Election Victory strengthens Maduro. Next attack launched from US

BREAKING: Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

What makes an atheist love religious music?

This Revolting Promise Ring Might Be the Worst Pinterest Pin Ever

UTAH!?!?!? Woo hoo! "Federal judge strikes down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage"

Catholics v Anglicans: Religious rivalry to be settled on the pitch

Congratulations to New Mexico for becoming the 17th state to end marriage segregation!

The Multi-Religious White House Holidays

Did all you cat lovers see the video of the woman in Detroit kicking snow in a cat's face?

Researchers Find Factors Tied To Voting Restriction Bills Are 'Basically All Racial'

Flack for parent hopes she doesn’t get AIDS in Africa: ‘Just kidding. I’m white!’

Pedophilia and the music industry

Reclaiming Christmas: Let’s Party Like Pagans

Dallas police seeking gunman after shots fired at Southwest Center Mall food court

GOP civil war: Congressman goes ballistic on Rand Paul

Terry McAuliffe chose McDonnell's Dr. Bill Hazel for HHS...bodes ill for women.

A little mood music: Paco de Lucia - Entre dos aguas

'Men's Rights' Activists Flood California College With Fake Sexual Assault Reports

Austin confirms first H1N1 death, another suspected

..and that's how we got Christmas!

My irony meter broke whe I found out that Phil Robertson's interview

Thom Hartmann: Can the Economy Survive the Fed Taper?

Anti-gay Houston candidate who pretended to be black may also have lied about where he lives

BREAKING: NSA paid US-company RSA to bug encryption software

So close ... yet

Huffington Post

Fed court in Utah (!) says marriage equality required by the Constitution

Barack Obama Is Not George W. Bush

Somerville mourns loss of Burleson County deputy killed serving warrant; suspect arrested

Obamacare enrollment: the December deluge continues.

Lotto Max draw in Canada tonight. One $50 Million dollar prize and 50 $1 Million dollar

A&E receiving death threats and suspicious packages over 'Duck Dynasty'

Bunny tornado and

Kids! They NEVER want to be seen with their parents!

Obama promises review of NSA spying program, possible reforms

Washington State bans Marijuana use in establishments with a liquor license.

Christmas clubs... remember those?

Why don't you ask Santa Claus for a new NFL stadium?

Michele Bachmann Visits Libya To Probe Benghazi

Republican To Do List...

National Geographic pictures through the years

Utah Judge “Agrees with Scalia,” Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

Er Mer Gerd it Shnerd!

the true meaning of capitalism

The Top 10 Weird News Stores Of 2013

Barbary Goat

Dana Rohrabacher Is Dirty

What does the bible actually say about being gay?

Now, if we can just get those stupid ducks

ChapStick or Carmex?

Detroit's Massive Art Collection Could Be Worth $867 Million

They do say there's no such thing as bad publicity

Pope Francis Gives Gives Christmas Presents to 2,000 Homeless Immigrants (phone cards, bus passes)

Redneck Homophobic Phil Robertson New Found Speech - Posted to YouTube March 2013

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

India Maids Speak Out on Diplomat's Arrest

"Harry Reid hospitalized"

Here's a link so you can download most of this years Oscar contending screenplays, legal and free

My picks: The Top 10 Stupid Criminals Of The Year

Obamacare Initiates Self-Destruction Sequence

Class warfare in Dixieland

Mars to spend $11.7 million on its Waco candymaking plant

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

Glenn Greenwald, NSA Documents & Checkbook Journalism (Boiling Frogs Post-Sibel Edmonds)

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Preaching Bigotry!

Conservative groups spend $1bn a year to fight action on climate change

I can't believe this is my first trip to the musicians group

Lt. Guv Hopeful Dan Patrick on "Duck Dynasty" Star's Anti-Gay Rant: "God is Speaking to Us"

Davis looking strong, Abbott looking shaky on education issue

Former federal official wanted to 'ship out' homosexual workers to Detroit office

Well that escalated quickly

An hour after fed judge struck down Utah's same sex ban couple gets married

Canada's Supremes overturn all anti prostitution laws

Ranking The Top 10 Bowl Games From A Fat Person's Perspective

Weekly Summary of Communications Job Postings for December 20, 2013 and Season Greetings to all!

North Korea Warns South Of ‘Merciless’ Strike For Kim Dynasty Effigies

Please ignore the vitamin nay-sayers here if you're a fertile woman.

I’m Terrified By These Zealots

Papantonio: Duck Daddy Finds Bigotry from the Bible

Ask the ALRB: Where's the enforcement? Are you going to allow Gerawan to be a Grinch?

I occasionally get nostalgic

"All that is Trickling Down is Misery--Lot's of it."

We don't have to pick between Hillary or Elizabeth or Al or Howard or Joe or anybody else