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Dick Dynasty (toon)

Has Pope Francis Declared War on the Vatican?

Ugandan MPs rush through draconian laws against homosexuality

Turns out that having money does make people into jerks.

The Weekend Economists, Winter Solstice Edition, Dec. 20-22, 2013.

Neanderthals could speak like humans, study suggests

oh, yes I am...

Reid Released From Hospital, Cleared To Work

Utah teenagers lost all the social taboos this week. Judges are making teen rebellion hard.

Obama concedes NSA bulk collection of phone data may be unnecessary

Bolivian crowds cheer Tupak Katari satellite launch

"My Facebook Note Re: Phil Robertson"

Target Agrees to Credit Monitoring in Deal With New York

Schweitzer Says He Can Connect with Iowa Voters

Hollywood in Vivid Kodachrome

Paul Ryan has had a spiritual ephiphany.

More evidence that routine multivitamin use should be avoided

David Cameron takes his biggest gamble yet as he gets tough on Europe.

SeaWorld launches 'Blackfish' counterattack in ads

Fuck off Skinner

'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson: Five more debate-worthy quotes

Freedom of what?!

Satan's Spiritual Architecture

U.S. rights group sues Florida school for rejecting gay-straight club

Southern Republicans Drag the Rest of the Nation Down by Doing the Kochs’ Bidding

Can anyone recommend

Is it just my imagination...

India applies to U.N. to try to solve diplomat crisis

Why I have hope

Mexico's president signs law to reform energy market, attract investment

Mexico's president signs law to reform energy market, attract investment

Germany is committed to closing Nuclear Power Plants

Neighbors, hanging out in out of season cornfield!

Explaining the First Amendment to Sarah Palin

For Our Daughters (You Won't Believe What a Rhode Island Radio Host Said About Women Union Members)

Please sign this petition in support of the gay teacher forced to resign!

Here's how to make money on Climate Change

An Engineer's Guide to Cats, Version 2.0, the Sequel

MetaData and FISA court

I worked almost 30 hours straight

Durham police surround Huerta protesters; gas used to disperse group

best tweet yet re: duck dynasty

What would happen if . . .

So New Mexico was 17th and Utah is 18th? (Marriage equality)

Group sues California over new transgender law

Police: NC teen fatally shot self in head while handcuffed

Hey..Pierre Omidyar Announces "First Look Media" Press Release and Details from Jay Rosen

Google shuttle bus vandalized in Oakland

2013 in review: a year of increasing extreme weather events

Frankly I Am Already Tired Of The 2016 POTUS Elections

Keiser Report: Bankster Bacteria

Polar bear snap wins National Geographic 2013 photo prize (what an amazing picture!)

Sign of the Times - Andres Serrano - Homeless People Signs On NYC Streets

US Rep. Jack Kingston Proposes That Poor Students Sweep Floors In Exchange For Lunch

Houston doctor accused of performing illegal abortions cleared of wrongdoing

Phil Rockstroh: Lost in an Anthropocene Wonderland

I'm watching this movie on TCM right now with Rock Hudson and Paul Lynde in it!

Book mark this ...

Govt drops objection to publishing secret opinion

Even Former MRAs Think That MRAs Are Embarrassing and Horrible

Conservative groups spend $1bn a year to fight action on climate change

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Telco, Mike's back! & a new Kitteh gif

Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry Continue to Fight for the Abolition of Prostitution

TruthOut: Mr. President: Honor Nelson Mandela's Wishes and Free Leonard Peltier

Report finds no evidence of widespread sexual misconduct in Secret Service

Federal appeals court upholds temporary block on [Wisconsin] state abortion law

Arizona County Settles 2 Lawsuits Vs. Sheriff

U.S. judge strikes down Utah's gay marriage ban

Scott Walker signs bill on Indian team names and mascots

Fukushima ghost towns

Sarah Palin’s Advice on Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort it Out’

Comedy of Errors involving "Secret" FBI Interrogation manual.

Reno man pleads not guilty to supporting terrorist groups

doing laundry

Oakland: Judge grants restraining order keeping girl on ventilator through Monday

Can you believe this came out almost 20 years ago???

So now vitamins are bad for ya?

You'll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual

What is everyone doing to invent new ways of doing evil, in these busy times?

AYyyy!1 - BecKKK is actually on CNN!!!!1 & CNN is taking him *serIESly*!1 n/t

Comments by Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ not limited to gays

Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut

Man with concealed firearm spoils carjackers fun.

Pickets at Art Pope stores reach small-town North Carolina

Absolutely heartwarming story about a kid named Bennett

question about a streamline refi, 101k to pay off loan, 109k the new loan, charging me $785 for rate

"There will be no Holocaust."


Apollo 8 Earthrise picture - recreation of the event

OMG on Classic Arts Network Rudolf VALENTINO is

This Poison Center is Giving Me Heartburn

The Sad Christmas Goat by Red State Update

What We're About

What Christmas Carol do you hate the most?

Merge thread

Did the REAL Sound of Music come on this year?

Greetings from Chuck Norris

accessibility issue.

Geezus, where did all the right wing trolls on Joy Cardin's Facebook come from?

Amidst controversy, Secretary of State candidate bringing Duck Dynasty stars to Idaho

Heartwarming Moment Man With Down Syndrome Learns He's College-Bound

7 days in Iran (CS Monitor)

LOL! Best Mom Ever...

i have a sizable, if stupid, sad

If you think it's terrible being fired for crappy things you say, imagine being fired because....

Mr. Obama’s Disappointing Response

Why am I always talking about what my wife thinks? My Grandmother is dying and I am trying not to go

You know what never gets old?

WA Gov. Inslee: Time For Statewide Minimum Wage Discussion

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ December 21st

'When You Make This Kind Of Money, You Don't Eat Much'

For those of you who hate the Freaking Christmas Shoes song like I do... A little Oswalt Patton.

Support Catholic Eastside students defending their gay vice-principal

South Sudan rebels reportedly in control of oilfields

Catholic students protest at the Archdiocese of Seattle after homosexual teacher is fired

Does anyone remember these Christmas albums when they were young?

my call center boss is a real piece of work

Insight: How U.S. spying cost Boeing multibillion-dollar jet contract

God loves his children, yeah!

Hitting the Panic Button: 25 Senators Call For an Extension of Vital Clean Energy Tax Incentives

File this under what's the rush

Dozens of gay marriages performed in Utah today

The United States Department of Justice releases Police Dog Encounter training

N.S.A. Spied on Allies, Aid Groups and Businesses

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 21: The Essentials: Family Ties

OUR Christan Fundies are dangerous to the world.

Prof. Lawrence Lessig on why a better political environment means needing to fundamentally change th

Look at the google doodle. It's an animation.

What did you get at your office Christmas party?

Which Christmas Song Do You Like The Most?

Unfreep this poll (Us vs. the homophobes)

Exclusive: Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer (RSA)

Night. ISO 400 20 sec at f10

AP Reporter Bluntly Asks Obama: ‘Is This the Worst Year of Your Presidency?

How The "Right to Work" Movement Fell Flat On Its Face in 2013

Any one recall me?

Something to consider...

Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas!

Gay couples wed in Utah after judge overturns ban

Golden Brown

Imagine being fired and sent to prison for something you DIDN'T say. . .

Darlene Love on Letterman. NOW the Christmas Party season starts.

Stocks rise on strong US economic growth

Ladies, listen up

News Corp. buys start-up Storyful for $25 million

Neil Young Pocahontas

Chipstack or Carmax???

This IS a GORN Thread...

I miss all this.

Answer to BDS is Jewish power

vacation time!

South Africa BDS leader defends call to 'kill the Jew'

Which Christmas Carol Do You Like The Most?

John “The Other” Hembling on MRAs spamming Occidental College with false rape reports:

Bin Laden's son-in-law faces new charges

Democrats sweep Virginia

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 22 - TCM Spotlight: Holiday Original and Remake

US officials: drone targeted embassy plot leader

Woman offends the entire continent of Africa with a Tweet, Twitter gets on the case

Statement by President Obama on Eliminating Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces

TCM Schedule for Monday December 23 - TCM Spotlight: Christmas Kids

What do you guys think of "free" games or fremium games, as they are called?

Kidnapped Taiwanese found in Philippines

China denounces Japanese military strategy

Really, Skinner? F**k Christmas? In GD?

Manila Philippines airport shooting: Gunmen kill four

Chris Christie signs bill granting in-state tuition to N.J. immigrants

On Board: Travels with Vice President Biden in Asia

President Obama Holds a News Conference

Uribe accuses Santos of bribing Colombia Congress for reelection support

WH - West Wing Week: 12/20/13 or "26 Candles"

Where will the Robertsons and their duck calls end up NEXT?

U.S. complains to China after warships narrowly avoid collision

Widow gets remains of soldier lost in Korean War

So about that gargantuan new facility the NSA built . . .

The next time someone says some bigoted, ignorant piece of crap to me I'm going to say:

Widow's "Closure" Comes Six Decades After Korean War Veteran's Death

I finally put my Christmas tree up.

I have some very disturbing news

Two Colorado teens arrested in alleged plot to shoot up high school

Conan: Is Santa a Democrat or a Republican?

The Time of the Barracudas

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone...

Republican dynasty, Duck dynasty. Same phony appearance.

Today is National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

Do We Have the NSA on the Run, or Is There a Much Worse Surveillance State in the Making?

Thanks to NAFTA, Conditions for Mexican Factory Workers Like Rosa Moreno Are Getting Worse

365 days: Nature's 10 Ten people who mattered this year.

Apollo Theatre collapse: Initial safety checks complete

Right-Wing Group Seeks Help Rewriting the Bible Because It's Not Conservative Enough

U.S. sees Pacific trade pact talks taking time

The effort to normalize drone surveillance

What are you reading the week of December 22, 2013?

Why is hoop cheddar cheese so much more expensive than ordinary cheddar cheese?

stores open for 100 hours to attract shoppers

How many American Weddings would have to get hit by Drones before they were Banned?

Sufi Center in Hama, Syria, c. 1900 (Photo of the Day)

Meet Nicholas Moore, America's Highest Paid Road Worker.

(India) Of diplomacy and privileges

Does anyone know where my left slipper is?

Beyond Criminals & Terrorists: NSA/GCHQ Targeted Humanitarian Groups

I've heard this story before and never figured whether its true or not.

Fukushima: Fallout of fear

Freed Gitmo Detainee: 'We Were Subjected to Meticulous, Daily Torture

Orange County teachers will be making merit pay tests for all non-EOC courses.

Recent studies have shown...

S Sudan evacuation flight 'fired on'

PHOTOS: Under the nave of the Grand Palais

Kelly: In 'holiday miracle,' cat tossed out of car on W. Dodge Expressway survives, finds new home

Corporate media keeps US citizens in the dark: Pakistan Outs Three US CIA Station Chiefs in Three Ye

Dead twins case: Ex-manager of Casey's sues, alleges firing was in retaliation

Microsoft and the NSA Take Over the Obamacare Website

Stores open for 100 hours to attract shoppers

The Trans Pacific Partnership: 5 Problems

Season's Greetings from the Ever-Adapting NSA

OK, I've not commented yet on duck d, but this is just too, too much

Rand Paul Can't Run For Two Offices on Kentucky Ballot

This is a porn thread

A fantastic full-concert archive...

Obama says 1 million signed up for health care

12 Years a Slave vs. 12 Years a Prisoner... in Guantanamo

Wow! I work in the Network Security business and this piece blows me away.

This IS a GOREN Thread

ACLU: Senate Eases Transfer Restrictions for Guantánamo Detainees

Please keep your fingers crossed.


Travel tips

EU warns Israel not to announce new settlement building after prisoner release

TSA question

A Former Wall Street Trader Took These Devastating Photos Of Addicts In The Bronx

The Real Story of the Homeless Coder - and

Texas Father Barred from Taking Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

Friendly Fire: How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel and the EU

Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!

Kremlin About-Face: What's Behind the Khodorkovsky Pardon?

New fast breeder nuclear reactor for Dounreay, Scotland

There Are Two Americas, And One Is Better Than The Other

Cue Irony: ‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film

To settle Alaska case of pilfered plane parts, Georgia salvagers pay up

MONSTER PORN: Amazon’s Crackdown On America’s Latest Sex Fantasy

It was plain to see I wasn't your cup of tea.

Making Sense Best of 2013 Part 1 - Susan Eisenhower and Medea Benjamin

Shell CEO says an Arctic offshore oil find would take years to bring on line

Phil Robertson's America

U.S. confirms service members wounded in South Sudan

Christmas Is Kicking Ass in the War on Christmas

North Carolina, Pennsylvania lose 777X assembly bid

I found this on secondary customs screening at the ezbordercrossing website

Be of good cheer, Christmas warriors — you won

Weekend Toons!

Very interesting: Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913

Queen of the landfill!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Curiosity Team Updates Rover’s Software, Plans To Check For Wheel Wear

Scott Brown met by protesters at NH GOP event

When someone calls out bigotry

Why do Virginians want to drill off their own coast?

Should Students Learn About Communism & Socialism? Question

"The Fluffer" The Guy Who Created "Duck Dynasty" Starred In A Movie About Gay Porn

These guys where on Conan awhile back,still good tunes out there

Mabus expects bribery scandal to widen

Obama orders military to review sexual assault

There goes my hero

To All You Gay Defenders - Leviticus is Very Clear

“Bride and Boom!”


The right wing's defense of the Duck Dynasty Dullard

An 11 year old boy needs DU's help on an e-petition to NE Gov Heineman for treatment severe epilepsy

Anyone done the Google on the search page?

A mother's nightmare will not include jail time

Worried OpenSSL uses NSA-tainted crypto? This BUG has got your back

Thousands attend funeral of Gaza man killed by Israeli forces

If you are interested..there's an Emergency live space walk going on to fix a coolant problem.

Israeli analyst: Night raids should 'continue for years' after peace

Navy fires destroyer leaders after hazing incident

Thanks to NAFTA, Conditions for Mexican Factory Workers Like Rosa Moreno Are Getting Worse

"It was just an idea..."

Washington's Wedding Album From Hell

"The Ice Bear"

Report: Fired nuke general misbehaved in Russia

Copyright law and photographs. Pitch in if you know a thing or two about them.

Merry Christmas: Peanuts Christmas Dance in NYC

Attorney seeks records in Naval Academy case

Police Shooting of Unarmed Man Unjustified: Lawyer

Pakistan protests may make U.S. fly war cargo out

A fix to Medicaid expansion?

The reaction of little girls when they see a wedding kiss:

Bill Koch does not like shady people.

Some Americans Are Increasingly Ambivalent About Religion

Er mer Gerd !!! This is a perd theard!!!

The Army’s Mission For 2014: Holding Its Ground

This is Charley. He has cerebellar hypoplasia.

Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave

Merry Solstice, Everyone!

Ohio woman accidentally shot in head, killed during Chillicothe drug raid

Oren calls on US Congress to quell movement to boycott Israel academically

Upon which I destroy you with this tiny Husky puppy learning to howl.

Why is nothing being done about the family glitch?

Police shooting witness: 'His hands were up like this'

Who were the IWW (Wobblies) The Rise And Fall Of The IWW - Sharon Smith

4 Suspects Captured In Deadly Short Hills Mall Shooting

A band with a banjo and a washboard?? I guarantee you'll love them

Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot?

South African newspaper says toxic homophobia in Uganda is linked to "American-style Christianity"

Why atheists should quit the 'War on Christmas’

Ally Bank To Pay $98 Million For Charging Higher Interest To Non-White Borrowers

Want to Eat at Restaurants That Treat Their Workers Well? There's an App for That

Salman Khan booked for hurting religious sentiment of Muslims

Anna Paquin Cut From The Next “X-Men”

More authentic

Editorial: Thanks to the students of Eastside Catholic for protesting Mark Zmuda’s ouster

Seattle Catholic school's firing of gay official pits state law against religion

" I could get Mother Teresa to shoot the Pope,"

Tornado Watch in SE Texas today... Stay safe my fellow Houstonians (and others)

Oh my, Gerd !!! This is a prednisone thread!!!

Hey. Anyone else have bad weather coming in?

E-mail A & E to congratulate them for their suspension of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

My husband killed himself tues

Noisettes - Atticus

Washington Post faces potential conflict over Bezos-CIA deal

ABC News has livestream coverage of the ISS repair spacewalk NOW

People of Color in European Art History

Make no mistake---the Holidays can bring us together.

For those who like single malt scotch - fantastic audio documentary from Canadian Broadcasting

Taco Cat spelled backwards.

There is no Plan B

This one took me a minute

Wisconsin: Attention Attorney General VanHollen

Top 5 Creepy Christmas Songs

Ever want to be a superhero?

A big spider just jumped off the ceiling and landed on my keyboard.

Police Chief and Officers Union use Grand Jury to Intimidate Witness of Officer Shooting Handcuffed

Pix of two male piliated woodpeckers fighting over territory (added video of fighting & mom feeding)

X-posted partially because this will be familiar to anyone who's used a subway station elevator.....

We're being robbed.

Who are the Duck Dynasty characters? Actors, actually. Watch this

Jon Stewart Surprises John Oliver With An Emotional Goodbye On His Last Episode Of 'The Daily Show'

Oh lookey here what I found on FB

Three new prints, still time to ship for Christmas!

The bottom 90% is earning 10.7% less income than it did a decade ago.

John McCain, apropos of nothing.

Ermahgerd, a merse in the sner.

What Really Happened in Ukraine

People of Color in European Art History

9 Incredibly Important Things That Happened In 2013 That Most People Aren’t Talking About

Does money make you mean?

US Drone Strike Hits Wedding Convoy In Yemen

Ice coming my way

girl rising. one girl and you can change the world

Good news for naughty children everywhere--Santa no longer keeps a list.

We've already redefined marriage.

Christmas greetings from Xmas jammies

Arab report slams U.S. security ideas for Palestine

Ladies And Gents May I present Your New Conservative Spokesperson

You're Curious About Al Jazeera America. Your Cable Won't Carry It. Here's The Cure:

I worked for my lunch as a small child.

Economists Agree: US Inequality Is Killing the Economy

Quack! Quack!

KKK leader: We're not a hate group. Trust us.

Seattle Catholic school's firing of gay official pits state law against religion

teabag legal system

All-time best ever Christmas song from Doctor Who!

‘When Failure Succeeds’: The true goal of BDS and the ASA vote

Incremental. From bad to unbearable. Elf Insult Jokes by Fitzsimmons

Moon in bedroom window on WINTER SOLSTICE!

French Court Fines Members of BDS Group Calling for Supermarket Boycott

Scientists Discover New Populations Of Exploding Radio Stars That Are Instantly Killed By Black Hole

Many here are now owed Beer and Travel Money with an apology

ACLU Comment on President’s Remarks on NSA Surveillance

Past Presidents of American-Studies Group Oppose Boycott of Israel

The duck and jackass dynasty

Broken Heart Syndrome Really Does Exist

Good summary of the Nativity myths...

LIVE RADIO NOW: Income Inequality, Culture Wars, & GOP

Spacewalkers do repairs more quickly than expected — and stay dry

The Obamas arrive in Hawaii

Uruguay economy minister resigns amid airplane scandal - president

Hate Twitter?

There is one in every group when photos are taken:

Tweet: Mr. President, what killed your poll numbers:

PA Senate Bill 1121

Egypt's Mohamed Morsi charged with additional crimes

Egypt PSA: Put yourself in her shoes, instead of finding ways to blame her.

Curly or Shemp?

San Francisco Transit, Union Leaders Reach Deal

Anyone else belong to or have had experience with "Classmates?"

An Hour After A Federal Judge Struck Down Utah’s Same Sex Marriage Ban, This Couple Got Married...

oh my word--a WOMAN made the decision to suspend duck jerk. turns out, the ceo and the chair

The German roots of Christmas (CS Monitor)

Merry Winter Solstice, Everybody!

If You Don't Think Newtown Changed America's Gun Debate, Consider These Facts

Neat! Composite Then and Now Photos of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

If You Don't Think Newtown Changed America's Gun Debate, Consider These Facts

About Gun Violence

Setting the Table for a Regal Butterfly Comeback, With Milkweed

THIS Is The Type Of Holiday Gift Every Teacher Wants

sad cat diary....what they are really pondering

Holiday greetings from LaGrinch

It's not an investment if ...

Judge To Order Closure Of Bed-Stuy Hospital After Talks Break Down

Io Saturnalia! Merry Yule!

Support for Santos in Colombia on the rebound: Survey

Saturday, December 21st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Cousin Of Stabbed Off-Duty Officer Charged With Attempted Murder

For fans of Julian Castro - Holiday Photo

What do I do with all this old OS software?

Technology impedes signing for health excahnge?

Anyone know what is going on with hrmjustin?

Chinese president congratulates Bolivia on launch of first satellite

Researchers Break RSA 4096 Encryption With Just A Microphone And A Couple Of Emails

Baby Gorilla at San Francisco Zoo

Join Solidarity Hunger Fast for those in Syria

Secret Trade Deal Spawns 'We Will Not Obey' Movement

Honduras dam project shadowed by violence

Is this story about Megyn Kelly legit?

Brainwrap: Week 12 Obamacare enrollments - including Medicaid Expansion - now exceeeds 5.2 million

So they cut this performance from the Woodstock movie. Why?

"I'm Climbing Up The Christmas Tree MEOW" (cats vs Christmas trees)

Pam Karlan to head voting rights unit at DOJ

Paula Deen, Duck Dynasty -- who will be next to try this TRICK?

Cold case, good cause

Whoa! Cracker Barrel ditches Duck Dynasty

Now I understand.

A warning about handling habanero peppers!

War on Drugs: Guatemala to Consider Legalising Opium Production

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - 2007

I have not been around because my mother had several procedures in the past 11 days.

Thank you, President Obama! We closed on our new HARP mortgage yesterday!

If you weren't sure how much of an asshole Gene Simmons is..

Argentina Launches Research Rocket

Water drops on porcelain tile and grout next to shower, reason for any concern ?

How US spying cost Boeing multi-billion-dollar contract

'Her' Is Really More About 'Him'

Is Putin one of us?

l'Architecture: Les gares futuristes du Grand Paris Express

Wyoming to fight U.S. over Indian reservation land grant

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013

How Washington starves its election watchdog - Center for Public Integrity

So I posted a thread about the NSA today and was actually a bit nervous about doing it.

Since 1999, More Than A Thousand Homeless People Have Been Victims Of Violent Hate Crimes

HAIL Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun!

What A Full "Earthrise" Looks Like From The Moon

Anyone having better luck with Coveroregon than me?

Not just the Koch brothers: New study reveals funders behind the climate change denial effort

‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film

Thought I'd share,

I welcomed a new ESL student today!

Dear ‘Duck Dynasty’ Haters: You Do Know It’s All Fake, Right?

Shin-Soo Choo to the Rangers: 7 years, $130 million

Care First BCBS just dropped me with 10 days' warning due to "ACA"

FOX “news” and Drudge Report can change on a dime:

What Night Is This? A Pagan Carol

It's time to call fundamentalist groups what they are: Hate Groups

We three Cats

Worst. Congress. Ever.

Did Media Treat Bachmann Unfairly Because She's An Insane Woman?

The NSA Raven, a Poem...

freedom of speech

Marriage Equality: Coming to a State Near You

The first

Duck Dynasty - The Robertson family photos right before they grew the beards and did the TV show

US Navy Personnel suffering radiation sickness from Fukushima -

Waiting for the Gun Rights side's proposals

Can we please dispense with the bulls#!t "Obama=lowest approval rating of any President" meme?

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Bemoans The End Of White Rule In The United States

Barack Obama Is Not George W. Bush

"... the opposite of what America does."

Keanu Reeves fighting a dragon with a lightsaber while wearing a kimono.

The Rev. Dr. Love

Fox News Accidentally Endorses Environmental Regulations

Houston mayor wades into Duck Dynasty waters

Phil Robertson Will Return to Duck Dynasty in January

The Winter Solstice, sunset

Did you know you can order milk off the internets?

The GOP's problem

Attention Shakespeare fans: All you need to know about MacBeth

Wendy Davis Gets Fundraising Boost from Elizabeth Warren

Obamacare Enrollment Is Absolutely Exploding In California

Friends for life--not just an empty expression

America's biggest unfinished business in 2013: Immigration Reform

Which Christmas carols do you like: Traditional, Twisted, or contemporary or none?

Nearly Four Million Low-Income Americans Now Have Health Coverage Under Obamacare

American Family Association's Fischer: 'Uganda stands with' Duck Dynasty star

National intelligence chief declassifies Bush-era documents on NSA programs

Toon: All Y'all Hatin' Liberals Need To Learn About Tolerance...

Music for reading,

China To Require All Journalists To Pass Exam On ‘Marxist View Of Journalism’

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Wall Street Journal editorial says America was better under white rule

Unsanctioned Fight: How Bob Menendez Defied Obama On The Biggest Diplomatic Deal Of His Presidency

Florida Democrats to push civil-rights bills in 2014

Our 3 snowdogs pose for pics on a beautiful day in the backyard

Memo To Conservatives: The First Amendment Does Not Entitle You To A Reality TV Show

Tax Meat To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Say Scientists

Obama Reveals The Dating Advice He Gives His Daughters

Palestinian officials affirm 'respect' for BDS after Abbas disavowal

Do you know the meaning of 12 days of Christmas? Does it blow your mind how we have changed?

Analysis: Dis-participation as a Palestinian Strategy?

Katie Couric's Talk Show To End After This Season

Dan Savage's review of Sarah Palin's Christmas "book".

Mesmerizing, fun, beautiful and worth watching every minute

Study confirms every bad thing you suspected about voter ID laws

'Untrue Statements' Anger Over Work To Make H5N1 Bird-Flu Virus MORE Dangerous To Humans

Cory Booker joins 13 other Senate Dems in bucking Obama on Iran-war bill

We Feed Cows Chicken Poop

Zoomed picture. Guess what it is:

How Did I Miss This??

From Pussy Riot to Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Putin Has Been Underrated

Soul Kitchen 'Hope is Delicious'

How some people can be wrong, and some people can be correct

Bill Moyers: The End of Democracy

Sigh. And cry. (Compensation for Yemeni victims of US drone strikes)

Definition of a person who votes Republican...

How Israel Sank into the Quagmire of Apartheid

What an astonishing thing a book is...

Feministing Chat: Individualism, violence, and victim blaming

Revitalizing Our Forests

So I got my Christmas present today...

An Engineer's Guide to Cats 2.0 - The Sequel -

Winter Solstice Art. Giant Rabbits in the Winter Forest with the Rabbit Maid.

4 arrested in carjacking and shooting death outside upscale N.J. mall

Bristol Palin explains how you should feel about freedom of speech about having not-vagina sex

Bill O'Reilly Courageously Covered War With A Pen!!!

I will not be going to the Christmas celebration on my dad's side of the family this year.


Holy shit!!! Remind me not to turn off any bowl games in the last 4 minutes again.

Gay marriage catches conservative Utah off guard

Pope Francis Has Antonin "Opus Dei" Scalia's Undies in a Bunch

The Food Network

Seamus Heaney reads his own translation of Beowulf

UT gay marriage: Federal Judge smites Scalia -- with his own words.

US Nuclear Missiles Are A Force In Much Distress