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No one's religion gives him the right to say hateful things about other people

Despite Pleas For Clemency, Obama Declines To Pardon Israel Agent Jonathan Pollard

I will buy a house here and never leave.

Peter Beinart’s Colonial Logic: Opponents Of Israel Boycott Make Anti-Democratic Arguments

The night before Christmas - Reading Rainbow App

Conflict minerals company rankings


Proponents of Iran Sanctions Bill Are Playing With Fire

My bank account got frozen this morning because of TARGET!!!

Official POTUS baloon artist

Claire Davis Dies from Injuries at Arapahoe High School

Cat Anatomy

Machinists to vote on Boeing 777X contract offer


Why not just rewrite the Bible

Association of American Universities rejects Israel boycott

Remains of US soldier lost in Korean War come home

Boycott of Israeli universities: A repugnant attack on academic freedom

Hope no one minds, but I highly recommend "Saving Mr. Banks." Just heartwarming. Wonderful film!

Who cares if the NSA is spying on us? They just ...

Breaking - student who was shot in Colorado has died

Be still my heart: Chuggo has a Christmas video out!

A thread about religion, but I think it's more appropriate for the lounge.

Happy Holidays from the NSA!

US Senate Condemns Iran's Discrimination Against Bahais

South Sudan rebel Riek Machar 'controls key state'

Civil Disobedience: I feel as though its time.

Claire Davis dies from injuries in Arapahoe High School shooting

Utah Is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 With This One Simple Idea

One of my favorite Christmas movies.


Tulsi Gabbard Tweet~ "Welcome Home Mr President"

Our pro-rkba militants continue to use the SOP alert system to try to edit gd.

deck the tree with lots of dogs...

ACA Success Update

You know somebody had to do it.

Female idealization of men

In spite of my cynical, rude, poorly spelled diatribes....

Line brawl erupts during US vs. Canada women's exhibition game.

"The Meaning of A Decent Society" by Robert Reich

For those of us that need some good "Gay News," Check out Fort Bragg, NC:

Italian protester's kiss was 'sexual violence'

and sh*t..... all my musical videos NOW HAVE ADVERTISEMENTS IN THEM......

In the nation's capital today, the Winter Solstice, it hit 76 degrees.

For Hercules.

Multiple Impact Bullet Technology...

Robert Parry: NYT Replays Its Iraq Fiasco in Syria

So hellraiser characters as my little pony characters I know what I'd get my daughter if I had one

This is my dad...

Israel, Jewish groups slam ASA academic boycott

Man gets 5yrs for killing man over parking space..

Beyond irony: Whitewashing Mandela's legacy

The Raiders fans are in town this weekend

Montreal Bus Stop

"Under 500K with revoked health plans lack coverage"

Congress' response to the NSA revelations: CRACK DOWN ON WHISTLEBLOWERS !!!

Book Review: 'Days of God,' by James Buchan

The Consumerism Mind F%$k That Christmas Is And The War on Valentine's Day

Wedding Plan - PSA made for China about a young couple planning to get married

"Shrinking high court docket bedevils conservatives"

Why do Virginians want to drill off their own coast?

Dear Phil (duck dynasty) Robertson, Thank you for educating people regarding God's Law

Odd thing happened today at my farm

Spike in Harm to Liver Is Tied to Dietary Aids

North Korea: Dozens of relatives of the executed uncle of Kim Jung-un sent to prison camps.

How would you season rack of lamb for Christmas dinner? I bought some that is plain for the first

Christmas carols for a dying little girl.

Why is talking about stigma never okay?

The ultimate first world problem

"Struggling British Synagogue Saved By City's Muslims"

NC home schools to get public money, taxpayer money.

IAC fires PR exec Justine Sacco over ‘racist’ tweet over AIDS

Watch this in slow motion.


Friendly Fire: How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel and the EU


Check out the new breathtaking Alps skywalk - it's not for the faint-hearted

Fun Fact About Gay Marriage...

Migrant worker exploitation on steroids in Abu Dhabi

“There are degrees of safe sex”: Drugs that reduce the risk of HIV transmission

My 10-year partner and I just paid a $1000 gay tax.

What is the justification for "no tipping" policies?

Conservative groups spend up to $1bn a year to fight action on climate change

Bird annoying cat (turn up speakers!)

Another southern Maryland sunset, with music!

Group sues government of El Salvador over treatment of critically ill pregnant women, ban on abortio

I was in 2 West Texas Walmarts tonight... (interesting data point)

The obesity era

Oh Christmas Tree (from the cat's perspective)

Taters be tatin'

Excuse me sir

kroger says I am the only one!! hope that is not correct!!

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? 100th anniversary of crossword puzzle--complete

Every Time Republicans Do Something 'Really Stupid' A New Democratic Donor Writes A Check

Happy Winter Solstice and Yule, everybody...

Spike in Harm to Liver Is Tied to Dietary Aids.

John Eisenhower Dead: Historian And President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Son Dies At 91's 2013 word of the year

Ice and snow frustrate US holiday travel rush

Bloomberg columnist questions "why the secrecy" surrounding TPP negotiations....

Memorials mark Lockerbie attack anniversary

Nelson Mandela 'received weapons training from Mossad agents in 1962'

German football club FSV Frankfurt ends Saudi airline contract because of Israel boycott

"Tom Steyer may be liberals' answer to the Koch brothers"

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim: ‘We Will Continue to Invest in Israel’

Israel's drive for energy independence creating wave of sustainable start ups

Elizabeth Warren gives every democrat the narrative they need to win. Listen Up!

Apple buys motion sensor maker PrimeSense

*Justice Ginsburg on C-SPAN now.

OS7 for the ipad... I'm always late to the party

Wow bullying stopped by using babies to teach empathy

In which Dan Savage attempts a Christmas-time review of Sarah Palin's new book

I hope everyone is having/has had a great Winter Solstice

Offensive tweet gets PR executive canned.

"Obama appointees may launch 2014 policy blitz"

A plea to ignore the flame bait

Ice storm creates power outages in U.S., southern Ontario (10s of thousands without power)

The Coming 'Instant Planetary Emergency'.

Some 3,500,000 bananas rotting in ship in American port

Thanks, Target- Part 2 "My bank account got frozen this morning because of TARGET!!!"

Does anybody have any experience with walk in bath tubs?

I don't understand my wife's workplace. She is a home health aid and enjoys the new place

Cuba president notes tone of recent relations with U.S.

Cuba president notes tone of recent relations with U.S.

DU3 Mail multi-select delete GreaseMonkey script

graphic image against FGM

graphic image against FGM

Report: CIA has helped Colombia kill dozens of rebel leaders

Report: CIA has helped Colombia kill dozens of rebel leaders

Happy Holidays to DU Grammar Crew

Congress is really hard at work!

Just got home from our neighbor's annual holiday sing-along...Here are a few pictures!

SNL not as good as usual

How's everyone doing with the ice storm?

How Far We Haven’t Come: All of the Terrible Ways the Media Treated Women in 2013 in One Video

The Pretenders - 2000 miles

Ice storm updates?

Can you say "Tone Deaf"

Merry Catmas

A Sharp Progressive Joins the D.O.J.

Accused rapist escorted by Mumbai police flees

Why Is Maternity Care Such an Issue for Obamacare Opponents?

SNL: DORK Dynasty - video clip link

I have chilblains.

The secret conservative message of the “Duck Dynasty” beards

The 19 best pope Francis moments....

Do you see this image?

To my friends in MN

Bibi's boycott: Will 2014 be the year that Israel divorces the world?


Anchorman II had some very poignant eye opening statements about the dowfall of real news

Hunger Games: UK refuses EU food aid, leaving 1000s in dire straits

The Cubli

NSA Intercepted Children’s Letters To Santa

White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts

We just might have our own Koch!

4 China ships intrude into Japan waters around Senkaku Islands

Yemeni al Qaeda says attack on hospital was mistake

Iceland's hidden elves delay road projects

U.S. military aircraft shot at in South Sudan, leaving three Americans wounded

Rotting corpse found at U.S. military base in Okinawa

Florida elections opinion could make uncovering fraud more difficult

NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief

Phildelphia Eagles honor former cheerleader after two Army tours in Afghanistan

Fired 2-star general in charge of nuclear arsenal spent week drunk with ‘two hot women’

Is there any news of Martin Bashir? I miss him on MSNBC. eom

Bulgaria warns UK over migrant curbs

Best selfie ever?

Family Of Innocent U.S. Drone Victims Compensated With 101 Kalashnikovs

NSA bribed Encryption Companies to Install Back Doors: Was the Law Broken? Did Obama Know?

10 Ways Right Wingers Went Cuckoo This Week -- 'Duck Dynasty' Meltdown Edition

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Missile Toes Edition

Iranian-Armenian Nurse taking an X-Ray in Isfahan, 1900 (Photo of the Day)

10 Companies Vying for 2013 Corporate Hall of Shame: What’s Your Pick for the Worst Offender?

The good news is, the Ice Storm Warning has ended in Michigan

My MAME Cabinet project.

'We Should Be Thanking Snowden': Obama Forced to Consider NSA Reforms

The Massive CIA Operation in Colombia You've Never Heard Of

Merry Xmas

What are some other forums, websites, where you hang out? NUTS!!!

Fuck this shit

Changes on the way in how military handles sexual assault

Good morning

The 44 Man-Candiest Moments Of 2013{sigh-i don't know who any of these guys are}

We aren't the only ones who experience this on the net...

Scientists Have Cracked A Major Mystery Of HIV

Starting in 2014, some Nebraska hospitals will cover same-sex couples

Guantanamo judge to US government: Preserve what's left of CIA 'black sites'

Raul Castro To America: Let's Talk

Venezuela car owners unfazed by planned fuel hike

Ally paying $98M to resolve US auto-loan claims

Fort Bragg chapel holds first same-sex ceremony

I miss Martin Bashir but he made a mistake.

LORDE - Royals

DU weather check in: snow, ice, rain, flooding, sunny and warm, etc. last weekend & this weekend

Retirement pay cuts upset Fayetteville veterans

Shatel: Jack Hoffman ran into lives, hearts of millions (and met Obama)

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

The Senate Is Abandoning The Unemployed.

Walking in an Anthropocene Wonderland

Are rabbits smarter than dogs?

Another BS YouGov Poll -- Americans Have Little Faith In Scientists --

Dear Santa.....

Joseph Gantt, Korean War veteran, returned to his wife after 63 years

Alligators and Crocodiles Use Tools to Hunt, in a First

Not just the Koch Brothers

Sunday's Doonesbury- Time to Mature

Today's Doonesbury is for you

NAFTA at 20: State of the North American Farmer

Fired By Walmart for Christmas

Best Christmas gift ever!

Israeli forces raid prisoner Samer Issawi's house day before release

6-year-old girl recovering from brain injury gets her very own 'Christmas Carol' production

JPMorgan Chase and Penance and Fines

Lives Change In 60 Seconds

Businessman, Jewish advocate Bronfman dies

Quirky the Blind Kitten

Inequality in America is degrading our trust- it’s time to start rebuilding it -By JOSEPH E STIGLITZ

Ignoring Nature No More: The State of the Animals 2013 (Op-Ed)

Lost tomb of the last Incan emperor or City of the Giants?

Report Suggests NSA Engaged In Financial Manipulation, Changing Money In Bank Accounts

any DUers going to CES this year?

Kingston coal ash spill: 5 years, $1 billion cleanup tab and no regulations later

Scott Walker's getting punked

Indigenous Groups Win Right to Seize Chevron’s Canadian Assets over $18 Billion in Amazon Pollution

Funniest NSA Spying Memes and Cartoons

U.S. reasserts need to keep domestic surveillance secret

Khodorkovsky: Will seek to free political inmates

Pope urges Italy to find houses for all families

Toon-When did Rick Santorum Grow A Beard?

Data brokers selling lists of rape victims, AIDS patients

Meet The Press Reportedly in Jeopardy as NBC Looks to Cut Back DC Bureau

Under Amazon's CIA Cloud: The Washington Post

Koch brother gets scammed boo hoo!

This is the Winter of Our Discontent......

I Confronted Dick Cheney About His Racist Joke

Police attack anti-corruption protest in Istanbul's Kadiköy

Support Our Troops: "They are being treated, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.”

Need help with a feral kitten I'm fostering.

Sweden Shakes with Surveillance Scandal

American Fascists, Chris Hedges

Dagbladet: Norway Spies on Russia for NSA

didn't expect an honest, reveal one's hypocrisy, managed to avoid both by refusing to answer,

Biker gang who attacked tech exec will have charges reduced because he has no facial disfigurement

The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

"The 3 Suspects"

During Religious Season, Nonbelievers Assert Right to Celebrate

Injuries as activists and police clash over Hamburg's Rote Flora center

Polygamy, the Bible’s Ultimate Family Value

Does Pope Francis symbolize a changing face for the Catholic Church?

30% of our national security database is cat photographs?

RIP, Claire

Amazing. Those who likely support "right to work" are now pissed when it happened

The 2013 Darwin Awards are out

One hurt in bus blast near Tel Aviv

Top minister: US spying on Israel unacceptable

Crossword Puzzle: What Did We Learn About the NSA This Year?


Israeli forces prevent students from reaching school near Qalqiliya

Subtract Teachers, Add Pupils: Math of Today’s Jammed Schools

Is BDS' campaign against Israel reaching a turning point?

Cuteness overload: 20 day old malamute/husky puppy howling

Santa Takes a Dive

So, my democratic mayor, Greg Stanton, has ended homelessness for Phoenix vets.

Twas The (Republican) Night Before Christmas.

Sci-Fi Considerations when spy-microwaving a house.

When You Defend Phil Robertson, Here's What You're Really Defending

28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013

Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

Why the Right to a Fair Trial Doesn't Really Exist for Drug Defendants

Family's pet dog fatally shot by off-duty police officer

The difference between Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh:

a sentiment that seems to be making the rounds

Accidental 911 Call Ends in Police Fatally Shooting Family Dog

First long Flexity Berlin tram delivered

If the Townsend plan was adopted today, every American over 60

Special for GG: Sex, gluttony and hoarding marked evolution of flowering plants

Dogs that Cops Killed

Professor Richard Wolff: Capitalism and Democracy: Year-End Lessons

Republicans ban dissenting opinions, while supporting Duck Dynasty’s ‘Free Speech’

What's your word?

You say a problem rates a 10. I say it rates a 7. You react as if I said the problem doesn't exist.

"It was a dump. But it was our dump."

Israel condemns US spying revelations

Passengers evacuated 'just in time' before Israel bus bomb

Should you praise your cat for bringing home dead animals?

Report: US Furious at Israel Equipment Transfer to China

#NotYourAsianSidekick kicks off worldwide conversations about racist & sexist Asian stereotypes

God's Tweet: "The Duck Dynasty Guy ..."

Senator On NSA: ‘Big Brother Is Truly Watching You’

When You Defend Phil Robertson, Here's What You're Really Defending

Suddenly. Panic.

in memoriam--lockerbie

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir Live Today at 14:30 EST

The Nutcracker Suite as danced by The Sugar Plum Kitties

Dying girl's Christmas wish granted by 10,000 carolers

Bethine Church dies at age 90

Libya's first suicide attack kills seven near Benghazi

Egypt jails Ahmed Maher and other secular activists

American academic boycott of Israel draws congressional fire

It's only a matter of time

Anyone getting Insurance through Medical Mutual?


What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ December 22nd

Make it four, Bearcats win National Championship

Sailors on old warship dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste for years

Good article by Paul Simon....

KKK Ex-Grand Wizard David Duke Expelled from Italy over 'Plans to Exterminate Blacks and Jews'

So the repubs call for a single payer health plan....

Phil Robertson to return to Duck Dynasty in January.

Are Google AND YouTube down for anyone else? 11:35 CST Sunday.

Too many words clogging such a tiny mind. . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

This week in 1941, FDR lights the first wartime Christmas tree with Churchill at his side:

Are these seagulls?

As if altered climate and the weather were happening on two different planets.

Target: let me get this straight

401K Math

MSM - Unemployment Down, Stock Market Up, No New Wars, So Worse Year In Obama Presidency?

A time that starkly reminds people of their poverty

Guys, are these seagulls?

Schumer sees job creation and middle-class income growth as defining issues for 2014

White House seeks to stop court from ruling on surveillance

Woman sends her husband a beautiful Christmas gift...2 years after she passed away

"Obamacare" Heroin Hits the Market

GOP plan would make Texas major player in 2016

GOP plan would make Texas major player in 2016

Gaggle of geese a couple days ago, foraging.

My cat is limping

"Women reading romances are being encouraged to accept the idea

Israeli lawyer is unlikely champion for Palestinians

Obamacare sign-ups picking up steam in Texas

10 Things Food Banks Need But Won’t Ask For

"It’s hard not to feel humorless as a woman and a feminist,

ALWAYS The Victim.

Obamacare sign-ups picking up steam in Texas

Obamacare sign-ups picking up steam in Texas

PBS Drops a Bombshell on the Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday Party

Obamacare enrollments surge in Kentucky as first deadline nears

Obamacare: Who’s buying in?

Ojibway former child sex worker says striking down prostitution laws does nothing to help Aboriginal


The night before Christmas: Duck Dynasty Version

Is your wrapping done?

Congress Fiercely Divided Over Completely Blank Bill That Says And Does Nothing

O holy Zeus, there is so much more to TCHAIKOVSKY/Nutcracker than my lifetime to now knew!1

The Brass Teapot

Australia sends plane to monitor Japanese whaling

Here's a shock, Sen Joe Manchin, (nominal democrat, wv) is a spineless jerk.

Pilot 'deliberately crashed' Mozambique plane

The War on Christmas by Christians: Luckily Christmas is Winning

Holiday Open Mic


Quick Help Needed

I hope you will all forgive me...

Advent IV.

Advent IV.

(CA) Only in Humboldt…Pounds in the Trash

A Very Merry Beatles Christmas To All!

Final White House Presser Features Mangled Questions

BuzzFeed Declares Paul Ryan A ‘Champion Of The Poor,’ Offers No Supporting Evidence

Always Low Prices, Always -- The Ironic Nature of Cross-promoting Walmart on MSNBC's Network Shows

UCF now ranks as a powerhouse for patents

Five Foods That Are Killing the Planet

Get Enrolled

Does money make you mean?

Man, young child dead in fall from Manhattan building

Doin' Dirty Laundry

An awesome message...

Fla. Woman Forces Attacker to Hold 'I Beat Women' Sign in Public

The Life and Times of an Aging Superhero

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 24: Bob's Christmas Eve Picks

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

Banana Coconut Chocolate Almond Bread recipe

19 Young Activists Changing America

FOG rolling in!

Cracker Barrel Flipflops on Nixing 'Duck Dynasty' Items From Shelves

Blue Cross and Blue Shield sued in federal court for conspiring to limit competition

The Lounge doesn't have enough Don Dixon!

Hey Cracker Barrel... Fuck You

Small Alabama town accidentally hires black drag queens to dance in Christmas parade

Based on a previous... discussion

On-duty police deaths may hit 70-year low in 2013

A last minute gift idea for the person who has everything....

How the GOP became the “White Man’s Party”

Look at the pics that come with this Pastorale recording!

Really well done Honda commercial. "Honda Hands"

I now have a pretty good deal going on my new Health Care expenses.

House Intel Chair On Snowden: 'We Call That Treason'

Store director gives life-saving help to customer (do you know CPR?)

NYC and Philly Again Set Weather Records.

Georgia GOP operative calls Republican elected officials liars on Obamacare

A wild winter weather mix includes record warmth

E. J. Dionne Schools David Brooks on MTP: Obamacare Complicated Because He Chose GOP Plan (VIDEO)

Archconservative Jim Inhofe Has Change Of Heart About Democrats

Question about policy

De Blasio: Interfaith closure ‘ain’t over til it’s over’

AP poll: Obama health care overhaul top 2013 story

Atlantic City Cop Ordered to Pay $250,000 From Own Pocket to Citizen He Abused

TCM Scedule for Wednesday, December 25: Star of the Month: Fred Astaire

What is the scariest suspenseful film you ever saw?


"That time Republicans destroyed the Dixie Chicks over the group’s opinion"

Peyton Manning throws 51st TD Updated: December 22, 2013, 4:08 PM ET news services

"the reluctant fundamentalist"


Preview: State of Conflict: North Carolina (Moyers & Co.)

X-Mas Funny

WTF Japan? - Firms linked to municipal assembly members received nuclear facility contracts

These people NEED the safety net

Death on the US-Mexican border: the killings America chooses to ignore

Bethine Church has Passed

Father of fired public relations director: ‘I’m so ashamed of her. She’s a f*cking idiot’

Where can I get a young girl help who's furnace is broke?

Any Hope Of American Equality Died In The 1980s (And Here's Proof) - HuffPo

Kerry to present 'framework agreement' to Israel, Palestinians later this month


Pot more prevalent than cigarettes among American teens

Jews, Muslims, Christians rally in Jerusalem against price tag attacks

History of 27 Holiday Traditions...

A brief history of medicine...

Is there justice in the Book of Job

Michael Katz: How America abandoned its “undeserving” poor

Move "Duck Dynasty" to CMT (found on facebook)

You'll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual

Question from a Canadian about the new healthcare law.

Afghanistan: Drug-Addicted Children

Christmas gifts for your favorite Cowboys fan:

Sammamish was ranked America's friendliest town in 2012.

Why I Will Always Do My Grocery Shopping At MARKET BASKET Over Wal-Mart

How to be a hockey player

Anyone here like a good short story read aloud after Christmas Eve dinner?

Free Speech and I'm talking like Gawd and/or Jebus

ENENEWS Update 12-22-13

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 23 December 2013

Is ABC zinging NBC?

Bad Santa vs. Good Santa on Raw's Christmas special:

"The China Study" has been debunked. I'm not surprised at all.

What you believe about homosexuality doesn't matter....

Melt Water Discovered Under Greenland Ice Sheet, Reservoir Trapped ‘Like The Juice In A Snow Cone’

Blithering idiot says we need more data collection at the NSA/CIA

‘Americans Waking Up To Real Nature Of US-Israel Relationship’

Radel says no plans to resign after cocaine bust

Bangladesh police charge 13 over garment factory fire

Anna Soubry apologises to Ukip leader for 'finger up bottom' remark

South Sudan army loses control of Unity State capital as refugees flee fighting

While we discussed Duck Robertson, and his dynasty, our liberties were voided.

Kiev anti-government protest draws 100,000

Dickens wrote another Christmas tale with a nasty villain

Charles Dickens got it

Dickens wrote other great Christmas stories besides that one about old Scrooge

Syrian helicopter bomb raids kill 42 in Aleppo: monitors


Not very many people know this.

Update on Medical Marijuana Laws in Washington.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater on top again

Rep Annie Kuster Proposes Legislation To Help Hunters Feed The Hungry

Public Transit Is Underfunded Because the Wealthy Don’t Rely on It

"When you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching me being raped," she said.

Seattle is making these interceptions look easy

EIA Continues to Lowball Its Renewable Energy Forecast

Todays Show starts with a special foreword on the GOP and Robertson vs Martin Bashir

Todays Show starts with a special foreword on the GOP and Robertson vs Martin Bashir

I never thought I would say it, but the Squealers got hosed. Lucky break for the Peckers.

Video: The Ed Show- Fight to save the USPS from extinction

You asked for a simple solution that will make everyone happy

i am not woman, hear me wimper. i must be a man. lol

Weak US card security made Target a juicy target

Indian Diplomat's NYC Arrest Prompts American Flag Burning In India And CIA Conspiracy Theories

Happy Holidays DU may we all have a Progressive New Year



Jesus Rebranded