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Archives: December 24, 2013

Kim Jong-un orders rounding up of people connected to Jang Song Thaek

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing receives royal pardon

Yikes! GD has turned into War of the Sexes.......

Looking for info on the NJ estate tax

Do Bean Plants Show Intelligence?

Austin Clem, convicted Athens rapist who got no jail time, still won't go to jail after

Not the Onion: Right-Wing Group Seeks Help Rewriting the Bible Because It's Not Conservative Enough

Oil Boom's Unexpected Byproduct: Broken Windshields

Holiday sales down for 3rd week

Where we get our laws

A Different Kind of Christmas Story

Photo Developing Services?

Wouldn't Jesus Hate Christmas?

(Italy) Army officer faces jail for saving pregnant cat

Gorilla wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Utah Boy Scouts hand out pizza in the marriage line

Jimmy Tingle and the Boston Pops: The Night Before Christmas

Happy Holidays to the BOG!

Dear Fox News; thank you for making Christmas SUCK!

GD's got a new cat.

Santa's sleigh deemed fit to fly by Norway

Boston Gay Men's Chorus - Hallelujah

Judge: Keep California girl on ventilator for week

Amazingly Beautiful~

While you were sleeping: The systematic terrorization of Burin

Ever heard a Photo Player? HOLY WOW WOW WOW!

SNAP Costs Leveling Off, Almost Certain to Fall Next Year - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Man kills stepdaughter, may have thought she was a burglar

Sarah Hershberger comes home to die

Cuba president notes tone of recent relations with US

Another woo story in the LA Times...

At the risk of annoying a lot of DU females

Check out this email I got in my junk folder today

Merry Christmas DU ..... One of the greatest songs ever ..... Sometimes by Jonathan Edwards

I think Dennis Rodman really has finally lost it.

Billy Idol singing "Jingle Bell Rock" is creepy.

"If the story of Christmas had taken place entirely on Facebook"

Christmas in the early days of Omaha was 'big-time bleak'

From Hebron to Holon, a Palestinian child makes a short, vital journey

There is only one reaction I have to all this silliness in GD of late;

and here it is

Lets talk Cruises!

Obama signs order for federal worker pay raises in 2014

The H.O. Studley Tool Chest

15 Dem Senators Join Ted Cruz in call for more sanctions against Iran.

A dare.

The Year in Government: Lots of spying, little legislating

I'm a man...


Piraro on comparative brain sizes

Decent point and shoot for under $200

The 'war on Christmas': Did Lincoln start it?

Skype recording plug-in.

Humphrey Bogart's birthday is in two days.

The Bush Tax Cuts for the rich were passed by a simple majority by Senate Republicans

I'm Fucking Pissed Off Big Time!

Group Chastises President Obama’s Picks For Federal Court

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peace on Earth?! & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

And Now For Something Completely Different

About that hardshell baptist preacher in "Matewan":

Skype recording plug-in.

NE Public employees union chief criticizes benefits hotline (food stamps and Medicaid)

A list of everything Boehner and the Republican House did for the middle class

Christmas at the White House from Library of Congress archives (pic heavy)

Which news stories are the Corporate media currently UNDER-REPORTING?

Men held without bail in fatal shooting of officer

Older DUers: Remember those great department store window displays at Christmas?

Happy Festivus everybody!!!

OMZ just looking at "Meet Me in Saint Louis" & Judy and Peter O'TOOLE never "won" Oscars?!1

Book bannings on the rise in US schools, says anti-censorship group


Scott Walker Grievances around Madison Capital Festivus Pole

I have to tell you, that I'm fucking amazed that marriage equality has hit UTAH!

200 years from now, Festivus will be a normal holiday

Tiny Miracle Brings Big Joy for Christmas

City of Detroit: We've cleaned up abuses by police, so ease up on federal oversight

Holidays are tough

Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished

Lions send fans playoff tickets after missing postseason

Oh Good, There's Lead In Your Christmas Lights

NY is said to settle suits over arrests at 2004 GOP convention

DD, what a horribly moronic show. Saw it on, seems A&E is running it nonstop evenings, what

Please help... DU this petition!!!

New York Is Said to Settle Suits Over Arrests at 2004 G.O.P. Convention

AL man again avoids prison for series of rapes.

The phonebanker's boyfriend

Can someone please explain how the hell the Steelers are still alive?

It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails

Why does Fox News harp on the war on christmas every single year. Do they

Conservationists ask court to block competitive wolf hunt

The President Likes Golf~

California judge bars voter-approved pension cuts for city workers

"Democrats Are Going on Offense on Obamacare"

Bloomberg anchor gets Bitcoin on live TV and is promptly robbed by a viewer

Christmas = illegal???

Don't Trust The Pictures Hotels Post On Their Websites

Eugene Robinson: Person of the Year

Austin-area district pulls all school websites after hackers post obscenities

Christmas in Baltimore

First gay marriage in history

My Kentucky's Healthcare Connection Experience..

Perhaps not quite as cute, but still a beautiful voice.

Patients pour on to successful state insurance exchanges

Tiger fatally mauls mate at San Diego Zoo

Damnit - with Tony Romo out for next Sunday's game, I'm a bit nervous about the Eagles

Team Hillary to build on Obama's high tech success.

ObamaCare site sees traffic surge on eve of enrollment deadline

Ohio groups see steady flow of health-care sign-ups

Do you find this offensive?

Pa. Obamacare enrollments said to surge ahead of deadline

Confident consumers brighten economic outlook

Nearly 3.9 Million Qualify For Medicaid Under Health Law

Niagara Falls from the Rankine Generating Station's trailrace tunnel

Is Santas sleigh going to be subject to fighter planes

Spanish tortilla with tomato salad (video)

Bill O'Reilly - Say a prayer for the wealthy

Have we discussed Prince Rupert's Drop yet?

Off to Uvalde Co., Tx tomorrow for a deer hunt!

Online feminists are taking on the trolls (For RedQueen)

"Bill Gates Funds A Smartphone Battery That Runs On Human Urine"

When does insurance kick in if one doesn't sign up by the deadline tomorrow?

After seeing all the posts lately using this forum's acronym as an insult

Niners clinch!!

William Zeitler - Glass Armonica

A gay perspective on masculine and male related issues (and leering).

"...And from the crew of Apollo 8, we wish you......."

Giant Looking at Christmas Lights

After Tiller preview, documentary about late term abortions

Does Welfare Have to be the New Normal?

Single Payer Is Getting a Second Life as Obamacare Frustration Peaks

Arguing with conservatives

A Democratic contract with America: How to retake the House and combat economic inequality

First pot-caused death since legalization in Washington?

California health exchange tops 400,000 enrolled prior to deadline

Was Jesus white?

Conservationists Sue to Stop Wolf and Coyote Killing Contest on Public Lands in Salmon, Idaho

Pre Christmas family dinner finished.Rather drunk. Ask me anything!

What is your philanthropic dream?

Phil Robertson is a damn liar.

I need some real help here...

Married Gay Men Prank

Water Flow

What a great thing it was to grow up in the 70's. The Magic Garden.

I'm not your "gay best friend."

If you want to look at women with lust in your hearts, learn from cats

Steiglitz on inequality: In No One We Trust

Netanyahu Calls For Probe Of NSA Spying In Israel

US Scientists Convert Algae to Crude Oil in Less Than an Hour

Don't you just love the way RWNJ dumbasses get all up in arms when a liberal/progressive

Here Are The 15 Democratic Senators Bucking The White House And Threatening War With Iran

Yay for January... List (by dates) of new season/shows

If only a handful of feminists are responsible for all that ails DU

Rand Paul you are so fucking obvious. Are you that stupid as to think..

Utah turns to higher court to halt gay marriage

‘Twilight’ Movies Are Racist and Perverted, Lawsuit Claims

* apologizes for offensive tweet.

Uruguay's neighbors now considering legalization of pot

A beautiful music video that brought tears to my eyes...

Uruguay's neighbors now considering legalization of pot

I will listen, but I will not "shut up and listen".

Brazil approves minimum wage rise

Royal pardon for Alan Turing

Hawaii Sierra Club wins Supreme Court Victory Against Koa Ridge Project

"Yours in distress." Alan Turing's letter to a friend before pleading guilty to gross indecency:

Justice Department Calls In The Big Guns To Stop Voter Suppression

Obama signs up for health care, selects ‘bronze’ plan in D.C.

Target: Justice Dept. investigates its data breach

Disney CEO's pay package shrunk 7 percent in 2013

France to maintain headscarf ban in spite of legal advice

NYT: $40 Million in Aid Set for Bangladesh Garment Workers (1,100 killed in building collapse)

Reflections on the Killing of Chico Mendes 25 Years Ago

5.6 million ACA enrollments and moving fast

I'm dreaming of a Black (and White) Christmas

Teen declared "brain dead" to be kept on life support while waiting for second opinion

The Most Stunningly Tragic Christmas Wish A Mom Could Grant Her Family (VIDEO)

Hezbollah Kills 32 al-Qaeda Fighters in East Lebanon Ambush

Russia drops first Greenpeace cases.

Elizabeth Warren Comes Down Hard Against Keystone XL Pipeline While Hillary Clinton's Allies Push It

GOP Incumbents in Key Districts Are Vulnerable for Wanting to Slash Unemployment Benefits

Op-Ed: Our Profit-Centered Private Medical Industry Is Cutting Back on Hospital Care

Who is more Progressive - the NewYork Times or Moveon.Org?

Buffalo Sabres Win on Improbable Butt Goal

Chief Rabbi of Yazd, Iran, 1903 (Photo of the Day)

Posted in the Video and Multimedia group

Sales of ‘any old shit’ expected to treble as men start Christmas shopping

Climate Denialists Spending Billions in untraceable Dark Money to fool the Public

'Massive' reservoir of melt water found under Greenland ice

The Iraqization of Egypt: Two Large Bombs Rock Security Bldg in Mansoura, kill 14, wound 130

Let's get ready and do this shit...

Will An Appeals Court Stop Same-Sex Couples In Utah From Marrying On Christmas Eve?

Indonesia cave reveals history of ancient tsunamis

Rest in Power, Yusef Lateef

Powerful bombing at Egypt police station kills 12

Yusef Lateef - Russell & Elliot

South Sudan sees 'mass ethnic killings'

This rabbit has to be related to Bugs Bunny:

Its Education System Terminally Ill, Argentina Has No Future

Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus

Corruption investigation bombards US-Iran-Turkey triangle

The Progressive 'Left' vs. Bill Keller's Disastrous 'Center-Left' by Dean Baker

Societal Polarization in the US and Turkey

No ‘sorry’ in diplomacy

Cameron's internet filter goes far beyond porn - and that was always the plan

World from Berlin: Clemency 'A Master Stroke of Secret Diplomacy'

Art Dealer to the Führer: Hildebrand Gurlitt's Deep Nazi Ties

Happy Merry to DU!

Pipelines Are Awesome!

Some of Roger Waters best friends are Jewish

US Government Spends Over $1 Billion a Year on Sweatshop Buying Spree

In Praise of ‘Censorship’ at Hillel

Palestinians celebrate release of Issawi despite Israeli threats

'Green Shoots': The Year in Wall Street Reform

ooo!!! ooo!!! Google says "Happy Holidays!!!"

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat

A Century of Misery for Retail Employees Just Before Christmas

Campaign Cash Rules Drown in the Bathtub by Michael Winship

Richard Branson: Boycott Uganda over gay rights

Mariposa botnet 'mastermind' jailed in Slovenia

Sex assault latest target for military trailblazer

Machinists to allow absentee votes on Boeing offer

Wisconsin: Gogebic Mine reeling from sucker punch

Wisconsin: Dems in legislature to introduce bill to restore collective bargaining for public employ

This is how special interest evangelism fails (sexism)

The 2013 Lump of Coal Awards, Part 2

UN finds mass grave with 75 bodies in South Sudan

The United States uses 39% of the energy it produces, wastes 61%

(Anchorage) No-bid deal to expand legislative offices downtown draws criticism

From Eggs to Explosives: The Pentagon's Long Shopping List{large image}

Russia buys $3 billion worth Ukrainian bonds

Nigeria says 70 killed in battle with Islamist group

11-yr-old shares birthday with 100s

Nine Gifts the NSA Will Hate

Settlement reached over deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak

Womack Army Medical Center Breast Health Clinic accredited

So, what happens if you are not

Great article about Green Bay Packer fan George Halas

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Ex-Bandmate

Edward Snowden: 'I Already Won'-“If I defected at all, I defected from the government to the public”

U.S. Marines poised to enter South Sudan

Sorry Joe Manchin, But the Problem is the Republicans

NSA Paid RSA $10 Million to Use Flawed Security Standard

Understanding Patriarchy

The onion:John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John Christmas Album Plunges Nation Into Double-Dip Recession

Lockheed F-35 Bad Deal as One Jet for All, Report Finds

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokno Just Released From Russian Prison Calls For Boycott Of Sochi Olympics

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ December 24th ~ Christmas Eve Edition

How did "creeps" and socially awkward men become conflated?

Korea Execution Is Tied to Clash Over Businesses

Tuesday Toon Roundup!

Israel launches airstrike in Gaza

Manufacturing outlook brightens as durable goods orders surge

Classic Christmas scene: Mary Tyler Moore

USS Little Rock, From Light to Guided Missile Cruiser: Lessons For The Littoral Combat Ship

Robert Scheer: Bill O’Reilly’s War on Jesus

Some Ohio Amish Selling Out To Frackers, Moving: Tired Of Noise, Truck Accidents

Florida church's marquee reads, "Christmas — Easier to spell than Hanukkah."

McDonald's Advises Its Employees To Stay Away From Fast Food

Biker Gang Protects Abused Children

Anybody else having trouble signing into Yahoo Mail? I called there help center and of course, they

Not A Joke - Wisconsin Clearing Icy Roads Using Cheese Brine (Provolone, Mozz Best)

"Prince Avalanche" Nice little indie film

Even As Cigarette Smoking Declines, Explosive Growth In China's Lung Cancer Caseload

Wow! This photo shows how much heavy rain the UK is getting:

Problem With Electric Fence Meant To Block Asian Carp From Great Lakes: Fish Can Swim Through It

Thousands Of Abandoned Coalbed Methane Wells Across Wyoming; Bonding Not Even Close To Cleanup Costs


Mapping unsafe areas for women in Mumbai

NSA Surveillance in Europe - European Parliament Hearing on NSA Surveillance and EU Citizens C-Span

My atheist Christmas in China

I hate whitetail deer.

Boy, 11, delivers gifts to homeless in Detroit

How To Catch A Cat:

LOL - David Gregory's NSA Source=His Wife

i dont know what started the gender armeggedon

Pope Francis says Atheists are good if they ‘do good’

How the Loki Grinch Stole Christmas

Queen pardons Alan Turing

sunset in the caribbean

GOP Senator says it: Happy Holidays!

Archaeological find shines light on ancient religious rituals

I'm a straight, white male, and I just want to say

There's One DU Discussion Group that Everyone Should Avoid


What's the story w. Alan Grayson's re-elect?

Israeli civilian, Palestinian girl killed in Gaza flare-up

Christmas Eve spacewalk due to finish crucial space station repairs

Need to do some last minute shopping? Here's the FAO Schwartz Catalog - From 1911

NORAD Santa Tracker is up!!! (no fighter jets)

You are doing feminism wrong... AGAIN!

Duck Dynasty's New Season Will Get Chick-Fil-A Ratings

Faith-based anti-gun groups continue to heed call

As seen on Facebook - what do you think?

FB friend found a stray kitten this week and posted this pic

De Blasio Appoints Goldman Sachs Exec To Deputy Mayor Post For 'Fighting Inequality'

Queen pardons computing giant Alan Turing 59 years after his suicide

To My Pagan, Atheist, Jewish and Christian Friends:

Eating nuts while pregnant cuts child allergy risk, study finds

OK, DU - Let's settle this. Who is at fault?

Merry 92nd Christmas, Papa, and to all DU caregivers

Sarah Palin's entire miserable public career summed up by her own interview answer

Tracking Santa with help from NORAD, Google

TSA & Santa Toon Compilation (graphics)

Edward Snowden to broadcast Channel 4's alternative Christmas Day message

One year ago today I lost my sweet kitteh Scarlet...I still think of her and her sister

VICTORY! Military Ban on Consensual Intimacy Ends

NORAD is on the job!

does anyone have that Amazon prime. They are offering a 30 day free membership do they

Tom Lehrer - National Brotherhood Week

Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol

Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos) - ThePianoGuys

Mother of Jahi McMath, brain-dead after tonsillectomy, vows to fight

Israel strikes Gaza after border shootings, 3 dead in violence

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...

Jerry Christmas!

Duck Dynasty Gear Flying High

Happy feast days

"They are Man's," said the Spirit.

Boyfriend killed hanging holiday lights planned for Christmastime proposal

The guardian...pic heavy

Nance Greggs: Peace to Men/Women of Good Will

Israeli civilian killed by Palestinian shots fired at Gaza perimeter fence by Kibbutz Nahal Oz

Happy Holidays to my TV Chat Group Friends

Obamacare enrollment: California tops 400,000; Kentucy at 100,000-plus

Sarah Palin: ‘I haven’t read’ Duck Dynasty interview but anus remark is ‘quoting the Gospel’

Justice Dept big guns re: voter suppression

Electron micrograph of a toilet.

The FBI considered “It’s a Wonderful Life” to be Communist propaganda

US Government Spends Over $1 Billion a Year on Foreign Sweatshop Purchases for Military Clothing

American Catholics give a thumbs-up to Pope Francis and his gay-friendly, ‘Marxist’ agenda

Just a Girl

BET is running a Roots Marathon today.

Obama nominates Wu for Labor Dept. position

Golden Retriever falls through ice, is rescued by firefighters.

"You are what your father eats," according to new study.

Today's spacewalk is currently on UStream

Question for servicemembers/volunteer firefighters...

Had a fever yesterday.............

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - I declare a GD war

Don't be mean

Jerry Christmas!

This is a hoot. A cat video. Something light for Christmas.

The entire NSA spying operation was nothing more than a cover-up of their own incompetence.

Brooklyn Has an Artisanal Porridge Shop Now

The Prophet

Cancer Sucks

Snowden To Call For End To Surveillance In U.K. Christmas Address

White House planning health care blitz in Tenn, pushing benefits of new law

Republicans will not extend unemployment benefits for 4 million...

They Had To Demolish This Town After The Roads Were Paved With Dioxin

Edward Snowden to broadcast Channel 4's alternative Christmas Day message

First Exomoon Possibly Glimpsed

If it idiotic to talk about what Women think

The Rude Pundit: Don't Say You Never Got a Present from the Rude Pundit

It's officially Christmas Eve now: Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong

9 Billion Tax Dollars

GM doesn't owe $450 million in retiree benefits: U.S. judge

Israeli civilian, Palestinian girl killed in Gaza flare-up

Charlie Brown Medley - ThePianoGuys

Wanna buy a couple of Super Bowl tickets in New Jersey next year?

Daily Kos Founder family photos

This Could Just As Easily Be A Drug Song

Scientists to Image Black Hole by Turning Earth into Giant Camera

U.S. watchdog tells American Express to refund duped clients

The thing about Sarah Palins is that everyone has one. nt.

The Gospel according to Fox News— and their cries of holiday persecution — make them look even more

U.S. new home sales fall modestly from five-year peak, prices up

Ted Cruz’s Daddy Issues

Report: Kerry's security proposals accept most Israeli positions

Something I've noticed

FEMEN threatens to 'cancel' Christmas in Bethlehem

Stocks Climb; Dow Nears Another Record

Democrats see benefits from Obama's long-shot minimum wage push

A much needed and well deserved vacation...

Interesting bit of Christmas trivia - Whitehouse Christmas tree

The real traitors are Clapper, Alexander, and Feinstein

Higher Wages For Fast Food Workers Could Benefit Shareholders

7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert's Perspective)

The Nutcracker with cats!

HEAVEN!!!! From Trader Joe's

Happy holidays!

US to build two secret underground plutonium production labs: Analyst

The Rebel Jesus - Jackson Browne

Bill DeBlasio's daughter opens up about subsistence abuse and mental health issues

Tesla stock spikes 5%

Show Your Joe

Some Good News For Homeless Veterans

I would like to wish this group a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Real-Life 'RoboCop' May Be Coming to a Street Near You

Usury Explosion: Northern Virginia Becomes Hotbed for Car-Title Lending Industry

David Suzuki is the guy who just made you a pee your pants a bit.

Boston-area pharmacy to settle $100 M for meningitis victims

Seinfeld Writer Suggests Rand Paul's Festivus Rant Made Holiday Uncool

Kurt Warner to Tim Tebow: You should forget the NFL for now

If, come Thursday, you find you've put on a few....

Is it possible to look cool playing golf?

"Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems, is the fraud of the age...

Winter weather: Temperatures plummet, thousands face Christmas without power

Netanyahu may condition advancing peace talks on Pollard release

An animal cruelty trifecta for Idaho

What wine goes with pie and ice cream?

An invitation for all of you to my come-as-you-are Christmas Eve Party!

Person of the Year 2013 Shortlist: Edward Snowden

What's Driving Chaotic Dismantling of Canada's Science Libraries?

All I Want for Christmas is You! You know who you are... (humor alert)

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Nerd

Justin, posing for his first photo (ETA and second photo)

Utah A.G. spokesman: Counties who deny same-sex marriages are breaking law

Demand for food stamps soars as cuts sink in and shelves empty

To all of you, whatever or whenever you do or don't celebrate....Happy Happy!

It's pretty sad to see DU men attacked

Wishing good things to all.

I'm a "DU Man"...Have I been attacked, or not?

Now that the kerfuffle over the duck guy is dying down...

EXCLUSIVE - China commits $6.5 billion for Pakistani nuclear project

Merry Christmas from a former Teamster

Ring of Fire: NSA Data Collection “Almost Orwellian”

Kitty grabbing a smoke

Veggie Santa Visits His Animal Friends <<<Graphic Kindness Alert!!>>>

sneak cat butt attack

Q&A: Jailed Nun Voices No Regret for Trespassing at Nuclear-Arms Facility

Just a few Christmas Pics

There'll be no going back ...

NSA Employee of the Month

I have a question about the trash this thread function...

After Christmas begins before the holiday

I want to see this flick...

I had a little bit of a crying jag this morning...

Cassini Sees Saturn and Moons in Holiday Dress (warning big pics)

Ocean Facts...

Retired cops, activist pensioners, and the economic blowback over Snowden

Wal-Mart At It Again

Thousands dead in South Sudan violence, UN says

China gets heavy bill to clean up air quality

A great question......

CEO Carolyn Reidy delivers record profits for Simon & Schuster

Here Are All Of The Beatles 1960s Christmas Albums

Pussy Riot Member: Forced Daily Gynecological Exams In Russian Jail

Pennsylvania AFSCME Members Win Compensation ($600,000)

The one time I'll ever love a Troll...

I Think I Solved The Creepy Guy Problem

Anti-racism rally attracts thousands in Stockholm

USS Calhoun County sailors dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into ocean

Sprint discount approved, now on to the ACA

My very unlikely birthday and xmas angel: State of California Employment Development Dept

Christmas Is For Hating

2 Million People Visited Ahead Of Deadline

Merry Christmas From Colorado

Conclusive Evidence: The NSA's expanded powers NEVER protected us from any terror plots.

What's on your Christmas menu?

Methodist who was punished for officiating son’s same-sex wedding joins District church

Black Santa shot by pellet gun during D.C. toy giveaway while cameras rolled

China-Israel innovation industrial park to be built in Nanxun, China

City of Detroit, banks reach new settlement in 2005 financial deal

More than just about a Living Wage

A Manatee Christmas!

Christian activists show their love by covering Chicago atheist display and berating onlookers

My 12th Christmas Eve as a DUer.

Gov. Shumlin and Vt. Yankee Nuclear Plant Reach Decommissioning Deal

‘Happiness is love. Full stop.’

Is Utah really THAT conservative?

CIA Aiding Colombian Government in Assassinations of FARC Leadership

Well would he?

OPD Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone, from me and Jen.

An interesting film about women getting harassed in the street...

Let it Snow - Star Trek Style

Chris Christie-Accounts of Petty Retribution Reinforce Christie’s Bullying Image

Chris Christie-Accounts of Petty Retribution Reinforce Christie’s Bullying Image

"Women are life support systems for pussy."

This Sums Up the GOP at Christmas

Monty Python Life of Brian - 3 Wise Men

The REAL Reason For The Season

I remember when we had to alternate odd and even license plate gas buying days.

Jahi McMath is brain dead, doctor testifies

Phew! Power is back on...

The next time someone asks you the stupid question, is the glass half empty or half full?

Sherlock Season 3 mini-episode prequel - "Many Happy Returns"

Popped in to say happy holidays. Somebody message me when the gender wars end.

Watching the CBGB movie on pay per view

Evangelical Christian speaker of Papua New Guinea's parliament destroys 'evil' pagan carvings

Happy Hanukkah? Santorum holiday card mixes messages with New Testament quote

Pussy Riot Members Freed - Putin's Latest Stunt?

Words We Use: yule

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

BREAKING: Virgin gives birth to 'Son of God' in lowly stable as donkey watches

Christmas in the ER!

Judge orders man to write 'boys do not hit girls'

'I don't understand women.' 'What is it that women want?'

DAILY SHOW: War on Christmas - S#@t's Getting Weird Edition

An Open Letter to "Duck Dynasty" and Supporters

Weird, Area Woman Wasn't Harassed Today

Reverend cites Bible in immigration reform effort (LA Times)

Emperor takes the lead in pagan parade

Local News Crew Captures Santa Claus Being Shot With Pellet Gun While Giving Out Presents In D.C.

The Wonderful Tale of Louis Armstrong and his first Christmas Tree

Remember when DU was all about this?

25-plus car pileup closes I-90 East of Cleveland

Wiccan holiday display removed from elementary school

The mysterious story of the battery startup that promised GM a 200-mile electric car

I just can't understand how the Indian PSA could cause such a stir here on DU

Top 6 Facts about the year’s final Solstice

Not many things feel worse than...

I don't post here much anymore, but.... (pics)

Well dear friends, it's that time of year again. Where did the months go?

The 24 Most Valuable Christmas Lessons From Calvin And Hobbes

Chariots of the Goddess

NYC Park Ave. scrooges stiff doormen

Viking blonde woman's random thoughts on this male leering convo.

CBO Report: U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Cost Spikes 72 Percent Over Next Decade

Sir Patrick Stewart as Scrooge tonight at 8:00 p.m...Ovation TV....

Christmas Morning through the Lens of Auteur Directors - Scorcese, Herzog, Kubrick, etc

The Natural World...

20 things the poor really do every day

Twas the night before the night before Christmas . . .

Saudi-Sized Cracks in the 9/11 Wall of Silence - redacted Bush report.

Rebecca West on feminism--oldie but goodie

On Not Lighting a Solstice Bonfire (Starhawk)

I'm sure that the SFX will be spectacular...

Texas Republicans Who "Stand With Phil Robertson" The Duck Dynasty Patriarch

Redstone used to post this message at Christmas...

I believe in Santa Claus.

45 years ago today:

A Burt Reynolds Christmas

Do bigger governments lead to happier people?

ABC News: Americans Answer Call to Action and Buy US Made Holiday Gifts

The Spiritual and Paranormal

A Hard Lesson: How to Get What You Deserve

Texas Deputy Killed in a No-Knock Raid for Some Pot Plants

No Happy Holidays in Syria - starvation is becoming the new normal.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ December 25th ~ Christmas Day Edition

Florida Couple Forced to Dig Up 17-Year Old Organic Garden

A Smartypants Scientist Makes An Easy Analogy About Our Planet, And Now I'm Scared

Anyone else alone on xmas Eve?

Phil Robertson's Glass House (Those who live by Leviticus...)

I have done it. I have bought my first Mac.

Reminder of the man who was reamed by the right-wing filthy, violent clown party in Paraguay:

DU: Peace on Earth, and goodwill toward humankind

The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus

North Texas Earthquakes Catch Regulators' Attention

For our aviation guys here...

Finally! ...... Amtrak trains in the Midwest to get WiFi

To all those alone tonight on Christmas Eve.....

Time-Lapse Video of the Earth From Space. "one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen at DU"

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Time is Here Song

Beware: Facebook's new video in News Feed could be a mobile data headache

This Christmas Eve, I loop this song to listen to for those quiet hours in the dark:

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Time Is Here Instrumental

Tears stream down your face

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Good Fuzzy Feeling Thankful List

note for bakers who use parchment

ObamaCare deadlines

alan turing was a genius mathematician who played no small part in saving western civilization

Charlie Brown Christmas - Skating

Is Bloomberg's DOE Destroying Evidence of Possible Criminality?

Sigh! Once again the Oklahoma Legislature

Charlie Brown Christmas - Greensleeves

Book bannings on the rise in US schools, says anti-censorship group

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Just wanted to wish all of you BOGgers ...

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On

Dorothy Ashby - My favourite things

Text of Pope's Christmas Eve Prepared Homily

Bob Dylan "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

China: 35 Million Shots of Problematic Biokangtai Vaccines Sold

De Blasio Taps a Goldman Executive as Deputy Mayor of Housing

Phil Robertson defender Sarah Palin admits to not having read his interview

RIP Brother Yusef Lateef - Gentle Giant

So I have a weird etiquette question to ask

Dallas Cowboys plan to sign Jon Kitna as their third-string quarterback

Historic Difference between Men and Women

Christmas Eve, 8 Eastern: Christmas in Connecticut. Be there.

Ken Gordon has passed away

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