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Archives: December 27, 2013

Is there a common role for doubt among discussions of religion across the broad spectrum of opinion?

Houston police: Woman urinated on car in bizarre Christmas attack

daruma! I have one!

Stupid oxygen, who needs it? We need more WiFi!

Utah marriage license update...

I made some killer hot mustard.

How to Escape the Community-College Trap

Pastor John Hagee to Atheists: Gladly Accept My Christmas Tidings or ‘Leave The Country’

Feds arrest Hidalgo County drug task force commander for smuggling and money laundering

One BIG, GOOD difference between a PROGRESSIVE Dem presidential nominee and a "centrist"

Internet privacy as important as human rights, says UN's Navi Pillay

What magazines do people read for politics?


I honestly would have preferred to have spent the holidays alone.

Health Law Cemented, G.O.P. Adjusts

White Teacher To African American Student: ‘We Don’t Need Another Black President’

Alan Dershowitz is a major-league asshole

This evening - A Very Special Episode.

More than 150 years after brutal slaughter, a small tribe returns home

Anybody hear how the DCCC is doing on candidate recruiting for '14? Are they even trying?

When Cities Flood: Earth Underwater (Documentary)

Reports: Israel To Defy US With New Settlements

"... operating on the momentum of an ignorant past ..."

The first of my old family photos

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant back in operation

Being "pro-Israel" is not the same thing as fighting against antisemitism.

Would it help (maybe) if we posted a glossary of terminology to the top of the page?

Causes of rape

One of the best quotes this year!!

Setback for Scalia in Attempt to Curtail Labor Rights

Watch this if you have a few minutes

A Brief, Opinionated History of Taxes in America

Ninety-Nine Years Ago: A Pause in the War on Christmas

What's the tell that lets you know you are dealing with an MRA?

Obama signs bipartisan budget deal, defense bill (LINK CORRECTED)

Doing some research. I think my family may be codependent.

Slow recovery from weekend ice storm stretches on

New Jersey Bridge Scandal Suddenly Gets Worse For Chris Christie

Benefits to end Saturday for long-term jobless

"Why Corporations Might Not Mind Moderate Depression" by Paul Krugman

Drunk Florida man hurls bricks, racial slurs at kids — and then flees cops on bicycle

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Supersized! & a new Kittehs gif

Reversal on ACA cancellations gets mixed response

Poll: Americans hopeful for a better year in 2014

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 29 - TCM Spotlight: In Memoriam

On the Front Lines of Class War: Why the Fight for a Livable Wage Is Everyone's Fight

TCM Schedule for Monday December 30 - TCM Spotlight: In Memoriam

Glenn Greenwald: I Defend Edward Snowden Like MSNBC Defends Obama '24 Hours A Day'

Obama highlights common ground with Pope Francis

Breaking Bad Marathon starts Friday - Heads up.

Wife: Saudi blogger recommended for apostasy trial

Why Some People Respond to Stress by Falling Asleep


Mack Brown aiming for higher buyout package from Texas

Mack Brown aiming for higher buyout package from Texas

Chris Christie Officials Messed With Bridge Traffic Despite Being Warned About Congestion Problems

Seattle Catholic school's firing of gay teacher pits state law against religion

I guess the current Governor of Oklahoma isn't batshit crazy enough.

Obamacare had lots of sign-ups on deadline day

Ads Target Vulnerable Dems on O-Care (Koch Bros)

Seeing Danny KAYE, knowing that Mel BROOKS & Gene WILDER just re-did him

McDonald's pulls internal website after it advised workers to avoid eating fast food

What I love most about my dog...

NYT: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

DHS Now Pre-Censoring DVDs Brought in Over U.S. Borders?

I'm curious how many of you Northerners use your seasonal "Walk-in Cooler"

Dedicated to Lounge, be honest who knew Rebecca FERGUSON I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope

Historic cross toppled by vandals in Starr County; Jesus cut into pieces

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 December 2013

that ImmortalFuckingMiddleMOStachio BASTARD

"House GOP Leaders, Business Groups Fight Back Against Tea Party: Report"

Progressive Talk Radio is saved in Oregon... for now.

Infection Resulting in Amputation Raises Questions About Asian Immigrants’ IV Use.

Poll: Americans hopeful for a better year in 2014

Former Steeler Mike Merriweather sues Meadows casino (racial discrimination)

Justice Department Calls In The Big Guns To Stop Voter Suppression

"Out of many, one."

Was Norman Rockwell gay? Family aghast at biography

2 teens gunned down as NJ city's homicides hit 100

Will the US health care system be tiered forever?

Hitler sought the destruction of Christianity.

Rachel Maddow: "Helping Our Rich People Was A Theory That We Tried.."

Re: bridge scandal. Christie appointees have hired CRIMINAL defense lawyers.

Famous Movies as Described by Republicans

Five Years Later, US Households Still Haven’t Recouped Financial Losses from Crisis

Okinawa governor approves landfill to relocate U.S. base

Do you like Japanese food. I recommend cooking with dog.

The Guardian - The best photographs of 2013 – in pictures

Alan Dershowitz rips Edward Snowden: ‘We have an absolute right’ to spy on other countries

Ohio Amish argue against guardian in chemo case

ACLU Sues on Behalf of Michigan Worker Forced Out of Job While Pregnant

Utah holdouts now issuing gay marriage licenses

Man gets on Phoenix Sky Harbor tarmac, slaps plane, authorities say

Toon: From out of nowhere...

'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' producer dies in Hermosa Beach

Racial Narrative Of Knockout Game Blown As White Guy Clobbers Elderly Black Man (VIDEO)

Any other YouTube addicts here?

Republican assault on the American fabric a successful strategy so far

'Men are stuck' in gender roles, data suggest

Wizard of Oz on TCM

Top 10 Instances of Open and Unapologetic Celebrity Cultural Appropriation in 2013!

Molly is NOT amused!

A brief history of The History Channel

Must be Magic

zefrank - True facts about the Frog

Alabama Lawmaker To Introduce Resolution Honoring Gay-Bashing 'Duck Dynasty' Star

Glove and Boots

Vietnam War military strategy debate and the N-word, all at my Christmas dinner ugh

Still searching

Black Nerd Rants

All urinals are taken

S.C. woman stabs fiance over wedding color scheme

weird relative

Cult Moo!

The Color of Water by James McBride

The Stock Market Has Officially Entered Crazytown Territory

The Ben Heck show

Poll Finds Strong National Support For Extending Unemployment Benefits

Too many WHAT???

The First Amendment

That reminds me, we need a new copier

awesome !

Business Groups To Curb Uber-Conservatives: 'No Fools On Our Ticket'

8 Most Absurd Attacks On Clean Tech In 2013

Calvin would be proud

DWP is moving ahead with plans for Owens Valley solar plant

Sociopathy's relationship to our form of Capitalism.

Having personally known a few elected officials, I find these traits true

Woman arrested for attempting to frame husband by putting child porn on his computer


Tom Tomorrow Toon from 1994- he sees the future

Bolivia closes 2013 with record economic growth of 6.5 pct

Nasa releases more than 17,000 photos from the Apollo programme

If this video doesn't touch you not much will...

37 Out-of-this-World Photos: Earth from Above

37 Out-of-this-World Photos: Earth from Above

Wedding color scheme argument leads to SC stabbing

Mary Landrieu tries to hold on to her seat by dissing Obama

Utah. Gay marriage. Boy Scouts. Pizza. Say no more (A great story)

UK anti-Muslim hate crime soars, police figures show

Ok, I have noticed several threads in GD about women killing men

EC hints at poll date intervention (Thai)

Obama calls on Congress to do more on Guantanamo Bay

A group for movies?

Zoos and a bored Orangutan

Internet's founder/Inventor hails Snowden

Anybody here ever do a leather repair/recolor on a sofa?

Lack of fuel grounds Gaza's sole power plant

Mexican archaeologists explore ancient ceremonial center in the State of Jalisco

Republicon Agenda 2014, Repeal ACA

0845 and 0870 phone lines: Government departments warned

British adventurer Maria Leijerstam achieves world first by cycling to South Pole

Enormous 'Space Jam' Characters Built In Ecuador Will Be Burned For The New Year

This cat just gave up:

50 Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs -- and Denied New Opportunities

Noam Chomsky: The Nutty Antics of Right-Wingers Distract Us from the Agenda of the 1%

Grad student proves NSA can link metadata to your identity with ‘marginal effort’

Convicted Domestic Abuser Amassing an Arsenal? Let's Wait Until Something Happens Say Police

How is global warming affecting precipitation? New satellite to help explain.

The U.K.'s First "Social Supermarket" Fights Food Poverty

Alabama lawmaker will introduce bill defending ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson

Grayson sez Ryan is backing off of SocSec and Medicare right now

Mythmaking in the Washington Post: Washington’s Real Aims in Colombia

Mythmaking in the Washington Post: Washington’s Real Aims in Colombia

Imagine If America's Incarcerated Population Were Its Own Country Revealing the Disturbing Statisics

Students Of New York City Tell Their New Mayor How Standardized Testing Squashes The Learning Bug

U.S. sending missiles and surveillance drones to Iraq to help combat Al-Qaeda-backed violence: NYT

Security professionals withdraw from tech conference after NSA revelations

Wildlife 'thrived' in 2013 after hot summer

New analysis of ocean currents may solve eel mystery

Why Gold Would Be Useless in an Economic Apocalypse

300,000 Cambodian garment workers join anti-government protests

Chamber of Commerce sets GOP goal for 2014: ‘No fools on our ticket’

A Remedy for dealing with anxiety and depression

General Motors recalls 1.5m cars in China

Inside the CIA Family Jewels

Yezidi Kurdish Family in Syria, 1899 (Photo of the Day)

Data to expose 'sleeping ice giant' (Antarctica)

OK, that's it, 2016 is over, Hillary will win by a 2 to 1 margin

Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Dodge Taxes Forever

David Sirota: Celebrating the End of the Fake ‘War on Christmas’

2013: Turning Point in the Long Western Decadence

Mass., Vt. halt payments to firm behind health sites

LGBT Group Pokes Fun At Utah Officials’ Moves In Marriage Equality Case

Honoring a brother's last wish: $500 tips on a cross-country mission

Chris Christie Officials Messed With Bridge Traffic Despite Being Warned About Congestion Problems

Five Reasons Why 2013 Was The Best Year In Human History

Transatlantic Trade Agreement Threatens Environment and Health in US and Europe

Beechcraft to be bought by Cessna parent company

They Play Rough (in New Jersey)

Eugene Robinson: The GOP’s Growing Divide

St. Ayn visits the day after Christmas...

The Fear Economy - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Waiting for a Woman … Even If It’s the ‘Yuppie Wife From Hell’

Turkey: court overturns move blocking probe

Maine energy consultant seeks dismissal of lawsuit

"Liquidate The Cayman Accounts And Fuel Up The Escape Copter"

ISS sightings

Is a "perfect storm" brewing in the Asia Pacific? (2:35)

A Pardon for War Hero (Alan Turing) Convicted of Being Gay

Big tax breaks might not be important for states luring jobs

The Top 10 Records of 2013, Mark Morford

RNC commemorates Kwanzaa,rethug racists go nuts

The Top 10 lists of Top 10 lists

Anti-Assad Lebanese ex-minister killed in Beirut bomb

Foreign convoy attacked in Afghan capital, three dead

Flu Vaccine May Work Better in Women

UN condemns rocket attack on militant Iranian exiles in Iraq

Eugene Robinson on The GOP’s growing divide

Thomas the Tank Engine 'to blame for lack of female train drivers'

What Does Your Dog Want for Christmas? (Op-Ed)

'Booty Call,' 'Above the Rim' director dies at 54

Controversial plan to move U.S. base in Okinawa approved

Kapusta-Polish Christmas soup

Looking to cut the cord. Charter can suck it.

Washington the State is leading the country again.

nom nom nom going to hawaii

GOP ‘confronting a new reality’ on healthcare

A Woman's PERFECT Response to Her Anti-Gay Neighbors

Lack of fuel grounds Gaza's sole power plant

How tied is this Administration to banksters? Read it and weep.

Do You Think Southerners & Conservatives Realize Just How Badly They're Being Played?

Homeless Couple Gets A Home On Christmas Eve, Thanks To Innovative ‘Occupy’ Group

Congress is being bribed to kill the Postal Service. Even though they do better than FedEx or UPS.

Male Enlargement Supplements Endorsed by Obamacare

Why does Pope Francis inspire more anger around here than President Obama?

Bill Clinton observes that MSNBC is in the DNC's pocket...

Grapes of Wrath on TCM now. If your kids are home from school, tell them to watch it.

Japan gets Okinawa approval for U.S. Marine base move

Union-made BUBBLY and other New Year’s supplies

Police file on Newtown shooting to be released

Chick-Fil-A Says They Have Nothing To Do With This

Boxing Day trip to Micanopy Florida

The GOP's History of Sexist Hillary-Bashing

Brown, RIC reject boycott of Israeli academic institutions

Jahi McMath's family seeks to move brain-dead girl to another facility

Exposing the Phony 'Peace Process' in Israel-Palestine: Negotiators Have Been Warning 'Time Is

John DeLancie is a semi-regular on "My Little Pony," but...

Marines: Most Female Recruits Don't Meet New Pullup Standard

Iran in U.S. Senate Crosshairs.

How popular is the Republican Party with the American people??

$14.5 million in broadband grants to expand services across upstate New York

Ashamed to be a human ..

Family of WWII veteran Simon Zulia presented with Bronze Star

A couple (3) of comix including a PBS you could see coming a mile away

Snow Art Anyone

State's Minimum Wage Increase Takes Effect Next Week

How often has someone actually given you grief for *questioning* something?

GOP Surveillance Judiciary -- Can We the People Disband FISA Court? (Scott Horton)

Funeral for transgendered person at pope's church

Funeral for transgendered person at pope's church X-Post from LGBT

What could this be

I Would Like To Get A List Together About What's At Stake For The 2014 Elections And Need Your Help.

Lot of Alien programs on H2

Obamacare Signups Soar, Record 2 Million Visits to

Sen. Sanders: Supporting the Unemployed

Judge: Arabic Flashcards Allow TSA & FBI to Arrest You

1% wealth increased 17% in 2013 - minimum wage works get Squat

The Obamacare Repeal Movement, Now Doomed, Will Never Entirely Go Away

Atheist group saves woman from Christmas nightmare

Senior official: Netanyahu is driving us towards boycott

The Grapes of Wrath

Iran’s Charter of Citizens’ Rights could worsen religious freedom in the country

Ismael Ozanne: The Blogging Blue Interview

New Year’s Eve Preparations Under Way In Times Square

If you were a Florida voter, and it came down to Crist or Scott for Governor, what would you do?

In this corner, the boy genius of the Republican Party

"This country was founded by Christians!"

Not Ready For Hillary

How to Improve Temp Worker Safety

Judge Rules N.S.A. Phone Surveillance Is Lawful in Case Filed by A.C.L.U.

Can't believe this

A question about the gender wage gap.

Retired UK couple still use their 88-year-old vacuum cleaner

Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use

Former VA GOP Chair Enraged by RNC "Happy Kwanzaa" Tweet

China rejects shipments of genetically modified corn

Romo has back surgery. Out for the year.

I know as a fan of any nfl team your ultimate hope is a super bowl

GOP ‘confronting a new reality’ on healthcare

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ December 27th

Military sex assault reports jump by 50 percent

Buying a car today. Wish me luck.

Python Kills Security Guard Near Luxury Hotel

If Republicans kill the US Post Office, how much will a simple letter stamp cost?

RIP Paul Blair, 69

Minnesota Supreme Court agrees to hear assisted suicide case

India seeks possible U.S. tax violations as stand hardens in diplomat row

Recent Jury

Nebraska Supreme Court halts appeal in workers' comp case

A question about the gender wage gap. (X post from GD)

A question about the gender wage gap. (X post from GD)

A question about the gender wage gap. (X post from GD)

Target Confirms Encrypted PIN Data Was Stolen In Data Breach

White Santa Folds under Pressure

1.3 million losing unemployment benefits Saturday

Funniest TV News Bloopers of 2013 - Who needs a good laugh?!?!?!

Syrian troops ambush and kill dozens of rebels

Ukraine Open to Talks With EU If Russia Included – Premier

Having lived through Cuban missile crisis, riots, assassinations, Vietnam, OPEC, 9/11...

Bay Area federal judge picks get holiday freeze from GOP

4 US Troops injured during mission in South Sudan

Jan 17th, First Lady Michelle Obama will be

Friends and Family Mourn Mansfield Teen Who Died in Christmas Day Shootout With Police


Why DON'T they prosecute the TBTF bankers? Because...

Does anyone else find mayo to be absolutely disgusting

Ah geez, not this shit again...

Granular misery — the Great Depression and Now

If the younger group do not think they should have to purchase health insurance because

Israeli forces convert private home in Yabad into military base

Israel plans new settlements while freeing Palestinian prisoners

NC Politics to be a focus of a Bill Moyers program Jan. 3, 2014

Women Still Earned 77 Cents On Men's Dollar In 2012: Report

Washington Post Editorial: Egyptian Military Criminalizes Its Opposition

‘Cop Killer’ Manhunt Goes Nationwide

High Gas Prices: Supply, Demand and the Oil Industry’s Monopoly on Transportation

Why Immigration is a Feminist Issue

The Wise Woman's Stone

SC's execution of 14-year-old riled people in 1944

Egypt's Military-Backed Rulers Declare Muslim Brotherhood "Terrorist" and Extend Crackdown

4 Surgeries to Avoid: Reasons to think twice before going under the knife

Detroit: Why is there over a half billion dollar stadium deal being approved in a bankrupt city?

This 82nd Airborne Veteran would be proud to serve in combat with women.

After 5 1/2 hellish days, I finally have ELECTRICITY again!!

California says legalizing marijuana would save the state "hundreds of millions of dollars annually”

We like our women young

Has the word "thug" become racist?

Can you answer a question about ACA?

New Analysis: Fracking Water Use Underestimated in Eagle Ford Shale

Booming Solar Energy Halted by Hawaii Utility Because Sun Produces Too Much Power!

On Domestic Violence

Denver issues finalized licenses to recreational marijuana stores

Cops: 4 Dead In Southern Louisiana Shooting Rampage

Aggie reunited with ring after it catches the eye of wastewater treatment plant worker

Never Forget Wounded Knee. Remove the Medals!

Is he a perv? Fifteen-year-old girls and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

A group of South African Men explain why they rape..

Two weird (and new) error messages today.

Business Insider: "This Is Why Phil Robertson Is Wrong About Gays"

Police implicate, link Klitschko brothers, other opposition members to Chornovol beating suspects

Posts about how some individual woman did something bad are childish flame-bait

How often do you comment on local media websites?

Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare

Why doesn't government ASK us what we think instead of spying on us?

2013 or 1000 BC?

Divorce for Catholics?

Sunshine on his shoulders made John Denver happy. ME? Naked sefies texted to my cell phone.

The Central Coast (CA) Syrian Catholic community comes of age.

ATF using mentally disabled in sting operations, then arresting them

Python kills Bali security guard outside five-star hotel

Shock and Aw, Get oVER it!

Palin Cites Friend 'Who Happens To Be Gay' In Duck Dynasty Debate

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Backing Duck Dynasty Star

Gun activist sent 30-round magazine to Conn. Governor for Christmas

No valid source for "women own/control/influence" x% of wealth.

TWO styles of Obama coffee mugs MADE in the USA on clearence (While Supplies Last!)

Science Fun: Radioactivity

The imminent backlash of the Democratic Left.

This is the official State Police repot on Sandy Hook

Where the 1.3 million people losing unemployment aid this week live

What Say the Ducks

Has anyone here ever replaced a thermostat?

What is your opinion of Pope Francis?

just baked some stollen, now I have to eat it all before New Years resolution starts

The Most Clueless Racists of 2013

This makes me sleepy

Residents rally to protect bears by opposing land sale

New York City has fewest murders, shootings in history in 2013

Just how clean is a nuclear power plant anyway

Target: Customers' encrypted PINs were stolen

Hi, DUers! A post-Christmas Friday Afternoon Challenge for you: “The Beautiful Couples!”

The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth

Why the Pope matters

Winds of change?

Any adult fans of watching cartoons?

Ermahgerd, the Berg

Esquire's best dressed man of 2013? You guessed it - Pope Francis

Source: [Houston mayor] Parker, partner plan January wedding

Eastern Ill. Employee Shoots Boss, Kills Self

After Mars mission, India plans manned moon mission

New Group Launches Fight Against de Blasio's Top Cop

Man, woman get in physical altercation about the Bible

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to 'Duck Dynasty'

A&E Reverses Decision to ‘Suspend’ Phil Robertson (The Full A&E Statement)

Noam Chomsky: 'We've Moved From A Functioning Democracy-It's By Now Really A Plutocracy'

Exhumation Proves Murder of Brazilian President, New York Times Must Admit

Weekend Economists Stamp Out Ignorance December 27-29, 2013

My Family Is SCREWED!!!

Flu cases spike in Texas, 13 dead in Houston area

Most useful 35 dollar gift ever - Google Chromecast

Fossil Fuel Assets In Danger Of Being Stranded

A&E lifts Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) suspension

Max Keiser: Fictitious Capital with Michael Hudson

Local Boy Scout Troop Leaving Scouts b/c Equality

U.S. judge expands classes in lawsuits over $34 billion mortgage debt

Rough Red Planet Rocks Rip Rover Curiosity Wheels

Who are Duck Dynasty's sponsors?

10 Reasons the Real-Life "Wolf of Wall Street" Is a Schmuck Who Shouldn't Be Glamorized

Obama Signs Two-Year Budget Passed By Congress

U.S. court OKs Bank of America $39 million gender bias deal

Bah Humbug. The Annual Christmas Curmudgeon Thread.

Southern California man pleads guilty in plan to help al Qaeda

A&E reverses suspension.

Statement by the President on H.R. 3304 (NDAA)


Nice Denver Apartment for Rent:

"Duck Dynasty Should Get Real-Show Robertson Being As Homophobic As He Pleases..."

Now THIS is what bad ass bikers look like.

Argentina court rules 14-year-old rape victim can have abortion

Argentina court rules 14-year-old rape victim can have abortion

Ayn Rand Helped FBI Find Communist Influence In 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Wyoming commissioned poll: Mike Enzi up 53 on Liz Cheney

Ummm.... my clutch grindeth

The State of Black America 2013: Unemployment and Poverty are Holding Us Back

Lawrence O'Donnell: Edward Snowden's Christmas Message Was 'Wildly Overblown,' 'Provably Untrue'

Everyone Loves This Photograph Of Uruguay's Radical President Wearing Sandals At A Government Meetin

My Problem with the New Atheist Movement and why it could be better

Trayvon Martin Nativity Display Urges Us Not To Forget Gun Violence Victims (Image may be disturbing

A&E calls off 'Duck Dynasty' suspension

Just so we're clear on this:

TSoDS #5: Dark Matter Take Another Shot On the Chin.