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Archives: December 28, 2013

Question about doctors' acceptance of Medicaid

so what's been happening on the playground?

Bill Moyers and Thomas Cahill: The people's Pope

Police file on Newtown yields chilling portrait

Nursing home says it won't take 'brain-dead' girl

‘Kerry offers to release Jonathan Pollard’

Officials: Iran talks hit bump over enrichment

Hollywood poised for best-ever box-office year

The Youngins check in and hangout thread.

Koch money behind economic study - Rachel Maddow

Key findings in newly released Newtown documents

US Sailors To Sue TEPCO: “We’re seeing leukemia, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, brain tumors &..

Obama behind the scenes...

America the Beautiful. We should be, yet we lost our way. (pic heavy)

1.3 million losing unemployment benefits Saturday

I get at least 30 emails a day!

LOL, This Letter From A+E About Resuming Duck Dynasty Cracked Me Up!

NORAD Tracks Santa logs 19.58 million web visits

Can someone explain to me what the hell does buying health insurance across state lines have to do

Boo's advise for after Christmas dieting:

Female surfers beneath the waves

Drunk Connecticut man’s Christmas wish to lesbian sister: ‘I will kill a gay’

Who wants to join our club?

Doonesbury: Women, Controlling Our Own Bodies - Even The Lady Parts

Residents still without power growing frustrated

"Stories Add Up as Bully Image Trails Christie"

We won UT, IL, HI, NH, NJ, RI and NM. They win Duck Dynasty. I can live with that.

The more things change, (local newspaper article from 1864)

Stupid question -- can rice go bad?

Denver Gives out Recreational Pot Sales Licenses

Russian ICBM warheads hit targets on test range

"Dems seize on expiring jobless aid"

Zimbabwe's Australian ambassador requests asylum

Testifying. Just do it, and hope you regret wasting money.

It's time for "Chicken with Pears" - with your host Christopher Walken....

Hanging' with Mr. Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

Saw these today at pond near my northern Maryland abode:

Horsey always gets it right!

Taliban claim responsibility as Slovak and American soldiers killed in Kabul

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Me, My Sex, and I

Utah issues 900 marriages licenses to gay couples

A Holiday Message From The Great Dictator...

Tea Party Happily Uses Poster Mocking Them In Popular Video Game.

Near my northern Maryland abode today, a couple of scenes.

My dear brother, 55 years old, professional drummer, made an announcement this weekend...

Another "good Christian" conservative is calling for civil war

Poverty - anywhere - equals Christian hypocrisy - everywhere.

Study: U.K. Teens Fleeing 'Dead and Buried' Facebook

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Encore Friday! & a new Kitteh gif

Greenwald is upset that countries like Brazil and Germany aren't helping Snowden.

Bolivia's telecom satellite fixes position in orbit

Neil Gaiman explains what 'strong women' in Buffy are REALLY about

Pope Francis For President!

Ever bite the underside of your tongue?

So Phil is coming back

(edited title) False allegations of rape and domestic violence are few and far between

Game of the Year nominated computer game surprises players with strong progressive message

28 Ways to Spot a Real Man...

The Pope gave us a political lesson (worthy of a PHD) on how easy it is for an institution to pivot

Incredible blog post by an old friend of mine..."When Cow Love Meets Car Love"

Look at me! I'm on a plane! Nyanyanya!!

A&E never suspended mr duckerson.

Watchdogs criticize nuclear storage study; A.G. says NRC didn't focus on Indian Point

Mayor Parker, city of Houston move same-sex benefits lawsuit out of Republican judge’s court

Mayor Parker, city of Houston move same-sex benefits lawsuit out of Republican judge’s court

"Obama calls senators to back extension on jobless benefits"

Wis. Teacher Refuses Award From Paul Ryan During MLK Ceremony: ‘Lackey for the 1%’

Anyone else feel like this?

How the FUCK do you "suspend" someone from a show while it's not being filmed?

Tommy Thompson supports a Walker Presidental Run

Me vs. Michelle Fields and Eric Bolling on ACA/Obamacare's effect on the 2014 elections

xPost from v&M - Me vs. Michelle Fields and Eric Bolling on ACA/Obamacare's effect on 2014 Elections

xPost from v&M - Me vs. Michelle Fields and Eric Bolling on ACA/Obamacare's effect on 2014 elections

It seems like its getting better

Smithsonian NMNH Tour

A criminal government at work: The NSA paid to steal your private data

As critics gain, ALEC gives ground

More details regarding Phil Robertson's return to A&E, and HRC

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Dec. 27, 2013 -- Friday News Dump

A&E officially lifts the suspension of Phil.

Friday Night Catnip: The Pentangle - Basket of Light (1969)

An Open Letter to John Hagee...

Ben Franklin, whistleblowing leaker of government secrets

The Internet Archive (Videogame) Console Living Room

A deadly weapon .... the ceramic squirrel!

Why does it seem that in spite of Democrats controlling the White House and the Senate, the

We just sent over 4 sacks of food to my grandson's father...

AP sources: Libya releases 4 US military personnel who had been detained

What's that saying? "You can never go back"?

Good one

You all, y'all, or yous guys?

Aggie uniforms redesigned by Chick-fil-A cows are, sadly, fake

Aggie uniforms redesigned by Chick-fil-A cows are, sadly, fake

A very few corporations make nearly every product we buy.......Behold:

Sherlock Holmes Is in the Public Domain, American Judge Rules

What a Democrat should have on their list of New Year's Resolutions

Lightning strikes the Willis Tower, Chicago's tallest building, during a severe thunderstorm in June

Did Judge William H. Pauley base his ruling on an NSA talking point?

The first thing I'd do is wonder where the stairs came from, I live in a single-story home...

As predicted, the fall of DOMA has led to a state recognizing a same-sex marriage from another state

In 2 Days I will be homeless

San Diego Man Buys IPod Classic And Finds Box Full Of Erasers. Twice.

Homeless Trans Woman Andrea Quintero's Funeral Held By Jesuits at 'Church Of Francis' In Rome

Wow it's been a long time since I remember seeing so many good films on RT

(attempted) Murder by ceramic squirrel

Hypothetical scenario. You go to the movies and buy popcorn and drink.

A patient just came into my work with a prescription for a Z-pack...

Dammit, Its always section 9 3 6a from the California Catchawave statute (paragraph 12 violation).

Indigenous Guards Rally Behind Progressive Mayor in Colombia

Five newsmakers to watch in 2014: Hébert

Brazil may raise number of Cuban doctors again

Young users see Facebook as 'dead and buried'


North America is going places

Sesame Street season one. Not suitable for children.

Purity tests.

Is that a llama or a bunny?

Children’s tsar Maggie Atkinson wants smacking to be illegal

the fruits of my labor

There is gold in them hills~

Everyone Loves This Photograph Of Uruguay's Radical President Wearing Sandals At A Government Meetin

The Greatest New Year's Kickoff Ever!

Cool Shit about British Currency

Venezuela’s Army ‘Immobilizes’ Aircraft Near Colombian Border

Uplifting trance: Jakatta & Seal - My Vision (Adam Kancerski Remix)

21 Of The Biggest LGBT Allies Of 2013

Lie of the Year: “Obamacare is Unpopular”

Researchers map the sexual network of an entire high school

War shrine shows limit in US support to Japan

Lawrence Krauss: Quantum Computing Explained

U.S. bartenders visit Cuba for sharing experience

Teacher suspended for alleged racial remark

'Inebriated' man, cross-dressed man jump airport fences in Newark, Phoenix

Denver gives out recreational pot sales licenses

Section 2 ..D..5..WTF!!!!

Opponents to fight new US military base on Okinawa

Toby Keith's restauraunt bans firearms, draws ire of teabillies nationwide!

ACA Success Stories

Seabeyonds hidden posts

Military sex assault reports jump by 50 percent

Interesting, but saddening, stuff...

Union chief says Boeing's latest offer a $1B gain

Just posted on the admin thread

In America, Innocent Until Proven Guilty? Not For Most People Who Are Stuck in Jail

American Studies Association Members Defend Israel Boycott by Citing Anti-Semitic 9/11 Truther

Call to give again

The P.U.-Litzers: Here Are the Stinkiest Media Moments of 2013

Seems like the Pope Has Conservative Paul Ryan Rattled

Elizabeth Warren: It's the Right of Every American to Retire with Dignity --

In The Future, We May Only Have Sex For Fun — Not To Procreate

Georgia is the next Virginia or North Carolina

Gloria Steinem with the band, Betty

From MRAP to scrap: U.S. military chops up $1-million vehicles

54 Unforgettable Pictures From The Past Year

Judge Rules $15 Minimum Wage Hike Doesn't Apply To Seattle Airport Workers

Deep sea creatures found off Rockall 'new to science' (Scotland)

No Austerity for Military Budget in 2014

China formally eases one-child policy

The 25 Most Failed States On Earth{photos}

What's the answer

Woman stabs husband with Squirrel in fight over Beer

Can Vermont's Single-Payer System Fix What Ails American Healthcare?

Thank you very much. I LOVE caramel

Elderly Homes Weak Link in Battle Against Superbugs

Populism Rising?

Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online

Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal

We didn't need Snowden; we had bad TV!

This German glass sphere might revolutionize solar power on Earth

Add to the Honey Do List ... Get rid of the turkey oil

Duck Dynasty, Oh Calm Down-

Four new species of deep sea creatures discovered off Scottish coast

Anyone wants to feel thoroughly sick?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ December 27th

Greeting the New Year---4 Resolutions For 2014 - By Charles M. Blow

Deaf and blind, 2 dogs find home together

Elizabeth Warren: The only Senator who cares about the middle class and says it with actions!

Reaching a Tipping Point: 36% of US States Now Have Marriage Equality

Same-sex Couples Shatter Marriage Records In Utah

Don't Believe GOP Will Pay Price For Cutting Everything. Too Many Americans Support Their Agenda

Hating war is easy. Stopping war is the hard part

Snowden's Christmas message

Suffering Public Health Departments Putting People at Risk

Many Of Us Are Severely Underpaid & Here Is PROOF:

who would be for this?

Republicans’ Unemployment Shame

Eric Kandel: Creativity, Your Brain, and the Aha! Moment

PA: Fatah-Hamas tension not behind Gaza power plant closure


AdoramaPix printing

More than a million people lose unemployment benefits today, because Jesus, or something.

Washington state judge excludes airport from SeaTac's $15 minimum wage

Iraq troops arrest leading Sunni MP in violent raid

A variety of Good Morning goodies

On this day in 1890, Chief Bigfoot's Band was intercepted by the 7th Calvary

Robert Reich: Why You Shouldn't Succumb to Defeatism About the Affordable Care Act

Why We Should All Fear The Righteous Online Mob

Chief Bigfoot's Band was intercepted by the 7th Calvary on this day in 1890

Pointing out a sexist culture or comments that help cement that culture

Melissa Harris-Perry should replace Joe Scum or David Gregory

Climate deniers react to reddit science giving them the boot

Facebook is 'dead and buried', replaced by simpler networks, study finds

a powerful nugget of truth which exposes that when the government says “trust us” we shouldn’t.

Singing hymns at atheist services makes as much sense as celebrating one’s elbow

Forbes contributor says Scott Walker 'should know better' than to hold secret tax talks

Syria conflict: Strike on Aleppo market 'kills 21'

Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal

My Dogs & I This Past Summer

Two things to remember if you think this Duck Dynasty thing is about anything except bigotry

Opinion: Is circumcision a right?

If you were buying a government, the primaries are the place to be

Second icebreaker on its way to trapped Antarctica ship

Eastside Catholic vice principal says he didn't resign, he was fired

Bernie Sanders: Supporting the Unemployed (updated)

Does anyone dispute the fact that the 'false allegations of rape are common' myth is dangerous?

Twitterwar between RogerSTONE & SPITZER's girlfriend.Any time STONE is blasted is fine, equally vile

China: More than 500 resign over election fraud

Combating mid-winter doldrums on Craigslist

What movie should I see this weekend?

South Sudan: 'White Army' militia marches to fight

Wouldn't if be great if more heads of state were like this one?

Blumenthal Sets Dec. 31 Deadline For UPS, FedEx Answer On Refunds

15 Wins for the Progressive Movement in 2013

Here is what we say in this election cycle with regard to the ACA:

Deaths On The Job In Oil & Gas Sector Double In 2013 Over 2009

Harper Plans To Eliminate $100 Million, 500+ Jobs From Department Of Oceans & Fisheries

I don't acknowledge even the concept of God, much less the existence.

Sad day

After Buying Refinery, Delta Joins In Fight Against Renewable Fuel Standards

Cameron Heckled By Angry Kent Residents Over Inadequate Christmas Flood Response

Debunking the ‘war on men’

Whether "religion," philosophy, or cult, name some nuggets of valid observation in them

Anoher indication of how bad it's getting at "60 Minutes..."

New Years Eve Appetizers?

It was all about money

Christmas gift brings treatment hope for cancer patients

This is breathtaking. (pics)

Uruguay’s marijuana growers come out into open

Let's Get A List Together Of What We Could Accomplish If We Take Back The House In 2014....

Who remembers Postum?

Uruguay, Little Trailblazer That Could

Fight or flight, or sleep

Paul Ryan lectures the pope

police say indian woman gang-raped twice within hours by two separate gangs

Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 Titles in Early 2014

Boy Scouts open ranks to gay youth on Jan. 1

police say indian woman gang-raped twice within hours by two separate gangs

Quasi-Nazi salute popular in France

Snowden Is No Hero Yet NSA Surveillance Security/Privacy Balance Needed (VIDEO)

LIVE RADIO NOW: Will Youth Signup For ACA / Edward Snowden & NSA Surveillance

SFPD: Teen was shot dead by fellow robber

Once upon a time, the Lounge and GD decided to join the Marines.

Nearly One And A Half Million Workers Will Get A Raise On New Year’s Day

Don't you think the Obama Library should be in Iowa?

Cat burglars really are, uh, cats

So far the Fed has Bailed Out Banks $3.6Trillion and yet we can't raise the Minimum Wage

Blue Cross (NE) to offer benefits to spouses of gay workers in OPS, most other school districts

Happy Birthday, Linus Torvalds!

Free higher education for all - What a concept! In Chile, not in this country

20 things the rich do everyday (another Maalox moment)

Breeders and those who support them:

Top 75 Pictures of the Year

Pope Francis... Can anyone find this quote somewhere else?

No, it's not aliens, just an artist who does fantastic images in snow!

Oh yeah! I rode my trike in the snow this week.

Saturday, December 28th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Paul Ryan lectures the pope

Left Coast2020 is in need of some good {{{{{VIBES}}}}}!!!!

Let's not forget that in a few days it will be near impossible to buy incandescent light bulbs

Even though spending less on "security", European citizens are more secure!

That Michelangelo! Even his grocery list is a work of art!

Are the Feminist / MRA Argument Threads a means to "Divide and Conquer" DU - POLL

Boy Scouts open ranks to gay youth on Jan. 1

Apparently, Duck Dynasty feels A&E owes them an apology

Secret Handshakes Greet Frat Brothers on Wall Street

Dear RWers who think kicking people off unemployment is a great idea for some reason:

Man feared to be Gacy victim found alive in Montana after 41 years

THANK YOU!!! Kali's visit and your vibes!!!

Who knows how to photoshop?

For those wingers who've claimed FARC's done the major drug trafficking in Colombia,

Friday News Dump -- Dec. 27, 2013 -- World News Trust

Who's the real threat. Drunk Connecticut man’s Christmas wish to lesbian sister: ‘I will kill a gay"

Smarter every day: Slo-mo flipping cats -- Why do cats land on their feet?

Why people still use inefficient incandescent light bulbs

How Beer Created Civilization!

Not as elegant as Ike's warning about the MIC, but here goes:

In a few days you can buy recreational pot in Colorado... Get Cannasaver online coupons

Members of Jewish Student Group Test Permissible Discussion on Israel

Members of Jewish Student Group Test Permissible Discussion on Israel

The Parable of the Talents updated for modern times

Mike Huckabee Says That You’re Crazy

It seems to me this would be the perfect time

"All I wanted was a piece of the Night!"

The Hobbit in IMAX.

Are Taxpayers Paying for Wall Street Execs’ Bloated Bonuses?

What is wrong?

Waiting for the start of work at 5:30 p.m.

A Blast From The Past: The Effect of Reaganomics on the American Economy

NSA drowns under an ocean of data

Is Howard Dean supporting Hillary Clinton?

No money for SNAP or extended unemployment benefits

President Bill Clinton will in swear Bill de Blasio as mayor

A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

Fear And Hopelessness As Five Families Prepare To Lose Unemployment Benefits

I would like to know views on following issues

Harvard: Marijuana Doesn’t Cause Schizophrenia

Dec. 25th = AUFC Ad: "Restore Unemployment Insurance Now"

Federal judge dismisses most of remaining Katrina damage lawsuits

Libre party at a crisis after Zelaya recognizes defeat

Patches Kennedy on MSNBC concern trolling about Colorado decrim

Venezuela homicide rate quadruples in 15 years, NGO reports

Anyone here know what this is?

Sharks of more than three metres to be caught, shot and dumped into sea

Portable drug test a new addition at New Year's DUI checkpoints

I am severely hearing-impaired. I wear high-end hearing aids when I interact with other

"Oh no, Mommy," the girl responded. "Only boys can be president."...

Knesset approves tax breaks for same-sex parents

In Texas, unreturned library books can mean jail time

Eye-tracking study

A&E not only did the Classic Friday Night News Dump, they did it during the Christmas Holiday

Children learning empathy in a Japanese classroom... Tissue warning.

Happening now- Korea

New York City Losing Its Last Commercial Progressive Talk Radio Station

"And the angels had guitars even before they had wings!"

Meanwhile in Russia

President Obama: "Our Journey is Not Complete Until Our Gay Brothers and Sisters..."

Fire on express train in India kills at least 26

Frida Kahlo is not impressed

NY Times Benghazi Investigation: More Evidence that Rep. Frank Wolf's Completely Off the Deep End

Next time someone tells you welfare is bad for the economy ...

If anyone ever asks you, "What would Jesus do?"

NY Times Benghazi Bombshell: Attack spurred by anti-Islam Video

Locavores? Women in the field? Economic dislocation? Hunter numbers Rise.

A study on the global protest movement, by the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (Columbia University)

The Conservatives, yet again, don't get it!

Sunsetting sky back in southern Maryland

Falling off the unemployment insurance cliff

This is trending on twitter: New A&E shows.

Will David Gregory dedicate Meet the Press to the new Benghazi Revelations????

You know feminism is not "the opposite" of MRA's

Bill Clinton will swear in deBlasio as Mayor of NYC

Roger Federer's Schedule for 2014 -

Fun in the Hospital...

Shopping at the Discount Stores In the Struggle to Remain Frugal, But Could It be Wrong?

Donate Money to the Maryland Food Bank.

WTF? GOP Governors Have 2014 Edge. (Huff Post) We Are Absolutely Demented.

Benefits Ending for One Million Unemployed.

10 truly bizarre Victorian deaths

The Year of the ‘Leaker’

Unemployment benefits expire for almost 44,000 in Michigan.

Toon- The un-giver

ISU researcher quits amid allegations of AIDS-research fraud involving millions of federal dollars

Anyone else living in Mexico?

From OFA:

Movie - Warm Bodies

Today is the commemoration of the Holy Innocents.

Today is the commemoration of the Holy Innocents.

Target Could Be Liable For $3.6 Billion Due To POS Terminal Hacking

"4 a.m. Everyone is a asleep."

Elon Musk: This is why I think solar power will be the primary long term solution

Rape Culture 101

From Pope To Snowden: In 2013, The Smart Guys Won Globally

Cuba eases restrictions on loans to small businesses

BTW, the place I am staying at has a cat.

Potty-mouthed cockatoo swears at the neighbors; owner in trouble

What will it take for Phil Robertson to lose his Job forever.

Ebay seller, some advice?

Watching Breaking Bad marathon and something struck me (SPOILER ALERT)

Who Owns What on Television

The Stock Market Has Officially Entered Crazytown Territory

Turkey: Erdogan under new pressure to quit as protesters take to the streets

LGBT Conservatives Divided Over ‘Duck Dynasty’

Breaking Bad Marathon

Big Retailers And Fast-Food Companies Are The Real ‘Welfare Queens’ In Today’s Economy

Two arrested after "Ten Commandments" argument turns violent.

Fox News Shockingly Reports The Truth On GMOs