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What are your plans for New Years eve?

21st Century Work Model - Making It On 3/4 Time At 3/4 Pay.

Arrival Of The New Year's Baby

EU Protests To Netanyahu Over Planned Wave Of Settlement Construction

Papantonio: Duck Dynasty and Fifty Shades Of Crazy

Russia Bombings: Close Enough To Sochi Olympics For Terrorists' Aim

Listening to the former Chairman of the GOP on the Rev's MSNBC Politics Nation program

Evening sky

So if there is a drone peeking in my bedroom window what are my options?

Meretz: We won't oppose annexation of Jordan Valley

The Skull Appreciation Society

Are Women of the Wall Pathbreakers — or Provocateurs?

The Approval/Disapproval numbers for the ACA.

Are we ready for the great invasion of the French 1% in 2014???

2013: The year in whiteness

Despite More Gadgets, Electricity Use In U.S. Homes Falling To 2001 Levels

Good news about the brain function of readers.

ACLU Sues Government Over International Calls

Texas Republicans Lose 3 Major Donors In 2013

Harry Houdini "Mysteries & Scandals"

Why does Tweety always center his discussions around the birther

I'm insured!!

Privacy Advocate Exposes NSA Spy Gear At Gathering

So I guess one of our members here has decided to pack his bags and head out...

Now Oregon has peed all over the field >>

Go check out this post in Politics 2013 right effing now!!!

Train collision in North Dakota sets oil rail cars ablaze

"...the oldest story in America..."

US Rushes Weapons to Iraq as Bloody Conflict Spirals Out of Control

NYC sues FedEx for illegally shipping cigarettes to homes

Democracy Now! Orwellian or a Blunt Tool?

Match made in heaven? ESPN hires Tim Tebow for SEC Network

Charles "Sonny" Liston

+972's Person of the Year: Edward Snowden

Male Privilege, helpfully explained by a white dude

First legal commercial Key West–Cuba flight in 50 years lands in Havana

25 accidents between Iowa City and Des Moines on I80 today

Any way for a "senior) (69) to whiten up her teeth?

Dozens of Iraqi MPs quit over Anbar violence

Must see

Jahi McMath: Judge extends order keeping girl on ventilator

Some Hope For Those Who Feel They Work Hard For Nothing

Mars Express Orbiter Buzzes Martian Moon Phobos

Anyone else feel so awkward at (family) get togethers that you just blurt something out?

Four charged after 1,250 bags of heroin labeled ‘Obama Care’ are found in car on I-91 in Hatfield

When will real change come to America?

Alice in Scienceland! Caterpillar puffs nicotine to ward off spiders

Rare Female Penguin Couple at Israeli Zoo


Old White Male Republicans Dominated Sunday Shows in 2013

Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton

FAA announces drone testing sites in six states

Saudi Arabia to give Lebanese army $3 billion in aid

UK govt sabotages energy efficiency program to ensure market for nuclear power (93%YOY drop)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Pave Paradise & a new Kitteh gif

Happy New Year HoF!

Does being very cold release endorphins? Cause it is freezing tonight in ottawa, I walked


The Hidden Man

I found a damaged drone in my back yard.

How serious is a temperature of 101.9 in an adult

Some advice to those who are getting ready to plan out your College Education...

This kid used to be LITTLE!

Susan Collins’ primary challenger says fight against assault conviction shows integrity

"God gives money to the rich . . .

Raising a glass to you, trumad... Here's to the hope that you'll change your mind.

"Economic Inequality: A Matter of Trust?"

Lebanon army fires on Syrian aircraft for ‘first time’

33 cops killed by gunfire in 2013, the lowest number since 1887

"Kerry to Mideast next week for peace talks: Palestinians"

Anyone ever used Is it a flat fee per month and you can look up as much as

Australia facing slump as China 'goes green'

New York City Murder Rate In 2013 Reaches Historic Low

Eos: Utility-Scale Battery Storage Competitive With Gas

"Mass., Vt. halt payments to firm behind health sites"

There's a drone up my pants. Or, alternatively, there's something "drone" going on in GD

China's new EV car-sharing (a vending machine?!)

Good f**king grief......

ok finally duck dynasty childbride comments hit msm

Elon Musk on Mars, Philip Low on the Brain

"In No One We Trust" By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

Pop songs when I was growing up was filled with ballads, silly love songs, a couple of

Faces of repeal ad

PPP: Dems still lead in generic polling.

Texas Judge Exempts Colleges from ACA Mandate For Believing Contraceptives Cause Abortion

The 23 Most Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People

Steve Stockman is an ass.

Fukushima news

A govt website for New Years Resolutions!

president obama nominates first native american woman

Livni: We're living in bubble, disconnected from world

Ted Cruz Insists Role In Government Shutdown Wasn't A Mistake

'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson To Guest On Fox News

Plight of Homeless in Fukushima Clean-Up

Steve Stockman: 'Liberal Tears' Are The Best Gun Lubricant

In Two Scathing Paragraphs, New York Times Editor Blasts Republican Critics Of Benghazi Bombshell

This one for the guitar players out there what's your current main guitars and rig

The Mechanics Of Electoral Fraud In Canada


Obamacare just might net its 7 million sign-ups


The amazing, indisputable slowdown in health spending

I love this Bagley Toon About Marriage

Obamacare Delay Gave 750K Americans Time To Enroll In Coverage

Fox News Special Guest for New Years Eve

Elizabeth Warren just sent an email asking for support of Senator Mark Pryor...

"Republicans Eye Paths To Senate Majority, But Tea Party Poses Problems"

Just saw Mandela. Wow.

Illustrated timeline of anti-fun moral panics

NSA’s ANT Division Catalog of Exploits for Nearly Every Major Software/Hardware/Firmware

(Italy) Paedophile let off because (11 yr old) girl was 'in love'

'We want a real black king for Christmas'

(Sweden) Nicotine poisoning rockets mid e-cig battle

MSNBC Host Makes Fun of Mitt Romney’s Black Grandson

Graywarrior needed in GD. Can you duct tape this piece of crap that calls himself a human,

Wiesenthal releases 'Top Ten 2013 anti-Semitic, anti-Israel slurs' list

Say something profound.

If this is true (as presented), then shame on MSNBC (Updated)

Doctor who testified to keep brain-dead teen on ventilator is a religious quack.

Israel Likes a Party but Is Torn About New Year's

Phil and his duck, a love story.

A Science Icon Died 17 Years Ago. In His Last Interview, He Made A Warning That Gives Me Goosebumps

Northern Ireland parties win more time to agree Troubles deal

Looming Danger of Abrupt Climate Change

Texas Monthly gives Italian eatery the Bum Steer Award for insulting community in closing notice

PLO urges Hamas to sever ties with Muslim Brotherhood

Settlers attack local official in south Hebron hills

Follow-up: US Attorney's office still silent following offensive Facebook comments about Obama

Whiskey fans, what is your favorite? I love crown royal...

Robert Reich and Scott Winship: How should the U.S. address economic inequality?

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis calls for official's removal over payday lending views

Health law to put calorie info on vending machines

I know the football season is over for my team but I just wanted to leave this for the Miami fans

Israel May Start Paying For All Abortions For Women Between 20 And 33 Years Old

Is Anyone Concerned over Rhino extinction Anymore?

Can you post an obscure name for Divinity?

number of cops killed with firearms lowest since 1887

Colombia: intensified violence against labor leaders

Milton Friedman in his Grave: Where's the Inflation?

Phil and His Duck, A Love Story. (I'm bored so I'm doodling...)

Arizona policy change benefits Navajo students

86 detained at human stash house in eastern Edinburg

Colombia: campesinos mobilize for land, water

US to Proceed with Proseuction of Devyani Khobragade

A prediction for 2014

Drone Use Soars in Latin America, Remains Widely Unregulated

Article about diagnosing brain death

Ok, for those who partake...

Milwaukee Cops Get Community Service, Fines, for Sexual Assaults on Civilians

Fifty Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted From Their Jobs - and Denied New Opportuniti

Home Depot founder worries Pope Francis neither loves nor understands rich Americans

Jamie Dimon’s daughter falsely uses Mideast photo to smear Flint, MI as ‘apocalyptic’

Gotta Love it...

easy way to keep track of New Year's Eve all over the world....

All About the Enlightenment The Age of Reason

Salty chocolate cacao-nib refrigerator cookies

More Good News Dept: Home electricity use in US falling to 2001 levels

Just curious, what do grocery stores do with unsold meat and produce?

D.A. to appeal Superior Court decision to free Msgr. Lynn on bail

Doctors saying brain dead; patients saying otherwise

A beautiful sunset

Can we just celebrate this for a sec.

How about a picture thread? Where do you live?

I'm afraid that it's time to come to this, I have to say goodbye...

Connecticut health insurers ordered to provide gender reassignment coverage

Special Report: Lost hooves, dead cattle before Merck halted Zilmax sales

Some personal backstory on Phil Robertson's phrase "They'll pick your ducks."

Say farewell to an iconic symbol of nomadic hippydom: The Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi van

Saudi’s Prince Bandar hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’

Wells Fargo reaches $591 million settlement with Fannie Mae over mortgage securities

(Juan Cole) Top Ten Middle East Stories 2013: How the Region has Changed

17% of Americans Support Afghanistan War: CNN (Video of the Day)

Obama’s ‘Change’ Was Just Hot Air

What is the Impact of Fukushima on Wildlife in American NorthWest?

You Won't Believe Conservatives' Absurd Theories They Think Will Cure Poverty

Sun Kil Moon - Like The River

Greediness not tolerated.

(ND) Fireball, Black Smoke Hit Sky as Train Carrying Crude Derails

Conservative Media Figures Are Peddling White Grievances into Uglier and Even More Lucrative Racket

Domestic Drone Testing Coming to a State Near You

Major Social Transformation Is a Lot Closer Than You May Realize -- How Do We Finish the Job?

The Volgograd Bombs Are a Warning over Olympic Excess

Afghan Street Children Beg for Change

Police, troops heavy in bomb-hit Russian city

Northern Ireland talks collapse as main unionist parties reject Haass proposals

Wag More, Bark Less. I'm trying but it is not working.

Trial of anti-nuclear activists ends with unusual sentence

10 Big Wins For Public Education in 2013

GOP Mantra No Taxes On Rich Or Businesses Will Raise Wages And Create Jobs.

Social Security: The Social Contract’s Comeback Year?

(Ted Rall) Cartoon for December 30, 2013: Studied the Constitution. Didn’t Like It.

I'm curious - what is your favorite vehicle? Is there a vehicle that captures your essence?

FBI probing desecration of West Virginia mosque

NSA's Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need

Interview With Pussy Riot Member: 'I Want Justice'

This $55,000 Bill Is The Perfect Example Of Our Broken Hospital System

What are your favorite things ?

Best Fox & Friends ever!! (Last fifteen minutes of screen garbage.)

Holiday in Austerity Land: 1.3 Million Americans Lose Jobless Benefits

Special Report: Japan's homeless recruited for murky Fukushima clean-up

MSNBC Panel Criticized For Segment About Romney's Black Grandchild

Billion-Dollar-a-Year Program to Deceive Public About Global Warming Is Exposed

Dear Dad...............

Congress letting 55 tax breaks expire at year end

The Supreme Court Logic That Could Destroy Privacy in America

Fort Hood shooter's jail requests: Bible, cheese info

Am sitting down and attempting to read DU posts


Resolve to learn to juggle in 2014

How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind and Body

Army seeks greater Pacific role, creating a turf battle

Love in the Time of Chronic Illness

Mile-long train carrying crude oil derails, explodes in North Dakota

On defense: Cities get serious about climate resilience in 2013

Happy New Year! My Australian and my Kiwi Friends.

Did anyone else just watch that somewhat surrealistic "snowball fight" on Morning Joe?

Pot Shops in Denver Open Door to $578 Million in Sales

Liberals United Front Paged - "Mitt Romney Being Sued for Racketeering in Federal Court"

Shark photobomb? Family photo captures big fish lurking just feet from family

Benjamin Bratton: New perspectives: What's Wrong with TED Talks?

Saint Ayn Rand visits the day after Christmas

Comedian John Fortune dies aged 74

teh Lounge's Advice for 2014 (feel free to add to)

It is now 2014 on U.S. Sovereign Territory

Bwahahahahaha. Wisconsin Transparency Force gives Scott Walker a pair of fireproof pants!

Diving Into The New Year

14 Haunting Portraits of Life After Nuclear Disaster

The Silver Fire, During and After Photos

Republican Devolution

Study suggests we're all susceptible to false memories

Controversial Idaho hunting contest ends with no wolves killed

Home Depot founder worries Pope Francis neither loves nor understands rich Americans

ACLU sues for details of U.S. surveillance under executive order

OK now we're getting silly (subject is Pope Francis)

Slovakia accepts three Guantanamo Uighur inmates

You Make GW Bush The Face Of Your Party For 8 Yrs & Then Call Your Voters Stupid? - By MATT TAIBBI

PA. Court rules frackers can use as much of the surface of land as they want, under typical leases

The NSA Reportedly Has Total Access To The Apple iPhone

John Fortune, satirical comedian, dies aged 74

Homicides down 9% across Colombia’s cities: Santos

IMHO, the Republicans Think the Unemployed Are Refusing to Work.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- new Year

Happy New Year Amy Goodman!......Keep on bringing it in 2014!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Old Year

Privatization costs Chicago ...... again.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The 2014 calendar that wasn't

White America, my Cranky Ass.

Chicago: Ventra flaws cost CTA $1.2 million in free rides

I do think the people have had some victories... However

Arbitrator Gives Job Back To Fired Ohio Trooper

RIP Dr. Kenneth Edelin (famous for landmark abortion case)


Any end of year financial moves?

When did eyeglass frames get so frickin' expensive?!

Is California ready to join the weed revolution?

Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn

Zimmy sold his "artwork"for $100,000...proof there's a sucker born every minute.

Exclusive Report: Obama Will Take on the NSA's Surveillance State in 2014

Obama’s Defining Fight: How He Will Take On the NSA’s Surveillance State in 2014

GOP Candidate For AZ Governor Misquotes Lincoln On 'Class Hatred'

South Korea: rail workers, repression and resistance

Mayor Bloomberg took a bit of New York's soul

Fear Of The New

Radio Days are Here Again - A Post-Christmas Tale

Why is everybody on the news talking about

WOW! Fox News Rockin' New Years Eve! HASSELBECK interviewing some Duck Dynasty skidmark. WOW! USA!

"I Had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results" --NYT/ Science

god is pissed

26 Palestinian prisoners released, head home to celebrations

Tea Party Anthem (I Want My Country Back)

Giant yellow duck explodes in Taiwan...again. Eagles are prime suspects.

High Quality Audio 80's music mix you tube for New Years

Flute virtuoso Boujemaa Razgui: ‘JFK Customs destroyed 11 of my instruments’

Japanese Radioactive Soil Seized in Kiev.

Who says you can't learn anything from teevee news?

Michael Schumacher: 'Journalist dressed as priest tried to sneak into former F1 champion's hospital

Suspect breaks into home, cooks hot dogs

Plant Your Flag; a Progressive Agenda

AZ: Former Mayor's Dogs To Be Euthanized After One Killed Her Husband

De Blasio to be sworn in as NYC mayor at midnight


I won't be watching them tonight, but it is so fucking ridiculous...


Blast from the past

CNN is all about bad-mouthing the new CO maryjane laws and

***2014 Predictions***


Happy New Year!

The 124 states of America

Dysfunctional Republican Christians Vow To Destroy the First Amendment

Tea made from brewing regular poppy seeds kills man.

Pope's sharp words make a wealthy donor hesitate

9 questions about South Sudan you were too embarrassed to ask

Snowden and Greenwald are causing irreparable harm to the US government's

Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for mocking Romney's black grandchild

I think it is a travesty that trumad is going to get "the treatment".

How NAFTA Drove Mexicans into Poverty and Sparked the Zapatista Revolt

Little Boy Dances With Street Performer JOY!

U.S. Moves Closer to Closing Guantanamo Bay

Lexington Green

Cats who have influenced history

Too cold to fly in Winnipeg

Warm Kitty

How Libertarians Failed Gay Rights

First gay marriage in history

Duck Dynasty Is Fake!

It's official: Pope has not abolished sin, says Vatican

Shoot your eye out

Person of the Year: Antonin Scalia

Revelers already ringing in 2014 with fireworks

For fans of Disney's "Gargoyles..."

People have to decide to want another, better country.

Netflix plans 50 pct pay hike for CEO Hastings

The 124 states of America

December 31, 2013

MSM not so concerned about devastating impact of no unemployment insurance extension but

Scores die as followers of 'prophet' Gedeon seize TV station in Congo

Study: Happiness makes us feel warm all over

Year in Photos 2013 by Pete Souza

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ December 31st ~ New Years Eve Edition

Can We Talk About The Rape Scene In The Wolf Of Wall Street? (Spoiler Alert)

What your favorite drink says about your politics, in one chart

Right Wing to Lobbyists: "Don’t Support Grayson"

Belief in God doesn't undermine evolution

Brevard Co. to send 50 kittens to rescue group in Maryland

FDR, nuff said:

Arkansas Democrats Seek Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's Resignation

No, Rand Paul, There's No Reason to Cut Unemployment Benefits

Poppin Bottles Like it's Hot! NYE 2013

Happy New Year from the Captain and the Wizard

A Jewish Atheist Responds to the Pope's Call for Peace

Your USB cable, the spy: Inside the NSA’s catalog of surveillance magic

U.S. population growth slows to just 0.71%

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday, December 31st, 2013)

Last Day She's Charged More Because She's a Woman

For those unclear about the technical differences

Sigh. I love my sister, but she is a danger to kitchen appliances

Minnesota Officials Complain That Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Let's do a "best .gifs" thread.

Happy New Year, Earth, Happy New Year ...

Anyone remember from Costco - these breakfast bars or energy bars from like 20 years ago...

10 Demands Americans Should Make In 2014 And How To Get It

Which NFL Team Has The Most Game-Ending Turnovers In The Last Decade?

Over two million have signed up on Obamacare, state websites: U.S. official

Job Advice with Rand Paul

Keiser Report: Empire Kaput, Crypto Currencies 2014 ! E543

Bombs across Baghdad kill at least 15, clashes continue in Anbar: sources

Happy New Year Lounge & D.U.!

New U.S. Tax Regime is "Devastating," Experts Say

Phil Robertson: You've got "to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16 "

Anti-Assad monitoring group says Syrian death toll passes 130,000

22 wolves killed in Michigan wolf hunt 2013. The bagger legislature thumbed their noses at We

KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham Passes Out On Air...

Andy Warhol's Vine Leaf Marinade...In Wild Raspberries..a found treasure

Yup, we are equal and respected.

Egypt detains al-Jazeera journalists on suspicion of Muslim Brotherhood links

This is NOW

5 Amazing Pieces of Good News Nobody Is Reporting

Tea Party America BBC Documentary

Happy New Year. And Don't Forget To ...

Happy New Year, everybody.

One reason the new year might start out sucking

What are the biggest misconceptions about Russia ?

Apple says its unaware of NSA iPhone backdoor program

Last day this year at the river and creek!

Abusing the International Date Line: Happy New Year, DU!

Last three Uighurs freed from Guantanamo: US

S&P 500 set for best year since 1997

Safe passage, Charlie Hill

R.I.P. Joseph Ruskin

Legalize it!! Oh yes! Prohibition is about to end for ganja in Colorado

meet my fat little squirrel friend

Just because an individual or a government agency has the capacity to spy on you....?

Free money might be the best way to end poverty

By actual count, in 2013 I got 8,217 emails from Democratic/liberal candidates and organizations ...

Teacher Tells Black Student: 'We Don't Need Another Black President'

Obama’s Defining Fight: How He Will Take On the NSA’s Surveillance State in 2014

Bring out the violins for RETHUGs - 2m folks have signed up for Obamacare

Glenn Beck: ‘I Will Stand with GLAAD’ Against Russia’s ‘Hetero-Fascism’

Dolphins Filmed Chewing on Poisonous Pufferfish in an Apparent Effort to Get High

A re-gifted New Years cartoon.

US Sending Missiles & Drones to Iraq for Fighting Al-Qaeda

NFL, Elias reviewing Peyton Manning passing record: lateral or pass?

Matt Taibbi: On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on Themselves

Some spare parts that the Mythbusters have (pic)

They're crazy - every last one

A handy excuse to dodge the media

I'm not a fan of the "drinking holidays"

Happy New Year to everyone!

Anyone else out there celebrating the New Year with Nyquil?

First commercial passenger flight from Key West to Havana in over five decades made

I think Trumad was finally waiting until he could win the avatar challenge...

Arkansas governor asks for lieutenant governor's resignation

Damn Christians!

Please Proceed, Governor

Are you a special feature junkie? Do you live with a special feature junkie?

Happy new years, all! (abusing my time zone)

Fl Lawyer gets 60 day suspension for two sexual indiscretions.

Papantonio: More Deregulation Disaster in North Dakota

Central African Republic: Children Beheaded - Unicef

Thoughts and Prayers for the Nation

There are some seriously sick individuals in this world. Dad planned sex with children before birth

U.S. Seeks Release of Dying Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terrorism.

8 tax breaks set to disappear today unless Congress extends them.

Happy New Year

New Year's resolution time

benghazi 'investigations'.....

Top Citizen Achievements of 2013

HHS:More than 2 million covered under Obamacare

GOP Beard

Momma Cat Adopts Pit Bull Puppy, Wins $25,000 for Rescue Group

New York Gun Law Is Largely Upheld by a Federal Judge

The More Intelligent The Species … … the more likely they will find a way to get high

NYC Sues FedEx for Illegally Shipping Cigarettes to Homes

Is there a mechanism other than the jury system to report a suspected rightwing troll?

Dolphin megapod filmed underwater for the first time – in pictures

A Jewish Atheist Responds to the Pope's Call for Peace

OK that was weird.. I posted something and when I got back to GD it was all wonky..Updated w/pic

The “wingnut hole” measured: 5 million without insurance thanks to GOP refusal

ENENEWS Update 12-31-13

Is Bill DeBlasio going to do away with horse drawn carriages in NY?

B’Tselem reviews 2013: 5-year high in number of Palestinian fatalities in West Bank

United States: EEOC’s "Gift" For The Holiday Season: Three Religious Discrimination Settlements

No Fire Department needed: Ninja cat slides down pole like a pro.

How next-gen geothermal could boost the future of energy

Shih Tzu rescues kitten from ravine (and then adopts her)

New Year, New Direction -- Reflections From a Gay Catholic Priest


Question about "Gilligan's Island" living arrangements.

How bad are things for the GOP?

NY judge throws out suit by photographers challenging border searches of laptops

Wallstreet to Congress. Just shut up and pass our bills.

More proof Republicans getting dumber

Olbermann on MSNBC: "Any adults in charge over there?"

Anyone remember Charlie Hill?

The GOP in pictures...a picture is worth a thousand words

New virus more contagious, spreads more quickly than most

Weekend Economists Hit the New Year (and it hits back) Goodbye 2013 / Hello 2014!

Rescue Efforts for Trapped Antarctic Voyage Disrupt Serious Science

It is sooo cold in Minneapolis....

Abbas threatens legal action against Israel settlements

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis calls for official's removal over payday lending views

Happy 65th Birthday Donna Summer

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 2, 2014 -- Star of the Month - Joan Crawford

Pollution Rising, Chinese Fear for Soil and Food

It has been so cold in MN this year the window plants got frostbit.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 3, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Science in the Movies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 4, 2014 -- The Essentials - Walter Pidgeon

A North Dakota town narrowly escaped tragedy when a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded

Winter Storm Watch for the NYC Metro area.

Colorado readies for 'Green Wednesday' pot sales

Billionaire Home Depot Founder Says Pope Francis Is Alienating The Rich

Tonight, I raise a glass to many upon many, and to many more again.

Who is up for New Years brunch tomorrow?

Yearly Review By Harper’s Magazine

Educators can't distinguish between childish games and real threats.

Insurers' Latest Dodge to Not Cover You When You Need It: The Incredible Shrinking Network

Vitamin E May Slow Alzheimer's Disease Progression.

Bernie Sanders: "$7.25 an hour - Most people understand that’s a Starvation Wage."

Aloha Skinner and Happy New Year!..

Arrival Of New Year Baby

Wow, Sarah Palins hypocrisy knows no bounds....amazing

Wendy Davis is Texas Progressive Alliance's 'Texan of Year'

Tonight I will raise my drink to all here on DU

Great Advice From 2013 to 2014

Emails expose Christie lies reGWB

Yes, I am.

‘How do cows moo in a British accent?’ by Sir Patrick Stewart

Celebration~ Sydney New Year firework display in full


Weird fortun in my cookie today.

I thank DU for bringing issues of a feminist nature to my attention.

Prowling For Homeless Men - $100.00 A Head - Killing two birds with one radioactive stone

How the rise of Occupy and decline of the neoliberal narrative helped shape the “de Blasio moment”

Americans on Wrong Side of Pay Gap Run Out of Means to Cope

Why Getting Drunk and Making Resolutions on New Year’s Are Profoundly Religious Acts

Be a part of this.

Best Political Cartoons of 2013


2014. Turn left and straighten up.

Fast and Furious gun turns up after Mexican resort shootout

Matthew 19:23-24

Wisconsin’s Incarceration Problem (Blogging Blue)

Happy New Year to all!

Florida Law on Drug Testing for Welfare Is Struck Down

Chris Hadfield urges space co-operation with China - "It's the next logical step"

I'm staying in tonight

Hewlett-Packard to cut 5,000 more jobs (Bringing Total to 34,000)

Top Israeli Jewish Philanthropies of 2013

I'm having my traditional Dreamsicle Float. Maybe 2 or 3 more before bedtime.

$25,000 To Make A Movie Trailer. Here's What He Did Instead.

"Conservatism is the antithesis of democracy. This has been true for thousands of years.”

Poll - Do you plan on getting DRUNK tonight?

Nuclear insanity (Pakistan developing tactical nukes in response to India's Cold Start doctrine)

Bloomberg has left city hall. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Yep, even in TX, toting around a pistol (except on you own land) was outlawed for more than 100 yrs

I got a new computer.

The REAL Police State = Russia

Pols Seek State-Aid Cutoff For Schools That Boycott Israel

Immigration to Israel from Australia and New Zealand up 46%

Fox's Alan Colmes Defends Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘Panel Was Mocking GOP, Not Romney’s Black Grandson’

The Shocking Redistribution of Wealth in the Past Five Years

As a lifelong NYer I have never seen the ball drop in Times Square. And I never will.

Why We Need Your Help Now, Not Later

Happy New Year from this side of the pond!

Consumer Confidence Rises On Better Job Outlook

hippy new years to all my du brothers and sisters...!!!

Which do you like better, pie filling or pie crust?

"Hypocritical Wingnuts Take Aim At Melissa Harris-Perry"

Iran, World Powers Agree To Implement Nuclear Deal In Late January

THE ATLANTIC: Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America

Livni: Israel won't keep isolated settlements in final agreement

Conservatives Urge Boycott Of Rose Parade Over Same-Sex Wedding Float

SF: Panhandlers are getting aggressive out there.

Knoxville Drivers Greeted By Banners Warning That Diversity Is Anti-White Genocide

Franklin Graham Chides Christians For Not Fighting Beside Phil Robertson In ‘Religious War’

"Stand Up Guys". What a great film!

Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership explodes on Twitter Special

Israel’s tech successes 2013: The rest of the story

Michelle's upcoming birthday bash~

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Hit The Earth Like A Warning Shot Fired From Space

40,000 New Laws Take Effect In 2014

The newly talked about Phil Robertson video 'in context' (2:36 minute video)

Did President Obama always believe in same-sex marriage?