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Archives: December 4, 2013

Obama’s WH Already Dislikes Israel’s New Ambassador Dermer

Big Hair on Campus (Trump defrauding students)

Illinois lawmakers approve major pension overhaul

A British Olympic-Medal Winner Calmly Comes Out

#RacismEndedWhen = Racism officially ended when ..... (you decide)

Pres. Obama is going to be on Chris Matthews show Thursday. WTF crazy thing will Tweety say?

ALEC sought a loyalty oath from key state lawmakers

Right-Wing Catholics Will Protest a Dallas Production of a Gay-Themed Bible Satire

Right-Wing Catholics Will Protest a Dallas Production of a Gay-Themed Bible Satire

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Anyone here been to a Bop Local night?…Are they incredibly commercialized?

Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) writes open letter to Guardian editor, in support

Have a jolly happy christmas from Charles Bukowski

Scott Walker campaign aide fired after tweets demeaning Hispanics (and black friday $$$ appeal fail)

Park district returns donation to atheist blogger

The GOP’s Latest Dirty Trick – A Fake California Covered Healthcare Website

The GOP’s Latest Dirty Trick – A Fake California Covered Healthcare Website

Martin Bashir suspended at MSNBC?

Walmart is selling ripped-off prints of Banksy’s ‘Destroy Capitalism’

Naughty or nice? The Europeans don't fool around with just putting coal in your stocking.

A new look at Giving Tuesday: More give to religion than realize it

Body language. Watch it, and learn!

American Bishops Thwart Pope Francis’ Attempt To Survey Catholic Public Opinion

Obama Admin Drafted Memos on Trillion-Dollar Coin During Debt Ceiling Showdown

The Ethics of Metaphor

Well starting today I'll be asking for my senior discount when I go to Wendy's, dammit.

Flooding in italy... A friends Pescara, central Italy

"The Heck with Drone delivery, We've got OWLS"

The deadly secret behind the Lac-Mégantic inferno Add to ...

US vet detained in NKorea oversaw guerrilla group

New GOP Plan Would Save Military From Sequestration By Cutting Social Security

Sooo ... how do Pastafarians celebrate the holiday season ?

Supremes dismiss Liberty U's challenge to Mandate.

Emerging meme alert: "Not cutting Social Security puts national security at risk."

Need health insurance?

to President Obama: Does a drowning man deduct style points from the man diving in to save him?

Congresswoman Kuster Calls For A Vote On Unemployment Insurance

Are there any Republicans that you like?

***************5TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 15*****************

Question about the Detroit Pension ruling

350 Action wants to name tropical storms

From the "It woulda probly gotten him a locked thread on DU too" Department:

Chris Hayes is carryng the California scandal - the ReTHUGs

Sen. Vitter Says He Might Run for Governor of Louisiana

Report: ALEC Has A Funding Problem After Trayvon Martin Saga

An open letter from Carl Bernstein to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger

Disgraced ex-Tyco CEO Kozlowski gets parole

Senate plans to probe CBC operations

The Wall Street Journal’s pathetic attack on Elizabeth Warren

Pope Attacks Same-Sex Marriage In Historic Policy Statement

I can remember laughing when Alan Grayson

Bicycles outsell cars in most EU countries in 2012

December Photo Contest Starts Soon.

Would it be in bad taste to spread a 'Santa Shot Down by Drones' story, i.e., The Onion?

And now Rupert Murdoch wants his payoff from LNP.

Ever had your wife get mad at you for having a drink?

What's Wrong With America's Newspaper Opinion Columnists in One Chart

has anyone here used a "for the doggy" video?

This Isn't 1972 - This Is A Good Time To Be A Liberal!

Is this for real? Microsoft smart-bra might reshape battle of the bulge


Protecting the Homophobe-Land

Jackson the cat is found month after slipping out of car window

Prosecutors say Aaron Hernandez's girlfriend lied 29 times to grand jury; faces perjury charges

Well it was a good landing

Try this list challenge about pets ...

We're All Water - Yoko Ono, et al

Downton Abbey Films at Buckingham Palace: Characters Mix With Royalty In Stunning X-Mas Special

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hell No, We Won’t Go! & a new Kitteh gif

USA Today - Day 38: N. Korea's treatment of American vet 'bizarre'

Paul Desmarais remembered: ‘Nobody will forget your love of life’

A Warning From 1851 To Those Who Deny Human Rights.

Research Council Paper Calls For Warning System For Sudden Climate Flips (WAIS, Methane, Etc.)

Don't you love it when they come out with a new "fix", diet, or lifestyle?

Gov. Heineman (R-NE) cancels state climate-change study

The Huge Obamacare Story You Aren't Reading

Gun Commercial Banned From Super Bowl 2014 By Fox Due To NFL Rules

A Sergeant Pimped Out Female Soldiers. The Army's Going After a John.

Bob Dylan. Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues. 1963. CBS censored on Ed Sullivan show.

Russian Snowflakes

Dachshund Ricky Bobby, a Humane Society Puppy Mill Rescue, update, life with New Owner Megan

Appointments to be made in officer-involved shooting review task force - Andy Lopez shooting

Itty-Bitty Weenie Department: Not everything’s bigger in Texas

Gender differences in brain connectivity (if any) aren't hard-wired

Benefit of bees even bigger than thought

The coolest thing just happened on "Pawn Stars."

Dean Baker: Everyday Low Wages at Walmart: Brought to You by Government Policy

Did anyone notice the narcs wanted ad

No shit, Sherlock

The incredible story of Marion Stokes, who single-handedly taped 35 years of tv news.

It's Back: Another Parking Space in San Francisco Lists for $80K

Texas middle school students say principal tried to ban them from speaking Spanish

The King of Christian Greed Dead at 79.. Paul Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting

Douglas County to extend benefits to employees' same-sex spouses

Probably one of the best pieces of Americana ever made -

Article - The Autoimmune Connection

Betty White Goes Wild!

Gov. Susana Martinez looks to recruit nurses from other states

"Monster Garage" boat being created for expedition race.

Jacoby Ellsbury is a "trader"

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like:

This is kinda funny. Pointer pointer;

What were we thinking? - dialup warning

From DiabeticMan's Wife: Maybe it is time we stop laboring under the delusion that this is a

A new look at Giving Tuesday: More give to religion than realize it

El Salvador investigating former president over $10 million donation from Taiwan government

Russian Snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov

Yet another dangerous pit bull story

Watching the beginning of "Matewan" again.

Hobby Lobby My Ass!

Robert Reich has some comments about youth not wanting to purchase health insurance...

Venezuelan electoral system improved significantly: official

Readers of the NYT are offended by a photo of a post-lumpectomy breast?

OK I'll give it to the men, they are physically stronger now what is the perfectly equal yen to that

Are there less alerts?

Readers of the NYT are offended by a photo of a post-lumpectomy breast?

Income is income, tax it all the same.

Oh No's! Obamacare is failing!!!!!

Xbox One owners find way to watch porn on the console

How Pharmaceuticals Came To Be The 4th Leading Cause Of Death In America

Florida Chicken Church vs. Illinois Penis Church: Which Looks More Like A Giant...?

I'm really sorry I ate that whole pie

I'm giving Obama's troubleshooters credit. They did a great job rescuing!

Is the reason so many GOPers are against peace with Iran because they don't want

Turning People Into Profits

Bad news and good news in Racine...

54 bodies found in common graves in Peru

54 bodies found in common graves in Peru


What Cuomo Has To Fear in 2014

USA for Africa - We are the World

Does anyone have a link for the Republican Governors ad currently running on Hulu?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ December 4th

Researchers in Hawaii find lost Japanese WWII mega-sub

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Schools Newt Gingrich Over ‘War On Women’ Crack About Joe Biden

Americans believe U.S. should ‘mind its own business,’ Pew research shows

Dianne Feinstein: On gun control, finish the work we started

Tell Miley, this is how it's done

Don't get kids Christmas presents, instead donate to Scott Walker.

Vancouver, B.C., sets maximum initial rents for rent-only buildings

So I have been watching the Fast and Furious movies

"Beware of Humans". What if we are the most terrifying species in the universe?

Facebook has locked up on me several times this week. It's a failure!

He who rakes last rakes least!

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday December 4th, 2013)

Ukrainian Protestors Clash with Police in Kiev

Can Animals Really Make Friends With Other Species?

Environmentalists Want to Name Deadly Storms After Climate-Change Skeptics

Demographics of the 1980 election

Male and Female; SO different - all you need is a piece of a human body big enough to contain DNA...

Man who led crusade for Doritos Locos Tacos dies

Stealth parenting

The New York Times Gets an ‘F’ on Education Policy

New Ad from Wendy

There's a £60m Bitcoin heist going down right now, and you can watch in real-time

Just a few more cats before I go

Mayor Rob Ford says he didn't know he was taking photo with Hells Angels

LBJ Foundation honors George HW Bush for service, leadership

Havana named world's 'best destination'

Studies warn of abrupt environmental effects of warming

In Tokyo, Biden blames China for raising tensions in northeast Asia

Thai tensions ease as police lift barricades

Hezbollah blames Saudi for embassy attack

Hezbollah official assassinated outside his Beirut home

Republican Alternative to the ACA, uhh we'll get back to you on that one.

Diagnosed with autism at 2 years old - MUST SEE

Biden urges Chinese youth to challenge authority

Mexico Senate approves major political reforms

Report: States more lax than feds on judge rules

Supreme Court tackles Kentucky false advertising case

Ex-Navy linguist fails in challenge to federal law

Marking 4 years, family urges release of Cuba captive Alan Gross

17 'attempt suicide' over unpaid Gaza war compensation

Female CEO says white males can't sue her because they are not a "protected class"

Hubble Finds ‘Clear Signal’ of Water in 5 Exoplanet Atmospheres

Arafat did not die of poisoning, French tests conclude

Scott Walker Aide Fired Over (Racist) Tweets

Stewart Takes Down Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, and the Fox News-Fueled War on Christmas™ - vid link

I've had to go back to therapy and it's been really rough.

Stewart Is Very Disappointed That, Despite the RNC’s Tweet, Racism Did Not Actually End - video link

Okay DU. WHY is Tippy the squirrel fainting?

Three white college students file racial discrimination complaint against (black) professor

Stanley Druckenmiller on Charlie Rose

Jon Stewart Piles on Obamacare Site Issues: Can Handle More People, But...

Behind the Bloodshed: The Untold Story Of America's Mass Killings

Russell Wilson's Special Wallet - a video that will warm your heart

ALEC sought a loyalty oath from key state lawmakers

They want you to be consumers, not citizens...

Ontario to indefinitely defer new Darlington nuclear reactors: energy plan

Banksy street art: "Keep Your Coins"

U.S. stops shipment route from Afghanistan through Pakistan

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,153

Babies of the new apocalypse - Mark Morford

Biden won't make headway in China if he repeats 'erroneous' remarks - paper

L.A. Times exposes Cardinal Mahony’s decades-long pattern of shielding child-abusing priests

MY friend in SINGAPORE made this...TELL me what you think, kay?

12 Corporate Espionage Tactics Used Against Leading Progressive Groups, Activists and Whistleblowers

Detroit Enters Bankruptcy As Pensions and Benefits Go on Chopping Block

On the 80th Anniversary of Repeal of Prohibition, Why isn’t Marijuana Legal?

Appeals court sides with employers on arbitration

Inside the Fight to Prevent Billions in International Money Laundering and Tax Shelters

Rum Pa Pa Pum

Social media users warned over court case comments.

Nevada’s “Crescent Dune” Solar Facility will Produce Energy at Night

Blacked Out: Could Governments just Erase Dissidents from the Internet with a Click?

Hezbollah blames Israel for assassination of commander Hassan al-Laqis in Beirut, Lebanon


State of Iowa back in court over hiring practices

Tell the IRS to investigate ALEC - MoveOn petition

In a letter to his brother,Eisenhower described the Tea Party & the possible effects on the country

WTO urged to tread carefully on water

Parts Of The US Are About To Experience Ridiculously Cold Temperatures They Haven't Felt In Years

Australia Just Agreed To The Obvious Debt Ceiling Solution That US Lawmakers Should Copy Right Away

Wisconsin: Cheesehead response to Governor ALEC, er Grinch

Republicans suffer from mixed emotions

The Affordable Care Act is devastating to seniors

When Chuck Todd is reporting on MSNBC (if that is what you call it), I

Exercise 'is good dementia therapy'

ABC brass nixed Barbara Walters' pick of Edward Snowden as year's most fascinating person

Toon- The Reason For The Season

Judge OK's Detroit Bankruptcy, Puts Public Pensions Under the Axe

They functioned properly last year!

Today's lesson in republican logic

Shell floats hull of enormous rig

Politico and the Payola Scandal- It an't free and it an't journalism

And look what Santa left you:

Missouri's Boeing incentives could total $1.7B

It's not just gaming, it's helping the world's farmers

The Guardian: UN's 2C target will fail to avoid a climate disaster, scientists warn

Rocket debris hits Chinese village

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Drone Delivery

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Orion Spacecraft & SLS: Exploration Systems Division Quarterly Report #3 2013 NASA

Grimes found guilty of 2 charges in prostitution court-martial

Wisconsin: More Opportunities to Meet Senator Vinehout!

Space Launch System

if you have a few good vibes to spare, I could use them right about now

Official: Air Force OKs F-35 fighter at city airport in Vt.

What You Need to Know About the International Test Scores by Diane Ravitch

The Real Fix for Obamacare's Flaws: Medicare for All by Rose Ann DeMoro

Amlodipine dementia drug trial at Queen's University Belfast is 'best hope'

Pope prays for 12 nuns abducted in Syria by rebels

"I don't see why God puts up with him!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Judge Andrew Napolitano!!!!

New GOP Plan Would Save Military From Sequestration by Cutting Social Security

TIME Magazine's U.S. & World Covers This Week Offer Stunning Contrast

Detroit's bankruptcy and how it's going to deal with retirees' pensions worries me.


Clara in memoriam - Aug 18, 1915 - Nov 29, 2013

Climate change will ruin Christmas by threatening Christmas trees

Woman pleads Not Guilty for wearing Google Glass while driving

Native American groups increasingly at the center of fights over oil and gas

Bob Dylan Charged With Inciting Hate

Looks like banks and corporations have more rights than either the Federal or State

WTF? I thought WA's ACA site was separate from the

Researchers: Bees’ economic benefits have been underestimated

Dancing Seniors Bust a Move

Iceland Police Shoot Man Dead for First Time Ever

So it looks as though the train engineer was sleeping

Hotel Guest Killed by Bullet from Next Room Through Wall

US Shutting Down a Key News Source

Libor Banks fined record €1.7bn over benchmark interest rate rigging cartel

Your pensions are not safe - Detroit Ruling on Bankruptcy Lifts Pension Protections

IAEA praises Japan's Fukushima clean-up operation

Ohio finally comes out on top. In profanity.

Ham & red cabbage soup--turned out great!

Fox News War on Christmas: Makes S*** up about local elementary school...

David Korten: We Know Who Stole the Economy—National People’s Action Moves to Take It Back

Kardashian Christmas card. Mock worthy.

House Judiciary Committee held impeachment hearings yesterday

International criminal banking conspiracy leads to laughable fines only

Yum! CEO makes $100 million while taxpayers spend $650 million supporting his underpaid employees

What’s more important - military golf courses or space exploration?

Why I ditched God for good

UN warning as 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material stolen in Mexico

Republicans see one remedy for Obama: impeachment

Rachel Maddow - Glimmer of activity from do-nothing Congress

Turkey's rock 'n' roll imam ruffles religious feathers

Rolling Stone- Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets

Wal-Mart pays lawyer fees for dozens of executives in bribery probe

Georgia electric car owner charged with stealing about 5 cents worth of fuel

Dozens of whales beach themselves in the Everglades

Space X. Just how regulated is it?

Police: NH radio DJ threatened with a shotgun over Hannaford parking space

(Israeli President) Peres expresses support for same-sex marriage

Dennis Rodman will go back to North Korea; other ex-NBA players to follow

Feds say Metro-North Safety Record 'Unacceptable'

(Israeli President) Peres expresses support for same-sex marriage

Electric car owner charged with stealing 5 cents worth of juice

Regulators shut down Gulf of Maine shrimp fishery, say stock has ‘collapsed’

This Detroit story on the retirees losing there pensions is fucked up

I plan to use this video in my government classes

Our Duers lost quite a few people this year

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Momentum is growing in NJ for payed sick leave

New Catholic order to arrive at Newman Center

Causes of rape

Banks fined record €1.7bn over benchmark interest rate rigging cartel

Take off and get away from it all.

Toronto, meet your new streetcars

Vatican rebuffs United Nations sex abuse inquiries

70% of Chinese polled did not know that ivory came from dead elephants

Rachel Maddow - For media, a tough call on Newtown 911 tapes

Finally a Sheriff Joe Arpaio related case hits the Supreme Court

Nicolas Maduro says he has proof Venezuela blackout was Right wing sabotage

Okay. I am seriously creeped out now!

Edison Tech basketball coach: 'They were just there waiting for the bus'

ADP National Employment Report Shows 215,000 Jobs Added in November

The Conviction Of Activist Jeremy Hammond - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

UPI: China rejects 60,000 tons of GM corn from the US.

This is amazing -Nigerian man rescued from sunken boat after three days trapped at bottom of Atlanti

Bringing Diversity to the Digital Realm

A Possible Overture From Ecuador in the Chevron Pollution Mess

GRIST: In the FDA’s actions on trans fats, are there lessons for GMO labeling?

Will arrest in old Michigan murder case clear the man doing life for the crime?

Trade Gap in U.S. Shrank in October on Record Exports

Papantonio: Supreme Court Weighs In On Unions

Libyan assembly votes to follow Islamic law

116 People Arrested Protesting Walmart, Fast Food Workers To Strike Thursday

Ukraine PM warns protesters as delegation seeks financial help in Moscow

Guess who was given the LBJ Liberty and Justice for All Award by the LBJ Foundation?

I "get" that you don't "get" the idea underlying the First Amendment

Neighbors lawn people blow their leaves into our yard...

Governor, we know what you did last summer. Medicaid expansion

What about Double Down?

CNN/ORC : 54 % favor ACA or want more reforms. 40% oppose it as too liberal

My husband's office was broken into. Also known as stupid thieves...

Low bank wages costing the public millions, report says

"Trickle Down Economics" gets the hook...

KFC Unveils New Slogan For China Market Troubled By Contamination: "Trust In Every Bite"

How Rich People Create Jobs

'Extremely dangerous' radioactive theft in Mexico: UN atomic agency

Food poverty in UK has reached level of 'public health emergency', warn experts

Charles Monnett - Reported Drowned Polar Bears - Gets $100K Whistleblower Settlement

"And Aubrey was her name"

How the Internet is killing the world’s languages

if a dog or cat is on the christmas list

Obama to renew call for minimum wage increase as protests planned across US

Regarding FATCA the very bad American law that all the world hates

Scott Walker like the Governor on Walking Dead

Bankruptcy ruling shockingly disappoints retirees

Need the Lounge's wisdom: What to have for Xmas dinner? (non Ham and Turkey divison)

The water is getting warmer, GOP.

Tell Rush Limbaugh: We support Pope Francis

Your Smart TV is watching you

School Science Lesson Claims Gravity Was Created By God

DC Council unanimously approves minimum wage hike

There's an epic battle at the Vatican btw the Pope & The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Sales of New Homes in U.S. Surge by Most in Three Decades

Stephen Ward Was Innocent, OK by Geoffrey Robertson – review

19 was my best score

Wonders of Time

Secret operation: "François Hollande a été secrètement hospitalisé en 2011"

Uhm... what jobs were lost due to the ACA?

Thom Hartmann: Dear Conservative Alternet Trolls: America is NOT a Capitalist Country

Fifty Bad guys and gals

Reversing Broward County's School-to-Prison Pipeline

Catholic hospitals - some background and a modest proposal -

LIVE NOW: Obama attacking inequality "We are a better country than this"

Slow Turn: Tracking the Molten Salt Reactor

More on Capriles assassination attempt (Spanish)

Bar Mitzvah Boy Preaches Marriage Equality

House Chair Hosts Hearing About Aliens One Day After Dismissing EPA Science

Uncovered documents expose ALEC's anti-gay past

Why don't people who're so horribly put off by discussions of porn (such as they are) just ignore it

Maine governor and child labor

Companies That Pay High Tax Rates Create More Jobs Than Tax Evaders

It arrived!

Un-People. The conservative crusade to declare everything a “person”—corporations, fertilized eggs

Who will stand up for corporations against evils of labor? Why the courts, that's who.

How Junk Science and Anti-Lesbian Prejudice Got Four Women Sent to Prison for More Than a Decade

NORAD's Santa tracker draws criticism with fighter jet escort

Profit off of prisoners

Israel’s new ‘covenantal partnership’ bill would legalize gay marriage

Dick Cheney Won't Let Family Squabbles Derail His Proxy Senate Campaign

Do you smoke? Watch this!

Taking Prescribed Drugs Is A Leading Cause Of Death (From JAMA)

Quell surprise! MSNBC appears to be the only news network carrying the President's speech.

Native Americans Gather to Support the Wolf in Song

I love this man

The Blatantly Racist Roots of the 'Knockout Game' Meme

Google Puts Money on Robots

Former UNC official Nyang'oro will fight felony charge

Pic Of The Moment: Consumer Reports Updates Opinion Of Newly-Repaired

President Obama Speaks on the Affordable Care Act

Thom Hartmann: The Banksters Just Set Up The Crash of 2016

Next, say goodbye to the waiters and waitresses

Meet the Prison Phone Company Profiting Off Love

So, ya' want smaller Gomint, do ya'?

How the Republicans Sabotaged Obama

Cruz: income inequality is about Ocare

Great Video: Man survives tug boat sinking underwater for 3 days

Does DU really want to be a porn portal?

Runaway trains almost triple reported rate, CBC finds

U.S. plans new (civil) bank fraud cases in early 2014 - attorney general

Chickpea Stew, Complex and Colorful, From Meager Beginnings

GOP opposes Democratic drive to renew jobless aid

'Revolutionary' Protesters in Ukraine Take Over Govt Buildings

The Secrets Inside Us

NASA threatens to "stop following" the Hubble Space Telescope...

UK offers loan guarantee to Hitachi for new nuclear plant

Handcuffed For Traveling With A White Girl

How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare exchanges

Of Course Applebee's Is Going to Replace Waiters With Tablets

Proof of Hollywood's War on Christmas!

Politico:Christies biggest asset is his weight

How the Defeat of Trade Unionism Gave Rise to Low-Wage Jobs

Yay! I got my star back! Thanks, guys!

Slightly early

Yay! I got my star back! No more ads!

Christie's values Detroit-owned art at $452 million to $866 million

Columnist: Christie's Weight, Like Obama's Race, Will Help Him Win Vote

Favorite/famous first lines from a song?

US court: Negligence not cause of 3rd WTC collapse

Re: Warren Stupidity's post on the GD gun ban

RNC Spokesman: 'What Exactly Has The President Done For The Black Community?'

The War on Christmas - News from the Front Lines

Newtown 911 Calls Show Calm Response to Shooting

looks like the sun has reached its earliest setting time

Boehner: Obama, Senate To Blame For Least Productive Congress In Modern History

Peggy Nooner is at it again.......


6 whales die, dozens trapped off Florida's Everglades park

Good News Day For America, A Terrible One For The GOP. Thank you @BarackObama

Saw a 4K pixel TV the other day

Consumer Reports gives thumbs up to

10 stupid ways to talk down to minimum wage workers

Very high traffic numbers for since fix:

House of Cards, Season 2

Obamacare Enrollment Up Sharply After Fix

ALEC calls for penalties on 'freerider' homeowners in assault on clean energy

Kindle Book - Basic Quilting, free today

Man Who Fleeced 2 Women for $130,000 Convinced Them They Were Possessed by Evil Spirits: Police

Houston Police Responds To Racist Handcuffing Of Oklahoma Dancers (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: Fox News Lives ‘In a World of Pure Fear and Despair’

Will Women Revolt In 2014 Or Let Others Control Their Interests

French general Paul Aussaresses who admitted torture dies at 95

Groucho Marx sings the Republican Party Theme Song

The right’s core dishonesty: How Obamacare became its own culture war

GOP debunked on food stamps: Everything they say about SNAP is wrong

Speaking of Sex: Bad Sex in Fiction award goes to 'streaking superheroes' scene

Trof, you have to blame my grandmother

Was a little foggy at the dog park this morning.

Michigan Lawmakers Considering Abortion Bill That Would Force Women To Buy ‘Rape Insurance’

Full transcript: President Obama’s December 4 remarks on the economy

Obama Wins Round One on Iran

FYI.. @50K per year= $25 hr...GROSS

N.O. struggles to provide adequate education for special-needs students

What Do We Do About Our Sons?

Inspiration for ‘Top Gun’ character gets top-level Pentagon post

Paul Krugman: Unacceptable Realities

Anyone ever have a suspicious mole checked out?

Syria offers a promising staging ground for Al Quaeda

22 Edible Holiday Presents You Can Make at Home

Michigan Teabagger radio host ....hahahaha... Oh, you just can't make this stuff up.

Tweet about fake websites...

Discovery of oldest human DNA in Spanish cave tangles human family tree

Some questions to those who advocate for a guaranteed living wage

Toon: A Fexible Strategy...

Appeal for volunteers to post TCM Saturday and Sunday schedules.

Walter Rhett: "God Is:" Advent and Howard Thurman

More People Signed Up for Obamacare in the First Two Days of December Than in All of October

Ever played banking?

Yet Another End For The Obama Administration

Hubble Spots Hazy Worlds With Watery Atmospheres

WND says the Pope is a communist...

Obama about to address YOuth SUmmit on Healthcare - coming up on

For Gay Community, Finding Acceptance Is Even More Difficult on the Streets

President Obama And The WH Is Putting A Hard Court Press On ACA And The Media....

Student Debt Owed by Class of 2012 Borrowers Rises to $29,400

Youth Break With President on Obamacare Support in Poll

Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman

You know ... there might be better places to hide your stash ...

You got that right, President Jimmy Carter!!

A Breathtaking Photo - Thai Police Yield To Protesters

It's never been about contraception or religious freedom

Druze teen faces jail over refusing to serve in Israeli army

Remember how Republicans always campaign on being the protectors of small business?

Congress Members Urge McDonald’s CEO to Increase Wages

Obama Says Income Disparity a Defining Challenge of Era

Sippy Cupp + Glenn Beck on CNN...

Why won't Republicans pass a Jobs Bill?

Services Slowdown Highlights Uneven U.S. Expansion: Economy

RNC: 'Offensive' That White House Wants 'To Woo Young People' To Obamacare

Kitten rescued after being trapped in wall of Detroit gas station bathroom

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Calls For Dem Rep. To Cut Ties To Third Way

hint of hippie in burton olympic snowboarder look

Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC

Sen. Warren To Banks: Disclose Donations To Think Tanks

Companies Boost U.S. Payrolls by Most in a Year

Louisiana Nat'l Guard Strikes Deal To Process Benefits For Gay Couples

Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC

Libraries fear 'ravenous' NSA

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Have Reached Maximum "Shutthefuckup" on Obamacare

Tax returns: Democrat Davis made $284K in 2012

Lizzie Warren took an ax

Putin Backs Amnesty Proposal That Could Free Pussy Riot Members From Russian Labor Camps

International Cheetah Day Is The One Holiday We Should All Observe This Season

NSA Opponents Want To Cut Off Utah Facility From Water Supply

Lawrence O'Donnell segment: The Torah and Marriage Equality

Revealed - Who the Republicans are protecting from big bad gays and lesbians

Obama Cites Pope Francis To Attack Income Inequality And Call For Minimum Wage Increase

A Thief Is Attempting To Hide $100 Million In Stolen Bitcoins — And You Can Watch It Live Right Now

GOP Rep.: It Is In The Middle Eastern Culture To Lie; Nuke Iran If War Is Necessary

Should the Newtown 911 calls have been released to the public?

I would love to see an event like this for the next year or so: A series of panels, campaign-style

TxDOT’s idea of a contest: The winner goes to New York City

What business is it of the government to fund high-quality preschool and child care?

First Presbyterian Dallas to offer cash for guns at Dec. 14 buyback day downtown

What business is it of the government to fund high-quality preschool and child care?

Is it difficult for you to reconcile the ideals of the Democratic Party with a "market" solution...?

Hallucinations of Scott Walker's grandeur

Photo leaked--The prototype for the new Genetically Engineered Republican Voter

Talking about men who wouldn't help women

The GOP nightmare, in one HuffPo comment

Minecraft| Reverie: The Uprising Part Two!

One Aggie, Four UT students arrested for trespassing on Kyle Field construction site

President Barack Obama Speech 12/4/2013 on economy @ Center For American Progress

Who’s spying on nonprofits for corporate America?

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I am not running for president'

Restaurant Forced To Stop Feeding The Homeless After Complaints From Nearby Businesses

Mike Tomlin fined $100K for actions

"And you need some love and care.You've got a friend.' With paws!

50 Dumbest Things Right-Wingers Said in 2013

Translating Emoji into a Giant Light Show

Is this a light at the end of this Republican Dystopia tunnel? Businesses hire 215,000 in November

FOX Nation: Pope Francis Is the Catholic Church's Obama - God Help Us

NSA collects 5 billion records a day on cellphones

Martin Bashir will be missed. Another progressive voice is silenced.

Elizabeth Warren, Liberals Hit Back Against Third Way

No Time For Crime: More Religious Communities Have Lower Rates Of Black, White and Latino Violence

I saw this and thought some here may enjoy the point it makes.


Papantonio: Racism Prevalent In College Football

Bashir resigned?

Wayback Machine. Did anyone here have to take square dancing lessons in elementry school?

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter: Nuke Iran!

Article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer discussing the legal challenge to the ACA's subsidy error...

A Challenge To the No Fly List

WRITE EMAIL TO PHIL GRIFFIN pres of msnbc Do Not Accept Resignation from Martin Bashir!

Marc Belisle hands Scott Walker his ASS...

I've been threatened with violence - oh, my!

Swinging coupe, rear wheel drive, excellent mileage

"What do I want forChristmas? St. Limbaugh? Your Highness Limbaugh?" Please CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Life changing.

You Have To Fight Sometimes. Hospitals

Reindeer Games

Inequality is ‘the defining issue of our time’

GOP Health Plan Announcement

Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage - Dean Baker

Dining Dogs

There is no liberal TV media. It's a myth...M$NBC

Did anyone see the hideous pants on Morning Joe this am?

Who the hell is Greg Brannon?

Vatican unveils restored catacomb with frescoes showing 'female priests'

More than 1/4 of uninsured rather pay Obamacare fine than get insurance, Gallup finds

Fox's Kelly Still Asking Long-Answered Benghazi Questions

A Fake Slum for Luxury Tourists Who Don't Want to See Real Poverty (Pics)

Anyone else ISEing on Paypal? You know... cause...

Third Way's Response To Sen. Warren: Banks Should Disclose Donations

Chinese nuclear disaster 'highly probable' by 2030

State funding for public colleges and universities down more than 25% since 2008

Advice for a dying patient (party)

I got the dreaded letter from my health insurance company. I was overwhelmed

Man who saw the future in nuclear energy converts to solar power

Elizabeth Warren PROMISES TO SERVE OUT HER TERM, Not Run For Prez

10 Whales Dead, Dozens Stranded in Everglades

"Cut Them Food Stamps & Medicaid More!"- Doug Lamborn

Student shot at West Orange High, suspect in custody, officials say

Deputies: Woman caught injecting drugs in Pasco Sheriff's Office bathroom

This is a test.

Wealthy Democrat challenging Cornyn for US Senate

Ancient Humans Had Sex With A Mystery Species

The Dark Money Machine (infographic from

I'm sorry, but this country's phucked up: Toronto Mayor Ford to join U.S. sports radio show

Who? Seriously wicked!

Rockwell Painting Sells for $46 Million

PSA: Red State People Earning $16,000 or Less. Dump That GOP State Govt, Next Time, And

Gak! Look at the weather heading to northern Britain:

Does anyone have a large stick I could borrow?

Electric car owner charged with stealing 5 cents worth of juice

In the spiny forest, ring-tailed lemurs call limestone caves home

Is the AP PhotoShopping the news now? Obama and fast-food workers.

US Will No Longer Report Guantanamo Hunger Strikes

Is there a health insurance company anywhere that never uses computers?

More phony "christians" making stuff up...

Brace yourselves. A bidding war's a-brewin' for St. Timmeh.

What business is it of the government to fund child care?

The Media's Obamacare "Horror Stories" prove to be mostly BULLSHIT - if anybody would investigate

Petition to Reform the Federal Wildlife-killing Agency, by Center for Biological Diversity

Canada's Boreal Forest Cut Into Matchsticks to allow for Tar Sands

Lawmaker Blasts 'One Of The Most Misogynistic Proposals' She's Ever Seen

Sunny Obama hates kids

Julia Child The French Chef -Elegance with Eggs .

Experts say the IPCC underestimated future sea level rise

The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn't Work

So here is the rest of the story on the teen aged dancer and two black dudes.

NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

How do I explain gay people to my kids?

This Photo Of The Obamas' Dog Can Legitimately Be Called Epic

America's worst charities

Decision in Jameis Winston investigation to come Thursday

Solidarity With All Hacktivists

2 million stolen passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and others leaked online

Report: Arizona Forestry Division violated safety standards during Yarnell Hill Fire

Sea Eagle Steals Camera and Takes Selfies, Australia

LOL. Uninsured and Proud!

The deal it seems some men want women to make

You Know, I'm OK With Martin Bashir Resigning From MSNBC

“Hmm...difficult, very difficult.

AP: Mexico official: Stolen cobalt-60 found; says no risk so far to surrounding population

If you care about Martin Bashir, can you please write Phil Griffin/MSNBC?

(TX) Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst proposes $60 million border-enforcement effort

Illinois reforms pensions to make solvent

In States That Don’t Expand Medicaid, Some Of The Uninsured May Still Get Help

Captain Picard sings "Let It Snow"

Despicable: Associated Builders & Contractors Protesting DOL Veteran and Disabled Worker Hiring Poli

Vatican refuses to give UN panel full details of clerical sex abuse cases

Which wine best accompanies shampoo?

This week in stupid goes to....

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Obtains Best Views of Saturn Hexagon

Bid Ed wants to know why TPP? He needs to look at the numbers.

Top 10 Ways the US is the Most Corrupt Country in the World by Juan Cole

Barack Obama: A fusion of grace and ambition

Report: Arizona Forestry Division violated safety standards during Yarnell Hill Fire

If Elizabeth Warren was going to run for President, what would she do?

NYC Council considers electronic cigarette ban

HHS announces winners of the "Healthy Young America" video contest to promote the ACA

This Isn't Right

No gay residents in Beit Shemesh, haredi Orthodox mayor says

Rush Limbaugh names his source - "an article"

[Nebraska] DMV to recall man’s license after caller’s request

I did it

Elizabeth Warren: I'm Not Running For President

Sheet Metal Workers Arrested for Trying to Get Veterans on BRE Properties Jobsite

Here we are, right where the republicans want us

One of the best commercials ever!

John Kerry in fresh push to kickstart Israel-Palestine talks

Hey @Morning_Joe, balance your #pension coverage!

Who’s Really King Of The World Today

So Mourning Joe, a former GOP Congress critter, is still at MSNBC while Martin Bashir is gone?


Michigan lawmakers considering abortion bill that would force women to buy 'rape insurance'

inequality is ‘the defining issue of our time’

Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in upcoming 'Man of Steel' sequel

IMO the nanny laws Bloomberg is always cooking up reveal the one true fear of the Mega1%