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Archives: December 5, 2013

New FCC rules about robocalls. Yay! Hope they can enforce them.

Really? We can't even knock on the neighbor's door anymore?

US Stamps go commercial with Harry Potter. Your input is requested.

So: Detroit Can Stiff Its Municipal Pensioners According to Today's NY Times....

How cold at your place?

Another Batch of Wall Street Villains Freed on Technicality

You want to see what 400 pounds of chocolate looks like?

Fact Or Satire 3: The Search For Satire

Walmart to Install Surface-to-Air Missiles on Store Rooftops to Shoot Down Amazon Drones

How Obama can bypass Tea Party Congress (and raise fast food worker wages)

Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC Following Sarah Palin Comments and I am so damn sorry about it

Our local ABC "Action News" (Tampa Bay) is going into Wal Mart tomorrow!

Susan Rice: LGBT rights an essential part of U.S. foreign policy

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 December 2013

Martin Bashir Lost His Job For What Rush Limbaugh Gets Away With Every Day

Hey "Team"

OK, guys. Where's your beltline?

Greenspan Says Bitcoin a Bubble Without Intrinsic Currency Value

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is “having an orgasm” over pope Francis’ comments on inequality

The One Where A Walmart-Friendly PR Firm Creates An Ad So Full Of Propaganda It's Actually Hilarious

I Just Received Call From AARP Advocating for the ACA

Jim Hightower: Billionaires Reap a Cornucopia of Farm Subsidy Cash

Military health system questioned after soldiers' deaths

How North Korea's subway is better than NYC's

FBI Searched Home Of Iowa GOPer Tied To Bachmann And Ron Paul

Check out this tweet about MSNBC over the firing of Martin Bashir

"Tell Rush Limbaugh: We Support Pope Francis!" urges a petition

Villagers Attacked by Riot Police In Romania at Anti-Chevron Demonstration

A Nova visible to the naked eye Erupts in Centaurus


Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul -

Who is superstitious? A bird flew into our house tonight.

Healthplanfinder enrollment tops 175,000 – mostly in Medicaid

64% of Florida job openings pay less than a living wage

What is the The 2013 Lie of the Year

Cat people with Christmas trees...

News Corp appoints former Clinton adviser as chief communications officer

Chick-Fil-A announces it will remove butane, artificial dyes, and high fructose corn syrup

anyone seen swamp rat, lately?

Support Brad Schneider!

Vladimir Putin's new biography

Good Barbecue is really addicting

Church of England urged to offer same-sex blessings

Anyone watch Orange is the new Black?

has anyone seen the FIMFM??

Discussion I'm having on FB. Can someone with knowlege about the ACA help me out?

GOP's Hunter blasted for talking about nuking Iran

Should Boehner RESIGN?

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst proposes $60 million border-enforcement effort

Condensation running down my range vent into my microwave in cold weather? (And cracks in ceiling)

If You Were King...

Pension Bust out

Encounter at an orthopedic surgery center.

need ideas for group gift of food treats

"Let's be Clear."

A reminder from the anti-Tom Daley crowd...

Feds say Metro-North Safety Record 'Unacceptable'


Obama cites pope during income inequality speech

Michelle Rhee is so fugging rude that she's talking over Chris Hayes

Michelle Rhee on Chris Hayes

Squat Wanker wants to be President, so he got a Bushie to ghostwrite a book.

Tea Revives The World. MacDonald Gill 1940 Map

Unemployed ex-con turned $27M Powerball winner dies in community hospice care at age 58

Bill Clinton would support a Joe Biden 2016 presidential bid — if he won the nomination

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! ‘Tis the Season'

Scott Brown May Be Warming To The Idea Of A Senate Run In New Hampshire

Strung-Out Consumers, Desperate Retailers, Crummy Sales

Swedish HIV/AIDS Test Clip Features Nude Male Wrestlers Smeared In Jelly (NSFW)

Anyone else watching Maddow!? I thought the nuke material was low grade stuff... it's not

RNC Turns Focus To Hillary Clinton In Anticipation Of 2016 Election

There will always be a dog here, so shut up. Usually us dog people are polite.


Raving Homophobic Bigot Rep. Randy Forbes (R) Strikes Again

Who is in charge at DU?

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Giving Thanks? (audio link)

CEOs more optimistic about economy and hiring

2 arrested, bitcoins seized in German fraud probe

District Attorney Jill Ravitch defends Andy Lopez inquiry amid pair of protests

GOP Abortion Opponent Realizes That His Own Party's Amendment Helped Cover Abortions

The Deep Web: Digging Deeper

so many of you suggested my wife sign up for DU and tonight she tried but she can't.

A U.S. Reply, in English, To Terrorists’ Online Lure

Interesting psychiatric approach...

Moms Demand Action Releases Devastating Ad Timed To Anniversary Of Newtown Shooting

Fresno, CA. Peace Groups have 47th Annual Craft Faire. 12/14 10am-4pm Big Red Church

Moms Demand Action: No More Silence (full 1:01 minute version of the ad)

Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Comes to Fresno 12/20 6pm - 9pm

Any viable candidates for Howard Coble's seat?

Man gets in wrong car in stadium parking lot and is beaten to death

Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Comes to Fresno 12/20 6pm - 9pm

Some believe in complete freedom for all genders to be true to their nature...

Will The GD gun discussion moratorium be temporarily lifted on the Sandy Hook anniversary?

Nelson Mandela not doing well. He is at home where he continues to receive

"scientology" has SUCKED THE SOUL out of Kirstie ALLEY, please Tweet this to her

Eliabeth Warren ENDORSES Hillary Clinton!

City of Fresno spent $ 13,106,534 for 64 unit apartment for Homeless, ($ 190,000 per unit) Crooks!

How the Greeks Got There

More signed up for Obamacare in first two days of December than in all of October

Breathtaking Photos Of Societies On The Brink Of Extinction Remind Us Of A Ti

Let's celebrate the cold. Scanning Electron Micrograph (Cyro-SEM) image collection of snowflakes.

113th Congress Least Productive Ever

SpaceX puts first payload into Geostationary transfer orbit

"FBI Searches House Of Bachmann Aide"

Dick Cheney: Family feud over gay marriage has been ‘dealt with’

Darwin award candidate.

Proposed Law Drops Measurements for Private/Homeschools, Creates Parent Bill of Rights

Is this math/geometry problem really that difficult? (OECD)

F**k whoever is f***ing with the ACA website.........

Athletics spending outpaces academic spending in NCAA schools, including UNC, NC State

"Fast Food Giants Gorge on Subsidies"

Wonder Woman...zowie!

It's time for the best Christmas song ever! What's yours?

Jay-Z, Beyonce go vegan...what???

"Colleges are teaching economics backwards"

So excited. I found archived writings by a great grandfather about his travels among the Seminoles.

Ronald Reagan speaks on behalf of the AMA against "Socialized Medicine". (VIDEO)

CUBAN DISCOVERY A People-to-People Educational Exchange May 22-30, 2014


The techie oppression must end now

Stairway to Gilligan's Island

WHAT THE FUCK?? The Ohio State University has dropped to Number 5 after a

Mystery tipper hits 2 S.F. restaurants

It's not milennials vs boomers, genX vs. milennials, whatever.

David And Goliath - Underdogs, Misfits & The Art of Battling Giants

Supreme Court justices say military-base protester’s case isn’t about free speech

Asshole of the Day.. Okay the Week..

Dear MSNBC. Fox is gloating over the firing of Bashir. Sarah Palin to comment.

Poll: Young Americans displeased with Obama, would still vote for him

"Gender Traitors"

Men’s Rights Redditors try to call out misogyny, fail

Previously-untold Sean Avery/Joe Sakic story shows how NHL veterans enforce on-ice respect

The Fate of Martin Bashir...

This Bamboo Scooter Runs On Nothing But Air ... NO Kidding

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ December 5th

Study: Refusal to expand Medicaid is costing Texas billions

How about a public ACA tally? State by state. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Colbert Savages NSA and Rep. Mike Rogers in 'See No Evil' Segment...

Pentagon Urges China to Back Off No-Fly Zone

In Iceland, When Police Kill a Gunman, They Apologize

David Corn Tweet.. Sticking up for Martin Bashir

Norwegian Electric Car Sales hit 12% market share in November

My last night of Channukah.

Anyone else tire of having to make the first moves all the time?

Chinese Communist Party explicitly calls for implementation of "Biological Civilization" strategy

Santos heralds ‘near unanimous’ bipartisan support in US for Colombia peace talks

The right's latest outrage - the photo on the Obamacare website is of a FOREIGNER!!!11

Santos heralds ‘near unanimous’ bipartisan support in US for Colombia peace talks

Colombia fined over legalized militia killings

"You owe it to the American people..."

NSA gathering 5bn cell phone records daily (including location tracking)

Ex-Shin Bet head: Lack of peace bigger threat than Iran.

A Warning to Young People: Don't Become a Teacher

"I'm sorry Mama! I can 'splain it to you."

So that hack Bill Donohue & his 1-man "Catholic League" finally weigh in on Limbaugh's Pope-bashing

Clashes erupt as militia enter Central African Republic capital

Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

Mother and daughter separated in Salvadoran civil war are reunited

Mother Jones (Apr2000) looks at past and future of solar energy

Meet Fukuppy, the inadvertent Fukushima mascot

Media War Against Venezuela Continues

Media War Against Venezuela Continues

Repercussions for Rachel?

Vitter caught wearing a diaper in sexual tryst and does not resign. Anthony Wiener text sexual

Facebook's Future Plans for Data Collection Beyond All Imagination

Darn Cats...

How Wall Street Power Brokers Are Designing the Future of Public Education as a Money-Making Machine

Sweden spied on Russian leadership for US, according to leaked NSA files

Why I’m Going on Strike Against McDonald’s Today

Merry Krampusnacht!

Government Policy Designed for the One Percent Screws Walmart Workers

Kim Kardashian keeps 90 percent of proceeds from Philippines charity auction.

Hotel California - Majek Fashek

Right-Wing Lobbying Group ALEC Faces Funding Crisis Over Extreme Pro-Gun Positions

Minimum Wage Was Once Enough To Keep a Family of 3 Out of Poverty

About those tremors from geothermal plants...

President Obama, yellow snow, and Fox News

At least SOMEONE found Bigfoot...

The GOP Health Care Plan

Trashing the Law against warrantless GPS tracking: NSA nabs 5 Billion Phone location Records a Day

GOP: No Climate Change because, Bible

Chris Hayes: What Really Made Detroit Go Bankrupt

(China's) ADIZ proves hard to fathom

Car dealer challenging Affordable Care Act with lawsuit over morning after pill

Bonobo: 'Forgotten' Ape Threatened by Human Activity and Forest Loss

Republican minority outreach campaigns

Kansas City car dealer gets injunction in Obamacare contraception suit

Dementia cases 'set to treble worldwide' by 2050

Omaha woman convicted of animal neglect in death of Bubbles the dog

Nikki Haley:This state will NEVER expand medicaid EVER

TB vaccine 'could help prevent MS'

Iran and the West: Loans, Not Diplomacy

Craig Osth: CIA Man in Pakistan

I'm in a bad effing mood this morning...

Judge weighs merits of Utah's gay marriage ban

Saudi Gazette: Let the shame be revealed

Norman Rockwell's "Saying Grace" sold for $46 Million

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Upper-class Twit of the Year Race

History Channel "Secrets of Body Language"

Japan’s shady secrecy bill

Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test

A friend just gave me two jars of salsa.

Under the Global Shadow of Big Brother, Journalism Must Light Up the Political Sky

TOM THE DANCING BUG: God-Man and His Faithful Sidekick, Fan-Boy!

Embracing Seasonal Victimhood - A Republicon Tradition

Both Public and 'Establishment' Elite See US Power in Decline

The Pension-Busters’ Playbook

12 Fast Facts About Thursday’s Fast-Food Strike

US Shutting Down a Key News Source

Question ... if the Repug talking point presented to the "liberally-biased media" was that

who belongs to the lower middle class and why does it matter?

Hospital Price-Gouging Widespread

The long arm of US law: what next for Edward Snowden?

WorldNetDaily Ties Pope Francis To The KGB

Is Joe Scab wearing a toupee?

Why not boycott the NFL?

In Letter To 20 Automakers, Senator Mrkey Demands Answers On Cybersecurity

Family returns home from visiting dying relative to find stranger has moved into their house

Terrible Real Estate Photos--some are funny, others...WTF? !!!

Federal hiring freeze puts Chicago justice on ice

This, my friends, is far too typical for my generation.

European court is not superior to UK supreme court, says Lord Judge.

Weapons of Last Resort: ECB Considers Extreme Crisis Measures

Guardian: Only 1% of Snowden Documents Published

Santorum: Denying Women Birth Control is 1st Amendment Right

Disneyland Paris: Europe's Magic Kingdom Loses Its Magic

More welfare for Wall Street: One-in-three bank tellers need public assistance

Rate Scandal: Deutsche Bank's First Big Fine Won't Be Its Last

Scientists: Vast freshwater reserves trapped beneath ocean floor could sustain future generations

China asks MicroSoft to extend Windows XP "to fight software piracy" !

Tabloid Espionage: Trial Exposes Darkest Corners of British Press

Unemployment benefits don’t discourage people from finding work: study

Want lower taxes? Support higher wages.

The Walker Medicaid shell game

How The Decade We Were Each Born In Shaped Us - Looking For Information....

Gale-Force Winds: Germans Brace for Major Winter Storm

"With your help, I can continue to send out racist Tweets."

Grace: A young boy's life is cut short, and a community steps up to help his family (link added)

How the FBI Conspired to Destroy the Black Panther Party

16 Ways The Men Can Help Stop Online Violence Against Women

UK weather warning: east coast braced for floods - live updates.

Noam Chomsky: The ‘Axis of Evil’ Returns: The hypocritical U.S. policy towards Iran

GOP men tutored in running against women

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls

Cold War in the Pacific: China Escalates Tensions with Neighbors

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Droning on….

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Health Care

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

The Deal Makers: Coalition Deal Shows Rising Clout of Lobbyists

the lock on the bbc series was not about porn. i think that is clear anyone reading

Jailhouse Chic: Investors Remake Germany's Disused Prisons

Poll: Wide partisan gaps in foreign policy goals

Rachel Maddow - Can we agree that nuking Iran is bad policy?

CNN also caving to RW. Glenn Beck has hour interview Friday.

Joe Madison: Martin Bashir should have been fired it's about decency

Tiered pricing allows pharmaceutical companies to maximize profit in all countries

Is Leasing a Car a Good Option?

80 years ago, FDR said something that has tremendous resonance.......

Luckovich: Boom!

Luckvich: For and Against

O'Reilly Factor Debate Would Jesus Have Supported a Nanny State

Jesus Ain’t ‘Down’ With Feeding Lazy, Drug-Addicted Poor, Claims Fox News Host (VIDEO)

GOP Rep: The Reality Is 'Some Americans' Lives Have Gotten Better' With Obamacar

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday December 5th, 2013)

Toon- Ten Reasons to be against Unions

Palin Hopes Bashir's 'Unprovoked' Attack Won't Stop People From Starting A Business

Rachel Maddow - GOP undercuts Obamacare as sign-ups grow

Ga. Insurance Chief Compares People With Pre-Existing Conditions To Reckless Drivers

Rachel Maddow - Leak: Right-wing group loses big over gun law

Man, Conqueror of Nature, Dead at 408

Is leasing a cat a good option?

Palin Hopes Bashir's 'Unprovoked' Attack Won't Stop People From Starting A Business

Shrugging off winter's bite in N. Dakota oilfields

Bowl O Kitties

Help with a response on the Medicaid issue??

BP pushes technical limits to tap extreme fields

BBC: UN implicates Bashar al-Assad in Syria war crimes

Good Morning

13 Times The Reagan White House Press Briefing Erupted With Laughter Over AIDS

GOP’s shutdown fever: Why another debacle may be coming

The New GOP Platform: Life Begins at Conception, Ends at Birth & is Resurrected by Incorporporation

Civil war in the church!: Catholics tell bishops to stop playing doctor

Due to mining and drilling, public lands now producing more pollution than they absorb.

Higher Wages Are Good for Companies Too

a deal to co-operate on a number of areas that include promoting the internationalization of the Chi

UK battered by storms and braced for severe floods

Katie Couric puts the anti-vaccination movement into the mainstream

The rabbit hole: Where's the data going?

In the past, has anyone here purchased individual insurance as a young adult (age 18 to 29)?

Don't drop the soap. . . . . But please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!!

U.S. House passes bill to exempt private equity funds from rules

Distraught immigrant commits murder suicide when his family's Visa does not get extended.

How the FBI Conspired to Destroy the Black Panther Party

Military pay panel hears concerns in Norfolk

Out of the Big 3 Financial news channels, who do you think is fair and balanced (or at-least near)?

Ex-Blackwater guards plead not guilty in Iraq shooting

GOP outreach to women, minorities, and LGBT continues (and fails)

Ga. Navy contractor gets 3 years in $18M scheme

Army sees use for $36M Afghan building over objections

Bratton named NYPD commissioner

Rick Santorum is producing a 'straight' remake of Brokeback Mountain

I'm acting like I don't have to go to work today...

Sarah Palin:Next time someone says something viral about me I want them to go through my husband

Sarah Palin is much more civilized.

Papantonio: Climate Change is Bad for Business

Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) Goes On Epic Tirade In Defense Of Dreamers

GOP men tutored in running against women

No Medicaid in your state? Thank the conservative group ALEC.

Big Money Democrat and the Detroit Bankruptcy

SolarCity teams with Tesla on storing energy


Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico; curious thieves likely doomed

Amanda Bynes is out of rehab.

GOP And US Chamber - NO Need For Minimum Wage. Business Can't Afford Livable Or Min Wage

Russian TV is now blaming wintry weather for pro-European Union street protests in Ukraine.

Duncan Hunter wants to nuke Iran

Why Jared's ads piss me off.

Which Two Iowa Lawmakers Have Pledged Their Loyalty To ALEC First Before Iowans?

Is pleasing a cat a good option?

Top Gun Santa

China Bans Financial Companies From Bitcoin Transactions

Hagel, Dempsey Shrink Pentagon Staff But Boost Homeland & Cyber

What The Color of Your Urine Says About You....

NYC Council considers electronic cigarette ban

I dont have any lemons or frozen lemon juice. Can I substitute dried lemon peel?

Rep. Randy Forbes: Don’t Break Ranks With Allies In Face Of China’s ADIZ

Labor coalition: Railroads to offer same-sex benefits

A Major First in the Political History of the U.S.?

LBN LGBT-Labor post needs attention!

Have Martin Bashir's comments stopped you from starting your own business?

Is leasing a Rat a good option?

Mormon Bishop Posing As Homeless Man Rebuffed by Congregation

UK Conservative "rebellion averted as immigration bill is delayed"

Joining Forces for Military Children by Dr. Jill Biden

With all the shit that pours out of Sarah Palin's mouth, why would Martin Bashir ...

It's a Pagan Tree...


Suicide bomber, gunmen kill 52 at Yemeni defense ministry

Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

JPMorgan warns 465,000 card users on data loss after cyber attack

An Astounding Number Of Republican Women Would Support Hillary Clinton In 2016

Can I get some dog advice, DU friends?

"Fast for Families" Immigration Reform Effort Enters 20th Day

U.S. assures Israel that core Iran sanctions still in place

No, you can't deny women their basic rights and pretend it's about your 'religious freedom'.

Pope Francis sets up Vatican child sex abuse committee - (are you learning, Pope Benedict?)

How a Texas school responded to anti-gay bullying by suppressing the victim’s free speech

How a Texas school responded to anti-gay bullying by suppressing the victim’s free speech

Toon: NSA

American teacher shot dead while jogging in Benghazi

Toon: VP Biden

FOX: 'Pope Francis is the Catholic Church’s Obama – God help us'

Heidi Heitkamp – One of a Hundred

Pope Francis sets up Vatican child sex abuse committee

Katie Couric on the HPV vaccine: Antivaccine or irresponsible journalist? You be the judge!

Q3 growth revised to 3.6% - jobless claims "plunge to 298k"

About those underemployed millennials -

Why isn't it against anyone's religious freedom for people choosing between healthcare or poverty?

Pic Of The Moment: Prepping For 2014, GOP Candidates Taking Classes On How To Talk To Women

Protect your most loved books

He was a good dog.

Asian people 11 times more likely to be stopped at UK borders, analysis finds

sustaining the feminist movement:generations of women donors are building lasting change

Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins

sustaining the feminist movement: generations of women donors are building lasting change

Those of you who live in warmer climes...

Texas State Trooper Jimmy Gillman Caught Buying Meth in Cleburne, Police Say

Sliders are not just those little burgers you might eat....

What the Past Tells us About Sea Level

About all these Sarah Palin threads lately:


Rand Paul wants big tax cuts for Detroit and other distressed areas

For those of you over 70 . . .

U.S. Charges 49 Russian Diplomats With Healthcare Fraud.

Does Sarah Palin appear a bit more "wired" these days?

Why does it infuriate the rw'ers that we might feed the hungry and help the sick, or old?

Good for North Dakota! Mississippi, not so much.

"An important piece of jewelry" "a statement piece"

Very Funny Video..about technology, only 39 seconds. (Paper is not dead)

the first evidence that other universes exist

San Francisco housing dreams haunted by debt

Conn. Man With Guns on Campus, in Car Is Charged

If you're a baby boomer from NorthEast Ohio - do you recall Mr. Jing-a-ling?

Candy billionaire to pay $2,500 fine after fatal car crash petition:Walmart: Rehire single dad fired for price matching turkey for elderly customer

Carlsbad OKs e-cigarette ban. City says devices are toxic, lure youngsters to smoke.

Morgan State suspends fraternity for rejecting student because he’s gay

States losing billions in refusing to expand Medicaid, report finds

ACA enrollments at 56,000 in just three days of December

An urgent message from Santa

American teacher shot dead while jogging in Benghazi

my mom needs help getting her mouth fixed up, a wishadoo! request. update with message from mom

Thom Hartmann: What the media isn't telling you about Detroit's bankruptcy

Priests with credible claims against them of sexual abuse of a minor

Bill Bratton named next NYPD Police Commissioner by Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio

We need to call the dongle something else.

100 Years of Breed “Improvement”

Do you know that there is a right wing forum who is a big fan of DU?

Labor LBN story needs love

rob ford, crack smoking mayor, says he'd be a republican if he lived in the states.

Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' manuscript at NY auction

Message in a Bottle, Bass & Kalimba

exploding factory farms (warning, graphic content for sensitive readers)

FBI raids home of former top Bachmann aide in Iowa

Elizabeth Warren Responds to Third Way Attack by Talking Directly to Their Owners

Obama Executive Order: Federal Government Must Triple Renewable Energy In 7 Years

Who Smells a Rat? (Monsanto & GMO Research)

Texas School Bans 50% Students From Speaking Native Language

UK flood warning: thousands evacuated from homes - Stay safe UK DUers

Angry Self-Insured Voters Dim Democratic Takeover Plans

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders revisit the glory days

The U.S. Cuba Embargo: US Sanctions Making Diplomacy Impossible

Men: One Rule for Holding Your Wife's Purse.

City Council votes to regulate e-cigarette sales in L.A.

US Jobless Claims Plunge To 298k, As Layoffs Slow


The Economy Grew 3.6 Percent Last Quarter. Put Way The Champagne.

Memphis Officials Propose an African-American Trail

Shannon Harkins, the face of African American ballet dancers’ struggle

ESPN saying Jameis Winston will not be charged for sexual assault or anything else.

Where do Dallas Cowboys fans live?

11 Imaginary Republican Enemies That Could Give Bigfoot A Run For Its Money

Talking Trayvon with kids isn't exclusive to African-American parents

Bitcoin Boom Spreads to IPhones With Mobile-Payment Apps

This is re: an ASAHer...

Republican Staffers And Candidates Are Taking Classes To Learn How Not To Offend Women

It's Time For a PROGRESSIVE Minimum Wage

Report: Threat Of Mandatory Minimums Used To Coerce Guilty Pleas

32 Mugshots of Black Men on Cover of Tenn. Newspaper Cause Uproar

How do they do it? Why is it that some actors can manage to draw tears, and others cannot?

Two journalists in firing line as gunmen take aim at peasant community


Cuomo: Legislature has history of corruption

When will the GOP vote to shut down the government again if the ACA is not repealed? It’s that time

Dems look to jam GOP on unemployment insurance

Pope Setting Up Commission on Clerical Child Abuse

Prosecutor: No charges to be filed against anyone in Jameis Winston sex assault investigation

Stupid Stock Market

My high school football team is playing for the Ohio State Division VI Championship tomorrow

As Central African Republic Convulses, Security Council Votes to Strengthen Force There

Gaaah. Religous yard signs.

The Rude Pundit: Fuck Everyone Involved in the "Little Girl Can't Sell Mistletoe" Story

Obamacare Explodes!

Ethanol Rule Pits Gephardt Against Lott in Lobbying Fight

CNN Poll: Support for stricter gun control fades

Well I had to go to the doctor because my cat bit me and my hand became infected.

TRUTH! "12 Fast Facts About Thursday’s Fast-Food Worker's Strike!"

Arctic Air Threatens Ice, Snow for Texas and U.S. Center

Amazing Spider-Man 2

After denying they had met, White House now says Obama lived with uncle

Bozokiah's Song - A new Christmas tune you've heard before

Kerry Tries to Bridge U.S., Israel Gaps in Meetings

Wal-Mart responds to Amazon Drones

Greatest. Ever. Fox. Headline.

Peace group issues 'Call to Action' on UPF

Pro-fracking group shrinks under pressure

Mitch McConnell Inflates Throat Pouch In Show Of Dominance Over Fellow Congressional Males

How Successful Has The Fast Food Workers Walkout Been?......

The number one target for religious lobbyists isn’t what you think


December 2013 Last Look: the 100-Year-Old Lincoln Highway

"What's up there, baby?"

Black Police Officer Claims She Was Falsely Arrested by Two White Officers on Long Island

Bravo Fast Food Workers

How American politics constantly neglects black women

Please tweet this now! We are trending and want the word out. Thanks.

HRC and the vulture fund: Making Third World poverty pay for LGBT rights

Stolen Cobalt 60 found, Curious thieves likely doomed

Environmental group warns of fracking waste on NY roads

Rest in power: Queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz dies at 46

One Voice

The state of Clintons and Cuomos

Weird thought about pharm commercials

Palestinians Spurn U.S. Security Ideas For Peace With Israel

North Korea expands prison camp where inmates dig own graves: Amnesty International

Churches and activists engage on business and human rights

why is google funding ALEC and Grover Norquist?

Unarmed Man Charged With Assault After NY Cops Shoot At Him But Wound Bystanders Instead

The fog horns are blaring away here in the harbor.

Boehner will be passing out these...

Jameis Winston's attorney needs to STFU!

Eric Cantor's staff has police remove children from office (video)

Princeton University Orchestra Debuts 'Ballad For Trayvon Martin'

‘Centrist’ think tank attacks Warren, sparks major blowback

Jewish suffering, Palestinian suffering

Don't forget.....

Georgia School Terrorized By Fox News Bullshit War On Christmas.

Uruguayan President Asks for World to Support His Marijuana Legalization Plan

NSA Records 5 Billion Global Mobile Phone Locations Daily

Martí-Noticias cheats U.S. law

Herbs Are Drugs

Rick Warren: Contraception Mandate Is Like Making A Jewish Deli Sell Pork

Berkeley bans tobacco smoking in apartments, condos

Liberal City Council Member Fumes At Bill De Blasio's Choice For NYC Police Chief

Microsoft has announced new steps to protect its users from government surveillance, including NSA

Two Dead, 100,000 Homes Without Power As 100mph Storm Batters Scotland

House Democrats’ Not-So-Secret Weapon for 2014: Cash

In July I will lose my Health Insurance through my parents

Bear mauling nets one euthanized bear. Maybe two if they catch another.

CNN documentary airing tonight focuses on Michael Morton case

University of Indiana Display Used Negative Stereotypes To Ask: Can Santa Claus Be Black?

Regarding MSNBC

The Season of Giving

Revealed: the wealthy conservative groups behind fight to wreck Medicaid

Here we go again with a negative columnist about ACA

Bill Donohue: Calling Out Liberals, Disobeying Pope

They're going to try and to take away our offshore tax havens!

Biden Spotlights China Treatment Of US Journalists

Who Parked Our Moon?

Venezuela cyber crackdown ensnares Web's Bitly.

Wingnut dispshit website has a new Public Enemy #1. And it's our own ...

Marijuana In Wendy's Burger Was 'Misplaced' By Employee Amy Seiber: Cops

U.S. to begin sea trials for ship that could destroy Syria's chemical arms

California County Votes in Favor of Project Labor Agreements for Large-Scale Construction

At this moment, there are two teams above .500 in the entire NBA Eastern Conference.

Wow~ Money is Material

Illinois governor signs pension overhaul into law

So what will Tweety do to piss us off during his interview with President Obama at 7.00pm

Here Is Your Bible of Privatization Horror Stories

Breaking Nelson Mandela is dead

Nelson Mandela dead at 95

RIP Nelson Mandela.

One-third of bank tellers rely on public assistance

At Least 1 in 4 Dark Money Dollars in 2012 Had Koch Links -

Nelson Mandela Dead: Icon of Anti-Apartheid Movement Dies at 95

NFL Makes Right Decision In Rejecting Daniel Defense Gun Ad

Jury Quickly Convicts Woman In False Rape Trial

18 July, 1918 - 5 December, 2013

John Boehner Says The GOP Should Be More 'Sensitive' To Women, Support Gay Candidates

RIP Nelson Mandela~ ‘the sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement’

Brazil breaks auto production record

Boom! Group retreating after attacking Warren

LaRouchie running for US Senate

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly

Going Beyond Balto, Film Shows Life-Saving Dog Run

Elizabeth Warren responds to Third Way on Social Security: 'Oh please.'

Microsoft fights back against NSA 'snooping'

The US government's persecution of Mandela

Finally, the real appeal of Christianity for right-wingers.

1969. Smothers Brothers writing cast wins Emmy after CBS cancelled the show.

Huh, so it IS a coordinated Wall Street Democrat campaign

'They have had me for 27 years. If I keep hating them, they will still have me."

Pope: "The Rich Must Help, Respect and Promote The Poor"

Mandela release from prison speech (full speech)

Nelson Mandela, South African Icon of Peaceful Resistance, Is Dead.Video

Uh oh!! Was Rudolph Actually A Female Reindeer?

ACLU Sues Federal Agency Over Efforts To Limit Using Eminent Domain To Fight Foreclosures

Although it is not a popular channel, Al JAZEERA gives very interesting information

El Paso attorney challenging Cornyn for US Senate

House Dem Leader Says No Budget Deal Unless Jobless Benefits Are Extended

Jonah Goldberg's latest snark attack

The Pathology of the Rich - Chris Hedges on The Real News Network

Sign the petition: I come from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party

Long live Mandella.

Stewart Explains Difference Between Corporations and People: People Can’t Escape Justice with Money!

Heads Up - Obama speaking on Mandela's death


*THIS* drives me nuts in the winter...


Mandela: "I do not, however, deny that I planned sabotage." - The Speech from the Dock, 1964

North Korea: Still the Most Horrific Nation in the World

Obama's inequality speech: telling the progressive story of American history

"Free Nelson Mandela" - The Specials

You killed my sister!

Two Britons to plead guilty to terror charges in U.S. court

40 years of college football's sexual assault problem

40 years of college football's sexual assault problem

God frowns upon lying, right?

FSU's Jameis Winston will not be charged...


TPM: Warren On Third Way Criticisms: 'Oh Please'

Wherein trof finally makes youtube. Video:

For my cold climate friends: Chet Atkins - "Snowbird"

Paraglider killed in crash into rive

Fox News likely swiped photo from the Seattle Times for the 'sharia law' swimming class 'story'.

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Krugman on Third Way: Private Equity and Monetary Thinking

Meanwhile that freak Robinson site reacts to Mandela's death.

UNION trouble makers Christmas catalog

Report: Mariners Willing to Offer Cano a Ten-Year $240 Million Deal

Genocide on Trial

Genocide on Trial

Soweto Gospel Choir

RIP Nelson Mandela

Colbert Nation: Do-Nothing Congress

President Obama's statement on the death of Nelson Mandela

The perfect margarita.

Republican Attempts To Sabotage the Obama Economy Fail as Good News Pours In

Here's a weird yet pleasant and interesting shopping habit of mine

Is teasing a cat a good option?

Which 2 of these should I pick? (Get 2 free drinks at our office party.)

When I saw the headline that read, "Nelson Mandela Has Died"...

BREAKING: Leaked Documents Show NH Legislators Asked to Take Pledge Putting Corporate Front Group...

Randi Rhodes moving to 910 in SF Bay Area - stronger signal but only 2 hours

The Freepers note Nelson Mandela's death...

Merry Krampusnacht, everybody!

Not a big fan of Adam Sandler...

Shortly: Chris Matthews and Pres. Obama / Here's hoping Tweety'll not interrupt and hog the event.

An atheist utopia? Talk about a nightmare

RIP, Nelson Mandela. They Never took away Your Dignity.

Remembering. An anthem for all time.

I Have Located THE SOURCE.

"Don't Blame Robots For Declining Wages -- Blame Dissolving Unions"

Secretary Kerry's statement on the death of Nelson Mandela

Five Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Is An Epochal Figure For LGBT Rights

Telstra's data 'vacuum' - records and store ALL conversations & data

what puzzles me about the conservative protestant (rick warren, hobby lobby owners) problem with

Here's What to Expect from NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton

The number one target for religious lobbyists isn’t what you think

President Obama Speaks on the Death of Nelson Mandela

Dem Rep. Goes Nuclear on House Floor, Screams at GOP’er Over Stalled Immigration Reform