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Robert Reich on the Fast Food Strike and Obama’s Inequality Speech

Duncan Hunter, Nuclear War Enthusiast

Duncan Hunter, Nuclear War Enthusiast

Gen. Colin Powell calls for universal (single payer) health care in the U.S.

Duncan Hunter, Nuclear War Enthusiast

Tweet from The Apollo Marquee on Nelson Mandela's Passing..

Real-life Philomena says film is not 'anti-Catholic'

Progressive talk leaving San Francisco and Los Angeles

Dick Cheney Didn't Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A 'Terrorist'

Bank of America deems Bitcoin the next big thing

nelson mandela and women's rights

nelson mandela and women's rights

Controversial study linking GM corn to tumors in rats retracted

Mandela in Miami

Let Pope Francis Hear Your Voice

Fast-food workers walk off: LIVE UPDATES


My wife is on a diet and has been badgering me to finish the lemon cake so she can watch.

The Season To Tell Big, Honking Lies: More `War On Christmas' Calumny From The Far Right

Help Me Debunk This CRAP!

In memory of Nelson Mandela - Something Inside So Strong.

And now that we're done with porn, it's time for false rape accusations!

Mandela Snubbed In Miami

Moon Express Unveils Private Lunar Lander

Let Pope Francis Hear Your Voice

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 December 2013

Hey GOP!

"Disabled" Mannequins Will Change the Way You See Beauty

How do rapists think?

It Gets Better, Russia From the rest of us

Next Issue Of The New Yorker Will Feature Special Mandela Cover

Free-market research group's climate proposal denounced by host university

Obama: Republicans Must Be Embarrassed For Having Done So Little

Is California Peggy from Ohio????

Hardball With President Obama - I Don't Think There Is A Repug In This Country That.......

15 of Mandela's best quotes.

Obama On Hillary Vs. Biden: 'Not A Chance I'm Going There'

Democrats: No Budget Deal Without Unemployment Insurance Extension

vote for rick perry

An Honest Republican Speaks

Oh my Goodness. Quebec has a language police.

Nelson Mandela Becomes First Politician To Be Missed

"Animal House" coming right up on AMC.

Nicaragua shootout raises specter of guerrillas

Mandela on Poverty

Pauken drops out of Texas GOP governor's race

Former President Jimmy Carter on the death of Nelson Mandela

8 PM: MSNBC & CNN start with Mandela Death; FOX with Sarah Palin

Words of wisdom from Nelson Mandela

A Merry War On Christmas

Documents Show Legislators Asked to Take Pledge Putting Corporate Front Group Ahead of Constituents

Amandla Awethu !!!!

Brace Yourselves...

Former West paramedic sentenced to almost 2 years in prison

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the 2015 Ford Mustang:

BREAKING: Leaked Documents Show NH Legislators Asked to Take Pledge Putting Corporate Front Group Ah

Dogs Terrified Of Walking Past Cats

The Long Fat Wang Experience

Bye-bye, fake liberals: The Warren Democrats are winning!

State Conservative Groups Plan US-Wide Assault on Education, Health and Tax

Rick Snyder is leading in the polls!

"The 3 Decisions That Made Nelson Mandela A Great Leader"

Facebook's Future Plans for Data Collection Beyond All Imagination

As President, Bill Clinton drew a picture of male genitals on top secret classified documents


400,000-Year-Old Hominin DNA Throws Everything We Know About Human Evolution Into Disarray

Johnny Clegg (With Nelson Mandela) - Asimbonanga - 1999 Fran

Martin Bashir made a Reggae Album...

Dick Cheney Didn't Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A 'Terrorist'

Nelson Mandela at the Statue of Liberty

Naomi Klein article from 2011 about the Shock Doctrining of post-apartheid South Africa

today in women's herstory-5 december

Hiding From Bosses Can Increase Employee Productivity

Grayson:-Pope: "The Rich Must Help, Respect and Promote The Poor"

GOP Rep. Joe Barton Calls For Minimum Wage Repeal

Interactive: Republicans More Likely to Have Constituents Who Use Food Stamps

Papantonio: Wall Street Steals Detroit

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight & an old Kitteh gif

REALITY! We have 3 Candidate that Many DU'ers Support for 2016:

Anyone watching The Sound of Music: Live on NBC?

Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!"

Have Rand Paul or his daddy said anything about Mandela's death?

What the media isn't telling you about Detroit's bankruptcy

Amy Goodman: Poverty Wages in the Land Of Plenty

Long Island Chick-fil-A restaurant plan sparks protest

THINK fast food

Reagan was right. Welfare Queens driving cadillacs are very real.

"How To Make Sure Your Dark Money Group's Million-Dollar Donors Stay Secret"

Why are my socks always missing when I do a laundry? I always come up one short. Plus I end

Pipeline Safety Official Admits He’d Avoid Buying A Home Near Pipelines Like Keystone XL

"Rob Ford scandal: Why haven't charges been laid?"

Kansas Town Installs Phone Prayer Booths, So Residents Can ‘Call God Whenever They Need’

Health Moment: Correct Computer Hunch with the thoracic bridge

as seen from my front porch

I am South African, and I am ashamed

Former priest to marry mother of his child, daughter of adviser to Pope Francis

Here is the Reality! 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014

In our home, there is a Christmas season war on corporations that exploit

Will Rush finally destroy his career over Mandela's death?

Artist transforms her 3 x 6 meter studio into dream worlds.

Tiny Percentage of Ground Zero Responders Receiving Compensation, Treatment for Health Issues

Nelson Mandela death announced at Long Walk to Freedom film premiere

Rachel really has an excellnt program on Mandela tonight

George W. Bush: Mandela Was Force 'For Freedom And Equality'

Nelson Mandela a tribute or two

Our local TV station sucks

"You're now in Bush Country..."

Does anyone know who broke the lamp?

United States of Amoeba

I had never even HEARD of Thomas Thistlewood before, and was struck dumb by his INHUMANITY...

Fruit of the Looms, toasty warm from the dryer...a simple joy MiddleFingerMom will never know.

Ted Cruz tells ALEC to “stand your ground”

Ohioans Elect Two Dozen City Councilors on Independent Labor Ticket

In case you missed it - the new #TeamBurke website is up!

Tea Party celebrates the passing of Nelson Mandela!

Bye-bye, fake liberals: The Warren Democrats are winning!

UAW statement on passing of Nelson Mandela

Here is a sample ballot of the election Nelson Mandela won. They were handing these

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

NH Labor: Nelson Mandela A Hero To All

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica (Enoch Sontonga | 1897)

Dallas Cops Shoot Unarmed Mentally Ill Man: Video

My work is talking about layoffs, closing our location, etc....Thanks Obama.....

Take Five (Odds & Sods edition)

Nelson Mandela on poverty

N'Kosi Sikeleli

i knew ted cruz supporters were douchbags but this is digusting even by their standards

Obama: NSA reforms will give Americans 'more confidence' in surveillance programs

Has any modern movement been more dependent on fabrication than the American Right?

Kathleen Vinehout on Milwaukee radio Friday at 10 am

"“Fake” Republican Obamacare Site To Remain Up"

"Obama and the Fat Man"

I'm not feeling sorrow. Madiba was a man of action.

Good Grief! It's the Right Wing, Charlie Brown!

Kristen Stewart in fatigues.

Mental illness, ignorance, fear and ultra-conservatism - The Homeschool Apostates

Suspect in 2000 massacre of Mexican city officials arrested in Sacramento

GOP refusal to expand Medicaid causes hospital closures

End of an era: Ricketts family members to relinquish TD Ameritrade board seats in 2016

My "Mandela moment"

Kentucky Governor To Mitch McConnell: Get Your Facts Straight On Obamacare

Georgia insurance commissioner: It’s ‘your fault’ if you have a pre-existing condition

"Why the GOP's "Women 101" seminars won't help the party with female voters"

Third and Final Installment

3-day enrollment hits 56,000

Windows 8 hates you.

D.C. Police Officer Arrested for Production of Child Pornography

Train derailment victim, James Ferrari, laid to rest

What is the purpose of government?

Mandela's influence felt in New York City

Week 10 Obamacare signups - More than 2 million confirmed

Windows 8, egads!

Those who can, TEACH.

I just got back from the article on Nelson Mandela's death.

Chomsky: Israel And The United States Are The Real Rogue Actors In The Middle East

Want to eat healthily? Add up to $1.50 a day

GOP Donors and K Street Fuel Third Way’s Advice for the Democratic Party

Watched President Obama on Matthews again

Re: BainsBane and WarrenStupidty on gun discussion in GD, and equal enforcement of the rules.

Bioshock 2 offered free (With Minerva's Den) on Steam if you already own it

ACA health care coverage when out of state- Not covered?

President Mandela...

Anyone know about travel insurance?

Did you ever think you'd see a villain out of Captain Planet in real life?

FDNY: Graduating Class Most Diverse Ever

Officials: Missing 5-Year-Old East Harlem Girl Found

Resigned, Suspended, Fired!!!!!

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 6 -- Friday Night Spotlight: The Hollywood Costume


How Tesla Batteries Are Powering an Energy Revolution

Blackstone's formulation


Marijuana In Wendy's Burger Was 'Misplaced' By Employee Amy Seiber

Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement One and the Same

Remember the Jim Henson movie, "The Dark Crystal?"

If A Man Asks What Women Have Been Asking For Centuries, Will Men Finally Listen?

Next RW boycott targets: Tide and Downy

What do you say when your abdomen is upset?

Stewart Hammers Fox's Stuart Varney: You Want to Lecture the Pope on Helping the Poor?!

Sweet, Salty or Sour?

U2 - Ordinary Love (From Mandela OST)

It's supposed to go down to -11°C tomorrow night.

Sailor survives 3 days trapped at bottom of the Atlantic.

Tonight I found I have a fatal flaw as a parent...

County endorses park for teen shot by deputy

Artists United Against Apartheid - "Sun City"

Good night - stay warm

Muhammad Ali: Mandela is soaring through the heavens

hard drive arrays

Dick Cheney Didn't Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A 'Terrorist'

Why I hate the "Where's their Mandela?" question about Palestinians, Tamils, etc.

As I understand the Third Way argument, we have to cut Social Security, and if we don't

I used to think that John K. Galbraith had

Is there any difference between Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ?

Oprah interviews Nelson Mandela (2000)

Winds Batter Britain 140mph Evacuations In Coastal Areas Due To Expected Tidal Surge

Kentucky Governor To Mitch McConnell: Get Your Facts Straight On Obamacare

Omaha fire union votes to accept new contract negotiated with Mayor Stothert

List some good modern POP songs.

Dick Cheney Didn't Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A 'Terrorist'

Gunshots fired at Italian freelance journalist in northern Colombia

"Bingo! There Goes Your Tenure" by Frank Zappa

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Becomes First Politician To Be Missed

Bogota city council considers initiative to round up beggars

Colombian farmers ‘under serious threat’ from free trade agreement: Agricultural organizer

Here it comes: The Fast Track (TPA) freight train to shove the TPP down our throats

Smog at Extremely Hazardous Levels in Shanghai

Now, I'm not a structural engineer or anything, but...

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ December 6th

Facebook’s Cayman Islands tax shelter revealed in company filings

The real terrorists were the imperialists who invaded Africa

Maine GOP gov. applauds ‘global warming’ for opening ice-free oil shipping routes

America Is Launching A Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space

Brrrr. 17 below here now

What is anti-Semitism? EU racism agency unable to define term

From prisoner to president: See the 50 most inspiring pictures from Nelson Mandela's life

NAS: From Ice Sheet Collapse to Mass Extinctions, You’re not Ready for Climate Change

Amman said to back Israeli demands on Jordan Valley

Europe warns on South Stream deals

Double whammy!

Welcome to the digital memory hole

Goodbye Monroe, Hello Troilo

AMAZING ! Obama "teaming" with the Pope and putting the right wing on in one hell of a fix.

The coming heat age

As seen on TV (Fox News) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford "slams" Obamacare

20 Things the Poor Really Do Everyday That the Rich Never Have to Worry About

The CIA's Privatization of War Has Been an Unmitigated Disaster

Billboard sparks debate, shows 9/11 feelings still raw

Deforestation Spawns Creeping Desert in Central Argentina

One more on Mandela: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear ...

Went to a Tom Wolf for Governor of PA meeting

“GTAC Won’t Sample Mining Area With Asbestos-Like Fibers“

Plead Guilty or Go to Prison for Life? How Federal Drug Offenders Are Punished for Seeking Trials

How the Christian Right Plays Victim While Imposing Its Ideology on America

Who knew? The arts bring big bucks to the economy

I guess we'll have to invade New Jersey (apologies in advance for Faux Nooz link)

Revealed: Conservative think tank SPN coordinating right-wing assault on education, healthcare and

Chinese filmmaker faces $164 mn lawsuit over children.

Budget cuts might slow improvements in veterans’ homelessness

CNE director: "This is the most outrageous campaign in Venezuelan history"

Re: Mandela--Are the conservatives living in that much of a bizzaro world?

Feinstein: Railroads must install collision avoidance system

Oregon's Blumenauer proposes nearly doubling federal gasoline tax

"It's getting a bit hard to stomach!" . . . Please come CAPTION Matt Drudge!!!

Rights groups renew call for further disclosures on drone strikes

Michio Kaku: Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

Remembering Nelson A-Rod Mandela

Patients may get stuck with lab bills after insurer cuts reimbursements

France will increase penalties for ivory traders

Anti-Obamacare Doctors Pledge To Fight Against Creeping Socialism

IN THE CAMPS: Guantánamo ends daily hunger-strike reports

Just checked the Decorah Eagles nest.....and no activity right now.....

Krugman: Obama 'Finally Sounding Like The Progressive' Supporters Backed In '08

Nuclear testing. A jaunt through history.

80% Of Jobs Will Not Pay Living Wage Under GOP Economic Model

Aide to N. Korean leader's ousted uncle seeks asylum in South: media

Tidal Surge: Winter Storm 'Xaver' Batters Northern Europe

Fight the right-washing of Nelson Mandela’s legacy

Rebel Broadcast: Web Channel a Key Source Amid Ukraine Protests

Italy convicts abducted Egypt cleric Abu Omar


Doubt cast on vitamin D's role against disease

Feeding the Bubble: Is the Next Crash Brewing?

Israeli military closes investigation into death of Palestinian stone-thrower

Scott Brown Forgets What State He's Speaking In

Obama Says Republicans Should Be Embarrassed

Taking Charge: How African Women Are Making Major Gains

Data haul by Android Flashlight app 'deceives' millions

Sharon Katz and the Peace Train

Don’t Sanitize Nelson Mandela: He’s Honored Now, But Was Hated Then

repukes on Morning Joe spinning and 'splainin' like mad today on Nelson Mandela...

Ronald Reagan was angry. It was October 1986, & his veto against the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid...

here is a fun poll to tell you which political party you are in most agreement with

Remember The Reason For The Season -

Popular Android App Has Been Sharing 100m Users' Location And Device Data

U.S. Bomber Planes at $81 Billion Seen 47% More Than Plan

You Shall Not Pass, Dog!

CA Republicans Create Fake Healthcare Website to Mislead People

Book Club: Fox News’ Election Night Fail

Fox News EPIC SPIN of Preaching Teacher Story

Do any of you know the background/funding of the "Republican Study Committee"?

Humanitarian Intervention, Or Militarized Quest for Resources?

Job growth picks up steam, unemployment drops

"Mandela a stranger to hate" Kerry's statement on the death

Glaciers Going, Gone

How the Defeat of Trade Unionism Gave Rise to Low-Wage Jobs

Media Sexism Now Faces A Global Response

Under the Global Shadow of Big Brother, Journalism Must Light Up the Political Sky

European storm turns deadly and threatens worst tidal surge in decades

Federal charges expected for Rim Fire suspect

Has privitization of anything worked out?

Facebook’s Cayman Islands tax shelter revealed in company filings

"We Can't Survive on $7.25": Fast Food Workers Kick Off National Day of Action for Higher Pay

Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage

Louie Gohmert: Atheists should encourage prayer to boost national security

McDonald's gives workers advice on tipping au pairs, trainers, dog-walkers

Papantonio: Will 2014 Elections Kill The Tea Party?

Jobs Report & Obamacare - Is Obamacare helping small businesses get bigger?

Pension-Busters’ Playbook: The Manipulations behind the Attack on Pensions in Detroit’s Bankruptcy

If a zygote is a person, like the right wants to think

Nelson Mandela’s First-Ever TV Interview (1961)

It really is this simple. American capitalism in its current form is failing the American people

Masks Off - A Challenge to Men

Different types of alert?

Good luck to Jeremy Scahill.

My theory on why unemployment is dropping.

Olivia's mother.......

Winter is already feeling long!

"He was the last of them..."

Monsanto just bought a former senator

This is what Republicans are fighting...

Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Added 203K Jobs In November, Unemployment Down To 7%

Conservative think tank coordinating right-wing assault on education, healthcare and the environment

Thought this deserved its own thread....

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick's latest chart-topper

Queen 'put pressure on Thatcher' over Mandela - video

Well, the health department employee checked my cat out.

Santorum: Fight Against Obamacare Like Fight Against Apartheid

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

The Sooner The Koch Brothers Are Gone The Better Off US Will Be

Obama, Mandela and Leonard Peltier

Wow, this ToysRUs ad needs to be taken down

If You Can't Beat'm - Join'm: With All The Good Economic News Of Late How Long Will It Be Before..

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -RIP, Madiba

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Worst Congress Ever

YaY!!!!! Maybe it won't happen : the invasion by the USA on the world....

You know what I am really sick of....all the posts on the internet about the war on christmas

Using Dick Cheney's definition, George Washington was a terrorist.

Santorum compares himself to Mandela

BFFs (goose and dog)

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Question for members about new AHCCCS co-pays starting in 2014.

Avast threat detection

Pope Can Clean Up The Church By ExCommunicating Bill Donohue

Latest Phony Obamacare ‘Horror Story’ Destroyed By Chris Hayes

Nelson Mandela's Legacy of Conservation

Gifts for people of any religion - or none

Nelson Mandela was a saint. Most of us are not. Deal with it.

6 dec 1989--ecole polytechnique (montreal) massacre

6 dec 1989--ecole polytechnique (montreal) massacre

I'm meeting Will Shakespeare at The Boar's Head for drinks this evening. Who wants to join us?

Breakthrough: Newfangled reactors will slash costs of nuclear power

Vince Fumo wants to run for PA. State Democratic Committee. Key Dems try to block it.

Yet another reason to despise the Iron Lady and her terrible Torries

PBS refused to air anti-Apartheid documentary

"House of Cards" Returns For Second Season Friday, February 14

Facebook Says Publishers Shouldn’t Fret About News Feed Changes.

m$nbc is doing tributes to President Mandela...faux is doing lots of weather

Breaking Bad: The Hot Wings edition

Because it's been a while since we had a "Pot-in-a-burger" story

Here Is The Textbook For The Republican Class On How Speak To Women

Kirstie Bashes Leah Remini as 'Bigot,' 'Enemy'

Fracking fluids being used as de-icing spray on some NY state roads near Pa.

Guy who sued Rachel Maddow shows his inteligunce...

The Day Mandela Was Arrested, With A Little Help From the CIA

What have conservatives said about Dem women & others WORSE than Martin Bashir resigned for?

The Character of Nelson Mandela - By Max Boot

Corporate welfare at its finest - Boeing to states: What we want for 777X

Fox Nation Readers React To Death Of Nelson Mandela With Racism, Death Wishes For Obama Read more at

Gut Microbes Linked to Autismlike Symptoms in Mice

Here Come da Shootist! . . . Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!!

Fast-Food Industry Rejects Workers’ Demand to Be Considered Human

Can we mention Leonard Peltier?


Doctor who only serves Medicare patients

Tim Tebow offered deal in Italy

For you,

Ecuador shuts down nonprofit environmental group

What does Cheney say about Nelson Mandela today??? Or is he in hiding?

New Weirdness: my right hand tends to be cold, my left hand is warm!

Cops: "If we have to get a warrant...we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs"

phew....just secured my 1st job reference and more

What, if any...

Harlow the weimaraner with his new little pal, Indi the weiner dog

ALEC stands its ground

Mariners reportedly land Robinson Cano

Find something to be happy about today (Friday December 6th, 2013)

Texas Supreme Court to Mull Underground Trespassing

Shanghai Orders Cars Off Roads as Pollution Exceeds Scale

Pic Of The Moment: Santorum Says Struggle Against Apartheid Like Struggle Against Obamacare

Not-for-profit executive charged in six-year theft scheme

Attorney arrested after investigation into financial scamTN

Illegal miners infest Venezuela's Amazon

Robinson Cano agrees to contract with Seattle Mariners, source says

Have you guys every considered creating a DU App?

Long Island Rail Road massacre, 20 years later

A reminder of what Republicans thought of Mandela

Anyone see Sound of Music live on NBC last night?

'Cannibal sandwiches' sicken Wisconsin residents

Bill Bratton Started a Cops-Only Social Network Called "BlueLine Connect"

Obama vs. The Eagles

David Sirota: Eating Like There’s No Tomorrow

BART considers charging peak-hour premiums

Group G

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama to travel to South Africa next week

To the Families of Women Lost in the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique Shooting

D.C. police search home of officer in investigation of prostitution ring

Mandela’s cause shaped Obama’s political awakening

World Cup 2014 draw is out.

Oh Lord! - Donald Trump: "Nelson Mandela and Myself Had a Wonderful Relationship"

Rick Santorum Compares Obamacare To Apartheid

I know nothing about this band, but love their album cover!

World Cup 2014 draw is out.

'Cannibal sandwiches' sicken Wisconsin residents

The Post-GMO Economy

2014 World Cup Draw

Freight train, truck collide in West Nyack

I'm a white person who grew up with significant disadvantages, however if I were black...

I've best of the Year show about to start at 1PM ET

AT&T Says It Doesn't Have to Disclose NSA Dealings

How the Media Failed Women in 2013

Some In Military Stifling Sexual Assault Reform - Zoe Carpenter Discusses

Pope Can Clean Up The Church By ExCommunicating Bill Donohue

Cable companies may be finally hearing cord cutters’ footsteps

Mandela quote...

Jack Andraka, Maryland’s boy wonder, on mean scientists, homecoming and tricorders

Papantonio: Healthcare Costs Killing American Dream

Write This, Not That: Instructions From China's “Ministry of Truth”

Court Rules Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Should Be Expelled From Italy

Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

How to Revive the Fight for Single-Payer

Chavez Charisma Void Filled by Maduro Muscle as Venezuelans Vote

We should be dancing today

This thread is dedicated to Ron Dellums

Fox News viewers let their racist hate flag fly in the comments section of a notice on Nelson Mandel

Helen Mirren Has Tea with Dying Boy After Actual Queen Says No

Jimmy Kimmel continues to terrorize small children.

"2nd Amendment Remedies" teabaggers have gall to call MANDELA a terrorist

What Nelson Mandela really believed

Toon: Science haters are gonna hate

Nelson Mandela on poverty

Helen Mirren Has Tea with Dying Boy After Actual Queen Says No

Apartheid's Useful Idiots

Comptroller to audit law enforcement agency's reporting of hate crimes

Polis (D-CO) blows up in House over obstruction of the immigration bill by majority

Another Day, Another Farewell For Mayor Bloomberg

Nelson Mandela on Women's Rights

A Simple Word Equation...

Many flee in fear to C. African Republic airport

Nelson Mandela – A personal eulogy

21 Images of Where Children Sleep Around the World Paints a Powerful Picture of Inequality

Love this front page from Belgium today

Crist says second Scott term would put ‘bunch of ideologues’ on Florida Supreme Court

Repost from 3 years ago about Dem's rightward trend. Note how little has changed.

Favorite "West Wing" quotes

The story behind this photo...

Hell freezes over - PigBoy complimentary towards Mandela (in an effort to slam Obama of course)

Pup holder

Ron Burgundy's Appearance On ESPN Postponed Indefinitely

The Eiffel Tower has been lit up in the colours of the South African flag to grieve over...

Thom Hartmann: Exposed! ALEC's extreme agenda for 2014

Thom Hartmann: Detroit: An Experiment in Fascism?

So The President and Mrs Obama are going to Mandela's funeral

Because irony is always awesome.

12 Mandela Quotes That Won't Be In the Corporate Media Obituaries

Next time you don't bother voting, think of this -

Reading Series Highlights Indigenous Authors, Artists

The First-Ever Official Video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’

Man puts wife up for sale along with Harley:

Bad News for GOP, ObamaCare isn't killing jobs: Healthcare added 28,400 jobs....

WHOA, Ann Coulter actually is AGAINST MSNBC firing Alec Baldwin?

Just In: Pres. Obama will travel to South Africa next week to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela

Police block Mexico hospital, 6 may have radiation

CNN To Discuss Washington's One Time Opposition to Mandela

15 injured after car drives through Trader Joe's in Nassau County

Theorizing law - regarding rape

trimming the tree

Federal Railroad Administration issues order for Metro-North to change crew protocol

Conservatives Blast Cruz for Praising Mandela...Senator's supporters yearn for the days of apartheid

Are there any Constitution and people friendly telecoms?

Police block Mexico hospital, 6 may have radiation

Willie Nelson cancels Sea World concert because of petition from,

About Nelson Mandela in Los Angeles

Good grief! Worst storm surge in sixty years - pics and video

Saw A DU Bumper sticker in the wild today..

Thom Hartmann: a living wage or get the death penalty!

Chinese firm paid US gov't intelligence adviser

Cancer agency’s officer Jerry Cobbs indicted

Have you ever voluntarily not voted in a Presidential or Congressional Election

Search for San Jose family scaled back - MT plane crash

President of the United States Ronald Reagan vetoed the anti-apartheid act

Dems, GOP craft backup for stalled defense bill

Curtis Granderson moves across Citi as he agrees to 4-year, $60M deal with Mets

Wendy's Employee -- SERVES MARIJUANA BURGER ... Gets Arrested, Fired

State District Judge Susan Criss (D) to run for State House

Suggestions on car shopping websites?

My dog has diabetes

I have made a decision to refer to Fox News as the best 24 hour comedy channel when discussing

Happy Festivus everyone!!

The last month has really been something--

Japan parliament approves contentious secrets law

Chile presidential candidates square off in debate

Gov Candidate Wolf Says He Will Donate to Anti-Hunger Groups Instead of Open Bar for Politicos

Obamacare horror story, my next door neighbor lost his job a

Krugman: Pathetic Centrists Problem Solvers Legislation

Attorney: Ga. soldier charged in killings has PTSD

CDC: Water at Marine base linked to birth defects

Panel: Nuclear to remain key Japan energy source

What Can We Learn from Nelson Mandela?

Edinburg car dealer charged in $1.6M fraud of San Antonio credit union

GEM$NBComcast is repeating Tweety's interview with Obama at 4.00pm n/t

Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square

Microsoft Compares Government to Cyber Criminals

Bjorn Yesterday: NY Times Runs Op-Ed Asserting Poor People Need More Carbon Pollution

Univ. of the Incarnate Word police officer involved in fatal shooting of student in traffic stop

From Selma to Soweto: Nelson Mandela and the Southern freedom struggle

Yummy smashed pumpkin

When You Let Your Kid Play Ball in the House

Hey Good Lookin'

Jobs: 203,000 added in Nov, Unemployment rate 7% - There will be much gnashing of teeth & rending of

Technical question? This just started today, but everytime I open a thread, I get an Adobe...

Surviving Members Of Von Trapp Family Pan NBC's Live Performance

Texas education advocacy groups rally to give Cruz, Cornyn failing grades

Timeline - Mandela haters - Buckley, Falwell, and *gulp* Abramoff

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens Cracking a Horrible joke at the expense of sick people

I'm Tina!

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Etc.

EXPOSED - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife

As another Friday night looms . . . .

Skirting Around the Solutions To Income Inequality

Birds WILL Attack Amazon’s Delivery Drones (w/videos)

interesting thing with Windows 8.1 when posting

Central African Republic: French Intervention Risky for Hollande

Dems use CPRIT indictment against Abbott

I hope Joy Reid gets the 4 PM time slot.

Rashida Jones: "2013 Was the Year of the Very Visible Vagina"

Half Of City's Taxi Fleet To Be Wheelchair Accessible Under Settlement

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

'Impossible' Alien World is Impossible. Yet There It Is

"Most of the time we're playing between the forty yard lines here."

Today has been the worst day of my life

Americans Could Pay $7 For A Gallon Of Milk If US Goes Off 'Dairy Cliff'

'Hundreds dead' in CAR violence

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Slipping Down the Slide of History into the Dustbin of History

America Remembers Pearl Harbor, an Attack That Changed History.

State attorney's report: Video of Jameis Winston encounter deleted

Is there a FLASH problem on the site today??

Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather

Solid US job growth cuts unemployment to 7 pct.

Man sees Jesus in block of wood

Poll: ‘Faithful(British) Catholics’ an Endangered Species

Hello there, DU! Ready for today’s art quiz? It’s “Another Back Story Challenge!”

Satanists test Oklahoma’s religious freedoms by offering monument

AP: Ohio Amish girl won't be forced to renew chemo

Reagan called Mandela terrorist

It was -6 last night and I slept in my truck w/o heat.

Al Jazeera America Arrives on Time Warner Cable

Thom Hartmann: SCOTUS Prefers Free speech for Corps not People

Social Security expansion now very real. Thanks, Third Way!

MFM update:

Feelin' Alright

Do they deserve to live in poverty?

Quiznos Is In A Vicious Downward Spiral

Vicious Rightwing Comments re: Nelson Mandela Pile Up On Virginia Republicans' Facebook Pages

Car Crashes Through Trader Joe's On Long Island

Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows

Ya-eee! Icky thump, who'd a thunk?

Ultra-lite space mirror could change astronomy and allow (cheap) total global surveillance

Consumer Credit in U.S. Rose in October by Most in Five Months


Mayor Bloomberg: New high school named for Nelson Mandela will open in Brooklyn

U.S. Eases Turbine Bird-Death Rule as Cats Kill Millions

Statement by the Vice President Biden on the Death of Nelson Mandela

Researchers find way to make unlimited amounts of red blood cells from iPS cells

That would be great!!

Snowden to speak to European Parliament, delegate claims

Could South Africa have devolved into a Syria scenario if not for Mandela and de Klerk?

Apartheid and me:

Um.. Chris Matthews: "Judeo Christian... and Muslim.."

I can't wait for the TV commercials for this new drug

General Motors Tops $40 For First Time Since Bailout

Sen. Thad Cochran Gears Up for GOP Old Guard vs. Tea Party Contest

Former constable's deputy sentenced to prison for kidnapping, attempted sex assault

Haunting video of "Sixteen Tons" starring Johnny Cash.

Ted Cruz Finally Has His Own Children's Coloring Book

Florida Cop Arrested For Wearing ‘Anonymous’ Mask Warns ‘There’s A War Coming’

Remembering The Religious Right's Attacks On Nelson Mandela

This is an Awesome Story

I just missed a sale

You know what's easier than shoveling snow off the driveway

You are not self-sufficient...

Granma INT'L: Havana. Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark interviewed

Utilities: Get used to neighborhoods that use zero energy

Filmmaker Danny Schechter: The Anti-Apartheid Movement Behind Mandela Can't Be Forgotten

One of the Worst Ice Storms in Years Continues From Texas to Kentucky

The Contradictions of Mandela - by Zakes Mda

I love Nina Turner!

Maya Angelou's tribute for Mandela from the US people

Pam Tillis, 'Band In The Window'

Jeffrey Toobin: Bratton’s Endorsement of Stop-and-Frisk

Good News From Texas

dramatic drop in unemployment

The U.S. economy added 203,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7%, according

So-called Democrats at Third Way share consultants with the Chamber of Commerce

Should a person be held criminally liable if they let someone drive drunk?

Federal judge criticized by Supreme Court Justice fires back

Survey: Israelis in the U.S. become more like American Jews

Amazing image of comet lovejoy

7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See In The U.S. Media

My xmas tree didn't seem to have enough balls on it...

I miss Andy Williams.

"Fire in the Hole" by Hazel Dickens.

A Metro Station In Georgetown? It Could Finally Happen

“It’s not my fault that I look like Jesus.”

Charles Barkley is new at this whole public transit thing......

Detroit: An Experiment in Fascism?

Our dear Rick is awaiting his 1000th FB friend.

Meet The Mandela RINOs: Republicans Who Lost Their R-Card For Praising Mandela

Why Is a Senate Democrat Agreeing to Another $8 Billion in Food Stamp Cuts?

Rosalynn Carter: W.H. fixes mental health gap

Remember when Nelson Mandela slammed Bush on Iraq?

My friend was fired today. Because he is gay.

Why so much hate for Mandela on the part of the GOP base?

South Carolina Sheriff Defies Obama, Refuses To Lower Flag For Mandela Because He's Not 'Murkan

Which Side Are You On? Pete Seeger

Wave of repression against (UK) students

So where are Rmoney and his goons - unemployment is down to 7%

Obama: "When we do things right, they don't get a lot of attention".

Mandela the pragmatist

Peter Higgs: I wouldn't be productive enough for today's academic system

Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas

Papantonio: Thank God for the Pope and the President

Andy Borowitz Real Fake News: He does some mighty funny stuff.

An Open Letter to "Baby" from "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

This Fly Hijacks an Ant’s Brain — Then Pops Its Head Off

"Mandela has always felt most at ease around children"

A question about schools and holidays

Interesting moment at the office pot luck party today (1st Amendment)

Joe Scarborough, SuperHero of MSNBC...

Chicken tumbling to add water – a widespread industrial practice

"Obama Gets Real" by PAUL KRUGMAN at the NY Times