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CDC: Measles Infections Are 3 Times Higher Than Normal This Year

Coal fights back with claims that gas and renewables threaten the grid

His Day is Done – A Tribute to Nelson Mandela by Dr Maya Angelou

NY judge: Goldman Sachs silent about rogue trader

Why EVs could be coming to 1/4 of America sooner than you think

BP notches win in bid to block settlement payments

Jon Stewart: The Amazing Raise – Fox News vs. Pope Francis (VIDEO)

Judge Orders Colo. Cake-Maker to Serve Gay Couples

BCBS of Texas and the ACA, so much misinformation. UPDATE

Discovered swans on the creek this morning,

Atheist group trying to enhance profile by hosting float in Ellsworth’s Christmas parade

The Religious, Spiritual, Humanist Worldview And Inspiring Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

American Leaders Praise Nelson Mandela’s Contributions To Advance LGBT Rights

Two New Netflix: " Diana Vreeland" and "Bury my Ashes at Bergdorf's"

Royal Marine named, maximum sentence given

The joy of the Gospel: sisters and Catholic Workers

First Gulf oil spill natural resource study reveals extensive damage in shoreline, deepwater habitat

Barack Obama. "He no longer belongs to us- he belongs to the ages."

I just walked by Alan Greenspan entering a Philadelphia hotel.

Keep an eye out for denbot.

Creative Compulsive Disorder: Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr

Bryan Fischer Claims Consensual Adult Relations Will Lead to Pedophilia Acceptance

Sarah Palin: ‘Angry atheists’ are trying to ‘abort Christ from Christmas’

CNN. President Obama and George W. Bush will travel on Air Force One to South Africa. Clinton and

If You Liked ‘Stand Your Ground,’ You’ll Love the Jeffersonian Project

Revealed: the wealthy conservative groups behind fight to wreck Medicaid

Is God Dying? (Scientific American)

Ever notice the relationship between the price of a gal of milk and a gal of gas. Back in

"Why Obamacare Could Help the Democrats in 2014"

Robert Parry: Honoring Mandela, Not Reagan

The GOP warned us that hiking taxes on the wealthy would wreck the stock market and kill the economy

Unarmed Man Shot At By NYPD Has Been Charged With Assault Because Bullets Hit Bystanders

I confess: I like Gorn

Contra-Cocaine Was a Real Conspiracy

Wind farms get approval to kill Eagles for 30 years.

DIY Lego Ornaments!

frozen pipes

Why people vote Republican

What happens when you don't turn off the public fountain ...

What is your mental age?

I confess: I like Corn

****Official Bonner Bridge Closing Thread # 2 ******

If BGSU loses then their school will probably profit.

Wise Words On Aging

Meryl Newman is getting out of North Korea. He has been released. CNN

I confess: I like Horn

Rare 1930s footage of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Sometimes famous people let things slip...

Friday Talking Points (284) -- Defending Populism

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mandela Remembered

Hoisting some ale with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

A date which will live in irony...

I'm under the covers. It's 11°C in the house 51 F...

Can't eat

NKorea says it deported US tourist and war vet

Wow - Obama at the National Christmas Tree lighting

Winter Veterans:


Rush Limbaugh uses Nelson Mandela’s death to denounce the American civil rights movement

Woo-Hoo! Time Warner Cable is now carrying Al Jazeera America

Let's talk about sex. Or, about the opposite/non-

How the right tried to ruin Nelson Mandela

Autism may be linked to gastrointestinal issues, Caltech study says

Guy Fawkes

LA City Attorney Sues Bank of America Over Lending.

The Lounge phrase of the day is "13-toed frozen ass".

Crush Leaves. NOW!

x-Post from GD Obama: "When we do things right, they don't get a lot of attention".

The Temptations

The Four Tops

Louisiana GOP candidate compares FRC’s Tony Perkins to Klan member David Duke

The Copenhagen Wheel official product release

“I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say.

Islamists Demand Fall of Libyan Government, End to Oil Blockades

Weekend Economists Speak Freely December 6-8, 2013

Luckovich Toon- Impeach Him!

Winter is definitely here. Are you freezing yet?

Cuba drops veto at WTO meet, enabling global trade deal: sources

NSA defends global cellphone tracking as legal

It's Friday night in the Lounge. What's everybody drinking?

Proof! Cats rule over dogs

The GOP Is Attacking Me Already. Please Help.

With Care...

Just checked the temperature here along the lakeshore in Wisconsin and it's 10 degrees and says it

Urgent question for people in San Jose, CA, area

Rep. Zoe Lofgren: TPP 'would lock in really backwards provisions' of copyright law

Post Christmas-themed (or holiday-themed) pic of your pet.

U.S. draws into 'Group of Death' for 2014 World Cup

Curious hit and run developing in Central Florida.

24 years ago today, these women were targeted and murdered in the ecole polytechnique massacre

It's Friday night in the Lounge. What's everybody smoking?

24 years ago today, these women were targeted and murdered in the ecole polytechnique massacre

Yeserday it was my birthday...

If other illnesses were treated like mental illness

The repeat of last Sunday's Walking Dead has just started on AMC.

Republicans say, "We OWN the world." Democrats say, "We ARE the world."

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 7: The Essentials: The Keys

Listening to Wagner's "Siegfried" on vinyl.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, December 8: Debbie Does Christmas

I confess: I like morn

South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Mandela

WND Polls Readers On Whether Mandela Should Have Been Released From Prison

Everyone has their White House Holiday Card, right?

It's Friday night in the Lounge. What's everybody typing?

It is so cold outside that the ice cream I put on the front porch is stayed frozen.

Latin American Bloc Stalls WTO Bali Trade Talks

It's Friday night in the Lounge. What's everybody eating?

The Homeschool Apostates by Kathryn Joyce

I'll come clean, I like adorn.

Radiation 36,000 times permissible level found in water at Fukushima plant

(CO) Families See Colorado as New Frontier on Medical Marijuana

(CO) Families See Colorado as New Frontier on Medical Marijuana

I'm feeling down. But I admit: seeing all these copycat threads makes me feel better.

I'm feeling down. But I admit: seeing all these weather threads makes me feel colder...

In honor of Nelson Mandela: Gandhi (6/8) Movie CLIP - It Is Time You Left (1982) HD

Anthony Weiner is in talks for an NYC radio program, say insiders, on either WOR or WABC

Wealth Inequality - Mind-blowing illustration

Song for the Night: Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City (Official Video)

Shaking it up: Texas politics gay style

Man Suspected of Throwing 2 Cats Into SF Bay Arrested

Elderly Woman Struck, Killed By City Bus While Crossing Bronx Street

Beltran, Yankees agree at $45M, 3 years

Train derail victim's brother speaks out about her death

Microsoft Leads Disruption of Largest Infected Global PC Network

10th Anniversary Saban Forum Power Shifts: U.S.-Israel Relations in a Dynamic Middle East

I just fell in the vomitorium at McSwineys.

NSA Defends Global Cellphone Tracking as Legal

No golden years for LGBT seniors

Got a childhood Christmas photo to share?

I was raped this week, ask me anything

What's your mental gauge?

I Don't Wanna go to Walmart.

India declares five days of mourning for 'Gandhian' Mandela

People power: Rooftop solar PV reaches 3GW in Australia

Husky + Leaves = FUN!!!

US marijuana growers consume 1% of nation's electricity

What's Up There, Baby?

It's Friday night in the Lounge. What's everybody cuddling?

Nelson Mandela Praised by Congressmen Who Opposed Anti-Apartheid Act

AP: Venezuela's president tightens grip on media

5 year old pianist!

Edgar Allan Porn

Hyphenated Americans

Can't have a sense of humour any more without someone alerting it seems...

Down and bored. Ask me ANYTHING!!

The Junk Thread! (*Soon to be longest thread?*)

ESP Story

Honey ...

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday December 7th, 2013)

My Cable Company is carrying Aljazeera America - No more suffering through Morning Joe

Making revolution in Nicaragua

Boehner: GOP should back gay candidates, be more ‘sensitive’ to women

Hi, new here.

Mexican troops kill four town workers in apparent mistake

Mexican troops kill four town workers in apparent mistake

Fasting for immigration reform: Strikers go hungry in push for change

5 Ways Conservative Politics Promotes Freeloading and Shirking

Honduras left seeks annulment of presidential vote results

Good night!

Honduras: ‘They can’t clip our wings’

Listen Up, Budget Cutters. Austerity Can Lead to Blood on the Streets, Even in America

‘Satan Himself Lives In San Pedro’: Scary Pictures Of The Most Violent City On Earth

Wall Street-Backed Organization Blasts Rising American Populism and Elizabeth Warren

Do we have a jump thread? Is such a thread allowed?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ December 7th

Fight the Right-Washing of Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

How do you folks handle emotionally, knowing where we are?

U.S. Air Force secretly developed new stealth drone at ‘Area 51': report

Mandela death: How a prisoner became a legend.

U.S. deadline looms over negotiations on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Norman Solomon on the death throes of Press Freedom in the US and UK

Shanghai blanketed in smog so dense that flights were canceled


Crystal Night Must not be Repeated versus other European Minorities

Dastardly Dick Cheney

peace, love and party likker! the King of Country Western Troubadours! is coming to town

Interview with Jeremy Scahill Questions “War on Terror”

What Third Way Reveals About the Beltway


Yoshi playing with the latest Wiggly Giggly ball cover - Mr. Crab

The Deep South Is the Latest Epicenter of the HIV Epidemic

Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse

Why Is a Senate Democrat Agreeing to Another $8 Billion in Food Stamp Cuts?

Central African Republic: French Intervention Risky for Hollande

American Heart Association Protects Industry Not Patients By Barbara Roberts, MD, and Martha Rosenbe

Dog and Goose Both Hated Everyone Until They Found Each Other

Real Journalism v. Big Brother

IAEA suggests Fukushima consider "controlled discharge" of toxic water into ocean

Nelson Mandela: Union Man

The NFL's ban of a gun ad brings up a constructive proposal:

South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Mandela

Snowy Owls Make Mysterious Migration

This is all kinds of Awesomesauce!;

Military Madness, The TPP and The Empire

GOP Seeks To End Emergency Unemployment Benefits

Czech Project Shows Why Nuclear Power Is Fading Away

Holiday Jeer: Google’s Pay-to-Fleece Game

The Suicide Path

"Yesterday... December Seventh... 1941... A date which will live in infamy..."

Snowden: Indicted by US, Key Witness for EU

California Ships Prisoners Out of State to "Reduce" Its Prison Population

State initiative or referendum movement.

You see some armed dude wearing a mask tells folk “there’s a war coming” and “it’s time to fight”

Buy American Mention of the Week, 12-6-13 ('Cheers' star reveals companies' inside stories)

The Poor Face Higher, ‘Toxic’ Levels of Stress

Here's Rand Paul's visit to the Motorcity for minority outreach lol!!!!!

Hollywood Without the Happy Ending: How the CIA Bungled the War on Terror

How to Spot a Psychopath

In this rare interview Mandela recognizes Cheney and his cohorts for what they are.

"Family Guy" fans, your prayers have been answered...Brian is returning

Toon: New McDonald's Sign

World Trade Organisation reaches $1tn trade deal

Got the word, going into Surgery in March.... Woohoo!

Gaza court issues death sentence to suspected collaborator

Third Way: Warren's Backing of Social Security Expansion Was "Final Moment"

Pa. Medicaid plan panned by health care advocates

Nelson Mandela death: Daily funeral cortege planned for Pretoria

The spying game: Companies monitor activists because they can

Massive grains of copper may bring graphene’s promise closer to reality

Bob Dylan's Fender Stratocaster sells for nearly $1m.

Ukrainian Premier Hails Imminent Russian Deal as Protests Continue

5 Things You Should Know About The F-35 Basing

Elton John Dedicates Russia Concert to Homophobic Killing Victim.

Unarmed Man Charged In Shooting After Cops Missed Him But Hit Women

Justice giant: Remembering Mandela and his fight for climate justice

Pentagon sees "significant interest" in F-35 from Gulf

Egypt appeal court orders pro-Morsi protest women freed

Forbes Champions More Super Hornets; F-18 Vs. F-35, Round Two

China pulls out of UN process over territorial dispute with Philippines.

Little puppy tries to get her older brother to play

F-35 Contract May Be the Worst Deal the DOD Has Ever Made

A head's up to our birders...

Earth To Paul Krugman: A Speech is Just A Speech

Acid Oceans Harm More Species

L.A. Social Workers Say ‘Social Worker-to-Child Ratios’ Unsafe

Michael Hudson: Oligarchs Will Never Cancel Debts We Owe Them

FYI to anyone who enjoyed the "Band of Brothers" book and/or HBO miniseries

Syrians targeted Israeli patrol on Golan with bomb: Israel

Pennsylvania newlyweds kill for the thrill

WTO agrees global trade deal worth $1tn

When the pitcher threw the ball through to the catcher, I was through with that batter

Israeli MAG Corps closes file in Mustafa Tamimi killing, stating the tear-gas canister that killed h

Deputy in Andy Lopez shooting to resume duty next week

Tofu red cabbage stir fry

Elizabeth Warren's Senate Gamble: Grimes, Nunn and Tennant

Presidential Proclamation -- Death of Nelson Mandela

Clear Channel is Destroying Liberal Talk Radio

Police "War Games" And Weapons Expo Brings Global Militarized Elite to Oakland

Leonard Peltier on Passing of Nelson Mandela: Apartheid Still Exists in America

"Let's make a deal!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Nelson Mandela Condemns George W. Bush and War With Iraq

First Nelson Mandela interview = 1961

Cops Accused of Overkill on Sick Woman

Talkin 'bout a Revolution, Live 1988 Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Tribute Concert

The Gates Foundation's Hypocritical Investments

The anti-apartheid movement in song

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013) Official Trailer

Matt Taibbi: Another Batch of Wall Street Villains Freed on Technicality

Nelson Mandela's inaugural address

in memoriam for all the murdered women

Republicans: Always on the wrong side of history...

Rise & Smoke

Diet Drugs Work: Why Won't Doctors Prescribe Them?

ALEC Boots Mother Jones From Its Annual Conference

As Texas Towns Shake, Regulators Sit Still

How Solar Energy Works

Comment Thread- Fall Contest

Fidel Castro in South Africa with Nelson Mandela

Gen. Colin Powell calls for universal health care in the U.S.

Nelson Mandela's Life Story

Meet The Mandela RINOs: Republicans Who Lost Their R-Card For Praising Mandela

Mike Adams is a real scientist, dammit, and he will save us from “toxins”!

The Pathology of the Rich - Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself

American becomes unlikely new star on Arabs Got Talent

California town passes Fukushima resolution: “Urgent international rescue” needed at site

Elton John blasts anti-gay law during Moscow concert

Mandela release from prison speech (full speech)

Georgia man sued for $50K for breach of promise to marry - and loses

Mandela: "No axe is sharp enough..."

TCM Schedule for Monday December 9 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Pat Robertson: God approves of sex changes but homosexuality should be a mental illness

Down Memory Lane - do not forget Nelson Mandela on Bush and Iraq

Racist Sacks of S*** of The Week: Teabagging, Conservative Republicans

Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli sniper near Ramallah

This week's Radio show: Tribute to the life of Nelson Mandela with Danny Schechter

The Queen, the Pope, and Nelson Mandela walk into a bar

xPost from GD: Radio show this week: Tribute to Nelson Mandela with Danny Schechter

"He Obviously Didn't Get the New Pro-Mandela GOP Talking Points"

We need to #EndHungerNow. We need to bring our troops home. Why not do both?

Black Police Officer Claims She Was Falsely Arrested by Two White Officers on Long Island

Virtual fireplace on your flat screen tv in HD with X-Mas music

ESPY Awards - Nelson Mandela

Chile's Pinochet-era dictatorship: Were soldiers victims, too?

Chile's Pinochet-era dictatorship: Were soldiers victims, too?

Oops! Rick Perry Comes in to Help "Rebrand" Virginia GOP

Mandela Day 2013

Woman Glued to Toilet Seat at Home Depot

A Glimpse At How The Media Treated Women This Year Is A Look At Way Too Many Cringe-Worthy Moments

Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse

Random act of kindness

still crying: His Day is Done - A Tribute Poem for Nelson Mandela by Dr. Maya Angelou

U.S. leaders must face the music

Tech boom! The war for top developer talent

Governor calls on MTA to implement new safety precautions ASAP

Disappearing Edward Snowdens/"1984" Was an Instruction Manual- (Whistleblowers & Search Engines)

Inside the Box: People don’t actually like creativity.

Bratton joins Sharpton at rally in Harlem

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Dec. 6, 2013 -- World News Trust

Collin Powell calls for universal health care

Why Mayors Should Rule the World

Honduras: Smears Put Activists at Risk

Foreign Press Says What America’s Won’t: Sarah Palin is a Traitor (warning: graphic}

What's wrong with this pic . . .


An atheist photographer focuses on faith

Rachel Maddow and the Clinton administration's attempts to neoliberalize South Africa

Couchsurfing’s Sex Secret: It’s The Greatest Hook-Up App Ever Devised

"How much do we make here?" asked the temp six hours into his shift

Spicy Pig Candy...

More men speaking in girls' 'dialect', study shows

I'm an Atheist, Therefore I'm a Transhumanist

Rob Ford: Low-income supporters stand by their mayor

Toronto: Five biggest transit myths

Those Media Hysterics Who Said Obama’s Presidency Was Dead Were Wrong. Again.

Red, Redder, Reddest, Blue! Changing Demographics Could Make Mississippi, Texas The Republican

Covered California Struggles to Keep Pace with Surge

Sound of Music fans

Watchdog group says all Syria chemical munitions have been destroyed...

What should you call a former Catholic priest?—UPDATED

Conservatives can own Ronald Reagan and be welcome to him, but you don’t get Nelson Mandela.

Prez Kicks Off Christmas Season

The Blues Brothers...What?

The Right Wing’s Campaign To Discredit And Undermine Mandela, In One Timeline

Nobody's man in Havana (Alan Gross & the Obama admin)

Mandela’s Tarnished Legacy (making a deal with the neoliberal devil)

'Stephanie Miller' needs our help

S.C. Sheriff Refuses Executive Order to Fly Flag at Half-Staff

Post a cover sung by the opposite sex

What's wrong with this pic @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @ABC?!

Killing cancer like the common cold

LIVE RADIO NOW: The sanitizing of Mandela. When Lying & Misinforming Become Evil

Today’s Chicken: A Sickening Situation

Federal Workers being asked to sacrific to help prevent further sequestration cuts.

Neat President's Holiday Card

American becomes new star on Arabs Got Talent

I confess: I like Scorn

Have Yours Elf A Merry Little Christmas...


Bill O’Reilly: "Are [Atheists] That Bitter Against Religion?”

NAOMI KLEIN: South African Democracy Born in Economic Chains

"Since Unemployment is lower we should cut Unemployment Benefits"

Police chief criticizes Dewhurst's 'border surge' proposal

FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light

Odd Christmas memories:

Chris Hayes: Nelson Mandela’s death reveals that some are still on wrong side of history

DUers are you watching Obama on GEM$NBComcast

Pickens County sheriff refuses to fly flag at half-staff for Mandela. South Carolina. Duh!

I confess: I like Lorne

Lame Duck Presidents and Foreign Relations

I and most DUers could make quite believable RW commenters

OK, ads for "Bonnie and Clyde" have been all over the place . . .

Separation of church and state is great!!

Is it just me? Internet Explorer 9 problem

Fast Car

Saturday, December 7th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Cross-post: Texas Dems use CPRIT indictment against likely GOP governor nominee Abbott

President Obama live at the Saban Forum discussing U.S.-Israel Relations/Iran

today in women's herstory-7 december

Lunch today was deep fried flakey crusted fried chicken with honey pepper glaze...

Side by side: 1984 & The NSA

A trend I'm noticing with some white people.

You Don't Even Know You're A Slave

I'm a problem solver...

Obama speaking at the SABAN Forum, says US commitment to Israel's security 'sacrosanct'

Woman from abusive past seeks to ‘rent’ family on Craigslist for the holidays

Comrade Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela -1918-2013

a biography of the day-melba pattillo beals (journalist, civil rights activist, little rock nine)

I'm So Sick Of RWers Using The Patriotic/Veteran Meme To Prove Stupid Points!

Men’s Rights Redditor remembers the victims of Marc Lepine

Great story! Love it! Here's more about young Christian Bucks' "Buddy Bench"...

I was wrong about Global Warming, it's freezin here

Tongue twisters

Star performances dropping out of Sea World event due to Blackfish.

Maxey Scherr for Senate campaign video

a biography of the day-kathleen harrison (character actress, centenarian)

230,000+ Americans Tell Google to Quit Funding ALEC

Over 50 years ago an 11 year old girl taught me about poor kids at Christmas that don't get toys

This Week in God

Legalized fraud, an excerpt from last Wednesday's Daily show.

My Life's Regret is not having learned to play the guitar...

A lot of good things are happening for me, however

A few toons, memes, and stuff.

State Police officer who shot at van fired

What non-fiction book did you read in 2013 that you most recommend?

I am thinking of an Alton Brown Cookbook for a present. Any recommendations? nm

Here is a challenge for those of you celebrating with natural trees this year.

AP Analysis: Dog of year in Congress whimpers to end

Flight diverts to Washington state after teen dies

134 roosters put down in Calif cock-fighting probe

Oklahoma State loses, El Supremo on verge of orgasmic ecstasy

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Bolivia Unveils Ground Control Station For China-Made Satellite

Israel Provides Humanitarian Aid to Syrians

The internet is now closed to new submissions.

U.S. war veteran released by North Korea returns home

kerry speaking at the Saban Forum at 4pm - will be on CSPAN (1)

Wages go up then prices go up, right?

Mountain lion shot and killed in Iowa, right before the kids got home from school


History Retrieved in Spite of the NYT: The iconicity of “peaceful resistance”

BP investors lose bid for class status in Gulf spill case.

Who funds Social Security?

How do you email articles that are on DU site ?

Brooklyn police shooting leaves suspect wounded

Texas college student shot dead by campus police officer

GoP schemes to win elections by rigging them...

Institutional Corruption and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs

SC mayor's brother-in-law killed in Charlotte

The Truth re Tax Cuts 4 The Rich, Deregulation & Job Creation: a GREAT debunking of Trickle-Down BS

If big pharma suppresses effective but unprofitable cancer cures...

Czech premier not happy to attend Mandela funeral

An uncomfortable moment at work yesterday.

How the Defeat of Trade Unionism Gave Rise to Low-Wage Jobs

Ring of Fire: America Desperate for Minimum Wage Increase

The government is the only reason U.S. inequality is so high (it's the tax code) -Dylan Mathews WaPo

What ever happened to the DU Calander?

Xerox calls 911 to request police presence BEFORE layoffs at Cary call center

Newlyweds marooned on remote island after bull seal hijacks their dinghy

Husky gets caught stealing bones and treats from store in double-dash

wowthe misinformation...

This New York City Map Shows How Much More Dangerous Poor Neighborhoods Can Be

Well, updated my computers from Windows 8 to 8.1...

Nance Greggs: An Open Letter to Rick Santorum (and His Fellow Convenient Christians)

Holy Shit! CU just beat KU.

Westboro Baptists ‘booking flights’ for Johannesburg to protest Mandela’s funeral

Queens hit and run leaves pedestrian dead

Whooping Cough Study May Offer Clue on Surge

The Bible as Bludgeon

Atheists to Bill O’Reilly: ‘Religion does more than just hurt people. Religion kills people.’

The Tea Party and Racism

What Hitchens got wrong: Abolishing religion won’t fix anything

Incoming Police Chief Bill Bratton On NYPD: "It Will Practice What Mandela Preached"

So much to the apparent liking of some of DU's opinion leaders, Warren looks out

Carmen Farina, an unofficial de Blasio adviser, topping list for education chief

I arrived in Texas ONE DAY before a snow storm that left people stranded on I-35.

the shadow "conservative" universe

How's your inflation? #1

Poor people to beg for MERCY

Mandela's Death Highlights How Messed Up South Africa Is Now

Chuck Hagel receives reassurance that Afghanistan security deal will be signed

Who Stole the American Dream?

We need Pay it Forward education in WA!

Gunmen attack liquor stores in Baghdad, killing nine

Michael Bolton -- yay or nay?

Tulip Staircase Ghost

Asshole smoking at the gas pump

Funeral held for NYPD traffic agent hit by truck

A long time ago, there was this girl...

I was very disappointed when I read this article

Living in a surveillance state: Mikko Hypponen at TEDxBrussels

War on Christmas: What's your least favorite Christmas carol?

Deck the Palms from Florida to You

Walmart Is Not the Bargain You Might Think

happy birthday, noam chomsky

Carrie Underwood slams 'Sound of Music Live!' critics: Mean people need Jesus

'Eccentric' regular at Lincoln soup kitchen left a big surprise: $20,000 each to 24 charities

Australia must cut emissions 40% by 2020 to avoid 'dramatic climatic shifts'

Some vintage Clapton, from back when he didn't suck...

Prince Harry's South Pole Race Is Off.