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Archives: December 8, 2013

I am watching the film on SyFy "The DayThe Earth Stood Still".

Vast freshwater reserves discovered under the ocean floor which could supply future generations.

Syria conflict: Foreign jihadists 'use Turkey safe houses'

Policy Mic: 4 Companies Control the U.S. Banking Sector — This Chart Shows How

Do we have any DUers living in Dublin, or elsewhere in Ireland?

Former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie to Run Against Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) in 2014?

Our outrageous media created the Tea Party

Nelson Mandela was on the US Terror watch list until 2008.

Holy shit. End of 3rd quarter and the SEC championship game has 87 points on the board

Policy Mic: Which State Curses The Most? Check This Map

Some satire for your Saturday evening

Woman taken to hospital for glue on toilet seat prank at a Home Depot

Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse (the divestment argument)

This Week In The War On Women: The War is Everyday

Bob Herbert on Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Do any DUers remember the attack on Pearl Harbor?

My Pearl Harbor Day story:

Congratulations to The Baylor Bears' first Big 12 Championship.

I once heard someone said this speech should be put on continuous loop in the front of

LONGINUS (2004) Movie - Ryuhei Kitamura

Mandela's Fist

I Raised The Mimimum Wage to $10.80 Today!

Holmes recall bid tossed by Division of Elections


When you let your kids play basketball in the house...

For those fans of Gothic industrial type music out there

Journalists: Rising hostility to press in Ecuador

14 of the colleges with the most debt-laden grads in the US are public colleges in Pennsylvania

Favorite Holiday songs done by rock bands

Pope Francis honours Nelson Mandela for 'forging a new South Africa'

The Rise Of Kirsten Gillibrand: How Hillary Clinton's Heir Is Winning Battles And Silencing Critics

The Rise Of Kirsten Gillibrand: How Hillary Clinton's Heir Is Winning Battles And Silencing Critics

Afflicting the comfortable

UniStar scraps plans for Nine Mile Point 3 nuclear power plant

Gingrich pushes back against Mandela critics. (surprisingly cool statements, perfect for quoting)

Snow alert issued for New York City

The Debbie Smith Act (DNA Backlog Grant Program)

Glasshole At A Mall

I will now beer in hand brave the arctic central Texas cold

2012 Sports Kids of the Year: two hankie alert

"The kids are actually ok" at the Incidental Economist

Fascism in America Explained in One Easy Graphic..

"The GOP’s Incredible Shrinking Big Tent"

HIV 'Cure' Fails In First 2 Patients

Gasaholic: "Then I woke up one day, and my dealer was the President..."

Why do doctors choose a $2,000 drug over a $50 one?

I'm laughing my ass off, a Green Bay PBS station has a begathon, and right now...60's tunes!

Stop pipeline help or advice

I was going to paste the #1 thread right now about Sarah Palin

How to build a backyard igloo.

David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show' - MUST READ

What are you reading the weeks of December 8 & December 15, 2013?

Christianizing Textbooks in America

'Cannibal sandwiches' sicken residents in Midwest

Those Media Hysterics Who Said Obama's Presidency Was Dead Were Wrong. Again.

'that was just creepy.' - my 8 year old little girl after seeing Adam West's Batman movie

Saw a good Japanese Cartoon series...

Pushing Peace on the Palestinians

Go ahead and talk about 2016 — but here’s how to sound like you actually know something

Big deal............ in Sac..... Developer Buzz Oates dies

Oh, Canada...

Is "agnostic" a useful concept?

In peace, together

Oh Christmas tree

Make the homeless smile!

You know how they get those supermodels to look perfect in the magazines?

A poem for the season

Army of Rightwing Groups Plan Assault on State Laws in 2014

BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores

Cheers, and ramming speed Sea Shepherd.

by bye ... let me guess...

American men’s hidden crisis: They need more friends!

Harper's former comm chief, Dimitri Soudas, appointed party's Exec. Director

This Commercial Totally Nails the Double Standard for Men and Women


I'm typically a Wolverines fan but ..........

Winter Games, Caucasian Misery

Newt Gingrich pushes back on Nelson Mandela criticism


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Fresno has Freeper's Jimbo, but there are incredible progressives in Fresno also, check out the book

I want to know if the words "stud" or "stallion" or "sire" is offensive

The Persistent Problem of Sexual Assault in Prison

BP fires Senior Executive due to ethnic 'look' but fails to investigate hanging 'noose' incident..

4 Homeless People Die of Hypothermia during Cold Weather

Woman Charged With Lying About Being a "Knockout Game" Victim

Amsterdam has a deal for alcoholics: Work paid in beer

GOP governor fully implements ACA in Nevada.

Australia’s First Gay Married Couples May See Unions Invalidated

South Korea Expands Air Defense Zone To Partially Overlap With China's

Pres Obama's Weekly Address: Calling on Congress to Extend Unemployment Benefits this Holiday Season

WH - West Wing Week 12/06/13 or, "Olde English"

Look at all the engagement rings!

Tahoe Resources seeking second mine in Guatemala, CEO says

On behalf of all of The Ohio State Buckeye fans I would like to apologize...

Items prohibited by the TSA

Guatemala: From Silence to Memory. Report on the Guatemalan police archives now available in English

rough night tonight

Many on DU know of Jimbo starting the Freepers but did you know of the incredible progressives?

Christie Critics Cry Foul Over Public Records Access

For all you SEC haters...

I hope I'm in right place.

Peru Gay Man Tortured, Dismembered and Burned to Death

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ December 8th

Prosecutor on the defense: Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg goes on trial for her job

Peru suspends Fujimori trial again due to ex-ruler's poor health

Peru aims to privatize up to 49pct of state oil company

Experts raise new doubts about essential Bay Bridge rods

AT&T rejects ‘transparency report’ shareholder demand; FBI can secretly turn your laptop camera on

Congress may throw wrench into Iran nuclear deal

Japan’s controversial new state secrets law condemned as ‘the largest ever threat to democracy in po

Ukraine Opposition Fears Provocation to Justify Crackdown.

Most seal pups feared dead in storm surge found to have survived.

Solar would be Cheaper: US Pentagon has spent $8 Trillion to Guard Gulf Oil

Solar would be Cheaper: US Pentagon has spent $8 Trillion to Guard Gulf Oil (xpost from NSD)

Dior and Camus, two lives of excellence in graphic novels

"Our Very Existence Makes People Uncomfortable": Transphobic Violence Persists Across the Globe

Are British Spies Complicit in US Drone Strikes? Court of Appeals Takes Case

Our Individual Struggles Are Connected to a Larger One Makes This “Our Moment” for Transformation

The Mandela Problem of the AWM Wing of the GOP

Floor this car and you raise 100 amps -

Once again, it's double standard time

DOA: Behind the Chamber of Commerce's 'Job Killers' List

Paul Brill: ‘Financial Distress Will Force US To Reduce Armed Forces’

10 Biggest Doozies From the Right-Wing Wackosphere This Week

‘Free Trade’ a Serious Threat

Thank you, thank you for the Auto-trash by keyword function

Can we please start a campaign to bring back Martin Bashir?

Westboro Baptists ‘booking flights’ for Johannesburg to protest Mandela’s funeral

Army to boot convicted sex offenders with new directive

How to wrap a cat for Xmas.

Admitted child abuser keeps his Navy career

A glance at why the US is buying Russian copters

CDC: Water at Camp Lejeune linked to birth defects

I find it difficult to find coats with sleeves that aren't way too long.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Oh Christmas Squee Edition

Pentagon sees interest in F-35 from Gulf

Designer Immune Cells Diminish Cancer in Leukemia Cases

Sunday's Doonesbury- Welcome to the Military, Ladies!

Cellphone data spying: It's not just the NSA

So we went out last night to visit a couple whom we see once a year...

Australia’s First Gay Married Couples May See Unions Invalidated

Hong Kong Quarantines 19People After Second Case of H7N9

AT&T Rebuffs Call to Reveal Customer Data Given to NSA

Funny Stuff...Sal Monella. Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Is this Sherpa calculator for Obamacare accurate???

U.S. needs millions more to complete Afghanistan’s ‘Pentagon’

A PSA about celebrating during the season...

Urgent Fast Track Trade Deal Alert

Amazon's Free Publicity Party

Ohio’s Official Fracking Water Damage Denialism

Good article on the "South will rise again" Connects Tea Party with corporate interests

Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse

Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse

Here We Go Again

Mark Warner: Metro's Silver Line Delays Are Costing Millions, and Annoying Commuters

The Bible as Bludgeon

"Smokey: A Dog I Knew but Never Met"

The Hipster Fred Phelps

Urban legend? What do turtle doves and French hens have to do with Christmas? Here's what...

New bill: loose airport change to build military R&R in airports

Senate Dems Push Obama Nominees, GOP Bides Time

Video update for those who have been worried... I'm doing better!

Pa. Catholic school teacher fired for gay wedding

How a century of dog breeding ruined these beautiful animals

Wing Nut Daily Polls Readers On Whether Mandela Should Have Been Released From Prison

Travels with right-wing nuts: My road trip on Route GOP with Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann

Michigan State was better then Ohio State

The Budding Wal-Mart Empire You Never Knew Existed

So, why is Nelson Mandela getting praise from Right-Wingers?

Agitated by 'Pathetic Centrists,' Progressive Populists Strike Back

Rush Revere

Enough of dumb jokes, here are some intellectual jokes

Ezra Klein: Obamacare’s real promise: if you lose your health-care plan, you can get a new one

Germany’s President Joachim Gauck becomes first major political figure to boycott Sochi Winter Olymp

Saudis expel 100,000 Ethiopians

Except for Tim.....

Amend the Fed: We Need a Central Bank that Serves Main Street

‘From Bean to Cup,’ Starbucks Labor Action Heats Up

In Unexpected Move, Big Island Mayor Approves Bill Restricting GMO Crops

Luckovich: Impeach him

I'm serious: When I read a quote from Sarah Palin, my Brain Neurons go into a tailspin.

Are we there yet?

Duncan's Bar Mitzvah - A Call for Freedom to Marry

Bayit Yehudi minister: Gays are 'not normative,' won't get government recognition

Cat Treadmills.

Ponder This: Privately-Paid Advisors Embedded in NYS Dept of Ed.....

This Floridian agrees that we can be FloriDuh--but ............

US government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008

Edward Snowden to give evidence to EU parliament, says MEP.

"Cut twice then measure." . . . Please come CAPTION Rick Santorum!!!

Love is all you need...

So you think you know pelicans?

US jobless rate falls to five-year low in November

Fat Shaming vs Fat Acceptance

The Muslim World’s Intellectual Refuseniks Offer Enlightened Views on Islam and Israel

Evidence That Cannabis Contains Unique Dietary Essential Nutrients

Is THIS Why Scott Walker Is Stealing Christmas Gifts from Children?

ARE WE FREE YET?!!1! FBI I can turn on your laptop camera without activating the indicator light

CIA's anti-terrorism effort called 'colossal flop'

Above all, we want equal political rights, because without them our disabilities will be permanent.

Susan Boyle says Asperger's diagnosis was a relief

What happened to Marty from the altered timeline?

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Advocates Calling Obamacare By Its Full 'Orwellian' Name

Customizing your ride with aftermarket parts

Circle the Damn Cat

Alcohol’s Role in Car Crashes Is Far Greater than that of Cannabis

"Truth or Consequences" but without the truth. . . . Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!!

This pit bull is definitely dangerous.

Netanyahu: A nuclear Iran will preclude Israeli-Palestinian peace

Japan's Nuclear Power and Fukushima

In's and Out's of the Universe

Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes, Recorded Outside Fukushima Reactor

Crazy Ants: Scary and coming soon to a neighborhood near you


Found in a bag of mulch

Dutch PM: No idea why Israel won't let scanner be used for exports to West Bank

Sam Seder: How the Koch Brothers Are Funding the War on Women (w/ Adele Stan)

The "Religious" Right and Fox Noise summed up in one cartoon

Credibility of the Ruling Elite is Being Shredded - Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt2

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 10: TCM Guest Programmer: Patton Oswalt

What "Socialism" ISN'T

TCM Scedule for Wednesday, December 11: Star of the Month: Fred Astaire

This Map Shows The Big Split In The California Economy

Frank Bruni: The Bible as Bludgeon

Something amusing I've noticed about a number of my conservative, "hate the ones who want something

Obama on chance of Iran nuclear deal: Not more than 50-50

A libertarian’s surprising proposal: Gender quotas in the Montana legislature

Al Sharpton Slaps Meet The Press Revisionists about Nelson Mandela. We chose The Wrong Side

South Korea expands air defense zone to partially overlap China's

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 12/8/13 - AU will be in.

Car bomb attacks across Iraq kill at least 39

Netanyahu partner urges peace deal with Palestinians

"The Celtic Woman" Great music for this time of year.

VERY well-behaved dog!

Another Shutdown? Conservatives Push To Scuttle Budget Deal

Wiccan services allowed in Fayette prison

U.N. inspectors visit Iranian site linked to nuclear program

Smart car thief

Anyone recieve a White House Christmas card?

It's on! Anti-government protesters topple statue of Lenin in Kiev

Beware an unchecked president

NJ waitress in anti-gay note flap let go from job

Trickle Down Economics Doesn't Work?

Krampus: Saint Nicholas' Dark Companion

Impeach The Pope (Luckovich Toon)

question about water fowl

Todays NFL Games forecasts:

Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors

today in women's herstory-8 december

For many Omaha workers, getting hired again was tougher than expected

Android weight loss app

Any DVD video knowledgeable people here concerning .mp4 files?

Who's watching the Lions, Eagles football game.

Clock is ticking on desperately needed farm bill.Delaney

No snow yet here in the city.

New York City unveils interactive map of major crimes

Which 1-loss FBS team do you think should be in the NC?


I finished "Breaking Bad" last night (spoiler)

Secrets of the East Coast...

Viking Torksey: Inside the Great Army’s winter camp

Magnitude-4.5 earthquake rattles Central Oklahoma


I'm going to smile,

A thought for today ... December 8, 2013

Staten Island's Gun Buyback Event Brings In 96 Weapons

David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'

Special Ed - An info graphic...

yippee...just lined up 2 more job references, so I've got the 3 I need

The Day Mandela Was Arrested, With A Little Help From the CIA

At Least One Third Of The Featured Speakers At Virginia GOP Retreat Say Medicare Is Unconstitutional

The Purpose of Ritual

Four babies hemorrhage after parents refuse vitamin K shot, a practice on the rise

in memoriam-john lennon

Killing a Lion is the MOST COWARDLY THING you can do

Holy Wisdom - cartoon by Sack

Ten Christmas Customs with Pagan Roots

Outbreak of multiple car accidents shut Milwaukee area freeways

Libya: Did Nato Intervene in Libya Just to Get Rid of Gaddafi?

50 Actual Facts About Rape

Okla. Satanists seek monument by Statehouse steps

Will GWB remember what Mandela thought of him when he attends his funeral?

Christmas Santa Word Search

Just finished This Town

Harris GOP chair accuses Mayor Parker of promoting ‘mob rule’ by extending benefits to gay partners

Harris GOP chair accuses Mayor Parker of promoting ‘mob rule’ by extending benefits to gay partners

Street Fight

Seymour M. Hersh - Whose sarin?

Toon: In the future, drones will land on your doorstep...

"Young people may save us" This editorial points to "Hunger Games" and young people as hope

Remembering the Conservative (Republican) Position Regarding Apartheid...

Rand Paul: Unemployment benefits program is a ‘disservice’ to black workers

Toon: Can we impeach the Pope?

Post the funniest or worst cover of a song

One more Mandela Quote for the Archives

I DID not know this about Kittens. I need to get out more.

A rant. I have posted before about non-Christian abuse but now I have questions to ask

Storms Hits E. Coastal U.K. With Worst Tidal Surge In 60 Years - At Least 1,400 Homes Dest or Dam

Choking East China Coastal Smog Wave Moves On To Beijing, Other Provinces

Britain’s Ministry of Nudges

US Measles Caseload Rising Rapidly - 2013 Total Almost 3X Annual Avg. Since 2000

Atheists to Bill O’Reilly: ‘Religion does more than just hurt people. Religion kills people.’

Santorum needs to slither back into obscurity....

Unplug the Christmas Tree: Managing the Holidays

They even threw little Jimmy Baker out there today to rewrite St. Ronnie history

Surviving Ancient Forests Are 2% Of England - 19 Tracts 2B Damaged, Destroyed By New Rail Line

This is my list of things I don't want OTHERS to have...

Happy 70th birthday Mick Jagger!

Westboro Baptists ‘booking flights’ for Johannesburg to protest Mandela’s funeral

Rep. Renee Ellmers: Obamacare is a 'war on women'

Ukraine protesters topple Lenin statue in Kiev

What Mandela had to teach us about getting shit done

Nelson Mandela Obit...

US Energy "Independence" - Do Those Pushing It Face Consequences If This Narrative's Screwed?

Narco Cultura Official Trailer

If you decorate a Xmas tree and are late doing so, you should be ashamed:

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday December 8th, 2013)

Santa called my granddaughter

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Sorry Baker but Reagan is a moral disgrace as President.

Racism or Censorship? - An Interview with Ted Rall

Worst. Muslim. Ever

"Catching Fire"

Baker: Reagan Regretted Veto Of Sanctions Against South Africa

Did Microsoft just extend the retail sales life of Windows 7?

Boo Hoo: Insurance Agents Feel Left Out Of Obamacare

Der Spiegel: How German Electricity Became A Luxury Item.

Flynn leads the Packers to victory!

Woman's Christian Temperance Union Targeting Marijuana

Ice Energy Delivering 250 kW Of Electric Capacity For Maine Energy Storage Pilot

Rand Paul: Unemployment Benefits Extension Would Be A 'Disservice' To Workers

China is Acting on Climate Change & the Country Can do More

A 14-year-old's "heavy metal" Vivaldi performance.

WARNING: There is a current thread that contains a graphic image:

Hedge Fund Mgr. Smacks Lumber Liquidators For Ties To Illegal Russian Timber Trade

Two-Thirds Of Burmese Irrawaddy Mangrove Forests Destroyed Between 1979 and 2011

Per Capita US Disaster Costs For 2012 - $300; Higher Costs In Future Only Likely Outcome

How Big Will the Solar Market Be in 2014?

US spy agency launched this Earth-conquering octopus logo into orbit

Is Chile the Next Star in Renewable Energy?

Pregnant Woman wakes up to an empty Womb

Simple poll: who was worse, Ronald Reagan or George W Bush?

No charges ever pressed: Assange marks three years of UK detention


Riot breaks out in Singapore's Little India neighbourhood

How fast can you spot the error in this Facebook posting?

You'll never look at Santa the same way again (long but worth it)

Lenin statue toppled and smashed in Kiev, Ukraine

Why am I craving glazed donuts?

John and Teresa hosted the dinner where the Kennedy Center honorees got their medals

TYT- The Bible Is My Compass

Mosaic Theory: How License-Plate Scanners Are Eroding Our Privacy

Obama Warns Israel On Iran

Another casualty in the "War on Christmas"

TYT- Sarah Palin Humbly accepts Martin's Apology, After fighting to get him fired

Please, Virginia Republicans, Don't Ever Change!

If someone wishes you...

Protesters fell Lenin statue, tell Ukraine's president 'you're next'

Television is in the "boredom-killing business".

TPM: Third Way Co-Founder Explains Op-Ed Criticizing Warren (and makes it worse)

I love this comic - Scandinavia and the World

GOP staffer calls herself a Ho' on Facebook, post drunken party pictures of tax-funded trip.

Past words of "wisdom" by Third Way prez, Jon Cowan. Too much influence on Democrats.

When You Give Graffiti Artists an Abandoned Warehouse and an Unlimited Amount of Paint

Westboro Baptist Church Plans to fly to South Africa to Protest Mandela’s Funeral...

What Was That About Obamacare Being Bad For The Economy?...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 December 2013

Fox Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies

Fear of Lobby Keeps Dems From Praising Obama's Iran Deal

Why unemployment insurance should be extended and why Rand Paul is wrong

North Korea says Kim's uncle dismissed for 'criminal acts'

Netanyahu Insists Iran Can Be Forced To Give Up Nuclear Program

Eerie Howling From New One World Trade Center Keeping Residents Awake

My cat keeps whining to go out and then wants in 30 seconds later.

Group sues government of El Salvador over treatment of critically ill pregnant women, ban on abortio

Another come-from-behind victory for the Galaxy's Most Beloved Team

Matt Prater!

John Lennon's glasses

Anyone know how to have info on a tenant background check removed

What is the difference between "Third Way" and "No Labels"?

Detroit Ruling Opens Threat To NY Worker Pensions

Two feet of snow in this picture

No Hugs Allowed? Madison Targets Pro Cuddlers

Newt Gingrich "surprised" by backlash on facebook page post about Nelson Mandela.

Vineout injured in car pile-up...

Comedian Aamer Rahman Nails Why 'Reverse Racism' Doesn't Work (VIDEO)

15 yr old, but still priceless

Top Three Paid Forum Posting Companies

Israel's Netanyahu Says Any Accord With Palestinians Will Likely Result In A "Cold Peace"

Just because

The World Cup Draw Couldn’t Have Gone Much Worse For The Americans

Venezuelan elections.

Kathleen Vineout injured in traffic crash...

Mandela Was an Enemy of Israel

Mourning Mandela As Their Champion, Palestinians Light Candles, Raise His Picture In Protests

Willa Cather: A Hidden Voice

Broncos Kicker Matt Prater Kicks NFL Record 64-yard Field Goal As First Half Expires

Susan Boyle admits to having Asbergers syndrome...

Income inequality: has the discussion escaped from liberal chat rooms into

This is new & interesting....

So Policy Mic says Ohio is the cursingest state

Pink Floyd’s Waters Defends Use Of Religious Symbols

Angelique Kidjo: How Nelson Mandela Changed My World

ATF Used Mentally Disabled As Bait, Other Rogue Tactics In Stings Across The Nation

Dem Gov. prospect, Kathleen Vinehout injured today in WI car pile up

Consider this: This could actually happen at the Super Bowl in January.....

Michael Eric Dyson Rips Mary Matalin For ‘Amnesia’ After Cheney Branded Mandela A Terrorist - Dec. 3- "New and more robust tools to help you enroll"

Conservative Kentucky accepts new health care law, makes it work

An Xmas carol just for us

Covered California head says agency adjusts to handle enrollment surge

I'm not Sure What to Make of this? "American men’s hidden crisis: They need more friends!"

Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Political Powers In Secret Trade Deal

Some Of The Beautiful Front Pages Remembering Nelson Mandela

Is TPP about Centrism or plain out corporatism? WTF, Obama, we are feeling betrayed

Life in prison for stealing a $159 jacket

On this cold winter's day ... paging femmocrat

I had a nervous tick

Michael Eric Dyson rips Mary Matalin for ‘amnesia’ after Cheney branded Mandela a terrorist