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The 250K pledge is important

Top 10 FAILED predictions

With Chavez sicker, Venezuela axes New Year party

Happy new years from Vienna!!

fair and balanced or spot the angry black man?

Have a Wonderful NYE and here is to a great 2013

Two-thirds of Israelis support peace with Palestinians that ensures security, polls find

It seems I picked up another nonadmirer

Well, I am capable of being happy. I had the best day.

Hamas to Abbas: Transfer the Palestinian Authority to us, not Netanyahu

Fiscal Cliff Countdown

Politico: Democrats win key tax fights in emerging fiscal cliff deal

Remember the ones that will be surviving, not celebrating tonight.

Happy New Years, Sports Forumites!!

Can't find it if already posted: Michael Moore's New Year's Resolutions listed in a letter

Haven't heard this one in a while.

Just back from seeing the movie "Chasing Ice". Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Can't find it if already posted: Michael Moore's New Year's Resolutions listed in a letter

The word is out, my friends: Democrats ALWAYS pay the ransom!

Biden Expected To Rally Senate Dems For Fiscal Cliff Deal

Woo! Here we go, folks! Break out the

Under Obama’s Tax Plan, Middle Class Will Get Higher Tax Increases Than Many Rich People

AFL-CIO's Trumka opposes deal that 'sets the stage for more hostage taking'

Michael Benner is live on kpfk

Who is having an Over The Cliff party tonight?

Seattleites: KBCS will air Thom Hartman!

20 toddlers have missed numerous New Years for gun nuts' fetish. nt

Does anyone have no interest in celebrating and going out New Years Eve ?

Confused by fiscal cliff deal being

SOS Clinton's clot behind her right ear according to Yahoo...

Now it's Their Turn, "How Does Shit Taste?"

Congress Collapses from Exhaustion After Doing Job

Ezra Klein - "Here’s what Republicans really hated about Obama’s news conference"

This fiscal cliff issue and the entire budget comes down to one basic issue

Ever feel like your coworkers are throwing you under the bus?

Binders full of women. nt

UK needs its own Michelle Obama to tackle obesity, say doctors

Chief Justice Prods Congress to Resolve Budget Talks and Control National Debt

Have you ever felt betrayed by a spouse, significant other or best friend when

Finance Industry Has Pried into Every Sector of the Economy, and Has Ended Up Running the Whole Show

Wouldn't keeping the 2% reduction on FICA taxes help more people than extending the Child Tax Credit

Remember The Publishers Clearing House? The Van, the Balloons, the Giant Check prop?

For many in California and New York - these are the blue states with generous donors -

NBC News: Vice President Biden Prepared to go to Capital Hill

JoshM.-TPM: 'This isn’t a bad deal at all, if you accept that some give and take was necessary'

So My fave aunt died last Thursday and can't be laid to rest until the 2nd.

Senior citizen's surgery app is a huge hit

What's going on behind Tea Party doors at this moment??

Iran Test-Fires Missiles Near Strait of Hormuz

Your last post for 2012 here:

$7 Milk?

Family friend made the lovelyist hors d'oeuvres for tonight. Drench fresh

Oh, China! Slow down!

Stock Markets goes up 166 points!

2008 Sichuan Earthquake Likely Man-Made

Unemployment Insurance To Be Extended, $30 Billion Cost Won't Be Offset

Domino's Farms' Tom Monaghan granted temporary order halting contraceptive coverage

Shot Across the Bow From Tea Thugs

For what it's worth, Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Barney Frank 'Strongly Opposes' Chuck Hagel As Defense Secretary

Urgent question about the potential Senate deal

FDA approves 1st new tuberculosis drug in 40 years (AP)

Seeing the New Year in with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

Jared Bernstein: The Cliff Deal in the Offing

[VIDEO] President Obama Makes a Statement on the Fiscal Cliff

Fuck John McCain And His Little Buddy, Lindsay Graham, And The Horses They Rode In On

Study shows space travel is harmful to the brain

Democrats win key tax fights in emerging fiscal cliff deal

Should there be a limit on how long one can receive unemployment benefits?

Heads up, The Walking Dead 3rd season is about to start on AMC at 8 pm central.

On the Fiscal Cliff, Obama Does What He Can Against 200 Years of Bad Faith

Progress watch 2012: Smart phones, jobs returning to America, and war crimes trials (CSM)

Paul Krugman is pissed: NYT Editorial: Conceder in Chief

A Wish For The New Year

White House says there is a fiscal deal in the works. Biden on the way to capital hill right now to

In late October 1980 I was driving somewhere when (Just Like) Starting Over came on the radio.

AP: White House And GOP Reach Deal On Fiscal Cliff

A fiscal 'deal' has been reached per

Pentagon braces for sweeping budget cuts

JibJab Year in Review 2012: The End is Here!

It wasn't guns, video games or creeping agnosticism...

Make the House vote first. No deal unless the Repukes in the House

LOL here's my new year's eve Malloy truthseekers check in thread

"White House officials gave in on the last issue...yielding to GOP wishes" (updated)

MSNBC: Fiscal Cliff deal has been reached between Senate and White House

I've enjoyed the ads, but some of them were offensive so I use Google Chrome now

For the New Year

A couple of great tunes played by Horace Silver & friends.

Live C-Span coverage of the budget negotiations.

"8 People Who Thought Hillary Clinton Was Faking Her Concussion"

"Don't fuck with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo." --Joan Crawford

"a two month delay in sequestration...will be paid for in cut to both social spending and..."

Details of tentative deal averting 'fiscal cliff'

Crazy Uncle Joe saves the day yet again.

As long as I am up.....

How about eliminating the payroll tax cap to fund expanding SNAP and other programs?

Optimistic about the next year (as usual): What's your best political moment of 2012?

I'm sorry, but shouldn't someone from MSNBC actually be working tonight?

The GOP's official statement about fiscal cliff negotiations with President Obama…

Just made Turkey Enchiladas... YUM!

I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret.

Doctors Expect Clinton to Recover Fully From Blood Clot Near Brain

Who's gonna watch Kathy & Anderson Cooper tonight?

Joey the Shark Is in the Hizzy

As Pheasants Disappear, Hunters in Iowa Follow

The Democrats in the House will determine if the deal passes or not?

The one thing I hope we get from "the deal" tonight...

The New Year

Darth Sidious said....

Set off the fire alarm at tonight's gig before we even started playing.

Senate Dems Balk At Last-Minute GOP Fiscal Cliff Demand

Condolences to Rep. John Lewis on the death of his wife.

FDA approves 1st new tuberculosis drug in 40 years

Anatomy of a Pitty

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn

CBS: It's Official: Deal Reached On "Fiscal Cliff"

If the House doesn't vote on it, it is not law...JUST A DEAL...

Good Bye Allen West

List of #'s for sitter. Your Cell,Pizza, Blood Bank, Chinese.

White House, Senate unveil final, even stupider 'fiscal cliff' deal. Vote expected tonight.

No more footballs


New Years Eve Traditions ...

Question regarding tax increases in this supposed deal

Space travel can accelerate Alzheimer’s: U.S. study

Petition: Washington State Citizens for a Deal for All

Public Service Announcement: 2012 recap (dial up warning)

The New Year

Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work

Why doesn't anyone point out the "fiscal cliff," was the deal we agreed on


Pro-Gun Legislative Victories in 2012

"Democratic officials: Fiscal 'cliff' deal reached" at AP

This Land was Made for You and Me! To the Best of New Years!

Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep!

Stories from the Road: For intheflow and anyone else suffering from workplace politics.

Fiscal cliff deal reached

I'm not crazy about the $400,000 limit, but I can live with it. Here's why.

Police: NYC couple had 'Terrorist Encyclopedia'

So, is Obama a leader or an appeaser?

A Very Brief Return- for those resolving to be a "better person" in 2013. The Golden Rule.

Union loses bid to stop Westchester County layoffs

Instead of a resolution, make a wish!

Bent - Magic Love

for my New Year's resolution

"Claire mccaskill just stormed out of the senate dems meeting on the fiscal cliff deal"

why am I getting ads for Oriental Brides and Asian Beauties

MOLOKO LIVE! The Time Is Now

Canadian National in Labor Deal (700 IBEW workers)

Are there a lot of firecrackers and etc where you are tonight?

Insults Against Women 2012 Review.

Tom Harkin said he's voting against the ageement

Hey ~ Democratic Underground

Beutler: Sherrod Brown will support the bill, insists Dems will not negotiate around debt limit.

Milky Way Midnight

"Instead of turning schools into armed camps, we should hold gun owners responsible..."

Ladies and gentelmen, I give you the distilled essence of DU's "General Discussion."

Senate to Vote Tonight on Budget Deal Forged by White House

Something must change

I would say more if I wasn't drunk

Trial balloon

chief theresa spence in 20th day of hunger strike--harper still refuses to meet

lsu just embarrassed themselves in national television

And now...the Lake Superior State University 2013 Banished Words List!

Reuters FLASH - Boehner says House will consider fiscal cliff bill if Senate passes it

Ed Schultz supports the Fiscal Cliff deal

Happy New Year to the Distillery that is DU!

Is there a connection between God and milk?

Woo-hoo! We took the Republicans to the cleaners!

I cannot stand Kathy Griffith

Ed Schultz: "This Is A Big Win For The Democrats"

Sounds to me like Obama got most of what he wanted on the "fiscal cliff."

Take Five (New Year’s Eve edition)

MSNBC reporting Heritage Foundation is opposed to the deal...

AI: The 10 Worst People Of 2012

Have been babysitting - what is sequestration?

Happy New Year to all my bookreading friends..

I am drunk and at home....anyone else doing the same?

MSNBC: Under the deal spending cuts and tax increases MUST HAVE a ratio of 1 to 1

15 minutes until the rich pay their fair share

2012 in 4 minutes

just remembering Joe freakin Biden's woodshed lesson to Paul Ryan

Been watching scary stories on DAM all day. Ask me anything.

Alice Russell - 'Heartbreaker'

Fuckin Happy Birthday to ME... who else is sloshed? ;)~

Fiscal cliff deal cheat sheet

Gun Shots

Democrats win key tax fights in emerging fiscal cliff deal as GOP defeated on multiple fronts

Market up 166 on news of NO DEAL. As predicted. Cliff is BS!!!!!

Special edition of Rachel Maddow coming on MSNBC - shortly - Yea!!

Domino's Pizza ......

What are you listening to right now?

The "Hydrogen Economy" .... One step closer?

What I am looking forward to in 2013:


Happy New Year DU ...

It's A NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year, east coasters!

I'm trying to tweet to @gundeaths but it doesn't go. why? anybody?

A Happy and Blessed New Year to you all.

Higher SS tax is going to hurt--dems might have a hard time asking for more sacrifice.

Goodbye and good riddance 2012, you sucked!

So Have We Officially Gone Over The Cliff?...

Merry New Year!


MoveOn Opposes Fiscal Cliff Deal

Rachel Maddow just said FL looks like a giraffe!

Can you still hear people's voices after you shut everything off?

Here's to a new year with no Rmoney escorting us further down the path to ruin

Kathy Griffin to Anderson Cooper: ‘I’m Going To Tickle Your Sac’

A toast to Andy Reid

If A Tax Bill Falls In Congress.....

The most progressive tax code since the early eighties?

Happy New Year to you all!

Rachel Maddow's Surge Is Fox News' Worst Ratings Nightmare

"Of particular interest is what isn't in the package"

Happy New Year DU!!!!!!!

Operation Zero Tolerance

Happy New Year, DU friends! Just back from The Hobbit and nice dinner at a pub

Happy New Year All

A toast...

Excitement at the homestead tonight....

Cha is two posts shy of 120,000 posts.

it's official

A year ago I was dying. Now I'm not.

So, the Pentagon cuts. Were they included in the deal?

"Even with a blood clot my brain works better than yours."


Marta and I popped the Korbel cork early for some old war shows tonight

What do you do when a beaver waves at you?

"On the Fiscal Cliff, Obama Does What He Can Against 200 Years of Bad Faith"

The Station Agent.

On a positive note: Bye Bye, Senator Joe Lieberman.

Is the Senate voting tonight?

Did anybody just see that video of the little girl spoofing Rachel Maddow's Hoover Dam ad?

Activists versus the governing class..a couple of thoughts.

Alan Simpson makes ad for Third Way prez group

OT: Happy New Years- A Personal Message

Looks like I won't be getting a New Years Kiss.

Heartwarming Moments of 2012

Happy Central Time Zone New Year!

Here's the bullshit about the "cliff"

Good Things That Happened in 2012 > Rove & Norquist Become Increasingly Irrelevant

Clemson Tigers beat LSU!

Dems To GOP: No Debt Limit Negotiations — Any Default Is On You

Tom Harkin On Live Now On C-SPAN2...

Will the deal make the surviving Bush tax cuts permanent?


Shell drilling rig adrift again in Gulf of Alaska and four miles from land

Senate is voting now. Live stream link below

For your listening pleasure...

Same-sex marriage ceremonies begin in Maryland

MNSBC reports deal passed Senate

CNN preempting Cooper and Griffin NYE rebroadcast

Bernie Sanders: Aye

Carlin at his best!!

HERE IT IS: Full Text Of The 157 Page Bill To Avert The Fiscal Cliff

Obama made history - he forced Republicans to vote to raise taxes.

I could not have taken a100 dollar monthly tax hike

This could be President Obama's New Year's Resolution

89 Yeas - 8 Nays ....

Ok, now who will be the GOPrick(s) in the house...

Employers Must Offer Family Care, Affordable or Not

Bernie just voted for it. Must be okay

Bernie Sanders just supported the fiscal cliff deal

Senate Votes Overwhelmingly To Avert Fiscal Cliff

This is a serious, no Bullshit message to anyone that says this deal is "not enough", "a sellout"..

The New Yorker: SHOTS

Bernie Sanders is a corporate/DLC/Blue Dog/sellout. Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

what a night--well wishes to all who come here

So where does your income fall in the scheme of things?

Happy New Year to one and all and may Obama & the Democrats have a great year....

Here's 'some' of what The Senate bill that passed has in it [Updated]

West coast DUers - what should I watch (on TeeVee)

4 minutes - west coast

The Pressure Will Be Really On The House Now ---- Will "Boner" --

So basically, we're averting the fiscal cliff by creating a new fiscal cliff?

President Obama insisted on sequester buy down


Don't ever under estimate Joe Biden.

Colorado gets members-only clubs for legal pot use

Venezuelans Offer Prayers, Songs for Hugo Chavez

Venezuelans Offer Prayers, Songs for Hugo Chavez

Cup Half Full, DU'ers...

'Fiscal Cliff' Statement From President Obama

Minimum wage gap grows wider between states

A New Year's photo of hope

Happy 2013: welcome to the same old

Shell drilling rig has grounded off Kodiak Island

Happy New Year to all here in the BOG

DU, why is there no permanent Doc fix with the Medicare reimbursement rates?

republicans did what they do best

Tribune exits bankruptcy with new TV-focused board

Happy New Year's


A short note to the nation from the state of Massachusetts.

9 years smokefree

9 years smokefree today .....34 years sober January 4

A Happy, Safe, Peace Filled and

(Research) Group warns military: Prepare now for risks of ‘mutant soldier’ future

Happy New Year!!!

Still alive? Good ! Here's some Jackie Wilson for ya!

The Flaw in the American System

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Wed at Playboy Mansion

Guns in bars is a great idea!!

Everything We Tell Ourselves About America and the World Is Wrong

Why We Need a New Year's Revolution Against the Corporatocracy

6 Reasons Joseph Stiglitz Thinks Means-Testing Medicare & Social Security Is a Destructive Idea

John Bolton shifts Hillary Clinton critique

Afghans to take over greater security role

Unemployment Insurance To Be Extended, $30 Billion Cost Won't Be Offset

"Fiscal cliff" bill passed: H.R.8 -- American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012...

2013. I made it! We made it!

Ivory Coast New Year stampede 'kill dozens'

Can you dry cilantro?

I survived 2012.

Will the deal pass in the House?

Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost

All-volunteer military may desensitize U.S. to war, some fear

It's a new day of a new year, the Bush tax cuts for the rich are dead and Obama is coming back

Shell Oil Finally Corrals Unmanned Mobile Oil Drilling Rig In Gulf Of Alaska

Fiscal cliff: America goes to the brink, but millions already fell into poverty

North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes rare new year speech

keystone pipeline goes forward as texas court ditchers

Commentary: Dumbest idea in history? Race

Martin Gore - Shake the disease

Talk Talk - It's My Life

The basic US problem is gerrymandering: Dems need to beat GOP by 7.5% to get a House majority

2012: The Year We Did Our Best to Abandon the Natural World

Deficits Were On Purpose To Cause This “Crisis”

Since Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders voted for it

Egypt official: Israel will be wiped out in a decade

U.S. Mortgage Firms Said to Near $10 Billion Settlement

rabbits, rabbits, rabbits...

The Financial Elite's War Against the US Economy by Michael Hudson

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

UB40 - Red Red Wine

So...what does the House do today? Predictions?

New fashion trends

General Public - Tenderness

Just the thing for your neighbors' hangover, this'll teach them!!

Darlington County break-in suspect shot in 'buttocks'

US War Machine Leaves Ugly Imprint in Afghanistan

talking heads - Naive Melody- This Must Be The Place

President Obama has issued a proclamation marking the 150th anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation

Averting Fiscal Cliff & Stopping Middle Class Tax Hikes (Senator Johanns R-NE)

Congressman John Lewis wife Lillian Miles Lewis has DIED

What have we won?

King Crimson - Elephant Talk

Obama was afraid of going over "the cliff" but he will be tough on the debt ceiling?

Scary thoughts about the Bush family in the New Year --

B52s - Rock lobster

Army drops suspension of contractor in criminal probe

Krugman's Perspective on the Deal

On second thought: This bill includes no spending cuts.

The definition of "Reaganomics"

Really Pissed At This Act

Gunmen kill 5 female teachers in Pakistan

The Walmart Revolt: The New Year promises new strategies for old labor

The ultimate success of the "Deal" is

The tax code is now more progressive than any point since 1980.

Ok, so what's the deal with the payroll tax cut

Standing by their principles

Tears for Fears - Shout

Wisconsin: Grothman On Kwanzaa: "It’s time it’s slapped down once and for all"

Jane McAlevey's 'Raising Expections' gives a union organizer's view from the front lines

Robert Plant - Big Log

How FBI Monitored Occupy Movement

David Bowie - Modern Love

I just served on my third jury within 18 hours....

Howard Fineman: Fiscal Cliffs: Congress Falls To New Normal

Resolve to Remember the Butcher's Bill

NYT: America in 2012, as Told in Charts

Neighbor's yard party went from 11PM to 6AM. Karaoke mic brings out Teh Stupid in people!1

700 in Hawaii obtain civil union license

NYT: Looking Ahead to Civil and Criminal Cases to Come

The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination

Congress $900/yr raise MAYBE not revoked by Obama nt

How do they do that?

How about a loud one? Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

"Remembering The Fiscal Cliff...of 1932"

I need some advice on how to deal with a person

Modern English - I Melt With You

President Obama killed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest

The Eight Senators Who Voted Against The Fiscal Cliff Deal

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance

I love it and I didn't get it for Christmas

What I learned as an Amazon seller in 2012 (The Year in Review Part 1)

Just saw McConnell on teevee

My hope for 2013: Escape the Average.

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 1, 1831

Duran Duran - Save A Prayer

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 1, 1831

Insecure males, not guns, are to blame

comparing the extinction of the eastern cougar with the extinction of twinkies

Does Ignore not affect the "Trending Now" section?

On the East Coast it is 10 AM on New years Day. The House is to be back in session at noon.

Marriage equality finally comes into force in Maryland today!

New Year's Honeymooners Marathon on WPIX today - what's your favorite episode?

Planet P Project - Why Me

Eric Cantor says no House vote today on Fiscal Cliff

Rep. Chaffetz: I Can’t Vote For The Fiscal Cliff Deal

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me with Science

So has anyone seen Krauthammer's apology for misdiagnosing Hillary Clinton's medical condition?

Do You Favor Or Oppose The Current Fiscal Compromise?

"Dear fellow conservatives: Obama won."

Union Submits Counteroffer and Waits on N.H.L.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth Really Could Have Used Better Public Transportation

Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Be sure to see TPM's annual Winners Of The 2012 Golden Duke Awards!

Why am I getting ads for Oriental Rugs and Asian Barbecue?

Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey

Happy New Year!

One special interest group won last night

Been watching The Zone marathon.

Level 42 - It's Over

Right-wing dreams of demented utopias

Odd sand dunes left after Hurricane Sandy

The War Against Teachers

AWARD winning MADE in USA 100% recycled BPA free turned 2 years old yesterday

Obama Brokers 'Lousy' Fiscal Deal in DC to Usher in the New Year

Breaking: Clamor about the "deal" on DU causes House to delay vote!

Mo. lawmaker wants limits on drone surveillance

A "how to" list for running contests

The Exceptional U.S. Wildfire Season of 2012

Disgusting McCONNELL is the poster boy for wrong "model" for governing

Obituary: Rita Levi-Montalcini

DJ Earworm Mashup - United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter) ALL THE HITS of 2012 in 4 minutes

The Glitch of the Year

Who is happy with the deal?


The Big Picture

To the piece of shit on CNN concerned about if we are getting all of Hillary Clinton's

From the Rose Parade - Someone tweeted Al Roker

I signed up for a class on Coursera

Just because some of those Rethugbastards assented/voted for this

Russell Means Freedom

Jurors: if the alert is a waste of your time --then maybe you're too busy to agree to jury service

Replica of Michelangelo's David has penis cut off

TPA's Texans of the Year are the Tar Sands Blockaders

Happy New year from Sam, Kip and newest member Pico!

Can someone define "Flame-Outs" and "Melt-Downs."

Sen. Tom Harkin doesn't like the cliff deal

Airline workers want public support with possible strike

Blind dog rescue: Fiona

What Happens If The Vote In The House Fails?...

Inspired by Ric's Charles Eisenstein post

Where is that Chained CPI Everyone Was Sure Was Coming?

A Different Perspective On the Fiscal Cliff Compromise

KS sperm donor being sued by state says this is a political battle

Rick scott is costly for florida

If a constitutional convention were held tomorrow,

From Andy Borowitz: Washington Celebrates Solving Totally Unnecessary Crisis They Created

: The Bush tax cuts have expired and no law has replaced it

Cynic alert: did McConnell get WH promise to lay off in 2014?

Grumpy cat meets Jesus

Robert Reich : The deal emerging from the Senate is a lousy one. Let me count the ways:

Does anyone have a problem with a lame duck congress deciding the fiscal cliff?

Pledge Smedge: Obama just got nearly every Republican senator to vote for higher taxes

The Five’s Eric Bolling Accidentally Shoots Himself…

Do you agree with Pres. Obama that millionaires and billionaires will be paying their "fair share"

Republican Asshole of the Day (so far)

Ugh, I just ate too much.

2013! Don't forget to be awesome!

Pakistan child measles deaths surge in 2012

Lets Just Not Pay Republican Lawmakers

Raid By Undercover Israeli Soldiers In West Bank Palestinian Town Sets Off Clashes

I LOVE when "tv" goes to C-Span.. The results always range from

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Jan 1st ~ New Years Day Edition

Digging into 2012's archaeology - BBC roundup of the year's most exiting news

John Boehner's kids attack UK man...........

It's time for politicians to put managing the economy as their first priority

Iran Warns Off Foreign Planes During Naval Drill: Report

Blood of Louis XVI 'found in gourd container'

Joe Biden: Actually a Pretty Good Dealmaker

On the estate tax, the deal worked out was better than the Senate bill that previously passed

The beautiful sentiments of Lionel Richie's" All night Long"

It's official. Today is the day I start ...

On the Fiscal Cliff, Obama Does What He Can Against 200 Years of Bad Faith

I identify myself as an atheist but...

Iran Test-Fires Noor Long-Range Missile In Naval Drill; Testing Components Of S-300 Type Missile

I wonder what Grover Norquist is up to today?

Sunday Dilbert Strip Slams The Corporate CEO: "Delusional Sociopath"

I heard this about guns in the restaurant last night

Ohio Voters – Dumber Than the National Average

Rep. Cole (R-OK): "We now have a great deal more leverage against the White House."

If the House fails to pass the deal, what happens?

Why am I getting ads for an alluvial rug and and an agin' BaitBlogger?

Any DUers watching CSpan1 with the House

All along floride was just a stalking horse... the real threat is IODINE...

U.S. House aims to split Sandy aid bill into two parts

The Full Text Of The Senate-Passed Fiscal Cliff Deal

Does anybody know the President's current position on cutting Social Security or Medicare?

Firebrand Shiite Cleric al-Sadr Voices Support For Sunni Protesters Angry At Iraq’s Government

Happy New Year!

Pope's new year address deplores rampant capitalism

Update on my broken toe.

Do you think the President is a good "negotiator"?

manitoba elder to join chief spence in ottawa as hunger strike continues

The payroll "tax" is not really a tax...

Judge rules for Domino's in contraception coverage case

Egypt satirist faces probe for insulting president

today in women's herstory

Weird "Yahoo" headline...

on cspan now...the republican house is naming post offices...thank gawd

Happy New Year

a biography of the day-dame jane goodall

Former GOP Candidate Arrested For Slashing Opponents Tires

some quotes of the day-carter heyward

Then and Now

Tuesday, January 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For New Year's Day.

Leading Republican says Obama tax cave gives them all the leverage

Here's the low-down on MIRT

How big is the "middle-class"...

Sick, Sick Cambodian Stories

Irony of Ironies?

I HOPE someone will own up to being the person who filed this alert. I want to thank you . . . .

Bush tax cuts have expired, no law has replaced them

Fans of Scandinaviana and other European mystery series:

a biography of the day-carter heyward

How Do You Know If You Are A Teacher?

On the "Debt Ceiling"

We should have a funeral for the Bush Tax cuts...any last words?

Bwaaaaahaaa! Chuck Todd has that Kevin Whathisname from the Romney campaign(s)

WH says it'll be easier to roll republicans for revenue now: “It’s a sea change,” one official said

US debt clock adds sequestration....

Presenting: The Pledge for Full LGBT Equality by 2014 The 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Right's

Did we just agree to dis Teddy Kennedy?

How many Democrats in the House will vote against the "deal"?

What a lot of folks need to learn...

I have 3 salmon fillets in a marinade. Going to cook them tonight.

Did you know?

Pope Slams Capitalism, Inequality Between Rich And Poor In New Years Message

A SS-slasher Republican says "We now have a great deal more leverage against the White House."

Is there a group here devoted to knitting & crocheting?

damn, i turned on m$nbc to see 'Lock-up: Louisville - extended' and get

three areas of hope for 2013

Sheila Jackson Lee: Biden Emphasizes History To Dems

I have a dream. (A short New Years rant)

Obama's Deal From a poor Person's Perspective

A roster of just how we might endorse the Republican demand to : CUT ENTITLEMENTS

I can't spell tumacacori

Journalistic malpractice is on full display today.

Don't Try This At Home

Politically, what were the high points of 2012 for you?

CBO scores the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (aka Senate cliff bill) (.pdf)

I'm confused - which Congress is in session?

WI Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) slams Kwanzaa

Bob Cusack of the Hill just said the House is amending the bill

Let Me Ask A Question to The Admins

Why, Az?

Fox News host shoots self with confetti gun

Here is an idea for our Bloomie fans


Browns want to hire a coach first, then a GM.

This Deal DOES NOT "Make The bush Tax Cuts Permanent."

Obama signs FISA extension..5 more years.

The Game May Be Switching Again

Clergy Who Attack Gays May Be 'Closet Cases'

House GOP Balking On Fiscal Cliff Deal

The Hill @thehill BREAKING:House Republican Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) driving opposition to Senate

G.O.P. Anger Over Tax Deal Endangers Final Passage

House GOP opposition to fiscal cliff bill grows

New refrigerator and a New Year resolution re: leftovers.

Guess the # of Republican defectors and Democratic defectors

Proliferation of assault weapons leaves our police out-gunned!

I don't ask for much around here

Senate Democratic leaders say they will reject House changes to tax bill

My New Years Resolution - Shake-a-hand, shake-a-hand!

Yet another reason to restrict guns...

The tax cuts are the problem

Trump Tweets His Outrage On Fiscal Cliff: ‘Republicans May Be The Worst Negotiators In History!’

Thank You Speaker Cantor...

Could Someone Clarify For Me...

So. Are the long knives out in the House now? Has Cantor

Pavlov's Dog in real life -

Fucking bastards-Unbelivable!!

Will Cantor be the new speaker come Thursday

If The Senate Democrats Allow Amendments

Cantor opposes Senate deal

wowsers. this emphatically refutes the 'need a gun to stop a bad guy' thing. how did i miss this?!?

Dear fellow Americans, Grover Norquist is not a publicly elected member

Do The Right Thing Mr. Speaker

House Democrats press Speaker Boehner to call a vote

G.O.P. Anger Over ________ Endangers ________.

There are 2 Main Reasons for the Deficit. Tax Cuts and Big War.

Remembering the 'Buhl rampage': Relatives, survivors look for healing- By The Detroit News STUNNING!

The tangle and the weave

Senate: "We're done."

Hey Cantor... The First Spending CUT Needs To Be...

Barney Frank: If Republicans Amend The Senate Deal They’ll Kill It

Li'l Kali decided that she could drink unspeakably nasty things to get to lots and lots of these.

How to tell a villain dog from a hero dog:

Why is there such an obsession with guns?

All you need is "boop". All you need is "boop" All you need is "boop-boop". "Boop" is all you need.

Billy Murray. Billy Murray.

Back in the day, Charlie Sheen used to stage interventions for MiddleFingerMom.

It's true. NASA won't send MiddleFingerMom back to the Moon. He says they MAY have a good reason.

"The American people" wait.

Luke Russert has some really good reporting on the GOP insanity

I didn't fuck it up

Dems succeeded in preventing tax hikes being held hostage by spending cuts.

america is about to see the true face of the teabagging republicans........

The deal passed in the Senate because that GOP KNOWS Cantor and his gang of thugs

Lets get rid of the US House of Representatives and only have a Senate...

"Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. We have some trash to take out."

Jon Huntsman: GOP 'Devoid Of A Soul'

Senate Passes H.R.6586 -- Space Exploration Sustainability Act

Brit Hume: House GOP will blow up deal

Likud Ministers Edelstein, Elkin call to annex Area C


GOP representatives are blaming this on drunk GOP Senators?

What year is it?

Another cool thing about Austria? 8mg Nicotine gum

Football Movies: Alabama vs Notre Dame

Which NFC team will make it to the Super Bowl?

David Cameron sets free trade agreement as his G8 priority (deal to be between Europe/US)

The Life of Pi, and Other Infinities

Study Suggests Lower Death Risk for the Overweight

Israel's Jewish population passes 6 million mark

Indian bus rape: Delhi sees rush for guns

We need an excise tax on the wealthy to pay for the wars.

Anyone else find a ton of irony in the fact that the Teahadist

Clay Bennett weights in on the Tea Party

WATCH: Disney PSA of Boy With Two Moms Incites Right-Wing Outrage

Senate Democrats will reject House changes to tax bill, aides say...“We’re done”

Ladies of the Lounge: Never give up on online dating sites!

Mitch Daniels leaves Indiana the fiscal envy of the Midwest

Democratic Senate leaders: "We're done."

What's the end game if the House sends the cliff deal back to the Senate and we give NOTHING more?


guess m$nbc has to pay overtime for talent on a holiday?

What’s Islamophobia, and Do I Have It?

I'm not sure the country is going over the cliff, but DU sure as hell has.

House will add "spending cuts they know Democrats can't live with

20 minute background check..women buys gun, kills herself outside store

Stop the kabuki theater, jump the cliff.

Update on the GOP mess in the House

Ten Year Old Girl Shot By "Celebratory Gunfire" In Critical Condition

POTUS & VP have set the stage to retake House in 2014

2012: new diversity and conflict marks religion

House Reply --- Add Chained CPI And Raise Age For Medicare To 67.

We are crazy if we accept this fiscal cliff bluff

Eric Cantor is a cutthroat backstabber. There, I said it. The people's house

Is Eric Cantor making his move?

Year in Review: The Best of the White House Blog

Cantor vs Boehner

Anyone scared that Obama will now push the Senate

Issa Isa ASS!

OK guys, time to join or re-up: ACLU

PA Gov Corbett sues the NCAA over the Penn State sanctions. My guess - he's guilty

Why New Years is my favorite holiday: I haven't smoked yet this year.

Pelosi ‘Confident’ Fiscal Cliff Deal Would Pass If Given Up Or Down Vote

UPDATE: Death Threats And Legal Obstacles – Lawyer Withdraws $100M Newtown Lawsuit

Has anyone ever posted a breakdown of which president is responsible

When you think politics is nothing but a game of chicken, played over and over,

Thank you, Governor Perdue, for your "Pardon of Innocence" for the Wilmington 10

Is there anybody out there in the country cheering Cantor and Co. on in this?

I have a brother who is in his mid 40's who just became a great-grandfather

Fly On The Wall In Repub Debate Right Now?

Can the President issue an executive order...

One thing about this debacle that gives me a belly laugh

Starself January Astrology Newsletter - Relationships: Compatible or Complementary?

When You Elect Stupid Congresspeople This is What You Get

Fox News - The Republicans are more worried about Roger Ailes than anything else

Danziger sums up Cantor and the T-baggers- Subway Terrorist (disturbing image)

Why can't the President use the 14th amendment?

"If the House changes the Senate’s bipartisan agreement, we will absolutely not consider it."

Morning Joe back on schedule tomorrow. No word on website who will be guests...

U.S. Fiscal Cliff Deal Leaves House Republicans Angry, Deal In Jeopardy

Any reasonably priced places for the Inauguration?

I think I understand the anti-psychiatry BS on DU, now

I think I understand the anti-psychiatry BS on DU, now

Court Challenge To U.S. Senate's Filibuster Rule Fails

Boehner's control over the House Republicans is "practically non-existent at this point"

Anyone here ever performed in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade?

The "Hastert Rule" -Why Boehner won't bring the Senate Plan to a floor vote

Top Dem: If GOP Kills Deal, We Offer A New Bill

"We should not take a package put together by a bunch of octogenarians on New Year's Eve."

New Fracking Documentary "Triple Divide"

Dick Clark Died, we Know

I would like to invite everyone to join me in congratulating the newlyweds

Frick and Frack

The Obama administration has done a good job thus far

Firsts: 2013

Senate Filibuster Limits Proposed By Bipartisan Group Of Senators

Ageism is the new Repuke meme.

How Corn Syrup Might Be Making Us Hungry–and Fat

Chilling. The new Normal?

Breaking: House GOP will see if 218 votes for amended bill, if not will vote Sen bill up or down

Black eyed peas and collard greens...TONIGHT!

Boehner is presenting the House GOP caucus with 2 options.

Governor to sue NCAA over Penn State sanctions

Congressman Latourette just now on

Fox Looking for New War to Stoke Outrage. “War on Christmas too Short”

Professor examines which dinosaur would taste the best

Al Jazeera: Eurozone braces for yet another tough year

Salon: Why 2013 is going to be awful

Defend government policy or resign, Israel's ambassadors are told

Obama might echo Pelosi's call for House vote on Senate budget bill

We Need New Rules For Congress on Fiscal Issues.

India considers chemical castration for rapists

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi could now get 218 signatures on a discharge petition...

Eat More Salad! New Year's resolution.

MoveOn gets one right on the "fiscal cliff...."

Africa's energy consumption growing fastest in world

Jon Huntsman: GOP "devoid of a soul"

New York County denies request for names of gun permit holders

Point of order question...

Boom! Goes the GOP?

I'm not sure how effective this will be...