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NBC "Exclusive": DEA agents arrange prostitute for Secret Service agent

Obama's massive trade failure: trade deficit with S. Korea is RISING

April Casburn guilty of leak to NOTW offer

Posts that I've already read are no longer turning from blue to purple.

Only Thing that Can Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun is a...Unarmed Teacher

Unhinged Tactical Response CEO threatens to ‘start killing people’ over Obama’s gun control

You can't fix stupid

If teachers have to be armed

Julian Assange to address Oxford Union

Joule & Audi Partnering to Accelerate Development & Commercialization of renewable fuels

Florida professor claiming denial, "crisis actors" in Newtown, CT

Hey, Ted Nugent

Jon Stewart takes on AIG

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 January 2013

T-90 days and counting...

NRA Congressional Republicans seeing big popularity drop - Public Policy Polling

Deadly disease a "good thing" for kids, author claims

A Little More About Tough Guy, Unhinged Tactical Response CEO Yeager...

Do you support universal, government mandated sick leave for workers?

Last of Their Kind (Intimate Glimpses of One of the Most Endangered Birds on Earth)

The Forbes "Death Spiral" States

Warning To Gun Nuts: Arming Teachers Could Have Dangerous Consequences

Obama signs bill, gets Secret Service protection for life

Moonwalk: Free Climber Dean Potter Walks a Highline Across a Rising Full Moon

Which type of workplace would you prefer to work in?

Yeager Releases 2nd Video: No Murders ‘Unless It’s Necessary’

There is NO way I would shoot a student. I would shield myself infront of my kids, protect them

Taft High School Armed Guard Was 'Snowed In,' Not Present During Shooting

Mass Shootings: Is Anyone Keeping Track? With complete list of these events?

Is Obama's Treasury Nominee A Big Bank Crony?

GOP spirals deeper and deeper into obstructionism

NBA ref gets caught stalling for commercial time...

Maker of high-mileage 3-wheel vehicles buys former GM plant

‘Little emperors’: Study says Chinese born under one-child policy cautious, less competitive

As Brennan Tapped for CIA, Case of Somali Detainees Highlights Obama's Embrace of Secret Renditions

Tell Walmart: Protect your customers, stop selling assault weapons

Detroit light-rail project will receive $25 million in federal funding

Old SNL: Rachel Dratch introduces her gigantic parrot to Liam Neeson

Too funny to not post, I.E. rushbo

Chris Rock does it again.

My grandma would say, "Dumb as a stick but not as useful." She must have been talking about

The Pardons Turkeys ( Scott Horton )

Giving Voice to Americans Who Tell the Truth

Idle No More rally in Anchorage Town Square tomorrow, 1/11, at noon

For your consideration.

Mass extinction forecast with 6C temperature rise

The Elite Lose a Round in NYC

Secret Money Lobbyists Fight SEC Disclosure Rule

Dearborn Heights man charged with making racist threats against Obama

Poopy Pants says that gun owners are the new Rosa Parks and they will sit down

Yeager Releases 2nd Video: No Murders Unless It’s Necessary

4 of Australia's 10 hottest days on record have occurred this year

So now Republicans are coming out and saying they oppose Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary

How can I do a hit and run in GD when now my Posts tab lights up whenever someone responds?

America: Where the Rapists Keep on Raping, and the Victims Pay the Price

Having a few cold ones with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

This would be a tiny victory:

Why should the NRA be allowed to veto federal gun violence research?

For Americans Under 50, Stark Findings on Health

PLEASE READ - Americans have lowest life expectancing and are poorer

Subject: 35 States so far

Sheriff Joe's Armed School Protection "Posse" includes Convicts & Sex Offenders

Luckovich Toon- Gun Controll

Weekly Summary of UNION Communications Job Postings for January 10, 2013

If Hillary doesn't run in 2016,

NRA Gun Safety Research Restrictions Prevent Violence Solutions, Scientists Tell Biden

Newtown mom wants voice in gun control discussion

Grandparents save five kids from 'tornadoes of fire' in Australia; pics

A teacher in CA TALKED a gun wielding student into surrendering today

Our Vice President ~

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bang Bang! & a new kitty gif

Rhino poaching in South Africa reaches record levels

Rachel discussing drone strikes in Pakistan and Brennan

Nate Silver predicts Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl matchup

Vince Sombrotto passes away.

Nugent likens gun activists to civil rights pioneer

Here in WI we have some fo the stupidest politicians out there.

And now, Favog's 2013 Oscar Picks:

Ariz. court orders county sheriff to return pot to California woman

Three-quarters of deficit reduction so far has been cuts

Just for info ... Michael J Fox will be on Letterman tonight.

Indiana boy abducted by grandparents in 1994 found living under different name in Minnesota

Cory Booker: “I hated gays”

World War I photos found inside antique camera

Found on FB (guns)

"Prior to 1989, there were only a handful... From 1989 to 2012, there have been at least 40... "

Doctors: Junior Seau's brain had CTE

Does anyone think its possible to politically separate the NRA from gun policy?

Cory Booker's great '92 op-Ed

When a friend dies that is younger than you

Wayne LaPierre is defective

Obama’s 81% New York City Vote Tally Sets Record Since 1898

hmmm now they want our medi-care money

RIP Funky Claude

Trending FB meme showing faked model of "12 week fetus". Please help counter!

Obama will take his oath of office on two Bibles.

BBC - The Survivability Of 50C - Health Effects & More

Bachmann still hasn’t paid presidential campaign staffers

Some Drought Easing In SE United States, But Zero & Below Threatens Stressed Plains Wheat

On Giglio and Hagel

Dinner Party! Anyone living or not... List your top ten.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 11, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Epic Roadshow Comedies

Isn't it about time for the GOP to apologize for holding AG Holder in contempt?

Dammit, he did it again.

We just watched a film about everything that says (verbally) nothing. Samsara. Just remarkable.

NSIDC - Arctic Oscillation Goes Negative; December Ice Extent Far Below Historic Averages

Police seek person who tied 1-year-old dog to fence and set it on fire

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun...

The Nazis: A Warning From History

*About VPOTUS running for POTUS in 2016,

Did anyone listen to that douchebag on Piers Morgan tonight?

Remind me again how it's "Teh Gays" who are the sexual predators?

What I find "funny" about the current gun control debate

Inauguration Balls..anyone going?

Hindsight is easy, but in '08

OMG: FOX - Men armed with assault rifles walk through Portland to 'educate' public

Seeing Red: Huffington Post debates Communist influence in U.S.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 12 -- The Essentials: Sibling Rivalry

All Religion is about only one simple concept:

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 13 -- Tonight on TCM: Irene Dunne Classics

Can you even immagin Biden v/s Christie?

Dad's b-day would have been yesterday, Mom's been gone 8 years now. Winter's gloom pulling me down.

New York City to Restrict Prescription Painkillers in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms

Argentina's threadbare threats

Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr Day

Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded

Fuck it-a serial number in EVERY bullet and a government ammunition exchange...

Is it just me?

Holy Crap: Be glad we don't have pot holes like Brazil

Do you like this cover more or less than the original Call Me Maybe?

The mental health of religious people is better than spiritual people but not better than atheists.

Anyone have the Canon 50mm 1.8, also called the "nifty fifty"?

Nice Pic on Fox News

Ken Cuccinelli: 'Go to jail' to fight contraception mandate

Brent Musburger Does It Again, at a WNBA Game!

Dengue fever forces 2011 Miss America Teresa Scanlan to miss pageant

"Legislative Terrorism"

Appoint Barney Frank!

#ConservativeBandNames trending on Twitter

A Family Circle Spins Around the Oval Office.

Glenn Beck called Alex Jones a crazy person and says he ranted and raved on CNN

Lawrence O'Donnell's Take On The Bible: "Has More Death Penalties In It Than Texas Law"

I'm sure its just a coincidence. Nothing ironic or cosmic. "Giglio"

My paycheck went down to 50 dollars

Calling all car crazies

"kill the government"

Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as head coach; Norv Turner as OC?

Jon Stewart is the best news man on TV.

TxDOT director: Agency needs $4 billion more for roads, maintenance

Rex Trailer has died.

Being Human & Lost Girl Season Premiere..

Suits & Necessary Roughness returns...

A very old friend is getting ready to go public on his "I was there gun massacre story"

I have Seen it Have You?

War and Hunger in the Central African Republic

Youtube gun enthusiast murdered

Man arrested for impromptu safety drill at school

High Time for Hawaii to Legalize the Shaka Bud?

Former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk leaving Obama Cabinet; diversity concerns

My local pond went down to 50 mallards

It's Fido Friday! Beach Party edition!

Baseball Hall of Fame Voting results in a no hitter (a post about juicing, not baseball)

Preserving Ojibwe hymns means more than religious devotion

Sen. Sanders:The Soul of America

GD folks who are exausted by the gun posts I suggest we head over to

Israeli Deputy FM: Hagel a "Decent and Fair Interlocutor"

Re: The payroll tax sunset. We do not have to help the economy

On the BOR, 2nd Amendment and Incorporation

Biden, NRA Clash Over New Gun Control Proposals

Flu season strikes early and, in some places, hard

Gasoline prices predicted to fall in 2013

10 Things to Know for Friday

'Smart' Potty Or Dumb Idea? Wacky Gadgets At CES

Possible replacements for Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

Fox News: Algebra is socialist indoctrination

CNN breaking news of school shooting breaks in as they are reporting on Joe Biden's discussion

Purity Culture Is Rape Culture

High demand in ammunition causes shortfall for local police departments

Good lord. "Convenience abortions" survives a jury

It's the 10th of January and it's raining in Upper Michigan

Jon Stewart On Gore’s Current TV Sale To Al Jazeera: First Fox News Boner Alert Of 2013

caption time

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Jan 11th

Upon 8 years and 6000 posts...

American Action Network Exists To Buy GOP Representatives

Drive your right-wing relatives nuts: Some Facebook photo memes from Anglo-Saxons for Obama

Giffords gun control group wants $20 million for 2014 elections

Sea Shepherd: Capt. Paul Watson resigns.

World War I photos found inside antique camera

Applying post 911 Right Wing logic to the current gun issue

Gay former NFL player says there are many ‘semi-openly’ gay US athletes

Japan unveils stimulus package

I don't even ... I Love James Holmes: An Admirer Opens Up About Her Crush

If you were a member of a club. And certain members started acting irrationally.

New Warnings on Sleeping Drugs

Often overlooked: Our "societal psychosis that defines men who show emotion as weak"

Man gets wrong order at McDonald's, fires shotgun at another car

Best websites for bargain shopping?

Windows 8 ate my apps

NRA Gun Control Crusade Reflects Firearms Industry Financial Ties

Great Keynes Quote...

Health Care Spending Target Could Save U.S. $2 Trillion Over The Next Decade, Study Finds

Rich people find a new reason to stiff servers?

Syria Denounces U.N. Envoy as ‘Biased’

For those of you who are fans of "The Thinking Atheist..."

Hey Scumbag right wingers....

Welcome to DC!

Birds-of-Paradise Project

New 50-state handgun policy: mandatory Open Carry

The right wants to keep their assault rifles to protect against the tyranny of the govt?

Dean on a 2016 run: 'Probably not, but we'll see'

Navy Sub Goes Bump in the Night and Loses Its Periscope

Iraqi gun control: An odd challenge to both sides of gun debate

Lung infection identified using 'breath-print'

El Paso County Sheriff's deputies arrest couple for allegedly smoking pot in front of infant son

Bushehr: The Next Chernobyl?

Galaxy crash sparks large spiral

Biden seeks video game industry input on guns

5 Reasons Natural Gas Won’t Be an Environmental and Economic Savior

12 Charts Show HOW Trickle-Down Fails, Gross Income Inequality

9 Ways to Beat the Patriarchal Christian Right

Major Military Contractor Poisons American Troops, Avoids Accountability

mysticism, modernity abound in Benin's voodoo fest

savannah coroner of 40 years exits under suspicion

This Chart Is For Anyone Who Thinks The US Has A High Level of Government Spending

Wile E. Coyote vs ACME

Dudley Moore plays Beethoven

LOL!!! They must have given Joe an anti anxiety pill this morning. He is too docile. It is quite

Rhino poaching in South Africa reaches record levels

Ha! Joe Scarborough looks like he got the beat down!

Sometimes all it takes is patience and words to disarm a bad guy too.

Zambia bans hunting of lions and leopards

Twelve Questions Progressives Should Ask Jack Lew

Where is the conversation on jobs? GM opening office in Atlanta and is currently hiring 1000

I had no idea that Snidley Whiplash was Jacksonville's GM

Nugent compares gun owners to Rosa Parks

CEOs off-loaded millions of dollars in stock in december to avoid higher taxes

Personal Austerity worshipers in frenzy over this guy:

Um...Someone has left the building.

are walmart and big food lobbying the FDA for a GMO labeling law?

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013

Exclusive: JP Morgan faces U.S. order to improve compliance - sources

Most Russians and Pakistanis say they prefer a ‘strong ruler’ over democracy

Drought-damaged states face poor outlook as dry weather persists

Alabama Shakes - I Ain't the Same

The Iron in Our Blood That Keeps and Kills Us

Why hasn't this idiot been ARRESTED!!!!

I have no doubt, that if teachers were armed---students would die, at the hands of the teacher.

Dreamliner plane review ordered by US regulators

PPP: Lukewarm Support For Christie From Republicans Nationwide

Gun Control Crowd Wants To Be Called ‘Gun Safety’ Crowd

Okay, what is the law re: restaurant wages?

Obama, Afghan President To Hold Press Conference At 1:15 PM ET

David Sirota: How to Reach the Last 20 Percent

A speed bump that works.....

Bill McKibben: Idle No More Rises to Defend Ancestral Lands—and the Planet

Scott Walker: Liar

Rich Man's Bull

That's How They Getcha: Airlines Extract $6 Billion in Fees From Americans

Java software said to put computers in peril

Afghanistan and Iraq should be stamped on the sides of the Platinum coin(s)....

White House may consider funding for police in schools after Newtown

The antioxidant myth is too easy to swallow

Brigitte Askonas obituary

San Diego mayor orders end to city war on marijuana dispensaries

Psychologists for Social Responsibility Statement on Gun Violence

Corporate Death Star: Help fight the secretive, corporate-sponsored Trans-Pacific Partnership

Gunmen Sought After Nordstrom Rack Standoff

Idea for a voter-ID-law (Would it be workable?)

The Republican war on science, gun violence edition.

NYT Eliminating Environment Desk - But No, It's Not Linked To Budget Concerns. Not At All . . .

Good News: Ford, Others Step Up Hiring To Meet Demand

Jim DeMint: Conservative ideas need a new message

Shell CEO Defends Arctic Operations: They Have A New Tech Center In Houston, See, With Computers .

Teachers of Garfield High School in Seattle Say No!

Smog Season Arrives: @Beijingair Reports "Hazardous"; PM 2.5 @ 377, Ozone Reading 419

Washed-Up Hacks Gale Norton, Ed Schaefer Have A Sad Re. Bad GOP Reputation On Environment

Pro-Fracking End Run At Dallas City Planning Commission Draws Rage Of Local Residents

My dog peed ON another dog at the dog park :( What is up with that?

On a much lighter note, my LoL moment for the day.

Irony...thou art a heartless witch...

A psychoanalyst speaks out on the Brennan CIA appointment

Jimmy Savile, British media personalty, abused over 450 kids

Michelle Rhee's Failing Report Card

This Is Guantanamo Bay’s $400,000 Go-Kart Track

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Fewer coffins, please.

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Repubs in congress

Friday TOON Roundup 3: Nominees

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Jerry Brown balances CA budget; state Republicans miserable.

The pro gun lobby's argument (and mentality) summed up in one video.

Soy plant workers put out fire near Galva, Iowa

So much fail. So little time.

Teabag Paranoia

Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto's GMO Empire

'Cory Booker For Senate’ Files Organizing Papers With FEC

William K. Black: "Third Way's" "Fresh Thinking": The EU Is Our Model for Austerity

A Christian walks into a Church for Atheists…

Six facts you need to know about Jack Lew - this is a positive article

Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack

APNewsBreak: Rockefeller won't seek re-election

Workers' Comp Law Doesn't Restrict Religious Freedom, Montana Supreme Court Rules

s.o.s. please. My heart is breaking. help me break it open to something good

Even in January, Marcy doesn't think it's too cold to swim.

FDR's grandson supports Social Security cuts -- is nothing sacred?

Theology professor sheds light on 'Les Mis' bishop

FAA to launch comprehensive review of Boeing 787

Toles - Tells It Like It Is

New Afghan war over U.S. troop levels

World War II Bunkers, As Captured By Photographer Jonathan Andrew (PHOTOS)

Gaius Publius On Stopping Cuts To The Social Safety Net In The Next Round Of Fiscal Negotiations

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 11, 1998

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 11, 1998

and He Shall Reign Forever...and ever....and ever...

Amanda Marcotte On The Domestic Violence Case Against Congressman Jim Moran's Son

A Reminder That Ronald Reagan Was Shot

Climate Change Got 8 Minutes Of Airtime TOTAL On The Sunday Talk Shows In All Of 2012

Sandy Hook Truthers

Australian Open has Federer-Murray and Serena-Azarenka on the same sides of the draw.....

The Last Dive? Funding for Human Expeditions in the Ocean May Have Run Aground

The Origins of Neoliberalism, Part III – Europe and the Centre-Left Fall under Hayek’s Spell

Tom The Dancing Bug... Trillion Dollar Coin

DELAWARE: Buyer-beware option considered on sea level rise

Baptism of bushfire

High costs threaten Norway's oil recovery

In Kansas City we already have a lot of police officers in the schools

Palestinian leader rejects deal on Syria refugees

Laugh of the day = Newsmax and Dick Morris oppose Kerry as SoS because he is a 'Castro Sympathizer'

Would #MintTheCoin Bring About Another Downgrade of America's Credit Rating?

Gun Appreciation Day Leader: If Blacks Had Guns, They Would Not Have Been Slaves

President Obama Calls On Rhode Island Lawmakers To Approve Gay Marriage

As Nurse Lay Dying, Offering Herself as Instruction in Caring

The Tenants Committee of the LounGe will meet tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

The 2013 Inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame...

Would you be terribly disappointed if Jacob Lew was denied the Treasury job??

Was just pondering today - big flu outbreak, effects of changing climate - bingo!

Gun Appreciation Day Leader: If Blacks Had Guns, They Would Not Have Been Slaves

Drove by a gun store last night

If The NRA Ran The Tobacco Industry ----->

Gangsters v, Gangstas

Your dog is thinking about you all day. Go out and play some catch when you get home.

Critics Of Likud's New Vanguard Say Party Has Abandoned Founder's Ideals

The Tale of Two Second Amendments

Six Degrees of Bacon Bacon:


MiddleFingerMom was banned from all subsequent neighborhood "Fun With Towels" competitions.

Just this brief time at the rehab center has brought MiddleFingerMom's six-pack abs back into view.

When you say Gun Nut, who do you mean?

The social chaos and extremist rightwing backlash in Greece is getting worse

Iran Denies Responsibility In Cyber Attacks On U.S. banks

CARTOON: Deficit Attention Disorder

Why Hasn't There Been Info Coming Out Of Newtown On The Shooter?...

Republic of Rape

The NRA's worst nightmare: Joe Biden

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVA) to Retire

124 light-years of starry goodness

The NRA Is NOT Relevant Anymore

‘Severe’ Strain Of Flu Reaches Epidemic Proportions In New York City

For our bird photogs

A Handy Graphic For Anyone Who Struggles To Find A Synonym For The Word 'Gay'

Yeager Watch, Day 2

“Burn the houses down with the cops and their families inside”

iProcrastinate keeps wanting me to update its program, but I'm still waiting

Joe Biden, forgotten man

Memory vs. Hobby Lobby: Evangelicals and contraception

Happy Anniversary

Sorry, Sharon - Kelly started this public cat fight.

Glenn Beck describes his wacky planned community,

"Burn the Houses Down with the Cops and Their Families Inside"

Pic Of The Moment: NRA Baffled By White House Meeting

Thom Hartmann: We've Been Robbed of Pensions, Healthcare & Free Speech in the Workplace

At the Races — Roll Call's Politics Blog Massachusetts: Democratic Rabbi Mulls Senate Bid

Maddow: Confused and unorganized NRA fighting a two front war

Generation Lead

Vanishing Immunity Deal Throws More Steubenville Players Back in Spotlight

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Buying A New Computer

Wingnut gun nut to Stephanie Miller: "Obama's lying about guns because he reads off a telegram"

Hey guys, check out this iBird camera

How To Destroy the Filibuster

Ford to add 2,200 U.S. salaried jobs this year

See, I told you so.

Tonight is a big comedy night on TCM

Big drop in those who say being gay's a sin, study says

"On the debt limit, the GOP is right ..."

GOP congressman: Akin's rape comments were 'partly right'

Texas Board of Eduction: History of America

All of these people who are 'experts' about rape need to STH up!

Virus Caught in the Act of Infecting a Cell

Does Obama WANT to cut our safety net? Where is the discussion? Why the wait til the last minute?

Allow me to share my FB rant, re: Jobs and kittens...

Considering that the Republicans still intend to block Obama's appointments

Sitting Can Be More Dangerous than Smoking Study Shows...Daily Mail

Eliot Spitzer Ends His Show on Current TV

1st Amendment Porn vs 2nd Amendment Arms

Unpacking the Giglio Imbroglio

Kosher food pantries report growing need

Screw it! Let's just make legal all forms of torture.

Santa Fe and Abq ladies?

Monks in California Breathe Life Into a Monastery From Spain

FrackNation Mispelled

Stupid right wing extremist neighbor...

America's Minority Religions Take Center Stage

Ecopsychology: Whole Earth Mental Health

How to get access to mental health care...

Scientists make supermaterial a reality (carbon nanotubes)

Are Mass Shooters & Suicide Bombers Similar? What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers

(Funny VIDEO)Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News Attack On Al Gore/Al Jazeera–Owns Anti American Network

Washington’s Endless Civil War by Robert Shrum

An Ohio School District Is Arming Its School Custodians With Handguns

First bookless public library system

Woman Says She Loves James Holmes Even Though He Might Be A Killer

How America Became an Empire

The Other 1%: NRA Members. The Rest of Us Are the 99%.

Israel’s jihad is mine

Nancy Pelosi Talks About the Budget Vote, Obama’s Grit, Guns and More

Wisconsin: Tell Scott Walker to Strengthen BadgerCare!

Let's plan our "Gun Appreciation Day" celebration! I got a great idea....

'Pitching' to Mohamed Mohamud: curve balls from the FBI

Thom Hartmann: Shouldn't we each get a check for the wealth of our nation?

Jack Lew’s union-busting past

A reminder about Dianne Feinsteins personal experience with gun violence:

Did you know who was the real "Rosie the Riveter"?

California School Shooter Allegedly Had a Hit List of People Who Bullied Him

Don't call it "gun control", but rather "gun regulation"

Another Republican explains how 'legitimate rape' is sort of a thing. And he's a doctor!

A déjà vu Congress targets reproductive rights, again

Just Who The Hell Does Hillary Clinton Think She Is? (Think Progress)

How can you find the results of an alert if you aren't the alerter or serve on the jury?


The truth...

"Cut and Gut" has become too visible, and that's a good thing

Biden Meets NRA...How It Went Down

Orgy! Anyone living or not...list as few or many as you like.

Here's a project for any math and/or Excel standout ...

Detroit Mini-Mansion Has Asking Price Less Than Michigan-Made Buick Enclave

Richardson delivered letter for detained American in North Korea

got a new iMac and the f10 function (where all open pages are displayed like a grid)

Phil Gingrey agrees with Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock

President Obama's team of rivals

Current TV - if you don't have the money to do it right, when will you have the money to do it over?

U.S. warns on Java software as security concerns escalate

Miss. gov. targets last abortion clinic: ‘My goal of course is to shut it down’

Papantonio: The Web of Tort Reform

Christmas review:

So Mika apologized to Joe Scarborough...

Restaurant owner gives lesbian couple anti-LGBT letter ‘out of love’

France confirms Mali intervention

Anyone recall The "Adams Ribs" M*A*S*H Episode?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Breaking Etiquette

Frankly I'm sick of hearing anecdotes

After Newtown, Massachusetts pulls violent games from rest stops

21 Cats Sleeping In The Weirdest Positions

Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement With Costco

"All NRA Talking Points, All The Time. Sorry, DU is WAY over our Gun Troll Quota."

Aurora suspect James Holmes to enter plea in March after hearing delayed

Isn't it time for servers to be covered by labor laws?

****POTUS + Karzai Press Conference****

Cinemax's "Banshee" premieres tonight ....

Does anyone else think Chris Noth ( The Good Wife) looks like Victor Mature?

Pres. Obama on troop withdrawals from Afghanistan: “We are able to accelerate them somewhat”

Fuckin' Phil Gingrey... Are there ANY Republicans who know what rape IS?

"I stopped telling women to smile (and you should, too)."

Thom Hartmann: Are we heading to an economic crash in the next few years?

Video and charts make clear the planet is still warming — and there’s only one way to stop it

etc., etc., etc. . . .

Gun rights group leader: Meeting with Biden wasn't all bad

Rest in pieces: Hasbro to replace a classic Monopoly game token

"He Must Be Drunk" - Cartoon of tea party bumper stickers on old car

Howard Dean on a 2016 run: 'Probably not, but we'll see'

Delaware couple arrested for sex with dog (Poor Fido)

Edward Markey hires Elizabeth Warren’s two top fund-raisers to work on his Senate campaign

It seems funny to me that VP Biden's group

British Report on Savile Scandal Details 214 Cases of Sexual Abuse

Can anyone help me find the name of this product?

Comedians in Cars getting Coffee!

Jon Stewart gleefully points out Murdoch’s ownership of anti-American network

Grey's anatomy and end of life care :

Is Marijuana an 'Exit Drug'?

Source: AG Abbott tells donors he'll run for governor

Ever been called part of the "purity police", a "troll hunter", "against free speech"

A Feast of Ice and Fire

Did you get the flu shot this season?

Middle ground idea on gun control: Gun Insurance

Showtimes House of Lies and Shameless Season Premiere Sunday...

Sharing this more broadly than Lounge, for LAUGHS!

my streamlined proposal

Federal agency retracts reprimand to flatulent worker

The first time in history a married man of a same-sex couple was sworn in as a Member of Congress.

Does anybody else WANT the Kings to leave Sacramento?

This is my backyard.

Occupy Wall Street Marine to Compete On New Survivor Season

Hillary Sighting

For the Attention Of Our MIRT People, And For Future Jurors To Understand

From Senator Warren on AIG - 'They Backed Off...'

U.S. forces to move to Afghan support role in spring: Obama

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about Climate Change

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about Climate Change

Wyoming Wingnut Launches Unconstitutional Attack on Nonexistent Gun Laws

Top Senate Dems to White House: If you unilaterally raise debt ceiling, we’ve got your back

In a saner world.....

Livestream "Brunch with Bernie" live on Thom Hartmann 3-4pm EST

Cowboys name Monte Kiffin DC

My car's got a blown head gasket, $1,500 to repair. Do I really give a shit who the Treas Sec is?

Let’s see . . . .

Supreme Court to review free speech of HIV/AIDS groups

You are under my control! You have no will of your own! You will do as I say!

Trial ramps up in Oregon Christmas tree-lighting bomb plot

Bronx Residents Accosted by NYPD Win Landmark Court Ruling Deeming "Stop and Frisk" Tactic Illegal

For a little fun(?) What does NRA really stand for?

Is it possible for a man to be "pro-choice"?

Quentin Tarantino shuts down interviewer over questioning about violence

1,000's of exquisite photos strung together, shown in sequence to give the illusion of motion

The Hitler gun control lie

How do I find out...

Now nutcase 'killing people' guy says he's 'assembled an army'

Rep. Gingrey: Akin "partly right" about "legitimate rape"

TUrn on Martin Bashir right fugging now

The quintessential gun nut

Turn off your Java plug-ins RIGHT FUGGIN NOW!!!!!

Is it possible for men to be fully human?

Any comments

How KKK rally image found new life 20 years after it was published

So is President Obama going have to make some last minute changes to his

Senate Dem leaders privately inform Obama they fully support unilateral exec action on debt limit

Excuse me excuse me I have a question......

Would you pay a hundred bucks to message Mark Zuckerberg?

Boehner invites Obama for State of the Union on February 12

Joe Flacco Already Preparing Apology To Ray Lewis For Disappointing End To Career

Senate Democrats Push Obama to Stay Firm in Budget Fight

Ladies..just remember to be stressed before you're raped and you won't get pregnant...

Hell YEAH, I'm talkin' to you!!!!!

Obama and Karzai close to agreement on US role in Afghanistan after 2014

There are 20,000 gun laws, why don't we just enforce them?

2nd Amendment's "Well regulated militia" were "Slave patrols" in the slave states.

Remember this one!

Why Attacking Obama’s Lack Of Cabinet Diversity Is A Phony Issue

Planned Parenthood seeks injunction in Texas funding law

Would you pay a hundred bucks to massage Mark Zuckerberg?

India Moves to Block Dolphin Shows, Citing Cruelty

(UK) Economy heading for triple-dip recession, NIESR warns

A New Badge Of Honor For Members Of Congress.....

How Young Organizers Have Become Unwitting Victims of the U.S.-Funded Fight against Gangs

Obama supports French intervention in Mali

How Young Organizers Have Become Unwitting Victims of the U.S.-Funded Fight against Gangs

Report: Lautenberg Aide Slams Booker For Being ‘Self-Absorbed And Disrespectful’

Colbert Slams Obama’s ‘Failed Second Term’: It’s A ‘Disaster’ (HILARIOUS!)

Tweety -Tyranny starts with TEA

Do authorities keep records on who buys cyanide?

Sandi Jackson resigns from Chicago City Council

Greetings, DUers! Ready for your Friday Afternoon Challenge? Here it is: “Illuminations.”

The U.S. and the Privatization of El Salvador

Solving Debt Ceiling & Storm Aid in One Swift Move

Climate change set to make America hotter, drier and more disaster-prone

The U.S. and the Privatization of El Salvador

Australian Open 2013 men's preview (ESPN)

"ARM THE JANITORS" - all makes sense?

State suspends gun carry permit for TN man who made viral video

How We Can All Make Money Like the Billionaires - Thom Hartmann

State Suspends Handgun Carry Permit Of Tactical Response CEO

Navy camo uniforms in the nooz: They're flammable. And for me: Camo? Why?

Psssssssssssssst Public Threat Yeager can no longer legally carry a a handgun

Top Ten Global Weather Events of 2012

President Obama to Award Medal of Honor

Chuck Hagel and election fraud?

Artist found burned to death on top of his masterpiece

Fuck the NRA and fuck the lying liars who speak on its behalf.

No gun magazine charges for David Gregory

Has anyone made the connection

A School in Rural Ohio is Planning to Arm Janitors:

Predict Yeager's next cockup. My entry: Talk shit at an airport!

Is that Java vulnerability flap an issue for us on Macs?

"If the left doesn't quit profiling us gun-enthusiasts as unstable psychopaths...

Iranian President Invites Egypt's Morsi To Visit Tehran

Sometime when I'm feeling a little low, Brak makes me laugh.

Apparently someone is using a fake French utility page, for EDF, to fish for credit cards

Chuck Hagel's Nomination Is Worth Fighting For

Wife of former Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns from Chicago City Council

94-year-old escapes hospital for birthday beer

Yeager’s case a test of the 2A intent to preserve the right to resist tyranny

Nextup: Repubs to defend freely speechifying terroristic threats,

Obama silences '1600 Penn' star Josh Gad

Specific words matter. When listening to some call-ins on Big Ed's show, I heard some of this...

Is the republican party having a contest to find the dumbest of the dumb in their party?

President Obama Appoints Female Judges At Twice The Rate Of Bush

being a hunter does not make any one a competent gun owner

Come on. Stop calling James Yeager an extremist. He isn't. He's mainstream . . . . .

I remember the rhetoric our leaders used against Nicaragua and the Sandinistas in the 80's.

Some "dwarf"

Phil "partly right" Gingrey. Hahahahaha Aaaaaahhhhhhhhahahaha :snort: Hahahahahaha

Ok since i haven't ticked anyone off lately-

Michele Bachmann, wage thief

The "assassination attempt" plotline on SCANDAL has me wondering...


Aaron Rodgers at the 2005 NFL Draft

The Liberty City Seven

Why does our location not show up or do most people not put it? Just curious.

I hate when I overhear people talking about Politics.....

Does Anyone Know What "Private Listing" In E-bay Means....

You might be a gun nut if....

DREAM activist’s mother and brother arrested after raid

FYI: James Yeager is suppose to be on Ed's show tonight.

You raped her because her clothes provoked you?

A Horrifying Thing Happened In Ohio. Not Being Creepy Could Prevent It From Happening Again.

Proving they don't want to win, Cowpies name Monte Kiffin DC

Erstwhile Musician Billy Corgan Comes Out in Support of Alex Jones

(((Hug for California Peggy having a rough week)))

Hello everyone!

Matt Taibbi & William Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks From Justice

Supply side vs. demand side (gun thread, for those sick of them)

Rev Al, Teddy Roosevelt is on Mt Rushmore because he was the first president to

Man pardoned by ex-Miss. Gov. Barbour involved in fatal gunfight ("quickly escalated ")