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Archives: January 13, 2013

Bentley, Rolls Royce post record sales

Climate assessment delivers a grim overview

US scientists in fresh alert over effects of global warming

Here Comes the Sun’ flashmob cheers Spanish unemployment office

Are electric cars too quiet? The NHTSA is thinking of requiring them to have noise makers

Tough desert mouse eats scorpions and howls at the moon

Guilty plea in drinking-game gun death in Battle Creek

No reply at all...when I call my mom today. Sigh. I think she's mashed the 'mute' button on her

baja photo expedition

Child, 12, dies after accidental shooting

Britain to send aircraft to Mali to assist French fight against rebels

Belfast riots lead to questioning of police tactics over flag dispute

I need ideas for dressing up the Christmas village next year -

Millions face tax hike under new pension plans

Republicans are even against the antibullying campaign "the tolerant are becoming bullies"--

Ahhhhh! This thread is getting Trolled!

WTF! NBC Sports is sponsoring the largest gun show in America

I believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to own guns

So, intelligent, non-hostile aliens land on earth...

Mississippi Governor: ‘My Goal Of Course Is To Shut Down’ The State’s Last Abortion Clinic

Why does this nearly 24-hour old OP appear as No. 2 under "Latest Threads"?

Dennis on: NDAA, nuclear weapons, middle east issues, and Guantanamo

1/2 way through my jury duty the post was deleted.

Halley Berry Movie: The Call

Hitler was not a leftist

Tina Fey cut my balls off even before I got a witter account!

How certain substances affect the aging process: George Takei

Christian School Used Children To Clear Dangerous Asbestos – Without Protective Gear (VIDEO)

Meg Whitman could get more than $15M for first year as CEO of HP

See if you can guess who I'm quoting...

Liquid Nitrogen experiments -- Kosh ball.


The PACKERS are HOT tonight!!

(Metro San Diego) Officers shoot suspect in movie theater

A couple of sites with suggestions for free seeds

Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control

wharf rat

"...the campfires of gentle people." I love that!

Banning assault rifles will do no good.

The Human Abstract by David Axelrod

Tebow won a playoff game for the Broncos last year.

I hate the officiating in the playoffs.

This video will give you fourteen minutes worth of miracles.

An Interview with the Guy Who Named the ‘Nones’

So what is El Supremo's avatar going to be now??

Any Mini Cooper Countryman owners?

Eggplant "Meatballs"

sharing & caring redux - Great moments

Saguaro you Loungers tonight?

What is the VAT?

The World According to Monsanto - full documentary - MUST watch

The Social Dilemma still my issue for over 30 years

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Government Agencies Just Buying Each Other Hookers Now

The, Why am I not dead, thread.

Florida Satanists holding rally in support of Republican Gov. Rick Scott

Here's a "paper" claiming no AGW using cointegration. Who wants to rip this shit apart?

Sunday Talk Shows: Justice Sotomayor in her first broadcast interview

I think we have a troll that is just out to be a pest.

What does Ohio State have in common with Boise State and TCU?

An Ugly Attack on Lonely Males and What it Represents (Beta Male Infighting)

WH - West Wing Week: 01/11/13 or "The Interests of Our Country"

George H.W. Bush doing ‘much better’ after bout with pneumonia

It's the Tenth Annual Rocktivity/DU "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

Supposed ALex Jones caller: NC Police Officer claims Martial Law coming in 2013

Hobby Lobby finds way around $1.3-million-a-day Obamacare hit - for now

Illinois GOP Calls For Ouster Of Their Gay Marriage-Supporting Party Leader

Please tell me this is photo shopped

Introducing the Survivor cast for Fans vs. Favorites...

Paul Salopek: Going for a seven-year walk

Anti-gay female lawyer found guilty of producing porn with underage daughter

Stupid question: do you get told if your post gets alerted?

American Spring

HELP!!! My wife is having issues with her client and endive.

School? You don't need no stinkin' education! Back to work, kid!

The Center for American Progress proposes common-sense gun reform. Freepers freak out.

The Kansas City Gun Show draws huge crowds

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

How Dumb Do You Think Future Generations Will Be?

Chomsky: The responsibility of privilege

yes, and hell yes

Michele Bachmann Refuses to Pay Employees Unless They Promise to Hide Illegal Activities

Krugman on Moyers

my son's school district did it again

Fuck it, Dude. Let's go Bowling.

Anyone ever been to Minute Clinic here?

Why not just send an unmanned drone to go kill all the deer for you?

USA Social Mobility = Get higher education = In debt forever

So, is there going to be a prize for Registered User # 200,000? n/t

Bennett on Lapierre

49ers Cream Da Cheese......


New York City Ties Doctors’ Income to Quality of Care

Brooklyn resident wins Miss America crown

three years ago today, an earthquake destroyed haiti

Klinsmann omits Donovan and looks to MLS for first USMNT squad of 2013

I am a Packers fan! Talk me down/cheer me up.

Erin Andrews left ESPN for Fox in June

Guess what? RAMBO supports gun control

An earlier thread of mine got

WHy'd my thread get locked? I'm not fussing but really don't know what I violated.

Texas poised to become national model for higher ed reform

One happy dog!

James Yeager worked as a contractor in Iraq 2004-2005; an account of his service:

Dad visits kid’s school, doesn’t hear ‘liberty’ in Pledge of Allegiance, threatens to "spill blood"

No kid can resist a mud puddle

One Percent The Documentary

With so much Ugliness Surrounding us right now...We Need a little Beauty.

Looking for a Pic of the Moment

GOP Would Allow Rapists To Sue Their Victims To Stop Them From Aborting Their Offspring

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Jan 13th

Question - which John Wayne movie was it

I tried posting this in the Classic Movies group,

The Path to their 4th Superbowl Is Now Wide Open for the Patriots

Can the gun nuts spell "logistics?"

Mark Sanford may run for his old U.S. House seat...against his ex wife

Mother Crusader, NJ parent blogger, has righteous rant about ed reformers. Good read.

Avatar help...

Cops and rodders

The Real Reason America Used Nukes Against Japan

Okay, I just saw the strangest thing in a stupid TV movie.

Sickle girl

There will never be a better time to call the bluff. Let the pugs declare war on America

Had to share these results... great jury!

So, best guess, what will President Obama do?

Though shalt drag

'Zero Dark Thirty' and Torture

I ran across my old high school history book today. It is nearly 40 years old.

White House: No More Hostages

To my baby!!

Wow, a cartoonist actually compared guns to Planned Parenthood?

Developer pitches $1B commonwealth for Belle Isle (Detroit's special PUBLIC park island)

House GOP Plans To Pass 11th Hour Debt Ceiling Increase...

Otis and Eric............ Now Shake!

Just got 3DS Ocarina of Time

Immigration is British society's biggest problem, shows survey of public

Mike Malloy: Evangelicals are NO LONGER WELCOME in the public square! (Re Louie Giglio)

Six Arrested in New India Bus Gang-Rape Case: Police

My error to not post the next of the segament with Eric and Otis

False balance: Fox News demands a recount on US’ warmest year

Do you think Bloggers, Twitter links & TMZ are replacing Journalists?

This is a great example of just how difficult it is to get a jury to hide a post

Egypt court grants Mubarak appeal, orders retrial

One of Alex Jones army of wackos claims martial law is coming in 2013...

Chinese painter portrays Tibet self-immolators

The ridiculously high price of college textbooks

Remember old Yeller


I'm on a hunting trip, forgive me.

Freakies Cereal Commercial

The Real News network's excellent report on the Chavez health crisis in Venezuela

Cuba and Peru Give a Boost to Links through New Agreements

Cuban Media Decry US Manipulation of Migratory Issue

Cuba ready to implement new Migration Act

Actual Wall Street Journal graphic on how much people will suffer in tax hikes (truly bizarre)

What Watchdog? How the Financial Press Has Failed the American Public

Matt Taibbi & Bill Black: Obama's New Treasury Secretary a 'Failure of Epic Proportions'

The Shady Inside Deals That Are Protecting Goldman Sachs at Your Expense

Drudge's top story: Armed nutcases to build fortress community

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Stinkly Member Edition

Expanded Panama Canal sparks race to be ready for bigger cargo ships

Who loves and hates America: A revealing map of global opinion toward the U.S.

Iran is popular in Pakistan, overwhelmingly disliked everywhere else

When someone in your social group is hitting on you or pestering you.

F-35 Marine Model Stress Testing Halted Over Cracks

BP Seeks $3.4 Billion Cut in Potential Oil Spill Fine

Wages have fallen to a record low as a share of America’s gross domestic product.

China sends fighter jets to shadow F-15s

Botswana Music - Ronnie on Mahlathini

Where is that lovely thread about books for a teenager

Now no one can deny that the world is getting warmer

Bill Moyers: The Shady Inside Deals That Are Protecting Goldman Sachs at Your Expense

Pat Robertson Blames Bad Marriages On ‘Awful-Looking’ Women

Toon: Clinton and dubya

Australia: Scorching heat stops outback trains

One of the many benefits of unrestrained capitalism in China

How the NRA evolved into a powerful lobbying organization

When the boys return

Pay-To-Play Pat Sidewalk Ball (protest of Foundation for For North Carolina Inaugural Ball)

I'm curious has anyone seen a tax increase in there latest paycheck

New York State declares influenza emergency

They said I couldn't bring my bottle of duty free booze on the plane, so I drank it

No Labels enters new era by shedding ‘centrist’ image

US scientists in fresh alert over effects of global warming

Gene breakthrough boosts hope of drug for blood diseases

For something out of the ordinary. Landing an f111 without landing gear

Why good guys with guns are not the answer. Illustration.

Britain's New Stealth Bomber Is Unmanned And Fully Autonomous

My conversation with an evangelical teen

Orlando Florida Patrolled By Surveillance Drones As Early As This Summer

The Partisan History of the Debt Ceiling = CHARTS

Sunday Morning Coming Down

NRA President: Assault Weapons Ban Won’t Pass Congress

Are there any anti-virus programs on the net? I have windows defender running

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Superman caught on video flying along Carlsbad beach

Military-Industrial Complex Owns Vermont


more than 130 nations begin mercury treaty talks

National Trauma Poll (2012 Edition) - As of Jan 13, 2013

Gun-Rights Advocate: Background Checks Provide ‘False Security’

Gary M. on the Kobe-Vanessa Bryant reconciliation

Relationship between sea level and climate forcing by CO2 on geological timescales

Impact of Assault Weapons Ban - Illustration-

To Our Childrens Childrens Children

Some pictures in posts not showing up

Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel

Exactly where does the NRA draw a line?

This inauguration Obama needs to repeat FDRs blistering words to the money changers

These pictures of people hunting pythons in Florida are just unreal.

Richard Blanco, 2012 Inaugural Poet: 'In honor of the Miss American pageant tonight . . .'

Few things are more vomit inducing than the sight of Haley Barbour first thing in the morning.

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 13, 1958

What America could have been if Frank Zappa had lived

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 13, 1958

This is my first post in Guns.

Oracle Corp to fix Java security flaw "shortly"

Gun Owners Of America Chief: Scalia Wrong On Second Amendment

I attended a rodeo yesterday that played "Gangnam Style" as its opening theme.

Did Peggy "The Gratingest Voice" Noonan ...

Mentally challenged girl, 15, 'gang raped under her desk during class as teacher did NOTHING'

Gun rights advocates, opponents square off at NY firearms show

Tiny the formerly 30 lb cat meets his goal weight

Private arsenal doesn’t protect gun dealer

Wow! Colin Powell is telling the REAL TRUTH

How do I go about finding a group IRL?

Duh.....Scratch That!- Signing in the 113th Congress - Fitzsimmons cartoon

Where Would Jesus Shop?

Gunrights Media ~ veeerrrryyyy interesting.......

McCain is such a whiner (on Face the Nation)...

Trouble with search feature

Far Right In Frenzy Over Possibility of Gun Legislation

Guns and "freedom"

On Scale Of 0 To 500, Beijing's Air Off The Charts AT 755; Residents: "Terrifying" "Beyond Belief"

Need a laugh? "No Labels enters new era by shedding ‘centrist’ image" ~ Really!

Noam Chomsky: The responsibility of privilege

U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in house in Yokosuka

Colin Powell Strongly Endorses Hagel For Defense Secretary

SHOW US YOUR GUNS!!!- This is the NRA's dream....from SNL in 1975.

Scott Walker's Psychological Examination Results

With the Packers out I'm all in with the Ravens.

Pentagon report cites "lack of maturity" of Lockheed F-35 jet

I hear the Clay Matthews has spun a hole halfway to China by now

6 arrested in new rape of a bus passenger in India (yes, ANOTHER ONE)

Not just for seniors...

Veterans may have been exposed to HIV

Topics we truly need to be having a National dialog about

Eugene Patterson just passed. Don't know who he is? You should!

Morning DU Loungers!! Enjoy. Time-lapse video of flowers blooming

Imagine how much different holy week would be if Jesus just had a semi-automatic

Man shot at Terrytown intersection after argument with another driver (LA)

Climate Change Happening Faster than Expected - L.A. Times

Over 50, and Under No Illusions

For a laugh: The best Christmas story

Colin Powell: GOP Has An ‘Identity Problem’

Is Colin Powell going to talk about Chuck Hagel stealing his Senate seat?

Did the Obama administration grant Bigelow info for Zero Dark Thirty?

In The Air Tonight

EU ‘To Propose’ Oeace Plan After Israel Vote

Suggestion to Admin

Storm Surge Facts

McCain: Assault Weapons Ban Can’t Pass Congress

Why the Racist History of the Charter School Movement Is Never Discussed

The Perfect Greed: Gas, Politics and Agencies

Any opinions about this news site?

I work with someone who just described himself as a super-genius

France Surprised By Mali Islamists' Fighting Strength

The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew


The problem is not John Brennan: It's us

Don’t be fooled by Apple’s PR: Workers strike against sweatshop conditions

TYT: Wall Street Hooker Tells All

& we thought Mittens was weird: Tom CRUISE #3 top Scientologist dog, book says billion-yr contract

Ana Kasparian: Do "Hot" Girls Have All the Advantages? Response to ThunderF00t

today in women's herstory

Argus Leader: Former S.D. lawmaker kills self after drugs, computers seized from home

Talking Heads With Talking Hands......

Maybe Romney can lend Obama his binder.

Rights groups condemn crackdown on Venezuela TV

a biography of the day-ernestine rose

TYT: Does the NRA Represent Gun Owners or Manufacturers?

How porn affects men Study scrapped 'cause researchers can't find ANY young men who had not seen any

Saco Man Accused Of Peering Up Skirts Using Shoe Camera

Fernandez and Humala leave Cuba without seeing Chavez (Spanish)

Church Sign: 'God Wants Spiritual Fruits, Not Religious Nuts' Gets Strong Reaction

Will 2013 Continue the Downward Trend in American Driving?

U.S. drug czar says there's no "war on drugs"

Businessman in fraud case ties Utah AG to scheme

Evangelical Christians prepare for ‘largest ever grassroots push on immigration’

some quotes of the day-ernestine rose

I am lukewarm for Chuck Hagel

What if Muslim Americans started heavily arming themselves?

Topless feminists stage Vatican gay protest

Gun-nutz "fearing the government"

All this crap about protection. My guns are in no way here to protect you.

Let's Focus On The Source Of Our Gun Problem...(Exactly)

F__king Fracking

Manchin, McCain To Introduce Bill To Create Mass Violence Commission

Regarding reconciliation, we should be IDLE NO MORE

I am pissed off and hungover/still drunk. Don't ANYONE ask me anything!

this global violence against women will no longer be tolerated

this global violence against women will no longer be tolerated

"(With) The Very Fast Depletion Rate Of Wells, Not Terribly Surprising That Bakken Leveled Off"

GOP Rep. proposes $300 million in cuts to Hurricane Sandy relief

jimmy savile abused children at 14 hospitals across six decades

Total Ends New Investment In New US Dry Shale Gas Plays - Upstream Online

Do you see celebrities everywhere you go? I saw Al Gore yesterday!

All men watch porn, scientists find

Surprise! AZ Ski Resort's Use Of Reprocessed Sewage Effluent Produces Yellow Artificial Snow

Incredible and powerful video about the issue of rape in state hospitals--one family's story

SoCal. Site of the birdbath hockey match.

Now I know how a Bears fan feels. I think I will buy a dog and name it Lovie!

Lets Test Them: Evolution vs. Creationism

Anyone watched Zero Dark Thirty

World of Warcraft Players Break Fundraising Record for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Police officers storm into Les Miserables screening, shoot pistol-waving moron multiple times

Colin Powell: GOP Holds 'Dark Vein Of Intolerance'

Rural decline: Amid urban shift, does small-town America still matter?

The President's misguided Social Security ‘Reform’

Your attention please-To everyone freaking out about the Obama “women problem”:

Arguably the most important straight person in the battle for gay rights died last week

Will longer school year help or hurt US students? (AP/Yahoo!)

Bloggers Hammer NYT on Decision to Close Environment Desk

Bob Schieffer Grills John McCain: Why Is The GOP ‘Against Every Single Person’ Obama Nominates?

(VIDEO)Colin Powell Rebukes GOP: I Am A Republican ‘but’ GOP Has A Dark Vein Of Intolerance

School Shootings: My Son Was at the Virginia Tech Massacre

I measured 16F around 4am this morning (Tempe)

So, about this java thing.

What is the worst thing Obama has done so far?

Fake Jerry Jones talks season ending 2012:

My brother's really conservative

19 photos of good pets gone adorably bad

WTF France? "Mass Paris rally against gay marriage in France"

Russian scientists get first ice samples from Antarctic Lake Vostok

Google's ultrafast Internet draws startups to KC

$17,000 Linux-powered rifle brings “auto-aim” to the real world

There is no compromise with the NRA, inviting them to the table to talk is ludicrous

Fox News doesn't Understand Math

For all you atheists, agnostics and humanists who have lost your way - please read this

are we talking about the same thing when we speak of "assault weapons"?

The genocide of the American Indians

Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path in One Fast Push

A little Sunday humor for this group :)

I am watching Episode 8 of the Oliver Stone


Whats the name of the all night porn place where you live?

Indonesia to remove ‘Science’ and English from primary curriculum

Krugman: WH tells him that it is absolutely, positively not going to cave

Five nuggets of wisdom I'm learning to live by

What global warming and rising sea levels mean for New Orleans

Strong indications that Obama really does want to cut Social Security benefits

Gun-regulation groups rebuilding after NRA dominance

Java security fix coming 'shortly'; Up to 850m machines at risk

New Federal Report: Climate Change Is Really, Really Scary

Mount Washington hits all-time record high temp for January

Physicists Find Evidence That The Universe Is A 'Giant Brain'

TNGA GOP leaders order state capitol televisions set to "Fox only"

So, what are you going to do about it?

President Obama: A Good Sport (January 2013 edition) Tons of photos...

Laura Flanders: How About Gun Control for the Pentagon?

Recently a Doll artist in the FB community and doll community died from the flu.

has a nice ring to it....

Guns not a priority

Do you think someone will alert on my post? Do you think a jury will hide it?

bob corker (R-asshole) questions chuck hagel's temperament....'although he doesn't know him well'

Neo-Cons Exploit Hagel Nomination to Refight Lost Wars

So, if Republicans want to take us back to the 1950's,

Who liked the Devile wears Prada? Great Reunion photo.

The House GOP can’t be beat: It’s worse than gerrymandering

Paul Krugman: GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy Is 'Hostage Taking'

Colin Powell defends Chuck Hagel as Obama's pick to head Pentagon

Binyamin Netanyahu 'wasted $3bn on Iranian attack plan'

Finally got chemo the other day

well I can't say this many January 13ths. just walked my dogs in my shorts, Tshirt - 75 degrees.

some manifestation...

Palestinian Camp Shines Light On Protest Action

College Enrollment decreasing because of High Tuition

graywarrior's nightmare

What (and how) I learned about the ugliness of nationalism:

Grim as we wanna be.

France says US is providing communications and transport help to Mali military intervention

Every dog has its day.

MFM is taking his rehab seriously. That 's water instead of his usual Jack Daniel's "rehydrator".

There is only one Wonka.

The Fucking Immortal MiddleFingerSnowMom:

Pop quiz, hotshots.

From the Bronx to one of the busiest seats in Washington

Hot sauces and salsas, and the peppers involved (and jerky snacks)

Washington and Colorado Legalize Marijuana (old video)

With its Silence the Republican Party Shows Support for Violence Against the Government

U.S. envoy says Iran working to destabilize Yemen: report

LaPierre: "Will the mass burning of firearms help set the stage for mass executions of gun owners?"

Mali: The 'gentle' face of al-Qaeda An exclusive report from inside northern Mali.

Let's call them what they are: Bitter Clingers

California State Teachers Retirement System to Divest From Gun Companies

Tea Party Patriots Not Obama Are the Real Faces of Tyranny

We Went to War

India to host the largest religious event in the world

Go Seahawks

Go Seahawks

Think Tank President Rebukes Senior Fellow’s Claims That Chuck Hagel Is Anti-Semitic

Re the Seattle/Atlanta game - we find again that the prevent defense prevents nothing!

Natural gas: It’s a hedge, not a bridge

50 ways to change your habits and reduce climate change (so many of them will appeal to a frugal's

War on climate change? I say Bullshit!

Over in GD, they're arguing about what should be the official world language

Barack Obama 'seriously considering' hosting climate summit

Just after the Sandy Hook tragedy

"Dog who wouldn't die" home after surgery

GOP Senator Promotes Iranian Propaganda To Oppose Chuck Hagel

Waking Up in Tehran

Global Warming is making you sick

About CORKER's crack re: HAGEL's "temperament." This is *anecdotal* - O.K.?!1

QuickMeme and YouTube are valuable tools for dealing with trolls.

Why would people want to elect a bunch of crybaby Republicans to national office anyway?

Poll finds support for guns – as well as limits – in Maine

Fishing for dummies

Le Parade Cretins

Noam Chomsky on Workplace Democracy

"This is an extremely primitive and paranoid culture."

Colonialism and the Green Economy: Villagers Defy Pressure to Forfeit Farms for Carbon-Offset

Colonialism and the Green Economy: Villagers Defy Pressure to Forfeit Farms for Carbon-Offset

Building an Economy that works for All

Why all these gun shows at this time


Guatemala builds private city to escape crime

Gay marriage protest converges on Eiffel Tower

GM remains embroiled in labor dispute with Colombia workers .

Paul Krugman and Bill Moyers discuss the economic recovery, austerity and politics

US DEA agents facilitated Cartagena prostitution scandal .

Noam Chomsky blasts Obama: He has no moral center

Attention: Objections to Citizens United are now inoperative...

Google translation:Rafael Correa, about to make another 4 years in office

just watched the NRA's david keene interview on cnn with candy crowley.....

Anyone have a link to watch Pats-Texans live stream on computer?

Duct Tape...that is it....

"The Abolitionists" is on PBS (Channel 13) Tonight. Part I

Assault Charge Filed Against Sen. Rand Paul's Son

1,688 wolves killed

Some types of stories that warrant reduced credibility

74 percent of NRA members support mandatory background checks for all gun purchases

This will make your weekend

AP: Hitting the debt limit: What bills would be paid?

Yet Another Use for Versatile Duct Tape: Restraining Your Fellow Passenger

College Enrollment Decreasing because of High Tuition

Newtown weighs fate of Conn. school where 26 died

Supplement safety? My understanding is that the FDA doesn't regulate supplements,

Best Book(s) On the Roman Empire

Paul Krugman interview with Bill Moyers- Channel 13 now

The Day the Earth nearly Died

NRA has new competition

Should California make changes to landmark 1970 law?

Sierra Mist - the IED in my 'fridge ...

Just out of curiosity

Clearing Palestinian protesters from West Bank site, Netanyahu pledges to build settlement

Cyclists: Is today's Perls Before Swine offensive?

I'm live on the air now Re: RW media trolls DU , Gun rights advocate threatens, and LGBT Rights!