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How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? - Slate dot com

Aaron Swartz, May 21, 2012, Keynote Address: F2C Freedom to Connect 2012

Update! Hubs landed a job!!!

Iran unable to get life-saving drugs due to international sanctions

Oracle patches Java 7 security flaw with Update 11

Is it possible to buy a 155mm artillery piece on the market?

Kansas, you should be asking Jerry Moran if "transfer" in the attached GUN legislation

Gun Nuts to Build 2,000 Acre Citadel in Idaho’s American Redoubt

Foxconn Begins Bribery Investigation

Gun Nuts to Build 2,000 Acre Citadel in Idaho - image

Chuck Hagel Was OK With Gay Marriage In 2007:

Like We've Been Saying -- Radiation Is Not A Big Deal

JAVA security patch released (After Homeland Security warned of Java security issue)

Made in Britain: The toxic lead used in fuel sold to world's poorest

I am blaming the Republicans for this one!

THREE lost birds in our back yard this weekend!!!

Stevie Nicks: the return of Fleetwood Mac

No bugs!

I'm still in my PJ's and it's 6:30PM CST

Private NHS providers in line for corporation tax exemption

Resurrected from August 2012, by babylonsister: Charley Reese's Final Column.

Suppose those two men with assault weapons, walking down the street, were Arabs??

Americans should be asking Jerry Moran if "transfer" in the attached GUN treaties legislation . . .

SF pizza shop settles with city: 4% health care surcharge didn't go to health care

Another bus gang rape in India

Yes Patriots !

Democratic Senator: White House Gun-Control Plans 'Way in Extreme'

LOVE IT! Seattle teachers: No standardized tests!

You go Girls - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes

We need a new couch. The cats have rendered ours some flayed fabric hanging off of a frame...

Germs are getting stronger...

"Even In The Shade, I Felt I Was Standing Next To A Furnace" - 48C In Bourke, Australia

What germs are on your hands?

Israel's center-left signs pact pledging Arab-Jewish equality within 10 years

Gerrymandering Explained (cute video)

"Chasing Ice"

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray arrives with edges sharpened

How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? Death Tally now up to 812 & counting

What If "They" Are Prepared To Sabotage Climate Efforts For Religious Reasons?

So who was making fun of Downton Abbey? SPOILER

Another gun safety demonstration:

Dian Fossey

Chasing Ice

Check this out, great for teaching ...

Opening Spreads, NFL Conference Games

9000th post!

Greer - Santa, Schmanta - What The World Needs Now Is . . . Krampus!

Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns--Charlie Daniels

"Mottaniai" And Japan As A Potential Model For The Future World Economy?

So where in the Holy Second Amendment do they mention hunting or felons?

Community Immunity ("Herd" Immunity)

Based on CBS 60 Minutes "Are Robots Hurting Job Growth"

My Gunt Rant in Response to a Former FB 'Friend'

Mother Jones: Inside the Terror Factory

Water Board Charges That PG&E-Supplied Water In Toxic Plume Case Violates Chromium 6 Levels

"Imagine being attacked by a detachable penis."

Obama: US assisted in failed Somalia rescue

Archive of Tonights Making Sense Re: RW Media Trolls DU, LGBT Rights, Gun issue updates and more

After 3 Bad Years, Aquatic Bird Nesting Rate Drops 39% In S Florida - Drop Includes Everglades

Transgender marine arrested 31 years after going AWOL

"rapists are often treated better by society than the victims of their crime are"

Vegan refuses vaccination on ‘religious’ grounds

Great speech by Kevin Cosner for winning a Golden Globe...

"The Tea Party is the American Taliban..."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 January 2013

Catholic Mass in Cuba for President Hugo Chavez

Whoops> Fla. teen who bought gun illegally accidentally shot off his penis and testicle. Got regret

Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly launch 'Americans for Responsible Solutions' against gun violence

Why can't we bulk delete select PMs? Why only all or each one?

There are so many

Hagel to Meet Schumer to Discuss Policy Issues

DU...time to step up and PPR this fucking troll......

Like Hitchcock's The Birds. Anyone else had weird black vultures take over your neighborhood??

Is it real or is it Memorex??????

"Detachable penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "detachable penis".

S. Lake Trib pushes NICS misses 2 mil mental case; Ignores that NICS/III misses 20 million felons

The 2014 Corvette finally looks like a world class car

3 WIS Capitol Police Officers in two squad cars cite 69 year old woman at her home Sunday morning.

With all of the talk about gun-control (which I happen to agree with)...

Hugo Chavez's condition improving: Venezuela

Hugo Chavez's condition improving: Venezuela

Some New Orleans shots

American Pickers star helps to restore image of pit bulls

I saw the first Robins of Spring on Friday after work.

Once again, the humor of men blowing their penises off.

Zogby: President Obama Rides High Into Inauguration

Golden Globes: Jodie Foster...

I like to Google...

If i am a teacher with a CCW and "a good guy with a gun" small enough to conceal

A random thought about Second Amendment absolution

My Problem With Platinum Coin & 14th Amendment Fix - Gives GOP A Free Pass Again

San Diego halts all actions against marijuana dispensaries

Make a guess...

So much for Wayne LaPierre

Just experienced a really weird one...must be a bug! Accepted jury duty, took me to a hidden post

Anchorage to have highs in the 50s on Monday

Evasive Action: Is A Marine Base Discriminating Against Atheists?

Guess what happens when you dry clothes with a red crayon in the dryer

This goes out to all the DUers that are no longer with us

New 3D Map of Civil War Shipwreck Released

Israel evicts E1 Palestinian peace camp protesters

We live in an amazing time, images from space and Mars, billions of pictures a day from

Are the Democratic Organizers ready for 2014 elections?

Civilians Could Pay Heavy Price As France Uses Air Strikes To Block Advance Of Islamist Rebels

Detroit Man Says He Can Reveal Where Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried

Legal Fight Continues Over Anti-Israel Bus Ads In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Business leaders come out in support of gay marriage in Illinois

xpost Tonight's (Sunday 1-13-13) Making Sense with Steve Leser - RW Media Troll DU LGBT Rights news

Pharmacies Pressed to Meet High Demand for Flu Vaccine

Bugger The Bankers

It's pilafi goddammit! Auto correct keeps trying to correct it.

Taking Aim at the Elderly: Media Advisory from FAIR

Cooling systems keep Montreal rinks open despite thaw

The Digital Disruption: Technology and Economics for the 99%

Double trouble: House GOP eyes default, shutdown

Coins Against Crazies: Krugman on the trillion dollar coin

Java 7 update 11 has been released (Patches 2 Zero-Day bugs)

cheap or inexpensive software for photographs

Hunger in Guatemala

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Jan 14th

PSA to warn of the upcomming...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 15: Great Capers

The NRA might not like the new 2013 Miss America

Stuffed Chicken Breasts (pic heavy) Updated with videos

Racy British comedy on "Mongrels"

Rep. Xavier Becerra on Social Security

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 16: Star of the Month: Loretta Young

The infamous Juror #4 strikes again.

A decade of failure

CA gun show draws 10,000 people ‘getting ready for the next revolution’

BIZARRE: Birmingham developer offers plan to buy Belle Isle for $1 billion, secede from Michigan

USA Weather, for the Week click 0-7 day loop

'Don’t negotiate with Republicans who want to ‘blow up the world’

"Dems, GOP aren't just different sides of coin"

There Was Never an Intent For an Individual Right to Firearms

VP Joe Biden to meet with House members Monday to discuss ways to curb gun violence

This is the first xkcd cartoon I saw years ago.

North Korea's Real Estate Prices Skyrocketing

Thousands of Antarctic reindeer face cull (no, not a typo)

Leon Leyson dies at 83; youngest survivor on Schindler's List

Place Your Bets, 49ers Patriots....

Miss me yet?

Distant relative

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Which of these sets of values and/or concepts should Democratic officeholders put first?

What will we do if/when someone kills themselves over heavy copyright violation fine/jailtime?

Have you seen the video of Capitol Police citing woman at her home?

Software engineer position

Chomsky did *not* say "Obama has no moral center".

Double trouble: House GOP eyes default, shutdown

Leon Leyson dies at 83; youngest survivor on Schindler's List

Former Hostess workers scramble following job loss

Reps. Pressure Wal-Mart in Bribery Case

Ok, so I've been ruminating forever on some things. Do you suppose

John Dean: Why President Obama Could Easily Be Impeached Over the Debt Ceiling

Why Not Use Science To Determine What Should Be Done About Gun Control?

Flat-rate state pension 'expected to start in 2017'

Immunity for U.S. troops in Afghanistan to be decided by year-end

Classic TV Video: Rare "Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz Show" episode, starring Tallulah Bankhead.

The Colossal Blunder That is the Iraq WarBy Charles Pierce, Esquire

Character and Rape in Ohio

Untold History: Stalin, the Soviet Union and WWII

today's Non Sequitur for Rush and others.

It's hilarious watching Joe Scum dance around his own contradictions

Granny has a Java question.

The Finance Industry Has Pried into Every Sector of the Economy, and Ended Up Running the Whole Show

GOP puts sand in storm recovery’s gears

A Global NRA: Our Government Is the Largest Federally Licensed Weapons Dealer on the Planet

Virginia's Attorney General Says It's Okay to Break the Law for Jesus


Apparently, only ONE parent was around to supervise their offspring…

The hegemonic United States

Fast-food 'linked to childhood asthma and eczema'

Pill-sized scanner images gullet

UK tidal power has huge potential, say scientists

News In Photos

Updated: 50 arrested child-predator operation

U.S. economy to grow 2.5 percent this year: Fed's Evans

2 new fraud deals show wall street's washington insiders at work

Beijing Travel Tip: Don't Breathe - Air Pollution Level Thirty Times WHO Safe Limit

Remember this? Boehner: ‘I Reject The Word’ Compromise

What’s Inside America’s Banks?

Lesson to be learned.

And So They All Lived Unhappily Ever After, Just As The Scientists Had Predicted They Would

Big Banks are going to fail again

KSA's Newest Investments: 3 Refinieries Capable Of 10% Of Output, Dedicated To Heavy Crude

Missed the Golden Globes?

US close to meeting objective of Afghan war, says Obama

US to warn Britain that cuts must not weaken defence

The Myth of Human Progress: Ignoring Climate Change

The Pentagon as a Global NRA (Tom Dispatch)

Toys, Tools & Guns (edited)

Petition To Get This Pinned To The Top Of Gun Control & RKBA / GD During The Current Influx

Maryland Gov. O’Malley to push for tougher gun-control rules

Mali Islamists seize town amid French intervention

Obama says U.S. warplanes involved in Somali rescue mission

The Lawmaker Explorer

Chicago School Closings: Panel, Wary Of Gang Violence, Urges Keeping High Schools Open

Right Wingers Attack New Miss America over Gun Control Answer

Wow, Jodie Foster had a "soft coming out" speech last night

Sexual Violence Forcing Syrians to Flee Abroad, IRC Says

"... not been able to find a single example where they have mined without polluting water"

CA gun show draws 10,000 people ‘getting ready for the next revolution’

Stratford CT considers renaming school after Victoria Soto

Jesus Kite!

German activists start campaign to destroy surveillance cameras

Squat Wanker's gift: Wisconsin taxpayer money to his backers

Patriotic Group To Build Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress

Anti-Israel festival

Commonwealth Of Belle Isle Scheme Is Unhinged, Un-American Radicalism

It is my personal belief that there will be no change in national gun or immigration laws.

A little Strawbs for a cold Monday morning

The Five-Step Process to Cheat the Middle Class Worker

Guns already allowed in schools with little restriction in many states

our taxes

Ecuadorean tribe will 'die fighting' to defend rainforest

Global food crisis will worsen as heatwaves damage crops, research finds

ACLU MA's Kade Crockford On The Privacy Harvesting NCTC & Disposition Matrix

Rania Khalek On How The US Media Portrays Rape Culture As A Foreign Problem

If the 2nd amendment is so sancrosanct that it can't be violated

Don’t Believe Everything You Read. Fact check on NYT’s Guatemala Corn/Ethanol Story

Americans' Dissatisfaction With Gun Laws Spikes to 38%

For us to consider ourselves a progressive society

Apple Cuts Orders for iPhone Parts

Obama To Hold Press Conference At 11:15 AM ET

Obama Puts Republicans In A Bind On Entitlements

Paul Krugman on Jon Stewart and the big coin

I am so sick of panhandlers. Can't these lazy bastards do something productive?

Now for an encouragement break: [Monday,Monday...] Week # 2

Tucson City Councilman Who Held Gun Buyback Leaving Republican Party

We need to 'take out the scapula" and go through the budget

Booker: ‘We Should Be Supporting Frank Lautenberg’

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Gun Debate

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Environment and Budget

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress

I am F*CK*NG PISSED. Michigan Gun Laws Written by the Mob?!?!?

To our friends who claim they need guns to protect them from the Government

How Did Humans Figure Out That Sex Makes Babies? Slate

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Posse Just Lousy With ‘Bad Guys With Guns'

What should be the minimum wage?

Euthanasia. Twins born deaf and sought euthanasia after finding that they would also soon go blind.

Academy member calls for Oscars boycott of Zero Dark Thirty

Another allegation of rape involving Steubenville football team

My "spidy sense" tells me this not a legit email from my ISP company (wide open west)

Swell Times for America’s Swollen Fortunes

South Florida Tea Party changing name

Why Bernie Sanders Objects to Obama's Treasury Nominee

Suspicions of doping cost climate extremes chance at fame

I know you are but what am I?

Can General Discussion get a sticky thread on Social Security withholding?

What about what the WINNING constituency wants, Marsha Blackburn (R-Lying Shill)

This message was self-deleted by its author

Upper Peninsula pits offer perspective on Wisconsin mine proposal (old but pertinent article)

James Carroll (Boston Globe) argues that Kerry has not spoken enough of the immorality of Vietnam


Doing you know what with cats..

Any Shameless fans out there? How in the

Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress

Can they do this?

The NRA’s New Target Practice App Teaches Four-Year-Olds to Shoot

Obama team unveils inaugural smartphone app

If we can just click to see hidden posts, why can we see self-deleted posts?

Oracle releases emergency Java update

Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in "The Butler"

Newtown police chief adds voice to call for assault weapons ban

My take on the torture in the movie, Zero Dark Thirty.

The Financial Elite's War Against the US Economy

The POTUS and FLOTUS stand-ins

50 arrested child-predator operation

Smaller Paychecks Hit Teachers to Dry Cleaners With End of U.S. Tax Breaks

A Cat Lady's Worst Nightmare:

Teabaggers -- Bless Their Little Hearts.

There are damn good reasons why Spiderman is an URBAN crimefighter.

Was there a stereo ad anywhere NEAR as epic as this one in the 1960's?

MiddleFingerMom WISHES he dreamt in color. He dreams in, um... fragrances.

BAD NEWS!!! MiddleFingerMom finally got busted at the Rehab Center!!!

U.S. to Press Fight of Detainee’s Appeal

Heating Oil Gains on Colder Weather Outlook and Export Demand

Obama = LBJ ?

US has no monopoly on snake oil merchants...

Krugman schools Noonan: Don’t negotiate with Republicans who want to ‘blow up the world’

On Scale of 0 to 500, Beijing’s Air Quality Tops ‘Crazy Bad’ at 755

Imagine If Everyday Americans Handled Debt Like House Republicans - Solidarity!

Satanists Plan Rally For Rick Scott For His 'Defense Of Religious Liberty'

What's The Plan Now Geniuses?

A White Plains home listed on the interactive gun map was burglarized Sunday morning...

SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT: a large historical shift is under way

Senate is losing its lions

CNEWA launches Rome event for Eastern Catholic Churches

Thomas Jefferson Contemplates a Future with Assault Weapons

Flash mob in Madrid cheers up unemployment office

Just now, Sandy Hook parents gave news conference...

GOP: The Party of Rape

Mali Islamists Vow To Strike ‘At Heart’ Of France

India's army chief warns Pakistan of retaliation

Held hostage by Hastert: a minority of one chamber threatens the whole country

Jodie Foster Is Gay, and It’s None of Your Business

Reince Priebus: GOP's Electoral Vote Split Scheme Would Give More "Local Control"

Why Washington's National Cathedral will start hosting same sex weddings

Supreme Court rebuffs GOP request to end order aimed at preventing voter intimidation

Gun Control Deal Close; Could Come 'As Soon As Today': Source (NY)

Mother Jones: The NRA, Anti-Government Extremism, The Tea Party, And Their Ancestor, Timothy McVeigh

Says it all.

Sometimes the "check engine" light really means "check engine"

Well, my car may be a goner.

Guardian op-ed: "the full horror of what's happening to our planet".

You can stay at Sinclair Lewis' farmhouse in Vermont- for about 2,000 dollars a night

Reports: Globalfoundries hints at $10-billion fab location

In California, It’s U.S. vs. State Over Marijuana

Laying Blame: Population vs. Consumption

Penguin Family Photo (this is awesome!)

"A 10% Cut from the NIH Budget (the so-called sequester) Would Save 0.008% of Federal Budget"!

Wisconsin Gun Club Seeks To Host Annual Gun Show At A Local Elementary School

Oh, so you're afraid of whites becoming a minority?

I've got my Bushmaster, and I'm ready to fight off the government...

Energy Industry Awaits U.S. Ruling on Prairie Chicken

Marsha Blackburn opposes gun control because of ‘hammers’ and ‘hatchets’

Documenting a Generation’s Fall

John Boehner’s secret

Eviction of Palestinian outpost exposes double standard on settlements

The Gay Agenda

As Texas Bakes in a Long Drought, Water Becomes a Focus for Legislators

Is the Tea Party over?

EDF nuclear to power UK trains

Ethanol scam driving up food prices

Bold new conservative ideas still mostly involve screwing the poor

Priebus: Republicans in blue states ‘ought to be’ rigging Electoral College

President Obama’s news conference on the debt ceiling, fiscal battles and gun control, Jan. 14, 2013

Are you watching the press conference?

If you aren’t alarmed about climate, you aren’t paying attention

Pic Of The Moment: Make Your Mind Up, NRA

How many Gods are there??

New San Diego mayor stops medical marijuana crackdown

Venus Williams talks about being a "cheagan," a vegan who cheats on her diet

Please join and support the SANDY HOOK PROMISE (org. created by the parents)

RW facebook friend complains about lack of services

grout coverage question

Coca-Cola to address obesity for first time in ads

The vet recommends Frontline. Is it considered safe?

Satanists plan rally for Rick Scott for his 'defense of religious liberty'

NRA comparing Gun Rights To The Civil Rights Movement.

Unranked New England Law School's Dean Has An Outrageous Salary

WaPo takes a stand: time for a carbon tax

LOL: Sen Schumer Asks Major Gun Retailers For Voluntary Moratorium On "Assault Weapon" Sales

Walker hikes electricity rates on homeowners to subsidize Big Business

Another Tebow Thread! This time it's PETER Tebow!

Pull my finger.

You either accept limits on the 2nd Amendment, or you do not accept any limits at all.

Republican spreading RW information here - and jury votes OK.

Why Obama wanted an improbable fellow traveler at the pentagon

If laws that require ALL gun purchases to have background checks

Ok I have to have one of these

2012 military suicides hit record high of 349

Game of Thrones dad

Paul Krugman rages against the Centrist Austerians

Ohio school board approves carrying of handguns by custodial staff

Obama Talks Tough on Budget, Guns

Oh My God, Peggy Noonan is an airhead idiot who just talks and write in slogans...

Parents on their smartphones while their kids run around the park

Why do wing-nuts always call the president "Barry"?

The Ultimate Way, to Trick the NRA

Huntsman is Rethug in sheep's clothing

i'm about to flip a damn table

The Calm Before the Storm

My holiday ended! Now I have to work two extra weeks!

Before You File Your Income Tax Form: 6 Things To Know About Michigan's Changes

Gillard's bizarre act of faith leaves vulnerable unprotected

Banks must serve society, not rule it says incoming Archbishop Justin Welby

How Japanese children learn to multiply in primary school

It's unamerican to question the President. Unless...

Jupiter rules the evening sky.

Where Sod Meets Sky

Retired Bishop Gene Robinson On Being Gay And Loving God

Does MS Word 2010 not have nearly as much clip art downloaded when it’s installed as it did in

Chuck Hagel Accusers Who Allege Anti-Semitism Getting Pushback

Priebus: Republicans in blue states ‘ought to be’ rigging Electoral College

Once again, Nugent goes off the deep end...

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

Jovan Belcher Was Drunk When He Shot His Girlfriend And Himself

Government Strategy in 2008 Bank Bailout was to Cover Up the Truth

Stanford Law School Launches One-of-a-Kind Religious Liberty Clinic

Clarence Thomas speaks during oral arguments

How do I contact MIRT

Has anyone here dealt with a pancreas Nuero Endocrine Tumor(NET)?

Paul Fanlund: A prescription for unseating Walker in 2014

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 14, 1941

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 14, 1941

I heard today that ReTHUGs are planning to follow Grover's new meme

The greatest gift

The Dishonorable Smear Of Chuck Hagel: A Warrior Who Despises War

Boy Found Responsible For Murdering Father

which one?

Do you support or oppose the the United Nations Security Council on Mali?

A interesting fact about gun control!

Seriously...WTF is wrong with Paul Ryan?

Ok where's the thread that showed us how to turn Java off in Chrome?

Preservation of the lives of citizens versus the self preservation of Congressfolks

With the NFL Playoffs yesterday, I didn't get to post this:


Peters: Hobbit subsidy should be handed back

Record high temperatures recorded in Portland, close in Caribou, says National Weather Service

Manmade Global Warming Has Increased Monthly Heat Records By A Factor Of Five, Much Worse To Come

John Hinckley: "Boy, do I feel dumb today."

Thoughts from The President’s Presser

Let's Talk Weeding

RAVITCH: Michelle Rhee doesn't want the kind of school she's selling for her own kid

Most main line denominations are losing membership, and there are a lot of

UK tidal power has huge potential, say scientists

The Pro-Nuclear Environmental Movement

Tetrapod anatomy: Backbone back-to-front in early animals

Peers vote to block MP constituency boundary changes

If you think no limit should be placed on your 2nd amendment to keep and bear arms....

"what we've got here is failure to communicate" or mass hysteria...collective delusion-or GROUPTHINK

Gerrymandering questions.

The President tries to educate Chuck Todd...

why do good laws come with an expiry date ?

RAVITCH: If teachers can divest from guns why not corporations killing public schools?

Teachers At Two Seattle High Schools Refuse To Administer ‘Unwanted’ Standardized Test

Vote 2014: Rep. Braley May Challenge Gov. Branstad

Lawmaker lands on Capitol Police protester watch list (WIS)

Supreme Court Rejects Republican National Committee Attempt To End Anti-Voter Intimidation Order

Same old Obama: Lew is a douchebag. Will we push back this time? Pfft...

Has Obama released a plan detailing his cuts and tax increases for the next budget deadline?

With a D- in student achievement, an F in funding, Florida makes Top 10 in nation's schools.

This re-run is getting old...

Some clarification for those who post about their paycheck going down.

Blackburn promises to ‘be very thoughtful’ while shutting down government

Should Hosts have to be active posters?...

Sandy Hook truther-reporter? Fox TV anchor says there's "good reason to question this whole narrativ

Obama refuses to negotiate debt ceiling raise

This is a watercolor.

School Board Considers Firing SC Teacher For Stomping US Flag During Lesson About Symbolism

Why Scott Brown might run for governor, not Senate

Dave Barry on man-vs.-snake Everglades smackdown

Is John Boehner hitting the bottle?

Watching the Last Time I Saw Paris with Liz Taylor and Van Johnson...

200 involved, 3 arrested at Baby Shower brawl


Republican spinmeister lays out new GOP propaganda campaign...

Harvey Milk had it right. And it has been working.

Armstrong said 'sorry' to Livestrong staff, employees cried

Trailer for my thesis film

The Revolution will be Indigenized.

Death and Dying, the Animal Way

TYT: President of Uruguay is Worth $1,800

PLEASE PROCEED, GOP. Obama Dares Republicans To Breach Debt Limit

TYT: Tea Party Now More Unpopular Than Ever

As Time Runs Short, Filibuster Reformers Escalate Campaign

Papantonio and Ed Schultz Discuss News of the Day

Robert F Kennedy Jr Does Not Agree Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone

First GD becomes Gun Nutter Heaven and now it is becoming CT Central too.

Derogatory comments and preexisting beliefs

Bibi’s Bomb: The Iranian Threat Is No Joke

NCAA Men's Basketball rankings:

Egyptian President Calls Jews 'Sons of Apes and Pigs'; World Yawns

Here's a new one - I am suddenly afraid of the parking garage at Macy's.

TYT: Lawmaker Wants Ban on Gun Bans

Its Over

News Conference by the President ,11:39 A.M. EST For Immediate Release January 14, 2013

Gun Control

Thom Hartmann: Michele Bachmann has some secrets...

[Pro Tip] still haven't put your Christmas tree away yet?

Maureen Dowd — Black Girls Can’t Govern?

WATCH: Palestinian teens attack Orthodox Jews with snowballs in Jerusalem

Thom Hartmann: Would you like a side of the flu with your order?

Retired Bishop Gene Robinson On Being Gay And Loving God (NPR)

Trashing the word "g u n," but still get called to jury duty

Now is the Time: 100 Days of Action for Climate and Clean Energy

The Reality Of The Next Decade: Split Gov't Control!

The Tea Party’s last stand?

Wait For It; You Know It's Coming

Venezuelan state governor: Cuba inefficient at managing ports, food distribution

John Cusak, J. Turley & K. McCabe re: civil liberties under Obama

Keystone XL Protest: Students SuperGlue Themselves Together

Exclusive - Brazil wants Venezuela election if Chavez dies: sources

Families of Newtown Victims Look for Answers on Gun Violence

Iraq frees prisoners in gesture to ease Sunni protests

Clarence Thomas breaks long silence during Supreme Court oral arguments

RIP Byron Sibbet

Patients over 15 stones banned from hospital beds due to safety fears

Venezuela is importing oil despite having world's largest reserve

Take Insurrection off the Table (James Melton in Huffington Post)

'War on drugs’ needs rethinking: Santos, Carter

Cuba Scraps ‘Exit Visas,’ Allowing Cubans To Travel Freely With Just A Passport

Trainwreck at the edge of the water - (un)walkable density

When political cow pies fly

10000 idiots waiting on line for gun show

the house gop leader sank VAWA in 2012, the fight starts anew in 2013

the house gop leader sank VAWA in 2012, the fight starts anew in 2013

'War on drugs’ needs rethinking: Santos, Carter .

HP computers are racist. No face recognition for non-whites.

List of useless Democrats. They add very little to progressive conversations and are

Lance Armstrong and Oprah

Labor mural removed by Maine gov. back on display

Why the Housing Recovery is Nearly Homeowner-Less

Any good fruit cake recipes - the one I used this year was too dry.

This massage was self-deluded by its author.

Goldcorp's mine in El Salvador a ‘threat’ to human rights: government

Goldcorp's mine in El Salvador a ‘threat’ to human rights: government

Hundreds Of Thousands Rally Against Gay Marriages In Paris

4,000-year-old shaman’s stones discovered near Boquete, Panama

A Lot Of Talk Today About The Repugs Having To Rebrand Their Party Or Go Extinct.....

Ban Renews Call To Rescind Plans For New Israeli Settlements After On-Site Protests

Sandy Hook tragedy was a hoax?

Hugo Chavez and Colombia’s Peace

My right wing friend's email

Alternative Media Fights Back in Argentina

Washington is ‘Broken’ Because Republicans Abandoned Any Pretense of Governing

Poll: Most Americans support new gun control measures

Homeless men create their own rehab center in Buenos Aires

Welcome to the age of the printed magazine....

Thom Hartmann: Would you like a side of the flu with your order?


U.S. worries about Canadian meat flagged in memo

Gary Busey explains Hobbits

JICA praises Peru's progress in social inclusion, poverty reduction (Japan)

Why Online Activism Usually Fails

Junk food linked to asthma and eczema in children

Once more, my dear friends.......Vibes for tomorrow's surgery, if you will!

Drastic Tax Changes Only Way to Save Middle Class

Report says Assad and his family are residing on Russian warship

Who on DU thought that Alex Jones

Russell Means - Mother Earth has been abused

Turn on Rev Al rightnow for the Sandy Hook parents one month later n/t

Evangelical Leaders: Jesus Would Want Immigration Reform

Really sorry to mention Jodie Foster again, but

one month since sandy hook....they just showed family members on the teevee

Psy meets one of his favorite Sax Players..

Psy meets one of his favorite Sax Players..

Esquire: Chief Wahoo: What I've Learned

Another gun quote challenge:

Leader of Mali military coup trained in United States

(What would have been) a political argument gets derailed.

Dell Said to Be in Buyout Talks With Private-Equity Firms

Indiana GOP Lets Glenn Beck Set Legislative Agenda: Introduces Bill To Fight U.N. Conspiracy Theory

Should guns be classified?

'Deadbeat' Nation

Nation's First Bookless Library Set To Open

Surely every American must realize any cuts hereinafter made to social security, Medicare, or

Autopsy: Belcher’s blood-alcohol level was .17 when he shot Perkins

Geithner gives Congress notice: Four to six weeks until default

Comments on Downtown Abbey, Episode 2?

Robert Reich: Obama’s debt ceiling strategy hinges on GOP sanity

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 January 2013

OH LORD!!!! Larry Larry

OMG Rev. Al is just eviscerating this gun guy

For those that have been itching for a LOST fix: The Crash of Flight 815 presented in REAL TIME

God is giving diabetes cure, energy technology to Christians

Rev Al schooling "Gun Appreciation" wackjob

Tell me about Martin Luther King Jr. again...

25% of My Dept Called In Sick Today

Snyder administration to hire right-to-work rules enforcer

instead of just talking do something about it

Watched Too Big to Fail

What is with gun nuts drawing crazy comparisons between guns and black people...From,Rosa Parks

President Obama: Approve or Disapprove

The future of US school "reform"? Well... let's look at this:

DLNR Renews Calls for Watershed Protection in 2013 Legislative Session

NRA releases shooting game for ages 4+

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Just seen on RawStory - Popcorn anyone?

I Want Happiness!

If the US defaults.... taxpayers may not get their tax refunds.

Translations for that ESPN Ad Featuring British Football Fans

Something IS wrong here.

Limbaugh Refers To Transgender Student As An "Add-A-Dick-To-Me Babe"