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Archives: January 16, 2013

Does anyone know where I can buy a manual can opener that lasts?

President Obama's limousine will soon carry DC's "Taxation Without Representation" license plate

One cat bite: A $55,000 hospital bill, including $16 for a generic Tylenol

Shaking my head here... this is despicable...

Or to be a Congresscritter, no matter how low their competence level is set...

How 19-year-old activist Zack Kopplin is making life hell for Louisiana’s creationists

Pakistan top court orders PM arrest

Just read "the Art Forger" by B.A. Shapiro. What a terrific book!

Colin Kaepernick exposed!

How times have changed...

Divest in Gun Companies

I don't get it!

r.i.p. my dearest barbie girl.

Aaron Swartz ...the Person We Didn't Know...........

Juror #6 is a moron

Republicans are creating their own worst economic nightmare

TWO separate school shootings TODAY in two states. This cannot be allowed to be the new normal!

The "Fox News Effect" is real ... try Googling that phrase ...

Anyone who supports, or is a member of the NRA is antithetical to the Democratic President

A better photo of the guests in our backyard sauna (link to previous post added)

Supreme Court gives RNC no help in its efforts to intimidate minority voters

Has Rand Paul lost his mind

The Filming of Funny Girl-Don't Rain On My Parade Sequence in Old New Jersey Train Station

"...there's only one problem..."

Does Cilantro taste like soap to you?

Dear media: we do not have a deficit/debt crisis.

a majority of guns are IMPORTED

Can someone draw me a pic of a heavily gerrymandered, deep red district?

Pretty accurate car dealership commercial (nsfw)

MrColionNoir: How to Stop MASS SHOOTINGS

Taxpayers Want Birthers to Pay the Costs of Defending Against Their Lawsuits

Evangelist Claims God Gave Christians Diabetes Cure, Says They Won't Share With Non-Christians

Is Kentucky headed to the NIT this year???

Robot Baby! - Diego Installed

"...there's only one problem..."

Dreamliner Forced Into Emergency Landing

Occupy the NRA

California drops to 49th in school spending in annual Ed Week report

Sandy Aid Bill Approved By House

New York, New Jersey Senators Praise House Passage Of Sandy Aid

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

'Old' important info, from Forbes, 10/31/12, 'long-term care'

Warren - Franken 2016

Wal-Mart plans $50 billion "buy American" push

Does this mean there's gonna be a crack down on behavior here in Teh Lounge?

Poor James Yeagar, so misunderstood. Next stop, an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Horsemeat found in beef burgers on sale in UK and Ireland

Ingrid Michaelson, Newtown Children Perform 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

Is there an alternate link to see "We're not Broke"?

Veronique Pozner one of the Sandy Hook Parents is on Ed right now

Drone Media Debate Picks Up In 2013, But Coverage Remains Tough To Sustain

MLK quote:

if you use prescription drugs...

Fear from Swift plant raid resonates in Greeley six years later

Struggle Is The Enemy, Weed Is The Remedy: The Truth About Marijuana in North Korea

Thousand+ Cats Being Shipped to Restaurants in China Saved from Slaughter Thanks to Traffic Accident

Doomsday Clock Holds at 5 'Til Midnight

Sen. Coburn: Debt Ceiling Breach Is 'a Wonderful Experiment' to Shut Down 'Stupid Things'

Haiti and the 'Devil's Curse'

WOW! Markos Moulitsas ("Daily Kos) Book Commands High Price on!

BREAKING: Major Japanese Airline Just Grounded All Of Its Boeing 787s

List of the 180 "No Votes" for $50 Billion Sandy Relief (179 Republicans voted "NO" and 1 Democrat):

Debt ceiling crisis: why "prioritization" of Federal payments is NOT feasible,

Fact Check!

Big Ed just did a story about that UT smoothie shop idiot.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brain Damage & a new kitty gif

Are We Jews by Choice or Blood?

user allrevvedup (31 juries served on) is a Sandy Hook Truther Troll--please MIRT him ASAP.

Ex-Bachmann aide alleges campaign finance violations

"The Abolitionists...Part II on PBS...NOW!

Big Ed just announced that his wife Wendy is now cancer free!

Congrats New York

Dan Quayle said as Vice President..

CNN POLL: Should private gun sales and purchases at gun shows be subject to background checks?

Atheism+ : The Name for What’s Happening

Luckovich Toon- Hostage Taking

Catholic Social Teaching: Not-so-secret anymore?

Anderson Cooper Goes After ‘Anonymous Internet Trolls’ Pushing Conspiracies About Newtown & Gun Cont

Pats fan since 1968....

Doesn't everybody really want to drive a train?

Toon- Which Issue is the Most Pressing?

Shameful, Simply Shameful

If Newt had Callista's face

How Bad Is China's Smog? So Bad That Even Official State Media Are Demanding Change - Guardian

Anyone have the jury results for this one?

Face Off Nerd Alert.

I was kicked out my aunts house today..

If You Like Sarah Palin, You’ll Absolutely Love Cory Bernardi

Kudos, Lance Armstrong!


ANA Grounds Fleet of Boeing 787s After Battery Fault

Hey Joe

The Gun Troll with the Hello Kitty AK-47 was PPR'd!

WV Governor Inaugurated Blahblah "Get Federal Gov. Off Our Backs" Blahblah Coal, Coal, Coal Blahblah

Hagel's chances improve, major pro-Israel groups neutral


They aren't coming for your guns

At a Climate Protest, Science and Religion

Another GOP Senator Breaks With Party On Debt Ceiling - Susan Collins (R-ME)

My quote challenge

Five Women President Obama Should Invite to Give the Inaugural Benediction

The right’s Colin Powell freakout

Anyone else see the end of Maddow show tonight?

God Invoked by Both Sides in Rhode Island Marriage Campaign

I had a very great and very special anniversary yesterday, and...

"Oxygen" reality TV show canceled.

Does This Sarah Palin Video Exist?

There is no silver bullet

*Frontline, POTUS first term

Horsey Beautifully Illustrates "The Congressional Road Block"

Burning Fuel Particles Do More Damage to Climate Than Thought, Study Says

Take Away Congress Pay and Perks If Debt Ceiling Isn't Raised

The Smoothie Guy is so concerned about liberals

"Wouldn't Have Happened If Everyone Had A Bomb."

Why didn't Romanoff run against Coffman last year?

A Chinese Newspaper stood up for freedom of the press

Toon: "I don't understand WHY you don't invite me to SOCIALIZE at the White House more often"

"So Why Don't We See More Women & Minorities In Obama's Cabinet?"

Ret. general and fundy Jerry Boykin joins the right-wing chorus blaming Sandy Hook on godlessnes

Citing Rubio’s ideas on immigration reform, White House sees hope for bipartisan deal

Ban NRA Apologists Now! The NRA is a hate group.

Parents Gird for Disruptions As Bus Drivers’ Strike Looms (in NYC)

Mali civilians describe their plight as city of Ségou becomes war's frontline

DU Meetup in DC This Sunday at 3:00 PM!

FBI: No credible threats to inauguration activities


Is the GOP organizing as a terrorist organization?

NRA Is Simply a Disease on the Body Politic

Blankets for Homeless Veterans (National Day of Service – Veterans and Military Families)Jan.24,2013

The New Dependency Theory

It's rare that I say something good about Ga., but the State senate capped gift values! Yeah!

T-89 days...

Hot cars at the Detroit auto show

Hey, Anonymous...hack Larry O' onto Fox.

Updated: Police arrest man at the (WI) Capitol after threat, claims of molotov cocktail

Farmers hope to plow the way for sustainable U.S. hemp

The Question Of The Year

Juror 4. Yes, again! WTF is going on around here?

What Kind of President Takes On The NRA?

Quiz: What's Wrong With This Picture?

TIME - "The Trillion Dollar Coin Fantasy: GOP Extremism Can’t Be Wished Away"

Suspect shoots Galt (Calif.) officer to death, kills self

The sad part is that all my friends who oppose gun control are not those we seek to regulate.


More bad news for Notre Dame...

Buy that motorcycle.

A woman in a face veil kidnapped a 5 year old from her school, telling the teacher

This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it

ANA and JAL Ground Boeing 787 Fleets After Emergency

How could the media forget this ?

This makes me so proud! *sniff*

Says it all.

Facing the French, Mali Rebels Dig In and Blend In

Bundesbank to pull gold from New York and Paris in watershed moment

NY charter school founder cheated state out of $70,000. Failed to pay taxes 2005-2010

U.S. expats in Canada face new Obamacare health care tax

Artist creates stunning indoor clouds

Letterman tonight : "President Obama's half-brother is running for governor in Kenya...."

Mr. Boehner, show us the cuts.

For a much needed laugh break: "More Mitt" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

I smell a big Wal-mart Rat!

MetLife settles with Mass. over allegations it wrongly assessed auto accident surcharges

Monday, January 14, 2013, bills President Obama signed into law

People Are Sharing Horrible Things About Themselves Thanks to Facebook Search

The Relationship Between Anger, Control And Fear

Pro-LGBT Episcopal Priest Chosen To Deliver Benediction At Obama Inauguration

woody allen on hypochondria & republicans

More Second Amendment Madness

NYT: Rights Group Reports on Abuses of Surveillance and Censorship Technology

S. Korea develops mid-range GPS-guided bombs

In Lance Armstrong’s world, truth is just a new PR tactic

People Denying Sandy Hook Massacre Remind Me Of Holocaust Deniers

Donald Trump endorses Netanyahu

"A bit agricultural really, not as pretty

100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican

Mexico eyes U.S. gun policies, hopes for shift

So my city's school district new proposal: Armed guard at EACH of our schools

Human health to feel impact of warmer future

John Rocker writes Holocaust ‘would have never taken place’ if Jewish people had guns

Do You Hate Lance Armstrong?

U.S. judge rules for Palestinian Authority in terror attack that killed U.S. teens

Unconstitutional Texas Bill Would Make Enforcing Federal Gun Laws A Felony

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to leave cabinet position in March

Another GOP Senator recognizes the inevitable

Astrology of the Sandy Hook Massacre

Apparently Lance Armstrong can backpedal faster than he does going forward....

Anti-gravity... Well Sort Of...

Yet another "Juror #4" story!

House GOP desperately seeking agenda

Documentary examines land killings that prompted President Lugo's ouster in Paraguay

Can't wait until they fall

Full $51 billion relief bill passed the House, with 179 Republicans opposed.

What's Gong ON....?

Should Self Delete of an OP lock the Thread?

NRA'S Laughable Ad To Get Idiots To Believe Them.

I had a temporary crown fitted yesterday and need soft food suggestions for the next 2 weeks.

GOP Rep. Threatening Impeachment: Obama Using Children Like Saddam Hussein Did To Push His Laws

Mexican ex-president's Harvard job spurs outcry

Mexican ex-president's Harvard job spurs outcry

House Republicans Can’t Find Any Co-Sponsors For Their Latest Obamacare Repeal Bills

Helicopter crashes into crane in London

Nebraska governor is latest to propose ending state income tax

The South's Shocking Hidden History: Thousands of Blacks Forced Into Slavery Until WW2

10 Interesting Facts About Your Brain on Sex

Children 'may grow out of autism'

*PSA* Be very very careful if you're selling a dress on ebay . . .

Radio and TV Towers Killing Songbirds; Solution Is Simple

Radio and TV Towers Killing Songbirds; Solution Is Simple

White house won't commit to building death star

Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study

Second cholera outbreak affects 51 in Cuba

Second cholera outbreak affects 51 in Cuba

Cormorant Alpha leak shuts down up to 27 UK oil fields

WWII composite photos (dial-up warning)

We will not get effective gun control measures in this country at this time

Clay named top Democrat on expanded financial services panel

White paper chronicles rise of ramen worldwide

Matthew Good Band

Bill said: Hillary is going to live to be 120.

MO House panel OKs bill curbing governor's power to fill statewide vacancies

US east-coast cities are 'sitting ducks' for storms, says top Obama scientist

You're complaining about your neighbor?

A very big storm is brewing off the Aleutians

The Bible according to Bhagwat

The extraordinary courtship dance of Australia's peacock spider

January 16, 1786 – Virginia enacted the Statute for Religious Freedom authored by Thomas Jefferson.

The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

The Pentagon's New 30,000-lb MOP Bomb Is Ready To Go

Why would any media house ask people to vote on a poll which

Mali and its mining sector: A focus on gold, diamonds, and uranium exploration

The True Reason Why Lance is Talking Now!

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Isn't Very 'Made In The USA'

Same sex couples demand Sen. Chuck Schumer support immigration equality

Why won’t you ever change? Mark Morford

Obama and Biden may have actually listened to the NRA

Israeli left seeks to regain appeal with focus on economy

US pivot sparks Asian arms race

Canadian malpractice costs kept low

movement to end high-stakes testing steps up in seattle

When Dr. Seuss Took On Adolf Hitler


EPA reversed course on tainted Texas water wells after gas company protested

"Obama the most polarizing figure" Bullshit

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Regarding Governor Walker’s Mining Remarks

8,000 NYC school bus drivers, matrons go on strike

Morning Joe ...Video Games and Movies to blame not Guns!

So now posts seeking medical advice are allowed to stand?

Morning Jerk asks this morning: "What is wrong with these people?" (NRA)

Man who fired warning shot at couple gets probation

Fighting Education Shock Therapy

BNSF reaches deal with OSHA

Excuse me but can I haz your attention plz . . .

Analysis: France digs in for long, uncertain stay in Mali

St. Louis, MO Local real estate company looking to hire more employees

New NRA ad is the most apalling national political ad ever. Seriously.

Our Economic Pickle: why we must make wages increase to match productivity increases.

PA advocates want single payer; 'Obamacare' doesn't go far enough

Unbelievable ad by Christian right against contraceptives

Israel election ads fail to inspire (talk about a weird ad...)

BP says Algeria gas field hit by "security incident"

Homeless Man Gives ‘Kiss of Life’ to Bunny Thrown Off Bridge

Ranks of working poor increasing

Woman said God told her to set fire

In North Dakota: An Abundance of Oil, a Shortage of Women

Dean Baker: The 3 Percent Cut to Social Security, Aka the Chained CPI

er visits tied to energy drinks double since 2007

Die Hard director John McTiernan heading to prison

Challenging Israel’s Occupation, Palestinians Create ‘Gate of the Sun’ Village

More U.S. Troops Died by Suicide Than in Afghanistan Combat in 2012.....

Holy Shite - helicopter crash in the middle of London

Pop Quiz on Standardized Testing

Date of Confirmation Hearing for Senator Kerry?

Greed Is Good: Is Scientology Self-Destructing?

Security audit finds dev OUTSOURCED his JOB to China to goof off at work

Largest Pa. gun show says no to assault weapons

Mika Brzezinsk just took the NRA to the WOODSHED!!! (NOW WITH VIDEO)

A Step too Far? "'Oxygen' halts controversial 'Babies' Mamas' project"

Study: Democracy in decline around the world

Why not let Texas secede, if they want to? Then Jeb couldn't run for President. nt

After a decade of denial, Armstrong is still looking out for No. 1: Lance

If fixing the NICS database means greater reporting of marijuana convictions are you good with it?

God Loves Us and We Will Bomb You

NDRC: Extreme Weather Map 2012

when using chrome, i have no highlights. all highlights disappeared from the past.

Get the Recipe for Crab Soup That Will be Served at President Obama's Inaugural Gala

White House 'strongly condemns' Morsi slurs against Jews

Get the Recipe for Crab Soup That Will be Served at President Obama's Inaugural Gala

The NRA is not in a New York state of mind

Anyone remember Sen. Kerry's 1988 report "Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- PED-strong

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Terrorists

Buy genuine Native art from tribal enrolled craftsmen.

Matt Damon....

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Guns

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

The Myth of Human Progress

I just noticed that my paycheck is a little smaller. Is this Obama's fault?

FARC increased weapons purchases during ceasefire: Ecuador

Planned Parenthood of WI hosting 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Celebration

Follow The Money........

Chicago Bears hire Marc Trestman as new head coach

Hong Kong mistaken in backing dollar peg

2012 in global top 10 warmest ever, despite La Nina

Land reform, decreased inequality minimum demands for peace: FARC

Chris Copeland's rough road to an NBA job with the Knicks

The calm before the storm...

House passes $50.5 billion in Sandy aid, Republicans trim items

Westboro Baptist Church Drops Aaron Swartz Funeral Protest After Anonymous Vows Action

The NRA goes there ... targeting President Obama's children!

Hillary Clinton 2016? Women Look Ahead To ‘History In the Making’

Bad lip reading (hilarious!)

Bombers kill more than 30 across Iraq

Rep. Ed Markey Questions DOE’s Radioactive Recycling Proposal

NBC: 'We have to compete': GOP assesses path back to power"

The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

Obama Gets Tough - by David Frum

Morsi's anti-Semitic slurs 'deeply offensive', US says

Former MLB player John Rocker said..

Weekly World News: Obama adds himself to Mount Rushmore

In ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, a blow to Obamacare (CO-OP)

Insecticide 'unacceptable' danger to bees, report finds

Gibbs: "If the NRA's got a list, then Obama for America has a bigger list."


The aliens have moved from crop circles to snow art.

Empathy trumps Religion

Must be one of my students

Inspector General: USPS bailout or shutdown

NRA releases shooting game after blaming video games for gun violence

Car bombs kill 22 in Syria's Idlib: state media

Would-be judge in hot water for suggesting rape victims enjoy it

43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist...

Morning Joe calls new NRA ad "political pornography", "one of the grossest things"

FINALLY!! Milo's is recalling the chicken jerky and

When Public Outperforms Private in Services

Omnibus cool stuff post - no hill for a stepper edition

Why I Raise My Children Without God

EPA's Water Contamination Investigation Halted In Texas After Range Resources Protest

whatever, pass the nuts...

I feel almost like earth is being taken over by alien beings...

House Democrats Revive Health Care Public Option To Reduce Deficit

Every Right We Have Comes With Restrictions

United Wisconsin's rebuttal to Scott Walker's State of the State address

Help! Plumbing / check valve advice needed stat

In your face!

Man Builds Mini Car for Pet Parrot

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

My personal avatar doesn't show

Australia bans assault weapons; mass shootings fall

GAME OVER: Kochs Throw GOP Under The Bus

First of all, it is not about gun "control" - it is about gun violence.

Dean Baker: Fiscal Cliff Fantasies # 2134: Retail Sales Were Up 0.5 Percent in December

Look out, Texas; here comes Kansas!

Gun Control: FOX News: We Report, You Decide. Not exactly.

White House Releases Letters From Kids Pleading For Pres. Obama To Act On Guns

The Truth About Guns and Video Games (From

Dozens rounded up in New York and New Jersey extortion probe

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Held in January at Six-Year High

So today 58% support an assault weapons ban.

Merkley: Dems Have The Votes For Filibuster Reform

Lenin's embalmed corpse edges nearer the exit of his Red Square mausoleum

Kansas Again - state budget deficit of $267 million created by Gov. Brownback

Republicans can only win by CHEATING.. And they don't care if you know it!

Mike Luckovich: GOP Answers Obama's Challenge on Debt Ceiling

49 Republican House Members vote for Sandy Relief!

Obama vs. the NRA

FBI says Oregon bomb suspect originally wanted to blow himself up

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 16, 1966

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 16, 1966

Michelle Bachmann accused of campaign finance violations

Israel can remove Palestinian protest tents: court

am I the only one whose links aren't changing color after being visited?

Egypt building collapse kills 22 people: ministry

Auto Industry Fuels Industrial Production's 0.3% Rise

Israel announces plans for more West Bank housing

Alex Jones gets some gun-crazed company

Vegan Firefighters Engine 2 Diet Endorsed by Chicago Mayor

Weird Ass Things....

The Morning Plum: The increasingly isolated GOP

ER visits tied to energy drinks double since 2007

World on Brink of ‘Currency War’ After Japan Move: Russia

Goldman and Morgan Stanley Strike Deal Over Foreclosure Practices

This insanity from the NRA is nothing less than a call-to-arms and a call for violent overthrow

Bill Clinton credits his vegan diet for saving and extending his life.

Because a White Guy Said It.

SHOCKING Headline at HuffPo: Picture of Obama with PULL THE TRIGGER in big letters

House GOP sends clear message with Hurricane Sandy vote: They're ready to cave on debt limit

More bad news for the Dallas Cowpies...

A House radical is now in the mainstream (Rep who wants to impeach Obama)

Hagel’s Nomination As Defense Secretary Gains Momentum

Unintended consequences: Mali

NRA Prez David Keene's Son Is a Convicted Road-Rage Shooter

Alternate Reality Crowd Takes New Twisted Turn

The Most Amazing Fact About the Patriots' Decade+ of Dominance in the NFL

Navy’s $670 Million Fighting Ship Is ‘Not Expected to Be Survivable,’ Pentagon Says

Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and ...

Algeria: Two Killed and 41 Foreigners Kidnapped Algerian Gas Field Attack

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Torture in Movies

Can sheriffs/police refuse to enforce new gun laws? Oregon sheriff says his county will not

Here's the list of those GOP Reps that voted against aid for Superstorm Sandy

3,120 calories. 1 dish. Not a stunt. Guess the restaurant chain that offers it.

The 2 Americas John Edwards didn't mention...

An interesting thing about Gubernatorial recalls in America--

Aaron Swartz's Tragic Suicide & The Corrupt Justice Department That Contributed To It

The definition of scum: Rupert Murdoch wonders if 400 lbs woman...

Exploding right-wing heads thread

one minute warning- obama live on guns- 11:55 AM Wednesday

EPA reversed course on tainted Texas water wells

xkcd toon: Hand Sanitizer

EPA's Water Contamination Investigation Halted In Texas After Range Resources Protest

BIDEN on NOW -- re: gun recommendation.

Verizon finds US developer outsourced his job to China so he could surf Reddit and watch cat videos

The NRA Has Just Made Themselves IRELLEVANT

SKEPTIC - The Physics of UFOs

Hal Sparks just enlightened me

Money and The Maxed Out Right

Shannyn Moore on the grounding of the Shell Oil rig in Alaska

President Obama live on guns

President Obama's Speech on Guns - Now Streaming

'Revolving door' swings freely in America's statehouses; anything goes in some states

White House calls NRA ad "repugnant and cowardly"

NRA responds to ad outrage: Obama children ad not about Obama children

Time Magazine: The Gunfighters...Bloomberg, Biden And Giffords (Photo)

Jay Carney: NRA Ad “Repugnant And Cowardly”

How Anonymous Got Westboro to Back Off Aaron Swartz's Funeral

Documented facts from IranContra are now being downplayed as 'speculation', eh?

President Josiah Bartlet explains it for the NRA idiot assholes:

Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Is ‘Like Fascism’

Hilarious immersion blender story and comment thread in the NYTimes.

Obama Gun Control Proposals Unveiled, Marking Biggest Legislative Effort In A Generation

How can Harry Reid NOT bring this to the floor of the Senate

Dept. of not really news, Michele Bachmann is kind of crazy

The distress of the privileged

MIRT please have a look at this sub-thread...

Buddhas in 3-D: Technology and the battle to preserve Asia's heritage

Artist Steve Musgrave’s new portrait of President Obama to celebrate the upcoming inauguration

Learn a little Japanese (Part Two)

Have you signed the petitions to fire Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann yet?

House Democrats Revive Health Care Public Option To Reduce Deficit


An outstanding speech on gun violence

Pic Of The Moment: Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Sensible Gun Control Measures

The Utter Hypocrisy Of John Boehner And The House Republicans

UC Berkeley law students charged in beheading of exotic bird in Las Vegas

Here's A Guy Who Could Teach Our High Schoolers How To Not Be Creeps

And the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach is..........................................

'Militant atheist' blogger stabbed in Bangladesh

Photos of President Obama Signing 23 Immediate Executive Actions On Guns.

Cardinal Kurt Koch Blasts Catholic Splinter Group

Legacy Of Liberty: Celebrating Religious Freedom Day, 2013

(Cross Post) Buddhas in 3-D: Technology and the battle to preserve Asia's heritage

Nolan adds name to bill to end Afghanistan war

Watching CNN right now...

‘Morning Joe’ hosts eviscerate ‘sick in the head’ NRA for targeting Obama’s kids

The Rude Pundit: Republican Representatives: "Relief for Me, Not for You"

Chuck Hagel nomination hearing set for Jan. 31

Here is some data I'd like to know:

Monsanto versus the people

Keith Olbermann Makes Large Donation to Student-Run Radio Station

Colombia land restitution law a 'facade': Community leader .

Russian mafia boss shot dead by sniper

"the 2nd amendment protects a legitimate individual right" - Barack Obama

Brady Campaign: White House Shown ‘Tremendous Leadership’ On Guns

As "Roe v. Wade" turns 40, most oppose reversing abortion ruling

Fox News doesn't call white supremacists "terrorist." They call them...

Republican Tucson City Councilman switching to Dem, cites their far right wing ideology

New form of cocaine possibly being made in Colombia .

New form of cocaine possibly being made in Colombia .

President Obama: "This is the land of the free. And it always will be."

If We Can Afford A New War in Mali, We Can Afford Every Non-Military Budget Item. Period. EOM

Somali Islamists say French hostage sentenced to death

Justice Scalia makes clear the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is not an unlimited right

Huge cojones! That's our President.

Another Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Hits Black Market

Obituary (Hastert Rule)

NY Cosmos propose 25K-seat stadium at Belmont Park

"The 2nd amendment protects a legitimate individual right" - Barack Obama

Visualization Vednesdays: Where has all the sea ice gone?

I need clarification about Obama's Executive Order:

Thom Hartmann: Vote Rigging - The GOP is taking advice from Stalin

Marine accused of urinating on Taliban corpses to face trial

So, despite tearing itself apart over guns for weeks, pretty much everybody on DU agrees with POTUS

I'm sorry but I am so angry about the NRA, they should be forced to view pictures

General Omar Bradley quote

White House petitions will now require 100,000 signatures before response

London: Heliocopter hits crane, explodes in street during rush hour .

Texas Republican Lawmaker Intros Bill To Arrest Federal Officials Who Implement Gun Laws

Rubio: Obama’s Gun Plan Wouldn’t Have Stopped Newtown Massacre

Steve Stockman is officially the New Texas Congressional Asshole.

"Thinking Fast and Slow" -- Kahneman

Conrad Bain of 'Diff'rent Strokes' dead at 89

Progressive Groups Pledge To Push Obama Gun Proposals On Congress

NRA'S new 'STANDANDFIGHT' campaign

Andrea Mitchell is actually taking on this Pratt man from the gunowners

RIP Conrad Bain -- Mr. Phillip Drummond

Rick Perry: No Gun Law Could Have Saved Sandy Hook Students

Excellent essay about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Organizer of defunct GOP presidential forum in Kingsport charged with stealing $30,000 from donors

Obama Gun Proposal Press Conference: Full Transcript

Obama unveils sweeping gun reforms, 23 executive actions

No matter what the President does some here will never be happy

California Democratic Party calls for a 25% reduction in MIlitary Spending

Miss. Guv Calls For Bill Making Obama’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Orders Illegal

Andrea mitchell

Army dedicates largest solar array at White Sands

WATCH: President Obama’s Gun Control Announcement (full video 19:33 minutes)

Nalagaat, Israeli Troupe of Deaf-Blind Actors

10 outrageously lavish CEO perks

Stautory warnings /images for gun buyers

PPP: FL Gov Rick Scott in trouble for 2014

More Guns is the Only Answer ...........

Should we be worried about the Chinese eugenics program?

Bishop (R-UT) amends Sandy relief bill to prohibit park expansion

Hey gun lovers - are you scared yet?

Salad in a jar.....

I love guns

Bizarre injury of the day: Denver Mayor...

Map Toon: The United States of Paranoia

Black America Is Not Shawty Lo and His 10 Baby Mamas

African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement Launches Multi-Platform Label, Array

Lance Armstrong Oprah interview gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

Mental Health Tax on guns

Youth pastor: The rise of atheism is inevitable.

If the big run on gun and ammunition purchases were being led by African-Americans and Latinos.....

US employee 'outsourced job to China'

Vermont’s first African American heritage trail opens with 10 sites and exhibits

New owners of Tiller's Wichita abortion clinic plan to open clinic with three doctors

NASA, Europeans uniting to send spaceship to moon

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the NRA been suggesting many of Obama's executive actions?

Tiny the (formerly) fat cat loses half his weight, gets adopted

Braveheart seems to be missing from this list...

‘Black First’ new book by Jessie Carney Smith

We consent to be free and we consent not to be

And this is what the gun enthusiasts in our fair city want to do.

Jan Carew, 92, first chair of African-American studies at NU

Rutgers-Camden Scholar Clears up Misconceptions about Hoodoo

The Cost Of Being A Nation Of 'Soul Food Junkies'

African Americans Reflect on Obama 2nd Inauguration

Filibuster Reformers Coalesce Around Reid’s More Modest Reform Plan

'Segregation now' for poor America more than black America

List of Executive 'Actions/Proposals' and full VIDEO of President Obama's announcement

The NRA ad

Massachusetts governor proposes new gun laws after Newtown

Marco Rubio said that what the President did would not stop Sandy Hook. How does he know?

Between President Obama's gun measures and

WHO: Range Of Dengue Now Wider Than That Of Malaria; World's Fastest-Spreading Tropical Disease

Hi fellow Seniors! I need suggestions.

'Segregation Forever': A Fiery Pledge Forgiven, But Not Forgotten

Obama still shuns Faux News

Why is it OK for progressives of means to shop with right-wing corporations?

WikiLeaks case could hinge on whether Manning had reason to believe his actions could harm US

To Gun Owners - Tough shit!

More Fun From VA: Cucinelli, Utilities Working Hard To Repeal State Renewable Energy Incentives

Thom Hartmann: Vets, America has a DEAL for you...WalMart!

what better way to shame the 0.1% to do what's right

Executive actions versus executive orders

The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery:Southern Slave patrols

Sci-Am: 3,527 US Monthly Weather Records Fell In 2012; 2011 Second-Biggest Record Year @ 3,251

RNC: Obama’s Executive Actions A ‘Power Grab’

Who do you think was the last good GOP President?

The Smog In China Should Terrify You

High Rez image of Mercury from MESSENGER probe

B. Todd Jones to be nominated for ATF director

All Out War on Wolves

Dark Nebula Hides Star Birth

Assault weapons questions

Website for Scam Calls.... Web Site Tries to track those sales calls that hang up...

McCain "Disapproves" Morsi Comments About Jews But Says He Will Push For Aid To Egypt

Lost membership

President Obama’s Call For Cops In Schools Echoes Clinton

French Troops Begin Land Assault In Mali, Moving North To Jihadist-Held Diabaly

Michigan 2012: 139 New Heat Records In 44 Counties, 18 Rainfall Records In 14 Counties

Someone should ask those screaming about "infringing rights" and "unconstitutional" executive orders

Women, girls murdered in Guatemala

A tip for Rick Perry and the rest of wingnuttia

Netanyahu Hits Back At Obama: I Know What's Best For Israel

We can't prevent all cases of food poisoning

We don't all live in Newtown. But I do.

Offering or Asking for Medical Advice

Gun rights and responsibilities

Cat love. It's real.

Silence of the Beards:

Creepy... Crawly... Creepy... Crawly... CreepyCreepyCrawlyCrawlyCreepyCreepyCrawlyCrawly.

Gotta love that "Canadian C.S.I.", eh?

Everything MiddleFingerMom knows, he learned from his dog.

MiddleFingerMom is takin' it easy for awhile.... just chillin' after all that strenuous rehab.

The Activism Gap on Gun Control-People Who Oppose Gun Control Are More Vocal

Who owns snopes?

It's official: Republicans have lost their minds

Facebook fans,

Vermonters love pets; D.C. residents not quite so much

The Interior Secretary’s $222,000 Bathroom

Red Staters Liberals- check in!

Wiley's Non-Sequitur about the NRA's power-grab coup against God...

Stand With President Obama To End Gun Violence...

Lapin: God does not want you to retire OR aging is a sin

Snow 'completely unprepared' to land in Britain

You can study once-classified documents at the National Security Archive @George Washington Univ

Pregnant? That Might Get You Arrested

London helicopter crash: Two die in Vauxhall crane incident

I work out but have high Blood Pressure

Bad Lip Reading in the NFL!

I was born to love you, I was born to lick your face...

I was thinking that the one R we hadn't heard from on guns was Cheney so

Scalia. Heller vs D.C.

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Jan 16th

My new desktop

Here kitty kitty kitty...Oh oh...

Mysterious dolphin deaths continue in Gulf of Mexico

Gun owners participated in a self-fulfilling prophecy

For those into pain American Idol starts tonight.

Please Cancel My NRA Membership (Guest columnist on

Pigeon Impossible

Shrimp Turkolimano

Regarding presidential executive orders, by the numbers

Making the rounds on Facebook right now: "The Dick Act of 1902"

Machine to weed out dud PV wafers could save solar industry billions

Found a way to get the "Microsoft Service Center" Indians guys

How many of these rabid gun enthusiasts which are advocating extreme reactions to

Poll: Nearly half of Republicans take President's side, say cuts should be separate from debt limit

Help! I've got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu!

NSA link has documents online for those defending Kerry's work on CIA drug running

Political sphere reacts to Obama gun violence proposals - a round-up of statements

EHRP: The North Dakota Oil Fracking Boom Creates Clash of Money and Devastation

do you have time for Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly's poll ?

States Gave Gunmakers $49 Million In Tax Breaks Over The Last Five Years

Inner-City Wizard School: The State of Public Magic in America

The Globular Star Cluster 47 Tucanae

Congressional Democrats' hearing on gun violence on C-span

Colo. GOP calls for armed security at businesses

Which President Raised the Debt Ceiling the Most? (Hint: he "proved deficits don't matter")

New TIME/CNN Poll: Obama’s Job Approval Jumps [55% to 43%], Public Favors Stricter Gun Laws [55% to

Easter Island issues Chile with independence threat

Off to Washington I go!

Sen. Schumer says it best about background checks. Also, Coburn seems to be on board

I'm sure this has been posted a ton of times, but I haven't seen it! (re: Papa John's "pizza")

How surprised are you that the gun debate is still going strong

If you're against marriage equality because "it goes against the Bible," ...

one doesn't have to travel very far on the internet to find some very angry slightly unhinged people

EXCLUSIVE: CEO who profits from Bushmaster assault rifles helps run the NRA

Reactive and thoughtless jurors strike again

Mexico bans "assault weapons;" mass shootings fall to - oh, wait...

Regarding presidential executive orders, by the numbers

White House calls for research on the effect of media and video games in gun violence

Teachers Union Explains Why It Supports Obama’s Guns In Schools Plan But Not NRA’s

My psychatrist may not be coming back.

178,000 sign petition for removing Bachman from House Intelligence committee - PFAW

People coming to DC: it's possible the Red Line will still be broken this weekend. Yes, really.

Dennis Kucinich to become Regular Fox News Contributor

We won't spend the money to improve

The NRA is nothing more than a lobbyist group working for the gun manufacturers corporations

If Kerry's narco-terror report and Parry's work exposing IranContra are now 'creative speculation'

An Inconvenient Truth For The GOP: Pres. Bush Wanted To Extend The Assault Weapons Ban

Just got done cleaning and scraping dog diarrhea off one of my rugs.

Dams found to be barrier to fish breeding

Rick Scott Disavows Role In Controversial Early Voting Law: ‘It Was Not My Bill’

what has been your anti gun fantasy ( if any) ?

Fox hires Dennis Kucinich as analyst

House to vote to continue federal pay freeze

Comment Thread for January Photo Contest

Walter Rhett: What Do Newtown Conspiracies Really Cover Up?

With the Hurricane Sandy aid bill getting 49 votes for and 179 against from Repugs in the House

Inexplicably, Todd Bridges is the last surviving Diff'rent Strokes cast member?

Reps. Long and Hartzler Vote Against Superstorm Sandy Aid -- Rep. Broun Attempts NWS Readiness Cut

Submission Thread for January Photo Contest

DIY tractors and other cool stuff

I am proud today to say I voted for this president.

Possible partial gun control solution, although a futuristic one.

Report: House Of Representatives Apparently Can’t Get Enough Pirated Episodes Of ‘Dexter’

In this week's episode of Red State Madness

I think the NRA will lose power, but gain money and members

New hate group with totally appropriate name: FAPSMEG (No, it's NOT an Onion story...)

Pentagon opts not to intervene in ban of lesbian by Fort Bragg spouses club

Yesterday the local radio bozo compared the President to Saddam - an e-mail installment

I was wondering how people

DU's Photography Group January Contest Submissions

"Episcopal priest chosen for inaugural benediction" (Replacing Giglio)

Deferred adjudication in former GOP leader Rogers assault case

If I may be so bold...

A most interesting dichotomy....

2-year colleges will take a hit under budget proposals


Responsible Gun Owners Association

House Dems call NRA ad 'completely inappropriate... dangerous'

Segregated Churches, Segregated Lives: Religion, Race and Marriage

Religion may not survive the Internet - link added (sorry about that)

Right-wing reacts badly to Obama’s gun proposals

Whole Foods CEO changes tune on ‘Obamacare’: It’s not ‘socialism,’ it’s ‘fascism’

Faith in Values: Roe and Religion - link added (I'm am thinking very slowly today, lol)

Operation Rainfall is a success!

I don't see how (one part of) the new NY gun law can be constitutional

Repuglicans introduce new map of the US

Snyder's State of the State

Obama's "2nd executive order" regarding HIPAA may not be a good idea

Letter making the rounds from The National Association for Gun Rights

Tweety - By going after the President's daughters the NRA has its grip on guns but

UPDATED Toll Free Capitol Hill numbers (for calling to support Obama on the gun issue):

Congress Kills Part of the Affordable Care Act

X-Post from "Propaganda Debunking": Making the rounds on Facebook right now: "The Dick Act of 1902"

I just filled in my 6th grade son on the OJ Simpson trial.

Jewish settler convicted of killing 2 Palestinians (Yaakov Tytell)

Anyone see "Day Night Day Night"?

A Streetcar Named Desire...

In a few months, Grand Theft Auto V will be available in stores.

Reagan’s solicitor general dismisses right’s fantasy about Obama “tyranny”

I have a problem with some of the posts about juries here

To serve on juries: one year and 1000 posts

Manti Te'o's "Dead Girlfriend" Story? A complete hoax

Are we getting close to a civil war?

Dem bill would require independent commissions to redraw congressional districts

So what happened to 1776...?

EPA's Water Contamination Investigation Halted In Texas After Drillers Complain

Sigh. You might want to think twice about quinoa ...

Sigh. You might want to think twice about quinoa ...

Explosive Allegations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

How screwed up would your kid's entire life be If you gave him the middle name "Comma" ?

A good read for anyone who dreams of letting someone else do their job,

Deadspin Reports Manti Te'o Dead Girlfriend Story Is a Hoax

I Was A Guest on HuffPost Live Discussing Debt Ceiling, New Chief Of Staff, Gunman In School (VIDEO)

Texas AG To New Yorkers: If You Hate Gun Laws, Move Here

The NRA's America

Sometimes I'm just so damn proud to be an American...

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee taunt GOP House members before party retreat

Are you going to watch Fox Noise now that Kucinich has been hired?

Mad Girl's Love Song - Sylvia Plath

I Just Listened To Joe Scar On Hardball And Must Say It Was Refreshing To Hear His Thoughts On......

Fulton, New York averages 185" of snow a season, sometimes hitting 250"

Republicans Call Him a Dictator, But Obama Has Issued Fewest Executive Orders in 100 Years

Republicans Call Him a Dictator, But Obama Has Issued Fewest Executive Orders in 100 Years

Mouse Study Discovers DNA That Controls <some mouse> Behavior

A reminder of what DU could become if the outlandish conspiracy garbage isn't dealt with

Perry pushes prayer, not legislation, to fight violence

Hi-maize® resistant starch. Anyone use this?....

I think our President is one pretty cool guy.

Meet Todd Jones, Obama's nominee for ATF director

Small things... they make a difference

Antarctica Glacier's Retreat 'Unprecedented'

Abbas Endorses Nazi Supporter, Where is the Outrage? (VIDEO)

San Francisco to consider renaming airport for gay icon Harvey Milk

U.S. Studying Legal Basis For Assisting France In Mali: Panetta

Disgraced golfer Tiger Woods tries to 'win back ex-wife Elin with a $200 million deal and she says

JPMorgan Halves Dimon's Bonus To $10.5 Million After London Whale Fiasco

Aaron Swartz Hammered While HSBC Goes Free

Try this test: Are you smarter than a politician?

Piers Morgan blasts NRA ‘cowards’ for refusing interview

ECHR ruling reinforces point that religious rights don't automatically trump the rights of others

From Takei on FB: We ARE being punished because of the gays

Did politicians just say buh-bye to partisanship?

Space station to get $18 million balloon-like room

Why the Classification of Christianity as a Disease is Necessary

House measure would create religious minorities envoy

Why is Morning Joe making all these guest appearances on evening shows on MSNBC?

Heh. I called Obama a "Muslin"

The biggest liar in sports this week is not Lance Armstrong. Check out Manti Te'o

Have you ever seen a Wookie Monster?

Colombian president opens door to popular vote on FARC peace deal

Colombian president opens door to popular vote on FARC peace deal

Through States, Republicans Plot 2016 Electoral College Coup

Obama impeachment floated by second House Republican this week

Can the American people ever repay President Obama?

Aboriginal Groups Stage Protests Across Canada

French forces fighting 'hand-to-hand' in Diabaly

In India, suicide of another rape victim puts spotlight on inaction

Rep. Issa Promises Investigation Into Aaron Swartz Case

Sir, have you been watching Fox News again?

Pennsylvania House Republicans Introduce Bill To Rig The 2016 Presidential Election

This is How to Get an American Apparel Ad Banned (maybe NSFW)

Bad news. The car is dead.

So, what do we do to counter the loudmouth gun fanatics?

Tom Toles Rant- Can't lose for winning

My Rabbit is cleared for take-off (Pic)

Don’t You Dare Conflate MLK and Obama

New Hampshire Poll Shows Majority Supports Legalizing Marijuana

The paranoid, foam at the mouth gun extremists would never support Obama anyway