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Detroit Free Press Eric Sharp: Aim for gun laws that will work.

Here's an idea

Tanya Angus, Woman Who Couldn't Stop Growing, Dies at 34

Republicans, how can they deny global warming exists?

Shellfish Feel Pain, Studies Suggest

has everyone seen the google doodle today? cute, animated snow scene, complete with zamboni

Bad Lip Reading does the NFL

Sly's Back!

Dear President Obama...p.s. I know you're doing your best.

Kermit the Snyder Frog State of the State on Fox News only

Decalogue déjà vu? Alabama ‘Commandments Judge’ says legal system comes from Bible

I apologize for the vote of my POS congressman, Chuck Fleishmann, relating to Hurricane Sandy relief

Congresssional Pay and Bennies Myths

I’m not saying it’s God’s Will or anything …

Will Filibuster Reform Pass this Year?

Alex Jones: Other Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props

ACLU: More police in schools could threaten students’ civil rights and liberties

In southern India, relatives sometimes quietly kill their elders

Results of a jury I just served on:

Gun rights supporters called to state Capitols

Is there a 'draft' link in the posting functions? Not pertaining to responses ... but new OP's ...

Presidential Proclamation -- Religious Freedom Day

Please share this.

Cat helps with laundry

The Cheesecake Factory Is Officially Trying to Kill You

Has anyone checked out FreeRepublic yet?

U.S. business executives call for raising retirement age to 70

Change a couple of ingredients and get another product

Watercress against cancer and cataracts

Hey. Where's LynneSin?

'Sandy Hook Hoax' Video Debunking

Marta and I are watching: Secrets of the Dead Killer Flu (PBS)

KitchenCatz!!! (Dial-up Warning)...

Some Democratic Logic To The NRA's Latest Controversial Ad

Carl Wolfson starts new show on 1/21/13

Adios Whole Foods

Can anyone guess who this is playing the role of Jesus?

Story of Te’o’s Girlfriend Is Said to Be a Hoax

Illinois sheriff compares U.S. immigration policy to Nazis

Just finished Season 1 Episode 1 of Shameless.

What do you think of Dennis Kucinich joining Fox News?

Anyone have the alert results from dkf's latest 'offering'?

Obama Gun Proposals Praised by Scientists

Latest Breaking News: it is no longer news every time some dumb fuck compares gun laws to Nazism

It Gets Better: January 14, 2013 - DNC Staff

Is Michael Steele about to jump from the ReTHUG ship

Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football

For my mental health, and due to the lack of mental health on their part ...

DU this poll: "Do you support Pres. Obama's plan to curb gun violence?"

From Vice President Joe Biden @ The White House:

Wasn't there some kind of ban or restriction on

Sounds like a plan

Les Miz for Hipsters

Remember the days when calling someone a Nazi, or comparing them to Nazis, was likely to

Lance Armstrong is 'nothing short of pathetic in defeat'

Far-Right Website: Because Reagan had Alzheimer's, His '94 Letter On Guns Is Questionable

Haha. Do other DUers ever feel like this some days?

Super Cool

Blue Mars

You need to step up your corn flake game

Man With Small Penis Worried Obama Will Take Away His Right To Overcompensate

She went with Plan B…

Mouse loses one friend and instantly makes another

Former Aide: Michele Bachmann Had “Unnatural Relationship” With Debate Coach

On a Post/Thread here in META... the DU'ers name: "Arendt" came up.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Pictures Tell the Story

‘One-man truth squad’ still debunking JFK conspiracy theories

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! How Low Can You Go? Church Night, Amen!

Senate Democrats hold key to passage of gun legislation

One of the oldest right-wing tropes about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick allowed to stand

Bill would block gun laws, allow arrest of federal agents

Follow the Money!

Fuck the NRA

What Planet is the WSJ living on?

Walker yet to issue his first pardon

U.S. Military Stops Sending Detainees to Some Afghan Prisons on Rights Fears

Obama recognizes non-believers in ‘Religious Freedom Day’ proclamation

Yep. that's what they're saying!

Bullets strike Montville homes, narrowly miss officers as AK-47 target practice goes awry w/Photos

Kryptonite for Wingers

Why did the mods label this ''Pure CT nonsense''?


So, I'm a little fuzzy on what you can and can't do with an executive order

How do you handle a problem like the Republicans in Congress?

PM: Only Israelis will determine Israel's interests

Fish Humor

Message in a Binary Bottle

I always knew that Ronnie was a Commie

Wait a minute ... Wal-Mart is now tinkering with the idea of "Buy American" as a way to

Happy Birthday, SADE!

Background checks: An excellent idea!

Increased competition would help the financial sector. Hmmmmm.

I don't think that Rachel Maddow gets the idea of a Troll as it is used in the modern way...

Another Bonus Of Drought & Warming: More Aspergillus Mold In Corn - Toxic And Carcinogenic


I am thoroughly loving Rachel's segment on trolls.

Anybody else watching Rachel? Did she just call the NRA

Flame me if you want: My wife and I are sad to know the NRA's wet dream of "Arm Guards" in schools

Where may we talk about guns?

So, President Obama did NOT issue Executive Orders today.

Omaha police officer, 42, dies after workout

CSI: Amsterdam

Online courses need human element to educate

Get your barf bags: The names and faces behind racist tweets after Obama gun exec orders

Students Injured in Clash with Police in Paraguay

moving right along

Kerry's hearing will be on January 24 at 10 am

x-post, important, re: 'long-term care.'

It's my birthday today! and...

Planned Parenthood Moving Away From "Choice"

Kozachik: No more gun shows at Tucson Convention Center

if you want a military grade weapon...

Does anyone know of any good sites/podcasts on mindfulness?

Wounded Knee

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 17, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Noir City

Ex-IRS Director on Dark-Money Groups: "Investigate Them and Prosecute Them"

a book war hath begun

Casino exec. Gary Loveman calls for Social Security cuts (I'll never step foot into Caesars again)

so, what is the NSSF saying?

U.S. Sees Hazy Threat From Mali Militants

Fox News hires Dennis Kucinich as a contributor

Does the Internet Spell Doom For Organized Religion?

Cassoulet cooking TODAY! Friday AM UPDATE!

Maher: Palin is an illiterate forest creature and Romney is a robotic tax cheat from a polygamy cult

Today in labor history: Palmer Raids victims win basic right

Lawrence O'Donnell has Frank Smyth author of the below article on his show right now

What do you think people are doing with all of the assault weapons and ammunition

Agency calls for fireworks disposal guidelines

NRA’s lobbying bags big legislative wins in states over the past two decades

Poor ranking on international test misleading about US student performance, researcher finds

Kick and recommend if you think Roberts is rehearsing how to flub the Swearing In again.

Kennedy was my partner,...he couldn't make the trip cause his momma died, so I went alone.

I n d u s t r i a l

What will happen to Christianity if intelligent life

For The Country That We Love

Wongblog - "Lots of smart Republicans are terrified of the debt ceiling"

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 18, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Laurel and Hardy

Patricia A Clark (from Newtown, CT) --> A member of the NRA Winning team...

Skylanders system catching on...

Maddowblog - "When the GOP loses the Koch brothers..."

Firebrand Cleric Raises Fear Of "Soft Coup" In Pakistan

Another Face-Off for Nuclear-Armed Rivals (India and Pakistan)

Pakistan protests move to Peshawar

Barry White - Never,never gonna give you up

Malicious Virus Shuttered U.S. Power Plant -DHS

No surprise here...Alaska bill would bar enforcement of new gun laws

Gun Deaths Since Newtown

Good night. Sleep tight, Lounge.

Joint Chiefs warn budget issues could create ‘hollow force’

How 19 year old activist Zack Kopplin is making life hell for Louisiana's Creationists

I Was Juror #4

The new neighbors have a cat named Tiger. Tiger has declared a racoon vendetta.

NRA: Official pimp for the multi-billion dollar gun industry

Rofl - I can't believe it's not butter...

Jon Stewart Trashes NRA: They Must Be A Michael Moore-Run Covert Op To Make Gun Owners Look Stupid

Pugs don't give a flying fuck about deficit reduction.

New York City Ties Doctors’ Income to Quality of Care

The President's Gun Control Plan


Trickle down doesn't work

WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning's motives are no defence, judge rules

Do you know what you call a place where deadly force meets deadly force?

The sickness has spread to North Carolina

Marching in a slow parade. There are ashes where you laid.

The TRON Basketball Court - Of the Future!

Just noticed on my transparency page

Article describing what the 23 orders on gun control do???

Link to petition not to roll back environmental protections in Wisconsin mining laws

Unregulated charter school finances wasting taxpayer money with rampant fraud.

According to Rachel Maddow's definition - Republicans = Trolls

Errors take Texas Women’s Health Program database offline; state vows fix

Filibuster Reform vote Jan. 22: Keep calling senators

Good Night Sweetheart

Some sheriffs vow not to enforce Obama's gun plan..who the fuck do they think they are?

Top Chef

Some With Autism Diagnosis Can Overcome Symptoms, Study Finds.

Jon Stewart explains in detail how GOP Congress & #NRA has stopped ATF's ability to function

WaPo: Why gun politics are no longer dangerous for Democrats

Pennsylvania House Republicans Introduce Bill To Rig The 2016 Presidential Election

RIP Mr. Drummond

Idiot Idaho state legislator compares abortion to prostitution

Gov. Rick Snyder calls for $1.2 billion in higher vehicle registration fees, gas tax change to fix s

Amherst County murderer executed by electric chair

U.S. programmer outsources own job to China, surfs cat videos

Aaron Swartz case dismissed posthumously by US District Court....

Rand Paul Sports Teabagger Shampoo, Hannity Mum.

This is the kind of day I've had. Every job should have nap time.

Erin Burnett is an idiot

You know what line I'm sick of hearing pertaining to gun regulation...

88 Fingers Edward

Hey Arnold "Drug" Reference?

Uribe supported promoting disgraced ex-official: Former Police Chief .

Venezuela's Defense Minister says army will support Chavez

So my 3rd-grade son asked me if there are any crazy people with guns near us.

Costa Concordia captain says he "regrets nothing"

Militarizing Latin America:The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine

Japan to build world's largest offshore wind farm

Militarizing Latin America:The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine

The Water Bearer

For Space Station, a Pod That Folds Like a Shirt and Inflates Like a Balloon

NRA Changes age restriction for new shooting app

Actually, there were just TWO Commandments…

HappyPlace: awkward facebook break ups

Unleash the iPhone!

High point of modern civilization #15

That explains everything

Student charged in college shooting attacked cabby

Police: Gun used to kill 3 in Ky. bought same day

Still Life Animated

U.S. Navy minesweeper runs aground off Philippines

More conservatives plead with GOP to abandon debt-ceiling ultimatum

Guys, I think we just won back the House of Representatives!!!

Industrial production rises in December

Before you trash it, wear it out

Winn-Dixie to Close 3 Ga. Stores

Loblaw Sponsors ‘National Sweater Day’

Magruder’s in Negotiations to Sell

Pro-Assad forces kill 106 in city of Homs - Observatory

Supervalu Inc. is selling off five of its grocery chains

Teamsters Reject UNFI Offer

Customer Beware: You Are Being Tracked

Jared Diamond: Do Hunter-Gatherer Societies Raise Their Children Better Than Americans Do?

Foodland Tests Infrared People Counter

Mental Health Background Checks for Gun Buyers Is a No-Brainer -- And Almost Impossible

Coca-Cola's New Ad Campaign Claims the Company Is Fighting Obesity? Oh, Please.

School administrators searching for creator of 'Ladue's Ugliest' Instagram account

Do you have Forer’s Disease?

Chair of the Missouri Public Service Commission will step down

Religion may not survive the Internet

Remind me again how many people were killed by Janet Jackson's nipple,

Ruminating again. If anyone is up, would you help me think this through

Science explains it!

Light in womb 'gives healthy eyes' - in mice

Austin might ban smoking on bar and restaurant patios

Early HIV drugs 'slow virus down'

I Went After Guns. Obama Can, Too.

The douchebag needs glasses

Amazing! Scientists using HIV to fight cancer. Yay for science!!

Probably how most of us have felt here once or twice...

REPORT: The EPA Backtracked On A Tainted Water Finding After A Driller Protested

Pin up cats

Posts are not highlighting

'Nuclear waste? No thanks,' say Lake District national park tourism chiefs

Hamas says no unity with Fatah without armed wing

Grass-feeding butterflies defy wet summers, survey shows

Ken Salazar leaves contested legacy as Obama's interior secretary

Federal complaint filed against UPS for forcing pregnant worker off the job

Anti-worker bills already clouding Missouri legislative session

Judge halts third attempt to hijack St. Louis fire fighters pension plan

As manufacturing bounces back from recession, unions are left behind

What’s needed to prevent Right Wing from destroying unions?

Amazing isn't it that Joe Scum et al now have the Notre Dame Hoax for diversion

Power Play: Politician Calls for Nationalization of Electricity Grid{germany}

Some hostages reported to escape Sahara siege

AMR cuts labor costs, posts 4Q profit of $262M

BP, U.S. Urge Judge to Accept Plea Over Protests by Victims

Behind The NRA's Money: Gun Lobby Deepens Financial Ties to $12 Billion Firearms Industry

"Responsible" gun owners acting intelligently ... maybe if the homeowners had guns, they'd feel

Is the entire web now one big Poe? "Obama = Hitler" all over the place

Drones: An Outlier in a Transparent Presidency

Philippines: U.S. Navy Ship Stuck On Coral Reef

What was the worst "pig out" episode you ever had?

Obama Says He’s Ready To Take On The Gun Lobby

Gun Control Advocates Overjoyed At Obama’s Plan

American Gun Lobby is Full of Contradictions

Jeff Danziger: NRA Video Games

GOP Senator admits it. New Wisconsin bill exempts mining companies from environmental standards

CBS/NYT Poll: 92 Percent Support Background Checks For All Gun Buyers

Sandy Hook 'Truthers"

It's all relative…

Mississippi Guv: Criminals Can Get High-Capacity Magazines From The Soviet Union

Alex Jones says that homosexuals are created by the government...

The House GOP’s Intentional-Losing Strategy (Crazy Talk?)

Anyone else find it ironic that Joe Scar is outraged and apoplectic

Boycott the Apple App Store

Notre Dame Unveils New Fight Song

Bisphenol A Replacement Disrupts Estrogen, Even At Extremely Low Levels

Inca may have used binary code language

Scientists Confirm White Nose Disease In Mammoth Cave NP Bat

In 2010 And 2012, Plants In Eastern US Flowered At Earliest Dates In Recorded History

For First Time In Nearly 100 Years, Sandbars Form At Mouth Of Elwha River As Dams Come Down

BREAKING: 35 Hostages and 15 Kidnappers Killed by Air Strikes by Algerian Army

They vow to disregard the law

Its a bit freaky............

France Green-lights Gold Mine Inside French Guyana's Only National Park

At Five Biggest US Papers, Fewer Than 10 Environmental Reporters Remain

America's Brutal Treatment of Its Struggling Wealthy Class

High Levels Of Pollution & Sea Lice @ Scottish Salmon Farms; Freedom Foods Label "A Fig Leaf"

Jobless Claims Drop to Five-Year Low (Fall to 335,000 in Latest Week from 372,000)

Housing Starts Climb to Highest Rate Since June 2008 (12.1 Percent)

Happy Birthday First Lady!

1/15 Drought Monitor; Spotty Western Snowpack Improvements; Plains Largely Locked In Drought

How long will the Recs & Views will stay turned off in The Lounge ?

View profile Love isn’t text messages – its being held, valued and loved!

Juan Cole: Gun Murders vs. Terrorism by the Numbers

Rand Paul 2016! No, really - by Joan Walsh

Va. Tech Shooting Survivor: Obama’s Gun Plan a 1st Step, But "We Need a Movement" to Overcome NRA

Dennis Kucinich: It's “Almost Silly” To Think I'd Be The Token Liberal On Fox

Mathematical clock

Jobless claims plummet, reach five-year low

Keiser Report: Whore-der of JP Morgan

my local rag's headline: Obama gun plan faces doubtful future

Venezuela publishes decree with Chavez signature

France condemns latest Israeli settlement plans

Boeing Dreamliner battery fire hot enough to melt fuselage, tests show

Obama Prexy Decree: Religious Freedom Day

The U.S. Firearms Industry: Inside the Numbers

Sen. Al Franken Raises Doubts About Support For Assault Weapons Ban

Missouri woman gets 4 years in prison for hitting teacher

President Obama's 'Core Values' Will Be On Display At His Inauguration

Second Amendment is not license for treason, armed revolt

Housing construction surging

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Wave of Gun toons continues unabated

In Town-Hall Meeting, Christie Counters Obama on Guns

Was thinking about guns last night

Jerusalem Post: Barack Obama: Conceited-in-chief

Military suicides shouldn't be just another tragedy of war

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Roidstrong

List of other news bubble hoaxes (please add)

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Outrageous Intrusive Government Regulation

Robert Parry: The Depressing ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

when I read posts like cowgirlup's now hidden epic post I am reminded of something Dan Quayle said:

Reports: Bloodbath in Algeria as Army Attacks Hostage-Takers

The physics teachers are getting out of HAND!

Dead monitor? Or graphics card?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will be getting a lot of mail from Texas on editoral re: secession request.

A tale of misogyny, sexism and the different ways men respond

She sure is Inspirational!

With the hundreds of millions of guns in this country already

Happy birthday First Lady and Muhammad The Greatest Ali

Rachel Maddow - NRA & Right Wing Trolling Obama

Democrats Herald House Republican Retreat With Hilarious Video-- 'Kumbaya'

Is Stanley McCrystal a democrat

If Republicans wish to take the side of people-killing assault weapons, then let them....

Founding Fathers’ Words Reveal 2nd Amendment Was… To Preserve Slavery?

All the right wingers that want an armed guard or armed teacher in the schools are idiots.

Parkinson’s and Pesticides

We should tax wealth apart from income...and put a backstop to prevent capital flight

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..."

National Climate Assessment Delivers Dire Warning On Climate Threat

Want to see some absolutely BEAUTIFUL cars? And don't forget to click on the cars themselves.

The Misogyny Bubble

12-year-old girl becomes third to die from shooting at Hazard college

Looks like the Right is all up in arms (pardon the pun) about the kids at yesterday's announcement

Graphic of gun proposal support by political leaning

Are There Any Limitations on the "Right to Bear Arms"? Any at all?

Florida Defies Housing Rebound as Foreclosures Soar

Manufacturing in the Philadelphia Area Unexpectedly Shrinks

Al Franken

Teacher Rebellion: Refusal to Administer Standardized Testing Spreads in Washington

The Next Generation of Manhood

WSJ Graphic shows the effect of the fiscal cliff on the "Average" American

Selling the Shooting

NRA head defending ad using the Obama girls

Overqualified person applys to a Wall Street job...

How every single discussion about SEXISM and anti-woman type stuff on the internet (and real life)

Since school started back up in January

Report: Miss. School Discipline Too Hard on Kids

CenturyLink Field disarms off-duty cops at games

Rethugs substitute "Saddam" to call the President other names they use in private

Chris Hedges-Santa Fe

Just a reminder, V-Day is in four weeks.

Americans’ Economic Outlook Fell in January to Three-Month Low

It's Official - The Backlash is HERE.

Professor Says He's Facing University Probe For Doubting Existence Of Newtown Shooting

California Power Generation Carbon Emissions Slid 22% in 2011

do gun advocates ponder... nonviolence?

Sen. Kaine: “Nullification is a code word.”

Great article in Feb. Vanity Fair on Norma McCorvey (Roe vs. Wade)

Assault Weapons Ban Likely To Die In GOP-Dominated House

I'm ready for a nullification of the Pauls.

What are some of the benefits of having an imaginary girlfriend?

Gaza farmers visit Eshkol agricultural expo

CREW Congratulates 2012’s Scoundrel of the Year: Crossroads GPS

Missing from yesterday's speech: drugs & gangs

Former U.S. Commander Warns Strike On Iran Would Not End Nuclear Program

Space Faces, Causality and the Origin of Religion

Question on assault weapons ban, and high capacity magzine bans?

Like jazz, live in the Tempe/s.Scottsdale are then

Chenault introduces gun ownership bill

Not Mans Best Friend? Dog runs over owner...

Pic Of The Moment: GOP: Obama's Executive Orders Are An Unprecedented Power Grab

Hindu holy book coming to a nightstand near you

Check in here if the United Nations Troops kicked down your door and took your guns!

I guess we can put this claim to bed...

God, Science and Feminism

'AK-47 Bandit' robs banks all over Western US

EPA halted 'fracking' case after gas company protested

Kitteh lovers beware...this will piss you off.

The Rude Pundit - Obama to the NRA: Suck on This Executive Power

What is wrong with this picture?

Thom Hartmann: Could we save humanity by ending factory farming?

A suggestion about the gun threads in GD

Do you support Obama's plan to reduce gun violence?

Direct quote from ~ The View:

Gaddafi's son appears in Libyan court for first time

Russia says seeking nuclear talks with Iran by end-January

Conservative Group Launching Anti-Hagel Ad Campaign

UPDATED: Shots fired with AK-47 hit 2 homes in Montville Twp.

NC Dems taking GOP to court over gerrymandered districts are looking for help.

Most Expensive City In America: San Francisco Most Unaffordable City For Home Ownership (PHOTOS)

Improv cat hammock

For some reason this "fake dead girlfriend" make me think of Steubenville Big Red Rape Scandal

Happy Birthday Betty White, too!

San Francisco Smoking Ban: Board Of Supervisors Passes Two Anti-Smoking Bills

Maddow on new NRA ads: Trolling a key aspect of conservative media

The Souvenirs of Last Resort

Rupert Murdoch attacks liberal policies for making injured woman obese

Poll: 64 percent of Republicans are birthers

There were NO Executive Orders signed yesterday.

A tale of two governors: Patrick (D-MA) vs Brownback (R-KS) and their State of the State.

Front page of the Daily News: For the Love of Grace

Israeli Army 'Provoked Palestinian Teenager And Then Shot Him'

A Peek Inside the World's Largest Cave

Militants: 35 hostages dead after Algerian Army raids gas plant

The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act is a Dead Duck and will never be enacted

Franken Clarifies: I Support A Reinstatement Of Assault Weapons Ban

Fact Checks Voter Conspiracies

Front pages of some daily newspapers...

Inspirational! Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle

Sudden Stratospheric Warming Split the Polar Vortex in Two

How does everyone feel about changing the name of SFO to honor Harvey Milk?

Funny or Die responds to NRA “Stand and Fight” ad

Democrats Balance California’s Budget And Increase Education Spending

How do I embed a video clip?

Arizona Cardinals fullback on Manti Te’o's fake girlfriend: ‘No, she’s real.’

There was a sheriff from Oregon on MSNBC

Rapid transit -- It's a bootyful thing

Hey GEEKS -- got a question

US Defense Secretary Backs Gun Control

Word is that this group is heading to Virginia to remind ReTHUGS

If Democrats pursue an Assault Weapons Ban then they'll never win another election.

Mother Jones: The Science of Why Comment Trolls Suck

A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud

A busy patch of the Great Attractor

Russ Feingold and Progressive United say "Strike deeper at corporate abuses"

Happy 91st Birthday, Betty White!

Making Tracks...

The 32 most alarming charts from the government’s climate change report

Companies Whine All The Way To The Bank: Seven And A Half Things To Know

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's scheme to keep the public in the dark about pending legislation

New Orleans’ SuperFail

Found a superb book on the meltdown and fraud of banks

Black conservatives launch effort to scrap part of Voting Rights Act

No Votes Disguise Yes Sympathies for Some in G.O.P.

Pot calling kettle black: Whole foods calls ACA "fascist."

The truth about Lance Armstrong

FTC cuts off 'Rachel from Cardholder Services'

The poor, poor rich of the Wall Street Journal

The Totally Out Of Touch Graphic WSJ Produced (Like this photo if the WSJ doesn't think you exist!)

The Assault Weapon Ban Would Have Never Passed If It Wasn't For Ronald Reagan

Begich skeptical of gun proposals

Lawyer for accused Ohio rapist blames online group for notoriety

Right-Wing Smug Bastard of the day...

Seven bullets is still too many!

Notre Dame Says Te’o Is a Victim. That’s Rich, Considering Their History of Ignoring Actual Victims

You keep hearing me talk about Uranus square Pluto - HERE ARE THE DATES 2013-215

No Way to Live (video) Recreational assault weapons fire riddles Ohio home, narrowly misses officer

Cancer linked to polio vaccine

Does anyone moderate the DU Facebook page?

behold, our domestic terrorists:

Syria crisis: al-Qaida fighters revealing their true colours, rebels say

First-Term Assessment

What passes for fashion these days...

So you think you know all about the 2nd amendment?

No Guns!

The DU Facebook page is getting trolled...

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 17, 1970

GOP sensitivity training takes place in room named for plantation

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 17, 1970

Quentin Tarantino

787 problems: Outsourcing gets Grounded

Lynx on parade: Woodland man photographs elusive cats

Deadspin Politely Responds To Donald Trump

Texas Bill Would Make Federal Firearms Laws Unenforceable

Dear Abby, Dear Abby

Loving You...A wonderful collection of photos (tons) of President Obama and First Lady Michelle..

Flu vaccine attitudes abroad differ from U.S.

Death Calculator ..

U.S. soldier accused of shooting Afghans defers plea

Why does anybody need more than 7 bullets at a time?

House Republicans are holding their winter retreat in Colonial Williamsburg.....

10 year-old boy killed, death mocked by ghoul.

going to see lewis black tonight

Manti Te’o was Catfished? Wait, what’s that?

Your opinions on this jury verdict on voting for a third party for president in 2012.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Tsvangirai agree on new constitution

Black holes growing faster than expected

FRC's Tony Perkins puts 'gay soldiers' in same list as mass murderers, kidnappers

Doonesbury sneaks into GOP retreat at Williamsburg....

Feds Unveil Measures against Domestic Terrorists

NBC/WSJ poll: NRA more popular than entertainment industry

I see the term "Doomer" used a lot to describe points of view on climate change

What If We Responded To Sexual Assault By Limiting Men’s Freedom Like We Limit Women’s?

Why do the NRA and Republicans hate children?

Is this a travel mug with tight lid? "chai mug"

Millionaire CEO's Want to Cut Social Security and Medicare...

A good friend and great poet died today. Here's Jack McCarthy.

Are we STILL talking about Gun Control in here?!!!!!

Bush ll Speech Fails

Has anyone here read the book "Wheat Belly" by the heart doctor

Loyal dog continues to attend mass at church where owner’s funeral was held

Saudi Arabia to grant $100m to Palestinians

Thom Hartmann: Conservatives pay their country clubs - why not taxes?

Court: OK to block press from polling sites

Notre Dame football cares way more about an imaginary dead girl than a real one

Somebody came up with this variation to an old saying: Guns don't kill people--gun owners do.

Proposed: A complete ban on civilian ownership of Firearms

'Dear Abby' advice columnist, Pauline Friedman Phillips, dies at age 94

CEOs Want Americans To Retire Later

Now Is The Time - A Letter From Julia

Charter School security guard leaves gun unattended in restroom

Hansen explains a decade of flat temperatures

Thought experiment: What if the Dem party had gone as hard left as the repukes have hard right?

Favorite President

"Conservative Women ROCK" Facebook site

Black carbon larger cause of climate change than previously assessed

NRA Warns Members That Confiscation Could Be Next

Do you think violent music desensitizes people to violence?

DOJ sends bundle of completely censored documents in response to ACLU lawsuit

Where Is the GOP's Jay Carney?

Famed NY Shale Town Bans Fracking

Corporate Profits Have Grown By 171 Percent Under ‘Anti-Business’ Obama

Vermont lawmakers to consider assault rifle ban

Colombian soldiers caught trafficking a half ton of cocaine .

Former Colombia governor helped paramilitaries, Los Pepes: AUC leader .

Holy Sh*t! The Republicans are freaking destroying themselves!

GOP Sensitivity Training- "Successful Communication with Minorities and Women"

FASTCOMPANY: Ronaldo Lemos - My 2009 Email Exchange With Aaron Swartz Shows An Original Thinker it just me or has the DU turned into a major freak show since the election?

Santos embarks on international anti-gun campaign .

Santos embarks on international anti-gun campaign .

The 32 most alarming charts from the government’s climate change report

They voted NO!

Dearborn (MI) woman: 'I stood up to the bully' named Lance Armstrong

Tea Party Battle We Are Engaged In

Funny cartoon about debt ceiling from Mike Luckovich

Malkin: Obama guilty of ‘child abuse’ for using ‘kiddie human shields’

Jaguars hire Gus Bradley as coach

Are you as well-read as a 10th grader? Take our quiz.

Ken Whisenhunt will be Chargers' OC

An Evangelical on Guns

New England picks Andrew Farrell (No. 1 overall)

New US special operations headquarters to help Mexican forces fight drug gangs

New Cuba: Beachhead for Economic Democracy Beyond Capitalism

New US special operations headquarters to help Mexican forces fight drug gangs

How many trees in a copse?

Florida's public workers have lost to Rick Scott again.

A very good deal on some nice lenses for M4/3 and Sony E system

Dennis Kucinich is now assisting Fox 'news" to sell their "fair and balanced" crap.

Looks like I picked a bad time to change my meds...

Longtime no see DU: Your very own wndycty was on the BBC yesterday talking guns. . .

Santorum: LGBT rights, abortion, porn are ‘symptoms’ of college indoctrination

Check Out China's Amazing Unlicensed 'World Of Warcraft' Theme Park

Seriously. What is everybody else doing with their sales receipts?

Time to end the inaction over killings of women in Guatemala

Outraged that Kucinich is working for Fox? Here's some Corpo Dem's second careers

Time to end the inaction over killings of women in Guatemala

Omnibus picture thread - enjoy

S&P 500 At Five-Year High With Boost From Data, eBay

1995: George H.W. Bush Resigned Lifetime NRA Membership Over LaPierre Fanaticism

Fecal transplant more effective than antibiotics for bacterial infection: study

A Bipartisan Nation of Beneficiaries

Oregon Sheriffs won't enforce laws against "law-abiding" gun owners

“Zero Dark Thirty”, or How People Lose Their Humanity

Letter from Hinna to B.O.

David Korten: What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?

Recreational assault weapons fire riddles Ohio home, narrowly misses officer

Cool Chart on the makeup of congress

'Dear Abby' author Pauline Friedman Phillips dies at 94

Police spies court case suggests sexual relations with activists were routine

Anti virus protection

We won't take House if Dems don't fight gerrymandering legally. NC Dems have GOP in court.

eye opening article on guns on WSJ ... I am stunned

Do You Know Any Republican Public School Teachers?

The NRA no longer exists.

I support Obama's measures to curb the frequency of shootings.

GOP memo brags party kept the House by gerrymandering

Food as Weapon - Dr. Vandana Shiva Brings Earth Democracy to Hawai‘i 5 PM seed giveaway today!!!

Group To Distribute Secular Material After Christians Passed Out Bibles In School

Family Fight! Help me win!

Whole Foods

Who gives a shit!...

Chia Pup

Medea Benjamin on why drones, rendition & torture should disqualify John Brennan

A hard cold rain is falling (snow coming) - PICS

U.S. soldier accused of Afghan killings diagnosed with PTSD - lawyer

The funniest Manti Te'o Memes on the Internet

Update on my husband's jury duty.

Photo: Michelle Obama meets with David Hall, a Presidential Inaugural Committee Citizen Co-Chair

Wheatophobia: Will avoiding wheat really improve your health?

What's more important: The rights of living, breathing people to walk around with their lives…

A desk is not complete unless it has...

Food as Weapon(article) - Dr. Shiva in Kaua'i 5 PM Jan. 17th non-GMO seed giveaway TODAY!!

A bit of hope

"Dear Abby" dies at age 94.

PPP: Hillary Clinton Would Lead Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio In Florida 2016

Dear Abby...

New Report: Solar could provide 100% of world's energy needs by 2050 using only 1% of world's land

Metropolitan police to roll out Tasers in response cars across London

Do you watch Downton Abbey?

Wisconsin: Walker aims to gut rules that protect Wisconsin's most vulnerable citizens and resources

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Wants To Carry A Gun

Big Banks Get Tax Break On Foreclosure Abuse Deal

If you don't think a 7 round clip is cool - learn to reload.

Vibes, please.

In a nod to Taverner's thread, Post a favorite "Devil" tune.

Chile is Undergoing a Massive Solar Boom

Report: Work in U.S. and Spain losing its appeal for Latin Americans

Report: Work in U.S. and Spain losing its appeal for Latin Americans

Dear Abby, Dear Abby.

Feds: Priest (AKA "Monsignor Meth") charged with selling meth

The Ugly Canadian: Harper Policy in Latin America

The real scandal of Kucinich working for Fox

Tweety just showed protestors egging Chimpy's limo parade at his "inauguration"

A Tennis Thread...The Official Sam and Petra are Head Cases Thread!

Ronald Reagan Quotes on Gun-Control.

Al Pacino to portray Joe Paterno

Oscar Buzz: How Hollywood has politics right and Washington has it all wrong

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Whole Foods CEO Rethinks Decision To Compare Obamacare to "Fascism"

Republicans Brag They Won House Majority Because Of Gerrymandering

NRA Cereal Commercial

Notre Dame Says Manti Te’o Is a Victim. That’s Rich...

Republicans propose Clarence Thomas monument

What's for Dinner~Thurs., Jan. 17

35 hostages killed in Rescue

The public has never cared so much abt the environment, Unfortunately, the EPA no

House & Senate "chaplains" to speak at right wing event on Inauguration Day

Virginia Mandatory Ultrasound Law's Repeal Blocked By State GOP

Scott Brown and Howie Carr are doing joint book signings in Acton and Winchester according

I was Manti Teo'ed or Catfished My Sophomore Year at Notre Dame

Guns Over People

SyFy has cancelled ALPHAS...where will I get my Ryan Cartwright fix now!!!

I was Manti Teo'ed or Catfished My Sophomore Year at Notre Dame

Son of 'Barney' co-creator arrested on attempted murder charge

U.S. Agrees To French Request For Airlift Help For Mali Operation


Man and Dog

Middle Class Americans Broke Because Of Government Policy Dictated By Plutocracy

Solly Mack, I wish you could see our birds today.

My daughter gave me a half pint jar of dried strawberries and a jar of dried blueberries -

Chris Christie Slams ‘Reprehensible’ NRA For ‘Dragging People’s Children’ Into Gun Control Debate

Jesus Christ tap dancing on a cracker.

Let me get this straight.

Atheist, agnostic books to be offered to Orange County students

Republican Ben Stein Hits Fox News Lies Again–Raising Taxes On Wealthy Does Not Kill Growth (VIDEO)

Bradley Manning's prosecutor MUST prove he intended to "aid the enemy".

NOAA: check here for your daily weather

State questions religious protection for fishermen

Paul Ryan: GOP Leaders Managing Expectations In Debt Ceiling Fight

No act of sexism is 'too boring' to ignore

It's Official: The Majority Of Republicans Are Insane

How many cops in a tree?

Creative Couple Explains How to Make a Baby (7 photos)

Gun-Nuttery Gone Wild: "gun party" goes horribly wrong

PA GOP Introduces Bill To Rig 2016 Electoral Votes

Per Madinmaryland's Request: The cast of characters in the Manti Te'o saga

Housing, job data push S&P to five-year high

Joe, Mika, And The Entire 'Morning Joe' Lineup Finally Agree On Something. This NRA Ad Is Sick.

Aaron Schwartz incident is the reason why Scott Brown was able to serve in the US Senate for

Pres. Obama is always thinking about the future.

I'd rather Dennis Kucinich didn't work for fox, but

Chinese stakeholders fight Calgary shark fin ban

Hey, I'm back down to only 9 people ignoring me.

Rush’s latest abortion idiocy

Paging NRA: 32-Year Veteran School Guard Leaves Gun In School Bathroom.

FUNNY, BUT NOT: Jon Stewart Reveals How The ATF Is Not Actually Allowed To Do Its Job

Excuse me...

US officially recognises Somalia's government

What could be blocking a Port?

Bush attorney general disappoints Hannity: Obama’s executive orders are legal

I cut the grass today even if it was 31 this morning, we have had some cold weather.

Poll: Majority of Americans back stricter gun laws

Chrome users with no more purple visited links....

Florida imam accused of aiding Pakistani Taliban is acquitted

GOP sensitivity training takes place in room named for plantation