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Archives: January 2, 2013

Do you still have your Christmas tree up?

Ha-ha. Cheney's codename was angler.

Dow futures are 250 points, S&P futures 36. Going to be interesting if the house repukes piss on

Suppose on Jan. 3 the House Repubs pass a bill returning ALL tax rates to the old levels,

GEE the House is f*****d!

My New Year's resolution:

Which would YOU buy?

For “Republicans”, It’s All About the Party, and to H*** With the People


Dems: What Will We Do When Deal Collapses? (Ohhh this is really good!)

No champagne for me - tonight it's pizza, soda, and CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II

On C-Span, the moderator

Why have the Majority Of Americans become so very much in favor of Feudalism?

A generic shoutout to William Rivers Pitt

Cardinal George asks Catholics to oppose (IL) gay marriage bill

The the end of payroll tax break is a time bomb

Why Cantor is saying he can't support bill...

House update- good chance the Senate bill is going to pass

Once again the governing MINORITY, the scum Republicans, fuck the Country over

Homicide rate down in the DC area

Ok,lets assume Boner grows a pair...

Up/down vote tonight w/o amendments. Rep Murphy from PA confirmed on CNN just now....

"Why can't they get it together on the physical cliff?"

Separating the tax increases from the sequestering

Chinese Oil Companies Apparent Victors in Post-Saddam Iraq

Pack of Cigarettes in NYC Now Costs $13.90

Fiscal Cliff Deal Opposed By Major Conservative Groups

Recession babies may be more likely to be teen delinquents

A Wish For The New Year

What really happened....

FDA clears Salix anti-diarrheal for HIV patients

I wish that MSNBC would stop playing

John McCain: GOP Will Destroy America’s Solvency Unless Entitlements Are Cut Drastically

Once Again If There Was Any Doubt-

What a Beautiful Picture! Love is in the Air.

what if obama had proposed, congress had passed, and obama had signed this deal in 2009? or 2010?

I have to eat some fine crow.

Daughter and family moving to Boulder.

An Important Anniversary!

More news from the man who says you little people need to learn to love austerity......

McConnell vs. the Tea Party House

MSNBC reporting that House will put the Senate bill on the floor and that the Rs in the House

"You get nothing"

BREAKING ON CNN: House Will Not Amend To Add Spending Cuts, Will Take Up Senate Bill

Eerie, Indiana marathon with the kid on Netflix

They Blinked

I swear I'm about ready to cancel all insurance

It appears the Repubs are keeping their powder dry for the debt limit battle in a few weeks...

Do you feel that the SOP for GD should be adhered to or not?

Politico Breaking News: House to allow vote on Senate passed fiscal cliff bill

An Ugly Deal: 4 Reasons the Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Worse Than It Looks

The Tea Party Will Be DOA in Less than 2 Hours...

Dance Moms premieres tonight.

(Alaska drilling rig) No fuel sheen, no sign that hull is breached

2013/2014 Governors Race.

Bill would exempt SC-made guns from federal rules

Forbes - "Will Boehner-Cantor Rift Blow Up The Fiscal Cliff Deal?"

It's over - the Reagan Revolution is dead and about to be buried

Four New TVA Board Members Confirmed by the Senate

This amazing image looks like it is out of a SF movie, but it's real

Gerrymandering , Gerrymandering , Gerrymandering

Say NO to the "Fiscal Cliff" Deal

The House is Back

US spies on Assange in UK Ecuador Embassy

Seriously -- Call Congress right effing now

Sorry...can't help myself! May...

It Gets Better: January 1, 2013 - SF 49ers

First Sunset of the Year:

House preparing to vote on Senate "fiscal cliff" bill: Rep. Hastings

This Place Can Go Pound Sand

Hubble Image- The Needle Galaxy

A wanderer dancing the dance of stars and space

LIVE STREAM LINK to The House debate and vote

A Simple Request

One More From Hubble- Don't Trust Your Eyes

See - all that was really needed was a good, long, New Year's Day nap!

LIVE STREAM LINK to The House debate and vote

Hugh Hefner, Crystallized Penis Wed at Playboy Mansion

Studying Marijuana and Its Loftier Purpose

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Twitter is not happy with MSNBC right now

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day& a new Kitty gif

HEY! What happened to the runaway inflation that Rush and Hannity predicted after the stimulus?

Thank you Sheila Jackson Lee

House Vote Tally - Place Your Bets

I am too sentimental?

New Year's Resolution Time

Audiobook recommendations wanted

Our hero

How would you describe my kid with the following details?

Sometimes you have to sprinkle a little salt and pepper on your scrambled eggs...


Off Their Rockers is a terrible show!

How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? 387 Excellent> (interactive map)

Holy Shit...They are voting now! 15 minute vote!

I have to admit, I click to show every hidden post I come across

The House debates, while Republicans masturbate

C-Span: The FINAL House vote will take place approximately 10:45 pm ET.

"2 teens on West Side among 15 shot, 3 fatally, on New Year's Day" - Happy New Year Chicago

TV sports pioneer returns after serious burns - this is a really scary story

Let's find BIG Progressive Dem themes for 2013-2014

Incrementalism? if you can't get a "Grand Bargain", a piece at a time can work

Watching Grover on CNN.

C-Span: Rules Vote Passes. Debate on Senate Bill now going on: 9:51PM

Blair's Death Rain Habanero Kettle Chips...

John Cusack: What Is an Assange?

Krauthammer: Cliff deal ‘surrender’

Long-Term Care Provisions Would Be Repealed in Fiscal Cliff Bill

So...could we end up with Boehner as a coalition speaker?

Tim Russert's kid really bothers me.

Grover Norquist and radical Islam- don't ever forget who Grover REALLY is

Obama is a genius! Obama is spineless! He caved! He stared them down! He won! He lost!

I live in NJ and know very little about State Senator Buono who is running against Christy

Evidence Ruined by Storm May Subvert Court Cases

Levin's up now. You might want to watch this.

Top 10 Animal Rescue Stories of 2012

my prediction for the fiscal cliff vote in the house......

Every time Congress gets into a sticky mess like this fiscal cliff nonsense, I am reminded of this:

Now Darrell Issa is up. That asshole stole my fucking hot dog.

Issa inadvertently admits his true nature

i$$a a$$hole

Instead of all this bickering . . .

Proposed ‘fiscal cliff’ deal falls short under three economic theories

Hey Boehner, Hey Cantor, Hey Issa, Hey Ryan, Hey Bachmann, Hey Norquist,....

"Fiscal Cliff: Let's Call Their Bluff"

Rep. Camp: "we have now determined how much money the government will take out of the economy"

Murdoch deal with Abbott

Rangel: "Somebody stops hitting you with a hammer and you're supposed to say 'thank you'."

Indian bus rape: Delhi sees rush for guns

**Your Crazy Uncle's Chain Email that's Coming.**

MA Rep Neal brought up support for homeless veterans. Thank you Representative Neal!

Breaking: Tea-bagger heads explode over house vote

Tomorrow's Headline:

@speakerboehner on the House floor: "Am I having a nightmare, or what?!"

Republicans’ 2016 problem — in 2 charts

Instead of BLOVIATING why don't they just FUCKING VOTE and get it over with?

Luke Russert's words of wisdom as the gravitas of MSNBC.....

Apple developing new iWatch, to launch in six months?

Fiscal Cliff Bill Proposed By Senate Packed With Mix Of Handouts, Takebacks

Mad DU props to Representative Levin (D, MI) for managing this debate

FAA orders 737 inspections to prevent fuselage holes

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Does Little To Tame Threats From Debt Ceiling, High Unemployment Rates

All time for debate has expired. Recorded vote requested. This is it.

"Zero Dark Thirty". Very disturbing how it's promoting torture in the first few minutes. Perverse &

Big shout out to Congressman Levin of Michigan

David Corn: Where's Boehner? Where's Cantor? Neither one has spoken. Embarrassing lack of leadership

Hilarious the R's tried to get a voice vote. #nicetrybros

David Corn: Where's Boehner, Canter? Hiding. Emabarrasing lack of leadership

The Gop needs to start working at Minimum Wage!

A lot of MOrons not voting for the bill, what is wrong with them? Traitors, bought and paid for?

Oh well. I was hoping Washington would not be able to make a deal and we could have some real

It was all about Wall Street all along. Apparently, this whole theater of the absurd

A very funny exchange between an MSNBC spokesmodel and a Dem Congresswoman

I'm experimenting with my new camera...

Forgot how many needed?

who's the guy on cnn going after norquist

Seeing history live, gotta love it.....


We have a deal . . . . 76 repubican yeas and 134 nays

Fiscal Cliff Bill passes!

It passed

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 3, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Shirley Temple

I wonder if they'll take it to the Pres tonite to sign...

Okay, I'll say it: Boner acted like a stand-up guy.

The payroll tax cut has ended?

Every time Luke is on the screen, I turn off MSNBC...

151 Repucks just voted not to lower taxes on 98% of Americans !

I'm excited to see the Boehner/Cantor factions duke it out this week!

The Hastert Rule is dead. May it rot in peace.

House Passes 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill; Now to President

paul ryan voted yes....

OK, the bill passed....

Boehner Yea, Ryan Yea, Cantor Nay.

Obama will be speaking live at 11:20 p.m. (eastern)

President Obama will give statement in WH press room at 11:20 pm ET. n/t

President will speak at 11:20 EST tonight!

Screw Dennis Hastert, his "Rule", and you too, Luke

Cantor voted against, after boner + ryan FOR.

Obama to speak

BREAKING NEWS: House votes for deal to avoid fiscal cliff 257 representatives in favor, 167 against

Who feels like they need a new liver?

Eric Cantor is your new House Speaker.

Prez to speak at 11:20 pm tonight on Cspan 2

I Bet A Lot Of Middle Class People Will Have Their End Of Year Raise....

Cantor voted against lowering taxes!

Possibly the stupidest manufactured drama

Still watching the House on C-Span? They just passing legislation with nobody voting?

No 'Hastert Rule? Republicans caved, big time!

Congress raises taxes on the rich. But don't worry, folks - Grover Norquist will be fine.

"Fiscal Cliff" bill passed POLL

BTW, Mr. Cantor, Mr. Wonka has something to say to you

CSpan 2 right now, Pres & Joe

Charlotte posed for me!

Drudge. Right now.

(((Second try))) One from the Vaults

Errrr....Does the Prez seem angry to anyone....

Eric Cantor Has Struck

POTUS just said that Medicare is the biggest contributer to our deficit....

President Obama is using an utterly appropriate, sober - even scolding- tone. bravo!

'We can't not pay the bills we have incurred.'

So, if the Republicans DIDN'T vote to raise taxes (because "they'd already gone up")...

Meet Tonight's Biggest Loser: Grover Norquist

Congratulations to Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Shel Addelson!

King & Meeks begging House to pass bill to help Sandy victims

List of names - Below is a link to the House roll call on the fiscal cliff bill

little luke russert is just a little too comfy w/the nutwing talking pts.

Roll call

Russert on MSNBC setting up the new right wing meme. The President has to give into the Repubs in

Off to bed. Got a cold. Can't take cough medicine because there is alcohol in it. I'm not setting


Informant who helped kill FARC leader says US owes him $5M .

Question - from what I recall, the W tax cuts were pretty measly for us middle class working types

Wow. Reps on BOTH sides of the aisle going after Boehner big time.

Why is the congress not passing relief for Sandy?

Pelosi still sparring with the Republicans tonight. This time over Sandy relief.

Hey Billionaires!

Washington Celebrates Solving Totally Unnecessary Crisis They Created

The drum beat for entitlement cuts begins again.....

C-Span LIVE STREAM LINK - SANDY Relief speeches on The House floor NOW

STFU, LUKE RUSSERT!!!! Excuse me for screaming. His opinion on this Congress

Boehner v. Sandy Relief

I am off until next Monday so I quess it is still the holidays for me.

2013 not looking good.

Grijalva, Ellison and Kucinich all voted for the deal.

Did Obama say that Medicare is the biggest contributor to the deficit?

Kucinich joins Sanders, Votes Yes on Fiscal Cliff Deal

To all those at DU please e mail MSNBC below to get Russert the air.

Here's One Word I've Haven't Heard Uttered In A Long Time Up On Capitol Hill......

The President Delivers a Statement

Immigration Reform Will Get You Cash

Biden is great but that asshole over at CNN thinks the only reason there was an agreement tonight...

Oh well the American people just a got a bipartisan fucking.......

Orson Scott Card Has Always Been an Asshat

Watching A Very British Coup again,

$806 Billion: The Real Cost of the GOP Failed Medicare Privatization Experiment

$1,000 less per year take home for my family yet...

Caught this gem in the classic movie, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"....

Please explain something to me

Reminder: No more Allen West and Joe Walsh in the House after tonight

Isn't now the time for a constitutional showdown with the "debt ceiling" extortionists?

it will now be financially better for me to get fired

172 Democrats and 85 Republicans voted in favor. Too wide a margin.

Intra-party Spat Leads GOP to Cancel Sandy Relief Vote -- Live Updated Reactions

House Fails To Vote On Relief Bill

This I think is a song that should be thought of for 2013.

One only has to go to Redstate to see who won

ICTMN - Tiny Horrors: A Chilling Reminder of How Cruel Assimilation Was—And Is

stock pre-markets soaring

and Paul Ryan breaks Michelle Malkin's heart

Happy Screw Year to the Sandy Victims

The working-class pays for this

House GOP kills Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill. GOP to Sandy victims: Drop Dead.

The first "1090 the Fan" station ID has been played...RIP Seattle's Progressive Talk

Molly Ivins' last column. She died 6 years ago this month.

GOP primary 2016: Rubio-Ryan

The Story of Film: An Odyssey by Mark Cousins

The Story of Film: An Odyssey by Mark Cousins

Gold to Be Reclassified in the U.S. ????

Beate Gordon, Long-Unsung Heroine of Japanese Women’s Rights, Dies at 89

Though he died at 33, my older brother (and hero) MiddleFingerMomTom led a charmed life.

Could someone suit up and wade through Rimjob's griftO'matic, and bring us back a tidbit or two?

During Bush Presidency, Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion

Venezuela's economy: 9 quarters of growth, current 5.5% growth, unemployment down to 6.4%

Where the fuck is this "DU is full of Ayn Rand lovers" shit coming from?

The solution to Medicare as a driver of the Deficit

Boehner to Reid: "Go f--- yourself"

Asia Stocks Jump as US Staves Off 'Fiscal Cliff'.

Maybe Obama should just get it over with. Let the Republicans impeach him this spring,

Spot the camouflage pet in each of these pictures

Toughening up Chips, the baby bobcat fire crews found in August...

Translating the last round of negotiations into English

Pubic education and our Marxist media are the problem.

Barney Frank 'Strongly Opposes' Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary

A family member is traveling to Paris, soon. I have an electrical adapter question. :)

Investigate The Bankers--Not Protesters

2012: A look back in the year of weird news

Kim Jong Un is full of himself

Fiscal Cliff Deal Passed By Congress After Republicans Cave

The good, hard spanking of 2012, Mark Morford

There is a flaw with the logic in the Teabagger debt fixation which

The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous

Will these fat cat job creators be paying higher taxes?

Give Obama a break! Our fellow citizens handpicked the GOP Congress he must deal with

Has DU jumped the Cliff?

Is this true? Can anyone verify?

It's time that Gov.Corbett of PA be thoroughly investigated about his role in the Sandusky case

8 Huge Corporate Handouts in the Fiscal Cliff Bill

Robots Don't Destroy Jobs; Rapacious Corporate Executives Do

The real news: Economic Outlook for 2013

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Was Really About

Renditions continue under Obama, despite due-process concerns

Bumper-Sticker Action

Excess-profits tax on defense contractors during wartime is long overdue

Joe Scum ditches Lyan Ryan on air

Shooting accident results in death of 13-year-old boy

Just FYI, Congress just gave tax breaks to people who earn nearly TWO THOUSAND BUCKS A DAY.

Update: Centennial wants to sell 13 liquor stores to Pilot Point company

Roe deer numbers 'changing woodland ecosystems'

monsanto ad claiming safety is misleading - dutch commission

The "Fiscal Cliff" vote is over, did we cut Social Security?

6 Things That Are In The Fiscal Cliff Bill That The Senate Passed At 2 AM While Most Americans Drunk

Conservatives Not Taking Fiscal Cliff Vote Well

John Boehner told Harry Reid to "go f**k yourself" *twice*

Local Media Attempting to Scare Low Information Voters on Payroll Tax Increase

"Hard to the Republican Leadership in the House could have mismanaged this any worse"

fiscal vote over - did they vote themselves a raise?

Looks like we finally, in 2013, get an answer to a question I have had for a long time...

Can we rename The Sandy Relief Bill the Supplemental Iraq War Funding Bill so GOP can vote for it?

No, this is not how you "Fix Congress."

The Fiscal Cliff: An Opportunity for a ‘Deceptive Economic Theory’

Every single one of you is going to thank me for this sometime over the next coupla weeks!

"Democrats have finally embraced the Bush tax cuts..."

The Triumph of the Commons


Obama Finally Hangs our Red Ink on Congress

Paul Ryan On ‘Yes’ Vote: ‘I Came To Congress To Make Tough Decisions — Not To Run Away From Them’

The Fallacy of Arming Up

Fiscal Cliff Math: am I doing this right?

How does this fiscal deal add $4 Trillion to the nat'l debt?

Weary Wink

Report: Boehner Told Harry Reid ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Now on to filibuster reform

The deal, in a nutshell: The only change most people will see is a 2% cut in their paychecks.

What did we accomplish with last night's vote?

The 112th is leaving town and we have arrived at this point with what they left the nation

An Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Deal by Robert Borosage

Why a Handful of Progressive Lawmakers Opposed the Deal by John Nichols

We Are Here: LGBTI in Uganda

List of Ayes and Noes in Fiscal Cliff vote

Avis to Buy Zipcar for $500 Million

The GOP falling apart is a sideshow

Please don't start crying DUers

being observed

Do people in your office come down with mysterious illnesses in early January?

Perhaps I should join

Can Antibiotics Make You Fat?

The fiscal cliff was all a charade!

Another Money Pit: F-22 problems persist

I really think President Obama did well, he did not cave but

112th congress: Bipartisan outrage after House skips vote on $60 billion Sandy aid bill

The Interesting Shift on Taxes

Some Changes Should Be Made To Medicare In Regards to End of Life

Nellie Olsen from 'Little House on the Prarie' doing the Robot....

The Memory Test

Obama owes congressional Democrats.

Democratic Congressman Laughs At Fox News’ Fiscal Cliff Misinformation

Republicans feasting on crow

GOP Rep. On Fiscal Cliff Deal: ‘We Got Whooped’

Correlation between autism diagnosis and organic food sales

Death Of The Sandy Relief Bill Likely Punishment For Being Blue States And Also -----

This time it was the "Fiscal Cliff!"

"America is looking a lot more like Greece"

Is there a bird watching group here anywhere?

One of the most disingenuous criticisms of the deal:

Boehner to Harry Reid GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

AE's quote of the year

A large majority of House Republicans voted AGAINST the Bush tax cuts last night, and

Too Bad We Can't Start With Cutting The Pay Of GOP Reps.

Illinois Bill to Ban All Modern Firearms

US Falling Apart One Disaster At A Time

Please, somebody, tell me why we CAN'T raise the SS cap?

Does anyone here have experience with Tankless Hot Water heaters?

We need a forum where jury results are auto posted

My terrier comes in from outside and cleans his paws off on me.

"I'm not Picard."

WND Floats Armed Resistance to Obama Administration

Simpson And Bowles: Fiscal Cliff Deal ‘Truly A Missed Opportunity’

Likud members call for Israeli annexation of West Bank territories

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Happy New Year

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- budget mess

"Another way of looking at it is that we have a third party in DC"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Guns and Media

The American Dream -

Since when is tax cuts for 98% of Americans a bad thing?

So, today's GOP talking points are "we got most of what we wanted" & "Harry Reid is at fault...

What California Can Teach America About Stopping Extremist Obstruction

Am I relaxing or delicious?

Yesterday's Accomplishments - The Visible is Less Important than the Invisible

'Weight is healthy' study criticised

trying to find a storage solution for drill bits & driver heads

Capital gains goes to 23.8 percent and a tax increase also applies to incomes at $250,000

Kidogo the Gorilla Amazes with Tightrope Act

Do You Approve Or Disapprove Of The Republican Congress' Decision Not To Vote On "Sandy Aid" ?

The next round, to avoid sequestration, must include tax revenues.

AWK AWK! SS is intact! The witch is still dead!

Peter King: Halt donations to House GOP

Am I the only one who thought this whole 'Fiscal Cliff' was alot of media hoopla

Violent media poisoning nation's soul

Crawfish Étouffée--this one is so tasty!

Progressive Rep. Jim Moran on why he voted no -- deal sets up THREE MORE hostage situations

Obama caved and raised Mitt Rmoney's taxes

Drudge Asks "John Boehner For Speaker?" 85% Vote "Nay"

Being moderately overweight might not pose health risk.....

Fiscal cliff reveals how dysfunctional Republican nihilism makes US politics

Millions for pond scum, but not one red cent

What are the nuts from the far right, thinking??????

Suggested petition for the Repubs that voted against Hurricane Sandy disaster relief

My cynical Superbowl prediction

Why not lower the bottom rate from 10% to 5% and send the other rates back to Clinton levels?

John Boehner Told Harry Reid 'Go F**k Yourself' Outside the Oval Office

Idle No More

Question on Medicare part D: How much does non-negotiation cost?

Criminal Injustice: Idle No More, The Prison System And Indigenous People In Canada

Best Vehicle Sales Streak Since 1973 Boosts U.S. Dealers

I hope that President Obama enjoys a well deserved vacation...

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands After Reaching Three-Year Low

New nickname for the so-called Speaker of the House....

Ned help with the name of a recent movie

Oil Rises to Three-Month High as U.S. Passes Budget Bill

That horrible FIscal Cliff bill extended the Production Tax Credit for renewable energy

I feel better that the 2% is going to pay their fair share in taxes!

Considering Roku in place of cable

Fact Sheet: The Tax Agreement: A Victory for Middle-Class Families and the Economy

Story of Plan O – Boehner and Co.'s failed attempt to meet the challenge of Obama’s victory

Islamists Join Syrian Rebels in Military Airfield Attack

Cong. Moran (D-VA): Moran Votes No on Fiscal Cliff Legislation

Bask in the Glow

Netanyahu Lead Narrows in Israel Poll as Jewish Home Party Gains

The NRA is pure deception

Take a look at President Obama's 'We won' face...

Battle of teh Cute - may the cute be with you

Sometimes you just have to smile at NY Daily News’ headlines:

Professor GAC---get your ass back here!

"Handicapping the 2016 Race for President"

House in session on hurricane sandy link

Ahem - it is the GOP that is responsible for "economic uncertainty" - not Obama

Still chuckling at Sludge’s meltdown last night:

Boehner tells Reid to "Go Fuck Himself" as they stand in the White House Lobby.

Krugman That Bad Ceiling Feeling

I think the raise in the capital gains tax is a big deal.

LaTourette: Republicans ‘got whooped’ on fiscal cliff, and ‘chuckleheads’ blocked Sandy relief too

British theatre producer escapes two years in Ugandan jail for gay play

When Governing Means Lurching Between Phony Crises

Biden May Be the Most Influential Vice President Ever

Has anybody heard if Ted Nugent is dead or in jail?

WTF? Peter King (R-Asshole) threatening to switch parties over Sandy relief bill?

Pic Of The Moment: Happy New Year!

Peter King (R) "Anyone from NY or NJ that donates to the GOP - have your head examined"

Just wrote my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, to thank him for voting AGAINST H.R. 8 yesterday.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Enhances Hospital Disinfection of Superbugs

Rep. King calls for donation cut-off to fellow Republicans over stalled Sandy aid bill

As climate warms, bark beetles march on high-elevation forests

All you need is poop. All you need is poop. All you need is poop-poop. Poop is all you need.

Revenue Discussion Over? The Bill Included No Revenues

Gov. Chris Christie adds news conference, with House inaction on Sandy bill likely topic

With apologies to Leonard Cohen

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from Star Trek:

Houston, We Have Another Problem—Study Shows that Space Travel is Harmful to the Brain

Two Pilots (a WWII story)

Anyone heard from Grover?

Rick Scott’s long voting lines cost Obama a net 11,000 votes in central Florida

President Obama To House Republicans On Sandy Relief: Bring This To A Vote TODAY

Rep. Peter King Blasts Speaker Boehner on House Floor

Peter King considers switching parties, tells people to stop donating to GOP

*Barney Frank on MSNBC now.

Our VP - How Could You NOT Love Him?

What the heck was that

“Go f— yourself,” Boehner sniped as he pointed his finger at Reid, according to multiple sources

Repubs believe they are in better position for the debt limit vote but are they??

Does anyone know how much the expiration of the payroll

Indonesian city bans women from straddling motorbikes

Capital Eye Opener, Jan. 2: Bennett Poised to Register as Lobbyist After Sounding Off, and AIG Paves

Overheated rhetoric on Israeli settlements

smart phone battery question:

This represents the problem I have with Jury System...

What happened with the payroll tax cut?

The Big Loser last night was "R+Money"

LBJ on Congress

When is the vote for Speaker of the House?

Boehner To Prioritize Sandy Aid In New Congress

Too bad the REAL cliff is off the radar

It's civil war time for House Republicans

The GOP screwed New York and New Jersey

Christie, Cuomo Condemn House’s Inaction On Sandy Relief

bullshit - ...

Brown Knocks Potential Campaign Rival Markey Over MA Residency

Warren, Michigan's mayor offers free anti-right-to-work bumper stickers

Not afraid to say it.

Web promo video from the Presidential Inauguration Committee

The blue states secede!

Harry Reid on the Senate Floor: 'I'm Not Going to Stoop To Name-Calling'

How Corn Syrup Might Be Making Us Hungry-and Fat

The Sandy Relief vote is GREAT example of REAL Hatred

Woman’s Rape, Death Spark Global Conversation on Condition of Indian Women

The fiscal cliff negotiations, in one chart

Why I really hate this deal

State of the Union

Climate coverage, dominated by weird weather, falls further in 2012

In the Middle East, the Arab spring has given way to a Christian winter

Question? How many Republicans do NJ, NY and CT send to the House?

The Rude Pundit - Fiscal Cliff-Leaping: The Hopeful Politics of Capitulation

Question about the NRA...

The House Republicans’ Primal Scream

Who is your favorite house republican?

Obama slams Republicans for delaying vote on Hurricane Sandy relief

2013 Smart Guide: Arctic melt will spark weird weather—“Melting, rather than warming…”

UN estimates Syria death toll more than 60,000

The fiscal cliff was a "manufactured crisis"?

Did the House adjourn or in recess?

That crying you hear is the Republican Party. That crunching is Obama eating their lunch.

President Obama video on the fiscal cliff deal

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Jan 2nd

Scott Brown questions Edward Markey’s state residency in jab at possible opponent

Walter Rhett: The Void of Blind Comfort

Help with the name of another movie

Metropolitan Community Churches: Do Gays Need A Church Of Their Own Anymore?

For Scarlett Johansson fans.

I think my cat fired me

Thank Auto Sales for Improving Economy

Iran says captures two U.S.-made miniature surveillance drones

NASA Details 2013 Plans

Dear Red State GOP House Members - I have this to say

Question about last night's deal and sequestration

New study documents the natural relationship between CO2 concentrations and sea level

Sayonara, netbooks: Asus (and the rest) won't make any more in 2013

THE RUDE ONE: President Obama just corrupted the Republican brand: Hastert Rule Flushed Down Toilet"

Andrew Sullivan going to metered paywall

Can't wait

Gun purchasers set new record in December: FBI

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 2, 1975

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 2, 1975

Two perfectly useless hacks are on my TV

Venezuelans urged to ignore rumours that Hugo Chávez is on brink of death

Is there a current list of Red State businesses that NJ and NY folks can boycott?

Andrea Mitchell has Grover Norquist on now... nt

A song for our Republican friends…

Our People. Our future.

Toward reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the Internet and telecommunications

'Oompa Loompas' sought by police over Norwich assault

Gay rights by state and region in the U.S. - a very divided nation.

Weirdest headline of the year so far:

I have been highly sceptical of Obama's deals

The Great Republican Dirt Clod War

Could this be why Biden entered the fray?

Outlook for 2013 Improves as U.S. Manufacturing Climbs

The end of one crisis, the start of another

Why did a Train Carrying Biofuel Cross the Border 24 Times and Never Unload?

NYT columnist David Brooks hits a new low

Papantonio: GOP Hate Knows No Bounds

"Boehner to Reid: 'Go f— yourself'"

Okay, Harry Reid. Change the filibuster rules!

From the article "10 Things Nobody Cared About in 2012: Sarah Palin

Saudi religous leader calls for the gang rape of Syrian women

Electric stimulation of brain releases powerful, opiate-like painkiller

Raise Social Security Wage Base to $400,000

GOP Cabal Ready to Unseat Boehner: Sources

While in womb, babies begin learning language from their mothers

Aw, hell, give Boner his entitlement cuts. Some suggestions--

Natural Gas Drops Most in 3 Years on Forecasts of Warmer Weather

Wis. GOP promises mining reform will be first bill

One step closer: Scientists help explain scarcity of anti-matter

At the E.R., Bearing Witness to Gun Violence

Our galaxy's 'geysers' are towers of power

The laws of global warming—How to regulate geo-engineering efforts to fight climate change?

Why Did I Get A Puppy?

Someday, Paywalls Are Going to Kill Blogging

Scott Brown starting his BULLSHIT already casting dough on Ed Markey as a Mass. resident

Weight, Health, Life Expectancy: "It's Complicated"

Why do Dems keep buying into this narrative that Medicare is the problem? It is bullshit and Dems..

Award-winning PV cell pushes efficiency higher

FBI reports record number of guns were sold in December

Reform Jews At Odds With AIPAC Over Penalizing Palestinians For UN Move

Rep Peter King:'Knife in the back': Fury over House dropping Sandy aid vote


David Barton: Love is a sin!

White House eases path to residency for some illegal immigrants

Senator Pat Toomey to Republicans: Prepare to shut down government over the debt ceiling

Boehner Planning To Go On “Epic Bender” Say Aides

Is there a Cliff's Notes for Charles Pierce's column?

This is so fucked up on so many levels.....Jesus Christ!!!

Grover Norquist: ‘No Republican Voted For A Tax Increase’

"We should make a seawall out of congressional Republicans – they block everything" - @willcfischer

Christ Christy ready to speak from Trenton NJ on Sandy relief fund

About the Country Music of this decade->

If corps were paying their fair share of taxes, the burden would be less on all of us

Rep. Price Calls For ‘Red State Representation’ In House Leadership

Why isn't the media covering the PAY RAISE Congress got

About Raising the Social Security Tax Cap

I Am Ecstatic That This Deal Got Done

LOL! Scarlett Johansson explains the reason for her tat.

Why Solar Installations Cost More in the U.S. than in Germany

Oh shite Boehner did not take Christie's calls last night

Chris Christie tearing boner a new ass right now

Christie Blasts Boehner on Sandy Relief: "Only One Group To Blame For The Continued Suffering"

South Carolina: Haley Sets 1st District Special Date

RE-volv launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Community Solar

Whatever happened to "the 99%"? That cuts off at 500K, no?

This Deal does NOT raise the taxes of most of the rich

NRC to consider solar flare petition by Foundation for Resilient Societies

"I am not dealing with the Tea Party..."

Handcuffed teen, Lamon Khiry Haslip, shot and killed by police in southern California

Updated timeline of the Sandusky Scandal - Early 2009 - Corbett Given Responsibility to Investigate

Chris Christie on federal spending - August 2012

hey Thugs, welcome to Obama's world-House Ignores Storm Relief, to Fury of Local Republicans

Christie: Cantor ‘Was Working As Hard As He Could’ On Sandy Relief

Morning Bammer destroyed Paul Ryan this morning....

Surf's Up!!

Meth's devastating effects: Before and after - 46 pics

Medicare The Biggest Cause Of The Deficit? Obama Sounds More Like A ----

Chris Christie House Republicans Were 'Disappointing And Disgusting To Watch'

*Filibuster discussion in Senate now

Tax Policy Center: Average tax increase and after-tax income

Hey rich people

From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

ESPN Breaks New Ground By Showing Pro Male Athlete Kissing His Husband After A Win

RIP Patti Page

A great quote about growing older

Progressive city that can't keep an NBA team switches progressive talk to another sports talk statio

Bask in the Glow

How does the tax change affect me?

The Civil War Endures in the Fiscal Cliff Fight

Flashback: Pelosi 'clearly' backs 14th amdendment in debt standoff

All you need is Betty Boop. Boop-Oop-A-Doop.

Republican Senator: We’ll Shut Down The Government If Democrats Don’t Cut Medicare Benefits

White House: The Seven Things You Need to Know About the Tax Deal

What happened to the payroll tax holiday in the fiscal cliff deal?

Coffee 101: Brewing devices

Boos as House Adjourns Without Hurricane Sandy Relief

"Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas."

Update: NBC is FALSELY reporting Hillary Clinton has left the hospital.

'Tennessee Waltz' singer Patti Page dies at 85

Sources: Enough Republicans Willing to Unseat Speaker Boehner

Today, I will eat a Serving of Crow.

I hope Democrats are playing this Sandy Relief denial for all its worth.

Some reactions from the Townhall (Conservative Website) story on the compromise

Republican Party Devoid Of A Soul–So Says Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

Because the deal was not reached till January 1st,

The media must be tired of the GOP. Now they're on about the Democrats coming civil war

Morning Ho says Repubs had not raised taxes in 20 years until last night..

House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act

37.1% of tax revenue increase is from people making more than $1 million

RIP Patti Page

No One Should Be Allowed to Complain About The Debt and Deficit That

peter king will now support boehner......

Grover has thrown those that voted AGAINST the Cliff deal under the bus...

Medicare Reform / Medicaid Reform

Dear Mr. President

Fireworks-in-reverse gif just as facinating ("pointless") as fireworks forward?!1

Norquist and Rove should form the Obama made

SCHADENFREUDE: Being a Myopic Dick About the Election Cost Sean Hannity Half His Audience

CNN: Hillary has left the Hospital!

I'm starting to wonder if perhaps Bloomberg is talking to Christie

Breaking - Boehner will announce that he is resigning as speaker-Boehner's office says not true

The Fighting Irish or The Rolling Tide

The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous

on MSNBC Ron Meyer said his sources said Boehner will resign as Speaker of the House at 5:00 PM toda

Letting the payroll tax holiday expire was both wise and stupid

Honestly - does anyone remember all this drama when Nancy was speaker????

House Republican leadership will suffer regardless of what happens tomorrow

Indigenous leader assassinated at family New Year party .

Anti-Obama bumper sticker sparks drawn handgun in parking lot

Let's run the United States of America on the cheap....

Promising compound restores memory loss and reverses symptoms of Alzheimer's (in mice)

Dear Hobby Lobby, you are a fucking corporation!

Boehner: 'I'm not meeting with you people.'"

thank you martin bashir for showing the sick bastards that accused Hillary of faking.

Ravens' Ray Lewis to retire after playoffs

All Hands Attention to Orders. Now Hear This!

Is it me or is Krystal Ball talking through her nose is ANNOYING

I'm not usually one to say 'Told ya so', but check out my post on December 27:

Boehner, Cantor Release Joint Statement: Sandy Aid Should Be ‘First Priority’

The Year in LGBT in Under Two Minutes

New to DU

I just smoked the last cig in my last open pack, switched to e-cigs - ask me anything.

If right-wing Republicans have their way, Paul Ryan will soon be House Speaker?

How much chance is there of any GOP apologies for the "Bengazi flu" remarks?

Who Wants To Take The Pervert Test?

The Orange Boner should be fired!

Vintage Photos Surface of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Drag

Al Jazeera Said to Be Acquiring Current TV

Will Cantor be able to get majority House support to be speaker?

Hillary Clinton leaves hospital

Charges Against Gay Play Producer in Uganda Dropped

Canada quietly loosens limits on assault-weapon exports to Colombia

Boehner deflates rumor of his demise--says he is not going down

Martin Bashir announced that the Speaker's spokesperson

How long will the next speaker last?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rips heartless House GOP for blocking Sandy relief aid

Top Republican official Ron Weiser's comments about Detroit on videotape are causing a stir

Current TV to be sold to Al Jazeera?

Do I make a pest of myself here, like I am in need of constant reassurance?

NY Times Loses Bid to Uncover Details on Drone Strikes

Why is there a problem with giving aid to our fellow...

HELP! Accidentally changed format and many options are gone.

Al Jazeera is buying Current TV

After much delay more photos from Cornwall

Wonkette's Gifs of the Year

Before the twitterverse melts down, let's review the House Speaker election process...

Reid considers delaying filibuster reform vote

Citing Biblical Precedent, Netanyahu Cautions Against ‘Rushed’ Peace Agreement

Why do some pundits say that PBO has "spent his political capital" on the cliff deal?

if no serious filibuster reform attempted, Reid sinks Obama's 2nd term and needs to go

Under pressure, GOP agrees to hold two votes on Sandy relief

Winning Victories Amid the Mess: Far Bigger Battles Ahead--(Praise and Caution)

Come see the stupid on my FB...

There's a p-r-e-t-t-y darn good reason why LynneSin won't go into ANY Starbucks again.

Rebel rebel, how could they know? Hot cat, I love you so! -- David Bowie

One should take GREAT pride in all of one's epic accomplishments.

Snake and mouse -- Circle of Life:

MiddleFingerMom is at the hospital and he is EXTREMELY bored. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

MiddleFingerMom has decided to share a naked picture of himself from when he was on his honeymoon.

Settlers riot in Palestinian village

From the White House: 7 Things You Need to Know About the Deal

January 2013 Photo Contest Theme is...

Lakota Child Rescue Project

Enraged Chris Christie attacks Boehner, House GOP over Sandy aid

The ELF - Affordable green transportation

Here is how the local radio station is spinning the vote of our congressman

Lakota Child Rescue Project (X-Post from Native American)

The fiscal cliff deal that almost wasn't (Boehner to Reid "Go fuck yourself")

ACLU Condemns Court for Keeping Details of Obama’s Assassination Program Secret

Ezra Klein offers an interesting perspective on the next round of negotiations.

Grover Norquist: Obama did not Raise Taxes in the Deal

All the Numbers You Need to Know: Dow Notches Fourth Straight Winning Year

Chile: Victor Jara widow asks for US extradition

Here’s to a new year without Mitt Romney!

Chile: Victor Jara widow asks for US extradition

Finally! My ignore count went from 11 to 12

Greek debt crisis 'far from over'

Jimmy Savile police arrest two more men

Report: Missouri loses $468M in online sales tax

See all those trees? That's the forest.

Leading Conservative Religious Organization Warns That Christians Will Soon Be Treated Like Blacks..

Boehner to Reid: Go F**k Yourself

Corporatization and Stepfordization of a public university

GOP obstruction kills 18-year-old Violence Against Women Act

The increasing, persistent lies about poverty that blame the victims.

This is the time for the DCCC to be doing HEAVY recruiting for 2014!

Hillary Clinton has NOT left the hospital... [UPDATE] 6:30pm ET: Now she HAS been discharged

House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act

Boehner tells GOP he’s through with one-on-one Obama talks

Should Reid stay on as Senate leader? If not, who SHOULD get the job?

Research Unearths Terrace Farming at Ancient Desert City of Petra

Illinois Governor Seeks Fast Vote on State’s Long-Troubled Pension Systems "permanent" IS "permanent"?(a taxing question)

If we can petition for a new group, how?

US Man Jailed in Bolivia for 580 Days

Does anybody else think it's weird that "1600 Penn" still got on the air?

Can Kerry make friends with Cuba?

Can Kerry make friends with Cuba?

GOP Activist Group Spokesman Spreads RUMOR Of John Boehner Resignation

Israeli Army Orders Bedouins To Leave West Bank Areas While It Conducts Military Drill

Critics say grounding shows Arctic drilling danger

Boehner Says He'll No Longer Negotiate with Obama

Oliphant TOON- The armed classroom

Colorado shooting victims’ families slam invitation to theatre reopening

Westboro Baptist Church Faces Counter Protest At Maryland Courthouse Ahead Of Gay Weddings

Fiscal Cliff Deal: Goldman Sachs gets $1.6 billion tax free financing for New Headquarters

Fiscal Cliff Deal: Goldman Sachs gets $1.6 billion tax free financing for New Headquarters

After Newtown, company makes bullet-proof kid clothes

KATHLEEN PARKER: The Character Assassination Of Hillary Clinton

Senate Republicans Throw a Temper Tantrum After Obama Tells the Truth About Them

On Gay Marriage is Illinois Next?

Hillary Clinton seen leaving hospital after blood clot treatment...and then spotted heading back

Why I think Obama pushed for this deal and why I think it'll work.

I have a meeting with HR I called in with a brain blood clot.

Conservative Group Attempts To Block New Hampshire's Bailout From Voting Rights Act

Current TV Is Apparently About To Die

Commodities fear as mighty Mississippi runs dry in drought

House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act

Norquist "Magic"

Illinois Bill to Ban All Modern Firearms

I'm sure many of my fellow Boggers got this in email today...but

Crunch time

Short Joke...English Professors Assignment.. Please..Punctuate Correctly...totally clean..

Senator Mark Kirk’s Stroke Opened His Eyes To The Need For Better Medical Coverage

Keith Ellison: 3 Progressive Principles for the Next Deal


Bacterial traces from 3.5 billion years ago are ‘oldest fossils,’ experts say

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is still House speaker

Possible Ron Paul supporter

Hillary Clinton has been officially discharged from the hospital. She is making good

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rips heartless House GOP for Sandy Relief

Great news about Hillary

Sen. Kirk says stroke changed perspective on Medicaid

John Boehner Yelled At Frank LoBiondo Over Sandy Aid

Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden

Ask Amy: Conservative husband mocks, criticizes liberal wife

How will the slow Sandy Hurricane funding response effect the nation economically?

Response to a FB meme

Mom: Boy didn't steal plane in crash

GOP Will Go After Entitlements in Debt Ceiling Talks

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 January 2013

Revenge Fans... the show resumes this Sunday Jan 6th

Republican Party chair in Illinois throws "full support" behind same-sex marriage in Illinois

Another Evidence-Free Israel Attack Against Hagel

FBI Uncovers Assassination Plot AGAINST Occupy, Does Nothing

Amelia Earhart's Surprisingly Modern Prenup

Texas Women Cavity Searched by Police Over Alleged Marijuana Smell

The Modern School System

Season of Palestinian threats

Maryland Mental Health/Guns Task Force completed their report today

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Dead