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Archives: January 21, 2013

NY Cosmos plan $400 million, 25,000-seat soccer stadium at Belmont Park racetrack

"Tomorrow, Myrlie Evers-Williams will become the first deliver the invocation"

NH Senate President Writes Legislation To End Collective Bargaining


let me just say WOW!

gunman kills 5 inside home, multiple weapons including assault-type weapon found

Don't Touch Me!

It amazes me people are fascinated with Manti Te'o

Fuck you Joe Biden for FORCING me to wear fall colors during spring!!!!!

Creative converted homes

Consumption of Alka-Seltzer and Kaopectate is up in RW households today.

Is this the worst commercial in recent memory?

Saying What Matters in 700 Words..Ronald C. Wright Jr., New York Times

8 Rooms in 420 square feet

Here’s a List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

Kali's an EXCELLENT driver. She gets her underwear at K-Mart.

A man once told Skittles, "Make me a sammitch, woman." Contrary to what you might assume... she did.

Cat hair. There is no escape. Ever.

Anybody out there who's sick and tired of winter already... raise your hands.

The earliest known photograph of MiddleFingerMom in existence:

Li'l Tiny MFM was introduced to porn when he found MiddleFingerMomDad's stash. He found it... boring


Here’s a List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

Yes we did.

Frank Gore Does the Dirty Bird....

Are you happy about the past 4 years, are you optimistic about the next 4 years?

CNN is once again kicking MSNBC's ass on inaugural festivities coverage.

Exclusive pic: Mitt Romney watching inaugural festivities

Eyes on the Prize - The Promised Land 1967-1968

Has Richard Engel lost his mind?

When assault rifles are finally recognized as idiotic,

CSPAN3 has Inaugurations from previous years...

To me it's amazing and incredibly sad that MLK

Obama's inauguration day: all that's missing is the Queen's golden coach

Senate Democrats’ budget plan will reopen battle over taxes

Depressed banking sector raises spectre of triple-dip recession (in UK)

Why do right-wingers outnumber left-wingers on most Internet forums?

Katy Perry Wows in Patriotic Leotard at Kids' Inaugural Concert

wow! search google for 'reward illegal guns'. here's page 1 here. $1000 rewards, some places!

Tom Brady channels Ndamukong Suh

Here's an interesting BBC documentary on a modern economic ideology

Your comprehensive guide against sandy hook nutters.

A redneck told us to go back where we came from

Something amazing written by the poet you will hear tomorrow (Richard Blanco)

Joe and Jill Biden on CNN

I found an interesting line in the Constitution

Night on Bald Mountain - Mussorgsky

Interesting blog/observations on North Korea from the daughter of Google's Eric Schmidt

Dotcom refuses to sing a different tune

Not sure if this is welcome here or not

Independent UK: Goldman bankers get rich betting on food prices as millions starve

Lance Armstrong books moved to fiction section in Australian library

Employers challenging health law contraceptive provision

I am Sure Glad I Woke Up....

WikiLeaks says Aaron Swartz may have been a 'source'

Far Right Poses As Much Danger To The U.S. As Radical Islam

Poor Poor Phil Mickelson- He doesn't like his taxes going up and he's gonna do something!

Matt Damon's "Promised Land"

Photos: 24 tales of being in prison by mistake

a joke...about a "risky proposition"

Analysts say Colombian rebels’ unilateral cease-fire showed discipline in FARC ranks

Oh Dear, Irish troubles on Downton!

FBI responds to ACLU with blank pages

Sunday Beltway Villagers Cry: Obama Is Mean To Republicans

today in women's herstory

Biden and The Onion poke fun at each other

Chavez begins new phase of cancer treatment in Cuba

a biography of the day--harriot stanton blatch

Cartoon...Porkey's Duck Hunt..introduces ...the first Daffy Duck

"Gun Appreciation Day" is modeled after last summer's "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day."

2nd Mass. chemist accused of evidence tampering

Please recommend some videos or audio.

Back to the fire lookout for the 2013 season (I'm 65)?

When the President's spokespeople get asked about Obama not inviting GOP to the White House

a biography of the day--queen lili'uokalani (overthrown by US/corporate invasion)

Why I Work on MLK Day

We must keep the pressure on

Kim Dotcom launches new privacy site

Harbaugh Bowl.....

Firearms ARSENAL licensing, brady bill rules


Superbowl XLVII -- Ravens vs 49ers - Brother vs Brother

some quotes of the day--ruth st. denis

ANOTHER miracle for Kate

Phoenix is pushing socks like secret code rings. What is happening to higher education??

From Daily Kos: How to answer a gun nut's talking points.


Feminist Afghan group says: US supports Afghan warlords and criminals at Paris conference

Teenager Reportedly Used AR-15 to Kill Five in New Mexico

Who is that on Ray Lewis's shirt?

To all anti-Obama posters

Loyal dog shows up at church every day after owner dies

I'm Hannibal Lecter!

Should I be creeped out by this?

Am I the only one who thinks the Mercedes-Benz "Sympathy for the Devil" ad

Semi-Automatic weapons are harmless (guy turns AR 15 into rapid firing weapon)

This is one adorable picture of the First Couple

Place Your Bets, 49ers vs Ravens...

James Earl Ray didn't do it

How do I know it's 20 minutes past the hour?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 22: Great Capers

Chris Hedges: Gun Culture Rooted In White Supremacy ...............

Here's a List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on 'Gun Appreciation Day'

Miss America will attend the inauguration (she voted for Obama, BTW)

Jupiter will meet moon in Monday night sky (13 years before this union happens again)

Bobby & Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr photo

49ers and Ravens -- and Harbaugh brothers -- to face off in Super Bowl XLVII

Moon and Jupiter conjunct...what does it mean...?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 23: Star of the Month: Loretta Young

Super cool igloo

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King. From a Dream to a Reality.

Obama's campaign looks to legislative fights

I'm a star member so I don't have to look at advertisements, but...

Obama: Inauguration celebrates US, not election

Armstrong set to be sued for $12m

*Sheila Bair on C-SPAN Q&A now.

Osmar Milito e Quarteto Forma - América Latina

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." - Art of War

What's missing in U.S. gun control scramble? Bullets-Reuters-the smoking gun may not be a gun at all

Decades of glamour

Feb 3: The cities by the bays meet at the city in the delta.

Russia ‘Flexes Muscles’ in Mediterranean Amid Syrian Crisis

Looting the bank? Seattle conspiracy allegedly snared millions of dollars

Ravens' Terrell Suggs: "These are the most arrogant pricks in the world."

Conspiracy theories aren't just an American problem.

Erratic bat behavior at Great Smoky park may be linked to lethal syndrome


How long have I looked like a GPS?

To love another person is to look into the face of God.

Launch Of New Russia Sub Class To Put More Nuclear Missiles At Sea

Shannon Sharpe blasts Bill Belichick for refusing postgame interview

I cannot wait for Serena to shut up Sharapova and her annoying yell!

What's wrong with this picture?

OMG this was soooo good! Braised short ribs...

Would you rank Hillary Clinton as one of the best Secretaries of State of all time?

I may have to pickup studded tires next year for bike commuting

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

When Teabagging wingnuts attack on Twitter

Maxwell and Upper

Internet trolls an online nightmare for young women

Have anyone else ever wondered how some people get a bunch of views in one day on YouTube?

Staff Sgt. Tracy Dice Not Considered War Widow, Despite Loss of Wife in Afghanistan


Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Water doesn't drown people

Remember this 2010 order for 27 combat-ready shotguns for the Department of Education?

Israel to change route of separation fence near Jerusalem to cut off Palestinians from E-1 area

North Korea begging at Google

Pennsylvania judge rules against firm that challenged health care law

Gunsmiths 3D-Print High Capacity Ammo Clips To Thwart Proposed Gun Laws

K-Pop Phenom Psy Held By Korean, US Authorities

Abbey Road has snow


Democrats vs Republicans, you're gonna love this:

A grocery store nearby has a shopping/delivery service and I just placed a pretty LARGE order.

Drugs to help lose weight

Should I report this Facebook Post

Is appearance important to you? Are you kind of vain about it?

"The disturbing rise of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories" Blaming Obama and Gun Control

HuffPo - "Sandy Hook Hero, Harassed By Conspiracy Theorists Who Claim He's An Actor"

Enough of Free Speech Zones. The whole country is a free speech zone.

Homelessness can be one step away --

Tomorrow will be the one year mark since the last (and only) post I've had hidden by jury.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Jan 21st

Fracking for natural gas being powered by it, too

Share the Wisdom of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Audition for Kellogs Corn Flakes

Sunday Beltway Villagers Cry: Obama Is Mean To Republicans

To all who wanted the President to drop Joe Biden: How do you like him now? Love the

This post has nothing to do with MFM

BOA graphic on FB

Outlaw RFID tagging of compulsory school students

Has anyone noticed that president's hair

A grocery store nearby has a shopping/delivery service and I just placed a pretty LARGE order.

Will the new Trudeau Liberals be the old Progressive Conservatives?

Hostess union hires investment bank

Time for Bunnies

Airy Kitchen

Melancholy Much?

Great idea

Mother reports school suggested teen get breast reduction surgery to stop bullies

Who likes traffic backups?


Now that sounds logical

Aint that the way!?

Gardening story on FB

Making a baby from thin air

Props to the Ravens

Wisconsin: All Black Guys Look Alike (to the Capitol Police)

Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Radical, Not a Saint

5 Reasons People Who Hate Drugs Should Want to End the Drug War

Glenn Beck Wants to Create "Independence, USA": An Amusement Park of Ayn Randian Libertarianism

Downton Abbey question. SPOILERs

Large employers will not be penalized under ACA for failing to offer coverage for dependents

'Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells

Did the invasion of Iraq accomplish anything, other than making lots of money for

Girls and women 'hit the hardest' by global recession

Delhi gang-rape case starts in fast-track court

U.S. Navy ship stranded on World Heritage-listed coral reef ignored warnings: Philippines

Chris Hedges: A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

Iraq finds extra billion barrels of oil: ministry

Flu Crisis Prompts Broadest Vaccine Redesign Since 1981

Marijuana Arrests Now Exceed Arrests For Violent Crime

Delinquent Behavior More Likely in Kids Who Prefer Gothic and Punk to Classical, Jazz, and Pop

Land-swap idea for FBI headquarters draws hundreds of interested parties

Who talks more about 'I' than you Joe Scum

'Quadruple helix' DNA discovered in human cells

CSPAN.ORG and CSPAN LIVE for inauguration coverage without talking heads telling you

Message In A Bottle Reunited With Family 76 years after it was thrown into the sea

Boeing investigation turns to battery maker

who calls or called video game cartridges or discs "tapes"?

The 17 Equations That Changed The Course Of Humanity

Giant Mars crater shows evidence of ancient lake

Algeria crisis: Hostage death toll 'rises to 48'

In Switzerland - The SVP: A "success" story of right-wing populism

Barack Obama's Inauguration Day Playlist

Independent UK: Goldman bankers get rich betting on food prices as millions starve

Chris Hedges: A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

The universal language of lullabies

Tweet Of The Day

"You told your kids that they could be anything they wanted, but you really weren't sure."

Time for Kitties

Good-time Charlie

Time for Kitchens

One Hour Glasses

Algeria says 37 foreigners die in siege led by Canadian

Can oil save the rainforest?

Taliban attack on Kabul police HQ kills 3 officers

UK rejects combat role in Mali after Algeria crisis

UK scientists bid to mimic plant energy creation

Algeria finds dead Canadian militants as siege toll rises

Photos: Joe Biden Unleashed

North Korea rocket 'was domestically made'

Dreams in Infrared: The Woes of an American Drone Operator

Ex-Army Officer Accuses CIA of Obstructing Pre-9/11 Intelligence-Gathering

NASA's older Mars rover notches another milestone

American Airlines' new look: Yea or Nay?

MLK's "Letter From A Birmingham Jail"

On Filibusters, It's Groundhog Day in the Senate

First family going to church just now.

Joe and Jill Biden both have such easy smiles.

Russia Moves to Enact Anti-Gay Law Nationwide

Obama II: Older, wiser, stronger

Just think, you could be saying "President Romney" today

I wonder what Mitt & Queen Ann are doing today?

U.S. Wind Power Accounted for 6% of Generation Capacity in 2012

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Music for pre-teen girls

Look at people on the Mall - how fabulous

Taliban attackers storm police office in Afghan capital

Germany: CDU Loses Lower Saxony: State Defeat Heralds Tough Re-Election Fight for Merkel

Lazy question: What time is the swearing in and inaugural address?

For the day

Obama: ‘When We Put Our Shoulders To The Wheel Of History, It Moves’

Grumpy Cat weighs in on today's inaugural festivities.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, union leaders still at odds over benefits

Robert Gibbs Previews Obama’s Inauguration Speech: ‘It’s Hopeful’ (VIDEO)

Guns in the Sun - In Florida They Will Shoot You Dead, and It’ll Probably Be Legal - Vice - yikes!

When will I no longer feel like a fat person?

Gamma-ray burst 'hit Earth in 8th Century

So…do they stamp a symbol on the side of the cockpit for each one?

Boehner: MLK ‘Showed How Much Good A Single Life Could Do In A Short Period’

Mendocino County resists DOJ demands for list of marijuana grow permit holders

I hope the President will be walking the parade today.

Well-earned and -justified smilie smiles:

FREEDOM-Some have made a mess of the message---bigotry--hate-and a lousy life based on fear

Photo of Stephanie Miller and Joe Biden - TOGETHER

The Way of the Agnostic

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller?

(Talks in broad themes) Ronald Reagan 1'st Inaugural Address (for reference only)

What Went Wrong at Boeing: My Two Cents

"A Child And His Lawnmower"

Happy Mitch McConnell EPIC FAIL DAY!!!!111

CNN is covering the actual event.

When Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon Were Friends

In Iran, two muggers caught on video are hanged

Watching the local NBC affiliate here...

The NRA says it supports tougher background checks...then KILLS Virginia bills to do that

Anyone know what time the "secret" Republican meeting is tonight?

I'm fighting them right now

Hey, GOP...4 more Years. Get Over it!

An Omaha Steve change at the DU...

Good Morning! Happy Inauguration Day!

Bad TV Reception? There's always C-Span on the Computer.

Mitch McConnell Campaign Email: Obama Wants To Take Your Guns

Look Who's Cashing In On You Now: Absurdity Today, Episode 32

Nonprofits see potential in tax break for retirees (withdrawals from IRA)

On Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday I always post my drawing of him

Warning - turn down the sound if you are watching the events on tv.

Theater people - help with a few definitions please!

Why are the wingnuts so quiet about Algeria, not like Benghazi?!1

One of my favorite MLK quotes:

MLK Injustice Index 2013: Racism, Materialism and Militarism in the US

Let's go. -bo

Tom Tomorrow: NRA Debate Tips

It's Inauguration Day and Mitt Romney is NOT being sworn in

What MLK said about claims of "communism" against those who support equality

My portraits of Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama on Inauguration day

books on math for grade school children

The Vanity of Life

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 21, 1984

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 21, 1984

GOP's number one priority quote.

Tom Tomorrow: NRA Debate Tips

Not the smartest professional move a person can make.

Tale of two youths killed by hate brings King's legacy to life


Where do you think ReThugs will be meeting today to plot their new 4 year strategy ? n/t

Turkish sources are saying that Turkey will be first visit as SOS

OT: Why is Wolf Blitzer ALWAYS with Kate Baldwin lately?

xpost: books on math for grade school children

Just caught a glimpse of Merlie Evers

Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me

Obama kids are bouncing all over the place with glee this morning

I can't believe that they're playing the Monty Python theme (Liberty Bell March)

Need some advice on a totally non-politically related topic.

Can anyone link me to the video of the child with downs and the mother dog? I have been gone

Joe Scarborough: Republicans Won House Of Representatives Majority Because Of Gerrymandering

Rapist gets called out.

A Beautiful Day In America

Ann and Mitt today

I wonder in which of his several homes

The Inauguration is for me like a football game or something!

The Inauguration in HD

He's on his way. FOUR MORE YEARS!

NRA Debate Tips

Isn't it common for previous Presidents to attend an Inauguration?

Dan Bernstein: Manti Te’o Is A Liar

Previously unreleased interviews with Dr. Martin Luther King

I Love You Two

Can turtles wear tinfoil hats?

Iraq Demands U.S. Energy Giant ExxonMobil Abide By Constitution

Gun research is allowed again. So what will we find out?

My thoughts on government limitation on purchasing certain items.

For A Second Term Inauguration, That Crowd Is Huge!

Fitch Ratings Agency Highlights Threat Of Aging Population Time-Bomb


Moving cover of The Nation magazine prior to 2009 inauguration

Drawing from my daughter "More Than a Day Off"

Michelle looks ravishing!

I have a tired damp dog this morning.

It is -9F!

Chicago Teachers Union Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, January 15, 2013

Secretary of State Clinton and Mr. President Clinton and President Carter and Mrs. Carter.

Bill and Hillary

Will the Inauguration and events be replayed tonight? Wife has to go to work and won't be able to

I'm at the gym. 10 TVs. NONE tuned to FOX!!

Not everyone in TX is a repuke

Is there a live stream from MSNBC available for the inauguration?

Don't look so happy, Clarence

If you need some music to listen to while waiting for the inauguration...

The wails of wingnut rage sound like sweet music this Inauguration morning!

The first part of President Obama's Inaugural address has just been released

Hillary Clinton looks just like Claire McCaskill today!

Malia + Sasha= absolutely gorgeous

******** Official President Barack Obama Second Inauguration Thread ********

John Cole: NRA and Hunting

Thank god Anne Romney isn't walking in!

The DUDE In The Lobbys View About Democracy

Notice how Boner's orange face stands out in a crowd.

Call Missing Persons Right Fucking NOW. We have a missing past president.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- 2nd Inaugural

Definitely surprised by the turnout...

Monday Toon Roundup 2-Sports Hoax

The Rude Pundit - Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Fuck Up the NRA's Shit

Bill Maher on republicans ... his latest analogy

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Killing Machines

MLK to NRA: "I was much more afraid in Montgomery when I had a gun in my house."

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Barack Obama Has Been Sworn in Again. Friggin’ Deal With The Reality.

Inauguration Day through the eyes of Fox “news” and its viewers

Hey, DU...

To all the conspiracy nut cases out there.

"I Jesus' name and all who are Holy and Right ..."

I'm not religious, but thank God we are seeing Obama inaugurated and not Romney.

The crowd looks huge. Whats the estimate?

Have a funny roommate story? Please post it on my website.

THERE IS NO FUTURE..."If someone says we have to talk peace, he’s considered extreme left."

A Yankees fan from the Bronx just swore in Biden!

Scalia is there. He must be pissed.

SW Ohio, "Light Flurries" according to weather

Roberts didn't mess it up this time! Who's your Daddy?

Woo hoo! Just Woo hoo!!!!! Hail to the Chief! nt

******** Official President Barack Obama Second Inauguration Thread - PART TWO ********

Hey Freepers, Losers, ReTHUGS, RWnutjobs TwiRightzone goons and Teabaggers!!!


How is this for irony?

Pic Of The Moment: Four More Years

Msgr. Meth: Priest Arrested After Dealing Crystal Meth From Catholic Cathedral


I can not BELIEVE that I went and missed the beginning of all this.

From this day forward, Congress will be referred to as the 2 1/2 per weekers.

Wouldn't it be a lot more powerful, for a President

Chris Matthews delivers best line so far today.

Watching Biden before the oath,

Hearty congratulations to Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) for a flawless and seamless inauguration.

This is an absolutely AMAZING Inauguration speech by Pres.Obama.

My friend's dog very suddenly has a swollen lump on one side of his muzzle.

We - The People

The magic has not left the world.

Atari Files For Bankruptcy, Company Hopes to Remain Intact

Roger Ailes/FOX & FRIENDS: Blue Monday 1/21/13 = "Most Depressing Day Of The Year"

A mention of Stonewall (inaugural address)! Wow I'm impressed.

Our journey is not complete as long as people have to wait for hours to vote! (rough quote)

A shout out to all of you who love the President as i do

The Blues Brothers gospel dance number is next!

I love Mr. President!

Wow ...

Folks. This could have been kid rocks moment

Conservatives' "glowing remarks" about MLKJr are a pure example of the idea

the inauguration is putting Mexican Mitt in a foul mood

Kelly Clarkson was horrible!

Man, Watching Swearing-In Today Takes Me Back to Where I Was Four Years Ago...

Richard Blanco--Inaugural Poet!

Beautiful performance, Ms. Clarkson!

Fan stabbed outside Georgia Dome after NFC Championship game

Obama is giving the speech liberals have begged him to give for four years.

In a another reality, Meat Loaf just finished singin America the Beautiful @ the Romney Inauguration

President Obama Takes The Oath Of Office At Second Inauguration

Blanco broke me up

My FB Status: Non-event

NASA plans attack of Martian moon "Angry Birds" style

199,970 user registrations. 30 till 200,000

Rude Pundit on Facebook: "Shouting out for gay rights, mentioning Stonewall. That's..."

Thank-you to the secret service for keeping our president safe.

Man w/ mental illness chases wife w/machette-threatens to kill man-stabs dog...buys assault rifle

President Obama Sworn In At Public Inauguration Ceremony

North Korea allows foreigners in with their mobile phones

OMG that priest just spoke Spanish!

Beyonce is performing at the Inauguration and the Super Bowl this year.

VP Joe needs a hug - from the Pres..

"This Land Is Your Land" would be so appropriate today

The President seems so calm

Now THAT is how the Anthem is supposed to be sung, Beyonce!

Rush Limbaugh: ‘You Know How to Stop Abortion? Require That Each One Occur With a Gun.’

I hope "Seneca Falls" and "Stonewall" start trending on Google

Now THIS is a big fucking deal!

Wow Richard Blanco!

Jimmy's happy as hell...

hey, I'm a gold star now (again), and DU is worth way, way more than $10

The Inaguration

Check In IF You Found All The Religious Crapola Disappointing

Speaking of pro golfers, Rory McIlroy a huge fan of the President

Obama Calls For Equality For ‘Our Gay Brothers And Sisters’

Give it up for the Marine Band's wonderful accompaniment, and performance!

The Freepers are in full meltdown mode...

Teenager Reportedly Used AR-15 to Kill Five in New Mexico

What's with Scalia's stupid hat?

LOL-Is This All They've Got Today? "Barack H. Obama drops Hussein from the presidential oath"

President Obama's Second Inaugural Speech Was a Grand Slam Home Run. What say you?

President Obama's second inaugural address, as prepared for delivery (updated)

One Last Look


Manti Te'o hoax continued in Miami

Playing The Odds

UN Report Finds Torture, Disappearances in Afghan Jails

Eric Cantor's a smarmy, odious SOB, isn't he?

They are already at work!!!

Cat discovers snow!

choked on my toast when I saw this pic...what a coffee off my laptop...what a day

Inauguration 2013 -- Rate it!

Wow !!! Just Got This E-mail From The President....

Obama calls for ‘collective action’

******** Official President Barack Obama Second Inauguration Thread - PART THREE ********

Just caught a glimpse of grassley on the tv

President Obama Signs Cabinet Nominations (pic), Kerry, Hagel, Lew, Brennan

Damn...this is my 40,002 post! I was hoping to post something

I hope Letterman was invited

Colin Powell: 'Birther Nonsense' Is 'Killing The Base' Of The GOP

What is Newt Gingrich doing at the inauguration?

Parties eye potential surplus votes

Aww shit he's crying again!

In my inauguration dream...Jimmy Carters grandson made a speech at the inauguration. lol

Dick Morris is still predicting a Romney landslide.

Watching Eddie Munster....

I may be wrong but Kerry's wife is the most intelligent woman there

Remember that Mitt dude?

Given His Inauguration Speech - Any Thoughts On What He'll Say At The State Of The Union....

Few blacks appointed to judgeships by FL Gov. Rick Scott

Abbas: Israel to allow Palestinian refugees from Syria into PA

I see Hillary!

Does corporate 'personhood' apply to the HOV lane?

A Drama’s Streaming Premiere

MLK Injustice Index 2013: Racism, Materialism and Militarism in the US

Cantor confused by poetry

Rift Widens Over Mining of Uranium in Virginia

Eyes on the prize (Gospel plow)

Check out this person's portraits

AZ: Some farmers may qualify for emergency government loans

Obama: Entitlements ‘Do Not Make Us A Nation Of Takers’

Thank you Will Pitt!!

Schumer photobombs the oath of office

Did Mitt even make it to the inauguration?


Air and Simple Gifts...

Meet the anti-Rubio Cuban American: Poet Richard Blanco Interview

Schumer, will you shut up about how everything is from New York, already?

2005 ... 2013

Senate Democrats say they will oblige GOP calls to pass budget, warn it will include taxes

Supreme Court men going gangsta at Inauguration:

I checked my email and found a lovely Thank You message from President Obama

Texas Attorney General to New Yorkers: Come on Down, With Guns

Many in the South are confused about the mention

The Associated Press Top 25 Mens Basketball Poll

Tim Tebow 'forced' on Jets' owner?

Obama Takes One Last Look At Inauguration Crowd: ‘I’ll Never See This Again’

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us from climate change

It won't be till late tonight, when all the lights are turned off - we can all take a deep breath

Vandana Shiva: Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women

Acting in Love to Support All Love

President Clinton photobombs Kelly Clarkson:

3 Photos That quash the 'She Was Asking For It' Defense

Village Idiots Pronounce Republicans Innocent, Obama 'The Divider'

Thom Hartmann: What the Billionaire Class is Doing Behind the Scenes

"It is a crime for people to live in this rich nation and receive starvation wages" -MLK

Powell: Republican leaders should stop ‘idiot presentations’ from Palin and birthers

Religious Tensions Over Prayers Cast Shadow On President Obama's Inauguration

Bank predicts 8.5% growth in 2013 !!!!!

President Barack Obama Tweet

Healthy simple recipes.

If Looks Could Kill! Over at the photo gallery at HuffPo there is a pic of John Boehner's wife

Paul Ryan Booed By Inauguration Crowd

Why Nations Fail

Myrlie Evers-Williams gives invocation at President Obama inauguration (full transcript)

'A Gift Of Love': Martin Luther King's Sermons From Strength To Love (EXCERPT)

"Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall" - Thank you Mr. President

Don't worry, spiders, I keep house casually.

Two very happy families today...

The family that tans together . . . ?

License plate seen in Northern Virginia today: "N8RBOY" The plates were from North Dakota.

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

Child asthma hospital admissions fell after smoking ban, study shows

Kelly Clarkson was fantastic!

I am freezing my butt off

"We the people..."

Arron Swartz's book, "Open Government" can be downloaded for free. Thank you O'Reilly Media.

Taxing The Wealthy

Rare photos of Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr 1958 in Omaha

Obama Goes Hawkish: Failure To Respond To Threat Of Climate Change, ‘Would Betray Our Children...

China to surpass US by 2049: report

Flashback: Fox News Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell call on Obama to not run for reelection

Keep hearing about how many calories in luncheon menu

President Obama's sister Maya

Obama’s best days are probably ahead

That Obama organization is going to destroy every ReTHUG

Turkish Man Charged in Paris Murders of Three PKK Women Leaders

UPDATE 2-Merkel suffers setback months before federal vote

Awesome sign held up in the crowd attending today's inauguration...

"The committments we make to each other ... "

Here’s proof listening to heavy metal’s a sign of teenage delinquency

Broadcast of all politicians' speeches banned until the election is over

Wendell Potter: Differing Notions of Affordability

Obama is walking the room - gave Pat Leahy a big hug

Moscow begins evacuation of Russians from Syria

Anyone notice POTUS wiping his nose,

Boner is speaking now. Will he get through his speech without crying?

The Progressive Press: Extreme Inequality Becoming a Global Danger

Will Harry Reid kill real filibuster reform? Vote is tomorrow, January 22.

What is the function of the vases Obama & Biden received?

Likely new Eurogroup head wants to move on from crisis-fighting

Lance Armstrong Books Moved


Watching the gift giving: Boehner does NOT want to be there.

Kurds Defend Kurdish Areas of Northern Syria Against Jihadist Attacks from Turkey

H.P. Lovecraft explains why I love religious cults:

James Taylor "America the Beautiful" Inauguration 2013 -


Olmert: Israeli government rejecting peace

Pres.Obama Finally Pushes Back On ‘The 47 Percent’: Entitlements ‘Do Not Make Us A Nation Of Takers’

Dog In The Crowd

Thousands of chemicals pose risks to health

Kelly Clarkson "My Country 'tis of Thee" Inauguration 2013


Obama Throws down on climate

Beyonce Sings the National Anthem at the 2013 Inauguration of Barack Obama

I've just been invited to join "Organizing for Action."

Hey, maybe Joe can run for Pres, and Barach can run for VP

While the Archbishop spoke, Boener cries again...nt

Human Rights Campaign Praises Obama’s Mention Of Gay Rights At Inaugural

arrgghhh my love-hate relationship with Teva sandals

As we move forward from today . . .


So, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Every time I see Nancy Pelosi

Great collection of Inaugural pictures.

So, I really feel like part of the DU community now. I have my own personal stalker in GD.

Past Democratic presidents celebrate with Obama

You don't need a gun to be brave....

Where Should the Obama Library be Located??

Mitch McConnell Gun Control Email: You're 'Literally Surrounded,' They're 'Coming For Your Guns'

Atlanta Falcons fan pistol whips TV after loss to San Francisco

Today is a very special day for me ....

Sen Orin Hatch of Utah

good article

NBC’s David Gregory: ‘Medicare is a huge problem’

The Manti Te'o hit parade continues

Lengues dentata

"Today we celebrate the only job the GOP created in 4 years."

Let's hear it for the poet! Best inaugural poem I've ever heard, and I'm no easy sell.

John DeLancie and Tara Strong have some fun!

PPP says Minnesota Repubs want Bachmann to run for Senate

Being Commander in Chief!

Cross-post from GD: To those bemoaning the presence of the divine in the inauguration

What is the Real Meaning of MLK Day?

For my 50,000th DU Post, I'd Like To

GOP Finds Little to Like in Obama's Inaugural Address- LOL

Lupe Fiasco removed from stage following comments at Obama inauguration show – watch

I'm exhausted just thinking of all the events POTUS and FLOTUS have to attend today.

Who is the guy in uniform standing on

Bayonets! Them's bayonets Mitt! (and horses)

I bet Queen Ann Romney is inconsolable right now.

So why were there red coats in the troops?

My local news asked it's Facebook followers to post a one word response to the inauguration

Heading for the reviewing stand, not liking this,

Sacramento Kings owner reaches agreement with Seattle group to buy team

May the President lay out his vision in a legislative agenda although knowing the domestic

cute kitty, teddy bear,awwww

Yeah! Leahey just got several special big hugs from the president.

Sometimes FOX is Funnier than the Onion

George Stephanopoulos thinks Bill Russell is Morgan Freeman

President Obama: Progressiveness Rocks!

God as symbol...

A tribute to sad conservatives.

I like how Skinner is PPRing long time gun trolls and referring to them as "gun troll:"

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez at the 1963 March on Washington

Colin Kaepernick refuses to meet his birth mother!

It's like the Beatles Invasion, times a couple hundred thousand!!

I am trying to plan a trip to DC in Mid May. 6 Adults to either stay at a hotel occupying 3

My dear friend's daughter is in the US Army Fife and Drum Corps

Confirmed: 66% of jurors CANNOT READ

Pres and First Lady are walking the route now

VT considers mileage tax.

Sundance Institute and Women In Film Los Angeles Study Examines Gender Disparity in Independent Film

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us from climate change

I am not angry. I am not ranting. My outrage meter is not moving.

I can now take a breath

Passing of Earl Weaver and the Republicans

Um, I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this..

Pete Souza Is Going To Have Some Amazing Photos From Today!

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

The Obama's are getting out of the car now for the second time...

I'm not really able to watch all the Inauguration at work. Any estimate on the size of the crowd?

Lol at Al Roker

So, what'd John Boehner say to get this response from Michelle?!

Michelle Obama looks about 22 with her new hairdo & that adorable coat

The President and First Lady just glow in the afternoon sun.

Someone made a video game in which you shoot Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA

I never though I would see the day we have woman as Secrete Service

Al Roker & Joe Biden

the eye roll..

Supreme Court Justice Smurf looked pissed.

I have been watching the two female Secret Service agents walking coats open doing a fine job.

Beyonce's Inauguration Performance: Fantastic!

Preserved for all time......our wonderful first lady rolling her eyes at a Boehner comment!!!!

Remember eight years ago?

It wasn't just President Barack Hussein Obama's speech - as marvelous as that was.

Joe's secret service guys are going to punch him.

Do Animals in Chernobyl’s Fallout Zone Glow?

Watching Joe Biden - he's bouncing around like a pinball!

Look at Joe!!!! LOL

America's Possibilities...

Ok, HOW old is Joe Biden??? 34?? 35???

WTF? Biden running around the streets from side to side

DVD Warehouse Owner Stuck With 10K Copies Of Lance Armstrong DVD He Can't Get Rid Of

THERE IS NO FUTURE..."If someone says we have to talk peace, he’s considered extreme left."

Joe Biden is simply one of the best VP's ever.

HAPPY MLK DAY. What is his most powerful quote in your mind?

Okay I just love me some Vice-Prez Biden!

Our journey is not complete...

Yeah Joe "Fuckin" Biden. And Jill Biden is very attractive.

Just got home and missed most of the festivities...

"I had my ducks in a row and she shot 'em"

How To Defeat Gerrymandering Right Now in One Easy Step

Romney Makes Desperate, Last-Ditch Bid For Presidency

Armed Nevada Assemblyman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Assembly Speaker

Flashback from the campaign: Romney voter says Michelle Obama doesn't "look like" a First Lady

Charlie Crist refuses to say who he voted for in 2010

We are completely self-sufficient.....

Wow...watching Fox News version of the inauguration.

Scalia Revealed At The Inauguration - The rumours were true, he is the devil.

How pronounce the "cc" in Italian "meccanico"?

NRA Fights Legislation That Would Ban Gun Sales To Those Currently On Killing Sprees

Papantonio: Social Change Requires Citizen Participation

The most important political speech of my generation

Watch Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton Arrive at Capitol

Happy Anniversary DU

Four-strand DNA structure found in cells

I'm helping build a Presidential Library right now

In honor of MLK

I agree with Anonymous about this... Do you?

uh-oh. Tomorrow's Morning Joe will be Mourning Joe for Joe and Mika and their little crowd

Who watches Shameless?

OMG! The president is chewing gum!!!


Yup, Ashley Judd Sounds Like She's Running for Something

Did anyone catch the NBC Today crew talking about what Mrs. Obama would be wearing today, when

Eric Cantor's Inauguration Day Bitter Beer Face

Eugene Robinson: The black president no longer

BREAKING CNN: Inauguration not over. Romney-Obama TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Why isn't Sasha freezing? I'm cold just looking at her.

This Gives me Hope

Why does MSNBC bother running the parade?

Where's McConnell?

Virginia Senate Sneaks Through Gerrymandering Bill While Country Watches Inauguration

Bo is ready for spring---->

Law School Grad Robs Bank Because He Has Giant Debt and Can't Afford Diabetes Medicine -- Says He'll

Dear "news" people telling us what a loose cannon, funny guy, whatever, Joe Biden is . . . . .

So How Soon Will All This Inaugural Love End And When Will The Repugs Revert To Their.....

Plano police officer gives ticket

Inauguration Day Dental Office Thread!!! All good news!

Did any DUers hear Tweety a short while ago

So funny...typical kids, grateful 'rents

GOP CNN commentator just said there may be more than a million people

Bernie Sanders Finds Eloquent Inspiration In Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

Seven Days Underground

Dear DU: Not a longtime member, but I'm very happy to be spending this day with all of you! nt.

Inaugural Prayer Marks Changed LGBT Rights Landscape

Fox News

Fundies! Not what you think!

Obama Prepares To Govern From The Left

Parade - O honors each section by standing up AND genuinely enjoying

Elmer don't play no duck face!

NM Homeschooled Teen Nehemiah Griego Accused Of Murdering Family, Planned To Keep Killing At Walmart

Casualty Count for Saturday January 19--Gun Appreciation Day

"Duck Face" only! Post a Duck Face here!

Obama Becomes A “Great” President

Inauguration Truthers launch new website: "No swearing in ceremony took place"

PLO Executive Committee Member Expects Hamas, Islamic Jihad to Join With PLO

Our President is Grooving Today!

Water is wet.

Lesbian and Gay Band Association passing,C-Span, NOW!

Who writes the dictionary?

Priority One Priority Two

Bill Bill Bill

fantastic MLK Day parade in Honolulu/Waikiki today...

Anyone remember Little Rock Central High School,

Suck it: sent to me by a friend of blog.

Michelle Obama rolls eyes at John Boehner, sets Internet aflame

Obamas get down to the Inaugural Parade Drum Corps

What my Republican congressman said today!

So...we sent a deserving young student to the inauguration.

Just would these two lovely girls do without their smart phones?

Funniest Pictures from Obama's First Term

WTF? I agree with Republicans 12% of the time?

BP Ad on MSNBC trying to get tourists down to the Gulf...

Tuskegee Airmen passing now, C-SPAN.

As the right wing try to claim Martin Luther King they should embrace their own: Bull Connor

The way Chris Matthews has been talking I think he forgot to watch the parade in 2009.

^&*%$* Boehner may have said to Michelle

Incredible News!

Atheists respond in their thousands to ‘census’, but can we trust the data?

Teo'ing. Sorta. ??

The Internet probably hasn’t made people less religious

Heart Disease, gun violence, and apathy.

House Republicans seek vote to extend debt limit to May 19

"Porn" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "porn".

Tweety didn't know about Obama's half-sister?

The only job the GOP created in four years...

I asked my friend to pass me the newspaper. He said "Use my IPad" I said: Are you sure.???

ADL Calls on Knesset Candidate to Apologize for 'Appalling' Remark Toward Muslims

Official: Turnout Above 800K, Maybe 1M.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 January 2013

LePage swears, storms out of meeting with independent House members, lawmakers say

Ned Kelly farewelled in Catholic mass in Victoria

New Mexico teen accused of killing parents, 3 siblings may have planned Wal-Mart massacre, report...

I'm feeling pretty smart today

Great to see so many Native American Nations represented, today

Jim Harbaugh arrested for DUI!

My eyes have been leaking all day.

Michelle Obama reacts to John Boehner

Virginia Senate Sneaks Through Gerrymandering Bill While Country Watches Inauguration

Malia Smooch Bomb!

Poor guy has to watch all this 'with enthusiasm,'

How much military is enough?

I'm "drunk" on people faces, bright, caring, proud! of us. Thanks!!! CSPAN!!

West Faces ‘Decades’ Of Conflict In N Africa

A perfect video for our president's inauguration. Truly profound. Please spend the time to watch.


Cross posting this from Videos. Find 30 min, watch this video, and ponder the historical

Villaraigosa seeks to end city investment in weapons makers

Oh Joe, We Love You So!

L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

I think a little push on Japan getting into the TPP would not have been out of order today

Scalia has one of the stupidest hats for one to wear.

A letter about Marriage Equality for conservative Seniors

Biden Working His Way Through Scratch-Off Tickets During Obama's Swearing-In


So in other words...