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Archives: January 22, 2013

Elmer Fudd Inherits $3M

Stalkers vs. Trolls and then there are the Dreaded Trolls That Stalk

T-shirt with Obama quote from Inaugural Speech

Wry understatement of the day

Heads Up: C-SPAN Is Re-Airing Today's Inaugural Ceremony

Oh Happy Days...

Inauguration '93: Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe - "To Sir With Love"

Where does Michael Steele stand within the Republican Party?

On the eve of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade...

Someone gave the Prez a note

Mitt Romney Spent Inauguration Day in California Playing Giant Poolside Jenga, Probably

Want a hot OP?: Find a tiny crack in DU and drive in a wedge like John Henry

A Radical Redistribution of Economic Power -MLK

My favorite part of the parade....

The debt limit explained

Shrum says the Obama speech was the bookend to the Reagan Revolution


Armstrong Becomes ‘Madoff on a Bike’ as Cheating Shatters Lives

L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

Tweety just called the speech "an anti-Ayn Rand, anti-Paul Ryan" speech

I just became a star member.

Gun nuts tend to be losers

I want a book of Obama's major speeches

Second Term Begins Today

A heads up for flash-fictioners: NPR 3MF 2/2/13

Name of Uribe's new political party is misleading: Congressman .

Hundreds of lost William Blake etchings discovered at a Manchester Library

Obama having The Talk with Sasha's first date

Just in: UPDATE: I20 shooting suspects barricaded inside Colorado City home

Bill and Hillary Clinton at Obama's Inaguration

Obama needs to be impeached.

Shocking ad for testicular cancer screening (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Virginia Senate Sneaks Through Gerrymandering Bill While Country Watches Inauguration

President Obama pauses to look over the Capital: “I’m not going to see this again.”

What's Going On With The Time Stamps?

Hugo Chavez to head home to Venezuela nearly six weeks after cancer surgery in Cuba: brother

Hugo Chavez to head home to Venezuela nearly six weeks after cancer surgery in Cuba: brother

It's snowing in Philadelphia.

crazy old man tweeting again

"Solitary". This one creeped me out.


I Really Hope You Accept The Beauty Of The Christian Message Someday.

Pretty candid and fun photo...

Record King Tides, Doubled Rate Of Sea-Level Rise Still Not Enough For Some In WA Govt.

On MLK Day,’s John Nolte Links to Anti-MLK White Supremacist Site

What a speech; I know, I'm late to the

New Tick-Borne Disase Discovered In Same NE Ticks That Transmit Lyme - Boston Globe

Buttermilk! What to do with it?

Romney Makes Desperate, Last-Ditch Bid For Presidency

So, did Beyonce yodel the Star-Spangled Banner today or did she sing it?

"Tell me about God, because I'm forgetting..."

Nearly half of U.S. children are undervaccinated, a new study shows

In Wisconsin, it's a Three Dog Night!

Romney Makes Desperate, Last-Ditch Bid For Presidency

I am thinking about buying my fantasy bike in the spring.

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

Study: Obese drivers more likely to die in crashes

After 11 years, 'Two-Buck Chuck' wine price increases to $2.49

MLK: Why I Am Opposed to The War in Vietnam

MK Khenin: Extremism leading us nowhere

Va. Republicans push through rewrite of Senate districts

Romney Makes Desperate, Last-Ditch Bid For Presidency

A Confession of a Former Disruptor

A Footnote To The Virginia Senate Story

NBC/WSJ poll: Majority, for first time, wants abortion to be legal

Is Justin Trudeau Stephen Harper's Best Chance?

Anybody else hate that stupid Debbie Boone "Lifestyle Lift" ad?

Wasn't it great to NOT see

Alicia Keys: "Obama's on Fire"!

Stevie Wonder says he will go buy a gun to show the ridiculousness of the laws!!

Four years...

Rightwingers finally outraged over "Free Speech Zones" at presidential events


I wonder if Michele ever took walking lessons?

Appreciation thread for the men and women at Stonewall who said "Enough."

President Obama's new term and some #s

this is so neat. I'm posting it EVERYWHERE!!!

Sweet Baby James

Oh, come on, Bob Schieffer

In honor of the MLK Jr. Holiday, Black and White by Three Dog Night.

I cannot wait to see what Jill and Michelle will be wearing tonite.

The Bidens have arrived. Watching on CSPAN

FYI: DU user registration number is now 199,998.

"I may not get there with you..." (or, why The Battle Hymn...)

Joe Scarborough Jumps All Over President Obama For Joking With His Daughter At Swearing-In

Rock on, DU... 200,000 user registrations as of 20:50 n/t

If you met a strange lady and she made you nervous, would you let her take you in and...

The Romans used pottery as toilet paper?

here comes MICHELLE!

Our First Lady looks gorgeous! (pics)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Twofer! & a new kitty gif

Let's Stay Together

Michelle in red, dancing with POTUS NOW!

Man carries a gun into a city council meeting, caught on video!

Look at them!!@!@!!!!!!

It's times like this that I miss living in the DC area

American volunteer in Syrian rebel army threatens to kill Bashar Al-Assad

A short, old ,...joke poem...

how do you cut in on POTUS on an inaugural ball

Interactive gigapixel panorama of inauguration

Look up in the sky and remember today: A REAL Trifecta


Obamas kiss-o-Rama

That RED Dress!

"The Big Deal" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

CNN: "Some people say" MLK was a conservative

Beyonce or Whitney Houston?

Did you know that President Obama's inauguration address was the most divisive and partisan ever?!

You Lie!

We Can Be Anyone We Like To Be

Edward DeBartolo, Jr.

XP Pro 32bit to Windows 8?

Dear Mitch McConnell

Alicia Keys: Obama's On Fire

Ransom Note

Who was your favorite DU Sockpuppet

No, McConnell doesn't carry a grudge.

An Obama Supporter Smiles

no Al Green?

OK everybody be honest. Was there ever a moment when you doubted that this day would come?

wait a minute- Potus, Flotus and Jen Hudson jump in a limo and do the same song and dance 20 minutes

The Significance Of President Obama's "I'll Never See This Again" Moment

ASTOUNDING! - GOP Pisses On The Inauguration & MLK DAY

"The Congressional GOP Has Smothered A More Rapid Economic Recovery"

NBC/WSJ poll: Majority, for first time, wants abortion to be legal

"Seneca Falls and Selma and Stonewall".

Bet I know what the Bidens' favorite song is.......

Krauthammer: Obama Declared 'The End Of Reaganism' And That 'Big Government Is Back'

Darn, missed it, VPOTUS + Jill just dancing, MSNBC.

on this thoughts on dubya

Mentally ill man who killed his mother and was committed obtains MN gun permit and buys 13 guns

Help wanted: 'Adventurous' woman to give birth to ... a Neanderthal baby?

Joe Biden is ROCKING IT, re: military and their sacrifices. I'm

What Scalia Was REALLY Thinking At Obama's Second Inaugural

Pride - U2 - Martin Luther King

The Rubber-banding A.I. in Mario Kart is a Cheating Bastard

Salty or sweet? A poll. Kelly RIPA and I luv the salty.

probable inappropriate - LOL

I'm watching Jupiter ahd the moon together----Wow!

Will Harry do it or will Harry not do it?

Didnt Potus, Flotus, and Jennifer already do the Inaugural Ball?

CSPAN's inaugural ball feed completely sucks.

Glad Clarence Thomas doesn't do the swearing in

McConnell: we must get turtle tunnel right

Atari US files for Ch. 11 to separate from parent

The Michelle Obama Eyeroll

Just watched the replay of the speech. My God I love this man

Newfound aquifer may ease Mexico City's water woes

Important: Some very bad shit went down in Virginia today - Please Read

The Thread in which we dedicate a song to a DUer --


What is Project Echelon?

12 years ago my wife and I attended an Inauguration.

The most amazing image from tonight

1964 - FBI Wrote A Letter To Martin Luther King Telling Him To Commit Suicide

Today we celebrated. As we go back to reality let's smile while we keep this in mind:

CATcerto. ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. Mindaugas Piecaitis, Nora The Piano Cat

Another letter I wrote

Paul Krugman - "The Big Deal" - Amazing How The Media Missed All This

Should U.S. Military Aid To Israel Be Cut?

Sarah who?

"Let's Stay Together"

Chavez is not going quietly

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden dance (pics)

Scalia's hat is a reference to Sir Thomas More

MLK reached me

If you missed it ~ or if you want to watch again ~ C-Span NOW!!!!

When Joe Biden & Jill get warmed up . . .

They Must Have AMAZING Parents!

Firedoglake: Playing The Odds (They're so cute division)

Inauguration: the sweet and the bitter

URGENT: TUX needs a foster or furever home ASAP - Chatsworth, CA - Lab/Pit mix baby ONLY 1yr

This is FUN!

3 Americans die in Algeria attack, 7 survive

George Takei: "Grumpy Cat, did you catch the inauguration?"

URGENT: TUX needs a foster or furever home ASAP - Chatsworth, CA - Lab/Pit mix baby ONLY 1yr

URGENT: TUX needs a foster or furever home ASAP - Chatsworth, CA - Lab/Pit mix baby ONLY 1yr

Where are we going to be in four years?

Aliia Keyes?

Nostalgia: Bush gets booed at the 1/20/09 inauguration

Meanwhile, in Madison today...

Snow Disperses Toxic Smog in China's Capital

Another veteran of the Obama haters club steps up

Another day, another mass shooting by an angry young person

Someone got a picture of Mitt today...I think I know why he skipped the inauguration.

The best thing about this election

Is Teh Lounge Troll Free Tonight?

More Than 20 Years Ago, Barack Picked Michelle Up For A Date In An Old Rusty Car

Dressed up and ready to go: The inaugural date night one senator saved


Coup Attempt by Rebel Soldiers Is Said to Fail in Eritrea

Bernie Sanders: Obama Takes Oath for 2nd Term

Jon Stewart Tries To Cover Inauguration 2013, But All Anyone Wants To Talk About Is Michelle's Bangs

Prince Harry in Afghanistan: I fired at enemy

Cyprus bailout delayed until spring

French Airstrikes Push Back Islamists and Regain Towns in Central Mali

I've been on lots of juries, but can't recall ever alerting..

Virginia's Senate adjourned today in honor of a slave owning Confederate General

A down comforter spread across a California King bed and 1 clean shirt lying on the corner

Chopper lights up Colorado City building, SWAT teams ready to roll UPDATE 9:45 PM

Google Declares War on the Password

I think Paul Wellstone would have been pretty happy

I just finished reading "Under The Banner Of Heaven", about the Mormon Church.


Jupiter Next to Our Moon Tonight (PHOTOS)

Move over Scalia, Orrin Hatch wore a cowboy hat to the inauguration

Walker’s Back Alley Proclamation

Last night's Falcons game and today's presidential inauguration on FB.

Teaching in the Time of Obedience. So true. Ms Katie's Ramblings are impressive.

Just a friendly reminder of the 2000 election!!

With this great man leading America the next four years are going to be pretty damn good

Meet Pat. He rocks.

Practice will make perfect...

I'm very concern about the rethugs attempt to gerrymander the electoral collage

Let's Stay Together....

My favorite picture from the day

Sorry to break up the party, but did anyone catch the Phil Mickelson piece today???

Bush #2 (pun intended)

How Texas Inflicts Bad Textbooks on Us


Has anyone here played Half Minute Hero?

Effect of famine : Short stature evident in North Korean generation

MLK quote:

Jazz and Isabella Rossallini

Whole Foods new name:

1/18/13 Presidential Proclamation -- Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2013

1/21/13 Presidential Proclamation -- National Day of Hope and Resolve, 2013

Thousands of American mothers have serious problems tonight because of Obama.

Sheriffs association just sent a letter to Obama about gun control...

Full Circle (The Obamas then and now)

Charlie Rose makes me nuts

PIC: Obama's brother in law--isn't this a new sitcom?

Merkel’s Strong Standing Takes a Hit in Local German Elections.

For top Republicans, a 2013 replay of inauguration night 2009?

Keep an eye out, folks, for 'noise' about Roe v. Wade today (Tuesday,)

January 22, 1890 – The United Mine Workers of America is founded in Columbus, Ohio.

January 22, 1984 The Apple Macintosh in introduced during the Super Bowl

This week's TIME cover.

EU states to get go-ahead for tax on trading

Jennifer Hudson and the band are rocking the Al Green at the Inaugural ball.

Republicans Praise Obama for Offering Bold Vision to Thwart

Discovery of quadruple helix DNA could lead to cancer breakthrough

Some Videos on how to photograph the moon

Toxic Melamine Released From Bowls Serving Hot Soup, Study Finds

N Korea grants rare citizenship to American

Consumers' Dec. Spending Boosts Holiday Retail Sales

Today I did something scary...

Chinese workers revolt over 2-minute toilet breaks

Top to bottom changes in Congress' foreign policy

Top to bottom changes in Congress' foreign policy

Groupon Suspends Gun-Related Deals

Correa Asks Obama to Stop Double Standards Toward Latin America

Study: High school grad rate highest since '76

WTF: Cops Nab 5-Year-Old for Wearing Wrong Color Shoes to School

NZ to eradicate pet cats? Purr-ish the thought!

Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking Mystery

40 years on: the diminished access to abortion.

What are some fun turn-based RPGs?

I have a friend who just returned from the inauguration. She said the volume of support for the

Regulators Discover an OCCULT & harmful Viral Gene In Commercial GMO Crops

Insight - Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot

gun control!

'Abbas claims Zionists, Nazis linked before WWII'

"The breadth of this legal theory would make felons of millions of Americans."

Excellent letter to the editor about those who are paranoid that the government will take their guns

Richard Blanco's inaugural poem

How America Became a Global Kidnapper and Torturer

Can the DEA Hide a Surveillance Camera on Your Property?

Iraq demands U.S. energy giant ExxonMobil abide by constitution

12 Ways Obama Smacked Down the Tea Party and the Right in Inauguration Speech

Krikey! Got to love those Aussies

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Just Declared That The Era Of ‘Big Government Is Back’ And ‘Reaganism’ Is

The Senate filibuster could end today using a rare timing.

Two of the best pics ever

Banking explained on a level Republicans can "understand"

koch-funded study finds 2.5 degree F. warming of land since 1750 is manmade

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Shell rig grounds off Kodiak (move by Shell to avoid millions in state taxes may have backfired)

Booo fugginghoo - Joe Scum was really disappointed

Ex-Aide Accuses Bachmann Of Campaign Finance Violations

Carlos Miller gets roughed up again in Miami for taking pictures

Sign in a library in Australia

golden retrievers key to lifetime dog cancer study

War on terror forever

"Oh, you guys have a great football team"...well there is another team as well, a ladies team:

An epic American black community gathering; it's the "new tradition" (an epic read)

Denial still is a river in Egypt

Will this quote stand the test of time?

Only took Joe eight minutes to invoke himself

Senators give Big Pharma huge present at taxpayers' expense

Bali drugs: Death sentence for Briton Lindsay Sandiford

Bathroom graffiti draws alarm in Kotzebue (Alaska)

Roe then, Roe now

MoD unveils third round of Army job cuts

Georgia sued over banned vanity plates (4GAYLIB, GAYPWR and GAYGUY)

Kelly Clarkson's Proud of Our President

Advocates Push Idea of Requiring Gun Insurance

Koch-Funded Study Finds 2.5F Warming of Land Since 1750 is Manmade

Contact Ashley Judd & show your support for a Senate run.

Meningitis B vaccine gets European licence

Workers challenge union-busting at Progressive Rail

Hearing loss in 'brain decline link'

Commentary: No tax refund or Social Security check? Thank Rep. John Kline. (R-MN)

Complete this simile: Having the filibuster in the Senate is like...

Clinton Speechwriter: Obama Gave ‘One Of The Most Expansively Progressive Inaugural Addresses

Rave reviews for self-described Republican Kelly Clarkson's inauguration contribution

One Huge Racist Crock of S***

The estate/inheritance tax

Reclaiming patriotism. Reclaiming God. And answering four years of slurs

Ariz. bill would outlaw US firearms enforcement

CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism ‘playbook,’ officials say

Israel rejects nra claims (from wayne's world)

ILO: Global Unemployment to Rise Again {pretty big news}

AGW: a bigger issue than overpopulation?

Matthew Dowd was on GMA yesterday whining about the President's speech

L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

'Suction bucket' lays new foundation for offshore wind

France and Germany mark Elysee pact's 50 anniversary (that helped to reconcile the two former foes)

Jack Welch is fucked up

Obama's Inaugural: A New Foreign Policy?

Old Chestnut--Honk if You Love Jesus...

Mineral dust sprinkled in oceans could absorb vast amounts of carbon: study

China and Australia top list of 'carbon bomb' projects

When Universities Sell Art: The Case of Columbia's Rembrandt

It's too bad when you get locked out in the middle of a pwning...

Schools Hit by Morality of Wal-Mart Guns Funding Charity

Wasps v moths: Biocontrol uses nature against crop pests

Vermont has the highest rate of high school graduation.

US Navy Ship Ignored Warning Before Ramming Pristine Coral Reef

As I was just saying about lance armstrong...

The 99 percent matriarchy

Our Dumb Democracy: Why the United States of Stupid Still Reins Supreme

President of the Whole Country

More electric car charging stations open in Atlanta

First below zero temps here in west MI this winter

The President: We don't need perpetual war in order to keep the peace

With 2 percent inflation target, Japan signals new strategy to end deflation

White House Insists Mayors' Discussion Of Climate Change Occur ‘Behind Closed Doors'

Term "Beijing Cough" Insults China, Says Local Doctor; Your Lungs Will Adapt, Eventually

Clackamas town center victims father, weighs in on gun control debate.

National public high school graduation rate at a four-decade high

The eyes have it

The only job the GOP created

Organizing for Action. OFA

I am giving Richard Blanco's magnificent poem to each of my

How DARE this president be so partisan after his reelection? How DARE He? Of COURSE there's outrage.

Let elderly people 'hurry up and die', says Japanese minister

How the Vatican built a secret property empire using Mussolini’s millions

Antiscience legislation in Colorado

Ken Cuccinelli Writes a Book

Frontline - The Untouchables

Police say violent intruder into yard fatally shot by resident (Gun Hero)

A great summation of some who heard the speech:

70% of americans do NOT want roe v. wade overturned

A Republican friend was "downsized" after over 25 years of service to the same bank.

Phil Mickelson apologizes for tax comments ('I'm retiring 'cuz taxes are too hi!")

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- 4 more years

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Republican Response

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Got more Guns

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

I think Michelle Obama is a lovely and stylish woman

Just Takes My Breath Away

The original argument for abortion rights was an argument against reproductive slavery

Point of No Return: Government Hypocrisy on Major Projects Will Lock in Climate Chaos

I saw a truly happy man today

Probe of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza focusing on murderer’s ‘psychotic break’ and unlocked guns

This pic needs a caption?

if Andrew Sullivan can raise 12 billion dollars for being wrong about basically everything...

Oxford college sued over using 'selection by wealth' for admissions

Blue Dog rejects Obama's gun reforms...blames video games instead

School’s Supposed Advice for 13-Year-Old Bully Victim: Get a Breast Reduction

Insulting Invocation

“Free-Market” Outcomes Are Not Fair—and Not Free

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media (Guardian)

Nick Anderson Toon: "Your Girlfriend is a Hoax" nails the GOP.

Army general expected to enter plea on sex charges

Research team discovers third type of volcanic eruption

Waited Many Years For This Headline

The Morning Plum: What Obama’s Inaugural tells us about the next four years

President's gun control announcement does not mention the most popular gun- handgun

A Centrist Take on Obama's Inaugural Address

Investors Most Optimistic on Stocks in 3 1/2 Years in Poll

Front pages the day after...

Powder Keg in the Pacific

which Latin American leader said: "You can't have a good government w/o an absolute free press"

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Says Syria Crisis to Escalate If No UN Action

"WAR" Never Felt So Good.

U.S. Navy fined for ‘illegal entry’ at Philippine coral reef

Glenn Beck stages ‘misfits’ inaugural ball, complete with ‘Earth Haters,’ ‘Hate Mongers’ and ‘Bible

Letter to Patrice Emery Lumumba

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 22, 1973

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 22, 1973

The National Atheist Party Announces Partnership with Black Nonbelievers, Inc.

She took their guns!

Happy HISPANIC New Year (This Should Drive The Baggers Crazy)

Pennsylvania State Legislators Trying To Assign Electoral Votes By District. This Is the Republicans

US begins transporting French troops to Mali

Family Research Council Slams Obama Speech: LGBT People Already Have Enough Rights

Steroids Don't Hit Home Runs Or Pedal Bicycles

Texas Schools Teaching Kids That Blacks, Jews Are Inferior

Hey, Peter King...Get Out Much?

As Colbert Pointed Out...

Bringing your religious beliefs to work – what are the limits?

Was there a GOP meeting last night?

Harry Reid just extended the "day" so that there will be more

Regarding our "crushing debt"

Know Your Rights.

Paul Krugman- Seneca, Selma, and Stonewall

12 Most Dangerous Words In The English Language

Sundance: 'Blackfish' asks why killer whales kill

Look, Sasha...Here Comes The Sun

Lutherans bristle at suggestion of joining Catholic Church

Howls Of Protest Greet New Zealand Environmentalist’s Proposed Cat Ban

Pic Of The Moment: The Commitments We Make To Each Other

It looks like there is no more

What I love about school delays and cancellations

Clinton Speechwriter: Obama Gave ‘One Of The Most Expansively Progressive Inaugural Addresses In Dec

Potus To VP: ‘man-that’s one of the things I like about you; you say what’s on your mind.'

The Vision and the Budget

The Lure of Office Space and Other Ways to Talk to the Taliban

Yesterday's Speech Inspires This 2008 Repeat

Beyonce really ...

Drought predicted to continue though April; record low Lake Michigan water levels

U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt, despite Morsi's harsh rhetoric

Right-wing terrorism is real - By David Sirota

Meanwhile back on Wall Street: Starvation as a business strategy.

Obama's Second Inaugural by the numbers

which inauguration was more satisfying?

My mother pass away early last night. I'm sorry for

Bethesda opens beta signups for 'Elder Scrolls' MMO+

A Public Service Announcement

Check in here if you're in subzero temps.

Finally, some good news about the world's most fabulous feline.....

How a Queens Home Became a Cradle of the Gay Rights Movement

What do the Beltway moderates actually want?

The "Nice Guys", of OK Cupid and elsewhere, who like to whine about being "friendzoned"

US Home Sales Rose To 5-Year High In 2012, Though Sales Dipped In December

The Look of Love

Inaugural prayer service live:

Basically,.....I think all people are the same,.....except those who aren't!

EXCLUSIVE: Group Finds More Fake Ingredients in Popular Foods

Mitt 'Loser' Romney says that he did not watch the inauguration

Barack Obama Winning War They Fought

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please ...

Clinton photobomb?

Religion is like circumcision

Oklahomans respond to story about swearing in on Lincoln's bible with assassination threats, hate

(PA) Local GOP official hangs American flag upside down

Boeing faces lengthy Dreamliner delay, former US transport chief warns

Posting again, because, It Is THAT Good!

Spaghetti with meatballs

Manti Te'o's girlfriend spotted at Republican Convention a few months ago.

FARC delivers death threats to Colombia trade union leaders

So Very Quaint: What wingnuts dream of.

Right On! Right On!

Someone needs to put this on pintrest for future proof.

Why the secular movement is here to stay

GOP/Conservatives Message To Seniors ---- Drop Dead Soon

Reid: Senate Will Reform Filibuster After Finishing Sandy Aid

The Truth Hurts, Bibi; Obama Is Right When He Says Netanyahu Shoots Israel in Foot

Well, we just got the Lounge progress report.

Reid- McConnell meet on Filibuster.

Dog Rescues Puppy From Coyote

Best Photos of 2012: Spaceflight

The Turtle: "Dear Patriot, You and I are literally surrounded."

Sarkozy's Plans 'To Dodge New 75% French Tax Rate By Moving To London...'

Sundance 2013: Abortion Doc 'After Tiller' Premieres to Cheers, Tight Security

Music From the Inauguration

Huntsville police: Robber demands money from Starbucks; cashier gives him a coffee instead

What should be the highest income tax rate in the US?

So now there's also a "post-inaugural prayer service at National Cathedral"...

Rising Chorus Backs Israeli Annexation of West Bank

Off-the-books gun sellers say Obama’s proposals will just boost their trade.

Media completely missed a lovely moment - we watched it live

Graph: How Coffee Drank Soda's Milkshake

Karl Lagerfeld backs French gay marriage law with two Chanel brides

This change of meds has been unpleasant.

Filibuster Reform is (Practically) Dead

Scientists Close to Testing Tracers for Drilling Fluid

National Right to Work lady just called about fillibuster reform.

Filibuster Reform

The Onion: 2012 Was Once Considered Hottest Year On Record, Man In 2024 Remembers Wistfully

Last night I attended a Business Association function, and at one point there were....

Newt Gingrich: Obama Inaugural Speech Featured 'Goofy Left-Wingism,' Like Climate Change

Johan Clarey - 100.59 mph - on skies!

The Rude Pundit - Obama to America: Now Is the Time to Stop Being Such Unapologetic Dicks

Mitch McConnell warns his base of 'gun-grabbers': 'Dear Patriot, You and I are literally surrounded'

Lance's Harsh Landing

The Amazing Grace of it All - By Eugene Robinson

Supreme Court rejects Asarco challenge to EPA rule

The Nuge makes an ass of himself, again...

Controversial Kansas abortion clinic to reopen this spring

Help, my scrolling button on my mac mouse isn't working....

Have you ever done a complete 180 in attitude about something?

Filibuster Changes Will Wait on Sandy Aid, Reid Says

If you are in or near Minneapolis 1/23 4:30-5:30 Vigil.. No US Drones in Mali (no Mail)

A Map of Human Dignity - By Frank Bruni

BOO HOO, Conservatives Did Not Like Obama's Inauguration Speech? TOO BAD!

House Republicans Plan to Keep Debt Limit but Suspend It Until May

1/23, No US Drones in Mali Vigil on Lake St/Marshal bridge 4:30-5:30

the whining here about religion being included in the inauguration

"we don't hire anybody who was in a union"

'Privacy visor blocks facial recognition software'

Nebraska Governor Approves the Keystone XL Pipeline Route

Just unfriended someone on facebook over this:

Clinton sends jailed Ukrainian ex-PM message of support

The History Of The Prepper Paradise Known As The Citadel (the final right wing insanity?)

Neo-Traditional Liberal Religion? A Sidewise Glance at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Yep...winter has arrived.

Neb. governor OKs Keystone XL route through state

Carl Woese dies at 84; evolutionary biologist

speaking of Dear Abbey...

Obama Inaugural Address Challenges Tea Party History

Rmoney's World

March For Change-Great video made by kids for safe gun laws

Alien Auroras May Light Up Exoplanet Night Skies

NY Orthodox Counselor Gets 103 Years for Sex Abuse

Sadly Reminiscent of an Anecdote: "Again, this is the USS Montana requesting that you...divert...

Please sign up for Organizing For Action...

Obama, Biden attend inaugural prayer service at Washington National Cathedral

Republican Official Hangs Upside Down American Flag In Protest Of Obama’s Inauguration

Beyoncé did not sing the national anthem live at President Obama’s inauguration

With our attention focused on the NSA, what if non-government groups begin using new eavesdropping?

Newt Gingrich flipflops on inaugural speech...

Texans on NPR complaining about "socialist" speech. blasts Faux "news" out of the water.

Vicious Anti-Zionist Children’s Book Distributed By Satmar In Hopes Of Convincing Haredi Not To Vote

Sick People Out There

New venture 'to mine asteroids'

20 of your tales of vegetarian woe

Why it pays to always have access to your camera

Be afraid! Be very afraid!


Downton Abbey, Episode 3 -- Chime In!

Thom Hartmann: Did the Flipping of the Reagan Revolution Begin Today?

Job Corp cuts: $600 mil shortfall, cutting openings, jobs and student pay. The kids are worried.

Opinions on abortion vary by religion

Let elderly people 'hurry up and die', says Japanese minister

I think Dubya's inaugural no-show made him & GOP look really bad

National Cathedral Which Took Stand For Human Rights Hosts Inaugural Prayers

My in-depth body language analysis of "the Eye-Roll" vid:

Am I free to go?

Local Republican Party Head Hangs Upside Down American Flag In Protest Of Obama’s Inauguration

Scott Lively: Gays and liberals shredded the Magna Carta and now they're after the 1st Amendment

(Awesome!) The Inauguration: The International Front Pages the day after...

COLLECTIVE GASP Beyoncé Lip-Syncs Anthem

5 Reasons The Republican Party Is Bound To Self Destruct

Heard on NPR this morning

Obama’s green team: He really meant it

So stating that one finds particular religious references in the Presidential

French Lubrizol factory struggles to stop foul gas leak

Some remarks from DU-past about our fake president, lest we forget...

I participated in a lock down drill today

Alabama's two-year college chancellor wants to make college courses free for high school students

Republicans: Why Won't They Admit That George W. Bush Was A Horrible President?

Residents of CA, MI, MT VT,HI,ND,RI Please Call Your Senators About the Filibuster.

Raise the cap

Poll finds lack of knowledge about Roe v. Wade decision

7 Valuable Lessons from my 67 years of life

Obama's Political Legacy: Returning Community as an American Value

Dallas DA Craig Watkins to push for law allowing appeals based on racial factors

South Carolina Bill Creates A High School Gun Class

Uninsured in pain

Brazil's Lula may be investigated in corruption case

Preppers or Preppies? How can you tell?

Beet Burgers

Inaugural Prayer Service First

Pharmacy owners received $16 million while meningitis killed 44 people and sickened 678

Colombia's biggest union a military target: Drug gang .

Nepal introduces gender neutral citizenship documents

Teach For America

Phil Mickelson regrets airing opinion on taxes

My Mother is Very Religious, and I Am Not

Criminal gangs dismantling displaced peoples’ homes .

What was the piece of music played immediately after Biden's swearing-in?

WH: ‘We Are Going To Achieve The President’s Goal Of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 17%'

NOTICE: I do not pray!

To catch a human smuggler

clutching pearls much?

Fox's Shep Smith On Guns: 'If We Stuck With The Polls, We'd Have Had Slavery A Lot Longer'

Highly visible Progress

McDonnell(VA) Doesn’t Rule Out Signing GOP’s Secret Redistricting Plan

A New Obama - by Paul Begala

now that's more like it...

How many "new" people to DU are happy they found this place

Our President built a very nice form in the Inaugural speech.

The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

SWAT team storms Colorado City building, captures three I-20 shooting suspects

TYT: Touching moments with the President

Ohio State Implants First Brain Pacemaker To Treat Alzheimer's

So quite predictably, it is open season on atheists in GD right now.

I just tried to buy stuff

We had an "Inaugural" grandbaby yesterday evening!

‘Population Bomb’ scientist: ‘Nobody’ has the right to ‘as many children as they want’

Beau Biden: ‘New to the job’ Sen. Cruz gets gun loophole facts wrong

Immune cells engineered in lab to resist HIV infection

REVOLUTIONARY NEW DEVICE? Insulated Cross Arms could speed up connection of new electricity supplies

How Obama Can Become Our Era’s Reagan

EXCLUSIVE: Group Finds More Fake Food Ingredients

The Framing of Chavelo Morales: A Nightmare Ride in the Honduran Justice System

California's top-selling vehicle: Prius. America's: Ford F-series truck.

Reports of shooting at Lone Star College in North Harris County (Houston)

Did jury selection go back to the old way

Painfully spot on!

Ecuador requires a letter of invitation to Cuban entry into its territory

South Americans want policy makers to put ethics above price

POS Ted Nugent claims his ‘buddies’ are willing to start an armed revolt

Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston

27 pythons killed so far in Florida's python hunt

Thom Hartmann: A Second Inaugural - A Second Conspiracy...

In case y'all are wondering why Dubya wasn't at the inauguration

We just put a Kenyan athiest Muslim communist in office for 4 more years

Horrendous crime in Philly...

Chavez undergoing physical therapy – Bolivian President

From the

FLOTUS: Shhhh! Barack, Bo & I are about to surprise folks on White House tours!

ANOTHER school shooting just reported; Lone Star College, TX

Your best one liner...

White House 'Welcomes' House Vote On Extending Debt Limit

From NASA: Watch 128 Years of Global Warming in 52 Seconds

Melamine from Soup Bowls Found in Urine

Trinidad and Tobago security guard accidentally shoots off his penis

U.K.: Laws Introduced to Accommodate a Gay King or Queen

U.S. drone kills four al Qaeda members in Yemen: sources

Yo, darkangel218...

Today's mass shooting: At a college in texas:

2013 Pro Bowl rosters: AFC, NFC

Boeing Takes Flight Toward Equality

Snow In Paris

On #KUboobs and choice feminism

US drone strikes publicly criticised by Yemeni cabinet minister

Obama On Roe Anniversary: We ‘Stand By Its Guiding Principle’

Application fees for Idaho Citadel being sent to group linked to extortionist

Biden in '16. The Hints are Heavy

Gov. McDonnell Condemns Virginia Senate GOP Move As Bad Way To Do Business

Move to Amend: Citizens United is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

USDA Studies Confirm Plant Water Demands Shift with Water Availability

2014 senators with "left-wing environmental agenda" in GOP's sights

Multiple shots reportedly fired at Lone Star College in Houston (2 gunmen)

PPP: Maine Gov. LePage Extremely Unpopular

Authorities: NM teen planned shootings at store

Pollution in Beijing closes Hyundai plant

Lautenberg Introduces Bill To Ban High-Capacity Magazines

Another day, another mass shooting

Out of Africa

Former Stanford exec gets 5 years in fraud

Kerry Council Slammed For Drink-Driving Vote (Ireland)

Teenager who shot and killed his entire family says he wanted to shoot even more people at random

40 years ago today... was just the first step.

SEE THIS LIVE NOW! - B.O & M.O. & Bo visiting white house toure

Public Acceptance of Climate Change Affected by Word Usage, Says MU Anthropologist

Billionaire Horse Breeder’s Polio Shot to Undercut Glaxo

Close all community colleges and public schools

House Cat Protects Baby from Babysitter

Obama Begins Inauguration Festivities With Ceremonial Drone Flyover

Vermont's a pretty sane and progressive place- except when it comes to guns

The fiber optic cable will not change Cuba's Internet overnight

Washington BOWS before only ONE God,

Ralph Nader Compares Video Games To Pedophilia

Does anyone

Stephen Colbert is hilarious, as always.

It's nothing but terrorism.

Travellers in Devon not out of woods yet despite plan for £1m site

It's time for one more big "PHEW!"

A shooting in TEXAS you say?

I have over 2' of snow in my yard right now.

Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem

Who here needs a good laugh?

Time to start going after the gun manufacturers

Bill Moyers Essay: The 'Crony Capitalist Blowout'

President Obama's 2nd Inaugural Speech

Lip-synching - who really gives a shit?


Biden meets with Democrats, stoking 2016 chatter

Hey, Lounge ... I had my best run yet this morning ... Ask me anything!

Gun violence=Perverse jobs-creation program...

Press Release: Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change

Washington Woman, Accused Of Using Her Breasts To Smother And Kill Boyfriend

Separation of Church and State

Can the US Surgeon General call for a moratorium on gun sales until

Supreme Court Won’t Take Case On Authority Of EPA

Israeli Election Update

New laws...

4-year-old KC girl dies after being shot by 6-year-old boy

Report: Boehner's inauguration smoke joke had first lady's eyes rolling

Sen. Ted Cruz...What Say YOu About Today's Shooting?

When British people sing, why can't I hear their British accents?

The NRA won’t support Arizona’s new gun bill

Will The Elf Save The Humans?

What is the real reason that rethugs are anti-abortion? I don't accept that they care about the

‘The Dream is Now’—Steve Jobs’ widow launches new Dream Act push

The President and First Lady set an awesome example as a loving couple and loving parents

Concussion-related brain disease found in living athletes, study finds

Nader calls violent game devs "electronic child molesters"

Poet Richard Blanco Reads the Inaugural Poem

13 Must-see stargazing events in 2013

Lake Effect snow? are y'all holding up under it?

What do we want? Time Travel!

Please! Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights.

Capitalism applied

As losses mount, Sun turns to CRTC

Another reason why allowing guns in schools, parks, bars is insane

Obama’s Address Was a Rejection of Every Aspect of Conservative Ideology

Was McConnell at any of the festivities yesterday?

Rhode Island House Committee To Vote On Marriage Equality Today

Party All Night At White House -- 2:30, 'It's a celebration!'

Do You Support Legalization of Marijuana?

Democrats Re-Elect Wasserman Schultz As Party Chair

In the Land of the Free, Interdependence Undermines Americans’ Motivation to Act

Oh Sweet Lard!

Question About Son's W-2 and Social Security Tax

Interesting...not one mention of today's school shooting on Drudge's site

House committee sends same-sex marriage bill to House floor [RI]

Can Eye Movements Treat Trauma?

Why Obama’s Second Inaugural Was Not A ‘Far Left’ Speech, In One Graphic

Rick Scott to seek pay raise for Florida teachers

PPP: Al Franken In Comfortable Position For Re-Election

Exit polls: Netanyahu, hard-line allies win narrow majority in Israeli election

video: Roger Hedgecock blames shark attacks on liberals

CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT OBAMA from a dissedgruntle supporter

Whoever you are that put me on "Ignore" this morning can,.......

Required reading - find out what your State Senate did on Martin Luther King Day

Open call for activists to hold right wing talk show hosts accountable

Is LynnSin OK - she hasn't posted for a while?

We got Joe!

Wolf Blitzer Show: It's not the crime; it's the cover up (lip synching)

My idol is being interviewed on BBC Radio 4!

Has it reached the point where this news is hardly noticed?

Rubio: Roe v. Wade One Of The ‘Most Blatant Instances Of Judicial Activism’

Lyan Ryan, the King of Malarkey, strikes again

Hydraulic Fracturing Produces Less Wastewater Per Unit of Gas, but More Overall

I need some suggestions for a retirement gift.....

I'm not surprised that Blockbuster is in free fall

Why was it OK for ReTHUG Reagan to promote his ideology at his inauguration

What The Constitution Explicitly Says About Militias

I heard that Atari just went bust

Ok, this is really cool.

Sorry if this is a dup'e, but you need to see this picture of Scalia from yesterday:

What do you think about the impact of the eyeroll from Michelle Obama

Archbishop Mahoney and L.A. Church Leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

23 Reasons Sasha and Malia Stole the Inaguration

What's for dinner - Tuesday, Jan. 22

Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceilin

Netanyahu emerges weakened from Israeli elections

This might leave a mark.

A hypothetical question for someone that packs a gun (concealed carry)

Pastor Griego, allegedly murdered by son, may have had criminal record prohibiting

For Will Pitt:

We're in contact with uncontrolled chemicals

If You Thought Barack Obama As President Made The Far-Right Go Crazy...

3 Fort Wayne charter schools not renewed

Reid Outlines Filibuster Changes

What cats think

Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes

What I'm NOT saying about what I don't like about all of the religion in the inauguration

An unserious gun thread in lounge

Labor Campaign Pushes Healthcare as a Human Right, Not a Business

"Good Scratching Places: Dogs" vs "Good Scratching Places: Cats":

Stop it!!! Stop it!!! Stop it!!! JUST FUCKING STOP IT!!! Stop it!!! Stop it!!! Stop it!!!

The true meaning of coffee:

Tell me, Grasshopper... what is the sound of one hand whopping?

MiddleFingerMom & Hobbes:

MiddleFingerMom has written a children's book to help parents give "The Talk".

If only if every student was armed. If only the teachers were armed. If only it was a gun free zone!

I love stickin it to the man

Obamas Surprise Tourists vid

I haven't heard of a post office shooting in a long while.

Love me some Jay-Z...

Victims of Revenge Porn Mount Class Action Suit Against GoDaddy and

"Frontline" Alert

Harmful effects of bisphenol A (on the human testicle) proved experimentally

Just got back in from shoveling ...

Teen Planned to Attack Walmart After Killing Family

App for iPad?

Supreme Court won't hear challenge to EPA rulemaking


X-Post: Harmful effects of bisphenol A (on the human testicle) proved experimentally

I get to pick up my newly adopted dog Friday!

Yair Lapid, surprise of the Israeli election

New research shows violence decreases under Nordic model: Why the radio silence?

"We've got to get rid of too-big-to-fail," Dimon said

Big News Out of Israel-Today's Election does not seem to have gone as most anticipated (TPM)

Did the Pro-Life Movement Lead to More Single Moms?

Reid gives GOP 36 hours to negotiate filibuster reform-OR-he will move forward with nuclear option

Latest news on multiple shooting in Texas ..

Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill & Rick Rowley's New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare

What happened with the filibuster?

Libertarians Would End Federal Drug Laws and US Interventionism Abroad, Suck

Armed School Guard Forgets Gun in Bathroom

Obama stockpiling ammo!

Email from Dana Siegelman. You can email the president.

BPA substitute could spell trouble Experiments show bisphenol S also disrupts hormone activity

X-Post: BPA substitute could spell trouble Experiments show bisphenol S also disrupts hormone activ…

How easy is it for an armed person to take out a shooter?

23 women file class-action lawsuit against revenge porn site

Tim Geithner, the King of Cloud Cuckoo Land

I just realized that this sort of sums up the President's inaugural speech philosophy:

Local radio wingnuts spinning themselves NUT(tier) spinning the Texas shootings

If you want a *talking filibuster*, make the phone call tomorrow (Wednesday 1/23/13).

Statement by President Obama on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

UPDATE: The Marine Corps Band has released a new statement

luv those new kids

Boxer Introduces Bill on Day One of the 113th Congress to Fight Long Election Lines

Which Liberal Activist Judge Kept Republicans From Banning Violent Video Games?

Brian Schweitzer(D-MT) for Interior Secretary.

Hey El! When is Governor LambChop (err, Hickenlooper) going to send our governor

eBay question

N Korea 'to boost nuclear programme' after UN sanctions

By the way that Obama speech yesterday really rocked

Yeah, real funny assholes!!

Good news for the lurking freepers!

The Media Myth Of The Assault Weapons Ban And The 1994 Elections Returns

11 Preposterously Manly Fantasy Series

In-out EU referendum by end of 2017, David Cameron promises

Woman arrested after cruise for 1991 theft

Coakley(D-MA) is seeking re-election as Attorney General instead of running for GOV.

Nebraska governor signs off on new Keystone XL pipeline route; TransCanada laughs maniacally

Sometimes, you're just tired and any pillow will do!

Looking forward to April

Violence Against Women Act re-introduced to Senate

Jury selection starts in Zumba prostitution case

Medical marijuana legalization likely headed to Supreme Court

"I am not going to see this again"

Two Democrats Try for Long-Shot Financial Transaction Tax.

GOP Rep. blames gun violence on "Welfare moms" and them "frauding" disability for their kids.

GOP And It Allies On The Religious Right Still Intent On Policing Women Over Pregnancy

Sonia Sotomayor Gives Wide-Ranging Interview To Stewart, Defends SC From Accusations of Partisanship

Why Netanyahu failed and Lapid surprised

White House: Obama won't veto GOP short-term debt limit plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water (Nice Reaction)

Tim Brown Says Callahan Sabotaged Raiders in Super Bowl

There are two state capitals,

The Best Way to Stop a Bad Gun Lobbyist Is With a Good Gun Lobbyist By Abby Levine

I like Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Lautenberg: Booker may need 'spanking'

Aaaaaand aNOTHER shooting. This time at a school north of Houston.

Pro-Choice President Obama Stands with Roe v. Wade

Is Atheism a Religion?

Rortybomb: The Most Important Graph on the Deficit (Mike Konczal)

Hardy har har!

The Kind Of Insecure Job Market We Have Today Is The Sign Of Success Of Reagan Revolution.

Cameron to Promise Referendum by 2017 on U.K. Leaving EU

Sierra Club making exception to ban on civil disobedience for XL pipeline

Did judge insert his religious views into case? Supreme Court refuses appeal.

Geithner To Leave US Treasury On Friday: Source

Inauguration 2013 Awesome! FORWARD . . . On to planned/working for the 2014 mid-term elections