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Archives: January 24, 2013

If you could only have one of the following....

Do the righties want to talk about deaths in foreign embassies or consulates? Proceed Goppers....

Biden to stump for gun control in Virginia?!

ORNL research paves way for larger, safer lithium ion batteries

Senator explains how Clinton handed him his ass through emotions and stuff

8 INSANELY CUTE Child Soldiers

Budget Deficit

NFL draft bust JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback

Chris Matthews: I have this picture in my head of these men going home to caves

There is a video game just waiting to be created - ANGRY REPUBLICANS

LTTE, submitted today

Senator Sanders: Jobs for Veterans

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Catholic Church's moral authority...

Judge tears up as Oakland mother is sent to prison for killing 2-year-old daughter

Why do so many RW types seem to be saying "Obama's evil...but Biden's ok"?

George Soros backs Guatemalan president's call to end war on drugs

In hindsight, today's hearings were a major campaign event for Clinton if she decides to run.

Perhaps the best birthday card I've ever enjoyed and a note

Super Bowl-Bound Ravens Linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo Wants to Raise LGBT Visibility

UN to examine UK's Afghanistan drone strikes

Remember when I called for congressional hearings on Bengazi, remember what names many of you called

Abe Vigoda's third best role?

Oregon First to Cover Trans Youth Under Medicaid

WaPo: These 14 fossil-fuel projects could make our climate goals impossible

Fracking's Real-Life Victims

Hey Rand Paul, who should have resigned over 9/11?

"With all due respect" can be a real put down when delivered

A Squandered Opportunity: Germany's Energy Transition (Mark Lynas)

Michelle Obama Not So Keen On President's New Bangs...

MiddleFingerMom's prowess at doing lines was the stuff of legend...

The Real Reason for the Decline of American Unions

Huffington Post... wow.

"We will not be trivalized." LaPierre

Colorado bill would allow some felons the right to possess guns.

Prison Prep School

Serena Williams put a good hating on her racket...

Whic is the best line (sorry, I can't poll)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Does anyone here have any experience with fracking?

Ed Schultz "political hackery". He is chewing the idiots up and spitting them out.

Oh yeah . . . . .

Supreme Court rejects atheist's appeal over cross

DURBIN! Re-Truth+Benghazi: I’d like to refer to 5 words for them…"IRAQI WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION"

New Evidence Suggests Dinosaurs Died In Cretaceous Period Hospice

Hell must have frozen over

With all due respect

You know who deserves a lot of credit for the return of the progressive agenda

Was this not a most rare level of profundity?

Former Staffer Says Michele Bachmann Violated Federal Election Laws, Is Totally Wily

Chicago's largest fire in years destroys Bridgeport warehouse

Movie trivia question:

Japanese scientists launch face recognition-blocking glasses

A fetus is not a person if it costs us money, says Catholic Church

Incredible! Lanny Breuer Identifies Real Clients on Frontline Then Quits!

Israeli settlements' legal basis: Opposing view

Looks like Harry Reid just dumped the filibuster

Thousands of Venezuelans march in support of Chavez

Thousands of Venezuelans march in support of Chavez

7,000th post: Evolutionary Niches (Lemurs the size of gorillas with eyes like dinner plates!)

Do you know why T-Rexes can't masterbate?

Just who stole whose sense of style??? (From George Takei's Facebook page)

Republicans are Seriously Considering a Plan to Rig the Electoral System

Colombia happiest country on earth: Survey

House Democrats propose opening gun makers to civil liability

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night.Can I Get an Amen?

"Learning to love grains, potatoes was key to the evolution of dogs"

But tomorrow may rain, I'll Follow the Sun....

Durbin: "Democrats lack votes to pass talking filibuster reform"

Catholic Church - If you are Pro-Life, then you should be FOR Gun Control.

Fox News Can't Decide If It's OK To Call Someone Hitler

News Sources - Right-Wing or Left-Wing?

Inside Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic

Historian Mary Beard suffers 'truly vile' online abuse after Question Time

J Street: Israeli election = a glass half full

Women in combat: Will they have to register for the draft?

Zetas cartel finally has a Colombia connection

Was an assault weapon used in the shootings in Sandy Hook?

Walker could accept 12 billion in fed. aid to fix holes in badgercare, or he can give it away.

Study: 90% of Criminal Corporations Are Republican

Scientists Help 53-Year-Old Cancer Victim To Grow New Nose

Georgia authorities investigating KKK fliers.

Boeing's outsourcing strategy in the spotlight as FAA grounds the Dreamliner

Tony Sparano Hired As Offensive Line Coach By The Raiders

At the end of the day. At long last. Can finally be underpants. A wardrobe topic. waRdrobe waRdrobe

When You Throw a Rock into a Pigpen……the one that squeals is the one you hit.

Giant Victory in Europe on Taxing Financial Speculation

Roger Hedgecock: "Obama has switched sides in the war on terror... Maybe...he was never on our side"

Union membership falls to lowest percentage in 76 years

Reid, McConnell Close To Filibuster Reform Deal - TPM

Maduro blames movies and imperialist series for violence (comments on drugs too) Spanish

Doctors are *not* happy, are rebelling on MediCARE changes?!1 (If it's GD, I'll be told)

Former Brown President Donald Hornig dies at 92

Is it time, considering todays announcement on women in combat, that all women at the age of 18

Hillary texts about todays interrogations...

U.S. requests more and more Google user data

The people at Foxnews have an unhealthy Reagan fetish.

Parole revoked for ex-Penn professor in wife’s murder

Parole revoked for ex-Penn professor in wife’s murder

Pics from a hike I did in Utah several years ago

Paul Ryan's Challenge

8 Ways

Paul Ryan, Pathological Liar

Retronaut - fun stuff

Russia: Syria rebels obsession with Assad blocks peace

Firms Keep Stockpiles of 'Foreign' Cash in U.S.

#IdleNoMore Scuffle at the MN Capitol (it affects Native lands in Canada & reservation land in MN)

Who the FUCK is Eckhart Tolle?

"Canada's Conservative TV News Network Seeks Government Help for Survival"

Help! The new deal with women in combat...

"Modest" filibuster reforms?

North Korea Plans Nuclear Test, More Rockets: Defense Commission


Biden/Clinton, please.

I read that Reid has 51 votes for filibuster reform, but not for a full talking filibuster.

"The Only Constitution That Barack Obama Upholds Is The Soviet Constitution"

Our new battle cry "ANNIHILATE"

John McCain, when are you going to resign over Benghazi?

False report of campus gunman brings lockdown at U-Va.’s College at Wise

Want to end religion?

John Kerry’s committee announces hearing on John Kerry’s nomination as secretary of state

Canadian Aboriginal Chief to End Hunger Strike

When I was in my first band in 1966 in Savannah, Georgia

No. 1 Duke routed by No. 25 Miami 90-63

Buck McKeon whines that it's "uncomfortable" to talk about rape in the military.

AOpen DVD drives....

note to rand. Don.t worry about it. you'll never be Prez. nt

America is such a great country where anyone can grow up to be president...

We Ladies are now in the FIGHT!!!!!

Jim Crow 2.0 - The Electoral College

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 24, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Jimmy Van Heusen

When National Security Advisor Condi Rice's Flub Caused The Death...

Getting harder for me to imagine supporting someone other than Hillary in 2016.

I laughed at today's xkcd, laughed harder at the hover text, then felt twisted for it

From Colorado! Civil Union bill is moving forward!

Bachmann Campaign Cash Scandal Grows: Alleged Secret Payoff

Arizona Bills Push Patriotic Oaths In Schools

Explosive Charge: Morgan Stanley Peddled Security Its Own Employee Called ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

When American people sing, do British people wonder why they can't hear the Americans' accents?

nice tweet

Sec Panetta watches Sec Clinton kick their asses in Benghazi hearing, removes ban on women in combat

Sneezing kitty? Do cats get colds?

What democrats are voting against the talking filibuster? I need names. What is their reason

Dr Martin Luther King at the White House

Virginia Lt. Gov. Told State Senate GOP They Were On Their Own With Redistricting ‘Dirty Trick’

Beyonce' Not Lip Synching? A professional musician goes deep on the inaugural non-scandal.

GOP Senator: Hillary Clinton Faked Emotional Outburst At Benghazi Hearing

The sheriff of the largest Sheriff's Department in Utah has weighed in on Obama's gun plan.

Aww, geezuz fucking chirst, Kim....

If you lived in DC in the 80s, and you didn't know about COOL "DISCO" DAN,

BREAKING: Colorado Civil Unions Pass First Legislative Hurdle

House GOP To Supreme Court: Gay People Are Too Powerful To Get Equal Rights

Ross Rebagliati to open medical-marijuana franchise

Maybe in the next hearing they can ask Rand Paul how Aqua Buddha is doing?

Have you ever searched Google images for photobomb?

Roe v. Wade: how did this decision influence you personally?

a film showing of "CITIZEN CHANGE"

Did Democrats hold hearings for Lebanon Bombings ?

Tomorrow, POTUS should award Pres. Medal of Freedom to Sec. Clinton

North Korea plans high-level nuclear test ‘aimed at the U.S.’

Lincoln museum to display iconic stovepipe hat

I WANT this... or I need to date guy who can build stuff...

I'm going to be a host of LGBT Group for a second

Virginia Republicans move forward with mass disenfranchisement

If Rand Paul were President, ALL he could think of to do would be to fire Hillary?

Times Square: greatest card trick ever

OK, about the idea of Hillary 2016

Jesus Christ! I just watched Rachel.........Can anyone out there please tell if there is a way

Tricky situation: Doorbell, open, burglars, elderly residents, solution to GET A GUN?

Maybe the Senate should call Hillary back for another hearing on Whitewater

I've followed Hillary Clinton for over 20 years, and I never saw her like I did today.

North Korean soldiers are frail and very weak

Weekly Standard compares women who volunteer fo combat duty to rape and domestic abuse victims

Romney Would Have Won Virginia Under The New Electoral College Plan The GOP Is Trying To Implement

Minneapolis men face deportation to Somalia they had escaped as children

The 10 Best Interview Questions to Ask

Jennifer Lawrence's performance in Silver Linings Playbook

Fw: 4th CD/Saint Paul Green Party Speaker Series Presents:

Priest: Vatican threatened excommunication for advocating discussion

9 Democrats signed letter urging quick approval of Keystone XL pipeline

Chelsea player Eden Hazard kicks teenage ballboy and gets red carded

Misconceptions by Linda Greenhouse

Shannyn Moore nails Sen. Ron Johnson. (Ahahahaha!)

Cartoonist captures lil Ricky Scott's raise offer for teachers brilliantly.

New stunt some networks are pulling that bugs me...

Derp ... get the fuck out.

Schmucker Carlson nailed about his drivel on women in combat:

On Filibuster Reform, Advocates Claim Momentum Need only two more Senators

More Insane Gun Talk... School: Frustrated parent posts alarming Facebook message

DUzy thread

Ken Werther's Photo: Hillary 2016

Coffee Strong/GI Voice to reopen 2/2

12 lawyers on the jury

What do the 'pugs think SHOULD have been done after Bengazi? Did they have ANY ideas?

Church squirrels

When did Mystery Date get a cell phone?

Is everyone forgetting that Hillary said she isn't running?

12 years here at DU and I just hit 12,000 posts.

Rand Paul: If I were President

Winter Fun in Iowa

[New York] NYPD will begin testing a new high-tech device that scans for concealed weapons

Do average Americans get suckered into the anti tax mentality of Norquist and Mickelson?

Oh Google News, why are you so mean?

Juan Cole: Top Ten Republican Myths on Benghazi that Justify Hillary Clinton’s Anger

Readers sue Lance Armstrong for book refund after doping admission

Bush, more spending. Obama, less spending. Remember the truth!

New Mexico teen accused of gunning down family 'lost sense of conscience'

NRA Warns San Jose Against Stricter Gun Laws

Excerpts from Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive Party Platform (1912)

Fontana, Calif., schools get high-powered rifles

Honduras once again passes 'model cities' law

Damn! It's cold.

Thirty Berlusconis – South American giant’s flawed media landscape

Spain's unemployment jumps to 26.02 pct

You know one thing I don't think I heard people bring up: Republicans should be held to blame in the

High school senior comes out as LGBT while accepting award

It's National Peanut Butter Day

Freepwads laud Russia's proposed anti-gay measures: Talk of moving there

Campbell Among 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

Fresh & Easy Fined over $800K for overcharging customers

An Obama Doctrine on New Rules of War

The frog in a pot of water metaphor in video form: Can you spot the gradual change?

With $69 a month lease, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV becomes America’s cheapest electric car

The person who tweeted one of my posts in GD is....... interesting

Sprouts to Enter Houston Market

ABC's Terry Moran goes after Rand Paul on Twitter: Wingnuts outraged.

Customer Frugality Shows in Latest Study

The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism

Ted Nugent Says His 'Buddies' Ready to Start Armed Revolt

I wonder if he could pass

Support single payer in Olympia Friday Feb 1st!

Victoria’s Secret will soon offer nontoxic bras

More to the Manti Te'o Story

Donald Trump wants (to buy) The New York Times

How are charter schools buying TV and mailer ads?

State Senator invokes 'Buffett rule,' asks state to raise income taxes on wealthy

Nixon sets June 4 to fill vacant 8th District seat, much later than Republicans wanted

MP3 files written as DNA with storage density of 2.2 petabytes per gram

'Arch tax' faces smooth sailing, rough waters in various jurisdiction

Krugman: Brave, Honest Paul Ryan - Isn't.

Concerns Raised Over Mo. Highway Patrol Purchase Of New $5.6M Plane

W.U. grad talks about getting doctors to listen

Question: How long is your footlong?

Feinstein revives assault-weapons ban

THQ dissolves, auctions off franchises and studios – here’s who bought what

This Pic (Sec. Clinton)

WHy Teacher Evaluations Can't Be Done Properly Without Factoring in Huge Wealth Disparities

AP: Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs

Rohrabacher and the Taliban

Astounding Reason North Dakota Is Lit Up So Brightly You Can See it From Space

The 8 Most Extreme Moments of the New Congress

UN launches inquiry into drone killings

Kiriakou Defenders Hope to Get Whistle-Blower’s Prison Sentence Commuted

Catholic Hospital Argues Fetuses Are Not People In Malpractice Suit

Another Beijing Pollution Spike; Readings Hit As High As 434 In Capital, Break 500 In Hebei

Boeing 787 to Stay Grounded as U.S. Can’t Explain Fires

Mali's Ansar Dine Islamists 'split and want talks'

Apple Sales Gain Slowest Since ’09 as Competition Climbs

North Dakota Bakken Gas Flaring Visible From Space;1/3 Of All Gas Extracted Flared

Ireland to build 'giant' wind turbines to power UK homes

Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warning

KS Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist: Bill is Needed to End Public Sector Unions

Breaking: Britain Urges Nationals to Leave Libya's Benghazi Citing Threat

Facebook Friends Fronting Debt Collectors Draw U.S. Regulation

Wyoming Core Study Part Of Detailed Study Of PETM (Last Major Carbon Release Before Holocene)

NRA lobbyist, firearms group criticize gun-storage idea (NE lawsuits against gun owners )

Dana Rohrabacher Loses Battle With Hillary Clinton During Benghazi Hearing

East Ridge (Tn) home intruder stopped by armed residents

Dave Hyde: Can NCAA give itself a death penalty?

Funny? I thought so.

Ben Nelson (D-NE) defends 'cooling-off' law for ex-lawmakers-turned-lobbyists

20 below zero -- with FLOOD warnings.

the catholic church argues fetuses arent children

Military Contracting: Our New Era of Corporate Mercenaries

Drone Attack on Inauguration Day 2013, Washington DC

Bindi Irwin 'frustrated' over Hillary Clinton office article revision

PA. Charter Schools Do Much Worse Than Public Schools, Once the Feds Ordered a Fair Comparison

Creationist Senator wants to know how to turn E. Coli into Humans

Hillary Faces Down The Angry Men

Burger King Dumps Products Over Horsemeat Row

Gaza's Hamas Rulers Arrest 6 Local Reporters

In case you missed it, my Sunday night show on Pennsylvania electoral college theft, POTUS on Guns..

Kansas Chamber Of Commerce Lobbyist: Bill Is Needed To End Public Sector Unions

AP interview: UN wants better family planning

Ireland to build 'giant' wind turbines to power UK homes

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 330,000 in Latest Week from 335,000; Lowest in 5 Years

imagining a future where machines have all the jobs

Israel: the new normal

Cowardly Wingnuts Want Someone to Off the President

Pakistan admits to holding 700 militants without charge

Boehner: Obama administration wants to 'annihilate' GOP

What can Londoners expect from new Thames tunnel? Lethal pollution

U.K. Prime Minister Defends Decision to Seek E.U. Vote - "reform EU, not to retreat into isolation".

Very Urgent: Fucking Critical that every day from now on we start a thread in order to explore

Toon- Hillary mocks the Repubs

NFL fines Tom Brady $10K for slide

Ex-U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White Eyed For Top SEC Post - Source

US Navy ship aground on Philippine reef 'taking in water'

Guns, Democracy and the Supreme Court

Racist Views of Blacks and Jews Taught in Texas Public School Bible Classes

Spain's El Pais apologises for false Hugo Chavez photo

Weekly US unemployment applications fall to 5-year low of 330,000

It is a shame that history will remember John McCain as a bitter, old, vindictive man who

Don’t believe medicine’s wizards of Oz ( Dr. Oz )

Jobless claims keep improving, reach five-year low

Hope For the Future

When Secretary Clinton was done anwering my questions about Benghazi yesterday,

The 26th person to ignore me is on! It's PARTY TIME!

Report: Gov't Is Watching You More Than Ever, Often Without A Warrant

VA State Senator Henry Marsh was just on Joe Madison's show this VA shit is UNAUTHORIZED

Speed Sisters - three young women in Palestine

Lego accused of racism with Star Wars set

Steve Stockman Is the Nuttiest Freshman in Congress—Again

Report: New vets show signs of Gulf War illness

ohio lawmakers banned fracking after confirming link to earthquakes

sierra club to engage in civil disobedience for first time to stop tar sands

Democrats Launch Plan to Make Texas a Swing State

#ChristianMingleUserNames on Twitter

UN launches inquiry into drone killings

Nuclear winter: Shippingport's plants send snow downwind

Military Contracting: Our New Era of Corporate Mercenaries

Kentucky Democrats not sold on possible Ashley Judd Senate campaign

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Guns across America

Air Force general calls sex assaults a 'cancer'

Can't talk now, ICE CREAM!!!

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- To the Left!

Maddow warns GOP’s presidential vote rigging plan ‘is gathering steam’

Sen. Chris Murphy Smackdown...

January Factory Activity Nears Two-Year High - Markit

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Lady vs. the Grumpy Old Men

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Congress and repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Joe Arpaio's latest chart-topper

No one needs to pretend that the GOP has America's best interests at heart these days

lake effect snow, from space

Hagan backs Keystone Pipeline

Nat Geo: Pictures: Centralia Mine Fire, at 50, Still Burns With Meaning

How Republicans Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election, In Six Pictures

Offer Your Suggestions on How to Grow DU's Marketplace

LMAO... you know what i am having a problem with?

Obama Reboot

Lolcat art: Gallery hosts exhibition of cat phenomenon

The Only Way To Stop A Bad Guy With A Frozen Loaf Of Zucchini Bread

This is huge and we have got to smash mouth it....

Obama as the anti-Reagan

We’re throwing away approximately 50 percent more food per person today than we did in the mid ’70s.

Navy can't scrap ships, but can't fix them either

BREMMER: The Japan-China Crisis Is The Most Significant Geopolitical Tension In The World

Religious right leader: Not wanting to have children is an 'anti-social behavior'

If you can't win elections, rig them (Republican assault on democracy)

Legislature confirms first openly gay justice for Supreme Court

19-Year-Old Zack Kopplin on Creationist School Vouchers

Facebook Screws Up Yet Again, Censors Gay Marriage Photo.

Reading Hillary Clinton in 13 Frames From Benghazi Hearing

Democrat Feinstein to introduce ban on assault weapons

Reef Tank owners?

The Last Holdout in New England, Rhode Island Weighs Gay Marriage

The More Republicans Know About Politics, The More They Believe Conspiracy Theories

On the Reality of Combat

What's the best source to debunk the crazy rumors that no semi-auto rifle was used at Sandy Hook?

LGBT Student Group Vandalized on MLK Day

How Some Men Harass Women Online and What Other Men Can Do to Stop It

4 Key Things To Know As Republicans Prepare To Unveil Their Corporate Tax Reform Plan

Dems in purple states with red state governments could force recall elections

Does anyone take a tape recorder to the doctor

Amtrak has record 2012 ridership in Michigan

Chris Christie rips President Obama's inaugural speech as 'a manifesto'

USS Guardian: Minesweeper to stay on reef two more weeks

REPUBLICANS: The Political Party That 'No's' Best

Democrats in Senate are the real obstacle to gun control

As A Vietnam Vet I Can Say It Is A Waste To Risk Your Life In The Military For A GOP Run Govt.

Kevin Bacon's "The Following" Poll.

NATO drone crash in Paktika province of Afghanistan

Did you know that DU has a Marketplace?

Iran Says War Is The Only Thing That Can Stop Them Now

MSNBC will carry Kerry nomination hearing LIVE... JUST FYI n/t

The Top 10 Reasons Rand Paul should never start a sentence, "Had I been president..."

The Morning Plum: Obama as the anti-Reagan

Kerry nomination hearing starting (livestream)

"when Clinton clashed with GOP...had the feeling of a Hummer colliding with a Smart Car"

World’s fastest elevator: In Taiwan, skyscraper’s lift travels at 60 km/h

For those seeking to debunk Newtown conspiracy theories...

This Pisses Me Off: Murdock/New York Post Goes After Hillary Clinton With Blatantly Sexist Cover

Air Force blames wrong airport landing on fatigue, human error

Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

Happy Birthday Warren!

Practically human: Can smart machines do your job?

Catholic Hospital Chain Abandons Church Abortion Doctrine to Defend Against Lawsuit

Its time to ask again, When is Enough, Enough, and when will the people realize they are Strong

Aliens might be surprised...

Common pesticides 'can kill frogs within an hour'

With another legislative session under way, state parks are in jeopardy

China’s Other Pollution Problem: Water

The best thing about Rand Paul running for president is....

The Iraq War Resolution will be irrelevant in the 2016 campaign.

Philippines Aims to Drill in South China Sea

Catholic Hospital Chain Kills Wrongful Death Lawsuit-Argues that a Fetus is Not a Person

Index of Leading Economic Indicators in U.S. Increases 0.5%

Facebook Friends Fronting Debt Collectors Draw U.S. Regulation

This appeared on my Facebook page today

Google 'Hangout' With Joe Biden Today

Warmer Soils Release Additional CO2 into Atmosphere; Effect Stabilizes Over Longer Term

In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people

Wisconsin: Scott Fitzgerald reveals corporations wrote mining bill

What with the post that shows itself when I open an OP

Kerry Issues Iran Warning as He Seeks Senate Confirmation

McCain was very supportive and flattering of Sec. State Kerry...

How America's Top Colleges Reflect (and Massively Distort) the Country's Racial Evolution

In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people

Ron Johnson: I Shouldn’t Have Speculated On Clinton’s Emotions

Possible Burial Chamber, staircase, rooms with stashes of gold and silver found at Machu Picchu

FOX reporters LIVE in argument about how much they LIE

FOX Analyst Gets One Right: GOP ‘Looked Like Weenies’ During Clinton’s Benghazi Hearings

MSM Bungles Israel’s Election

Will someone Please explain to me WHY no Democrats are pointing out the reduction in security funds

Climate change beliefs of independent voters shift with the weather, UNH study finds

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and the Decline of Innovation

Well ... what world DOES Bloomberg inhabit?

McCain Rips Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, the ghosts of both "Molly Pitchers" from the Revolution said, "Well, FINALLY..."

Apple (AAPL) Shares Drop 10 Percent on Slowdown Worries

Women Lose More Ground in U.S. Small Business Contracts Race

Ex-Prosecutor Mary Jo White to Be Named S.E.C. Boss

The Long Slog to Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S. Is Just Beginning

NIH Plans to Retire Chimpanzees From Research

Souza: Snow!

Has Kerry changed, or did the media misportray him in 2004?

Kerry Confirmation Hearing: Link

This sort of thing IS the reason the MSM has ZERO credibility when it comes to guns.

Yep, they're out there.

Calling All Photoshoppers &/or cartoonists {re: Red-Run, RedMap States}

When I Grow Up I Want To Be ...


(Only slightly off-topic) False Beliefs Persist, Even After Instant Online Corrections

Papantonio: Government Help Needed To Curb Climate Change

Oh for the love of ... Corker using Kerry hearing to attack Hagel

Tell Gov. McDonnell: Veto the Senate Republicans' hyper-partisan power grab.

How To Deal with a Mansplainer, Starring Hillary Clinton in gifs

Does anyone recognize this guy?

Protester interrupts Kerry confirmation hearing

Nancy Pelosi: Bad news: House passed 3-mos poison pill tied to Ryan budget to end Medicare guarantee

It's True: Medical Cannabis Provides Dramatic Relief for Sufferers of Chronic Ailments (small study)

Violence Against Women Act proponents get to work

New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'

Where's the accountability?

Toddler shot in foot with handgun in Fountain CO

Obama-Netanyahu Odd Couple Testing U.S.-Israel Ties

Gun lobby goes ballistic when newspaper mis-identifies component of rifle.

and all these years, I thought that's what guns were for, silly me

WATCH: Kentucky Minster Arrested After Marriage Equality Protest

This years Super Bowl using the GOP scheme

Old white men politicians are losing ground; voters are sickened at the sight of

Pic Of The Moment: "No One Would Suggest That Whatsoever"

Greenland ice cores reveal warm climate of the past

Catholic hospital ditches "life" tenet to win lawsuit, professes "fetus... is NOT a person"

Kerry to Code Pink Protester Interrupting Confirmation Hearing: Hey, I've Been There (Vid)

Wall Street Journal: Women Shouldn’t Be In Combat Because Men Poop

By the way ... Phil Mickelson earned over $60 million in 2012

Thom Hartmann: Should citizens have the same weapons as the military?

Anyone tried the new Beatles pressings? (New vinyl from Nov 2012)

THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT -If women are going into combat, then it's time to amend the Constitution

People using pseudonyms post the highest-quality comments, Disqus says

FitzWalkerstan Democracy at Work -- Mining Bill Testimony at Hearing Yesterday

Global warming and the U.S.Senate

Democrats Form Congressional Task Force to Fight Climate Change

The Only Way Vets Would Get Disability Is If They Took A Bullet Or Shrapnel If GOP Had Its Way.

Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell Reach Filibuster Reform Deal

RBS May Lend $631 Million for Clean Power, Focusing on Biomass

Well Done, Madam Secretary

Pro-Israel Figures Join Ad Endorsing Hagel As Defense Secretary

The More Republicans Know About Politics - The More They Believe Conspiracy Theories

Julian Assange finds no allies and tough queries in Oxford University talk

Shiller Says U.S. Housing Market May Drop Further: Tom Keene

Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Finds an Unlikely Home


NM Legislator: Charge women who have abortions resulting from rape with tampering with evidence

IMPORTANT: PA Dems alone cannot stop the rigging of its state's electoral college votes.

Bill would say an abortion after rape is tampering with evidence...

A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year. Hate Crimes in America (and Elsewhere)

? for iPad owners -- does your iPad recharge very slowly if you don't use the Apple A/C adapter?

Maine PUC approves $120M offshore wind project

John McCain Blames the Media for GOP's Surprising Failure to Lay a Glove on Hillary Clinton

For all the grammar nazis monitoring DU, a toon:

Scandal, the TV program. Spoilers (bear with me

Gov Jerry Brown State of the state video live

Burger King drops firm which supplied horse meat

Sen. Ron Johnson is an ASS! But John Kerry is handling him very well..

Court forces Barclays to reveal staff on Libor list

The Rude Pundit: Hillary Clinton's "What the Fuck, Rand Paul?" Face Will Make Your Day

Low-fat filibuster reform?

Student org promotes secular unity


WI Legislators Ignore Falling Iron Ore Demand, Mine Closings Nearby

Kerry smacks down republican senator

Union Hotel Guide (cool app if you have iPhone or iPad)

Why Harry and the Democrats wimped out on filibuster reform?

The 'rebound' effect of energy-efficient cars overplayed

Tennis needs to get tough on cheaters, IMHO, the latest? Azarenka

Time to Retire ‘Scabby the Rat’, Says Top AFL-CIO Official

Boomers eat babies and crucify kittens

CPC official calls for positive role of religion in development

WATCH: Man rescued from Gaithersburg {Maryland} cell tower

Kerry Calls Out GOP Senator For Missing Benghazi Briefing (VIDEO)

Europe's 'Coal Renaissance' Masks Industry Downfall

Closures of Catholic schools in the Bronx sadden alumni

David Corn: When John Kerry Was a Lone Hero in Congress

Mark Zuckerberg To Host Fundraiser For Chris Christie

Danziger toon on the Bengazi Hearings

Final Filibuster Reform Deal Largely Based on John McCain and Carl Levin's Proposals

No US peace dividend after Afghanistan

Senate opens confirmation hearing on John Kerry as secretary of state

My salute to a DUer who could make a monkey out of Dumbya better than anyone else besides W.

Should school board president lose her job over Hitler Facebook post?

BBC interview with Chrystia Freeland - Plutocrats: Who are the richest of the rich?

Waiter who refused service to customer becomes Web hero

Been watching the last hour of the Today show with Hoda and Kathy Lee....only Kathy Lee is gone and

I prefer restaurants that offer Liberal servings of vegetables.

Matt Taibbi - Conservatives Have Their Worst Week Ever

TPM: Kerry Calls Out GOP Senator Out For Missing Benghazi Briefing (VIDEO)

Lost Cat Travels Two Months, 200 Miles Home

The DCCC Expects Democratic Representatives to Fundraise 4 Hours a Day, Every Day

The filibuster conundrum

Massive melting of Andes glaciers

Soldier Who Was Booed During GOP Debate Calls for Marriage Equality in Military

Does anyone else find it fascinating that the rabid Right...

Damn...I've already done jury duty three times today!

What has the government ever done for Mickelson?

Stephen Colbert's The Last Word about Losing Party never gets to pick the president

Heard RWer on talk show this morning saying Hillary should be court martialed, HUH.

ACLU: Allow gay-student group to organize at Lake middle school

The biggest divide between DC politicians and America: medical marijuana

Battle in Seattle. Teachers take stand against high-stakes test. Could get suspensions.

If Not Religion, Then What?

do you bank with a Credit Union?

But you are just banning "the way it looks"

Petition: Don't Let Verizon Kill Free WiFi!


"Gideon’s Army": Young Public Defenders Brave Staggering Caseloads, Low Pay to Represent the Poor

GOP tries to gang up on Sec. of State

Science, Religion and Embryos

The other swearing-in...

Senator (Kerry) sees "opportunity for the transition" in Ven (span)

One Kilogram Of This New Polymer Material Can Turn A Swimming Pool To Jelly

Harry Reid tough? PLEASE!

Owen Groesser, Student with Down's Syndrome, makes two 3-pointers

Prosecutor: Seattle man’s attack on boy an anti-gay hate crime

Dung Beetles Navigate Via the Milky Way, An Animal-Kingdom First

Are Conservatives Rethinking The Fox News Outrage Model?

The Eye-Roll

Guns & Religion

'Getting worse': Egypt's gays fear government crackdown

Hummer found at drug house may be tied to missing Fox executive

Watch Joe Biden at 1:45 PM ET....sorry if this was already posted

(UK Prime Minister) Cameron: I Don’t Want A Country Called Europe

Virginia Republicans move forward on plan to give GOP more electoral votes

Goodbye Mr. President

Resolved: Three times a week,.....everyone in Meta has to give everyone in the Lounge a foot rub!

US Mumbai attacks plotter given 35 years in prison


Boehner: Obama Wants To Annihilate The Republican Party (VIDEO)

The Female Fighter I Knew - RIP Lt. Walker

Three Winners And Three Losers In Today’s Filibuster Deal

Obama ‘would object’ to annihilation of Republican Party

DRC Music - Hallo (featuring Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge)

Pennsylvania drilling wastes might overwhelm Ohio injection wells


NYT: Obama Speech Leaves G.O.P. Stark Choices

Harry Reid explains why he killed filibuster reform

Educate Cabela's re: protecting assault weapons that could kill US Troops in the world's hot spots.

You're In The Army Now

I Need (Serious) Help Understanding Something.

US: NKorea nuke test plan 'provocative'

1964 Muhammad Ali/Sam Cooke duet

My Imaginary Girlfriend

Russian Military searches for ‘penis face’ tattoos on soliders’ genitals

Exclusive: Deforestation appears to rise again in Brazil's Amazon

There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't.

SO HELP ME GOD = AZ Legislators Want to Require High School Graduates to Recite a Loyalty Oath

Bill proposed in Oregon would make cigarettes prescription-only drugs

Lautenberg wants to use Bush's secret watch list to restrict a civil liberty..

Jan Brewer blinks: Arizona has change of heart on (ACA-mandated) Medicaid expansion

Kudos To Fox News For Their Attempt To Back Up Their Claims With Facts

Is it impossible for Right Wingers to control themselves on the internet?

Kerry/Ron Johnson >BOOM

Educate Cabela's re: protecting assault weapons that could kill US Troops in the world's hot spots.

Final elections results posted; settler party rises to 12 seats

Wisconsin The Model For GOP Rule Nationally. Singing Protesters Arrested For Exercising -----

Right wing Nazis vs Left wing Nazis....a tale of consecutive posts

Thom Hartmann: Can we stop the GOP from rigging the 2016 election?

Boy fakes own kidnapping to stop parents from meeting teacher

Mitch McConnell Got His Wish. President Obama Is A One-Term President.

Well the President can FORGET about getting anything done the next four years

Kitty born without leg bones learned to walk on his elbows

Senator Kerry has always excelled at Q and A...

Mark Zuckerberg to host fundraiser for Christy

49ers Coach Says He'd Welcome a Gay Player

Cox Media's new national conservative website to be named 'Rare'

Bear Arms

WHOA! Freeper calls out another freeper's homophobia?

Letter to Ron Johnson

Anyone else hear this story on wbur this morning?

When It's Easy For Anyone And Everyone To Get A Gun, This Happens

Gaza Teens Graduate From Hamas Military School

Either I'll be dead or in jail...

Kansas’ Governor and G.O.P. Seek to End Income Tax

We Are All Screwed Now Even Republican Workers.

TPM Editor’s Blog: What To Make Of The Filibuster Deal?

Mainstream Groups Back Civil Disobedience To Fight Keystone Pipeline

California unions grow, bucking U.S. trend

Sprecher alcoholic root beer? Yup!

Must See Hillary TV

The View Ladies (Minus Hasselbeck) Cheer On Hillary Clinton: ‘The Bitch Is Back!’

NRA Denounces Feinstein For Assault Weapons Ban

Reid caves on filibuster reform

The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show has been "postponed".

Watch: Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Speaks Out for GLSEN's Changing the Game Campaign

Thom Hartman hates Ronald Reagan

Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul

Is Manti Te’o dumber than a box of rocks or a Liar?

I think many here will agree

Democrats Push to Tax Wall Street Trading

Ex-Prosecutor Mary Jo White to Be Named S.E.C. Boss.


The geography of abortion access in the United States

Real movement: Joe Manchin, NRA darling, comes out for universal background checks

Former UT football player Erxleben arrested (updated 2/12/13)

Damn Defeatism and Doomsaying!

Peculiar argument from another message board...

It's almost Ellen's birthday.

Bill proposed in Oregon would make cigarettes prescription-only drugs

Thom Hartmann: Are "We the People" Now the Real Terrorists?

Honduran government in chaos can’t pay its bills, neglects basic services

Honduran government in chaos can’t pay its bills, neglects basic services

GA PBS losing donations/employees because State Senate conspiracy nut is given management position.

David Cameron's Davos keynote speech targets tax avoiders

‘Twisted Sister’ Reminds Republicans Of The Time Ted Nugent Pooped His Pants To Dodge Vietnam

Nathan Deal's handout, at the expense of Ga Public Broadcasting

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 24, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 24, 1970

Interesting info regarding DIM and I3C

Second suspect charged in Lone Star college shooting

If public transit was free

Are you a right wing nut? Take the test.

The word "Left" or variations of it in a screen name

If you put Katy Perry's face on Paula Deen's head, it's still Paula Deen

Cuba confirms undersea cable carrying data traffic

need advice on pilling a cat


Good Ideal Running Thread of Democrats to support for House seats in all States lets get their names

If Greenwald Covered the Beyonce Lip-Synch Story as a Gossip Columnist . . .

Listeners, employees quit Georgia public broadcasting as mind-control conspiracy theorist takes over

When did Republicans start becoming concerned about deficits and debt??

Idaho's GOP Governor Declares War on Endangered Wolves

Much of this thread makes me think that sexism is widely held here at DU

“Atheist pro-lifer”? Not an oxymoron

Democratic Representative Introduces Two Bills To Overturn Citizens United Ruling

Former MIRT: Whoosh and it is gone! Did you survive the "rapture?"

This is bad stuff - "US hit by new stomach bug spreading around globe"

Family determined to get proper soldier's burial for military dog

Good. UN launches inquiry into drone killings

Graffiti Church: Artist Hense Gives Place Of Worship A Wildly Colorful Makeover (PHOTOS)

QB seeks 'Kaepernicking' trademark

Tom Harkin: Filibuster Reform Failure Hamstrings Obama Agenda

Dung Beetles Use Milky Way as GPS

John Kerry quietly suggests Sen. Ron Johnson do his damn job already

Another New Low For The 'New York Post' - Cover.

Kerry says he hopes to revive Israeli-Palestinian talks

Mexico man confesses to barbecuing neighbor's dogs

5 People Shot At Gun Appreciation Day Events

Based On What I See Of GOPPERS You Can Be A Serial Raping Murderer And Even A Pedophile

Mac McClelland on how PTSD is spreading from veterans to their families

The House is adjourned til when in February?

Help with networking

The FBI Sent A Letter To Martin Luther King Telling Him To Kill Himself

Data stored in quartz crystal may last 100 million years

Videos not playing

Dammit!! Braves deal Martin Prado...

Video: Roger Hedgecock says Obamacare means "You old people, hurry up and die"

No one cares about filibuster reform

Feinstein bringing a Bushmaster assault rifle to Senate to unveil gun bill

Love Martin Bashir

Martha Coakley, Steve Grossman endorse Markey for Senate in special election

Ooooooooh, I am about to burst with fury

Anti-Defamation League: Stop using Nazi analogies in gun debate

Right-wing blogger tells CNN: Americans will ‘have to get used to’ climate change

The Right won the popular vote

Bobby Jindal’s controversial new proposal for conservatives: Be more popular

Who the Hell is this guy, "Manti Te’o"? What did he do to get to the top of the news??

For those who are not clear; regulations do not equate to taking all your rights away...

Place your bets here on who will be on the Sunday Talk Shows.

Supermajorities don't (and shouldn't) define the Senate

Dempsey: Sex assault, combat ban on women linked

Call gun violence what it is: Domestic Terrorism

Lesbian Author-Scholar Julia Penelope Dead at 71

NM State Representative Brown's "Post-rape-Abortion-as-Evidence-Tampering" Bill

Thanks Dee, for reminding us of some of the facts surrounding Ted.....

Some folks are not happy with a "caretaker" Presidency.

White House: Obama Would “Object” To Annihilating GOP

"Think Progress" Report: "Three Winners And Three Losers In Today’s Filibuster Deal"

Bernie Sanders quote

Netanyahu’s ballot humiliation can only help Obama’s Israel policy

Filibuster reform: ... post cloture time for non appellate judges will be cut from 30 hours to 2

Bigger, Badder Bird Flu...Brought to You by the US Government

Which is it, Obama?

Fire Harry Reid.

Places whose names send shivers down your spine by their mere mention

Distances Driven on Other Worlds (Infographic)

The Left won the popular vote

Carlos Romero, Man Who Had Sex With Donkey, Arrested Again

Newt: Republicans Need To Be A “Happy Party”

Salmon Patties

State Police: All 26 Newtown victims shot with assault rifle

El Paso County (Colorado) passes measure defying Obama's gun control orders

New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'

Pro-Keystone XL Letter Dripping in Fossil Fuel Money

Tweety is pissed - the day of the jackals

Hillary Is NOT Impressed

CBS News just tweeted out a link to JK on 60 Minutes back in '71

OBAMA: "I Got The Sucker, What Do You Think Gibbs?"

I am getting a Google alert for malware on the post on Norovirus

Sadly, the sexism gets even worse on another thread about women's combat roles

Leo Full Moon: I’ll Follow the Sun By April Elliott Kent · January 24, 2013

"Limbaugh, the underwater walrus...ouf, ouf, ouf"--Tweety describing

Organizer postpones Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

Hillary Celebrates Success... After Running Circles around the Grumpy Old Party!

So it starts again

FDR driving

You could say that Reid just didn't have the votes to pass the talking filibuster---

Bobby Jindal: Republicans Need to Move Even Further to the Right to Recapture the Center

Google Fireside Hangout with Joe Biden (video)

Chris Christie, please provide example of recent GOP speech aimed at "bringing ppl together"

Dems Rally Around Reid’s Scaled Back Filibuster Deal

Jon Stewart Trashes Paul Ryan For Entitlement Hypocrisy, ‘Makers Vs. Takers’

Rand Paul--How nice of you to say that you would have appointed Hillary to Secretarty of State

How the GOP is going to rig the next election - no exaggeration

Israel expected to boycott UN human rights scrutiny session

What do these women think about women serving in combat?

Labor Beat: Karen Lewis at Labor Single Payer Conference

Obama Puts Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare In Charge Of SEC

Whither the Sandy Hook truthers?

Remember how the Repubs used to attack Hillary when Bill was President??

Will the DOW reach 14,000 tomorrow? n/t

Right Time of the Night

So one day I met a Red Cross girl in Vietnam.

First Female Ethiopian Jew Elected To Knesset

What guns were really used at Sandy Hook?

Birther Queen Orly Taitz claims she now has the ability to arrest President Barack Obama

Newest argument for homophobia: Being gay is a sin because you can't refrigerate it

Keiser Report: Burgers, Banksters & Blackholes

"The fact of the matter is..." and "Americans want (or don't want)..." PSA:

New Orleans Pelicans Unveil Official Team Logo

David Sirota: Raising taxes isn’t “left-wing radical”!

"the current South is willing to cut off its own nose to show contempt for the government,"

New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'

Armed Robber fended off by store clerk with, um, pizza.

Protester Interrupts Kerry Hearing

Rhode Island House passes gay marriage bill

U1TV - Strike Breaking During the 1930s

Japan faces nuclear shutdown for second time since Fukushima

HuffPo: German Soldiers Growing Breasts Because of Gun Drills

Virginia Repubs move ahead with Mass Disenfranchisement - (by trickery) - American Prospect

This shit is great!" Kentucky minister arrested after trying to marry his partner"!

Why Old Age Could Kill American Unions

Rev. Al said something a few minutes ago regarding filibuster reform that is not correct...

What's for dinner, C & Ber's, Thursday, January 24

The founding fathers and the second amerndment

How Obama Could Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War Right Now

"Quinn signs sex-abuse education mandate"

Oil discovery in Australia’s outback could ‘transform world’s oil industry’

Harry Reid: ‘I’m Not Ready…To Get Rid Of The 60-Vote Threshold’

The Onion: 62-Year-Old With Gun Only One Standing Between Nation And Full-Scale Government Takeover

Biden to doomsday preppers: Shotguns are better than AR-15s in earthquakes

Kentucky Minister Arrested After Trying To Marry His Same-Sex Partner

BREAKING: Rhode Island House Approves Marriage Equality

Our Modern American Patriots

U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands

Video for Gun Nuts.

If you're upset with Harry Reid...

Our three-dimensional future: how 3D printing will shape (shake up) the global economy

Today's Geography Challenge...

Idiot Senator Complains About Lack Of Benghazi Briefings He Skipped, Just Like The Other Idiots.

Senate Rules & Use of Filibuster - Now being discussed on Senate Floor. Link below: CSPAN 2

Oilsands company fined $1.5M in Chinese workers' deaths

Katie Couric. Diane Sawyer.

So Feinstein introduced assault weapon ban legislation, however, I heard she was against any real

DC resident, shoots a pitbull that was mauling a child, now he faces gun charges for doing it...

Gun safety info, from a friend:

Surprise! We don’t know if half our medical treatments work

BREAKING: Rhode Island House Approves Marriage Equality

Is Our First Lady Michelle, too Cute or What!!?

need a few vibes

There've been 8 Senators on C-Span2 talking about the filibuster