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Exclusive: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science (Audit Trail Leads To Charles Koch)

The Straight Woman's Worst Nightmare Just Got Real Lesbiany

Astroturf Gone Wrong: Fake Protesters Offered $20 To Stand At Anti-Wind Energy Rally

One feminist's thoughts about equality, war, the draft, etc.

Llewellyn's 2013 Daily Planetary Guide

This will make your day. Unbelievable friendship between cat and owl.

New Rifle Aiming System Make Ordinary Shooters Super Accurate at Over 1,000 Meters.

I just voted wrong in a jury

Here’s a List of People Injured or Killed by Guns on ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

I had a Dream

The Jevons Paradox is bullshit.

FM addresses UN as Palestine representative for first time

dang, missing MIRT already!

Merkley calls Senate rules compromise on filibusters a "modest" step that doesn't address "core

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a genuine threat we must all fight

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 January 2013

New York student, pulls an AR15 rifle on some people...

Best archives in Washington state for maps & history of Seattle?

Quick! Someone give me a pep talk!

Three Winners And Three Losers In Today’s Filibuster Deal

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 25, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Jimmy Van Heusen

Why Senate reform fizzled (for now)

Psssst Liz Cheney to run in Wyoming??

This is a Big, Big Deal-Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo

Disable / bypass Gmail spam filter

MY Governor (Jerry Brown)CA Education...

CA Education. MY Governor on...

And now Mike Lee (R) is going to screw it all up by introducing an amendment. GRRR!

The scientific power of thought. Muscles can be built simply by imagination. No joke.

Thread title phrase for tonight : Kilogram Of This

The Ick in Your Shrimp

Consumer advocates blast electric utility surcharge bill

2013: People are AWESOME.

Very important vote in CSpan 2 on changing the Senate rules regarding filibuster

A FETUS IS A PERSON......until we get sued.

Free houses for Colombia's poor not vote buying: Santos .

Why why why you do this, Anderson

"Urban" "Urbanized" and variants thereof . . . . . .

Rand Paul's official White House portrait

Runaway Uribe aide may never return: Lawyer .

Dean praises Obama inaugural speech, calls it one of best ever

Stay Pregnant After Rape Because the Fetus Is Evidence In Criminal Prosecution

Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday in the U.S.

"Cleaning Fairy" arrested after shovelling snow without permission

78-16 vote in Senate for changes proposed...

So, what will the Virginian Democrats do about this fiasco and the electoral college? This

I don't know where to post this....

Does anyone actually know what's in the filibuster rule the Senate is said to have passed?

New Climate Video: Climate Scientist and Meteorologists on 2012, and 2013

Reid caved -- AGAIN??

They are voting again - didn't hear for waht this time...

I called Sen. Reid's office today and talked with a staffer. I asked why

Alaska Native-owned subsidiary under investigation in Gulf of Mexico oil explosion

Making ‘Lethal Drones’ Routine

Judge orders Birther Queen: show cause why she should not be sanctioned for lying to the Court.

Anything Bother Anyone about this Post here on DEMOCRATIC...Undergound?

Who is the modern Ken Starr and Bob Barr???

Eleanor: The Radical Roosevelt

Fat-shaming may curb obesity, bioethicist says

Latest Subway diet slogan.

“Hybrid Wing” Uses Half the Fuel of a Standard Airplane - MIT Technology Review

"Analysis: 201,000 in Florida didn't vote because of long lines"

I made the team!

The "day" ended finally for Harry Reid and the Senate...

The Tragic Death of a Commons Hero: Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

Rice Offers Course on Batman's History, for the Second Time

New Braunfels pays out nearly $700,000 in river lawsuit

Having a few cold ones with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

If the GOP vote-rigging efforts succeed, should we still even run in elections?

A Free Database of the Entire Web May Spawn the Next Google

"Like tears in the rain" 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films (video)

Wow, I thought my area was high -rent. My niece and nephew just rented a house in CT for 6K a month

Yeah, me neither. . .

PBO...the Backstage Reel

pet pictures

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Aftermath & a new kitty gif

"AP IMPACT: Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs" at Yahoo

Mexico: ruling party used $5.2 million cash cards

Mexico: ruling party used $5.2 million cash cards

Liberals Irate As Senate Passes Watered-Down Filibuster Reform

"A Republican Explains What Is Wrong With the Republican Party In Just 14 Words"

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Disappointed" In Filibuster Changes

"Mickey Edwards On Democracy's 'Cancer'" (on how Parties don't serve the Public)

Legal question

Discuss Harry Reid's cave in minute detail if you like, in the end, the Pukes won

‘Rise of the Drones’ Is Mostly a PBS Infomercial for the Military Defense Industry


Why do Democrats do so poorly with rural voters?

Of presidents, policy and cave ins (i.e the filibuster f-up)

And What did McCain know and do? NOTHING!!!

GW Bush's pick up truck sold (for crap) at Barrett Jackson.

Is DU planning another fund drive for Planned Parenthood next month?

"The Obama Majority" by Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post

It's Fido Friday!! And it is a Puppy Invasion!

Republicans can NOT put 'anonymous' holds/objections on nominees or bills anymore.

How do we get rid of Harry Reid as Senate majority leader!

Washington DC: Metro’s Expansion Plans Include New Tunnels

"Fox News Is The Biggest Ratings Loser On Inauguration Day"

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and the Decline of Innovation

The "Last Letter" Thread

The problem is that the House is filled with nitwits and the Senate is filled with prima donnas.

Reverend Belczak takes a little off the top...........

"so is your face"?

One of the things I enjoyed most about the Kerry hearing today....

msnbc- use the correct gop logo, please.

Mental Midgetity

Senate Democrats Back Away From Rules Changes To End Minority Delay Tactics

The Music Man, my gift to Loungers!

Liberals being suspended on Twitter #TGDNexposed

Regulating people, not guns!

N.O. Hornets changing their name to the Pelicans. Coastal Conservation is part

Seriously, Rachel Maddow?

I don't know if this makes me feel old or just kinda creeped out: The Package Tour

Jindal: GOP must stop being 'stupid party'

Early in 2012 I joined DU under another handle. I was new on the internet and didn’t understand the

Arab Israeli voters 56% turnout defies expectations

General Janet Karpinski (USAR-Ret): "I am very interested in the timing of this"

The downside of watching cooking shows - I want a lemon meringue pie, here, right now.

Semi-Intelligent Design

Morocco to change law allowing rape marriage

JK featured on Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite

How In The "H" Did New Mexico Elect A GOP Governor?

Watch Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Mock Miserable Foxconn Workers

A treasure trove of current Oscar nominated scripts and more, all legal downloads. Happy reading!

"These men have left all the casualties and retreated behind a pious shield of public rectitude."

If you're planning to buy an iPad, you'll need to know this...

Completely useless TV trivia

Bricks in front of a Bubble Tea shop.

"How to Cook a Tart" by Nina Kilham The whole book could win a Bulwer-Lytton prize

Had The GOP Had It Electoral College Plan In Place In 2008 It Is A Good Bet That ----

Furnace goo?

Now the GOP will make country votes count more than city votes

Line about 'Stonewall and Selma and Seneca Falls' was from Obama's 2012 Barnard commencement speech

McConnell rallies Senate Republicans

Gallup Poll: Americans Most Negative On the Nation And Economy In 30 Years

Jon Stewart Reams GOP For Hillary Clinton Grilling, Dems For ‘Ass-Licky’ Fawning

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 26 -- Tonight on TCM: Coming of Age Adventures

Ponies in Sweaters!

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 27 -- Tonight on TCM: Hitchcock in the 30's

Thought for the day regarding Unions

Hardly Confident About The Long Term Well Being Of The Younger Generation

I think MIRT may want to take a closer look at this person:

Can someone recommend a good bicycle odometer?

The even stranger Orly Taitz theory ...

No signs Syria’s al-Assad will be overthrown, France says

Fighting Fire With Fire In The Rs EC Gerrymandering Scheme

Got stuck in jury service.

Funniest Jimmy Kimmel ever

Disney has picked JJ Adams to direct the next Star Wars movie...

Describe a predicament in which I might have to say "Cover that thing up! You ain't dead, yet."

Just Saw Kucinich on Hannity In His New Role As A Fox Commentator

Vegetables and green powder?

For Fantasy fans, a musical blast from the past!

Attacks on embassies during the Bush presidency

Bernie Sanders LTE to NYT: A Plan to Cut Social Security Benefits

Russia Develops Gay Tattoo Check For Suspected Soldiers

If you aren't sure about having kids... this might seal the deal.

GOP Setting The Stage For A Truly Radical President Like Santorum, Rubio, Rand Paul et al.

Go to work tomorrow or call in sick?

What's your Fortune...

Wife and I Are Commiting Ourselves to Hillary

Any union delelgates,shop stewards or union organizers here?

Is this the Kerry 2016 thread?

H.R.223 - John Tanner Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act. Will this get any traction?

Kentucky Minister Arrested After Trying To Marry His Same-Sex Partner

THIS is how it's done. Watch Jerry Brown...

Why Are So Many People Flagging Atheist Mom’s CNN iReport Article As ‘Inappropriate?’

The Republican Tea Party truly believes that their "messaging" has been their biggest problem

Homecoming Surprise for Tennessee Teen

Help! I need to buy a wet/dry

A blinded fox cub left for dead by a speeding car has been helped back to health by his unusual pals

Help! I need to buy a wet/dry

So it's 1AM... do you know what your gays are doing?

Something I think that gets lost in our ongoing 'conflicts'

Let's Be Honest The GOP Is A Pro Violence Party In Multiple Ways.

The Keystone XL oil pipeline distraction

Who's Getting DI? in Dis & Dat on ZeroHedge

CA Gov Brown trusts the teachers in the classrooms, calls for local control. Blasts

Ed Schulz says the Reid capitulation is about guns.

North Korean people are collecting cigarette

Reports: J.J. Abrams to direct next 'Star Wars'

Will smart machines create a world without work?

Tested in Battle Putting women in combat isn’t a dangerous “experiment” anymore. It’s a success.

The complete nature of humanity summed up by Carlin

Magic of the Snowy Owl

One Step Forward - Obama Wins 2nd Term :: Two Steps Back - Reid Caves On The Filibuster.....

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Still Pretending to Not Understand What The Gun Show Loophole Is

Would you rather be glazed or sprinkled?

Feds: Colorado man made bombs, wanted to trade them for cocaine

We are closer to 2050 than to the moon landing

Jindal to GOP: 'Stop being stupid party'

Texas man linked to Anonymous faces more charges

Don't harsh my buzz, man.

DU, Can we please create a series of New Avatar's in preparation of 2014 Midterms?

Star Trek 'Tractor Beam' Created By Scientists

What is it like to be an artist in this society? A portrait of visual artist Wayne White

New Member Joined The Forum - New Immigrant From India Here - Hello All!

John Kerry at confirmation hearing: U.S. will 'do what we must' to stop Iran nuclear weapon

One toke over the line sweet Jesus: Tancredo to toke up

Steve Bell nails it again - The Daleks of Davros

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Jan 25th

There is a war on Twitter between liberals and assholes:

India mother arrested for 'selling 11-year-old daughter for $12,000'

Dollar General to Open 635 New Stores

AT&T says it's restored U-verse and will give credits for outage

Evo Morales: Ten commandments against capitalism, for life and humanity

Violence flares on anniversary of Egypt uprising

Obama's LAST Inauguration!

North Korea threatens war with South over U.N. sanctions

Penalty could keep smokers out of health overhaul

Colombia cracks down on smuggling of cheap gas from Venezuela

HIV virus 'has ancient origins'

Why did men stop wearing high heels ?

Why did men stop wearing high heels?

Wisconsin: Pukes so sure we'll love their bills that they're ending the waiting period for enactment

Is it time for Reid to step down?

U.S. Health Worse Than Nearly All Other Industrialized Countries

Schools must provide sports for disabled, US says

The 7 Best Right-Wing Freakouts Over Women Going Into Combat

The Battle this year for Gun Control in Virginia is OVER and some broader thoughts.....

Hate Crimes: A Rape Every Minute, a Thousand Corpses Every Year

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further ft. Siedah Garrett

What is the role of liberals and progressives in the Democratic Party?

Advice needed

Mistle thrushes 'missing' from UK gardens

World’s unknown species ‘can be named’ before they go extinct

Senate budget proposal: GO BIG!!!!

One-third of fish caught in Channel have plastic contamination, study shows

2013: The Year of the … Norovirus, Hand Gels don't kill...

New wingnut scurrilous claim: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens”

Solomon Islands villagers kill 900 dolphins in conservation dispute

And the director of Star Wars Episode VII is...

Groovy! You're a real cool cat!

Greece breaks up Athens metro strike

Chandra Levy is in the news again: Chandra Levy Murder: Closed Hearings on New Questions

Aussie Open (men's semis - spoiler)

Maddow: Liberal ideas and the mindless GOP

Why the Republicans must rig the election system.........

Bernie Sanders on Filibuster Re-Norm

Mitch McConnell sets a new goal (cartoon)

How to Stop the Next Pandemic: End Factory Farming

Women in a war zone: combating the military's epidemic of sexual violence

President Obama, Hillary Clinton To Do First Joint Interview On ‘60 Minutes’ This Sunday

Study of new mutations may show how cancers grow

Workers Locked Inside of Target Stores Overnight

GOP Minoritarianism: Tyranny of the Minority

BOOM! Soledad knocks it out of the park!

Why Guns Are Useless as a Means to Overthrow the Government

I propose that some women Marines go on Morning Joe

Strange Pulsar: Newly Discovered Spinning Star Baffles Astronomers

Reclaiming Our Imaginations from 'There Is No Alternative'

Pension Panic Fueled by Anti-Worker Politics?

Smoke and Mirrors: Obama DOE Fracked Gas Export Study Contractor's Tobacco Industry Roots

Scuffles as Russian MPs debate 'gay propaganda' ban

Hillary Clinton's concussion may have left her with double vision

If The Dems Made A Concerted Effort To Appeal To Rural Voters What Would You Recommend They Do?....

Anyone have a good comeback for this Facebook pic?

U.S. Catholic bishops review lawsuit saying fetuses not people

Whistleblower Says Dreamliner Batteries Could ‘Explode’

"Inauguration 2013: A Bad Lip Reading: — A Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama's Inauguration

Ohio rape trial of football players should be closed: prosecutor

Canada: F-35 fallout blamed for collapse of another military procurement program

Tarsands Pipeline Update: Nebraska Governor Approves Route, Sierra Club Plans Civil Disobedience

Geithner Never Felt Compelled To Seek Justice Against Wall Street

Republicans Brag Gerrymandering Gave Them Control Of House, Then Gerrymander Virginia

'Credible Deterrence': Germany Plans to Deploy Armed Drones

Huguely appeals case, cites procedural errors

GOP Panic Move Will Backfire

Krugman: Deficit Hawks Down

Journalists in the service of Pete Peterson (aka The Social Security/Medicare Murderer).

Rape-abortion bill causes uproar in N.M.

Astroturf Gone Wrong: Fake Protesters Offered $20 To Stand At Anti-Wind Energy Rally

Mr. Fish Toon: Minority Report

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Give em hell Hillary!

Don't Believe The Myth About Americans Living Beyond Their Means Robert Reich

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Women in the military

Filibuster reform dead until at least 2015

Antibacterial Products Pollute Freshwater Lakes

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Repubs and congress

5/10/12 Harry Reid Quote on the Filibuster

Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

How does this women in combat plan work?

President to Announce Appointment of Denis McDonough New Chief of Staff on Friday

Boy who threatened to kill 14 students allowed to return to my son's school.

Come meet my friends the Cranes.

Message from Mexico: U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink

Bibi Unskewed-From city to city-from town to town, right-wing ideologues are same the world ’round

Carmen Ortiz takes another Hit

Why I think Harry Reid caved

Humans are a 'plague on Earth': Sir David Attenborough

Coal Company Rehires Workers After Pinning Blame For Layoffs On Obama

Coal Company Rehires Workers After Pinning Blame For Layoffs On Obama

Why does Feinsteins's bill exempt government officials?

Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science

The shame that is Bobby Jindal

Billion-Dollar Hospital Bonuses Not Seen Improving Health

Swine flu infected 'fifth of people'

EU considered freezing Britain out of budget deal

Can state democrats filibuster these republican electoral vote rigging bills in VA, PA, etc.?

He Doesn't Believe There's a"Rape Culture"

Tex-Mex Calzones

LOL! Guess who's being disowned like Bush?

The South has decided to be defeated and dumb. (BY Garry Wills)

If you're the GOP, you know you have a messaging problem when the Nuns on the Bus leader


Clinton May Suffer from Double-Vision (Oh oh, what will the lemmings say?)

If Jesus came back and told the Republicans they were wrong..........

Idiot Jindal Utters The Impossible...

Navy orders cuts to begin now; thousands to be fired

'No Wonder Bill's Afraid' of Hillary: NY Post's front page with outraged photo

Few Army employees would escape furloughs

the question isn't why did Harry cave

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss to announce retirement

Looking for a silver lining on filibuster reform? (updated)

LOL! Jindal Says It: "We've got to stop being the stupid party."

sweden Warns U.S. Against Targeting Welfare With Tax Deficitw

What county in the US had the highest percentage of votes for Obama?

Maggie Q (Nikita): Fight Climate Change With Diet Change

Huge March Defends Venezuela’s Democracy and Revolution

BBC censors 'racist' Fawlty Towers the germans episode

Not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Reliving my childhood. It's actually pretty awesome the second time around.

Angry Workers Hold Bosses Hostage

the 18,437 perpetrators of steubenville

Republicans Might Be Outsmarting Themselves on the Electoral College

trial in brutal india gang-rape begins today

The Intersection of Science and Religion

trial in brutal india gang-rape begins today

He's not a scientist, man

The effect of caving on Filibuster I haven't seen discussed: Turnout 2014.

Obama and Hillary Clinton to do a joint 60 minutes interview

"I'm not a scientist" Rubio does not think global warming is an impprtant foreign policy issue

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Clinton/Biden at the Senate hearing

OH SHIT!!!! watch this movie on February 2nd

Saxby Chambliss has announced that he is retiring from the Senate

Obama, Clinton To Do First Joint Interview On ‘60 Minutes’ This Sunday

Apple steps up labor audits, finds underage workers, fires supplier

Knesset elections indicates 'Palestinian resistance' victory: Hamas official

Reliving my childhood -- the way it SHOULD have been.

Sales Of New Homes Fell In December, But Were Up Sharply In 2012

The 11 Best Places To Go On A Redneck Vacation

Progressive TV Host Listed as Dead Gay Teen in Documentary

Odierno: Army Faces $17B Readiness Cuts; CH-47 MYP At Risk

Combat sucks

Americans and religious liberty: A new poll yields good news and bad news

Florida GOP House Speaker(Will Weatherford ) Knocks Electoral College Scheme

Republican Group Sends E-Mail Claiming Sandy Hook Shooting Didn't Happen

Toxic fog UT: Pregnant women and children urged to stay indoors as pollution goes 'off the charts'

Britain's 'Triple Dip' Recession Perilously Close As Economy Shrinks

why serving in combat does not serve women (or anyone else) well

why serving in combat does not serve women (or anyone else) well

Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional

let's assume that efforts to change the electoral college vote distribution succeeds in VA,PA & MI

Myrna Loy--Democrat

From Paint To Littoral Combat Ships, Navy Scrambles To Save Dough

Pic Of The Moment: Women In Combat: Stay Classy, Conservatives

Rachel Maddow Rips Harry Reid For Filibuster Reform

Reid Not Ruling Out Further Senate Rules Changes

Obama, Clinton to Give Joint Interview

Paul Krugman to appear on Morning Joe next week.

The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights.

Poll: NRA more anti-Obama than Republican party is.

If poverty is the root of crime

Sooooo .. where is gun control headed?

Finally, the Republicans Are Afraid - By Robert Parry

Congratulations Or Condolences?

I may be wrong in the end, but this SEC choice is the worst appointment yet

The Trans Woman Who Is Taking on the Military

This is how it's done - Hillary Schools Congress and Teaches Girls

Top Florida Republican Opposes Electoral Vote Change

The Rise of the Gay Feminist

What The 2012 Election Would Look Like Under The Republicans' Vote-Rigging Plan

Appeals court: Obama's recess appointments to labor board are unconstitutional

Hillary 2016

Rachel Nichols Leaves ESPN for CNN and Turner Sports

Republican House Leader Vows To Use ‘Power Of Humiliation’ To Undermine LGBT Program

Mississippi GOPers Pushing Bill To ‘Assert The Sovereignty Of The State’

With Saxby Chambliss retiring from Senate what...

Cool job posting: Earn $20 pretending to hate wind energy

Senators seek H-1B cap that starts at 115,000 and rises

Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan hired by the St. Louis Rams


Celebrate the beauty and diversity of our language along with that of the people...

Austerity Bites.....Pizza?

What does YouTube recommend for your edification?

Coal Company Rehires Workers After Pinning Blame For Layoffs On Obama

I can't believe these anti-choice extreme views are on DU...

Tennessee Supreme Court Considers Whether Minor Is An Accomplice In Her Own Statutory Rape

Uh, oh -- a move to privatize Medicaid in Texas?

Wall Street Journal: Women Shouldn’t Be In Combat Because Men Poop

Mississippi begins secession from U.S. and renews segregationist "Sovereignty Commission"

"I thought you wanted our women covered"

Rebuffed by Fort Bragg spouses club, lesbian Army wife named base's 'spouse of the year'

CNN Anchor Tricks Opponent Of Women In Combat To Endorse Racial Segregation

Is this user name offensive in the USA as well?

Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope

Florida House Speaker Weatherford: changing the Electoral College is for sore losers

For those Older DU'ers...Fighting the long fight.

N.J. Mayor Cory Booker Helps Rescue Freezing Dog

Apple fires Chinese supplier for using underage workers

Super Obvious Troll is Super Obvious

Mississippi Reeps want to kinda sorta secede

Paul Begala: Will President Obama Deliver on Gay Rights?

Long Live William Pitt!

Saturn V “moon rocket” engine firing again after 40 years, sort of

Haley Barbour blames Harry Reid

If you had been WHAT?!?!

More than 50 SF restaurants pocketed health care fees, city attorney says

Republicans Might Be Outsmarting Themselves on the Electoral College

Richard Cordray's uncertain future

Considering switching my browser to Opera

Milwaukee sheriff loves guns

Federal Judge Orders Orly Taitz to Prove She Didn’t Lie to the Court

About an alert. Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before . . .

14th Annual Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence with Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

C'mon Fuckin' Guy: A DU Lounge Novella (Encore Performance; Happy 15,000 y'all)

and MA has a Democratic primary! (Or not)

GOP state senator OPPOSES electoral vote change

Stunned to see someone post that a rape victim should face consequences

Women try to get recourse for revenge porn photo posts

Corporations as Criminals, Dare I Say Psychopaths

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 25, 1930

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 25, 1930

Foul Play in the Senate - by Bill Moyers

Lennay Kekua Night at the ball park. Not a hoax.

Ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou sentenced for leaking name on agency's use of torture.....

GOP Sen. Smith opposes bill to allocate presidential electoral votes by congressional district

Five Reasons Bobby Jindal Is Responsible For Transforming The GOP Into ‘The Stupid Party’

A dollhouse with a what?

We need to organize the unemployed and

From one form of victimization to another...

Anyone got a Fave Publication for Native American Culture?

Exxon Mobil Overtakes Apple To Become Most Valuable U.S. Company

I don't EVER want to hear another rich asshole complain about taxes

on Bangs

What the hell, Drudge?

Scientists debut robot that can run marathons

Obama likely to name Wal-Mart Foundation head as budget director

I appreciate the need for constant hysteria as well as the next guy, but...

Rover Still Going On Mars

Another American Patriot With Guns: 'Ex-Marine' With 'Right-Wing' Manifesto Built Bombs for Cocaine,

Per. Aon Benfield's Economic Estimates: Sandy - $65 Billion; Drought - $35 Billion

New Republican Idea: Punishing Rape Victims With Jail Time

Person posts question to Tim O’Reilly believing he's Bill O’Reilly

Earliest evidence of chocolate in North America found in Utah

Sometime In 2013, We Will Consume More Farmed Fish Than Wild-Caught - NYT

Catholic university engages atheism head-on

Dear Juror #1--you are a mouth-breathing idiot

Stephen King releases gun control essay

Recounting the nightmare of the Holocaust

GOP Senator threatens to block women from serving in combat

As a writer, I have three personal heroes: Robert Penn Warren, Hunter Thompson and Stephen King

Juror#2 goes Meta inside the jury and nails it. lol

Are these two pictures really any different? I mean, really?

Rachel Maddow Show: America loves liberal ideas...kinda

Religious, community members rally to urge Gov. Kasich to expand Medicaid in Ohio

Senate Dems Abdicated Their Duty

Filibuster Reform Ends With A Whimper: How It Fell Apart

As In Prior Trials, Glen Canyon Artificial Flood Boosts Grand Canyon Sandbars, But For How Long?

Multi-tasking micro-lights could spark a communications revolution

Papantonio: Frontline – Obama’s Pals Go Unpunished

World Bank President On Climate Crisis: ‘If There Is No Action Soon, The Future Will Become Bleak’

Catholics United's executive director on Obama's new chief of staff

“Free-Market” Outcomes Are Not Fair—and Not Free

"don`t don`t bite your friends!!

Bishop Finn takes aim at the National Catholic Reporter

Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes to Pass Senate

Barbie, Closet Activist?

The GOP Plan to Take the Electoral-Vote-Rigging Scheme National

Mindset is an actual word

I think we should send a few Republicans for a swim in the Limpopo river ...

Howard Dean will be on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Protesting the KKK

US phone unlocking deadline set to expire

Toon: No need to clone a Neanderthal

12/31/12 - KS Wheat 31% P/VP; Pasture 84% P/VP; OK - Wheat 61%, Canola 65%, Rye 70% P/VP

Are Obama's progressive hints and Reid's capitulation all of a piece?

What is First Dog Bo burying now?

National Call-In Day to President Obama to Ban Fracking

Abortion Bill Would Force Rape Victims To Continue Pregnancy As 'Evidence'

Seven Actions Obama Should Take On Cuba Now

I Can't Take The Anti-Choice Crowd Serious EVER, Not With Their Sheer Hypocrisy.

Have a Kleenex handy. Photo album from Helped By Animals website.

Crocodile hop: 15,000 Crocodiles Escape From South African Farm

Caleb Moore has heart surgery after snowmobile crash at X Games

Why Government Spending Is Not Out of Control (Reagan/Bush advisor Bruce Bartlett)

KHAN is attacking!

The Republicans.

'March For Life' Rally Drawing Large Crowd In Washington

GOP's electoral vote scheme likely illegal in Virginia

Meet Norma McCorvey, the LGBT Roe in Roe v. Wade

Speck Tater has been banner as rape apologist

Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes to Pass Senate

How do(did) you mostly consume your marijuana..

Virginia Advances ‘Gangbanger Bill of Rights’ To Withhold Gun Crime Evidence From Federal Government


What insane gun culture?

Christian radio hosts: Feminists are ‘selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores’

CNN host calls out S.C. sheriff on refusal to enforce weapons ban

Why victim-blaming is ALWAYS wrong.

On Such a Winter's Day. Hope this finds you safe and cozy.

Christian radio hosts: Feminists are ‘selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores’

Where Science and Religion Coexist

Freedom of Religion and the Right to Be Respected

Obama Puts Fox In Charge of Henhouse By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Combat Soldiers & Clergywomen: Problematic Equality

Majority Of Americans Think Implementing Obamacare Should Be A ‘Top Priority’ In Their State

President Obama Sends Video Message To LGBT Conference

A Different Model — Medical Care in Cuba - New England Journal of Medicine

Why be afraid of an opinion you dislike?

Priebus Re-elected to Lead Republican National Committee

I just adopted a new dog!

A great question for anyone who thinks we need to start arming teachers...

Poll: Scott Brown Crushes Ed Markey In Hypothetical Special Election Matchup

A true heart warming story about the human spirit.

DNC slams GOP’s electoral vote rigging scheme

Too true....

WorldNutDaily: We have proof Obama is the Lord of the Flies AKA Beelzebub

Close encounter with gorillas

NRA Lobbyist Admits Ad Referencing Obama’s Daughters Was ‘Ill-Advised’

What are the prospects for gay marriage in the R.I. Senate?

Mass. Dems Will Not Endorse In Contested Primary For Special Election

I propose the death penalty for

Mrs. Dodger and the Teabag Queen

I'll go ahead and make an OP: you want rural votes? Enact a packer ban. Yesterday.

Joe Klein: The Ice Is Breaking

Thom Hartmann: There's just one way to stop GOP rigging the vote…

Best folksy sayings

Mitt and Ann Romney in D.C. for 'social visit'

No recess appointments, eh?

Interesting story here about the Mars rover "Opportunity."

U.N. to investigate U.S. use of unmanned death planes

Need some advise!

Yowza! Whatta FOX!

I am going to double down on this EC rigging thing

Question about refinance vs. home equity vs. builders loan for major work.

What's the deal with the F-16's and Abrahms....

The State Department’s Advice for Avoiding Internet Scams Is Not Idiotic

How a $91 million loan on the Marlins ballpark will cost Miami-Dade $1.2 billion

Prairiebillies. Capote used the word in In Cold Blood. Is this just something he made up,

Alex Gibney on His WikiLeaks Documentary: Julian Assange Got Corrupted

Okay, perhaps this newbie's name is innocent, but perhaps not?

President Obama To Make Major Moves On Immigration Next Week

Report: Stephen Lynch Will Launch Bid For Kerry's Senate Seat

Charges: Man Pointed AK-47 At Daughter Over Grades

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Puppy Bowl cam is up!

Harry Reid - Democracy Inaction!

m$nbc: We did the math: how the GOP will gerrymander its way back to the White House

Court rules Obama recess appointments unconstitutional

Files: Los Angeles Cardinal Mahoney Hid Child Sex Abuse Cases

Maybe it has to do with your user name? This was brought up in another thread....and got me to

‘We Beat The Liberals’: McConnell Campaign Brags About Defeating Filibuster Reform

I know, I know, but it's still a cool song...

Thom Hartmann: Meet the “The Untouchables”

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

GOP Debunked: Obama did not create $5 trillion in new debt

2013 Puppy Bowl Teams To Be Coached By Two Dogs From Same Litter

Peekaboo! I see you!

Monica & David - documentary filmaking at it's best, imo

D.C. Circuit guts president's recess appointment power

Trudging Across the Tundra

FDA Panel Votes To Place Tighter Controls On Narcotics Like Vicodin

After the elections, the Palestinians must scare Israel into ending the occupation

I would like to change my name, and I don't want to lose what little post count I have....

Women in Combat (toon)

Dang it, the DOW just missed the 14000 close.

Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave (TEDtalks)

NLRB ‘Respectfully Disagrees’ With Court Decision On Obama Appointments

President Obama Announces Key White House Posts

President Obama's message to the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change

She won the race,......easily!

Bread-baking help needed!

MSNBC Krystal Ball’s Timely Rant On Union Membership – Americans, Wake the “F” up!

Hilarious....and Disturbing... All Rolled into One!

Wall Street closes higher, S&P 500 above 1,500

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Opposes Electoral Vote Change

Judge sentences 2 Yassine brothers (Austin) to time in federal prison (updated 2/7/13)

Mark Kelly, Gabby's husband, will testify at The Senate next week regarding gun violence

I have been very open on DU about my mental health issues. Many people have my back.

NBA Denver Nuggets star Faried appears in video with his lesbian moms, supporting civil unions

Can children ever feel safe again, when everyone is letting them down?

Barbara Boxer infuriated at Rand Paul's exhibition at Sec of States expense - Politico

Gawker conveys ARPAIO's U.S. Constitution to us, and his new HITLER 'do & Brownshirted goon

Gun drills and moobs

The Senate, the filibuster, and gerrymandering

FAR FREAKING OUT! Obama Wins 2nd Term in a Landslide!

It's not the product, it's simply a wonderful commercial, and it brought back fond memories.....

Pres. Obama's Birthday Message to Ellen

The Way Forward- from fundamentalism to atheism

Charges: Man Pointed AK-47 At Daughter Over Grades

There is a piece of radicchio in my bag of baby spinach! Should I tell someone? Should I be

Talk about adding insult to injury.........

Just wanted to say how much I miss

Melissa Harris-Perry: From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall

Virginia Republican senators to kill electoral college change

HIDDEN and fucking proud of it

The US Taxes work not Wealth

Rand: "I've made an ass out of myself and need to do a little damage control..."

Thom Hartmann Explodes at Libertarian over Life-Saving Healthcare

The Japanese have designed the perfect apartment. For cats.

How To Catch A Cat

Deficit Hawks Down, by P. Krugman

Stephen King on the NRA...

Joy Reid is SMART!

The filbuster sell-out kind of explains Obama's "surprisingly liberal" inauguration speech.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton to give joint interview

Orphaned elephants find sanctuary in Kenya amid rampant poaching

A little humor for Friday..

What is "critical thinking"?

From the History Channel Modern Marvels on railroads

So, what is Chris Matthew's position on abortion these days?

Maple Grove high school hockey program: Sex video? "No comment."

The Gay Action Hero on Spartacus Is Back Tonight

Bow Tie Bloviator

Fallin to propose 1-time tax cut to Legislature

Law Professor Challenges Supreme Court's Jurisdiction Over DOMA

Hi, everybody! Here is your Friday Afternoon Challenge: “Group Shots”!

Fuck the GOP over this pro forma bullshit

UN marks Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day

Hee Hee!!! Sarah Palin Out At Fox News nt

IMO, Hillary is heading for the Supreme Court rather than running in 2016.

Ex-Officer for C.I.A. Sentenced to 30 Months in Leak Case

How does this women in combat plan work?

I was peckish 5 minutes ago.

Who Started The Benghazi 'Real time' video Falsehood

So a DUer has no problem with people spreading nude photos of women against their will because....

Pintrest: updated with link and info

So I see Boehner is out fundriasing again

Mr Obama becomes the first president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to be sworn in four times...

Noisy Rooster Reported to Police in Iceland Town

Boehner states the GOP's goal is War on Women.

Democrats look to the future.

So, about pigs that the entire common saying?

Hawaii Gun Bills Target Ammo, High-Powered Weapons, Mental Health

Sarah Palin out at Fox News

Kerry Pledges To Confront Climate Change

What's the life span of a C-Pap machine?

Rinse Pubis re-elected!

Virginia Republican senators to kill electoral college change

Rep. Waxman Statement on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Fox News, Palin Cutting Ties


American Horrors season ender... Yowsa

I had no idea George W Bush was still doing cocaine while in office.

Milwaukee County sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

possible glitch?

Fiscal conservatives often are blind when it comes to alternatives to commercial banking system.

Anyone else trying to ignore "Milestone" because they start too many hot button posts?

This Arizona Sheriff on Al Sharpton is stupid beyond

Rep. Waxman and Sen. Whitehouse Form Climate Change Task Force

Anyone who receives public funds should be drug tested....

Iceland president: Let banks go bankrupt

On Sharpening Knives

Our Man in Havana

Does anyone have a tried and true Italian Meatball recipe that they *LOVE*

Women in Combat roles (I am fully in support of this change) - the real problem is going to be.....

Tumor cells engineer acidity to drive cell invasion

Virginia is a flaw, not a virtue. Discuss.

The next four years is gonna be sheer hell if you are a White Racist...

Dear Fortunetellers Who Already Know What Legislation The Senate Will

Are the Prez & Hillary Clinton on Teevee tonight?

Hostess says near deal to sell Drake's cake unit

Has Harry Reid finally earned a primary!?

Bill Maher has Howard Dean and maybe... wait for it... maybe Nancy Pelosi

Who Is This?, Gotta Remind Me


So I alert on a troll, jury disagrees.

Court overturns another Guantanamo conviction

Another Free Trade disaster -- imported fish that can put you in the hospital.

It's been a pretty good week!