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Who knew the Founding Fathers could Rock?

U.S. quits bilateral civil society group in rebuke to Russia

Russian parliament backs ban on "gay propaganda"

Cats Are Evil

Weekend Economists Haunted by Mozart's Ghost January 25-27, 2013

10 Interesting Lessons from Creationist-Inspired School Books

1,000+ Dead From Typhoon Bopha, But There's More: Massive Damage To Mindanao Reefs

I see CEO material in this one.

Ron Johnson: I Shouldn't Have Speculated On Clinton's Emotions

Think you have union rights? What Happens if there’s no NLRB?

US Appeals Court Rules on WikiLeaks Investigation

Some will be offended by this; others will be bored. The sickos here will love it.

My 'friend': "I was for Gingrich."

"Hundreds of parents bundled up their infants....."

American Horror season 2 finale.... major spoiler alert!

In Walmart and Fast Food, Unions Scaling Up a Strike-First Strategy

Post your Republican GAME SHOW idea!!

Video: Bus Strike Reveals 'Free Market' Fakery

(Milw County) Sheriff David Clarke: Residents should arm themselves, 911 not best option

If Congress passed a law banning corporations from publishing books

Boehner: End abortion this year; Republicans, end your party this year

Chris Matthews keeps saying something's up with the Obama/Clinton interview

Obama to discuss immigration reform Tuesday

More Soledad: Tells Former RNC Chair: Minorities Know You and They Don't Like You

Still the "Party of Stupid"

War On Women Will Become An Open Fight

Terrorists Knocked Off Twitter After Threats

!!!January Photo Contest Results!!!

Jan 26 Portland, Maine tar sands protest

2A and "Infringement"

January Contest results are up in GD.

Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon North Rim late August -early September, any recomendations?

Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon North Rim late August -early September, any recomendations?

Court says EPA overestimates biofuels production

Having a Dogfish Urkontinent right now following shoveling snow and dinner.

Great. Mitt Romney's sleazy face is all over my television again.

Example of rape culture

Bryan Fischer finds another deep end to go off of.....

Rubio and Paul Embody Conservative Debate Over Foreign Policy.

Women in combat roles backed, poll says

Day 1, they don't suspect a thing..

Hedgecock reads from Iranian propaganda to say Obama supports Al Qaeda

Orange Menace

N.J. Mayor Cory Booker Helps Rescue Freezing Dog (video at link)

More on Mary Jo White.

Chuck Norris a tough guy? THIS guy farts in his general direction.

Slow down. You're movin' too fast. You've got to make... the morning last.

Of course your dog looks saddest at his/her birthday party. How would YOU feel?

Why scorpions are the scariest (that Harryhausen dude didn't help none neither):

The whole world knows when MiddleFingerMom's been drinking... but believes ignorance would be bliss.

MiddleFingerMom... ... ... FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Oak Harbor WA...Council member walks out of city meeting over armed veteran

Scottie Pinwheel

Curiosity’s Robotic Arm Camera Snaps 1st Night Images

Stephen King risks wrath of NRA by releasing pro-gun control essay

In praise of Parallels' customer support

In Orion, There Really is a Hole in the Sky

Spartacus starts tonight on...

Even IF the rules had been extremely changed in The Senate, it would not have affected The House

Big 12 exploring alliance with ACC, two other leagues

Big 12 exploring alliance with ACC, two other leagues

We don't have enough lipstick for this pig.

Found "Back to School" on TV.

Dinner disaster!!

Ice Ice Baby

Yup, another jury fail, poster says 14 year old is not "victim" and charges should be dropped

Oil and Gas Lobbyist Commits Termination Offense

dilemma - reins or handlebars?

Harry only had 47 votes for a talking filibuster

"The GOP Crackup: How Obama Is Unraveling Reagan Republicanism"

Best drinking songs

When are we going to get transparency for alerts and success rates?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! What a Week! & a new kitty gif

"Fox Says Its 3-Year Relationship With Palin Is Over"

Twin Cities janitors, security officers prepare for possible strike

OK, so I'm hanging out here in the Lounge looking at kitteh pics and watching TV . . .

Sen. Menendez has fit after Jeff Flake jokes about Spring Breakers going to Havana

Friday Talking Points (242) -- Obama's Second Inauguration

Steve Wozniak attacks Steve Jobs biopic

Weekly Summary of UNION Communications Job Postings for January 25, 2013

America’s Nuclear Energy Future

Fox Says Its 3-Year Relationship With Palin Is Over (NY Times media blog)

Lapid, prevent civil war

I like the WW recipes at this blog called....

I'm getting drunk with my ex, who has just confessed to feelings. Ask me anything.

Swartz didn't face prison until feds took over case, report says

Audit: W.Va. router buy not cost-effective use of stimulus funds

Choose one or the other, GOP…

Toronto's conservative mayor wins court appeal, will stay in office

"The 8 Most Extreme Moments of the New Congress"


OK, saxby chambliss and RACHEL just put Georgia Senate seat IN PLAY!!!

Bobby Jindal Plans to Revitalize GOP by Making It Even More Radical

What it is like to be gay in mainland China 2013

Awesome rental property in Sedona $1595 per month

God did not Give you the Right to Buy an AR-15

Photographer catches leopard seal catching a penguin...

Gatorade to drop BVO after consumer complaints

60 Minutes Preview: The President and the Secretary of State

Despite Counsel, Amputee Hindered by Tort Laws

Housing company designs home to keep cats and their owners happy

Chicago's no-snow streak ends after a record 335 days

Uproar after MP attacks 'Jewish atrocities'

With IWW Help Starbucks Workers In Massachusetts Win A Million Dollar Concession

Betsy's folks are saying

Text of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s full speech to the Republican National Committee in Charlotte, N.C.

Struggling dolphin dies in polluted New York City canal

Why Do Poor People Living in an Abandoned Skyscraper So Outrage the New Yorker?

Want to see my great grand kitten?

Ex-prosecutor: Tarrant DA would 'constantly make comments about my breasts'

Looking to Israel for Clues on Women in Combat

Dumb and Dumber of Doomsday: How the 'Kochtopus' stifled green debate

I think my cat is a candidate for Feline Hyperesthesia

Egypt referee: Israel a 'cancerous tumor'

Nancy Pelosi is on with Bill Maher right now

Please join Silver Ribbon Trust Women week online march and sign petition link below

Is this ban abortion stuff coordinated? Now Washington State too

Fighting the Republican power grab.

Chavez absence poses problems for military

Hogan Prep Charter School student is caught with gun, bullets at school

Women Account for 72 Percent of the Decline In Union Membership from 2011 to 2012

Montana House committee votes to end Election Day voter registration

Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Bill Maher not to be missed.

Let's consider this...

Learned something interesting but disturbing on Real Time

Police detain Nevada Assemblyman Brooks (D) for psychiatric evaluation, confiscate sword

No charges to be filed against 49ers' Crabtree..

Feinstein's 150-ish proposed banned firearms list.

Three News Storys I Dont Want To Hear Next Week..

Friday Night Catnip: Sweet Smoke--Just a Poke

Doing my own thing, Bloomberg.

Unlocking new cell phones to become illegal on Saturday

Equal Time with Bob Boudelang (Link from the old DU)...

The Owner and a Union

Hey guys, what's the highest post count a fight's ever gone?

*Dustin Hoffman on Charlie Rose.

The GOP War On Women Is An "Us Or Them" Proposition. Only One Side Will Win And ----

Sunnyvale police: Student who reported gunman on campus admits making it up

Republicans were trying to make the 2012 Presidential Election like

It bears repeating: Howard Dean will fuck your shit up.

Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School

Of course Dukakis and Romney are the only losers not to attend inauguration

Bill Maher And Howard Dean Clash With GOP Panelists Over Obama’s Inaugural, ‘Crazy Crap On The Right

Of filibusters, the six year curse, and the 2014 midterms

Boxer, Feinstein, and the talking filibuster

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies, High School Bands sell Candy, so of course, the NRA sells wine.

Fort Romeau

Even gangsters live in fear of Japan’s gun laws by Jake Adelstein

41 votes remain in control of the Senate

A Court Upholds Republican Chicanery

I never knew LBJ was so crass....

Silicon Valley real estate stunner: Woodside estate sells for $117.5 million

2014 US Senate Election-Competitive Races

Anti-Sugar Zealots Really Need To Change Their Game Plan

Facebook Chitchat Is Unforgettable

Aye, lads! Let slip the kittens of war!

Only $35, 8.8 cm long x 3.5 cm wide x 1.2 cm high, it plays high def videos, and it runs Linux

'Stupidity' led to Texas shooting, sheriff says- somebody thought, in their peanut-sized brain,

ABC News showed a big problem in the gun debate...

Anyone have experience trying to help a dog with lick granuloma?

F.D.A. Likely to Add Limits on Painkillers

'American Pie' singer fined for speeding in Maine

If Dimon likes the new nominee we are still in trouble ...

Weird alert glitch.

Maher Likens Defense Spending To Declining Manhood: When Did We Become ‘Dickless Armchair Warriors’?

Tennessee GOP Lawmaker Wants To Tie Welfare Benefits To Children's Grades

Dr. Cornel West: "MLK Today Could Be Taken to Jail Without Due Process Under the NDAA"

Gov. Jindal to GOP:"Time to Stop Being the Stupid Party" - Really?

Bill Maher And Howard Dean Clash With GOP Panelists Over Obama’s Inaugural, ‘Crazy Crap On The Right

About the Filibuster,

My people.

"Dog Gets Epic Last Meal" thread gets Epically Trolled.

Triumphant motel owner slams Carmen Ortiz

Seattle Teachers Boycott of High Stakes Tests Spreads

The Spinners

A tale of two crimes and the cabinet

WOW! Beautiful photos of mountains in Washington State - time lapse!

BWGH - Love this, sharing.

Just Ask A 2nd Amendment Blowhard How It Works For Them at......

Alert glitch?

I am not in the least a violent person, BUT

All we have to do is lose 10 senate seats in 2014

GE hiring for new locomotive plant in Tx, says will not replace the one in Erie Pa.....cough cough

1/26 Rally at Central CA Women's prison. sickening. 4000 women in one prison.

UPDATE: Wife of female Army officer can join spouses club

Pentagon’s 46,000 Temporary Workers May Lose Their Jobs

1/26 Rally at Central CA Women's prison. sickening. 4000 women in one prison.

25 Degrees Outside: People Live In Outdoor Tents In Greensboro

Lesbian Voted as Fort Bragg's Military Spouse of the Year, to Compete for National Recognition

WI republican state senator Glenn Grothman does it again...

Late-Night Scott Brown Tweets Generate Twitter Attention

U.S. Weighing How Much Help to Give France’s Military Operation in Mali

Quote from the Coulter on the Hannity show today.

Swartz didn't face prison until feds took over case, report says

Senators nearing agreement on broad immigration reform proposal

I Don't Know Which Is Worse Stupid GOP Politicians Or The Stupid Asses Voting For Them

Guns, Starbucks, and "repeating the same action and expecting different results".

Keep a Word, Drop a Word Game

The Grim Weeper...

Will President Obama be speaking at the annual Alfalfa Club Dinner Saturday night?

Dolphin trapped in Gowanus Canal comforted by a man

Suit against Austria's railroad gets new shot

President Obama running with kids

Obama and Senators to Push for an Immigration Overhaul

The GOP aren't victims, they just play them on TV.

Someone please explain how a Federal Appeals Court could suddenly decide to strike down Obama's

"And if you ain't got money, take it down the avenue cause I ain't got time for you until daylight."

Group wants accused Guatemalan war criminal's Canadian citizenship revoked

Petition to Repeal the USA Patriot Act in its entirety.

Mike Malloy rips white nationalist American 3rd Position Party, a sponsor of Gun Appreciation Day

Bill Moyer: Amgen given $500,000,000 dollar provision in the fiscal cliff deal...

Massive US Methane Flare Offs: Linked to Dermatological Problems, Spontaneous Abortion and Cancers

Reliving my childhood. Pretty fucking amazing having a second chance at it!

MHTC Chairman Proposes 1-Cent Sales Tax To Fund Mo.'s Transportation Needs

Stan Archie Resigns From Mo. State Board Of Education Following 2nd Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit

Mo. Senate Delays Confirmation Of Nixon's O.A. Chief Over Airplane Purchase

Death penalty for 21 for Egypt soccer violence

Tweet of Pete Souza's Photo of the Day

UT, Stanford research foresees an HIV treatment without drugs

UT, Stanford research foresees an HIV treatment without drugs

I need to talk about computer games. Where can I talk about computer games?

Is Clean-My-PC-dot-com worth the bother?

Texas A&M boosts local economy: Officials cite move to SEC for $540M increase

American women have served and died from the first

New lab could unlock vast potential of seabed methane ice

Fantastic. I love this guy.

Polls open today in election to choose Gallegos successor

Initiative 522--labelling GMO food

Poor Bob Mugabe - BCC: South Africa court 'halts Zimbabwe helicopter donation'

Throughout election, Israel became anti-Netanyahu country

New Republican Idea: Punishing Rape Victims With Jail Time

Big Pharma Buys Off The Senate

CIA torture advocate gets 30 months in prison for naming covert agent

Mexican family turns giant rock into home

Shocking: Reporting Factory Farm Abuses to be Considered "Act of Terrorism" If New Laws Pass

Has America Become an Authoritarian State?

Barack Obama thanks Hillary Clinton for work as Secretary of State

It's the wee hours of the morning and I can't

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Jan 26th

Re-Calculated Results in Pennsylvania Show Charter Schools Fail Their Own Hype

It's the wee hours of the morning and I can't

Yorkshire bat colonies 'cohabit all year'

Swine flu infected 'fifth of people'

A Little Bit More by Dr. Hook

"We've seen this before" in Europe. Austerity (Germany after WWI) breeds extermism and intolerance.

Three Strategies to Block the Gerrymandering of the Electoral College

The Hunt for Red October: Virus Hunters Try to Catch Diplomatic Time Bomb

Wake-Up Call: A Disastrous Week for Carbon Trading

"I’m not anti-gun, I’m pro-kindergartner"

No shit: GOP in Michigan won't fund toilet paper for kids in school

Rand Paul & Marco Rubio - two opposite sides in GOP foreign policy debate

Mark Zuckerberg To Host Fundraiser For Chris Christie

Fight or flight

The first candidate to announce a run for governor is...

Wisconsin: Glenn Grothman sez Planned Parenthood targets Asians for abortion

The Resource Race: China Dips Toes in Arctic Waters

West continues to drift into Democrats' column

how to avoid raising taxes on the middle class or cutting programs the poor depend on

UNICEF Needs $1.4 Billion for Child Emergencies Around the World

Obama's recess appointments bet sours

nato missile defense battery in turkey operational

Rachel Maddow Rips Harry Reid For Filibuster Reform

Russian Soldiers Encouraged To Look For 'Intimate' Tattoos On Each Other's 'Sexual Organs'

Attorney General Swanson sues wind-energy firm for bilking Minnesota farmers

Meme GOP to all conspiracy theorists...

"Assault weapons bans do not work"

Paul Ryan Breaks Down Under Wonkterrogation [Updated]

Milkyway Over Mount Rainier

Extremism a foe of believers and atheists

Police Assault Rifles Approved In Marion, Iowa; Department Joins Trend, Will Buy AR-15s For Officers

The GOP Plan to Steal Elections

A religious cause: Special needs and Orthodoxy

January 25 News: Federal Court Won’t Review Decision Striking Down EPA Rule

Red bus fans fearful about fleet's future

California Announces That It Will Declare Bisphenol A (BPA) Reproductive Hazard

Dems: Nominate Martin O’Malley for president!

In Fight Over Life, a New Call by Catholics

How Obama is unraveling Reagan Republicanism

Bayer, Syngenta Accuse EU Of Politicizing Study Linking Pesticide With Bee Die-Off

Las Vegas Accused of Engineering Massive Water Grab: Is This the Future of the West?

I killed people in Afghanistan. Was I right or wrong?

Chris Hayes - the Legacy of Aaron Swartz

Ed Schultz on the filibuster vote with guest Bernie Sanders

In North Dakota, Flames of Wasted Natural Gas Light the Prairie (175 milion cu ft/day)

Fox Made Limited Effort to Keep Sarah Palin

The cost of financial inequality

Zero Dark Thirty: Hollywood's Gift to American Power by Slavoj Žižek

A bug's life

You like Huey Lewis and the News?

Moyers guest: Lobbyist concerns more important to Congress than ‘concerns of middle America’

In Venezuela the Poor Are Happy and the Rich Are Mad. That Must Mean Something

Bid to Return to Era of Open Season on U.S. Workers from the National Nurses United

Peru to Buy Back as Much as $2 Billion in Bonds

NYT: A Court Upholds Republican Chicanery

It's not just Global Warming

Republican judges like trained seals; David Sentelle in the center ring with the ball on his nose

Global Unemployment to Hit 202 Million While Wealth of Top 1% Has Increased by 60%

Newtown residents to join gun control march in DC

Colombia getaway donkey ruins robbery

Austerity v. economic growth

Anonymous hacks DOJ and threatens to release sensitive files because Aaron Swartz's death

Prevalence and persistence of male DNA identified in mixed saliva samples after intense kissing

I hope 60 Minutes asks tough questions to Obama and Hillary

"Once there was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her Daddy in the Bathtub."

Dole Settles Suit Over Environmental Misrepresentations

Dole Settles Suit Over Environmental Misrepresentations

U.S. judge rules government cannot seize family-owned motel

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin Won't Seek 6th Senate Term

FOX Loses Star Reporter

Iraqi lawmakers pass law to block Maliki from third term

Rick Snyder admits that he's a lying piece of sh*t

My wife's recent paintings of chickens

Mardi Gras is coming up. A few pics from 2011

More Than 300 Labor Board Decisions Could Be Nullified

Female Army Officer's Wife Can Join Spouses Club (Ft. Bragg)

GOP/Religious Fundiinutzies Logic - You Can't Be Raped Unless You Consent Or

Oil supply grows, but so does price

Hackers take over sentencing commission website

Phone unlocking ban could hit you in the wallet

What killed filibuster reform?

TEA bags ~ This one is for you ~ 102 things NOT to do if you HATE Taxes

Toon: Republican Outreach

Horsey: Filibusted

Republicans aim to re-introduce "3/5 of a person"

This is why I must go to non-DU sites to get the news.

Bill Moyers: Amgen's Sweet Senate Deal

Senators’ secret plan to give Amgen half a billion in fiscal cliff deal reveals Capitol Hill’s

A-Rod possibly out for the season?

How To Identify A Hoax Religion

TAIBBI: GOP Worst Week Ever: Like Watching 3 Stooges Perform Liver Transplant On Roller Skates

Unions Gain Latino Members, Could Be Unions' Saving Grace

Return of ‘Three-Fifths’ of a Person

A story of statutory rape...

Ryan says GOP need to pick its fights with Obama

Has the ‘Death of the PC’ Been Greatly Exaggerated?

Republican chair steps down

Reccomend this thread if you love Senator Harkin

Statement by (NLRB) Chairman Pearce on recess appointment ruling

So advocating for A Republican to win an election is ok now?

Five Reasons Bobby Jindal Is Responsible For Transforming The GOP Into ‘The Stupid Party’

One-third of fish caught in English Channel have plastic contamination

Governor Dayton proposed taxing auto-repair. Please oppose.

Bo in the snow

Mike Johanns, Republican Senator, Demands Resignation Of 'Unconstitutional' Obama Appointees

Can anyone tell me why the Selective Service would be calling me?

'They Know They Are Not Alone': Anti-Mining Activists Connect-The-Dots In Oaxaca, Mexico

Police Detain Nevada Assemblyman, Seize Sword

Got the local gun entusiasts riled up today.

Michael Parenti: A Terrible Normality

True Facts About The Tarsier by zefrank

CNN’s O’Brien tricks opponent of women in combat into endorsing racial segregation

Car thief makes off with vintage mustang. The seller should face consequences.

This is a must watch for dog lovers anywere.

Vice President To Attend Fundraiser For Landrieu

27 Die In Egypt Riot After Soccer Violence Verdict

OK, I gotta say it. Women don't belong in combat.

Explained in 90 Seconds: Climate Modeling (for your warming-denying pals who say it's cold outside)

Arizona bill would compel hospitals to check immigration status

TEE SET - Ma Belle Amie

Biden -- The Politics of Joy

Re: AAPL. Best investing advice I have ever seen.

Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided? Paul R. Ehrlich†⇓ and Anne H. Ehrlich

Scott Brown issues a stern warning to his opponents: “Bqhatevwr” By Samuel Knight

Will Princeton University be stil around in 5 yrs or will it be

Attack On Syria Would Be Seen As Attack On Iran: Tehran

Military Wife Has Focus on What President Obama Will Do Next

Bid adieu to Georgia’s anti-gay Saxby Chambliss

Saturday, January 26th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Dolphins form life raft to help dying friend

Science Up in Smoke: The Catch-22 of Marijuana Research

"Creating an Upscale Service Economy" (Robert Kuttner, 11/29/12)

Harkin Retiring

Will Virginia Lawmakers Stop Discrimination Against LGBT Employees?

Senator Harkin will not seek re-election in 2014

Small World/How the Hell did it get here?

Coffee 105: Putting it all together

Don't you just know that Skinner lies in bed at night asking himself ...

Can You Spare a Catchphrase for the Tea Party?

Senator Leahy Says “No” to Mandatory Minimums, But Will Congress Listen?

Inoculating Children Against Supernaturalism

An Arbitrary Number of People

Enlightening interview about Cuba's parliamentary elections and Alan Gross

Democratic Senator Harkin will not seek re-election: aide

NFL Films: Best of 2012 Season Player Sounds of the Game---(seeing as the season is OVER)

cats vs. dogs

If You Get Any Government Check ---- Pee In A Cup ---- Amazed That This Anti Bill Of Rights Policy

Religion comes to Davos economic forum, as troubled world faces uncertain year

Reproductive Coercion Is Something Ob-Gyns Should Ask About, Says American College Of Obstetricians

The Creation Of Bacon

LOSING MY RELIGION: A day in the life of a Scientologist

Excellent site: National Priorities Project

I think its safe to say the filubuster reform(or lack of) was the last straw for Harkin

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies – The Inauguration Speech

Toon: Women allowed in combat...

In Obama’s inauguration speech, a new American religion

PA. Eliminating 870 Prison Jobs With Less Than 6 Months Notice to the Employees (2 Prisons Closing)

Need info on Nook

Is this stupidity, insanity, or some kind of bizarre plan?

'Obamacare' discussions with RWNT's

In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty by Michael Moore

Running with the President...

A possible unintended side effect of women in combat?

Happening NOW!! Stop the NRA

Read Harkin’s Full Statement On 2014 Retirement

After careful research, all of the Arizona State Republican bills in a single pie graph


Frances Dilorinzo - Homemade Implants

Toon: Yesterday vs Today

Notice anything "Unamerican" about this pic ?

In case you missed this, here is the fabulous PS22 chorus singing at the inauguration

Tying welfare benefits to children's school performance

Mali: French-led soldiers 'in control of Gao'

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Ted "Poopie Panties" Nugent

Major ISPs Set To Implement ‘Six Strikes’ Online Piracy Program

Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School

Keiser Report: Plunderers Pumping Pelf

Guess: Why does Supreme Ct. Justice Being Tried for Corruption Wants to Enter Evidence About a STD?

Thomas Jefferson Supported Hemp Farming

Bill Maher to Nancy Pelosi on "Real Time" last night: "I hear that you've never been on the cover of

Minnesota governer to Scott Walker: Mind your own business

TCM Schedule for Monday January 14 - TCM Spotlight: Sword Play

What do you find in a man cave?

Key Republicans Back Away From Electoral Vote Scheme

Catholics raise issue of guns amid calls to end abortion - NY Times

Stacey Campfield, Tennessee GOP Lawmaker, Wants To Tie Welfare Benefits To Children's Grades

very true graph

Aaron's Army

Who knows architecture?

Scott Walker: ‘Worth Looking At’ GOP Scheme To Rig Electoral Vote

From Germany to the World: Pass it On

California EPA plans to list BPA (bisphenol A) as harmful

Shetland ponies in sweaters

Dozens reported killed in Venezuela prison riot

A very cute video it has dogs

This blog post I just shared in GD is why I'm feeling decidedly optimistic...

Newtown residents to join gun control march in Washington

L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities

So. How about that H.B. 94.

Obituary: Woman married the man who paid someone who blinded her.

Tokimonsta - The World Is Ours

Don't miss my radio show "Making Sense with Steve Leser" Sunday night at 7pm EST

Did Mary Jo White (nominee for SEC) prosecute attorney Lynn Stewart?

Does it really make a difference?

Which Quixotic Conservative Utopia Is Right for You?

I didn’t know sex with 13-year-old was illegal. (Student, 18, blames Muslim teaching)

Illinois’ credit rating downgraded; state drops to worst in the nation

Teachers should focus on lessons, not firearms

Anonymous Hacks U.S. Government Site, Threatens Supreme 'Warheads'

Blown-Up Star Seen Expanding - 58 Year Time-Lapse Video

CARTOONS: The Tea Party

Robert Reich: The GOP Crackup: How Obama is Unraveling Reagan Republicanism

I am ready for a citizen's arrest of the GOP who met in Virginia.

Omigosh ! Puppy Pinwheel is Just. Too. Cute....

Let me be the first to say it: Run Nikema Williams for Saxby Chambliss' Senate seat

Bear surprises camera crew filming on frozen lake

Thom Hartmann & NY AG Eric Schneiderman: Sunlight For the SuperPACs?

So, if the Dems are such stupid, useless, wimps...

McConnell: ‘We Beat The Liberals’

The ultimate in posting limbo while not PPR'd

Will McConnell follow the lead of other senators elected for the first time in 1984?

Atheism and US citizenship - does anyone know of a poll on this?

Ravens' Ayanbadejo plans Super Bowl same-sex marriage blitz

Ted Cruz: John Kerry, Chuck Hagel 'Less Than Ardent Fans' Of Military

67 dead cats and 99 live cats taken from NY home

One Billion Rising, February 14th

Tyranny in chart form courtesy of New York Magazine.

So calle "global warming" is a secret ploy

Blessed are the weird

Marriage should remain as God intended

Break the Chain - One Billion Rising

The Truth About Congress & Guns

Landscape art

Burt Reynolds in Florida ICU after flu, rep says

Police arrest man over Liberty Bell threat

Please vote: Just an inference on my part...

A ski lift you might want to avoid......

Meet Florida's New Democratic Party Chair!!!

200 Years of 'Pride and Prejudice' Book Design


The Doorknob principle

(Kilpatrick) Former Detroit mayor sent to jail for the weekend

The Japanese diplomat who saved 6,000 Jews destined for the death camps

Anyone suffer from chronic leg cramps (Charlie Horses)? I've had this problem

Attack on family in Compton latest incident in wave of anti-black violence (LAT)

The continuing crisis...

Chicago's Freezing Fire

Hyatt and workers settle, union looks ahead (terminated employees were rehired with back pay)

A 3-year-old boy examining his penis while taking a bath asks his mom, 'Is this my brain?'

Algeria made mistakes over hostage crisis, foreign minister admits

George Osborne's austerity plan 'risks lost decade' for UK economy

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro - Magdalena

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg attacks gender stereotypes at work

Favorite kind of popcorn.

Virginia AG Cuccinelli Opposes GOP Electoral Vote Reapportionment

Justin Bieber's mother courts conflict with backing for abortion film

The Republicans are driving with a blindfold and have just stepped on the gas

Thousands rally in Washington for gun control

Masked gunman dies after being restrained during armed robbery

Working Families Rally for Paid Sick Leave at Boston Dunkin' Donuts

Well, the sign DID say, "Stop" after all.

Atheists might not be able to graduate high school?

China could prove ultimate winner in Afghanistan

College shooter gang-affiliated, lied about concealed-carry status.

It's Tant. Allison Tant wins FL Dem Chair race, beats Clendenin 587-448

For those who think SS has no effect on the public dept - here is a good article on the subject.

Waging Peace

The guy in the tree at the inauguration that police were unable to remove

Sunrise over Bang's Lake 1/26/13

Connecticut woman melts down confiscated guns to make jewelry

Panel suggests gun seizures for 'substantiated' threats

Muslim Duers, I come to ask a question

Money that Earns Money is Evil?

Cry Purple

Found on Facebook. Ian Sims rocks!

Where did my "DU Star Membership" come from?

The Obama Administration's war on weed is about money and the people behind the money

Portishead - It Could Be Sweet

Has anybody looked into geothermal heating/cooling?

Woman sues for $10 million

I noticed my local Trader Joe's is selling Jamaica blue mountain coffee

Compass: Lindsey Holmes talks about her decision to change parties

Steve Silk Hurley Inauguration Day Mix 2013

(Fmr Alabama member of House, D turned R) Artur Davis considers bid for Virginia Senate or Congress


Kentucky Neo-Nazis Charged in Gruesome Murder, Dismemberment

Warehouse Strategies Squeeze Walmart’s Pressure Points

Do background checks on these guys...

Cambodian garment workers locked in dispute with Wal-Mart and H&M supplier

I am shopping for a television

Bill Maher nailed it again....LMAO

Coyote Pack Chases Puppy into Home, Smashes Door

A big departure from my last posts - guys, who here loves to cook?

Papantonio: PBS Documentary Uncovers Obama Complacency In Banking Crimes

Most admired women in the world 11years in a row! (Gallup)

Geothermal heating/cooling experiences

My medical billing

I agree with Wayne LaPierre


Bradlee Dean's group Trolling at WalMart

Mr. Ailes, Sarah is ready for her close-up.

Good to know - Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs

Your favorite Registrar and why?

We just watch what they do, then do the opposite.

Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday

X and Z in favor as companies name new drugs

Study casts doubt on link between cannabis, teen IQ drop

Protesters in Maine rally against tar sands oil

The worst commercial on TV right now is that damn skin tag commercial.

Reporting Factory Farms Abuses to Be Considered Act of Terrorism If New Laws Pass

Help for Asheville, NC:

Three years later, no sign of missing family (McStay Family: Husband, wife and two children)

US Sentencing Commission site down, Anonymous claims responsibility

Somewhere it's almost 4:20

Guys and Dolls on TCM now.

This post would have been deleted before the Jury system...

Topeka schools' police force wants semi-automatic rifles

No Shit, Sherlock: "Economists Say China's Smog Is No Joke" - LA Times

Just back from the ER. Woke up last night with a leg cramp and erection. Ran into the wall in the

For The Sixth Time In One Week, Man Shot At Gun Show

TX Asks US Supreme Court To Hear Water Case Pitting It Against New Mexico

today in women's herstory

Winter Visitors At Great Smoky NP Seeing Bats Flying In Daytime - White Nose Suspected

ALEC’s Fingerprints Are All Over the Electoral College Rigging Efforts in Blue States

Attention Chik-fil-A:

Thin Western Snowpack, Uncertain Storm Tracks Hobbling Economic Outlook For Rocky Mountain States

California for Beginners: found on Facebook!

a biography of the day--bessie coleman

Jerry Jones building Cowboys staff for Jon Gruden hire?

I just made my third ever on-line media purchase! ask me something or other!

Do you carry any kind of protection when you exercise outside?

a biography of the day-angela davis

Iraq Parliament Votes to Keep Maliki From Seeking New Term

some quotes of the day-angela davis

Eugene V. Debs - C-SPAN: The Contenders

"what this country needs is more unemployed politicians"

North American First Nations sign treaty promising resistance to tar sands, pipelines

I Went To A Gun Show Today. (Saturday, 1/26/2013)