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How about an Obama-Hillary 60 Min Interview comment thread.

*60 Minutes, PrezO + Secy Clinton, now,

A thought

$5.7 Million to Protect... Corn?

The Reality of Fukushima - A Japanese Lawyer Speaks at UN Human Rights Council, NGO Info Meeting

2013 Toyota Super Bowl commercial

Cuban comrade now a house-flipping capitalist savant

Russia set to start posthumous trial of whistleblower Magnitsky

Face Masks Essentially Useless - For Chinese Breathing Dirtiest Air, Moving Only Escape

Argentina, Iran to form "truth commission" for 1994 bombing

The Four Steps Required to Keep Monsanto OUT of Your Garden

Is George Bush (Dubya) still alive?

Antarctic Drilling Reaches Lake Surface

Lady learns about Republican plan to gerrymander the Electoral College.

Egyptian Fuel Shortage Forces Cutbacks At 15 Power Plants - Half Of Country's Streetlights Off

He had me when he said "Obama rocks!"

Ariel Sharon: Israeli ex-PM in coma 'has brain activity'

I love Jermaine Gresham..

Socially Responsible Investor Demands Monsanto Allow Cameras Inside Annual Shareholder Meeting.

Hillary Clinton And Obama Sit Down For Wide-Ranging 60 Minutes Joint Interview - video link

When I hide a thread, why do I still see it on the front page?

Governor Scott Walker Caught In Political Plagiarism

Too old for g/d, but might be worth a thought

Texas A&M part of project to harvest wind energy in the Valley

I'm having trouble rectifying something,

Official: Morocco pledges $500 million to aid reconciliation

How did ReTHUGs give Lance Armstrong that huge post office

Funeral processsion stops at Burger King

Peterson attorneys seek Brodsky’s financial records

Moyers had a great segment on tonight abortion rights!

Just a reminder: SAG honors Dick Van Dyke at 8 EST on TNT

Well, MI or not, I have mad culinary skills.

The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy (Kelly Girls, etc.)

Clinton says can't predict her future, as 2016 looms

The road to renewal

All Meta alerts go straight to administrators?

Here are a few websites that let you keep watch on the far right reactionaries

I love this video..

This Thursday in select theaters... "Plan 9 from Outer Space" with MST3k-style commentary

Tomorrow Wendy by Concrete Blonde

Where were THOSE "Marches for Life"?

Winter Sunset Tonight...

10 Quick and Cheap Life Hacks to De-Clutter and Simplify Your Life

Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest

American pastor sentenced to 8 years in Iran

Palestinian deaths raises concern over Israeli army use of live fire

Abbott running around Australia,trying to 'muster' the troops

Before Calling 911, Sheriff Tells Residents To Get ‘In The Game’ With A Gun

Playtime’s over, kindergartners - Standards stressing kids out

Arizona Bills Require Public School Students To Recite Loyalty Oaths

If it is not stopped, the Republican war on democracy will tear this nation apart

Common Core a big hit in Bklyn Kindergarten:

Should 8-Year-Olds Be Reading Stories That Glorify Rape?

Secret Donors Finance Fight Against Hagel

And then some.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 January 2013

This Shahs of Iran thing really is engulfing/ entrancing/ hypotizing whatever nt

Ohio Players frontman Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner dead

I may slit my wrists if I have to give my mom computer help via the phone one more time.

I got made fun of yesterday at work for having this as my desktop

Does anyone have any experience with wool carpeting? It's long past time

Suit Reveals Ties Among Radical Abortion Opponents

Why ESPN Is The Worst, In One Crazy Obnoxious Photo

We Americans RULE! 32% of Russians think the Sun orbits the Earth! Ha ha!

I just realized/remembred there IS something we can do about all the gun threads in GD.

So, snow, freezing rain tonight...

SNL Reviewed: Adam Levine, Obama and Biden

Watching "The Future Of Conservatism" on C-SPAN

(Arizona) Bill would require hospitals to check immigration status

I did not know that Jagger/Richards wrote this song for Gene Pitney -

Our iMac has shipped!

Downton Abbey: Spoiler

Corpse of Kim Jong-Il Becomes Tourist Attraction

Kind of liking this new Bonobo video; Cirrus

Stunner on Dontown Abbey ((((SPOILER))))

Today was Honey's first day at the dog park.

Checking in

Remy two years later...

Agent Orange use by the USA

An article about taking photos in public - some of us have wondered about it over time

President Obama, Hillary Clinton: From Bitter Rivals to Bosom Buddies

Do you agree with Coach Belichick that the NFL should get rid of extra points?

Just Beautiful... "It all goes together" - Alan Watts (video)

40 Years Later And Women Are Still Battling For This Personal Right

Are there certain words or phrases you dare not say out of fear they would be misinterpreted?

But Virgil will let the bankers get away with stealing his home....

Jerusulem Post: Report of blast at Iran nuke facility unconfirmed

Boehner: Ending abortion ‘one of our most fundamental goals this year’

Watching the Lance Armstrong story on 60 minutes

Anyone in Oregon with a spare kidney?

Panetta: Women May Be Included in Future Draft

Does something pique or peak one's interest?

Deal Reached for Inquiry on Bombing in Argentina

In Ybor ceremony, survivors solemnly remember Holocaust atrocities

DU POLL: Do you think republicans are trying to spark another civil war? I base this on

Ryan Austerity Plan Is Opportunity --- Right To Starve From Hunger And Die Early From Disease.

For my birthday I'm giving a present to the Lounge: Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can

Anyone else having trouble getting produce because of California weather issues?

So you're visiting a college campus. What would you ask?

Promises Of Charity Won Tax Breaks for San Francisco Tech Companies

Tort reform foes team up to force insurance companies to pay promptly

Intent on Being First, Cuomo Used All Means to Enact Gun Limits

Ingredients of a 2,000-y-old medicine revealed

Obama, Clinton share screen in ‘60 Minutes’ interview

Statement by President Obama on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This weeks Shameless is truely something

Mom's Milk Different for Boys, Girls

I just got pulled over as a pedestrian for "walking suspiciously"

LOVE this sign from yesterday's march in Washington!

Barge Carrying Oil Crashes on Mississippi River

Public schools should not be run 'like a business' (opinion from Larry Lee) (

"I was the perfect double threat: ignorant and arrogant." (A reformer reformed) {xpost}

two minutes of your life you won't get back

Wegmans' Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears are far too addicting

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 29: Great Capers

Any tips on how to avoid flu and other viruses while traveling?

Financial officer of 10 NY Brighter Choice charter management charged with embezzling $202,837.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 30: Star of the Month: Loretta Young

Every night I have to chase Gretchy, Floyd and Silvia off my bed...

Often there are posts about the f'd up things that cops do.................

4.1M fracking earthquake in same area of East Texas

Senate group reaches immigration deal

Ass hole tea-baggers...........

my son had a district wide wrestling tournament this weekend


I'm getting pop-ups for UltraMarkets from DU

G.O.P.’s Cantor, Looking Past Politics of Debt

Women and Men are the victims of the "Male" Privilege Concept

North Korea has lost its mind

Hawaii: Gay Marriage Bills, Pro And Con, Before Lawmakers

Makers, Takers, Fakers by P. Krugman

Scotty pinwheel

GOP Changing The Name Of The Poison To Make It More Palatable Does Not Change The Fact

Tea Party banner

Mike Malloy on Fox News firing Sarah Palin, Barbour & Jindal admitting Republican stupidity

Stanley Karnow dies at 87; author of epic Vietnam history

Royal hoax DJ's show cancelled in wake of nurse suicide

Struggling Native Tribes Press Canada to Act

Study: Nearly half overqualified for jobs

N.C. GOP hope to roll back the state’s green energy policy

UK citizenship test 'to cover Britain's greats'

The story of two big institutions: Rich Banks, Poor Government

Jacob Appelbaum on Democracy Now: How to avoid the NSA Surveillance State's spying

Michelle Rhee just getting started on shaping California education policy

Facebook's Instagram: Locks User Accounts - Requires Your Gov't Issued Photo ID

Testimony Regarding HB 1085 to Establish Single Payer Health Care in the State of Washington

Decades after Marcos dictatorship collapsed, Filipino victims to get compensation for abuses

Never bought into Sybil and Tom coming to U.K..Way too dangerous, baby or not.

Interesting! An academic look at LOLcats.

Just in case anyone's noticed my absence or potential near-future absences...

January 28, 1851

January 28, 1887

It is bubble wrap appreciation day!

Uzbekistan: Forced Labor Widespread in Cotton Harvest

Do you have a strong self hatred/destructive drive?

It's National Blueberry Pancake Day


Factory activity gains speed, jobless claims drop

Good morning smile: cutest commercial with kids we could use at the Treasury

Most of Our Debt Is Fake - Let's Abolish It

Russia's Medvedev: help for Cyprus only if conditions met - paper

Totally Biased: Extended Interview With George Takei

Millions of pages of secret historical documents being unveiled to the public

Can Dems and Repubs work out compromise on Immigration and Gun Reforms?

No pyrotechnic displays in nightclubs. Ever.

Hate Eating Corporate Food? Democracy Is the Best Recipe

Marijuana Politics Hit the Nation's Capitol

Heat from North American cities causing warmer winters, study finds

Iranian uranium-enriching facility 'is damaged by explosion'

Just a reminder on free speech

New member.. Tell me how much liberal or conservativ i am..all major issue views given in the thread

Savings needed to meet future demand for resources

Iran launches monkey into space: state news agency

John Kerry on clean energy and climate change

Krugman: Europeans have steadily reduced working hours as labor force participation rises

In North Carolina, Nation: School Resegregation by Charter?

US unions' continued decline masks new forms of worker activism

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Jan 28th

Dreamliner: Boeing 787 aircraft battery 'not faulty'

Gotta call today to see if I'm called for jury duty.....

5 signs 'liberals' in congress are faking it

I went over to Fox this morning while Ed Rendell was blabbing on MSNBC. Their guest

at some schools, achievement lags behind opportunity {rich vs poor schools}

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED!

Danziger toon: Palin needs a job!

Parents Say 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Driven To Suicide Because Of Bullying

That Obama-Clinton Chemistry (Joint 60-Minutes Interview)

McConnell: 'We Beat The Liberals'

Deal could halt Keystone XL pipeline protests

Icesave: Icelandic government wins compensation ruling


Remember the photo of the guy who carried his dog into Lake Superior to help it sleep?

David Plouffe: First Day Post-White House . . .

Chinese Knockoff Sombrero Drags Colombian Tribe Into Trade Fight

Happy 200th Pride and Prejudice: quiz: Know your Bingleys from your Bennets?

TX, 5 Other States Join New Anti-Regulatory Regulatory Association For "Air Quality"

With US Beef Herd Smallest Since 1952, Cargill Closing Plainview TX Plant - Not Enough Cattle,

DAVOS . .Billionaires Boys Money-loving People-haters Club!

The GOP's Class Warriors: Makers, Takers, Fakers by Paul Krugman

Chris Hedges: White Power to the Rescue

Please Help Legalize Marijuana in PA

Court Ruling on Labor Board a Bid to Return to Era of Open Season on Workers

FDR's Four Freedoms: Diminished and Defiled by Paul Buchheit


Background checks

That is how it is done

How to Save the Democratic Party

la pue and his latest rant!


Hints of rivalry surface as Rubio and Bush weigh 2016 presidential bids

AT LAST! Paul Krugman hands Joe Scarborough et al their collective heads on Morning Joe!

Taking Steps...

So, I was driving through the ice storm at 5 am this morning, crying to a Rihanna song.

Monday Morning Surf Rock thread

Anyone watch The Good Wife ? (spoiler alert)


Senator Franken's Petition for your privacy.

Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Chris Hedges: White Power to the Rescue

5 days of weather in Chicago... Nothing odd about this

Report: Corporations Get 22,000 Percent Return On Their Lobbying Dollars

Super Bowl 2013: Cajun and Creole Snacks for the New Orleans Super Bowl

Is the GOP suicide club still active? - By Steve Kornacki

Billionaires of the world ranked and charted

Sleeping in Former Slave Quarters: Bed and breakfasts in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and NC

Dem Groups Consider Throwing Support Behind Tea Party Candidate Against McConnell

Why is there no Democratic TV channel?

Has anyone watched the movie, Lincoln?

"Rubio succeeds in weakening immigration reform push"

Soledad O'Brien sucks in to trip up a sexist guest - I enjoyed watching her at work

New rumors surface of famine-induced cannibalism in North Korea

Fox News hosts whine at ’60 Minutes’ for ‘no follow up’ on Hillary concussion conspiracy

Blood-Biting Tyrant: Previously Unknown Ancient Super Marine Predator Identified

Barnes & Noble plans to reduce outlets over the decade by 33%

The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far): It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone

KRUGMAN: Makers, Takers, Fakers - GOP=a party that holds a large proportion of Americans in contempt

Why we need God from an atheist's viewpoint

UN Palestine expert Falk: Hamas like French resistance

PA official: Female dress code at Gaza university 'illegal'

Cat Headphones Are The Latest In Cat Fashion From Sol Republic

Video of pro gun rally in MO last weekend. Crazy alert!!!


Pres. Obama to LGBT Conference: Real change doesn’t come from D.C., it comes from folks like you

LOL Rand Paul / Hillary Clinton

I love Skinner's sense of humor

Royal succession bill raises religious questions

Gun talk - by Tom Tomorrow

NCR responds to Bishop Finn: “NCR is proud to call itself a Catholic publication"

Students at Pa. school must ask for toilet paper

Is joe Biden going to run for president?

Bona fide conservative journalist: Today's Republican Party Is Too Shallow To Evolve.

Is it dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield?

LOL of the Day (at least): The Price of Palin: $15.85 per Word Spoken During FOX Contract

27 years ago today

"Poverty of Imagination"...Apparently, there are moments in history when nations just get lost.

Banned from Kos is now Banned from DU

NRA ally Debbie Halvorson could win Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Chicago seat

I just had to log in.

Fossil imports burn Japanese trade again

Happiness is a choice.

Businessman Tied To Dark Money Group Elected Arizona GOP Chair

White Power to the Rescue

John Ramos, incompetent sell-out.

Yeah Baby: GOP Public Image

Meet Bipolar Man, the Lounge's new personal Superhero.

Connecticut Gun Sales Brisk, Mirroring National Trend

How to Save the Democratic Party: Replies (Keith Ellison)

Jesus vs The NRA

Is there a more disgusting Repuke than Scott Walker? >:(

Somebody PLEASE tell me this IS a Newsthump pisstake

Mother Loses Fourth Child To Gun Violence

I thought frozen pancakes were the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. Not any longer.

How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail

The Pity Party gets some new members

Obama States What Should Be Obvious (But Sadly Isn't)

Spineless Democrats

Awesome photo for Kendo fans.

Finally, A Teaparty Bumper Sticker I Can Get Behind

Snap I took on a recent trip to DC ...

The Game Has Changed

Can the Ravens stop San Francisco and the Pistol offense?

BBC: Ferry port seal pup ends up on car dashboard

Chart: The eight Democrats who opposed the talking filibuster

"Just Wonderful"...We finally get to learn about the excellent awesome coolness of Ronald Reagan!

Taiwanese pineapple tarts/shortcakes recipe, just in time for the upcoming Lunar Chinese New Year.

Assuming that the immigration bill in the current form clears the senate ...

The difference between urban and rural people is...

NC: New Walking Tour Will Highlight 'Streetcar Suburbs'

We Are Coming Home

Why aren't there more International Groups (Africa, Asia, and Europe)?

Asian Americans struggle with suicide

Asian Americans struggle with suicide

Colleges Are Going To Start Going Out Of Business

Non-Christians With "Certain Mental Illness" Should Be ONLY Targets For Gun Control

Take Back The Net: it's time to end the culture of online misogyny

Mighty North Atlantic low bombs to 930 mb

The Dubliners ft. The Pogues - The Irish Rover

Rude Pundit: Grappling with Zero Dark Thirty: Torture Works and the CIA Is Nothing But Awesome

So, Lie detector test for pain????

I love the Lounge!!!

Michigan’s GOP House Speaker Expresses Support For Election Rigging

For the Ozzy fans!!! My fav!!!

27 years ago today .... The Challenger Explosion .... thanx to St. Ronald Reagan

January 28, 1986

Report: 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is expected to ask for his release before free agency

Only a minor injury this time at the X Games:

Oil spills after two barges strike Mississippi River bridge

Wage Jihad. Against Misogyny

Archie Bunker's Eulogy....

GOP Settles On Gerrymandering as the Newest Way to Steal Your Vote

Study: Nearly half are overqualified for their jobs

I AM THE 91%

A Chart to Make Fillibuster Reformers Optimistic: Daily Kos

I got nothin'

Houston, they don't know they have a problem

Five years ago today:Ted Kennedy endorses Barack Obama

If you favor filibuster reform, how open and shut a case is it?

How about Pantera???

Former US Ambassador Indyk: Obama And Netanyahu Have 'Bad Chemistry'

5 years ago today...

Rapper Rick Ross crashes car into building after shooting: report

Confirmed: Ahmadinejad has been sent to space


Aging in Brain Found to Hurt Sleep Needed for Memory

Sarah Palin & Tea Party – Dead Movement Walking – The Tea Party Is Dead

The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy

This is another gun thread for those hiding them.

‘New Evangelical’-Progressive Alliance? Not So Fast

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Senators Push For Bipartisan Immigration Reform

Michael Moore: Everyday when parents drop their children off at school...

Just had a huge argument about government assistance to those who entered under the

palin speaks out after leaving faux

From The Gratitude Log:

The Pope’s Dubious Holocaust Remembrance

How Jim Ryan and the repukes will fix Social Security

so why does this appear as a "thumbnail"

US Durable Goods Orders Rise 4.6 Pct. On Aircraft

Maybe its time for a Women Senate Majority Leader

Economists Growing More Upbeat About Year Ahead

Here’s something for the tax-paying ‘Mericans to keep in mind when sequestration hits in 32 days

Egypt Protests Flare for Fifth Day as Opposition Rejects Talks

Rowan Williams, Richard Dawkins to Debate on Role of Religion

How can Republicans/conservatives turn it around and revitalize? Over and over again in the media

Gasoline Advances as Hess Says Shutting Port Reading Refinery

Massachusetts Special Election Date Set For John Kerry's Seat

Why Obama picked Hagel - By Bob Woodward

More shenanigans from an at one time law abiding gun owner. Luckily no tragedy, just a lockdown.

NBC News: Boy Scouts Close to Ending Ban on Gay Members, Leaders

Hey, Dads! What books do / did you love reading to your kids?

Exclusive: Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders

Peter King Works Terrible Stay At Courtyard Marriott Into Every Component Of Super Bowl Preview

What books do / did you love reading to your kids?

Welcome to Obscurity

I'd like to intrude here

I try to be good! Honestly I do! Two more DUers put me on "ignore". I guess I'm just a bad person!

Sept. 11 Defense Seeks Torture Evidence at Cuba Hearing

Has there been fewer juries in the past few days?

Is there a lifetime for my login cookie?

I think I, as an adult, have a human right to medicate myself


Stephen King comments about Wayne LaPrick and his NRA board of directors

Tight Inventory Slows US Pending Home Sales

The latest Lying Two faced republican

Watchdog: Israel using deadly force on unarmed protesters

Nazi Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren Are Hidden Billionaires

Christie Proposes $1 Minimum-Wage Increase Over Three Years

Path to citizenship 'contingent' upon Jan Brewer saying the border is secure

Do we really need a photo of President Obama with a gun to reassure enthusiasts?

Just finished reading My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor.

Kansas lobbyist admits No Rights At Work is about union busting

Report: Sarah Palin cost Fox News Channel nearly $16 per word over run of contract

What is to be said about a political party in the U.S...

America's Real Criminal Element: Lead (Mother Jones)

Brazil: bar codes on sidewalks give tourist info

Law enforcement competing with civilians for ammunition

NC fish story and fight over prize will get trial

Cows Fed Flaxseed Produce More Nutritious Dairy Products

Are the NRA, gun & ammo companies, gold sellers and conspiracy nuts (i.e. Alex Jones)--

It's inequality, stupid

Good job jury

Pentagon to boost cybersecurity force

An interesting thought about the reduction of drunk driving accidents..

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You (love this kid!)

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicates in favour of son

Microsoft blames OEMs for slow Windows 8 sales, plans February "relaunch"

This kitten gets all the chicks

Reason people buy AR-15 type guns is similar to the reason why people buy Huge SUVs...

Drill reaches Antarctica's under-ice Lake Whillans

Gearing up for the MA Special election: June 25th

Why is the concept of race and ethnicity so messed up in America?

Grassroots Activists Speak on Chavez’s Absence: “We’ll Fight Even Harder”

The New Fourth Estate: Anonymous, Wikileaks, and –archy

GM plans $600-million expansion at Kansas City plant for Chevy Malibu, Buick LaCrosse sedans

Tory right presses Cameron to close UK to Bulgarians and Romanians

Preserve CIA prisons as evidence, lawyers for 9/11 suspects ask

Obama turns to police officers in gun control fight

Bernie Sanders on why he voted NO for fillibuster reform

Hummingbird, LIVE cam!

Cloudy with a chance of canines

Next Generation of Surveillance

Elaborate petroglyphs discovered in Mexico

CAP: Faith-Based Groups Had a Progressive Effect During the 2012 Election

Three to Remember - Outside the Line Report

MN Dad Points AK-47 At Daughter Because She Didn’t Get Straight A’s

Biden "toon"

Scarborough on Palin: Fox News chief decided ‘she’s not worth the trouble’

fall leaves

Three arrested in connection with deadly Brazil nightclub fire

Gang Of 8’s Path To Citizenship Is Still A Rocky Road

The GOP’s Big Sequester Bluff

Obama urges police chiefs to help pass tougher gun laws

Bipolar Man gets out LynnSin's Staple Gun and posts his new Coffee House Menu

There is nothing like a shellacking to make ReTHUGs become bipartisan

(Mass.) Special Senate election to be held June 25

Inner Conversation

Face-to-Face with a Leopard Seal (video)

"I think this post should be hidden as an attempt at disruption"

Bipolar Man gets out LynnSin's Staple gun and posts advert for the new Silence of the Lambs Burger.

If Republicans Take Control of the Senate, The Very First Thing That They Will Do Is...

the Mardi Gras on Mainstreet Dog Parade in Deland Florida

LED Sheep

You May Soon Be Able To Buy Your Own Drone For Only $50

job application question

Live hummingbird nest cam, 2 babies, NOW!

Did you ever feel like you are a commodity?

Schumer Showers McCain With Praise At Immigration Reform Presser

'Premeditated Flash Dump' of Apple Shares Behind Friday's Last-Second Slump, Says Trader

For those who think dogs are dumb, well check this out...

Gun Trolls vs "RKBA Democrats" - URK!

Report: Treasury approved excessive pay for executives at bailed-out AIG, GM and Ally

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Created (Sandy Hook Victim)

Just when I thought I'd heard it all from Freepers

The other day I meet someone who'd lived in MN for 7 years. She didn't know

Guatemala Ex-Dictator to Stand Trial on Genocide

Guatemala Ex-Dictator to Stand Trial on Genocide

Krugman Schools 'Morning Joe' on Austerity: 'How Many Times' Do I Have to Be Right?

President Obama welcomes Miami Heat to White House to celebrate 2012 title

Venezuela to 'modify' windfall tax on oil firms

FYI, my show from last night has a big first section on Science and Innovation with respect to

Cuba's Castro assumes CELAC presidency

Cuba's Castro assumes CELAC presidency

Cauliflower "French Fries" - low fat, healthy, easy.

Google Sued Over Apple Browsing Privacy

Muted TV while filling my car

About abortion, gay rights, guns, and other stuff

Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill's antidote to Zero Dark Thirty's heroic narrative

The Associated Press Top 25 Mens Poll 1/28/2013

State Dept. Closes Office Working on Shutting Guantánamo Prison

PBS "Independent Lens" tonight looks at fundy textbook morons

Who's in charge of you fucking fucks

US economy gets lift from housing, other tailwinds

North Korea Claims New Long Range Missile Has Ability To Fly Right Up In The Air, Not Unlike A Bird

3 reasons to be skeptical that immigration reform will pass

Cool Thomas Jefferson quote from my cryptogram...

Thom Hartmann: Why Does the Pro-Life Movement Align w/the Pro-Death Party?

Your 2016 Presidential Preference

Pro-assault weapons goon heckled the father of one of the kids slaughtered in Newtown

35,000 More NYC-Area Buildings In Flood Zones

Double Take

Recounting the nightmares of the Holocaust

JC Penney Brings Back The Big Discounts It Ditched Last Year In A Bid To Woo Back Shoppers

At War With Alzheimer’s - A Latina Immigrant's Story

Gun Enthusiasts Heckle Father Of Newtown Victim

Hyphen mischief

We are the 99%

Israel Approves Plan To Transfer Some Bedouin Arabs; Rights Group Calls Plan 'Racist'

'Cliff' Notes on Austerity 2.0 from the Institute for America's Future

Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3am is a waste (as I've stated for years here)

What REM’s Losing My Religion sounds like in a major key

Under qualified at being ...overqualified?

Stoned violence Against a Chocolate Machine

With no fillibuster reform, kiss gun control GOODBYE.

Bay Buchanan quits TV punditry, takes online real estate class after Romney’s ‘brutal’ loss

Chicken Marsala

Chris Christie vetoes minimum wage increase

Republicans got it right: Taxes are bad.

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 28, 1995

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 28, 1995

This boy is a bottom

PHOTOS: Argentinians Have a Message for France

British troops to join Mali mission

Pride group: Chick-fil-A doesn't fund most divisive groups

Mary Elizabeth Bowser - Spy with a photographic memory

Virginia Electoral College Rigging Scheme Would Further Disenfranchise Minority Voters

A client of mine who is a police chief just gave me a 2013 PBA card as a gift.

A Bird Ballet

Report: No problem with Secret Service response to Colombia scandal

If automobile, tobacco, pharmaceutical and other companies ..

Does an image like this make you more likely to stop eating meat?

Israel: Iran slowing nuclear program, won’t have bomb before 2015

Ford, Nissan, Daimler Agree To ‘Unique’ 3-Way Agreement To Launch First Affordable Fuel Cell Auto...

Freeper heads explode in three, two, one.....

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D Cal., said to Tweety!

The notion that Romney would have won under a different electoral college system is dubious.

Kadima staying independent - for now

Senate To Vote On Violence Against Women Act Next Week

The Hill: Clinton backers launch ‘Ready for Hillary’ super-PAC in hopes of 2016 campaign

Right-Wing Media Misfire With Bloomberg Ambush Interview

Armstrong Gear Goes on Closeout After Doping Confession

The Shocking Ways California Catholic Church Officials Protected a Priest Who Molested 26 Kids

"Man Prayer"

No Democrats in Washington Race

Why are we surprised that the gun nuts behaved the way they did?

Optical Illusion Turns Pretty Hollywood Actors Into Freaky Monsters

Neoliberalism No More: Making Common Cause to Defeat the Harper Agenda

Holy Shite Michael Steele just told Rev Al that he is very disappointed with

LodgeNet sees emerging from bankruptcy in 60 days

What are YOU doing for Meat Week?

GOP World --- Drug Testing For Any Government Benefit ---- Loyalty Oaths On Demand?

NRA Tactics Under Fire After Father of Newtown Victim Heckled - video link

New video addresses climate threat from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Mexico missing band: Bodies found in Nuevo Leon well

Irish council approves motion to allow rural drink-driving

FACT CHECK: The Stretched Case Against Chuck Hagel

Treasury approved big pay raises at bailed-out AIG, Ally and GM, report says

Missile launcher shows up at Seattle gun buyback

AFA's Bryan Fischer on the Boy Scouts:

For those that think all guns should be banned

Arizona backs off on oath that would deny atheists right to graduate

Russian FM Calls For Iran And The West To Stop Behaving ‘Like Children’ On Nuclear Talks

Reuters - Texas woman who killed neighbor to die in rare execution

The GOP Is A Disease Like The HIV Virus ---- It Is Damned Near Incurable And Highly Contagious ---

Two weeks of hosting GD.

Keep ye the faith

National Treasure Dr. Maya Angelou is coming to UGA

Yep, she is one very wise Latina.

Who's in charge of fucking ducks?

With Kathleen Wynne's victory in Ontario, six of Canada's 13 premiers are women

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant will get series of inspections before restart

Who's in charge of ducking fucks?

So Tiger Woods gets laid and wins a Tourney

This is my kind of recruiter.

Public Opinion Is on Chuck Hagel's Side

Bank robber shot and killed by security officer in Flint bank lobby

So, I'm doing a shift at the local hardware store and this out-of-towner comes in.

Israel's Ethiopian Birth Control Story Reflects A Broader Problem (The Daily Beast)

George Will Another Chickenhawk