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Archives: January 29, 2013

First extreme heat, now extreme flooding in Australia

Anybody have the juror comments for this one that was allowed to stand?

Florida's Aquifer Flows In Swiss-Cheesy Karst (At Astonishing Rates) But No Slowdown In Permits

JCPenney Is Eliminating All The Receptionists At Its Salons — Perhaps 1,000 Employees

15,000 Farm-raised Crocodiles Escape in South Africa

Russia Eyeing Ban On US Pork, Beef Over Growth Additive (Ractopamine)

28 january 1986--space shuttle challenger disaster

An open letter to President Obama: Get real about climate change, block the Keystone XL Pipeline

4th January Verse, Same As The First - Beijing Air Quality Hits "Hazardous" Benchmark Again

At the end of the day

Americans for Prosperity Provides "Grassroots" for Controversial Wisconsin Mining Bill

Parents: You wouldn't do this...

Chicago Homicide Rate 2013 Already At 40 Before End Of January

Uninsured Energy Workers Burying ND Hospitals In Debt: McKenzie CO Hospital Debt Up 2,000% In 4 Yrs

Hostess picks Little Debbie maker for Drake's cakes

Move over, Times Square Olive Garden.

Jesus Christ, 36 Republicans voted against Sandy Disaster Relief


Louis Doup's will (gave his money to charities, long time employees, friends, and relatives)

Obama Puts Fox In Charge of Henhouse

The Latest on Kate and your Prayers

36 Senators voting NO for Sandy bill (All GOPers, of course)

Local Elections Matter

Right-wing whackjob David French: The Lawd says everyone should be packing heat.....

Happy Birthday Alan Alda and Jackson Pollock!

A literary icon turns 200 today: Happy birthday Pride & Prejudice!

Playing Ball

Judge Napolitano shocks Fox host: Immigration is ‘a natural right’

Have you guys heard about the HAPIfork?.......

Luckovich Toon- Path to Citizenship

Grumpy cat mocks Hello Kitty

New Video about "right-to-work" and "paycheck protection" (updated)

Funniest post in days

Iceland wins Icesave case at European court

Quantifiable proof that a majority of white evangelical Americans are hate-fueled sociopaths ...

How exactly do I delete my account?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What EFF has to say about "The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013" (see below for original link)

Do You Give As Much Thought to Restaurant Workers as You Do to Your Organic Chicken?

How many people have you on ignore?

You cannot alert on you own posts now?

State Superintendent in Michigan calls for big pay boost for teachers

Luke Russert Calls The Jimmy Dore Show

"Bipartisan Framework for Immigration Reform" report

Brothel Patrons Have No Legal Expectation of Privacy, Judge Rules

Hillary got Emotional!

The credit card companies will *Fuck* You Up if you're not careful.

DU Semi-Annual Demographics Poll: Location, Location, Location

The disappearing 20% TIP! (3700 votes for tip integrity)

The Shocking Ways California Catholic Church Officials Protected a Priest Who Molested 26 Kids

The thing about any debate with the GOP base is that their thinking has

Battery Material (developed by Oak Ridge Natl Lab) Prevents Fires, Stores Five Times the Energy

Thank You Paul Eddie Munster Ryan

Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation

NRA publishes enemies list.

Why are those here who eat meat so defensive?

WTF? Paul Ryan is a genius.

"Why Obama picked Hagel" By Bob Woodward at the Washington Post

Roxanne Rubin, Nevada Republican, Accepts Plea Deal After Committing Voter Fraud

Real World Experience vs. College: Which is more useful?

"What Sarah Palin meant" (political obituary at WP)

Republican trying to prove how it easy it is to commit voter fraud gets arrested for voter fraud.


Domestic partnership bill clears first hurdle in Wyoming

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Personhood? & a new kitty gif

Poll: Most support letting working illegal immigrants stay in U.S.

Some of you understand this all too well

Our Dog and Her Treats

Opportunity Rover Starts Year 10 on Mars with Remarkable Science Discoveries

Bipartisan group of senators unveils immigration reform plan

Sewers, Curfews and a Ban on Gay Bias in a KENTUCKY town!

A Turtle Dedicated to Excellence

"How Obama’s nomination of republican Chuck Hagel could trigger the demise of the republican party"

Union-Made Super Bowl Party

How would you make a quick $20 ?

Cross-post from LBN

A sorry anniversary.....

"The GOP Plan: Go Left on Immigration, Right on Everything Else"

New Credit Card Transaction Fees: List Of States Charging 4% Surcharge ‘Checkout’ Fee

Paul Krugman is coming up next on the Rachel Maddow Show. Change your channel...

"The urgency of growth" by E. J. Dionne at WP

Wow. Rachel Maddow Manages to Sound Like Both a Nitpicker and a Know-Nothing

when was the last time you got a postcard?

Spring hemp farming to begin in Colorado

I must be a DU anomaly, is it cool that I still vote DEM?

Timothy Geithner's exit interview

How Israeli Government Officials Fueled A Conspiracy Website Story About Iran

Sen. Durbin plans to press for H-1B restrictions

Tell Nissan it must DO BETTER!

Israel: New MKs – The Importance Of Your American Cousins

"Paul Ryan: Obama 2nd term ‘won’t be pretty’" By DAVID ROGERS at POLITICO

GOP govenors are the ones to watch for now

Limbaugh: It’s Up To Me And Fox News To Stop Amnesty

California police look for ‘idiots’ who shut down busy highway by driving in circles

Reich: Unions are almost extinct in America because we’ve chosen to make them extinct.

Simple Guide to Gerrymandering (how 26% is a win for Republicans)

U.S. soldier receives rare double arm transplant

Searchable Database of New Jersey Records

Most of Our Debt Is Fake - Let's Abolish It

"The Source of all Things"...and other difficult women's issues

When It's Easy For Anyone And Everyone To Get A Gun, This Happens (video)

Basic settings for network port forwarding.

Why does my PC keep jumping ahead 2 minutes?

KS legislature schedules spring break so they can go to ALEC conference

Anybody ever play Skat or Thirty-One? card game -

Kansas: KanCare falling short, endangering citizens

Expand Marine Sanctuaries to Block Offshore Oil

Very, very unhappy with recent quality of Netflix DVDs - anyone else having problems?

Man arrested after abduction attempt at elementary school

On Pu Erh, The Other Tea

Metal Marimba

Send Hummers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan.

Received an URGENT MESSAGE from the NRA today....

What's your favorite smiley?

I like you, I love you!

FL allows $64 million in budget for 2013 charter school maintenance. Zero for public schools.

"The Revisionaries" on Independent Lens.

"How Aggressive Narcissism Explains Lance Armstrong"

Group pushes anti-Hagel case

President Obama likes to shoot skeet at Camp David

Australia's Latest Wave Of Urban Refugees - Koalas

Anyone else having trouble streaming Netflix through a Roku tonight?

More than half of television weather reporters are climate deniers

Fox Mischaracterizes Obama's Answer On Benghazi; Makes It Seem He Was Joking About 4 Dead Americans

Roger Hedgecock advocates for guns on airplanes as good solution

In ‘Occupy,’ Well-Educated Professionals Far Outnumbered Jobless, Study Finds

This Question will Assume That There is a God

Snyder asks Mich. Supreme Court to decide right-to-work's constitutionality

Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria! nt

Neil Heslin, the heckled parent at the Capitol hearing on gun control...

For those who have experience with desert climates...

North Korean parents eating their own children..but banqets for Kim

Blind state lawmaker 1st Iranian-American elected in U.S. Washington State Drops the (Other) H-Bomb -from SLPC -"Godwin’s Law proved true once again on Friday"

America's Next Top Messi

Air Force Software Turns Warplanes Into Wireless Routers in the Sky

In a desert land you become the leader of the people...

A Younger Feminist’s Reflection on The Feminine Mystique

Outside The West No One Is Much Concerned About Iran’s Nuclear Policies Threat – Chomsky

Paul Ryan Releases Three-point Plan to Save Medicare

Heads up: Sen. Bernie Sanders is on with Tavis tonight

The Story ‘Bout Abe... (Atheist Pig)

Microsoft Alum Calls Windows 8 'A Much Deadlier Assault Weapon' Than Windows 7

The Eskimo and the Priest

The wealthy benefit more from government than do the poor. Exhibit A:

If you really think the environment is less important than the economy ...

Our watchdog media.

We May Have Won The Election But GOP Still Dragging The Country Down ----

The F Word in Buddhism: 'Daughters of the Buddha' Discuss How Buddhist Women Can Achieve Equality

Earthquake Early Warning in California Shifts Closer

A Second G.O.P. by D. Brooks

Wicked Game

How Obama Is Unraveling The White-Wing, and GOP In General

Guns Nuts Would Give Up Their First Born Rather Than Give Up Their Gun - Would

Bag from missing Missoni plane found on Curacao

Former Ecuador judge on Chevron case says plaintiffs bribed court

Whats the definition of a Priebus??

Wonder why the Rethugs are in such a hurry to cut entitlements?

Venezuela making 'bald-faced lies' over Chavez: opposition

Ta da! I finally reguilt Mr. Duck - the first cover I made for Yoshi's wiggly giggly ball

This duck walks into a bar.....

There are Two Novels That Can Change a Bookish 14 Year Old's Life:

North Korea, walking down the path of destruction

2003 Old fire arsonist sentenced to death

The Exhaustion Of The American Teacher

White Power to the Rescue

Biotech firms lobby states to limit generic competition

'Revenge porn' is about degrading women sexually and professionally

US military plans drone base near Mali

Texas to execute a woman, first in US since 2010

Goodnight, all. Les Paul on his 90th birthday:

January 29: National Corn Chip Day

"Coach" Obama?

Texas Legislature Wants To Reward Companies That Deny Employees Contraception

Nazi Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren Are Hidden Billionaires

The unemployed pay millions in needless fees under state-run payment-card programs, consumer group s

Guantanamo Secret Censor Frustrates Judge In 9/11 Case

Hy-Vee Addresses Credit Card Surcharge

Australia's 'first bloke' says: seek small, female Asian medics for prostate checks

National Retail Federation Forecasts Slower Sales in 2013

Obama Will Include Same-Sex Couples In Immigration Plan

Can someone explain the MA Health Care Law to me?


Republican Barbie

I was staring into the abyss, and then the abyss kinda like gave me the once-over

Krugman on Rachel last night - must see!!

Democratic National Convention economic impact

Havana’s biggest tourist trap is reborn as Cuba anticipates U.S. tourist influx

Tornadoes possible in a number of states today

Super Pac Launch

Let's see who Whining Joe has on his show today to refute the butt whipping Krugman gave him

The media is painting Rubio as the savior and frontman in the immigration reform efforts. He is

Mike Malloy - Republicans Don´t Have Any Core Values

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Christian Lunatics Of 2013 (so far...)

Harbaugh and the 49ers respond to Obama...

Kill GD. Two weeks of hosting GD like being a hostage? Hat Tip to Warren Stupidity...

Mike Malloy - The Catholic Church Is A Filthy Stinking Organization

SEVERE WEATHER Rainfall Forecast Map: for the USA Wed. 30 JAN through 31 JAN. AUTOMATIC UPDATES

They killed all the adoptable dogs (50+) at our county animal shelter yesterday.

Three-mile oil sheen follows barge crash on Mississippi river

U.S. military plans to build drone base in North Africa: official

How do you spell "irrelevant"? B-O-E-H-N-E-R

Giant Squid says, "Hi!"

Archae's Winter Wonderland Adventure

I chose Olympus Tough TG-1

The DRAGON Sleeps Tonight

Know Your Relationships

George Will: Women in combat ‘dumbing down the standards’ because of ‘anatomical facts’

Hi, Sam!

Get in Mah TUMMY!

Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have

Israeli elections: the doomsday merchants proven wrong

Call for soft drink sugar tax in Budget

Pentagon Cyber Force Turns To Hackers To Meet Growing Demand

Senators Schumer and McCain: Immigration Reform Plan Is Not Amnesty

Stanley Karnow Dead: Vietnam Reporter, Author Dies At 87

Latest Pathetic Conservative Attack on Social Security: Disability Fraud Hysteria


Howard Dean and Tom Daschle on MoJoe

5 Shocking Ways the Christian Right Has Forced the Bible Into America's Schools

Counting Down to 2014 in Afghanistan

From Bradley Manning to Aaron Swartz -- The Government's Inhumane Persecution of Brave Truth Tellers

The 8 Most Extreme Moments of the New Congress

tea-bag state Senator Bill Heath has his panties in a wad re. Chip Rogers

Most countries do little to combat corruption in arms trade, study finds

Ash Dieback Reaches From Cornwall To Inverness; Unstoppable, Though Individual Trees May Be Saved

The new Tea Party flag

Today is not that day

WashU Hydrogeologist - Barge Industry "Living In An Imaginary World" Of Susbsidies & Support

Are Valentine hearts happening this year?

More opposite thinking ...

Controversial Suspension For Contestant On Israel's 'The Voice'

‘Off-the-scale’ smog envelops Beijing and northern China

Stand your ground? Bull s*$@*!!!

Pygmy elephants found dead in Borneo after 'poisoning'

Sandy aid passes Senate despite GOP opposition (updated)

Tigers under threat from disappearing mangrove forest

As republicans change their image...

Gerrymandering By Residence GOP Next Step - Geography Still Not Good Enough

Computers sought in redistricting lawsuit

‘I Got It Wrong On Climate Change–It’s Far, Far Worse,’ An ‘Existential’ Threat for many

World Bank spending on forests fails to curb poverty, auditors claim

McCain: Covering Gay Couples In Immigration Reform ‘Not Of Paramout Importance At This Time’

It's all clear to me now.

The Setting Sun and the American Empire by Tom Engelhardt

Question about C&P Exams and Disability Ratings

Thirty day and All Time Post Numbers (Nine Main)

Employees? Consumers? Feh!

TYT: Cenk breaks down Obama/Hillary joint interview

Opponents of “Corporate Personhood” Eye US Constitution by Matthew Cardinale

Do any of you blog about your experiences, or would you be willing to?

"This is lavish and corrupt corporate welfare at its most insidious ..."

Another Overreach Rebuke of Federal Attorney Carmen Ortiz: The Motel Seizure Case

Father Points AK-47 at Daughter for School Grades

So now it's acceptable to call another DUer a liar

PBS Drone Coverage Brought to You by Drone Makers

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Rethuglicans

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Guns

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Women in War

girls become women by aging. boys become men by doing.

Nicholas Stern: ‘I Got It Wrong On Climate Change–It’s Far, Far Worse,’ An ‘Existential’ Threat...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Texas Public Schools: Still Teaching Creationism

Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico to eliminate trade barriers


Please support passage of the Cooperative Development Act!

Neil Heslin, Father Of Newtown Victim, Heckled By Pro-Gun Activists

President Obama Will Include Same-Sex Couples In Immigration Plan- Congress' (Dems) Intent Uncertain

“I feel, therefore it exists”

the right still headed south

Did This 15-Year-Old Kid Just Change the Course of Medicine?

Turning tide? Lawmakers look to Pentagon for budget cuts

2010 flash back: Rush (and Beck) "Obama is going to ban fishing". Still waiting...

Bailout Big Pay

Immigration Reform To Provide Net Benefit To U.S. Economy

Toe Cracking like Cats and Dogs

Workers Griping by Facebook May Lose Jobs After Ruling

Well, well, well...a flashback worth bringing up in 2014

These People Actually Exist…

Wow, A Freeper Sees The Light: "I just can't handle it anymore."

'Don't Be That Guy' ad campaign cuts Vancouver sex assaults by 10 per cent in 2011

Air Force belt tightening likely to hit Scott hard

Can Dems hold Kerry’s seat?

When cooking vegans, is ten-minutes-per-pound still a good rule of thumb?

Pentagon gave $100,000 to contractors that they...used to lobby for more earmarks

right is still pulling the same stix

In Newtown, first responders struggle to rebuild

Five reasons Republicans won't win Latino voters with immigration reform

Canada same week:Carriers would be required to unlock phones, cap monthly bills

Oprah gets Whitney Houston's mother to open up, and can't quite believe what she hears

Complaints against maternity hotels surge

A Monday Morning: America

Bill Gates: nice charity work, shame about the business practices

Hospital evacuated as Australia hit by heavy flooding

Well, that was worth it, wasn't it?

Pennsylvanians Do Not Like Tom Corbett (latest Quinnipiac numbers)

What's for Dinner ~ Tues Jan 29th

Call of doodie - by Matt Bors

Surfer Breaks World Record By Riding Enormous 100-Foot Wave

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? Only When It’s Convenient

Why are people not marching in the streets?

"I know a good dad when I see one"

the non zero sum society

They want to destroy Social Security for what reason(s)?

Video concealed weapon permit holder being arrested in 2009

President's Republican Guard

Lawmaker looks outside VA to fill mental care gap

SPCA/ABBA! Brilliant!

Senate panel approves Kerry nomination unanimously

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level Since 2011

Rapist wins damages from government

Senate Panel Approves John Kerry Nomination


farmers begin planting hemp under new colorado hemp legalization

Poo. My one a day jury duty was co-opted by a consensus decision by the forum hosts.

Judges and Harry Reid agree: Mitch McConnell runs the country Senate Democrats' epic filibuster cave

I prefer the dog posts to the endless speculation about who will run for president in 2016.

Wow. It's really raining here in KCMO

Mitch McConnell may be in trouble.

Refunds Seen Postponed in IRS Quest to Stamp Out ID Theft

Chicago May See Record Warmth as Severe Weather Moves East

Has Garrett McNamara ridden the 100-foot wave in Nazaré?

GOP Rep Says He Opposes Immigration Reform Because Latinos Are Uneducated, Will Never Support Republ

Egypt's armed forces chief warns unrest could cause collapse of state

The First Panorama From the Top of the Tallest Building in the World

"I Just F*cking Shot Myself"

Is There A Place For The Mind In Physics? Part I

MRAPs getting upgraded escape hatches

Newtown first responders: “Words can’t describe how horrible it was”

Kelvin Okafor pencil drawings amaze art critics

Saudi Sets Limitations on Religious Police Powers

Oakland Sideshow 880 Freeway Takeover

Bobo (David Brooks) is calling for the GOP to split- I couldn't agree more!

Transportation Secretary LaHood To Leave Office

For Raven fans! Not what you think!

NDP bid to repeal Clarity Act is a bad move for Canada

LOL - California Archbishop Compares Marriage Equality To ‘Legalizing Male Breastfeeding’

Drought caused an Omaha street to erupt in fireballs

A thought about an assault weapons ban

Who has more power over their party the Republican Base or the Democratic Base?

The Awful Recess Appointment Ruling

Are we all just bigoted against the right?

Obama Will Include Same-Sex Couples In Immigration Plan

Report: Navy weapons testing safe for marine mammals

OMG! These are delish!!!....

YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions This Spring

Catholic priests, people and penance

U.S.-Cuba Policy: A Boon for Cuban-American Entrepreneurs - Saul Landau

Fox Paid Sarah Palin $15.85 For Each Rambling Word

Carville & Matalin, Overcooked/Done at CNN.

These high school kids, especially Jeremiah, is/are the antithesis of the Stuebenville filth

T-storm last night

Raytheon Warhead Completes Test Flight, Pentagon Says

62.-36 vote to aid Sandy victims , 97-0 for Katrina

Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill's antidote to Zero Dark Thirty's heroic narrative

Ex-49er faces felony charges in argument over soy sauce and underpants

The Real ‘60 Minutes’ Revelation - by Michael Tomasky

Ok, so I'm going through this CDC report on Sexual Violence

IMDb post: "Conservatives are the intelligent people, not libtards!"

Mass killing discovered in Aleppo

Sign up for a free Early warning System in case of Emergency (If you live in San Francisco)

Obama announces additional $155 million in aid to Syria

Egyptians Defy Curfew as Army Warns of ‘Collapse’

Bay Buchanan quits TV punditry, takes online real estate class after Romney’s ‘brutal’ loss

Things Haven't Been Going Well In Okinawa

Israel president demands crackdown on racism in football

Paul Craig Roberts: Nature’s Capital is the Limiting Resource

Are we going to have a governmental crisis on March 27, 2013?

Local radio wingnut can't think of a single wingnut "Rights" case the ACLU ever defended

Paul Craig Roberts: Final Call - Nature’s Capital is the Limiting Resource

Altamont Pass turbines kill 50% fewer birds

Ronald Gilbert Murder: Calif. doctor fatally shot in exam room; suspect in custody

"I Just F*cking Shot My Fiance"

Aide to Egyptian President Morsi Says Holocaust Was a Hoax by the U.S.

Illinois 17th Congressional District (Cheri Bustos) Priorities Poll

Gore Says Tough U.S. Network Competition Forced Sale of Current TV

Re: a recent Doonesbury--do women really glow when they're pregnant?

More news about murderous kittykats: They kill billions- every year.

Katy Bar The Door - If The Repugs Filibuster Hagel.....

Outdoor Cats: Single Greatest Source of Human-Caused Mortality for Birds and Mammals, Says New Study

Who has acting experience?

Dan Snyder says he fired Vinny Cerrato for letting him hire Jim Zorn

Immigration Reform Cleverly Disguised GOP Ruse ---- Undocumented Will Never Get Citizenship

Perrys Dog and Pony show live

NRA's Blatant Lie About The Mental Illness Registry

New Group Suggestion: "Elder Care Givers"

Digging Deep in the DNA

GOP Election Schemes All About Beating The Demographics So ---

(CHICAGO) Cary Grove (HS) Drill To Include Shooting Blanks In Hallways

Why I’m breaking the cycle of violence in Afghanistan

Winner won't take all? Michigan Republican leadership open to exploring new rules for presidential e

A-Hole Linked AGAIN to Banned Drugs

Look At This Kid's Face And Tell Us A Better Roadmap To Citizenship Isn't Important

David Brooks, Tired Of The GOP, Wants New Friends, More Hotel Variety & Sympathy For Being SO Smart.

Are you a Conservative?

Chances Are This Is The Reason Someone You Know Avoids Needed Care

Bill Halter announces Democratic campaign for governor

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Working On Immigration Reform? Good Luck With That

McCain: Finds a way to weaponize the border-"We need border drones to get a deal on immigration"

Why the assault weapons ban is (probably) going nowhere

Jindal's speech to rectify a dying GOP, mobilizes the Freepers.....

Ray LaHood stepping down as U.S. transportation secretary

Scalia: Constitution is ‘dead, dead, dead’

That Daily Shower Can Be a Killer

Conservative Angst

31 Senate Republicans Opposed Sandy Relief After Supporting Disaster Aid For Home States

Now From Gun Control/Safety The Talk Has Turned To Immigration Reform & The Repugs Are Looking To...

A Crash Course in Playing the Numbers

Garden State Equality to Mark Zuckerberg: Unfriend Chris Christie

Fraud at Art Auctions? Say It Isn't So.

Fundamentalists are a fucking pain everywhere on this planet

Booze and guns don't mix, and that includes wine!

Study: Men with breast cancer fare worse than women

Just How Much Is Sports Fandom Like Religion?

One Concerned Cat

Philips exits shrinking home entertainment business

The Internet is Not Killing Organized Religion

How The GOP Is Talking Itself Past The ‘Amnesty’ Trap

Group’s goal: Take religion out of politics and policy

Where do most undocumented immigrants live?

Texas State Representative creates a bill to revive the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry

Vitter Remakes Himself

Study: Lumpectomy Combined With Radiation Could Be Powerful Weapon In Fight Against Breast Cancer

Could this be PM Harper's undoing?

I use to believe/think that men could be feminists

"The best defense against tyranny is an informed and engaged citizenry. Not millions of petty armed

How Walmart Is In The Process Of Strangling Our Food System

We have just dumped comcast. Now, what do you recommend for watching tv on the internet?

Google images looking different

Madison March 14: People of Faith United For Justice Advocacy Day

American insurers charge reckless rich drivers less than safe poor drivers

McCain's reasoning for immigration reform

A tisket a tasket ... a puppy in a basket

The Most Addictive Infographic About Walmart's Greed We've Ever Seen

Immigrant Shot In Driveway by Georgia Man

Is Immigration reform the most important thing we need to address now?

Demonstration interrupts Perry speech

GOP scale of Rape

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 29, 1996

Interest Rates (What we "know" is so Wrong!)

Obama: Islamic AntiChrist-ish usurper who is a lot like Hitler, only a commie (Freepers freak out)

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 29, 1996

Maddow: 'Liberal' Group Running Anti-Hagel Ads Probable Fake

Oscar nod for protest film cheers Palestinians

Did President Obama Launch War On Fox News? Yes and they took the bait. (VIDEO)

Dell foundation to announce ‘major gift’ to UT

IMO, the only people who are going to take the teabaggers guns away are the repo-men hired by the...

NRA’s LaPierre: Universal Background Checks A Waste Of Time

Some usernames prove false very quickly

Conservatives lose boundary review vote

Seattle Gun Buy Back gets turned into Gun Show.

Stunt driver Ken Block in his ultimate playground.

Cargill vigil: Wayland Baptist's Harral Auditorium filled with prayer, song (2,000 lose jobs)

Ethics training, Marine Corps style.

Support grows for couple facing jail for deer rescue....

U.S. government warns of hack threat to network gear

Sick or Educational? I can't make up my mind.

Bill to regulate strip clubs resurfaces in Kansas

Lawmaker files bill to bring back Texas A&M-UT football game

Hope for 2014: Pennsylvania voters disapprove of the job Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is doing.

Poll: Texas Voters Have Had Enough Of Rick Perry

15.6 million dollars on one side... 25 Large on the other.

Whistleblowing miner fired and then sued by company.

I remember posting that night, asking DUers to keep the first responders in their thoughts, and ...

Prosecute Deputy for Shooting Dog Without Cause

Judge OKs $4B BP oil spill criminal settlement; BP to plead guilty to manslaughter

Seattle Teachers' Uprising. Refuse to give faulty standardized test. Democracy Now video.

A snap of the congress I took on a recent trip to DC

House GOP Silent As Senate Plans Vote On Violence Against Women Act

today in women's herstory

a biography of the day-muna lee

Crazy, but I am seriously thinking....

FInally - text of S.150 Bill...Assault Weapons Ban of 2013

Today's IPad update

Now this is how to do ethics training.

just for fun

The Ultimate Cookbook For Meat Lovers

You need more guns....

Cost-cutting measures could save UT $490 million in 10 years, panel says

a biography of the day-alice catherine evans

GOP Frankenstein ---- It's Still Alive. It's Alive!!!

Mike Malloy reviews Clinton's testimony at Benghazi hearings and wonders about that bunker next door

Rush Limbaugh Is Accusing President Obama Of Orchestrating Media Boycotts

NFL players union funding $100 million Harvard study on injury

Shameless hecklers cannot silence the love Neil Heslin had for his 6-year-old son Jesse...

Mark Zuckerberg: Unfriend Chris Christie

some quotes of the day--germaine greer

McCain: Binational Same-Sex Couples Are ‘Not Of Paramount Importance’ To Immigration Reform

Mystery Diners

Boehner and the Minority of the Majority

A lot of "Revenge Porn" is not revenge

Consumers: Look Out for New Credit Card Surcharge

Video from Democracy Now on Seattle teachers and MAP

Agreement will allow students to finish 2-year degree at UT-Austin

The Hoax of Entitlement Reform with Robert Reich

UK vs US, violent crime meme

Dems Agree on Candidate to Challenge NJ's Christie.

Can you imagine any SCOTUS nominee saying this?

Doing something positive for Neil Heslin, the father of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis

We Would Not Need All These Poverty Programs If -------

Gov't paying medical providers to go digital, screw ups follow

GRAPHIC: Lilly Ledbetter (4 years ago today!)

Jockeying For Credit Already Under Way On Immigration Reform

I have a question for CaliforniaPeggy's husband.

NFL alumni are dying ... and few care

Rubio To Rush: I Have An Escape Hatch On Immigration

Obama's Permanent Campaign: Can He Use His Reelection Playbook to Change Washington?

Secretary of State Jon Husted & other Republicans say Electoral College changes not in store for OH

I could be totally lying about this---

Lindsey Graham: Hillary Clinton 'Got Away With Murder' In Benghazi

"Most of us used to be them". Obama's making a passionate, articulate case for immigration reform.

Florida man accused of fraud after name change in 'act of love'


eek, electrical question

Zen cat

GOP Rep Says He Opposes Immigration Reform Because Latinos Are Uneducated, Will Never Support Republ

Rubio Rubs Rumps With Rush...

A new petition from Progressives United.

Shut up, LUKE Russert. You make stuff up. @msnbc

Senate hires new law firm in redistricting case

Papantonio: How The Gun Industry Sells Mass Shootings

Soledad coming to MSNBC ??

Want to see a sour puss?

Is your local paper full of "writings of the founders" letters?

Man being accused of fraud by the state because he took wife's last name after marriage

How Boeing’s Dreamliner Was Grounded

Massachusetts keeps mental health data from FBI gun checks

Ex-Florida state Repub chair promises "a Shakespearean play where everyone dies in the end,"

KFC's Colonel Sanders to Cosplay as Dragon Ball's Son Goku

What happens when the tide goes out...

why are you not in a labor union...?

JAMES HORMEL: A Chuck Hagel for Our Time

Ten UMWA members arrested during protest

Haha! Martin Bashir just called Limbaugh a "heaving mass of poison"!!!

DU Semi-Annual Demographics Poll: You're HOW old?!

Local news says T Boone Pickens' grandson has died

Dems agree on candidate to challenge NJ’s Christie

So THAT's why we are suddenly focused on Africa.

Should Rick Perry run again?

Facebook Data Provides The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created

So John Ensign's good friend Cornyn is voting against Kerry's

Shocking, I know... Bryan Fischer goes apeshit about the Boy Scouts admitting GLBT scouts.

West, James West

Why does Sean Hannity always refer to Pres. Obama as "the anointed one"?

Startling Hypocrisy from Gov. McCrory on Higher Education

Senate Approves John Kerry As Secretary of State

Senate Confirms John Kerry As U.S. Secretary Of State

Using a Credit Card? Watch Out For the 'Checkout Fee'

Martin Bashir schooling Tenn legislator now!1!

"rocket surgeons"?

VIDEO: President Obama Talks Tough On Immigration Progress

CNN's Erick Ericson going to the sewer...

Armed 'Good Guys' And The Realities Of Facing A Gunman

Zimbabwe has $217 in the bank: finance minister

IRONY: Fox News interviews Dick Cheney for gun control advice

I could puke on Brashir's guest at this moment.

Amazon Misses Earnings, Stock Soars. Apple has biggest earnings of any company in history...

omg squeeee!

She's a reporter now AND wants to do dancing with the stars??

Birds (My first poem and a little profane.)

Murderer Denies Using PED's

Snapped these pics of mergansers (and a couple mallards too) behind the house today

Is the need for "bi-partisanship" a character flaw??

Shame on me for being a bully:

Jamaica tells VW - we are not amused

The Politics of Debt in America: From Debtor’s Prison to Debtor Nation

Hagel Supports Nuclear Arms Cuts, Then Elimination

Some data on Stacey Campfield guest on Martin Bashir's show

You stay classy, Ravens fans

Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth

Diane Hathaway, Ex-Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud

Elizabeth Warren will now be the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Bad News For Vegetarians: Study Finds Leafy Greens Cause Most Food Poisoning

HEY!!! SHUT UP AND ABSORB SOME FUCKING CULTURE!!! A little light classical music for you:

Starting fires, torturing animals and bed-wetting

Hillary Clinton ‘not inclined’ to run for president in 2016

Why the hell is this still happening? Jadin Bell, Gay Oregon Teen, Taken Off Life Support After Hang

I used to have a racoon that did this

Yogi Berra does it again!

WI's Senator Dumbass once again earns the epithet...

Sketches of China

Fundy Christian hypocrisy

The Feral Scholar on Guns, Television and being a Christian Soldier at 60

Downton Abbey, Season 3, came out on DVD today...

Conservative Activist Battles Martin Bashir And Guests On The Value Of Fox News: ‘Thank God For Fox’

A Little Fantasy (4 consecutive terms with Dem president)

Job ad: Now even American *journalists* make too much money

The conservative base is tired of pretending to be more moderate than they are

We don’t have a border security problem

Event announcement, Tuesday February 12th, in Madison

Any time I laugh, I got religion.

Can a corporation be sued?

It's 50 freaking degrees here tonight and it's raining like Hell!

Louisiana Will Eliminate Health Benefits For HIV Patients...

Russian family lived in wilderness for 40 years and missed World War II


Trooper to Be Terminated Over Roadside Cavity Search

Reader's Digest: 11 Reasons that Eating Vegan Isn't Crazy

Hostess getting closer to a buyer for Twinkies

These Dominicans Don't Play: Political Party Brawl!

I'm Nearly Left Speechless by the Referenced Post

Former missionary guns down immigrant whose GPS sent him to the wrong driveway

I've just got to throw up my hands...

Hitler’s Toilet Is in New Jersey

Heroin Use Probed in Death of T. Boone Pickens' Grandson

Some words to live by:

More Wingnut Facebook Wisdom. Today: The Irony of Food Stamps

Question about financing college for a kid who's now in kindergarten.

Thieves forced to abandon getaway donkey

Nathan Winograd's new Vegan cookbook is out!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Roger Hedgecock says destruction of Hiroshima & Chernobyl not so bad after all, was just "hysteria"

Women reps in Kansas warned to be cautious of union thugs, like teachers

Georgia man shoots and kills young Latino who accidentally pulled into his driveway, police say

We Demand to See Rep. Bill Zedler's Birth Certificate

Fox Asks Cheney For Gun Control Advice

How to Eat Chinese Takeout, Like a Boss

Move over Ikea monkey! Monkey in a snowsuit charms the internet, hops in the snow

(WORST RATINGS SINCE 9/11) Fox News Ratings Hit 12-Year Demo Lows In January Cable News Figures

District judge upholds San Francisco ban on public nudity

Bloomberg PAC goes after pro-gun Democrat in Chicago

Apple Unveils 128GB Version Of iPad 4

Obama: Confident Kerry ‘Will Make Extraordinary Secretary Of State’

Stephen Lynch set to announce he’s running for Senate

is this supposed to impress ANYONE? (warning, just plain ugly)

Heh! Dressing like champions...

Consumers’ Super Bowl Spending Hits New Heights

Mass. high court upholds gun storage law

Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?

United Fresh Lauds Senate Immigration Principles

Grow Food, Not Lawns