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Cruz: Kerry Had ‘Less-Than-Vigorous Defense’ Of U.S. National Security

What are you bringing to the Lounge Super Bowl Party?

Supervalu Execs Get ‘Golden Parachutes’

California Lawmakers Propose Bullet Tax to Curb Gun Crime (5 cents per round)

Hello, newbie on this forum.

The war criminal of a Dick is back to complete the destruction of

Fox News Posts Worst Ratings Since 9/11 In The Month Of January

Damn. Just got an email from the FBI.

Exclusive: Gay marriage foes suffer from fundraising shortfall

My Testimony Against Washington State SB 5291 and SB 5317

Markey campaign kickoff in Malden this Saturday

Fuck the "rule" that says we can't call out trolls.

If you COULD post a poll in META what would that poll be?

John Boehner May Very Well be Correct---- The Republicans are Facing Political Annihilation

Vermont’s value added agriculture: First came the cheese, now comes the charcuterie?

Let me get this straight ... John Kerry rates a Big Star, a Little Star, and three Hearts.

Gun rights activists to use 223 bullet motif for 'day of resistance'

My range has broken, and I don't think it is worth fixing.

The "Obama trying to annihalate GOP" meme is

Jindal Stops Program For At-Risk 1st Time Moms

Steve Vai and Dweezil Zappa

Ethnic tensions erupt as Mali troops hunt down suspected Islamists

Vermont Shooting Range Bans Burlington Police In Protest Of City's Proposed Assault Weapon Law

UK Construction Firms Had Blacklist Of 200+ Green Protestors, 3,000 Workers - Thanks To Police

Google |soy sauce underwear| - Former Raider (NFL) Kwame Harris allegedly assaults ex-boyfriend

Full Transcript of President Obama’s Remarks on Immigration Reform

France gay marriage plan put to national assembly

Hillary to Andrea Mitchell on 2016: "I have no position on this" (laughs)

As Bushfire Remnants Smolder In Wake Of Record Heat, Coastal Australia Inundated By "Stuck" Cyclone

The Mayor of Denver does the Ray Lewis Dance

Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School

2013 Superbowl: "The Wire" vs. "Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City" (Poll)

Exclusive - JPMorgan bet against itself in "Whale" trade

You need a pep talk - yes, YOU!

No one will blame Fox News, not even partially blame Fox, for this horrible tragedy.

As Deadly PRC Smog Returns, Entrepreneur Sells Canned Air - "Pristine Tibet" Among Flavors

Should men be leaders in the feminist movement?

Has anyone ever hiked up here?

The church's sold-out CD proves silence is golden

I can play this.

Hong Kong Vows Tough Action To Clean Air Blahblah Removing Polluting Blahblah "Not Voluntary" Blah

Is Howard Dean the only viable challenger to Hillary in 2016?

Israel's 'Great Book Robbery' unravelled

Stuck Minesweeper to Be Cut Into Pieces

RW meme of the day: re-writing Obama's support and history of border security

Women Have Already Lost A Lot Of Their Reproductive Rights If You Look At Things State By State.

Perry..Texas Considers Giving Tax Breaks For Violating Obamacare

Mutual fund advisers recommend based on commissions, not performance, new study says

I doubt if this is not well known but are people a lot noisier than they used to be?

Fracking Boom Overwhelming Hospitals With Uninsured Laborers

The Joe Zias vs. sensationalist film maker suit hits the courts:

Voodoo Mama Hot Sauce, oh my!

Nullification In The Various States Is Seccession By Another Name And Must Be Addressed.

A 'both sides (of religion/atheism) do it' conspiracy theory. On DU.

The Anti-Democratic Party. Part I: Needing to change the rules

Lapid and Bennett in an illegal West Bank outpost

The Anti-Democratic Party Part II: The Wrong Road Taken

Uranus takes a pounding more frequently than thought

The politics of Downton Abbey: Down with the patriarchy! *SPOILERS*

Six Times More People Tuned in For Clinton/Obama Interview than Watch Fox News

Border Police detain, humiliate Palestinian at checkpoint

The Anti-Democratic Party Part III: In Conclusion

Young man shot dead by gun nut after pulling into wrong driveway

Fund raiser to vote Omaha Steve off the DU!!!!

I thought of an exception...

Can someone tell me why DU is asking me to log in a lot lately?

John Kerry: From Senator Elizabeth Warren

Is there a reason why I am being asked to log in a lot lately?

Republicans want to simultaneously control women's bodies, see them pregnant against their will…

Perry proposes infrastructure upgrades, tax cuts

For those that did not see this in LBN Forum:

Barack Obama Swagger

Farm Supporters Block Fracking Site to Highlight Risk to Farms and Food

Amazing mind reader reveals his gift

Are we slaves to contracts?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Another Nail in the Coffin & a new kitty gif

California Doctor Shot by Patient in Exam Room

Another astonishing sunset! Look...

The Gatekeepers: In New Film, Ex-Shin Bet Chiefs Denounce Occupation, Compare Israel to Nazi Germany

Bloomberg Praises Biden For Having A ‘Set Of Balls’

School Bus Driver Shot, Child Taken Hostage

The Republican Nightmare is the Democrats' Dream Act

Massive sinkhole in China swallows building

TLC Edge of America - Pennsylvania

Like a shark and a remora

Soon-to-be SoS John Kerry on climate change...

The new work place

Rachel Maddow reveals that latinos are liberal!

A home has been found!!

45,800 Ford workers to get record $8,300 profit-sharing checks

A new dark-sided short from my favorite new horror author. (free online)

Rubio Reassures Rush On Immigration Reform

It's a story of "us"...

Senator that takes some brass - Rachel Maddow

The Biggest Financial Fraud Of All Time

Lindsey Graham hits bottom

Washington Post’s Truth Teller and the future of robots doing journalism

Today's public service announcement: Shut off your car before you close the garage door

Who should be Hillary's running mate in 2016?

"CNN Cuts James Carville & Mary Mataline: Report"

Elon Musk: Boeing 787 battery fundamentally unsafe

Tell President Obama: Appoint Raul Grijalva Interior Secretary

.Al Gore on Letterman tonight

Buddhism and Evil

How Did We Come To “Unknow” What We Already Knew In 1981?

What a contrast!

Senators Brown and Grassley question Eric Holder on Too Big To Fail

Which is bigger?

On the Willingness to Extend Aid and on Prioritizing the Future Distribution of Disaster Aid....

A City Drenched in Sugar

TSA, TSA, How Many Guns did you Grab Today!!!

Interesting 3-3 jury result and sub-thread on guns and Occupy.

VA Senate Committee Kills Vote Rigging Plan

While talking to a conservative today.....

2010 CDC: Total Homicides 16,259, Firearm Homicides 11,078

Fox News Ratings Hit 12-Year Demo Lows In January Cable News Figures

"Message from Mexico: U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink"

When is a story about shooting a "local" story?

So, my maternal grandparents immigrated from the Ukraine

Lost a grandparent 2nd time in 2 months

Alex Jones Praises Sandy Hook Truther Vermin

"The Voice"

How many times have you served on a DU jury?

Breaking News: you've been eating Chinese takeout wrong all these years

Anti-whaling group intercepts Japanese fleet

Colin Powell asks O’Reilly: Why do you only see me as an African-American?

Fuck you, gun fucks.

Turns out Sam had cancer and went over the rainbow bridge peacefully today

Graywarrior never recovered from the trauma of her senior prom outfit!

Started watching The Walking Dead. On episode 4 now.

How many times have you served on a regular jury?

The Scariest Environmental Fact in the World

FLVegan...(and others!)

President Obama has made far fewer recess appointments than any recent president. Graph.

Relaxation music. Fun with Spotify and Pandora - finding some great stuff.....

Are You a Humanist?

Eric Naposki Gets Life In Prison: Ex-New England Patriot Sentenced For Murder

Va. panel Oks measure to allow prayer, religious activities in all public places

While only 3 senators voted against confirming Kerry, 13 voted against Condi Rice back in 2005!

Political insider: Four more years? Snyder hints at re-election bid From The Detroit News: http://w

Army drill scares residents on Houston's south side

A law abiding gun owner was responsible for Newtown.

My little puppy turned 8 today

Actor Jim Nabors marries his longtime male partner (Thirty-Eight Years!)

Wanna read something delusionally funny?

Yet another gay teen suicide

President Obama's 2nd Inauguration 2013

Irish town resists bailout conditions

Bill White Leads Rick Perry: Poll Shows Need for Strong Texas Democrat in 2014

Stepping in it: rape culture. This is a society in which "don't be that guy" is controversial.

How many times have you served on an irregular jury?

Saudi Arabia looks to the sun to produce water VIDEO

How many times have you severed a jugular?

A stupid question about revenge porn sites

My kitty.

TYT: Fox News' Clown Doctor Analyzes Obama

Morning Joe: Cautionary Fail- People Didn't Kill Sarah Palin's Career, Guns Did

Missouri bill would require gun safety course in first grade

What I Amazing Is That Texas Used To Be A Blue State. What The Heck Happened -----

Cats kill up to 3.7B birds annually

Rachel Maddow- American Idiots: Who Is Really To Blame For Republican Election-Rigging Schemes?

I didn't know my neighbors were racists until today....

70 degrees...... I went outside.

Obama embraces Senate immigration plan in call for reform

When you put Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, Rick Nielsen and Scott Reeder in a room together ...

So the new immigration bill would increase visas for high tech jobs. How will this help us again?

Artist Studios That Are Works Of Art

Never saw this one coming: Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield married.

Sports Illustrated Features Gay Kiss in Super Bowl Preview Issue

Thanks for posting all the It Gets Better clips

Nance Greggs: Food for Thought

Tom Coburn(R-OK) vote to confirm Kerry to State.

Bruised Kansas

"I give God 10%"

Some of the ads popping up on DU are hilarious

Jacob Rudolph, LGBT New Jersey Teen, Meets George Takei On 'Anderson Live'

Why We Fight--documentary made in 2005.

Louis Gohmert calls on Obama former constitutional law students to sue him

Ann Coulter Refuses to Board Airplane With Black Pilot

Exclusive: CIA nominee had detailed knowledge of "enhanced interrogation techniques"

hmm don't understand how homophobia is " a difference of opinion."

Looking for experts on optical scanner auditing

Los Angeles or San Francisco?

What do the "bad guys" in Britain and Japan do without guns?

Birds kill trillions of worms and insects each year

A grenade here, a grenade there – so they’ll learn

Dirty Wars please take the time to consider this movie and what is happening out there in our name.

Cannibalism Reported in Famine-Stricken North Korea

Gomer marries his longtime male partner

I want to reconfigure MLB as follows:

Corporate Tax Freedom Day: CEOs dancing in their suites

57 indigenous people murdered in southwest Colombia in 2012: Indigenous leader .

Dirty Wars please take the time to consider this movie and what is happening out there in our name.

Gun Owner Charged For Allegedly Shooting Horses: 1 Killed, 2 Treated....

Colonia Dignidad victims file US$120 million lawsuit against Chile

Colonia Dignidad victims file US$120 million lawsuit against Chile

Possible McConnell challenger Ashley Judd breaking up with Dario

Iraqi men living in Kentucky go to prison for plot to help al Qaeda

Scotland calls for mackerel mediation

Mexico's new president mostly mum on drug violence

John Kerry Did A Guest Spot On "Cheers" Back In The '90s

Mexico Breaks Up Alleged Border Sex-slavery Cult

Catholic Church: ‘We recognise that gay couples make loving parents..."

Wife of deposed Honduran leader leads presidential race - poll

Pro-choice on Amtrak: The time I told a group of anti-choice teenagers about my abortion

Remember the "maple bacon" dog video? Here's the latest by the same guy,

Lobbyists are wasting their money when they troll liberal websites

Priebus Is What Happens When a Party Loses Its Self-Respect

CPRIT fallout: Cancer network ceases operations

using coca cola for carnitas

Godless Liberal Sickos Win Again

Child hostage drama after gunman kills Alabama school bus driver

Raul Grijalva for Interior Secretary? I'm down with that.

I laughed when I read this paragraph from the History of the Communist Party


Wave of Styrofoam from 2011 tsunami threatens Alaska environment

Mike Malloy blasts Rand Paul's conspiracy-minded Benghazi hearings question (Kathy joins in!)

John Kerry seems to have acting as a hobby

U.S. ranked 32nd in press freedom index

WATCH: Gay Ex-Rugger Gareth Thomas Ice Skate Like an Angel

Man charged in 'sextortion' case targeted 350 women, feds say

Prosecutors team with debt collectors to terrorize consumers

13,974!!!! Is today the day????

Nixon uses State of the State to press for Medicaid expansion, more education spending

UN denies Abbas claims on Palestinians fleeing Syria

Birds and the Cats

Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force

Dutch court says Shell partly responsible for Nigeria spills

Never felt I haven't done enough with my life... before now...

I Have Watched People Killed By Our Insane Drug Policies

America Is Turning Into One Big Prison for People in Debt

Not too paranoid are they?

The 14 Fossil-Fuel Projects Poised to F*ck up the Climate

The NRA publishes its enemy list..

Could Scottish, Catalan independence votes reshape Europe?

Ed Schultz is sick with the flu

ap interview: top us general confident in afghans

Got to love Jerry Brown on education

green thumb? washington st. seeks pot consultant


January 30th is National Croissant Day.

Toon: American Church of the Firearm

Squat Wanker: Making shit up to serve his masters

Hamas’s Mashaal reportedly eyes PLO leadership

Cancer fight 'hampered in UK by stiff upper lip'

Record Profits No Job Creator on Farms as Owners Automate

China Burns Almost As Much Coal As The Rest Of The World Combined

Our infrastructure is crumbling. There are potholes, dangerous bridges. decaying buildings.

Hedgehog population in dramatic decline

South Korean rocket successfully puts satellite in orbit

Let loose the dogs of war.

Hollywood's depiction of guns is fraudulent, says Dustin Hoffman

Looking for reading material

Smog in Beijing is a black cloud with a silver lining

Scottish independence: SNP accepts call to change referendum question

O’Donnell rewrites hecklers of Sandy Hook dad - MUST WATCH

Polish becomes England's second language

Godless liberal sickos win again, Mark Morford as good as painting?

Only 17 percent plan to vote for Mitch McConnell

Deep spending cuts are likely, lawmakers say, with no deal on sequester in sight

Invasion Of The Charter Schools

Random Thoughts on Wednesday 2013

Incestuous Amplification, Economics Edition by Paul Krugman

ABC/WaPo: Obama’s Popularity Hits Highest Mark Since ‘09

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Jan 30th

Is it last call for the tea party?

Wall Street Banks Seize Opportunity to Profit from Nation's Unemployed

Religious Facebook friend posted this: Was it wrong for me to ask if it's Liam Neeson?

World Bank Forestry Programs Miss On Environmental, Rights, Poverty Goals, Internal Audit Shows

Two Major UK Garden Chains Remove Two Neonicotinoid Pesticides From Shelves

GOP prepares to blame Obama for immigration deal collapse

Ohio's State Senator Turner introduces Voter Protection Act

Electoral rigging: "Now is not the right time"

Actor Jim Nabors, TV's Gomer Pyle, marries longtime male partner in Seattle

Hi 63 degrees yesterday Hi 15 degrees tomorrow

U.S. Economy Added 192,000 Private-Sector Jobs in January, According to ADP National Employment Repo

Where did the word loup-garou come from? I get it that loup = wolf.

Gomer Pyle marries his longtime partner

The Greenland Melt - Eric Steig At Real Climate On Finally Finding Key Eemian Ice Data

FBI raids West Palm Beach office of doctor tied to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez

GOP’s Electoral Vote Scheme Already On Life Support

Tim Geithner: a legacy of financial failure containment

Senate’s H-1B visa proposal goes far beyond Microsoft’s

My version of salmon patties

Michigan Governor Backs Off ‘Unfair’ Electoral Rigging Plan

The US Justice Department's Libor prosecution of RBS is too little, too late

N.R.A. defends Right to own Politicians (reported by Andy Borowitz)

Here's why rape happens every 20 minutes in India

The Top 10 of dumbest things to argue about in GD:

PROOF that the NRA is doing an excellent job...

How weird is the weather near you? Here in Chicago we had a high of 63 degrees yesterday and

Will Republicans Really Rig 2016? Brad Friedman Interview

Pro-Keystone XL Letter Dripping in Fossil Fuel Money

Someone call The Doctor, The Weeping Angels are on the move

It sure is nice to provide them their own entrance, but what about the Special Hookers?

A 69 year old Georgia man fatally shoots a man in the head who mistakenly pulls into his driveway.

Tornado watch in NW SC. Gonna get blowed away this afternoon.

Current Convective Watches Automatic Updates

The 'Sully'-ing of American Journalism

Were you aware of the Islamist witch hunt against Rep. Bachmann?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Immigration

More bad news for ReTHUGs - Private-sector jobs in the U.S. increased by 192,000

TYT: Cenk assesses the nomination of Mary Jo White for SEC


Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

(Skinner) banned crazyjoe

Update on one of the old girls

NY Daily Sun writer goes off the deep end...

I'm afraid to clean my house

Gov. Patrick to name Mo Cowan interim senator

Immediately Copied And Pasted To My Facebook Page

Gabrielle Giffords to speak at Senate hearing on gun violence

Meet Ron Johnson, the Randiest of the Ayn Rand Republicans

OFT says UK petrol market is working well

Living climate change

Why the BSA Will Not Admit Atheists Any Time Soon

Wayne's World: Gunman Shoots Bus Driver in Ala., Takes Child as Hostage

Priebus Is What Happens When a Party Loses Its Self-Respect

Dark Snow Project

A step forward towards equality

Meet Mo Cowan, the Temporary Senator from Massachusetts

Time Travel - John Titor story?

Could we stop or reverse global warming without substantially reducing our standard of living

Check out the LENS blog at nytimes if you are interested... Its a great educational tool

Why it won’t be Barney Frank

Japan: Over 80 Percent of Rape Suspects from US Military Not Arrested

David Brooks is calling for a second Republican Party

Joshua Eaton Discusses The Epidemic Of Self Immolation In Tibet

Lesbians and the Fear of the Forceps

Harry Reid Is Not A Wimp - He Stood Up To Progressives To Kill Filibuster Reform

U.N. Drone Investigator: If Facts Lead to U.S. War Crimes, So Be It

High-tech cargo airship being built in California

Tuesday Night at the White House: On the Job

Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His "Gift"

Thank You Hillary

What is the best excuse you've ever heard for leaving work early?

SECRETARY KERRY By Charles P. Pierce

***** LIVE on C-SPAN: SENATE: Gun Violence Prevention = Giffords *****

Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force

Texas Public Schools: Still Teaching Creationism

just a cat on a sheep

Bloomberg - "Economy in U.S. Contracts as Defense Spending Slumps" - Thanks Paul Ryan!

Fundies strike again .. this time ..GASP ... in New York City !!!

Chuck Hagel Haters Mobilize Ahead of Thursday Confirmation Hearings

Changing the Notion of Masculinity

FBI raids office of doctor tied to Senator Menendez prostitution allegations

I"m so tired of the ridiculous alerts

The Setting Sun and the American Empire

Exclusive: Gov. Snyder plans to appoint emergency manager over Detroit after little progress

Communism, Polygamy And Human Cloning Are More Popular Than The NRA’s Position On Gun Safety

Gabby Giffords at Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Violence: "Be Bold" (Vid)

US economy shrinks 0.1 pct., first time in 3½ years; deep cut in defense spending key factor

The Fundies Would Have Gone Insane In Graeco Roman Times Because

Clarence Thomas...How do I detest thee? Another little reminder of the many reasons why.

Smokers light up at Texas oil storage facility, tanks explode, official say

The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed Wall Street

Reel Hot! Post a Pic From a Sexy Flick!

Dick Of The Week

Idle thought: what if a state refused to hold a presidential election?

"If We Are Truly Created Equal" - By Andrew Sullivan

Egypt army chief warns of 'state collapse' amid crisis

GOP And Conservatives Seem Intent On Driving Women Out Of The Work Force Or ----

Boo Hoo Hoo: GOP Senators gripe: We can't bring guns to hearing

grassley is an embarrassment.

Now I know why my dog is so afraid of my cat!

High-tech cargo airship being built in California

Babysitter kills toddler - just up the street from me.

GOP Economic Plan For Women ---- Marriage Or A Nunnery.

Sen. Menendez, prostitutes and not one mention of his cubano status

Giffords To Lawmakers: ‘You must act. Be bold. Be courageous. Americans Are Counting On You’

It's Cowan! Second African-American in current Senate

Irony - Gun Nuts Who Shoot Themselves Are Usually Against Affordable Health Care

10 Dumbest Questions At Media Day ...

Home, finally, after a ten day roller coaster ride...

Why are we so violent?

So George Will reports that

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander: Guns don't kill people, video games do

Ex-pats launch Israeli Opposition Network, call for regime change in Israel

(German) Nuclear fuel tax 'formally unconstitutional'

Andy Borowitz: Shocking Statement from the NRA

Exclusive: CIA Nominee Had Detailed Knowledge of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

Little Girl Boxing

Pic Of The Moment: Gabby Giffords To Congress: "Be Bold"

Israel Televises First Public Trans-Inclusive Wedding

I'm letting my home delivery of the Red/Libertarian newspaper expire in two months, blame internet?

Ostriches can't fly

USS Guardian Aground: U.S. Navy To Dismantle Ship Stuck In Philippines

Israel hits Syria convoy near Lebanon

My berries are clean!

Israel to give $100 million in withheld Palestinian funds

Paul Broun’s Wife Announces His Senate Run

15-year-old girl who performed at Obama inauguration gunned down in Chicago

The Choice of Guns Over Butter

I found a biased wiki called Conservapedia

Cuomo’s High Approval Rating Falls After Gun Law Push

Get the Coal Energy Facts: Help Us Stop Coal Exports

Teenager Who Performed At Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony Is Victim of Gun Violence

CSPAN -2 says on the bottom that Kerry's farewell speech will be at 2:30 nt

Something I Never Thought I Would See...

McCain: Adding LGBT Protections to Immigration Bill Would Be Like Adding "Taxpayer-Funded Abortion"

The Rude Pundit: Hispanic Republicans to White Republicans ...

local radio - a tool for real activism

Enough *stars* for new group .. Elder Care Givers, etal

This is FUCKED UP!!!!

Paranoid Much? Sen. Mitch McConnell says liberals are infiltrating conservative groups in Kentucky

Is Paul Clement Trying to Throw the DOMA Case?

Evo Morales’ Historic Speech At The Isla Del Sol

For the First Time Ever, We'll Have Two Black Senators Serving at the Same Time

Evo Morales’ Historic Speech At The Isla Del Sol

A little awesome for a Monday...

More Senate Democtrats come out in opposition of new assault weapons ban

President Obama’s popularity surges to three-year high

Spaceballs has come true! Chinese millionaire is now selling canned air!

George Monbiot - When The Rich Are Born To Rule, The Results Can Be Fatal

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 30, 1956

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 30, 1956

Surprise Q4 GDP Decline's Not Quite As Bad as It Sounds

should the post views - reflect the number of unique viewers rather than the number of times the

Rep. Thornberry: Hill Fights Mean Sequestration Happens; Then We Can Fix

Silencing tactics

Pilger - The Real Invasion Of Africa Is Not News, And A Licence To Lie Is Hollywood’s Gift

NRA Spent Big To Help Senate Judiciary Republicans

Open The Congressional Hearings to All Those Who Bear Arms

From FR: "It is time. My opus"

Dr. Phil: Hoax mastermind fell 'deeply, romantically in love' with Te'o

The Anti-Democratic Party: An Overview of the Modern Republican Party

Godless America: The New Religious-less Reality by Staks Rosch

Shrewsbury, MO OKs tax breaks for new Walmart

The Massacres Are Just Acceptable Collateral Damage For The NRA -----

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

Is posting ads (in Video/Multi) against SOP? If not, I think it should be.

Why Do They Hate FOX's Freedoms?

GOP lawmakers propose new rules to allocate Electoral College votes

Boy Scouts re policy change

La Pierre can go forth and fornicate himself with an unfinished axehandle.

61,753 People sign letter to the President calling for bold climate action

Totally different (slavery)

School Sentinel Bill Passes House

Little-Known Database Sells Millions Of Americans’ Salary Information To Debt Collectors

History of women with tattoos. Wow.....

Lindsey Graham is asking nothing but rhetorical questions and making shit up.

Had no chioce to but to excuse myself from a jury due to technical issue

Anyone else watching the Judiciary Cte hearings?

Number Of Israelis Updating Gas Masks Nearly Triples

I am listening to the preventing gun violence hearings on CSPAN and the rationale for

Record Profit Eludes Big Oil as Costs Outpace Brent Gain

Farmer's Markets

TURF, pro-taxpayer groups applaud Texas Governor's call to end gas tax diversions,

Chrysler's $1.7 billion profit nets workers $2,250 bonuses

Report: Meshal Says Hamas Accepts A Two-State Solution

When everyone's a criminal, we're all safe from bad guys!

Hamas renews rejection of two-state solution

Call to Action: Ask Your Mass. Senators & Reps to Cosponsor Equal Access Bill by Jan. 31

PA Rep. Barletta says Latinos are lazy and uneducated

Call to Action: Ask Your Mass. Senators & Reps to Cosponsor Equal Access Bill by Jan. 31

"Atheism: A personal relationship with reality."

As God is my witness, my goal is to turn this forum into the Manti Te'o Emporium!

In order for the GOP to rebuild its image, and it will, they must dump the negative baggage.

Godless America: The New Religious-less Reality

22 Year Old Man Shot Dead After GPS Error Leads Him to Wrong House

Papantonio: The Looming Democratic Divide

TOM THE DANCING BUG: YOU Are a Computer Criminal!

Irony Alert! Armed man’s Capitol intrusion unnerves Idaho lawmakers

Is Mike Lee (R-Utah) really that stupid?

What is even the purpose on this Hearing on Gun Violence??

*** Senate Hearings on firearms legislation TODAY ! Here's your chance to be heard. ***

Sen. Kerry planning farewell tour of Massachusetts

Hate, Love and Tea

Immigration reform great! But republicans are planning another attack on our economy!

The 2nd amendment

Vegetarian Diet Cuts Heart Risk by 32%, Study Says

The Secular Therapist Project Reaches a Milestone: 100 Therapists

Senator (Leahy) Catches NRA Head In Epic Flip Flop

As this insane storm passes across the country, please do not throw caution to the winds

Scientists figure out what makes beer good for you

McCain Shoots Down Idea Of LGBT Protections In Immigration Bill

New England fishermen face grim vote on cuts

WeFightBack: Activists Confront Pro-Israel Rally At University of New Orleans

Check in if you are thrilled that guns are still a big part of our national debate...

Mr. LaPierre - You're An Expert On Guns - Are There Any Guns You Would Recommend Being Banned?....

Fear destroys brain cells

Top Federal Prosecutor of Corporate Crime Will Resign

Something weird just happened.

Nataly Dawn’s non-religious awakening

Where the Hell is Matt? (2012)

White House On Offensive To Get Hagel As Defense Secretary

“I’ll Pray For You”—Powerful or Pointless?

If you wish to see Hillary as the next POTUS ...

Maybe Teabaggers Homes Should Have A "Do Not Respond" Tag Since They Do Not Like Taxes ----

BSA: Gay, OK?!

Superbwah. Which team to root for? An algorithm ...

Avatar Request


Freedom of and from Religion to be Tested in Federal Lawsuit by California Church

How do you fix a broken immigration system so everyone plays by the rules?

Woman's excuse for firing gun: Sheriff Clarke said it was OK

Another bullied gay teen commits suicide

The 11 Most Beautiful Mathematical Equations

Study: Dieters who ate lunch earlier lost more weight

Pennsylvania judge: No new trial for Jerry Sandusky

Revolutionary Cooling System Uses Lasers

Make the debate over guns worthy of our son

Hagee Vs Hagel; Christian Conservatives Mobilizing Against Hagel

Shooting reported at Phoenix workplace, reports of four people shot

Tornados and large T Storms in the South

Churches threaten to pull funding if Boy Scouts drop anti-gay ban

Engineers Solve a Biological Mystery and Boost Artificial Intelligence

Stewart Eviscerates Glenn Beck’s Freedom Town Plans: Sounds Like A ‘Perfect Marxist Utopia’

Pennsylvania favors background checks for gun purchases: poll

Jon Stewart: Glenn Beck & Conservatives’ Utopia Is Social Libertyless Marxism (VIDEO)

Paul Begala tweet about John Kerry

Lula da Silva refers to Ahmadinejad and Chavez as two “nutties”, says O’Globo

Justice Department's criminal division chief to step down

Minn. High Court Say Online Post Legally Protected.

From the office of Joe Biden on the confirmation of John Kerry as SOS

Franken To Introduce Bill To Bring Mental Health Care To Schools

Zimbabwe says public account stood at $217 last week

Arizona Boy Scouts unlikely to allow gay members even if national policy should change

Doctors:Pakistani girl shot by Taliban to undergo final surgery to cover hole in her skull (Malala)

Ok, assume for a second Hillary WILL run....

Reports: 1 dead, cars on I-75 overturned after tornado in Adairsville, Georgia

Cruz rips war veterans Hagel, Kerry for being anti-military

Toon: Fox News

Announcing 9th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week (Feb-March 2013)

Barney Frank endorsing Ed Markey

Poll: 67 percent of Texas Republicans want to impeach Obama

Brown Claims She Only Meant to Punish Those Who Help Rape Victims

regjoe has been ppr'ed

Rare pygmy elephants 'poisoned' in Borneo

This is kind of how I feel about it

Sources: Israel hits target in Syria border area

If You Think You Have It Bad - Worst Jobs In The Middle Ages On Youtube -----

I Bet Wayne LaPierre Was Just Praying That There Would Be No Shootings Occuring In The U.S. During..

Little-known database sells millions of Americans’ salary information to debt collectors

A nice pair of Uptons >>

Apparently we have no freaking hope of doing squat.

Beijing Takes Emergency Steps to Fight Smog

About that Economic Recovery... (Q4 2012 was negative)

Michael Dell puts his name on Austin medical school - funded by 63 percent hike in property tax rate

Gabrielle Giffords’ Husband Smacks Down Wayne LaPierre

Having a think i'm dying episode

Being against homophobia is NOT a form of intolerance.

Oxfam: The cost of inequality: how wealth and income extremes hurt us all

Do I have this right: Obama is coming for our guns! He's raping the 2nd Amendment!!!!

What the NRA really means in Wayne's case.

Europe explains why they do things opposite

Oh, juror #4...

‘You Missed That Point Completely’ - Durbin Hits Back At NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Dirt-y Politics

Washington State's poor pay 605% higher tax rate than top 1%.

Heads up Charlotte!

Ok, Now I Get It-Gun advocate tells Senate: AR-15 is ‘weapon of choice’ for women with crying babies

LaPierre is said to be part of Opus Dei cult, but, having trouble confirming. Anyone know?

Senator Leahy Catches NRA Head In EPIC Flip-Flop

"Self Defense" shooting of 22 y/o Colombian man

I will be on Fox News at 4pm defending the administration and Harry Reid's position on sequester

Until we start manufacturing something that's not WAR/GUNS - things ain't gonna turn around.

Obama' Goal?

Good news - PPP poll shows Brown leading Markey by 3

Here we go again Mr. LaPierre: At least three shot at Phoenix business complex

I just noticed "a geek named Bob" is no longer with us. Another good PPR, somewhat overdue.

Just had to share this, it's what we're all missing in life

These are amazing pics - 30+ of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins

Walter Rhett: A Dialogue of Givers and Takers

Fake Hugo Chavez Photo Published In El Pais Appears To Show Mexican Patient

I need to rant about Health Care for a moment

gun porn and the response to gun control

Just got a part time job and underwent a background check. And if I buy a gun?

Dismissal of Honduran Supreme Court judges an attack on democracy – UN expert

Take that mitt,you idiot!GM to invest $200M in Pontiac powertrain center

Blueberries from Chile. OK, I know, not local, but ...

Looking for some specific CMS data.....anyone familiar and can help me find it?

A question about greed

I wonder if Hungarian politicians are unhappy that their country joined the EU

British army's investigations into Iraq deaths to be reopened

Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-7, Adairsville) comments on Sandy Aid

John Kerry is delivering a kickass farewell speech in the Senate.

A little late, but didn't see it posted here: Derf on the Inauguration

Which breed is America's top dog of 2012?

Behind scenes of Heat at White House

Judge rules NCAA athletes can pursue TV money

Game of 'tag' has been going on for 23 years

Lawmaker Raises Alarm About Geothermal Fracking in Hawaii

Hey NRA: No Link Between Video Games/Movies & Gun Violence

E filing

Can't stop laughing: Mugshot of "Dazed and Confused" Star Jason Landon.

More and more jobs are low-paying, part-time, no benes. And yet,

Where is the Love?

Rand Paul Will Propose Ban On Sending F-16s To Egypt

Gabrielle Giffords's Handwritten Testimony

EU Observer editorial on Cameron's proposal for an referendum on the UK in the EU by 2017.

Glenn Beck proposes new community founded in liberty, then outlines a long list of restrictions.

Barbra Streisand to Perform at Oscars for First Time in 36 Years

Immigration "amnesty" bothers me, however...

Your Roof Is Leaking

Student-Loan Delinquency Skyrocketing, Reportedly Hitting 'Danger Zone'

Obama's popularity rises to 60% in new WaPo/ABC poll!

Senior British rabbi filmed telling alleged child abuse victim not to go to the police

Today's lesson on Capitalism

Scientist Seeks Connection Between Fire and Ice in Greenland

Gabby at the White House

President Obama’s popularity surges to three-year high

Has anyone heard from BlueIris?

Did you mean: concentration camp, north korea

Washington Post Op Ed Column by parents of Sandy Hook victim Daniel Barden

Hagel: Window closing on Iran and diplomacy

Survey: 27% Of Americans Believe God Helps Decide Who Wins Sporting Events..

An iPhone App That Makes Corporate Behavior More Transparent

The Steubenville 'Rape Crew' Trial Will Be on Display for the World to See

Hillary Clinton's global legacy on gay rights

Gay and Bi Men Are Happier Than Straight Dudes

Jesus, the flu season

Billionaire reformer says public school students entitled to "skills" to be productive workers.

Lula da Silva proposed visit Hugo Chavez in Havana

Shooting victim in critical condition

This thread here... This #&^^@% thread here...

Record January warmth and moisture fueling April-like severe weather

Peres prepares to tap Netanyahu to form gov't

"Why Are Military Helicopters Firing Machine Guns Over Houston and Miami?" - locked?

Hillary Clinton 'optimistic' about LatAm, expects soon end of Cuban 'dictatorship' lauds Mexico..

Who knew that the actor in "About a Boy" is the same one in "Warm Bodies."

Why Ashley Judd's Breakup Is Bad News for Mitch McConnell

Study: In Almost Every State, The Poor Pay More Of Their Income In Taxes Than The Rich

Wondering why the Menendez thread in GD by Flamingdem has not been removed.

Senator John Kerry, Farewell Address (C-Span Video)...

Ronald Reagan’s Childhood Home To Be Bulldozed For Possible Future Home Of Obama Library

Maybe she's born with it...

Protect Rottweilers from this!!!!

Wayne Lapierre makes a case for having no criminal laws whatsoever

Massive security hole lets hackers control millions of cameras, printers and routers

Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill would require teachers to out their students

Weird smuggling case at JFK Airport involved "cocaine diapers".

Positive thoughts/prayers welcomed: Babies and tornadoes! UPDATE

If I wanted a smartphone i wouldn't have bought a damn computer

Ron Jeremy hospitalized, undergoing surgery for aneurysm near heart

CDC: Produce Biggest Culprit in Foodborne Illnesses

Be. Just be. nt

I missed the intro to Martin Bashir.

Why do cuts in defense spending hurt the economy? Pretend I'm a 5th grader.

Brett Favre joins NFL Network for Super Bowl XLVII coverage

Ayn Rand's First Love Poem

Not sure what is wrong with me.

Dell family foundation to donate $60 million for UT medical school, local health care

Damn..I had no idea the reason why there is so much shootings in the news lately.....

HAARETZ: Ethiopian women and birth control: when a scoop becomes a smear

PPP Polls- Texas


We know dogs mourn, but what can we DO for them?...

BCTGM Members Vital to Success of Spun Off Hostess Brands

Texas Prisons Run Low on Deodorant, Toothpaste

Jim Greer: Racism and Dead Bodies Ahead

Running for the grassroots

February's Starself Astrology Newsletter, Understanding Full Moons, etc.

Now that women can serve in combat that leaves the only group that apparently can't serve in war is

Medicaid, health savings lower than projected

(George Ryan, R) Former Illinois Governor Is Freed From Prison

Tarrant tax assessor calls for DA Joe Shannon to step down

Married men who do more housework get less sex

REPORT: Obama Mega-Donor Penny Pritzker Will Be The Next Secretary Of Commerce

Salesman: Bama players used spray

Study: Husbands who do more housework have less sex

Conservatives Expect Cornyn Primary Challenger

Missouri Bill Would Require All First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Gun Class

"I think video games is a bigger problem than guns" - GOPer Lamar Alexander

Alabama Man Shoots School Bus Driver And Retreats Into Bunker With 6-Year-Old

Mark Kelly's Glare

Who are the young leaders in the Democratic Party?

Plea for More Generous Health Credit Rejected by IRS

What about panhandling?

If you don't wish to see Hillary Clinton as POTUS.......

So . . . . BP pleads guilty to criminal charges, including manslaughter . . . . now what?

Who will Hillary appoint as Secretary of Transportation?

49ers Cornerback Says Gay Players Are Not Welcome On His Team

Right Wing Propaganda Has Done Nothing But Incite Fear and Hatred of All Americans

Daily Caller writer Gayle Trottea just told a Senate Committee about her new screenplay

Pastor refuses to leave tip, writes "I give god 10%, why do you get 18%?"

Laredo Bank to replace giant U.S. flag on tallest flag pole in the U.S.

GOP Electoral Vote Changes Hit Roadblocks

Tennessee GOP: Report Students Who Might Be Gay

New $1.6 billion supercomputer project will attempt to simulate the human brain

The Decline of a Civilization. What does it look like? Can you describe it, define it?

Art Can Be Beautiful AND Sad...

Michigan Governor Backs Off ‘Unfair’ Electoral Rigging Plan: ‘I Don’t Think This Is The Right Time’

Surprised Scientists Find Lifeforms Six Miles Above Earth’s Surface

Cops handcuff and interrogate boy, 7, for hours over missing $5: family

GOP Montana Legislator Wants State To Spank Criminals

Families of crash victims urge lawmakers to ban texting while driving

Super Bowl Cornerback (49er) Says Gay Players Would Not Be Welcome On His Team

Let's stop by the news stand, shall we? Looking for something to peaceful to read

That is one determined pup!

Poll: 67 percent of Texas Republicans want to impeach Obama

Rethugs in NJ are starting there shit already against Buono

What size is your biggest dog? What size is your smallest?

Niners' Culliver apparently wants out worse than Alex Smith

OH, Panera, I hate you because of your dang Shortbread cookies.

Chrysler workers getting profit-sharing checks. WWMS (What would Mitt say)?

Now that I'm all single again, what should I do?

Researchers harness nature to produce the fuel of the future (PNAS)

The insanity of the sequester.

This Is Not Your father's NRA

Giffords' notes from gun hearing

Parents Uneasy About School Shooting Drill

A Tiny Computer Attracts a Million Tinkerers

Text of John Kerry’s farewell speech

Behind the histrionics, a consensus is forming on universal background checks

I posted this in the Baseball group expecting to be PPR'd

How do I report someone who posted something vile

Horsemeat could have been in British beef burgers for a year, FSA confirm

Study: Traditional gender roles means more sex in the relationship

did i hear it right?

Making Voting Constitutional

I know a good Dad when I see one...

Ayn Rand Utopia in Detroit?

Tenn.'s 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Back and It Could Out Students to Their Parents

Very sad news for Blues Music lovers

Crosspost: Tenn.'s 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Back and It Could Out Students to Their Parents

Weasel of the week

The wheels came off her bus...LOL

Cablevision Fires 23 Technicians after Union Action

Obama administration issues rules for individual mandate, America continues to exist

Eating at Olive Garden tonight


Haven't watched CNBC in a while. Dang... Look out Below!

You Can't Teach an Alpha Dog New Tricks

U.S. Analysts See Opportunity if North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb

Who's The Moss

"More sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "more sex".

NRA Defends the Right to Own Politicians

Please join District 19 Democrats

Brooklyn Religious School Rabbi Suspected of Sex Abuse

Patty Andrews (Andrews Sisters) dead at 94.

Interesting - today in history - January 30th - Hitler, Ghandi, FDR, and DICK Cheney

"Neocon movement unravels as Fox News ratings plummet to 12 year low"

"The Revisionaries" will be on KERA at 7:00 this evening in the Dallas Fort Worth area.