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"Occupy Protesters: Professional and Well Educated"

PPP poll shows Markey only 3 points behind Brown

Gabby Giffords’s Handwritten Notes for Her Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee”

NBC News: Your employer may share your salary, and Equifax might sell that data

Gayle Trotter Opposed Law To Protect Women Before Testifying On Guns For Moms

Senator Durbin is right that Wayne LaPuke misses the point about background checks.

Is one of the reasons the GOP wants to shrink government is because they

Hispanic Button

Philadelphia priest and former teacher guilty of child sex abuse


Walmart sets limits on ammunition sales after demand surges

Testimony concludes in Texas school finance trial

what is the biggest wave you ever surfed?

Yep, that's about right…

Puppy dental question

Are these the droids you're looking for?

good reason not to buy a BMW


Gold Diggers: Fix the Debt/Bank of America Remix

Well, I guess that you won't be listening to me either…

The Hoax of Entitlement Reform with Robert Reich

When we start immigration reform, there is one word that belongs no where in the debate:

"Mysterious pollster suggests former Rep. Anthony Weiner may be testing waters for office run"

About that idiot who wants to be armed in case five intruders break into her house.

Vijay Singh: I didn't know deer antler spray was banned substance

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 January 2013

DUers in the Carolinas - Are_grits_groceries et al

Goodbye, Patty. Say hello to Laverne and Maxine

List some unwritten rules of DU.

Have a seat.

Pagans Studied: The 2013 Conference on Current Pagan Studies

Check out this tweet...

You can't watch a video ANYWHERE (maybe DU) that doesn't have a freaking commercial first

Wee Michelles

If you thought Jesus was a literary creation and didn't actually exist,

Can you help me test a hypothesis on ambiguity tolerance....?

Obama Confident Immigration Reform Passes This Year

Chicago Childhood Home Of Reagan To Be Torn Down....Possibly For The Obama Presidential Library!

Hundreds attend Newtown gun safety hearing

Ambiguity tolerance test?

Is this even legal?? Healthcare

Felony Forgiveness

Excuse me, but I really have to say this.

Deforestation in Amazon down 83% since peak in 2004.

Russian court orders Pussy Riot videos be banned from Internet

Russia scraps law enforcement deal with U.S. in new blow to ties

New Billboard in San Diego Puts Atheism in Positive Light

Perry: Abbott won't challenge me in 2014 primary

You know, a man I really admire is Capt. Mark Kelly.

Have you ever seen the rain? I have seen enough rain today in Georgia.

The World's Dirtiest Oil: U.S. Tar Sands Threatens the American West

I honored the DU boycott list (and stuck it to a MADE in USA)

Two paragraphs from Man Cannot Speak for Her, Volume I, by K.K. Campbell.

Stone Jones Stoned News

MU researcher to receive National Medal of Science at White House Thursday

Need some info on a truck.

today in women's herstory

Green Mandarin Goby

Mountain lion caught on video in Sabino Canyon

Want to have more sex? Survey says: stop helping with the chores

Republican Federal Judge David Sentelle: How the GOP Has Packed the Courts With Partisan Hacks

Fort Hood suspect still faces possible execution

E-mails link Bush foundation, corporations and education officials

a biography of the day-winifred goldring (paleontologist)

perhaps we should professionalize the agency

Kali doesn't have a drinking problem as she never actually drinks "alone".

Lights out – France to force shops and offices to go dark overnight

This is good......

French troops in Mali take Kidal, last Islamist holdout

Indiana police officer, wife could face jail time for saving a deer

Wish me luck.

From my cold, dead hands

An Architect Gone Mad: Mysterious Buildings Assembled from Found Photographs by Jim Kazanjian

Senator Chris Murphy Pushes ‘BUY AMERICA’ Campaign Into The Senate

Early photos of Skittles show that she took no joy in kicking ass back then either.

A sure sign that your dog missed you while you were gone to the store for 3 minutes.

Abuse of power:

MiddleFingerMom had LOTS of friends when he was growing up. Honest. Tons of 'em.

MiddleFingerMom would appreciate it if you didn't ask for details. Not a one. Just let it go.

How Do You Spell “Irrelevant”? B-O-E-H-N-E-R

Picture of the day

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! “Encore” Church Night

What are you watching?

From the very red secessionist state of South Carolina (sad photo taken this morning)

School To Hold ‘Active Shooter Drills,’ Fire Blank Rounds In Hallways

Cool parents raising cool kids.

Who Should (And Shouldn't) Be Leaders/Members of Social Movements

New Puppy in less than 48 hours!

"Watchdog group had doubts about Menendez prostitution claims"

Zynga farewells Brian Reynolds

Joeybee12: "Ray is too blessed to be stressed."

Basics to have on hand during power outages.

David Mamet and the Irrelevance of the Actual Meanings of Words

Gun industry ad encourages children to buy guns, shows young girl holding a target in front of her


Can we please decertify as a legitimate source for all forums sitewide?

Why are we still alive?

Pro gun article by david mamet

In new PPP Poll 49% of TEXANS favor an Assault Weapons Ban!

Minnesota Lawmakers Mull Over Options to Curb Lockouts

Chinese take on why the TPP is bad for China and why it is talking so long to negotiate:


The winter carnival medallion

Police report uptick in frustrated rush-hour motorists waving guns

Niners 28, Ravens 21

If congress actually passes a law requiring private gun sales background checks what...

Looking for Organizing for Action website? You've reached the NRA

Google News "U.S." section today ought to have been renamed "Gun Nut News"

How Often Do You Buy Lottery Tickets

a biography of the day-mary anning ("the greatest fossilist the world ever knew")

Howlin' Wolf explains...

Main streaming the gun culture. This is what we are up against I think.

Very Interesting Documentary

Birth control shots forced on Ethiopian women (Al Jazeera Video)

The L Word Lives Is it safe to say "liberal" again?

Inside a 350 year-old wooden church

Maybe the conservatives are right. . .

Consumer group alleges unfair practices in auto insurance industry

A Moonrise Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

A jaw-dropping Moonrise

This is one documentary that must be seen.

Baby gorilla just been born at Twycross Zoo (Pictures!)

Lawrence tearing up that ass

Anybody remember the very bizarre Raphael Golb case?

Nuclear expansion plan thwarted after Cumbria no vote to underground store

"Quebec quarry searchers to work overnight"

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate The New York Times, Steal Every Employee's Password

Need help on the fly (pretty please) and I sort of HATE the new combined url/google thing in my mac

NRA Proposes an Easy Path to Citizenship, for Assault Weapons

I've discovered that I'm very picky when it comes to online dating

Colombia union denounces FTA while attacks on unionists continue .

Bob Newhart taught me how to hunt.

Ok This pic made me LOL:

Tony Plant Transforms the Beaches of England into Swirling Canvases

Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads

Guns like vehicles

Message from Al Gore: “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.”

Assange to run for Australian senate: WikiLeaks (AFP)

Seriously, this is bat shit crazy.

Just because.

Independent Women's Forum - a tiny "organization" of DC-based right wing nut jobs.

Suspect released on bond in shooting death of man who pulled into wrong driveway

AR-15-lovin' Gayle Trotter, brought to you by Richard Mellon Scaife (Remember him?)

Nuclear power and the French energy transition: It’s the economics, stupid!

Fighting the other terror

Swiss food giant Nestlé fined for infiltrating activist group

Eugene Robinson | Lost in their own wilderness

I love the NRA!

Claude Lanzmann's 9+ hr Shoah with English subtitles (youtube)

The Lonely Island - YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar)

Exorcising the Ghosts of Brazil’s Dictatorship


Quick rebuttal for those who say that it was Hitler who proposed separation of church & state:

Chris Hedges: This Is What a Patriot Looks Like

My appearance on Fox News earlier today regarding Economy, Deficit Etc. vs Eric Bolling

"Illegal immigrants"

Wal-Mart, the UAW, and the Sit-Down Strike

Gayle Trotter "Guns for Mom's" (who Lawrence ripped to pieces) opposed Violence Against Women Act

Israel Admits ‘Shameful’ Birth Control Drug Injected in Unaware Ethiopian Jews

LeBron tackles Heat fan who hits $75,000 shot!

Caption the GOP's new superstar

Netanyahu Tells America It's Now Or Never (RE:Iran)

Erin Burnett has someone on now trying to link being Gay to Sexual Molestation

How to Collect $10 From Facebook

Eve of Destruction ......... song from 1965

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 24, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Lee Marvin

Consumers now trust Microsoft more than Apple with their privacy (Amex #1 overall)

derp apparently Republicans are the tolerant, derrrrrp

So what the heck is MIRT?

I Need feedback from the teachers out there.

5 good questions

Oh great, right wing is trying to DENY that Neil Heslin was heckled!

You probably can't tell, but I have been lip synching throughout my entire performance.

just filled out an online survey given by the State Board of Education and

Georgia nuclear power plant could be Solyndra redux, report says

meanwhile, back in tennessee: Sen. Stacey Campfield revives 'Don't Say Gay' measure

Employee outsources his work to China for 1/5th of his salary. Eventually gets caught.

Well done! French troops.

New shooting makes this the right day for gun-control debate


SC man pleads guilty to illegal gun sales in NC

So... it's 12:30AM EST... I live in Rochester, NY...

NC lawmakers back at work; GOP in firm control

Key nuclear adviser out

Ancient Tapeworm Eggs Found in Fossilized Shark Poop

Obamacare 'Glitch' Allows Some Families To Be Priced Out Of Health Insurance

Johnny Cash Postage Stamp To Be Released This Year

MLK Day: Why I'm proud to make my alumni donation

Any vibes yet on History Channel's new show "Vikings" in March?

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut

49ers’ Culliver Aplogizes For ‘Gay Players Not Welcome’ Remarks

Came across this great piece written in 2008......A Nation Of Village Idiots...

Germany marks 80th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power

Must See: A Sandy Hook parent gives testimony the Senate ‘should have heard’.

Would Ben Cartwright be a D or an R?

Guns fly off the shelves- Worry about new controls spurs sales in New England


Rising property taxes would eat up most of Perry tax cuts

SF archbishop: same-sex marriage is like men breastfeeding

Money OUT, Voters IN: Tell the Wisconsin Legislature We Want a Statewide Referendum on Citizens Unit

US Drones in West Africa: Freedom is on the March!

Hackers in China Attacked The New York Times for Last 4 Months

I have a Mossberg shotgun, the neighbor I showed it to

Hagel's Call for Nuclear Disarmament Has Been Mainstream Since Reagan

Weatherford State Rep. Phil King Wants to Crack Down on Handicapped Parking Fraud

Susan Tompor: Lower-income households may STILL go for high-cost products from tax-preparers

South Korea joins global space club with satellite launch

Powerful testimony of Sandy Hook parent on ODonnell show.

A dog worth 1.5 million dollars?!!?

Op-ed: A Call to Action

Powerful video in video section shows Chicago lawyer/parent in brilliant speech.

Thank you Jurors #2 and #6

Gotta lose weight, bread must go.

I think this thread needs some attention:

Why yes, New York cops DO support gun control- just not *quite* the way you think they do...

Not much time left to stop approval of GMO fish

Polar bears and dogs playing

Democracy Now: final pre prison interview with John Kiriakou, CIA agent who exposed torturers

Mr Know it All - How to Be A Beatnik

Last Andrews sister, Patty, dies in LA aged 94

The U.S. and the Privatization of El Salvador

58 US Congressional members call for Honduran human rights investigation

58 US Congressional members call for Honduran human rights investigation

Random Thoughts on Thursday 2013

Amnesty International:Why Do We Need to Keep Up the Pressure to Prosecute Rios Montt for Genocide?

Fracking: The frightening story of a North Dakota Farm Family

January 31,1930 – 3M begins marketing Scotch Tape

15 year old who was shot & killed a week after Obama's inauguration anti-gang PSA from 2008

The Republican Land of Oz

Media Hate Fest for Venezuela Keeps on Keepin’ On

Dems to select 8th Congressional District nominee in February

From Martin Bashir: Tennessee pol get a B or you don't eat

Silhouette Man makes a couple of good points

'An unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country': Russia concerned over reports of

UN: Israeli settlements 'violate Palestinian rights'

Other great ideas by Senator Stacey Campfield (R-TN) On 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

Non-Profit Store to Open in Pa. Food Desert

I actually like Rush Limbaugh's quote 'no huddle offense.'

Libertarian Developer's Ayn Rand Fantasy Is Detroit's Latest Nightmare

Churches Threaten to Pull Funding If Boy Scouts Drop Anti-Gay Ban

Cyprus jobless turn to illegal songbird trapping

Gun Control Agenda Is Launching White Paranoid Extremists to Prepare for Armed Revolution

I have a new printer!!!!

NBC's Todd Mocks Election Fraud Critics (again), Wins Washington Applause

$67,000,000,000 pissed down a rat hole

Remember Cheney's "quaint" comment re: the Constitution? I can't find the video. Anyone have it

The Shocking Statistics Behind The Pentagon's Revolving Door 'Policy'

LaPierre's opposition to background checks makes no sense UNLESS you understand how the gun racket

UK firms to be compensated for mis-sold swaps

If sex is a constant rerun of how we lost our virginity, we're screwed

Political rivals in Britain unite to combat EU "Brexit" threat

High schools try therapy pets, 'recess,' no-homework nights to lower 'epidemic' student stress

Sir David Attenborough passes natural history crown to Brian Cox

why consumers are bummed out robert reich

Germany marks 80 years since rise of Hitler with 'project of remembrance'

day of action against poverty and the assault against the poor

Scott Brown(R-MA) 2013/2014 MA US Senate & MA Governor.

Niger ready to host U.S. drone base

Military provides inadequate care for injuries suffered during sexual assaults

Do you allow an author's personal beliefs to

E-Mails Show Jeb Bush Foundation Lobbied For Businesses, Including One Tied To Bush

I think this post scapegoats children

Wayne LaPierre Referred To 9000 Gun Laws That Aren't Being Enforced...

20 piece band kidnapped, murdered in Mexico 2 days ago. Why isn't this story bigger?

Old, Female and Homeless

Nobody's saying that LynneSin is anal compulsive. At least... ... .... ... ... not out loud.

Black delegates tempted by Virginia GOP’s Senate map

That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think

Don't you wish they'd hang one of these at every damn checkout line in the country?

Mark Kelly: NRA Leadership Out Of Touch On Universal Background Checks

I'd like to give everybody in The Lounge a big ol' French Kiss.

Cats are the stealth branch of the 1% living amongst the rest of us.

Is it just MiddleFingerMom, or are others plagued by this damned idiotic selective amnesia, too?

Just when MiddleFingerMom thought life couldn't possibly get any worse:

Hey Lindsay Graham!.. Just how BAD are things in SC that

The NRA and "Republicans": Talking Out of their A**es Again

Iran 'plans to upgrade enrichment equipment'

Christopher Hitchens on the Mildly Fascist Founder of the Boy Scouts

Dennis O’Neil: Iron Man Is A What???

Scientists identify crocodile ancestor among fossils discovered a century ago

Breaking~ Iran threatens 'serious consequences' for Tel Aviv

The Race Is On; New Delhi Air Pollution Outpaces Beijing On Thursday; PM 2.5 At 421

Domestic Fair Trade: A Plea to UNFI and Whole Foods for Justice

Honoring a Jewish revolutionary in Israel

"People Hoarding Cash"

The Americans on FX

Take a Bow, H.C. - By Gail Collins

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Coward Gun Freaks (an incredible rant you can´t miss)

"Let's...get our priorities straight."

Political Power Needs to Be Used - NYT Editorial

When I create a post title DU pops a list

Catholic event cancels talk by Islam critic

Newtown Children to Sing at Super Bowl

Harsh winter takes toll on Afghan war displaced

All Nippon Airways May Seek Damages From Boeing Over 787 Problems

Obama administration learns that ‘leading from behind’ is the right place for the U.S.

Family: 7-year-old NYC boy handcuffed over $5

Equifax Sells Private Information To Debt Collectors In 'Biggest Privacy Breach In Our Time': Report

So, about that underage prostitute thing

Jobless claims jump, but remain below threshold

At Hill hearing, Wayne LaPierre tries to manhandle facts and logic - By Dana Milbank

Sea change: the Bay of Bengal's vanishing islands

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday January 31st

All my most sincere hopes for President Obama's second term ...

Has anyone read "Leonardo's Swans" by Karen Essex?

Donald Driver will retire after 14 seasons with Packers

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Immigration Reform

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Guns

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Cannabis Farming Has Kentucky Republicans Seeing Economic Boost

Time of Useful Consciousness

Water Risk to Business Is No Small Drip


Head football coach linked to gay slurs at school & calls M. Obama "fat gorilla"

Amy Goodman: Rosa Parks, Now and Forever

Syria and Iran threaten retaliation against Israel

Fanatic to run for Senate

Is it morally acceptable to patronize a business owned by an outspoken conservative?

Dan Marino Has a 7 Year Old Lovechild with Former CBS Employee

Amnesty International calls for inquiry into Venezuelan prison riot

Graham: Americans Will Need Guns Due to Budget Cuts Leading to Fewer Cops

She’s (Rarely) the Boss

Beijing Air Akin to Living in Smoking Lounge

When did they start airing Campaignesque Commercials for Nominees?

Colombian rebels say they have ‘right’ to take hostages, putting peace talks on edge

Poll shows Pa. voters want stricter gun-control measures

Realtime Political Fact-Checking Becomes A Reality With WaPo’s ‘Truth Teller’

What's going on around here? Every day another anti cat thread.

GOP mega-donor: voters in 'center cities' don't count

10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down -- Mother Jones

The NRA doesn’t speak for its members; it is basically a lobbying arm of the gun industry.

Am I the only one watching Hagel's confirmation hearing before the Armed Services Comm?

Israel must withdraw all settlers or face ICC, says UN report

Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads

Wisconsin: Russ Feingold endorses Ed Fallone for State Supreme Court Justice

...GOP still can’t shake that “47 percent” problem

Climate Desk Live: Can Greenland Be Saved? (stunning vid)

Rec' replies

Are colleges in your area going to 14-week semesters? I know of one local college in my area

Is this the worst Dem in the Senate?

Federal Rule Limits Aid to Families Who Can’t Afford Employers’ Health Coverage

If the notion of masculinity is to be reconsidered...

welcome to the network of global corporate control

MSNBC deceptive editing of Newtown Father being heckled.

I need a bath

So Gungeoneers, is there any instance of a mother protecting her home with an AR15?

Is this guy happy to finally be who he was meant to be, or what?

Atheist Mom Who Penned Viral Essay About Raising Kids ‘Without God’ Speaks Out

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 31, 1971

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 31, 1971

Impending recession

Most in Newtown crowd favor gun control

Three States Pushing ALEC Bill to Require Teaching Climate Change Denial in Schools

the google doodle for today--jackie robinson's birthday

American Incomes Rise By Most In Eight Years

today in women's herstory

a biography of the day-alva myrdal (nobel peace prize winner)

Professor Koppel's testimony yesterday

The problem isn't just guns

When did the Second Amendment become holy scripture?

My all time favorite Superbowl commercial....Played ONCE on air long ago-

a biography of the day-tallulah bankhead

Tony, Tony, Tony…

Why Was An Anti-Feminist Organization Using Senate Time to Sell Guns?

some quotes of the day-tallulah bankhead

AL HS Teacher/Football Coach Caught On Tape Slurring ‘fat butt Michelle Obama’ and ‘queers’

Moscow Says Israeli Strike On Syria "Unacceptable"

if those three intellectual fartbombs are the gun lobby's best defenders of the 2nd amendment,

Dog sentenced to death in Tennessee because he is 'gay'

R-Word For U.S. Economy in 2013 is Rebound Not Recession

Twitter seems to be having problems now

Validity of Consumer Bureau at Stake in Legal Challenge

A very old joke, but maybe some fun..

NRA & Gun Nuttiness About Paranoid Rebellion Against Government And Not

Ravens will hit Kaepernick if they can

We're sorry that your paranoia has made you afraid of the government & law enforcement, BUT...

You've got to hand it to The French…

A question about what my (college) students are saying - help would be appreciated.

Israel Falls Near Bottom Of Press Freedom Rankings

City Life Changes How Our Brains Deal With Distractions

Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From “Pastor” Customer Fired From Job

I know people claim that an artist's views doesn't affect enjoyment of their work...

Business Activity in U.S. Grew More Than Forecast in January

Sandy Hook vs. Virginia Tech vs. the month since Sandy Hook

"...we have an obligation to try."

WTH? This week, at least three shootings

TYT: U.S. Attack on Iran by Spring?

N.Korea Imposes Martial Law Ahead of Nuclear Test – Media

Russia Slams Clinton’s “Bias” Over Moscow’s Syria Position

TYT: Christianity Aggressively Pushed in Texas Schools

Mark Kelly: 'NRA Leadership Out Of Touch - 74% of NRA members agree with Gabby & I'

Manx: Bringing a language back from the dead

Alabama high school football coach caught on tapeusing slurs against “fat butt Michelle Obama",

Just Shut up Mccain

It really is past time to move the gun threads back to the Gungeon, imo.

Gun Control? - 12/14 CHANGED EVERYTHING!

TPM - NRA Spent Big To Help Senate Judiciary Republicans

Fundy Nutzies Still Determined To Make This Country A Christian Nation Run

Were you, John McCain, a good pilot or a bad pilot? Yes or No?

Thom Hartmann: Why is the NRA at the Senate hearing?

Last Day of Stalking Awareness Month. Did you get and the facts and spread the word.

John McCain likes being an asshole plain and simple

America's roughly 80 million gun owners ALREADY have the feds & cops OUTGUNNED by 79 to 1.

Southern DU'ers please let us know how you are doing.

my sweet love is not feeling well - post vet update included

Wyoming House Approves Unconstitutional Ban On Non-Existent Gun Laws

Illegal Immigration Foes Despair Over GOP Moves

How the other half lives...

WTF! Unlocking Your Cell Phone is Now Illegal!!! (Sign the Petition - 4,000 Needed)

Toomer unloads on Ray Lewis, calling him a caricature and a hypocrite

Nearly half of Americans are one emergency from financial ruin

2 Dead, 20 Hurt In Massive Crash On I-75 In Detroit

County prosecutor shot outside courthouse in downtown Kaufman, Texas

The Worldwide Mercury Problem

Officials Back Deep Cuts in Atlantic Cod Harvest to Save Industry

Nationalism: Foolish Pride

Dog sentenced to death in Tennessee because he is 'gay' Pitbull-type dog faces being put down today

Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson!

TYT: Traitors? Mississippi Trying to Skip Federal Law

White House disputes a report that Reagan's home could become a parking lot for Obama's presidential

ACTION ALERT: Tweet for Equality Today

On this day 6 years ago Molly Ivins passed away...

EU condemns Russia anti-gay legislation

(Military) Judge to US government: stop censoring 9/11 hearings

7 murders in 3 days. And not in Chicago.

Your favorite magazines and newspapers

Outpatient surgery center charges $87,500 for 20-minute knee operation

3 Reasons the Election Rigging Scandal Is Not Dead

U.S. wildlife agent accused of trapping a neighbor's dog

Mississippi Bill Would Ban Manimals, Mermen, and Minotaurs

2 dead, 20 hurt in massive crash on I-75 in Detroit

TYT: GOP Badly Losing 'Culture Wars'

Lynch launches bid for Kerry’s US Senate seat

Joe Scarborough, ‘If you defend assault weapons, you look like a jackass.”

German court confirms social rights (health care) for Bulgarians and Romanians, even

You Think the Air in Beijing Is Bad? Try New Delhi.

Senate to clear debt limit increase for Obama

Lindsey Graham's Hysterics

Former Opponent Invites Gays to the Wedding Party

The Washington Examiner was original source of Reagan home/Obama library story

Joint Chiefs: Looming cuts would ‘hollow’ military

Chuck Hagel to McCain: Surge This

Hagel sounds amazingly good...

Beckham poised to join Paris St Germain

E Pluribus, Nullus

Dog sentenced to death for being gay RESCUED!

Diagnosing the 'GDP problem'

Regis College, Catholic Institution, Offers Course On Atheism

FLASHBACK: What The NRA Sounded Like Back When It Was Sane

Horsey: "Come To Bed, Honey"

So....What are you wearing? (heavy breathing)

Pic Of The Moment: McCain Butthurt Gotcha Fail

If this Anti-Trapping petition gets 100,000 signatures in 30 days

SF 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss speaks out about gay players:

Documenting the Eastern Qing Tombs, China

Why Are Feminists So Angry?

"girls become women by getting older, boys become men by accomplishing something"

Thom Hartmann: The Question No One is Asking about Keystone XL

Mother of VA Tech shooting survivor: NRA shouldn’t be part of gun safety debate

The Rude Pundit: The Mentally Ill Appear at the Gun Hearing

About the guy who walked into JC Penney's with an AR-15 (UPDATED)

So Now, We Need Guns Because Rape + Guns = Freedom. Or something.

Papantonio: Debt Ceiling Deal Could Be Disastrous For Social Security

Anyone watch "The Americans" on FX last night? About Russian spies in the US in the 1980s?

Soledad smacks down Grassley for linking assault weapons to ‘black-on-black violence’

Americans Too Indifferent About The Abuse Of Other Workers.

Beijing Air Akin to Living in a Smoking Lounge

Should this football player be fired over homophobic comments?

What has changed in 100 years .......... Maybe the names

Idaho lawmaker: Obamacare is like ‘Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps’

Ooma voIP telo now at discount

Deadly Tornado Batters District of GOP Congressman Who Opposed Sandy Aid

Jon Stewart: GOP Shameless On Immigration–Minorities: GOP a Lost Cause (VIDEO)

Colbert offers recruitment tips to the new, ‘non-racist’ KKK

Rare whale vomit found on Morecambe beach - UK

Senator Ayotte reading her script at Hagel hearing.

Republican senators want to stop work at two agencies over recess appointments

the stupid tea party

Freedom Hating NRA Bodyguards-Manhandle Journalists So LaPierre Couldn't Be Questioned or Filmed

Extreme Wealth and Inequality is un ethical!

Social Security's Today in History!

Obesity in girls tied to higher MS risk: study

So- we've had quite a few Police and Law Enforcement shot in North Texas this week.

Dear Connecticut NRA,

English Bulldog Barbie Hides When It's Bath Time

Rubio Blames Obama For Economic Contraction

Timbuktu residents say 'Thank you God' that rebel Islamists are gone (+video)

Another day another shooting....

Russ Feingold: Conflict in Mali shows US needs greater engagement in Africa

"We stop being something to be proud of when we love our guns more than we love our children"

Just received an automated call from my son's school

When it comes to gun control, this is what we're up against, folks.

Four US states considering laws that challenge teaching of evolution

Can anyone explain...

The Making of Global Capitalism

Ashley Judd and husband call it quits after 11 years might be BAD news for McConnell

Peregrine Financial Group ex-CEO sentenced to 50 years in jail

Change name of one of its schools to Jesse M. Lewis Elementary School

Marineland (Canada) is a Hellhole

I don't know, man. I just...

Drone Resistant Cities?

co civil union bill moves to full senate

We talk about what to say to kids after tragedies, but what about adults?

'Message deleted by DU Administrators'

ACLU, labor groups sue to block Michigan right-to-work law

Rand Paul: I don’t understand same sex marriage

Humans have already set in motion 69 feet of sea-level rise

Elizabeth Warren Demands Mortgage Settlement Documents From Regulators

Lindsey Graham is a fucking drama queen....

Sperm donors who know parents can apply to see children, court rules (UK)

CAP: The Top 5 Ways the Obama Administration Has Helped Gay and Transgender Immigrants

Super Bowl Ads: Best and Worst Ever

Lindsey Graham asks rhetorical and condescending questions no matter who is being questioned.

NASA's Cassini Watches Storm Choke on Its Own Tail

GOOD NEWs: Elton, the ‘Gay’ Dog, Spared the Gas Chamber

Message deleted by DU Administrators is messing up the jury system

Starbucks Tycoon Bullies the Baristas

St. Andrew's Parade Original Painting.

An ominous sign...

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: It's Time to Wake Up About Climate Change

"Vladimir Putin has unleashed the worst political crackdown in the country's post-Soviet era..."

Where where you the day the world almost ended?

Body of suspected workplace shooter found in Mesa

Pastor Apologizes For Snide Remark On Meal Receipt

We need to get Pot legalized federally asap

Hagel gets berated and interrupted non-stop so HE'S being called unprepared by pundits

John Kerry on Congress...

Portraits of perfection: No, they're not photos, but pencil drawings by a young genius...

Pakistan to build $1.5bn Iran pipeline

Al Franken, I love ya, but...

UI creates free, online foreclosure map for Iowa

Texas prosecutor gunned down; manhunt for 2 suspects

Human Rights Watch: Before the Arab Spring, the Unseen Thaw

Boy Scouts Stop Taking Calls, Tony Perkins Freaks Out

Judge in 9/11 Case Orders End to Outside Government Censors.

Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming 9.17.2013 - Xbox/PS3

I Need Fifteen Followers!!

Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

A bold new path: Moving beyond prohibition in Colorado and Washington

Geraldo Rivera says he may run for New Jersey's US Senate seat

He traded a beer for 'Dog' and he got the better end of the deal...

Button pushing vs. trolling

School officials confirm shooting at Atlanta middle school

North Korea Celebrates As Kim Jong-Un Becomes First Man To Walk On Moon

Honduras economy on brink of collapse

Welcome to Texas

LOL antinukes invoke failure of solar company in attempt to stop nuclear loan

What Makes a Gun an Assault Weapon?

Bug in the jury system with the new "Message deleted by the DU Administrators"

School shooting at Price Middle School in Atlanta

Canada has had only one Lynching in its history.

Donnelly opposing assault weapons ban

is anyone announced if they are going to primary

Father of Newtown victim testifies at public hearing and receives standing ovation:

Thom Hartmann: Should government step in when Capitalism fails?

Why in the hell is fucking gas up to $4.00 for reg. in Ca.

School shooting in ATlanta. Teacher injured and student shot in head.

A mother's words

We Stand With Gabby!

useful information if you have gum disease/gingivitis and dr. quack wants to yank your teeth....

I will say this again. John McCain is a bitter, vindictive old man. nt


it's been a long week and i'm starting to wear down

The Kindergartener Hostage Situation in Alabama Is Now in Its Third Day

I Just REAMED My Brother In Law

Baltimore Police Chief: NRA View Of Gun Rights Is ‘Scary, Creepy, And Not Based On Logic’

Court orders Brawley's wages garnished to pay restitution

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are in a horserace

Corbett's latest scam - privatization of liquor stores

What will an H-1B cap hike bring to U.S.?

Lynn Paltrow on the arrests and forced interventions of pregnant women since Roe

Palestinian officials applaud UN settlements report

Republicans at Hagel hearing are showing off for their right-wing base...

The Music Bug

Years ago, nightly network news shows ended each broadcast with a

Oh Goody, Just what we need...No sign of Earthly Intelligence, here...

So, what is Obama's plan for the Sequester, and why can't we see it? Anybody?

Cuts In Government Spending Lead Economy Into Double Dip Recession

Investigation Finds Appalling Conditions In 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine Male-Pleasure Laboratory

Some useful links for survivors of clergy abuse, which is ecumenical

Lawrence Lessig Discusses The Corrupting Influence Of Money In Politics

Why do people have kids with their boyfriends/girlfriends?

Franken Backs Assault Weapon Ban

TexMessage: Poll shows Texans narrowly favor assault weapons ban

Judge in 9/11 Case Orders End to Outside Government Censors

Santa Clara County is coming to get your guns!*

Thing to think about when wanting to donate to the homeless...

So,...I started watching Damages on NetFlix last night. So far so good except for Rose Byrne!

The Judicial Assault on Unions

Diane Rehm dredges up the 2000 election and The Gore's marriage in 1-on-1 interview!

UN chief gravely concerned by report of Israeli air strike in Syria

Women and combat roles

Nifty Kitty!

Why the 'Citizen Militia' Theory Is the Worst Pro-Gun Argument Ever

Gun fanatics use the same logic as creationists to justify their view.

Former Chicago Bears RB Charged in Duncanville Robbery, Shooting (Dallas Carter and A&M alum)

Marlin Wins

Reid Declines To Endorse Feinstein's Assault-Weapons Ban

Help Wanted: Marijuana Consultant

I love Dr. Weil's breathing exercises

Stewart Bashes GOP ‘Shamelessness’ On Immigration: Just A ‘Craven Political Calculation’

Daimler Trucks Warns 1,300 Workers At 3 NC Manufacturing Plants Could Face Layoffs

Astronaut's incredible photos from space

Texas prosecutor gunned down; manhunt for 2 suspects (Kaufman county)

Beyonce "I faked it" .... So what! ..... move on

The Judicial Assault on Unions

Water Demand for Energy to Double by 2035

Wondering When to Take Social Security?

San Diego Panda Diagnosed with "Acute Cuteness..."

Texas snowmobiler (Caleb Moore) dies after Winter X Games crash

EVERYTHING is connected

President of St. Paul (MN) Federation of Teachers Local 28: "You want to arm me? Good."

PPP: Hillary Could Carry Texas in 2016

What Senator Chuck Hagel Said To Himself Decades Ago As A Young Soldier In Vietnam

Can anyone explain how this happens?

House speaker: Texas driver's license cost may need hike

Democrats like this(Stephen Lynch) we don't need

Shooting at Atlanta area MIDDLE school

South Dakota slaughterhouse recruiting workers from idled Plainview plant

Ann Coulter: Unwed Hispanic Teen Mothers Won’t Vote GOP

South Dakota slaughterhouse recruiting workers from idled Plainview plant

14-year-old student shot in the head at Atlanta school Thursday is “alert, conscious and breathing"

CBS’ Scott Pelley To Interview Obama On Super Bowl Sunday

Last Word Rewrite: David Wheeler's testimony speech (receives standing ovation)

And here's the latest shooting...

Graham Says Likely To Vote Against Hagel

The National Regulation-Resisters Association

Mickelson Shoots 60 at Phoenix Open

Bypass Austin -- I-35 Relief: TxDOT will lower truck tolls temporarily on Texas 130

Is GDP drop a sign that federal budget cuts hurt the economy?

Don't bother listening to anything Lindsey Graham says

It's finally happened. Nothing shocks me anymore. I must be in the final stage

Survey: More Texans support Lance Armstrong, Texas’ secession from the union, than Jerry Jones

If you don't like the weather where you are, move to Wisconsin.

PPP: Hillary would beat Rick Perry today, 50-42... in Texas

These are drawings.

People can be so kind

Chuck Hagel is going to be 6th in the Presidential line of succession. Two particular Senators ...

Meet The Conservatives Trying To Stop Immigration Reform

Holy life-crushing lawsuit, Batman!

And all the pups want to know...

This is what a fish thought looks like

Hadn't heard this - in 2011 the ILO adopted a treaty on global labor standards for domestic workers.

A&M Board of Regents expected to approve building Pandemic Influenza Facility Project

Glenn Beck finally strips his gears.... Great Jon Stewart Segment.

Wolf Slaughter Continues in the Rocky Mountains

Mali: Timbuktu Locals Saved Some of City’s Ancient Manuscripts from Islamists

Major GOP Donor Hires Lobbyist While Federal Investigation Continues

Was Judas part of God's plan?

Senate Passes House Bill Raising Debt Limit

Columbia Shuttle Crew Not Told of Possible Problem With Reentry

Please sign Daniel Ellsberg's Petition to Free Bradley Manning

Can Pro-Gun Legislators Make It a Crime to Enforce the Law?

Patty Andrews, Singer With Her Sisters, Is Dead at 94

Humpty Dumpty Constitutionalism

Air Force instructor sentenced to hard labor

Ack! Geraldo says he's seriously contemplating running for the Senate in NJ- as a repub

HEARTBREAKING: See The Video That The Slain Young Woman From The Inauguration Made

In case you haven't seen Kerry's farewell speech

Why ARE South Koreans so much more likely to go under the knife?

Vanessa Williams: I Lip-Synced at the 1996 Super Bowl

Biden says gun curbs won’t end mass killings

Fact Sheet on Proposed Affordable Care Act Regulations

Tampa paper: Sen. Marco Rubio's role in immigration debate draws tea party criticism

What's wrong with America: 'Why should I pay a toll for someone else's bridge?'

A Catholic diocese in Massachusetts disinvites anti-Muslim speaker

So, ya gonna vote for Hillary in 2016?

'If I wanted to talk about feelings, I would have called Oprah'

Battle Hymn of the Harbaughs

Who gets in, and who is kept out

Paralyzed cat gets help from robotics students

Jeremy Renner Ready To ‘Kill The Messenger’ In Film About CIA-Smeared Journo Gary Webb

Cash Flow Drying Up for Antigay Prop. 8 Supporters

Ted Cruz --

A Proper Apology? (Would Amercans buy this kind of apology from an American?)

Start your engines!: new 'Formula E' racing league to showcase electric cars

Armenia presidential candidate shot in Yerevan

Liberal thug

DREAM Act Fails In Virginia State Senate committee (8 R's NO, 7 D's YES)

Kids of the Working Poor to Remain Uninsured Under "Health Care Reform"

Yoga may help with common heart rhythm disorder

Bigfoot Skeptics, New Atheists, Politics and Religion

Due to the influence of the internet, this will be Mt. Rushmore in another 20 years

Are you older than dirt?

Ozone depletion trumps greenhouse gas increase in jet-stream shift

Michelle Obama Finesse

Asian-Americans hopeful on immigration reform

You know the canard that people on welfare are lazy takers?

Menendez-D,Corzine-D,and Torricelli-D, Anyone wished Florio won the 2000 NJ Democratic Senate

Gandhi ‘Gay’ letters to go on display in India

Student shot in Atlanta middle school.

Keiser Report: Bond-Pocalypse Now/Silver and Solar Power

GOP Farce at Hagel Hearings

Johns Hopkins scientist says ozone thinning has changed ocean circulation

They're definitely doing a good enough job of destroying their own party....

Applebee's official reply

Our Education System...

Outside Funding Is Helping Keep Hawaii's East-West Center Afloat

Report: Nearly Half of Americans Have No Safety Net to Keep Them Out of Poverty

Myth #7: Guns make women safer.

Hagel and U.S. as 'world's bully' -- in context

William 'Mo" Cowan to be interim US Senator in MASSACHUSETTS..

Top Conservatives Run PAC That Funded White Nationalists

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 February 2013

Small Alabama Town Tries to Come to Grips With Kidnapping

Per NBC news 203 people shot today as of 6pm

Explosion at Pemex headquarters, workers injured [Mexico City]

The Neocon Charge of a Jewish Purge at the New Republic

Tennessee dog owner sends dog to be euthanized because he suspected dog was "gay."

WOW! Regardless of where you stand on gun control-the fact remains the USA is one gun-toting country

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 1, 2013 -- 31 Days Of Oscar -- Warner Bros. Pictures


Do you ever use lead shot and does any of it go into the environment?

Netanyahu's Apartheid Government

Ok, who put up the sign in the bathroom?

Abby Martin on NIXON!

As God is my witness, my goal is to turn this forum into the joeybee12 and Ray Lewis Emporium!


Burger King to DNA test burgers for horse meat

Football violence (from a fan)

God Freaks Self Out By Lying Awake Contemplating Own Immortality

Jackie Robinson was born on 31st January 1919