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Peru moving to protect fossils from car race

The NRA Claims the AR-15 Is Useful for Hunting and Home Defense. Not Exactly.

corker and alexander voted against aid for sandy victims.....

Following Crapo's DUI...

"Boehner tells GOP he’s through negotiating one-on-one with Obama"

Peter King (R-NY): ‘I Really Don’t Know Why People Need Assault Weapons’

Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Accused of Hitting Correction Officer

Giants closer Sergio Romo detained at Las Vegas airport (for arguing with TSA)

Chicago Teachers Union Charges Bulls Owner With United Center Tax Dodge

Colorado and gun deaths

I want to cut entitlements and shrink government.

"America’s Retreat From the Death Penalty" Editorial NY Times

They've gone to plaid!

Conservatives keep saying that the USA has become like Greece thanks to Obama

The Hobbit movie - is it worth seeing?

We should send John Boehner a big bouquet of flowers congratulating him on his reelection to Speaker

113th Congress: Women of the Senate - image

Dedicated to DU

Did you know that Santa actually replied to Hillary's text message?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 January 2013

‘Play with my V spot’

Wow, this sounds just like......

"The Courts Are Going To Decide Whether Corporations Have A Right To 'Practice' Religion"

I got some good news today.

Who Better To Call Out The B.S. Of The NRA Than A Police Commissioner?

Watch: Palestinians hang on to IDF jeep in Jenin

Women Senators Make History In 113th Congress

Al Jazeera different than Fox?

Eliot Spitzer: President Obama Just Lost His Leverage on the Debt Ceiling


Drone Stream: 2 Questions

And then it exploded!

It is none of our business whether a gun is useful for defense or hunting

Senator Mom

How The Congress repubs Tried To Trap The Democrats

Ekos pollster on Canadian societal trends

Dems introduce high-capacity magazine ban in the House

If you've never served in the military than you can't criticize those who have.

Would allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices shift the cost to individuals/private insurance?

Appeals Court: Motorist Cannot be Stopped for Giving Police the Middle Finger

Reader’s Détente: The Decline of the Digest


The Case Against Billionaires

I want to see this congresscritter and Governor Christie in a cage match...

Time Warner Cable: How They Fucked Over North Carolina

From the U.S. Senate to the ER in one afternoon

Calif. federal judge rejects 'birther' challenge to Obama's election

Cash only @ the Holy See

Some questions that Hagel should have to answer before he is appointed Sec of Defense

Man arrested in East Sussex over Nepal war crimes

Belfast flag riots: eight police officers injured


Hoisting a few with Will Shakespeare this evening. Ask us anything.

Adrian Lamo on Bradley Manning: 'I knew my actions might cost him his life'

Inquiry Into Tech Giants’ Tax Strategies Nears End

Rivals Object to Wal-Mart Ads

why am I having so much trouble finding video of Boehner crying today?

Just When You Thought Sexism Was On The Way Out, 2012 Happened (Awesome video)

So if mental illness is the cause of gun violence,

Suddenly, Lots Of Influential People Are Talking About The Trillion Dollar Coin Idea

Well Stanley, heres another nice mess you got me into....Remember how you told everyone that.....

Elvis song too racy for Utah high school (story NOT from the Onion)

A 14 year old girl also reported being raped by Steubenville student athletes.

How many DUer's have run for office?

If we treated the first amendment like we do the second

On Filibuster Reform, Advocates Claim Momentum

Heart warming story all seniors can relate to:

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Why They Lose & a new Kitty gif

Connecticut Town to Burn Violent Video Games as Sandy Hook Returns to School

Post cat gifs here

Instagram: Facebook App Under Fire for Promoting Anorexia

Have you seen this? opinons?

Wow are the Republicans I know whining about the so-called "Fiscal Cliff" deal

McConnell has cashed in by blocking bills

Tammy Baldwin Makes History

It's Fido Friday!Yes the puppies are had at work to make you laugh!

TYT: Can Your Boss Put a Tracking Device on You?

CNN (Borger): Democrats and President Obama Are "Villains" and "Disgraceful" - False Equivalency!

Does anybody have the jury results for this hide?

TYT: Fox News: Westboro Baptist Church is Left-Wing Cult

"Standard Orbit, Captain"

What's the provenance of "Post 87"

Japan's Growing Sovereign Debt Time Bomb

Maddowblog - "Political hostage taking should never be normalized" - Great Take

Do white men still matter? The far right: Pale males and the women who emulate them / Hal Crowther

Blind dog gets seeing-eye cat

Ten People ... No Longer Members Of Congress

Fucking Immortal MiddleFingerMom update:

Can we all celebrate that this asshole is gone

Connecticut Newspaper Places Gun Show Ad Next To Sandy Hook Story

German prisoner of war camps in the US???

NCAE Wins Challenge to Payroll Dues Ban

Cleveland man who killed burglar shoots another one

What is to stop the GOP from shutting down the government over the debt ceiling?

Don't Think of an Assault Weapon!

John Boehner & The Darwin Awards

Eight Hospital Employees Fired For Refusing Flu Vaccines

Miami Homeowner Shoots Naked Burglar Allegedly Choking His Dog

Well, got a letter from the IRS today.

Funny Bo(eh)ner headlines from google news

I'm just going to leave this here quietly, then run like hell....

steam locomotive

So under the "Hastert rule", if a congressman was sending explicit messages to underage boys...

'Big Miracle': True story behind film about 3 ice-stranded whales

Things nobody every said: US History Edition cartoon by Scheneman

The NRCC, posted this on their Website today...

For 2 years, the girl and her family lived in an empty gas station. No power, no water

We've got another live one in GD.

Secular humanism: Is the Universe Rational?

2 Hours On The Phone With My Health Insurance Company And I Won

Quote from Jefferson showing his small gov't philosophy

Don't Think of an Assault Weapon!

Despite ($1.04 billion) surplus, Michigan may need to cut school spending in 2013

Movie gimmicks you can really do without

The f-ing mentality of the republicans. Warning. This will piss you off.

With drought persisting and pressure from customers, LCRA likely to cut off rice farmers in 2013

Think tank to study privatizing most Postal Service operations

World Battles from 1000ad to present

Got a response from Senator Feinstein...

A Theory About The Origins Of The '80s Crime Epidemic Could Throw Everything We Know About Crime Pre

Fort Worth chief vows to fire officers caught driving drunk

So are we ready for a LGBT cabinet member?

'Welcome to the station that should be named after me, VP Biden

Watching the replay of the swearing in of US Senators in the room where pictures CAN be taken....

Hurst Officer Fired After "Embarrassing" Video

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) Juggles Kid, Bible, Mussed Hair During Swearing In

Famed Roman shipwreck reveals more secrets (more "Antikythera Mechanisms" a real possibility!)

Swiss bank Wegelin to close after US tax evasion fine


Babies (Bloomberg Businessweek Cover)

A video about depression for those who just don't get it

CNN's Pathetic False Equivalency Bias Explained

Rachel Maddow Bids A Fond Farewell To The Least Productive Congress In U.S. History

OK I found a 12-year old Steubenville

Obama dings Senate on judicial confirmations

just shut up.

Some tax cuts are more temporary than others: More about the payroll tax holiday.

Who is this guy?

indy insanity: Sen. Dennis Kruse files bill that would allow schools to require saying Lord's Prayer

Help question: Could we have the list of tags somewhere where it's easy to find?

US Congress missing prominent pro-Israel voices

Cool mural

Obama releases pictures from his family album...2008

USA Today & NY Times say some not-so-nice things about our Governor

Need some facts, please, to use with my Repub friend..

'Shared Sacrifice' Is for Suckers: 7 Common Sense Thoughts on Washington's Budget Bedlam

Assange neighbours losing sleep

Why did a Train Carrying Biofuel Cross the Border 24 Times and Never Unload?

Wild Dolphins Observed Bringing Gifts to Humans

Pew Poll Confirms 'Israel Gap' Between Republicans, Democrats

Some things that have been on my mind

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords plans Newtown visit

I used to despise Piers Morgan

More than 100 die in historic Indian cold snap

Wiser words were never spoken: Jon Stewart on gun control

Finding Benjamin...

New Composition of Senate Judiciary Committee

Cool kids. is the 1 dollar reusable Starbucks cup worth it?

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Jan 4th

Native American Protest Riles Canada

The Fat Cats Are What's Wrong With America

Cuba boasts lowest infant mortality rate in LatAm

Cuba boasts lowest infant mortality rate in LatAm

Six dogs and four cats on the property this week and...

Ecuador ranked top nation for U.S., Canadian retirees

In Memoriam -Jim Schmidt

Opinion polls anticipate a windfall re-election vote for Correa in Ecuador

Social Security Question: With his work hours seesawing wildly enough that

Marines Struggle as Tensions Rise in Okinawa

West Wing Week: 01/04/13 or "Welcome to 2013: The Annual Resolutions Edition!"

Swiss bank Wegelin to close after US tax evasion fine

Venezuela VP criticizes 'manipulations' in reports on recent conversations with US officials

Blatant homophobia allowed to stand.

Videos Released by Anonymous on the Rape Crew - A Chain of Events

Calif. court tosses rape conviction, says old law doesn't protect unmarried victims

What would you do if you thought a neighbor stole a package that was delivered to your front door?

UK government's enthusiasm for GM not matched in developing nations

Report: Former Israeli spy chief says Prime Minister Netanyahu acted recklessly on Iran

CIA accused of misleading bin Laden filmmakers with interrogation claims

State Dept. slams Fox News ‘credible journalist’ for ‘asinine’ question about Clinton’s health

Rules for using an iPhone (from a mother to her teenage son when he was given the iPhone)

"Every time Louie Gohmert says something, I know why the aliens don't want to talk to us"

Glenn Beck Will Fire Employees Who Mention Obama’s Name

Boehner In 2011: Failure To Raise Debt Ceiling Would Cause Global ‘Financial Disaster’

Without the obvious disruptors, there would be a lot less discusion here.

New UPDATE on the Filibuster Reform - Just 2 More Votes Needed [Updated]

3:58 AM - So hard to get up this morning.


TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 4 -- THE ESSENTIALS: BLOWING THE WHISTLE

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 6 -- TONIGHT ON TCM: JAMES STEWART

Sen. Crapo scheduled for DUI court appearance

SEC won't file insider-trading charges against David Sokol, lawyer says

The actual distance between earth & moon!

Oil prices fall to near $92 a barrel

Fucking Immoral MiddleFingerMom update:

Morning Joe -- Obama is a weak negotiator

Steady US hiring expected last month despite cliff

How risky is filibuster reform?

Rape, Lawsuits, Anonymous Leaks: What's Going On in Steubenville, Ohio? (good summary)

Have You Ever Wondered What Compells Your Conservative Relatives to Vote the Way They Do?

Shock & Awe

What Getting Carded for Sudafed Says About the Drug War

Rich Catch a Break With Budget Deal Providing Deductions

One of the things I find most disturbing about the Steubenville rape

Immune system 'booster' may hit cancer

Obama acknowledged our deficit problem when he spoke Tuesday night.

Rep. Grayson: Republicans using debt ceiling as ‘legislative terrorism’

2014 US House Election

Transocean agrees to pay $1.4bn oil spill fine

Awakening {while under anesthesia}

Congress to vote on Superstorm Sandy flood aid

Reproductive Rights

The GOP is coming for your Social Security and medicare!

The PAC-12's Oregon "blows"..right past Kansas State

Democrats Send ‘Tea Party Membership Cards’ To GOP Freshmen

'Alarmingly High Methane Emissions' from Natural Gas Extraction

National Instruments CEO donating $10 million to UT

The Truth Behind the Fiscal Cliff’s Reality TV Show by David Sirota

'Fix the Debt' Readies Its Trojan Horse for Next Budget Fight

Cruz sworn in as Texas' first Hispanic US senator

fiscal cliffs.corporate taxation and the sham of shared sacrifice

Devoted dad runs triathlon carrying his teenager daughter

2,305 killed by Obama in drone strikes in Pakistan by my count

The sense of history and the weight of history...

Dear Senator Ron Johnson, I realize that you are in idiot...

Anyone care to make a bet the Orange man doesn't finish his term as speaker?

Rick Perry’s Refusal to Expand Texas’ Medicaid Program Could Result In Thousands of Deaths

Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey - History Repeating

The Republican Party is now the B-Team

next prop 37? new mexico law calls for mandatory labeling of GMOs

Is an assertion about the nature of Moby Dick equivalent to an assertion about the

This Map Shows Where Everyone Is Moving To And From In America

Mint Trillion Dollar Coin To Kill The Debt Ceiling Limit Nonsense! Sign The Petition --->

Step away from the smartphone... Shhh it'll be ok.

"My God, it's full of planets!" - Kepler hints at over 250 new potentially habitable worlds

OMFG - Cheney clone Addington is taking over the legal division of the Heritage Foundation

Republican "humor."

Temple senior one of New Year’s shooting victims

America's Political Dysfunction at Root is an Unwillingness to Cut War Spending

Note from NBC this AM. Pubs plan a comeback.

Scott replaces Demint

China shuts website of leading reformist magazine

"Republicans" - Teaching Teens That Rape is OK

200,000-750,000 Peking Man had hearths, spears, clothing and more

Venezuelan government announces Chávez has 'severe' respiratory infection

December payroll employment rises (+155,000); unemployment rate unchanged (7.8%)

congress members seek investigation of shell barge

Absurd, delusional RW cartoon for the day

Pakistani girl shot by Taliban released by Birmingham hospital to live with her family in UK

JOHNNY KOONSE: Thanks, ma'am, for the budding anarchist

The new conservative purity test

Barney Frank Would Welcome Interim Appointment To Fill Kerry’s Senate Seat

Last night I sat my teenage sons down and showed them a picture of this:

Christian Film & Television Commission Comes Out Against Current TV Purchase

The Republican crusade for "spending cuts"...

There's a lot of pushback when you point out and challenge examples of rape culture...

Paul Ryan Takes To Talk Radio To Defend Fiscal Cliff Vote

Senator Barney Frank ...Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Gabby Giffords To Meet With Families of Newtown Victims

Orly Taitz's Obama 'birther' claims rejected in court – again

Meet Melina Laboucan Massimo - she witnessed first-hand the impacts of oil sands development

Does this Facebook post make any sense whatsoever to you? Because it doesn't to me.

No, federal spending isn’t surging. It’s falling.

America's Real Criminal Element: Lead

"You can't take a hostage you aren't prepared to shoot." (Wall Street Journal)

Hunters Only: Would it be legal to hunt with a Drone in your state?

Suspended animation

Same-sex marriage bill heads to Illinois state Senate floor

Question for the group

Memory lane : An English Affair: Sex, Class and Power in the Age of Profumo.

'Drivin drunk' Facebook post gets Astoria teen booked into jail

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - 2 more years! 2 More Years!

Bad weather prompting more British farmers to favour GM use

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Budget stuff

Dionne, Spitzer weigh in on the Cliff Deal

Eugene Robinson: Our Clown-Around Congress

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Illinois gay marriage supporters look to next session

How “public-private parternships” extract private profit from public infrastructure projects

Regular Order

Scientists say HIV therapeutic vaccine can temporarily improve the immune system

Mars meteorite 'Black Beauty' is in a class of its own

Buckingham Palace shortbread cookies with edible flowers

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 4, 1974

How to refute the more murders with hammers than rifles fiction that is sweeping right wing websites

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 4, 1974

Big Oil's Billions in Tax Perks Survive Fiscal Cliff Deal

Angry Cowboys Fan Fills Washing Machine With Explosives, To Blow Up Tony Romo jersey

Yeah know - I don't mind paying for my future Social Security benefits.

Coulter On Guns; Wants List Of Women Who Had Abortions So Mothers Know Who Would 'Murder a Child'

Have the Obama tax cuts been etched in stone?

Illegal ivory worth $1.4m seized in Hong Kong

Suicides Outnumber Battle Deaths-Every 80 minutes, a US military veteran commits suicide in the US

Krugman: Battles of the Budget

Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

I sent my 1st alert in DU3. Do I get the results in my message box?

I Agree with Republicans

Why Schools Used To Be Better

A Court Ruling Todd Akin could love


I hope someone can help me with my printer driver

well, that was fun...

Best 'pay-as-you-go' cell phone plan

The only area Kali allows for GM livestock on her ranch is for her own personal production of eggnog

President Obama busts a few moves.

The Left's Sequester Leverage: "We choose to honor sequester limits of the 8/11 deal YOU AGREED TO"

How often has the US Federal budget been in balance (or surplus)?

White House: Jobs Report ‘Further Evidence’ That Economy Continues To ‘Heal From The Wounds’ of Rece

going over the NEXT fiscal cliff might not be so bad.

Republicans publish official Nancy Pelosi Obedience School Lap Dog Kit.

So there is no quorum in the House of Representatives for the Sandy Relief Bill?

Ya know, shutting down the government wouldn't be so bad, IF we're talking just benching legislators

Rep. Grayson: Republicans using debt ceiling as ‘legislative terrorism’

John Nichols: Congress Will Be Diminished by the Departure of Dennis Kucinch

Indonesia city to ban women 'straddling motorbikes'

Is this a NO-BRAINER or what? DO IT, Deval.

Recommended Reading: Fiscal Cliff Deal

Jobless, Homeless Veterans Save Gary Wagner, Ohio Man, From Robbery Attack

As Detroit Public Schools rolls fall, proportion of special-needs students on rise

Maybe one day people will understand what love is

Stolen Election by Electronic Voting Machines on TV Show "Scandal"

Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls

How would you feel....

Dear Gov Deval: Please appoint Barney Frank to replace John Kerry

By one metric, NYC is safer this year than last.

Would you make me the happiest man in the world?

Something to tell your RW, government hating friends

ISM Services Gauge in U.S. Unexpectedly Climbs to 10-Month High

US nabs hundreds in global child-porn probe

Workers love to write off their Starbucks; Coffee chain is the most expensed restaurant in the US

Sen. Crapo Pleads Guilty To DWI Charge

Italian phrases & pronunciation needed to jack around a prideful half-Italian

An economic recovery is on track, unless Congress screws it up

Iraqi Forces Fire Into Air as Anti-Maliki Demonstrations Spread

John Cornyn threatens to shut down the government if he doesn't get his way

7 Dem Senators having not signed on the filibuster reform

One Year-Old? He'd Fit Right In Over There

The Mess in Iraq

Well golly, Drunken Irishman just got a lengthy read on Stephanie Miller!

Crime Is at its Lowest Level in 50 Years. (Lead) May Be the Reason Why.


If Nancy Lanza's gun info had been published in the paper

Worcester County security guard charged with shooting buddy in belly during 'quick draw' game

The Left's Sequester Leverage

Bad: GOP leaders will hold debt ceiling hostage. Worse: they don't know what the debt ceiling is

Picture of moment President Obama was told of Sandy Hook massacre is released

January 2009, the Inauguration ….. never saw that coming, eh Dick?

PheobeAllens (hummingbird) live cam....

First time in NFL history three "rookie" QBs are starting in postseason

Insulting the genitalia of gun owners is ridiculous, childish and accomplishes nothing

US House members want investigation of Shell drilling barge; vessel intact near Alaska island

Stephanie just read DrunkinIrishman

Homeopathic Scotch Introduced to Market

Congress to Vote on Superstorm Sandy Flood Aid

Merlin final season starts tonight

Meanwhile in Kailua, Hawaii...

The Advocate's Person of the Year: Tammy Baldwin

Homeopathic Beer & Whiskey Comes to Market

Should the Indian Gang Rape Victim Remain Anonymous?

Raw: Obama Takes Daughters Out for Shaved Ice

The Bag Fruit Tree

"I couldn't accept that." Why Muskegon Heights teachers quit and how it impacts students

Occupy Steubenville at noon today. I'll be there

The Advocate's Person of the Year: Tammy Baldwin

The different ways that different types of rape victims are treated is another huge issue.

Who makes these ad placement decisions?

Carmona Considering Ariz. Governor Run

Why The Girls Of Tomorrow (And Today) Need Hillary Clinton In Their Corner

Entitlements and the debt ceiling

Dinosaurs May Have Shaken Their Tail Feathers to Woo Mates

Club For Growth Urges ‘No’ Vote On Sandy Aid

Toon: The NRA Solution

NASA mulls plan to drag asteroid into moon's orbit

Here's a news story crying out for recipes!

Thom Hartmann: It's Time to Get Serious about Outlawing Billionaires

Have you ever seen a more awesome picture than this?

Fox News guest links Gore to terrorists for selling to Al Jazeera instead of Beck

Worker Put on Leave for Letting Husband View Lanza's Body

Is it misogynistic to argue that bigger penises makes a man more manly?

Elizabeth Warren sworn in as U.S. Senator for Massachusetts

"Some in the crowd, which would grow to close to 50 people, arrived with beer"

At the intersection of recklessness and stupidity

Orly Taitz's Obama 'birther' claims rejected in court – again

Endeavour, fully powered for one of the final times

exactly what was peking man peking at?

600 Guitarists Pictured In Darjeeling Playing John Lennon's Imagine As Tribute to India Rape Vicitim

GOP Rep.: Hurricane Sandy relief ‘reminds me of the stimulus package’

Inmate ordered retried in '80 'waiting ever since'

House Passes Sandy Bill--67 vote against it. (edit: list of "NO" votes with full name and state)

Bloomberg: Media need to rethink gun violence coverage

"Ask your doctor about Tamiflu..."

the "Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act"

No self respecting clown . . . . .

Nothing against Texans themselves, but so-called "Texas Justice" is a sham.

What it feels like when a believer wants to debate evolution...

So. Texas Senators want to shut down the government.

Regarding Steubenville: I find it frustrating and heartening at the same time

List of Cretins

fiscal cliff deal gives $1.3 trillion in tax cuts to richest 5%

New Medical Exise Tax is being erroneously charged to consumers.

New Data Reveals There Aren't Nearly Enough Jobs For New Lawyers, Yet Some Refuse To Believe It

Trust the misnomer

Nope. I have no idea.

Great Literature Helps Us See Just How Lame Internet Slang Is

Stephanie back on Seattle radio. KLAY am.

Debt Ceiling Showdown: GOP Pledges To Extract Cuts From Obama (with partial government shutdown)

The Club for Growth Wants Republicans to Block Sandy Relief

Thom Hartmann: Rep. Dennis Kucinich...Congress Hearts Austerity

Need a free, web based scheduling program or spreadsheet program

I saw movie "Lincoln"...........SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Whitehouse Petition: Ask Representatives to Attend Funerals of Victims of Gun Violence

House approves $9.7 billion in Sandy aid, with some Republican dissent

A Connecticut Cop Halts Gun Shows After Newtown

Anyone see that crock of an AIG commercial?

Sickening display of TEA Party hate

Swiss bank Wegelin to close after guilty plea

Mass. cops caught egging superior officer's home

Fiscal Cliff deal impacts hospital payments

Epic Fail: Sandy Hook, gun shows, and a page from a local paper

Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect to Be

Quantum gas goes below absolute zero

Any word on Orly Taitz's planned 80,000 person protest?

Former Israeli Security Chief Calls Netanyahu a Poor Leader

American Family Association: Hillary is faking, just look at the strong female names of her doctors!

Sinks & Systems

A Nerdy-Dirty Primer on Primal Urges

Ex-film star Bardot may seek Russian nationality

All of these things are not like the other.

'Inouye Cliff' Way Bigger Than 'Fiscal Cliff' For Hawaii

Eunuchs of the Universe: Tom Wolfe on Wall Street Today

The British Class Divide, on a Personal Scale

American Made Christmas lights vs. Chinese Made Christmas lights

Did you know that I'm responsible for Sandy Hook?

Be aware of web site Twitchy dot com.

Let there be fabric/washing directions

Gagged priest ‘playing’ with handcuffs at church gets stuck, calls 911 for help

TYT: Civil Liberties? Obama Signs NDAA...Again

Does having a gun in your house make you safer or not?

Lord, protect me from your followers

American Family Association Warns Christians Of Bigotry, Family Unit Ruin And A Muslim President

O’Reilly: ‘Asian People Aren’t Liberal By Nature’ Because ‘They’re Usually More Industrious

Bright House Networks drops Current TV

Washington Times lays off staff

Former Navy chaplain: Gingrich ‘worthy of death’ for supporting marriage equality

GM recalls 60,000 2013 vehicles that could roll away

When 1 in 5 Americans Don't Belong to a Religion, is God Dead in 2013?

OK, guys--what's up with this?

So has Bob Woodward completely sold out to the right?

Operation Sunflower-245 arrested in U.S.-led child sex abuse operation

Rex Ryan - there is a lot of Freudian stuff here:

Pic Of The Moment: House Votes For Sandy Relief

I have new who coming on right now - New day and time!

Church of England to Allow Gay Bishops, Sort Of

Shelter lets homeless families, pets stay together

The Rude Pundit: Photo of a Moment of Calm Hope in Hopeless Pakistan

(WTF?) California judge rules assault wasn’t rape because woman wasn’t married

Debt ceiling lies from Repukes

Obama expected to pick Hagel as opponents prepare for a fight

for the software developers...

I haven't been posting since 2008. Is the DUzy award still around?

Female unemployment exceeds men's for first time since recession

Is there lead exposure from shooting, handling ammunition, etc.?

Argentinians Burn Sun In Row Over Falklands

'Warmth-sharing' movement spreads


Canada PM agrees to hunger striking chief's demand for talks

Fatah rally breaks up in fights in Gaza

New levels of GOP shamelessness

Can we please be serious for just a moment?

Dang Me!!!

Bang Me!!!

Oily Tainz compares herself to Thurgood Marshall - I kid you not

67 Republicans still vote to say screw NY and NJ

Ways of Seeing - The female nude

Rape Kits and other Criminal Evidence Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

Anti-Muslim violence spiralling out of control in America

California Judge says non-consensual sex while you're sleeping doesn't count as rape

Can Obama refuse to negotiate over the debt ceiling?

Ways of Seeing - The female nude

An amazing mea culpa from the IMF’s chief economist on austerity

"How My Foolproof Scientific System Got Us Onto The Price Is Right"

Call it Trafficking

2 LAPD officers allegedly forced sex acts on women

Publisher apologises for labelling Israel 'Occupied Palestine' in textbook

Obama’s Re-Election Formally Certified By Joint Session Of Congress

The jobs report in six charts

Please, oh please, dear please Michelle Bachmann - please run for US Senate

Congressional Gun Violence Task Force Announces Vice Chairs

10 tips to end rape

Damn Skippy!

What Ive noticed trolling around FB today

Nobody on here has said it yet so I will.... Senator Barney Frank

Court: Illegal immigrant entitled to workers' comp

Is there a list of the congressmen who voted against the Sandy aid?

Thom Hartmann: Can For-Profit Corporations have a Religion?

So is diversity important or is it not important (a tale of two threads)

Gagged priest ‘playing’ with handcuffs at church gets stuck, calls 911 for help

Club for Growth will punish members voting for Sandy flood aid

I love a story with a happy ending.

Okay, let's talk morality..

Awesome Grandma Has A Message For Anyone Who Has A Problem With Her LGBT Granddaughter

Jury refuses to hide post that insults the intelligence of all DUers...

Steubenville Rape Case Getting Attention on CNN

Two Oklahoma House members voted against Sandy aid

LAPD officers investigated over claims they forced women to have sex

(WOW)...performed millions of same-sex marriages for hundreds of years.

In the Coal Fields, a Novel Way to Get Rid of Pensions Is Born

Pelosi: if I were president, I would use the 14th Amendment "in a second"

yellow lab puppy cam cuteness!

Barney Frank Seeks Short Stint in Senate.

Leaked internal docs blow the lid off Tea Party group's image (FreedomWorks)

No Low Is Too Low For Hannity, Who Compares the Poor to Animals

On behalf of the entire Kansas Congressional delegation, I apologize to Sandy victims

Sorry spoke too soon

HOLY. FUCK. --- Can you imagine if any of the teachers had been armed?

I had an entire dollar withheld from my paycheck!

the bystander effect

Obama Expected to Pick Hagel for Defense Next Week

CIA Official Who Destroyed Torture Tapes Squirms at Zero Dark Thirty Abuse

the leading low-lifes of Congress - the 67 Repugs who voted "No" to Sandy relief

Colorado Health Care Cooperative 2013

Colorado Health Care Cooperative 2013

Al Jazeera buys Current Tv

Whomever is doing this stop it right FRICKING NOW!!!!!

DemocracyNow! A Debate on Controversial Natural Gas Drilling Technique As NY Moratorium May Expire.

While there is still time call, email your Senators re "Open" filibuster. Stop the "Phone-in" F/B

Indiana lawmaker pushing for schools to require daily prayer

FreedomWorks Internal Docs Leaked - Read Them Here

For those interested in seeing the "open" Talking Filibuster returned tothe Senate

For those precious moments…

Killing Lincoln’ Writer Says John Wilkes Booth “Could Be Poster Child For Tea Party”

Please call/write your rep and ask to support H.R.138 "Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act"

Prostitution and plunder at Honduran embassy Christmas party in Bogotá

Prostitution and plunder at Honduran embassy Christmas party in Bogotá

Hacked Video in Steubenville Rape Case Gets Wide Media Play

BP During the Oil Spill

Columbine by Dave Cullen - anyone read it?

U.S. sends troops to Turkey to man Patriot missiles

Former NRA President Equates Gun Laws With Racism

I heard it was you, talking about a world where all is free...

Obama’s Re-Election Formally Certified By Joint Session Of Congress

Continuity Likely Even Without Chávez

Turkish charter schools, Harmony, finalist for 30 million from Race to the Top federal money.

Fiscal Cliff Deal's Income Tax Hike Hits Less Than 1 Percent Of Taxpayers

Crapo Says He Kept Alcohol In Apartment ‘On Occasion,’ ‘To Relieve Stress’

Hong Kong traders dry thousands of shark fins on roofs to avoid scrutiny

Welcome new DUers. Discuss Rush, taxes, social security and/or guns here

Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma a question if they aren't prepared for the answer

I just heard on the radio that Chip Kelly is not going to the Browns.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

Andy Borowitz tweet about President Obama

Bernie Sanders on "Balanced Approaches to Deficit Reduction"

The debt ceiling isn’t Obama’s problem. It’s the GOP’s problem.

Maggie Gallagher, Gay Marriage Opponent, Discusses Ending Syndicated Column After 17 Years

How did people lose the ability to agree to disagree?

I'm having dinner at Olive Garden - ask me anything!!!

2012 was the hottest year on record for contiguous US. 362 all-time record highs, 0 all-time lows

Speaking of Moby Dick, the funniest commentary on religion I have ever read.

Boehner: "Default “would be a FINANCIAL DISASTER, not only for us, but for the worldwide economy"

Huge Breakthrough In HIV Research Brings Us Closer To A Vaccine

Why trapping of wildlife sucks

So who would you f@ck if you weren't ordinarily attracted to that type?

FDA proposes sweeping new food safety rules (AP)

Obama: Guantánamo camps a waste of resources

Schultz pushing to implement anti-Latino voting rule

Wonderful Esoteric and Hermetic article about what Magic really is

Venezuela Parliament chief visits Chavez

When you threaten to harm the country if you don't get what you want then

President Obama refuses to negotiate (rightfully so) over the debt ceiling with Congress.

Need help in GD: AVMA is voting on ending Homeopathy for PETS

Love the highlighted tabs!!...

Gregoire emerges as top contender to boss EPA

Mass. governor seeks tighter rules on compounding pharmacies

Indian woman jumps off moving train to flee rape

All right now! Who stole my "Cartoon Cavalcade"?

There's Nothin On

Now that the fiscal cliff is averted

Joaquin Castro elected president of frosh Democratic class

Unhand that gun, there's no one to fire upon

Soliciting opinions about hiding/leaving posts on Jury Duty

Jim Moran says Paul Ryan literally practices Rand selfishness


Richardson on ‘private visit’ to N.Korea

So I'm almost to 1000 posts

"Testicle beer" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "testicle beer".

Is there a sale at the Sock Factory today?

Phrases you use allllll the time

Can posters that have been tombstoned have their user names displayed with strikethrough?

It's create an ID to indirectly attack Obama, post RW gun talking points, and generally disrupt day.

Steubenville, Ohio high school football rape case

‘If Republicans want to do cuts,’ then cut corporate welfare

67 (R) Nay Votes on Sandy: A Map

A strange legal question about marriage equality

Nooksack Coastal Boys rap on problem Gambling & Addiction

Malala Yousufzai is not impressed

Something is wrong with my "My Posts" tab,'s yellow and it's scaring me!

So I opened my paycheck today---well---actually I get direct deposit....

Ok Quick Question about all these pay stubs

Edit: The new jury selection system doesn't take me out of the jury pool

Hope That There Might Be Some Good New Music Out There

Trending newbies

Pesticides and Parkinson's: UCLA researchers uncover further proof of a link

XPOST: Pesticides and Parkinson's: UCLA researchers uncover further proof of a link

Well, well, I see you have returned for your Friday Afternoon Challenge! Today: “Interiors.”

It's Official: Romney Got 47% of the Vote

The debt ceiling isn’t Obama’s problem. It’s the GOP’s problem.

Bikini Graph Jobs Report: Dec 2007 thru Dec 2012 - image

Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

Today is 1/4/13, when did the holiday tax end?

Hehehehe...oh man...too funny! HAD to share this

What The President Should Say To John Boehner Re: The Debt Ceiling.....

New York City vs. Boston in one picture

And I quote:

Washington’s ‘Blazing Saddles’ moment

Some people never learn

Indian women strip and beat politician accused of rape

Tug of war with elderly nun over Chihuahua

Just How Incredibly Incompetent Was the Anti-Boehner Coup Attempt?

Senators ask if coal exports skirt royalties

Tulsa Shooting Spree: Prosecutors to seek death penalty for Jake England and Alvin Watts in assault

Joe Biden Works The Room At Senate Swearing In Ceremony

Elizabeth Warren posts photo of new Senate door plaque

Hey MIRT, another Rushpublican running loose in GD

TEXAS: Signs to gun shows will go on

Oregon looks at per-mile tax on gas sippers

Good catch MIR T.

GOP leader eyes 'Smokey Bear' balloon funding cut

Regarding Sandy Relief Bill where is Rep John Lewis' name?

National solidarity is greatly overrated -- as indicated by the Sandy vote

Y'all leave LynneSin's can alone! Ya hear!

Should Obama nominate Hagel for DEFENSE??

Morning Joe Crew Calls Neocon Anti-Hagel Smear Campaign ‘Unbelievable,’ ‘Disgusting’ & ‘Disgraceful’

Washington’s ‘Blazing Saddles’ moment

Can a $1 Trillion Coin End Debt Ceiling Crisis?

Former Head of U.S. Mint Says Trillion Dollar Coin is Legal

The Pharmaceutical industry...

Ohio State official statement: Sexual assault is terrible

The flute player called in sick, but the show must go on.

I wonder...

Donald Kaul: How a Bit of Satire Earned Me Round-the-Clock Abuse & Threats of Violence from Gun Nuts

" of one?" LOL

White House Plans To Overwhelm NRA With Rapid Victory

(Gov. R-NE) Heineman receives final report on rerouted (XL) pipeline

Boner and the GOP hostage threat:

Obvious Troll and more Jury hullabaloo or malarkey... your choice.

Schumer: Dems Won’t Negotiate With GOP On Debt Ceiling

Baltimore Sun: Why Al Jazeera buying Current TV is a good thing for media, country.

Nominating Hagel Will Send a Message to Netanyahu

Gulf Coast Lawmaker Votes Against Sandy Relief

TWO AMERICANS charged in Narwhal-tusk smuggling ring bust

US Marshals: Second bank robber who escaped federal jail in Chicago captured after manhunt

What Happens When One Posts And Somebody Clicks On....

Michael Hudson: America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff, Part IV– Why Financial and Tax Reform Should

Congress Interruptus...(Meant In Fun)

Lesson of the failed Boehner coup: We’re dealing with idiots

Calif. court orders new trial in rape of sleeping woman

I just kicked some ass on someone who posted this inane rambling from Victoria Jackson on FB...

If women took up guns to defend their reproductive rights......

You cannot argue with the willfully ignorant.

Mars rover finally looks set to drill

Gun Control hopes fading fast...

How History Will See John Boner ...

UberDouchebag Howie Carr cites DU TROLL poutrage over Payroll Tax Holiday

Largest Coal-Fired Plant In West To Be Studied

Does Anyone Think That The Payroll Tax Deduction Rollback Was A 3D Chess Move On ....

Hey ReTHUGs, Freepers, Birthers, Fascists

Anti-abortion and abortion rights demonstrators clash in Portland

Sens. Merkely, Udall, Harkin unveil filibuster reform resolutions

John Boehner Pulls a Romney in Falling for Skewed Republican Poll

Teabaggers are, by definition, Anarchists

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Assault Weapon = Any Weapon...Like Machetes & Hammers

Saudi military member charged with raping boy on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas Strip hotel

Anyone else notice, that it is the SAME people from the early 1990's pushing gun control??

Tales of woe over the holidays. I have a cold. Coughed so hard

Did everyone see this Mars Landing video?

Oh oh! I think I'm falling in love with Abby Huntsman.

Any news on filibuster reform today?

Former NRA president compares gun laws to racism

More about the Journal News posting gun permit info

Year-to-date US coal production down 6.9% through December 29: EIA