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Archives: January 6, 2013

Geesh Earl Campbell looks like shit

Overall, Missouri's state tax collections higher than expected -- with some caveats


Use the phrase "Flaming Homosexuals Wearing Stilettos" in a movie title like

I have very little desire to see "The Hobbit"

The 2013 Pop Quiz by Gail Collins : Test your New Year's knowledge

The secrecy veiling Obama’s drone war

How do we fix the inequity in tax deductions?

Pay your damn employees BETTER, American Businessman… It's GOOD for Business!

If RW (Republican) Catholics demand that Democratic politicians who vote against "pro-life" measures

Tootsie Pops!

Boehner Needs to Sober Up or Go Home

Barack Obama is a Liberal Republican

I'm loving this: Federal Court Rules Flipping Off Police Is Constitutional (FUCK YEAH!)

Michael Moore has a little war on his hands, on and with Facebook


Paul Krugman - Ideology and Economics Jan.5, 2013

Anyone switched from att uverse to comcast internet?

Twelve most despicable things Fox News did in 2012

Hey all Fox supporters in N.Y. State. Perhaps you ought to also reconsider your allegiance to the

Wow. Joe Capp is starting for the Vikings tonight!!

Matt Taibbi's Stunning, New Rolling Stone Article: "Secret and Lies of the Bailout"

That's no dog, it's a horse! The World's TALLEST dog

U.S. Internet Users Pay More for Slower Service

I just spent 10 minutes searching the cobwebbed corners of my memory, writing this response

130 guns, 20,000 rounds of ammo found in foreclosed CT home

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy leads campaign against legal pot

Any Other DU'ers feeling they are PAYING MORE for Intenet Sevice/Getting Less?

This Is TRULY Outrageous & It REALLY Pisses Me Off!

This is why I hate this fuck.

NYT: Surprise, Surprise: The Banks Win

Morsi in 2010: Zionists are descendants of apes

Hurricane/ Superstorm Sandy. Young realize of course

The initial plan for my 2013 garden. Edited 1/9/13

Libertarians are Wrong on Rights

Was out today looking for lost or discarded items...

The Feministing Five: 2012 round up

Bookmark this thread

Marlene Dietrich bio documentary on THIS! right now

We should hold politicians to their word... right?

One Million Moms FOR Gun Control

Cat caught smuggling phone, saw and drills into Brazilian jail

The Year

Top 10 Myths About Mass Shootings

Talk of GOP primaries follows 'fiscal cliff' vote

That Hitler statue--

Golden Guernsey in Waukesha suddenly closes

Name that robot!

Mapping of the cat brain

Who's playing *ME* in the biopic?

D.C. charter schools expel students at far higher rates than traditional public schools

The Battle Against the Keystone Pipeline

If we would only only Open our Eyes

It's time to play TALIBAN or REPUBLICAN!

"The Rape Crew" I found out today when I was at the Steubenville Rally with some

Packers will crush Vikings

Is it tacky to run ads about erectile dysfunction medication during halftime?

Why are cats so popular on DU?

I'm curious how the president would respond to Michael Moore's letter to Bill Kristol

Rush Limbaugh mentioned DU yesterday

I spent three weeks in a psychiatric treatment program, does that diminish me as a human being?

Carl Hamilton-The Swedish James Bond

Bill Maher: New Rules for the New Year

Has anyone here seen "The Loneliest Planet"?


One good thing about Sandy Hook....Hopefully.

Sunday Talk Shows

Grandparents of Jovan Belcher's baby are fighting for custody

MADE in the USA coffee sale including Obama Java Inaugural Brew (free S&H on $85 or more)

"The first duty of government is to protect the powerless from the powerful.” - Code of Hammurabi

Why do people from the Bay say "hella" all the time?

The Station Agent (2003)

Four dead after police standoff in Aurora, Colorado

CNN doing Steubenville Story Now

Dumb question: What does permanent mean?

How is it when 9-11 occurred so many developed a hate for people from other the middle east

The NFL Statistical Year In Review

With No Adelson Funds, RJC Moves to Twitter to Derail Hagel Nomination

What connects Beethoven to Sid Vicous...

This is a real photo

Oldest American Mamie Rearden dies at 114

just ordered my "bear canister"

Guns At School: It's So We Don't Have To Give Up Our Freedoms

Garner State park

Hubby got his first doe today. He is pretty excited

"Stephen Fry in America"

Be the first on your block to have one!!!!

just ordered my "beer canister"

Who's playing *ME* in the biopic?

Unfortunately, Chris Christie will win NJ governor 2nd term in a landslide

Strike Back....just starting...

Proud Uncle Time .... My niece is a kick ass firefighter ...... picture

What can one say? What can one do?

Fox News Viewers Abandon After Obama Re-Elected on Election Night

Vast cache of Kaiser patient details was kept in private home

Will this one smart and generous man save us all from concept of Corporations=People?

White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings

Holy Shit...Have you Seen This!

I'm reading this site about Steubenville & I"m bothered by something-Those who talked about the rape

Another Facebook Gun Nut With A Clever, Clever Meme

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Jan 6th

They passed a law in '64...but it only goes so far

On Sandy Relief Aid, Kansas House Delegation Votes Unanimously Against

A mash-up that works: Whole Lotta Love + Helter Skelter (& great film of LZ and the Beatles)

Don't Burn Your Books—Print Is Here to Stay

Roberts to swear in Obama; Sotomayor to give oath to Biden

Library of Congress has archive of tweets, but no plan for its public display

19 Coaches F/High School Football? WTF?

Scott Norton, Gay Bowler, On ESPN Kiss: 'I Didn't Even Know Anything Was Going To Come Of It'

How the Internet will (one day) transform government

If your definition of tyranny

FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for Connect America Reforms

Ezra Klein: 112th Congress " multiple points, [was] less popular than communism."

Mexico's 'grand warlock' makes 2013 predictions

We are not going to ban guns

Anyone Ever Have To Break a Lease

Michael Moore: Good news from Facebook tonight

I changed to better insurance, but looks like I'll still be buying my meds from Canada.

What the hell...Pelosi's office photoshopped the House Dem women group photo?

Decades of German Pacifism Yield to Bigger Military Role

This is worth mentioning again......Where is the push back from N.Y. Conn, New Jersey residents...

Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits (NYT)

If Breaking Bad's Walter White lived in Canada...

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #27) Pregunta

British Spitfire search team arrives in Myanma

DCF Wants Unlicensed Religious Children's Home Closed

Hello DU. I'm new to the site and wanted to say hello.

Pakistan says 1 dead in border clash with India

The NRA might be replaced by the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Kelly: Dog escapes, travels miles to site of owner's funeral

Might the Firearms Policy Coalition elbow the NRA aside politically?

Christie: Comments on Obama, Boehner part of job

I thought DU was tanking, but it was my fault....

I have Netflix. Do I need Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus as well?

Let's contact the USDOJ and Ohio's members of Congress about the Steubenville rape case!

Shannyn Moore: "Shell's Money Play is on the Rocks"

Who makes a good indoor HD antenna?

"We live on a solar-powered spaceship, renewable energy means less fuel needs."

Italian probes story of town's tribute to Omahan, GIs

I'm starting to believe that much of the gun debate is about something else than guns.

Eliminating business tax on the agenda?

Loyal Italian Cat, Toldo, Brings Gifts To Owner's Grave

Now a word on friendship.

Amendment proposed to repeal constitutional limit on number of Presidential terms?

"War & Peace" and "Gone with the Wind"

WA Rep. Smith(D) 'Fiscal cliff' deal is bad math

GOP dissension over debt-ceiling strategy

Alarming sight: thousands of shark fins drying on Hong Kong rooftop

Starbucks CEO: leave the coalition to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

"Big Red" Rape Crew apologist website labels Anonymous a "TERRORIST" for hacking their site.

Conservatives Open New Congress With Unconstitutional Bill To End Birthright Citizenship

"Oddest Book Title of the Year "? OK, I'm intrigued ...

Comments on Tongue River Railroad proposal due Jan 11th

Gun Rights Increase Suicides

The right wing nut jobs have been going crazy over this on Twitter

Texas lawmakers begin session in budget hole

Jango may be problematic for some, but

Our Absurd Fear of Fat

The Blessings of Atheism

Religious composition of the US House & Senate revealed

Totally fake high-tech "labor shortage"

Taliban vow war if US stay in Afghanistan after 2014

White House petitioned to label Catholic Church a 'hate group'

Justified to kill: Why Detroit dominates the state's justifiable homicides

Forever (for my furbabies)

Austerity Sends Great Britain Towards ‘Triple Dip’ Recession

The grains of paradise

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Not My Cat Edition

New Year Shout Out to all DUers whoare still not posting at DU3

Life Among the Plutocrats -- What Unimaginable Wealth Does to a Person

What Happens When Fracking Hits the Suburbs

The Real Causes of Divorce -- America Has to Stop Blaming It on Women

Do war-weary troops have drinking problem? Marines launch get-tough policy.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Left Most of White House 2013 Budget Unfunded: Still Worth Fighting For

What we said 150 years ago: Lincoln's word has gone forth

Swearing in of Senator Chris Murphy-His little boy rasing his hand along with Murphy.

To End Kurdish Conflict, Turkey Calls on Archenemy

Make A Donation To Haiti By Reading And Speaking Up About It

Budget Deal Lets More Savers Switch to Roth 401(k): Taxes

Israel Leader Appeals for Right-Wing Votes

NHL & players union reach tentative agreement

Syria's Assad offers peace plan but stands firm

citizens call for GMO labeling in washington; the movement continues

Maddow schools Fox’s Dick Morris after getting angry letter from his lawyers


Horses, Frangipane Cakes, and a DSK Doll: The Feast of the Epiphany

Could Human Enhancement Turn Soldiers Into Weapons That Violate International Law? Yes

Move to arm teachers picks up steam in TN

Idle No More Protests Target Bridges Across Canada

What Flannery O'Connor Got Right: Epiphanies Aren't Permanent

Even Dancing With the Stars Couldn't Keep Tom DeLay From Prison

NOAA Declines to Probe Vast Underestimate of BP Spill

Wax Paper?

The Hokey Pokey - Shakespeare Style

Gun Raffle At HS Wrestling Tournament (Idaho)

Conservatives Open New Congress With Unconstitutional Bill To End Birthright Citizenship

The Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Destroy Medicare

Two-Faced Fiscal Conservatives

Robots find Barrier Reef coral at extreme depths, amazing ocean scientists

Cat 'arrested' for break-in at Brazilian prison....

Obama’s Great Society - by Joan Walsh

Tulsi Gabbard, First Hindu In Congress, Uses Bhagavad Gita At Swearing-In

Pelosi suggests top earners pay even more in taxes

Hawks in danger of extinction in illegal hunting campaign

McConnell: Any gun proposals to take back seat

memo to congress: cut the crap about capitalism(& stop pretending you represent us)

NBC channel 6 out of Miami must be run by the teaparty...grrr

The Bechdel test for Women in Movies - it takes about 2 min and fascinated and enlightened me

Don't do it!

If history were written today, what would it say about President Barack Obama?

Fiscal Cliff Deal Falls Way Short: Interview With Alan Auerbach

"Bugger the Bankers"

Are semi-automatics really used for hunting?

Ronnie and others

Gah! Mitch McConnell on George Stepanopoulis.

John Kiriakou Becomes First CIA Officer to Face Prison for Classified Leak

WTF?? Dairy plant in Waukesha abruptly shuts down Saturday

Dean on MSNBC

A little piece of Awesome for your Sunday morning.

Graham: Hagel Pick An ‘In Your Face’ Nomination

Chris Hedges The Absurdity of American Empire

Fact - Guns Have One Purpose - To Destroy What Is In Front Of The Barrel

Admin and all - Idea for a new main forum - "One Liners" - to try to get more content into GD.....

Anyone watching Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States…..

Max Cleland: Next Week ‘The Bullshit’ Stops On Hagel Nomination

anyone heard anything about this video card ?

Obama Mulls Far Broader Gun Control

In Nevada, a Chinese King of the Hill

Matt Taibbi's big con

On bigotry and Einstein.

Say Congress passed a law that nobody is allowed to spend money to criticize any member of Congress.

Thanks, Guys (Palazzo the hypocrite)

great Steubenville rape crew protest pic (

Does this story make you emotional too ?

The Financial War Against the Economy at Large

DeFazio begins 14th term (He’s now Oregon’s longest-serving representative)

Ruh Roh ... The Bipolarish Guy was hearing the "voices in my head" this morning!

30 Second Video on why you need to keep your eyes on the road:This shows a fatality. Caution!

Nearly 400 sign up to shoot pythons in Glades

Cher Developing New TV Show for Logo

Any sentence containing the words "Tom Delay" and "prison" need some discussion, I think.

If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared, what would be the mot difficult thing to explain?

The Advocate Person of the Year: Tammy Baldwin

California Health Exchange Plan Approved By Feds

America’s White Male Republican Evangelical Magical “Thinking” Racist Problem Is ALL of Our Problem

Unsolicited PMs like these should end in a PPR.

The fiscal crisis was ordained 10 years ago when George Bush, Dick Cheney and their neocon cronies

Put a bump fire stock on a Bushmaster AR-15 with high capacity magazines and you get this:

I can understand wardrobe malfunctions, but at some point someone has to tell these ladies

Gabrielle Giffords Marks 2-Year Anniversary Of Shooting With ABC Interview

Pics - sure to make some homophobic-heads explode

14th Amendment Option: Nancy Pelosi Urges Obama To 'Just Go Do It'

Richard Wolff on Workplace Democracy

Anybody Else Having This Problem?

Dear Bill Kristol: More People Than You Thought Are Vulgar, Disgusting and Far-Left By Michael Moore

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 6, 1941

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 6, 1941

Milwaukee's own John Gurda: GOP's motto: 'Grab all you can'

Et tu Heitkamp?: Heidi Heitkamp: Reported White House Gun Control Plans 'Way In Extreme'

Did any brave DUers watch Fox News Sunday today? My New Senator was on.


Many people in this country hunt to live

Timelapse Prez Portrait in Pencil

Ted Cruz: Only Democrats are threatening default on the debt

What gunner in the US has the balls to stare down a tank like that guy in Tienanmen Square?

Ted Cruz: New Gun Control Proposals 'Unconstitutional'

LGBT Ugandans File Suit Against Antigay American Pastor Scott Lively

NHL, union have tentative agreement

California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers

WaPo (Sargent)- "The Morning Plum: Media shouldn’t get rolled by GOP debt ceiling spin"

Petition to ask Pres. O to nominate Paul Krugman for Treasury Sec

Robert Griffin III of Washington Redskins not told by Dr. James Andrews to re-enter game

Favorite Family Home Again

ABC’s Stephanopoulos Fact Checks McConnell: We’ve Already Confronted The Spending Problem

Doug Marrone new Bills coach

HuffPo - "Debt Ceiling Crisis 2013: The Media Needs To Be Trained" - No False Equivalency!

Network News Shows Ignore House GOP Failure To Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act

The Protesters of the Steubenville Rape Case Inspire Real Change

The Browns are better off if Chip Kelley signs with Philadelphia

The latest RW conspiracy theory - Obama's state dinners

NYT: Obama's regulators to let banks off easy for massive foreclosure fraud

If Republicans Push Country Into Default, Media Will Portray Crisis As Obama's Economic Policy

Scab refs and the playoffs

End of Days for Northeast Republicans?

Amazon rant

Black iceberg photo

Marine To Sen. Feinstein – ‘Some Woman’ Will Not Limit My Assault Weapons

Need Help with Obamacare

I recommend Netflixed

Sen. Sanders says he's 'not confident' Obama will protect Social Security

Lindsey Graham Lobs Disingenuous Attacks On Chuck Hagel

Registered sex offender chosen head pastor at a church in Texas

Corporations and execs need penalties that hurt

I Took My "Obama/Biden 2012" Bumper Sticker Off My Beetle Today

I have to go with Ordone on this one.

Is Support For Gang Rape in Steubenville, OH Generational? This Tweet Suggests It Is

Does anyone know which CPI is going to be used to index the estate tax?

REVIEW: Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer

My main problem with supporting troops I guess is when I'm supposed to play favorites.

Official petition to change MFM's screen name.

The mysteries of "Zero Dark Thirty"

Obama to nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel for defense secretary

"we aren’t nominating Chuck Hagel to be Israel’s Secretary of Defense, but our own"

Dick Armey doesn't think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh gave good value for the millions FW paid them

I am really beginning to dislike Cruz.

Steubenville has had a mob history as part of it's culture for some time...

Stop playing on DU, right now.

First Things First

Baptism - who should be baptized?

Been in the blues for awhile, but not now.

The Surreal World: Capitol Hill - by Maureen Dowd

Max Cleland on the prospect of a Kerry and Hagel cabinet duo

Listen to a Pastor’s Very Polite Ball-Gagged 911 Call: ‘Hi There! I Am Stuck in a Pair of handcuffs'

Salvors ready grounded Shell drill ship for tow attempt

U.S. drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan: intelligence sources

marsha blackburn (r-tn) - worked her ass off to obtain federal aid for 2010 tn flood victims

who do you think Republicans would like to see as Sec of Defense?

An Agnostic Biography of the Prophet Muhammad

Head of Libya's parliament survives assassination attempt

G.O.P. Begins Soul-Searching After Tax Vote

Many People in this Country Know HOW to Hunt and Fish

Gen Y looking for books on religion, meditation

NEWS ANALYSIS: Republican Party divide increasingly a matter of region

College students raise funds to fight slavery

Cat visits owner's grave every day bringing gifts

Interest Rates, Deficits, Monetary Policy, Inflation, Debt...

Ecuadorian president warns of possible 'CIA attack' before elections

Issa, Cummings request delay in mortgage settlement

graywarrior is dating again.

Most would advise not to see dead people, but to see otter people

Do ALL freaking cats do this?!?!?

Come on, baby! Just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit more oh RIGHT there closer harder faster OMG right-there!!!

MiddleFingerMom is quite the oenephile.

MiddleFingerMom demonstrates one of the techniques that help ensure his Fucking Immortal status.

Cuban economy continues to grow

Happy birthday to that blue state bastion of the Southwest, New Mexico

Happy Epiphany!

Our Grandkids will ask, What's a "film"?

Harry Reid tells us something we already know. Americans don't care and have never cared about us

Netanyahu Tries To Hold Back Far-Right Surge Before Israel Votes

I love the yellow highlighted tabs!

Egypt’s Morsi Remakes Cabinet, Increasing Islamist Presence

The Moral Case for Drones

Immigrant faces hearing in 'total identity theft'

Top Pundit: Hagel Means Israel Faces Iran Alone

Poverty in Kansas

Republicans gird for battle over Chuck Hagel at Pentagon

Arab states ‘completely incapacitated’ PA by withholding aid, Fayyad says

Tributes To Jane Doe: Nothing To Be Scared Of #OpRollRedRoll

Baby reaches for Doctor's hand before baby was born

Fox News host excuses Clinton conspiracy theories ‘before she was hospitalized’

Will Americans Ever Get To See Al Jazeera?

PSA: In 2010, Senate Republicans voted against ending "too big to fail" and taxpayer bailouts

'The poor are uneducated criminals and drug addicts who need to be sterilized'

McConnell: Obama will be ‘dragged kicking and screaming’ to get spending cuts

I'm all for Hegel as Defense Secretary...

IF "deficits matter", as the GOP now claims...

Lamb Shanks with Orzo and Feta

GOP Rep: ‘It’s About Time’ We Had Another Government Shut Down

What if your life was set to music like in the movies?

Sunday Family Album

Editorial: Real hurdle to education reform is poverty

Anybody know why Roanoke VA Nexrad radar is down?

Bill McKibben: Obama Versus Physics

OMG...MSNBC is doing a segment about that Kennedy who is against pot legalization...

From V for Vendetta: "I remember how different became dangerous."

Does your neighbor having an AR-15 in his house make you feel safer?

Real reason republicans oppose Hagel (from Maddow show)

Bill McKibben: Climate change won't wait

ugg Ravens advancing

On shooting 'Lost' today...

Nice essay from Anne Lamott: Time Lost and Found

Would you like flame retardant in your soft drink?

Seriously, what rational group of people thinks I am qualified to be on a jury.

Modern-Day Robin Hood Living In Woods, Shooting Rich People With Arrows The Onion

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Tea Party folks says there will be consequences for fiscal cut votes

One of the children in the Project...

Massachusetts, meet your new Secretary of Education.

Welcome Back Rep. Alan Grayson

I know Democrats tend to be peaceful people - but ;)

Do you bring re-usable bags with you to the grocery store?

They live in their own world and brainwash those outside of it - rant

Home needed...

I need some help with choosing between the least worst energy sources in my new house.

Study: Fox News Viewers Average Age Higher than Average IQ

Follow-up: State takeover changing Alamo tradition

Man drops concealed weapon at World Market and it fires--luckily only nesting baskets are hit.

Why I'm Pissed Off About the Rape Crew and Their Enabling Adults

Was Citizens United Correct?

When Boehner told Sen Reid to "go F&%# yourself" at least he wasn't pretending to be

Why Paul Krugman should be President Obama's pick for US treasury secretary

How to justify $500 for yet another cooking tool.

The conservative movement is too stupid to live, but the GOP is too advantaged by law to die

Internal docs leak confirms what we already thought: FreedomWorks is an astroturf organization

The future Social Security problem we SHOULD be worrying about

Chuck Hagel And Liberals: What Are The Priorities?

Iowa GOP co-chair: Ron Paul supporters disenfranchising Republicans

Police: Teen arrested at airport claims to be Ron Paul's grandson

Crack Pipe- by Josh Marshall

India: Villagers Wail Against Nuclear Power

Chicago: Guns Flying Off The Shelves Amid Debate On Restrictions, Sellers

The Crack-Up of the GOP: No Way Out

What items today do you think the kids of tomorrow will never see/use?

<sigh> It's true, heroes really do have feet of clay, this WWII cartoon made me sad

Poverty in Kansas

No God-given right to atheism in Egypt

Most Likely Outcome: a More Nationalist, Religious Coalition

Obama signs bill for Sandy flood insurance claims

Does anyone have jury results on this post?

What "keywords" are you going to auto-delete when the function is available?

Ha! This can't be serious. What smart DUer is playing with the freepers regarding "Militia's"

Regarding Michael Moore and Facebook

What Happened To CCW Holders Outed By A Newspaper In 2008

Home needed...

Obama is Already Two Steps Ahead of Republicans on the Debt Ceiling

Cheaper TVs on Horizon as Chinese Muscle Into U.S.

It Gets Better: January 6, 2013 - Penn State Greek Life

Joe Biden swearing in Elizabeth Warren

McConnell Refuses To Say If Gov’t Shutdown Is On The Table

Missoni Executive’s Plane Search Intensifies in Venezuela

Fructose Tied to Obesity as Study Shows It Doesn’t Cut Appetite

Why Hagel? Is there not even one actual fucking Democrat who can be SecDef?

So, someone comes to your house...

Non-Believers On the Rise in Congress

New Occupy documentary coming out

Niagara Falls Frozen Over in 1911....WOW Beautiful Images.

Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits

Pope Benedict: Church Must Stand Against "Intolerant Agnosticism"

Deal in Foreclosure Case Is Imminent, Officials Say

The Story Behind the 47 Percent Video (David Corn)

Top Regulators Give Banks a Bit of Breathing Room

open carrying store clerks: would that have freaked anyone out?

Kuwait forces disperse protesters with stun grenades

Has Naomi Wolff jumped the shark? She put this on Facebook

The lockout and the damage done

I'm broadcasting live on the air now re: Fiscal Cliff Deal, Gun Control, and Steubenville rape case