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Archives: January 7, 2013

You can't use ampersands on comments during jury duty.

Venezuela Looks for Missing Plane with Missoni CEO

America Didn’t Vote For Divided Government

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 January 2013

Martin Bashir Busts Paul Ryan For Voting ‘No’ On Hurricane Sandy Aid But Yes On Midwest Flood Aid

Asian Music XI

Consortium of universities, institutions to meet at U of Michigan to discuss future of Great Lakes

Okay, it's January. What seasons are about to begin?

China to Boost Urban Transport as City Congestion Worsens

Critics targeting hotel chains affiliated with NRA

Frustrating the puppeteer

The first round was fairly predictable

FREE STUFF>>> Films for Action: Wall of Films

Bennett: Israel can defeat Gaza terror

Damn. I hope RG III can recover...

Rick Perry Versus the School Children of Texas

"In God's Name": Florida's unlicensed religious children's homes.

I really Like This Pic Of Boehner

Mum finds her baby in grip of a python

I recently decided to look for another job

Senate aide: "Send us Hagel and we will make sure everyone knows he is an antisemite"

India rape: Father 'did not want victim named'

Quantum Physics and Nine Dimensional Chess

The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out – Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It

I'm curious what people think

Avian Satan

Mother shoots home intruder...after he cornered her in attic with her twins, 9

Think ex-Marine Cpl Joshua Boston's use of "..I will not have some woman.." was revealing

The Seat of Rosa Parks

Don't Tell Your Daughter Not To Go Out-Tell You Son To Behave Properly

Just starting now, The Coming Storms" on CNN. They will cover the

John Fire Lame Deer

ZOGBY: The Biden Watch Begins

Drugged milkshakes to knock out your parents? Yep.....

McConnell wishes Obama would just propose sweeping SS/Medicare cuts to use in 2014 campaign ads

What does it mean to DU'ers to call someone "anti-Israel"?

The Ultimate Dog Shaming

URGENT - Help save Chloey - long time owners want her OUT after 5 years

Delaware Elementary School Posts New Form Of ‘Whites Only’ Signs

About.... Texting and Driving......4 Times worse than drunk driving..please ..for the New Year...

NAACP holds Religious Leaders Summit in Atlanta

Boehner: "I need this job like I need a hole in the head."

Just adopted 2 cats from a no kill shelter. So yeah, I feel pretty good today.

Who needs a good laugh?

Tea Party Gospel: Gun Registration Equals Confiscation

Alabama Student Accused Of Plotting A Terrorist Attack Against His School

Boehner: "I need this job like I need a hole in the head."

sorry. photobucket issues.

Downtown Abbey Season 3 Episode 1 tonight!!!

Best Response Ever To Winger's Comparison Of Federal Budget/Debt - To Average Family Budget


Jewish-Australian leadership condemns mufti’s visit to Hamas in Gaza

CaliforniaPeggy's #1 Rule of Etiquette:

NY Times: It's Not Me, It's You (social factors, stereotypes, and academic performance)

Debt Ceiling - How Obama Can Beat Republicans By Taking Their Advice - 3 Steps

The orange was harder to make.

Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews pessimistic about peace

Tea Party makes threats and calls for consquences

Sen. Rand Paul's 19 year-old son arrested for being drunk & disorderly at Charlotte airport


List Of Demands

Attention why should it feel so shameful to need it?

Sign Danny Glover's "Sign-On" petition supporting Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary.

The hashtag plot-So apparently there was a coup plot against Boehner, inspired by some Breitbart kid

If it doesn't work out with Hagel...can Obama nominate Max Cleland instead?

AFA writer uses supermarket tabloid as a "source," says Hillary Clinton faking clot.

Robert Reich: Medicare isn't the problem. It may be the solution.

i don't give a fuck: HttR anyway!

The phrase of the evening is "misogynist prick"

How do I access strings I have already "bookmarked" on DU?

Chabad Rabbi Who Once Called For Rabin’s Assassination Passes Away

Daily Beast Readers Share Their Stories of Rape and Sexual Assault

Having run out of decent TV, finally watching Downton Abbey, and

Could we stop promoting the message of genital size as being connected to men's worth?

Enough WAS enough. UPDATE: PavePusher Banned.

This is by far one of the best temper tantrums in a long time..

Hey guys, it is a all new Halloween Honey Boo Boo episode.

Paul Krugman: "The Triumph of Bad Ideas"

Republicans: Wake Up! (Another great one from Facebook)

Florida’s Bill Nelson has ‘great many friends in the Jewish lobby’

Exodus SPITZER,GRANHOLMet al from Current.Best reader comment: Don't need"false equivalency" network

Boner's Orange Hue---could it be due to Alcoholism?

Go Seahawks!!!!!

19-year-old Socialist takes seat on Red Bank Regional's Board of Education.

Anonymous to FBI: hey, dudes, maybe you could take a break from...investigating activists....

"Covered California" information is already online, rates will be online by June '13

Crime rates are at an all-time low in most places. So is leaded gasoline. Coincidence?

IGNOR ALERT!!! ......... Tucker Carlson

Palestinian boy’s operation crosses boundaries

Heidi Heitkamp: Reported White House Gun Control Plans 'Way In Extreme'

Partial transcript from Gun Control portion of my show tonight on debunking gun myths

Palazzo Appealed for Federal Disaster Relief After Hurricane Katrina

Italian probes story of town's tribute to Omahan, GIs

Israel lobby should not have veto over US president's cabinet

Comparing Spending by Gun Rights and Gun Control Interest Groups (Or Proof the NRA is a Repub Org)

Senate Aide: 'Send Us Hagel and We Will Make Sure Every American Knows He Is an Anti-Semite'

GOP Rep: ‘It’s About Time’ We Had Another Government Shut Down

Serious question..has the Republican Party offered any alternative for Sec of Defense?

Chuck Hagel's Views On War Forged By Vietnam Experience

Awareness of gun massacres is surely a contributing factor.

A list of dog treats made in China linked to death and illness

Kinda Big Update On My Petition Ending Corporate Media

URGENT - Help save Chloey! Please?


Bridge to the future

URGENT - Please Help save Chloey!

Just a layoff away

Small deeds

The new "whites only"

What do YOU do?

Juries... DO YOUR JOB!

There are many yarns in the paper and many papers in the yarn

Ti-i-i-ime is on my side ...

Attention Deficit Disorder

Italy's Monti: Gay Marriage up to Parliament

"Cloud Brightening" to reflect heat (an article in

Gay advocates appeal for an All Black to come out

Mom Has Son Sign 18-point Agreement for iPhone

Gay men haunted by old convictions

Can I Raise Magical Energy With Exercise?

Do you consider the United States to be a 'land of opportunity'?

Pagan Spirituality and the Future of America

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 8: Elvis Presley's Birthday/Great Capers

Gay marriage's loudest opponent, Maggie Gallagher, throws in the towel!!

So . . . . what's "tolerable"?

House GOP Insurgents Called Off “Coup” Against Boehner A Half Hour Before Vote

This has probably been said, but I love the yellow tab

Boehner Coup Attempt Larger Than First Thought

Two thousand five hundred pounds

Critics slam Chuck Hagel's likely nomination as Defense secretary

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 9: Star of the Month: Loretta Young

Citing Threats, Defense Lawyers Seek to Move Steubenville Rape Trial to Another Town

Flu Shots...

Rick Perry Versus the School Children of Texas

Help with router

Reality versus GOP Talking Points -"Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?" Obama

Cable Companies Squeeze More Obscure Channels (i.e. Current, Ovation)

Armed Hate Crime Victim Decides Not to Shoot Attacker

Jason Weinstein’s Justice Department career was derailed by ‘Fast and Furious’

Hamas denies Mossad breach of prime minister’s bureau

Milford Signs taken down

I wonder if this is a contributor to violence in this country...

But OHHHH the dusting

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

I made TVP chili tonight and it was delicious!

Schwarzenegger says film violence not linked to school shooting

I know and have known many people who had CCW

Watching the "Left Behind" series on DVD.

help me with my font size lol

Investigation adds to Dewhurst’s political woes

Update on Chloey. Fingers crossed! Need Vibes.

Piss off is appropriate when fuck you is not.

A list of dog treats made in China linked to death and illness

don't judge us...

S.F. begins charging for Sunday parking

It happened again!

I Listened To McConnell On Both Meet The Press And Face The Nation And He Used The Same Talking ....

it bothers me

Ticketmaster Screws Up The Inaugural Ball Tickets - All Were Sold By Accident!

Purina Diet

It's safer to grab a rifle and a sign claiming the President was born in "Kenia"

People don't understand that "white, male privilege" hurts white males too

The world's worst New Year's Eve broadcast - and it happened in Los Angeles.

2012: An image or two …. June

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Jan 7th

What would happen to North Korea's Leader this year

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" is an anti-war song written while America was on the brink of nuclear war

CONSPIRACY TIME! President Obama could get 3 terms if H.J.Res 15 abolishes term limits

From 2008: Fuck FOX News

Bolivia accuses United States of plotting against Morales

What Makes an Anti-Semite? Wiesenthal List Induces Hand-Wringing in Germany

Bolivia accuses United States of plotting against Morales

Monday Morning Music - Southern Cross ~ Crosby, Stiils and Nash

"Why not let everyone have a flamethrower?"

How a Paranoid Schizophrenic Got a Gun -- And Why He Is a Victim, Too

The War on Women's Sexuality

Who Was Killed in America's Drug War Last Year?

Breaking Up Banks Is Easy When They Aren’t Failing

Afghanistan conflict has cost Spain 100 lives and 3.5 billion euros

Rectal Orifice

Epilepsy and migraine 'could have shared genetic link'

Chiquita Republic

Is there any evidence that "rapists get raped in prison" ?

Totally blind mice get sight back

Chiquita Republic

DUers and KOSers made a difference in Milford, DE

at iowa prison, a lonely battle against sex movies

judge weighs extent of priest file redaction

Why We Can't Shop Our Way to a Better Economy: Stacy Mitchell at TEDxDirigo

In the Gaza Strip, children bear psychological scars of conflict with Israel

Deficit Attention Disorder

If the neo-cons hate Hagel

Prosecutors to outline evidence in theater deaths

This Week in Poverty: Responses to the ‘Cliff’ Deal

Fewer excited gun-buyers in Colo. and Conn.

Breaking: Obama to Nominate John Brennan to Head CIA; Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary

Michael "Savage" Weiner: "America needs new ‘nationalist party’ w/ 'charismatic leader'"

Good morning, admins. Regarding a group request made several weeks back...

Google executive chairman arrives in North Korea

Nancy Pelosi and I Think Alike on 14th Amendment Solution to Debt Ceiling

Biofuels and Hunger: The story from Guatemala

Exclusive - U.S. nuclear lab removes Chinese tech over security fears.

Biofuels and Hunger: The story from Guatemala (U.S. policy)

Berlusconi strikes election deal with League, wants to be economy minister

In first visit to Israel, Republican Senator Rand Paul calls for gradual reduction of aid

Break the Chain February 14, 2013

Mother Jones analysis of Naomi Wolf's Occupy tinfoil hattery

Sen. Rand Paul calls for gradual cut in aid to Israel

Hillary Clinton Returning To Work Monday

Joe is right

Netanyahu woos young voters at Tel Aviv nightclub

The most stupid suggestion the Boston Globe had in a long time.

Obama to Announce Hagel, Brennan Picks

This is a compelling reason to stop stop and frisks:

Tax Avoidance On the Rise: It's Twice the Amount of Social Security and Medicare by Paul Buchheit

State of Fear by Chris Hedges

GOP state lawmakers aim to kill local sick-time measures (Florida)

Chris Hedges: State of Fear

Ticketmaster's inaugural goof

A word of encouragement to folks who made resolutions to their health:

Not my photo - showing it anyway

Cory Booker: "Nope. I won't perform weddings until New Jersey allows Marriage Equality."

Coolest cat scratchy toy EVER!

Carol Bragg's Fast for a 'Revolution in Values'

US: Mass-Transit Tax Break in Obama-Signed 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill

An RGIII picture not for the faint of heart

Rand Paul's 19 yr old son arrested for being drunk

Allow me to join Manny in my condemnation of Matt Taibbi.

'Human sustenance has been reduced to a corporate portfolio item'

Look The Other Way, Another Way to Enable Steubenville, and other, via silence.

Wisconsin witch hunt: Gannett publishes salaries of WI public employees in online database

Absolute zero temperature barrier breached by scientists with interesting implications

Palazzo sought millions in Katrina relief for Biloxi Housing Authority

Bank of America reaches $10 billion Fannie Mae settlement

Guns and Drugs: We can curb gun violence by ending the War on Drugs

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: The Madness of the NRA

Why do dogs leave first?

Stricken Shell oil barge towed away after being successfully refloated

Seems like magazine capacity in the conn. shooting was a practically a non-issue.

FLASHBACK: When the GOP wanted Hagel in the cabinet

Vatican ‘cash only’ as bank blocks electronic payments

Indonesia's US-funded anti-terror police accused of fuelling terrorism

In an electoral cycle, is there a time for optimism, and a time for realism?

Why Hagel?

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Clowns

If Corporations are People, Do They Count as Passengers in Carpool Lanes?

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Money and relief

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Moving to Russia

Corporations Offset Fines and Penalties with Tax Write-Offs

Monday Toon Roundup 4- ...and the rest...

China to Boost Urban Transport as City Congestion Worsens

Why Hagel Matters

It is almost time for FIONA! Showtime's Shameless premiers this week.

I have discovered something really pleasant with the ignore function...

California planning low-carbon oasis where cars aren't king

Right now, NPR: Chicago's 506 murders are very "concentrated, local" problem.

Stun guns bought via mail order come through UK Customs

Let's make some more reactionary, xenophobic heads explode: WH Petition for the Metric System

Krugman: Be Ready To Mint That Coin

How to comfort a grammar nazi...

Found something for the parrots squawking about "pork" in Sandy Bill

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 7, 1971

Bank of America to Pay $10 Billion in Settlement With Fannie Mae

What Would Be The Repugs Action If The President Invoked The 14th Amendment And Just Continued....

Why gun deaths are decreasing, in one graphic.

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 7, 1971

NBC Chief: Network May Act If Donald Trump 'Says Or Does Things That Cross A Line'

At Iowa prison, a lonely battle against sex movies

Biofuels cause pollution, not as green as thought - study

German solar power installations at record high in 2012

The Evolution of a Democratic Constituency Promise

Chuck Hagel in 2011: The Pentagon budget is BLOATED, it must be pared down

Please Help !

STUPID ASS Supreme Court refuses to hear case on carrying hand guns in churches

Shell’s rig ran aground in Alaska because the company was trying to avoid taxes

Surprise, Surprise: The Banks Win

If this did not warm my heart (which it did to the max) at least I got to listen to some Italian

Does anybody else think that Lindsay Graham and John McCain are "the mean girls" in the middle

Major cuts to surging CO2 emissions are needed now, not down the road, study finds

The Steubenville Rape Case's Party Host Has His Sports Scholarship Under Review

driving in Russia

Ashamed to be from Bama AGAIN!

All The Things You Wouldn't Say In Front Of Your Own Mother That Were Said By The Media In 2012

Phil Hartman

50 doomiest images of 2012

Giant squid filmed in Pacific depths (With Pics!!!!)

Toon: About those women in Congress these days

Ex-Rep LaTourette: Boehner kept Sandy relief from a House vote to save his job

Inappropriate or not,'s a pic of a stripper:

High court rejects Medicare challenge

Update about the racist sign at playground - REMOVED!!!!

Beck resolves to fire anyone who mentions Obama in 2013 .... except for Glenn Beck

Gawker's pick of a president who is a "LIBERAL DREAMBOAT" - in Uruguay

World’s Busiest Airport Partially Shut Down Over Scary ...Toothbrush

Fracking Gets a 'Thumbs Up' from Fox & Friends

Town Takes Down Anti-Hispanic Signs After Public Outrage

Great explaination of the "fiscal cliff", etc

tile backers- usg fiberock

Just FYI, not to criticize, but GD post is a hoax attributed to Bernie Sanders

A new approach to assessing future sea level rise from ice sheets

Finally something good to say about Congress

So you’re in a room with a pack of crazed rabid hyenas.

Three very scary pictures of one very scary woman.

I find an intriguing double standard in regards to Bill Clinton and Chuck Hagel

went to the hospital last night. and WAS the place dirty.

60000 Homeless Vets

Visiting Fiji: Finding the pacific island's religious past, amazing seafood and dark secrets

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest Compares Gun Control To The Third Reich

Hosts can't fix it. Juries don't understand it. What can we do? Now Hidden.

Chocolate Brown Shawl Collar Cardigan

Catholic Education, in Need of Salvation

THE SCIENCE OF SEX ABUSE- Is it right to imprison people for heinous crimes they have not yet commit

Can I post a spoiler?

Still a potent gay rights voice, Barney Frank dials back opposition to Chuck Hagel nomination

White Supremacist Teen Arrested For Bomb Plot

Is the President just punking the base at this point?

Chief Justice Warren Burger quote on the Second Amendment

US drone attacks 'counter-productive', former Obama security adviser claims

As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs

10 Banks Agree To Pay Billions For Wrongful Foreclosures

Megabus, BoltBus Overcome U.S. Stigma With Cheap Travel

Large Spanish protest against health privatization

Leahy Endorses Hagel For Defense Secretary

Egg boiling calculator

Someone Forwarded A Shocking Report to Me in Email:

Newtown GOPer to Gabby Giffords: “Stay out of my towns!!”

In case you missed it: The Great Life of Brian Debate

Anonymous tweeted a link to my show due to my coverage of their role in the Steubenville gang rape

Court won’t hear campaign finance arguments

Court won’t stop embryonic stem cell research


Enthusiastic yogurt:

To order a pizza Yoda tries:

Hooters hooters... who's got the hooters?

How can you tell when MiddleFingerMom has been in your neighborhood?

Online Recovery Groups

MiddleFingerMom got a weekend pass from the hospital so that he could go tubing.

Court won’t hear Ga. Gun lawsuit

Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster

NYTimes: Real Faces, Real People, Real Love in Vietnam

SPOILER ~ Happy Endings ~ Tyler Kerkovich 1928-2013

10 Banks Agree To Pay Billions For Wrongful Foreclosures

The (NWO)Neo-cons now in control of GOP are against Hagel because he's a true conservative.

Hey, Kids, have you seen this photo thread in the LGBT group?

Do you have a Bank of America mortgage? Better read this:

Why isn't student loan debt dischargeable through bankruptcy?

That payroll tax hike can't be good for the economy

Will the New Congress Save or Cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?

Boehner: We’re fine with defense cuts

Ohio State University: "Michael Nodianos is no longer a student at The Ohio State University."

Why are recents posts showing wrong originators' names in list but not on the post?

TIME Magazine Gets It Wrong About LAPD's AT-4 Buy-back.

Exclusive: U.S. nuclear lab removes Chinese tech over security fears

You're a Republican complaining about the national debt?

Israel's 'self-defense' argument against Hamas holds no water

Ticketmaster sold most of the Inagural Ball tickets early

GOP Freshmen fail to shut down the Government on the first day - Andy Borowitz observes

Proposal: DU Meta needs its own resident Horatio Caine.

Will Liberal Ministers Challenge Their Own Tax Loophole ?

from Jon Stoltz of VoteVets:

just plain sickening

At what point do Gungeon threads in GD get ushered off to where they belong?

Liberal Unitarians growing

Whole Foods Mistreats An Autistic Young Man

Republicans getting weak-kneed about debt ceiling fight

I'm good with Chuck Hagel.

German bigotry shifting from race to religion

Revealed! MFM is dating a pole dancer!

Former C.I.A. Officer Is the First to Face Prison for a Classified Leak

Wait. People still read Rolling Stone?

A French nuclear exit?

It's Very Clear To GOP -- Elections Only Mean Something When We Win ---- If We Lose Elections

Ignorance an distortion must be bliss..

Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Cases March 26-27

GMO food and cancer. Seralini study web site debunks debunkers

An exception to the wise, "Never goose a dog" safety rule:

Pro-Gun Groups Plan ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ For Inauguration Weekend

Racist sign threatening Spanish speakers removed from playground in Delaware

Is the "My Subscriptions" yellow tab really working? - Resolved

Why Chuck Hagel terrifies hawks, GOP

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell: It's Time To Confront Our Spending Addiction

City of Dallas to raze 600 Elsbeth this week, ending years of fighting over former Oswald apartment

Supreme Court won't take combat veterans' mental health appeal

Providence Catholic bishop urges R.I. lawmakers to oppose legalizing same-sex marriage

Test for New Leaders as Chinese Paper Takes On Censors

The conservative movement is still an elaborate moneymaking venture

POTUS speaking, personnel announcement.

GOP Rep. To Introduce Bill To Stop Treasury From Creating Trillion Dollar Coins

The Rude Pundit: A Letter from the Rude Pundit to Joshua Boston, Gun Owner and Fellow Epistolarian

GOP Rep. To Introduce Bill To Stop Treasury From Creating Trillion Dollar Coins

Congressman To Introduce Law To Ban The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin to prevent Obama

Your government in action: the FDA is working to ensure pet foods are safe:

NOBEL PRIZE WINNER PAUL KRUGMAN: Obama Must Be Ready To Mint The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin

Why Rumsfeld?

BREAKING: SCOTUS will hear gay marriage cases on March 26 & 27

Hillary Back On The Job

xpost from LGBT: BREAKING: SCOTUS will hear gay marriage cases on March 26 & 27

A Letter from the Rude Pundit to Joshua Boston, Gun Owner and Fellow Epistolarian:

Tax Avoidance On the Rise: It’s Twice the Amount of Social Security and Medicare

Thom Hartmann: Wanna buy a lifetime of disaster insurance?

Report: Iran oil revenues down 45 percent

Yippee! Just confirmed I have tix for the swearing in ceremony.

Sen. Sanders says he's 'not confident' Obama will protect Social Security

British al Qaeda suspect to appear in U.S. court

How Apple's Avoiding Billions in Taxes

The importance of European court's ruling against extraordinary rendition

Foreign has an interesting take on Iraq and Hagel...

"Best Health Care in the World!" Really!! We don't need no steenkin' "Obamacare"...

When I think of a group of Dumbasses, I think of the Log Cabin Republicans

Hillary Clinton Photo Shows Her Back at Work

Nice Swipe at Betrayus by POTUS

Gramps and Goober will be fighting for relevancy

Climate Progress Is Looking For A Deputy Editor

N.J. Democrats accuse Christie of using Sandy to ignore state's economic troubles

When Rs talk about cutting expenses, they

Dear Republicans

Palestinian PM Fayyad slams Arab donors for failing to deliver aid to PA

Ticketmaster accepts blame for Obama inauguration blunder

Take that, climate deniers...

Do the Goopers have ANY idea how fucking ignorant they sound with their caterwauling about Hagel?

Hey John Cornyn - how's your buddy John Ensign these days

Garrison Keillor regarding the right...

Back when winters were cold...

Ed Rendell Attacks Safety Net While Calling for More Elected Republicans

FLASHBACK: GOP Senators Praised Chuck Hagel’s Statesmanship, Foreign Policy Expertise

Every AR-15 owner is a law-abiding citizen...

Do you burn fragrant candles? I love the smell of candles in my kitchen but have wasted lots of $$

Log Cabin Republicans Criticize Chuck Hagel's Gay Rights Record In Full-Page Ad

Lakota People's Law Project's Madonna Thunder Hawk and Daniel Sheehan Remember Russell Means

Have any of you read any of the novels featuring Agent Aloysius Pendergast? Would you recommend

Your face is going to get stuck like that.

Study: Stand your ground laws don’t deter crime

Limbaugh ties gay marriage to pedophilia, again.

last thing anyone thought was that a politician's daughter would get caught smoking pot

Racist chanting at profession soccer player causes something awesome to happen

The Triumph of Bad Ideas

Bloomberg: We must 'do everything we can to help Joe Biden'

3.8 GPA, high SATs, 4 year degree and living with Mom at age 25...

Sex Crimes in the White House: Who's Afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Video Game violence

"Dead Girl" jokes in Stubensville Incident and Dead Girl movie

Newtown Lawmaker Tells Gabby Giffords: ‘Stay Out Of My Towns!’

Doesn't this guy look eerily like GW Bush?

Toon on war morale...

37 GOP Congress members opposed Sandy relief but supported disaster aid for their own home states

Thom Hartmann: Bigger Picture - The Filibuster - Is it unconstitutional? P1

Thom Hartmann: Bigger Picture - The Filibuster - Cashing in on Obstruction P2

AT&T Cotton Bowl to host first playoff title game

Judges can remove guns in domestic violence cases

Insurance premium growth has wiped out the last decade of wage growth

New Documents on FBI's Occupy Surveillance May Be "Just the Tip of the Iceberg"

History Meets Firearms

Hagel: Israel's Jewish identity is non-negotiable issue in any Mideast deal

Getting weary of arguing with poster who says that 3 foot sea level rise won't matter

Lionel Messi Wins 2012 FIFA Ballon d'Or

I can use my white male privilege to get free extra toppings on my pizza.

Mexican Restaurant In South Carolina Under Fire For Racist ‘How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant’ T-Shi

I'm not an overbearing tree hugger,


@ the emergency room. Update: It's nothing.

Elementary Social Security.

White House to McConnell: The tax issue is not over

Bill Kristol’s big plans start with derailing Chuck Hagel nomination

AFSCME wants to delete this clown from politics...

I'm glad someone finally pointed out this hypocrisy!

FLASHBACK: Bill Kristol Wanted Chuck Hagel To Be Vice President

Log Cabin Republicans..against Hagel as Secretary of Defense oh the hypocricy of it all!!!

Tulsa Police: Four Women Found Shot To Death In Apartment

Craft question.

Apple already working on Iphone 6 and IOS 7

Because the 20th falls on a Sunday, Inauguration Day will be Jan. 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Question for discussion: Michčle Flournoy for Secretary of Defense.

Students First: State Policy Report Card 2013

my teabag sister keeps bringing up Eliz. Warren's Indian ancestry

Tanker ship strikes Bay Bridge tower

Huell Howser has passed...

justice served but still denied

Medical marijuana: Aaron Sandusky sentenced to 10 years in federal prison

Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

Sen. Vittles, I mean Vitter calls Reid 'idiot' for Sandy-Katrina comparison

DAMN!!! Randi is breaking it down on Brennen about his views

Silence of the lambs

Huff Post Says It Best Regarding GOP And Chuck Hagel - "Now They Care About Gay Rights!"

DId Obama's justice Dept cause closing of Golden Guernsey Dairy?

Texas Budget Unexpectedly Large But Conservative Legislature May Not Spend...

I know how to stop the loads of right wing gun nuts from infesting DU

Baxter, Bella protect child lost in woods near Seneca

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: 2012 -The Year Climate Change Got Real for Americans

Right wingers urged not to accept new dollar coins

Does anyone else vomit when Luke Russert comes on?

No one was killed. 2 good samaritans can feel good about themselves.

Crowdsourcing Arctic Research: The Dark Snow Project

Chris Hedges on the Fiscal Cliff ‘Ruse’

Mad-dog Right: Neil Patrick Harris is using the Superbowl to slam Christianity and promote Teh Gay

This is for all those who think that Republicans are incapable of feeling empathy or compassion.

The Amazing Doctor GOP

OK, what we need to do is get them to change their business model

Came home from work sick. Anybody want to hang out?

Mexican restaurant requires employees to wear anti-immigrant t-shirts

Guatemalans Resist Invasion of North American Mines

"Dealing with a different set of nuts."

The GOP’s Next Round of Hostage Negotiations

A Comparison

Tea Party Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity In Public Opinion Poll

Hagel Opposed the Surge

Americans talking about armed resistance against their own government in a very offhand matter...

New Irish anthem of hope to be presented to President Barack Obama

Platinum Mint Coin to End GOP BS on Debt Ceiling...Boehner Face.

I am looking to buy a new codpiece.

I live in Florida and have been receiving Tier I Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

Bill Kristol and Co. Counter Obama's Hagel Nomination with Apocalyptic Site

McCrory has promises to keep.......WRAL tracking.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fire Probed, Blaze Adds to Setbacks

Cracks Emerge In GOP Debt Limit Offensive

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bashir is tearing Lyan Ryan a new one

Obama Seen as Clear Winner in Fiscal Cliff Fight, 57% to 20%

Warren: Frank Would Be ‘Extraordinary’ In Interim Senate Post


Huell Howser dead, says KCET

Polish TV shows Obama with PlayStation controller while watching Osama bin Laden mission

Newtown Lawmaker Apologizes For Criticizing Giffords Visit

Where the Money Comes From and Where it Goes in our National Budget Really good graph...

Wendy’s Franchise Cuts Employee Hours To Part-Time To Avoid Obamacare

From the U.S: Senate to the ER--follow up call from our favorite doctor :-)

The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China

Slut shaming - I think it comes from the same culture as date rape

President Obama: Recommend Neil Barofsky as SEC Enforcement Chief

Hundreds protest global warming

Bernie Sanders Annihilates Mitch McConnell and Delivers a Lesson in Compassion

State trying to make sperm donor pay child support

Would Hagel push to bring troops home early? Squealing like

The Rise of Right-Wing Radio Payola

Anti-Defamation League Won’t Oppose Hagel

Montana Republican reaches end of political roadMontana Republican reaches end of political road

London Review Of Books: Short Cuts

Ezra Klein: We don’t have a spending problem, we have a military spending problem

If you are approaching retirement in a career/job you've held a long time,

Who is the smallest Government spender since Eisenhower? - Barack Obama - Forbes magazine

Senator Amy Klobuchar...

Low Vitamin D Status and Suicide: A Case-Control Study of Active Duty Military Service Members

Troy's rescue...

Why Nobody Trusts Steubenville

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ dischargees to receive full back pay from DOD

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White House might use Medicare reform momentum to push further health care reform

Service Members Dismissed Under DADT Since ‘04 To Receive Full Separation Payment

From Washington Post, very sad graphic on rape and rape prosecution

bought a water fountain for the cats...

New Path to More Efficient Organic Solar Cells Uncovered at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source

Daryl Cagle pretty much nails it...

need some DU vibes

Oil Sand Industry in Canada Tied to Higher Carcinogen Level

Um...lost item? (Warning -- not for the easily offended)

The 'To Do List' vs the 'To Undo List'....

POLL: How Much Should We Cut Defense?

This will sound nuts, but I think Washington should consider signing Tebow

The IMF Admits It Was Wrong About Keynesianism

Introverts and telecommuting

First atheist church opens in London

The phony Chuck Hagel fight - by Joan Walsh

GOP congressman accidentally admits President Obama could legally mint the trillion dollar coin

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Jr. Walker in bebop/swing mode '65

Regarding Griffin III ...

Belfast flag violence: New clashes as police use water cannon on loyalist rioters

Brace Yourselves.....but don't Panic

EDL leader Stephen Lennon jailed for false passport offence

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Fungus among us

Judge finds accused gunman in Oakland college shooting unfit for trial

Psychological Common Ground Could Ease Tensions Among Those With Different Religious Beliefs

Rep. Grayson mocks ‘bath salts caucus’ for voting against Sandy relief

As a Michigan Wolverine fan through and through, I only have one thing to say about tonight's game:

Nick Clegg. Pissartiste extraordinaire.

New Interactive Street Art from Ernest Zacharevic

Your Worst Escalator Nightmare Just Came True

Report: Robert Griffin III partially tears ACL and LCL..

Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

Notre Dame football's rise paralleled Irish-Americans' societal ascent

Alan Dershowitz says he will testify against Hagel

When did DU begin? I've been a member since 2003 - just wondered how long it had been around

Nixon's Southern Strategy has destroyed the ReTHUG Party

Lazy Corporate Monopolies Are Why America Can't Have Nice Things

I watched CNN and Ari ( Bush's puppet press speaker)

Go Irish!

This Hagel attack has PNAC written all over it.

Cock and pussy

DU extols the virtues of the White Male

Servicemembers Kicked Out Under Military's Gay Ban Since '04 To Receive Full Separation Pay

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Obama’s Cheney? "Assassination Czar" John Brennan Brings Legacy of Drone War and Torture to CIA Nod

11-year-old accused of being pregnant had massive tumor

Black-legged tick on me for 3 days (seeing a doctor tomorrow)

Schools need $1 billion to pay bills, TEA official says

Insult Attacks from Adult DUers make for ANNOYING Alerts

Cameron succumbs to growing pressure from right wing UKIP to get the UK out of the EU