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if you had to guess, what kind of breeds do you think this mutt is made from?

Ariz. Couple Sues Walmart Over Kids’ Bath Photos

INFO, please.

I'm just sayn'...

Mexico and Canada get into a big brawl during World Baseball Classic game

Famed Watergate Reporter Is Losing His Marbles, Says Obama Should Threaten Iran More

Why Do Goats Yell Like That? Experts Weigh In

Lounge hosts. What's up with that?

How Facebook could get you arrested

Royal Caribbean Says 105 Passengers Taken Ill on Ship

Sing me a song, you're a singer. Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil.

'The Greatest American Hero' Marta and I met him today

I have an illegal question. Will it be locked?

Just in case you were wondering.

Brawl at WBC: Canada and Mexico

Protesters pass out flyers at Christian event in Winston-Salem

How about some Latin music? Perhaps a mambo?

Iraq War: major new questions for Tony Blair

Germany's New Anti-Euro Party

200,000 take part in Taiwan's anti-nuclear protest

Queen Elizabeth II to Sign Historic Pledge Against Discrimination, Signal of Gay Rights Support

Conservative scholar denied new trial in lawsuit

Record 120 million wash away sins as India festival ends

The front runner in the Pope contest looks like he's very conservative.

Vegan Dessert Recipe For Passover for (or any other time probably)

Thousands rally in Tokyo to demand end to nukes ahead of 2nd anniversary of Fukushima disaster

working against voter suppression

Take my manuscript to an agent, straight to publishers, or self-publish?

Hayes spotlighted one reason for our broken politics.

Fox News Guest Receives Racist Rape And Death Threats After Arguing Guns Aren’t The Solution To Rape

How about... "Very Cheap but Extremely Useful and Effective" ...I'll give two.

TX Ted Cruz has been granted the monicker "CARNIVAL CRUZ". Pass it on.

This might be photoshopped

"When Neoliberalism Exploded"

Engineered Inequality

WH - West Wing Week: 03/08/13 or "Jedi Mind-Meld"

Like to share what happened today a large food store today..Your opinion..

This is not photoshopped:

Ok, I have to admit something.

Daylight saving time is one of the dumbest things we do. Who cares what time it gets dark

Forever Young?

Is my e-ltr cancelling my local wingnut newspaper like the GBCW threads here? Here 'tis:

Amazing drumming mom.

Abe: Japan must revise Constitution to engage in U.N. security campaigns

Balloons Blow

Thanks for all you do. Is it reasonable to ask for posters to be able to see

I refuse to accept Daylight Saving Time

This is really cool !!! Shadowland dance

Are the "Fix the Debt" fetishers doing overtime trying to smear Paul Krguman?

The Koch Brothers Are Spending Millions to Deny Poor Americans Healthcare

Why Daylight Saving Time is pointless

Religious support and opposition to same-sex marriage

Mike Luckovich - Iraq War Memorial

multiple hot penis plant

Life's path. A choice?

Turkish Woman Kills And Decapitates Rapist – Delivers His Head To Town Square

I would enjoy a paragraph or two about your children.

Beavis & Butt-Head Meet The Predator Drone

Excellent climate change graphic

10 Vintage Menus That Are a Feast for the Eyes, If Not the Stomach

Guns Can't Stop Burglary - and even the right wing agrees

Home At Last

"Paul Ryan Balances New Budget By Embracing Obama Policies"

the cast-iron block of Ford's new 1-liter EcoBoost engine is 52 pounds

Republican in Washington wants to introduce bicycle pollution Tax, TyT

Murder of the campesinos

Devin Townsend: Under-appreciated genius or right where he belongs?

FYI, looks like the jury blacklist lets you go over 15

Submission Theology is Abuse Theology.

It has been valuable to read some of your answers to other folks' posts and get a better picture of

Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital (Globe & Mail)

Why the barrios still love Hugo

The Balloon (happy Daylight Savings Time and goodnight)

Oh good grief, Mittens' even less accomplished and distinguished brother running for LEVIN's seat?!1

"Boehner Connectec Super-PAC Accused of Taking $2.5 Million Illegal Donation From Chevron"

The Filibuster’s Top 10 Winners and Losers

So John Tesh says Caffeine is good for you ( based on several scientific studies)

Koch's And Billionaire Syndicate Are National Security Risk - Public Enemy #1

Pug head tilts

"How To Prove Obama LOWERED The Deficit In Four Easy And Indisputable Steps"

The Head of TFA Can’t Connect the Dots…….But I Can.

Con's Desperately Anoint Rand Paul "Boy King" But They Really Despise Him.

Check In If You Love Senator Warren

Ohiosmith used to take a huge, um... "roach" with him wherever he went.

Is Ashley Judd tough enough to take on Mitch McConnell??

Facebook makes me proud to be an American

Another DST Move the clocks forward reminder for our Republican Friends...

Falklands votes in sovereignty referendum rejected by Argentina

Stonehenge may have been burial site for Stone Age elite, say archaeologists

Two years after Fukushima nuclear meltdown, U.S. Navy sailors speak out about radiation exposure

2 cups of kitten

Math Quiz

"What if there are more threads condoning or mocking rape...(Part II)

Dissecting the unemployment report - March 2013

SNL epic fun tonight

Sunday Talk Shows

I just lost respect for Justin Timberlake

Urgent!!! Vote on this!!!

Raid Of The Day: "This is what happens when your grandma sells crack."

A poem, Expansion

American Business Treats Its Employees Like The Romans Treated Their Slaves - Except

The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen

The struggle continues

Cats Can Be Jerks (video)

Heart Beat - Seduction

A good people finder site?

Louisville police officer fined $2 for striking man

The Great Depression wasn't as bad as the liberals made it sound:

Concerns grow over Russian nuclear plant safety


But it's the truth…

Johnny Winter, Woodstock 1969: Mean Town Blues

American CEO'S - "American Workers Stink"

Conservative "Logic"

Star Trek Into Darkness - NEW (Teaser) Trailer #2

Hell No: We Won't Forget!

When Will The Greed Stop - When Will The Public Put A Stop To All The Abuse And Theft -

One more Saturday night Blues tune. Otis Rush: As The Years Go Passing By

Savings time in effect....are you the right kind to move forward with it?

For those who like the House of Cards

Latest Lauren Corgo.

Today's Employers Cry When They Sign A Paycheck. It Workers Would Only Work For Free.

Links to two of tonight's SNL videos: The Opening/Chavez and The Five Timer Reunion skit

French bulldogs in swings CUTE OMG fart!

SpaceX Grasshopper Hoverslam | Ring of Fire

The Disappearing Dems!

Question submitted by Electric Monk

A link to an article that has some of the JOKES Pres Obama told tonight at the Gridiron Club dinner

Los Angeles Frets After Low Turnout to Elect Mayor

SNL's Opening segment regarding Hugo Chavez (and an extra one)

President Obama's Gridiron Club dinner speech 2013 (transcript)

Harvard secretly searched e-mails

Make 7 had a really wonderful posting faq in Meta. Any chance it could be reposted elsewhere?

Well, I figured something out tonight...

Here's me playing bagpipes

Anybody have any experience with Tamiflu?

Do the administors care if I post gross, zombie vidoes in The Lounge?

Mating Tortoises Cause Fire

Police Motorcycle Video of SCPD Memorial Motorcade for officers shot in Santa Cruz

Hey Lounge, if you like rock and bagpipes....

Anybody ever have asthmatic bronchitis?

Q: What Does The Bible, The Constitution And The Wisconsin State Flag Have In Common

Indigenous protests in Panama turn violent

Well, fuck. They closed down the META 'recreational area'...I gotta sell some stuff....

Earth gets a rush of weekend asteroid visitors

Stone-Age Skeletons Unearthed in Sahara Desert

Twitter user conducts live dildo search (extreme NSFW warning!!!!!)

Justin Timberlake as a giant tofu on SNL

I often dream of trains when I'm alone...

~~~Winter Photo Contest Winners~~~

And the winner's are...

Brockovich takes on sinkhole case

Sunday Morning Music Videos...(We Go Bollywood...!)

Jindal draws laughs at D.C. dinner as he pokes fun at himself, other politicians

U.S. Air Force Stops Reporting Data on Afghanistan Drone Strikes

TOON: Sunday's DOONESBURY - "GOP Soul-Searching: Is Voter Suppression Enough?"

Almost No Existing Individual Health Plans Meet New ACA Essential Health Benefit

Report: Saudis rethinking method of execution

Fukushima forests found to be radioactive

Suu Kyi re-elected leader at key opposition congress

World 'needs dictators like Chavez' says French minister

Ukip only 10 points behind Tories, latest poll shows

Why German Conservatives Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Renewables

5 Things That Piss Me Off About People Who've Never Known What It's Like to be Poor

Oh so some people are tired of hearing about rape and how to try to stop it?

Best SNL in Years?

The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty

Why America Doesn't Want "Bipartisan" Budget Agreements

Anyone know how to turn down the sensitivity of the screen on an S3

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Behold And Enjoy Edition

This Week in Poverty: American Winter by Greg Kaufmann

afghan leader accuses US and taliban of colluding

Red Wine Compound Activates Gene Needed for Healthy Cells

Angry Swiss Aren't Done Slimming the Fat Cats

Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline

Why do folks here think the U.S. is so committed to the death penalty?

Every nineteen minutes someone dies from an overdose of prescription drugs - Sanjay Gupta

How the Iraq war hurt Republicans

We're Screwed: 11,000 Years' Worth of Climate Data Prove It

Chris Hayes discussing coverage of Chavez

Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze

Bob Woodward's Dark Days

High school student wears late sister's ribbon from 3/11

High school student wears late sister's ribbon from 3/11

Forget the Good Jobs Report, Long-Term Unemployment Is Still Terrifying

America Is Plagued by Zombie “Experts” Who Are Invariably Wrong on Foreign Affairs

Kids killed in tsunami graduate posthumously

Of the 267 icons. "people" + "politicians", there is not a single Asian.

DUers what can you unearth about this very hot story in the Caribbean

Will Obama Keep Trying To Negotiate Until He Caves? He Is Going To Start Looking Like A Beggar.

Profiled by NYPD, Transgendered People in New York Fear Carrying Condoms

Zerlina Maxwell on Hannity: Giving every woman a gun is not rape prevention

Queen set to sign new charter backing equal rights for women and gay people

SCOTUS-Backed Surveillance Law Built on a Bush-Era Lie

(TX) Sales tax exemption for disabled vets would impact cities

CEOs say American workers suck

Wal-Mart Employee Education

House GOP leaders blindsided by defections on spending vote

As momentum builds toward tax reform, lobbyists prepare for a fight

Dear America, We're Sorry ..... Love, Wisconsin

Texas and Maine Republicans propose gun classes for schools

Gay marriage at the Supreme Court: A ‘real couple’ behind Prop 8 challenge

Daylight Saving Time - an obsolete anachronism - why not a better way?

Women's Day: 'We need extra workshops for men'

The New NORML: Looking Back at 40-Year Crusade to End Marijuana Prohibition

Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline

Report: Blast injures several people in south Iran

God Worried He Fucked Up His Children: The interview with God..

Black rhinos on the verge of disappearing

Afghan leader alleges US, Taliban are colluding

Kerry’s three challenges as secretary of state

F-35’s ability to evade budget cuts illustrates challenge of paring defense spending

Exclusive: Retrofits to add $1.7 billion to cost of F-35 - GAO report

shit, it's almost 9 already. What the hell?

South Africa: Mandela spends night in hospital

Obama to nominate Thomas Perez as labor secretary

St.Pats' comin' up

Teju Cole on the "Empathy Gap" and Tweeting Drone Strikes


No Program Left Behind - A Quick Look At The JSF

Andy Gibb died 25 years ago today.

This Cheat Sheet Will Make You Win Every Climate Argument

New Study: Vaporized Marijuana is a Safe and Effective Pain Treatment

A dearth of Asian avatars has been pointed out - any suggestions?

This is the problem with the banks, and for that matter the courts

Arlene's Flowers refuses gay wedding; worker quits in Richland, WA

X-post from GD: any suggestions for avatars of Asians?

What do you call an American Terrorist Training Camp??

'Jamaican lottery scam' bilking senior citizens out of millions

The Danger of Suppressing the Leaks

Ten Things I Learned from Hugo Chávez

Low-wage workers turning to voters for pay raises

Sunday Morning TV is Horrible

Sunday Child Shooting Review

In the South and West, a Tax on Being Poor

50 Truths about Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Curse you DAYLIGHT savings time!!!

Profiting From Genocide: The World Bank's Bloody History in Guatemala

Ryan’s New Budget Repeals ‘Obamacare’

Jeb Bush: 'History will be kind to my brother'

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.8.2013

Vandana Shiva on Int’l Women’s Day: "Capitalist Patriarchy Has Aggravated Violence Against Women"

GOP Meltdown: Paul Ryan Doubles Down On His Losing Southern Strategy

Workers win: Charges dropped against former warehouse employees; suit settled

Real Meaning of Serf

Cambridge undergraduate tells of shocking abuse by male students at elite university

Ever taken a shot you can't explain ?

Adios to the black rhino?

What Grampy McCain in the hospital?

Paul Ryan: Budget blueprint will promote repealing health care law

Good Morning!

Odd quirk in the system?

Normally I'm against giving drugs to kids

Robert Parry: Rethinking Watergate/Iran-Contra

$875M computer center coming to Fort Meade

Jeb Crow Shrub flailing on all networks: Has his being The Smart One been an urban legend?!1

Peggy Noonan thinks the Catholic Church is TOO CENTRALIZED

Apology: the 'All-new Calvin and Hobbes funnies' post got, well... I dunno...

Air Force erases drone strike data in Afghanistan war report just one day after Rand Paul's filibust

Paul Ryan: Budget blueprint will promote repealing health care law

Fear, Corporate Profiteering, and Govt Expansion of the Security Surveillance State on the US border

A Point of View: Mary, queen of maths (BBC)

Make-up & mirrors

Andrej Pejic -beautifully gender-bending model


Vote in the Smithsonian's Photo Contest Finals ?

CalliforniaPeggy faced YEARS of physical therapy and oh, MAN... she was looking forward to it.

There are dogs and there are dogs. And then, of course... there are Labradors.

Cats could usually give Steve McQueen a run for his money at being cool. Usually.

HEY!!! Be a little more considerate and keep your damned escargotcaine to yourself.

It's not like MFM's lifestyle should have come as a big surprise to anyone watching him grow up.

There are those who think that MFM didn't take his AA meetings very seriously.

The First Ad Of The 2016 Iowa (GOP) Caucus

Well, that's enough dancing lessons for today

Took my zoom lens for a walk. dial-up advisory

Gov. Christie, 2016 GOP favorite, at fundraiser at Scarpa home

Rick Scott with Ms. Wheelchair Florida 2012

LOL: Jeb Bush: “I don’t think there’s any Bush baggage at all."

Violent night in Cleveland: Seven shot, one killed

Glenn Greenwald defend Rand Paul against "Democratic myths"

Study says 45 current or former PA state officials have links to fracking industry

Pregnant woman, boyfriend, five kids killed in Kentucky fire

Former Simpsonville, S.C. Priest Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Is anyone else have trouble getting DU to load today?

The Fortunate Must Not Be Restrained in the Exercise of Tyranny Over the Unfortunate.

Was DU just down for an hour or so?

All students suspended for five days...

Fourth Circle of Hell

My iPad hates me!

TYT: Do Politicians Overestimate Voter Conservatism?

Mahatma Gandhi and the evolution of the global warming response

LOL! Conservatives -- How your friends see you...

Happy Birthday Dean Torrence!

I'm still seeing occasional SQL errors.

So... what's for dinner tonight, folks?

I would have responded in the thread if I could but...

Taylor Swift visits Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Where we are progressing... and where we are not.

United Steelworkers Union & Sen Sanders Want Congress To ‘Keep Social Security Promise’

Hollywood taps North Korea as its new go-to bad guy

Jeb Bush: political reporters are ''crack addicts''

SCRAP THE CAP and Call Your Congressman

The perils of sneaky, inquisitive kids.

Panther Cave in HD and 3D

Why German Conservatives Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Renewables

"Greedy Lying Bastards" movie trailer

Santa Muerte - The Cult Of Holy Death: Documentary

Where we are progressing... and where we are not. (xpost from GD)

Joys of Spring

A vote in support of A Casual Vacancy

Daylight Savings Time

I dreamed of the new Pope last night.

1 dead, 5 rescued in Calif. sailboat race accident

Whatever you do, do NOT spell "dogfood lid" backwards.

Wingers post the damndest things....(2)

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 10th

The time change in South Dakota

Why Manga Publishing Is Dying (And How It Could Get Better)

Local union protests possible Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit

The Middle East’s fight for civil marriage

Of Course Some Bar Is Already Banning Google Glass

Hat tip to ZombieHorde who got me searching for "the administors" which led to discovering this gem

Sweet Sistine update: The Final Two (Holy) Fathers

Things haven't changed much sense 1939.

Spring Forward

The Papal Prayer Machine

What Does "CONSERVATIVE" stand for?

Taking it to eleven (definite dialup warning!)

Ted ( must see)

One of the Fukushima 50 shares his story

Peaceful bridge

Reminder: The Rude Pundit interview on my Radio show tonight at 7pm Eastern time

Howard Fineman on MSNBC just now - Ashley Judd IS running

Why Latin America doesn't like the USA

Minnesota’s family investment program stuck in 1987

Most Americans approve of foreign drone strikes

Feminist Confuses Fox News Host By Suggesting That We Teach Men To Not Attack Women

Reading choices for cats and their humans

Where you get your information matters

Just so

Jeb Bush praises brother's record in lead-up to decision on 2016 run

Love - this should go in GD -but it would probably be kicked out

Thomas Friedman (NYT): "I hope that Bill McKibben and his coalition go crazy."

Dry Cleaning

Every time a thing is censored that is one less thing to censor.

Former Newark Airport TSA screener says job does little to keep fliers safe (job is a complete joke)

Jeb Bush on 2016 run: ‘I don’t think there is any Bush baggage at all’

Enough of this shit! Vote her out

Michigan election official seeks more transparency

How Thick Is Your Bubble?

Admiral Calls cimate Change Top Security Issue..Daily Kos..

FAA could close 6 airport control towers in Mich.

TYT: Conservative Activist Pays Up for ACORN Smear

Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

MPTF Planning to Hire Strike Replacements as Union Advises of Walk Out

Paul Krugman Tells GOP Senator: ‘Your Facts Are False’ On Social Security

Three Democratic Myths Used to Demean the Paul Filibuster

Prez: Bob Woodward sends his regrets

Bruce Castor is effectively starting his primary campaign against Corbett

Lockheed Martin's Herculean Efforts to Profit From Defense Spending The Epic Story of the C-130

Kitty at my foot and I want to touch it

Stonehenge may have been a grave site *AND* site for raves according to theorists

Shh! Obama's about to nominate an actual liberal (and good guy) to be Labor secretary

GM to lay off 104 Flint staff as Encore work goes to Korea (thanks to free trade)

The One Where A Creationist Picks A Fight And Loses To A Priest

Eve online - The Beauty Of The Universe

Dog's happy reaction about going to the park!

*It's not about Rand Paul!*

Harsh Words by Afghan Leader Add Tension to Hagel Visit

Fear, Corporate Profiteering, and Govt Expansion of the Security Surveillance State on the US border

CNN tonight: Escape Fire - The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Christian protesters, police clash in Pakistan

Americans are training Syria rebels in Jordan: Spiegel

Went to Cabelas this afternoon, every single caliber of handgun ammo was sold out.

Civil Rights in Rochester, NY: "Blow me, you little whore"

Snow leopards are rarely seen by humans and are listed on the threatened species list

Afghan president accuses US forces of colluding with Taliban

Abortion in Arkansas - If men could get pregnant would we even be having this conversation?

Armed Protesters Rally At Washington State Capitol

North Carolina Teachers Flock To Free Concealed Carry Class

Republic of Texas now wants its day in court

NYC pension funds seeking ouster of 2 HP directors (5.5 million shares)

Spin, damn you!

The 10 weirdest members of Congress

Philly closing schools in spite of public outcry. The reformers don't listen to the people.

Two wild and crazy guys.

Number of U.S. Households With Guns Sees Steep Decline Since 1970s

Robert Reich: The myth of Americans living beyond their means

Prominent Afghan Actor Killed in NATO Air Strike

Stop A Senate ‘Blank Check’ To Israel

Disturbing comment needing discussion

Germany's anti-euro party is a nasty shock for Angela Merkel

Match Game Story: Herr Phizplastor's typesetting speed was so _____ that Gutenberg had to fire him. Pregnant woman attempts suicide, is charged with murder.

Queen fights for gay rights

So I'm in my local coffee shop this morning

French town fetes Palestinian planner of Israeli minister's assassination

Retirement plan in which the company's match isn't deposited for a year- is this even legal?

Holder Won’t Prosecute Palestinian Killers of 54 U.S. Civilians

“Free Market” Health Care Solutions Won’t Work

Fukushima Toxic Waste Swells as Japan Marks March 11 Disaster

Jewish Kids Stoned by Sakhnin Arabs

Settlers: It’s We Who Suffer From Apartheid - Not Palestinians!

UN clears Israel of charge it killed baby in Gaza

I don't want this thread.

This is Carlton, your doorman.

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Ahmadinejad's embrace of Chavez's mother irks clerics

I do not understand what is happening to the Liberal Democrats.

Melody Valentin, 5th-Grader, Scolded And Searched After Bringing Paper Gun To School

George Bush was a great blues guitarist

With respect to the rape/misogyny/sexist threads, you advocate against censorship

Cram 8 teenagers into an SUV, they no doubt drive too fast...

Is it possible to record a streaming Netflix movie.

Turn out for pro-gun rally in Olympia way less than expected.

Many left behind as Silicon Valley rebounds

The Walking Dead 3.13 - Arrow on the Doorpost (spoiler alert)

How to win the 2014 election, in one graphic

Anybody read Peter Tremayne books?

Anybody read Fiona Buckley books?

Repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Law

Hagel Off to Rocky Start in War-Torn Afghanistan w/ Afghan President

The Pope enjoying the show

Thyroid Control Screening Reveals Much Higher Percentages of Cysts and Nodules...

In 100 Years, Potato and Bread Prices Have Skyrocketed; Eggs not so Bad

Obamacare making its case

Anybody read Peter Tremayne books?

Iran to Test Fire 3 New Missiles

You KNOW he's old when he's unaware of eBay.

Democrats and Labor: A Tale of Abuse

Anybody read Fiona Buckley books?

76% of gun deaths in Colorado are suicides. 76%.

At some point incoming SS taxes will be less than outgoing SS benefits

Sweden on top in gay friendly travel rating

San Diego to consider pot vending machines

Chomsky: The Corporate Assault on Public Education

Mom outraged: 7-year-old pens weight loss plan

The next Macintosh Operating System has been announced

WooHoo, Goddamit. Ashley Judd to take on the Turtle!


(Canada) Residents angered by Hamilton eatery's Confederate flag

Case fan hell

Scalia Law (cartoon)

Bill Maher: If seeing this nice lady on TV fills you with rage, get help!

Ron Johnson Gets the Facts Wrong on Social Security

Your response to Whisp was so RUDE. Please explain.

This proves Dogs are more musical than Cats!

Case Fan Hell

Frank Zappa wanted to tax the churches

Gay Wedding Is Embraced by Disney in Tokyo

Here's a thought, and a good one!

U.S. Army Traffic Control Point Operations Smart Card

Japan quake 'heard at edge of space'

GOP/Ryan New Healthcare Plan Once Obamacare Is Repealed.

Falklands referendum: Islanders vote on British status

Imagine all the people - 80 billion people, all screwing with the planet

Question about military jet fly overs at events

A Majority of Young Republicans Support Gay Marriage

Sheriffs of the land: Meet the settlers with military authority

US Wins!! moves on to Round 2 in the World Baseball Classic!

I feel so bad for this guy, how hard his life must be to have such problems...

Almost 1/2 the musicians in the Vienna Philharmonic during WW II were members of the Nazi party

Partisan chasm especially deep in Wisconsin

Cubans evade censorship by exchanging computer memory sticks

Researchers grow teeth from gum cells

Charisma: Laws Protecting Gays from Domestic Violence Part of Anti-God Agenda

This is Luke Massella

The store checkput clerk tells me what to do now. A short essay on aging.

How we know Sarah Palin is over

The store checkput clerk tells me what to do now. A short essay on aging.

Can i substitute malto meal for matzo meal?

English Channel crystal may be fabled sunstone

€9,600 raised as 'Jailbreak' winners reach south Argentina

OOPS...sorry..this belongs in Computer Help Forum..

The Vagina Tax

Owning Drinkingwithbob (Conservative youtuber)