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Archives: March 11, 2013

New York City accidentally distributes typo-laden Subway map, will cost $250K to fix

Republicans resume effort to repeal 'Obamacare'

Wouldn't it be cool if they figured out how to make cars run on air, and the engines sounded like

Goldman Sachs I.P.O. Fraud in eToys Discussed by N.Y. Times (Op/Ed by Joe Nocera)

Buy American Mention of the Week, 3-10-13

My Sunday Road Trip

Vigilia Mambisa will protest against Yoani Sanchez April 1 in Miami

Competitive US Senate Races in 2014.

Sex in Video Games

An almost colorless day

Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban bid JR goodbye.

Once Before I Go

Gaza man confesses to strangling sister

Obama plans to extract timetable for Israeli pullout from West Bank

What do you look for in a summer day camp?

Finally .... The Sound City 'Real to Reel' album - Centipede ....

Reel Beat Downs! Post a pic from a beat down in a flick!

DRONES are a distraction, let's talk about the REAL

Boo Fugging Hoo -Oscar Pistorius is suicidal - he's a 'broken man' because he had to sell his

Today, disgusting people are arguing that the victims of gun violence

Kittie Rodent affection

Will Charlie Crist Make A Comeback? (as a Democrat)

As North Korea Blusters, South Breaks Taboo With Nuclear Talk.

Finally, a tablet simple enough for a woman to use </sarcasm>

Golden Retriever Puppies

Ohio bill aims to ban traffic cameras statewide

Anybody here do hand quilting?

US v. Lara - recent Wikipedia frontpage featured article w/implications about VAWA/tribes

6 teens killed, 2 hurt in northeast Ohio SUV crash

Chomsky: The Corporate Assault on Public Education

Spring Forward

Should we outlaw snipers?

Scientists say remains suggest Stonehenge started as graveyard

I would love to see a DU Social Security/Medicare group

*sigh* just when I find a decent razor with decently priced blades....

It's happening - Spring on my block

More U.S. Profits Parked Abroad, Saving on Taxes

Venezuela's opposition leader joins presidential race

tennessee again: Toddler shoots himself in the head, police say

Well, RGIII was happy.

Rule number One in my house hold...

Transportation by Rail

More Golden's

Capriles gives mini-speech on Venezuelan TV accusing the government of lying about Hugo's death

I bought the Oral B "Pulsar" as advertised on tv. And boy does it clean your teeth well.

Now THIS is really cool...

Today's makeup lesson: How to not look insane

Your response to Whisp was not what I expected…

Was just on the Vermont Country Store website...

In A Matter Of Minutes, Jeb Bush Flip-Flops On Immigration Reform

March 8, 2013 - American Catholics Support Same-Sex Marriage, Quinnipiac University National Poll Fi

Anybody have any chocolate?

(union) Proposal for Offutt AF base to deal with furloughs sparks firestorm


What instruments would one prefer to have in the SS Trust Fund?

"Poll: Majority Of Republicans Disapprove Of Congressional GOP"

Does anybody watch the "Walking Dead?"

Have you prepared a hard copy of your genealogy research for your family?

Jeb Covers Up The Family Legacy of Economic Destruction With a Bushel of Obama Lies.

SKorea, US Begin Drills as NKorea Threatens War

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 March 2013

"UN group: Vast numbers of unemployed youth threaten global stability"

Lest we forget this right-wing gift to DU's forum:

Why is Robb a dingbat?

Village school targeted over pigs

Not Guilty on all counts ref: DU Activists - A Black Immigrant Doctor being persecuted by Mesa PD in

How y'all doin'?

Rand Paul considering running for President in 2016 is a gift that will keep on giving to Democrats.

Burbank City Council Bans Advertising Vehicles

48 Patients Dead/Score Permanently Injured By Tainted Steroid - Libertarians Would Tell Them That -

New Mexico drunken driver sues buddy, restaurants

Hardening of the arteries common in ancient mummies

Frank Zappa about the war on drugs

FEMA Planning 'Zombie UFO Crash' Disaster Exercise

Ohio Retiree Decides To Try Jail Instead Of Fine

I would like to submit

Parents, Teachers and Community Take Back Their Schools

"The Government Still Doesn't Want You to Know What Caused the Financial Crisis"

Report: India rape case suspect commits suicide

Key and Peele's Racist Zombies

Free Nevin Yildirim. Rec this thread for women everywhere. Nevin Yildirim charged with murder for

March 29 and 30 Protests To 'Free Aafia Siddiqui!'

Scientists have found the worst thing in the history of the universe

I ran into a glitch today.

Smithsonian Photo Contest: Vietnam

Nature, nurture, and second nature: on shallow and deep embodiment

"I've had enough" - Veteran Teacher Tells School Board

.Asia Stocks Rise After Strong US Jobs Report.

Roman Catholic Church feels Europe slipping from its hands

Limbaugh's Shame

I Vant to eat your sardines!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 12: Western Justice

Just got done watching 60 minutes!!! What a fucking nightmare.!

Man Boobz Contest: Find the Whiniest, Most Entitled Response to Anita Sarkeesian

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 13: Lionel Rogosin

Venezuela Opposition won’t win

Venezuela Opposition won’t win

OK Justin Timberlake's new music is catchy as hell.

Update on Obie



Was the first dog from the Altaian Upper Paleolithic?

Philly teachers, students, parents protested Gov. Corbett's cuts 2012. Anyone listening?

Anti-gay Flawed Study Intended To Sway Supreme Court on Gay Marriage

Squad 51. KMG365.

Are you prepared for the fact that now everyone will bitch at you

Please Sign Petition *** D-M squadron to injure live pigs for medic training*** Please Sign Petition

This one is especially for you Dick Cheney!!!!

WSJ: New Front in Charter Schools

The Black Mozart

Andy Caffrey, the Humboldt County activist has started a new Facebook group: "BP Trialwatch"

See what happens when a washed-up has-been "star" gets old and decrepit?

Gujarat’s sprawling solar fields outpower rest of India, China- 214 MW of electricity every day

I Listened To The Radio Rebroadcast Of Face The Nation This Evening And I'm....

Unrepentant Paul Watson puts up a whale of a fight

Pakistan leader to break ground on Iran pipeline

What would your 1960's hippie self say to your 2013 self ?

The low information voter...

"We Are Wisconsin" -- full film available for free viewing through midnight tonight (3/11)

Islamists Try to Firm Grip on Syria Regions

UN Security Council denounces North Korea's nuclear test

Joe Nocera's Misguided Crusade (NY Times vs James Hansen of NASA)

Massachusetts Charter School takes heat for staging gay play about Biblical 'Adam and Steve'

Nuff sed

Facing the Threat of the Trans-Pacific Treaty

As North Korea Blusters, South Flirts With Talk of Nuclear Arms

yet ANOTHER op-ed re Venezuela gets whoppers past the Guardian/Observer editors

Hostess creditor, PE firms show interest in Twinkies brand: NY Post

From the archive, 11 March 1952: Batista's revolution

Happy 100th birthday, Canberra!

high schooler who disarmed another student suspended for non cooperation with police

Celebrate World Plumbing Day - March 11

Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in SenateThe disproportionate power enjoyed in the Senate

Japan quake 'heard at edge of space'

French scheme helps cows make greener wind

Budget cuts force military jets to drop air shows

One in four Germans would back anti-euro party

Hospital privatization could impact thousands of state employees

Antibiotics resistance 'as big a risk as terrorism' - medical chief

North Korea may be making good on some threats

"Please, do NOT pray for Japan.."

Traffic noise driving songbirds to the limit in cities

Just imagine the response from the hacks if Barack Obama told the press that they

NYT Editorial: When to Say No

NYT Editorial: When to Say No

Why would the President have had a conversation with Paul Ryan

Britain urged to split all banks if only one breaks new rules

Thailand Rating Raised by Fitch on Yingluck Stability

Paulson Said to Explore Puerto Rico as Home With Low Tax

Chomsky: The Corporate Assault on Public Education

Shocking New Evidence Reveals Depths of 'Treason' and 'Treachery' of Watergate and Iran-Contra

New wave of 'superbugs' poses dire threat, says chief medical officer

Arigatou from Japan

Our View: Why Sunshine Week matters

Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline defies US

Ken Watanabe strong in the rain w/ english subtitle

Lancashire farmers in wind turbine row with MoD

another North Korean propaganda film - a more sophisticated form of North Korean propaganda

A Recommitment to the American Ideal That Labor Rights Are Human Rights

5 ways 1 PR group has hijacked politics for corporate gain

An act of kindness on the mat allows two wrestlers to shine

EPA accused of violating Clean Water Act through approval of corexit in BP oil cleanup

Pay It Forward: Firefighters' Act Of Kindness Inspires Thousands

Helpful dog saves blind great-grandmother from burning bed

Stray dog saves 2 British soldiers from bomb, up for Crufts award

UC Davis Study: Zombie Fads Tied To Feelings Of Disempowerment, Economic Turmoil

Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline

Study: People With Mental Illness Are Five Times More Likely to Be Murdered

'US troops killed' in Afghan attack

North Korea ends armistice

Berkeley Councilman Proposes Email Tax To Save Post Office

Illinois Proposes Ban on Lion Meat

US proposes 'musical instrument passports'

Arkansas lawmaker proposes ban on employers asking for social media account passwords

U.K. Said to Agree to Nuclear Subsidy for EdF

Uninsured Americans Get Hit With Biggest Hospital Bills

Karzai accuses Taliban of Serving US Interests, Slams (Non-Existent) US-Taliban Talks

Bill Targets Companies Who Take Public Funds, Lock Workers Out

Has DU 3.5 become bland and boring?


Councillors for hire who give firms planning advice

Intrade shut down due to financial probe

TOKYO SKY TREE. New Light of Tokyo.

In Japan, two years after Fukushima nuclear accident, work resumes on new plant

check out love the pandas. nt

What happens if someone self deletes their question here

Lockheed Martin's Herculean Efforts to Profit From Defense Spending

Research ties economic inequality to gap in life expectancy

The Crucifixion of Tomas Young

Any word on Helen Thomas - Hissyspit?????

Chris Hedges: The Crucifixion of Tomas Young

Proposed PA. State Law Would Make it a Felony to Film Anything That Happens on a Farm (fracking too)

Fukushima's Fallout Is Already Harming Our Children

Many women and some men have asked to have

As U.S. troops prepare to leave, they rush to teach Afghans to hunt for roadside bombs

Tobin's recurrent test nightmare:

Jesus' lesser-known miracles:


Does this door make my ass look big?

The Fucking Immortal MFM has been around a while and was quite the culinary innovator in his day.

What MiddleFingerMom looks like when he finds out the wedding reception he's at has an open bar.

Once Upon a Time, Corporations Paid Taxes

Stand Your Ground Skinner

Recovery slow as Japan marks 2 years since tsunami

Lockheed Martin's Herculean Efforts to Profit From Defense Spending

Toles nails the R's on the 'Grand Bargain'

Fukushima forests found to be radioactive

Inside Chernobyl (2012)

Anyone here use Open Office? Please share your experience.

Americans gave $712.6 mil to disaster-hit Japan: report

Yellowstone gets real about budget cuts

Fukushima is already harming our children

State Department’ Keystone XL Report Actually Written By TransCanada Contractor

Live webcast has started - The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Awesome Man Verbally Schools the Jerk Who Calls Him a Fa****

Live webcast has started - The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Iowa Bill: Students Don’t Need to Learn About Voting

Community colleges cutting adjunct hours so they don't have to provide insurance under ACA

New Calls For Bush War Criminals To Face Justice

Cities, agencies let staffers pack heat.

paul ryan wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act

'Historic' day for shark protection

Paul Ryan admits GOP's budget #s assume Obamacare repeal. Reality: Repeal would increase deficits

Clemson professor studies zombie popularity

"Some money to ride the train"

Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices: Energy

Chris Hedges: The Crucifixion of Tomas Young

Taiwan Anti-Nuclear Protests May Derail $8.9 Billion Power Plant

I saw bushitler III's face on the TV box more than once over the weekend, trying to say

U.S. nuclear plants are safer but not perfect, NRC says

Detroit needs more than better management (My latest blog post for the Detroit News)

Anti-nuclear activists revive protest against Kudankulam plant

DUers with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android, help me win a dumb prize!

GRAPHICS/VIDEO: What’s Really Behind the GOP Sequester

Conclave reminds me of Gary Larsen cartoon.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams

Eleven people shot on D.C. street corner overnight

A coming plague called the Grand Bargain

Follow the Nuclear Consequences Symposium on Twitter:

Sweden's Princess Lilian dies aged 97

Bloomberg pushes background checks

what if individual incomes taxes worked like corporate taxes?

Why shouldn't a sexually active chicken wear a condom?

Empire State Building to commemorate 311's 10th Anniversary

Imagine my shock.

Cheney admitted he lied about something connected with Iraq. I saw a thread on this a day or so ago

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Drone Debate

Indiana coach Tom Crean berates Michigan assistant after emotional victory

Jury reaches verdict in ex-Detroit mayor's corruption trial

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Bull Market

Roger Ebert happily tweets about the first of many businesses to ban 'Google Glasses.'

Maine town to take symbolic vote on mandatory gun ownership

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Pizza Man fire case set for sentencing

KRUGMAN: Fiscal Fear-mongering Major Industry Among Those Looking To Dismantle Medicare, Medicaid &

Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline defies US

This Is The New Puerto Rican Law That's Making Wealthy People Want To Move There To Avoid Taxes

He's not exactly Pope material, but Dolan is charming Rome

Nuclear materials smugglers arrested

The not-Keystone pipeline that few are protesting and few know about

Marvel Offers 700 First Comic Issues For Free Download

OBAMA: "nothing says "not a threat" like showing up at somebody's house with guys with machine guns"

Landlord says she was shackled to hospital bed for 17 days after cops broke her leg

Discovery Channel - MEGAQUAKE - Hour that Shook Japan (Full Episode)

Discovery Channel - MEGAQUAKE - Hour that Shook Japan (Full Episode)

True or False - The Stock Market is a Scam

Over 2,200 dead pigs found in Chinese river prompting pollution alert

Nicely Drawn Boehner


Debt, illness and a treadmill of cheap products: Life under our Corporate owned Government

Scalia Voting Rights Act

If Muslims Stop Drinking Will They Become Violent?

Looks like the fun is over. Friday to be 93 °F

If landlord breaks the lease, what happens then? Yeah, I know it would depend on the state.

Are Women "Secondary" in Catholic Church?

Rights Groups: New York Times Exposé a 'One-Sided' Account of al-Awlaki, Drone Strikes

Detroit needs more than better management (My latest blog post for the Detroit News)

Ask John Kasich: Where are our 5 million dollars?

today in women's herstory

Netflix Streaming: The Harmonists, Life is Beautiful

'Pink Smoke' demonstration calls for more female leaders in the Catholic church

Major-league welfare queens with their hands out in Florida

How to Dismantle an Occupation

So I also hang out in many tech forums and a couple of muscle car forums.

The thread in GD about Asian avatar suggestions

a biography of the day-dr. sarah r. adamson dolley (first female dr in rochester, organizer)

Republicans are all for sequestration until their something gets sequestered in their back yard

Thom Hartmann: If Women Were in Charge...

Nevada's 'none' to be heard by 9th Circuit panel

Check out Zeus, my new lab retriever pup!

Amazon cuts royalties for its self-published authors

This Middle Class Amnesia Won’t Last Much Longer shows their usual "standards" once again...

a biography of the day-wanda hazel gag (author, illustrator, translator)

BBC News Panorama Documentary: Japan Tsunami: The Survivors' Stories

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Convicted Of Range Of Corruption Charges

Pic Of The Moment: I Guess We Remember Things Differently

BBC News Panorama Documentary: Japan Tsunami: The Survivors' Stories

Amazon's Quest for Web Names Draws Foes

How Gun Control Ends: Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

Wisconsin Election Spending Tripled in Wake of {Citizens United} Supreme Court Ruling

Obama Administration Considers Endless War against International Terrorism

Are muriel and bonobo the arbiters of which Asian avatars are used now?

Based On Their Attitude - To The NRA The Massacres Are Just The Cost Of Doing Business

Americans Deal With Payroll-Tax Boost to Keep Spending: Economy

I'm All For Ashley Judd Taking On The Turtle

Bizarre Complaint Against L.A.-Area School

Barrage of Boner Pill Ads Aren't Fault of Google

Teabaggers swarm WA State Capitol armed with assault rifles

Monday's smoothie has a secret ingredient

scanners for the Mac

German homeschoolers fight for asylum in US

F-35 fighter jet plagued by poor visibility, Pentagon report warns

US expels 2 Venezuelan diplomats

Public Transit Ridership rises despite Hurricane Sandy

About this North Korea thing.

Don't forget today is national napping day

Wendell Potter: Taking Advantage of Medicare Advantage

Leaving the Gridiron Dinner

Jeb has plenty of his own baggage.

Japan M9.0 earthquake and tsunami: How it happened on 11 March 2011.

EA apologizes for 'dumb' SimCity launch after gamer fury

"The Greatest Good For the Greatest Number"

Commuters give up the 'ball and chain'

Brazil outrage over Sao Paulo cyclist's lost arm

This thread is about a dog that was once known as the Nanny Dog for its gentle nature.

This is what Ashley Judd should say about right-wing attacks on her nude scenes

Progreso Weekly founder Francisco Aruca dies

You can't argue with this: Chavismo and Human Development in Venezuela

Fortress of Lies

Gay isn't a pejorative...

Paul Krugman Declares Personal Bankruptcy (not)

The Caribbean after Chavez - 17 Caribbean countries may be impacted

Old guy chooses to go to jail instead of paying fine, says it was on "bucket list"

Another reason to hate the rich: $3K Aston Martin branded baby stroller

This Is Pretty Much How I Saw Scott Brown In The Senate; Another Shill For The Financial Industry

UN: Jordan Should Allow in Palestinians From Syria

How do you speak ill of the dead? Should you? If so, when?

Harvard’s Search for E-Mail Leak on Scandal Raises Campus Ire

Live webcast xpost - The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown Joins Nixon Peabody LLP

Alerting on right wingers via TOS

U.S.-South Korean War Games Start as North Threatens

EU bans animal testing for cosmetics

In the South and West, a Tax on Being Poor

If someone suspects the existence of a sock puppet account, and they tell you...

Pro sports team in Fla. seeking help from state


So many of my past jobs have been and are going to be outsourced.

Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush’s Disgusting Past

Scarborough op-ed proves itself a KNOWING lie.

Three-Year-Old Son of Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office Deputy Accidentally Shoots, Kills Himself

Is that half-a-million big ones in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

This message needs to reach everyone!

Scientists: Ancient mummies had clogged arteries

That US Gun Control Thing

Share your list of "Trash Can" words here

California Man Loses Home to Wells Fargo Typo, Dies During Ensuing Court Battle

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 11, 1968

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 11, 1968

NOT THE ONION: Yankees seeking Derrek Lee and, um, Chipper Jones

Israel A Beacon for Religious Tolerance, Not its Serial Abuser

Mitt Romney's brother thinking of Senate race

Paul Krugman is not on the Left. He's a centrist.

Paralyzing algae is killing manatees at record pace in Florida

Antibiotic Resistance Poses 'Catastrophic Threat' To Medicine, Says Britain's Top Health Official

WARNING: You May Actually Weep While Watching The Film Version Of Wisconsin's Epic Uprising

AEI's Post-Chávez checklist for US policymakers

Man has Barbie collection with over 2,000 dolls

There is something very wrong about these numbers.

Did anyone else catch this?

... can't you see I'm burning, burning.

US Voters Are Just Not Smart Enough To Vote Right And Turn Things Around -

Sampling of pain inflicted by sequester

Israeli Apartheid Week Launched

Does anyone else periodically check the Forum and Group index to make sure Meta is really gone?

National Assoc. of Letter Carriers union plans rally to save Saturday mail delivery

$166 BILLION of Corprorate Profits Not Taxed/In Offshore Accounts

White House Concerned With North Korean Threats

Hagel To Review Air Force Sexual Assault Case

CNBC: Republicans want to use those savings to lower rates not reduce the deficit.

I bought some hemp oil this weekend

NM Court Hears Arguments About Photographer Who Wouldn’t Shoot Lesbians’ Commitment Ceremony

US citing security to censor more public records

Roman Catholic Church feels Europe slipping from its hands

Breaking NFL Trade News

Judge Skeptical Of Former Sen. Larry Craig's Campaign Cash Spending

Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Swinging Against Banks

Double murder suspect may be looking for more guns

Eagle Ford Shale boosts growth at Texas ports

Sometimes the stooopid doesn't just burn

I don't normally post images I saw on Facebook here, but this one is really good

God Smoked Cannabis Parody

Toon: There are EXCEPTIONS for drone attacks in America!!

Scalia Archie Bunker

Man calls me "faggot" outside my home

The View: Hasselbeck NOT Leaving.

Is there a reason why we need...

U.S. Green Beret Among Those Killed In Afghan Attack

The Associated Press Mens Top 25 Poll 3/11/13

Why is the religious right obsessed with sex?

Frackers infiltrate DEP and have them write the reports.

US Defense In A Nutshell

In the next life what animal do you want to be?

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (and Other Food and Diet Industry Secrets)

I was personally attacked on a thread

is soooooooo cool. Extreme Sheep LED Art

Study Reveals Conditions In Women's Prisons

posting from right outside of MFM's house

Surviving the Tsunami (NOVA)

What's for Dinner ~ Monday March 11th

Over 50% Of US Population Would Have NO Health Care If GOP Got Its Way.

Carolla vs Newsom: 'What's Wrong With Blacks and Latinos?'

Jerusalem Arab Residents Fight Road Cutting Through Their Area To Link Up Jewish Settlements

Natural Dye Easter Eggs

S.E.C. Accuses Illinois of Securities Fraud

Series of earthquakes strikes Southern California

Brighton Grad fired from Boy Scouts of America camp for being gay

5 weirdiest things that can cause you to be more racist, one is the love hormone

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier's plastic

Bill allowing 'freedom of religion' to trump anti-discrimination laws looms in Kentucky

General Electric Avoids Taxes By Keeping $108 Billion Overseas

Priest threatened with removal from City Council meeting

75-captivating-looking-into-the-past-pictures. Is your city included?

Terrorism suspect Abu Hamaza, famous for hook hand, will have it replaced with spork for trial


Florida Lawmakers Reject Obama Medicaid Program Sought by Scott

Tori's Curling iron demo (unexpected result)

'Secret' informal car defect probes more common

London's Calling.......bicyclists

Joe Lieberman Joining Conservative Think Tank

Disgraced former Sen. Larry Craig questioned on use of campaign funds for legal defense

Enough oil no longer the problem

Like button for individual posts or too Facebook-y ?

Question: Would you leave the country if Jebby became the next president?

Manhunt for 'extremely dangerous' ex-con after grandparents murdered near Seattle

If you drink Craft Beer in Texas today could be your Alamo

Would a pinned "How the SOP, TOS, alert, jury system works on DU" be of use here in ATA?

Judge Blocks New York City\\\'s Limits on Big Sugary Drinks

Unbelieveably brilliant ideas for hiding cat litter boxes.

All evidence points to the fact

Unbelieveably brilliant ideas for hiding cat litter boxes.

Why the Social Security Trust Fund is less solid than you think.

'years of hurt feelings'

If you need a break...

shhhh...don't say anything...

"Robb is a dingbat" started on Slashdot - Back around 1998 or so.

Regarding men ...

Networks Ignore Report Finding Massive Waste In Iraq Reconstruction

Ashely Judd? She's just an actress.

Great site for small space decor ideas

Well, which is it?

How does one evaluate the effectiveness of a military?

Recommended: "Ghostman" by Roger Hobbs

Does anyone else think the show "Girls" sucks?

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh Trial: Lawyer Hopes To Exclude Jews From Jury In Terrorism Trial


Wisconsin: Time for Activism !!

Maduro announces disarmament program and plan to improve hospitals (Spanish)

The Cute, the Cuter, and the Inspirational

Be in touch with your Inner Child

How's this for a Labor Law?

Looks like to me there would be fewer motor vehicle accidents in the Plains States.

Venezuelan Government Recognizes Record Murder Rate

What An Ordinary Hero Can Do

Solar Canals to produce energy while saving water

Free Michael Posner: The US Holds the Key to Duvalier Prosecution

Movie thread.....

Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammo


Anyone ever had a close encounter with deceased person you didn't like? People occasionally

Five Poisons of Privatization

The Rude Pundit: "Deserves" Has Nothing to Do With Rape

Idle speculation at this point, but if the new Pope is not selected by Tuesday afternoon,

How to fund the military in one simple step ...

So Josh Wedon is releasing a Modern retelling of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing....

Sen. Sanders: From young war protester to veterans' advocate

The conclave and the Sistine chapel - is this the appropiate

Go, Pauline! Dad hacks Donkey Kong for daughter, adds girl power

You and me and Rain on the Roof

A revolution CAN have its fun moments…

Lime in the coconut...

How do you feel about sharing the road with bicyclists? How cyclist-friendly is your area?

A 2/3 majority is all it takes to hide a post. When 6 out of 7 DUers are in favor of a TOS change

Myth, love and understanding.

how money is distributed in our country

Half-naked man with assault rifle shoots up bar, killing one in Pennsylvania

Anquan Boldin traded to 49ers

Pit Bulls Were Never "Nanny Dogs". Never. It's A Myth

Colorado Senate give final OK to gun control bills

Female senator tweets about 'very uncomfortable' screening by TSA

24 hours so far and no cigarettes.

This is weird.

Facebook reveals secrets you haven’t shared

Breitbart Duped by Krugman Bankruptcy — as Reported by Joke Website It Loves

One of the Best Car Ads Ever!

Judge Halts New York City Soda Ban

The Surveillance State and DU - There is No Connection There.

A Dallas Lawmaker Wants to Turn Central into George W. Bush Expressway

Peter Sprigg, FRC Fellow, Suggests Gay Parents Shouldn't Be Protected From Parental Kidnappings

India Gang Rape Suspect Dies In Jail, but Was It Suicide or Murder?

OMG! The big 3-0-0!...

Employees: Last anti-Chavez TV station to be sold

Scooter Store not target of probe: CEO

Homeless Persons in London Return to College

Heart of Glass

Texas German dying out

Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments

Do Democrats Really Want Ashley Judd?

PETA to VT: End youth fishing program Animal rights group says fishing is cruel, promotes violence

For the spectators at home, when comparing transparency pages how many...

Longer Workweek results in equivalent jobs of 329,000 more jobs

The Steubenville Defense Will Center on Date Rape Not Existing

Google Chrome OS, systems

Former security executives arrested for murder of presidential candidate .

Please ignore this post

In December, we requested a gun safety legislation group

What you 'like' on Facebook can be revealing

Anyone following the Chris Huhne case in the UK? He and his wife sentenced to 8 months each today.

Don't forget!!! Today is national fapping day!!!

Vito Lopez Lamented State's Statutory Rape Laws While Ogling Intern: Sources

"This arc is headed toward tyranny!"

Judge (clearly in the pocket of Big Gulp) blocks Bloomberg Soda Rule

Price Waterhouse Coopers AutoFacts predicts PHEVs and Hybrid cars will reach 6.3% of market by 2020

That US Gun Control Thing

Letter bomb sent to home of Colombian journalist

That US Gun Control Thing

Top U.S. Admiral: Climate Change Biggest Threat

Zero Things Queen Elizabeth II Said About Gay Rights At The Charter Signing

My computer seems to be crashing our WiFi system at home.

Average 401K Account Pays $100,000 In Fees Over The Lifetime Of The Plan - Comment On Hartman -

NRA steps up lobbying efforts in Connecticut

So North Korea has declared the Armistice invalid...

VA says it won't follow New York gun law

North nodal returns

Do we still need an "Occupy" forum?

Berlusconi lawyers seek to delay sex-for-hire case

Thank you. Some of these make very interesting reading.

From the "Pervert, and stupid, too" file...

Haaretz analysts examine the long and winding road to Israel's new coalition

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

State Board of Education panel to review CSCOPE

Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices

Hamid Karzai..Another belated gift from Bush and his Oil Boys..

I just don't see what the big deal is about pit bulls

Teachers, staff rally, lobby at Texas Capitol

Read this. All of it.

Israel going for one million Jews in the West Bank

It Is Easy To Get Discouraged About Future Of Country Hearing The Fools Calling Into Talk Radio


Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Swinging Against Banks

Adjuncts - a thought to possibly help each other

Paul Krugman NY Times; Dwindling Deficit Disorder (the deficit is going down)

Mourning Chávez on the Web

***** Update on the March Contest ***** A Photographer's Favorite / POLL

Papantonio: Obama’s Inaction Leaves Courts Skewed To The Right

Palestinian youth to protest Obama visit

Kansas Bill Would Ban Abortion Clinic Employees From ‘Bringing Cupcakes’ To Their Child’s School

Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: The American people are ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’

Report: Club For Growth Eyes Rand Paul For 2016

Bunny mimics Border Collie, and herds sheep.

Did you know our troops and the Iraqi Army have been using dowsing rods to search for IEDs?

‘OMG’: Sen. Claire McCaskill tweets about ‘aggressive’ airport pat down

Mmmmm. Sexy.

Catholic officials break into a sweat over news that priests share €23m building with huge gay sauna

USA is not the most gun violent country

Sean Lennon Begs You Not To Frack His Mother In This Highly Entertaining Group Effort

What about Rango????

Asian tofu and noodle soup

This is my NICE, SPECIAL PERSONAL thread and none of you are allowed to mess it up.

Florida Senate Committee Rejects Medicaid Expansion

if only

Question submitted by Tuesday Afternoon

Stocks creep up; Dow rises for seventh day running

Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices

The myth of large numbers

Banksters feel that they're underpaid

London's Calling.......bicyclists

Don't drop the soap, Kwame.

13 Female Religious World Leaders to watch, for peace and human rights on Earth

What do you do when one party is this dishonest?

Civil Unions in Colorado --

Judge Overturns Large Soda Ban in NY

Regarding Ashley Judd (D) vs. McConnell (R-KY) and the 'War on Women'

Comet Pan-Starrs to be visible on western horizon just after sunset for the next week or so . . .

Hey Johnson County/Iowa City area DUers...

Will you still know who you are

Famed Paris catacombs draw erotic visitors

OK, so what's the deal with zombie posters...

Anybody else find the timing of the "economic recovery" just a little bit suspicious?

Why should we have to prove we said no?

New album from Abba legend Agnetha Fältskog

I have to relate this strange experience I had leaving the grocery store - sort of longish, sorry

Medicare is supposed to provide health care, not coupons: sign our petition today to stop Paul Ryan’

B’Tselem to MAG:Order investigation into several cases in which soldiers’ fire severely injured Pal

Grumpy Cat Makes Her First Russian Ad Appearance!

Compounding Pharmacy's Drug Accused of Blinding Patients

Indiana woman sues Catholic church over banning husband’s NASCAR tombstone

Latest fad: "SWAT-ting."

Michigan traffic cops ticket same pickup twice, don't notice dead body in front seat

OK, steak experts/foodies: 'filet mignon' vs 'filet'.

Ahmadinejad in Trouble for showing Affection/Touching a Woman

Ancient people had clogged arteries, mummy scans show

Danish TV uses backdrop from Assassin's Creed video game, says it's Syria

Wealth Inequality is Bad

And the most progressive gas station is..

Sarah Palin writing book about Christmas

Affordable Indulgence$$$$$$$$$$ for OIL WAR CAPITALISM:

25,000 posts later ....

Ever wanted to know what it looks like to fall down an icy mountain? I bet this guy didn’t, either.

Guantanamo Detainees Stage Hunger Strike After Korans Confiscated

Our recent problems have resulted in a new rule about kittehs and goggies in teh Lounge

Resource: UNICEF Report On Palestinian Children In Israeli Military Detention

This means you!

On Questioning the Jewish State

Ahmadinejad's scandalous moment with Hugo Chavez's mother

House Democrats Demand Obama Release ‘Full Legal Basis’ For Drone Strikes

"Let's go inside. Let's make our requests known."

Congressional Black Caucus Warns Obama Over Lack Of Diversity In Cabinet

How a woman suggestively licking a lolly could face a sex harassment case

U.S. Officials Warn Pakistan Risks Sanctions Over Iran Pipeline

It's Sunshine Day and Sunshine Week Open government app rolled out today.

Sunshine Week is This Week.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Clergy Rebellion in AUSTRIA's Catholic Church

a biography of the day-pearl rivers (Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson) journalist and poet

Who likes skin?

Getting email alerts

"Mission Unaccomplished, Madness of King George, Potemkin Chicken Factories"