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Archives: March 13, 2013

I like being a guy.

For Jeb, George Sr., and anyone else who would like to clean up George W Bush's reputation

Bernie Sanders will filibuster the grand bargain to protect

Create 20 million jobs and watch the FICA roll in.. SS good thru 2090

Capitalism: Critiques and Alternatives....featuring Richard Wolff (audio link)

Chase Bank Site Attacked, Suffers Intermittent Outage

Help with bees in SoCal (Glendale area)

Giffords Husband Draws Criticism From Gun-Right Supporters For Buying AR-15 Type Rifle

Luckovich Toon- The Ryan Budget

Sen. Amy Klobuchar's Gridiron dinner speech


The Idiot Culture - by Carl Bernstein, from 1992, but it's a great critique of the media which is

Keystone Pipeline - What is it good for?

Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office

Toon- Look what the cat dragged in, again.

Raiders release Darrius Heyward-Bey..

Obama Tells Democrats They Must Be Open to Entitlement Changes


Paul Ryan is such a smug, self-assured little asshole.

Former AIG chief pushes forward with lawsuit against government

Two fundamental atmospheric flow patterns may be resonating more often due to global warming

NRA types try and claim cars kill more people than guns. Well cars are regulated. And keept getting

Mineral riches uncovered by climate change at stake in Greenland election

Montreal protests livestreaming starts now

Anyone here following the Brooklyn protest going on now???

Tomorrow on the Ed Show - the person who filmed the "47%" video!!!

Cat Tree

Me, coconut mango tea with a little stevia. What are you inbibing tonight?

The guy who recorded WilLIARd Rmoney's 47% comments will be on the

LA schools settle 58 teacher lewd acts claims

Volcanic Lightning

Light After Death: Mihoko Ogaki’s ‘Milky Way’ Figures Project Stars from Within

Comet PANSTARRS Stars in a New Timelapse Movie

"Costco Proves Republicans Wrong By Paying a Living Wage and Watching Profits Soar"

Stop it, stop saying Social Security needs reform, you are a Democrat, right?

"The American People Are Being Punished Because Republicans Refused Pay Their Debts"

Quincy update:

‘Best obituary ever’ written for eccentric Mississippi father

You Cannot Be Serious, Tech Firm Tells Austin

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Not Ready to Make Nice & a new kitty gif

Boy shot parents after being grounded

Anyone speak Korean? Purported N Korean Vid: Life in America

Scouts survey members on whether to keep gay ban (some survey questions)

EFF Defends Anti-Troll Bloggers Sued by Lawyer

Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer poisoning accusation


Interesting comment by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on "The Ed Show

Falcon fight for territory turns fatal

These chip ads from Japan are hilarious!

So Our Tax Dollars went to "Fake Chicken Processing Factories" in Iraq?

US deems North Korea nuclear strike unlikely without threat to dynasty

Kuciniches: Nuclear in 'Hot Water'

Feeling conflicted for the first time in my life

Pelosi: Assault weapons ban will not pass Congress

Ladies familiar with NYC please help...

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and a statute of limitations?

Major scoop by Big Ed!

"We Bought a Zoo". Wife and I did not "buy" this flick. Generous ** (out of five)

Americans and religion increasingly parting ways, new survey shows

Newest Phone Unlocking Bill Criticized as 'Temporary Fix'

Pit bulls and Bans:

Strike fund set up for workers at Sisters Camelot

Minn. House committee passes gay marriage bill

Why do elected DEMs buy into the "utterly idiotic" assumptions of the school "reform movement"?

Am I wrong... or are people becoming stupider?

Unions back plan to shore up Social Security

Hostess Sells Twinkies Brand to Investment Firms

"Hello Senator, I Control the Newspaper, I Own a Gun, and I Want You to Vote Against Gun Safety."


Happy birthday, Mitt Romney.

smokin thread

Google Admits Drive-By Data Collection Was Privacy Breach


Boy Scouts Sends Questionnaire to Members About Ban on Gays

Gaza's Hamas rulers give 'collaborators' month to repent

sure beats working in a coal mine

Cat scratched my wicker chair so that the wicker lacing comes off the joints. This is the second

Jets sign David Garrard.

Nancy Pelosi: We need more women in politics

Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer poisoning accusation

Anyone here happen to play Torchlight 2?

Adopted children are used as medical ‘guinea pigs’ in U.S for pharmaceutical companies to test new d

Is this a hole in one? Golfer sucked into sinkhole

"Ryan the Redistributionist" by Robert Reich

Corbett expected to resubmit Pa. lottery deal

Babies for Sale

Not a bad crowd at Marlins Park tonight.

State (CO) lawmakers legalize civil unions

Why guns are more than mere "tools."

Adoption Induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Mothers of the Baby Scoop Era

Any advice on how to curb carb consumption?

*UPDATE*Is there any interest in forming a philosophy group? If you are interested please post here.

"Your last show was too risque [to feature] (Guest was the Rude Pundit)... but content is excellent"

Is there any interest in forming a philosophy group?

Bradley Manning's Full Statement via Freedom of Press Foundation

"Iowa Republicans Aim To Eliminate Youth Vote By Refusing To Teach Them How"

I almost had a chance to ask Ted Cruz a question...

Full Recording of Bradley Manning's Speech to Military Court Leaked

For El Supremo: Horns receiver Jones suspended after aggravated assault charge

A Contract to End Sweatshops

House of Lies? Anyone?

Texas A&M's Bush School surprises former president with flash mob

Sen. Ted Cruz pushes to defund Obamacare, warns it will trigger recession

"5 Ways Privatization Is Poisoning America"

Republicans Ramp Up Demands To Access Americans Wounded In The Benghazi Attack

Aggies star Johnny Manziel has a Longhorns tattoo

Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Displaced Worshippers

Dear President Obama:

"Entitlement reforms" that I can support.

'Lady Liberty' jailed in Fort Worth, accused of resisting arrest

hot chicks? you mean, beautiful woman.

Ed Schulz interviews the "47%" videographer tomorrow night.

I gotta make a big messa spaghetti sauce in three weeks. Suggestions?

Make this viral!

The Jews of Nigeria!


Shine Out.

"The Hobbit" is available on XBox Live already!

And the moral of the story, from the bartender who taped Romney, be kind to those who serve you

The Real Danger of Smoking Weed

Another fuckin Bush running for office

President Obama and Democratic Party’s Goal =

Minn. Anti-Gay Speaker So Batshit It's Not Even Funny... (VIDEO)

I believe I'm as liberal as anyone on DU, but I'm concerned.

Obama's Pursuit Of The Grand Bargain Will Fracture The Dems And Give The GOP

Is race, ethnicity, age, religion racism in fun ok?

Burning Man 2013

Hagel Orders Military Sexual Assault Case Review As Controversy Comes To Congress

4000 Millionaires in Willard's 47%


St. Charles (MN) says no to frac-sand facility

Big companies said to be wasting billions on Google search ads

Do you think there should be a liberal equivalent of the CPAC?

United WI: Appeals Ct ruling "maintains right of public employees to bargain w/employers,

Correction on tomorrow night's "Ed Show":

10 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

How Bill Clinton Inspired The 47 Percent Filmmaker (Bartender"I Couldn't Sleep After I Watched It")

Viking 'Sunstone' Evidence Found On Sixteenth-Century English Wreck

Isn't the timing of the Cardinals Conclave

United WI: Appeals Ct ruling "maintains right of public employees to bargain w/employers,

The Three Issues That Could Torpedo Obama's Visit To Israel

Listening to CSPAN this morning - all the billions we wasted in Iraq!

Day care worker suspected of putting sleeping pills into kids' drinks

Montana man pleads guilty to waterboarding kids

As some of you know, I AM 1/2 Miss'sspian by birth on my mom's side

I apologize ahead of time I don't mean to offend anyone

Privatize Schools Teach Hippies are Dirty & Celebrate the KKK - Randi Weingarten interview

Billy Joel plays 'New York State of Mind' with college freshman

Today was Mitt Romney's and Ron Jeremy's birthdays, who've both made a living

Illinois Man Threatens To Shoot Obama–On White House Web Site

Viking 'Sunstone' Evidence Found On Sixteenth-Century English Wreck

Background Check Bill Doesn't Have Votes in House

How Bill Clinton Inspired The 47 Percent Filmmaker

Third Way has been trying to privatize Social Security since 1990s. This is not playing chess.

Not another head tax - the most regressive tax of all

Palin And Trump Score More CPAC Speaking Time Than Paul, Rubio And Ryan

I never want to see another chart about another Paul Ryan budget again.

Iraqis Feel Safer Now That U.S. Troops Are Gone

Rep. Alan Grayson: Paul Ryan wants sick poor people to die

California.. The Bluest State!

If you get pulled over by a state trooper, why not try a little humor to make him smile.

Corporate-Approved State Bills Kick Low-Wage Workers While They’re Down

Henrique Capriles: To discriminate against gays is absolute fascism

Fairfield: Outsourced busing draws fines

Obama stood firm when pressed to back away from benefit cuts

Safer Nuclear Power, at Half the Price

Biden and Holder to announce new domestic violence initiative, award grants

Scientists discover rare quasar triplet 9 billion light years away

Don't flash the cameras!

Measure Seeks Campus Credit for Web Study

Senate panel skeptical about Job Corps solution to enrollment freeze, budget woes

Caption this!

Can anyone give me specifics on how Obama is gonna cut Medicare or raise the age

Is it just me or do all those Cardinals look like a bunch

In middle of night, dog wakes wife to save stricken husband

Energy Company Threatens to Sue Environmental Watchdog

The mask that maps pollution across the city

Senate Democrats Reveal Details Of Their Own Budget

Why people act out of line with their beliefs

Pay as you go solar power systems turn lives on in Guatemala

The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

Rand Paul Is A Gateway Drug To Harder Forms Of Republicanism

North Korea must take responsibility for nullifying armistice

Downton Abbey vs. Upstairs Downstairs Question

The Arab Reaction to Chavez’s Death and What it Tells Us

15 Benefits of the War on Drugs

Am I the handsomest bastard you've never met???

The Way of the Mister: And I'm a Formon

Cordial nomination hearing for Cordray, but GOP doesn't budge on opposition

Eric Clapton a racist?

Vatican Conspiracy?

NOAA: Fukushima Radioactive Aerosol Dispersion (animation)

'This is our offer': Ryan debuts budget that would balance in a decade

Koch Brothers Looking To Purchase Several Major American Newspapers

Fox News Anchor Shouts Down Criticism Of Ryan Budget

Plans to close three area YMCAs anger many people

Norway Calls on the World to Ban Nuclear Weapons

I was wondering where you have hidden rug ............

As a former Cathlolic...

Here, let me show you…

What is the entertainment capital of the bible belt?

StarCraft II: PETA Call For Ethical Treatment Of Zergling Alien Killing Machines

53-year-old musher becomes oldest Iditarod champ

When Life Imitates Art…

Neanderthals Doomed by Vision-Centered Brains

Book Tries for Balanced View on Roosevelt and Jews

Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, Anti-Hitler Plotter, Dies at 90

Egypt: Film on Egyptian Jews Is Blocked

Willie Wednesday .........

House to vote on bill preventing welfare waivers

Colorado approves civil unions for gay couples

groucho marx

Japan holds memorial for tsunami victims

Expansion of Medicaid will free up $900 million, study finds

Aging Homeless Face More Health Issues, Early Death

Japan's Tsunami (2011)

Missouri lawmakers vote to roll back income taxes

Raising 5 Kids in a Tiny Camper? The Atrocious Ways America Treats Poor Women and Children

Can I Buy a Smartphone That's Not Soaked in the Blood of the World's Poor?

Neanderthal Man Mystery: Larger Eyes but Poor Brain Development Led to Extinction

New Research: Deficit Hawks Reflect the Views of the Wealthy, Not the Majority

I don't know what is going on, but I do know this....

Greenland Opposition Wins Amid Calls for Resource Taxation

Venezuela invites election observes

Dimon’s Extra $1.4 Million Payout Hangs on Fed Decision

India strives to become 'drought proof'

Owen Paterson set to scupper EU plans to ban pesticides linked to bee harm

Mayo Prostate Cancer Test Gives Hope When Tumors Return

Japan Tsunami Documentary 1 Year Later (Nature of Things with David Suzuki)

Europeans Are World’s Biggest Smokers and Drinkers: WHO

The President is saying horrible things about Lyan Ryan's budget


color footage of first moon landing

Comparing the crime of Rape to Car theft

Wall Street $100 Million Man Makes Vermont Downton Abbey

Is Paul Ryan an idiot or is his budget the latest distraction cooked up by the rethugs to

Is this the year the Rangers or the Rockies finally win a World Series?

Nonbelievers seek to take God off currency

Ashley Judd on President Obama -

India February Car Sales Fall the Most in 12 Years

Black Smoke (Again) As Morning Fails to Bring New Pope

Group Restrictions - A Suggestion for self-managed group viewing and topic selection

The best choice for Pope is a puppet

Ted Patzek: Is it too late for the truth?

Regents, 'Moms' oppose bill allowing guns at campuses, churches

37 percent of people completely lost, Mark Morford

Pentagon weapons-maker finds method for cheap, clean water

I nominate trumad as Pope!

vet save nyc dog who swallowed 111 pennies

Dutch Raise Terrorism Alert Level to 'Substantial'

Lyan Ryan is a fugging con man

IPhone Eyed by Small Carriers Backing Unlocked Devices

A Modest Proposal

How many times can the Republicans count the same money toward the budget?

She'll Understand

What we can and can't afford

Jello Biafra 12 Steps To Corporate FreedomPart 1

Being lectured by millionaires -

RI city wins $5M Bloomberg prize with word gap fix

Tonight's ED SHOW has an interview with the man who made the Mitt Romney video...

Damn it!!! He's dead.

Google paying bonuses totaling $15M to 4 top execs

MFM and Hobbit709-Long lost brothers?

Oh what a tangled web. "Dallas"

IWW strikes for respect at Sister’s Camelot

America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA) ...a letter from Michael Moore

Olympia healthcare workers on strike

Paul Ryan’s Path to Economic Destruction - What else is new?

EPA Blocked, Then Flipped & Supported Plan To Inject Uranium Mine Waste Into Goliad, TX Aquifer

Weak economy to depress oil demand throughout 2013: IEA

Newt Gingrich Fights Pope, Al Franken, Public on Union Rights

American’s Suspicious Death in Singapore Brings Foreign Minister to Lawmakers

When will having to respond to endless inane question in this forum

Poll on budgets (has already been Freeped)

Simmons workers, students, and faculty join forces to create a cafeteria union

Obama Approval Of Keystone Means Environmentalists Will Have Leverage, Sez Flat World Tom

Which Members of Congress Are Standing Up for Economic Decency – And Which “Progressives” Aren’t

'The Dow' vs. 'The Doug': On Getting Kicked While Richest Get Richer by Jim Hightower

State legislators having town halls on 3/16

AGU - Ice Mass Balance Flips In High Arctic Glaciers; Net Loss 2004-2011 580 Gigatons, Accelerating

President Obama: Protect LGBT workers through executive order

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Where that white smoke comes from...

easy and fun to do...US citizenship test

Anybody else seen thekrugmantimes this morning?

Compare and Contrast

Mining In Wisconsin - A Guide

Domestic Workers Propose Bill Of Rights

Wisconsin: Importance Of Supreme Court Race Grows By A F-Act-or of 10

I Have Never Met People So Upset That The Economy Is Rebounding

A question about car insurance claims

EU unveils new air passenger rights

Profit, Austerity and Criticizing the System ...... with Richard Wolff (audio link)

'Significant' sex abuse arrests due says prosecutor

Shine More Light on Milwaukee County Legislation

More Ron Johnson Facts: Social Security is "Candy the Left is Giving Away, Don't Even Have to Buy It

Chris Hedges: Kill Anything That Moves

FL Lt Governor Resigns

Willie Nelson is a Thom Hartmann fan!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 Lyin Ryan and the repubs

Workers win: Charges dropped against former warehouse employees; suit settled

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Standard and Poorer

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Politics

Report: Man behind Romney ’47 percent’ video will reveal himself Wednesday

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Sometimes Politicians are honest. Honest does not always = good.

I am concerned for the safety of the 47% video individual.

Please DU this poll: Should a portion of Highway 75 in Dallas be renamed to honor Pres G W Bush?

Single-Payer Would Save PA $17 Billion Annually

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Resigns

Argentine leader rejects Falklands vote

I hear about entitlement "reform" and I just think about this guy in the Big Black Shoes...

My turn my turn my turn

Chavez in Haiti, a Clear Alternative to the "International Community"

FAA Approves Boeing Plan To Fix 787 Batteries

Conservative site ( duped by satire... again

Public opinion forces Angela Merkel to take action against exorbitant CEO pay

Twinkies Due on Shelves by Summer as $410 Million Bid OK'd

Only you…(Ever wonder what Smokey the Bear is up to these days?)

Horny Killer Dolphins might be swimming in the Black Sea

How Deadbeat Banks Pushed Detroit To The Brink

Conspiracies Explode Over Govt Buying Ammunition

Report Finds Political Splits and Unprofessionalism in (Federal) Voting Agency

Poll: Hillary Clinton Crushes Marco Rubio Among Hispanics

Trade unionists death toll spikes 175% in Venezuela

Even a wingnut rag says CHEENEE screwed the country, now screws self in Showtime documentary

Waking From My Moral Coma by Will Pitt

Paul Ryan Makes Big Admission: Republicans Helped Write Obamacare

So we're getting a new roof, does anyone rec a particular shingle or tile?

What is Obama playing at? He knows there is no way Hill repubs will accept new taxes

Mitt Romney, Tiger Woods HACKED

Wisconsin: Release the emails from the John Doe investigation

Four Arrested After Gun Incident At Normandy High School

Wow. Texas just might be nuttier than Fla after all.

I need to talk about my (dead) sister.

Wisconsin: Urinal/Sentinel sets out to smear Ed Fallone

"It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now, especially for the

Single Payer, Medicare for All -- WE NEED IT NOW!

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll Resigns .. Racketeering?

Paying for others' choices toon by Signe Wilkinson

The American People Are Being Punished Because Republicans Refused Pay Their Debts

xpost: The Real Danger of Smoking Weed (hilarious and most excellent)

What Chávez Left Behind: The Streets of a Continent and a Bolivarian Revolution of Everyday Life

Senate Armed Services Subcmte. Holds Hearing on Military Sexual Assault (Live at link)

"Ejaculation inside of a colon - causes AIDS" - actual stated reason against marriage equality

My Search For A Smartphone That Is Not Soaked In Blood

Increase of monster mosquitoes in Fla. predicted.

Lewis Lapham: The Conquest of Nature....And What We’ve Lost

Settled! Keith Olbermann Settlment: $50 Million Current Lawsuit Comes to an End

A Perspective on Priorities

Do Evangelical Kids' Clubs Deserve Freedom of Speech in Public Schools?

Universal Preschool Spurs Partisan Rancor

Paul Ryan's Tax Math Just Became More Magical

NKorea criticizes SKorea prez's 'swish of skirt'

"if society seriously aspires to be anti-carbon, it also needs to be seriously pro-nuclear"

I have 3/4 gallon of Oregon Trail sourdough starter on my counter

today in women's herstory

Profit, Austerity and Criticizing the System ...... with Richard Wolff (audio link)

Mo. Senate panel votes to end renters' tax break

Pic Of The Moment: Nice Freudian Slip: Paul Ryan Explains Why He Wants To Repeal Obamacare

Sales at U.S. Retailers Advance by Most in Five Months

susan b. anthony obituary (nyt and lengthy)

Palestinians to High Court: Israel's West Bank land claim will cut Bethlehem off from south

New Zealand gay marriage bill passes critical test

xpost from GD: How Deadbeat Banks Pushed Detroit To The Brink

Yeshayahu Leibowitz: Prophet of wrath, harbinger of the future

The silence after the lynch of Israel's Arabs

China pulls nearly 6,000 dead pigs from Shanghai river

a biography of the day=bertha mahony miller (pioneer in children's literature, children's bookstores

What role, if any, do DU members have in shaping and influencing policy

Obama Evolves Even Further, Denies That State Marriage Bans Are Constitutional

U.S. Tax Cheats Nailed After Swiss Adviser Mails It In

Idiots Are Taking Over

On MSNBC The Place for Politics - Thomas Roberts

Women's College BB: Hartford Courant -- An Irish Win, And A Wake Of Sorts

The Girls On Fox News Song

The popies are smok'n G W bushitler.

Another glitch? Chrome occaisionally tells me DU pages are in Arabic & asks if I want a translation

New Tunisian government wins assembly approval

Should Dubya have been impeached?

Drunken driver apologizes for killing Omaha mother

States Crack Down on Top Earners Who Flee as Levies Rise: Taxes

Localleaks Steubenville rape case files are back up

The Rude Pundit: Why You Don't Need to Give a Shit About Paul Ryan's Budget

Scott Romney Passes On Run In Michigan Senate Race

AFL-CIO touts filmed-in-Portland HBO documentary American Winter

I lost all patience yesterday

Waking From My Moral Coma

Grand Bargain Taxes, Entitlements Cuts Await Deal-Makers

Snoop Dog: "We as Americans are guilty of promoting guns."

This. Costco's Profit Soars To $537 Million Just Days After CEO Endorses Minimum Wage Increase

Iran Oil Exports Seen Rising by IEA Even as Sanctions Widen

CNN's Priorities....

House, Big Oil join forces to introduce a resolution opposing a tax on carbon

'47 Percent' Filmmaker Once Saved Drowning Woman

Alex Smith: Most Valuable Player on and off the field

Daniel Ellsberg: In Hearing Bradley Manning Acts Out of Conscience = Secret Tape

Ashley Judd: I've Been Raped Twice, So...

IMO Lt Colonel Craig Franklin should be demoted and discharged

Compliance. only 6.5 stars but, based on true events - Anyone?

Sex, death and Grumpy Cat: The true meaning of SXSW

Poll: Majority Says Economy Has Recovered For Them Personally

How different would the country be if the Dems obstructed Reagan the way Pubs are Obama?

Fox News guest to MSNBC: Hannity is ‘so upset that the economy is rebounding’

The Golden Gate Bridge Says Goodbye to Toll-Takers

Obama Says Budget Differences Could Be ‘Too Wide’ for a Deal

I think we're either at or close to the tipping point re marriage equality

Assassin's Creed.

Overturning Citizens United: Is a Constitutional Amendment the Best Path

Barack Obama at the launch of the Brookings Institute's Hamilton Project

Thom Hartmann: Take a Lesson from Mexico-Break up our Telecom Monopoly

Gunman kills 4, injures 2 at two businesses in upstate NY

Upstate New York Shootings: 4 Killed In Herkimer County

Creation Museum- Petersburg Ky - Should I put it on the itinerary or not?

Insurers Warn Of Sticker Shock Due To Health Care Law’s New Taxes, Requirements As It Expands

Papal conclave shut down after being cited for excess carbon emissions!

Why Lent is Really Stupid

AARP via WSJ: New York's Retirees and Veterans Stand to Lose $8.5 Billion with Chained CPI

Kill the president of Afghanistan & leave his body on the street, says ex-mayor of San Diego

White House Economic Adviser Gene Sperling doing an "Ask Me Anything" at 2pm

Fox News guest: Hannity is ‘so upset that the economy is rebounding’

The most dangerous word in the world in all languages

Yesterday I had to deal with Comcast, they posted my check to another person's account.

Rachel Maddow - Ryan budget remains political liability for GOP into 2014

Bernie One-Note: In Second Term, Sanders Stays Relentlessly on Message

Church-State Separation Advocates Praise Obama Pick for New Faith-Based Office Director

A dislocation of mind: A look at getting help in a mental health emergency

Canadian opposition leader: Government playing US 'for fools' on Keystone

Christian evangelical university in Rocklin to offer biology degree

Digging up some older stuff..

Thom Hartmann: How invasive is the NYPD's surveillance of the Muslims?

President Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis

Can a flashback be back to an emotion rather than a memory of an experience...

Know who Paul Ryan looks like? The ventriloquist's dummy in the movie MAGIC.

Why Not Criticize Hamas's Rights Violations?

The Arctic Light

Does your M.D. know enough about nutrition to properly advise you?

South Carolina becomes ground zero for immigration reform ad wars

Obama: Banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional

Drops in Approval & Trust on the Economy End Obama’s Post-Election Honeymoon

s: what the fuck are you talking about? I'm just making chicken.

Toon: New alerts vs the old terror alerts

The Pope announces his resignation

Why Big Banks Are Right to Fear Elizabeth Warren

GOP Succeeded In Tricking Dems To Focus On Deficits And Spending Cuts. Now We Are Going The Wrong

Without Medicaid expansion, employers in NC could face nearly $100 million in penalties

European Member of Parliament, Licia Ronzulli

President Obama has a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by more than 4 trillion

Iran To Gain $1.5-2 Mln Per Day From Gas Exports To Iraq

Eye on the Universe

47 Percent Filmmaker Had No Health Insurance

Man who taped Romney's 47% comments speaks out

What originally sparked your interest in politics?

Colorado Student Receives $100,000 Intel First Prize

Steubenville, Rape Capital of the World

INSPIRING: Former GOP Lawmaker Admits To A Huge Mistake

Cross Cuba off the blacklist

Obama Continues Outreach to Hill As Poll Numbers Dip

Does the Gov really owe Social Security that much!

Rachel Maddow - GOP rejects 91% American opinion in committee vote

Robert Reich On Why Raising The Minimum Wage Is One Of The Smartest Things We Can Do

Are allegations that the United States injected Hugo Chavez with a 'cancer drug'

"Have you no Budget sir, at long last?"

WTF fun fact #88

Senate To Vote On Amendment Defunding Obamacare

I like pie

the mental health information group has been approved

Hacker Group Anonymous Protests As Ohio Rape Trial Begins

The looming antibiotic crisis can't be solved by the free market

Icicle removal in Russia

Growing mounds of petroleum coke raise fears along Detroit River

Libertarians make bad lifegaurds

The 47% guy will be on The Ed Show tonight

Elizabeth Warren Slams Republicans For Trying To Weaken Consumer Finance Protections

Any chance that

I think I can disprove Intelligent Design mathematically.

Tunisian dies after torching himself, unrest could follow

Tzipi Livni throws cold water on prospects for peace

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 13, 1945

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 13, 1945

28 Forest Elephants Killed by Poachers in Cameroon, all to feed Asia's ivory trinket lust. This must

Ahmadinejad Ribbed by Clerics for Hugging Chavez's Grieving Mom

"Dollars for Docs: The Top Earners" by Hanna Trudo & Theodoric Meyer (ProPublica 3-12-13)


Stokes school prayers challenged

People are just so Interested in Rand Paul

"I should have worn my galoshes"

Bill Clinton made the Mitt Romney 47 percent video possible, bartender who filmed it explains

How to tell where rich people live on Google Maps…

Chained CPI and other Social Security "reform" - it's not going to happen.

Horsey: America's Paths to the Top . . .

Men in same-sex marriages are living longer, study says

Fresh - excellent movie, particularly for us foodies.

Honduran Death Squads Murder Peasants in the Bajo Aguán Valley: Reflections on the Bird Report

Earthquake early-warning system successful during Monday quake

"Are you lunch?"

Pam's Law (Patiently Awaiting Mom)

Ask Me Anything

House vote on bill preventing welfare waivers.

Bird brains can crack nut trading game with self-control: study

Favorite Cooking Show ?????

Four days to St Paddy's Day

Stuebenville rape trial divides Ohio town

Star Trek Phaser Rifle up for auction

Editorial: Missouri Senate blames unions for economic woes. Oh, please.

Ben Shapiro: It's simple. We demonize the Obama.

Committee takes aim at state employee bonuses

They're baaaaaaaaaaa - aaaaaaack

'ello. Extremist here. I'd like to apologize in advance for my stubbornness and cynicism.

I dreamed these creatures had come to my state. What could it mean?

Habemus Papem

New Pope! Just announced!

Colombia's Santos wins coveted Woodrow Wilson Award

White Smoke Signals New Pope Elected

Pretty big deal? NYSSC denies SAFE Act injunction...

My partner of 17 years passed away two weeks ago tomorrow

Striking McDonald's Guest Workers Headed to CEO's Chicago Home

I can't believe this...I just got off the phone and I'M THE NEW POPE!

Shouldn't this goose be wearing Birkensquawks ?

Michigan Student took neighbor's $20k in cash to school

Research exposes racial discrimination in America's death penalty capital

White Smoke

the right wing pundit that makes me sickest....

Snoop Dogg / Lion wants to smoke a joint with Bill Clinton

Speier: Lax military led to cops' deaths

Peru makes miles of coastal waters off limits to fishing industry

Astronomers Conduct First Remote Reconnaissance of Another Planetary System

"I think it could be Tim Dolan of New York . . . Cardinal Dolan . . . . is a moderate and . . . ."

Pigs, Fetuses, and an Emotional Richard Dawkins

Land Grabs Spread Throughout Developing World

Patron Saint of quittin stuff early

Tweety has his "Catholic" going right now, he is so excited. MSNBC has good coverage

Politics Clouding Obama's Coming Visit To Israel

Peruvians asks Washington-based human rights commission to halt Newmont’s Conga project

That was quick: White Smoke/New Pope. Will be introduced to the World at 3 pm est

It's a Pope!

First picture of new Pope. Wow!

Fight for 15.... Workers Rap

Costa Rica: "We Don't Want Monsanto!"

From Ethiopia To Vietnam, Researchers Map Reach Of German-Made Government Spy Software

Costa Rica: "We Don't Want Monsanto!"

Worse job for a newscaster:

To DU Catholics: Congrats on your new Pope.

Obama’s approval drops as Americans take a dimmer view of his economic policies

Give It AWAY!!!

New Pope Elected: Centuries Of Make-Believe (Religion) Reaffirmed For The Masses

Happy Birthday Congressman Grayson.

Canada - 10 years later: Why Chrétien said no to Iraq

Toxic Masculinity

Institutionalized--I'm not crazy!

Senate Rejects Cruz Amendment Defunding Obamacare (updated)

The highest, average and lowest Social Security benefits.

We are no longer popeless

Announcing Belabored: A Dissent Podcast Hosted by Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe

My wife is listening to Chris Matthews about the Church making progressive step forward.

White smoke - Habemus Papam

We are no longer Poopless

Mary Jo Wilhelm of Cresco nails Branstad!

The new pope: no one knows. I bet the shoemaker is making the red shoes already. nt

a sofa for you and your cats:

Meanwhile, in Texas

National Security Increasingly Cited in Freedom of Information Act Denials; EPA Suspected of Selecti

Striking McDonald's Guest Workers Headed to CEO's Chicago Home

"I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists" page deleted from Facebook

Greening tundra shows Arctic heat

I SOOOOOOO don't give a spit

The Bearer of this Card is a Genuine and Authorized Pope! So Please Treat Him/Her Right!

The chorale group from my alma mater sings at St. Peter's Basilica tomorrow!

Why the announcement of a new Pope sparks contempt among some.

I'll be eligible for Medicare in a few months, and am looking for advice

28 Elephants Killed By Poachers, Could Be Extinct in Next Decade

Giant Radio Telescope in Chile Opens for Cosmic Business

thousands gather to receive blessed t-shirt from the new Pope Cannon

Outside the Facebook wall


The GOP's Real Agenda

I quadruple-dog-dare him to take the Papal name Peter II

New pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

*Drumroll* The New Pope is Bergoglio of Argentina

Taking over Palestinian land in the West Bank by declaring it "state land

Honest question. How does the Pope pick his "Pope name"

New Pope archbishop of Buenos Airies, Bargovia (sic)


Pope Frankie from Argentina

Free the Cuban Five | Brainwash Update

Poll: Majority of Americans Opposed to Being Killed by Drone BY ANDY BOROWITZ, SATIRIST

Lighten up Francis.

Papantonio: Right Wing Hate Groups Turn Violent

How Sequestration Will Lead to Less Informed Budgeting

Shocker--new pope is a gay-hating asshole of biblical proportions!

Catholic Pope - another gay-hating idiot.

Greek neo-Nazi MP can be prosecuted for attacking left-wing rivals on live TV

#He's 76 is trending on twitter.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the LGBT community:

When I Touch You

It's Time to Say No More

(TN)Bill bans energy drinks wherever alcohol served

Lighten Up Francis!

Fox News Woman's day coverage

Solar-powered membrane desalination set for Atacama Desert in Chile

To the DU Catholics

And your new pope is...(drumroll, please) Pope Francis I

Not a Catholic anymore, but...

Trudeau leadership win a 'fait accompli,' Garneau says

Exclusive: Obama administration to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Exclusive: Obama administration to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Illinois scientists on expedition find rare, 600-year-old Chinese coin in Kenya

Kudos. A South American pope!

You had a chance, Rome

Another bad choice.

Establishment of a Protected "Interfaith Group"

"Bonds of brotherhood in all-male Catholic clergy" - a bizarre explanation

Wow, Paul Newman and Geraldine Page smoking pot in the movie Sweetbird of Youth (1962).

Arkansas Senate expands definition of unborn child

Due to my insomnia, watched Storytelling by Todd Solonzd last night.

GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage

Seriously, did anyone really expect a Pope who endorses same sex marriage?

If you compare the Lounge reaction to the new Pope to the GD reaction…

(Kimani Gray) Teenager Killed by Police Was Shot 7 Times, Autopsy Finds

GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage

Ehh, screw all y'all. Congrats Pope Frank!

Would you be in favor of publishing the crime scene photos from Sandy Hook?

GSA executive fired after Las Vegas scandal ordered to get his job back

I really can't take anymore, I'm just finished

Four days before St Pat's and my local whiskey store is out of Jameson.

Stop Allowing the Wealthy to Treat Undocumented Immigrants Like Slaves

Dear Pope Bergoglio, here's something to think about ...

Walk a mile in a man's shoes before you criticize him

Utah House says ‘no’ to privatization of prison

Senators Add Gun Protections to Financing Bill

Welcome to Planet GOP !!

So, how long before we see a tshirt that says

How would you like Santa to bring you THIS?..uhhh...these?

Yikes. Bergoglio and Argentina's "Dirty War".

Broward high school teacher suspended for ‘little chocolate boy’ comment

The College of Cardinals declares: "This Time, Not A Nazi!"

I see both Popes and Cardinals have coat of arms

Francis is the new Pope and more reasons why Pope Benedict resigned

I gotta give the Cardinals credit

ALMA finds 'monster' starburst galaxies in the early universe

Boy says he was beat up, suspended from school after confronting bully

Samuel L. Dogson!

Raise The Minimum Wage, a very smart idea for everyone

God bless the new Pope!

Fisker Automotive Founder Quits As Company Seeks Savior

Toddler smoking from marijuana bong

France limits Apple's working day, unlike US

Lawmaker calls for Internet cafe crackdown after arrests

'No Elsa, there is no arms plant in Saudi Arabia'

3D Printing Revolutionizing Sex Toys!

Did the Cardinals just stick it to the Brits on the Falklands?

So this guy is being lauded as the first "non white" Pope.

This kitty may have to move

God ... by John Lennon

Gov’t won’t even give page counts of secret PATRIOT Act documents

Christian Prophets Are Laughing and Dumfounded

Keith Olbermann settles lawsuit with Al Gore's Current TV for $50m

Military justice 'broken', say sexual assault survivors at Senate hearing

Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes announce they're hanging up their g-strings for good

Shocked I tell ya: Host of Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners" arrested for public intoxication

Don't want to cause trouble but I have to wonder How much input Razinger/Benedict had in this choice

Astronomers: Early Universe bred ‘starburst’ mega-galaxies

What's your take on the mob?

I enjoyed my few days of Infallibility

Panetta: Army should release cop killer's records


"Francis the Talking Pope"

If you could describe a Teabagger in one word,

New pope same as the old pope: LGBT marriage and adoption rights ‘damage the family’

Sandra Layne Case: Mich. grandmother who fatally shot grandson testifies she feared for her life

Why conservatives are already fuming about Obama's next big Cabinet pick

How will YOU celebate the new infallible, inerrant prince of Rome?

Obama To Senate Dems: We Need Solution To GOP’s Confirmation Filibusters

The need for a "nanny state"

On a lighter note, can someone here help me out?...

Medieval knight's grave discovered beneath Edinburgh city car park

Ted Cruz Slams Medicare Cuts In Paul Ryan’s Budget

Stocks Gain; Dow Has Longest Win Streak Since 1996

OMG ... Gushing Chris Matthews again.

Feeling sympathetic to people who quit meds against medical advice...

Ok, enough about the new Pope. HERE'S what's more important to all of us!

Welker to Broncos per Twitter

Bodies Exhumed in Murders Tied to Winnie Mandela

If the new pope resigns or dies in 5 years...

More of the same

CNN Vatican analyst: Pope Francis' name 'precedent shattering'

I wonder how many of those 169 countries have a national health plan???

So is Liberation Theology back in vogue

Looming Sequestration Cuts Cause Split Among Israel Aid Advocates

America's new love: Water

Saw this on Huff Post and I had to share...

In Campaign Ad, McConnell’s Wife Hits ‘Far Left’ Group For Racial Slur

Lewis Black will be in Indy on May 9!

Ottawa restricts use of data collected through government websites

Vice-President Biden to lead delegation for new pope's installation

Anyone have experience having their job changed from salaried to hourly?

Clive Burr, former Iron Maiden drummer, dies at 56

Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina, on the new pope ...

First order of business for da new Pope!

VW sold in UK gets 78.5 mpg (see video)

Pres Obama's statement on the selection of Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina to become the next pope

Dengue Fever No Longer Just A Visitor To Florida Keys

Just an FYI. The guy who filmed the 47% video of Romney will be on the Ed Show tonight.

Thom Hartmann: Finally Proof! Atheists are a Religion

Remember Tucker, anyone? whatever happened to her?

two great things about the new pope

What's your take on the mop?

Who is watching the Jodi Arias trial

New Pope in Bed With Old Dictators of Argentina

Argentine Cardinal (now Pope Francis) Named in Kidnap Lawsuit

Environment groups backing Ed Markey in Mass. Senate primary race

A Jesuit, A Champion of Social Justice, Takes Public Transportation...

Francis without Roman numeral

Mount Reagan: Why do Americans name mountains after presidents?

Is there still room for Catholics among rank-and-file Dems?

Harvest Texarkana

GOProud sneaks into CPAC

Pope Francis Against Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption

Will BLANK The Bartender Become As Popular As Joe The Plumber?....

NFL Owners May Have Misled Players About Team Profits To Pay Them Less

Need some celestial alignment and best wishes...

Thank You "alp227" for This Horrifying Post!

The Man who Shot Mitt Rmoney's 47%

Anti-Fracking rally (Colorado Springs)

Wolverton Mountain Claude King--posted in memory

Who Will Stand Up Against the Military-Oil-Banker Mafia?

::lights fuse::

GOP Congressman Says Supreme Court Doesn’t Actually Get To Decide Whether Laws Are Constitutional

Waiting Periods in South Dakota: Guns v. Abortions

House Democrats recruiting moderates for ’14 bids

I think it is time for follow Yardwork

It Must Be Understood - The Catholic Church Will Never Never Never Accept Homosexuality As

"If you're a Second Amendment freak, you've already lost the war."

Two faiths picked their leaders today

these people are either a threat because they have become marginalized or

Guantanamo hunger strike is prisoners’ only way to reclaim dignity

Senate Dems Upset with GOP Obstructionism and Filibusters

How to Rig an Election = The G.O.P. aims to paint the country red

Should I do it? Chair leg is held to chair by 1 nail. Strapping destroyed by cat. I weight 260

About lunch with Kali on Monday:

Will Pope Francis Have Any Influence On Politics Here In The USA?.....

without one single republican senators vote....

I was Catholic. Then I was a Gay Catholic. Then I was a Gay ex-Catholic.

Robert Jeffress: Gay Sex is Like Plugging a TV in the Wrong Socket, Making it Explode

Robert Jeffress: Gay Sex is Like Plugging a TV in the Wrong Socket, Making it Explode

Politics clouding Obama's coming visit to Israel

Newly discovered ancient texts refer to Jesus as a shape shifter

Congressman With Massive Debts Argues Federal Government Must Have Balanced Budget

Vacation 2014! Ireland,Scotland, or England?

Pope Francis Is No Fan Of Homosexuality, Abortion, Contraception, And Same-Sex Adoption

Warren Slams Republicans For Blocking Cordray and hurting Consumers

Keystone Pipeline Environmental Assessment Firm No Stranger to Controversy

Is a "tano" from Argentina a true Latin American?

Papantonio: Faulty Medical Devices Disfiguring Women

Ted Nugent Is In Hog Heaven After "Machine Gunning" Feral Pigs In Texas

Ted Nugent Is In Hog Heaven After "Machine Gunning" Feral Pigs In Texas

Heresy Hunters Rule CPAC, and GOProud, Chris Christie Need Not Apply

EPA Reverses Stance in Texas Pollution Case. Powerful Lobbyist Intervened

Palin Announces 2014 Presidential Run

In Response To High Profile Case, McCaskill Drafting Legislation On Sexual Assault In Military

Starve the beast, constructive gestures Catholic laity can do to...

On Francis of Assisi the new pope's namesake.

New pope is 1st Francis, saint of peace, poverty

New York City's appeal of soda ban ruling to be heard in June

Did I get profiled again? Or does everybody get fingerprinted when

Has anyone read a post from PCIntern lately? I haven't read him in a long time. Always find his

Rumsfeld admitted to $2.3 trillion missing on September 10, 2001 (the day before 9/11)

Fox affiliate in CT shows cleavage closeups on a story about International Women's Day

Woman steals beer after being told she can't buy it because of time: 6:40 AM

Iran, Russia, Vatican threaten to derail U.N. women's rights appeal

Scientist Confessions #OverlyHonestMethods

Venezuela says U.S. "far-right" wants to kill Capriles

The House and Senate budgets are real disappointments

Hey! What's for dinner - Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Here's something you don't see every day; Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers & John Cleese in a scene;

Strange HTML Presentation

Could gold be the next Libor scandal?

Catholics aren't the only religion to openly stand against homosexuality

Luckovich Toon- Obama's Not Schmoozing Him Enough!

Maduro: Chavez long-term embalming unlikely

The Church and the military -

C/2011 LR (PANSTARRS) and the Moon on March 12, 2013 at 8:14 PM (CDT)...

Mother arrested after two-year old tests positive for Meth

Paul Krugman: Paul Ryan's Budget Is 'A Path To Continued Depression'

"11 henious lies conservatives are teaching america's schoolchildren"

Acting Venezuelan President: Hugo Chavez May Have Influenced Jesus To Pick A South American Pope

I finally figured out what taterguy has been doing. He is now the Pope!!

The Idiot Culture - by Carl Bernstein really is a very good read....

The only Safety Net in this increasingly cynical and brutal society that we live in...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 14, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Double Agents

About those food shortages in Venezuela... "In the End, Awful Journalism"