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Novelist condemns 'intimidation' by group promoting boycott of Israel

Our daughter was telling us about her Bio tests today. One of them was about evolution.

male and female we ordain them.

Can anyone recommend a good RSS program?

Scott Prouty: Bartender. Game changer.

Scott Prouty is a true American Hero

The Romney Campaign never said "Don't Film This".....

New pope refused limousine and took the bus to work while archbishop of Buenos Airies.

Oil barge crashes into gas pipeline in Louisiana, triggers big fire

Hey! This is a well-dressed, plain spoken WHITE guy...

Israel’s next government agreed: 4 parties, 68 members

Mitt: "That can't be the guy. I've never seen that guy before."

Funny: Kos readers too wanky to accept Scott Prouty's vid. Imagine how DU wankers would have reacted

As bad as the video was for Mittens...this interview is far worse.

San Francisco Symphony musicians go on strike

44 ways to make your life easier - some are truly awesome

My worst cooking disaster in years.

Pope Francis I in 2007 - No communion for pro-choice Catholics

Ezra Klein Challenge: disproportionate representation edition

I am a Catholic, Baptized, First Communion, Confirmed, Altar-Boy...

James Hansen with Subhankar Banerjee, 20 Feb 2013


Chris Matthews is going back to his old delusional self today.

Fla. politician resigns, 57 charged in scandal

Entitlement reform in exchange for closing tax loopholes?

why do some OPs have a by line and others say milestone?

Texas bill would require drug test for benefits

When the Affordable Care Act was passed we were told it was the first step to quality

Texas House members target payday loan industry

Family Research Council Head Wants Unmarried People To Be Punished For Having Sex

Nearly 60 charged in Florida gambling scandal as lieutenant governor quits amid probe

'47 Percent' Filmmaker Once Saved Drowning Woman

"How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour"

Rep. Jan Schakowsky wants a federal ban on handguns?

Truly, a historic day.

Ed's interview with Scott Prouty is an incredible, incredible piece of work.

Is it just me or has the whine been turned up to 11 today?

Monarch butterflies drop ominously in Mexico

Words from a far better man than I am

Obama: Keystone XL pipeline not major jobs creator

White House press secretary statement on the Senate Democratic budget

AHA!!! Scott Prouty was an anti-war commie pacifist!

Doubts over Chavez's permanent display

Uh oh. Big Ed just said he has another major announcement.

Pope Francis the wrong choice?

Great quotes from history (or something to that effect)

Anyone know how much the bookies had to pay off on Bergoglio?

Big Eddie moving to weekends

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Holy Smoke! Church Night

Ed Shultz is moving to 5.00pm - 7.00pm Saturdays and Sundays

Fuck Big Ed leaving Monday thru Friday MSNBC

Schultz is moving to weekends so he can produce more ''stories'' oriented

Breitbart editor Shapiro: The only reason for ethnic studies is ‘to meet girls’

Who is getting Ed's time slot ? ? ?

Ed Show moving from 8pm weekdays to 5-7pm weekends

What is the flow of an alert that shows up as "will go to Administrators" instead of a jury?

Lions add Reggie Bush to fold

There are parts of the fifties I miss. Anita O'Day - Sweet Georgia Brown

Scott Prouty just threw Mitt under the bus, then drove over him again. What's Hannity to do?

Interesting Scott Prouty observation when Romney arrived at the home of his demise. He (Romney)

Corn on Rachel follow up to Prouty interview

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 March 2013


Bolivia: UN welcomes new Bolivian law broadening protection of women from violence

First song from space: Chris Hatfield, Barenaked Ladies & Choir

need gift ideas

Ecosocialism: One Man’s Vision for a Green Economy

If white smoke means they picked a new Pope,

It's Clinton! Prouty said the crew did the food/drinks at a Bill Clinton appearance.

Alternet just sent me a great link to green energy:

Please MSNBC get Soledad O'Brien to replace Ed Schultz!!!

RECOMMENDED: Autism Hearing, 11/29/12, House Committee Oversight and Government Reform

Assistant Principal Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Student

So far...the right-wing seems to be ignoring Scott Prouty.

Ahmadinejad's new pet phrase 'spring' infuriates Iranian establishment

Sen. John Tester...

Anecdote from Small Town, Alabama

No, really, what's SCALIA's take on the 5-yr pope?!1

Food for Thought

Man who recorded `47 percent' remarks speaks out .

A wild horse allows human intervention to help save her foal

I finally was able to fullfil my New Year Resulion!

'Jury without Jews' denied: Anti-Semitic request by Muslim rejected by judge

I made the mistake of posting something at Huffington...

Champions League

So we spend billions on nation building in Iraq and other countries yet people back home are cut

"New Pope Elected" (info on new pope from Think Progress)

I got a look at Comet Pan-STARRS tonight through binoculars....

Amazing movie - "The Sessions" - *****

American Winter

Fastest camera may film atomic motion


New court filing: Documents were deleted from GOP redistricting computers

It's asparagus season! And you know what THAT means!

G'nite, boena sera or whatever, nope my take is I don't like him

Three former Republican legislators endorse McAuliffe

Rescue 911 - wolf

"Religion is the opiate of the people.....


Killer, second season is now streaming!

Alert worthy?

Axelrod on Lawrence discussing Prouty and the 47%

So we now have two Popes...and the Pope is always right...

Repost: "Social Security Reform: Achieving a Leninist Strategy" (Cato 1983, template for today)

Scott Prouty will talk with Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word - Thursday evening.

To justify his woody for Canada-born Ted Cruz, a Breitbart columnist denounces birtherism

hmmm, let's see. I am not a Catholic, so why should I be upset or not who they choose? I am not a

The Protectors

Scott Prouty - Profile in Courage

Days since last mass shooting: 0

The sweetest sound I have ever heard.

I hope the new Pope surprises us

White Smoke Goes Up, Over The Supreme Court!

Vice President Joe Biden To Vatican For Installation Of New Pope

Detroit emergency manager decision to be revealed by Gov. Rick Snyder Thursday

Mozilla Firefoxers.....Anyone else have frequent "script error" issues?

Best technique to make a quesadilla?


Committee OKs new restrictions on state workers' union

Did I miss any mention of Pres Carter's grandson?

Pope Francis was Runner-Up in 2005 - Smeared by Rivals?

Kali's day vs. Kali's night:

Now this is just plain CRUEL! This kind of cruelty shouldn't be tolerated in ANY civilized society!

There are badass Bowie knives and there are badass Bowie knives.

That's no lady... that's my -- OMG YEAH RIGHT THERE OMG RIGHT... THERE!!!

The last two years that MiddleFingerMom spent at college are all kind of a blur now. Then, too.

Don't pretend you all don't know... MiddleFingerMom is too sexy for his pants, uh-huh!!!

The Ed Show_ The man behind the 47% video

I sent an alert...

Ed Schultz Leaving MSNBC Weeknights, Moving To Weekends


Guatemalan court strikes down amnesty claim by ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt in genocide case

Cat food recall

"Don't mind if I nibble here...oh no? Oh shit be calm, be calm. I'm sorry."

Why do morons have to turn every non political article on the internet into a political debate?

Which e-mail do I use to ask about becoming a Host?

Guatemalan court strikes down amnesty claim by ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt in genocide case

A large, powerful organization with often-misguided leadership.

(First Nuclear) Concrete poured for new Vogtle reactor foundation

Why oppose organize religion - they are against pro choice but kill in wars and never oppose them

Another Guatemalan Union Leader is Dead—Will Two Campesino Activists Be Next?

Meet the New Pope

I hope Ed's new gig at MSNBC will allow him to spend more time with his wife

Voter ID measure advances in Arkansas state House

Robert Parry: ‘Dirty War’ Questions for Pope Francis

Ed on again now with Scott Prouty. WATCH IT.

John Kerry and the KKK?

Poll: Who gets YOUR VOTE for new host for Ed Schultz' evening time slot

"You shouldn't have to pay $50,000 to find out what a candidate actually thinks."

That bartender dude was set on fire by mittwitt's words.

The Church gets kind of a bum rap

The pope "kissed and washed" the feet of 12 AIDS patients in 2001 (w/ video)

Dumb criminal of the day: Bank robber rides a BIKE

Reuters: U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

George Prescott Bush is Big in the UK! Who knew?

more of the comet + the crescent moon

'Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Muni Buses

In commemoration of today's Papal announcement, let me suggest watching "The Shoes of the Fisherman"

Do you have a smart phone? If so, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, or something else?

Steubenville football players rape trial begins

Ever wonder what your cat is thinking?

sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Look what the cat dragged in

It's Clear To Me That The Repug Party Holds Mitt Rmoney's Disdain For The 47%.....

Is there anything a jury member can say that will prevent him or her from being on future juries?

Sometimes DU really seems hostile to religion.

With all this fall-da-rah about the Pope, I wouldn't expect . . .

The US Would Be A Miserable Country To Live In If The GOP Had All The Power

cat hates Super Mario Brothers


Could I get some DU vibes

Mississippi DUers check in.

Sandusky Disappointed He Didn't Win

Petitions beg Google to reconsider closure of Reader

It's really about how Republicans treat the staff.

Maddowblog - "Obama's not the one with a popularity problem" - Counters Mainstream Media Narrative

Religion Among Americans Hits Low Point, As More People Say They Have No Religious Affiliation

Philosophy Dudebros & Grassroots Don’t Mix

***Jaymie Kelly vs Jamie Diamon CEO of Chase*** Jessica English vs John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo

UK joins international alt nuclear consortium with $18.6M commitment

I was almost impressed by the credentials of the new pope

Hair Tutorial (gone wrong).

On the Path of Least Resistance

Tummy Rub Time!

Material in North Korea's nuclear test unclear, worrying for U.S.

In Texas, water use for fracking stirs concerns

How to close the US nuclear industry: Do nothing

I'm So Tired of the Word Progressive

Rabbi Who Fled Sex Abuse Allegations Reportedly Will Return To Israel

Prouty to self: "Don't be a coward."

Why the Obesity Epidemic is Like Modern Art

Someone has had enough of their shit

Pope Francis: questions remain over his role during Argentina's dictatorship

Update: Ed Schultz was pushed out to make way for new talent

First Keith Olbermann, now Ed Schultz GRRRRRR My letter to MSNBC

One, two, three, four… Time to start another CUTE WAR!

Has this boy got some talent, or what?!

Mississippi legislatute passes bill forbidding soda size restrictions

What changes to Catholic liturgical music should we expect ...

The new Pope's first American TV appearance

Ezra Klein - "The Senate Democrats’ vague, conservative (as in preserves existiing benefits) budget"

Exclusive: Iran steps up weapons lifeline to Syria's Assad - envoys

Alleged North Korean Video Hilariously Depicts Modern America As Dickensian Hellscape

Scott Prouty would like to thank the President and tell him he

The bad news: the 76 year old Catholic pope, like the rest of the Vatican, opposes gay marriage.

Slate - "The Democrats' Exceedingly Timid Budget" - More Protecting The Rich Is Bold Nonsense?

Late-Night Twitter Fun With James O'Keefe!

I was trying to post a thread on here that our former PM gave

I'm afraid my friend is going to kill herself

Reluctant resurection... aka, notes from hell...

North Korea Helps Out Destitute Americans, Who Are Forced To Drink Snow Coffee.

Scott Prouty will be on Lawrence O'Donnell's program tomorrow (Thursday)

Rand Paul & NRSC Embrace the Crazy- So much for the Reds cleaning up their act...

Rand Paul & NRSC Embrace the Crazy- So much for the Reds cleaning up their act...

International Cooperation for Sanctions on North Korea

Texas Senate approves university merger

Take Five (CPAC Up Your Troubles edition)

Democrats challenge Obama on Medicare and Social Security cuts

Survivor ***No Spoilers***

Former VA Researcher Raises Ethics Concerns

House debates future of FBI headquarters

Austrian steelmaker announces $700M plant at Port Corpus Christi

El Paso woman burns face while smoking with oxygen mask

US Catholics Support Gay marriage, Poll Finds

Happy Pi Day!

Australia Gets First Aboriginal Government Leader

No Politics, No Religion, No Militias... acting like Animals!!!

Compare Tucker Carlson's "journalism" on Menendez to Scott Prouty and 47% tape

Ieng Sary Dead: Co-Founder Of Cambodia's Brutal Khmer Rouge Movement Dies At 87

Action Alert: Stop the Monsanto Protection Act

Police flood Brooklyn neighborhood in third night of brutality protest (PHOTOS)

I've been reading a lot of Japanese manga (comics) and one interesting thing strikes me...

Poll: Cory Booker's runaway lead

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive"

Worldwide, what do you think the average 76 year old man thinks about gay marriage?

U.S. Senate names room at Capitol: the “Senator Daniel K. Inouye Room”

Axelrod tweets about 47% videographer.

I do not come to DU to be an atheist, I come to DU to be a liberal.

Sine qua non.

No Exit: Inside Look at a Prison Camp in North Korea

A new Leader has been chosen

George Carlin and the FCC v. Pacifica Foundation: A little insight. Absurdity Now.

The Tax Favored By Most Economists

A new Leader has been chosen

Feb. Retail Sales Up 0.7%

Happy Pi Day!

2013 Young Democrats High School Leadership Academy

"Is he smart?"

When dealing with fascist elements in this country: We need to channel our inner Gandhi (1982) HD

Refusal to Expand Medicaid May Cost Texas Employers $448 Million in Fines

France wants to be able to arm Syrian rebels

Did you folks hear that moron on Way Too Early saying that

Sometimes music can say it best

New Results Indicate Particle Discovered at CERN (Last Year) is a Higgs Boson

The Economy Sucks Because Banks Are Still Sticking It To Overextended Home Loan Borrowers

Imagine GEM$NBComcast has a major scoop last night

10 Hardest Things About Being Insanely Rich

Is history wrong about the Wright Brothers?

5 Big Reasons Why Americans Don’t Save Their Money

Hagel orders halt to production of drone pilot, cyberwarrior medal

We need a New Constitution

Quadron - Average Fruit (IAMNOBODI Remix)

Cult: According to the dictionary

What’s the Matter With Graham Hill’s 'Living With Less'


Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DNA 12'' Remix)

Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune)

Mike Malloy - The Pope, The Blood, The Killing

Afghanistan faces cash hole

The Next Leak


Al Hirt - Harlem Hendoo

U.S. nukes to remain in South (Korea)

The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

Sweden's tax hunt abroad yields 'record haul'

Report: Carnival Dream in St. Maarten has problems

Kick this thread if you're not the least bit interested in the Pope

(Sweden) Homelessness in Malmö: 'A vicious circle'

Fraud at State? Taxpayers Take Pipeline

Physicists say they have found a Higgs boson

Scott Prouty: The Anti-O'Keefe

Ashley's Roachclip - The Soul Searchers (1974)

Marvin Gaye - Just like Music (Music Feel The Soul)

World’s oldest cat beats the odds to celebrate 27th birthday

Governor Chris Crispy and the lottery give-a-way to his buddies

UK Seabed Resources joins deep-ocean mineral-mining rush

My ex-wife passed away last night and...

Retrograde Reality: The Last Pope (R)

Oceans Twelve Laser Dance

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.12.2013

What will today's kids be saying to their kids?

Son of A Sailor

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.13.2013

Salvage work on USS Guardian reaches halfway mark

Fact-finding group recommends charges vs USS Guardian crew

New pope slips out of Vatican for morning prayer visit

I have never been so not interested in something...

Chinese factory fence

As Real Threat from Al-Qaeda Fades, Is FBI Stepping Up Set-Ups?

Full text: What Pope Francis said in his first speech as pontiff

Portobello Explosion - We Can Fly (1969)

Acrobat Breaks Neck In Moscow Circus Fall

Scott Prouty Appreciation Thread - Please check in if you appreciate Scott Prouty.

I think we should petition the White House to award Scott Prouty the Medal of Freedom

One of the better Microsoft comercials (of many bad ones)

Fox Affiliate Celebrates 'Women’s Day at the Capitol' With Breasts

Private surveillance companies flock to Arizona’s annual Border Security Expo

Despite Efforts to Suppress, Cleaner Energy Continues Inevitable Rise

Ecosocialism: One Man’s Vision for a Green Economy

Handouts for the wealthy or jobs?

F-35 Debacle: No End In Sight

Major fire at Wyndham hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica

Three recent signs of an increasingly desperate Republican Party

Military rape victims: Stop blaming us

Amy Goodman: Starving for Justice at Guantanamo

Secrets no president should keep

Maybe towns should start posting signs like this...

FL Manatee Deaths From Red Tide Hit 181 So Far In 2013 - New Record; Unusually Warm Winter Cause

"Deluge" Of Sick & Malnourished Sea Lion Pups Hits Southern California Coast

today in women's herstory

Large Fractures Appearing In Sea Ice In Multiple Regions Across Arctic, Weeks Before Melt Season

persons case and the famous five (women are officially declared people! -NOT the Onion)

North Island Drought At Critical Point - 20-Day Supply Of Water Remains For Wellington, Hutt Valley

a biography of the day-emily murphy (canadian women's rights activist, famous five)

White-Nose Disease Confirmed In South Carolina Bats; Now In 21 States, 5 Provinces

a biography of the day-henrietta muir edwards (canadian women's rights activist, famous five)

Morning Jo(k)e: Why Joe Scarborough and the Beltway austerians think Nobelist Paul Krugman is a nut

Jobless claims improve for seventh straight week, near 5-year low

Absurd Boy Scouts Survey About Gays

Conservatives: The New Taliban by Thom Hartmann

a biography of the day-nellie mcclung (feminist, social activist, politician, author, famous five)

He is who he is, but I hope he does shine a light on poverty - make the likes of Ryan squirm

Kill Anything That Moves

a biography of the day-louise mckinney (women's rights activist, politician, famous five)

a biography of the day-irene parlby (women's rights activist, famous five)

South Africa: 'Over 25% of schoolgirls HIV positive'

Exclusive: U.S. plans to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

DC’s Metro Takes Silver Line Plans to the People

What's up with all the anti-Catholic stuff?

Att. Gen. Kane Files Criminal Charges in PA. Turnpike Corruption Scandal

Pinterest HEADS UP

Mickey Rourke as St. Francis.

Monarch butterflies drop ominously in Mexico

Bill to boost gun checks falls short in state House [Washington state]

Chris Hayes to Take Over 8 P.M. Show on MSNBC

Real News Network: A New Pope and "The Most Corrupt Vatican Since the Borgias"

Report that Chris Hayes to take over Ed Schultz time slot on MSNBC

Jay Leno interviews Halle Berry

Montreal: Software collapse behind lunch-hour shutdown of métro system

Post of interest from GD re Pinterest -- warning?

The economy is recovering and Republicans are determined to destroy it

Something up with edits in LBN

US Claims No Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo

As the US starts to wind up the occupation of Afghanistan, why should we be shocked

American Assoc. of University Professors Issues Their Report on the Coup Against UVa President

Women in shorts cause car to “crash” into pole

Dow: "nine-day winning streak is the longest consecutive run since November 1996"

Dammit! I can't findmy way home!

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 5 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

Voters Who Will Not Stand For Labor Or Unions Deserve Their Crap Wages

South Carolina GOPer Calls Opposition To ‘The Black Guy In The White House’ Good Politics

I can do this:

AI: Syrian rebel human rights violations increasing. Don't rush to supply arms.

(VA) Whistleblower Accuses Government Of Neglecting Suicidal Veterans And Suppressing Science

What's the nicest compliment you've received about your cooking?

Pope Francis, the reformer?

Argentina asserts rights over Vatican City

Educational Linux distro provides tech-bundle for kids and educators

Press regulation talks 'break down'

Ed Schultz: champion of unions and the working class, getting booted is one more

‘Gang of eight’ on ivory probation

PRINCE - Beautiful German Shepherd. Heartbreaking story

"I'm a conservative, because I know real peace comes from the Marine Corps, not the Peace Corps."

Roadie Complains of Pot Smoke on Band Bus

Father Christian von Wernich was found guilty of complicity in 7 murders, 42 kidnappings, and 32

"rare 27 yr old" Luke RUSSERT candidate for pope, platform of guilt & "maybe" more women

OK, I just broke the damn toilet seat!

Beach blocked by billionaire? Surfers Seek Access to Surf

I bet no US president will be allowed to do this...

Is Scott Prouty somehow related to Fletcher Prouty?

Discovery of monster starburst galaxies at the edge of time. Mmmmm starbursts

Wow, posts inside this group are being hidden for stating facts about the new pope.

The Pope-a's visit

It’s Pi Day — the possibilities are infinite!

GOP leaders spent tens of thousands on coffee, doughnuts and catering

Perfect leg of lamb

Obama to GOP: "Our biggest problems in the next 10 years are not deficits"

Judge sums up essence of Bradley Manning case in one sentence:

Another reason to hate Walmart. They press FELONY charges against 63yr old who ate some Oreos.

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Gruel Budget

Papantonio: Bayer’s Deceptive Marketing Is Killing Women

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Sugary Death

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- New Pope

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

My (military) veteran clients unanimously blame Obama for Sequester loss of ed benefits.

If it fits; it sits...

Iditarod update

Republican Party Venn Diagram

A solar graphic that says a lot!

Iraq War Costs U.S. More Than $2 Trillion: Study

Bizarre on the Border: Illegal Immigrants Are Now Demanding to be Arrested

Details Come Out On US Attorneys Withholding Evidence In Aaron Swartz Case

Venezuelan pres. candidate Henrique Capriles: To discriminate against gays is absolute fascism


CIA's one-time Lao base still shrouded in secrecy

UK Seabed Resources joins deep-ocean mineral-mining rush

What Japanese history lessons leave out

Quick note on Republispeak:

Newtown gunman had interest in other mass murders

Defense strategy emerges for U.S. soldier accused of fratricide in Iraq

Pic Of The Moment: SC Republican Explains Why The GOP Opposes Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Sugar Bailout Is Govt. Policy at Its Worst: Hypocritical and Stupid

A message from the White House for Congressman Paul Ryan regarding Social Security

No services in Detroit, Millions to Wall Street

"Give Them Up, Mr. President." --John Podesta

Moving mountains of war gear home from Afghanistan

Amsterdam prostitute twins retire at 70 after 50 years and 355,000 men

Dems to Ryan: We'll see your budget plan and raise you another

Dedicated To Rescuers (in honor of Patchie)

The Secret to Productivity: Cute Videos of Kitties?

Minimum Wage Workers Working 40 Hours A Week Can’t Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere

Forgetting Torture: Lee Hamilton, John Brennan, and Abu Zubaydah

If the goal of the republican party is to eliminate SS, Medicare,etc. for the 99%....

Wal-Mart Left in the Dust by McDonald's

Markey collects endorsements from progressive groups, environmental groups and unions.

How Chris Hayes' Show Differs From Other Shows In One Chart

Obama Still to Name U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican

CPAC chair: Christie didn't 'deserve' an invite this year

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 14, 1879

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 14, 1879

Profiteering Through Puppeteering: API Ads On Protecting Oil Tax Breaks

Gohmert tells CPAC: We could’ve won Vietnam

Assault weapons ban passed after heated Senate hearing

Progressive Caucus releases the Back to Work Budget

Question about UK's national health plan, and Clive Burr.

Land Grabs Spread Throughout Developing World

The choice for Democrats: Obama or liberalism? - By David Sirota

Interesting? * Obama called Boehner first on election night

Police Kill Man Who Was Wanted in NY Rampage

Senate Democrats offer budget plan with tax increases and spending cuts

Swede of the week: A writer who dared a minister to get in his skin

'Army Has It Worst' In Budget Crunch: DoD Comptroller Robert Hale

'If You Wear Google’s New Glasses You Are An Asshole'

European court's version of French Meta let's 'Get lost you sad idiot' stand

Kerry remembers some Norwegian phrases from his youth

Why no discussion of the Pope's rejection of Liberation Theology.

Another Gift From the Big Dog

Irish 'duty' on St Patrick's drink

CPAC chair: Christie didn't 'deserve' an invite this year

Thoughts on the phrase "In my opinion"

Michelle Obama: Our family is more important than D.C. socializing

Foot-long "wandering meatloaf" snails may hold secret to better Li-Ion batteries

CNO Adm. Greenert Emphasizes Navy's Bright Future, Not Budget Crisis

Whither whistleblowing: Where have all the leaking sites gone?

Census: Record 1 in 3 US counties are now dying

Japan's 'frozen gas' is worthless if we take climate change seriously

Sequester Will 'Gut' DoD Modernization; Navy's SSBN-X, Long Range Strike, Other New Starts In Peril

Rose Ann - A Woman of Steel (USW)

Massachusetts SEIU endorses Ed Markey in special Senate election

Would it have made more sense to prohibit call-outs in META...

Happy Pi Day! Time for the Annual Pi Quiz!

Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing --- Feinstein To Cruz: "I'm not a sixth grader ...

Question About Knee Surgery

Ed Asner hospitalized

Ed Asner hospitalized

Thom Hartmann: Rep Keith Ellison's Budget is Driven by Facts!

Dems Go After ‘Hocus Pocus’ In Ryan Budget

Cities Weigh Taking Electricity Business From Private Utilities

Man with brain cancer wins marathon while pushing daughter in stroller

Galactic baby boom took place earlier than thought

Man jumps into freezing Kawkawlin River, saves two dogs

There's is no worse feeling in the world.....

Herring Plans to Launch New Conservative News Network

Ed has just told those that said "they wished him into the cornfield"...

Postal Service Urged to Weigh Contracting Most Operations

3 men focus of veterans charity scam

Confirmed! Newfound Particle Is the Higgs

Union member finds Union Plus Mortgage pushes all the right buttons

How Much Water Does It Take to Frack a Well? Infographic

California college students shut out of classes could earn credits online if new legislation passes

Papantonio: Time To Reinvest In American Labor

GOP Dream Maximum Wage For Workers $10 An Hour.

India orders Italy ambassador Mancini not to leave

Big Ed: I'm going to be the first liberal on the weekend to explain the lies the right spews on Sun.

Pelosi: ‘Let’s Take A Look’ At Chained CPI

RGIII photobombs Ken Starr

Hi! Any bicyclists here? Let me introduce you to something called... the stoplight!

Thom Hartmann: Conservatives...the New Taliban

Greece has become the epicenter of the worst crisis of capitalism since the interwar depression.

Labor and Allies, Surprised By Obama’s $9 Minimum Wage Proposal, Scramble to Coordinate

Former CEO reveals Blackwater worked as ‘virtual extension of the CIA’

Private Security Guard Kills U.S. Soldiers

The Booster Bag Scam

There are some beauts on DU

Want Obamacare? Here’s the 21-page draft application.

There's no one more Irish as Barack O'Bama


North Carolina Sucks

How the Best Fake UFO Video Ever Was Made -entire video is fake. Car, driver, sky, powerlines...

Punk Rock-Feminist Pioneer Kathleen Hanna on Her SXSW Doc and More

THANK Ed Schultz for being a voice for working peope

Obama's secrecy fixation causing Sunshine Week implosion

What file format do you shoot?

Which sort of CPI we use determines what is a "cut"

My childhood friend who just found me on Facebook is a repuke.

Somebody needs to tell MSNBC hosts that the former Pope's red shoes were not made by Prada.

A question about Squash Blossom necklaces.

Chris Hayes has been tapped to replace outgoing host Ed Schultz

Why does Tweety have 2 slots?

Iraq war costs U.S. more than $2 trillion: study

Hugo Chavez and the Global Poverty Conspiracy

Modder proves SimCity can run offline indefinitely

I can so clearly imagine the constituents who are cheering for every word uttered by Ted Cruz.

City union workers shout out Philadelphia Mayor Nutter during budget presentation...

Google tosses ad blockers from Google Play

Damn! I wonder how it feels to have a Feinstein up your ass?

Will Pope Francis change the Church for the better? The acid test:

Finally, a GD thread that is ridiculously full of win

An indication of change in the party preference of Latinos?

LIVE BLOG: Netanyahu, Bennett, Lapid expected to sign coalition agreement Thursday

Pope, in First Homily, Says Church Should Focus on Gospels.

After a Sting by New York, Gun Shows Move to Tighten Checks

Giant Cell Phone & Loud Talk

Senate Panel Votes for Ban on Assault Weapons

Wondering what effect 12% may be having upon some atitude$$$$$$$ toward Catholics:

Live stupid

How A Bartender Destroyed Mitt Romney's Presidential Machine With One Brave Move

Rubio just called Liberals 'Freeloaders' at CPAC.

Wisconsin car dealer sells $42K SUV to blind man, another to elderly woman with dementia

"If I hadn't gone in to save the kids on that beach that day my wife and I would still have a job."

The Republican PRIORITY is hurting people

Alabama's Governor Signs Education Bill Allowing School Choice

Dumb criminals: Chinese night club burglar uses transparent trash can to cover face in robbery

Marco Rubio is a PoS!!!!

Wis Law: Trier of fact can draw an adverse inference from intentional spoliation of evidence

Shits and Giggles Quiz: What kind of Conservative are you?

Isn't it interesting ...

14 GOP -Congressmen Who Think Government Souldn't Borrow Have Big Debts of Their Own

Time for another... Hate Mailbag!

Most painful customer support call in the history of humankind

The MSNBC glass is half empty, dammit!

Senate group considers large reduction in family visas as part of immigration deal

C'mon, just admit that we'd all be better off with Pope Heisenberg I instead…

It seems like there needs to be a house cleaning in the military.

Labour Peer imprisoned for reckless driving blames Jews, gets suspended from Labour Party

Sort of thing that makes you realize knowledge and understanding is a generational challenge

"Hey, you left it open, so I called 'Shotgun.'"

Gohmert: ‘Vietnam was winnable,’ but ‘people in Washington decided’ to lose

Pope and the Dirty War

Rand Paul entered CPAC to "Enter Sandman" and the teabaggers went nuts. The term is trending on

St. Petersburg neurosurgeon, council candidate won't get city business during campaign

I think running boards of today are much narrower than those of yesteryear. I don't remember

Think of how far the Earth is from the Sun...

Gov. Jindal presents plan to eliminate Louisiana income & corporate tax, raise sales tax

Game of Thrones - 1995 Style

How children perceive their Grandparents.

Who watches It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Google Glass - There Will Be Porn of It.

New court filing: Documents were deleted from GOP redistricting computers (wi)

Paul Ryan stars in "The Jerk"

Is Obama boycotting Israel's new settlement university?

CPAC: Blog Bash Internal List Serve Leaked

Feinstein Snaps At Cruz: ‘I’m Not A Sixth Grader’

Rand Paul Outlines Budget Plan At CPAC

Federal employees plan nationwide rallies to protest sequestration

President Obama explains the need for a Grand Bargain

Dick Morris Delivers Bad News To Republicans: Give Up On Roe V. Wade

Stunning visual display of wealth distribution .. absolute must see for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN.

Early birds flew on four wings

Fucking B of A blocked my mom's debit card

After Sandy Hook, NRA Told Gun Makers LaPierre Would Handle It

Rubio: Denying Marriage To Gays ‘Does Not Make Me A Bigot’

George P. Bush raising money for Texas race in Connecticut

A Very Different Kind of President and First Lady

How long before a spoiler becomes a non-spoiler? (spoilers for Walking Dead & Big Bang Theory)

To DU Catholics: Commiserations on your new pope

Another job creator at work

Papantonio: Same Old Tea Party Crazies Dominate CPAC

Astronomers find water vapour in atmosphere of distant planet

Republican Egos and Ethos

Ted "Carnival" Cruz makes an ass of himself yet again

Pope's Pronouncements - Bulls--t.

Non-Catholics greet Pope Francis with guarded optimism

Republican Wet Dream

Bergoglio: A pope of paradox for a church in transition

Pipe bombs in Clovis, Roswell had similarities

MSNBC Blames and Dumps The Working Class by Moving Chris Hayes to 8 PM

NHL governors OK realignment

Liberal Catholics hope for shift on gay rights, priests, sex abuse

Man kills self in front of children at Bellevue gun-safety class

It's the Red Panda show!

Amazon Indians Unite Against Canadian Oil Giant

CNN: Suspect In Benghazi Attack Detained In Libya

Cruz And Feinstein Battle In Explosive Debate Over Gun Control In Senate: ‘I Am Not A 6th Grader'

Puerto Rico urges action amid bond rating drop

Mikal Watts, plaintiffs' lawyer, resigns amid BP oil spill trial

Super Mosquito - Gallinipper To Invade Florida - Won't Bite GOPPERS - Their Blood Is Poison.

Being Biden

CBS finally admits the existence of the Internet. Releases streaming app for iOS.


WooHoo today is National PIE day - Celebrate with awesome pie ideas

15 Scrumptious Vintage Pie Ads

How would you vote?

Fox FAIL: CT Affiliate honors CT Woman's Day with gratutious boob shots

Our 17 year old kitty Simba joined his beloved brother, Mouse today

Seven charged with torture of Colombian NUJ journalist

Pope Francis on gay rights: His 5 worst quotes

Seven charged with torture of Colombian NUJ journalist

Phoenix may not survive climate change

Obama reacts to new pope

EU countries defend nuclear's climate role

Rand Paul wins the first day of right-wing confab

The Bias of Human Rights Watch

The Bias of Human Rights Watch

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 14th


Parents of man who videotaped Romney’s ‘47-percent’ speech back their son

New York woman holding baby falls from 8th floor to her death

It Can't Happen HERE!!!!

Building a Cellphone That Doesn't Kill People (Fast Coexist)

We Still Live Here - As Nutayunean - Available through March Video, Meet the film maker...

America's Path To The Top

Liberals to Dem leaders: Don’t even think about touching Social Security benefits

WTOP alert: Judge will not stop proposed deer hunt in Rock Creek Park

DU needs Hate Mailbag

A loaded argument

There's a truck parked out in front of DemocraticUnderground headquarters...

Black and White

Bates Motel Series Premiere...

The Rude Pundit: Conservatives Say Destruction Will Come to the Boy Scouts If Gay Ban Is Changed

The Life of Pi:

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein! (along with a great quote)

Poll: How long will it take before MSNBC replaces Chris Hayes with someone else?

Life in a nutshell…

Top Anti-Gay Attorney Insults Chief Justice Roberts And Justice Thomas’ Decisions To Adopt Children

Bang. One thousand one. Bang.

“Gay Patriot” To Decide By Mid-April Whether To Challenge Lindsey Graham

Peru recall vote casts shadow beyond Lima's reformist mayor


The politics of conscience

Food & Film: We Still Live Here Plimoth Plantation March 16, 2013.

Boston Phoenix to close; Portland, Providence papers remain open, closing

DA says Corbett was the most politically partisan Atty Gen in PA History

One of the great songs ever....

Institution workers raise specter of Newtown shooting to try and save their jobs

David Cameron says seabed mining could be worth £40bn to Britain

Internet is still out at my house -- I'm sitting in the library and this little tiny girl...

It's Time to Give America a Raise - Pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act E action

Chelsea Clinton Buys A $10.5 Million Apartment On Madison Square Park

Rick Perry Booed Calling For Latino Outreach

PBS Online Film Festival The Short Film

What about having an "Enter At Own Risk Anarchist" Forum?

Texas state representative charged with DWI after crash

It's National Potato Chip Day

Danish TV sorry for using Assassin’s Creed screenshot in report on Syria war

I occasionally refer back to these photos to bring a smile to my face

Listen to American Indians from twelve tribal communities speaking in their mother tongues

VIDEO: Pa. mother forced daughter, 12, to fight, police say

Restaurant horror show: How waitstaffs are mistreated

Real Dollars

Living A Nightmare Since They Sold Their Business To A Chinese Company

Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush's Disgusting Past

This Is Why The Iraq War Has Cost The US More Than $2 Trillion So Far

Nolabear's asparagus thread reminded me of "my asparagus story".

Posting from beside my son's hospital bed.

Boehner Rejects Defunding Obamacare In Government Spending Bill

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #14

Thom Hartmann dping his show from CPAC...

The McPoutine and 24 Other Foreign McDonald’s Menu Items We Need Stateside, STAT

Did Pope Francis misspeak?

Urban Planning Goes Digital in Spanish 'Smart City'

Robert Parry: The GOP Knows Power

Anti-gun concerned ‘moms’ escorted from NRA headquarters by police

Covering up canals with solar panels

DiFi tore Cruzing for a Bruising today at the

Islam, Communism, And Black Panthers Are Indoctrinating Texas Children -- Fingers Crossed!

Obama’s "I’m-Not-Dick-Cheney" Standard for Government Secrecy

NJ gov. Christie: an "African-American female speaker of the Assembly" is blocking a vote

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says UN proposal on women will destroy the world

Thank goodness they won't have to wear the blue ones! >>

Which organization is the most hateful?

Look who is on the cover of the April issue of Vogue.

Reuters' Matthew Keys indicted for conspiring with hacker group 'Anonymous'

Gays Out, Racists in at CPAC, Again.

California's Health Exchange is coming along

Cassel to Vikes

star trails around the north star


Baptist pastor: Sex with underage girl ‘is exactly what Christ desires’

Senators Destroy Ted Cruz’s Argument Against The Assault Weapons Ban

Ezra Klein: House Progressives have the best answer to Paul Ryan

Lawmakers who proposed gun laws face threats

Wikileaks cable on Bergoglio (now Pope Francis)

GOP in a nutshell: Boehner Says Election Losses Won’t Affect Budget Stance



So what is Bizzaro World saying about Scott Prouty?

Amazing Water & Sound Experiment

35 Magical Moments Captured With A Camera. These will make your day.

Justified. I just finished seasons 1 thru 3 via disc. Can someone help me figure out how

Virginia Food & Wine Festival

I just had all my wisdom teeth pulled out...Ask me anything..

Speaker Madigan says gay marriage bill 12 votes shy in the Illinois House

Pro gun control groups clone NRA tactics

Competing Visions: Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Patty Murray, and House Progressives Release Budget Proposal

82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn. Awesome.

CPAC is showing their incompetence level on the first day.

Arizona appearances:

Comet locator apps

Buy as many guns as you like .... but

Longtime crank with no actual accomplishments very beloved at conservative conference

Manning fulfilled moral duty, conscience of US on trial

Toomey: Left Caused Financial Crisis

Scott Prouty, '47 Percent' Videographer, Likely To Take Job With United Steelworkers

At CPAC, Gov. Rick Perry denounces Romney, McCain, Obama and socialized medicine

My loyalty to Obama vs the potential Chained CPI, what can or should he expect from us?

Manning: US Army like ‘child torturing ants with a magnifying glass’ (FULL LEAKED TESTIMONY)

"FLQ October Crisis figure Paul Rose dies" CBC News.

This is so sad, but I can't help being curious

Serious Question/Suggestion.

Oh shit, they're on to us!

Three thoughts on The Ed Show moving to the weekend

Religion Hits Low Point

President Obama couldn't issues?

Astronaut's 'spaceship life' films become internet sensation

Carnival's in the news again. Why do people go on cruises?

We lost our local progressive radio station back in January. If you lost yours, check in.

A real solution to the conflict

France vows to continue Roma evictions

Report: JPMorgan Misled Investors, Dodged Regulators, Witheld Info

"The Press Has Turned on Paul Ryan"

What gun control measure will meaningfully address inner-city violence?

Anti-Abortion Protesters Lose "Home Picketing Suit"

Is it Francis or Francis the 1st?

Proposed Search Fee Threatens Access to Public Court Records-$10 fee on every court file requested

Journalist charged with helping Anonymous hack L.A. Times, TV station

falling water

Fla. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll quits amid Allied Veterans investigation

Vogue: Leading by Example: First Lady Michelle Obama

Yes, the ePad Femme Is Vile, but We Should Make More Products for Women

Heard at CPAC: "We, the GOP, just need new messengers and Marco Rooobeeyo is the new star blah blah"

A couple of chicks

Welcome to the Social Security Medicare Group. Here is a link to the 1983 GOP Playbook

Dan Savage supports drag show at my UW Campus

Why compromise with Republicans on taxes is impossible, in one vote

42 Things That Prove That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is The Perfect Man

"Paul Krugman Bashes Paul Ryan's 'Complete Lack Of Self-Reflection'"

Obama’s I’m-No-Dick-Cheney Standard for Government Secrecy

Carnival to fly passengers home after another cruise failure

GOP is serious about killing ObamaCare because 10 million more voters with public health care will c

Fill in the Blanks! Ted Cruz is (blank) without the (blank)

Served a Summons

Richmond loses 68-63 despite being up 63-60 w/ 5 seconds left because of 3 techs

Man Commits Suicide At Seattle Gun Club

Targeted Killings & the Right to Know When Your Government Can Kill You

Alan Grayson quote

Tax: HMRC to close all of its 281 Enquiry Centres

Who should be the Pope? I give you Heisenberg 1:

Mika on Al's show talking about things Joe will not allow her to say. The topic is

"A Texas Demographics Chart That Scares The Crap Out Of Republicans"

OMG! 25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers, and military suicides..

Amnesty International report on Francis.

I'm generally for gun rights but the Republicans make stupid arguments

Michigan school forbids first grader from performing "body farts" routine...

Rising stock prices yield 300,000 new US millionaires

Feinstein describes feelings during exchange with ‘arrogant’ colleague

"Paul Ryan's Tax Math Just Became More Magical"

Are we about to drag out of this Republican Dystopia: economy improves despite GOP's treachery?


U.S. court overturns convictions of woman on Arizona death row

Stupidity at CPAC...

Urban Planning Goes Digital in Spanish 'Smart City'

Outlawing dunking when David Thompson was in college

The Ed Show - The man behind the 47 video

Barack Obama invites first black Miss Israel to dinner

CPAC actually is CPAL

Who are the people who were waiting for Pope Francis?

Wherein my grandson Jack uses the 'F' word at school:

Doing colonoscopy prep, ask me anything! (all done, edited!!)

Watch out for new credit score

Put it to rest...

"Infographic: Global South is rising fast" UNDP report

Another Charlie Crist donor headed for jail

I need new friends.

The Ed Show - Prouty wanted focus on Romney's words

Sen. Gillibrand presses military leaders on sexual assault

much-forecast insolvency of the Social Security system by about 2030 is most unlikely to happen

Help an outsider understand what has changed since ObamaCare.

The War ON and FOR Social Security: some reading suggestions

The Ed Show - Romney's anecdote about Chinese workers bothered Prouty

taterguy has been spotted in Hollywood!!!

Kali the Ranch Mouse has special logistical problems when she visits her sister the City Mouse.

Lady & The Tramp -- you're doing it wrong.

It had to happen sooner or later. I have NO idea what to say about this picture. Not a one.

Time for a confession. MFM is a Breadhead. In fact, he toured with the Bread from 1970-1972.

MiddleFingerMom likes to show off his catlike agility and prowess.

Sunshine Week, Day Four: all secrets are not created equal.

Don't cut Social Security, expand it. By Joan McCarter

Statement by President Obama on anti-gun violence legislation