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Archives: March 16, 2013

Anti-Pot Republican Steve Katz NY Busted with Bag of Pot While Speeding Down the Interstate

A day at the beach. Amish women.

Investors in R. Allen Stanford's $7B swindle could soon get payout

Rachel covers the mess that is happening in Detroit

Immoral Nihilism?

Can we please oh please get that pic of Mitch's leering scolex off the front page?

Democrats anticipate Graves-Bachmann rematch in 2014

Obama Won't Trip Over Netanyahu's Iran "Red Line"

Poll: 84 to 15 percent, voters want background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun shows

After reading about Romney's appearance at CPAC there is only one possible conclusion to make

Democrats anticipate Graves-Bachmann rematch in 2014

Woman Behind North Dakota's Abortion Ban Hates Abortion Because Hitler

Great Lakes experiencing 'new stresses'

Steubenville Rape Trial: "These kids didn't know what they were seeing was rape," says advocate

In case you missedthis - Rev Al talking to R J Cutler on the war criminal of a Dick

Colorado lawmakers pass universal gun purchase background checks

Anyone know a "Cloud Moses" that can help me get a peek at the comet.

Cat freaked out by The Lion King

North Dakota Senate approves "heartbeat" abortion ban

Cooking and listening to Heart's "Barracuda"

Not a Great Day for Apple...

Habemus Pea Pods -- in Los Angeles.

Gov Christie calls African American man "Boy" during town hall meeting

Best seat in the house...

traditional values group backing away from Portman- can no longer support Senator Rob Portman now

Bankster memory loss

AFL-CIO won't back a deficit deal that cuts Social Security through chained CPI By Joan McCarter

Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch hit by 600 fresh claims

Kerry voices conditional U.S. support for U.N. arms treaty

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! The Ides Go Marching On . . & a new kitty gif

Friday Talking Points (249) -- Chides Of March

Raising the cost of Medicare to the recipients is the same as placing a new inheritance

Ron White's 2013 Salute to the Troops is on CMT coming right up.

Anti-abortion MP gets shouted down by.... man dressed as a giant vagina.

Rapper Lil Wayne Reported in Critical Condition After Seizures

What the fuck is wrong with the media? What channel is KU on?

Terps eliminate Duke 83-74

Donald Trump Just Gave A Nonsensical Speech, And Even Conservatives Were Dumbstruck

This week, boys and girls, we have a substitute teacher for friday challenge.

Will Any of the Big Fish Go To Jail?

Wut, we couldn't find *any* nice Mexican or Irish w/OUT wingnut history to be pope?!1 n/t

But sometimes it's all worth it.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 16, 2013 -- The Essentials: Dustin Hoffman

The most astounding fact...

Ted Cruz toasts Breitbart as a ‘great and fearless leader’ at CPAC

TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 17, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: John Ford's Ireland

Please Explain

There is a stand up Portman today but his name isn't Rob, it's Will

An Open Challenge to Michelle Rhee and the Corporate Education Zombies

Man tries to remove wedding ring by shooting it off his finger.

Cirque du CPAC

I need help missing the mountains. PLEASE HELP!

i'm an asshoooooole....

I hope Rachel is not just training her replacement. That is how it

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes

Americans for Responsible Solutions

How do you like your ice cream?

Fox’s 'Disappointed' WH Tourist Is Really A Republican Activist

American-Born Baseball Player Sergio Romo Was Stopped On His Way To the Ballpark

Here's a treat: Joseph Campbell:The Power of Myth

Did y'all see Trump's impression of Eastwood at CPAC?

Rachel on Real Time now.

How Not To Sound Racist: The most awkward CPAC panel ever

What will make our state appreciate educators?

The Ohio State University moves into the Big 10 semis!

Is CPAC A Joke?

More Zeus puppy pictures! His eyes opened!

Get rid of Joe Torre!

Back and forth:

Hanging out at the finish line

CPAC:They roll out the red carpet for angry Islamaphobes but gay conservatives have to sneak in

Happy St Patrick's Day, Argentina

Yeah, so...

John Boehner ‘Can’t Imagine’ His Gay Marriage Views Shifting

Warren / Sanders 2016?????

Great New Rules tonight on "Real Time". Does anyone when they will put a link up?

Did Rachel Maddow help push Ed Schultz out?

TN governor signs guns-in-trunks bill

In Benton Harbor Michigan

The makers of Red Bull are being blackmailed with poop threats

Maher & Maddow Battle GOP Panelist Over Ryan Budget: ‘Ballsy’ To Propose That After ‘You Get Your...

Documentary lays bare Morton's wrongful conviction

I hope everyone who thinks it's OK to "just breed her once" or "just buy one dog" reads this all the

The Face Slap – Our Unspoken Tolerance Of Violence and Sexism

Rapture cupcakes


“Angel” Spotted in South Florida Sky, Residents Say

Chancellor expects resolution of Julian Assange's case

Oh No

A Song for Hugo Chavez - By Winona LaDuke

Dick Cheney is an evil cold hearted sadistic asshole

Bill Maher and panel discuss Iraq

The Face Slap...

Jeb Bush CPAC Speech Says GOP Must Stop Being 'Anti Everything' Party

Chavez isn't going to be embalmed...

Eight men indicted in Missouri for paddlefish "caviar" trafficking

Maher Takes On Conserv Orgs:How Can ‘Relatively Small Group Of Very Shrill People’ Influence Policy?

SJC grants Obama administration the right to argue same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional

Supreme Court grants Obama administration the right to argue (against) same-sex marriage ban

Comments are broken and don't show, just OPs.

Strapped by sequester, Head Starts drop kids

The only thing left for me to do now is wait.....UP DATE!!

KJFK Reno To Drop Liberal Talk

Senator Warren on Facebook

Tribe Marries Gay Couple Despite State Ban

2014 MT US Senate Election- Baucus-D has to overcome 3 obstacle.

Someone at the State Dept. has scrubbed the Keystone conflicts I found from their documents

Study: Delaying marriage hurts middle-class Americans most

Ancient Computer A Greek shipwreck holds the remains of an intricate bronze machine

The FCAT film about when Florida lowered the passing scores because only 26% passed Writing section

Right-to-work dispute splits police in KC

On sexism.

Guerrero Negro... (dial up warning)

Some of the bulbs I planted last fall are starting to come up!

Another locked thread

Replies are missing.

East Bay trash workers strike for 5 hours

For Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

The Dog Stars

‘No Confidence’ Vote for Head of N.Y.U.

Dean Foods ending production at Shreveport plant: 170 jobs lost

Feds: Small Baton Rouge store laundered millions in drug cash

Jindal and Scalise address CPAC

Committee votes on AWB

BP asks federal judge to halt approval of billions in payments for fictitious 'losses'

'Paedophilia not criminal condition' says Durban cardinal

Jindal tax plan would set state sales tax rate at 5.88 percent

Legislature OKs wage, pension, health bills

I watched that new show on CNBC

Demand a Wall Street sales tax

A "friend" of mine...ahem.... is hoping to get "lucky", should he take the pizza delivery job?


Pfizer Kingpin Gunned Down In Ongoing Prescription Drug Cartel Turf War


Lots of free tower defense games.

Question/comment about the locking of WilliamPitt's thread..

2016 OH US Senate Election-Democratic Pickup.

Man was handcuffed when shot by El Paso police officer

I'm creating a test for one of my classes

Rachel made an interesting statement on Bill Mahrer's show in reference to the rethuglican

Quebec court upholds farm workers' right to bargain

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez interview Horacio Verbitsky author of El silencio for Democracy Now

Two WWII BBC Dramas both rating 8 or higher

CIA may target Syrian extremists with drones: LA Times

The 5 Corrupt Things About New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

New Study Finds That the Wealthy Are DIfferent Than Us

Cave Pig Rush Limbaugh Blames The Emotional Decisions of Women for Ruining TV

The Big Threat to the Economy Is Private Debt and Interest Owed on It, Not Government Debt

North Dakota Senate passes extreme 6-week abortion ban

Well, I'll be the first to inquire of the 2 gun control groups...

Detection of Carbon Monoxide and Water Absorption Lines in an Exoplanet Atmosphere

Dead pigs show dark side of China food industry

Court: CIA cannot continue to deny basic information on drone program

Franklin educator uses board game to teach historical lessons

JPMorgan bullied bank regulators, report says

Judge Declares FBI Surveillance Gag Orders Unconstitutional

Bee-harming pesticides escape proposed European ban

March 16: National Artichoke Hearts Day

March 16: National Quilting Day

I adore Julia Migenes in the film version of the opera Carmen

Hank Ballard And The Midnighters - The Twist (Original version, 1959)

Middletown resident to challenge Boehner in 2014

Greenspan Says Too Big To Fail Problem 'Is Getting Worse, Not Better'

Trade Fair Locks Out Butchers: Union

Aldi Sets Houston Openings

Savers forced to bear costs in Cyprus bailout

California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms


Why We Should Rip the Banks in Two


As One (Korean Movie with full English Subs)

Interactive: Two years on - Syria's refugee crisis

I don't understand.

Teens' armband protest led to landmark free speech case

Sen. McCaskill Promises To Take Pay Cut

St. Louis Company May Have Answer To Ending Meth Labs

George would approve ..

Study: Iraq War Cost U.S. $2.2 Trillion, Claimed Nearly 200,000 Lives

Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch hit by 600 fresh claims

Drones killing innocent Pakistanis, U.N. official says

Patriot Coal Sues Peabody, Asks Bankruptcy Court To Relieve Pension Obligations

Mississippi lawmakers debate pro-Israel resolution

Nurses Say, "Heal America: Support the Robin Hood Tax!"

Mobile Money: A Technology Game Changer for Tackling Global Poverty?

Coronavirus: is this the next pandemic?

Scientists confirm Marines’ poisonous Camp Lejeune water wells date back to mid-century

Which of your legislators are members of ALEC?

Younger generations lag parents in wealth-building

Maryland Becomes 18th State to Overturn the Death Penalty

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.15.2013

Record cesium level detected in fish caught near Fukushima nuclear plant

Abe purges energy board of antinuclear experts

Braunstein Recites ‘I Don’t Recall’ When Questioned About Dimon

I guess in Florida it's OK to beat your 16 year old daughter with a Power Cord?

Wall Street will get away with massive wave of criminality of 2008 - Statute of Limitations

Anti-medical weed NY Assemblyman arrested for pot possession

Walk to Promote 'Nuclear-Free Future'

Marylander who died of rabies contracted disease from kidney transplant

So . . . stories are surfacing that the new pope has banished Cardinal Law from his church.

The Night Pat Murphy Died - Fiddler's Green

Top Idaho lawmaker botches civil rights history

Locked thread

Nato troops in Afghanistan 'in a similar situation to failed Soviet invasion'

Sizewell/Hinkley: Nuclear deal ‘a £50bn gamble’, says Royal advisor

Snow last night - be happy - cheaper fruit this year - maybe

Windfarm sickness spreads by word of mouth, Australian study finds

Hey look! Young women Really Love The GOP! It's a groundswell! Pic --->

Does ANY one know what the word "reform" means?

Can passenger railways curb road-traffic externalities? – Empirical evidence

British study: Young soldiers more likely to commit violent crimes

Police: Swiss tourist gang-raped in central India

The discussion on Liberation Theology in Latin America on Up with Chris Hayes

Insight: Expensive F-35 fighter at risk of budget "death spiral"

Yay! In major setback for gov't, Federal Judge rules National Security Letters illegal

F-35 program too big to fail

Gentlemen, I Believe I Have Ascertained The Empirical Flaw In Your Minority Outreach Extravaganza

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History

Little Black Girls Are the New “Angry Black Women”: Race, Gender, and the School-to-Prison

The A-Bomb and the F-35 Debacle


Can passenger railways curb road-traffic externalities? – Empirical evidence

The High North and International Security Conference, June 27- 29, 2013

Here comes the Sun~

Older beginning guitar player

What was dysfunctional was not will's op.

"A virtual who's who of what the fuck" Bill Maher's on CPAC speakers.

1 In 3 US Counties Now Recording More Deaths Than Births; Rust Belt, Rural Plains, Other Regions

Multi-Day, Nighttime Heat Records Tied, Tumble Across South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria

CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks

"...have Republicans inadvertently boxed themselves into an alternate universe..."

Biblical satire prompts demonstrations in Northampton

Federal Judge Rules National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional

Oops. 2% Increase In Bakken Rigs In January = 7% Drop In Output, But But Weather, Snow!

W. C. Fields was an interesting fellow

X-Post from GD:

Are you being too hard on the GD hosts?

Pentagon spends nearly $1B a year on unemployment

So if you hold a door open for an invisible person in a forest...

Would you like to come through this door...?

MT Heath Shale Play; "Last Wells Are Coming In At 15 To 20 Barrels A Day" - At $4-6 Million Per Well

Pro-Gun Control organizations

**PLEASE SHOW SOME LOVE. DUer rbrnmw's father passed away.**

Hypothetical Republican empathy emerges as political meme

A new take on rarebit

How Not To Sound Racist: The most awkward CPAC panel ever

Pope Francis wants 'poor Church for the poor'

Joy Reed filling in for Melissa Harris-Perry. Hope

"...the president has to pin the tail on the elephant."

It’s 2013, But Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Still Excludes LGBT Groups

It’s 2013, But Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Still Excludes LGBT Groups (xpost from Veterans)

The Pluralism Project (Harvard U)

Veterans for Peace says City of Boston reneged on St. Patrick’s Day parade agreement

six Democrats also voted against minimum wage increase

News & Observer Report Confirms Our Call

Furloughs due to sequester threaten military's mental health ranks

Why We Need a Financial Speculation Tax

In memory of Rachel Corrie. April 10,1979 - March 16,2003

I am doing an IaMA on Reddit about my heart condition, if anyone is interested.

Records show Detroit's emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home

I Guess If A Woman Wants To Control Her Family Size - Celibacy Or Abstinence Will Be The Only Way

How an Afghan 'Jekyll and Hyde' is doctoring postwar politics

Best Rock Biographies?

NOW Toronto: Through the looking glass to an alternative world where men are oppressed

Desmund Tutu - Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eradicated For All Our Sakes

Cooke won’t enforce new state gun laws (Colorado sheriff)

today in women's herstory

Worldly at 35, and Shaping Obama’s Voice

Paedophilia 'not a criminal condition', says leading Catholic

Senate Democrats Finally Take a Stand.

America, Iran & Continuing Patterns of Hypocrisy

a biography of the day-caroline herschel (mathmetician, astronomer, 1st woman to discover comet)

Still Evading the Truth of Iraq War

Michelle Rhee meets the Fonz.

Gun debate: Chicago vs. Rural Illinois

While Feds Debate, States Take Up Gun Fight

Stunning Bailout For Cyprus —Bank Depositors To Get Instant 10% Tax Before Banks Reopen This Week

My Lai 45 Years Later—And the Unknown Atrocities of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan

Hey, guys, they're back together again. Drinks are on me.

Hundreds of Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found

From the Basement - Radiohead

a biography of the day-anna children atkins (botanist, photographer-1st book with photos)

A Human Rights Icon’s Ugly Side: ancient hatreds and modern social media felled a champion for women

Saturday, March 16th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

We've done the other....who here believes in sexual benevolence?

A place at the Table...

Hosts to this group

Proposed TX legislation looks to divert mentally ill from prisons...compassionate cost savings?

Does the CBO promote neoliberalism?

Do WI Republicans hate poor people.

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 16, 2003

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 16, 2003

If you're unsure why benevolent sexism is worth discussing,Google 'benevolent sexism victim blaming'

Sorry, but I can't write Rob Portman a thank you for doing what he should have done all along.

a biography of the day-irita bradford van doren (ed. ny herald tribune book review 37yrs)

Houston PD Tickets A Homeless Vet For ‘Molesting’ A Garbage Can For Food

Hundreds of Starving Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore in Mysterious Mass Stranding

Jury convicts father of child neglect, deadlocks on other charges related to 68-pound daughter

Voter Fraud Encouraged in the CPAC Straw Poll

9 Reasons To Avoid Sugar As If Your Life Depended On It

You know what matters in this country?

Records show Detroit's emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home From The Detroit News:

You call that a tornado? This is a tornado!

On Abortion, Can’t Pro-Lifers Leave Religion Out of the Discussion? (Report from CPAC)

Americans’ sympathy for Israel at 22-year high

Rand Paul, Ted Poe Seek Census Religion Law That Already Exists

Despite the demise of Meta

Okay, I'm taking one for the team. Sarah's up at CPAC.

Pope Francis's book reveals a radical progressive in the making

Will's lost whatever's left of his mind- No “scientific basis" for same-sex marriage.”

Community Health Systems first target of expanded nurses union

The Religious Right Empire Strikes Back: Fundamentalists Target Churches For 2014 Elections

What is wealth?

Posting this in GD because it's as much about the 2014 elections, as it is about religion

What are the chances of the IRS auditing me if I claim whaling expenses?

TCM Schedule for Monday March 18- Star of the Month: Greer Garson

Noam Chomsky-The Unipolar Moment and the Culture of Imperialism

Major Geography Fail!

"Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom ...."

I think it's possible that we'll be bombing Iran late this year

The Lasting Image of CPAC 2013

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done – GOP Budgets, Gays, Race, Guns, & a Pope

Sec. Kerry scores on diplomatic gifts


Wow, this whole debate of sexism topics, like door holding, makes me wonder if I was raised wrong...

Would a "hide threads by keyword" feature be popular/viable?

Iranian Military Commander Tells Obama ‘All Options On Table’

Obama Pitches Clean-Fuel Car Plan In Chicago But Signals Retreat On Keystone

Meet the next weapon against bacterial infections: viruses!

S. Korea Says N. Korea Tested 2 Short-Range Missiles

Anyone else having issues with their RECURRING "ORGANIZING FOR ACTION" DONATIONS?

US Scraps Final Phase Of European Missile Shield

TYT: Pig Boy: National Healthcare is for Nazis

I receive many telemarketing calls despite being on the do-not-call list,

What's your Leprechaun name?

CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks

TYT: GOP Senator Now Supports Gay Marriage After Son Comes Out .

BBC News: The Most Powerful Dog In The World...

Walker on not fostering a culture of dependency

Climbing the tea tree of liberty


Have to hand it to Bill Maher finally someone has asked Michele Rhee tough questions

Leading US physicist says Brits afraid of offending aggressive vocal Muslims

Occupy the NRA'S Hedge Fund Divestment Rally (Please help spread the word!)

Equal sexism?

A Religious Ritual Attracts Even Nonbelievers

Two dead, 14 injured after team bus crash in Pa.

Do women have agency in sustaining 'benevolent sexism' if they are accepting and appreciative

TYT: Lapierre's Paranoid CPAC Fantasies

Whatever happened to Saturday mornings?

The Energy Security Trust

Why isn't there an LPAC?

Bankruptcy trustee challenges Horton's severance package at AMR


Do not open without a hankie. 26 moments that restores faith in humanity

Alan Gross tells all about his work in Cuba in sworn statement

No Algebra II? Great for students, terrible for Texas workforce

New divest movement

Equal sexism?

Whats your best Polka Experience ?

UPDATED W/LIVE STREAM INFO--A little Elders music for Saint Patrick's Day!

Rod Blagojevich teaching history classes in prison

March Madness 1963: Mississippi State players sneak out of the state to play against black

Bounty hunter issues cops his own ticket after he's pulled over for speeding

3rd West Texas school district admits to cheating

If Lady Blah Blah believes that a two term President still needs background checks

I passed 20,000 posts and didn't even realize it. I hate it when that happens.

Skinner congratulating DU Catholics for the new Pope...

(Dallas Fed president) Richard Fisher Says Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Need To Be Broken Up

The GOP's Real Agenda (Rolling Stone)

Who selected the speakers at CPAC? There's been a lot of talk

That Letter From Italy? Lazy Postman Hides Mail For Three Years

Omaha VA shuts down operating rooms indefinitely

Caption this photo of Rick Santorum and Allen West at CPAC

UN official: drone attacks violate Pakistan's sovereignty, Obama admin. repeatedly told to stop

Maybe the Repukes are actually starting to learn.

It is DU March Madness Time Again

Cheesy movie alert! 3:00 PM Eastern, TCM

China installs Cabinet of party vets, technocrats

Chicago schools CEO bans Persepolis from classrooms.

Mr. Teachbad evaluates Michelle Rhee's reform efforts in DC

Please sign petition-tell asia to stop boiling dogs alive

Please sign petition-tell asia to stop boiling dogs alive

Interesting thread from the archives

Warnings about destabilization in Venezuela should be taken seriously

Natalie Maines Hits SXSW As A Solo Artist After Years With Dixie Chicks

How long should I wait before I pull the stitches out?

Syrian general, 20 soldiers defect: opposition

Records show Detroit's emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home

Benevolent Sexism is typically an element of an Attitude Set

Argentina's dictatorship economy chief Martinez de Hoz dies

Palin takes jab at Karl Rove in CPAC speech

Who cares?

Effective today, federal background checks are required for all private firearm sales in New York.

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 16th

My time spent working with the Catholic Church

Eewwww! Eewwww! My cat Ruby just puked on the couch !

Pope Francis I Speaks on Holocaust, Israel and Jews in Only Book

Spring, at least at the Helsinki Zoo

Pope Francis I Speaks on Holocaust, Israel and Jews in Only Book

Someday we will ask, "How did they get away with it?"

Boy shot in head with BB gun, airlifted to hospital in critical condition

Question for the Lounge

Science Confirms The Obvious: Gun Laws Are Associated With Fewer Gun Deaths

Josh Marshall: When The GOP Told Whitey I Aint Gonna Take It No More

George Bush Has Painted Over 50 Puppies

Egyptian Islamist warning giving womens rights could destroy country

RIP, Boston Phoenix

Jeb Bush: GOP can't be 'anti-everything'

are copyright rules still being enforced on DU?

Former Texas women’s track coach files discrimination charge

Report: Former Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson agrees to deal with New England Patriots

Banker's Conference Crashed by Woman About To Be Evicted

Sherrod Brown Goes After the Big Banks

Catherine the Great on academic vs practical

Army test next generation nano drone - the Black Hornet .

Klan makes neighbors uneasy with neighborhood watch

New Mexico agency suspends waiting list for housing help

anyone here had the "hacking crud" of late?

Bachelet: Chile left's hope in presidential vote

Bill Maher's take on CPAC 2013 featured speakers...

A few things by the numbers

Hoosier daddy?

Remains of fossilized 'giant pelican' found in Peru

More teenagers are choosing smart phones over cars

Tran Pacific Plan about to end almost all American Dreams

Waiting for Obama: Hebron youth take cue from U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Galena fire: Push to contain blaze before high winds return

Mental Illness and Vulnerability

Pakistan’s Government Steps Down, a Milestone

Objections to U.S. Troops Intensify in Afghanistan

So what's everybody doing tonight?

Happy St. P Day from Henry!

Turner Brigade brings Civil War days back to life

Suspected wife killer on U.S. Marshals 'Most Wanted' list arrested in Italy

The 12 Worst Supermarkets in America

Should pot smokers be allowed to own guns?

The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon's 'treason' (BBC)

Would it be sexist for a man to object to the sexist behavior of another man?

Eagle Ford fatal crashes up 40 percent

New Doctor Who trailer released today!

What are you reading the week of March 17, 2013?

Do You Still Believe That ALEC Is Not Influencing Our State Legislatures To Break Our Unions?

It's a small world, after all.

The greatest grifter ever: PAC raises $5million, gives just $306,000 to party candidates

International DSM-5 Response Committee to campaign to block DSM’s May release

Rick Snyder once said he might not run for re-election (2011)..

Palin Says Conservatives Need Fresh Rhetoric In Familiar Sounding Speech

A question but no answer.

Chief justice: 'Honor killing' unacceptable in Islam

EPA says no, then lobbyist gets involved, EPA reverses stance...

Trap, neuter, return programs make feral-cat problem worse

Pam Geller: CPAC board member is “worse” than Anwar al-Awlaki

Harper Government Pressures Poorest Community To Sign Agreement Despite Court Injunction

I was looking for an answer if smoking pot lowers blood pressure and look what I found

Pam Geller Shouts Down Orly Taitz at CPAC!

From Newsweek: the average cost of a wedding is $28,400

New Rules - Shitkicker Inflation Edition

How Beer Gave Us Civilization

I Was Wrong: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is on the President's Trip Agenda

CPAC's music on day one

Hackers Sent A SWAT Team To His House

"Cat Man" desperately tries to find new homes for the cats he has rescued

At last. Mister 880 on DVD.

this is the stupidest thing i have seen on du yet.

Actor who played Hitler in "Downfall" to portray Pope Sixtus VI in Showtime's "The Vatican"

Way to go J Carney...

Kerry in Turkey in advance of Obama's trip to Israel

Am I so out-of-the-loop I'm the last to be blissfully unaware of "the naked George Bush" pics?

Have you heard the word...?

What happens when a woman opens for the Doors?

Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll. Marco Rubio second. Per Fox News.

Palin read from 'her' teleprompter saying Obama needs to step away from 'his' teleprompter

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll (Rubio Second)

Presidential debates embody a lot of what is wrong with modern politics.

Lock it please

My trip to Nova Scotia was bitter sweet

My input to BSA Survey about changing its policy

Palin's CPAC Speech - two part VIDEO

Speech Recognition doesn't work correctly.

Keystone pipeline question...

gato barbieri - last tango in paris

I recently watched several episodes of HBO's "Girls". Offensive. Shocking

Sources: Officers In Kimani Gray Shooting Were Previously Sued For Stop-And-Frisks

Fact Check: Bergoglio, the torture of two priests, and the hiding of political prisoners

"No, *you* take the box away from Kitty. I had to do it last time."

Joe Sample - Carmel

Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker

"Benevolent homophobia". Or was it? Here's what happened...

Musings of a madman-

Watching Ted Cruz getting chewed out by Diane Feinstein...

Mitch McConnell, Your Misogynism Is Showing

Report: MLB targeting Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun

Let us take a moment to rejoice and be thankful for one thing...

Expiration dates on most medicines meaningless

2014 US Senate Election

"Imagine how Rob Portman would feel about the budget if his son came out as poor."

CPAC Event On Racial Tolerance Turns To Chaos As ‘Disenfranchised’ Whites Arrive

Everyone have their Powerballs?

Our governor (WI's Scott Walker) might run for President...

Why do the Republicans not mention the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

A Dying Wish…

The people of Iran should not suffer because of their criminal government

UK farmers face disaster as 'perfect storm' strikes

Catholic online demanded Shepard Smith be punished and relieved of his job for a month

U.S. seeks closer oversight of student loan firms

Let's Be Frank, Shall We?

i hold doors open for everyone

Almost time to get your St. Paddy's Day on…

North Korea tells South to leave islands

Florida House speaker Will Weatherford: No Medicaid expansion

BP appeal over 'absurd' Gulf oil spill payouts

~ Sweet~

Former Governor Booth Gardner has died

Wisconsin man banned from all libraries on earth

Mitch McConnell’s claim that the Democrats plan a $1.5 trillion tax hike

Catholic school parents, faculty preparing letter to bishop on morality clause

Paul Rand wins the CPAC straw polll...

Former Wash. Gov. Booth Gardner dies

A wonderful song from a wonderful Taiwanese movie.

unexpected challenge to California's AWB

Hey El. Muffberger is a really big Kansas Jayhawk fan. He is slobbering

Fox News Contributor Makes Shocking Judd Joke (at CPAC) - video link

Spectacular New Guinea Birds of Paradise

US Solar Market Grows 76% in 2012 - Adds record 3.3 gigawatts of capacity

Convicted terrorist set to be released from prison in 1982 airline attack that killed teen

Bruce Schneier - "The Internet is a surveillance state"

Steve Scalise at CPAC: Climate Change Is a Myth Because Obama Was Cold at the Inauguration

Palin calls Obama a liar in speech to conservative activists

Portman and GOP on Gay Rights.

Do people know they do not need to talk to the police?

You Are The Apple of My Eye (Taiwan)