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DU Social Security Defenders Twitter Team

"CNN Breaking News Email" on Rand Paul winning the straw poll at CPAC

In light of Cyprus banks taking depositor's money, how do you feel about USA banks?

What the hell is that?

Survey: FM top in-car radio feature.

Hey folks what do you think about

Gun control legislation: Logic and reasoning resource


Bergoglio (Pope Francis) on the sexual trafficking of young women, child homelessness, sweatshops

Judge to announce verdict Sunday in Ohio rape case

Charlie Crist's boss, John Morgan to lead pot initiative in Florida

I was leaving a building an hour ago. A woman was 15 feet in front of me and 67 years old

Here's a picture....

Jay Carney To Fox News' Jenna Lee: 'If You Did A Little Reporting...'

This post was inspired by Kali's "Whale-Watching" and In_The_Wind's "La Petite Mort" threads.

taterguy: "But there's just 1 set of footprints on the beach here?" Jesus:

Lama Llama Ding Dong!!!

Give your dog some extra love tonight.

NoName (R.I.P. for 3 yrs+ now) had a very, um... UNIQUE perspective on MFM.

MFM's quick thinking has pretty much given him a "Get Out of Going to Jail Card" for life.

Karn Evil 9, Echoes or Suppers Ready?

Jayhawks. A #1 seed?

Egypt Says 7 Palestinians Deported to Gaza

Simple Primer for All Things Bush Including Jeb, George, Dubya, Prescott & the Entire Syndicate

Jeb Bush: ‘My Brother Is An Idiot’ Mar. 13, 2013

Number of pigs in and near Shanghai goes to 12,566

Bachman: the conservative movement is the movement of "care and compassion."

In defense of teachers, Merriam mom heads to Topeka - on foot

Everytime I hear a conservative on CPAC or Fox one of my brain cells dies

Millionaire resident's bid to rough it for a month in Dubai on just $272.

Anyone notice the Sensa ad?

Swiss tourist gang raped in India

Two questions

Does anyone know if someplace online is streaming the MMA fight tonight?


My friend sent me this today.... No forgetting Here....

Why doesn't President Obama ask America to call their Rep's and DEMAND taxes be raised on the RICH?

some pictures just deserve a caption.

Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis: Against liberalism, critic of the IMF and foreign debt

...Just don't suggest that "Misandry" is actually, you know, a thing.

Automatic Gainsaying

Ann Coulter Blasts Chris Christie, Says He’s ‘Off My List’ For 2016 In Fiery CPAC Speech

Collecting all the Cheat Sheets...

Interesting episode of "Law & Order: SVU."

Should people who can't afford medical treatments for pets own a cat or dog?

World poverty is shrinking rapidly, new index reveals

Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis: Against liberalism, critic of the IMF and foreign debt

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor

CPAC & slavery. At least some in the audience react in shock.

This pretty much sums up this NCAA Hoops season. >>

Now do you see the problem?

Scots helped build Stonehenge as part of pagan feast

Swifty Dog got an eye removed a few days ago.

"At CPAC, conservatives still can’t admit they have a problem"

How is hairball remedy supposed to work in cats. I give my cat some and she coughs

3200 year old sundial guides archaeologists into the past

For Robert Menendez, a senator set apart, closeness to rich donor draws scrutiny

...Demeter, Isis, Vesta, and Cybele: studies in Greek and Roman religion...

Egg Magic and Folklore

MN's Senator Klobuchar says she'll vote for the Keystone XL pipeline

3/18 protest Sen Klobuchar expected Yes vote on Keystone XL Pipeline this week

"How the Iraq war hurt Republicans"

Hide Your Eyes! Epic Derp...

Michael Moore: Taking action on gun violence

Tests matter, or they don't

Sunday Talk Shows

I'm so busy I could puke.

"Senate Republicans tell Obama to tone down political attacks"

"The conservative movement is a racist movement, and has been since forever."

US admits Gitmo hunger strike spreading

Maduro greeted by cacerolazos in Catia

Idle No More Symposium on Environmental and Treaty Rights Friday, March 22, 9am-4pm, American Indian

CIA Secret Armies

Peanut Butter has High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Legitimate criticism of vs. bigotry against religion

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 17th

Product Review: Panasonic PT AX200U (Hipsters On Food Stamps Part 3)

Comcasts Southern EAS (Emergency Alert System) Activated and stuck on Palin @ CPAC

Sarah Palin has Truly found Her Level

"Paul Ryan is no Ronald Reagan" by Matt Miller at the Washington Post

Tell Sen Klobuchar to hold a Town Hall meeting

Nance Greggs: I Just Can’t Quit Ya, Ricky

VW About-Face: CEO says fuel cell vehicles impossible at "reasonable cost", embraces EVs

It's been a long time

Irish critter


But I didn't shoot the Ampersand

Paper is not dead

REMEMBERING IRAQ Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Tenth Anniversary of the War, the Peace Bridge

Hmm... Strange night in the Lounge. I know, let's bust out some Zappa!

Infrastructure jobs -

"Breaking the Sound Barrier" Amy Goodman 2011 speech at Marion Institute

Why Do Men Carve The Turkey?

Happy St. Pattys Day!

Take a look at this article in Jezebel

Miami Imam Sent Money to Terrorists, Jury Finds

Delegates Registration at the CPAC Convention

"We no longer have a conservative movement in this country." --Freeper responding to Romney at CPAC

Marc Jacobs coats have dog fur trimmings.

Sauteed radishes - who knew they were so good.

Has this been proposed to raise federal revenues?

Germany bans three Muslim groups as anti-democratic

Guardian corrects column about Argentine Dirty War, removes references to Pope Francis.

Ohio school rape trial closing, verdict Sunday

Soylent Beige?

US admits Guantanamo Bay hunger strike spreading

Look who is coming to be my newest foster dog!!

Israel/Palestine group.

I have the Intertubes at home again!!!! (At least for now, he said skeptically.)

I'm so proud....

Why the Steubenville Rape Crew must be locked up.

Help! Windows 7 update running for five hours now

slow...and beautiful. "A Symphony Pathetique" by A Winged Victory for the Sullen

Chronic patients get look at future of health care

How the pope chose his name: 'Francis was a man of the poor'

Palin compares DC politics to "a bad reality TV show"

Hospitals dispute who should pay for needy patients, with taxpayers in the middle

How the pope chose his name: 'Francis was a man of the poor'

Catholics are as much to blame for clergy abuse as you are to blame for the WARS

Pot hidden in shipment of bell peppers worth $1 million

The visible "edit history" was brilliant btw

Cops on the look out for 8 year old flasher

Dog that was supposed to be heading to Phoenix accidentally gets shipped to Dublin

What's Your Favorite Prog Rock Song?

As U.S. Drone Monopoly Frays, Obama Seeks Global Rules

just my kinda luck

Beach Fest music shuts down early after contract upset (updated 3/18/13)

I had a brief moment of panic this evening

Well my daughter is having her transplanted kidney removed next week

The AIG Bailout, Part 3. Negotiations.

The AIG Bailout, Part 2. Bonuses.

The AIG Bailout, Part 1.

LION BABE - Treat Me Like Fire

Revisiting Erin Brockovich: PBS NewsHour investigation of contaminated water

Was hidden but reposting w/different link and commentary

Nuclear boss wants to cut family fuel aid

CPAC 2013 - Keep Polishing that Turd

15 in 11,000: That's the proportion of women who are Fortune 500 CEOs

Snowball Earth

Joe Nocera, the New York Times's Environmental Stand-In, is a Disaster.

What's with all the 3-2 jury results?

I just returned from a meeting of the Westar Institute--otherwise known as the JESUS SEMINAR

On finding God (Part 4)

JP morgan hearings video recording, six hours well spent.

On Finding God (Part 3)

Why are some men so upset with the idea that treating women differently can promote and teach Sexism.

On Finding God (Part 2)

Lemme Check…

Earth Under Water

On Finding God (Part 1)

Hello All

Come walk with me

Doing my part…

Oh my...Brent Bozell just UNLOADED on the GOP leadership at CPAC!

Little Thor.


Kubrick knew that you have to bleed for your art…

All of the High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial flavors ain't helping her any…


I just got an i7 quad core Windows 8 1TB 8GB RAM computer.

Will there be a change through religion on animal rights?

Armed Man Kills Self in Pa. Sports Store Bathroom

education and right to die champion ex-WA gov Booth Gardner dies at 76

Happy Saint Paddys

Operation Condor Trial Tackles Coordinated Campaign by Latin American Dictatorships to Kill Leftists

Moms make case for gun control

Supreme Court to weigh Arizona's voter-ID law

Man bites Daytona police chief's hand during Bike Week scuffle

Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils found

Distant star baby boom captured by huge new telescope

Check out Google's splash page for St. Patrick's Day.

2013/2014 Governors Race

Least Breaking News (Sunday Edition)

Well, it looks like we are closer to this in SC:

Bombshell: Senator Sherrod Brown Questions Obama Nominee on Too-Big-to-Jail Banks

Why Does Anyone Still Take Paul Ryan Seriously?

Millions turned out in Caracas for the final farewell to Hugo Chavez

The Brutal and Secretive Trade of American Horses Killed For Their Meat

Wildfires rage in Colorado as fears grow over continued drought

Judge to deliver verdict Sunday in Steubenville Ohio rape case

This article is blowing up Philly. And it's about to blow up nationally

Bailout terms shock Cypriots

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Flowers In Her Hare Edition


Barns, Bridges and Cows...Oh my.

Cyprus bank levy: UK to compensate troops and government workers

Police: Five Confess to Gang-Raping Swiss Tourist in India

As Senators Roast JPMorgan Chase, Are The Winds Shifting for Diamond Jamie?

St Patrick’s Day word from Canon Stephen Neill, the man who discovered President Obama’s Irish roots

Lackland trainer guilty in rape

U.S. facing 221,000 tons of debris

Salvage team begins cutting of USS Guardian’s engine room

Do you want to know what's sexist? THIS.

Record radiation found in fish near Fukushima nuclear plant

when i go out

Maine Army Guard troops haunted by Agent Orange

Any Dem Who Supports Chained CPI Or Medicare Means Testing Might As Well Be GOP - They Are Giving -

CPAC? Why? Why now?

NRA opposes U.N. small-arms treaty

Pope makes impromptu appearance near Vatican

Food stamps put Rhode Island town on monthly boom-and-bust cycle

Raytheon's 'Tippy Two' Radar Gets Back In The Budget -- Knock On Wood

BAE Storms Hill For Bradley Funding To Keep Penn. Plant Alive

Strassera: Attacking Bergoglio is 'vile'

For those of you who mock benevolent sexism..

How many of you donated to the National Organization for Marriage in the past year?

The lowest among us: a new pope, an age-old Christian message

Umm Nidal Farahat died

Scott Brown vs Ashley Judd

Francis, the Jesuits and the Dirty War

It's time for Pope Francis to give women a bigger role in the Catholic Church


A pope for the poor?

Enough with the doors!

Video: NYC Union Faces Growing Insurgency: MORE

Are you disoriented? Here is why...

Social Consciousness

"Why Are Americans No Longer Trusting Their Police?"

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Reports CPAC Racism, Commenters Go Full-on Neo-Nazi

The cost of drugs for a dead disease OR why we spent $410 million to help drug companies

NASA: Water On Mercury Proves Planet Could Support Intergalactic Space Prison

STEUBENVILLE VERDICT at 10 am ET today. Verdict: Guilty on all 3 counts.

Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict (Guilty Verdict 1 year for Richards, 2 years for Mays)

California Running out of Workers Willing to Toil at Miserable Farm Jobs for Lousy Pay

Iraq War Killed 116,000 Civilians, five million Iraqis were displaced

"Modeling Gap" Opens As Other Nations Pull Ahead On Weather Forecast Accuracy - Funding, You See . .

Happy Evacuation Day Boston!

Alberta Pimps Keystone In NYT Ad, But Admits It's Not Even Remotely Close On GHG Reduction Pledges

Proposed EU Neonicotinoid Ban Fails As UK, Germany Abstain

BREAKING: 2 Steubenville Football Players Found Guilty of Rape

Newsroom : Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

See you next week!

Stupid Award of the Week: Man spits on Police Chief during Bike Week

Doors, seriously?

"I'd like to apologize, no pictures should have been taken." Steubenville defendant Mayes

Allen Frances, "godfather" of DSM-4, on problems with DSM-5 and current mental health care

From this DU Irishman,...

"A Whole New World Is Emerging" At The Mouth Of The Dam-Free Elwha

Tea Party divorced, then re-married the Republican Party...

The biggest bullet that the United States of America has ever dodged.

Below Elephant Butte Dam, Rio Grande Dwindles To Sand

Boehner ‘I Can’t Imagine’ Ever Supporting Gay Marriage

Irish Celebration!! The Thread in which we dedicate videos to being Irish:

Cossacks re-emerge as vigilante enforcers in Russia

Slight Improvement For Central US Drought, But NE Worse - 96.13% Of State In Severe Or Exceptional

2012 Drought Drove Drilling Of More Than 1,000 New Irrigation Wells In Nebraska

This vapid hollowed out excuse of a human being has the nerve to make fun of Sandra Flukes looks.

Marxists Infiltrated The Catholic Church, And Four Other Crazy Things We Learned At CPAC

In case you missed it - Hotmail officially going way

Karl Rove Swipes Sarah Palin For Leaving Office Mid-Term

Sunday Child Shooting Review

Ryan: Obamacare Will ‘Destroy’ America’s Health Care System

So, don't make assumptions about people based on your perception of categories they seem to fit.

Taking a short break from church before Holy Week.

A good overview of trends in the Catholic Church

Rabid right-wing dogfight: KKKarl vs. the Wasilla Wolf Killa


Little Black Girls Are the New “Angry Black Women”:

St. Patrick's Day Sheep Dog Trials

Ancient Underwater Forest Much Older Than First Thought

Pascal's Cat: "Cat is only a reed, but she is a thinking reed."

The Barack O'Bama Reel

There's No One As Irish As Barack O'Bama

Steubenville rape case: Trent Mays, Ma'lik Richmond apologize to court

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police — A department in disarray:

Sarah Palin's arrested development

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-Farmville(NC), outraged over Islamic medal

Labor union membership in Indiana drops below 10%

Why Lent is Really Stupid (A personal story)

I hate corned beef and cabbage

Will the lesson from Steubenville be

Ten Years Later- Paul Krugman

Ben Carson thinks he can play with Conservatives but

Technology has clearly outstripped mankind's ability to handle it.

Ryan: Obamacare Will ‘Destroy’ America’s Health Care System

Today is VivaMom's Birthday, and she HATES getting green cake!

Have we lost the ability to block certain topics?

Boehner comes out as gay marriage dead-ender.

45 years ago, the top songs. Remember? I liked the Delfonics.

Famous plumbers - no, not him!

May I please have the attention of all my fellow males

Where Jamie Dimon spends most of his time

Lake Baikal

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Dollar Shave Club. Anyone use them?

Even Paul Ryan Admits That America Isn’t Facing A Debt Crisis

Greeting card to send to Republicans

Capitalism and morality

I am part Leprechaun and I wish you all a happy St. Patrick's Day

While we are talking about door holding

Clean water

Jaded cat has no love for cheesy '80s pop-rock ..........

Bill Gates blasts capitalism - research for 'male baldness gets more funding than malaria

Almost 50 years ago there was a science fiction short story in Analog or F and SF

Happy St. Paddy's Day with a greeting from the GREATEST Irish Band ever!


Francis, the Jesuits and the Dirty War

Pain de campagne

Google Redirect virus

How I Broke Free From Religion and Embraced My Sexuality

Catholics are Not the Problem

Poll: How you nurture/live out your faith

A mess at my house and something pretty next door

Hey Sarah, 7-Eleven's Big Gulp's Were Exempt!!!

This week in religion history: Three cheers to the legendary St. Patrick

Ashley Judd: "Under the bus?"

Ancient Underwater Forest found 10 miles from coast of Ala.

10 minutes with my camera - hungry birds out my window....

Got some good bird shots just now looking out my window....crossposted from Bird group

Mississippi governor signs bill giving religion "limited public forum" in public schools

Greek soccer player gets life ban for Nazi salute

Senator Sanders: Democratic budget ends offshore tax havens and raises the minimum wage

Boehner ‘I Can’t Imagine’ Ever Supporting Gay Marriage

Was the Sanjay Gupta CNN thing the "Waiting for Superman" of Healthcare?

Sunday Morning Music Videos (In the afternoon)

Republican Singles HUBBA HUBBA!

Restaurant horror show: How waitstaffs are mistreated

It's St. Paddy's Day for Cats too

Portman Inspires Other Republicans to Stop Speaking to Their Children

St. Patrick's Day 1 of 3 -- The Wrath of 'Chaun

St. Patrick's Day 2 of 3 -- Erin Go Bragh

St. Patrick's Day 3 of 3 -- Designated Driver

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus says "lousy job of branding," "ridiculous" number of debates led to 2012

Is it wrong of me to laugh at this?

Petition to recognize non-binary genders.

Deal likely to keep U.S. elite forces in key Afghan province: official

Fuck Rob Portman

In first since Great Schism, Orthodox to attend papal Mass

Bring back the snakes!

Israel to ask Obama to use air strikes in case of Syrian missile transfer

Robert Mugabe expected to attend Pope Francis's inauguration mass

Sim Bhullar - 7'5 355 lbs

Portman Inspires Other Republicans to Stop Speaking to Their Children (as told by Borowitz)

It looks like we lost some good DUers because others don't like that they are catholic.

U.S. soldier accused of Afghan killings faces "sanity" review

'NY Times Magazine' article shows reality through Palestinian eyes

Boehner: ‘I can’t imagine’ supporting a gay son’s marriage

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 17, 1978

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 17, 1978

"Has anyone here read "Lost History: Contras, Cocaine and the Press" by Robert Parry?

Rove fires back at Palin...

Greek PM promises Jewish leaders a law against Holocaust denial

We've all heard of a roach coach but this is, well, oh just look....

How Booze Built America

Cyprus bank holiday extended to Tuesday, maybe Wed.

Venezuela's Maduro urges Obama to halt "plot" against rival

Now that the mushroom cloud has cleared a bit...

Barack Obama's 2006 speech at launch of Brookings Hamilton Project.

John Boehner: The 'Talk About Raising Revenue Is Over'

Thomas Paine and the American tradition

O'Bryan vs. St. Patrick's Day

Holding a door open, and related "benevolent sexist" acts

Property Owner Willing to Stand Up to City! He wants to help the homeless...

Quit Calling It The God Particle

Why does CNN keep Candy Crowley?

Dang, we're some kind of powerful,

Iraq war planning wholly irresponsible, say senior UK military figures

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Did you know the world's most prolific inventor is Irish? His name is...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

A Senate Plan Alters Waiting Periods for Immigration

Willie King plays Terrorized

We just had a Guinness on the street in front of an Irish Pub.

Bills seek end to farm animal abuse videos

Update on Precious...

Did you intend for GD to become the new META?

Alberta lobbies for Keystone XL in New York Times ad

If you're a vegan, and drink Guinness, may not want to read this!

Palinoid Ditzophrenia

Secret Access to the Vatican - History Channel Documentary

There's a reason John Boehner resembles a constipated apricot.

Wanted: People willing to die on Mars

Dear Republicans. Failure of the political religious right, the denial of context or interpretation.

Congrats to Wales for winning the Six Nations!

Watching The Wheels, since it's that kind of day.


Every once in a while I post something in GD that I find inspiring or beautiful

My take on sexism

Eagle Ford windfall fueling debate

Drunk prison guard tries and fails to shoot wedding ring off finger

Dear Republicans. Failure of the political religious right, the denial of context or interpretation.

Pwning a Stupid Journalist

Greek soccer player gets lifetime ban after celebrating a goal with a Nazi salute

How the Bank Lobby and MN Senate Democrats Killed the Homeowner Bill of Rights

Are you a non-Catholic, a full Catholic, or a "cafeteria Catholic"?

DAMN!! I'm shocked I had no idea this man was an Conservative

It's official. The Iraq War has two sides...

Holland Taylor ( as Ann Richards) with Bill and Hillary and some other cool people

Paul Wolfowitz On Counterinsurgency In Iraq

Do you support President Obama on every single issue?

Wisconsin lawmaker seeks to restrict what can be bought with food stamps

George W. Bush 'Made Bungles On Iraq', Says Paul Wolfowitz

Match Game Story: Seamus O'Pud were an ignorant lad what went missing last week with ___ snakes.

Israel To Pressure Obama On Air Strikes Against Syria

Ron Christie: We in the WH believed the Iraq connection to 9/11 the day we invaded

To the Druken Irishman....

US Prosecutors Turned a Blind Eye to Drone Code Piracy

Costly Iraq War Left U.S. No Stronger In Middle East

Why doesn't the US do something like this?

Iraq war planning wholly irresponsible...Rumsfeld and Bremer "intellectually bankrupt"!!!

Boehner Admits He Has No Soul; Never Has, Never Will

how many fingers do you use to type ?

Seems like it's time for another motivational thread...

Here's imagery I don't need - bat-eating spiders.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Knows Jobs (2nd ad)


Justice Department Repeats as Rosemary Award Winner For Worst Open Government Performance in 2012

Lower-Income Neighborhoods Associated With Higher Obesity Rates

From George Takei: Article on Lance Armstrong and Drugs

If Catholics stopped being welcome in the Democratic Party, rightst fundies would soon go unchecked.

It is completely overcast here, and I can't tell whether the sun is over the yardarm

Matt Forte calls NFL's proposed rule change 'absurd'

Egypt vigilantes hang 2 thieves in public (WARNING for graphic photo!!!)

Will Pope Francis end up being like Mother Teresa who just wallows in the misery

Aunt Martha died today.

Paul Krugman: Cyprus Bailout Will Push Europeans To Stage A Run On Their Banks

What Glows Green In Space?

"...I don't really care what limiting the scope of RKBA might cost the Democrats in votes."

A religious organization hosts a debate at a University and segregates the audience by gender

Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists

Cafeteria workers forced to drive school buses

Is this one of the cities in Michigan which was turned over to a city manager?

In Obesity Epidemic, Poverty Is an Ignored Contagion

GD rules say no posting religion in there, yet the hosts seem to allow some and lock others.

Bugliosi: 53 Reasons It Was Lee Harvey Oswald

listening to Zeitgeist Zday LA

The Walking Dead 3.14 - Prey (spoiler alert)

What A Busy Day Yesterday Was...... 9 Meetings.

Priebus: RNC to spend $10M on minority outreach this year

Tokyo Sonata (Japan)

A very important speech from March 17 2003- watch to the end

Colorado mental health programs see chance for improvements

Meet the five teams who are 0-75 in NCAA tournament appearances

Remember Balpreet Kaur, the young Sikh woman ridiculed...

The Bible on The History Channel

So last night I told my oldest sister not to contact me anymore

Benevolent sexism and cultural tolerance.

The economics of a US civilian nuclear phase-out

What if, instead of benevolent sexism, we were nice to everyone all the time, regardless of gender?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 March 2013

Tomorrow night (monday) American Winter on HBO

CNN's Steubenville Coverage Focuses On Rapists, Not Victim

Why Do Men Crave The Turkey?

Disappointed Palestinians Have Little Hope For Progress Toward Peace From Obama Visit

Announcers from a car race reminded me of Republicans last night

Could There be 100 Billion Potentially Habitable Planets in the Galaxy?

Double Debt Standard

The SOP defines this group as about ACTIVISM

Meanwhile, in Southie

today in women's herstory

Greek soccer player banned from national team after Nazi salute goal celebration

Conservative Slippery Slope Arguments are so stupid

I am sick of green

Settler Leader Calls New Israeli Government 'A Wet Dream'

a biography of the day-jean ingelow (poet, writer)

Which Republican Has The Best Chance Against Our Nominee in 2016?

has everyone seen the irish step dancing google doodle for today? very cute

OK, I think they need a new marketing scheme.......

Forget everything else, today you are Irish. Take a listen.

*Official* Selection Sunday Thread

Obsessed fan who shot player, inspired movie, dies

I support WyldWolf as head host

I just found a page of cute and free St. Paddy's Day smilies.

Republicans Can’t Hide Their Racist Obama Hate

On the need for hosts

John Boehner Tells ABC He Trusts Obama, Agrees Debt Is ‘Not An Immediate Problem’

An Irish Blessing For the BOG

'Superhero' Quits After Thugs Beat Him Up

Paul Ryan Tells CBS’ Bob Schieffer ‘We Do Not Have A Debt Crisis’

On The Brink: Israel To Grill Obama Over Possible Military Strike On Iran

Today we're all Irish

I can actually respect the position of the Catholic Church on abortion.

TOKYO : HARAJUKU - Takeshita street - 17.10.2010

The Tea Party is Over!

"A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being necessary to THE SECURITY of a free state..." Some facts for you

Iran Launches Destroyer in the Caspian Sea

The ultimate inside job

"I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, ... "

a dupe

DC St. Patty's Day Parade (11 shots)

Now this is a dramatic jail break: Helicopter escape from Quebec jail sparks manhunt

UW Student takes on Dole Foods and Wins

Bonanza: Hoss and The Leprechauns, Part 1

The madness continues:Armed deputies will now guard some Washington State schools

Israel’s Incoming Defense Minister Evaded War Crimes Arrest, Called Palestinians "Cancer"

Portman Inspires Other Republicans to Stop Speaking to Their Children

Settlers Emerge As Big Winners In Israeli Coalition

After driving to Florida and back last month I have to say Ohio

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor

New Apartments Will Complicate Jerusalem Issue

John Boehner, Sen. Bob Corker Diverge On Tax Deal With President Obama - video link

Republicans Can’t Hide Their Racist Obama Hate

Old men in trees

For the Data Geeky: 2012 SS Trustees report links to tables

Passing of DU member "K8-EEE"

A Trace Of The Sun: Volunteering In Japan (Documentary)

White House petition. Progressive Caucus Budget


San Francisco investors back tech startups to curb gun violence

In Effort to Try Dictator, Guatemala Shows New Judicial Might

In Effort to Try Dictator, Guatemala Shows New Judicial Might

Europe Braces for Fresh Turmoil With Cyprus Deposit Levy

About the two young, convicted rapists in Steubenville . . . . .

NRA accused of stirring 'anti-UN panic' in campaign against Arms Trade Treaty

Land For Those Who Work It

Palestinian hunger striker exiled to Gaza

Wall Street Journal blames Beijing troublemaking for US bribery probe

Israeli Doctors Accused Of Collusion In Torture

New Israel housing minister pledges more settlement building

so, I am trying Chicken Fried Steak for the first time

The Politics of Social Security Cuts

10 Worst People on Forbes 2013 Billionaires List

what can a person do about depression when they cannot afford medical treatment.

For all of you CSI-Miami fans........some pics of the real setting for the crime lab!

Any Black Sabbath fans here?

When robots become fully autonomous and humans are expendable......

If you missed hearing it live, click to hear tonight's show re: CPAC, the new Pope, Jeb 2016? & more