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Archives: March 18, 2013

Yo dawg!

Wall Street Journal blames Beijing troublemaking for US bribery probe

Is there a more annoying sportscaster on earth than Dick Vitale??

Russian Fundamentalists Sue US, Want Alaska Back (Because of Marriage Equality)

Putting the "guns protect our democracy" argument to rest in one easy step

If I buy a used car, am I responsible for the previous owner's 520 tolls?

They admit it like it is some little joke now.

Cyprus works on last-minute deal to soften bank levy

The Shocking Truth About Gun Violence - By Dogs (humorous, but true)

Researchers Revive Genome of Extinct Frog

Some Seu Jorge for your Sunday evening listening pleasure...

What are the saddest legal challenges faced by same-sex couples with children?

Fishermen Can't Sell Fish from Fukushima?

It was an inside job! I knew it! MIHOP!

Keystone Kops Part #3 - TransCanada listed as AUTHOR of ERM's Conflict of Interest statement

On the DU Catholic strife

Deleted a driver. Which one? I don't know.

Because it's St. Patrick's day,

Bachmann: If We Cared, We'd Cure Alzheimer's Disease in Ten Years

Savita Halappanavar.

CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists

Ohio AG Mike DeWine #hero of rape victims

What's happening with CBS?

Have you looked in the Gungeon lately? Some of them are even referring to DU as "the other site"

Can you you be fired for holding the door open?

All Presidential Candidates required disclose 10 yrs tax returns, All Banking outside US to run for

Today's incident of unnecessary gun violence...

Being Catholic- It's Complicated

Metallica, Marx, and Nietzsche

I feel for the Ohio rape victim

The Franchise Fight: Workers Look to Hold Fast-Food Corporations Accountable

On the ongoing flamewars triggered by the selection of a new Pope.

ANOTHER damn remake? Yup. One of the classics, "Colossus: The Forbin Project"

If anyone wants to repeat my latest breadmaking projects, they are all in this book

Okla. airport rarely visited by planes to close despite federal funding

Nomination: wyldwolf for Lead Host

2008 economic contagion still at work, 3 Greek Banks hurt by bank run, Gov orders banks closed

Teen shoots himself in crotch, blames ninjas

Harper government upstaged Parks Canada at presser: documents

Silver alert? This is a thing?

Jet crashes into Ind. houses, killing at least 2

Push to Free Jonathan Pollard as Obama’s Israel Visit Nears

Furloughs for federal workers still likely in new stopgap budget

In Arizona, border security in spotlight amid immigration-reform efforts, sequester cuts

Toews approved TV show filming B.C. immigration raids

50 States (and D.C!!): Legislation Pending, Your Action Needed! (Updated 6/13)

The only reason the Republicans survived the election was due to their gerrymandering.

Toon- Ok, You Wanna Talk 2016?

Dedicated to In_The_Wind:

Q for Lounge/Cat place: U *no* cat videos PROVE cat vindictivenes, NO dog videos

On Preventing My Son From Becoming A Rapist

This blog shares my sentiment in part about Ed Schultz changeover to week-ends.

Is this where the Third Intifada will start? (NY Times)

Waiting for Obama: Hebron youth take cue from U.S. civil rights movement

Makes sense

The Democratic State Committee has decided it doesn't need democracy

Why should the rich pay at higher tax rates than they do now>

Cats just love the Irish

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist

An awesome speech...

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Miscarriage With Third Child: Pregnancy "Didn't Work Out and I Nearly Died"

"The Real Spending Problem" by THE EDITORIAL BOARD at the NY Times


"Is Anthony Weiner preparing for a comeback?"

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to look into more Steubenville charges

From 2005: Freepers Brainstorm How to Break Teachers Unions

The only important question is, When does Duke lose?

"Hypothetical Republican empathy emerges as political meme"

Cyprus President In Desperate Bid To Prevent Run On Banks

They're Irish and...They're wonderful

Achievement unlocked: 6 years with my long-distance girlfriend

With the New Pope and all the discussion going on

"Conservative gathering highlights split in Republican Party"

Stay classy, Breitbart: Site accuses Anonymous of "terrorizing" Steubenville

So Rinse Penis has a Plan-

How To Take On The Gun Lobby.

"Members of Congress With Daughters Vote Better on Women's Issues"

Stop the ill effects of fracking from reaching Illinois

Back in Peru

Krugman: "What we should have learned from the Iraq debacle was that you should always be skeptical"

Sarah Goes Down On A Big Gulp And Other Absurdities Of The CPAC Gals (VIDEOS)

Feature request

2013 Dodge Challenger owners told not to drive

from princeton university & harvard law school...

The change in DU is a reflection happening in our society

It's offensive to have Irish drinking Questioned on St. Patrick's Day

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 19: TCM Guest Programmer: Joel Grey

U.S. Looked at Wall Street Journal Over Claims of Bribery

I'm a big gun control advocate! Really! I really am!

"New court filing: Documents were deleted from GOP redistricting computers"

Laugh it up~

"60 Minutes"

The Irish Rovers - The Unicorn Song

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 20: The Moon and the Stars

RBS: 'Cyprus: The World’s Biggest Poker Game'

Couple’s Dying Wish for Dream Wedding, Honeymoon Comes True

CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists

Bitch Media looking for podcasts

Bitch Media looking for podcasts

Bitch Media looking for podcasts

3D-printer with nano-precision

Emma Watson as Xena True or Just Rumor

Christy Moore - two great songs - for St. Patrick's Day (and two by his brother Luka Bloom)

Website shows foster kids their wishes are worthwhile

With the death of yet another DUer (K8-EEE)

how to make baby carrots...

What is a good "plant a tree" group I can donate to?

Honduran gang member missing after police arrest suggests pattern of forced disappearances

Honduran gang member missing after police arrest suggests pattern of forced disappearances

The Boys are Back In Town!

Prince Harry: I might experiment with gay men if my relationship doesn’t work out

Men Don't Recognize 'Benevolent' Sexism: Study

Now this by the Irish Rovers is more like it!

Study: Iraq War Cost U.S. $2.2 Trillion, Claimed Nearly 200,000 Lives

Obama to Nominate Justice Aide for Labor Post

printer help needed

"gang-rape of Swiss tourist in India: woman must share blame for attack, say police"

Tuna caught near California still have traces of Fukushima radiation

Measure expands abortion clinic 'bubble'

My thoughts on immigration reform

OMG!!! Unbelievable! Have ya'll seen this? (History Channel's Obama/Satan look-alike controversy)

Dolmathes (Lamb and Rice stuffed Grape Leaves), A Mediterranean appetizer. (Edited thread)

The Solution!

Jindal's SUV sideswiped by truck

Someone help me: party needs guests

I have coconut & pineapple sauce. How should

George Carlin on Women

Chinese military finally admits to radar lock on Japanese SDF ships

A call for benevolent peace

China replaces Britain in world's top five arms exporters: report

Blocking posters from this group should not be based solely on what they've posted in this group

Mariana Trench: Deepest ocean 'teems with microbes'

China replaces Britain in world's top five arms exporters. US/Russia dominate

OMG... but really...

Bankrupt Alabama county eyes debt cuts topping $1 billion

Back when the right rolled out their plans for a false war in Iraq....

Exit polls: Lima's first elected female mayor survives recall vote

This anti-Catholic crap is getting to be annoying

Iraq: The Spies Who Fooled the World (BBC) {Curveball and ilk}

We have the Right to bear arms.

Astrobiologists discover fossils in meteorite fragments, confirming extraterrestrial life

Driving Miss Crazy

What We Lost: Top Ten Ways the Iraq War Harmed the U.S. (Juan Cole)

Wow! If you have money in a bank in Cyprus...

Can anyone point me to any actual persecution or mass discrimination of Catholics in the US today?

Bridge implosion

Drooling over these auction results

North Korea overacts to ROK-US exercise by surge in air force sorties

Right to Lawyer Can Be Empty Promise for Poor

The Right to Counsel: Badly Battered at 50

The Right to Counsel: Badly Battered at 50

Right to Lawyer Can Be Empty Promise for Poor

MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD

Translating Newt Gingrich's CPAC comments into plain English

China criticizes U.S. anti-missile North Korea plan

"I can see 7-Eleven from my house!"

March 18: Oatmeal Cookie Day

What is the politics of BuzzFeed - the online site? -- n/t

Mexican president denies privatizing Pemex (Mexico's state oil company)

Five companies vie to build wind farms off North Carolina coastline

CPAC in one hundred seconds

Mexican president denies privatizing Pemex

Pontiff's family fled Italy to escape Fascists

All done ... Time for some sleep.

Pope enthralls large crowd with message of love, mercy

Argentine grandmothers attack Pope over 'Dirty War' era

India, Bangladesh very short of water, among Asia's worst - report

MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD

Gaza's Graveyards for The Living: Now Flooded with Sewage Water

Israel likely to cut funding for popular Jewish-Arab dialogue

La. sinkhole now 10 acres

Sorry to repeat myself, but EVERYTIME I hear a republicon speak, I can't help but think

New blow to Berlusconi's hopes of political comeback

Ruled a Threat to Family, but Allowed to Keep Guns

A Latino look at Pope Francis

Letter shows Pope pledged to fight for jailed priest

Batwoman: Anyone Else Reading This? If Not, You are Missing Out

DU catholics...this is for you

Mexico weighs massive regulatory changes for TV market

You're not a tourist, Obama. Go to Israel with a message

Poll shows for 52% of Britons involvement in Iraq war damaged UK reputation

Ohio AG seeks grand jury probe in teen rape case

Despite evidence, parents' fears of HPV vaccine grow

What is the only thing that may be harder for a GOPer than finding out a son is gay?

Rape trial over, Ohio city remains under scrutiny

Suspect in 1964 'Mississippi Burning' Ku Klux Klan murders dies at 82

are any of you familiar with the radio program "State of Belief" produced by the Interfaith Alliance

There's no "whining" about DU allowed… Fair enough.

These are some pretty boss looking stereo subwoofers…

Bergoglio 4 years ago on poverty as a violation of human rights

Joe Biden approved Homeowner tested.

Guillemot eggs rock…

Police evacuate students from University of Central Florida campus housing (bombs found)

Although Muffy had no way to escape, she hoped that they would eat their pal first before the attack

"That's not a kielbasa."

America in flying rage over UN officials air travel bill

Breaking: Authorities Investigating Death Find Explosive Devices at UCF; 100s of Students Evacuated

Is Bush Evil or Just a stupid pawn?

Brave Boy Lauded For Rescuing Abused Cat From Group Of Bullies

APNewsBreak: Celeb fracking group not registered

Ya got that right…

Lending their voices. Getting a little dusty in here.

Return to Sender: US Post Office actually has an operating PROFIT

Here, Kitty-Kitty! Din-din time!

Fail! The $400 Billion Military Jet That Can't Fly in Cloudy Weather

Let it out, for Gawd's sake!

Boehner--there is no debt crisis

Wondering if I should be concerned about this Koch Bros. rumor.

10 Crazy Things Heard at CPAC, the Giant Right-Wing Confab

To own their each…

Wisconsin: Well, now we know where this Teabilly gets his "facts"

7 Things You Need to Know About the Shocking Cyprus Bailout Crisis That Has Everyone Freaked Out

This Is The Only Rational Thing To Do When A Hateful Jerk With A Sign Shows Up On Your Street

Horrific 10% bank deposit tax proposed in Cyprus.

Fail! The $400 Billion Military Jet That Can't Fly in Cloudy Weather

Whatta Funny Ellyfant....

This Palin image deserves a thread of its own.


KRUGMAN: "Always be skeptical & Never Rely On Supposed Authority"

Female mayor has mayor pro-tem attend all male dinner in her place, Irish official refuses to go

Ever heard of a sports team called "The Kittens," "The Puppies," "The Ducklings?"

No-bid U.S. government contracts jump 9 percent, despite push for competition

i wish to change my user name

Nations gather for final U.N. arms trade treaty negotiations

Big fish catches mean smaller fish - Bangor scientists

Christie Hoards Cash as Rout Key to 2016 White House Bid

Vt House passes same-sex health coverage bill

Behold, the scene at Donald Trump’s CPAC speech this morning in the main ballroom.

The Shame of America’s Gulag by Chris Hedges

Not that....

March Madness: The 5th Straight Year of Extreme Corporate Tax Avoidance

How to Die in Oregon--great documentary on physician assisted death.

NYC Fire Commisioner's son (FD employee) posts twitter rants against blacks and Jews

The Catch 22 of Ending Sexual Violence in the US Military

GOP: We’ve been lying all along

Riddle me this. Maybe I'm wrong.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Republicans

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

K8-EEE made Rmoney a pie

When internet activists are getting longer prison sentences than rapists...

Update on PA. Rejection of Food Stamps for Households With More than $5,500 of Assets

Chris Hedges: The Shame of America’s Gulag

Yall lucky denizens of St. Louis, MO—I’d love to see this.

Rinsed Precious wants to dramatically shorten the GOP primary schedule because . . . . .

Speaking of Chuck Berry, is he rich? If so he deserves to be.

One of the biggest ripoffs---school pictures for the kids.

James O'Keefe Pays Out To Just One Victim Of His Acorn Video Deception

Why Aren’t More of Us Protesting Inequality?

Candy Crowley and Rush Limbaugh - Separated at Birth

koch bros. continue state by state attempts to stifle growth of renewable energy

I just made the appointment with my vet, Jake is going to cross the bridge this afternoon.

Cyprus banks to be kept closed until Friday

Pug vs Spider

Antibiotic resistance: why we must win the war against superbugs

The Onion foresaw CNN's rapist sympathy story.

***** A note about the finals to come - March contest*****

You have exactly ONE minute. GO.

Justin Amash a GOP favorite to run for Carl Levin's Senate seat

Obama Administration Finally Agrees to Release Information about Immigration Fingerprinting Program

International Body to Allow Large Corporations to Buy Entire Domain Extensions

Judge: Salem Library can't block website content; Library says lawsuit changes nothing

Cyprus: Widespread Anger Erupts Over Bank Account Levy

2 charged in Papua New Guinea 'witch' killing

Question about the Arkansas River. I was watching IN COLD BLOOD (again) yesterday when law

Good Morning, Lounge !

Labour MP given 'substantial damages' after Sun accessed text messages

History Channel, WTF?

Israel to build desert mega-bases, freeing up land in Tel Aviv

How hard can it be to answer this and why does homeland security not know already?


Those damn unions destroying our economy

Ruled a Threat to Family, but Allowed to Keep Guns

Phone interview with a company I just found out, sucks.

Sen. Rand Paul introduces ‘fetal personhood’ bill to outlaw abortion


History of Ostara - The Spring Equinox

GOP: We’ve been lying all along

Tom Tomorrow: Conservative Mystery Date

Minnesota businesses booming along with North Dakota oil rush

Paganism in France: An Emerging Culture

Reuters: South Africa cardinal says pedophilia not a crime

ESPN/DU bracket group...

Gee no subliminal message : The Tv show the bible

Be nice to your bus driver today.......

Compassionate Conservatism Is Back

Firefighters fulfill child’s Make-A-Wish

New Money Will Be Used to 'Punish' Pro-Gun Lawmakers in 2014

Michigan student suspended over 'Hot for Teacher' essay sues university

(San Fran) Campos proposes Planned Parenthood buffer zone

HYPOAGENCY – Hypoagency and Blaming Everything on Men

The ‘Religious Liberty’ Bullies and Their Fight Against LGBT Equality

State lawmaker proposes ‘puppy lemon law’

(OR) Bill proposes no self-checkout to buy smokes, alcohol

Bush Speechwriter, David Frum: I Met Ahmed Chalabi At Christopher Hitchens's Apartment

$43,056 bonus to charter teacher at ‘D’-rated school

State (MA) proposes banning commercial food waste from landfills (divert to composting)

Terminally ill man wins marathon while pushing his daughter around course in pushchair

Not the Navy’s Favorite Artist Rendering

David Plouffe: Hillary Is “Strongest” 2016 Candidate Of Either Party

Angela Davis on where emancipation went wrong

Are You Being Served? actor Frank Thornton dies aged 92

Is CPAC a serious political event?

We found those Weapons of Mass Destruction btw.

MSNBC Almost Entirely Dominated By Opinion: Pew Study

Crying wolf: Catholic Church claims to be oppressed by teh gay and women's rights

Bridge Implosion in Marble Falls TX (with slow motion!)

Former OU Quarterback Steve Davis Dies In Indiana Plane Crash

boys and girls...

Hillary Clinton Announces Support for Gay Marriage at Human Rights Campaign

Secretary Clinton has made clear her support for marriage equality

Poll: Majority see Iraq War as a mistake

Did Chávez Help the Poor?

Karl Rove Mocks Sarah Palin Tenure As Governor (VIDEO)

Former OU Quarterback Steve Davis Dies In Indiana Plane Crash

Poll by anti-gay Christian group shows widespread support for gay rights

Republicans want to end perception as 'stuffy old men'

Is there any chance you could make the Hosts forum visible to all members?

Hillary Clinton Announces Support for Marriage Equality (video message)

Scientists clone extinct frog – Jurassic Park here we come?

Russian expat invasion of Cyprus also has sinister overtones

Reince Priebus gives GOP prescription for future

Nine Days & Counting: Couples in gay marriage case await a landmark ruling

I love n2doc for posting toons and SteveG for the "extra links to all."

On this, I agree with the right. shut down or privatize the Senate barbershop

Quick 2016 Poll: Hillary or Elizabeth?

Hillary: I Support Gay Marriage

Do you think the purpose of feminist theory

Christmas Abbott is the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew.

Federal judge strikes down Mo. law on birth control coverage, cites conflict with federal law

Now you want to see what Jesus looks like on the History Channel's the bible?

Scientists Build Lasers Out of Sound, Call Them Phasers

When should "Love it or Leave it" apply?

Dem candidate for Governor unveils plan to make college tuition free

BREAKING: Fukushima Daiichi plant has lost power

Plouffe Calls Clinton ‘Probably The Strongest’ 2016 Candidate...

Care about Obamacare? Then you should really care about Arkansas.

New Mt. Sharp Panorama from Mars

Craft Beer Bills Voted Out of Texas Senate Committee

A dramatic greening of the Arctic over the past 30 years

The Selling Of Masculinity

Hanlin confirms threats to her, her family

This is what the real devil looks like.

Affordable Care Act extended free preventive care to 105 million Americans

The Republican problem with Hispanic voters — in 7 charts

The Gender Gap in Pain

Is it me, or...

I once held the door open for Janeane Garofalo

It was not my intention to insult the transgendered. I apologize.

RNC Growth and Opportunity Project Final Report

Feral cats and a spineless decision from the Audubon Society

Republicans: "There's No Debt Crisis, We Just Want to Screw the Poor"

China's new premier vows to tackle pollution

Saint Louis gets caught in traffic, watches selection show from a Best Buy in New Jersey

Pic Of The Moment: CPAC Wrap-up

British man born without penis will have new one made using skin from arm

Fried Tilapia Veracruzana

Just Penguins

Guy builds air powered engine for 25 year old car

The Rude Pundit - New Republican Plan: Try to Fool All of the People All of the Time

Awash In Record Profits, Corporations Shift Even More To Offshore Tax Havens

Thai Government To Begin Phasing Out Squat Toilets

Home Builder Confidence Declines For 3rd Month

For a good Monday afternoon chuckle: Scholarship opportunities from the Koch Brothers

EU, ECB Say Cypriot Bank Levy Is Legal - Germany's Schaeuble

Argentina's Kirchner raises Falklands with Pope Francis

Gangbanger Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Nuts, Blames Ninjas

Supreme court agrees to hear dispute over California forest plan

Why are these people suddenly saying there's no debt crisis?

Madonna dresses as Boy Scout, rips organization's gay ban

Oklahoma legendary QB Steve Davis dies in a plane crash

Speaking of Benevolent Sexism how about this.......

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 18, 1970

Supreme Court to consider when assets can be frozen pre-trial

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 18, 1970

Would it be possible to have alerts go to hosts as Autoposted threads rather than on the alert page?

6 Words Not in RNC Autopsy: Christian, Religion, Abortion, Marriage, Jesus, God

Christians told, ‘protest again and you will die!’

MADONNA - bye bye baby

NYC Police Stop-and-Frisk Policies Called ‘Degrading’

MSNBC Almost Entirely Dominated By Opinion: Pew Study

Challenge to NYPD’s stop and frisk program in federal court; Lawyers say wrongful stops made

Many people have proposed that we have a Memorial Group to commemorate our DUers who have passed...

Pope Francis signals new course for the papacy

The Onion: College Basketball Star Heroically Overcomes Tragic Rape He Committed

Under Pressure - Bowie and Lennox

Teenage skater’s photograph explodes in controversy

Putin Says Cyprus Bank-Deposit Levy Is Dangerous, Unfair

WATCH Clinton Support LGBT Equality; Boehner Continues to Deny Human Rights

Republicans Foil What Majority Wants by Gerrymandering

Father ordered to wear sign saying he didn't pay child support

After big soda ban, NYC's Mayor Bloomberg wants to hide cigarettes

In US, 20 percent now say ‘no religion’

Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

I believe the policies of the Westboro Baptist Church are deplorable.

US: Poll by anti-gay Christian group shows widespread support for gay rights

Cute and Funny: Jennifer Lawrence encounters a 'fan' in post-Oscars interview.

Cyprus banks will stay closed until Thursday

NC Leg’s Top 2012 Donor Arrested

On facebook - a few days old, but still hysterical!

tee hee I love this! (for Grumpy Cat fans)

Pink Floyd - Breathe In The Air

Papantonio: Whistleblowers May Save Democracy

Okay, I know this is ridiculously juvenile, but, doggonit, I'm posting it anyways.

I sometimes scare myself when I look into the mirror in the morning

Forget the Cellphone Fight — We Should Be Allowed to Unlock Everything We Own

Elizabeth Warren: Minimum Wage Would Be $22 An Hour If It Had Kept Up With Productivity

Crippled Japanese nuclear plant suffers blackout

The 700 Club. 700 What??! Grifters?


The Smashing Pumpkins--Tonight, Tonight

I've never said this before but here goes: You need to forward this to "All"

Who killed JR? >>

What Would Jesus Drive?

One post every three months instead of one post every three minutes

In vino veritas

'Bible's' Satan casting raises eyebrows, ire with comparison to President Obama

Regarding the complaints about what GD's hosts are/aren't locking

Gerardo Hernández: The pride of being Cuban

TSA Logic (cartoon)

Natl. Republican Policy Chairman thinks Will McAvoy is a real anchorman

The Selling Of Masculinity

I just discovered someone has me on ignore!

Krugman: Russians savings in Cypriot banks exceeded Cyprus' GDP.

Body found in Tampa airport elevator shaft

Just Plain Evil: NRA Mocks Congresswoman Whose Husband Was Shot And Killed

NYT: In Some States, Gun Rights Trump Orders of Protection

My Neighbourhood: a Palestinian boy's view of Israeli settlements - video

Speaking of Benevolent Sexism

How I made the chilling discovery that exposed 'Pope of Dictatorship' From Horacio Verbitsky

The American Retirement Plan, by way of Connect the Dots…

Media Briefing on Major Developments in Patriot Bankruptcy Case

Arcade classic 'Missile Command' has a new high score for the first time in over 30 years

Ten years later and it's still really fucked up

Tiger Woods & Lindsay Vonn - it's official

Thom Hartmann: Ted Cruz...too busy playing with his "gun" to pay attention in 6th grade

Koch Brothers Looking At Massive Media Buyout

Oh, those young people and their 'romantic attachment to civil rights, civil liberties'

Poetry book contest

Great Indian ad campaign on intervening in domestic violence without confrontation

UN Commission on the Status of Women: The Vatican, Iran, Russia and Egypt oppose findings.

Coffee and Green Tea May Help Lower Stroke Risk

via Daily Kos: Steubenville's Jane Doe Receives Death Threats

San Francisco Symphony’s East Coast Tour Is Canceled as Labor Talks Break Down

Hey, are we doing bracketball this year or what?

Rachel Maddow’s Epic, Awe Inspiring, Anti-Ted Cruz rant

A different path

There is a war on abortion rights underway and we're fighting over feminist theory?

David Renz, Accused Of Killing Woman, Raping Girl, Gets Beaten In Jail

howdy, all! who wants to help me host?

"The Bible": Does Satan look like Obama in History Channel miniseries?

Sensible Food Stamp Restrictions

Justices weigh Arizona voting registration law

Make Them Pay

JFK: What the only 'Irish/Catholic' US President had to say ...

I'm getting published!

Rand Paul & Mr. Blasty Go To Washington

*popcorn!1* O'LOOFAH's divorce predictably OOGLY!1 She violated his pontifical INFALLIBILITY!1

Right wing government in Hungary awards journalism prize to anti-Semitic, anti-Roma author

And Hillary Steps Into The Ring Swinging.

Syrian jets fire into Lebanon, reports say

Poverty and obesity

Navy halts commercial flights to Cuba

U.S. confirms Bosco Ntaganda turned himself in at U.S. Embassy in Kigali

The Connection Between Obesity and Poverty

Seriously, people?

Stop corn subsidies NOW!

Baby Hummingbirds

U.S. confirms Syrian aircraft fired rockets into Lebanon


Chris Van Hollen on NewsNation just stated Postal Service important issue is

New York mayor wants to ban stores from displaying cigarettes

Moving to Grayslake in a few weeks and I was wondering...

This Is Classic! GOP "Autopsy" Report Says Voters See The Party As "Scary" and "Narrow Minded"

LOL- I had to watch it :) World Figure Skating Event in London, ON

Lawsuit: N.Y. police stops racist, 'unconstitutional'

Gangbanger Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Nuts, Blames Ninjas

Bloomberg’s latest anti-smoking push would require stores to hide cigarettes

Another place for the DU Gender War?

Poll Tracks Dramatic Rise In Support for Gay Marriage

FDNY Commissioner's racist son forced to quit his FDNY EMT job

Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East

The state exerts total control over prisoners

Michelle Shocked clears out San Francisco venue with anti-gay tirade

Israel's New, Less Experienced Security Cabinet Seems More Hawkish In Iran

Daily Caller smear falls apart even more...

Righthaven Copyrights 'Sold' Back To Stephens Media For $80k To Pay Legal Fees

Rally for Choice in Raleigh on Wednesday (copied from my email)

Listen to this kitten that sounds like a goat! Or is it a goat that looks like a kitten?

Apple is messing with the Force; Audio pioneers of Star Wars sue Apple over speaker tech

Florida earmarked millions for jobs that never materialized

Singapore’s Lessons for an Unequal America by Stiglitz

Kerry: U.S. Won’t Block Other Countries Arming Syria Rebels

Louie update -

USW Supports Perez as New Labor Secretary

Bill Moyers with Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll - Final

Wisconsin’s mining sellout --- excellent perspective on how things now run in Wisconsin

Markey Takes On ‘Gun Lobby’ In First Ad

10 Best Psychology books of last year (2012)

Is Fred Phelps Gay?

NYPD orders cops to run criminal checks on domestic violence victims

Legal Limits and Recreational Outrage

All this talk about the 2016 election...I am begging you stop missing the forest for the trees...we

Police ignores Palestinian complaint about settler violence

Apply NOW for a National Labor College scholarship & online degree

Housing update...its sold

Justices appear divided over Arizona's voter law

Samsung weird: how a phone launch went from Broadway glitz to sexist mess

NYC fire commish's son quits after posts

where do you stand on this trans-gender kid?

No Knives on Planes

Make April 8 International Friendship Day

Made in the U.S.A.: The Role of American Guns in Mexican Violence

Want a ‘Kwikie’? New name for lottery ticket sparks concern in Maine

Richie Farmer charged with 42 counts of violating Kentucky ethics laws

HOLY SHIT: FBI identify Gardener Museum Thieves (biggest art heist in history) after 23 years

"We Owe to Our Sons What We've Given Our Daughters"

Is Joan Rivers too old to run for president in 2016 ?

GOP wants to change its brand

Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce Is So Ugly, God Got Involved

FBI identifies likely suspects in $500M Boston art heist

The Pine Barrens

Once-conservative child star Jonathan Krohn faces his past at CPAC

Mo. senator threatens block on EPA administrator

30 years later, burglar repays money - with interest

I'm listening to a piece by Vangelis called "Message" from his album 'Direct'.

"You can do anything you want to in my city..."

SNL watchers: Have you seen the skits where the guy and girl insult all their co-workers?

Jake has crossed the Bridge. R.I.P. Jake 1996-2013

Federal Judge Overturns Missouri Law That Would Let Employers Deny Contraception To Their Workers

Someone here said the Menendez story had 'legs.' It does. At least six of them

Can we please stop using his name? (the Sandy Hook shooter)

Court blocks Missouri law countering contraception mandate

Axelrod is on Bashir

This Cruz guy is a real nit-wit

NC Unemployment Rate Up in January

12 Arrested Blockading Controversial Fracking Infrastructure

Anti-Gay Bigotry: Don't Blame It on the Bible

How many centuries old are you?

There are basically only four ways the US can reduce its defecit, as far as I can see.

Shame on CNN: Apologize for Steubenville coverage = PETITION

$1M pilot project aims to take out feral pigs

It had to be done.

Attacks on Thomas Perez will do wonders for GOP Latino outreach

Russell Tribunal Accuses Israel Of Apartheid Violations

Businesses Pay to Plow Yellowstone National Park

Ha - Fox News was on in the break room in my office

A calculator to see how "chained CPI" impacts your Social Security or veterans’ benefits

Time for a somewhat pointless Monday poll....most of your time on DU you are...


Federal Grand Jury Indicts Former Calpers CEO in Fraud Scheme.

Houston-Area Tea Party Leader Had Ties to Fascist Party

3 Women Were Paid To Falsely Claim They Had Sex With Menendez, Dominican Police Say

Why we need Organizing for Action

seems like o'lielly after 15 years marriage, 2 kids, is trying to get the marriage annulled.

Scalia And Sotomayor Clash In Proof-Of-Citizenship Voting Case

When you learn who this is, your jaw will hit the floor.

Not a question..

Meet Reno Saccoccia: Steubenville’s head football coach

Stress relief:

Priebus is right about his party's terminal illness, but he'll have to fight Palin and Limbaugh to s

Tweety -Priebus was the man who ran the Voter ID mess in sixteen states

Say (or type) the word "Beer" in another language

How Will You React If The President And The Dems Make A Deal With The Repugs Which Includes SS and..

The color of nature

TEXT-Eurogroup statement on Cyprus

US Department of Labor announces $20 million in grant funds to help adult inmates in work release

On Steubenville: When does news coverage of crime cross from public service to infotainment?

Is it just me or are the Geico ads really getting worse and worse?

Teamster solidarity shuts down Waste Mgmt in CA

Remember this guy? Father Mychal Judge?

GOP solution to messaging problem: A celebrity task force!

Displaced Palestinians return to village after 64 years

Obama’s Visit to Israel Renews Effort to Free Spy

New! Improved GCRA! Now with hosts!

Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists - (eyeless shrimp)

Former Congressman: John Boehner Called Staffer a 'Fag' & Is a 'Drunk'

Let's see more Texas signatures on this petition

Michelle Shocked makes shocking statement.

Newtown shooter did lots of planning and research.

Will the Streak end tonight?

Woman threatens cop with broken toilet

Big Furry

George Will on Iraq War's 10th Anniversary: "Was the War worth it? ........

AFA:GOP Should Not 'Pander' to Ignorant, Naive, and Uneducated Young Voters on Gay Issues

Cyprus vote delayed again, protestors tear down flag @German Embassy,

Womens History Month~

North Dakota Looks at More Abortion Restrictions

So, the repugs are gonna spend $10 mil on 'outreach' to minorities?

What do you folks think about the name change question?

New Jersey Committee Advances Ban On ‘Conversion Therapy’

Former UCF student who killed himself had planned wider attack

Republicans React To Cries For Latino Outreach By Vowing To Attack Thomas Perez

Why I am a Thief

Papantonio: Pharma Covers Up Dangers Of Cancer-Causing Drug

The "Know Nothing" Party

Understanding the delegitimization of Israel

just wanted to share a couple books about the physical side of alcoholism

I need some advice from people who are cat savvy -- the journey continues (PART TWO)

Updated job growth numbers put Wisconsin No. 44 among states since 2011

where do reply to an automatic message

EA CEO John Riccitiello steps down

Kali is suffering from Venus envy.

Screwed out of his "rightful place" in history, is it any wonder taterguy is the Ringo haterguy?

Aw, C'MON!!! Now you're just showing off!!!

Are we holding back the next wave of evolution?

MiddleFingerMom struggled to stick to his diets. He really did. No, really... he DID!!!

Part of the reason why MiddleFingerMom (and MANY men) never won an argument with his SO's. EVER!!!

June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo's Mom, Gets Makeover at GLAAD Awards!

Police say Fla. college student plotted attack

Corruption - EPA Allows Poisonous, Polluting Drilling

Limbaugh Compares Sec. of Labor Nominee Tom Perez To "Grand Kleagle Of The Ku Klux Klan"

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC Air Name Of Steubenville Rape Victim

Boehner Admits There Is No Immediate Debt Crisis But Wants Cuts Anyway

Michelle Shocked signs with Fox News

Here's Ted Nugent's woman!

Suntech announces default, search for financing

The 'New' Sarah Palin: Big Hair and a Rock Star Jumpsuit. (Caution - photo)

If the Lawyers Can't Get There...How Do They Defend the Defenseless?

Could Cultural Ratcheting = Social Ratcheting ? (Thoughts on a Scientific American article)

Reince Priebus Says Self-Deportation Is ‘Not Our Party’s Position’ – But It Is

Ten Years Later, What Paul Wolfowitz 'Owes to the Country'

Meet The Moderator Behind CPAC’s Race Panel Gone Wrong

Could Cultural Ratcheting = Social Ratcheting ? (Thoughts on a Scientific American article)

More than 250 Louisiana clergy sign letter saying Jindal's tax plan would be unfair to the poor

102-Year-Old's Voter's Letter to Scalia on 'Racial Entitlement'

What's for Dinner ~ Monday March 18th

Michelle Shocked blows up her career (and yes she still had one)

Massachusetts Sheriff Jokes That President Obama Should Be Shot

Jobless rates rise in January in half of US states

Ahead Of Obama Arrival, New Israeli Government Sends Mixed Messages About Mideast Peace

American Idol...Curtis Finch, Jr.

Steubenville Rape Victim Receiving Death Threats

Thoughts on 'new' Nightly Business Report on PBS?

Interactive data: Job growth under Scott Walker

The Republican Party Wants To Become An App

Word is that Scumbaugh and Beck are pissed at the ReTHUG autopsy

3 women were paid to falsely claim they had sex with Menendez, Dominican police say

Liz Warren minimum wage proposal.

Ice Cover Now Gone From King George Island, Largest Of S. Shetlands - (62.02 South)

what do you think of this?

Can 'Smart Gun' Technology Help Prevent Violence?

Cyberattack on Florida election is first known attempt

Sorry to intrude here...but what do you think of this post?

Ryan’s tax reforms cost more than all his spending cuts combined

The GOP $10 million con job of a minority outreach program

Let's have a picture thread!

"O, woe is me"...

Made in the U.S.A.: The Role of American Guns in Mexican Violence

What are you giving up for Lent? Today is the first day of Lent

Fire and Ice

Adopted son of two gay dads sends video letter to Chief Justice John Roberts

Blair Cornered on War Crimes - Even BBC s on his case

Oil rises as Cyprus worries ease

Film from San Fran Cable Car in 1906.

Needed: A new Detroit - Pottery Barn rule applies (my latest blog post for the Detroit News)

Just back from Haiti

Police and FBI say Women paid to make sex claims against Sen. Menendez

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Miner’s Daughter (Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest—and most controversial—billionaire)


Our Deficits aren't as bad as Washington thinks - Ezra Klein

Margaret L. Augustine

‘Carnage’ of gun violence must stop, Episcopal bishops say.

Kitchen tunes. Monday - Some fine performances.

The Iraq war, 10 years on - Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell discusses the invasion of Iraq

I just wanted to say that with all of the forums/groups

Don't you love when you get home from work

Reince Priebus & the GOP to Women, Latinos & Gays: We Hate You, But Vote for Us.

Ted Cruz opposes multiple sclerosis resolution

"... it is a declaration of war by the Republican establishment on the party's base."

Does anyone know how similar Rand Paul's foreign policy views are to Ron Paul's - his father?