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Archives: March 19, 2013

An experiment on inequality of salary in workers and their reactions

Needed: A new Detroit - Pottery Barn rule applies (my latest blog post for the Detroit News)

Coroner: Electrocuted copper thief found dangling from transformer

Daniel's letter to Justice Roberts re: gay marriage: "I was told that I was considered 'unadoptable'

Well I feel like an ass hole.

Who is this Milestone hogging up the bandwidth on Latest Threads?

Markos Moulitsas: Let's help Republicans with their Obama messaging

I miss Ed already. Chime in if you do, too.

"Fire and Ice".....

Today, I have thought, and said aloud

The teen who said, "I'd just let her be dead."

New in town (state), what advice for a desert newbie?

Public Shaming (Steudenville thread)

A smile to end a tough day.

Los Angeles' Filthy, Fecal-Laden, Sickness-Inducing Beaches: Who Should Pay to Treat the Runoff.....

Anderson Cooper on the Steubenville Rape Case

Boehner/Ryan: There's No Debt Crisis, We Just Want to Screw the Poor

Can anyone tell me what this is?

Funny test answers

Paul Ryan Will Balance the Budget With Class War on Behalf of the Rich

14 Adults with HIV Live Functionally Off Medication After Treatment Mirroring the HIV-cured Infant

Colorado governor will sign ammunition limits on Wednesday: spokesman

What is a good cut of meat if my dad said he wanted steak. I like Rib steaks myself. He's off

Who we are, The Power of One~

Now I know who Palin reminds me of -- Clem Kaddiddlehopper!

Making Porn hurts like hell

Bill to avert government shutdown inches to Senate passage

Top general urges caution on Syria options, rebels

Here's a poster for a rally at Arkansas State Capitol

Florida student who died in dorm room suicide planned campus attack – police

Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce Is So Ugly, God Got Involved

I want to see what all the fuss is about

U.S. Catholics Happy with Selection of Pope Francis

Citigroup agrees $730m legal settlement with investors

Eurozone ministers urge Cyprus to shield small savers

Billo In Nasty Divorce?

Does anyone have U-Verse internet? Or know anyone who does?

Obama Nowruz message: Iran must 'reduce nuclear tension'

so I lost my job today

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Duck and Cover & a new St Patricks Day kitty gif

I think a run on Cypriot banks is guaranteed... How long will they stay open when they DO open?

New Game of Thrones trailer - No Mercy

Electronic Arts Announces Change in Executive Leadership

Why women are less free 10 years after the invasion of Iraq

At Least Obama (as the devil) Didn't Lose His Head..

Francis meets a president

Two girls charged with threatening Steubenville rape victim

U.S. work conditions increase heart risk

Delany: Big Ten could de-emphasize athletics if O'Bannon plaintiffs win

Maker Of 3-D Printer Guns Now Has Federal Firearms License

I dunno, am I in the mood for music (classical) or just LOUNGE?!1 n/t1

This Two-Year-Old Onion Story Perfectly Predicted CNN’s Shocking Steubenville Rape Trial Coverage

Somethings going to come out of there if I watch it long enough

Cop Fractures Woman’s Face, Says “I’m Going to Push Your Nose Through Your Brain”

Author and pastor Rob Bell comes out for marriage equality

Author and pastor Rob Bell comes out for marriage equality

2016 US Presidential Election

There is no such thing as emptiness. There is only quantum foam.

Amazon Indians Unite Against Canadian Oil Giant

Amazon Indians Unite Against Canadian Oil Giant

The Bloop mystery has been solved: it was never a giant sea monster

Why are the people who posted that the purpose of feminist theory

This is what it looks like to fight against the ocean

Anyone have a lot more interest in the Pope this time around?

Steubenville: 2 arrested for threatening rape victim

For Colorado Governor, a Long Path to Gun Limits

I got my focus rails for Micro photography.

>>> OFFICIAL Teamster Jeff appreciation thread!!!<<<

Internet Cafes Topple N.C. Town's 59,000% Tax

Kerry '04 and the Catholic Church

New Pope Will Put An End To Homosexuality

A would-be massacre is averted in Florida...

Holy Hell they really are this stupid...

Have you mapped out the entire universe yet?

'Hot Dog Launch' Case Must Be Tried

Driver's Beer Can't Show Open Container Offense (open container ok as long as empty)

Should you work with your spouse

Does a post telling about another progressive Democratic site

Caleb Gordley wanted to go to a party Saturday night.

Petition for CNN apologies to rapes victims

Just a small irony alert

"The South Still Lies About The Civil War" (pretending the war wasn't about slavery)

Pope Francis to get simple coat of arms, ring

3/23 past pres. of National Veterans for Peace, Leah Bolger, speaks of drones

Do we have room for another Palin the stupid thread?

"Even rich people need government . . .

Labor Dispute Escalates on the Strip

Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce Is So Ugly, God Got Involved

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #15

Who else belongs on this list...?

Retired April Fools Day 1998 Never Looked Back - Americans Have Been Lied To By

Obama’s New Labor Nominee Gave Him a Long Thank You en Español

It Seems that More and More Parents Are Using Drug Dogs to Sniff Out Teens' Weed Stash

Today at 2:20 CDT my dear cat passed

The GOP Keeps Getting Whiter

Crazy Ted Cruz Opposes Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week Commemoration

ID pro-gun legislators turn anti-gun when their laws allow creepy guy to carry a gun in the Capitol

Right and Left in Democratic Politics: The Long View

Vitter Will Block Perez Labor Nomination

VA Gives Tranquilizers to 30 Percent of PTSD Patients, Despite Warnings

Tax relief is seen as carrying a price

What Would a Rand Paul Libertarian Foreign Policy Look Like? by Juan Cole

DWI suspect State Rep. Naomi Gonzalez gets standing O from lawmakers

Google Street View Goes to Its Most Extreme Destinations Yet: 4 of the Planet's Highest Mountains

Militias, last line of defense etc. and the civil war.

Disney bans solo kids under 14 at U.S. parks

Two more pro-rape Steubenville teens in jail.

“I am San Francisco City College” - city rallies to save beloved institution

NJ Town Bans Nighttime Solicitation

I just cut 8 inches off my hair. Took me two minutes and three cuts. I do it all the time.

Justin Timberlake, bringing fun back!

The Blogger Who “Complicated” The Steubenville Gang Rape Case

KS Disaster Capitalism budget chaos update: 2010 Highway Plan goes on the chopping block

How Embarrassing, CPAC Palin, Epic DERP.

'Persepolis' Won't Be Pulled From Chicago Public Schools After All

Washington Post to try metered digital use

Steubenville prosecutor had to leave town with family due to death threats.

DAVID MACKLIN is an acclaimed actor/writer/coach with hundreds of screen credits

Five Challenges The Republican Party Will Face If It Wants To Rebrand Through Pop Culture

New bill would end permanent alimony in N.J.

Sarah Palin has proven one thing without a doubt

Now that Nixon's treason is being discussed, can we talk about Reagan's?

(TN) New Bill Would Allow Motorcyclists to Ride Helmet-Free

Plants will thrive with the right mixture of soil amendments

Should hunting dogs be approved for hunting bears and bobcats?

2 yrs of investments in state highway plan = 0 in Austerity Budget chaos

At least down in Arkansas they get real legislation going

Scientists Find Bacteria Where It Isn’t Supposed to Be: The Brain

Adam Lanza kept spreadsheet of murderers years before Newtown shooting

Statement of Purpose: Gun Control Reform Activism

Gay foreigners can take home India-born babies

Limbaugh Talks Shit To Attract Fleeing Listeners.

Conservatives Frustrated With Paul Ryan’s Same Ol’, Same Ol’, Budget Ideas

New Bill Increases Tax on E-Cigarettes

Crazy Announcer Calls Craziest End to Basketball Game

Kentucky, Alabama, Southern Miss, Virginia get 1 seeds in the NIT

Antoine Flowers’ made-up résumé and another Dallas hiring malfunction

O’Donnell Delivers Epic Takedown Of ‘Comedian’ Sarah Palin & Reporters Who Still Take Her Seriously

Colorado governor to sign gun controls

Anybody watching the new series "Bates Motel" on A&E?

Scientists: Even with current harvest, feral pig population will double

Rupert Murdoch, News Corp get 12.5 mil contract from Ed Dept for more testing. Shameful.

my rescue kitty

Good job tonight Rachel!

Rose cuttings in potatoes!!!

New tower to help show Midland as the ‘Oil Capital of America’

Daniel Pearl's family hails Pakistani arrest of Qari Abdul Hayee

Scooter Store sued by worker

Why Spring Begins Early This Year

Report: 1 in 3 seniors dies with, not of, dementia

Last night, I went to a concert in Tempe. Flogging Molly. At that concert there was a dude in a

State seeks removal of Patton Village mayor from office for felony convictions

Clergy deliver concerns about tax overhaul to Gov. Bobby Jindal

OK, OK, So we have horrific income inequality. Now what are we going to *DO* about it?

WV elections chief targets voter ID legislation

Sexist attacks against Stothert among most 'disgusting' one national expert has seen

Proof that assbags in our own party are sexist dickheads

US Citizen Is Picked as Syria Opposition's Prime Minister

Now this is different...

WSJ: Workers Saving Too Little to Retire (really?)

Elephant Lessons: Real Men Leading Boys to Manhood (wrt Rape problem)

My Conversation With Steve...

Col. Sheriffs won’t enforce new gun legislation.

mental health information group statement of purpose

10 Years After Iraq Invasion: Continued Myths, Hundreds of Thousands Killed

Way yat!

Oh, goody. At least 7 new Bible based movies are in the works.

Remembering Peter Banks


CPAC 2013: Crazy Conservatives

Flashback: CNN also had sympathy for Michael Vick

North Korea's obstinance will no longer work

This Quote from Gravity's Rainbow sums up how I feel about Conservatives...

Funny sleeping cat

Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship

Public Shaming:Stubenville

8 of the 11 venues remaining on Michelle Shocked tour cancel over anti-gay rant

How do You define family?

China and US hail 'shared interests'

So You’re Extinct? Scientists Have Gleam in Eye

U.S. Flies B-52s Over Korea in Show of Power Against North

One of our cats has a bald patch.

Argentina Creates Two Patagonian Marine Parks

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Brazil Billionaire Batista Said to Face Collateral Calls

How Chavez Changed History for the Better

"He dies at the end..."

The Internet is a lot like Ancient Egypt

Guns from U.S. flood into Mexico

Opposition leader says he would halt Venezuela’s oil shipments to Cuba if elected president

Yoshi's tells it...(On Twitter)

Panel: Thumbs down on anthrax vaccine test in kids

I ran a little down the street today and I noticed something strange.

2 girls charged with using social media to threaten accuser in Ohio rape case

Bombs (in Iraq) Kill at Least 50 on 10th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion (160 Wounded)

After Newtown, NRA advocated required mass mental health testing

I know who is older, whiter and more insular than the Republican Party..

March 19 is National Chocolate Caramel Day

I'm getting published!

I don't like porn. I think it damn well does degrade women

"Anti-Catholic bigotry"

BBC: Russian money in Cyprus: Why is there so much?

Rules of cyberwar: don't target nuclear plants or hospitals, says Nato manual

The Dr. Kermit Gosnell abortion trial has begun. Horrific.

Will Russia try to seize a foothold in the Med ?

16 Giant Corporations That Have Basically Stopped Paying Taxes -- While Also Cutting Jobs!

Iraq, 2013: The Horrors Remain the Same -- Rape, Executions and Torture Abound

Sweden's round-the-clock childcare

Cyprus Banks Like Iceland’s Dwarf Economy as Clients Pay

Pope Francis urges protection of creation, weak

Don't forget to talk about the harm of shooting to health and the environment

Iceland’s Lost Billionaires Unmourned as Riches Draw Ire

AP: costs of US wars linger for over 100 years


Humans Can Keep Livers Alive and Making Bile for 24 Hours Outside of a Body

U.S. Navy Sailor: Our digital watches stopped working when offshore Fukushima after 3/11 - "We were

FBI: Thieves behind huge Boston art heist identified but immune from prosecution (PICS)

Guns are not toys and shooting is not a game

Cross-Country Car Trip Used Only Solar, Hydrogen

Pitney Bowes pays lawmakers to push privatizing Post Office

Power still out for fuel-pool cooling system at Fukushima No. 1 plant

Thanks everyone for your kind words and here's more Jake Pics

No. 1 plant outage fuels worries in Fukushima

The woman who sought justice for Steubenville's Jane Doe. Here's her story.

"Now, I Am the Terrorist" - what I wrote after Shock & Awe ten years ago today

A good guy with a phone stopped a slaughter at UCF

3D-Printed Gun Maker Now Has Federal Firearms License

Adventures in Japan Part One: Osaka

(USS Guardian) End of an Illegal Maneuver

Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship

10 years ago today the War on Iraq started

Gun control groups turn focus to ‘riders’ backed by NRA

Joe Scum's new spin on the invasion of Iraq

Swine flu cases resistant to Tamiflu are becoming more common, say scientists

Secrets to yank off Facebook -- now

Pakistan arrests suspect in murder of U.S. journalist Pearl

Venezuelan leader Maduro has big poll lead over Capriles

U.S.: Contractor gave nuke, other national security secrets to Chinese girlfriend

I woke up in the middle of the night

Army veteran still thinks about Iraq War 'every single day'

10 fucking years

In his inaugural speech, Pope calls for defense of the poor, the weak and the environment

Thank you, New York Times for pointing out what needs pointing out

Is anyone else sick of the Jodi Arias trial?


Tokyo Heartbeat

Big pumped-storage projects studied in Nevada

Record Manatee Deaths On W. FL Coast From Red Tide; Unknown Cause Killing Dozens On East Coast

Help! I cannot find my glasses.

Discussion about county board losing it's power and the money behind this move

Elizabeth Warren asks, why hasn't minimum wage kept up with worker productivity?

Chinese Gov. Strong On Promises Of "Beautiful China", But NPC Delegates Boo, Activists Scoff

Your Daily Rotting Chinese Pig Carcass Update: Count Tops 13,000 Over Weekend - NYT

Syrian rebels 'use chemical weapon'

GRL Study - Greenland's Peripheral Glaciers Contribute Far More To Sea-Level Rise Than Thought

A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran

Amber Tamblyn To Star In CBS Drama Pilot ‘Anatomy of Violence’

I think all gray tabbies and yellow cats should have a name that starts with "M."

How many of you have a blog and/or website? (updated w/developer option)

War without End

Tomas Young's "Last Letter"

Bakken Avg. Annual Production Decline Rate: 38%; Eagle Ford Avg. Production Decline Rate: 42%

Donald Trump 'Credits' His Immigration Policy To Led Zeppelin

(France) Crèche-worker awaits verdict on veil sacking

Ikea 'not wrong' to bar a disabled 5-year-old from ball pit

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.18.2013

'White Student Union' Members Defend CPAC Segregation Comments

Iraq War Winners: Weapons Dealers

Non-Defense Share of Federal Spending Heads to 50-Year Low

A girl was raped, and the media says what?

Calculating the True Carbon Footprint of a Renewable Energy Grid

Robert Scheer: Dumb Wars, Now and Forever

Obama as the Devil..... ROTF

TeaPublicans: The Batshit Crazy, Gun Nut, Corporate Toady, Anti-Women, Racist Party

US says hunger strike grows to 21 at Guantanamo

Pink rocks!

Tom Toles nails it today: Republicans on Gay Marriage

I agree with the Russians

Budget Cuts May Affect Plans To Repair Submarine “Miami”

Coach Says He Was Fired for Reporting Abuse


'When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a

Regulation = bad = nonsense

Explosion at Nevada military site may have killed "several"

Fischer: GOP Should Not 'Pander' to Ignorant, Naive, and Uneducated Young Voters on Gay Issues

US Navy Order Ends Florida-To-Gitmo Commercial Flights

The History Channel today denied claims about devil looking like Obama. But...

Drinking Skim Milk May Be Making Toddlers Fat

Colorado governor will sign three gun control measures on Wednesday

9 Fucking Cents out of every dollar the Fed spends...

RNC to spend $10 million to reach minorities

Pew Study says MSNBC is almost all "opinion", but what I don't undersand is this:

Huff Post: Two People Corporate America and the GOP Should Listen to

Banksters Piss off the World, Episode VII: Raging Cypriots

Blast hits Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada, several dead according to spokeswoman

Democrats Not Shaking In Their Boots Over RNC Changes

"The finger pulls the trigger, but the trigger may also be pulling the finger."

10-Year Iraq War Anniversary: What We've Learned

Homeless doesn't equal helpless in Saint Augustine Florida

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- The party of the damned

The Power of Swarms Can Help Us Fight Cancer, Understand the Brain, and Predict the Future

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Massachusetts Sheriff ‘Jokes’ That President Obama Should Be Shot

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Clock Ticking For Politicians Who Want To Endorse Marriage Equality

At 10th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Iraq: When WikiLeaks Exposed 'War Logs'

Morning Joe trots out the old "Slam Dunk" BS for the 10 year anniversary of Bush's War in Iraq.

Russia's Cossack Revival

Why Cyprus Matters: The Eurozone Strikes Again

Juan Cole: What We Did To Iraq

A Warfare State of Mind

Is “Olympus Has Fallen” anti-Obama?

Bombs in Iraq Kill Dozens, Injure Scores on Ten Year Anniversary of US Invasion

The Modern Republican Party's Roadmap to The Future

WND: 'Obama's Long History of Attracting Flies' Suggests Demonic Possession

Charts: Bush Lowballed Us on Iraq by $6 Trillion

My keynote address at the Veterans for Peace convention, August 2003

'Suffocating in the streets': Chemical weapons attack reported in Syria

Steubenville football coach could be Ohio AG’s next target

Charts: Bush Lowballed Us on Iraq by $6 Trillion

Being Michelle Shocked

Watch how attitudes to Al Jazeera's sharp-end coverage of the Iraq War has changed over the years

Maddow: What social progress (support for marriage equality) looks like

The Lies

Just as I suspected regarding the thwarted UCF gunman:

This is a small request/suggestion

So who's paying the bill...?

fishing treaty

U.S. Out of Vermont!

New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C (UK) is approved

New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C is approved

Curiosity breaks rock to reveal dazzling white interior

Gay Penguins Become Dads

No Federer, Nadal or Stosur at the Sony Open in Miami

Syrian rebels 'use chemical weapon'

U.S. Supreme Court Considers ALEC Voting Bill; Could Have Broader Implications for Voting Rights

Struggling Waitress Can Keep $12,000 Tip

Avenging Uterus in Steubenville

The Trouble with Men and Counseling

Music Industry Footnote Declares Anti-Gay Bigotry

The Bible series, Satan, Obama

By the Short Hairs I Was Had...

Chinese nuclear disaster “highly probable” by 2030

Chart showing how the Steubenville football team is connected to legal system

Boris Johnson finally admits he'd like to be prime minister

The trouble with men and counseling

Family Sues Sex Offender to Force Him to Buy Their Home

Dennis Kucinich on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

Costs of U.S. wars linger for over 100 years

Missouri law for employers to exempt birth control coverage struck down

My Republican Parents are Disappointed that they raised Democrats.

Maryland School Bans Hugging, Birthday Party Invitations And Homemade Food

Does anyone have a direct quote from Rick Scott with reference

Emerging markets will help power 30 percent growth in nuclear by 2020

Omaha Mayor's Race Article: Jean Stothert and Dave Nabity EXPOSED!

DoD report: Value of F-35 student training is limited (DOCUMENT)

Good Morning, Lounge!

The day Congress heard the truth about their Iraq War and their "pack of lies" that took us there

Do you swim in the ocean?

Do we have any clergy posting here?

Casey, Rubio offer bill to aid Syrian opposition

Love Letters To Robots: Why Marines Extended K-MAX In Afghanistan (EXCLUSIVE)

Ann Ortelee gives a big heads up as the planet pileup in Pisces shifts

What I posted on Bart Cop the day we invaded Iraq....

A Prayer For America

Westboro Equality House: Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow Home Across From Anti-Gay Church

CJCS Gen. Dempsey Signals Strategy Change; Cites Sequestration, Decline Of State Power, Technology S

Vacation and be careful: Two cruise passengers shot in Barbados

Pic Of The Moment: Ten Years Later

JLENS: Blimp Battle Continues With Letter From Rep. Robert Andrews

'Don't Feed Me' T-Shirts Calm Parents of Allergic Kids

Senate panel OKs nominees to head SEC, CFPB

HistoryChannel got it wrong...This is what Satan looks like

Normal behaviour, or mental illness? (more concern about the new DSM)

Internet 101:

House Dem’s bill would extend gun ban in domestic abuse cases

I'm a 90 percenter, 10 years later I don't know that

Is the show is over already?

Electronic Arts CEO resigns, effective on March 30

What we lost in the Iraqi War cannot be measured...

Satan & Obama controversy--> vote here:

‘Joe The Plumber’ Holding AR-15 Giveaway

An update of the old "two cows" parable, probably by someone in Scotland

a homeless man

Made the proctologist laugh when I was getting my colonoscopy.

New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C is approved

What If The GOP Got Its Way And Was Able To Put ALL Its Policies In Place? What Would The Country

OK, . . .I'm not goin'there

How did everyone do getting through St. Patrick's Day?

Rumsfeld Commemorates 10th Anniversary Of Iraq War

Obama Backs Unproven Missile Defense for Uncertain Threat

Republicans Win Congress as Democrats Get Most Votes

Police: Sandy Hook gunman had compiled ‘doctoral thesis’ of mass shootings

Bill to avert government shutdown inches to Senate passage

Obama Heads for Israel to Bridge Gaps From Two-State to Iran


Obama's "Organizing for Action" pushing Illinois House to legalize gay marriage

The Greatest Greatness of George W. Bush

Beware of Urban Explorers....

Housing Recovery Gains Ground As New Construction, Permits Pick Up

Top Dems: Paul Ryan Living On Another Planet

The Final Teen Spirit (Nirvana vs. Europe)

Thom Hartmann: GOP uses science to find white about climate change?

Anti-Women Legislation Pending In The Dakotas Would Make Pregnant Women A Ward Of The State.

Vets Can't Get Hired

GREENWALD: Bush speechwriter Frum latest to admit Iraq War for OIL

"I am not your wife, sister or daughter. I am a person."

Ruh-roh, Raggy. This Teabagger stepped in it.

Cartoon: The Great Right-Wing Noise Machine

Do It or Else: Punishment as a Performance Enhancer

Harry Reid shoots down Feinstein gun-ban bill

Favorite portrayal of the Devil/devil-type character in film or television?

The Steubenville sex offenders deserve pity, but not for the reasons you think

Army Carbine Program May Waste $1.8 Billion, Report Finds

U.S. Senate Banking Panel Backs Cordray on Party-Line Vote

That great reverse coming-out letter from Dad to Son is in FAILBLOG!

From the "quelle surprise" files

Harry Potter Reading List

How Cheney Marks Tenth Anniversary of Pretending There Was Reason to Invade Iraq. Witness: Borowitz

Dow Chemical to build specialty plants on U.S. Gulf Coast

Papantonio: Climate Change Is Already Upon Us

RAPE: Tell Congress: Protect Our Servicewomen and Servicemen = PETITION

Michelle Shocked Cancellations [updates; 9 confirmed

Pentagon Plans to Deploy More Than 100 Cyber Teams by Late 2015

Fox News footage flawed: No protest fight charges planned

Lockheed Martin finds method for cheap desalinization (graphene filters)

A Decade Of Mistakes: Timeline Of The Iraq War (crimes, Bush's actions were not "mistakes")

Why do so many people think extraterrestrial aliens are child-sized, anorexic-looking

If you don’t want to be labeled as a rapist, don’t fucking rape.

Aaron Swartz vs. the Steubenville rapists

Thom Hartmann: Could tiny Cyprus take down the world?

Ever find strange, even disturbing conjunctions of ideas in an article? (WARNING NSFW, ETC)

Iraq War Timeline: From "Shock and Awe" to Civilian Toll, to Billions in Reconstruction, Vet Health

repubican "nutters" (birthers/baggers/biblers/'bertarians) pushes back against RNC reform proposal

Drinking age poll

Congestion Pricing Is a Force Multiplier for Transit

Hi There

Texas Tea Party Leader Promotes Fascist Party As ‘Pro-Constitution, Pro-America’

"Shut the fuck up, Donny!"

Suspended Feather Art

This explains my life...

Robert Parry: What Happened to the US Press Corps?

The NRA Fights to Keep Guns in the Hands of Wife Beaters

"The Good Heart". I love indie films like this.

'Cougar Cruises' find cubs to love at sea

Don't Blame It on the Bible

Progressive Massachusetts 2013 Policy Conference Sunday, March 24, 2013

Progressive Massachusetts 2013 Policy Conference Sunday, March 24, 2013

Climate Change Could Mean 7 Times as Many Hurricane Katrinas

What are you going to do about it?

Golden? Oh yeah.

This is what it looks like when Wall Street bankrupts a city.

Well, if you insist...

Parents of Steubenville rape victim want "everything over"

Giorgos Katidis, who gave Nazi salute, gets lifetime ban from Greek national team

How do you answer how much you expect to get paid in a interview?

Bloomberg's Food Rules

Methane hydrates – bigger than shale gas, “game over” for the environment?

Ohio School Shooter TJ Lane Laughs, Gives Finger at His Sentencing

Alfredo Romero: Maduro en 100 days with 4500 deaths (Spanish)

Failed pickup lines from CPAC: “There’s a lot of hooking up that goes on,” said one Republican

Iraq War Among World's Worst Events

Malloy Show - Wargate aka "Lies" Original Airing.

Swallows may be evolving to dodge traffic

Jean E. Sammet, Computer Scientist, Born: March 23, 1928

Drug Testing for Congressmen: A modest proposal in response to an obnoxious one.

Are Conservative Churches Really Winning by Being More Orthodox?

When is a Monster Not a Monster?

Singer Michelle Shocked stuns fans with anti-gay rant

Health Care Companies Still Make Millions. My Son is Still Dead.

Strange alliances at the Supreme Court in copyright case

The Rude Pundit: Eight Haiku for the Iraq War's 10th Anniversary

Anschutz's Washington Examiner to cease daily publication

A take off on South Carolina's Mark Sanford. He's back.

Women world leaders:

Kerry: Policymakers 'toy' with oceans by not addressing climate Read more:

Pope Francis urges protection of nature, weak

As Irish Flee the Church, a Push For Reform

This seems to sum it up

Arena Football team has 'contract waiting for' Tim Tebow

The panel too crazy for CPAC! Obummer is in cahoots with teh Mooslim Brotherhood!!11!!11!

They Got Away With It.

Invite some Christians to Passover Dinner...It Will Mean a Lot to Them and to You

help me welcome our co-hosts

Bang the Drum Loudly: The Failed Journalism That Sent America to War in Iraq

Sun Storm Forecast: Tiny Chance of Havoc

Glenn Beck thinks video games are more dangerous than guns

I just got TWO likes from Pam Spaulding!!

Oregon law professor arrested and fired for unhinged rant with pro-immigration protesters

Epic WIN: Westboro's new neighbors establish "Equality House", paint in colors of Rainbow Flag

A least Dad looks like he's having a great time…

Man with long gun seen on IUPUI campus - lockdown - happening now

Don't love it when Mom is there for the bad dreams?

Uh… Three?

Porn is mostly Base and Unlikable Stuff

Unrepentant to the very end…

This Is How Newspapers Covered The Start Of The Iraq War 10 Years Ago

DU Goat Entrail Diviner Corp: What was promised to Rand Paul for his sudden about face on

Hey! Listen up! Where are all the "What's up with baby russert's hairdo?" threads? Today

Asteroid Threat Congressional Hearings

Texas Teabagger head is a fascist.

New Scenery Across From Westboro Church

I didn't know O'Reilly was divorced for 2 years

Great News, New Yorkers, Your Pets May Be In Better Shape Than You!

UC Berkeley Social Survey: Americans and religion increasingly parting ways

Anyone notice something about the word, "Liberty?"

Mars Curiosity Rover Finds All But 1 Element Needed For Life on Mars

There Are No Free Libraries

German researchers publish full Neanderthal genome

Scottish Bill Will Allow Marriages Performed As A Jedi, Among Others

'People turned on Christians': Persecuted Iraqi minority reflects on life after Saddam

Suggestion for hosts.

WE Built that

Minnesota Action Alert!

Nightswimming - REM. One of the truly great songs.

So excited ! About Battleground Texas Game on Texas !

GOP outreach to Latinos ends the same day it started with attacks on Labor nominee, Perez

As long as you're a member of a local, are you qualified or allowed

Thom Hartmann: Has Obama beat the GOP or joined them in the debt game?

What are the DU sentiments towards large Democratic donors, who also donate to Republican candidates

Former GOP candidate for Oregon governor charged in Facebook IPO fraud

Vote tonight on Background Checks for gun sales, MN House

The Legislature's Considering Creating a Public Drunk Driver Registry. Should They?

Just what we need...more guns

If the money spent on Iraq war was instead given away to every man woman and child

Our town "beat" Walmart!

Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate bill

(Is blush off pope threads?) Rightwing coup crushed all Vatican II reforms,

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday March 19th

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 19, 1963

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 19, 1963

Israeli settlers' main road to be 'blockaded' during Obama visit

The greatest thing since, toast.

Remember the media people who were in a panic over "Saddam's WMD?"

Pot almost decriminalized/legalized , my GLBT friends allowed to marry, Republicans on the ropes

Why has none of the right wing fundie groups have jumped to Michelle Shocked's side?

My poem for Jane Doe

The GOP dilemma on immigration (MSM duped by Rand Paul, again)

Santa Fe leaders ask county clerks to honor same-sex marriage in New Mexico



Poll: Charlie Crist Tops Unpopular Rick Scott by 12

Summing up the GD experience today...

Thank you Skinner, EarlG and Elad!

Hoyer To Boehner: Good Luck With That Budget Of Yours

Just got back from 4 days in NawLins.

WalMart fighting $11.75 min wage bill

3 Palestinians killed in Syria shelling, activists say

The Rosemont Cubs?

Move along, nothing to see here...#@%!!!

Steve Kornacki To Host MSNBC Weekend Show ‘Up’

Just WOW; Supreme Court upholds first-sale doctrine in textbook resale case

To avoid perpetuating gender stereotypes......

Graham calls for American boots on the ground in Syria

Portrait of a pacifist: Jo Metson Scott's images of dissenting soldiers in Iraq

Bill O'Reilly's hypocrisy gets deeper and deeper...

Why not...

Marilyn mushroom

the latex rapture

Public education does not exist for the benefit of students ...

NY Times Critic Bashes Roger Ailes Biography

What if there's no deficit problem?

Press regulation deal struck by parties

MSNBC: Bush promised Iraqi civilians a better future. What are their lives like now?

Check out this work of art:

Ex-Oregon governor candidate charged in Facebook IPO fraud

"Mainstream" (corporate) Media on a new tear against President Obama (declining poll numbers)

Yuck! My pillow is covered in dog slobber - again!

Double amputee allegedly shoots Walmart manager, attempts to make getaway on motorized wheelchair.

Budget 2013: Osborne to unveil a further 2.5 billion in cuts

US early release of extradited drug traffickers ‘insulting’: Colombian Senator .

US early release of extradited drug traffickers ‘insulting’: Colombian Senator .

About this whole Catholic-trashing thing--I offer the following,

Malala Back In School After Taliban Shooting

Malala Yousafzai attends first day at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham

New Study Finds More Than Half Of Female Voters Are Feminists

How Many Caskets Mr G W Bush Did You......

Queering the Church: Toward a Reality Based Theology

Emotions fight dirty

GOP's Spanish-language Twitter Outreach to Hispanics has slight problem, can you spot it?

Colombia to use drones to protect oil infrastructure .

Republicans have gone Lord of the Flies

Colombian town still without water after 22 months .

Did Bank of American sell the servicing rights to your mortgage yet?

GOP After CPAC Self-Evaluation Check list


Ex-drug lord El Tuso released from prison (in the U.S.)

Is Fred Phelps Gay?

Former teacher at Kokomo Area Career Center accused of stashing gun in classroom ceiling

The History Of The Death Penalty In America: Professor Stephen John Hartnett Discusses

Activists Stage Mock Funeral To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Gideon v. Wainwright Anniversary Highlights Lingering Problems

What's a good company to order flowers or other things from?

Thank God at least one athlete was able to overcome the trauma of committing rape!

Who Got What In Israel's Coalition

ACK! President Boehner for 20 Minutes?

Rape Culture Personified By CNN's Horrific Coverage Of The Steubenville Rape Case

Mexico May Drop Out of World's Tourism Top 10.

Rectify...Sundance Channel...Series Premiere April 22 9pm

A Decade of the War on Terror..a faceless impossible to define monster that has become the bogeyman

Senate approves some statewide term limits

An afternoon public school assembly with a climate change denier

OK, it's all over for me, I guess

REAL education, history, geography, social studies all together now!

Pelican Bay councilwoman contends arrest politically motivated

"The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder."

Here's the address of Michelle Shocked's homepage, if you want to respond to her antigay rant:

Perry: I'll Decide on Presidential Bid Late This Year

German research institute pulls out of Canadian tar sands project

Duke Energy and the Koch Bros (and ALEC) Kill Clean Energy in NC

The meltdown of Ben Shapiro. What’s in Breitbart kid’s ‘closet’?

There's Tax Revenue And Then There's 'Tax' Revenue - There Is Spending And Then There Is 'Spending'.

Same-day audio for high court gay marriage cases

Malala Yousafzai attends first day at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham

National Priorities Project on the budget proposals

DC’s Examiner to cease 6-day-a-week print paper

Woodward seen at WH

Worst idea of the week: force wireless providers to log ALL text messages

Pleased to be Shutting the Piehole Now: Charles P. Pierce on the NYT and the anniversary of the war

Merging Feminists & Feminism and Diversity

Careful Tweety

Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.

Rios Montt Trial is Reason to Celebrate at AGM! (Amnesty International)

Amanpour on Iraq: Where were the journalists?

.. Too big to fail, to big to jail

What Happened When Children Were To Blame For A Hate Crime

Meet The Five Cowardly Senate Democrats Who Killed the Assault Weapons Ban Providing Private Cloud Services for the CIA.

10 years later: "SO"

Our lord and savior, Jason Rapert

Mountain Justice Protest at West Virginia State Capitol

Is anyone else keeping up with the Arias Trial?

Netflix Original Series: ‘Hemlock Grove’

Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani teen shot by Taliban, back at school -- in UK

More amusing reviews at Amazon books ...

Does MSNBC Have An Ulterior Motive For The Documentary "Hubris"?....

Watered-down gun legislation in the works, Senator Reid?

Sometimes I feel like a dog...

A reminder of SOME of those media figures that brought us the Iraq War

Vouchers law before Louisiana Supreme Court

Nate Silver: Parity in N.C.A.A. Means No Commanding Favorite

The IUD commercial on TV that starts out: "Attention WOMEN" ...

The finest responses to Rumsfeld’s Iraq tweet

Bold New Pope Shows Crowd In Saint Peter's Square How To Apply Condom

Thumbs replacing guns in movie posters...

Chipotle pulls sponsorship of Utah Boy Scout event

A gay writer's rather sympathetic take on Kevin Wallin, monsignor meth:

MLB owners move toward eliminating Non-Uniformed Personnel Pension Plan

Elizabeth Warren To Shop Book Proposal About Battling Wall Street

"The blogosphere was birthed by a simple phenomenon."

Medicare bidding competition in danger: Our view - USA Today

Want to send W an Iraq Anniversary message?

Medicare purchases of medical equipment based on Competitive Bidding - in danger

April 15 is coming - need tax help?

Mr. President, Don’t Forget The Nakba

Palin Took On Rove At CPAC The Other Day.....

Since Hate Mail has made a return...

Everyone chill the fuck out! Obama's got this!

Rand Paul isn't backing "path to citizenship"

Dying Iraq Vet gives shout out to Bush/Chaney.

President Obama can put the kibosh on CISPA

I believe we'll be greeted as liberators - the war criminal of a dick

3/19/03 - "After war has ended, the U.S. will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq."

Remember the Idaho man who was going to smoke 597 pot plants by himself?

Remaining an American and remaining a Catholic are analogous.

Tomas Young, Dying Iraq War Veteran, Pens 'Last Letter' To Bush, Cheney On War's 10th Anniversary

Are Paul Ryan's 15 minutes over?

OFA (Organizing for Action) and how can we advance our agenda

Economy is beating expectations despite sequester - Paul Davidson, USA Today

Dianne Feinstein’s lonely anti-gun crusade - By Joan Walsh

Nothing like the smell of natural yeast bread baking

Exclusive: Patrick Stewart Calls on Men to End Violence Against Women

Bluesbassman works for Google.

Transportation Energy Futures Study Reveals Potential for Deep Cuts to Petroleum Use and Carbon Emi…

UAW Might Represent VW’s Workers in the US

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Same Black Line

Steubenville's Jane Doe asks us to please support the Madden House, devoted to treating abused

This is one book that goes on my must have list.

Michael Ratner: No Forgiveness for Bush’s 'Useful Idiots,' the Liberal Hawks Who Led Us into War

Fox's Bolling: Iraq War Was "The Smartest Thing George Bush Did, He Restored Confidence In America"

Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed

Report: Bill Clinton Urging Another Dem To Challenge McConnell

My list of DUers who believed in the justifications for the Iraq invasion:

Weird old people behavior in Palm Springs

What’s Not Being Taught About The Iraq War

Dick Cheney, Ahmed Chalabi Contemplated Value Of Iraqi Oil To U.S., David Frum Writes

Where Are The Media's Iraq War Boosters 10 Years Later?

RTW law in Michigan takes effect March 28th

Panel of anti-gay religious leaders advised on “The Bible”

OOPS: Rand Paul Makes Case Against The Pro-Life Agenda

Sheriff Defends Joke, Calls Critics 'Hypocrites' (joked about assassinating Obama)

NY SAFE act, seems to be a might unpopuler....

Oh sh*t! Boehner will be the ranking US leader on American soil briefly tonight...

Hagel Orders Pentagon Strategy Review in Uncertain Times


Opinion: 'Assad Must Go' Is the Wrong Solution

So I lost my alerting privilege for 24 hours. I don't really care cause I

Keiser Report: JP Morgan Out Of Control

Luka Magnotta collapses during preliminary hearing.

(Household) Income disparity should be key factor in carbon policy: study

Kahlil Gibran: a poetic phiolosopher?

Tried something a little different this year...

You may have heard about the bombings in Iraq today, yes?

Gimme a high five. I just got myself blocked from Rumsferatu's Facebook page!

This short, sweet LTTE nails the media on Steubenville...

This amused me this morning, maybe it will bring you a smile too

Supreme Court to release same-day audio of marriage arguments

Hannity 2/03: "We're going to find all of the WMDs all of you guys on the left say don't exist."

Robert Byrd knew, and he told us, but no one listened.

Doesn't The Idiocy Of The Repug Party Rub Repug Voters That Support The Repugs The Wrong Way?....

Katrina ‘Could Soon Happen Every Other Year’

125 Years Representing SMART Workers

Chris Matthews..Pitiful!

Senator Feinstein on assault weapons ban: 'I’m not going to lay down and play dead'

Guess who is giving "Freedomworks" lessons on making videos?

UPDATE 1-NRC delays decision on filters at nuclear plants

People praying at Planned Parenthood

White House on assault weapons ban: ‘We’re going to find the votes’

Following Public Pressure, Metro Will Add More Bus Service to DC’s Busiest Corridor

April 2003 - Joe Scarborough names names, tells Bush critics to 'apologize' & admit war was right

White House picks new nuclear adviser

Henry II

An infographic on the cost of the F-35

I got drug tested today...


Congress hears options for asteroid defense: Pay now or pray later

It's not right, somehow…

2002 Senator Bob Graham D-FL about Iraq vote. "the blood's going to be on your hands"

Solidarity Spurs Reinstatement of Brooklyn Cablevision Workers

Pew Study: MSNBC Almost Entirely Dominated By Opinion -

Wounded Knee Medals of Dis Honor

Joni James: The Funny Butt song

Why does the GOP want to increase the number of unwanted children in this country?

Bart Simpson appears before Judge Mr. Burns

Marine Tragedy Most Likely A Faulty Mortar Round. There Is Only One Possibility.

Kid Rock wonders why he didn't sell concert tickets in Madison, WI...

In Kentucky, prominent Democrats wooing Alison Lundergan Grimes, not Ashley Judd

Personality traits linked to high college grade point averages

RNC chairman asked about disastrous CPAC panel on race, problem is 'making the case'

Metroplex Atheists Square Off Against Rowlett's Mayor. The Mayor Says He'll Pray for Them.

Gawker: Wish George W. Bush a Happy Iraq War Day: Here is His Private Email Address

My grandfather quit the Catholic Church (or more fair it quit him)

Charles Woods. 1992 candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. Amazing.

Never forget Iraq every time your see the name Iran